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For all those post that don’t fit lgballt

2017.08.09 01:31 silentclowd bi_irl

Bisexual memes. For the m-spec in you~

2020.04.10 01:59 TheAmazingKyla lgballt

LGBT+ related drawings in the style of Polandball! Join our official Discord here -> https://discord.gg/5J6dXtDBaf

2023.05.31 07:53 RSStudios08 Happy Pride Month! Should had placed more effort in here, but eh this would do. Ft: r/LGBallT

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2023.05.28 16:43 athena0511 mY liFe iS aMAziNg

so my phone has a time limit on certain apps including this one and only my parents can unlock them.i went to them just now and asked if she could unlock reddit and she did.now,the last subreddit i was on was lgballt.my family(and whole country really) are homophobic.when she saw that subreddit,she proceeded to lecture me saying “queer people are evil” and “you shouldn’t be here,it’s bad for you” and other things.so here i am in my room on the verge of breaking down with all the other secrets i have and staying deeper in the closet (im ace/biromantic).uh…thanks for reading ig
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2023.05.14 12:34 TheDamnRam What is it with all the hate for this sub from other subs across the site?

Haven't been here long, as I'm not really an advocate for anyone other than my local barista, that dude should have legal immunity to literally everything for how damn well he makes a light hazelnut and pecan brew-
But in all seriousness, the short time I've been here I've seen 3 different types of posts. Anti-feminist, actual men's rights issues, and complaining about hate from other subs. What is it with all the hate for this sub? I've seen a few posts on lgbt and even one from lgballt, though I won't directly link those posts for the poster's privacy. I've also seen some on a few others, like one advocating for banning this sub just like the MGTOW sub.
Thoughts on the subject? And why do you think there's so much negative feeling for this sub?
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2023.05.12 08:37 RSStudios08 If there would be a slice-of-life series centered on a mostly-LGBTQ+ ensemble cast in an LGBT-friendly neighborhood, what do you think would be the episodes like?

So I have this idea going on in my head for a long time now. I was originally just a series for lgballt, but it then got expanded on a little too much.
So...what would the episode plots be? Random shenanigans? A bit of drama?
I wanna hear your ideas! This is just made for fun, and no it can't be NSFW/Rated Mature.
(Flaired as Art/Creative since this is about brainstorming ideas)
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2023.05.08 17:48 Prestigious-Fig76 kirb.

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2023.04.27 14:23 Mosquitobait2008 I collected some lgbtball comic that have omni in them, probably not all of them, but definitely a lot of them (omni is rarely in any lgbtball comics, so its a pretty rare find to find one of them).

All credit goes to the authors btw, I did not make any of these.
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2023.04.26 06:26 athena0511 found on r/lgballt

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2023.04.24 02:23 Lez_The_DemonicAngel me_irlgbt

post got removed from lgballt for having too many flags so I’m posting it here instead
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2023.04.17 18:47 k819799amvrhtcom What Mystical Creature are you? Take the Personality Quiz!

Oh no! A nuclear power plant in Lesbos has exploded! And then another nuclear power plant in Fort Gay! And then yet another one in Transylvania! And now all of them are leaking gas now and the gas is now spreading all over the earth! By themselves, the gases don't do much. But when they meet, they fuse into the chemical molecule LgBTqIA₂ and everyone who inhales it gets turned into a mystical creature and gets superpowers! But who gets turned into what creature and who gets which powers? Take the personality quiz to find out:
(Disclaimer: All gendered words refer to your gender identity, not biological sex.)

What is your gender identity?

