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what bank is the best for a 17 year old with a job

2023.06.05 04:57 appletaterprincess what bank is the best for a 17 year old with a job

hi, i would ask my parents but they’re kinda bad at finances. to preface, i have a job and my dad was in the air force so currently i have an account with the navy credit union which has been fine but it’s inconvenient because i’m not close to any of the locations so it’s kinda a hassle to deposit money or take it out. i tried to make an account at wells fargo and other national banks but i couldn’t open on because of my age(1) and the fact that my parents have debt to the banks(2).
now that i’m 17 though i would like to make a new checking and savings account and i don’t need to open an account through my parents. but i do not know where to start. which bank would be the best to start with? if it helps i live in california.
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2023.06.05 04:40 Louc1ous Looking at a 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo soon; any issues I should look for? Should I buy it as a first car?

95,164 mi. Haven’t asked many questions yet. Very excited as, being my financial situation, my credit union loan has a ton of restrictions and this is the first car to have checked all the boxes. Is there any important questions to ask seller before I go to see it? Should I avoid that model year?
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2023.06.05 04:15 duckowucko [Long-Schall] 1940 Presidential Election

[Long-Schall] 1940 Presidential Election
The leadup to the 1940 General Election has put a large focus on foreign policy following the break out of 2 major wars and the fall of the French Republic. The same policy of isolationism that was so popular just a few years back has taken a turn so strange that it is unlikely any candidate that preaches it is unlikely to go far in the coming years. On the domestic side, the rise of the Socialists and Communist Parties has begun a sort of normalization of cheap and accessible education and even healthcare; though there is still a long way to come.

Huey Pierce Long (Democrat)

34th President of the United States since 1937
President Long has proven quite popular as President with his unmatched speaking ability and appearances all over the country during his tenure so far, making him appear relatable and likable to the wider public. While he is still far from enacting much of his "Share Our Wealth" plans, he has a number of legislative accomplishments under his belt, including: the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1937, Federal Housing Act of 1937, Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, National Healthcare Insurance Welfare Act of 1939, and the Public High Schooling Act of 1940.
Long runs on a platform of continuing his work to improve the life of the poorer man, however he seems to have flipped his side in the foreign policy department… President Long had received so much flak for his hardline Isolationist stance, especially to the war in Europe, and his refusal to change course after the fall of France even caused a huge political alliance running against him. After some early close calls in the primaries though, Long has announced his support for amending the Neutrality Act in favor of shipping limited amounts of arms to the United Kingdom, and has also called on Congress to institute an embargo on all raw materials going toward Germany, Italy, or Japan. Long also espouses that his previous stance still did not stop him from taking responsible steps in the past; pointing to his Naval Rearmament Act of 1938 following the Panay Incident.
Running Mate

Theodore Francis Green

33rd Vice President of the United States since 1937
Though quite unknown as Huey Long's Vice President, he has been credited by staffers and fellow Cabinet members as being a key member of several important meetings, especially on National Security-related affairs. Vice President Green's long-time interventionist mindset may have also played a key role in changing the mind of President Long in recent months. Though they don't get along well, the business-savvy yankee is eager and open to continue his work in the President's cabinet going forward, staying united in the face of the looming crisis.

Wendell Lewis Willkie (Republican)

Lawyer from Indiana
Though this charismatic lawyer has negligible political experience, Willkie has been seen as a viable candidate to return the Republicans to the White House following the end of the Norris administration; especially as many progressive Republicans throw their support behind President Long. Though the Republican Party is experiencing a divide between Conservatives and Liberals, Willkie and his running mate offer a moderate-liberal domestic platform while attacking Long for his lack of action against Nazi Germany following the fall of France. Willkie instead pushes for resource embargos on Germany, Italy, and Japan while also promising to pressure Congress into a naval rearmament plan while amending the Neutrality Act in order to send "Any gun, tank, or cruiser" the United Kingdom can afford.
Running Mate

Charles Linza McNary

Senator from Oregon since 1918
Out of all major players running for President or Vice President, Senator Charles McNary is the senior-most member of Government by far. Currently serving as Republican Minority Leader in the Senate, McNary has supported many of the progressive reforms of George Norris and the more moderate legislation pushed by President Long, such as the Public High Schooling Act of 1940. Where Willkie lacks governmental experience, McNary appears to make up for two-fold. Although there is much divide between the two men; with McNary being more liberal and progressive while Willkie is more moderate and pro-business.

