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Things to do: May 29 - June 4

2023.05.29 15:52 sprungy Things to do: May 29 - June 4

May 29
Rosedale history walk
City Architecture: The Annex and Casa Loma walk
How To Become A Volunteer @ BlooGladstone Library
🎱Play Pool, Make Friends, Have Fun in Downtown Toronto!🎱
Practice English w/Woodgreen
$18.88 unlimited evening bowling @ Splitsville
lululemon: Monday Night QSW RunCrew
ULTIMATE FRISBEE All Genders Welcome! No Experience Necessary!
Yoga in the Park + optional walk
$9.99 True Romance @ Cineplex
Drylongso @ Revue Cinema
The Swimmer @ Paradise Theatre
Casino bus to NIagara Falls
SiriusXM free preview. Until June 5
Free Tafelmusik concert. Rush line only
Hot Chip @ History
Eagle Owl @ Monarch Tavern
Marcus Murray and the Incantations @ Dakota Tavern
Battle of the Bars @ Horseshoe Tavern
Emo night @ Bovine Sex Club
Violin: The Soul of Jewish Music, by the Rebekah-Jurecka Duo
SING! in Concert: SING! Celebrates the Musical @ The Concert Hall
Queer cocktail night @ Drake Hotel
Inside Out Festival. Until June 4
Karaoke @ Toby's
Turn it Up Music Bingo at Left Field Brewery. Dog friendly venue
Movie trivia @ Hemingway's
(Twice) Monthly Monday Trivia at Goose Island
Trivia at Tammy's Wine Bar
Trivia Mondays at Film Cafe
Trivia @ Stout Irish
Weekly trivia roundup
Open Life Drawing Toronto @ St Matthew's United Church
Mirvish lottery for $19 discounted Harry Potter tickets
Cirque du Soleil Kooza. Until June 18
Disney Animation: Immersive Experience Toronto
Stranger Things : The Experience
The Office Experience @ Yorkdale Mall
Jurassic World The Exhibition @ Square One
Registration continues for JAM sports leagues
YMCA free 7-day trial pass
GoodLife Fitness free 7-day trial pass
Presto card discounts. Various attractions, shows , restaurants
Free admission to various attractions via TPL Map Pass Program
Toronto History Museums free admission
Spring Flower Show @ Centennial Park Conservatory. Free admission
Self guided Discovery Tours
Seeing the Invisible An Outdoor Augmented Reality Exhibition
Volunteer w/Bike Brigade
Volunteer w/Nature Stewards to remove invasive plants
Garters and Glam @ Oasis
MILF Monday @ M4
Free community dinner @ 1470 Gerrard St E
$4.99 Big Mary chicken sandwich @ Mary Brown's
$18.99 AYCE endless wings @ Hooters. Drink purchase required
$10 OG chicken sandwich @ Union Chicken
$10 unlimited toppings @ Pi . Co
Summer drink days @ McDonald's. Until Sept 4
Birthday freebies. Marble Slab, and more
May 30
Group bike ride w/TBN
Blue Jays vs Brewers @ SkyDome. $1 hot dog night
Lovejoy @ Danforth Music Hall
Wunderhorse @ Velvet Underground
TIFA: Max Porter Presents Shy @ TD Music Hall
$9.99 True Romance @ Cineplex
The Machine w/Meetup
Trivia @ Stout Irish
Old Dada @ Absolute Comedy
$5 comedy @ Yuk Yuks
Skyline's The Limit @ Second City
May 31
Blue Jays vs Brewers @ SkyDome
Ella Mai @ History
Embrace Presents: Elder @ Lee's Palace
$9.99 True Romance @ Cineplex
Mektoub, My Love: Canto Uno. Free screening @ Alliance Francaise
Horse racing @ Woodbine. Free admission and parking
Toronto Maple Leafs vs Kitchener Panthers. Free baseball @ Christie Pits
Brass Facts trivia w/Meetup
Karaoke @ Penny's
Bingo @ Flash On Church
Old Dada @ Absolute Comedy
Skyline's The Limit @ Second City
comedy @ Yuk Yuks
June 1
Horse racing @ Woodbine. Free admission and parking
Bingo @ Flash On Church
$9.99 True Romance @ Cineplex
Karaoke @ Penny's
comedy @ Yuk Yuks
Old Dada @ Absolute Comedy
Skyline's The Limit @ Second City
June 2
Horse racing @ Woodbine. Free admission and parking
Bus to Casino Rama
MOCA. Free admission after 5PM
Good Kid @ Opera House
Death Cab for Cutie @ Massey Hall
Saddle Up. Classic country party @ Owls Club
Saddle Up w/Meetup
Bingo @ Flash On Church
Karaoke Fridays Scruffy Murphy’s Irish Pub Hosted by KJ Sharon
Karaoke @ Hermie's
Karaoke @ Mimico Pub and Grill
Karaoke @ On the Rocks
Karaoke @ Royal Canadian Legion 614
Karaoke @ Zak's Bar and Grill
Karaoke @ Fox and Fiddle Wellesley
Karaoke @ Alice's Place
Mike Lynch @ Yuk Yuks
Old Dada @ Absolute Comedy
Skyline's The Limit @ Second City
June 3
$10/$15 unlimited GO Transit
Bus to Casino Rama
Horse racing @ Woodbine. Free admission and parking
$2.99 Tom & Jerry @ Cineplex
An Evening of Musical Mantras
Death Cab for Cutie @ Massey Hall
Bingo @ Flash On Church
Mike Lynch @ Yuk Yuks
Old Dada @ Absolute Comedy
Skyline's The Limit @ Second City
June 4
$10/$15 unlimited GO Transit
Bus to Casino Rama
Bata Shoe Museum free admission
Horse racing @ Woodbine. Free admission and parking
Toronto Maple Leafs vs Hamilton Cardinals. Free baseball @ Christie Pits
Bingo @ Flash On Church
Karaoke @ Toby's
Free drop-in kickball @ Alexandra Park. Beginners welcome
$18.88 unlimited evening bowling @ Splitsville
Old Dada @ Absolute Comedy
Skyline's The Limit @ Second City
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2023.05.29 03:09 Aldebaran22 Tips for ticket buying (Chicago)

