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[P&P Round 2] Completely Sane Industries Reliant 'B' Light Tank

2023.05.29 04:30 _thedogfather_ [P&P Round 2] Completely Sane Industries Reliant 'B' Light Tank

[P&P Round 2] Completely Sane Industries Reliant 'B' Light Tank

Trust me, I'm an engineer.
A well-dressed kobold stands alone at the front of the room, shuffling note cards and sipping something that fizzes and smells awful. Clearing his throat, he begins:
Before we get into the full presentation, I'd like to thank the organization for their feedback on our ‘Precious’ prototype. We've incorporated numerous improvements to our design process as a direct result of that feedback, most prominently the consideration of crew members larger than kobolds. We do ask, however, that you please save any questions related to the unconventional layout of the tank to the end. I believe we'll be able to answer your questions during the presentation.
Our Reliant 'B' prototype. The 'A' variant has been cannibalized for parts and the engine returned to Infernal Armories after numerous complaints about it's, ah, appetite. Plus, from this view, it almost looks like a normal tank.
You asked for a new light tank design with unparalleled speed, visibility, and enough armor to survive any unfortunate engagements with the enemy, while also carrying sufficient firepower to eliminate any targets of opportunity that may present themselves.
With the Reliant B prototype, we feel we have the answer to your problems.
No photographers were harmed in the making of this pitch.
First, speed: The Reliant can reach a top speed of just over 40 mph forward and (while slow to accelerate) 36 mph backwards as well. Using the M89 engine means the Reliant accomplishes this through nonmagical methods, so that even in the case of an antimagic field, the tank remains mobile.
Driving around our proving grounds.
Regarding engines- this prototype is equipped with the M89 8-cylinder option. We found the slightly reduced engine power was an acceptable tradeoff after an intern on a tour with Infernal Armories was nearly consumed by their prototype. Using the lighter engine allowed us to add additional armor, resulting in better protection for minimal loss of speed. Luckily, the intern survived with no detectable loss of brainpower.
Upper view- note the oversized rear engine deck, forward fuel tanks, and offset exhaust.
Coupling the high speed with twin 10 speed transmissions gives the tank excellent turning performance at speed, and while the unconventional layout makes turning in place something of a misnomer, it is capable of it.
As this is a scout tank, visibility is a top priority- we've set up the driver position with three linked view ports giving a 90 degree clear view to the front, supplemented by two additional side periscopes. For night driving, six lights cover the full 180 degree arc to the front. In the turret, the commander's cupola is equipped with a separate spotlight, and a further 4 lights are attached covering the front arc of the turret- the multiple lights and coverages allow the crew to look in separate directions regardless of day or night conditions. The risk of being spotted by the enemy was deemed minimal considering the engine is loud enough to be heard from nearly a mile away- this tank relies on speed, not stealth, to accomplish its mission. The tank carries a crew of only 3- a dedicated driver, a combination gunneloader, and commanderadioman. While multiple roles can be difficult in combat, we've left as much space as possible for each crewman to avoid cramping them too much.
6 hull lights, 4 turret lights, 1 cupola light. Definitely not subtle, but at least you can see where you're going, where you've been, and where your friends are.
An internal 550 liter tank gives a reasonable combat radius, but the addition of 300 liters of additional fuel in quick-detachable external tanks significantly extends the range, allowing longer scout missions without increasing the size of the vehicle.
Excellent view of the forward tanks, taken after a mishap during hill climb trials.
To reduce the risk of being immobilized in enemy territory, a complete set of replacement road wheels and idlers are mounted on the fenders, with additional spare track links. Use of small bogie style suspension allows the crew to perform the maintenance themselves, even if they're all kobolds. Not that unlike torsion bar suspensions, ours is entirely outside the vehicle- provided you can at least get the rear of the vehicle on jacks or blocks, you can fix it without need heavy equipment.
Extra road wheels/idler wheels (identically sized for supply chain commonality)
Armor is still fairly thin, but for a light tank it's an efficient layout. We’ve managed to meet the 17mm protection request, at least for sides and rear of both turret and hull, without exceeding the weight limit. Hull frontal thickness is approximately 73mm all over, with side and rear armor of 18mm for both hull and turret- note that the turret front is actually slightly less well protected, at only 69mm. The bottom is protected by only 10mm plate. The hull top plate was increased to 12 mm, and the turret top increased to 18mm due to the high risk of attack by enemy aircraft. Use of the tank's incredible visibility is strongly encouraged to avoid minefields, as even light antipersonnel mines are likely to penetrate the lower hull.
The turret is equipped with the ToM104 3” field gun, primarily for the versatility offered by the wide selection of ammunition types. Carrying only 55 rounds (15 in the turret ready rack, 40 in the hull) means you won't be engaging in long, drawn out fights, but gives enough capacity to pack a few of each type of round to ensure you can pick off any lightly defended targets you find- storage caches, convoys, command posts, etc. A cupola machine gun is mounted above the turret for the commander, and a coaxial machine is also fitted for cases where the main gun is low on ammo.
Main gun, coax MG, and cupola MG.
Now, to address the layout- yes, we're aware that tanks generally have treads running the full length of the tank, but frankly we determined through testing that it simply wasn't necessary and added too much weight to the tank. Instead, we fitted much shorter tracks to the rear section and replaced the forward portion with an extended skid plate. Interestingly, this configuration actually improved step climb performance (from almost nothing to clearing the 0.75m step) and had no impact on hill climb, keeping the original 40 degree target from our internal specifications for light tanks.
Clearing the 0.75m step- a small running start is required.
Not just clearing the 40 degree slope, but catching air at the top.
Altogether, this tank provides the complete package- speed, visibility, protection, and enough firepower to handle light targets. Reliance on magic is minimized to avoid complicated maintenance requirements, and in fact an anti magic field will have almost no effect on the tank.
Superior hill climb performance means a squadron can strike or disengage through paths many would consider impossible terrain, like this prototype cresting the steep slopes adjacent to the shore on our proving grounds.

Out of character notes:
Once again, thanks to u/28th_Stab_Wound for putting on the contest, it's been a blast building these things and being able to exercise a bit of an unconventional flair on the design side. If at any time these pitches become too outlandish for the lore you're working towards, let me know and I'll tone it down. For now, though, I'm just having fun :D
Thanks to u/Terianis for allowing me to include the Infernal Armories reference, and for the inspiration to attempt this absolutely ridiculous hill climb test- I'm still flabbergasted by the things we can climb with the traction changes lately, and the fact that I can make a 9 ton tank with skinny little tracks covering less than half the length of the tank climb a hill like that is just bonkers.

While the Reliant can't compete with IA's entry, it can climb the lesser portion of the slopes by the waterfall at the shore.
Seconds from disaster- this is what happens you challenge a tank driven by a construct engine fueled by the flesh and souls of its enemies.
Disaster imminent
Even inverted, the sole hatch is still accessible!
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2023.05.29 04:26 Yaa_buddy My Yamaha Cross Core RC Review

My Yamaha Cross Core RC Review
I've had this exceptional bike for about 8 months now and I wanted to do a review because there's so little real-world information out there. Paid $3250 with tax from a local shop that came with a factory 3-year warranty.
I was surprised how small the frame sizes run. I'm 5'10 and don't think anyone over 6' would like the large. No XL's. The medium seemed like a 5'6 and under bike. The cross bar also seems quite high.
Motor. It rips, seriously. Quite, powerful, smooth, predictable and a piece of cake to use. The torque sensor is excellent and gives you the perfect multiple of petal power. There are 4 modes, Auto will (very effectively) conserve battery life, then automatically jump to a more powerful mode if you really crank the pedal. I believe this is unique to Yamaha bikes (not their motors) and an awesome feature. The bike really takes off if you want it to, tons of torque on demand.
Range. Depending on the mode, you'll probably run out of desire to ride before you run out of juice. In ECO mode, my range reads around 84 miles left. Unfortunately, eco mode is basically like pedaling a regular 35lb bike. You'll probably spend most of your time in standard, which gives a healthy 42-43 miles of completely stress-free pedaling. Even high mode will net around 34 miles. This bike pulled me up the Mt Evans road in Colorado like nothing, the highest paved road in the country at 14,130ft. When I got back down I still had half my battery left. Though admittedly, I was taking it pretty easy and also only weigh 160.
Quality. I have a couple Low-end e-bikes as well, and although not completely necessary, more expensive bikes are just plain nicer to ride. Fast food vs steakhouse; both are good in different ways. Yamaha seems a step below the big three, but they have good products all around. The paint is also beautiful and of high quality.
Frame and Brakes. One word: Solid. When you're getting up there in poundage (62lbs) you start to notice how important it is to be able to stop quickly and not deal with flex when you don't want it. Handling gives good confidence, even with the stock fork or whatever they call that thing. Legend has it there might be a spring or something inside. (More on that later)
Components/Battery. The earlier Yamahas had a front derailleur and 2 rings. They've done away with that and rest is just middle of the road stuff, as you'd expect, they get the job done. The display is minimal but effective and you can see it in direct sunlight. There's 10 dots of battery life, each one is worth 10%. There's no battery sag and the % doesn't go up and down. What you see is what you get, very reliable and reduces range anxiety. Battery charges in 3 hours and takes about 30 seconds to remove, more in the beginning since you'll want to do it so carefully. it also has a walk mode and well-functioning headlight.
Looks. Personally I love it, the battery is well concealed and the way the top tube looks when you're riding it is way cool.
The SR Sun tour Fork. Shame on Yamaha for fitting this pile of hot trash to such fantastic bike. It's flimsy, weak, spongy, lacks almost all rebound dampening and knocks annoyingly over ever little bump. Given the fact that I had to spend $370 to fit a real fork, (on top of the $3250) it's almost enough for me to not recommend this bike, almost. But the knocking really is that bad, and Sun Tour told me that's just how their low-end forks work. I sold it for $15 dollars on Craigslist.
No throttle. For this kind of bike I don't miss the throttle at all. You get power right away since there's no cadence sensor, plus the bike isn't all that heavy so it gets moving no problem. I don't miss it, especially since it feels so much like a regular bicycle.
Class 1 limited to 20mph. For me I could care less, 20 is plenty fast but if speed is your thing and you don't have a motorcycle, or a faster e-bike, this might be a deal breaker.
Limited Dealer Support. People aren't buying very many of these and I have a bad feeling if anything goes wrong, I'll be screwed. It feels like a niche bike, there just aren't enough being sold to find forum help. The dealer I bought it from is good, but who knows if they'll be in business when I need them to be. It's been rock solid and trust it completely, but it would be much easier to get solid warranty work done on a Specialized/Giant/Trek.
Note: Changing these tires. Holy crap the side walls are insanely stiff. I don't think it would be possible to get them off the rim by hand. You'll need those plastic prybars and even those feel like they're about break. They feel like motorcycle tires.
I also ride Yamaha motorcycles so I just love seeing the logo when I look down. For me, that makes owning this bike really fun. I would buy it again, but I do think the fork and limited dealer support and lack of fellow riders are enough for me to not recommend it. However, if you don't mind dropping another $350-$370 on a real fork and the dealer thing isn't a problem, I'd say go for it. Love this thing.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.05.29 04:15 PatronymicPenguin My Go-To Stores for Modest Women's Clothing

