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2023.06.08 20:25 GameKing972 My take on a Ganondorf rework (TOTK FINAL BOSS SPOILERS AHEAD)

After finishing TOTK, i realised there's SO MUCH POTENTIAL to get Gan to finally split from Falcon. I got the idea to make an actual moveset out of it after Pjiggle's video on the Zelda characters in SSBU, where he didnt mention TOTK, probably to avoid spoilers. But i'm here to fix this. I'll accompany some moves with GIFs of the fight (credits on them for most, if not i credit them), to help visualise, but there's gonna be some imagination involved too. Also, if anyone wanna take these ideas and make sketches of them, just credit me somewhere somehow. Thanks !
First off, i should point out that he will be using all 4 of his weapons, hoever by default we're gonna say he's running around with his Sword out. Anytime another weapon is involved, some gloom clouds apear around the weapon during the startup frame, to make it look somewhat ok.
For the Jab, it's a simple 3 hit jab. The first hit is a normal horizontal swing (see below), the second would be the same but mirrored, and the last one would be a vertical swing like the one at the end of his Dash Attack (see further).
The Dash Attack would be his dash attack from the game, the one with the sword (see below). After a second of running, he'd make a vertical slash. However, while he's running, his whole body's a hitbox, and if anyone is hit by it, they get knocked forward and Gan stops and slashes early.
Dash Attack (also last hit from Jab)
Next are the Tilts. They will all use the Spear. The Ftilt is a simple stab forward (see below, just imagine there's not the dash at the start), the Utilt is the same but upwards, and the Dtilt is the same but lower, almost on the ground. They all have a sweet spot, right at the tip of the spear.
For the Smashes, let's keep it simple. We all like Doriyah. Why fix what isn't broken ? Simply replace the sword by the Club and call it a day.
Next are the Aerials, and here's where your imagination kicks in. For the Nair, i was thinking either the same as current, but with the Sword, or a slower verion of Toon Link's Nair. I think both can work. For the Fair and Bair, simple Spear stabs forward and backward respectively. For the Uair and Dair, i think we can keep the same as current, but with the Club instead of the feets. Dair still spikes of course.
Specials now. Neutral Special would be the Bow (see below, credit to SmallAnt). 1s before full charge, and you can keep the charge another second before it automatically fires a volley of 3 arrows, that you can slighly angle (30° up and down) . In game, the Demon King's Bow deals more damage with your number of heart containers. It should translate to more damage at lower percent, but Gan being a Heavy character, i think it's better suited if we make the inverse : higher damage with higher percent.
The Side Special would be the big Dash Attack he does with his Spear. Like Chrom, you could charge it and the more you charge, the further it goes.
Side Special
The Up special would be semi-original. He would create a pillar of Gloom underneath him, similar to the one in the cinematic at the start (see below). At the top, Gan would be holding his Sword upwards. The whole Gloom pillar is a hitbox, sending people to the start, Gan would send opponents in a slight diagonal upward as a sour spot, and the sword would be a sweet spot, sending people straight up.
Up Special
For the next parts, i can't put GIFs anymore, but i'll put them and label them in a comment.
The Down Special has Gan slamming his Club in the ground, creating a Gloom shockwave (see comment, i'm sorry you can't see that well) that gets bigger the more you charge the attack. If you do it in the air, Gan would decend, like his current Down Special, and hitting the ground would also cause the shockwave, although this time it gets bigger the more distance you fall, kinda like Link's Jump Attacks in BOTW and TOTK.
For the Final Smash now : he'd eat his secret stone, transforming into the Demon Dragon in a similar fashion to the end of his fight (see comment). The explosion would stun anyone hit by it. After flying up off-screen, the Dragon would then go through the stage from one blast zone to the other, at the same height as Gan when you activate it. The Dragon would be big enough to take the entier explosion, so being caught in it is a guaranteed hit. Overall it would be very similar to his current final smash.
For costumes, he can have an alternate form as Demon King Ganondorf, and have 4 alts for both forms. The first alts would be green-ish, as a reference to Rauru. The second alts would be more blue and red, to reference the 1st Ganon. The last alts would have similar colors to current Gan. I can't be bothered to think all victory screens, and for taunts he could take poses while saying lines from his fight like "I'm barely getting started" or "Is that all you got ?".
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2023.06.08 20:24 No_Narwhal7722 Forest Hills Tickets

