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Short Tales of the Life of Norman

2013.04.18 06:19 MaximusLeonis Short Tales of the Life of Norman

A collective story about a remarkably unimportant individual.

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Welcome to this fan-run subreddit for the Episode app, a platform for interactive and visual stories. This subreddit is for both readers and writers who use the interactive animated story platform.

2016.09.05 20:15 johnabbe No Dakota Access Pipeline #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife #NoBakken

This sub is for organizing to protect water, sacred sites, the climate, and more from the Dakota Access Pipeline. It's also about why we're opposing it, what we're for, who we are, how we're winning, the latest news, and perhaps most importantly, how you can get involved.

2023.06.08 20:56 KindergartenVampire1 He's the one leaving this time (F21/M21)

My bf and I have been dating 3 years, and have been long distance before, for two 3 month periods, and one 7 month period, but I've always been the one who left, both for school and military training(National Guard), while he stayed in our hometown for school. Now he's decided he wants to join the military(Marine reserves) as well and will be gone for about 7 months, if all goes well.
I guess I'm asking what the main differences are between being the one going away, to being the one left at home. When I was away I always had a lot going on to keep me busy, so it was easy to distract myself from how much I missed him. I'm worried that won't be the case when he's the one away. Have any of you been in this situation? What were the biggest differences for you/how did you dream with them?
Any advice welcome!!
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2023.06.08 20:55 tyrellesound Move insertion shortcut not working

Hey everyone! I mapped my shortcuts to move my selection up and down so I can cut and paste clips between different tracks. But for some reason today it’s not working!
I have my shortcut mapped properly still but is there some random setting I might have switched up?
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2023.06.08 20:55 BigBeefyyy XR vs IR reaction with alcohol?

I have been taking 300mg a day of wellbutrin xr for about 4 months and have recently been swapped over to 300mg of IR a day total. I was wondering if there are any major differences in terms of alcohol interactions between the two. I am a social drinker on the weekends and noticed the XR lowering my tolerance quite a bit (will get drunk easier). I am curious if I should expect the same with the IR.
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2023.06.08 20:54 random_mas Buying Pioneer DDJ-SR $300-350

Title basically says it all. I want to get into mixing/DJing and I’m looking for a used controller. I’ve found a barley used DDJ-SR for about $350-300 Canadian. I’m wondering for a beginner is that a good price? Should I look at other used controllers? My budget is under 400, closer to 300, and the market in my city for used controllers isn’t great right now.
Any recs? Am I wasting money buying this controller? Even though it’s older will I have to buy any extra software? Is it too outdated?
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2023.06.08 20:54 Melodic-Stretch-1690 [F4M] " Ageless Passion"

Hey, I have an idea for a longterm rp about an older woman's relationship with a younger man. I am 18+ and all participants and characters must be 18+. A concrete idea would be here, but we can discuss more details in the chat.
Sure, I can come up with a romantic roleplay idea for you.
Let's imagine a scenario where a successful, middle-aged woman meets a younger man while on vacation. They are both staying at the same resort and bump into each other at the bar. They strike up a conversation and quickly realize that they have a lot in common, despite their age difference.
Over the next few days, they spend a lot of time together, exploring the resort and getting to know each other. The chemistry between them is undeniable, and they soon find themselves in a passionate and erotic relationship.
As they continue to spend time together, they realize that their age difference actually enhances their relationship. The woman is more confident and experienced, both in life and in the bedroom, which is a huge turn-on for the younger man. He, on the other hand, brings a youthful energy and enthusiasm that keeps the relationship exciting and fresh.
Their day-to-day life is filled with adventure and spontaneity. They love going on hikes, trying new restaurants, and exploring new cities together. They also have a deep emotional connection, and enjoy spending quiet evenings at home, cuddled up on the couch and talking about their hopes and dreams.
Their relationship is not without challenges, of course. They have to navigate the disapproval of some of their friends and family members, who don't understand why they are together. But they are both committed to making their relationship work, and they know that their love for each other is worth any obstacles they may face.
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2023.06.08 20:53 CatCallings How do I ask for my coworker and I to be paid the same? Should I?

