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Can’t get into my Barclays account

2023.06.10 19:32 Particular-Class5756 Can’t get into my Barclays account

Tl:dr I can’t prove my address with Barclays, as none of their ‘valid’ proof options apply to me. Can’t get into my account anymore.
Hello all, I’ve got a bit of an issue, maybe some of you could think of something I could do.
Almost a month ago I got logged out of my Barclays app, I tried updating the app, deleting and downloading it, basically the whole shebang, but I kept getting an error.
I decided to ring them, after staying on the phone for almost an hour, I was asked for my country of birth, living situation, and apparently the third question they needed to ask could only have been asked in-person. I was like ok weird, but whatever. As I work a 9-6, by the time I finish work all of their branches are closed, and getting a day off work just for something this silly seems useless. So I wait till the weekend, go to their branch, just for them to tell me that they need my passport and proof of address. I had my EU ID card with me, but they said it’s not valid in the UK anymore. I am honestly annoyed and upset as this has been going for weeks, and I wish they told me over the phone exactly what I’d need when visiting in person, but oh well, I was going to come back next weekend. I was like what proof of address works, the lady said - driver’s license, bills or a bank statement that you can just print with us in-branch. That was last Saturday the 3rd.
Today I go back, with my passport, print my bank statement and head to see a banker, just to be told that since the 6th of June, they their own bank statements are no longer a valid way to prove your address. Again, suuuuuuper pissed off as that’s my main account and not having access to it for almost a month has been a major major inconvenience, again, I wish the lady told me that HEY, you need proof of address, but be careful as our system is changing IN LITERALLY 3 DAYS so statements won’t work anymore.
I’m like ok, how can I prove my address? So there are three options:
  1. Bill payments with my name - I live in a shared house, my rent is all inclusive of bills, the landlord pays it all, so can’t work.
  2. Drivers license - don’t have it.
  3. A statement from another non-online bank - the other two banks I use outside of Barclays are Revolut and Starling, both online, again, can’t work.
What am I supposed to do now?? There’s no way for me to prove my address, I asked if I could bring a letter from the HMRC or the NHS, they said it used to be valid before - not anymore.
I had this account for 8 years now, never had any issues, but this issue is massive.
I’m looking into getting an account with a different bank and getting rid of my Barclays one, but I just want to make sure I’ve tried everything I could.
What’s my best move here?
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2023.06.10 19:30 ADAMKOVICSLOVECHILD From Sunday 11th June r/insanepeoplefacebook will be going dark indefinitely

This is mostly copied from iPhone because I am shit at doing this. PS fuck spez.
Hi everyone,
From 11th June insanepeoplefacebook will shut off posting and enter ‘Restricted’ mode. This will mean no more posts will be coming through for the next couple days, until Reddit decide to revert their stance. Our decision to bring forward the blackout is a result of the actions of the Reddit CEO as well as an abysmal AMA that did little to answer our questions or concerns.
The situation
As you may have noticed over the past week, there has been a lot of discussion surrounding Reddit’s recent policy change to charge access to its API. These changes effectively kill third-party apps such as Apollo, Reddit is Fun and many others due to the exorbitant amount Reddit is asking from them to continue access to their API - with these changes threatening to cost apps such as Apollo an upwards of $20 million a year to keep running as is. These prices place an enormous financial burden on these third-party developers, making it unfeasible to continue operations. This has resulted in a number of apps announcing their plans to shut down, including Apollo.
With these apps shutting down, it also makes our jobs as Moderators that much harder. Many of us mods have had to rely on these third-party applications in order to effectively do our job, simply because the official Reddit app doesn’t have the sufficient tools that these other apps offer. This will lead to many regular users having a subpar experience due to Moderators not having the tools to manage their communities well enough.
These changes also have drastic effects on those that need to use those third-party apps for accessibility reasons, due to the official app, nor new Reddit, providing proper levels of accessibility for those that need it. It’s one step closer to making Reddit totally inaccessible to many users.
The Reddit CEO’s recent antics
We also have concerns that Reddit’s very own CEO is comfortable and willing enough to lie, twist facts and gaslight the userbase into being on ‘their’ side in way of accusing Apollo’s developer, Christian, of blackmail and threatening Reddit. And, when proven to be lying through audio recordings, deciding to double down on villainizing said developer in his most recent ‘AMA’.
As moderators and users, this kind of behaviour erodes our trust in the company’s leadership and undermines our confidence in any statements or actions they take. The AMA today was also abysmal enough to the point we wanted to bring our blackout forward from June 12th. It failed to answer any of our questions or concerns.
If you want further context on this particular issue, please read Christian’s (Apollo Dev) post here: https://www.reddit.com/apolloapp/comments/144f6xm/apollo_will_close_down_on_june_30th_reddits/
We also cannot privatise the subreddit indefinitely. We just can’t. At the end of the day Admins have made it clear on numerous occasions that attempting to do so will result in intervention. In what way? We aren’t entirely sure, and this is why we will be reviewing our stance on a daily basis. Reddit, at the end of the day, is a business first and foremost. It is defined by the existence of our communities. Without a clear path to end the protest, Reddit must find a solution to end it themselves. The longer the blackout drags on, and and the harder we push them, the more likely it is that they’ll consider playing hard ball and going with the “Nuclear” option of removing Mod Teams and replacing them with those that they know will be compliant. While this option runs the risk of destroying communities due to replacements who don’t actually understand the community they’re running, it’s likely to be a better option for Reddit compared to having half their website shut down.
We will try our best to keep everyone updated on our decision making.
For those curious, here were some numbers on those participating in the blackout (numbers may be outdated, data was from yesterday):

Unique Subreddits Unique Moderators Combined Subscribers 3,314 15,676 1,502,606,382
You can find the full list of subreddits participating on Modcoord.
What can you do to help?
Make noise, contact the Admins and voice your displeasure. Make memes, post about it, comment about it.
We do ask that you don’t pressure other communities to join in, though, through modmailing them or messaging Moderators directly. This is incredibly spammy and, at the end of the day, there are subreddits (such as support ones) who should be staying open due to their importance to many people.
Will we go private?
Please do not harass any mods about this decision.
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2023.06.10 19:22 mab_personal Experience with Security Bank Home Loan

I applied for SB Home Loan last April and been following up with the account manager for the past few weeks back and forth to complete requirements.
At one point she said (over SMS and email purely is our communication) hindi raw sufficient income ko. (I earn 172k for a 1.4m house and lot property). So sabi ko baka naguluhan lang siya. I pointed out kindly check I sent five bank statements. (She said insufficient daw based on ONE). She said she will check again.
Now I received this text within the same week:
“Thank you for applying for a Security Bank Home Loan with Reference Number XXXXX
To easily track the status of your application, use our self-serve channels:
  1. Using our chatbot messenger via Security Bank's verified Facebook page. Type the keywords "Home Loan Application Status".
  2. Through our Customer Service Hotline at (02) 8887-9188. Select "Loans," then follow the voice prompt.
For your convenience, please have your Application Reference Number ready. Thank you!”
Is this a good sign? So nasa system na at least yung application ko and hindi na nakatengga sa desk ni account officer.
Sorry for the lengthy question. It’s my first time applying for a loan and out of uni and school, where procedures are very well thought out and rolled out to students; the banking and real world are very hard for me to navigate. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.10 19:07 Dankmemexplorer [meta] let's join the blackout on the 12-14th

/unml let me know if you guys think if this is the right course of action or if we should freeze indefinitely. i get that we are real small, but the principle of the thing is important i think
Title: "Join the blackout on June 12th-14th! Let's make a stand together!"
Hey okbuddyml community,
I hope this message finds you all in good health and spirits. As you may be aware, there is a significant event happening across the entire platform from June 12th to June 14th—a widespread blackout that aims to draw attention to important issues affecting our community and the internet as a whole. Even though our subreddit is small, I believe it's essential for us to join this blackout for the principle of the thing.
During this blackout, many communities, both large and small, will be temporarily shutting down their operations, refraining from posting, and encouraging their members to refrain from browsing or participating in any Reddit activities. The goal is to make a collective statement, demonstrating the importance of a healthy and open online environment.
While our subreddit may not have the same reach as some of the larger communities, it's crucial that we show solidarity and stand united in this cause. By joining the blackout, we contribute our voice to the movement and demonstrate that every community, no matter its size, can make a difference.
I understand that this decision may temporarily disrupt the fun and engagement we usually enjoy here on okbuddyml, but sometimes it's necessary to take a step back to emphasize a larger issue. Let's use this time to reflect on the significance of a free and inclusive internet and the impact it has on our lives.
If you're wondering what you can do during the blackout, here are a few suggestions:
Refrain from posting or commenting on okbuddyml from June 12th to June 14th. Avoid browsing or participating in any Reddit activities during this period. Use this time to educate yourself about the issues affecting the internet, such as net neutrality, privacy concerns, and freedom of expression. Engage with other members of the community, both here and elsewhere, to discuss and raise awareness about the blackout. 
Remember, this blackout is not just about okbuddyml—it's about the collective effort of Redditors worldwide. By participating, we show that we care about the future of the platform and its impact on our online experiences.
Let's make our mark, no matter the size of our community. Together, we can contribute to a better internet for everyone.
Stay strong, stay united, and see you on the other side of the blackout!
Best regards,
[Your Username]
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2023.06.10 19:01 Party-Philosopher238 AUD: Which type of audit evidence is the most reliable?