Since sometimes finding modest clothing in SL is a pain in the ass, I wanted to share my list of favorite stores for finding relatively concealing but still stylish clothes with the sub. No shame on people who prefer to be less covered up but it's so much easier to find clothing that shows a lot of skin than things which show less. Hoping that this helps someone else in their search!
fd fashionably dead
Casual, boho/country/grunge clothing with longer skirts and higher neckline items. Colors trend towards olives, browns, and yellows with calico or tiny floral patterns.
Bodies: Maitreya & Petite, Legacy & Perky, Ebody Reborn, Hourglass, Kupra
Tailored high fashion pieces with intricate texture detailing. Many of the lower cut tops look nice with BOM undershirts. All new items come on color packs that run from muted to jewel tones.
Bodies: Maitreya & Petite, Legacy & Perky, Ebody Reborn, some older Hourglass and Freya items
Tres Blah
Boho and retro-inspired pieces with lots of cute patterns. Tons of sweaters, jackets, and maxi dresses, and their graphic tees are some of the best in SL. Wide color palette dominated by bold patterns.
Bodies: Maitreya & Petite, Legacy & Perky, Ebody Reborn, Kupra, Freya, some older standard sized items
Fresh, modern fashion in a range of styles, from streetwear to formalwear. Check out their jackets, jeans, and hoodies, and their pencil skit suit. Colors include very bright yellows, pinks, and aquas, with some nice floral patterns.
Bodies: Maitreya & Petite, a few Legacy & Perky pieces
Thalia Heckroth
Primarily formal and semi-formal clothing with lots of knee-length and longer dresses and long-sleeve shirts. Color palette runs towards muted primaries, neutrals, and bright reds, with very few patterns.
Bodies: Maitreya, Ebody Reborn, Legacy & Perky, Persephone Love Momma
Huge selection of casual, cozy items, including a boatload of sweaters. Fairly large store that includes a few fantasy pieces and a room of gowns. Colors run towards jewel tones with very few patterns outside of lace.
Bodies: Maitreya, Legacy & Perky, Kupra, Ebody Reborn, Physique, Hourglass, Belleza Gen X, Freya, Isis, Venus
Popular formalwear shop with shiny, satiny dresses. Many long sleeved, high necked options in both modern and fantasy aesthetics. Colors trend towards jewel tones and very light pastels.
Bodies: Maitreya, a few Legacy pieces
The Secret Store Soft, girly, and colorful casualwear with bold prints. Lots of retro styling and preppy pieces. Some of the best original prints around. Colors are widely varied but highly saturated.
Bodies: Maitreya, V-Tech, Freya, Hourglass, bulge options, some older standard sized pieces
Hime Dream
Kawaii anime clothing with lolita-inspired details. The skirts are very short but their necklines are high and there are lots of long sleeve pieces. They sell everything in the same basic color set which includes bright primaries and soft pastels.
Bodies: Maitreya & Petite, Legacy & Perky, Ebody Reborn
Flowy, feminine sports and casualwear. Tons of jackets and layered pieces. Bottoms tend to be short but tops are often modest. Colors are mostly subdued earth tones and pastels but all items come with four options. Some patterns, mostly stripes and plaid.
Bodies: Maitreya & Petite, Legacy & Perky, some Ebody Reborn, Freya, Isis, Hourglass,
Valentina E.
Retro and historic formalwear with a highly tailored aesthetic. Excellect selection of well-rigged knee-length dresses. Color selections are typically narrow and exclusively jewel tones.
Bodies: Maitreya & Petite, Legacy, Ebody Reborn
Wazzer Works
Highly practical clothing for men and women. Medical, police, and military uniforms alongside normal outdoorsy items like jackets. Good variety of colors from earth tones to neons, no patterns.
Bodies: Maitreya, Legacy, Ebody Reborn, Signature Alice
Preppy basics with a soft aesthetic. Small selection with a few options for BOM leggings and stockings. Items come in muted rainbow tones with some nice patterns.
Bodies: Maitreya & Petite, Legacy & Perky, Ebody Reborn
Huge selection of stockings, leggings, and socks to layer under your outfits. Plenty of unusual colors of stockings and sets with different levels of opacity. Some include built-in panties or modesty guards.
Bodies: Applier HUDs for Maitreya, Legacy, Belleza, Slink, and Omega, and BOM layers
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2023.05.29 04:07 pavlokandyba NIBIRU IN THE NEW TESTAMENT