please note that I have autism and am struggling with how to navigate this.
I work for a house paint retailer and during a conversation between me (23F) and my coworker (20m) with our sales rep, we were talking about relationships and it led to me commenting on how my BF works for a beverage distribution company at ~23$/Hr and my coworker jokingly asking if they were hiring.
The sales rep asked how much we were getting paid and I found out that even though I have worked for the company longer, and we have gotten raises at the same time- I am being paid an entire dollar less than my coworker.
My performance has never been brought into question or reprimanded. Other than our manager I am usually always the one greeting customers and offering help when I see it is necessary. Our location is too small for an assistant manager but I am basically it.
I am proud of the fact that I enjoy being helpful but finding out that I’m being paid less for the exact same job description a man is doing really put a wet blanket over me.
This isn’t to say that I’m not getting paid well. It’s over minimum wage- but I’m just starkly confused and somewhat upset at the fact that someone who does the bare minimum gets rewarded.
Neither of us had any experience when joining the company so I truly don’t understand the wage difference.
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2023.06.08 20:53 4colorcraig Frank 5 Should've Been the 3rd Chair on #558

Honestly, if the alchemy of the three chairs had been different, I bet this could've been a decent episode. The guest was engaging and game to talk about anything. If Walt had more energy and MB showed any interest at all, chemistry may have carried the subject matter better.
I feel bad for MB. She was more or less forced to watch Little House by Bry in between scooping ice cream for him, and now she's been forced to sit in on one of the most hated episodes of a 500+ episode podcast. I feel like she was speechless when the guest begged her to ask a question because she knew the episode would be reviled and wanted as little of an imprint on that legacy as possible.
Walt checking out was the biggest issue for the episode. He could've pushed a little harder to be the color commentator to Bry's boring, run-of-the-mill interview style. Walt should've been pushing to find interesting angles and tidbits. On that note, Frank 5 would've been the perfect third chair for this episode rather than a silent MB.
Frank 5 obviously knows his classic TV and would've had some natural enthusiasm toward the guest, and I imagine that would've galvanized Walt in the process.
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2023.06.08 20:52 Mr-PFM [WTS] VINTAGE • 1930's Celluloid Waterman 3V (Pocket Pen) - Black Pearl - Fine Flex Nib - Restored - [C] $95

Photo Gallery & Writing Sample
Paypal only. I ship fast (usually within 24 hours). Internationally shipping is available for an extra $20.
Waterman 3V Black Pearl - Flex F Nib - Restored - [C]
Selling a Waterman 3V. The V means vest. It's a short aka pocket size pen.
The pen is 4.25 inches capped and becomes 5.25 inches when posted.
This pen uses the same exact nibs as the Waterman 52 which everyone goes nuts over. The #3 model was released in 1936. It was originally called the #32 (released in 1932) though Waterman renamed it to the #3 in 1936 when they released the #92.
It's basically a celluloid Waterman 52v.
The only difference between the 52v and a 3v is the material and the clip design. The thickness of the barrel and grip section are identical as well as the overall dimensions of the pen.
This color is called Black Pearl or Black Pearl with red specks.
This color doesn't craze or rot so don't worry about celluloid decay.
You can use pretty much any ink color in it. I personally stick to Diamine, J Herbin, Aurora, Pelikan, Waterman, Sheaffer and Parker for vintage pens.
The nib is a highly flexible Fine as you can see in the writing sample photo. Grip section is made of ebonite as is the feed. Writes smooth without any issues.
Fully restored and working perfectly. It's got a brand new latex sac which I just installed.
[C] condition due to missing part of the clip. Only the top part of the clip that's on the cap is still there. I polished the rough edges away with micromesh so what's left is smooth and can function as a roll stop.
No brassing or plating wear on the lever or lever box. Very light brassing on the edges of the top part of clip section that remains. No brassing on the cap band. No cracks or serious scratches. Some microscatches on the bottom of the barrel (no bite marks).
The pen is personalized Helen E Glass slightly above the crisp Waterman Ideal imprint.
Priced very low for restored Waterman with a flex nib due to being personalized and the missing clip.
Photo Gallery & Writing Sample
Price w/ US shipping: $95
If it doesn't say PENDING or SOLD above, it's still available.
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2023.06.08 20:52 stackcity1 [WTS] kookaburra, peace dollars, silver bullets, SLQ, 20 Franc, Valcambi Platimum

Standing Liberty Quarters - All appear to be dateless. 21.25X face value (min $5 face value please.) $264 face value remaining. Willing to take offers on larger quantities.
Swiss Helvetia gold 20 Franc - $386 each. 18 left.
2 Peace dollars - $55
2023 Silver Kookaburra - Still in original capsules and plastic. $31.50 each if you want a roll of 20. Otherwise $32 each please. Limited mintage of 500k on these. Willing to take offers on larger quantities.
1 oz .45 caliber silver bullets - $35.50 each if you would like a box of 10. Otherwise $36 each. Willing to take offers on larger quantites.
1 oz Valcambi platinum - (this is not the exact one. Serial number is different) $1070
Please add $6 to ship $400 and under or $11 to ship over $400. Packages are my responsibility until delivered.
Payment methods are listed below. After sending payment, please provide your name, address and an email address. Tracking will go to your email address automatically when I print the shipping label.
Zelle - [email protected]
Venmo - @ ricksusalla
Cashapp - $ ricksusalla
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2023.06.08 20:51 ValkySweepy Is It Just Me: Power Girl 2023