AUD: Which type of audit evidence is the most reliable?

This question really tripped me up and now I am doubting all my studying. I had the exact thought process that the explanation mentions, but I kept thinking of Gearty saying the AEIOU mnemonic for audit evidence hierarchy. Why are analytical procedures not the most reliable? Based on the mnemonic AEIOU, A = auditor-obtained evidence is the highest in the hierarchy. If this explanation for analytical procedures is accurate, couldn't it also apply to other auditor-generated evidence (since it is obtained from procedures on internally generated data, it is not more reliable than external evidence?)
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2023.06.10 18:48 midwestchauffeur The Chauffeur Driver: Elevating Your Travel Experience

Introduction: In today's fast-paced world, where time is of the essence, having a chauffeur driver can be a game-changer. The role of a chauffeur driver extends beyond simply transporting passengers from point A to point B. With their exceptional skills, professionalism, and commitment to customer service, chauffeur drivers offer a premium and personalized travel experience. In this article, we will explore the many facets of a chauffeur driver and why they are the epitome of luxury and convenience.
  1. The Essence of Luxury:
  1. Professionalism at Its Best:
  1. Personalized and Discreet Service:
  1. Stress-Free Travel Experience:
  1. Corporate Travel and VIP Services:
  1. Special Occasions and Celebrations:
  1. Sustainability and Environmental Considerations:
Conclusion: In an era where convenience, luxury, and efficiency are highly valued, the role of a chauffeur driver becomes increasingly essential. From providing a touch of elegance to ensuring stress-free journeys, chauffeur drivers excel in creating exceptional travel experiences. Their professionalism, dedication, and attention to detail set them apart, making them indispensable for both corporate travel and personal occasions. So, the next time you want to make a statement or add a touch of luxury to your journey, consider the services of a chauffeur driver and discover a whole new world of comfort, convenience, and class.
View Poll
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2023.06.10 18:41 throwaway92837475 Advice on how to manage small inheritance

I am going to be receiving $130k in the fall from my fathers estate. I am currently employed (albeit underemployed) and make just enough to cover expenses. I have two kids, I rent. I don’t have an emergency fund, TFSA, RESP, RRSP, or pension. I’m 48. Kids are (13 and 14).
Current position: Income: $3900 net monthly
Expenses: -Rent: $2125 -Utilities: $325 avg/month (elect, gas, sewer, garbage, water) -Loan: $170 -Transportation: $200/month (gas, insurance) -Phones: $200 (for 3 phones) -Internet/cable: $175 -Groceries: $700 (I’m struggling hard here as this also includes household and hygiene, we utilize food bank and pantries.)
I’m educated and work in my field (have a masters degree). I’m underemployed right now due to caring for my special needs son (I can only work part time right now) but will be able to work full time in one year.
I want to make this money work for me in the most advantageous way for the longest amount of time.
Things that need to be taken care of: - I need a good used car (I currently use my ex husbands vehicle and he uses it as a control mechanism and I must get out from under that. - we all desperately need to see a dentist (we do not have health insurance) - pay off loan (balance is $12,586)
Other considerations: - any emergencies or costs are at the expense of not paying a bill for a month, I incur late fees, or we buy even less food/gas - Looking at downgrading phone plan and internet (cable is essentially free on this bundled plan) - I would love to buy a house/townhouse but I’m being quickly priced out in Calgary, I’m currently rebuilding my credit (640) and need more income to qualify. I estimate that I will need 3 years (2yrs of full time). I do not have any credit cards, was in collections but paid off 2 months ago and rebuilding. - my kids will most likely attend post secondary - there is no sense going after their father for child support as he is unemployed or working for cash and hasn’t filed taxes in 5 years. (He used to be a high earner but got fired in 2017).
Wants: new clothes for kids (thrift and mending is what I do now), I have never travelled with my kids, we need a new computer.
*Most important I want this money to last and/or make a difference. It’s not enough to do anything substantial and I’m unsure how to manage it.
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2023.06.10 18:26 BookerDeWitt1 A long explanation on why BioShock 2 and Burial at Sea DO NOT contradict each other