Zecharia Sitchin did an amazing job, but it is surprising that he left the New Testament texts without much attention. The information contained in them, after some amendments, significantly complements the hypothesis of the planet Nibiru and makes it more reasonable. The New Zavaet contains some astronomical details and sheds a lot of light on past and future events. The considerations that will be discussed contradict some of Sitchin's statements, but this does not pose much of a problem. I managed to find the contacts of Zecharia Sitchin's brother, who helped him with astronomical calculations and will share his ideas. He briefly thanked me for the information and said that such changes could well be made. This is not surprising because even modern astronomers, using advanced computer models, are faced with a lack of data for accurate long-term forecasts. The very first New Testament evidence of Nibiru, from which the New Testament actually begins, is the Star of Bethlehem. To date, there are several hypotheses about the appearance of the Star of Bethlehem. It is assumed that it was an unknown comet or a supernova explosion, but these versions do not have sufficient confirmation. Nevertheless, Vallaam's "star prophecy" from the Old Testament book of numbers foreshadows the event: "I see Him, but not yet; I see Him, but not close. A star rises from Jacob." What is known about the Star of Bethlehem from the New Testament? When Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of King Herod, magicians from the east came to Jerusalem and said: Where is the King of the Jews who has been born? for we have seen his star in the east and have come to worship him—Matt. 2:1-2 They, having listened to the king, went. And behold, the star that they saw in the east went before them, until at last it came and stood over the place where the Child was. — Mf. 2:9-11 It is also known that having fulfilled its purpose, the star disappeared from the sky when the Magi came to Jerusalem so that Herod could not see it, and then returned again. Some apocryphal texts contain astronomical details not found in the canonical gospel. Usually, the Star of Bethlehem is spoken of briefly, but the First Gospel of James describes it this way: “His star rose bright, and it so surpassed all other stars in heaven in its brightness that they were no longer visible.” In addition, the star also had other unusual features, because of which St. John Chrysostom and Blessed Theophylact of Bulgaria considered it to be a divine power: When you hear about a star, do not think that it was one of the ones we see: no, it was a divine and angelic power that appeared in the form of a star. Since the Magi were engaged in the science of the stars, the Lord led them with this, for them a familiar sign, just like Peter the fisherman, amazing with many fish, attracted to Christ. And that the star was the power of an angel is evident from the fact that it shone brightly during the day, walked when the Magi walked, shone when they did not walk: especially from the fact that it walked from the north, where Persia, to the south, where Jerusalem: but the stars never travel from north to south. - Theophylact of Bulgaria To summarize: the star appeared in the east, was unusually bright so that it was visible during daylight hours and moved from north to south. For a while she disappeared from the sky but then reappeared. Now let's put aside this information for a while and consider another astronomical phenomenon from the New Testament - a solar eclipse during the crucifixion of Christ, which occurred according to the scripture in 33 AD. Most of the texts only briefly say that darkness has come. The Gospel of Nicodemus reports the following details: “It was the sixth hour and darkness descended on the earth, even until the ninth hour. The sun darkened, and now the veil in the temple was torn into two parts from top to bottom. In the Gospel of Peter it is written as follows: "It was noon, and darkness found over all Judea, Many went out with lamps, thinking that night had come... And at that moment the veil of the temple of Jerusalem was torn in two. And they took the nails out of the hands of the Lord and laid Him on the ground, and the earth shook, and there was great fear. And the sun shone again, and it turned out that it was already the ninth hour." And Pilate, interrogating the Jews, said to them: “Did you see what happened?” And they answered the ruler: "The sun is eclipsed as it usually happens." Thanks to the astronomical calculations carried out by scientists, it is reliably known that at that time a solar eclipse by the Moon could not have occurred. But at the same time, the New Testament claims that it happened and at the same time was unusually long. Now we already have two evidence of unusual astronomical events, which have not yet been confirmed explanation. How do these events relate to Zecharia Sitchin's speculation about Nibiru's orbit? According to Sitchin, Nibiru has a retrograde (counterclockwise) elongated orbit at an angle to the plane of the eclipticti. At the same time, Nibiru appears in the northern hemisphere, and, crossing the plane of the orbits of the solar system, moves away in the southern. Considering that, according to the New Offset, the Star of Bethlehem was visible in the light time of day, then we can conclude that Nibiru appeared in the solar system from the direction of the sun relative to the Earth and, having a retrograde orbit, moved towards the Earth. Then given the Earth's rotation, it should have become visible from about the wee hours of rising in the east! With sufficient brightness, it could be seen after dawn, then became invisible due to sunlight and went beyond the western horizon. After that, at dawn, it again rose in the east. And moving from the northern hemisphere to the southern one, each time it gradually shifted from north to south. Now about the eclipse - could it happen due to the fact that Nibiru passed between the Sun and the Earth? According to the hypothesis of Zecharia Sitchin, Nibiru crosses the solar system in the asteroid belt beyond the orbit of Mars. This makes it impossible for the eclipse of the Sun by the planet Nibiru. Based on the previously proposed model, Nibiru, having appeared from the direction of the Sun, should, after its appearance, go around the earth and become visible at night throughout its stay in the solar system, which, according to Sitchin, lasts about 30 years. But there is another possible option. In order for it to be possible, it is necessary to slightly correct the hypothesis of the collision of Nibiru with Tiamat and the formation of the Earth. The initial conditions remain the same. In place of the asteroid belt beyond the orbit of Mars was the large water planet Tiamat, in the current orbit of the Earth was the Moon. Nibiru burst into the solar system along an elongated retrograde orbit at an angle to the plane of the ecliptic and passed next to Tiamat, driving its satellites into it - 4 vortices from the Sumara poem about the creation of the world. Because of this, one part of Tiamat broke off and became an asteroid belt, and the other received a huge depression in the place of the Pacific Ocean and was thrown into the orbit of the Moon, where it is now becoming the Earth.
The correction that should be made to this theory concerns the orbit of Nibiru. The Earth's orbit is quite natural - having received a counter blow, it lost speed and began to fall into a lower orbit around the Sun. On the way, she was picked up by the Moon and she remained in the same orbit with her. As for Nibiru, as a result of the collision, she also received an impulse and her orbit also had to change and no longer pass through the asteroid belt. Instead, it may have, like the Earth, lost speed and switched to a lower orbit, approaching in its perihelion closer to the Sun than the Earth picked up by the Moon. Thus, there is a possibility that Nibiru can pass between the Earth and the Sun and cause an eclipse. Prophet Amos: "And it shall come to pass in that day, says the Lord God, that I will make the sun go down at noon, and darken the earth in the midst of the bright day." Prophet Zechariah: "And it will be in that day: there will be no light, the luminaries will be removed. This day will be the only one known only to the Lord: neither day or night; only in the evening will light come." Now the question arises - how close can a giant planet come to Earth for a long solar eclipse to occur and not cause a catastrophe? The Bible does not speak of any catastrophic events other than the torn veil of the temple. They are also not mentioned in history, although it is known about earthquakes in Israel before and after these events with an interval of several centuries, but not during them. Only favorable and non-catastrophic floods in the Nile are known from 30 BC. e. and until 155 At the same time, the distance at which Nibiru should approach the Earth so that its apparent size is equal to the size of the Sun and closes it is about 7,000,000 km. This is much more than the distance to the Moon of 384,400 km, but still such a proximity to the giant planet raises serious concerns. Doubting my assumptions, I asked this question to various people somehow connected with astronomy and their opinions were very divided. Most, of course, supported the opinion that the appearance of Nibiru in the solar system is catastrophic in itself. In fact, this question is not unambiguous. According to some estimates, in order for a planet the size of Nibiru to pass between the sun and the Earth without consequences, it could be between Venus and Mercury (this is about 50,000,000 km). Most likely, this would only cause the acceleration and deceleration of the Earth, the same as when it approached with the giant planets Jupiter and Saturn, which is almost imperceptible to us. The only problem is that at this distance, Nibiru will cover only a very small part of the Sun and this eclipse will be almost invisible. This does not at all coincide with the biblical text, which says that darkness enveloped the earth from noon to the ninth hour. This is much longer than the two hour duration of a normal eclipse and means that Nibiru must have passed very close.
Another opinion is that passing from the Earth at a distance of 7,000,000 km, Nibiru will not cause any catastrophic consequences. The fact that Nibiru moves in a retrograde orbit opposite to the Earth significantly reduces the time spent by the planets close to each other. This reduces the interaction time of gravitational forces. If the planets were moving towards a meeting fast enough , they could simply slip through each other by inertia. If you take a magnet and move it quickly past another magnet, the attraction you feel will be short-lived and not at all the same as if you do it slowly. Of course, this will cause some deviations in the speed and orbit of the planets. The orbit of the Earth will become a little closer to the Sun, this will only affect as a warming of the climate with consequences like floods in the Nile and no more. It looks like this assumption will be the subject of endless criticism, but it gives something else. First, it removes the controversy from Sitchin's flood hypothesis. He wrote that the Flood was caused by the approach of the Earth to Nibiru, which caused the glaciers to split. Such an approach would not be possible if Nibiru crossed the solar system in the asteroid belt, much further than the safe distance. It is quite another matter when Nibiru almost crosses the orbit of the Earth. Secondly, it gives a different chronology for the appearance of Nibiru in the solar system, which roughly coincides with some significant events. Moreover, this version differs from Stchin's chronology by only about 500 years. This may well be explained by Nibiru's high-altitude years, which average 3600 years, or by a gradual change in its orbit. Such a disparity could well have developed over a long period of time. If we take the year 0 of the birth of Christ as the starting point and count back two periods of 3600 years, we get an interesting coincidence. Around 7500 B.C. (a difference of 200 years) climate changes have occurred on Earth, which are associated with a global cataclysm. In 7220 BC. e. there was an eruption of Mount Edgecumb volcano in Alaska and a large outflow of fresh water from the Black Sea into the Aegean Sea, which could be the result of the approach of Nibiru. And the greatest cataclysm occurred in 7640 BC. e. There is a theory that Tolman's hypothetical comet hit the Earth, but little is known about this. 3879 years after that, in 3761 BC. e., according to the Bible, the creation of the world took place. After 3761 years, year 0 has come - a new starting point has been assigned. These intervals differ from the period of 3600 years by a couple of centuries, which may have different explanations. One way or another, the next appearance of Nibiru should occur around the year 3600. This is not the only information from the New Testament texts. They contain other interesting records that can shed light not only on the past of human civilization, but also on the future. Indeed, in this case, the New Testament is the message of the Anunnaki specifically to us, people living today. This is exactly what its name implies.
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2023.05.29 03:49 NxckoIX [WTS][USA] Military Black 4's (10), YZY Inspired Tee & Shorts (XL), Jordan 1 Mid SE Craft Inside Out White Grey (10), & Dior Mesh Shorts (XL) FS

PM/Comment to receive a PayPal Invoice. First-come, first-serve basis.
Processing items will be marked as PROCESSING and sold items will be marked as SOLD.
A tracking number will be provided an hour or so after payment. All items will be shipped out the next following business day.
Prices include shipping and PayPal fees, and ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
  1. Military Black 4's (10) - GX batch (best batch for this colorway) and deadstock new with damaged box. - $135.00 SHIPPED
  2. YZY Inspired Tee (XL) - SOLD to u/aarongosha
  3. YZY Inspired Shorts (XL) - SOLD to u/aarongosha
  1. Jordan 1 Mid SE Craft Inside Out White Grey (10) - Off-White vibes and in excellent pre-owned condition. - $115.00 SHIPPED
  2. Dior Pattern Mesh Shorts Blue (XL) - Fits waist sizes 34-36, fits above the knees, comes with drawstring, and new with tags. - $50.00 SHIPPED
  3. Dior Pattern Mesh Shorts Light Pink (XL) - Fits waist sizes 34-36, fits above the knees, comes with drawstring, and new with tags. - $50.00 SHIPPED
TIMESTAMP & PICS: https://imgur.com/gallery/eOBP7yo
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2023.05.29 03:40 huihui56967 How Many Onesies Does a Newborn Need Per Day in Summer?

How Many Onesies Does a Newborn Need Per Day in Summer?
As new parents, there are countless questions that arise about caring for a newborn. One important aspect to consider is how many onesies a newborn needs per day, especially during the summer months. The well-being and comfort of your little one depend on choosing the right clothing for the season. This article aims to provide new parents with valuable insights on the number of onesies required daily for a newborn during summer, considering factors such as age, size, activity level, and climate. By understanding these factors and guidelines, parents can ensure their baby stays cool, comfortable, and stylish throughout the warm season.

Factors Affecting Onesie Needs

There are a number of factors that can affect how many onesies a newborn needs per day in the summer. These factors include:
Age: Newborns grow quickly, so they may need new onesies more often than older babies.
Size: Newborns come in all shapes and sizes. Some newborns may be small for their age, while others may be large. The size of your newborn will affect how many onesies they need.
Activity level: Newborns who are more active will need more onesies than those who are less active. This is because active babies are more likely to get their clothes dirty or wet.
Climate: Newborns who live in hot, humid climates will need more onesies than those who live in cooler climates. This is because babies can get overheated easily in hot weather.
General Guidelines
As a general rule of thumb, most newborns will need at least two to three onesies per day in the summer. However, this number may vary depending on the factors listed above. If you are unsure how many onesies your newborn needs, it is always best to err on the side of caution and pack more than you think you will need.