I’m looking for tickets (literally any amount) from AXS and struggling to get them, if anyone is planning on reselling their tickets to either the Friday or Saturday shows message me and I’ll Zelle or Venmo you some extra money if we can work something out
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2023.06.08 20:24 richyung223 [FS][USA] [email protected]@ D3rby, R!CK OW3NS, B0tteg@ V3net@, D3N!M [email protected], L3V!S, ERD & MORE

Sup fam. Clearing out my closet. I am 5'11- slim build & the majority of the things fit me. I just have too much shit and need to reduce the size of my closet. PM me if you have any questions. **PAYPAL INVOICE ONLY**. I will ship out friday or sat the latestMost current vouches Current vouches Old Vouches Prices include shipping on the east coast ADD + 5 for clothes and 8 for shoes for west/central USA shipping Each pic has a tag. Im too lazy to get new vouches but I've been selling for like 4+ years. Shipping is included & shipping on the west coast is extra - TIMESTAMP AND TAGGED PHOTOPLEASE COMMENT THEN PM
------------------------------------------------------------------LINK TO ALL PHOTOS---------------------------------------------
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2023.06.08 20:21 jlarkin001 Looking for a Miracle for Friday or Saturday ☝️

Honestly just a broke college student that can’t afford to get into either night at wrigley. NFA
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2023.06.08 20:20 3Spiritess A trans writer’s talk was banned over a drag law. So she’ll speak here instead

A trans writer’s talk was banned over a drag law. So she’ll speak here instead
Montana making national news.
Background: LGBTQ & 2 Spirit history lecture by a trans journalist and writer was planned for Friday, June 2 (was originally a Humanities Montana one, figure).
White Nationalists/Nazis call and complain about it being for gRoOmiNg children or whatever (children are in school until tomorrow and this was a noon lecture series hosted monthly).
Day before the event, June 1, Butte-Silver Bow County (who also kept misconstruing the event as some sort of drag event despite a bunch of people telling them otherwise) cancels the event while citing the drag law.
Nazis take credit for shutting it down. And here we are now, with drag laws targeting trans people just as many LGBTQ activists predicted would happen but the GOP denied.
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2023.06.08 20:19 generalpao Things to do in Houston this weekend - June 8th - 11th

Enjoy your weekend Houston!
If you find value in these posts please sign up for my email list. I send the list out on Thursday by email and every new signup is appreciated.


boygenius @ White Oak Music Hall @ 6PM
MYOA @ Warehouse Live @ 8PM
Junior Brown @ The Heights Theater @ 8PM


SaberCats vs Old Glory DC @ SaberCats Stadium @ 8PM
Max Roach Documentary Screening @ MFAH @ 7PM This new documentary is a profound and expansive portrait of legendary jazz drummer, composer, bandleader, and activist Max Roach.
Mixers & Elixirs @ HMNS @ 7PM Make friends with like-minded brainiacs on this special event where science meets dancing, music, food, and drinks!
Contemporary Dance Performance @ Miller Outdoor Theatre @ 8:30PM ‘Restore’ dance performance features new signature works by the nationally acclaimed Houston Contemporary Dance Company.
Duran Duran @ Woodlands Pavilion @ 7PM *With Nile Rodgers & Chic + Bastille
Inlovingmemory @ Bayou Music Center @ 8PM *With Bones, Xavier Wulf, Eddy Baker
Muscadine Bloodline @ House of Blues @ 7PM
Gimme Gimme Disco @ White Oak Music Hall @ 9PM
Luci @ Stereo Live @ 10PM
Otep @ Warehouse Live @ 8PM