Earl Russel Browder (AFA)

Senator from Kansas since 1935
Earl Browder under the united banner of the Anti-Fascist Alliance finally has the major shot at the Presidency he and his base have dreamed for. While he is one of the most influential Communists in the nation, he promised to take advice from his primary contemporaries and even appoint a multi-party cabinet should he win election. With a coalition like this and supporters like John Dewey, Earl Warren, and Upton Sinclair, most members of the alliance are happy to throw their support behind a Browder Presidency.
Browder is promising a very similar domestic policy to that of President Long, though promising to push for expansions in Social Security, National Health Insurance, and African-American Civil Rights. On the foreign field, Senator Browder promises to work with his allies in Congress to rearm the United States for "The greatest, most devastating war this nation may ever see." A comment which has left many uneased, some accusing him of pursuing foreign war. It is clear that Browder sees foreign war as inevitable in the coming years, and is pledging to put the country through a massive, possibly unconstitutional rearmament campaign for a war much of the public still doesn't want involvement in.
Running Mate

Upton Beall Sinclair

Secretary of Labor since 1937
Outspoken socialist sympathizer and Democratic Secretary of Labor, Upton Sinclair risked his position in President Long's cabinet to provide a less extremist appeal to the currently Communist-led AFA ticket. Sinclair outside of his cabinet and union experience is a rather famous author of books such as "The Jungle" and "The Flivver King".

President Huey Long's 1st Term
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2023.06.05 04:12 707NorCalCouple Questions about our circumstances

Wife and I are pretty deep in mostly unsecured debt, CCs and a CC refi loan, and four car loans. I was running a contracting business since 2019 and it has been incredibly slow since late 2022. I let my employees go, and am no longer needing two of the extra vehicles. We have four kids, one is about to be 18 and heading to university in the fall on grants. The other three are between four and 14 years of age.
She has been a government employee our whole adult lives and has a decent retirement. I recently became a government employee myself, but my whole monthly income after deductions is a bit more than $2k short of meeting our current monthly expenses without any extra spending. We will also have an additional $800+ in student loan payments starting again soon.
We rent from my parents and have fallen behind there also as they have been trying to help us avoid losing the vehicles that I have been using to operate my business. My only assets are some tools and a cargo trailer that I still use for small jobs, the vehicles are pretty much financed at the loan to value dollar for dollar. I am also on my teenage daughter’s car title as a requirement for the DMV and insurance, but she turns 18 this month and my plan was to take myself off the title and get her own insurance policy. We also have a timeshare that we bought 20 years ago and is paid off.
I have tried unloading a couple of the financed vehicles with no success, and we have over $80k in student loans about to resume that will cost us an additional $800+ each month. We also haven’t been able to afford to have our taxes completed for 2021 or 2022, we have until October for 2022 because we are in a natural disaster area and the whole area has been given the extension.
My questions are around the equipment and vehicles mostly. Can we each keep one financed vehicle as we both need transportation? What happens with my daughter’s car? Will they take the trailer and tools if I am still running a very scaled back business? What about our retirement accounts? We also bank at a local credit union, I assume they will close our accounts as we owe them nearly $50k in total, including the van she drives. Final question is how might this affect our daughter and her college financial aid?
I went through chapter 7 in 2003 for medical bills and loss of income after injury, things were much more cut and dry and laws have changed significantly since. Just not sure where to start and having major anxiety. She refuses to accept that we are sinking further even though we make CC payments every month and have to use the open credit to survive leaving us maxed out at the end of the cycle. We went through major relationship problems when we lost our home in 2009 because I was not working due to recession, not looking forward to the fallout of this. To date we have been paying most of our bills, sometimes barely before hitting 30 days late, except for the rent.
Thanks for the help in advance.
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2023.06.05 03:24 flamedeluge3781 Michael Kofman: Towards a Breakthrough? The State of the War in Ukraine
As is typically the case, Kofman is initially shy about making pronouncements about what the future of the Ukraine-Russia war might herald. Rather, this is a retrospective of what happened over the first few months of the war. If you want to skip Kofman's retrospective of the war to date, you can skip ahead to 28:00. There's about an hour of Q&A after the talk, starting at 36:30 (so yes, he only talks about the current situation for 8 minutes). The Q&A contains more speculation about how the future of the war might evolve.
General highligts from the talk:
From the Q&A:
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2023.06.05 03:18 TheAnxiousAntisocial Have I waited enough time / what are my approval odds for my next card?