I am 32, have been listening to Madonna regularly since I was maybe 10 or so, and figured I’d like to go to see her on this tour.
Chicago is my closest venue, mid-August dates.
It’s pretty much all re-sale at this point and one of the two nights is already sold out.
I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for when to buy tickets? Is now as good as ever? How likely is it better seats might open up for re-sale at a reasonable price?
I don’t think I want to spend much more than $200 per ticket, and so I wonder if the tickets now for that price are as good as it’ll get, or if veteran/experienced Madonna concert-goers could clue me in when to check back for better seats at that price?
Right now the seats for $200 all seem to be nosebleed section. I don’t need front row seats, but I wonder if waiting might reward me with a happy medium?
Thank you!
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2023.05.28 20:37 burtzev [Canada] British Columbia July: Get tickets to Festival Afloat 2022 concerts! RAVEN

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2023.05.28 20:23 dreamingofislay Feis Ile Day Two Recap (5/28)

Feis Ile Day Two Recap (5/28)
Following up on yesterday's recap of Lagavulin Day/day one of Feis Ile 2023, day two of the festival was another cracking day, although we deviated from the main event schedule.

Douglas Laing Peat-zeria Rare Tasting
Today is Bruichladdich day, now known as Rock'ndaal (the new name they coined in 2022, which carried over to this year). Hopefully, our fellow Redditors here on Islay can offer thoughts on Rock'ndaal 2.0. We skipped it because Bruichladdich was a little too crazy for our taste in 2018. Of all the distilleries, they throw the biggest party, which feels almost like a small music festival/rock concert. It gets very crowded, especially with the frenzy to get their special bottlings. Great for people who want a more high-octane experience, but not for us, at least not this time around.
Instead, we did a Douglas Laing old & rare tasting and then headed to Bunnahabhain distillery for the legendary Warehouse 9 tour. Our impressions and notes:

