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Tattoo artists in Perth

2015.12.19 20:52 HipsterAnt Tattoo artists in Perth

Tattoo artists in perth, geometric and watercolour designs looking to start a sleeve, but want to know what the tattoo shops of perth are capable of rather than just traditional bogan tatts

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2011.11.26 03:58 lorenlogan Tattoo Designs

Planning your first or your next? Share or request advice, resources, and thoughts on the tattoo design process with other enthusiasts. Post tattoos, tattoo artwork, or inspiration. For first-timers, casual collectors, and full blown fans running out of blank skin! Tattoo apprentices, experienced tattoo artists, and artists who prefer inert canvases are all welcome!

2023.05.29 04:30 skyw4itor Artist advice

So I got a couple of sleeves designed, and I absolutely love them. My problem is that the guy didn't tell me that he quit being an artist during the pandemic and only designs now. I heard it's rude to ask another artist to tattoo someone else's style and design, and I wanted to know how I should proceed from here
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2023.05.29 04:15 brennywhy Any other JETs placed in Kanazawa-Shi or Ishikawa prefecture?

I got placed and I’m super excited with Kanazawa city! Just wondering what other people’s experiences have been like there? Also if anyone else got it and wants to connect before we depart 😊
Something I’m especially interested in is tattoo acceptance in the city as I know it’s an arty/crafty city. I have full arm and leg sleeves so am quite tattooed.. I went around Japan last year and everywhere I went was super lovely and interested, so I’m not worried about japanese people’s opinions, but wondering things like onsens/gyms in the prefecture etc.
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2023.05.29 04:13 ElderEmoPimo Trying to plan for my arms

Okay so I have 2 tattoos currently and I’m wanting to start working on my arms. I have a plan for one arm but the other is where I’m stuck. For my left arm I want to do a black and grey realism sleeve with nature as the theme. I want an owl, fox, and deer to be the focal points and I want to incorporate mushrooms into the forestry.
For my other arm I had initially planned on doing some minimalistic tattoos and calling it a day. But I have fallen in love with American traditional. I’d love to have my other arm be an Am Trad patchwork sleeve, but I fear the contrast between my arms will be too jarring.
Any advice for a tattoo newbie? Do you think this will look good/bad? Any suggestions for either arm?
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2023.05.29 04:06 Limp_Dream_2437 Sleeve by Aneta at Gilded Goblin Tattoo in South Australia

Sleeve by Aneta at Gilded Goblin Tattoo in South Australia
This was completed in 2021 and I’m still so in love with it. Needs a few small touch ups but haven’t had a chance to get these fixed due to health reasons.
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2023.05.29 03:55 kaleiiii Allergic reaction on old tattoo?

Hey guys! I have had my sleeve for 3 years and the healing process was completely normal with no issues. In the last week or so, I noticed some itchy bumps on ink at the bend of my arm. The ink there is raised and I think it is spreading to the surrounding ink as well. My sleeve is tribal and there is quite a few breaks between the lines/shading and the bumps are only on the tattooed skin. Could this be a late allergic reaction or another kind of infection? If anyone has experienced this before please let me know what helped! Thank you so much in advance.
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2023.05.29 03:41 i-ia Is 600 a steep price for a floral wrap inspired by this tattoo?

Is 600 a steep price for a floral wrap inspired by this tattoo?
I’ve been wanting to get a wrap around tattoo as a sleeve and I have no idea what price ranges are like for pieces like these, but the artist I’m working with is quoting me 600-650 for 2 sessions based on the pictures above. I feel like this is a simpler sleeve piece that isn’t too complex so maybe I’m getting ripped off?
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2023.05.29 02:17 Builtfromcarbon What is it with people here and tattoos? It often feels to me that there are more folk here with tattoos than those without any...

Im a fella, early 30s,no tattoos.
Tattooists must be raking in the money.
We hear about companies in NI which are "doing well" eg Kainos, Randox...some of the Tattooists might not be far behind them...(okay thats a joke...kinda)
It often feels to me that (in folk under 50 anyway) there are more folk with tattoos than this without any.
I use Tinder (prob not particuarly representative of the population, I know...but still) and it seems like a collassal % of girls there have at least one tattoo.
In person, with the good weather of recent, I notice people in the park with tattoos- men with the arm "sleeve" etc
Has anyone else noticed a high number of tattooed people in NI?
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2023.05.29 00:42 ECK-2188 Not even the stupid homeless scumbags on Union Square can bring my happiness down.