As a long time fan of Kara Zor-El. I have recently been having some...unassurances with this new look she's gotten in this 2023 story.
She's had this old look for so long and it just fits her. She's different than the others, it made her stand out and it worked for a very long time.
Though recently she's gotten a total makeover. New uniform, personality, style.
Is it hust me or does it not feel right? I like that she's gained new powers to spice it up but between her whole new uniform and namechange. It just doesnt feel like its Powergirl anymore. Just a new, Supergirl?
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2023.06.08 20:50 VPSData garolite plate providers ?

hey all i just wonder, lately i see more and more people coming up and claiming that there Garolite plates are the best
so i wonder how many users are there now that sell those plates and i really love to test them out so i can compare them to my own but i only want to test the real stuff , so keep a few things in mind
Now there are a few things if you do sell them 1) if thickness of the garolite is more then 0.5 mm then do not bother with it , heat transfer is far from optimal ( mine are 0.4 ) 2) black color is not garolite , the natural color is okegreen, so it also works differend because of the color coating, black color and LIDAR does NOT work on the bambu 3 )if you buy the stuff from ali/amazon then do not bother me with it either, selling cheap stuff for expensive stuff is just a waste of quality and ruins the good stuff 4) there are iso norms you need to follow to get good garolite, so if yours do follow the iso norm then send me one, else do not bother as it wont be able to withstand high temperature with out melting
eather way , it is just a post to know how many users are now really selling garolite plates and what users are just want to make a quick buck of it instead doing there homework
if you read this far and want to know why i post this ? it is because i spend a lot of time in research and development to provide good quality plates. and it would be sad that the good quality material get ruined by others who claim to know what they do and offer 1.5mm thick plates that does not even have proper heat transfer in first place
i personal tested out a lot of different plates from differend places to know the difference between the quality, and i like to keep it that way i am not against that others sell plates, but atleast i try to keep it at a certain quality norm so it wont ruin the experience for every one that got those plates
and for claiming to be first, if it is offered before 01/14/23 ( 14th januari 2023 ) then there claim is valid, else it is just a big lie
i hope to get some feedback here as i really wonder how many there are now selling those plates :D
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2023.06.08 20:50 DemeGeek [Idea] "Agents & Operators" Game Mechanic

Hello! I posted a comment about this on Jet Lag S6E1 on YouTube, but it was suggested to post it here as well. Hopefully it is considered on-topic for the subreddit.
I've enjoyed watching Jet Lag since I found it during the Tag Across Europe game and have kept watching since. I really enjoy the work put into these games and the mechanics designed for them. In that spirit I have a game mechanic that I think could be an interesting twist.

Agents and Operators


In Agents and Operators, you have 2 or more teams that consist of 2 Agents and 1 Operator. This mechanic can be layered on top of any 2x2 Gamemode such as Connect Four, Race to the Finish, or Capture the Flag. It can also be adapted to 2x1 Gamemodes such as Tag, however the ruleset will need to be slightly tweaked due to the dynamic teams.



Agents are the members of the team that physically travel from place to place during the game and can directly interact with the objectives of the game (e.g. flags, other agents). They fulfill a role similar to Players in the current games, however a key difference is that their access to the internet is replaced with having to interact with their Operator, either by voice, video, or text.
Agents are not allowed directly do the following tasks (non-exhaustive list):
Instead these tasks must be carried out by the Operator.


The Operators, in contrast, do not travel during the game and do not even need to be located within the same country. Their job is to help their Agents complete the tasks required to finish the game by giving directions, information, and facilitating communication between their team's Agents when they are separated. The Operator is not in charge of the team and does not have authority over what the Agents choose to do, however they do have the advantage of knowing things the Agents do not have access to.



Curses could be added to the game that affect the Operator directly, such as having them go radio silent, give incorrect information, sing instead of speak, not say the letter "E", or other creative ideas for a certain amount of time. Curses such as "give incorrect information" should give opportunity for the Operator to hint that the information is bad without directly saying so.
Curses aimed at the Operator should be unknown by their team's Agents until the curse has worn off so the Agents cannot work around it in the moment.