I spent a lot of time writing all this, so I really hope it at least opens someone’s eyes. Prepare yourself for the longest post you’ve ever read with a huge explination. I was scrolling through my feed a while ago when I saw a comment that on the Bioshock Wiki, there was absolutely no way to make the events of Bioshock 2 and Burial at sea line up due to Suchong’s death. To give some background, I’ve been playing Bioshock as a series since I was WAY too young (I started at 12 years old, I think) and have since then completed the series on numerous occasions (I play through them all 2-3 times a year) and have collected all the audio diaries, read through them multiple times, have studied the story back and forth, and have my house covered from top to bottom in Bioshock replicas, artwork, merchandise, etc. So when I read that, it bothered me purely because there is not actual contradiction of Suchong’s death in Bioshock 2, only *implied* contradiction, which was later retconned to mean something else entirely. Before I go into this, let’s get the facts straight:
- Bioshock 2 is cannon. There’s nothing anyone, including Ken Levine, can do about it except 2k games. It is THE official sequel to Bioshock. I do not care for a single second if it isn’t Levine’s vision for Bioshock, I do not care if he liked some of it and disliked other parts, it couldn’t matter ANY less. It is the sequel. Cloud Chamber even shows on their website that they are creating the 4th game in the series with a logo with a “?” on it, next to the logos of Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and Bioshock Infinite. Let’s get that all out of the way.
- Newer information overrides previous information, but does not de-canonize the entire piece of media. It can even change the meaning behind a situation and the implication without canceling out the entire event (we’ll get to this later). Pay close attention to this example, it will become important: In Return of the Jedi, Leia says she remembers her mother but she died when she was very young. Based on information from Revenge of the Sith, we know this cannot be true anymore, but Return of the Jedi is *still* to this day canon, and that line said be Leia is still canon. Lucas’ original intentions of that line was for it to mean that Leia did in fact remember her mother, as she was not supposed to die in Revenge of the Sith. Lucas’ original plan was for Anakin and Padme to be together with the twins before her death, so Leia WOULD have remembered her. That changed in Revenge of the Sith when Lucas decided that he wanted her to die during childbirth. Here’s the important part…. That did NOT make that line no longer canon or a contradiction, that changed the meaning behind the line. They have even tried to fix this by later implying (as of recently, almost 40 years later, in a book) that the person she was remembering was very close to her as a mother figure but died when she was young.
- Regardless of what anyone says, there is a distinction between implied contradictions that the meaning has changed and DIRECT contradictions. Seeing a character look a way that we know, during the time they existed, should not have looked that way is a direct contradiction. For example, Cindy Meltzer, who was described as having blonde hair and was a very important/key feature in the “Something in the Sea” website/ARG, has brown hair in Bioshock 2. There is no explanation for this other than it being a contradiction. Most people thought that this meant the little sister with Mark who has now become a Big Daddy, was not meant to be Cindy, but we know based on comments from the team behind the game (and an audio diary) that it is 100% Cindy and is just simply an overlook. That is a DIRECT contradiction, whereas implied means that there are other explanations and the original can no longer be possible.
So now let’s get into it. To start, let’s talk about the audio diary from Suchong called “Protecting little ones”. In protecting little ones, Suchong says that: This war, terrible thing, too, but not for Suchong. Everyone scared now. Everyone need ADAM. More than Little Sisters can make. Good news is war makes lots of corpses. Suchong knows way to recycle ADAM from corpse. But can't send Little Sister out to street unprotected. Suchong must think on this.
As many of you know, there are no dates on any of the diaries in Bioshock or Bioshock 2. Many have speculated this diary to be from 1959 AFTER the Kasmir was bombed, but it just simply doesn’t need to be. To start, there is no mention of the war he is talking about being a civil war, he only says war. Many people call the beginnings of war "a war", which usually happen before the start date of an official war (meaning the Civil War could have officially started before 1959, but the significant event that lead the entire city into war was the Kashmir). The only two takeaways here is that he’s calling it a war and that bodies are piling up on the streets.
Before there was a civil war, there was another major event that would have began to cause bodies to pile up on the streets: The war on Smuggling, which eventually became, Fontaine vs. Ryan. The city was already at a point in 1958 where the conflict between the two powerhouses would’ve caused the general population to begin in-fighting. Splicers were already becoming prominent in Rapture, some of these even being smugglers. Outside of regular bodies potentially piling up on the street, shootouts between Ryan’s men and Fontaine’s would not have been something unusual to see in Rapture. It could very well be implied that the citizens in Rapture were beginning to become unruly and unhappy with Ryan’s rule, and I am sure many feuds between regular citizens broke out as well, causing more bodies. I want to also say, while there isn’t direct evidence that the war being talked about by Suchong is the Fontaine vs Ryan war, there is nothing that proves he was talking about the Civil War or the Fontaine and Ryan war. HOWEVER, there is proof that bodies WERE piling up before the official start date of the Rapture Civil War in 1959. The main proof of this is the beginning of Bioshock 2, where right outside of the New Years Eve party in 1958, there is a body laying in the road for Eleanor to gather Adam from. While a bit shakier, there is also bodies piled up in Fontaine’s department store, which were not prisoners. Many different things can be implied that don’t have direct, contradictory proof, regardless on if there is 100% solid proof of the idea.
Now we need to talk about the protector program itself. There is no solid proof on who all was involved with the protector program before Suchong died, or who was fully working together, etc. The only solid information we have is that both Suchong and Gilbert worked on the protectors being bonded to the little sisters. It’s important to note a couple of things about the protector program and the bonds those protectors have:
- The Pair bond was never implied to be the same protector bond we see in Bioshock.
- There are two Big Daddy/Pair bond audio diaries in Bioshock 2 mentioning Suchong. But it is never explicity stated how long Suchong was working with Gil, or that they never worked together. It is more than possible that Gil AND Suchong did not see eye to eye and Suchong had his own proposal to make to Ryan with the protectors. While this is just a theory, there is no solid proof to say this did not happen.
- There are no dates on the two audio diaries. Audio diaries in the Bioshock games are NOT found in the orders of which they are recorded.
- In the business and manufacturing world, it is not uncommon to have more than one company or team battling over creating a product that does the same thing, for approval by a CEO or leader of a company. It is also not uncommon to have internal teams battling over the approval of a project or product. This happens frequently and regularly.
The first audio Diary in Bioshock 2 regarding this that you find is called “Improving on Suchong’s work”. In the audio diary, Gilbert describes Suchong as being careless with his work when leaving it behind (allowing himself to be killed) which is not a very positive thing to say about someone who is a colleague. Here is the transcript: Doctor Suchong’s death was a nasty blow to the Protector program, but I'm gradually settling into his role, picking up the slack that his carelessness left behind. We are gaining steam again, but I'm not satisfied. Yes, the "Big Daddy" defends the girl … but he is programmed only for the fight, like a sheepdog who wanders off unless a wolf is tearing at his flock. When no aggressor is present, he regards his Little Sister as he might a common houseplant. We need something more, something stronger: an unbreakable physiological bond.
The second audio diary is the Pair Bond Mechanism, which is transcribed as this: The Pair Bond is a success! If somehow an Alpha Series wanders too far from his Little Sister, our physical failsafe kicks in: a chemical trigger that induces coma. It is a symbiotic relationship, enforced by the girl's pheromone signature. The first successful candidate was... Delta, I believe. It is unfortunate that poor Dr. Suchong will not be here to raise a glass.
In this audio diary, one thing to note is that it is only mentioned that “It is unfortunate that poor Dr. Suchong will not be here to raise a glass” but it does NOT mention that Suchong is dead. There are many different things that could lead to him not being there, including wanting to work on his own protector program alone (which, he did).
There are statements made that Gil and Suchong cannot work simultaneously or that it is hard to believe that they would work together and then split. There are also statements made that in "Improving on Suchong's work" it is meant that Gilbert never actually started on the protector program UNTIL Suchong died. While this is fine to theorize, there is absolutely no evidence that this is/is not the case, that Gil did not start working on the protectors until after Suchong died. The only solid proof we have is what we see in the audio diaries, which do not have any dates or further explanation that what is in them.
Gilbert Alexander was more than likely trying to do things cheaper (which Ryan liked) and easier, while there was corner cutting and many other problems with his style of big daddy and the Pair Bond. Suchong saw this and knew he could do something better, but more expensive, using the big daddies already made for Rapture. Ryan even liked the idea of the big daddy suits being repurposed and reused, to save money, which is something Gilbert’s program had and Suchong’s didn’t. This is shown in the audio diary “Cheap son of a bitch”: Fontaine scary son of a bitch, but Ryan cheap son of a bitch. You can no reuse protector suit. Take a man, graft skin and organs straight into suit, otherwise suit not work. Ryan say Big Daddy too expensive. Ryan can go suck egg.
So I believe that the audio Diary “Pair Bond Mechanism” was recorded, canonically with the new information from Burial at Sea, before “Improving on Suchong’s work”. It may not be the cleanest thing to line up, but it is extremely important to note that it does line up CLEANER than trying to say it just simply doesn’t line up at all, when all 3 games are canon.
ANOTHER note is that there was a broadcast made called “Rapture Radio” which was an OFFICIAL 2K games sponsored broadcast that played music from the time period while also having the sounds of the “1959” new years eve party playing in the background. You can find all of this on the Bioshock Wiki if you type in “Rapture Radio Bioshock Wiki” into google (this sub doesn’t like links). While the canon of this recording is shaky (but it is 100% official and in-house from 2K so I’m going to assume it is canon), throughout the recording the broadcaster who is watching the New Years Eve celebration will point out some of Rapture’s prominent celeberties who he sees attending the event. During this, he points out the doctors that he sees. Of these doctors, Suchong IS spotted in Bioshock 2’s New Years eve Celebration, meaning he HAS NOT died yet.
Here is exactly what I believe the actual canonical events are for Big daddy program, suchong’s death, etc:
- Fontaine vs. Ryan war begins in 1958
- “Protecting little ones is recorded” as bodies are piling up
- Suchong and Gil work together for a short amount of time on the protector program
- *Something* happens that causes Suchong to split from Gil’s work and they no longer work together.
- Ryan is happy with Gil’s work and wants Suchong to find a way to repurpose Big Daddy suits.
- Suchong records “Cheap son of a bitch”
- The Pair Bond mechanism is a success for Gil, and Delta is bonded to Eleanor.
- “Pair Bond Mechanism audio Diary” is recorded by Gil
- New Years Eve 1958 event with Delta. Only one bonded Alpha at this time
- Suchong is seen celebrating the new year
- Suchong’s own work is promising with the pheromones, but he’s getting frustrated and becoming careless because of his own failures and the success of Gil’s work so far
- Elizabeth influences one of the big daddies to imprint on two of the sisters.
- The big daddy kills Suchong.
- Gil is asked to pick up where Suchong left off, since the Pair Bond fails after a little sister either dies or an alpha big daddy dies (or they are separated).
- Gil records “Improving on Suchong’s work” still believing that there needs to be a physiological bond.
- More Alpha series are made and bonded (aprox 23 in total, not including Omega), while the other big daddies begin to very very slowly imprint on the sisters, perhaps with the use of Pheremones and other imprinting methods not described in either games
Is it a clean way of putting it all together? No, of course not, it could be cleaner, as with all franchises and lore. But it makes much more sense than just simply saying two canon events don’t fit together at all, despite there being no solid contrary evidence.
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2023.06.10 18:25 thinkingstranger June 9, 2023