Man: You are a bad listener.
Woman: You can now jump higher. Your favorite child is the gay son and if you are a teacher, you will always love the gay boys the most.
Trans: You can now air dash, dodge bullets, and cause bad grades and floods. You procreate through laying eggs.
Trans gal: You get turned into a mermaid. You can kill people with your smile and shoot flames out of your hands because you're 100000000000000000000000 °C on the inside. If you spin in a skirt for the first time you are faster than the Masters of Spinjitzu themselves.
Trans guy: You get turned into a werewolf. You get a stacking double buff on the 19th of November every year.
Transfem: If you spin in a skirt you are the leading source for wind power.
Transmasc: If you smile you are the leading source of solar energy.
Demiboy: You get turned into a demigod.
Demigirl: You get turned into a demigoddess.
Demienby: You get turned into a demigod*dess. That is the genderneutral umbrella term for demigods and demigoddesses, right?
Genderfluid: You get turned into a water elemental, except that you are not made out of water but a pink, white, purple, black, blue liquid. You freeze when it's colder than 0°C and you boil when it's hotter than 100°C but you float on water. If someone drinks you or a part of you they turn into the opposite sex. If you die and get cremated and someone consumes your ash or part of your ash, the same thing happens.
Non-Binary: You turn into a swarm of bees. You are immune to covid. You can shoot lasers out of your eyes now. Also, you can time-travel I guess?
Multigender: You can now walk through walls.
Xenogender: You turn into whatever represents your gender I guess.
Cisn't: Excitement! Adventure! Mystery! Glamour!
If you are not aware that you are transgender yet then you are an egg. You hatch at the moment you realize that you are transgender.

What is your sexuality?

Non-Straight: You can always get into a party, regardless of the circumstance. Unfortunately, that comes with the cost of no longer being able to sit in a chair properly.
Gay: You can walk faster than a train now. Also, you get rainbow powers. You are single-handedly keeping the horror entertainment industry afloat. You can send and receive small vibrations through the ground, allowing you to discreetly communicate with other gay people. Also, you age better, even though you experience time slower. You can now cause earthquakes, general terrorism, financial crises, bad grades, floods, and harmless hurricanes.
Lesbian: You turn into a deer. You can now cause bad grades and squalls.
Vincian: You turn into a bear, a cub, a chicken/twink/twunk, an otter, a gym rat, a giraffe, a pig, a chickenhawk, a pup, or a bull, depending on how masculine you are. Go here for more details about that. You will always be the female teacher's favorite. Unfortunately, that comes with the cost of no longer being able to remember other vincians' names. Each of your vincian coworker is either your best friend or your mortal enemy. You have a higher emotional intelligence, making you your mom's favorite son. You can harness a lot of energy. If you lisp you can send messages 10,000 miles away. Unfortunately, that comes with the cost of being a terrible driver. If you are a bottom you can now light fires without matches or a lighter. You can now cause cyclones.
Bisexual: Instead of being subjected to the standard laws of gravity, you exist within a gravitational pull in multiple directions. You can now shoot bullets our of your fingers and cause bad grades and blizzards.
Bisexual woman: You turn into a unicorn.
Bisexual non-woman: You turn into a frog.
Asexual: You turn into a dragon. You get garlic bread.
Fluctuating sexuality: You constantly shapeshift I guess.