  • The peripheral events outside of the big distillery open days are underrated. We pretty much didn't even know they existed during our first visit, but we're making more of an effort to try them out this time. Independent bottlers like Douglas Laing and others throw some small events or tastings and showcase some exceptional drams. For instance, my tasting today was a 120-pound/$140 ticket (most expensive one I got this trip) but was an absolute tour de force featuring two pours of 37-year-old and 40-year-old Port Ellen, along with several other spectacular whiskies.
  • Douglas Laing's global ambassador Dougal is such a knowledgeable, chill guy, and getting to hang out with him for a few hours drinking such special whiskies has got to be the highlight of the trip so far.
  • Peatzeria (in Bowmore) has to be one of the best restaurants on Islay. Got takeout from there for dinner last night, and did the Douglas Laing event there at lunch, and I suspect another few meals during the trip are going to come from Peatzeria. Met the owners at the tasting, and they are lovely people!
  • Take many small 1-ounce or 2-ounce bottles with you if you're coming to Feis Ile. Why, you ask? At any tasting or event, if you have a delicious whisky but don't want to finish it, take it to go! This is eight straight days of drinking, so it's critical to keep a level head (a bad hangover could mean losing out on an event or at least not enjoying it). At most events, I fill up some sample bottles with what I don't drink, label them to remember it, then bring them home and can enjoy great whisky later in the evening after a big dinner or a refreshing run. Pacing is critical.
  • Despite their fame and iconic status, Highland cows are a rare sight in Scotland. Driving around in 2018, we noticed tons of cows and sheep, but none of the Highland variety. Well, we broke the streak today. On the small road from Persabus up to Bunnahabhain and Ardnahoe, less than a mile up the road, there are big pastures that had actual, real-life Highland cows. Major trip highlight to find some of these cuties - I'd even bought socks with Highland cows on them as a souvenir two days ago, so I was thrilled to see them in real life.

The elusive Highland cow
  • Another animal note: Islay has white swans that live out in its ocean bays, which struck me as so unusual and fascinating (didn't think they would like saltwater). Back in 2018, there was a swan living outside of Laphroaig who one distillery team member named Gary. This time, we spotted a swan couple outside of Lagavulin and another - or perhaps the same one - outside of Bunnahabhain.
  • Confirming earlier Reddit reviews, the Bunnahabhain Warehouse 9 tour is a delight and one of the best experiences on Islay. The tour host, Katie, was funny and charming, and she can talk all day about the ins and outs of Bunnahabhain (which, to be fair, is her job!). The new visitor center's been open for about three years now, and the facelift they've done has made Bunnahabhain a much more attractive site than in bygone days. They also have the best views on Islay, with a stunning pebble beach looking over the bay to the Paps of Jura and, in the far distance, the mountainous Isle of Mull.