Integrating the Operator into challenges in a way that is entertaining may be difficult, as current challenges usually either negate technology usage during their completion, consist of interacting with the public, or are based on moving to a location quickly. The only ideas I currently have for Operator-involved challenges would be ones where they act as a Game Master for something like Mastermind or Hangman. Ideas are welcome.


This idea was thought of during S6E1 of Jet Lag, around the time Adam ended up sitting at his team's flag and acting as a pseudo-Operator. I think having someone whose job is it to do the research and other internet-based tasks would be a good option to free up the Players to act without having to stop and check their devices. It would also help nerf Sam from being a good at finding transportation.
In my original vision, it was to be just voice-based communication with the Agents having to wear Hands-free devices and always be connected to the Operator but I am not sure how feasible that is. The Operator having to decipher what's going on sans context would be interesting but I am not sure it would work the best.
I think the inclusion of the Operator would be a great opportunity to branch out to interacting with other Content Creators that may not be able to travel but are still interested in taking part. It would also make it easier* to show the audience what's being researched and have back-up audio streams for when people are communicating.
Overall, feedback would be interesting. I'm sure some of you will have ideas that would work with this!
*might be harder, dunno their setup
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2023.06.08 20:49 steelersrg8 Would you classify Manga & Manwa as Asian Adaptation forms of Comics?

I know to the few people I have talked to about this it’s a pretty touchy subject. But I am curious. Would you consider Manga Japanese comics books, and Manwa South Korean comic books? From the few people in the comic book scene I’ve talked to about this they were totally against the idea. Meanwhile the people that were in the anime/manga scene they were pretty for it. I’m curious on everyone’s thoughts?
I was considering doing a deep dive on manga vs Manwa because I honestly think the structure and pacing of the two are so different that’s likely why there is such poor Manwa anime adaptations. But I didn’t know if there would be an interest. I would love even more to do a deep dive between comic books and manga or comic books and Manwa. But idk if there would be an interest in it.
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2023.06.08 20:49 LemonLizzzy Silly question but, is there a difference between fasn with top 2200RPM and 3000RPM fan

if they run on same RPM lets say 1600 and have same bearing?
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2023.06.08 20:46 Roxbrat My first heart break