Aromantic: You get juice boxes.
Intersex: You turn into a road intersection.
Plural: You can now triple jump. Yeah. Sorry, I didn't find anything else for plural people.
Transphobe: You turn into an attack helicopter. You can now send messages faster than the speed of light and you can whistle so high that only dogs can hear you. If you are a teacher you can also now scream louder than a space shuttle.
Knowledge about LGBTQ stuff: You can now hear dogwhistles.
Cis Ally: You turn into a shark. (If you don't get the reference, it begins with B and ends with J and noone knows how to pronounce it!)
Autistic: You can now sprint backwards.
Physically disabled: You turn into a car.
White cis guy: You get super strength and an increased lifespan, as well as attractiveness.
Left-handed: You turn into Sinistar.
Brazilian: You can now double-jump.
Life in Boston: You can now double-jump.
Teacher: If you are female, you will always love the gay boys the most. If you are a transphobe you can now scream louder than a space shuttle.
Abortion-rights supporter: You can now cause general terrorism.
Liberal civil-rights activist: You can now cause general terrorism.
Drag queen advocate: You can now cause mass shootings.
Other: If none of those other things apply to you then it means that you are immune to the gas so you remain a human. You get no special powers. I wonder how many people fall into this category?
If multiple things apply to you then you get all of them at once. For example, a neurodivergent asexual trans woman would turn into a mermaid dragon mech. For plural trans people and transgender brazillians who live in boston, see here. Also, if someone changes over time their form changes, too. For example, if a transphobe gets educated and stops being a transphobe then they stop being an attack helicopter.
After the explosion, the remains of the nuclear power plant in Transylvania now contain massive amounts of a leftover byproduct called FlINtA that can only be interacted with by some people and not by others. If you build a wall out of this stuff then transgender people, non-binary people, intersex people, asexual people, and cis women will be able to walk through it but the wall will block everybody else, such as cis vincians. The government now has the option to create several of those buildings which could then only be entered by those people. Also, those buildings would be indestructable. Instead of buildings, vehicles and weapons are also possible. They could then only be used by those people.
Now, who wants to write a fanfiction of what would happen to the world if that actually happened? Here, let me start: "After the incident, the world record for the most rotations while dangling from a drill is immediately broken by a transfem wearing a skirt the whole time. Meanwhile, all the dragons in the world immediately joined forces in order to invade Denmark. They immediately won because the Danes were outnumbered. The new rulers then turned the country into a utopia for LGBTQIA2+ people, especially asexual people. Meanwhile, the US was slowly taken over by Amazon, Meta, Waffle House, Apple, and Disney until July 2, 2038, when they literally owned all human beings in the United States and started to pick which ones to sponsor, as, by then, those without corporate sponsors did not have the means to provide for themselves and were thrown into a giant hole. On a global level, the heterosexual man-made activity that lead to the extinction of the dodo and the mammoth slowly lead to a lack of biodiversity that the deers left earth. When the AI regimes controlled the planet, the vincians went extinct, except for the bottoms.
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2023.03.30 21:22 Final-Cartographer79 Hi

I’m cis, ace and haven’t figured my romantic attraction out yet. I’m a singlet, too. (I have neither DID nor OSDD)
I really like the drawings and comics on lgballt, but it annoys me that they support endogenic people. Since endogenic people pretty much fake OSDD/DID.
So…yeah, hello
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2023.03.22 11:17 RandomGuy2108 is that MY COMIC on a JAMMIDODGER thumbnail?!

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2023.03.19 20:15 throwaway_video_bot A Fix For Transphobia r/LGBallT — Jammidodger

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2023.03.06 17:38 ThrowRA3223233223 Catgender, clowngender, stargender, cheesegender etc are all valid genders and transphobia against xenogenders is still transphobia/bigotry.







Since gender is a social construct these genders are just as valid as 'man' and 'woman'. It really sucks seeing people who consider themselves allies be openly transphobic to someone just for identifying as a xenogender. Xenogendered people are still transgender and transphobia against them is still awful.

If you can call someone 'he', 'she' or 'they' there's nothing stopping you from using meowself or birdself. If you accept the former but shit on the latter, you were never actually a trans ally in the first place.
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2023.03.05 21:31 West-Calligrapher-30 whats the thing called [in blue circle] and how do i get it

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2023.03.01 19:24 gaypals identity that you didn't know about(couldn't post in r/lgballt)

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2023.02.12 23:11 FrontpageWatch2020 [#689+67715] MOM STOP [r/lgballt]

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2023.01.30 14:29 ryany_040 rainbow paint icon

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2023.01.23 04:28 Hikaruuuuun Taking requests, apologies for the bad request sheet I was rushing-

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2023.01.07 10:59 Cantstandit6 I found my girlfriend through this subreddit! A fellow Apothi!