Tips for Choosing Onesies

When choosing onesies for your newborn in the summer, there are a few things to keep in mind:
Fabric: Choose onesies that are made from breathable fabrics, such as cotton or linen. These fabrics will help to keep your baby cool and comfortable.
Fit: Onesies should fit snugly, but not too tightly. A too-tight onesie can be uncomfortable and restrict movement, while a too-loose onesie can be a safety hazard.
Style: Onesies come in a variety of styles, so you can choose ones that you and your baby will love. However, in the summer, it is important to choose onesies that are lightweight and breathable.
Benefits of One-Piece Clothing
There are a number of benefits to using one-piece clothing for newborns in the summer. One-piece clothing is easy to put on and take off, which is especially important when your baby is having a diaper change. One-piece clothing also helps to keep your baby cool and comfortable in the summer heat. Additionally, one-piece clothing can help to prevent your baby from getting sunburned.

Recommended Jumpsuits

There are a number of high-quality jumpsuits available for newborns in the summer. Some of the best brands include Carter's, Gerber, and OshKosh B'gosh. When choosing a jumpsuit for your baby, be sure to choose one that is made from breathable fabrics, such as cotton or linen. You should also choose a jumpsuit that has a snug fit, but is not too tight.
Here are some specific jumpsuits that I recommend for newborns in the summer:
Baby warm penguin crawling set of pajamas cheap comfy pyjamas for children
Onesies knitted Thin Children's Short Sleeve Home Wear

These jumpsuits are all made from breathable fabrics and have a snug fit that is comfortable for babies. They are also available in a variety of colors and patterns to choose from.


Knowing how many onesies a newborn needs per day in the summer is an important question for new parents to know the answer to. By following the tips in this article, you can ensure that your newborn is always dressed appropriately and comfortable in the summer heat.
More about the style of baby's pajamas, you can visit our professional pajamas website, www.pajamasets.co. Here are all kinds of pajamas for different ages and styles, so you can pick out pajama sets for yourself. Read more from https://softestchildrenpajamas.blogspot.com/2023/05/How-Many-Onesies-Does-a-Newborn-Need-Per-Day-in-Summer.html.
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2023.05.29 03:36 Random3x (FHM) Meet the Parents: Ironwoods

Start of Alex Series Start of Teacher Series: Lesson 1 Previous: Meet the Parents: Fated Victory Party Next Royal Road / Class Picture Alex and Freki Artwork /Sub: Random3X (lore and more) Discord

July 20th, year 024 Angels Descent
The class, with two of their teachers, were en route to the Ironwoodlands. They had been on the road for a few days as the Ironwoods themselves were at the far west of Greed’s domain, and the gate was more central to the region.
“So, you kids ever been to the Ironwoods?” All but Tasha and Alex shook their heads to indicate no.
“I’ve apparently only been once when I met Elissa’s father… at least that’s what my journal said… memory is still hazy for me… Yuu, you’ve been here a few times, right?”
“Yeah, when master got tired of me making machines that destroyed buildings, he threw me to the elves to ‘play’, as he called it.”
“Any advice? Elissa hasn’t really talked about her home much, so I’m kind of in the dark myself.” The class focused their attention on Yuu, who held her hands to her hips and puffed her chest with pride.
“Of course, young one, I shall educate you as you do your students. After all, I am an expert in interacting with Ironwood Elves!!”
“Yuu… you are like a few hours older than me; I wouldn’t call me young?”
“Silence, young one!”
“So what should we do then? Are there any rules like for courting an Ironwood elf?” Maxwell asked, glancing at Tasha.
“Well, first off, ignore Tasha,” Yuu said bluntly. “Second, a big thing to remember is there are three clans of Ironwood elves. First are the worker folk; they do the everyday stuff. The second is the warrior clans; they are self-explanatory. Finally, there are the outside clans.”
“Outside clans?” Bea repeated.
“Oh, I’m part of that!!!” Tasha said, beaming a smile at everyone.
“They are clans not taught the normal ways of Ironwood elves. This is so they can actually interact with the outside world and not cause a diplomatic incident.”
“Uh… what do you mean?” Daisy asked, only to follow Yuu’s gaze towards Alex.
“Oh yeah… Elissa is part of the Warrior Clan, and the first time I met her, she gave me a friendly little bump to the chest.”
“That sounds cute,” Daisy muttered, thinking of all the times she had seen the pair be so lovey-dovey.
“Cute bit was when he flew through three walls and shattered his spine.”
“Yeah, the warrior clan greet people they consider as friends with a full-force punch. It’s why their warriors are weirdly durable and able to endure considerable pain,” Yuu explained, glancing at Tasha, who had learnt such a skill from Elissa herself.
“So first rule, you see any elf with a weapon, flip them off, stick out your tongue and be as rude as possible. The second they think you are a friend, you will suffer for it.”
“My brother has been brought here?” Daisy muttered, feeling a pang of panic about her brother receiving such treatment.
“Oh, don’t worry; Elissa will keep them safe.”
“So, will they treat the Big Chief like a friend?”
“Oh yeah, certainly… this one, however,” Yuu said, gesturing to Alex.
“I’m technically rather hated by the Ironwood elves.”
“Why? Aren’t you marrying their princess?” Daisy asked, shocked.
“Well, need I remind you her brother took an arena full of noble children with high-ranking lords hostage to rescue her? They adore Elissa. I’m just the human bastard who stole her away.”
“To be honest, sir, from what Miss Yuu has told us, why don’t they just kill you?”
“Blunt question Maxwell but a thing to remember Elves live for a very long time. They see me more as a short fling that’ll last a few decades, maybe a century or two. After which, I’ll die, and she’ll move back.”
“And you’re ok with this?”
“Maxwell… a thing you’ll learn when you find the one… you will never care what the world thinks so long as you can be with her,” Alex replied as he looked out the window wistfully.
“We’re almost at the first town,” the carriage driver announced. “I ain’t gonna take you any further.”
“Good, we can get some rest in a real bed,” Kline grumbled.
Stepping out of the carriage, the class came face to face with their first experience of an elf settlement. They had originally had the image of what had always been written about elven homes. Buildings entwined with trees. Great structures as if moulding nature itself.
The image before them was an entirely metallic set-up. Every building was coated in metal plates and had countless spikes. Worse still was the severed monster heads resting on each building's roof.
“Big Chief?”
“You won’t get much rest outside the Ironwoods capital. This region is infested with monsters that attack every night.”
“Why would they settle in a region with monsters?!!!” Kline cried out.
“The majority of their population are warriors. Where else can they get a good fight?” Yuu replied.
“So Miss Elissa had to fight every night since she was a child?” Daisy asked once again, feeling worry begin to bubble up.
“You didn’t?” Tasha asked, looking perplexed. “Everyone around here, regardless of clans, learns how to fight monsters from when we first can walk. Only the warrior clan focuses on it and gets all the fun.”
The class decidedly ignored Tasha’s comment and chose a fortress-looking inn for where they would rest for the evening. Though they weren’t certain how much rest they’d get, especially after seeing the monster head hanging near the entrance. The innkeeper welcomed them with open fists, only to be rebuffed as they had been instructed to do.
“Fine, here’s your keys, you ungrateful pieces of crap!”
Throwing the key at the class, they only barely dodged as they lodged themselves into the wall behind them. A wall they couldn’t help but notice had numerous holes from past throws of the keys.
“Me and Yuu are gonna settle in at the tavern and have a few. You can get some rest,” Alex said as he sat at a table, ignoring the baleful glares pointed in his direction.
“Come get us if you need help,” Yuu added as she ignored an elf actively punching her in the face.
The class settled into a large room with bunkbeds enough for the whole class and their teachers. As they rested, trying to clear away the fatigue of a long journey, the hours began to pass.
“So Tasha… what are your parents like?” Maxwell asked, looking up from his spot on a bottom bunk.
“They are rather boring. Daddy works as a clerk in Hades seat. Mum works as a monster cleaner.”
“Monster cleaner?” Daisy repeated.
“Yeah, the dead bodies of monsters we slay we display on our buildings to show how strong a monster we beat. Well, after a while, they go icky and need cleaning. Mum handles that.”
“So, the really big monster head we saw near the entrance?”
“Yeah, means the guys here must be really strong.”
“I’m starting to wonder what I should fear more, the monsters or the elves,” Bea muttered as she snuggled on Gunter’s chest.
“Not sure what you mean… but I’m sure my family will love Stampy,” Tasha proudly took the small creature out of her travel bag, where it proceeded to munch on a piece of plant she offered it.
“I’m more wondering what they’ll think of me,” Maxwell muttered to himself.
“What was that?”
“Sparky… come on, boy, I got some snakkums for you,” Daisy said as she held out a piece of travel jerky for her duck-sized dragon. The small creature poked its head out of her travel pack and snatched the dried meat before retreating.
“He’s been rather scared lately,” Daisy muttered.
“Probably the field of danger here,” Tasha replied as she scratched Stampy’s long neck.
“Danger field?” Kline echoed, looking nervous.
“Can’t you feel it?” Tasha asked, looking confused. “Try to feel the aura.”
Relaxing, the class focused their senses, and that was when the pressure began to rise. They had been able to ignore it so far as it had become more like background noise. It was nowhere near as bad as when their instructors pressured them directly. But it was enough to cause minor discomfort.
“What is that, Tasha?” Bea asked.
“That is, um… it's all the monsters' aura getting spread across the woods.”
“So what we are feeling is…” Kline began before trailing off with a look of horror.
In one of their lectures with Alex, he had taught them you can increase the density of aura in an area by focusing and compacting it, but the problem with that is it reduced the range. Another option was you could increase the number of people releasing aura. Experiencing this pressure from a vague distance meant the numbers must be considerable or very strong. Likely both from what had been described.
“Why in the hell would people live here?!!!”
“Well, the trees were the original reason,” Tasha replied, oblivious to how nervous Kline was starting to become.
“The trees are really big, and iron whatsits grow through them. That’s why they call them ironwood trees. Also, my ancestors liked fighting and making friends, so here they could do both.”
As the class began to ponder who unhinged and crazy Tasha’s people must actually be, the entire inn violently shook. Jumping from their beds, the class immediately went into action mode and rushed down the stairs to find several of the inn’s staff rushing out the front door with weapons.
Looking around, they found their teachers relaxing with drinks, still having a friendly conversation as if they were oblivious to the dangers outside. Running towards the pair, they stood at the ready.
“Oh hey kids, me and Yuu were about to grab a deck of cards. Want to join in a game or two?”
“Sir, the inn is under attack!” Daisy shouted indignantly.
“And?” Alex replied, tilting his head.
“We should help!” Maxwell answered as if stating the obvious.
“Why?” Yuu answered this time. Both teachers looked confused. Ignoring the cries for help and pained screams coming from outside.
“Because, sir, you have the power to help!!!” Daisy shouted.
“And that makes me beholden to them? Daisy, I gained this power to ensure my freedom to do what I wanted. It may seem callous, but just because I have the power to help does not mean I or anyone else are under any obligation to help.”
“Big Chief, please help!!” Gunter pleaded.
“Sorry, but the dork is right. We may have the strength to help resolve many situations, but people do not grow if someone else solves every little thing.”
“Kids… this is a lesson you will need to learn someday… You can’t help everyone, and in reality, you shouldn’t. You will either run yourself ragged or become someone else’s tool. Gain power to ensure freedom. If you kids want to help, you can go and help. But me and Yuu here will be starting a professional game of snap.”
“Fine, we will go out and help them!” Bea shouted indignantly as the class stormed out of the tavern and out into the town.
The sight that greeted them was one of abject chaos. There were already a few collapsed buildings, and they could see people running around in a panic. Down the road from their inn, they could even see the remains of one of the attacking monsters.
It was a giant beast about the size of a two-storey tall building. It was covered in boney plates that, even from how far away they were standing, looked needlessly thick. While its tail looked like a massive boney club, the kind used by giants.
“Earthen Drakes… Armoursauses, if I had to guess,” Maxwell said, looking at the remains.
“What can we do then?” Bea asked as she channelled her energy into bringing out her possession summon.
“We can spread out in teams of two. One enhancer and one projection and focus on the small fry,” Kline suggested as he fired an accurate shot that took the head off a small turkey-sized lizard monster.
“Ok, Kline and Tasha, you go that way. Gunter and Bea, you go to the south. Maxwell, you and me will head east,” Daisy declared. Maxwell hesitated for a moment looking at Tasha before nodding. With their plans decided, the class split up to face the attack.
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2023.05.29 03:23 Massive_Level_7127 What Are Bone Conduction Headphones and Do Bone Conduction Headphone Leak sound?