This is the story about the first time I had my heart broken
Once my oupa died I had to go back and live with my mom and her boyfriend. He was part of a pool league team so they had parties with youngsters alot and thought they were the shit having these young people around them but in reality they were using them for a pool and a party place in my opinion anyway.
At the time I wasn't around much I ended up going to friends alot.
During my high school career I had 2 best friends one well call Kimberly. She was a nerdy girl at school but she had these beautiful blue eyes , this bright smile and the most contagious laugh I have ever heard. She was dating a guy well call Andrew at the time he was captain of the rugby and cricket team at school a good Christian boy a student you name it the perfect guy. Him and I got on really well. Kimberly and I were every close I would spend alot of time at her house she had 2 younger sisters that loved me to bits and her mom and step dad loved me too for the first time in my whole life I felt like I was apart of a family it was such a good feeling.
One December she went to her dad and things happened to her and her sister.. her cousin molested them but I won't go into detail. Kimberly didn't handle it well and she was put into hospital for a while. I went to visit her with my guy cousin and he said we'd make a cute couple and I was like whaaaat?? We close and loving but I never thought of her in that way... But the moment it was said something inside us changed and I think we looked at each other differently.
The first day she was back it was first period English class I sat by the door waiting yo watch her walk down the corridor and the moment I saw her coming I ran out of class and I wrapped my arms around her and I hugged and took her by the hand as she cried and I walked her into class like I promised I would.
My mom never worked on a Monday or Tuesday and because we stayed far from the school I wouldn't go to school on those days and one day Kimberly freaked out because she thought I was let coming to school she started jumping up into the barbed wire and trying to cut her wrists with scissors and Ilas I took the corner of our quad she ran to me and started shouting at me for not being at school when she needed me. I grabbed her and wrapped my arms around her and told her it's OK I'm here iv got you. She fell weak and I carried her to the bench and I promised her I'd make a plan to be there every day and I did became mom started fetching me know days my mom wouldn't go to work.
From then on we got closer and closer we hung out more and more. It was her brothers 20 something birthday party and she invited me and our friend group and we were smoking weed in the rain out side a burned down house it was kak creepy. Her mom and her moms BFF knew what we were doing but didn't make it obvious. We were all super wasted and high and decided to give her brother a wedgie. He was a hairy mother fucker, his underpants torn and pulled out so much of his hair with it ot was hilarious.
Anyway I was sitting on the couch and her brother decides he likes me and wallets to kiss me ( everyone knew I was gay by clearly he wanted to try get me straight) this was soo funny for everybody me Kimberly and her sisters hold me down while their brother straddles me and shoves his tongue in my mouth as I'm screaming I was using my tounge to push his out and afterwards he tells me I kiss so nicely lol wtf.
Later that night my mom pitches up there drunk as can be and starts kissing the brother infrint of his mom I was horrified that's the dude that just kissed me euw fuck thank God I Got there first. When my mom left she drove over a huge rock and Kimberly's boyfriend hand to pick the car up and we moved the rock out of the water he was crazy strong chiseled body.
That night Kimberly and I go to bed cuddling and she gets up and I think she's gone to pee so I lay there waiting and waiting nothing. So I'm like OK let me go look and see where she is maybe she passed out on the toilet. I walk into the dining area and look into the lounge there she is on the couch with her boyfriend doing 69 and that freaked me out and kinda hurt me but it's her boyfriend what can I do. So I go pee and climb vack into bed.
I wake up to Kimberly getting back into bed and kissed my cheek and was holding me omg I wanted to vomit cos I know exactly what was on her lips and that's the last thing I Wana taste or smell. I never said a word I turned around and went to sleep the next morning I acted like nothing happened and I didn't see anything.
So that December Kimberly asked me to go with her and her sisters to the dad she didn't feel safe going there alone so of course I say yes I want to protect them they my family. I was going to be spending Christmas with them so I was excited and plus we were going to Kruger park.
We get there and it's all chilled but when we get to Kruger things changed.
One night we were drinking red wine and I remethis because her dad played the ub40 song for us between were getting tipsy. We go upstairs to our rooms and showered. That night she walked to the window in her sleep but I didn't know she said look it's a kudu and I got up and lmstood next to her and looked I saw nothing and I turned and looked at her her eyes where closed so I turned her and lead her back to bed and lay her down. I climbed over her to get back into bed and she woke up and looked at me and asked what are you doing so I told her what happened. So she sat up climed on my lap and started kissing me and said she has wanted to do this for a while and me being me I carried on and kissed her back I did find her very beautiful and felt lucky that she wanted me because iv always had a very low self esteem.
We ended up having sex that night I wasn't too experienced I didn't know exactly what I was doing but I did what I knew. So after that night we had a lot of sex in the pool of the lodge in the shower and I'm she even tried to get me to finger her at the back of the bakkie on one of the game drives but I didn't want to because her sister's were right there.
When we went back to her dad's place one day we were busy having sex I was eating her out and her sister walked in Kimberly held my head under the blanket and her sister said Kimberly I'm not ssltupid I know what u doing I laughed because I always laugh when I'm nervous. We also got caught having sex in the pool at her dad's complex by her sisters.
But when our holiday ended we weren't back at school for long and her mom decided they were going to move it broke my heart... no it shattered my heart because we had a secret relationship and they felt like family. She promised me we'd talk all the time and that she'll always love me.
She left and not long after being at her new school I found out she had a boyfriend while leading me on I was so heart broken and then to top things off she told our mutual friend I forced myself on her when she was drunk.
That right there is why I now never touch a drunk woman because I don't want the same story again.
I genuinely loved her for who she was not what I could get from her. And that's how I got my heart broken for the first time. But it was a lesson Learned but unfortunately because I did what I did I lost her forever we wouldn't even be able to be friends anymore. I still chat to her baby sister every now and then and I believe she's a mom. I only wish her happiness.
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2023.06.08 20:46 Affectionate-War777 Strong vertical vs moderate vertical

How can I tell the difference between strong vertical and moderate vertical? I’m choosing between D and DC at the moment. I feel like this will settle everything for me.
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2023.06.08 20:46 Mikey-506 Psychogenic Shivers also known as autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR)

The slight differences between effects of Psychogenic shivers and Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR)

