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2023.06.09 17:28 NC_Florida_Man Best Wireless Meat Probe

What’s everyone’s recommendations on the best wireless meat temperature probe for their Traeger?
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2023.06.09 17:27 Babycloud20 Coping with the Baby Blues: Strategies for Emotional Adjustment

Coping with the Baby Blues: Strategies for Emotional Adjustment
Coping with the baby blues can be challenging, but there are several strategies you can try to help navigate this period of emotional adjustment. It's important to note that if you're experiencing severe symptoms or if your feelings persist for an extended period, it's essential to reach out to a healthcare professional for support. Here are some coping strategies that may be helpful:

Seek support: Reach out to your partner, family, and friends for emotional support. Sharing your feelings and experiences with others who can empathize with you can provide tremendous comfort. Consider joining a support group for new parents or connecting with other mothers who have gone through similar experiences.

Rest and self-care: Lack of sleep and exhaustion can exacerbate emotional distress. It's crucial to prioritize rest and self-care as much as possible. Take short naps when your baby is sleeping, accept help from loved ones, and try to delegate some responsibilities. Engage in activities you enjoy to recharge and take care of yourself.

Establish a routine: Creating a daily routine for both you and your baby can provide a sense of stability and predictability, which can be comforting. Having a structured schedule can help you regain a sense of control during this period of adjustment.

Healthy lifestyle: Focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritious meals, staying hydrated, and engaging in gentle physical activity, as permitted by your healthcare provider. These factors can positively impact your mood and overall well-being.

Share responsibilities: Taking care of a newborn can be overwhelming, so it's essential to share responsibilities with your partner or other trusted individuals. Communicate openly about your needs and work together to find a balance that allows both of you to support each other and care for the baby.

Express your feelings: Allow yourself to express your emotions freely. Talk to your partner, a trusted friend, or a therapist about what you're experiencing. Journaling can also be a helpful outlet for processing your thoughts and feelings.

Take breaks: It's okay to take breaks from parenting responsibilities when you need them. When possible, ask someone you trust to look after the baby for a short time so you can have some alone time or engage in activities that help you relax and recharge.

Be kind to yourself: Remember that adjusting to motherhood takes time, and it's normal to feel a range of emotions during this period. Be kind to yourself and practice self-compassion. Avoid comparing yourself to others and remind yourself that you're doing the best you can.

Professional help: If your symptoms persist or worsen over time, it's crucial to seek professional help. A healthcare provider can assess your situation and provide appropriate guidance and support. They may recommend therapy, medication, or other interventions tailored to your specific needs.

Remember that the baby blues are a common experience, affecting many new mothers. With time, self-care, and support, these feelings often diminish as you adjust to your new role and develop a stronger bond with your baby.
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2023.06.09 17:27 Clund5 first come first serve picnic area

i’m visiting minneapolis this summer and want to host a reunion for friends and family. what is the best first come, first serve picnic shelter or similar in/around minneapolis? i’m not opposed to making a reservation either, but i assume i’m a little late for that.
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2023.06.09 17:27 MarshmallowFloofs85 You hurt me.