So as of late I’ve been kicking ass in recovery.
A year and a half sober and officially 6mos clean.
Today some mentally-challenged homeless dirtbag who didn’t know how to mind his own business made it his point to try and get over on me with a conversation (that he started on his own, typical NYC shit) making off-hand remarks about my sleeve tattoos and how well I’m dressed (I was on my way to church) needless to say the entire 2minutes of unnecessary dialogue was underwhelming to say the least.
I walked into Whole Foods leaving the prick to his own devices but I couldn’t help but wonder:
“Why am I not as bothered by that as I should be?”
While I was walking down the aisles looking at all the overpriced produce I realized that the work I’ve been putting in staying clean and sober has gotten me to the level of contentment where I am in life right now.
Idk maybe it’s the weather being so nice as of late but…it sure feels wonderful not to be brooding and feeling unwell with myself anymore.
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2023.05.28 23:21 Queen-of-Arab 23 [F4M] Alberta - Hopeless Romantic Submissive

I’m 23 years old; I grew up in Canada but I’m ethnically from the East.
I’m a researcher in the medical field. I simultaneously graduated from two programs having had 13 classes in one semester. Besides the many other things I have going for myself, my hobbies and volunteer position in the hospital keep me busy too.
A substantial part of me is the poetry I write, I love to travel, go on long drives, late night walks and star gazing. I'm an only girl that grew up with boys so my vice is video games. I love exploring new places and going out in the city. I’m a big foodie so I cook and bake as well and my nieces and nephews take up a big place in my heart too.
Besides being a super fast texter I’m a badass that can whoop your ass in call of duty. I’m also a psychiatrist in the making and I’m publishing a poetry book. You can mostly find me in the kitchen making your favourite food while I whine to afrobeats. Submissive by nature & by practice.
Now that I’ve gotten the basics down we’ll take this the “head, shoulders, knees and toes” route haha.
The following will show you exactly why I'm the perfect wif- I mean submissive for you.\viewer discretion is advised, you may possibly fall in love*
I truly believe that the way you present yourself defines who you are hence I dress to impress. I have an incredibly feminine vibe and you’ll mostly find me in skirts, dresses, corsets and heels. I do usually quiet a room when I enter so you can imagine on your own.
I love to collect lingerie so there is no in between of what I wear to bed, it’s either that or your t-shirt and thigh highs because I have an obsession with socks.
I cannot see (-3.75) so when we wake up in the morning its a plus point for you that I won't be able to make out your messy self- hence you have enough time to fix up before I pop my lenses in haha.
I do wear glasses but only at night or when I plan to tease you with a glasses acquainted outfit.
I have three tattoos all around my upper thigh and hip area; as you can see in the attachment above.
My level of emotional intelligence is very high and I'm very in tune with my emotions. I'm someone that wears my heart on my sleeve so if you have my attention there isn't anything I'm not willing to do for you whether that's dressing in your favourite colours or waiting for you at the dining table after I've set a beautiful table with a yummy dinner.
I may be 5’3 but I’m feisty and can pack a punch so get ready to tussle in bed when you try to restraint me because I rolled my eyes at you. That being said I might take a completely different route sometimes and just tippie toe as I tug your shirt and pull you down so I can whisper what I want in your ear and make you melt as I give you doe eyes. You won’t even know what hit you until we’re on our way to get Nutella ice cream and Boston pizza way past my bedtime Daddy.
I can't do math. sorry can't be your dream mathematician sub "What's 37+56 you ask? I don't know love & I don't plan on finding out so unfortunately if we ever have a budget, you're handling it."
I'm very attentive and I pay attention to detail and I'm not afraid to go the extra mile to show you how much I care.
My love language is physical touch and quality time
I don't have a lot of hands on experience but I have been in D/S relationships before. Most derived from long term relationships so I'm not into casual or short term things for mere sexual activity. I like to understand you as an individual before I pursue you as a dominant.
Submission Style:
Domination Style Preference:
Could be one of any above..
*24-45 years of age
I belong to you in mind, heart, body & soul. I would exist for your pleasure in turn I would want someone that could read me before I can even understand how I feel. Someone that could lay one gaze on me and put fire within my soul. From across the room, in heavy gathering or the mere distance of me standing before you, our bodies must speak before your tongue eloquently guides me. Someone that could understand the happiness that resides in a rainy night for me. How I imagine us intertwined in the sheets, your hands in my hair, your gaze on my every move and your response to every moan that leaves my mouth. For you could be looking at me for the hundredth time and I would shy away like it’s the first because you’d gaze into my soul every time.
I’m looking for someone established but that doesn’t mean you can’t approach me if you are on your way there. I want to build a life together.
*location doesn’t matter as I’m willing to relocate
“Every night when silence draws near I would stand in prayer and thank my god for writing them in my destiny. Climbing into bed, pecking their lips soft enough that they feel me in their presence but not enough to wake them from their peace. I’d trace my fingers around their mesmerizing features, memorizing every inch of their face like it’s the last time I’m seeing it. There is no part of me that wouldn’t belong to them. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. I would be that one possession in their life that even if they lost everything they would still think they have the world at their feet because they has me. I’m a simple women, I prefer a rose over expensive gifts or even a small gesture like their smile when they hold my hand could make my day. They and I.. we’d be two pieces of one heart and soul.”
Wilting Love 🥀 (a long time ago)
If any of this resonated with you, don't hesitate to message me with a picture of yourself and whatever it is you’d like to say ☺️
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2023.05.28 22:51 Emotional-Chapter227 Pimples on arm as tattoo heals