Psychogenic shivers, also known as autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), can elicit a range of effects in individuals who experience them. Here are some commonly reported effects associated with psychogenic shivers:
  1. Tingling sensations: The hallmark effect of psychogenic shivers is the tingling sensations that typically begin on the scalp and may spread throughout the body. These tingles are often described as pleasurable and may be accompanied by a feeling of warmth or gentle waves of energy.
  2. Relaxation and calmness: Psychogenic shivers have a reputation for inducing relaxation and a sense of calm. Many individuals seek out triggers to help them unwind, relieve stress, and promote a state of relaxation.
  3. Euphoria and positive emotions: Some people experience a state of euphoria or intense pleasure during psychogenic shivers. The sensations can elicit a profound sense of well-being and happiness, potentially leading to an uplifted mood.
  4. Improved sleep and decreased insomnia: Psychogenic shivers have been reported to assist with sleep initiation and enhance sleep quality. The soothing nature of the tingling sensations can aid in relaxation, contributing to better sleep.
  5. Stress reduction and anxiety relief: Individuals who experience psychogenic shivers often find them helpful in reducing stress and alleviating symptoms of anxiety. The sensations can provide a soothing distraction and help calm an overactive mind.
  6. Improved focus and concentration: Psychogenic shivers may enhance focus and concentration for some individuals. The tingling sensations and associated relaxation can create a heightened state of attentiveness, potentially improving concentration during activities.
  7. Sensory pleasure: Many individuals find psychogenic shivers pleasurable in themselves. The tingling sensations and the sensory experience associated with triggers can be enjoyable, akin to a form of sensory entertainment.
  8. Emotional regulation: Psychogenic shivers can assist in emotional regulation and serve as a coping mechanism for some individuals. The sensations may help individuals relax, find comfort, and manage their emotions more effectively.
  9. Connection and social bonding: Psychogenic shivers can foster a sense of connection and community. Many people enjoy sharing their experiences, engaging with ASMR content creators, and participating in discussions related to psychogenic shivers, which can provide a sense of belonging and social bonding.
Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a subjective phenomenon, and the specific effects can vary among individuals. However, here are some common effects reported by individuals who experience ASMR:
  1. Tingling sensations: The primary characteristic of ASMR is the tingling or static-like sensations that typically start on the scalp and can spread down the neck, spine, and limbs. These tingles are often described as pleasurable and relaxing.
  2. Relaxation and stress reduction: ASMR triggers are known to induce a sense of relaxation and calmness. Many people seek out ASMR content to unwind, de-stress, and promote a state of relaxation.
  3. Improved mood and well-being: ASMR experiences can elicit positive emotions and a general sense of well-being. Some individuals report feeling happier, more content, or even euphoric during and after ASMR sessions.
  4. Sleep aid: ASMR has been used by some people as a tool to help them fall asleep or improve the quality of their sleep. The soothing nature of ASMR triggers and the associated relaxation can potentially aid in achieving a more restful sleep.
  5. Reduced anxiety: ASMR may have an anxiety-reducing effect for some individuals. The gentle sounds, whispering, or personal attention in ASMR videos can create a comforting and soothing environment that helps alleviate anxiety symptoms.
  6. Enhanced focus and concentration: Engaging with ASMR content can promote a state of focused attention and concentration. Some individuals find that ASMR triggers help them relax and concentrate better on tasks or activities.
  7. Tactile and auditory pleasure: ASMR triggers can provide a unique sensory experience that individuals find pleasurable. The sounds, visuals, or tactile sensations associated with ASMR content can be enjoyable in and of themselves.
  8. Emotional regulation: ASMR has been reported to help individuals regulate their emotions. Some people use ASMR as a way to manage or cope with negative emotions, stress, or overwhelming situations.
  9. Personal attention and connection: Many ASMR videos involve simulated personal attention, such as whispering or role-playing scenarios. For some individuals, this can create a sense of connection and alleviate feelings of loneliness or isolation.
It's important to note that these effects are based on self-reports and subjective experiences. The scientific research on ASMR is still emerging, and more studies are needed to understand its mechanisms and effects in a comprehensive and evidence-based manner.
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2023.06.08 20:46 SevereFlorality Discovering that I’m stupid broke me