At 3:00 today, Washington D.C., time, Special Counsel Jack Smith delivered a statement about the recently unsealed indictment charging former president Donald J. Trump on 37 counts of violating national security laws as well as participating in a conspiracy to obstruct justice.
Although MAGA Republicans have tried to paint the indictment as a political move by the Biden administration over a piddling error, Smith immediately reminded people that “[t]his indictment was voted by a grand jury of citizens in the Southern District of Florida, and I invite everyone to read it in full to understand the scope and the gravity of the crimes charged.”
The indictment is, indeed, jaw dropping.
It alleges that during his time in the White House, Trump stored in cardboard boxes “information regarding defense and weapons capabilities of both the United States and foreign countries; United States nuclear programs; potential vulnerabilities of the United States and its allies to military attack; and plans for possible retaliation in response to a foreign attack.” The indictment notes that “[t]he unauthorized disclosure of these classified documents could put at risk the national security of the United States, foreign relations, the safety of the United States military, and human sources and the continued viability of sensitive intelligence collection methods.”
Nonetheless, when Trump ceased to be president after noon on January 20, 2021, he took those boxes, “many of which contained classified documents,” to Mar-a-Lago, where he was living. He “was not authorized to possess or retain those classified documents.” The indictment makes it clear that this was no oversight: Trump was personally involved in packing the boxes and, later, in going through them and in overseeing how they were handled. The employees who worked for him exchanged text messages referring to his personal instructions about them.
Mar-a-Lago was not an authorized location for such documents, but he stored them there anyway, “including in a ballroom, a bathroom and shower, an office space, his bedroom, and a storage room.” They were stacked in public places, where anyone—including the many foreign nationals who visited Mar-a-Lago—could see them. On December 7, 2021, Trump’s personal aide Waltine Nauta took two pictures of several of the boxes fallen on the floor, with their contents, including a secret document available only to the Five Eyes intelligence alliance of the U.S., Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, spilled onto the floor.
The indictment alleges that Trump showed classified documents to others without security clearances on two occasions, both of which are well documented. One of those occasions was recorded. Trump told the people there that the plan he was showing them was “highly confidential” and “secret.” He added, “See, as president I could have declassified it….Now I can’t, you know, but this is still a secret.”
This recording undermines his insistence that he believed he could automatically declassify documents; it proves he understood he could not. In addition, the indictment lists Trump’s many statements from 2016 about the importance of protecting classified information, all delivered as attacks on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, whom he accused of mishandling such information. “In my administration,” he said on August 18, 2016, “I’m going to enforce all laws concerning the protection of classified information. No one will be above the law.”
The indictment goes on: When the FBI tried to recover the documents, Trump started what Washington Post journalist Jennifer Rubin called a “giant shell game”: he tried to get his lawyer to lie to the FBI and the grand jury, saying Trump did not have more documents; worked with Nauta to move some of the boxes to hide them from Trump’s lawyer, the FBI and the grand jury; tried to get his lawyer to hide or destroy documents; and got another lawyer to certify that all the documents had been produced when he knew they hadn’t.
Nauta lied to the grand jury about his knowledge of what Trump did with the boxes. Both he and Trump have been indicted on multiple counts of obstruction and of engaging in a conspiracy to hide the documents.
Eventually, Trump had many of the boxes moved to his property at Bedminster, New Jersey, where on two occasions he showed documents to people without security clearances. He showed a classified map of a country that is part of an ongoing military operation to a representative of his political action committee.
Trump has been indicted on 31 counts of having “unauthorized possession of, access to, and control over documents relating to the national defense,” for keeping them, and for refusing “to deliver them to the officer and employee of the United States entitled to receive them”: language straight out of the Espionage Act. Twenty-one of the documents were marked top secret, nine were marked secret, and one was unmarked.
These documents are not all those recovered—some likely are too sensitive to risk making public—but they nonetheless hold some of the nation’s deepest secrets: “military capabilities of a foreign country and the United States,” “military activities and planning of foreign countries,” “nuclear capabilities of a foreign country,” “military attacks by a foreign country,” “military contingency planning of the United States,” “military options of a foreign country and potential effects on United States interest,” “foreign country support of terrorist acts against United States interests,” “nuclear weaponry of the United States,” “military activity in a foreign country.”
Smith put it starkly in his statement, “The men and women of the United States intelligence community and our armed forces dedicate their lives to protecting our nation and its people. Our laws that protect national defense information are critical to the safety and security of the United States and they must be enforced. Violations of those laws put our country at risk.”
On Twitter, Bill Kristol said it more clearly: “These were highly classified documents dealing with military intelligence and plans. What did Trump do with them? Who now has copies of them?” Retired FBI assistant director Frank Figliuzzi noted that there is a substantial risk that “foreign intelligence services might have sought or gained access to the documents.”
There is also substantial risk that other countries will be reluctant to share intelligence with the United States in the future. At the very least, it is an unfortunate coincidence that the Central Intelligence Agency in October 2021 reported an unusually high rate of capture or death for foreign informants recruited to spy for the United States.
Since Trump supporters have taken the position that Trump’s indictment over the stolen documents is the attempt of the Biden administration to undermine Trump’s presidential candidacy, it is worth remembering that Trump’s early announcement of his campaign was widely suspected to be an attempt to enable him to avoid legal accountability. Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Special Counsel Jack Smith precisely to put arms length between the administration and the investigations into Trump.
Smith noted today, “Adherence to the rule of law is a bedrock principle of the Department of Justice. And our nation’s commitment to the rule of law sets an example for the world. We have one set of laws in this country, and they apply to everyone. Applying those laws. Collecting facts. That’s what determines the outcome of an investigation. Nothing more. Nothing less.
“The prosecutors in my office are among the most talented and experienced in the Department of Justice. They have investigated this case hewing to the highest ethical standards. And they will continue to do so as this case proceeds.”
Smith added: “It’s very important for me to note that the defendants in this case must be presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. To that end, my office will seek a speedy trial in this matter. Consistent with the public interest and the rights of the accused. We very much look forward to presenting our case to a jury of citizens in the Southern District of Florida.”
Likely responding to MAGA attacks on the FBI and the rule of law, Smith thanked the “dedicated public servants of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, with whom my office is conducting this investigation and who worked tirelessly every day upholding the rule of law in our country,” before closing his brief statement.
The indictment revealed just how much detailed information Smith’s team has uncovered, presenting a shockingly thorough case to prove the allegations. Trump’s lawyers will have their work cut out for them…although the team has shifted since this morning: two of Trump’s lawyers quit today. The thoroughness of the indictment also suggests that Trump and his allies might have reason to be nervous about Smith’s other investigation: the one into the attempt to overturn results of the 2020 election.
Some of Trump’s supporters are calling for violence. After Louisiana representative Clay Higgins appeared to be egging on militias to oppose Trump’s Tuesday arraignment, Democratic senate majority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House minority leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) issued a joint statement calling for “supporters and critics alike to let the case proceed peacefully in court.” Legal scholar Joyce White Vance noted that it was “extremely sad for our country that this isn’t a bipartisan statement being made by leaders from both parties.”

Twitter links:
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2023.06.10 18:23 Academic_Barracuda45 I know this is a scam, but I’d like to know how it works and what they can get out of me. Can anyone explain?

I know this is a scam, but I’d like to know how it works and what they can get out of me. Can anyone explain?
So, I received this email because apparently my last name is the same as someone who died and left money in a bank…. I’m worried that even if I don’t engage they can get something out of me or target me in any other way. Can anyone tell me how the scam works? What are they looking to get from me?
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2023.06.10 18:23 FelicitySmoak_ On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - June 10th

On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - June 10th
1970 - The Jackson 5 perform "The Love You Save" & "ABC" on the Groovy Show TV program in Los Angeles.
1972 - Michael third solo single, "I Wanna be Where You Are", on Motown enters the Billboard US Top 40 singles chart at #38. It will peak at #16 during a 9 week run.
1972 - Lookin' Through the Windows by The Jackson 5 on Motown Records enters the Billboard US Black Albums Chart where it will peak at #3 during a 29 week run
1975 - “Forever Came Today” is the last official single of the Jackson 5 released by Motown
1979 - Last concert of the first US leg of the Destiny World Tour at the War Memorial Auditorium (now Greensboro Coliseum) in Greensboro, North Carolina. Tour resumes in October
1993 - Michael makes an appearance at an afternoon rally at a middle school in Los Angeles to launch a new DARE programme called DAREPLUS (‘Play and Learn Under Supervision’) program for the school, an initiative educating children on the perils of substance abuse and gang membership
Jackson was a member of the Board of Directors of DARE (‘Drug Abuse Resistance Education’) and he was presented with a t-shirt for which he said:
“Thank you very much. I love you all. Thank you.”
All members of the 'Challengers Boys & Girls Club' were invited to Neverland
1993 - Michael announces that "HTW"s total earnings of $1.25 million, along with his entire Super Bowl XXVII proceeds from that year will be funneled to "Heal L.A.", for the children having suffered from the Los Angeles’ riots at the time.
The Big Brothers of Los Angeles give Jackson a rocking chair made by a woman who made them for President Kennedy and the Pope. Another group of children visiting the ranch get a sneak peak preview of Tom & Jerry: The Movie. The film wasn't scheduled to begin running in theaters until July 30th, but Michael received an advance copy from Joseph Barbera.
1997 - Michael plays the second of two nights at the Amsterdam Arena (now Johan Cruyff Arena) in Amsterdam,Netherlands , to an audience of 50.000.
1999 - Michael is in Paris, France. He stayed one day at Le Crillon hotel as he shopped around the town on his brief stop there for business related meetings
1999 - It is reported that the opening of the first 'Michael Jackson Dance Studio' (formerly announced as the 'Michael Jackson Entertainment School') happened in Tokyo. Michael couldn't attend the inauguration of the school but planned on going soon.
2002 - Michael Jackson arrives in London and checks in the Marriott Renaissance Hotel.
2003 - Michael finally gives his deposition in Indianapolis before going to Merville, Indiana
Last month, Jackson he fell ill and was hospitalized before he could be deposed in a lawsuit filed by Gordon Keith (who signed the Jackson 5 to his Gary, Indiana-based Steeltown Records in 1967) and musician Elvy Woodard. The men claim that the Jackson 5 used the name of another Gary band and two of their songs without license.
Jackson’s attorney, Bob Meyer, says the suit has no merit, noting that Michael was only 9 years old at the time.
The deposition took place at a hotel from 11:21 a.m. to 5:10 p.m
“Michael was extremely comfortable today,” he said. “He really surprised me.”
Meanwhile, an attorney for the plaintiffs, Norman Reed, described Jackson’s deportment as “jovial,” though he went on to say that Jackson couldn’t answer every question because certain events in question occurred more than three decades ago
Later in the evening, Michael was the main attraction at the Circle Center Mall in Indianapolis, as he tried to make his way through the crowds with his entourage to get a little personal shopping done at Brookstone, while also being followed by a mob of fans.