You could have just ghosted, I would have been absolutely okay with it. Despite being on the phone for 14 plus hours a day, I knew we wouldn't be a match, A) you are the type of christian I generally refuse to associate with, and B) despite telling me you were a lesbian when we first hooked up, you said you were *probably* a trans man, and despite my absolute adoration for mascs. big and small, you did not have any ~female~ energy. (We aren't even gonna get into how being basically a fundie and being a trans man are absolutely at war with each other, but you know your "church" hates your kind, right? Like..they want nothing more to see you dead and sent to hell?)
but instead, you decided to throw every insecurity I shared with you during ~pillow talk~ back at me, And all the warnings I shared with you before we even met, You knew I had mobility issues, You knew I had mental issues, Hell, you saw my tik-toks and the billions of pictures I sent, You knew I was ugly. (Not that you have *any* room to talk)
..All because of a silly "haha she ghosted me" post on reddit.
My dumb ass decided to check your reddit profile, I hadn't because I've been ghosted before, I know that just adds to the 'what ifs".
you have the *absolute gall* to call me names, Tell your little "blue pill" friends about how much you lied to fuck me and that I wasn't really good in bed, That I was a 1 and didn't deserve you. (How many times did you pass the fuck out that weekend? and then beg to go at it again? I know *I* had to tap out for a little bit.
Gross, Just gross, I really, really hope that was a one off and you *never, ever* treat or talk about another woman that way again, but I know you will, because you talked shit about your ex to me.
But, you know what? I still fucking miss you. Surprisingly enough, dominant woman of the masculine variety, especially the Daddy types, really like calling their bottom partners "bunny". I've had to ask three that I've talked to not to because it tears my heart just a little bit each time, because like useless lesbians throughout history, I allowed myself to fall in love, even just a tiny bit, and I hate myself for it, and I hate you for hiding who you really were so you could fuck the gimpy old lady. Becaus of you I will probably never allow myself to trust again, so absolutely fuck you for that.
Also, I wasn't crying because of the stuff I shared with you, I was crying because you said you don't think you're going to live to see thirty, and the thought of you dying made me sad.
I know you'll probably never see this, but please continue to take your meds and watch your diet. You're twenty five, with high blood pressure and gout
I truely do wish the best for you, I don't know if you're still with your "wifey" because I haven't looked at your profile since January, but if you have kids, Please at least take a little of my advice to heart. I understand that telling you that being as strict as you plan to be will do nothing but ruin their trust in you.

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2023.06.09 17:27 Aros001 Andrea Beaumont as The Phantasm and Thomas Elliot as Hush: Why one works for me while the other doesn't.