So, my last appointment working on my sleeve was on 4/28 and since then I have been using the tattoo balm she makes twice a day for 3 weeks and then after that I’ve been using sunscreen every day, first thing in the morning. However, I’m dealing with little pimples breaking out here and there on my arm. Some of them aren’t on the actual artwork, but some of them are. Not sure what I’m doing to cause them, or how to get rid of them. Suggestions? Thanks!
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2023.05.28 22:16 luluskyskrprr How should I finish up my "sleeve" aka hand tattoo/ filler ideas.

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2023.05.28 22:01 Erotic_Mango_Unicorn I need help

I need help
I'm thinking about getting one of these as my first tattoo, as a sleeve. I enjoy both, but I don't want just a copy and paste tattoo. Any ideas to help spice it up?
Side note, how will these age?
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2023.05.28 21:51 valdeeexx Tattoos and non believer

Tattoos and non believer
Hi im 26 year old men from northern europe i am not devotee (hope i use right Words dont wanna be disrespectfull) anyway i think im going tl get tattoo like this in june. But for me it represents Joy of life and memory of my dead loved ones and it kinda would help me to remember to embrace the mortality. So am i disresctfull to believers ? Im Christian in religious ways ..
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2023.05.28 21:29 totganya00 25 [F4M] I hope you're the one.

Hello, I’m just really looking for someone I can vibe and talk to. And maybe see if there’s a chance for it to be something serious? It’s a lazy sunday for me right now and the time is so slooow. Hit me up! SFW please 🙂
About me:
• 5’5, Aries, INFP, Chubby (working out and active sa gym), I look decent and def cute 😂, has tattoos (getting my full sleeve soon).
•Working and knows how to drive
• A fan of music (send me some song recommendations pls 🥹)
• Cat lover
• Been interested in film photography lately and getting a motorcycle (Honda Rebel 1100)
• Loves to watch movies with someone
• I can really be clingy when I’m already comfortable
• My love language: Quality time, acts of service and physical touch ( I know ldr tapos physical touch pa 🥲 iyak.)

About you:
• I really don’t care about the age
• Taller than me please
• Hopefully can help me carry the convo 🥲 (Introvert and minsan hirap ako mag buhat ng convo lol)
• Working and knows how to drive din sana (so we can take turns if ever umuwi ako sa PH and we go on a roadtrip together)
• A cat lover too 🥹
• Single
• Knows boundaries. Matured and Independent

(If you’re still curious about me don’t hesitate to ask. And I’m in US rn so I hope you’re okay with LDR)
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2023.05.28 21:18 Dallzyo Irezumi tattoo

I was thinking of getting an japanese dragon tattoo but only to cover my thigh and to to full circle around in, now i know irezumi tattoos are usually full sleeve tattoos, i already talked to my tattoo artist and he is making a sketch already but he also told me it would be better to go full sleeve but can do only thigh if i want it like that. So i am wondering is it going to be weird if i dont go full leg sleeve?
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2023.05.28 21:18 Theecartip Can I, male, have piercings?

I am looking into becoming a flight attendant in the US since I have loved plane rides since I was much younger. I have 14 tattoos, all which are very easily hidden by long sleeves and pants, and 9 piercings. I have 2 nose piercings and the rest are on my ears. I’m dreading having to take out the ear piercings since I absolutely love them.
I have my industrial, which is my favorite piercing - a bar on the top of my ear, and I absolutely do not want to take it out but I could if need be. Am I allowed to wear a plastic bar at all or just no piercings whatsoever?
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2023.05.28 21:14 totganya00 25 [F4M] I hope you're the one.