Michael hires Charles Koppleman as his new business adviser.
2004 - Ray Charles passes away and Michael issues a statement:
"I am saddened to hear of the death of my friend, Ray Charles. He was a true legend...an American Treasure. His music is timeless; his contributions to the music industry...unequaled; and his influence, unparalleled. His caring and humility spoke volumes. He paved the way for so many of us, and I will forever remember him in my heart."
2005 - Jury Deliberations Day 6
Jurors in the trial will be back again on Monday after ending their first full week of deliberations without reaching a verdict
The jurors asked a number of questions today and also requested to have some testimony read back to them. Judge Melville held at least three meetings with attorneys from each side
Legal experts say the lengthy and complex instructions issued by the Judge may be responsible for the extended deliberations.
"This is a huge, huge celebrity trial, so you can bet that they're going to want to read those jury instructions pretty carefully," said Donna Shestowsky, a law professor at the University of California.
Shari Seidman Diamond, a law professor at Northwestern University, agreed: "Running through these instructions is the use of words that are real words in everyday life that have different legal meanings."
She said that terms such as "attempt," "reasonable" and "conspiracy" have specific meaning in criminal law and "we know that makes instructions harder to deal with."
Diamond said that judges could make jury instructions more palatable but rarely did so as they were more concerned with making sure the instructions were unflawed and would not lead to a reversal on appeal.
Peter Tiersma, a member of the California Judicial Council's task force on criminal jury instructions, said it was easier for a judge to simply copy the text of a legal opinion or of a statute in the instructions.
He said that no matter how dense or incomprehensible the instructions were, "if you changed it, you risked getting it wrong."
As an example, Diamond pointed out that the explanation of 'reasonable doubt' was buried on page 45 of the instructions, which offered little explanation of why jurors should ignore certain pieces of evidence.