I'd never really thought about this comparison before but I saw a comment recently that pointed out the two, conceptually speaking, actually do have a lot in common.
Both, at the time of their original stories, were brand new villains for Batman to face. The new hotness that's come to Gotham to f**k up his day, with a big part of the plot being the mystery of who The Phantasm/Hush is, with the reveal being...the only other new and significant character introduced for the story. Both Andrea and Tommy are retconned into Bruce's past and made very important to him (one being the woman he loved, the other his childhood best friend), with said past being shown to us in flashbacks throughout the story. And both serve as a dark reflection of Bruce himself.
With these similarities, why is it that I find one works way more for me than the other? Especially when I grew up with both these stories.
I'm definitely a bit in the minority here but I've never really gotten the hype over Hush. That's not to say I don't like the Hush story, just that Hush/Tommy Elliot specifically is just kind of...okay to me at best. Not bad but not one of Batman's villains I feel a strong attachment to or feel a lot of excitement over when he's going to be in something. I never feel the same as others when they say they want Hush as the villain for a movie or that he should have been the main villain of Arkham Knight. I could certainly believe a good writer could get something good out of his concepts, but as he is, as he was in the original Hush story, the story most people know him from and that put him on the map, he's just...okay.
But then there's Andrea, and while I don't think she really needed to appear in other stories after Mask of the Phantasm, since like Tommy it feels like a case of diminishing returns, I do still find myself a lot more attached to that character and feel like she was very well done despite conceptually being so similar to Tommy. With Hush I don't want him to be in anything more after his initial story because I didn't really care that much about the character, whereas with The Phantasm I didn't want her to be in anything after her initial story because I didn't want them to ruin what I felt like was already done near perfectly and wrapped up.
I think the difference comes down to two big things: Framing within the story, and characterization.
Both stories center around the mystery "Who is The Phantasm/Hush?", but the execution of both mysteries, the pay-off to them, and Andrea and Tommy's place within those narratives is handled very differently.
Hush, in my opinion, is interesting almost solely because of the mystery around who he is and how he manipulates events and Batman's villains to strike at him. When we get the reveal that he's Tommy, not much is added that replaces the mystery in order to keep him interesting.
Why did he do all of this? Because he resents Bruce for being able to inherit all of his parent's wealth as a child while his own attempt to gain the same was foiled by Bruce's father saving his mother's life after Tommy deliberately tried to get his parents killed. In regards to making Tommy a dark, twisted reflection of Bruce, this does work. While Bruce loved his parents, was deeply scarred by their deaths, and he'd have given up that entire fortune and more just to have them back, Tommy was willing to kill his just to get his hands on their money and hated his mother for surviving. But as the big conclusion to this big story spanning most of Batman's rogues gallery and all the manipulations and planning and gaslighting the villain had done, this motivation feels too...mundane. It's too petty.
Don't get me wrong, pettiness does not make for a bad villain motivation in the right context. My favorite supervillain of all time is Lex Luthor and half that man's plans are fueled by pure spite for Superman for daring to make him look bad by being a good person. But for all the build-up and everything that was involved this answer just doesn't feel satisfying. Even things like Tommy's mother always comparing him to Bruce or Tommy creating a new face to look like Bruce to steal his identity and fortune wasn't a thing until later stories. In the original Hush story, Tommy is purely just after revenge on Bruce for getting inherited wealth as a child while he had to wait until he was an adult.
This isn't helped by how little we really get to know Thomas Elliot and Bruce's attachment to him before the reveal.
I think one of the things that works best about Batman: Hush, more than the mystery around who Hush is, is that the whole storyline feels like a semi-celebration of Batman and a love letter to the character. It showcases a lot of his big name villains, shows Batman's connections to his allies, from the Bat family to Huntress to Gordon to Superman, marks the start of what, in my opinion, made Catwoman a genuine contender for being Batman's best romantic relationship rather than just another love interest, goes into Batman's history, from Jason Todd to Harold and even his childhood before his parents were killed, and all while throughout we're getting the narration boxes of Bruce's inner thoughts, going in on what he thinks of himself and everyone around him. It's one of those stories where if someone wanted to get into Batman comics for the first time or needed an introduction to the character (weird as it is to think that when the character is everywhere these days), Batman: Hush would be one of the ones I'd point out.
The story has a lot going for it...and Thomas Elliot gets lost in it all. We get to somewhat know what he was like as a kid, so much of which doesn't apply to him as an adult in the present because so much time has passed since then, and what we do get to know of him as an adult gets put into question once we find out he's Hush since he more than likely was putting on an act every time he interacted with Bruce. We don't even get that much interaction between him and Batman after the reveal of his identity is made in order to get to know the real him, nor does he even take off his bandage mask to fully confirm it's Tommy. He gets shot by Harvey Dent, falls from a great height, and then f**ks off until he can be brought back in an eventual sequel.
This is part of why I wasn't really that upset when the animated movie adaptation of the story had The Riddler be Hush instead of Tommy, who basically was the real mastermind behind everything anyway in the original and was the more impactful twist. He's the one who figured out Batman was Bruce Wayne, being the one to present that information to Tommy, and was the one who got all the villains to cooperate with the plan. Most important of all, I have a feel for who the Riddler is. But Tommy? He' Apparently. And petty....apparently. What is Tommy's actual character beyond "guy who wanted his parent's money"?
Let's compare all of this to The Phantasm and Andrea Beaumont.
Like with Hush, the main mystery Mask of the Phantasm centers around is "Who is the Phantasm?" but the scale is more simple. The Phantasm isn't after Batman but rather is knocking off members of the Valestra crime family and, intentionally or otherwise, is getting Batman framed for the murders.
Like with the flashbacks to Bruce and Tommy's past with each other, we get flashbacks of Bruce and Andrea's own past together. However, not only was it a past relatively more recent, and thus we get a better feel for who Andrea is since she's already an adult in the flashbacks, but the flashbacks are more central to the movie's plot and don't have a million other more memorable or iconic bits happening around them to take the attention away, in part because these flashbacks show us Bruce's own history with the Valestra mob. The flashbacks with Tommy often didn't have a lot of relevance to the mystery around Hush or what he was doing beyond the fact that they involved Tommy It was mostly Bruce reminiscing about his childhood. While the flashbacks with Andrea also served to give insight on the people the Phantasm is targeting and why someone would want them dead, Andrea especially. Even the Joker, who is brought into the movie to help spice up the climax, used to be a hit man for the Valestras, and in fact was the one who was sent to murder Andrea's father. He ties into the main plot of the mystery while all the rogues used in Hush were mostly there to just wear Batman down or throw him off Tommy and Riddler's trail.
We also get Andrea and Bruce interacting in the present, greatly aided by her quickly figuring out that he's Batman and the two being able to speak frankly to each other, and interacting after he figures out she's the Phantasm. And when we get the reveal that she's the Phantasm, her personality doesn't really change that much, meaning that while she was hiding the truth from Bruce she wasn't putting on a complete front. Unlike Tommy, who we honestly aren't sure if we know anything real about, we feel we understand Andrea quite well. While what we saw of Tommy prior to the reveal helped cover up that he was Hush, what we saw of Andrea had it make even more sense that she was the Phantasm after the reveal is made.
Why is Andrea doing all this? She wants revenge on the Valestra mob for forcing her to flee Gotham, keeping her from marrying the man she loved, killing her father, and basically ruining her life. It's a very simple motivation but the build-up to it is more appropriate given the size and scale of the story and thus that simplicity doesn't feel like a big let-down. And even more so, it makes her a good dark and twisted reflection of Bruce. A normal life upended by crime and corruption unchecked, Andrea took on a terrifying alternate identity to bring justice in a way no one else could/no one else would, but along the way became consumed by the same need for vengeance that Bruce has always had to keep himself from falling into, to the point there's nothing else for her. A sympathetic motivation isn't inherently better than a petty one for a villain. It depends on its context and how it's executed. And Andrea's sympathetic motivation works here because of the parallels with Bruce and how much of a tragedy it's written as. Bruce almost never became Batman because he was so unexpected happy being with Andrea, but the crime Batman was intended to fight against tore him and her away from each other, destroying both of their lives yet again, and ended up corrupting the woman he had loved so much, turning her basically into...well...him.
TL;DR: Despite their similarities and how obvious their mysteries are when you think about them even a little, Andrea Beaumont as The Phantasm works better for me than Thomas Elliot did as Hush for the following reasons:
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2023.06.09 17:27 lijuly2023 10 Best Calendar Apps for Fitness Fanatics