TL;DR - I have 4 cards: Target RedCard (Authorized User) - $15k limit - opened March 2002, Discover It - $6k limit - opened April 2020, Amex BCE - $25k limit - opened Feb 2023, Chase Freedom Flex - $12k limit - opened April 2023. Lots of student loans 2018-2022, Auto Loan 2022. Experian FICO 779, TU FICO 761, EQ FICO 782. Looking at the Wells Fargo Active Cash as a catch all card to round out my lineup. Thinking of applying this month. Has enough time passed? Do I have good approval odds? Is there another card that is better? Want a SUB + Apple Pay, preferably Visa to round out the networks. Thanks!
Hey guys -
After having my Discover for over 3 years, I finally started to try out some new cards.
I currently have: - Target RedCard
Authorized User
Opened in March 2002
$15,000 limit
Use for 5% off Target
Opened April 2020
Use for 5% rotating categories
Opened February 2023
Use for 3% gas, 3% groceries, 3% online shopping (excluding when a 5% category appears that beats the 3%)
Opened April 2023
Use for 3% pharmacies, 3% dining, and 5% categories
I’ve covered most of my spend with these three cards with the exception of general spend for things like vet visits, doctor co-pays, car insurance and other car expenses, etc. So I think the final card I need for now (correct me if I’m wrong) is a catch-all card. I’m looking for one with a SUB, Apple Pay support, no redemption minimum and the Wells Fargo Active Cash seems to fit the bill the best. I just finished my Freedom Flex SUB, so I’m starting to look into it. I am pre-qualified for the Active Cash and Credit Karma also says I have “excellent approval odds” but I take those with a grain of salt I suppose.
Do I have a good shot at getting it soon? I was thinking of applying for it after my Freedom Flex hits 2 months old.
My credit profile: 14 accounts - consists of federal and private student loans ranging back to 2018-2022, car loan in 2022, and the above listed credit cards and their details. No late or missed payments. Average age of credit is 2 years and 5 months, oldest account is 4 years and 9 months.
Like I said - hoping this will be the last card I get for awhile as all my spend will be covered for now, I just want to ensure it’s a good time and I want the best possible odds at getting the card as it always sucks to get rejected.
Thank you!
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2023.06.05 03:05 tonyt0906 Does it make sense to refi current mortgage

My current mortgage balance is $406,122.54 @ 3.5%. I also have a HELOC with a balance of $116,222.59 it was at 4%, but with the feds fighting inflation, raising rates, my credit union gradually increased my rate, and now it’s 8.5%. Common sense tells me no because of my low interest rate on my mortgage. But I’m not a numbers guy and need some help. TIA
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2023.06.05 03:05 DatDuderOverThere The car I am paying for isn’t in my name

Ok, so here’s the story. About 2 years ago the car I had had broken down and I had to get a new car. Instead of getting a beater car that wouldn’t last me very long, I took out a loan and bought a 2017 Buick Encore. The loan was taken out through Michigan Educational Credit Union and my dad had co-signed the loan for a much lower interest rate. Then when I went to go buy the car and right before I took it home, the guy at the dealership said he accidentally put the car in my dads name. He asked if we wanted to switch the car into my name, and called my mom asking what they should do and she said to leave it in my dads name. Now, here in present day, I would like to put the car into my name (my mother had threaten to call the cops on me and report a stolen vehicle if I wasn’t home by 1:00 AM) and my mother is saying that “You can’t because your dad co-signed the loan, so you would have to take out a new high interest rate loan” to do so and I was wondering if that was true. If it isn’t true, is there any new payments or financial problems that may arise from me (20 year old male with no criminal history) having the car in my name.
NOTE / I have made every payment on the car for the last two years now. The reason for the co-sign was my dad had a better credit score because I hadn’t had a chance to build mine up.
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2023.06.05 02:31 TyrannicalDuncery Addition Fi Premier Rewards Visa (geofenced)

This is my attempt to compile all useful public information on the Addition Fi Premier Rewards Visa rewards program.* I have not found much. Thanks to reddit user u/StandingPolarBear and FicoForums users Flfico, _ptatohed, and PullingMeSoftly.
Open Question: The "recurring payments" category looks amazing, and I'm guessing that they would allow me to prepay my entire year's insurance bill (for example) during the quarter when that category is active. If anyone has any thoughts or experiences about this, I'd appreciate it.