Hello, I’m just really looking for someone I can vibe and talk to. And maybe see if there’s a chance for it to be something serious? It’s a lazy sunday for me right now and the time is so slooow. Hit me up! SFW please 🙂
About me:
• 5’5, Aries, INFP, Chubby (working out and active sa gym), I look decent and def cute 😂, has tattoos (getting my full sleeve soon).
•Working and knows how to drive
• A fan of music (send me some song recommendations pls 🥹)
• Cat lover
• Been interested in film photography lately and getting a motorcycle (Honda Rebel 1100)
• Loves to watch movies with someone
• I can really be clingy when I’m already comfortable
• My love language: Quality time, acts of service and physical touch ( I know ldr tapos physical touch pa 🥲 iyak.)
About you:
• I really don’t care about the age
• Taller than me please
• Hopefully can help me carry the convo 🥲 (Introvert and minsan hirap ako mag buhat ng convo lol)
• Working and knows how to drive din sana (so we can take turns if ever umuwi ako sa PH and we go on a roadtrip together)
• A cat lover too 🥹
• Single
• Knows boundaries. Matured and Independent
(If you’re still curious about me don’t hesitate to ask. And I’m in US rn so I hope you’re okay with LDR)
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2023.05.28 20:16 Mortimer_Whimsiwick World Hunger Games: 17th Hunger Games: Day 2