The legendary Warehouse 9
  • Bunnahabhain's gift shop is also one of the best laid out and designed on the island. One thing I particularly loved, and wished every distillery did, is that Bunnahabhain sells individual sample bottles of about 15-20 expressions, including not just its main bottlings but also the single casks offered on the Warehouse 9 tour, past Feis Ile expressions, and other special visitor shop-only bottles. We left the gift shop with samples from the 2018, 2021, and 2023 festivals, along with the 25-year-old, all for very reasonable prices (e.g., 15 pounds for the 25, which is a 400-pound bottle, and costs even more, around $600, stateside).
The drams I've tasted today include:
Old Particular Bunnahabhain 15-year-old (Douglas Laing, 48.4%) - This was a cool treat because it was an entirely ex-bourbon unpeated Bunnahabhain, a rare find from that mostly sherry-aged house. Floral, fruity, waxy, with maritime notes - could have told me Tobermory or Old Pulteney and I'd have been none the wiser.
Big Peat Feis Ile 2023 Smokehouse (Douglas Laing, 48%) - Big Peat has always been on the sweeter side of the Islay spectrum, and this one's no exception, layering on a Rioja red wine finish to a double-digit-aged Big Peat base. I know Ardbeg just released an expression called BizarreBQ which is supposed to have big BBQ notes, so I'll be interested to compare with this one. Going to pick a bottle up as soon as I see it back home.
XOP Caol Ila 40-year-old (Douglas Laing, 54.2%) - This is where the tasting took a step up from excellent to legendary. Old Caol Ila gets so soft and pleasant, almost perfumy, with loads of musk and ambergris complementing a very fruit-forward core of pears and tropical fruits.
XOP Port Ellen 37-year-old (Douglas Laing, 52.6%) - All these old whiskies drink like a dream, with no alcohol prickle left after so many decades of maturation. Port Ellen is pretty unique for an Islay whisky, for better or worse. It lacks the muscle and rough edges (some would say, the sex appeal) of a young Laphroaig or Ardbeg, but adds some fresh-baked biscuits, creamy maltiness, and a very warm, spicy smoke that isn't quite like anything I've had before. Stunning whisky.
XOP Bowmore 25-year-old (Douglas Laing, 54.2%) - After having so many ex-bourbon whiskies, this majestic sherried Bowmore was the perfect change-of-pace. Rich, nutty, the ideal dessert dram; like a fruitcake and a glass of mocha blended together.
Surprise dram, Port Ellen 40-year-old (Douglas Laing, 57.3%) - Since I had to run early, Dougal was nice enough to pull out the end-of-tasting surprise a little early and gave me a to-go pour of this whisky. Haven't tasted it yet, but I know what I'm doing tonight ...
Bunnahabhain W9 2006 Manzanilla (58.6%) - Katie did not tell us what we were drinking until we tried each dram first, a great way to avoid biases/preconceptions. This one drank like a lightly sweet but mostly dry sherry profile (we did know it was Manzanilla because this particular one has it written on the barrel), with champagne-like notes of cereal grains, nuts, and some orchard fruit. Was shocking to me that it was such high ABV, would have guessed 47-48% blind.
Bunnahabhain W9 2009 red wine cask (57.7%) - Wonderful example of a red wine finish. Banana cream was a distinct scent that came to mind, and this was a sharp contrast to the first whisky because it had real bite and sharpness, with strong oak tannins on the finish.
Bunnahabhain W9 2009 sherry refill + 3-year Amarone finish (61%) - Pretty sure I've never had anything finished in Amarone before. Amarone's a wine made from dried grapes, and I don't know much about it, although the winemaking technique sounds like Vin Santo. This one was a classic house style heavily sherried dram, although the Amarone added some creaminess and a very sweet maraschino cherry note.
Bunnahabhain 2004 Moine (peated) oloroso (53.9%) - One of the best drams of the day, and that really is saying something after the day I've had. "Glazed ham" was Katie's tasting note suggestion, and that's spot-on. This is a luscious and meaty whisky with some savory cooking smoke to it.
Bunnahabhain 2004 Moine (peated) PX (51.8%) - Free pour at the gift shop after our tasting, while we were buying bundles of other 3 cl sample bottles. It's funny that we tried this right after the previous oloroso peated expression from the same distillation year. This one was sharper and sweeter, and the balance of the finish and the peated spirit wasn't quite there, although we're really splitting hairs. A great dram, if not quite at the level of some of the Warehouse 9 whiskies we'd just enjoyed.
The night is young here, and I'm sober thanks to my driver's dram/empty sample bottles system, so may post more notes as the evening goes along. Attending Feis Ile and being in Scotland/on Islay are some of our all-time favorite experiences, and it's been so nice to be back and have those same feelings revived or redoubled our second time around. Slainte!
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2023.05.28 19:12 BR123456 Weekly Round Up: May 22nd - May 28th

Weekly Round Up: May 22nd - May 28th
Weekly Round Up: May 22nd - May 28th
Previous thread: May 15th - May 21st
If in case you missed any news, official posts, SNS mentions, milestones, or if you're curious to know what the sub has been talking about lately, this round up is a compilation of all of that and more. How can you find the weekly round up? There's a link on the /bangtan's sidebar, as well as a link to the archive of past round-up posts in the wiki index.


WE ARE BULLETPROOF: With the lack of new releases, it may seem that the fandom may have had a time to breath-
j-hope makes a triumphant return with a smile that will surely brighten your day, as well as giving thanks to those who have supported him as he completed the first part of his military service. RM & JK left comments congratulating him on the weverse post. RM went as far as to leave a new comment on the original farewell IG post as well.
In the meantime, the members have been keeping us busy with SNS updates this week. RM continues his daily IG stories. V was having a whale of a time in Cannes, France, being there to attend a Céline event. Jimin headed to WB London to check out the Harry Potter movie exhibition. JK went live on Weverse (with his glasses) for a chill night hangout, but otherwise our maknae & eldest hyung have stayed quiet online.

IDOL: SUGA, now back on the Asia continent, started & completed the Jakarta, Indonesia leg of his tour despite the awful heat & having a cough. The tour will be on another well deserved 4 day break before he performs in Yokohama, Japan on June 2.

BTS IN THE SUB: A deceptively quiet week...

STILL WITH YOU: It's now 583 days until they are past the edge of cold winter. But until their snowpiercer comes to pick us up, let's stay here a little longer...
🌸 🚂 🚉 ❄️
⟬⟭ 🐹: 380 🐿: 507 🐱🐨🐥🐯🐰


A quiet week...