About 2,200 journalists received press credentials to cover the Michael Jackson trial, more than the O.J. Simpson and Scott Peterson trials combined.
Major TV networks have committed dozens of staff members and some news organizations have even installed land lines, fearing that the explosion of phone calls following a verdict could jam the region's cell phone networks.
Reporters from every continent except Antarctica are covering the story, a reminder that Michael's popularity remains intense outside the US. News organizations from more than 30 countries were represented
"The appetite for Michael Jackson is insatiable," said Graeme Massie, who has covered the trial for Splash, a British news agency. "In the U.S., people may believe that Jackson's star has fallen, but in Europe it still shines brightly."
The case is being closely watched in Japan where they are thinking of moving to a jury system.
"People in Japan are interested in the King of Pop, but they also want to know how the jury will treat celebrities," said Wataru Ezaki, who works for a Japanese news organization in Southern California. "They want to see if jurors can be fair. It's a very unique case."
Deliberations will resume Monday morning at 8:30 a.m.
2009 - AllGood Entertainment Inc. filed a $40 million lawsuit against Michael claiming breach of contract and fraud in an attempt to stop Jackson from performing in London. The New Jersey-based company filed the suit in federal court in New York stating that it signed a deal with Jackson's manager, Frank DiLeo for a pay per view reunion concert with the other Jackson siblings
2013 - Jackson v AEG Trial Day 26
Katherine Jackson was at court for the morning session
Randy Phillips Testimony
Jackson direct
Panish showed a June 20th email from Tim Leiweke (CEO of AEG) to Dan Beckerman (CFO/COO of AEG) in which Beckerman described Phillips as jittery:
"Trouble with Michael. Big trouble."
Beckerman responded:
"I figured something might be wrong given how jittery Randy has been this week. Is it "pre-show nerves" bad or "get a straight jacket/call our insurance carrier" bad?"
Phillips said he was not jittery, but concerned with the show. Jittery meaning shaking and he said he doesn't think that's how he was.
Phillips said Dr. Murray receiving $150k per month being the cause of Michael's sickness in June of 2009 never crossed his mind
Phillips said he did not recall what was discussed in a phone conversation with Murray. In his video deposition that was shown to the jury, Phillips first said the conversation lasted three minutes. He was shown phone records that showed it lasted 25 minutes. Phone records show Phillips had a 25 minute phone call with Conrad Murray after Kenny Ortega's emails on June 20, 2009. Phillips said he didn't think the call lasted that long, doesn't recall what they talked about. "It's very possible I might have even read him these emails," Phillips testified, referring to the "Trouble at the Front" chain. "I would not have discussed his health other than what it was in the content of the emails"
Phillips said everyone in the This Is It production got a list with everyone's phone numbers. He doesn't know how Dr. Murray got the list. Phillips was asking about how Conrad Murray got his home phone number. He initially said it might have been on a list given to tour personnel. Phillips then said that Murray may have gotten it from Jackson's former manager, Frank Dileo. Phillips testified that Dr. Murray called his home number. Panish showed picture of the business card Phillips gave Dr. Murray with his cell number on the back. The card was found in the doctor's car.
Panish then asked Phillips about an email he sent director Kenny Ortega, telling him Murray was "unbiased and ethical", the email serves as Phillips' best recollection of his conversation with Dr. Murray. This morning, Panish frequently asked Randy Phillips whether he was truthful with Ortega.
Panish: "Did you make that up and lie to Mr. Ortega?"
Phillips: "No, I don't lie"
Panish talked about email Phillips wrote to Ortega on Jun 20:
"Kenny, it's critical that neither you, me or anyone else around this show become amateur psychiatrist or physicians. I had a lengthy conversation with Dr. Murray, who I'm gaining immense respect for as I get to deal with him more. He said that Michael is not only physically equipped to perform and, that discouraging him to, will hasten his decline instead of stopping it. Dr. Murray also reiterated that he's mentally able to and was speaking to me from the house where he has spent the morning with Michael. This doctor is extremely successful (we check everyone out) and does not need this gig so he is totally unbiased and ethical. It is critical we surround Michael with love and support and listen to how he wants to get ready for July 13th... You cannot imagine the harm and ramifications of stopping this show now. It would far outweigh "calling this game in the 7th inning". I'm not just talking about AEG's interests here, but the myriad of stuff/lawsuits swirling around Michael that I crisis manage every day and also his well-being. I am meeting with him today at 4p at the Forum. Please stay steady. Enough alarms have sounded. It is time to out out the fire, not burning the building down. Sorry for all the analogies. Randy"
Phillips said he thought Dr. Murray was extremely successful based on the clinics he had and business he would've to close to go on tour.
Phillips: "It was an assumption I made"
Panish: "And that was not true, correct?"
Phillips: "In retrospect, that's correct"
As to the "we check everyone out" reference in the email, Panish asked if that was a true statement or untrue.
Phillips: "It's not, it's hard to say yes or no on that. It is not true because everyone would imply everyone"
Panish: "'We check everyone out'" is a false statement you wrote to Mr. Ortega, correct?"
Phillips: "In retrospect, yes"
Panish asked about the reference "he doesn't need the gig". "I made another assumption based on the information I had," Phillips explained, "I didn't have any basis to say he was unbiased and ethical"
Panish used the email to try to show that 3 people _ Ortega, Murray and John Hougdahl _ were warning Phillips about Jackson's health. Phillips said Murray didn't agree with the assessments of Michael's health by Ortega and Hougdahl (the tour production manager). After multiple questions, Phillips said many of the statements in the email about Murray weren't true. Those statements included that AEG Live checked everyone out, and that Murray was an accomplished doctor who was unbiased and ethical. "At the time, I thought it was the truth", Phillips said of the above statements
Phillips testified he wrote email to Sony exec asking her to remind him to tell her where Dr Murray was the night he was to be caring for Michael. Judge only allowed plaintiffs' attorney to say it was a social establishment, but the place was a strip club
Panish then asked Phillips about the suggestion that Jackson needed a psychiatrist. Phillips confirmed what he said last week -- he never consulted a psychiatrist. He said today it wouldn't have been appropriate. As to having a mental health professional, "no one brought a psychiatrist," Phillips said, "because Michael didn't need one"
Phillips testified he had conflicting information coming from Dr. Murray and Kenny Ortega regarding Michael. Panish pressed Phillips about the fact that he sent completely opposite emails to Ortega and AEG high ups. "It was because they were sent for different purposes," Phillips explained. Of the statements to Ortega, Phillips told the jury:
"I just wanted to calm things down until we had this meeting"
Before the morning break, Panish showed some of the emails he showed Phillips last week. Panish only had his copy, which had notes on it. Panish gave Phillips his annotated version of the email, but Phillips refused to look at them. Flipped them over so he couldn't see them. "I don't want to help you with your case", Phillips said of reviewing Panish's annotated copies of the emails. That brought some laughter. Phillips was ultimately given a clean copy of the emails, provided by his defense lawyers.
Phillips said he remembers the meeting on June 20th lasted at least an hour. Dr. Murray and Phillips were sitting on one couch, Michael was on a bench and Ortega on another couch. In his deposition, Phillips said Ortega talked about Michael's physical and mental status. On the stand today, Phillips explained Ortega did very little talking in the meeting. "He addressed Michael coming to rehearsals. I do not believe he talked about Michael's physical condition and mental state. Dr. Murray did most of the talking," Phillips testified.
Panish pressured Phillips about him changing the testimony. "My memory is getting better about the events of four years ago," Phillips said. "The purpose of the meeting was to find out what was happening with Michael because of the events on the 19th"
Panish: "Did Mr. Ortega say he was concerned Michael was not getting enough sleep?"
Phillips: "I don't remember if he asked that question. I know he asked about the food, but I'm not sure if he asked about the sleep"
Panish: "Dr. Murray contradicted what Ortega said in the email, correct, sir?"
Phillips: "Yes, Dr. Murray, said there wasn't anything wrong with Michael. Michael said there wasn't anything wrong with Michael. I don't know if there was a mental problem"
Without getting into details, Phillips said Ortega and Murray "were a little combative" at the meeting. Phillips said Murray reassured everyone that Jackson's health was fine. He said Jackson also assured them nothing was wrong with him. He said Murray told the group that Jackson may have had the flu, or some similar ailment. He said Jackson's health was discussed. Phillips said he couldn't recall whether Jackson's sleep issues were discussed. A portion of Randy Phillips' deposition was played in which he said sleep issues were discussed at the June 20, 2009 meeting
The meeting happened in the afternoon, Phillips said. Panish asked if Michael was shaking in that meeting. Phillips said "No, not at all" A vase was broken in one of the production meetings, Phillips explained. He said Frank Dileo, Paul Gongaware & himself were present. Phillips said he doesn't know who broke the vase, but he thinks it may have been Frank DiLeo. Phillips denied a vase was broken during the June 20th meeting at Michael's house.
Panish: "Did you have a meeting with Michael where you threatened to pull the plug and take everything he had?"
Phillips: "No"
Panish: "Did you tell him he would lose everything, including his children, if the show didn't happen?"
Phillips:"That's ridiculous, no"
Phillips said Michael was a phenomenal father & denied ever saying to anyone at the meeting that Michael was on skid row or going to become homeless.
Panish: "Did you ever tell Michael you were paying for his toilet paper?"
Phillips: "No"
Phillips denied that Murray said during the June 20th meeting that he "couldn't take it anymore." Phillips denied that Murray's contract was discussed at the meeting, saying that would have been inappropriate.
Phillips was also again asked about emails a couple of AEG executives (former CEO Tim Leiweke and Dan Beckerman) traded about him. The email described Randy Phillips as jittery, and alluded to either him or Jackson having a "mental breakdown." Phillips denied he was having a mental breakdown, and said he didn't want to put words in the other executives' mouths. In the deposition played to the jury, Tim Leiweke said the reference to "mental breakdown" in the email could've been to Randy Phillips not Michael. Panish played depo of Dan Beckerman, in which he said he didn't recall what prompted him to say Phillips was jittery.
Panish: "Did you think that Michael needed a straight jacket?"
Phillips: "It was a generic comment"
Phillips said it was a question of "stage fright and the show will go on" or "I can't do this let's cancel" scenario.
Panish: "Do you think Michael needed a straight jacket?"
Phillips: "No, I don't think Michael needed a straight jacket"
Regarding the straight jacket email, Phillips said the way he read it he can't tell if it was referring to him or Michael. Panish pointed out that insurance was only if Michael had a break down, not Phillips. Thus, the email must've referred to Michael
Questioning then moved back to the June 20th meeting, with Phillips describing Murray as "demonstrative" toward director Kenny Ortega. Phillips said Murray's message to Ortega was essentially "stay in your lane" and not to interfere with medical issues. "The meeting got a little bit heated when Dr. Murray was admonishing Kenny," Phillips recalled, but said hostile is too harsh of a word. Phillips said lack of sleep was discussed in the June 20th meeting, but wasn't the main focus. Phillips said the reason of the meeting was to find out what happened in the night before, what was the issue and also Michael missing rehearsals. Phillips said Michael had the best two rehearsals after the June 20th meeting. "Kenny told Michael to take the next two days off, spend some time with the kids," Phillips testified.
Phillips was then asked about emails he sent to Leiweke, others, about the results of the June 20th meeting at Jackson's house. This was after Jackson's attorney, John Branca, earlier in the day had suggested a counselor to work with Jackson. Phillips email:
"Anyway, things are not as bleak as Kenny's emails. John, now is not the right time to introduce a new person into his life"
After this email is when Phillips made the "badgering" comment to Panish that prompted Judge Palazuelos' admonition to him.
Suddenly, judge decides to take a break at 2:24 pm and sends the jury out of the courtroom. Outside the presence of the jurors, judge admonished Phillips for not answering the questions asked. "Mr. Phillips you need to answer questions," said Judge Yvette Palazuelos, frustrated. "Lawyers are trying to getting the answers." Judge told Phillips that arguing with the lawyers isn't really going to help his case, it will just lengthen his testimony. She noted his testimony is taking much longer than expected, and at this pace he will be here for another week. Phillips told the judge he's just trying not to say the wrong things or be caught in tricky questions. Judge: "It seems like they are pretty straight forward questions, but when you offer info, it may not be good for you"
AEG's attorney Jessica Bina defends Phillips saying the questions are compound, but that she believes he's trying to answer the questions. Panish said he wants to finish today, that he hasn't argued with the witness or judge. "I really tried hard, for me, it's hard!" Panish said. Phillips said he understood and wants to go back to work as well. Promised to be better.
Phillips said the email he wrote saying "this guy is trying to concern me" was referring to Kenny Ortega. "I had two concerns: wanted Kenny to be open minded until the meeting and I didn't want Kenny to quit," Phillips explained. At this point they were about $30 million plus in advance, Panish said. Phillips said it was about $28 million, which was a lot of money.
Email on 3/13/09 from Leiweke to Phillips:
"Phil (Anschutz) can be such a paranoid scrooge. He thinks he's smarter than everyone"
After a break and admonition, Phillips testified about some of his concerns surrounding the show.He said he was concerned about Ortega. Phillips said he was concerned that Ortega as getting into an "entrenched position" regarding Jackson's health and rehearsals.
"I was also quite concerned that Kenny would throw up his hands in the air and quit."
The CEO was talking directly to the jury. Phillips said again that his concern with Ortega was that he wasn't going into the meeting with an open mind and that he was going to quit. Panish played Phillips deposition where he said he didn't remember what he was concerned about regarding Ortega. "I think my answer today is clarification," Phillips said, adding he did not change his testimony. Panish questioned whether his description was something he "just remembered right now." Phillips responded, "I'm remembering a lot of things now." Panish shot back that Phillips hadn't remembered many things during his deposition.
In his depo, played to the jury, Phillips said there were no discussions on June 20th about Michael taking a couple of days off. However, in court today, Phillips testified Ortega suggested that he take two days off
After the June 20th meeting, Jackson took two days off and resumed rehearsals. At that point, Phillips began working out of Staples Center. Phillips said one of the changes to come out of the June 20th meeting was that he would be at Staples, looking in on rehearsals.
Phillips was also shown an email from his assistant, looking for a physical therapist for Jackson on June 22, 2009
At this point, Phillips was asked about Arnold Klein. He was shown a June 23rd email from Jackson's business manager Michael Kane. Kane:
"On the list of doctors that will help get (us) from today to the opening night, where does Arnold Klein stand on the list?"
Phillips responded about Klein:
"He scares us to death because he is shooting him up with something"
Kane responded:
"Well since we owe him $48k and he wants payment maybe I should stop paying him and he'll stop shooting him up. I have the details of what he is doing"
Phillips told jurors the email was a response to a $48,000 bill that Jackson's manager received for the treatments by Dr. Arnold Klein. The treatments included numerous shots of cosmetic drugs such as Restalyne and botox, as well as other unidentified intramuscular shots, Phillips said, citing the bill. Phillips said he maintains his position that he didn't know what, if anything, any doctor was giving Michael.
Phillips was asked about Jackson's rehearsals on June 23 and 24. He said he couldn't remember which songs were performed which day. Phillips said he watched them in its entirety, which lasted about 3 hours. He said Michael was engaged about an hour and a half to two hours.
Panish: "Michael never did the whole show, did he, sir?"
Phillips: "No, he wouldn't have, they were not ready for that"
Panish: "Was Michael cold on the 23rd?"
Phillips: "I don't remember"
Panish: "Did you ever see Michael walking around in blankets?"
Phillips: "It's possible, because the place was freezing. But I don't remember"
On 6/25/09 the insurance broker wrote to Dr. Murray at 12:54:15 pm, probably London time (approximately 5am LA time):
" We are dealing with a matter of great importance and your urgent attention would be greatly appreciated"
The email talked about getting Michael's medical records. Phillips said he learned from the media that Dr. Murray had been treating Michael since 2006.
Panish: "This is Dr. Murray doing something to help AEG get insurance, fair enough?"
Phillips: "Fair enough"
On 8/18/09 Phillips wrote email to Michael Roth:
"I think I know what Michael died of and this would exonerate Conrad"
Lionel Richie's ex-wife Brenda called Philips and said Michael died of a combination of other drugs and Propofol. Phillips said he never told police, the DA or Dr. Murray's attorneys about it because he thought the info was not reliable.
Panish: "Did you want Dr. Murray to get exonerated?"
Phillips: "I'd always want an innocent man not to get convicted"
Panish played video of Phillips' deposition where he said he didn't remember what the information was but his memory has been refreshed
Judge then adjourned session for the day. Trial resumes tomorrow morning. Panish said he has one more hour of questioning. The attorneys estimated Phillips will be done testifying by Wednesday afternoon
Court Transcript
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2023.06.10 18:22 AffectionateShock184 AITA for refusing to take back the complaint i filed against my dad’s best friend?