With the first day gone, Artemis and Luther gave their analysis and previewed public polls. Mortimer had usurped Wolvthorne (7) as the favourite to win after his victory against the District 1 tributes as well as exercising his chemistry prowess. Surprisingly, Cat had risen up the ranks as well, being the third favourite to win. Luther remarked how if Mortimer wins the games, they would have the seventh consecutive Golden Victor on their hands. Artemis then said the same could be said about Cat if she does something spectacular with her therapy skills. Luther reminded everyone that they were two tributes away from the final round of bets.
The cameras checked on the progress of the tributes. Mortimer stepped away from the boiling water to gather more logs for his raft project while his allies slumbered. Andrei (2) and Wolvthorne (7) were resting back at the cornucopia after failing to find more tributes. What they didn’t know was that John (9) had managed to steal a water bottle and a knife from them while on patrol. Carnelia and Logan (11) both were still in the eastern sector while Horace (10) continued to stay out of sight. Wren (5) and Jassy (12) were struggling to sleep inside a hollowed out log yards away from the lake shore.
Cat and Pearl awoke to see Mortimer napping on a nearly completed raft. Cat correctly guessed he stayed up all night working on it. She asked Pearl why he was making it. Pearl explained his logic behind it and Cat agreed it made sense something valuable would be on the other side. Pearl woke Mortimer from his nap while Cat filled the water bottles and pulled out the sandwiches. Mortimer was annoyed with himself for dozing off, but Pearl assured him nothing had happened since the portraits of the fallen. She urged him to eat breakfast before resuming his raft project. He relented and the two joined Cat.
Cat out of the blue asked if he could sing like his mentor. Mortimer was caught off guard but shook his head. Pearl regaled how Gill would sometimes burst into spontaneous song when visiting The Brine. Cat said that from a therapist’s perspective, it’s good to have someone in the community keep spirits high. Mortimer asked if Phoebe was hers, to which Cat nodded. She said that if she wins, she will provide District 6 another high spirits person. She asked the two what they would do if they won. Pearl announced her intent to open her own restaurant and clean the Grotto Hole neighbourhood. Mortimer agreed that the place needed some “R&R”. The two girls stared at him. He realised he hadn’t answered Cat’s question and rolled his eyes. He admitted he would hopefully marry his girlfriend and get his father some medical treatment. Cat seemed confused by him saying hopefully, but he returned to his raft project before she could ask. Pearl told her, “I appreciate what you’ve been trying to do for him. Considering he’s the most likely of us to go home, he needs to be in a better headspace.” Cat smiled and patted her on the back. She went off to relieve herself with Pearl accompanying her.
The next two hours went without much incident. There was some entertainment in Wolvthorne (7)’s agitation of not finding more tributes, Andrei (2) complaining about the smell, and the D11 tributes munching on leeches. However, interest was peaking when the tracking system caught Wolvthorne and Andrei (2) unknowingly closing in on Cat and the D4 tributes. A moment of triumph came when Mortimer had completed his raft, which measured 6’x10’. Pearl asked how they knew it would float. Cat decided to test it by standing on it while Mortimer pushed it off the shore. He kept it from floating away using the sturdy rope. A big smile spread across Mortimer’s face when seeing it float. He pulled the raft back in and suggested they pack up and begin their journey.
The three began gathering their materials. Cat went to grab the last backpack when all of a sudden, she heard a splash of water. She looked up and spotted Andrei and Wolvthorne bursting through the brush. She dropped the backpack and blocked Andrei’s attack with her sword. She dodged his next attack but wasn’t aware of Wolvthorne circling around to kill her. He was stopped by Pearl, who threw a rock at his head. Wolvthorne looked up and spotted her and Mortimer at the edge of the lake. He raged at the sight of Mortimer and bolted towards them. Pearl jumped onto the raft and urged Mortimer and Cat to retreat. Mortimer realized she was right as he had left his trident on the raft. As for Cat, she turned to see Mortimer and Pearl push off the shore and escape Wolvthorne. Desperate to reach them in time, she spat in Andrei’s face and slashed his face with her sword. She dove into the water and swam towards the raft. Artemis guessed she was a strong swimmer as she managed to catch up to the raft. Pearl quickly pulled her up onto the raft. All the while Wolvthorne threatened Mortimer with a gruesome death, his language having to be censored by the Capital.
The trio slowly moved through the lake, relieved to be far away from danger. The first hour was silent as Cat was upset with nearly being left behind. Pearl sensed the tension and waited for the first person to speak up. Unfortunately, Mortimer was unperturbed and continued to watch the trees and the water’s surface. In the commentator’s booth, Artemis described the drama as juicy and wondered if they would turn on one another. Luther was on the fence as well, remembering how Mortimer left without hesitation. Eventually, Pearl broke the silence and said, “Will someone please start talking as I’m tired of hearing the dead air.” Cat said she’d be willing to talk if her partner apologized. The annoyed and oblivious Mortimer asked what he had to be sorry for. Cat reminded him that he didn’t try to help her fight Andrei and left her to die. He argued that there was no time, but Cat recalled how he stood there “like a passive waste” as she struggled against Andrei and Pearl hurled rocks at Wolvthorne. Mortimer took offence to that comment. The two began hurling insults at each other while Pearl stood watching. She tried interjecting but her voice was lost in the chaos. Strangely enough, Andrei and Wolvthorne could hear the pandemonium while running along the shoreline. Their interest caused them to miss John (9) sneaking past and hightailing it to the cornucopia. The fight ended when Cat accused Mortimer of plotting to kill her and he blurted out, “I only kept you around for Pearl. But when an opportunity presented itself, I took it. I refuse to get screwed over again.” Cat was surprised by the sudden revelation and her face morphed to one of shock and understanding.
Mortimer was frustrated by the whole ordeal and sarcastically said, “Well, now the cat’s out of the bag. You now know after all this, I still have issues. Are you happy?” As he said the last sentence, he thrust his arms in the air and accidentally sent Pearl plummeting into the water. The splash pushed the raft forward. Mortimer quickly anchored the raft to a tree and Cat asked if she was alright. Pearl gave them a thumbs up, reminding her that she could swim. Cat urged her to return to the raft. Suddenly, Mortimer was freaking out. He noticed that the chemistry kit was missing from the backpack. Pearl guessed it fell in the water and sank to the bottom. She volunteered to swim down and grab it. He objected to this idea and offered to go himself. But before he could dive in, he saw nothing but the ripples on the surface. Underwater cameras found Pearl navigating the cloudy water searching for the kit, which was fortunately sealed in a waterproof box. Leeches attached themselves to her arms and legs, but she continued to swim. On the surface, Mortimer began berating himself for what happened. Cat assured him it was an accident and that Pearl could take care of herself. Mortimer felt slight relief, commenting how she did set the breath holding record.