Archived Categories:
link category
2020 Oct Amazon
2021 Jan Restaurants
2021 Apr Recurring Payments
2022 Mar Recurring Payments
2022 May Amazon
2022 Oct Back to School
2023 Mar Recurring Payments
2023 Jun (not archive link) Travel and entertainment
See above for the category definitions.
The Hustle: If you see this and decide to apply to Addition, and if you use any "creative" means to achieve eligibility, I'd appreciate you sharing it. ^-^
*My AI has told me that this is not possible without compiling all information on the entire universe, everything is simultaneously connected and disconnected, information itself is an unstable category that can never truly be said to be "compiled."
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2023.06.05 02:14 FitBreadfruit354 What is this weird blue print on the back of my 20 dollar bill

What is this weird blue print on the back of my 20 dollar bill
I’m almost certain the bill isn’t fraudulent all my money comes from a credit union.
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2023.06.05 01:15 spe-swa Wanna talk about TransUnion Smartmove

So I'm a new landlord and I've seen TransUnion Smartmove recommended on this board. It seems a no-brainer since they have direct access to the data and they do ratings for a living.
I had a recent immigrant apply (white collar but it shouldn't matter). TransUnion recommends I let them rent. However, the tenant reports zero income but a sizeable bank account, but it doesn't appear TransUnion verified those funds. It also stated the SSN is either new or never issued.
I happen to actually believe their story but I plan to verify a few things first. But that's not why I'm posting this.
What would be the basis for TransUnion to recommend this tenant given they haven't shown any proof of funds and the credit check may be invalid since the SSN may be invalid? Seems like a bogus service.
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2023.06.05 00:42 laurdorothyxxx Math homework HELP PLZ

To help pay for college, Ivan borrowed money from his credit union. He took out a personal, amortized loan for $54,000, at an interest rate of 5.75%, with monthly payments for a term of 15 years.
  1. Find Ivan’s monthly payment.
  2. If Ivan pays the monthly payment each month for the full term, find his total amount to repay the loan.
  3. If Ivan pays the monthly payment each month for the full term, find the total amount of interest he will pay.
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2023.06.05 00:32 TheMcCale 1804 Draped Bust Dollar

1804 Draped Bust Dollar
I was 99.99% positive this was fake when I picked it up at the credit union branch where I work, but I figured for $1 it didn’t matter because I like the design.
The coin itself is not magnetic so it passes that test (heck, I might even be silver) and the weight is about right. What makes me believe it’s fake is the year (far too valuable to just be out in the world getting dumped at the bank), and the flat ring around the edge of the obverse and it shouldn’t be (almost looks like the die they made was too small so the face outside of it struck the coin).
A lesson for new collectors: if the price seems amazing because of the year or rarity of the coin it’s probably too good to be true. When the last one of these sold it went for so much that fakes flooded the market.
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2023.06.05 00:32 jayz-AI Would it make sense to put down more money for a car if I can’t match the interest rate in savings/investments?

I currently have a 12 month emergency fund in my Ally MM account making 4.15%. I am looking to finance a car but cannot currently find any rates lower than this. The dealer is offering 5.75% and all credit unions around me are 6% and up.
With that said, would it be smarter for me to put down a higher amount than I normally would, and therefore finance less? My 12 month emergency fund would just become 8-9 months, and instead of paying the bank back with interest, I can just “pay myself” back with no interest. Kind of like taking out a loan from myself…
I have all of my finances set up in YNAB so this would be very easy for me to stay on top of and contribute to until I replenish my emergency fund back to 12 months.
I have not financed cars enough to feel comfortable making this decision on my own though.
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2023.06.05 00:19 TopFederal531 FIX CREDIT SCORE HIRE A HACKER

You must have heard much about legitrosehacker2AT GMAIL DOT COM
‬Telegram: +1 (863) 732 7599
SIGNAL +1 (863) 732 7599 from upwork, as she is one of the best credit repair experts that I have worked with. She assisted me in several ways including erasing all my late payments, inquiries and bankruptcy from my report. I’m glad that I could be able to get approved for a car loan and get the eviction off my report across the Trans union and Experian. You can send her an email about how to fix your credit through legitrosehacker2ATGMAIL DOT COM
‬Telegram: +1 (863) 732 7599
SIGNAL +1 (863) 732 7599
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2023.06.05 00:13 oceanlump Ethical banking question