Dynamo vs LAFC @ Shell Energy Stadium @ 7:30PM
Art Beyond Sight @ MFAH @ 11AM Trained educators use verbal description and hands-on materials to engage bling or partially sighted visitors with museum art.
‘The Cool World’ Screening @ MFAH @ 7PM This landmark film directed by Shirley Clarke reflects the harsh realities of Harlem street life through the story of 15-year-old Duke and his gang.
Dance & Movement Workshop @ DeLUXE Theater @ 10AM Join artist Donna Crump for a community dance and movement workshop at the historic DeLUXE Theater.
Ongoing - Saturday Stargazing @ George Observatory in Needville
Ongoing - Arte en el Parque / Art in the Park @ Discovery Green @ 12PM Students, ages 3 to 12 will create a unique art piece while improving their speaking and listening skills en español!
Summer Neighborhood Concert @ Austin High School @ 7:30PM Join your friends, family, and community members for a FREE evening of family fun and music performed by the Houston Symphony.
DJ Sun & Aperio @ Miller Outdoor Theatre @ 8:30PM Enjoy a warm summer evening of Lo-Fi jams by Aperio and live orchestral performance of DJ Sun’s soulful ‘Loveletter.’
Mika Singh - Bollywood @ NRG Arena @ 8PM
Koe Wetzel @ Woodlands Pavilion @ 7PM *With Huser Brothers
Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlán @ Bayou Music Center @ 8PM
The Tontons @ The Heights Theater @ 8PM
An Orchestra Rendition of Dr. Dre 2001 @ House of Blues @ 8PM *Presented by Alternative Symphony
Modestep @ Stereo Live @ 10PM

SUNDAY - JUNE 11th 🌞

Dash vs NJ/NY Gotham FC @ Shell Energy Stadium @ 6PM
Bilingual Zumba @ MFAH @ 11AM FiTMiX instructors get you up and moving with a free zumba class.
'Dancing the Twist in Bamako' Screening @ MFAH @ 5PM This is a romantic story set against the backdrop of post-colonial Mali in 1960s on the cusp of dramatic political change.
Becky Robinson Comedy Show @ House of Blues @ 8PM
Weston Estate @ Warehouse Live @ 8PM
DJ Pauly D @ Clé Pool @ 2PM

All weekend

SATURDAY & SUNDAY - The Texas Tenors @ The Grand Opera House @ 8PM / 3PM The Texas Tenors are the most successful music group and third highest selling artist in the history of America’s Got Talent!
All weekend - Arnez J Stand Up @ Houston Improv
All weekend - ‘Servan of Two Masters’ Play @ Hubbard Theatre Presented by Alley Theatre, this new adaptation of the classic Carlo Goldoni comedic masterpiece will have you laughing like nothing else!
All weekend - ‘Swan Lake’ Ballet @ Brown Theater Houston Ballet’s season comes to an end with one of ballet world’s greatest love stories, ‘Swan Lake.’
All weekend - 'Wicked' Musical @ The Hobby Center A Broadway sensation, this musical looks at what happened in the Land of Oz…but from a different angle.


Ongoing - Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Masterpieces Exhibition @ MFAH NEW - See outstanding works by art stars including Cezanne, Degas, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Manet, and Modigliani presented within the context of their experiences.
Ongoing - 'Where Do We Go From here' Exhibition @ CAMH Contemporary Arts Museum Houston’s (CAMH) Teen Council presents their 13th biennial exhibition featuring work from Houston-area teen artists.
Ongoing - 'Ming Smith: Feeling the Future' Exhibition @ CAMH NEW - the exhibition explores artist Ming Smith’s unique, multi-layered work in various formats.
Ongoing - Si Lewen ‘The Parade’ Exhibition @ Menil Menil’s latest exhibition features 63 drawings by Polish-American artist Si Lewen, which compromise a graphic novel depicting WWII and the liberation of Poland.
Ongoing - ‘Hyperreal: Gray Foy’ Exhibition @ Menil The exhibition features American artists Gray Foy’s most important and celebrated works.
Ongoing - ‘The Curatorial Imagination of Walter Hopps’ Exhibition @ Menil The exhibition explores the influential vision of one of the most distinguished curators - Walter Hopps, and features artwork by Warhol, Kienholz, Gilliam, and many others.
Ongoing - 'Art of the Cameroon Grassfields' Exhibition @ Menil This exhibition celebrates the enduring artistic traditions from Cameroon and its global diaspora.
Ongoing - Wall Drawing Series: Mel Bochner @ Menil Drawing Institute The Menil Drawing Institute is proud to work with artist Mel Bochner on the fourth installment of the museum’s ephemeral wall drawing series.
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2023.06.08 20:19 osheanav First timer… Does the pain end?