Suddenly, something floating in the distance caught his eye. From his perspective, it looked similar to a log. However, when he squinted and leaned closer, he could make out big green eyes. It was a ten foot alligator and it was swimming closer. Mortimer’s terror heightened when he spotted two more coming from behind it. Pearl found the kit and burst out of the water, surfacing a mere three metres away from the raft. When she disrupted the water’s surface tension, this signalled to the alligators of prey in the water and they darted towards her. Cat screamed for her to get out of the water. The confused and terrified Pearl turned to see the sudden danger and screamed. She tossed the kit onto the middle of the raft and swam desperately to Cat’s outstretched hand. Mortimer grabbed his trident and was ready to stab any gators that came near.
The first alligator reached the raft before her and was on course to bite her head clean off, but was quickly stabbed in the neck by Mortimer and pushed away before it could do anything. A split second before Pearl could grab Cat’s hand, the second gator latched its jaws onto her right foot and began to pull her under. Mortimer impulsively dove into the water with trident in hand. He stabbed it in the eye and pushed its jaws open to help Pearl escape. Seconds later, the third and final gator latched onto Pearl’s waist and wrenched her free from Mortimer’s grasp. Mortimer cursed to himself, the bubbles giving the Capital a brief comedic moment in the chaos. He swam up to the surface to catch his breath before diving back down to save his partner. It didn’t take long to find his partner still in the gator’s clutches. His fear for her safety heightened when the gator began rolling and twisting her body around like a ragdoll.
In the commentator’s booth, Luther explained to the audience that the gator was commencing a “death roll”, an effective technique they use to kill and dismember their prey. Mortimer quickened his pace and lined his shot up when suddenly, the gator’s tail slapped him across the face. The sharp tip of the tail cut across his right eye, emitting a small mist of blood into the green water. The unexpected attack blinded Mortimer and caused him to drop his trident. He covered his eye to see better and saw the gator still rolling Pearl. He swam towards them and wrapped his hands around the gator’s neck. He fastened his legs around the neck and jabbed both of his thumbs into its eyes. The rolling stopped but the gator didn’t let go of Pearl’s now limp body. Mortimer grabbed the snout and pulled back as hard as he could, only sending everyone deeper into the lake. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted his trident and abandoned the gator to grab it. The gator tried to swim away, but Mortimer was quicker and stabbed it in the back of the neck, paralysing it and causing it to drown five minutes later.
Unfortunately, a cannon sounded while he was away. Pearl’s body floated to the surface, a mass amount of red spreading around her lifeless body. Mortimer dragged her body towards the raft and received assistance from Cat. Cat checked her vitals as he dragged himself onto the raft, still covering his eye. Cat stared at him with teary eyes and shook her head, signifying Pearl’s death. Mortimer began to cry, mourning the loss of his partner. The tears irritated his injured eye, making the scene all the more devastating. It was reported that back in District 4’s town square, Pearl’s older sister Henrietta was arrested after assaulting a peacekeeper in anger after he mocked her death to his comrade.
Cat cut off a sleeve of her Lycra swim piece and created a makeshift rag. Mortimer rummaged through his chemistry kit, Luther calling it his “hat of tricks”, and grabbed some leftover algae in a vial. Cat insisted he let her do it, but Mortimer argued that he had to do it. Cat grabbed a leech from Mortimer’s leg and dropped it in. Mortimer then poured in the last of his hydrogen peroxide, placing it in a stopper before shaking the tube. He then stared at the tube as the contents became a black goo. When the process was completed, he ignited it, creating a flame with a sulphury smell. Cat realized his hands were shaking at this point and insisted she apply the goo to his eye. Mortimer relented and allowed her to do so. She told him he was lucky his eyeball was unaffected but had to use some of their water to wash the blood out.
During the process, the two ignored the two cannons that rang in the distance. They were revealed to be Wren (5) and Carnelia (11), both having fallen victim to the alligator mutts. The difference was that Jassy (12) refused to budge from her small island while Logan (11) was relieving himself when his partner died. The arena was silent overall as the surviving tributes collected themselves from the attacks. Other notable events being Andrei (2) and Wolvthorne (7) fending off a congregation of five alligators, being considered one of the most dangerous mutt packs ever.
Back in the commentator’s booth, Artemis was geeking out over the recent events. She considered Andrei and Wolvthorne barely Golden Victor material, adding that Mortimer was “definite”. Luther claimed to believe Cat was the same as well, with Artemis claiming she was a hair away. She diverted the topic to Mortimer and his great performance taking on three gators single-handedly. Luther wondered how he was feeling after failing to save Pearl, guessing he was blaming himself. This made Artemis interested in whether Cat could exercise more of her therapy skills.
Mortimer and Cat sat in silence as the raft continued to drift into the northwest sector. Cat took it upon herself to steer as Mortimer was lying down lost in a pool of tears. Cat eventually sat down and asked him if he was alright. At first, he didn’t answer, prompting Cat to tell him, “As your therapist, I suggest you let it all out. It will make you feel better.” The therapist part received a weird look, but Mortimer took a deep breath. More tears came out as he blamed himself for Pearl’s death, pointing out that he was the one who caused her to fall out. Cat assured him that it was an accident, but Mortimer argued that if he didn’t have trust issues with Cat, they wouldn’t have been fighting in the first place. Adding insult to injury, Pearl’s final act was to put his chemistry kit (their survival) over her own life. Cat agreed that his trust issues were a problem. She told him to explain what he thinks is the root cause of his issues. Mortimer was reluctant, but Cat explained that being honest about his childhood and inner demons could make all the difference. She rhetorically asked, “Whether you die here or win this thing, you want to go out a new man or not?” Mortimer admitted she had a point and decided to regale his childhood experience.
As told by Mortimer, he grew up with his father Edward Beckett, Faroe Island Base engineer, and his unemployed mother Ursula. After a workplace accident fractured his back, he was medically discharged and sent back to District 4. With no source of income to support them, Ursula left the family and never came back. Mortimer had no choice but to enter the workforce early in order to support himself and his disabled father. A few kindhearted adults, including Gill Henderson and Pearl’s father Alexander Riverstone, offered to lend their support. However, hurt by his mother’s abandonment and being bullied at school, he turned them away. Eventually, he dropped out of school at age nine and found work in a shipyard. Bullying would still persist outside of the workplace, even having his hard earned fishing equipment stolen by troublemakers like Adrian Carrick. It was around age fifteen when he first got himself entangled in a covert smuggling operation with District 6, trading fish and hooks in exchange for warmweed and soda bottles. On rare occasions, refugees fled the district and were given fake IDs. Mortimer saw what warmweed did to his peers and vowed never to consume it himself. He did notice the health benefits it possessed as a pain reliever and took it upon himself to study warmweed and find out a safe way to feed it to his father. He requested chemistry equipment and textbooks on his smuggling trips. He learned about the science of warmweed and engineering a method to separate the SHC (medical component) from the TBA (psychoactive compound) through trial and error. He would feed the SHC to his father, enabling him to walk for limited periods with assistance from a cane, and using the TBA in a secret grotto as bait to catch fish. Though there was no evidence, the citizens knew who the smugglers were and looked upon them in disdain.