I saw a similar q about ethical banking in this sub so I hope this belongs here. Should I switch from Navy Federal Credit Union to another credit union? I read that the US military is the largest user of fossil fuels and energy in the US government, and is a bigger polluter than more than 100 countries combined. I know that NFCU is "chartered by the Department of Defense" but I don't know what that means in practical terms of where my money is going. Can anyone advise?
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2023.06.05 00:00 Comfortable_Bed3262 I FOUND A RELIABLE HACKER FOR CREDIT REPAIR

You must have heard much about legitrosehacker2AT GMAIL DOT COM
‬Telegram: +1 (863) 732 7599
SIGNAL +1 (863) 732 7599 from upwork, as she is one of the best credit repair experts that I have worked with. She assisted me in several ways including erasing all my late payments, inquiries and bankruptcy from my report. I’m glad that I could be able to get approved for a car loan and get the eviction off my report across the Trans union and Experian. You can send her an email about how to fix your credit through legitrosehacker2ATGMAIL DOT COM
‬Telegram: +1 (863) 732 7599
SIGNAL +1 (863) 732 7599
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2023.06.04 23:56 Time_Cover [First time buyer] Mortgage with a credit union

First time potential home buyer with no prior experience with mortgages or credit unions.
A credit union has offered a rate that is much more favorable than a major bank.
At the risk of sounding stupid: are there any issues one needs to be aware of when getting mortgages from a credit union (apart of membership)? In other words, is there any catch since the credit union is able to offer a lower rate? Is there a list of "legit" credit unions?
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2023.06.04 23:18 Bottomless-Paradise Buyers remorse: Do I have any options?

Back in March of this year I made a very rushed purchase of a 2021 Honda Civic sport, about 30k miles. Sticker price was $25k but I used to worked for the dealership at this time so supposedly I got some kind of “help” with the price but I was also screwed because finance manager told me I couldn’t finance through the credit union that approved me (Keesler Federal) for 72 months if I didn’t purchase all and I mean ALL the extended warranty’s and packages… so now Im paying about 33 grand with interest on a Civic. Note is $479 a month and of course as you can probably guess I’m having really bad buyers remorse, the car isn’t exactly what I want in the long run but it is a good car don’t get me wrong I like my civic but the note’s preventing me from being able to afford other things like moving out of my parents house… and that’s 100% my fault I know I rushed into a bad deal and now I’m paying a really expensive note on a car for the next 6 years of my life and honestly if I could go back I would just save and buy a car in cash. Not really looking for sympathy or anything just wanting honest thoughts and opinions as to how I could get out of this loan faster, at this point im assuming just have to bite the bullet and put as much money as possible towards the $27k I owe on it to pay it off, but do I have any other options?
Like I said my pay off is $27k, I do have gap coverage thankfully so technically I guess I could total the damn thing but my insurance deductible is $1000 and I’ve never had to use gap before so I have no idea how that would work out. Anyway I could possibly trade for a lower note? Credit score is sitting at around 687. Just trying to see if there’s anyway at all I could get from underneath this loan faster than 6 years
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2023.06.04 22:53 Kpow1311 How much can I fix this?

Car: 2023 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring State: Texas
I am super embarrassed and stupid.
I bought a 2023 Hybrid Accord Touring this week because my other car got totaled. Dealership wouldn't budge on $6k worth of warranty/add-ons so it ended up being like $48k after its all said and done with (my interest rate sucked too but I can refinance with a credit union at least)
I looked through my paperwork and I think I can cancel the extended warranty, gap, and HondaCare right? I feel like such an idiot. I wanted to take them off when I was there but it wouldn't let me on the iPad the finance guy was using and he said he couldn't remove it. I only bought from this dealer because a friend of mine worked there in Sales so I know it's not his fault. Oi vey 😩
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2023.06.04 22:26 PlsDontNerfThis Might be a stupid question, but does this mean no other coupons AT ALL, or no other coupons related to this product?

Might be a stupid question, but does this mean no other coupons AT ALL, or no other coupons related to this product?
The “combined” part is what gets me because I can see it making sense either way. I’ve never really used coupons, so I’m not sure if there’s a specific way to read them or something
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2023.06.04 22:24 ExitAbove Looking for used car loan - any suggestions

Hi all, I’m trying to find a used car loan at 5% for 82 months to get to my target payment. Is that even remotely possible? I’ve heard small credit unions might be possible.
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