I 27F was diagnosed Memorial Day after cramping the whole weekend. I thought it was period cramps when it started Saturday morning because it was in my left ovary. But by Memorial Day it was so bad I couldn’t walk. I headed to urgent care which then sent me to the ER, where a CT confirmed Diverticulitis , and I was sent on my way with Norco and 5 days of Amoxicillin. Friday came and I felt a pop and pretty much blacked out, instant cold sweats, I couldn’t see for a few seconds it was so painful. I then drove myself to the ER where I waited for 2.5 hours before being told I perforated and more pockets had formed. I was admitted and put on IV antibiotics and was unable to eat or drink anything until Sunday, which I drank water, and chicken broth. By Monday they told me to try soft foods (mashed potato’s) which ultimately caused 8 hours of excruciating pain again.
I was released Tuesday afternoon ( 5 days later) with 12 days of Cipro and Flagyl, 2 days of Dilaudid, which I have been keeping notes on for reference and taking them like clock work. Surgery is 6-8 weeks out. I am in misery still. It probably doesn’t help I got my period on the day I was released but the pain has not gotten better. I have gotten a fever every single evening, and wake up at around midnight FREEZING, I have no AC and it’s 90 degrees and I throw on sweats and a sweatshirt. Peeing, and pooping still makes me want to run into traffic it hurts so bad. I have an appointment today with my surgeons office, do I ask for more pain meds? What do I do here? I’m miserable, I’ve been out of work and I don’t want to miss anymore but I can barely sit up straight for 20 minutes without the pain intensifying, and honestly I’m just so exhausted by this, I feel weak, bloated, somehow I’ve gained 10lbs and I can count on one hand the amount of liquid I’ve drank other than water in a week.
Any suggestions or tips or words of encouragement greatly appreciated because I don’t know how I’m going to last 6-8 more weeks. 2 weeks is enough for me at this point I would welcome the colostomy bag if it meant no longer feeling this way.
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2023.06.08 20:17 somethingpeculiar [Aether][Static][7 of 8] Looking for Regen Healer for 6.4

Hello there,
Our last healer had to leave due to Work schedule conflict, Looking for Regen healer to join our static, We have cleared P9S and are halfway through P10S but will be fine if you have no experience in the fights yet, we can catch you up. We raid 4 days a week.
Times: Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 5:30 - 8:30 PST
Current Roster:
[Regen Healer]
Send me a message on Discord if interested with any logs if you have them: CosmicLogic
Looking forward to playing with you :D
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2023.06.08 20:16 theaveragejoe14 Thoughts on Itinerary

We will be spending 3 days in the park next week. Saw someone else post their itinerary so i figured I would do the same. Let me know your thoughts!
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2023.06.08 20:15 tg20201 [EU] Innocent eSports LFP - 2.6k elo Level team

About us;
New Long term project. We are curently a team with individually experienced players. IGL has experience building long term project. The perivous lineup made it to a few finals in various tournaments. We are currently looking to rebuild a team because as the pervious team fell apart. Our plan is to build a team until we're satisfied with the line up, We're planing on doing a ton prac and tournaments until cs2 comes out. Our 1st goal is to enter various tournaments such as ESEA, SCL etc.....
What We've reached across the past months;
Esea Playoffs x1
Esea open x2
Scl Public x1
Gold esports 1st place
Autority Leag
99 dmg leag
Flyhigh leag
Our Schdule:
Mon: 6.30pm to 10.30pm CEST
Tuesday: Off day
Wed: 6.30pm to 10.30pm CEST
Thrusday: 6.30pm to 10.30pm CEST
Friday: 6.30pm to 10.30pm CEST
Saturday: Off day
Sunday: 6.30pm to 10.30pm CEST
2.6k+ elo
Esea Open/ Open playoffs exp
4.5k hours+
Must speak fluent English
Available Roles: (We dont want puggers)
T Side Inferno:
1st Entry: I want the entry to play support early rounds to survive late rounds to be able to entry for us in a set structure. No one with ego and can take criticism too. You will be playing towards Banana
Rifler: Being able to take map control by himself aswell as take initiative through our the map and can make space when needed to. No one with ego and can take criticism too. You will be playing towards Banana
2nd Entry: I want the 2nd Enrty to be able to take map control early round to save utilty till mid to late round. I need the 2nd entry to be able to have good aim and team exp and have the balls to make plays that others wont make. You will be playing towards Banana
CT Side Inferno:
A Anchor: A person that can hold down the site when it comes down to it and can also play to survive and not to die. So we can buy time for rotations.
B Rotator: A person that can hold down the site when it comes down to it and can also play to survive and not to die. So we can buy time for rotations.
Fill this form out and I will contact you:
Discord (Fast Response): Tg#3132
Steam (Really Slow Response):
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2023.06.08 20:14 RedDogLeader35 [LFM][Static][Casual]