In present time, Mortimer began to tear up some more, knowing what the next part was. Cat comforted him and assured him he could take a break. Mortimer insisted he finish. He talked about his girlfriend Meridia Vilewater, who against her family’s wishes, fell for him and successfully befriended him. He admitted that he found her presence annoying at first, but realized her feelings and intent were genuine. He began to fall for her as well, further cementing his hoodlum image. He even talked about the Kraken tattoo she did for him. Mortimer lamented how he took her for granted a lot and didn’t reciprocate as much as she did. He asked himself why she would continue to see him. Cat pondered over this for a few seconds. She told him that Meridia recognized his dedication to his father and knew deep down that he was a compassionate person. “What’s not to love?” Cat said. “You are handsome, strong, and talented. Come to think of it, the parallels between you and your mentor are hard to ignore.” Mortimer said that Gill was right on how he was basically him if he suffered worse. Cat guessed that’s why he took a personal interest in him.
Cat told him that even though he was dealt a heavy hand in life, he shouldn’t completely give up on humanity. She expressed how she was always close to giving up, having to see addicts tarnishing their bodies willingly and turning their nose up to treatment. However, it was the one in ten successful cases that continually recapture her hope. Cat continued how he already was taking a good first step in trusting Meridia and takes that as a sign of him having the potential to let himself be happy. Mortimer pondered over this and agreed. He made a solemn vow that if he wins, he would make things right with everyone, adding how Pearl would want that. Cat offered her hand in helping him make it to the end, declaring their victory to be for Pearl. Mortimer thanked her for listening and promised that if she wins, she will make an excellent therapist.
Suddenly, a cannon sounded in the distance. It was revealed to be Logan (11) after Horace (10) took advantage of his hysterics and beat him to death with a log. The heart to heart talk captivated the Capital, touched by Mortimer’s rare moment of vulnerability and in awe of Cat’s therapy skills. Both of their odds greatly increased, sharing first and second place. Artemis conceded and said Cat was Golden Victor material now, but hoped she does something explosive in the finale.
The next several hours were uneventful and tributes were still on edge. They had a perfect reason to as there were still alligator mutts patrolling the deeper bodies of water. The water had become so cloudy that one couldn’t see an inch below the surface. On top of that, the sulphur smell had gotten worse, causing some tributes to dry heave and cover their mouths. Jassy (12) took longer than expected to do this, her dry heaves giving Maximus Square a laugh. John (9) was bitten on the thigh by a gator when he got too close to the lake. He killed it with his knife and dragged himself into a hollow log to patch himself up. Andrei and Wolvthorne were camping close to John’s hiding spot. They were gorging on the food and water sponsors gifted them after killing the gators while complaining to each other about the smell. They left one water bottle unattended, giving a window of opportunity for Peggy (8) who hid in a tree over the course of the games. She was caught by Wolvthorne, but managed to escape with the water bottle. During the chase, Wolvthorne tripped and spotted John inside the log. He dragged him out of the log and proceeded to hack him to death with his axe in a fury. John’s cannon sounded at the fifth strike. The Capital fangroup The Mutts cheered for Peggy’s victory, but they received jeers from the Buccaneers (D4 fangroup) and the Lumberjacks (D7 fangroup).
It was near sundown when Mortimer and Cat entered unfamiliar territory. After three deaths in under an hour, the smell was much worse. Cat nearly fell off the raft while struggling to hold her breakfast in. They landed at a small shoreline and came face to face to a heavy brush. Cat picked up a small log and hurled it into the brush. When nothing bounced back, she guessed there was a secret area behind it. She commended Mortimer for being right and asked what they should do. He stated that as much as he wanted to explore, it was getting dark and they should camp. Cat agreed and the two started a fire. She became exasperated by the sulphur smell and asked how they could ignore it. Mortimer borrowed her sword and ripped one of their backpacks to shreds. He tied some pieces together and fashioned them into masks. The two now had something to barely stave off the powerful sewer smell.
Their relief turned to dismay when they discovered their last water bottle had one gulp left. What made the situation worse was that with no more hydrogen peroxide, they lost their means of purifying more water. Mortimer insisted she drink it. Cat accepted it and drank it. She raised the water bottle in the air and asked the sky to “fill her up”. Surprisingly, two sponsor gifts floated down to them seconds after saying this. One held a first aid kit while the other had two water bottles and two sandwiches. Cat doctored Mortimer’s right eye with a special cream from the kit. After she was done, the two ate their sandwiches.
Cat asked to see his tattoo. Mortimer shyly rolled his lycra suit off. The Kraken and the treasure chest became visible. Cat crawled closer and traced her fingers on the tentacles, marvelling at the design. Mortimer revealed Meridia liked to paint and desired to be District 4’s first female tattoo artist, using him as her guinea pig. He didn’t forget to attribute the treasure chest and polishing to Minerva. The viewers in Maximus Square were sensing the sexual tension, oohing and aahing as Cat continued to trace the tentacles. Artemis was fanning herself in the commentator’s booth, hoping the two would kiss. Luther slapped her shoulder, reminding her he had a girlfriend. Cat’s fingers arrived at the treasure chest on Mortimer’s actual chest and the two locked eyes. The two leaned closer until their faces were two inches apart. The sudden awareness of their actions dawned on them and they awkwardly distanced themselves by five feet. Mortimer said he was loyal to Meridia and didn’t want to betray that trust even in the arena. Cat apologised, excusing it to her imagining what might have been if she asked her coworker Pedal out. Mortimer promised her that she could do it if she wins. She thanked him, him joking how it felt good to be the therapist this one time. The rest of the night was without incident. A hovercraft entered the arena to display the portraits of the fallen. The fallen included Pearl (4), Wren (5), John (9), and Carnelia and Logan (11). This left Andrei (2), Mortimer (4), Cat (6), Wolvthorne (7), Peggy (8), Horace (10), and Jassy (12) remaining.
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2023.05.28 19:20 ZealousidealCat582 Help how much do I tip my tattoo artist for a sleeve that will be $7500 (I know the rules say not to post about price but this is more about the tip hope it’s allowed)