I was always considered to be extremely intelligent. I was always ahead of children my age - when I was 6, in kindergarten, I would be reading medical books instead of interacting with children and all adults (except for my parents) always praised me for my intelligence. Even in secondary school my physics teacher started rambling about how intelligent I am in the middle of the class because I got shy when she told me that my project was fantastic (it was absolutely embarrassing I wanted to disappear from the room), even though I had mediocre grades from this subject on that level (all B’s).
(Now, shortly: in my country, you get into highschool based on your points. Points = points from your final exams from secondary school added to your final grades from secondary school and eventual addictional activities/achievements. Classes in our highschools are strictly profiled: for example classes with extended biology-chemistry-maths or maths-physics-english etc.)
I got into the best class in my region. Actually, I was supposed to be in a different class, but you can always write a document to a headmaster, asking whether there is a room for a new student in a different class and they will most likely transfer you and that’s what I did.
Nonetheless, even if I didn’t get into this class, I would still be at the best school in my region. I’m in class with extended biology, chemistry and maths, with additional extended French (DELF course).
Being in here made me realize how insanely stupid I am. Dumb, empty and hopeless. Surrounded by all of these actually talented kids, being probably one of the worst students in the class.
(No I’m not failing anything. My grades are just mediocre. And mediocre is bad in my class, because the other kids have stunning performance)
Because I was smart. Intelligent, whatever. But not in general - I just was that compared to my other peers. And now when I’m faced with the best people from around my region, it opened my eyes.
It makes me feel so bad. Intelligence was the only good thing about me, ever. Because I’m ugly and not very social, and I would rather observe than be a part of something. Which is considered unattractive (in many meanings of that word) by an extremely big group of people.
And yeah, I befriended someone. We clicked so fast, because we’re so similar.
The difference between us, that we’re not similar in?
She is so fucking intelligent and beautiful at the same time.
(And guess who isn’t)
She gets good grades without studying, whereas I could study and still get a bad grade.
And far enough, I’ve had undiagnosed ADHD and just got diagnosed and all, but still. So many people with ADHD have extremely good performances and I’m just… there.
I’m glad that I got faced with this, because I was and always will be scared that I’m living in my own bubble. And I did, with my intelligence. But it just hurts so bad. I also want to be smart, and pretty, and cool and I also want to have good grades and good social life.
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2023.06.08 20:45 rgypsy A year spent waiting on recon decision, got denied. What should I do before hearing request

For context, I am 46F this year, Autoimmune UCTD and unknown other AI's that have been EXTENSIVELY tested for since 2016 before they landed on UCTD as a placeholder for treatment. Unemployed since 5/18, applied early in 2021. I am currently spending over $400 every 5-6 weeks to see doctors without insurance. I had 9 specialists - and now just a community health primary clinic and random neurologists within the system that will take cash. I get a different Dr each time. With none of my old reg doctors accepting uninsured patients, how do I even ask for RFC or anything even close before seeing a judge? My symptoms are consistent for 5 years and keep me from working. I have an attorney, but do I need more of something before a hearing? I'm so lost and defeated.
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2023.06.08 20:45 Adamlsv Sample Pad Humming Noise

So my band built an in ear rack a few months ago, specifically with a Behringer x32 digital rack mixer, and using a mounted seismic audio Xlr splitter, with one ear of the cable snake going to our mixer for the in ears, then the other snake going to FOH. We’ve never had any issues in practices with noise issues. But we went to play our first show using our in ears, and during sound check, we noticed a loud humming noise on the Sample Pad (Alesis SPD-SX) channel was coming through FOH, and also our in ears. We troubleshooted for like a half hour with different outlets and cables and nothing worked. Since both the signal from FOH and our Mixer was affected, we figured that the problem was happening somewhere between the sample pad and the front of our splitter. We unfortunately had to go grass roots (lol) through the set for the show without using our sample pad.
We chalked it up at the time to the cause being that our PA at our practice space has a powered mixer, and non powered PA speakers. Whereas the sound engineer for the show was running powered speakers. But we were just speculating at the time.
So when we set it all up for our next practice, it STILL had the humming noise, and we tried a bunch of different things, initially to no avail, then finally changed the sequencing order of plugging the cables in, and the humming stopped. The rest of the band felt that the sequencing order of plugging the cables in was the culprit, but I’m not fully convinced that the actual problem was resolved.
Now the splitter that we use in the rack doesn’t have ground lifts or transformers. So could the real problem be that we should be using a DI box between the Sample Pad and the splitter, so that it’s a balanced signal going into the splitter? Tons of forums I’ve read said that using an Xlr splitter that didn’t have ground lifts wouldn’t be an issue, but I’m not sure what else the problem could be.
This is a photo of our rack setup for context. https://i.imgur.com/qFzsWQK.jpg
Yours truly, Lost in the Hum.
TLDR: Alesis SPD-SX Sample Pad is making intrusive humming sound through in ear rack, cables and power supply don’t seem to be the culprit, wondering if a lack of a DI Box might be the culprit.
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2023.06.08 20:44 Intelligent_Arm_6545 🎉 Introducing the Aurory and Solcial Collaboration Giveaway! 🎉