What Are Bone Conduction Headphones and Do Bone Conduction Headphone Leak sound?
In daily life, the sound of teeth colliding can be clearly heard by us, but people around us cannot hear it. This is probably the nearest case of bone conduction technology around us. When you collide your teeth, you may hardly imagine that this sound transmission method will be applied by talented engineers to create the latest popular product-bone conduction earphones.

what are bone conduction headphones?

Bone conduction headphone is a type of headphone using bone conduction technology. Its biggest feature is that it uses bone conduction to transmit sound, uses human bones as the medium for transmitting sound, and directly transmits sound to the auditory nerve to form hearing.

This distinctive technical feature has also revolutionized the way it is worn. The wearing method of bone conduction earphones has changed from traditional in-ear wearing to hanging ear wearing. When wearing it, you only need to hang the earphone on the auricle and put the vibration unit close to the temple, and the whole ear is completely open. The change in the way of sound transmission and wearing has made bone conduction headphones another type of earphone, which is a huge upgrade compared to traditional earphones. Many ear doctors also highly recommend them, because they are better and healthier for ears.
In addition to be health for ears,they have many advantages,such as,safe,hygienic,comfortable,unique appearance.Their only shortcoming is that there is a sound leakage problem

Do bone conduction headphone leak sound?

Bone conduction headphones will leak sound, but now some mature brands have found a solution to the problem of sound leakage, such as Wissonly and Aftershokz have done a good job in reducing sound leakage.

The sound leakage problem of bone conduction headphones is mainly due to the fact that they convert sound into mechanical vibration through the sound unit, and vibrate the bone to transmit sound. When the headphone is working, the shell of the headphone will be vibrated together by the sound unit, and the shell will vibrate the surrounding air, so sound leakage will occur. In other words, the shell of the bone conduction headphone becomes the "amplified speaker" of the headphone, spreading the sound to the surroundings.
From the principle of the sound leakage phenomenon, we can easily see that all bone conduction headphones have sound leakage problems. Those headphones that claim to have no sound leakage at all are basically fake.
It's just that some bone conduction headphones may have made more efforts to reduce sound leakage. For example, some headphones use anti-phase sound waves to offset the sound waves of sound leakage, or through the integrated design of the body without holes, reduce the air vibration caused by the vibration unit, thereby reducing sound leakage. There are also some brands that optimize the structural design and increase the shock absorption function of the body to reduce sound leakage. It should be said that with the efforts of the entire industry, the sound leakage of bone conduction headphones has also been greatly improved.
Although bone conduction headphones have the problem of sound leakage, it has to be said that they have several outstanding advantages
Safer: Wear them without blocking your ears, which allows you to maintain awareness of your surroundings and make outdoor sports safer;

Healthier: They use bones to transmit sound and do not need to use the eardrum, which avoids damage to the eardrum and can protect hearing well;
More hygienic: bone conduction headphones do not need to be worn in the ear, even if worn for a long time, they can keep the ear canal clean and avoid the growth of bacteria;
More comfortable: They are very light, there is no feeling of weight when wearing them, and the wearing comfort is very high.
These advantages also make them popular among young people.
The following are recommendations for several excellent bone conduction headphones. Some of these earphones have good sound quality and sound leak reduction, and some are low-cost entry-level products.

1. wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation
Wissonly's core team is a team engaged in the research and development of bone conduction products earlier. They have accumulated 10 years' technology in this field. They have adopted the best acoustic laboratory in the Eastern Hemisphere for sound adjustment. Wissonly Hi Runner has good technical solutions to the problems of sound leakage, sound quality and waterproof of pseudo-bone conduction headphones.
Wissonly bone conduction vibrator adopts a unique full-wrapped design, which makes the vibrator work in a closed environment, reducing the impact on the shell, thus reducing the vibration of the shell and finally reducing the sound leakage by 90%.
Wissonly uses a large-size bone conduction vibrator, and the effective vibration area of the vibrator is increased by 35% through structural optimization. At the same time, the sound transmission direction is optimized, the sound loss is reduced, and the sound is more concentrated.
Wissonly Hi Runner adopts integrated molding technology, with no holes in the headphones’ body and it is no splicing, which realizes IPX8 waterproof, and can be used for swimming and bathing. Even in the depth of 20 meters, diving is no problem.
It also has 32G of built-in memory, which can store 5000 songs. You can use it as amp3 player when you don't have a mobile phone.
In a word, Wissonly Hi Runner is a product with powerful functions, stable technology and high cost performance.

2. Philips 7607 bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation
They use a 17mm large-scale sound unit that makes their low-frequency sound more delicate, and that makes middle and high frequency sound clearer and not harsh. IP67 waterproof performance allows them to have a waterproof and sweatproof function in daily wear, and to be no problem in the face of sudden rain in a short time. When you wear them at night, LED night running lights make passing vehicles perceive your own location, so the safety factor is higher.

3.AfterShokz OpenSwim bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation
The body of the headphone is made of skin-friendly silicone, and its light body is only weighs 36g. It has ergonomic structure of the ear design, no matter running, jumping, wearing glasses without pressure, more intimate details. The waterproof performance of OpenSwim reaches IP68 level, which is suitable for swimmers. A long strip structure design is adopted at the sound generating part, so that the loudspeaker has a larger surface area and higher sound transmission efficiency. With its own 4G memory, it can use as a mp3 player.Its battery life reach 8 hours, no matter about long time using.But this headphones does not support Bluetooth and calling functions.

4.Earsopen PEACE bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:
The Japanese bone conduction headphones adopt the wearing method of ear clipping that is very novel. Although they are ear clipping type, after wearing it for a long time the ear will be somewhat painful. They have IPX7 waterproof performance. Both battery and charger can be used in the charging case, but there is a small problem that the charging case is not waterproof. Their sound quality is still good, and they are excellent in the audio performance of the high, medium and low. And there is a sound leakage problem, but the overall is still good.