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2023.05.28 18:46 Little_Blue_Otter How do I keep my tattoo safe and clean while working dog daycare (outside all day in the heat)

So, I’m getting a new tattoo in a few days, it’s Ellie’s tattoo from the last of us part 2, so it’s pretty decent size. I just started a new job at a pet daycare/boarding place a week ago. I made the tattoo appointment before I got the job. I’m worried about it getting infected or messed up which I have to work with big dogs that like to jump. We also have to stay outside for 8 hours with little to know shade, watching the dogs. I’m short, 5’1 so even if I held my arm up it would still get hit. I’m so also worried if I use long sleeves the sweat will get it infected since we only get one 15 minute break durning the shift. Any tips or tricks I can use are much appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.
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2023.05.28 18:09 BendScary7648 Help how much do I tip my tattoo artist for a sleeve that will be $7500 (I know the rules say not to post about price but this is more about the tip hope it’s allowed)

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2023.05.28 17:43 balcony-gardener Suggestions to improve this?

Suggestions to improve this?
Please be kind as this tattoo is important to me. I don’t quite love the work but I don’t know much about tattoos. How could I make it look better? I know I’m going to surround it with tons of other stuff and make a full sleeve. My confidence with the tattoo is very low though. I’ve been following this sub for a few weeks and finally feel confident to post here. Thanks a ton in advance.
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