Date Thread
230526 SUGA - Agust D Tour in Jakarta Megathread - Day 01
230527 SUGA - Agust D Tour in Jakarta Megathread - Day 02
230528 SUGA - Agust D Tour in Jakarta Megathread - Day 03


Date Thread
230523 [Notice] 『SUGA / Agust D TOUR 'D-DAY' in JAPAN』VIP Seat Sound Check Event Information
230523 [Notice] Information for fans while BTS member j-hope performs his mandatory military service
230523 Reuters: South Korea's HYBE signs deal with China's Tencent Music
230525 Sports Kyunghyang: FESTA to celebrate the 10th anniversary of BTS' debut
230525 K Channel: Jeonnam Women's Award, 2023 'BTS J-Hope Scholarship' delivered
230526 Beta News: [Breaking News] Army leaves without permission to see BTS Jin... Disciplinary committee opens, 'results closed'
230527 Colde: Colde 콜드 - 다시는 사랑한다 말하지 마 Don’t ever say love me (Feat. RM of BTS) Youtube Premieres 23 05 29 9PM (KST)


Date Thread
230522 [Teaser] 365 BTS DAYS (Korean Expressions Calendar)
230522 morningKall: [BTS POP-UP : SPACE OF BTS in SYDNEY] SPECIAL PROMOTION ANNOUNCEMENT 📢 Get your FREE Sydney Exclusive merch with purchases over certain amounts!
230522 Weverse Shop Global: Pre-order BTS 10th Anniversary Postage Stamp (form June 13, 9am KST, for local delivery in S. Korea only)
230524 iMe Indonesia: SUGAㅣAgust D TOUR 'D-DAY' IN JAKARTA [Official Merchandise Sales Notice]
230526 The Planet Bastions OST now available on Weverse Shop Global
230526 BTS Island: In the SEOM on Instagram: Just One Day compilation


Type Date Link Thread
SUCHWITA 230522 EP. 11 SUGA with Lee Nayoung Thread
Teaser 230523 [Official Trailer] 365 BTS DAYS (Korean Expressions Calendar) Thread
Teaser 230524 'BTS Solo Documentaries' In Cinemas Worldwide Official Trailer Thread
Teaser 230525 【BTS Island: In the SEOM】 Pt.2 New Chapter Teaser Thread


Date Thread
230523 Dispatch: JIMIN (BTS), "ICN INT Airport Departure"
230524 Dispatch: SUGA (BTS), “Departing for Solo Tour Concert"
230527 Dispatch: V·JIMIN(BTS), "ICN INT Airport Arrival"


Date SNS Link Thread
230522 IG Instagram Stories Compilation (RM: 2 & Jimin: 1) Thread
230522 IG V in Cannes Instagram Stories Compilation Thread
230522 TWT SUGA Agust D D-DAY Calendar Thread
230522 IG Jimin on Instagram Thread
230522 TWT Today’s Bangtan with SUGA @ SUCHWITA EP. 11 with Lee Nayoung Thread
230523 IG SUGA on Instagram Thread
230523 IG V on Instagram Thread
230523 IG V in Cannes Instagram Stories Compilation Thread
230523 IG Instagram Stories Compilation (RM: 3 & j-hope: 1) Thread
230524 WV j-hope on Weverse Thread
230524 WV Weverse Compilation (j-hope post & comments by RM & JK) Thread
230524 IG RM’s comment on j-hope’s Instagram post (old post bidding farewell 5w prior) Thread
230525 IG Instagram Stories Compilation (RM: 1) Thread
230525 WV Jungkook Weverse Live Thread
230526 IG Instagram Stories Compilation (RM: 1) Thread
230526 TWT Today’s Bangtan with SUGA @ SUGA / Agust D ‘D-DAY’ Tour - Jakarta Day 1 Thread
230526 IG V in Cannes Instagram Stories Compilation Thread
230527 IG Instagram Stories Compilation (RM: 4) Thread
230527 WV Jimin on Weverse Thread
230527 IG Jimin on Instagram Thread
230527 IG V on Instagram Thread
230527 WV Weverse Compilation (Jimin: 1 & V: 1) Thread
230527 TWT Today’s Bangtan with SUGA @ SUGA / Agust D ‘D-DAY’ Tour - Jakarta Day 2 Thread
230528 IG Instagram Stories Compilation (RM: 2 & V: 1) Thread
230528 IG SUGA on Instagram Thread
230528 TWT Today’s Bangtan with SUGA @ SUGA / Agust D ‘D-DAY’ Tour - Jakarta Day 3 Thread