5.Nank Runner CC3 bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:
Runner CC 2 bone conduction headphones adopt a combination of soft and hard to reduce sound leakage. The entire headphones adopt a seamless design, even the headset mic is wrapped in silicone. The unique sound leakage cancellation technology can greatly reduce the leakage phenomenon.
It uses magnetic charging, after each use, you only need to put the magnetic tip in the buckle position of the headphones. Compared to traditional headphones, Runner CC2 bone conduction headphones has no holes in the entire body, and it has a certain waterproof effect.
It is generally a good entry-level bone conduction headphone. But the waterproof level is not enough, it is are not suitable rain or water sports.
Among the above five products, Wissonly and Aftershokz are my favorite. Their sound quality, sound leakage reduction and comfort are all very good. Compared with the two brands, Wissonly' product parameters are better, cost-effective, and worth buying
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2023.05.29 03:18 JoshAsdvgi THE ARROW CHAIN



(TLINGIT: Swanton, Bulletin of the Bureau of American Ethnology, xxxix, 209, No. 56)

Two very high-caste boys were chums.
The father of one was town chief and had his house in the middle of the village, but the house of the other boy's father stood at one end.
These boys would go alternately to each other's houses and make great quantities of arrows which they would play with until all were broken up.
One time both of the boys made a great quantity of arrows to see which could have the more.
Just back of their village was a hill on the top of which was a smooth grassy place claimed by the boys as their playground, and on a certain fine, moonlight night they started thither.
As they were going along the lesser chief's son, who was ahead, said, "Look here, friend. Look at that moon.
Don't you think that the shape of that moon is the same as that of my mother's labret and that the size is the same, too?"
The other answered, "Don't: You must not talk that way of the moon."
Then suddenly it became very dark about them and presently the head chief's son saw a ring about them just like a rainbow.
When it disappeared his companion was gone.
He called and called to him but did not get any answer and did not see him.
He thought, "He must have run up the hill to get away from that rainbow."
He looked up and saw the moon in the sky.
Then he climbed the hill, and looked about, but his friend was not there.
Now he thought, "Well! the moon must have gone up with him.
That circular rainbow must have been the moon."
The boy thus left alone sat down and cried, after which he began to try the bows.
He put strings on them one after the other and tried them, but every one broke.
He broke all of his own bows and all of his strings his chum's except one which was made of very hard wood.
He thought, "Now I am going to shoot that star next to the moon."
In that spot was a large and very bright one.
He shot an arrow at this star and sat down to watch, when, sure enough, the star darkened.
Now he began shooting at that star from the big piles of arrows he and his chum had made, and he was encouraged by seeing that the arrows did not come back.
After he had shot for some time he saw something hanging down very near him and, when he shot up another arrow, it stuck to this.
The next did likewise, and at last the chain of arrows reached him.
He put a last one on to complete it.
Now the youth felt badly for the loss of his friend and, lying down under the arrow chain, he went to sleep.
After a while he awoke, found himself sleeping on that hill, remembered the arrows he had shot away, and looked up.
Instead of the arrows there was a long ladder reaching right down to him.
He arose and looked so as to make sure.
Then he determined to ascend.
First, however, he took various kinds of bushes and stuck them into the knot of hair he wore on his head.
He climbed up his ladder all day and camped at nightfall upon it, resuming his journey the following morning.
When he awoke early on the second morning his head felt very heavy.
Then he seized the salmon berry bush that was in his hair, pulled it out, and found it was loaded with berries.
After he had eaten the berries off, he stuck the branch back into his hair and felt very much strengthened.
About noon of the same day he again felt hungry, and again his head was heavy, so he pulled out a bush from the other side of his head and it was loaded with blue huckleberries.
It was already summer there in the sky.
That was why he was getting berries.
When he resumed his journey next morning his head did not feel heavy until noon.
At that time he pulled out the bush at the back of his head and found it loaded with red huckleberries.
By the time he had reached the top the boy was very tired.
He looked round and saw a large lake.
Then he gathered some soft brush and some moss and lay down to sleep.
But, while he slept, some person came to him and shook him saying, "Get up.
I am after you."
He awoke and looked around but saw no one.
Then he rolled over and pretended to go to sleep again but looked out through his eyelashes.
By and by he saw a very small but handsome girl coming along.
Her skin clothes were very clean and neat, and her leggings were ornamented with porcupine quills.
Just as she reached out to shake him he said, "I have seen you already."
Now the girl stood still and said, "I have come after you.
My grandmother has sent me to bring you to her house.
" So he went with her, and they came to a very small house in which was an old woman.
The old woman said, "What is it you came way up here after, my grandson?" and the boy answered, "On account of my playmate who was taken up hither."
"Oh!" answered the old woman, "He is next door, only a short distance away.
I can hear him crying every day.
He is in the moon's house."
Then the old woman began to give him food.
She would put her hand up to her mouth, and a salmon or whatever she was going to give would make its appearance.
After the salmon she gave him berries and then meat, for she knew that he was hungry from his long journey.
After that she gave him a spruce cone, a rose bush, a piece of devil's club, and a small piece of whetstone to take along.
As the boy was going toward the moon's house with all of these things he heard his playmate screaming with pain.
He had been put up on a high place near the smoke hole, so, when his rescuer came to it, he climbed on top, and, reaching down through the smoke hole, pulled him out.
He said, "My friend, come. I am here to help you."
Putting the spruce cone down where the boy had been, he told it to imitate his cries, and he and his chum ran away.
After a while, however, the cone dropped from the place where it has been put, and the people discovered that their captive had escaped.
Then the moon started in pursuit.
When the head chief's son discovered this, he threw behind them the devil's club he had received from the old woman, and a patch of devil's club arose which the moon had so much trouble in getting through that they gained rapidly on him.
When the moon again approached, the head chief's son threw back the rose bushes, and such a thicket of roses grew there that the moon was again delayed.
When he approached them once more, they threw back the grindstone, and it became a high cliff from which the moon kept rolling back.
It is on account of this cliff that people can say things about the moon nowadays with impunity.
When the boys reached the old woman's house they were very glad to see each other, for before this they had not had time to speak.
The old woman gave them something to eat, and, when they were through, she said to the rescuer, "Go and lie down at the place where you lay when you first came up.
Don't think of anything but the playground you used to have."
They went there and lay down, but after some time the boy who had first been captured thought of the old woman's house and immediately they found themselves there.
Then the old woman said, "Go back and do not think of me any more.
Lie there and think of nothing but the place where you used to play."
They did so, and, when they awoke, they were lying on their playground at the foot of the ladder.
As the boys lay in that place they heard a drum beating in the head chief's house, where a death feast was being held for them, and the head chief's son said, "Let us go," but the other answered, "No, let us wait here until that feast is over."
Afterward the boys went down and watched the people come out with their faces all blackened.
They stood at a corner, but, as this dance is always given in the evening, they were not seen.
Then the head chief's son thought, " I wish my younger brother would come out," and sure enough, after all of the other people had gone, his younger brother came out.
He called to his brother saying, "Come here. It is I," but the child was afraid and ran into the house instead.
Then the child said to his mother, "My brother and his friend are out here."
"Why do you talk like that?" asked his mother.
"Don't you know that your brother died some time ago?"
And she became very angry.
The child, however, persisted, saying, "I know his voice, and I know him."
His mother was now very much disturbed, so the boy said, "I am going to go out and bring in a piece of his shirt."
"Go and do so," said his mother.
"Then I will believe you."
When the boy at last brought in a piece of his brother's shirt his mother was convinced, and they sent word into all of the houses, first of all into that of the second boy's parents, but they kept both with them so that his parents could come there and rejoice over him.
All of the other people in that village also came to see them.
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2023.05.29 03:12 Background_Drawer_80 Pc fans spin and mouse and keyboard light up but pc won’t boot. Dram light on

I just built my pc last night and it was running fine the whole day till I took my cpu fan off and added a little bit more thermal paste to see if it’d help with my high idle temps (60c doing nothing) and when I finished and turned my pc back on it showed the dram light and wouldn’t post. I’ve tried reseating my ram, reinstalling my cpu, removing my cmos battery and shorting the cmos pins.
My specs are: Ryzen 5 5600x 32 gb of Corsair ram 6650 XT Motherboard is a ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming 1tb of m.2 Samsung Power supply is a FSP Hydro G PRO 750W 80 Plus Gold
Please help
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2023.05.29 03:12 NxckoIX [FS][USA] Military Black 4's (10), YZY Inspired Tee & Shorts (XL), Jordan 1 Mid SE Craft Inside Out White Grey (10), & Dior Mesh Shorts (XL)

  1. Military Black 4's (10) - GX batch (best batch for this colorway) and deadstock new with damaged box. - $135.00 SHIPPED
  2. YZY Inspired Tee (XL) - SOLD to u/aarongosha
  3. YZY Inspired Shorts (XL) - SOLD to u/aarongosha
  1. Jordan 1 Mid SE Craft Inside Out White Grey (10) - Off-White vibes and in excellent pre-owned condition. - $115.00 SHIPPED
  2. Dior Pattern Mesh Shorts Blue (XL) - Fits waist sizes 34-36, fits above the knees, comes with drawstring, and new with tags. - $50.00 SHIPPED
  3. Dior Pattern Mesh Shorts Light Pink (XL) - Fits waist sizes 34-36, fits above the knees, comes with drawstring, and new with tags. - $50.00 SHIPPED
TIMESTAMP & PICS: https://imgur.com/gallery/eOBP7yo
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2023.05.29 02:56 enthusiast- San Martin SN0106

San Martin SN0106
Received my first-ever AliExpress watch, a San Martin SN0106 five days ago now. I went for the no logo with the classic hands. I don't think I could be much happier, this thing has not left my wrist and is my new favorite watch.
The 37mm size is great for my small wrist, but I would maybe have preferred a slightly smaller 35-36. Lume is great but not something I pay much attention to, and same thing with the movement and accuracy - it's more than good enough for my needs. I might have preferred applied markers on the dial too, but printed looks nice and retro so I don't mind. I'm also not a huge fan of the sapphire or coating - I don't know what it is about it that bugs me, but it's a little too blue and noticable.
I'm nitpicking a lot - this thing cost me less than a trip and a half to the grocery store, and I genuinely love it. The overall quality of the case and bracelet really is spectacular - I don't have too much to compare to, but it's definitely on par with my Oris Aquis and Undone watches (that I also really like).
Maybe the design isn't for everyone, but for me it looks modest and classic without being a distinct version/blatant copy of an explorer or ranger (at least not one I'm familiar with). The other version hands and logos were fine, but I just liked this one better.
Unbelievable that they make watches of such a high quality with this price (I paid $261CAD plus $37 import charges for mine). Let me know if you have any questions.
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2023.05.29 02:55 DeadEndStreets Spacers above stem on carbon steerer - Scott