Hello, we are a 7 of 8 static looking for 1 Tank or 1 Melee DPS. We are 6 returning veteran players with 1 new player. We like to keep things friendly and chill while raiding, but put a strong emphasis on personal accountability and improvement. We plan to raid Tuesday and Friday 8pm - 10pm EST. Chat with me on here or add me on Discord, RedDogLeader#7884 if interested.
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2023.06.08 20:14 NCRFieldEngineerJobs NCR Field Engineer Interview

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2023.06.08 20:13 thecandicorn My brother is facing eviction after watching my kitten in his petfree apartment - need help figuring out our options and rights

Last week I rescued a tiny kitten I found in the street, and intended to care for her and adopt her. However, my Grandmother who lives out of town passed away Friday, and I needed to travel to help clean up her house and make arrangements. My brother decided to keep the kitten for 2 days while I was gone, even though pets are not allowed in his apartment.
The landlord dropped by yesterday to make a few repairs, without any notice. My brother's girlfriend was the only one there at the time, and she told him it was not a good time and he would need to come back another time. He accused of her of hiding something and insisted on coming inside. When he saw the litterbox, he told her he would evict them and stormed off.
I feel responsible for this situation since it is my kitten, so I am trying to understand their rights so I can help them. In the lease it says that violation of the lease is grounds for immediate eviction and that the lessee will be liable for all rent payments due under the original lease agreement. The landlord said they will be responsible for paying rent until the unit is rented out, and he is fining them an additional $1250.
Is there nothing we can do since they did violate the pet terms in the lease? What are their rights in the eviction process? The landlord said he will give them until June 29, but that seems like very short notice to be out of the apartment to me. From my understanding it's also a violation of a tenant's rights for a landlord to come over with no notice - is there anything we can do about that? We are located in Indiana.
This is a particularly stressful time already since my Grandma just passed away, so I really appreciate any advice or resources!
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2023.06.08 20:11 she_has_gone [static] Phys ranged LFG

Ranged phys LF weekends group, I'm available from friday to monday night. EST/PST flexible.
Kalre on discord for more.
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2023.06.08 20:08 Narrow-Platypus-4449 Getting burned when accepting a new position

A few weeks ago I accepted a new position at a law firm. At the very last minute, the attorney asked me to come into the office to meet the team (on a Friday!). I couldn't make it work and by Monday he had rescinded the offer and gave the position to someone else. I took that as a sign that it was probably not the kind of law firm I want to work for anyways.
Well, I have no accepted another position. I interview earlier this week. I was offered the position the next day. I was then told (by my recruiter) that I should get a welcome email laying out all the details of my new employment.
We have discussed salary, my start date, hours and all the benefits. They sent a formal offer letter to the recruiter.
Since I was burned by the other firm, I have this gnawing feeling in my stomach and I won't feel like I truly have the job until I get the welcome email. And although my employer knows I am looking, I don't want to formally give notice until I have that email in hand.
How long does it typically take to get these kinds of things finalized? At what point should I worry?
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2023.06.08 20:07 Superapril2 Huh?

What does he mean about donations for his time? 🤷‍♀️
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2023.06.08 20:06 CB_scorpio What 🐻 market?! by @SuperRare_Bears

What 🐻 market?! by @SuperRare_Bears
Recession in Europe, FUD for crypto & 🤡 running the 🌎 what better time for some HYPE 😵‍💫 wouldn't you agree 💯 #MultiversX $EGLD community?

What 🐻 market?!

@pulsarmoney send 500000 HYPE to the first 100 retweets
$HYPE is listing on the fastest growing DEX on @multiversX Blockchain @onedex_x , in liquid staking pair $LEGLD @liquid_egld 😱

🤑 Friday 9th 18.00 UTC add liquidity
🌾 Saturday 10th 18.00 UTC farm Open on @quantumxnetwork
🔁Sunday 11th 18.00 UTC swaps open

What 🐻 market?!
Always Bullish!