Date CF/Partnership Thread
230524 Samsung Indonesia Wondering how cOOOl GalaxyS23 Ultra 5G can give you an epic result? ... You can borrow for free Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G for the concert...
230524 Samsung Mobile SUGA of BTS, Thank you for sending this epic selfie! 💜 This is THE Galaxy! 😉


Date Publisher Article Thread
230523 Fashions Addict Cannes 2023 : Happy Birthday Miss Campbell (V at Naomi Campbell’s birthday party) Thread
230526 Guinness World Records Jimin from BTS reaches one billion streams on Spotify in record time Thread


NOTE: Entries with 💜 have new content directly involving BTS
Date 💜 Link Thread
230523 💜 Vogue Thailand Contributing Editor Nichapat Suphap on instagram (with V) Thread
230523 💜 Park Bogum on Instagram with V Thread
230524 💜 Actor Ma Dongseok Instagram Story (feat. SUGA) Thread
230527 Longtime BTS Producer EL CAPITXN posts Instagram story about updating Ddaeng credits Thread


Type Date Thread
Spotify 230522 Jimin's “FACE” has surpassed 500 million streams on Spotify
Melon 230522 “VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS)” has surpassed 2 million unique listeners on Melon
Melon 230522 “DNA” has surpassed 6 million unique listeners on Melon, their 3rd song to achieve this! (Spring Day, Boy With Luv, DNA)
iTunes 230522 Angel Pt. 1 has achieved #1's in +100 countries on iTunes!
Spotify 230523 Jimin has now surpassed 1 billion streams on Spotify across all credits. He's the fastest K-Pop soloist in history to reach this milestone.
Tour 230523 SUGA of BTS "D-Day Agust D" earns the highest-grossing tour by an Asian soloist in US history, with $30.2 million from 151,000 tickets sold in 11 shows.
Billboard 230524 "The Planet" debuts at #1 on this week's World Digital Song Sales chart. It’s the group's record extending 34th #1 hit.
Spotify 230524 "We are Bulletproof : the Eternal" has surpassed 200 million streams on Spotify, their 61st song to achieve this!
Oricon 230524 Oricon Music: BTS's "Butter" won the Best Foreign Film Award for the 2nd year in a row following last year's "Dynamite" (by the Japan Music Copyright Assoc)
Spotify 230525 “Run BTS” has surpassed 300 million streams on Spotify!
Albums 230525 "Epiphany" has now sold over 500,000 units in the US.
Japan 230526 “Stay Gold” has been certified RIAJ gold in Japan with over 100,000 downloads, their 4th song to do so!
UK 230526 Angel Pt.1 debuts at #82 on this week UK Official Singles Chart
Albums 230527 BTS has now sold over 500,000 total album units in the US in 2023.

BT21 CFs & Partnerships

Date Thread
230522 LINE FRIENDS US: on Instagram: Did your heart just melt too? 😍 These soft and fluffy babies surely brighten the day! 💕 BT21 BABY Bean Dolls ✨
230525 LINE FRIENDS US on Instagram: Chill with BT21 💦 There’s nothing like a refreshing glass of ice-cold drinks to keep you cool 🥛
230526 LINE FRIENDS Japan 公式 on Instagram: BT21|sequence MIYASHITA PARK⚡️


Date Thread
230522 Bangtan Scholars on Instagram: 𝗕𝗧𝗦: 𝗔 𝗚𝗹𝗼𝗯𝗮𝗹 𝗜𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗱𝗶𝘀𝗰𝗶𝗽𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗮𝗿𝘆 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝗳𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗲 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟯 📚
230523 SFGATE: BTS rapper Suga pranked by front-row fan at Oakland concert
230523 Jon Batiste names Kim Taehyung as his celebrity inspiration
230524 BTS was a question on Good Mythical Morning
230525 Apple Music: Jimin: Springtime Sounds playlist
230526 Spring Day was #7 on Music Bank today!
230527 Spotify: My Top 5: BTS Songs
230528 Adora who did the chorus vocals for SDL, sang a bit of the song on her recent livestream


Community Posts


Agust D Tour

Upvotes Submitter Thread
198 neonaverse ARMYs who met BTS (not during a concert), what were they like in person?
91 mcfw31 Breakdown of BTS' albums that have charted on the top 10 of the Billboard 200
55 Similar-Judgment4188 what are your favourite collabs that BTS and the members have done
51 cosyacademic What's your Hogwarts House and who's your bias?
42 whoamisb Best Tae pic for use on a birthday cake?