Hey all I recently picked up a 2023 Scott Speedster 20. I was wanting to mess around with my stem height on the carbon steerer to dial in my fit a bit more.
The first issue I ran into was that the fork/steerer is an odd sized 1 1/4". Am I correct in thinking that I can buy some 1 1/4" spacers to use. I was thinking something along the lines of these or just simply using the proprietary ones that are below the stem since this is short term. I'm assuming using the ones that came with the bike will work fine but just be ugly due to the extra space in the front of the spacer where the cables run through being exposed when above the stem. I don't particularly care how it looks as I just want to see what is best for stem height before cutting the steerer - if I do end up going that route at all.
My second, more major issue, is regarding what Scott says in their manual about having spacers above the stem at all. Their manual says that you cannot have more than 5 mm of spacer above the stem. See here and here. Is this them wanting to avoid liability if you fell and hit yourself on a steerer with spacers above the stem or is a legitimate reason that's mechanical? The only thing I could think of/have seen is people talking about the stem not being in line with the expander if the stem was lower on the steerer which would be a risk of cracking the carbon steerer if you hit a bump or something. Is this a real concern? Seems kind of silly to me that you can't try out different stem heights before getting the steerer cut.
I'm planning on asking the LBS Scott dealer where I bought the bike these questions (I don't particularly trust them though as they're not highly regarded for their workmanship/customer service unfortunately - I prefer to use a different LBS but they aren't a Scott dealer so they will have no idea). I was also thinking about maybe even contacting Scott directly to ask but I thought I'd see if anyone here has had any experience with the concerns I had. Thanks!
Edit: I also found this video of someone adjusting an Addict stem (which I imagine is very similar other than the top cap cover thing?) and they don't seem to do any messing around with the expander or cut the steerer etc. Scott seems to send spacers with the Addict which seems contradictory if you're not supposed to have spacers above the stem. Properly confused now.
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2023.05.29 02:50 Rustiie_ I'm about to accuse my roommate of shitting on the bathroom floor and blaming it on my 6lb dog.... talk some sense into me PLS

TL:DR I can't keep things short. Buckle up.

Firstly, I NEVER wanted to post in this subforum lol. I just wanted to read about all your nasty roommates because I'd like to think I vet who moves into my house more thoroughly than American Border Control. THIS IS SO FUCKING WEIRD AND GROSS!

I have a roommate who's a liiiiitle on the weird side. I'm not sure if it's personality weird, mental health issues or that she's just 23 and... weird. But anyways.
I have a tiny little Yorkie / Pom mix. She weighs in at 6.2 lbs. Her Amber Turds are the size of my pinky, my thumb at most. So... when my roommate sends me a text saying my dog has had an accident in the bathroom and that it "looks like she tried to cover it with the bath mat because she was probably ashamed of messing in the house..." I ran into the bathroom to tidy her little mess.
OMFG y'all. My bath mat is one of those super long, super heavy ones that outweighs my dog when it's bone dry. Welp, all of it was completely folded and scrunched in a ball - a ball that would suggest someone had it in their hands and folded it/scrunched it, because there's no way in F my dog could roll that so tightly that shit soaked through every inch of it. The SHIT?! Dear fucking god, it WEIGHED MORE THAN MY DOG! When I took it outside to hose it down, I noticed it also was soaking wet with WATER that spread from the middle outwards, reaching nearly the whole thing. This was not urine - and my dog doesn't carry around a litre of water to just dump on things. The 2 piles of shit were right up against my tub, half ON the side of the tub. Please explain how a dog 8" tall shits 10" up on a tub wall?!

In my head I fully believe that my roommate ate some nasty Skip the Dishes at 2am (she was loud AF about it and was in/out of the bathroom til 3), maybe got a little drunk or high, did some fucked up SHITTING and then figured she'd blame it on the dog because there's no WAY my bath mat can be washed and put back - it's complete trash. How would she explain my missing bath mat?
Guys. I feel like I'm losing my mind. I can't come outright and accuse someone of this but what in the actual fuck. Am I paranoid? Is my dog a monster? Is there a fucking ghost? Like.. WTF lol
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2023.05.29 02:42 Dismal_Chemistry_225 AITA For crying over a haircut?

I (female) went to Great clips today. My mom (34 female) took me because I am still a minor, I've been growing my hair out sense 2020, it's shoulder length thick, fluffy, and curly. So it need to be tamed. I got long layers, thinning, and a trim along with some face framing. i don't mind a trim or thinning but I didn't want the long layers nor the face framing. I left in tears and spent almost and hour crying over how bad it is The face framing made me look chunkier than I already am, my bangs where cut to my lips but go above them bc if my curly hair. when you cut it it shrinks in size any makes it appear smaller. Everything done to my hair was NOT my choice it was my mothers, I didn't want a haircut in the first place. My bangs use to cover the side of my face making my face look less chunky, i now have a tiny strand as a bang and I'm now using the longer parts of my hair as bangs. My bangs are so uneven pieces are longer than the others or shorter. On the left side of my face my bangs go past my chin but curl up bc of my hair type and my right side of my face my bangs go above my lips and curl. This is absolutely not okay! My stylist was quite the whole time and didn't ask me anything about what I wanted to do with my hair, and as HE was cutting my bangs he'd be on one side of me and taking my bangs from the other side with the side he was on the other side and cutting it. They came out uneven and his cutting style on my bangs where so different. he did two different techniques on my hair. My hair looks like it was fine by a 3 year old. So I don't I'll be going back there anytime soon because of this.
Yes I do understand that my hair is curly and will shrink in size when cut but for it to come out uneven and totally different, is not okay. I spent an hour crying in the Hideaways Pizzas parking lot balling my eyes out. Bc how horrible my hair is. Great Clips need to properly train their employees so when they do a clients hair they don't leave the salon looking like an idiot and in tears. This is also not the first time this has happened in January my friend had the same stylist as me and he completely jacked up her hair. I also couldn’t ask for another stylist bc they where short staffed and the other employe was working on another client. Plus my mother wouldn’t have let me get another stylist.
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2023.05.29 02:33 man-of-transxp Business Casual/Professional Recommendation

Hey y'all! First time poster here but just wanted to share some wardrobe success. I've been shopping for a business casual wardrobe for a new job in person. I'm 5'11" 285 lbs for reference but I've seen some really phenomenal size inclusivity for both tall and short, thin and fat men at Jos. A. Bank! I never thought of it as a top contender but they have surprisingly size inclusive options. Their pants offer from a 29-34 inseam in most waist sizes, up to 50 (depending on availability). 29 inseams are really difficult to find and I was shocked at how many options there were. Shirts were also pretty size inclusive, up to a 4X. All the stuff I got from them was super comfortable and a lot of their collections are specifically designed for additional stretch in the hips and thighs. The other huge perk for folks still learning how to take measurements or find sizing is that their in person stores have really kind and helpful staff who walk you through how to find professional looking fits. They had a lot of things on clearance for fantastic prices and most things were on a normal sale for a good price, too. It's been my first time shopping with them but really cannot recommend them enough!
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2023.05.29 02:17 cbvv1992 🔥60% Off Code – $5.60 Women's Great Shapes High Waist Black One Size!!

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2023.05.29 02:07 DrManhattan16 The Quest for Funko Pops

It was...plain. Brown hair, white skin, and vague facial features made up the head, while the body was a t-shirt and jeans.
It felt like the Nike Off-Whites of Funko Pops.
"I gotta ask, what do you do with all the money you make off making these?" I asked off-handedly.
"Save money, but I always splurge a bit. Tonight, I'll probably buy a roast ham for my family if you buy this one. It's a milestone."
In my mind, I suddenly held the power of life over some distant pig, a dirty thing that was treated poorly until the time came to hack it apart. I would certainly never do such a thing myself, a half-eaten salad sitting on the front passenger seat of my car.
"You've got yourself a deal," I said as I handed over the money.
The Funko Pop pair in my hands were unique in that both were considered part of the same product.
The first had blue hair and fancy glasses over its feminine features. The cheeks were slightly bubbled. Tiny dots along the t-shirt indicated a host of pins and stickers, while its right hand held a cell phone up at the viewer. If I turned it, the screen was painted to look like it was writing a short bird message. There was some sentence about believing science on whatever space was left of the t-shirt.
The second had soft red hair and freckles. The eyes and mouth were curled into a smile, giving it a grandfatherly-expression. The clothes were that of a cowboy, but I could make out the words about making the nation great again on the shirt.
"You know who these two people are, right?" I asked the seller.
"Didn't this one literally set a hospital on fire?"
"And the other killed someone at the same protest, yeah."
"And you don't think it's weird to make figures about them?"
"Nothing weird about it. I'd be a fucking idiot to not try and cash in on currently trending people. What's weird are the people who come to buy it."
"What about them is weird?"
"Well, some are outright buying it because of what they did at that protest. The other type just buys it because they liked what those people did before the protest."
I nodded in understanding. Both were renowned philanthropists, responsible for funding education, housing, and medical facilities for the impoverished. Even my grandmother, who didn't pay attention to the news, effusively praised them.
"What about collectors who just want a full collection? Like me?"
"To be honest, you struck me initially as the kind of person who buys things because other people hate it."
"You've got yourself a deal," I said as I handed over the money.
This Funko Pop's hair was longer than I had expected, the blonde curls extending to the waist. I did like, however, that the book in its left hand was in pristine condition, that was hard to get and why I had driven so far to get it. Also, the business shirt and skirt looked damn cute.
"Kinda weird to see one for her," I remarked.
"I don't, uh, follow? Sorry, it just feels totally normal that they made one for her. I mean, fuck TERFs and all that, but she is a billionaire." The seller squinted at me. "Are you a TERF? I don't sell to them."
"No, no, not at all. Just found it weird, that's all. It's just, the reason she's famous is way old now. It had its moment, who cares now?"
"Yeah, but all the kids who read her stuff grew up and can now buy movie tickets and merchandise. Like a Funko Pop," they said, gesturing to the figure in my hand.
"True, true. Are you-"
"Listen, I'm very busy. Are you going to buy it or not?"
"Sorry, just checking one last thing. I thought you said in your text you'd be free all day, though? Just wondering, that's all."
"She," the seller pointed at the figure, "is coming to this town to talk about how everyone needs to tell their representative to vote a certain way on that one bill, and I don't want to be in this place when she gives her hateful rant. I'm only here because you're the only one willing to buy this from me, everyone else I know won't touch it."
It made sense, I supposed.
"You've got yourself a deal," I said as I handed over the money. Untraceable at the seller's insistence, since officially tracked re-sales sent a portion of the money to the depicted person.
I frowned at the figure in my hand. The hair looked even more painted on than official images suggested. It was as if a black sharpie had been used on the chocolate skin instead of permanent paint. Still, at least the red clothes and skull necklace didn't look as cheap.
"So...Hey, HEY! Can you turn that down a bit!" I shouted at the seller.
They turned the music down. "Sorry, what were you saying?"
"Uh...I forgot. But that was his famous song, right?" I pointed at the figure.
"He's got multiple famous albums, my friend. But yes, it was his music. I have all his stuff."
"Neat. How come you're selling this, then? Do you not like Funko Pops?"
"Nah. That's for kids to play with." They paused. "Or collectors to buy, sorry."
I waved it off with my other hand. "Did you hear about what he said recently?"
"What are you referring to?"
"He was talking about how he would ensure all people of certain religions were removed from government positions."
"Oh, really? I guess I need to catch up on the news. I drove a while to get here, so..."
"Right. You've got yourself a deal," I said as I handed over the money. I knew a portion of it would undoubtedly find its way into the depicted person's political campaign.
I didn't even look at the figure in the seller's hand. "Excuse me, are you by any chance-"
He rolled his eyes. "Yes, I'm Adolf Hitler. The man who ordered six million Jews and many others killed. I started World War 2 and got resettled here as a condition of surrendering."
"Huh. So...why are you dealing in Funko Pops?"
"I'm trying to establish myself as an artist, and making custom figurines pays well. Do you want it or not?"
"...Out of curiosity, what do you do with all the money you make? I saw that you made several hundred thousand just last year alone."
"Fund my local Neo-Nazi chapter. They killed two undesirables last month, I really wish they wouldn't slack like that. Anyway, do you want it or not?"
I stared at him for a moment, then down at the figure.
"You've got yourself a deal," I said as I handed over the money.
As I drove home that day, I looked at the plastic box placed where the passenger's feet would be. It had been empty when I started and was now totally full. In terms of collecting, it had been a spectacular success.
A part of me wondered just how stained my soul had become this day.
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2023.05.29 02:04 2kingstwo23to24 Should my narcissist MIL have the same boundaries as my mom in regards to posting LO on social media?