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2023.06.09 17:27 Complex-Following405 Wanna help a codependent ex-friend. Any advice?

So, he was one of my closest friends and we've known each other for 20 years. Unfortunately, we both have serious mental health issues. I believe I have a type b personality disorder with narc and borderline traits. And I believe he's a co-dependent.
He was basically in love with me (we're both gay) and I didn't feel the same, but I still stuck around because I didn't have any other friends and was terrified of being left completely alone. It took him years to admit he was in love with me, and to my credit, I explicitly told him (several times) we would never be in a romantic relationship.
He told me that was ok and he wanted to be friends. But he never could accept it so he just kept torturing himself, and even though I felt it, I couldn't face it, because that would mean losing my closest friend. In way, we were both co-dependent. And we both suffered for it.
I was always open to talk to him, but whenever we approached the topic of our relationship, he would sink in this quiet despair and just drink in silence.
He feels like he has no value and he definitely has no self-confidence. He developed a mean grandiose narcissistic side, but I don't think that it his core. I think he tried to mimic me (he once said "I think I wanna be you"). He can be very rude and hurtful, and when he fucks up he feels like a complete shit and expects other people to pamper him because he fucked up. People feel sorry for him and comfort him which does hi no good because it makes him feel even more of a sad case.
For the last two years I tried to be a good friend to him: I got him to go to therapy, then to see a psychiatrist, I helped him quit his job and supported him as he started his small business. I thought if I helped him get to the core of his problems, he would let go of this illusion that I'm gonna be his boyfriend.
I also crossed his boundaries by hanging around his place almost every day. For this I take full responsibility.
Unfortunately, no matter how many times I said to him that I'm not in love with him, no matter how gently I tried to nudge him to confront himself and his issues, he's too delusional and keeps chasing his own tail.
And I'm not the only one he's fixated on. His other best friend is a single mother with whom he lives and helps taking care of her child, even though she does little to nothing for him. But he would rather be used than be alone.
Finally I had enough and I quit the relationship.
In the meantime I had a lot of therapy and our relationship became clear to me - he became clear to me.
I think he's completely unaware of all this; I think he never heard the word "co-dependent". I was thinking just like sending him an email with links (including to this subreddit) to help steer him in the right direction, although I don't know if that would work. I know it's perhaps not my place to say anything, but he surrounded himself with people who prefer to wallow in their own misery and none of them gives a shit for their mental health.
Any advice? Links? I could send him?
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2023.06.09 17:27 DeltaAleph How do you cope with this world?