Here are past week's top 5 fanart posts from our sister subreddit, /heungtan.
Submitter Art Thread
vindyamiriel I made little tangerines and Shookys to give out at the theater showing of the Agust D concert. Thread
sleepysleepykitty on the street 🦋 Thread
RiriTheUnicorn Haegeum Fanart I did Thread
Direct_Signal7668 Mang cookies made by my sweet friend Thread
maerlyn8 BTS is/in Art: Here are some edits from the last couple of weeks. Let me know what you like best! Thread
Check out the other top posts for the week here!
If there's anything missed or needs changing, feel free to let me know! :)
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2023.05.28 19:07 Remarkable-Call8113 I Kill Therefore I am - Phil Ochs, 1969
Wikipedia Copy Paste Select Biography:
"[H]ere we have John Wayne, who was a major artistic and psychological figure on the American scene, ... who at one point used to make movies of soldiers who had a certain validity, ... a certain sense of honor [about] what the soldier was doing. ... Even if it was a cavalry movie doing a historically dishonorable thing to the Indians, even as there was a feeling of what it meant to be a man, what it meant to have some sense of duty. ... Now today we have the same actor making his new war movie in a war so hopelessly corrupt that, without seeing the movie, I'm sure it is perfectly safe to say that it will be an almost technically-robot-view of soldiery, just by definition of how the whole country has deteriorated. And I think it would make a very interesting double feature to show a good old Wayne movie like, say, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon with The Green Berets. Because that would make a very striking comment on what has happened to America in general - phil ochs 1968

The events of 1968 – the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and of Robert F. Kennedy weeks later, the Chicago police riot, and the election of Richard Nixon – left Ochs feeling disillusioned and depressed.[86] The cover of his 1969 album Rehearsals for Retirement portrayed a tombstone with the words:


After a brief stay in an Argentinian prison, Ochs and Ifshin were sent to Bolivia via a commercial airliner where authorities were to detain them. Ifshin had previously been warned by Argentinian leftist friends that when the authorities sent dissidents to Bolivia, they would disappear forever. When the airliner arrived in Bolivia, the American captain of the Braniff International Airways aircraft allowed Ochs and Ifshin to stay on the aircraft and barred Bolivian authorities from entering. The aircraft then flew to Peru where the two disembarked and they were not detained. Fearful that Peruvian authorities might arrest him, Ochs returned to the United States a few days later.

On September 11, 1973, the Allende government of Chile was overthrown in a coup d'état. Allende committed suicide during the bombing of the presidential palace,[109] and singer Victor Jara was rounded up with other professors and students, tortured and brutally killed.[110] When Ochs heard about the manner in which his friend had been killed, he was outraged and decided to organize a benefit concert to bring to public attention the situation in Chile, and raise funds for the people of Chile. The concert, "An Evening with Salvador Allende", was held on May 9, 1974, at New York City's Felt Forum, included films of Allende; singers such as Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, Dave Van Ronk, and Bob Dylan; and political activists such as former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark. Dylan had agreed to perform at the last minute when he heard that the concert had sold so few tickets that it was in danger of being canceled. Once his participation was announced, the event quickly sold out.[111]

After the Chile benefit, Ochs and Dylan discussed the possibility of a joint concert tour, playing small nightclubs. Nothing came of the Dylan-Ochs plans, but the idea eventually evolved into Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue.[112]

The Vietnam War ended on April 30, 1975.[113] Ochs planned a final "War Is Over" rally, which was held in New York's Central Park on May 11. More than 100,000 people came to hear Ochs, joined by Harry Belafonte, Odetta, Pete Seeger, Paul Simon and others. Ochs and Joan Baez sang a duet of "There but for Fortune" and he closed with his song "The War Is Over"—finally a true declaration that the war was over.

Ochs' drinking became more and more of a problem, and his behavior became increasingly erratic. He frightened his friends both with his drunken rants about the FBI and CIA and about his claiming to want to have Elvis's manager Colonel Tom Parker or Kentucky Fried Chicken's Colonel Sanders manage his career.