I wrote out a long post but it was too long so here I am again trying to ask without all the added background of how my MIL has fucked me up and all the things shes done. Long story short. She has abused me in many ways, one being on social media. On our honeymoon i shared sneak peaks that our photographer shared on her page. So i shared them to mine. MIL was pissed and cried and made a huge ordeal because she didnt get to post first. Like wtf. It ruined 2 days of our honeymoon where i was depressed and beside myself bc MIL was texting us with all this drama. This was all over 2 years ago but I have been scared to post since because idk what shes gonna say to me. Considering everything ive ever posted she comes back at me in disagreement somehow or negativity.
So i never post. But I thought i should announce that I had LO. After a very traumatizing birth (labour unmedicated for 17 hours just to have an emergency c section) I just couldnt handle what she might do. So i waited a week. I was afraid. And of course she has to go right after me and do it. More people congratulating her than me. Which kinda hurt bc when we told her i was in labour she said “i knew God was going to do something new in me today” making even my labour and birth about her. I didn’t want people congratulating her, im sorry.
Anyways, she copied my exact post and shared it to her friends right after but she added this “blessing” into it. She is a Christian and uses it for power. To look high and mighty. Like okay youre doing this “blessing” on facebook that he will never see. Why not give it in a card or something? Oh right you have to let everyone know you’re this amazing holy grandmother.
After a very traumatizing visit last week with MIL- that i tried to share but it was too long - she has the audacity to do this. i haven’t posted anything for 2 months bc of this fear. I get up the courage to post for his 2 month, this was just one week after this traumatic visit. Where she didn’t even say hi to me, took LO from me without asking, and made sure i knew how unneeded I am, and the comment to LO “see daddy is your favourite”. right after i post we get a text from her saying:
“Happy Two months to ***! Celebrating with mom and dad! We are proud of you and how you are doing so well as parents. 🫶 May I share a few photos of ** on FB? If so, Are you okay if I include a few photos with you all from last weekend? Wanting to honor you all - and totally trust what is right for you guys. 💞 Love you all!-😘”
LOL what the actual fuck. Where did all this love come from?! Pretty sure there is maybe 1 photo of me and my husband where i wasn’t looking. And the only reason FIL has a picture is because i took one for him. But honestly, can I not fucking post without MIL coming along side me and having to do the same?! Yeah im glad she asked before posting but its the way shes doing it to manipulate and guilt us. Like this love bombing is messing my head so bad. Oh and to top it off my husband told her no kissing after she kissed him at the visit. She was pissed. She comments on my post tagging my moms comment about his chubby cheeks and says “i agree, his cheeks are too irresistible and need lovies” and ends it with “sending love to mom and dad” like keep your disgusting lips off of my baby. And why is she acting like shes nice to me?!
My mom has shared 2 posts with my LO and my nieces without asking but i know its not for her benefit. Plus they were 2 pictures i sent her not with her posing for 2 hours snapping every picture she can with herself and my baby. MIL was obsessive and every photo she is in. She has more photos with my baby than I do. And it pisses me off. But this is where im conflicted. I want to say no you cant share. My husband does too. But its the fact my mom has.
So all of this to say. Do I need to keep boundaries with my N MIL the same as my mom who actually loves my son and doesn’t use him to boost herself? Should I allow her to post? Its been two days since her text and we haven’t responded. Even tho husband is adamant that we say no you cant post. i feel guilty and like i need to allow her to. But Cant she just share photos with those close to her? Why does she have to post on social media?! And why every time i do?!
Sorry if this post is everywhere and confusing. And comes off as angry. It’s because i am quite confused and angry and don’t know what to do.
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2023.05.29 01:59 throwawaysuperr What paths are there with a business development/sales background in NYC? Do I have the same upward mobility income-wise as finance/tech guys with niche skills?

Little bit of a long post, so tldr at the bottom.
To make a long story short, I never interned in college or thought about a professional career because I was an athlete. The pandemic ended that, and the only understanding I had of a successful job was by looking at tech/finance bros that made 100k+ entry level. Of course, having no qualifications or niche skills, I knew I had to lower my expectations a little and got my start at a commission based sales job in NYC. That was how I got into business development/sales.
Almost two years later, I’m now at a cozy job in sponsorship sales. I work only 30 hours per week, have a 60k base plus 10k in commissions annually. I have a great work life balance with probably too much time on my hands, and I know that if I broke down my pay to an hourly rate it’s pretty good.
But it’s not enough. Everyone in the office tells me that it takes time to land the bigger accounts to bring home bigger commissions, and I just need to give it a few years for my base + commissions to increase. But even then, looking at the highest earning salespeople in the office, third place takes home about 35k in commission. Second place 40k. First place is 55k. When you consider the fact that their base is probably 100k or more since they’re all VPs, that seems like an okay number. But is it really?
I guess what I’m wondering is, is this what the normal income progression for a biz dev career looks like? I’m almost 25 years old now. Are you telling me that I have to wait about 5 years to increase my commission from 10k annually to 40k-ish, with at most an increase of maybe 20k-30k in base? I’d be 30 years old with a salary of around $120k in NYC. Surely I can do better than that in a city like this, right?
I apologize if my perspective is a little skewed by looking at IB and tech jobs when I’m not in that field. But I see that jobs in those industries could easily net someone with senior experience close to 500k a year. So that begs the question - is that possible with a biz dev background too? Or is that 120k a year by the time I’m 30 pretty normal for biz dev and exactly what I should be expecting?
If it’s possible, then what fields should I focus on? E.g tech/saas sales, finance sales (relationship manager at a hedge fund, etc), or something else? Or do the high earners with a biz dev background have an exit strategy of some kind?
TLDR, is it possible for someone with a business development background to be making those 300k+ numbers in a few years, the same way VPs in investment banking or tech developers do? If so, how? Is there an exit strategy or a specific field of biz dev I need to get into?
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2023.05.29 01:30 beautifulmess579 Best shapewear for gown shopping?

It’s been ages since I’ve put on shapewear or even bought any type of dress! I’m a size 16 in pants with an apron belly and very full hips. What shapewear have you found that helps smooth things out as much as possible? I’d like something that’s not an a body suit- looking for lower body only, I have a small waist and a short torso so I struggle with fit.
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2023.05.29 01:28 Jaye-Bee A small milestone, but I did it 🥰

I only acknowledged I’m a trans woman just under two months ago. My wife and I were clothes shopping and I saw these awesome looking ripped boyfriend jeans. Women’s jeans. The biggest size they had was a 34 inch waist. Less than two years ago, I was pushing close to a men’s 42 inch waist. I had lost a bunch of weight and I really wanted those jeans but I knew I’d need to try them on.
I hmmd and hawed while looking at some other things and my wife went off to look at something else. I finally found the courage. I picked up those jeans, took them over, and asked a staff member if I could try them on and she gave me a big smile and said of course. She took me over to the change room. My wife couldn’t believe it. I tried the jeans on and I omg, they fit me (yay). I wasn’t sure about the length (kinda capri) and I mentioned it to the staff member and she went out of her way to try and help me find something similar, but longer. The store didn’t (I still may go back and get them lol), but I did it. I faced a really big fear and beat it.
The best was when we got to the car, my wife was practically jumping in the car telling me how proud she is of me. I’m so happy right now 🥰
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