I (20f) have a disability (toxoplasmosis) and it prevents me from getting a job since most jobs aren’t so considering.
For more context i come from a very religious background and here girls don’t move out unless married so moving out isn’t much of an option here
So i receive a sum of money from disability allowance and that’s the only way I could pay for my own things, up until I was 18 my dad had access to it and after I turned 18 I took control of it
My dad wasn’t happy about it at all and demanded I don’t use a penny, saying i need to save for my surgery (nose and eyes)
  1. Toxoplasmosis isn’t curable so far but need an eye check up every 6 months
  2. I used that money to buy necessary things and also to take tickets to another city so I could do my nose surgery ( for medical purposes) and i did not tell that I used the money when they asked
A few days before surgery my dad asked me to tell him my bank balance and I refused to, it kept going for two days and he decided to ask his best friend who works at a bank to check my balance. The "friend” told him everything and gave him the bank statement
Out of anger I filled a complaint against the staff and got him fired
Now everyone in the extended family wants me to apologize to my dad and asked me to find a way to get his best friend his job back
I now live with my one of my mom’s younger sister Everyone in my extended family thinks I’m an asshole except my aunts
So reddit, AITA for filing a complaint against my dad’s best friend?
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2023.06.10 18:22 NoLie4119 Important for private doctor to review your c-file?

So I read a post the other day, an older post, saying that it's important for your private doctor to review your c-file, making their decision snd diagnosis more creditable because they reviewed your c-file. Makes sense. But with the wait times ranging from 5 weeks to a year, I want to submit my claim sooner than later.
My military medical record is pretty much non-existent. In fact, I don't have anything in there for complaints or injuries.
I have 40% currently and never attended a VA C&P. All of my doctor notes and exams were from a private doctor. I have the DBQ's they filled out and notes. Basically everything that I originally submitted in my first claim—i have. Electronic and paper copies.
SO my question is...
If you can obtain most of the contents that would potentially be inside of a c-file;
And provided most of that (all my previous paperwork I submitted in my original claim, my award letter, dd-214, buddy letters) to my private doctor—would that suffice as equivalent to my c-file?
Which brings me to another question. What should my doctor put? Would the doctor state in the DBQ question that they reviewed your c-file or would they just list the above documents saying they reviewed that?
Does that hold any weight? Is this a strong alternative?
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2023.06.10 18:15 Simonvilla1 Deeper insight into the complexities associated with crypto forensics

With the decent developments associated with the recent cryptocurrencies exchange hacks that have occured in the past week, and the solicitation of the service of top cryptocurrency forensics (Chainlysis) company to trace and recover the assets.
It is also important to take a deeper dive into the steps that would most ultimately be taken by Crypto investigators in this particular case.
I think the most common question would be
"what kind of information can be traced in this hack/scam"
Well I believe the twin goals of cryptocurrency forensics and asset tracing — identify the perpetrator, and find their funds, which in most cases can be easy for us to handle and extremely complex in other cases.
The first notable data that would be investigated would be the “Attribution Data”
There are a few Blockchain intelligence tools that allow the collection and analyzation of ownership attribution information for thousands of entities, which can be used to de-anonymize blockchain addresses for identification of criminals and investigative subjects.
It is also important that I must mention that these systems rarely provide personally identifying information (PII) for individual owners of specific cryptocurrency assets. But may identify known associations with criminal groups or fraud schemes, as well as transactions with other relevant entities, such as exchanges and fiat off-ramps where criminal proceeds are converted to cash. In the case where the scammers involved in this hack decide to go down this obvious route. The attribution data would most certainly solve the case.
Another important step Investigators would take is “Transaction Mapping” Transactional data is converted into visual maps and flowcharts, showing interactions by the subject with known exchanges and other entities. I have found it extremely helpful to use automated mapping and evidence collection which would most definitely be the same approach I expect chainlysis to would adopt
This approach is more efficient and more effective than basic blockchain search engines or open-source explorers that require manual review of ledger entries.
Cluster Analysis: Cluster analysis is often used in cases where a fake exchange or a group of cryptocurrency addresses are controlled by the same person or entity. Expanding the focus of an investigation from one address to a larger cluster can dramatically increase the amount of available evidence for de-anonymization and asset tracing. I doubt this would be a usable technique in a hack or an exploit scenario.
Risk Profiling: Automated risk-scoring is conducted through advanced algorithms that trace activity of target address(es) and identify associations with known entities such as exchanges, mixers, peer-to-peer exchanges, sanctioned parties, ransomware rings, and darknet markets. A few notable mentions are Netwrix auditor which is excellent for determining methods used by scammers for crypto related data breeches.
The key to most successful traces lie within the confines of linking onchain transaction identities to real world identities, and in most cases this is done through Geo-location.
It’s no longer enough to simply rely on an IP addresses, IP addresses are vulnerable to manipulation and spoofing, and they are definitely not a reliable or accurate indicator (when solely relied upon) of an individual’s true location.
Instead, the collection and use of multiple geolocation data points that can be verified and authenticated is required to accurately and reliably determine a person’s true location Analyzing and verifying the authenticity of geolocation data will create regulatory efficiencies, while making sure that companies and exchanges can adequately track stolen assets effectively, also ensuring they remain in anti-money laundering/Bank Secrecy Act (AML/BSA) compliance as well.
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2023.06.10 18:14 CreosoteDesert Book recommendation: Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons -Build Bridges not Barriers By Mark J. Cares