Source: [email protected]_Bears
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2023.06.08 20:04 wellodragon Not feeling valued

The director of the construction company I work for has sent me a meeting invite for all supervisors for 2:00pm Friday. Thing is I’m on permanent night shift I start my week on Sunday night. If I worked day shift it is the equivalent of me waking up at 2:00am and on Saturday and logging in to attend the meeting. The director doesn’t rate me as a supervisor. My tittle is only junior supervisor. At Christmas I wasn’t entitled to the same payment as the other supervisors cause apparently it didn’t apply to me cause I am only a junior supervisor. It was out of fear of me leaving that they paid me. This is the first invitation to a meeting I have received in the 18 months that I have worked here. So the fact I miss the first one doesn’t bother me. At my review I argued that junior supervisor suggests that there is a senior supervisor to mentor me. But it is only me since the day I started. He was shocked to hear that I was programming the work , raising permits, doing prestarts , all safety inspections, etc. I have been told that my completion rate on inspections is well above others. Me136 inspections one month. Average per other supervisors anything from 3 - 36. I know time to move on . I could vent heaps more but that is it for now .
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2023.06.08 20:04 IndependentFar1306 Relationship advice?

Last summer me and this girl, I will call Emma, had met through mutual friends in school. We got a long well but at the time I didn’t think of taking it further than friends. Then last September after summer we got on even more and thats when I decided I want to take it further. So, before Christmas I got the balls and asked her out. We went out for a walk and I told her how I felt. She said she doesn’t like me but she did before Summer which I thought was a little odd but I was fine with it.
Since then, it hasn’t been awkward and we have been talking more and more. At break and lunch the bench her and her friends sit at is near mine and my friends’ bench and well every time I look over she is looking at me and we make eye contact and then look away. I have picked up she likes me and so has my friend I talked to about it but with our experience, what should I do about it? I REALLY like her.
We leave school next Friday for summer and then are going to the same college this September.
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2023.06.08 20:01 hellomartinlucas Brand New 2 Hour Mix

Put this together for a radio show that aired last Friday;
  1. Adaptive Nature "Inception"
  2. ETNOBOTANIKA "Mikroprocesory"
  3. Yør Kultura "Vlucht"
  4. Pablo Bolivar & Nacho Sanchez "Fuse" (Nacho Sanchez Version 2)
  5. Frankie Knuckles "Your Love" (Luigi Tozzi Edit)
  6. Carl Craig "At Les" (Christian Smith's Hypnotica Remix)
  7. Marko Fürstenberg "Without You"
  8. Peev "The Opposites"
  9. Sam Wilson "Reset"
  10. Ben Buitendijk "Transcended Being"
  11. Joachim Spieth "Dark Matter"
  12. Âme "Rej"
  13. Primal Code "Artemisia"
  14. Joachim Spieth & Reggy Van Oers "Noctilucent"
  15. Ø [Phase] "Perplexed" (Rødhåd's Extended Mix)
  16. Petit Astronaute "Lack Of Language" (Alexskyspirit Remix)
  17. Claudio PRC "Eelume"
  18. Edit Select & Antonio Ruscito "Prominence"
  19. Array Access "Variation 1" (Evigt Mörker Remix)
  20. Amotik "Solah" (Edit Select Remix)
  21. Kobarey "Orithyia"
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2023.06.08 20:01 ThrowRAlongname Has she (19F) lost interest in me (19M)?

Hey everyone,
So this girl and I (19M) met through college last year, being in the same class for a few subjects. We hit it off as study buddies at first, but gradually started hanging out more often from December last year. Anyhow, we went on multiple hang outs such as ice skating, grabbing lunch, playing golf and tennis etc (touch barrier was broken through holding hands and hugging). After these hang outs, I started to fall for her personality, resulting in me wanting to ask her out on a date.
I asked her last week in person when we met up to study, but wimped out from directly stating the word 'date' and ended up just saying something like, "Do you want to do ___ on a Friday after our finals." She responded with a yes, but also stated how we will plan a proper date sometime soon after the exams. To note, her final exams are two weeks after mine, and both her and I massively prioritise our studies over anything else. Anyways, I wanted to clarify that this will be a date and not a hang out so I shot her a text that night to make sure we were both on the same page. However, this is where I'm a little confused as she has left me on delivered and has not responded since (it's now been a week). In my past dating experiences I would immediately take this as a rejection, but considering the fact that she genuinely has a very busy scheduled lifestyle and its the final exam period, maybe she will respond once hers is over? At the same time though, I'm sure nobody is that busy. Should I just wait if she responds, and just move on if she doesn't?
tl:dr, Met a girl through college last year, went on multiple hangouts and asked her out on a date but got left on delivered
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