Today marks 10 years of the death of Iain M. Banks, so I was wondering that if should have he lived, he would have destroyed his gallbalder regardless because all of the frustrating stuff that has been happening these last years. I was very young when Banks died, so I didn't had even the remote opportinity to meet him, but I feel that he would have been very disappointed by the current state of our world.
It seems that the world since 2020 has stopped going into the "utopian" or at least "the Expanse" type of universe and full into the "Cyberpunk 2077", "Bladde Runner" or "Handmaid Tale mixed with the Hunger Games" types. I wonder if we are really on the final stages of the human species. When I was a kid, I was sold on countless science programs that the 2030/40's would be full of robots doing all of our jobs while we enjoy and do art, but in an ironic twist of things, we have things like glorified autocompletes like ChatGTP and Midjourney doing all the intellectual tasks, while the "automation safe" jobs are basically physically intensive trades or minimun wage jobs. They promised us open source, transparent AGIs and medical tech capable of letting us decide how we want to be, but now we have addiction machines of social media that feed young people a bunch of neoliberal consumeristic and swallow ideas at best and far right lunatic content at worst while the coporations feed us plastics and chemicals in almost everything we use.
Also, a lot of literature of the late 90's and early 2000's talked a lot about a more enlightened future, but now we have things like science books being banned in the USA, a literal theocratic party thinking burning fossil fuels and murdering the poors is the word of Christ and a bunch of warmongers in the defense industries salivating over a WW3 even if that means they need to lie about China (the same as with Vietnam and Irak). I feel lied to.
And in Great Britain, had Banks lived, I'm sure he would have gone with his threat of crashing a Land Rover into Sunak's house, since we are now seeing how they are copying the ideas of degenerates like Matt Walsh and Rowling to create a new and useless culture war against trans people and migrants to hide their own failures and to distract people from the real issues that are now too evident to be concealed (as if NY becoming literal hell this week because wildfires and El Niño that possibly will put us on 1.5° for the first time in history wasn't enough). And while I like the idea of having more Culture novels, I would feel more demoralised thinking on how new Banks novels (or even the current ones had they been published these days) would have been banned or even publically burned a bunch of tribalistic narcisists calling it "woke scum that teaches the kids how to turn into commie transes wanting to destroy the holy capitalist America".
I feel like I'm living on the first stages of the WW3 of Star Trek, but at the same time I feel like instead of a massive revolution and change to finally outgrow our chimpanzee brain, we will end like a bunch of squabbering savages fighting on a Permian-like Earth for the last resources, while we let our boys being used as cannon fodder for a bunch of psychopath billionaire warlords and our girls as cattle-brides for a bunch of violent and degenerate priesteses and sultan-kings. Or being slaves under a liberarian far right cyberdystopia. And even in the short term I cannot be sure that I won't be supplanted by ChatGTP because a bunch of geriatric CEOs or nepotism boys think using an eratic LLM is cheaper than employing a human being. Is difficult to remain positive and think our true future is The Culture instead becoming yet another victim of The Great Filter.
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2023.06.09 17:27 United_Pepper7548 Got my result. Thanks to this sub.

Got my result. Thanks to this sub.
I got my IELTS results from last week's exam. Actually, I'm quite satisfied with it, since I live in an environment that doesn't speak English at all. I found this sub 5 days prior to my exam date. I have to say plenty of posts here are indeed helpful.
Listening: Not much to say, because I didn't score well this time. I made a few stupid mistakes, and sometimes didn't focus enough on the dialogue. I guess you need to be really attentive, listen to the whole dialogue and then make a judgment.
Reading: The easiest part for me. While doing the reading section, I usually read all questions first, and try to figure out which corresponding paragraph is linked to the question. After that, I read the whole essay, and pay special attention to the potentially relevant paragraph.
Writing: I found the writing band 8 tips post of u/litcs22 helped a lot. E2 IELTS has made amazing videos regarding the structure and sentence variety of Task 2, like this one, and this. Besides, Simon's video courses on Task 1 and Task 2 writing are definitely worth checking out if you want to score a 7 or higher.
Speaking: In this section, I've improved a lot, with the most powerful weapon ChatGPT. I used this extension, Voice Control for ChatGPT, to practice my speaking with AI. In most cases, I let ChatGPT ask me questions one by one as a mock test, then I press the record button below and begin answering the question. This extension can convert your recording into text and then send it to the AI. The best part is you can then let ChatGPT improve your answer, with prompts like "Can you improve my answer and add a few phrasal verbs or idioms", or something like that. I think it's the quickest way to upgrade your answer and learn some idioms by the way.
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2023.06.09 17:26 samarpan_physio 16 Best Exercises for Pes Anserine Bursitis - Mobile Physio

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2023.06.09 17:26 DemonSong1000 Shaving questions?