I recommend this book because it comes from the perspective of a Christian pastor, trying to reach out to Mormons. Anybody that is a post Mormon Christian is going to really enjoy it because it helps define the fundamental differences between Christianity and Mormonism
Anybody that’s completely postmormon atheist and either historically/intellectually inclined or curious is still going to find it interesting because quite often Mormons believe (often unconsciously) that they are not really “known” by the community at large. This book is fascinating, in pointing out the Christian awareness of Mormonism. It even talks about the victim complex and the efforts of Mormonism to look more Christian throughout the last few years.
Basically- This is an insight into how the Christian world sees Mormon doctrine and how much they really do know about it.
Some quotes:
“Since writing this book five years ago, some things have changed in Mormonism while others have stayed the same. The changes have been mostly cosmetic. The Mormon church is working on numerous fronts in an effort to be accepted as Christian. They have changed their logo to make Jesus Christ more prominent in their church name. They have started offering free Bibles rather than the Book of Mormon in some of their ads. President Gordon B. Hinckley has downplayed and has, at times, even appeared to deny classic Mormon teachings. Mormon authors, like Stephen E. Robinson, have written books that use Christian terminology and thus sound more Christian, but always with the disclaimer that they are not speaking for the church, but only for themselves.”
“Therefore I feel that it is becoming more and more important for the Christian witness to be familiar with LDS official resources. I still recommend obtaining their basic manual, Gospel Principles, even though, over the years, they have weakened many of its strongest statements.”
“I feel I need to sound a word of caution here. Since an increasing number of Mormons are citing some of the confusing and misleading statements made by some of their popular authors, it is easy to conclude that they themselves are being deliberately deceptive. At times, such a conclusion is warranted. But many times the Mormons themselves are in a state of confusion. They too are struggling to understand some of these words and concepts. But one thing always comes through loud and clear. All Mormons think they have to become perfect and work themselves back into Heavenly Father’s presence. Mormonism hasn’t given them the peace and joy of knowing Jesus was perfect for them. They still have to be told about the Savior who has done everything for them.”
“By concentrating on the gospel’s positive message, we hope also to convey the message that we are trying to help Mormons rather than attack them. I say “hope” because many Mormons feel persecuted even before we talk to them. Many will have difficulty believing that we are concerned about them.”
“Since Mormon doctrine changes, I have found it more effective to quote such sources than historical LDS writings, with which many Mormons are not familiar. Some readers might be surprised at the lack of quotations from the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. Although Mormons regard these as scripture, many seldom read them. Most are more familiar with the various church manuals, their hymnbook, and the monthly Ensign magazine. Those are the sources that will help you identify with the average Mormon.”
“In reality, however, large numbers of Mormons are hurting: people who are victims; people who are not intentionally deceptive but sincerely deceived; who are not arrogantly self-righteous but incredibly unhappy; who need not only our compassion, but most importantly our Savior.”
“In spite of all such evidence, there appears to be a movement within Mormonism that downplays the attaining of godhood. Although all we can do is speculate about the reason for this, it appears they are doing it because this teaching reveals just how different Mormonism is from Christianity. That causes them problems because they consider themselves Christians and are aggressively contending that they are Christians.”
“Because of this emphasis on the family, Mormons can easily give the impression that family is more important than God. And for many Mormons, family has taken the place of God.”
Etc etc
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2023.06.10 18:14 Generic_computer_guy Will I have driver issues when downgrading my AN517-54?

Will I have driver issues when downgrading my AN517-54?
This current post is technically a prequel of my last post, (link below) https://www.reddit.com/AcerNitro/comments/1430oza/going_to_downgrade_my_acer_nitro_5_to_windows_10/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=
So I haven't downgraded YET because of a growing fear that is building in me about the drivers. I didn't really get a straight answer yet but im still wondering, IS it safe to downgrade from windows 11 to 10 on my AN517-54 without experiencing driver issues or some messed up crap? I also want to put out that im going to install windows 10 by mounting the iso file created by the installation media and running setup, so that means that im not using a usb device. Also, if I select this option,
Will it actually copy the current compatible drivers to the OOBE in windows 10?
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2023.06.10 18:03 SublimeMudTime Brainstorming Inventory / Asset Management - this is also a good sales tool to keep in mind

So I have this list of different assets for a business to consider including in an inventory. It's in a couple different categories and would love it if anyone has ideas of other things to call out and include in this list. The goal is to use all of this to build the inventory for a risk analysis and also have it cover a bunch of other business operations. I'm not looking to call out CUI or anything FADFACMMC related. I want to identify data that 90% of small businesses have that may be sensitive...
Start with an export from any accounting software of purchases, subscriptions and if using a fixed asset manager or plugin, save that output for a start of the inventory.
Technology the business has: mobile devices, network, PCs, printers, shredders, IoT devices, diagnostic equipment (medical or other)
Software the business uses: local installed, Software as a Service like Quickbooks Online, Xero Accounting, Stripe/Square, M365, Google Enterprise, Wix, Social media logins, API keys, password managers
Data the business has and what format it is in: Payroll data in Quickbooks, employee documents, SSNs, W-2, W-4, I-9, incorporation docs, bills+account numbers and contacts/responsible parties, CRM customer lists, invoices, trade secrets, formulations, login info, PHI
Third Parties the business uses – Shared office space, cleaners, landlord of a leased office building, Accountant, Banks, Managed Service Providers, CC processor, gov logins such as IRS, state registrar, other state or city regulator website
Locations where business is conducted or business assets may be present: Cars, Office locations, home
Access inventory: physical key inventory, software login inventory and access level. Third party logins, gov websites, insurance company logins, this category does tie in with Third Parties
Personnel - Employees, Interns, Volunteers, anyone who has access to the components of company “inventory”
"Tools" of the trade - any other assets that should be on the books and tracked.

Here are the uses of the inventory: 1. Risk Management: The inventory is used to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in your business. For example, outdated hardware or software can pose a security risk.
  1. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: The inventory can support business continuity and disaster recovery planning. If a disaster occurs, you'll know exactly what needs to be replaced or restored.
  2. Insurance Valuation and Claims Processing: Having a complete inventory can help you ensure that your business is adequately insured.
  3. Asset Tracking: In case of theft or employee fraud, an updated inventory can help track the assets and possibly assist in recovery.
  4. Financial Reporting and Audit: Detailed inventory information can assist in financial reporting and audits. It can provide a clear picture of the company's assets, their value, and depreciation, which is essential for accurate financial statements.
  5. Operational Efficiency: Understanding what resources you have and where they are can improve operational efficiency. It can help identify redundancies, streamline processes, and optimize resource usage.
  6. Strategic Planning: An inventory can inform strategic planning by providing a snapshot of the current state of your business. It can help identify areas where investment is needed, guide decisions about technology adoption, and support capacity planning.
  7. Employee Management: By tracking which employees have access to which resources, the inventory can help manage roles and responsibilities more effectively. It can also support risk management, onboarding and offboarding processes.
  8. Vendor Management: If your inventory includes information about software and hardware vendors, it can support vendor management activities, such as contract renewal, negotiation, relationship management, and cost control.
  9. Regulatory Compliance: While this is part of your original use case, it's worth emphasizing that an inventory can be crucial for demonstrating compliance with various regulations. It can help you prove that you're managing your assets responsibly and protecting sensitive data.
  10. Mergers and Acquisitions: If your company is involved in a merger or acquisition, a detailed inventory can facilitate the due diligence process by providing clear information about the company's assets and liabilities.

Please share ideas on what to tack on to this list either in the inventory list or the uses list.
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2023.06.10 17:59 Far_Surprise_7829 Seeking Advice on Managing Debt with New Job

Hello everyone, I'm a 29-year-old who recently started a new job after closing down my small business four months ago. I'm currently facing some financial difficulties, and I'm in need of guidance regarding my debt situation.
To provide some context, I have accumulated a debt of $28,000 and voluntarily returned my truck to the bank, although I'm uncertain about its potential sale value. Prior to my job offer, I had considered filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, I am now working and earning an annual salary of $80,000.
While I'm grateful for the job opportunity, I'm still unsure whether I qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy or if debt relief programs would be a suitable option for me. It's important to note that my credit score is below 500, which further complicates matters.
I kindly request advice from this community on how to navigate my current financial predicament. Any insights or recommendations would be immensely helpful. Thank you in advance for your assistance!
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2023.06.10 17:55 autotldr Credit Suisse CEO memo signals UBS deal to close Monday - Bloomberg

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 13%. (I'm a bot)
June 10 - Credit Suisse Group AG Chief Executive Ulrich Koerner has indicated that the emergency takeover of the bank by UBS AG will close on Monday, Bloomberg News reported on Saturday, citing an internal memo.
"While Monday brings to an end this chapter in our history, it is also the beginning of a new and exciting future," Koerner said in a memo to employees.
"Monday's legal close is the next important step as we work to get you the answers you need as quickly as possible."
On Friday, UBS Chief Executive Sergio Ermotti hinted the takeover of Credit Suisse would close on Monday, the earliest expected date.
Earlier on Friday, the Swiss government agreed with UBS to guarantee up to 9 billion Swiss francs of losses the bank may incur from the sale of its rival's assets beyond 5 billion francs the lender is due to cover itself.
Credit Suisse and UBS did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Monday#1 UBS#2 close#3 Suisse#4 Credit#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.06.10 17:51 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️ Roland Frasier – Ethical Profits In Crisis Accelerator (E.P.I.C.) ✔️ Full Course Download

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Get the course here:[Genkicourses.site] ✔️ Roland Frasier – Ethical Profits In Crisis Accelerator (E.P.I.C.) ✔️ Full Course Download

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It’s a DEEP DIVE into all the nuances, additional strategies and tactics that we just couldn’t possibly fit into the short EPIC training…
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  • ​159 different $0 out of pocket deal funding tools, so you have a virtually endless list of possibilities to choose among as you create the “deal stack” to fund your next deal.
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