🎉 Introducing the Aurory and Solcial Collaboration Giveaway! 🎉

Calling all gamers and NFT enthusiasts! We have something special in store for you. Get ready for an incredible collaboration between Aurory and Solcial, packed with thrilling opportunities and amazing rewards.
Round 1: Unleash Your Gaming Skills
If you're a player on Aurory or an Aurorian (holder of Aurory NFTs), this one's for you. We're offering an irresistible deal - 500 SLCL tokens are up for grabs, and it's super easy to participate.
Here's what you need to do:
1️⃣ Dive into an Aurory Tactics game or show off your Aurorian status. 2️⃣ Create an account on Solcial, follow Aurory, and share your Aurory profile name in the comments of our announcement post. 3️⃣ Take it to Solcial and make a post about your exhilarating Aurory gaming experiences. Feel free to share epic screenshots and gameplay moments.
And here's the cherry on top: If you're an Aurorian, we'll double the reward, showering you with 1000 SLCL tokens! It's time to level up your gaming and claim your well-deserved tokens.
Round 2: The Aurory NFT Raffle
Following the incredible success of our Madlads event, we're thrilled to present the Aurory NFT Raffle.
Here's your entry ticket:
1️⃣ Maintain an active account on Solcial and share your thoughts at least once every three days. 2️⃣ Purchase a minimum of 10 AURORY user tokens. 3️⃣ Expand your horizons and buy 5 tokens from 5 different Solcial users (they can be fellow Aurory players or anyone else).
Once the entries are in, we'll randomly select one lucky winner for the NFT grand prize. But hold on, there's more! Ten additional winners will be awarded 1000 SLCL tokens each. It's an opportunity you won't want to miss!
Boost Your Chances: Amplify the Excitement
Want to increase your odds of winning? Share the competition on your Twitter account! Don't forget to include the link to your tweet in the comments of Solcial Daily's post. And guess what? If you have a Twitter account with more than 3000 followers, you automatically earn 5 entries to the raffle! Time to harness your social media influence and multiply your chances of walking away with incredible rewards.
The Rewards: Surprises Await!
We'll be selecting winners at random, and 10 lucky individuals will score extra SLCL tokens. Brace yourselves for the thrill of anticipation and the joy of claiming your well-deserved rewards.
This collaboration giveaway is an invitation to immerse yourself in the vibrant communities of Aurory and Solcial while earning fantastic rewards. We can't wait to witness your active participation and hear all about your incredible experiences!
Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Join the Aurory community on Aurory and get ready to embark on an unforgettable gaming adventure.
Stay tuned for more exhilarating updates and happy gaming! 🎮🚀
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2023.06.08 20:44 Mr-PFM [WTS] VINTAGE • 1930's Celluloid Waterman 92V (Pocket Pen) - Red & Bronze (Rare Color) - Fine Flex Nib - Restored - [C] $120

Photo Gallery & Writing Sample
Paypal only. I ship fast (usually within 24 hours). Internationally shipping is available for an extra $20.
Waterman 92V Red Gold / Red & Bronze - Flex F Nib - Restored - [C]
Selling a Waterman 92V. The V means it's short aka pocket pen size.
The pen is 4.25 inches capped and becomes 5.25 inches when posted.
This pen uses the same exact nibs as the Waterman 52 which everyone goes nuts over. The 92 model was released in 1936 as Waterman transitioned from hard rubber to celluloid.
It's basically a celluloid Waterman 52v.
The only difference between the 52v and a 92v is the material and the clip design. The thickness of the barrel and grip section are identical as well as the overall dimensions of the pen.
The 92 was the more expensive & premium pen in waterman's celluloid lineup. It came in more exotic celluloid colors than the more economy line #3 and #32 models (though they all used the same nibs).
Red & Bronze is one of the rarer celluloid colors Waterman used. There's also a blue and gold version called Turquoise which is considered the rarest.
This color doesn't craze or rot so don't worry about celluloid decay.
You can use pretty much any ink color in it. I personally stick to Diamine, J Herbin, Aurora, Pelikan, Waterman, Sheaffer and Parker for vintage pens.
The nib is a highly flexible Fine with stubbish tipping as you can see in the writing sample photo. Grip section is made of ebonite as is the feed. Writes smooth without any issues.
Fully restored and working perfectly. It's got a brand new latex sac which I just installed this month.
[C] condition due to missing part of the clip. Only the top part of the clip that's on the cap is still there. I polished the rough edges away with micromesh so what's left is smooth and can function as a roll stop.
Other than this the only other cosmetic flaw is some plating wear on the lever but not the lever box. No plating wear to the top of the cap. Tiny bit of plating wear to the cap band but you kinda need to shine a light on it to see that.
No cracks or noticeable scratches. There's a small scruff on the cap where the ball of the former clip used to rub against the celluloid but that's it. Waterman imprint is crisp and the nib has zero damage and perfect tipping.
Priced very reasonably for restored Waterman with a flex nib. If this pen a clip I'd be listing it for $195 .
Photo Gallery & Writing Sample
Price w/ US shipping: $120
If it doesn't say PENDING or SOLD above, it's still available.
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