Shaving questions?
Hi. New to shaving especially outside of an electric razoshaver and from what I understand its best to use a shaving gel/cream before shaving legs/arms but not really sure what to look for.
When I bought some razors at a store I found this for a good price:
Venus Satin Care Pure & Delicate Shave Gel
Was wondering whether people think its suitable and if not for any alternative suggestions? Thanks and sorry got nobody to ask irl
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2023.06.09 17:26 Prestigious_Fault393 Best front room plan thoughts for your lavish property

Parlour plan thoughts Point of fact, the lounge is where we as a whole accumulate to mingle, giggle, and play. Being the home’s point of convergence, it normally works as a gathering place for visitors for anything from early-morning reminders to late-night parties. Stretch is displayed in different materials and styles in these 50 present-day front rooms. Place present-day furniture in a circle around a square floor covering. Concretize heaven with love seats situated on living walls. For a cutting-edge appearance, ponder using lively, reflexive clocks.
  1. Eliminate the lounge chair from the wall
The coach is the main mix-up I see individuals make while attempting to make the best divine design decor lounge room furniture game plan. It’s squeezed in a difficult spot so much of the time. I see couches driven into corners with tremendous measures of void space before them, even in the biggest rooms with a lot of room.
  1. Try not to allow the television to take over by concealing it.
I comprehend that sitting in front of the television is an essential utilization of the lounge room. Be that as it may, ideally, you wouldn’t maintain that it should be the principal thing you notice when you enter space. The ideal response is to flip the room format so the couch is apparent when you enter. Take a gander at the lounge room from my Williamstown project up top; I switched the direction. The television isn’t noticeable when you arrive at the highest point of the means.
  1. Develop a Conversation Pit
Front rooms now and again have a diversion unit on one wall and love seats and seats on the other. Two tremendous household items reflecting each other in the room can now and again give the feeling that the space is long and tight. With two open closures, the room might feel like a lobby. Add extra seats to the finishes of the space to make all the more a discussion pit in your front room.
  1. Utilize a huge carpet to moor the room.
The most phenomenal lounge furniture plan should have a practical reason. For yourself and how you live, you require space. How the parts fit together and connect is critical, however, the appearance is as huge. A floor covering is one of those embellishments that may not generally be valuable yet give the space a grounded feeling. Moreover, it joins your couch and rockers and forestalls the footstool from “drifting” in the centre.
  1. Guarantee Admittance to the Footstool
I habitually see family rooms with enormous couches and small footstools a few meters away and far off. To cure what is happening, you’ll purchase a bigger foot stool or draw the current one nearer to the couch (or both!).
The most vital phase in staying away from any costly parlour configuration botches is to consider the way that you will move around the room. Being inconceivably efficient is the key to an incredible parlour. Designspurt gives the best lounge room plan thoughts, double reason furniture that is suitable for divine design and interior decorating looks and feels lavish and has a lot of capacity inside if you have a little space. However much as could reasonably be expected, leave the room open to advance agreeable wind current. One must cleverly plan a front room to capitalize on each square inch of the room while keeping a coordinated game plan and sufficient stockpiling.
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2023.06.09 17:26 Galvinized4 (Question)Mid Ohio

I bought general admission tickets for the race but I was wondering what's the best option for meeting drivers?
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2023.06.09 17:26 j77cl who are wingers that aren't inverted that i can watch?

most of pro wingers are inverted wingers (left wingers with right foot to cut in) but in my team i am played in right wing as right footer. Who are best players to watch who arent inverted wingers. who comes to mind for me is foden tho he is mostly on the bench
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2023.06.09 17:26 HistoryBuffCanada Sun Yat-sen, Chinese Revolutionary (Episodes 25, 26, 27 of The Chinese Revolution, a history podcast)