Warning: Lots of love, Not for the Apothiromantic reader.
Hello, my fellow Apothis! This is going to be a longer post that explains how much this subreddit gave back to me in terms of meeting my girlfriend. And a thank you to this subreddit.
But first, A backstory of my love life. I have had crushes on people since I was a kid and only on girls my age in school. I had a feeling I guess you could describe as love, but my first crush was in elementary school. I previously made a post talking about my discovery of being ace during college and I posted my story on another subreddit so if you want to see that story, click here: My journey of my aceness (me post-monday) (re-uploaded to fix a panel) : lgballt (reddit.com)
But only after did I take a deep dive in what it means to be ace and orientations did, I decide that the person for me should be ace too. I discovered a lot of ace Subreddits that I spent lots of time on that got me comfortable knowing people. There was a time when I had a crush on an Australian ace during the pandemic that went nowhere on one subreddit and I was a little down in the dumps because of ghosting and whatnot.
But here is the good part now: So almost two years ago (on this very day), There was a post by a user on here (That I don't want to name for privacy reasons) that discussed what would happen that would possibly make us comfortable for us to consider doing... The act. I commented something a bit intense looking back on it. I was (and still am) A person with a flair for the dramatics. So I posted my comment, forgot about it and went on with my life. Because it was just before the pandemic lockdowns, my cat had just passed months prior, I had got rid of my job to focus on my classes (I hated that job anyway), I had just been denied going to a different college, and I had stuff to focus on in 2021 with special interests.
When the lockdowns finally hit, Classes went virtual, and I had more time to spend on the computer. Fine by me because I love the internet and I think I would have gone insane without it. Fast forward to May 2021 and I get a comment on my comment on this subreddit about my dramatic post. And she was even more dramatic. I replied back, she replied again, I replied, "I immediately like your style" and then it switched to private messages and even called each other nicknames. I don't want to say too much about the messages we shared but I like her flair of dramatics at the time. We talked a lot and even joked around invading a country (Not Denmark). And she is even ace like me. I was talking with her at the same time as the Australian, but my current girlfriend stuck around. There was a point we talked about a serious topic that concerned her to the point that one day she stopped mid exercise routine and texted me that she felt uncomfortable. At that moment, I felt really sick to my stomach that I may lose her as a friend and back peddled hard. I wanted her as a friend I wanted to know forever, and I was shocked by how scared I was losing her as a friend. I don't know if I had feelings for her then, but she mattered a lot to me at that time.
There was a point where we were very friendly to each other and told one another that we would make good cuddle buddies. I lowkey felt bad because I felt like I didn't put in enough effort to tell her how important she is to me at the time because she spammed GIFs on messenger while I didn't do nearly as much as she did. Then one day, she stopped replying to me. I kept messaging her by her nickname I had for her and every so often, I saw her online and tried to message her. At some point, a voice in my head told me "Get over it, forget about her, you are being creepy with these messages". Life went on, I met more friends, I may have had a chance with a different ace that lived closer to me, luckily nothing came of that because after a year of silence, I got a reply back from her.
After a year (2022), she finally messaged me, she apologized for ghosting, she gave a reason, and it was a reasonable thing to do considering the circumstances. So we got to talking again, this time I wasn't going to take her for granted and I spammed so many GIFs to her in private messages. I figured "I didn't send enough messages to her previously, let me send so much more". There was 2-week hiatus where she felt uncomfy again because of past experiences, we opened up again to one another, We kept talking, Nick names started evolving, and at one point, I described her as my soulmate. She started to call me her soulmate. Then we both started telling each other we love the other. I don't know who developed feelings first but at this point, I was head over heels for her. And I don't know what brought it up, but we essentially started saying we are boyfriend and girlfriend in December.
Now I dont have a set date we would say we started dating but I say it is the day in May we started to talk on this subreddit and on that post. We will experience our 2nd year knowing each other as friends and it will be our 1st anniversary not just as boyfriend and girlfriend but as soulmates. I love her to no end, and I feel like it's an obsession but a healthy one. our parents make sure it doesn't become an unhealthy one.
We live in different continents, but we plan on meeting each other in 2-3 years' time when I get enough money for a ticket, and she gets her own place to live. I love her so very much and I love this community for existing because without it, I would be a single mess without her. Thank you all for existing, You are valid, dear redditor. Thank you so much for reading this sappy true love story. And I hope you find your true love if you are looking for them out there.
I want to clarify something I messed up on, I met her in 2021, not before lockdowns started. So really all the stuff that had me depressed was a year before
I met my girlfriend AFTER I got ghosted by the australian ace

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2022.12.30 03:14 Graythebookworm Officially leaving r/lgballt bc of the strict rules

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2022.12.23 18:23 Aerotactics Shoutout to /r/lgballt, the Poland ball variant of the LGBT community. The recent hot memes feature Ace and Aro balls, a sign of inclusion

It's official: we might be in the LGBT
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2022.12.17 01:25 Dys4iented Thank you everyone for ignoring my r/lgballt comic I spent 3 freaking days on, instead focusing on my 30 second random symbol post!

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