Listen to a history podcast discussing Dr. Sun Yat-sen and the lead up to the 1911 Chinese Revolution.
Listen to Part 1 This episode explores Dr. Sun Yat-sen's early life and education in Cuiheng Village, in Honolulu, in Guangzhou and in Hong Kong. Against his older brother's wishes, he is baptized and converts to Christianity. He tries to work for Earl Li Hongzhang, but then starts a revolutionary movement with the Revive China Society and launches his first insurrection in Guangzhou. He is then banished and is kidnapped in London and becomes a media darling. This peasant's son is fast becoming a revolutionary hero.
Listen to Part 2 Sun Yat-sen leaves London and lives in Japan for 3 years. He gains Japanese supporters and is considered their Chinese Hero. They fund him, his efforts and newspapers, as well as arming guerillas in the Philippines. Kang Youwei considers Sun to be an uneducated bandit and they compete for followers. An uprising near Huizhou in Guangdong province starts well, but gets distracted and falls apart. Key allies die as a result. Sun has yet another failed uprising to his name. Can he stage a comeback?
Listen to Part 3 In this third and final part, Sun Yat-sen's comeback from failed revolutionary is examined. He goes on the offensive against Chinese reformers with the Chinese communities in Hawaii and in the world's Chinatowns. He builds on contacts with the French to gain weapons and workers for uprisings near the French Indochina border. He helps found the Revolutionary Alliance and becomes its President.
More and more revolts are planned and the Wuchang Uprising finally succeeds. A garrison takes control. Organizers from the Revolutionary Alliance then take the revolution to Shanghai. Provinces there secede from the Qing and 14 provinces are soon outside of the Qing Empire. Sun Yat-sen argues with foreign bankers to cut off the Qing and receives permission to return through British ports. He returns to China to a warm welcome. He refuses to head a separatist government in Guangdong and travels to Shanghai and Nanjing, where he is elected as the first President of the Republic of China. Tensions and internal struggles are immediate. The baby emperor abdicates. Sun decides for the greater good, to step down as President and to hand it over to General Yuan Shikai, He wants a united China and hopes for the best.
Episode transcripts at
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2023.06.09 17:26 Dis_Was_Her Surely this guy wants the best for China, right?

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2023.06.09 17:26 silverwing_3 Asymmetrical/one side borderline keyhole/peri folks, how did it go? Got any tips?

Just had my consultation. It was basically what I expected, one side is 100% eligible for keyhole, the other is a bit borderline. She offered me DI or keyhole, and I chose what my heart was set on. I'm super worried though, aesthetics matter to me a lot.
My skin elasticity seems fine. I plan to build muscle, get enough pecs to fill some of the loose skin, but I still just don't know how significant it'll be. I won't know for months and months after the surgery.
Anyone else had this, and went through with it? How'd it go? Are results better than you expected? Anything I can do to give myself my best shot?
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2023.06.09 17:26 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Jason Wardrop – Agency Partner Program ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️ Jason Wardrop – Agency Partner Program ✔️ Full Course Download
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No matter what industry you’d like to work with, tap into my proven lead campaign templates so you are guaranteed rock solid results when you bring on a new client to your growing agency!
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2023.06.09 17:26 rufferina By popular demand: my dissertation about postcolonialism in the Amnesia series.

By popular demand: my dissertation about postcolonialism in the Amnesia series.
@ mods, please let me know if this isn’t allowed! I present to you all my dissertation about postcolonialism in Amnesia. I very recently got my marks back and was told I scored the highest out of my cohort and will be receiving a prize for best dissertation when I graduate. Super chuffed, and can’t wait for you all to read it!
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2023.06.09 17:25 Memflix Sleep Issues Still?

I took Pristiq at 25 mg for a month and I am just starting week 3 at 50mg and I still have sleep issues. And that’s with taking guanfacine 2 mg and trazodone 100 mg. Falling to sleep is fine, but then I wake up at 4 am after only having gone to bed at 11 and I am up, cannot fall back to sleep. I love Pristiq. After 20 years of trying every psychotropic under the Sun, I have finally found a medication that allows me to be the best version of myself. If I have to live with only getting 5 or so hours a sleep a night, I’ll do it, but I’d rather not.
To people who have been on 50 mg for more than 8 weeks, did the sleep issues improve? If so, at what point did that happen? If not, what do you do to get your solid 7-8 hours a night?
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