In mid-1975, Ochs took on the identity of John Butler Train. He told people that Train had murdered Ochs and that he, John Butler Train, had replaced him. Ochs was convinced that someone was trying to kill him, so he carried a weapon at all times: a hammer, a knife, or a lead pipe

By Phil's thinking, he had died a long time ago: he had died politically in Chicago in 1968 in the violence of the Democratic National Convention; he had died professionally in Africa a few years later when he had been strangled and felt that he could no longer sing; he had died spiritually when Chile had been overthrown and his friend Victor Jara had been brutally murdered; and, finally, he had died psychologically at the hands of John Train

On April 9, 1976, Ochs died by suicide by hanging himself in Sonny's home.[121]

Years after his death, it was revealed that the FBI had a file of nearly 500 pages on Ochs.[122] Much of the information in those files relates to his association with counterculture figures, protest organizers, musicians, and other people described by the FBI as "subversive".[123] The FBI was often sloppy in collecting information on Ochs: his name was frequently misspelled "Oakes" in their files, and they continued to consider him "potentially dangerous"[124] after his death.[123]

Congresswoman Bella Abzug (Democrat from New York), an outspoken anti-war activist herself who had appeared at the 1975 "War is Over" rally, entered this statement into the Congressional Record on April 29, 1976:

Mr. Speaker, a few weeks ago, a young folksinger whose music personified the protest mood of the 1960s took his own life. Phil Ochs – whose original compositions were compelling moral statements against the war in Southeast Asia – apparently felt that he had run out of words.

While his tragic action was undoubtedly motivated by terrible personal despair, his death is a political as well as an artistic tragedy. I believe it is indicative of the despair many of the activists of the 1960s are experiencing as they perceive a government that continues the distortion of national priorities that is exemplified in the military budget we have before us.

Phil Ochs's poetic pronouncements were part of a larger effort to galvanize his generation into taking action to prevent war, racism, and poverty. He left us a legacy of important songs that continue to be relevant in 1976—even though "the war is over".

Just one year ago – during this week of the anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War – Phil recruited entertainers to appear at the "War is Over" celebration in Central Park, at which I spoke.

It seems particularly appropriate that this week we should commemorate the contributions of this extraordinary young man"
Rehearsals For Retirement
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2023.05.28 18:53 paradise_1211 Lana Lollapalooza Chicago—Looking for fellow fans

Hey guys!! I’m sure you guys have all been watching clips of Lana from MITA and wishing you were there (me too lmao). I’m an American Lana fan but will be traveling/studying in Europe from July-December (and I can’t make the Hyde park concert). However, do to some unfortunate visa reasons I will need to return to the USA in early august for a few days. I have decided I cannot miss Lana and have been waiting my entire life to see her live. I plan to purchase a one day pass/ticket for Chicago Lollapalooza. However, I will be alone and would love to experience the concert with other like minded fans. I would love a person / people to meet up with experience the concert, take pics etc.
some basic information about me—
Age: 20
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Attending school in New Orleans and Oslo (for a semester)
Favorite album: ultraviolence (but every other album is a very close second — especially NFR, Honeymoon, and Paradise)
Spotify: top .01 of listeners
**been a fan since 2012
Ik this a lot of odd info but I’m hoping someone will see this and relate!! Pls DM if you would wanna hang at the festival.
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2023.05.28 11:18 backseatgiveafuck Confusion while traveling

I really don't know if this is an ADHD thing or not but I'm starting to get worried.
Example: In 2018 I went to a concert in Brooklyn Steel (New York). In 2022 I go see the same band, but that time it was in Kings Theatre. I remember distinctively reading over and over that it was in Kings Theatre, but my mind kept thinking that it was in Brooklyn Steel. I realize the day before the concert that it was in a different venue.
Today, however, it was much worse. I had to take a train to the airport, but I missed the train. I missed it because my first train ride was at 11 AM and my return train trip was at 9 AM. So, today, I didn't take the 9 AM trip thinking it was at 11. I have no other means to make it to my flight today and might have to stay an extra day. Since both tickets were stapled to each other, I confused the times without paying attention to the dates.
Idk a one-time incident is fine, but this time I was livid with myself. Again, idk if this is an ADHD thing or not, but I suffer from misophonia and my audiologist hinted that it might be ADHD. I would appreciate it if kind internet strangers would point me in the right direction.
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2023.05.28 05:31 Omselini Life goals accomplished after attending Seventeens LOVE fan meeting in Tokyo! (i-Carat perspective)

Hi Carats 💎
I always found it interesting and very helpful reading about other people’s experiences seeing SVT live. I was super lucky to get to see our boys in Tokyo / Japan for their LOVE Fan Meeting (May 27)! I am an international Carat, European to be precise - and as Hybe keeps ignoring our continent I had to go all in to see our boys (I was lucky to see them in Chicago for BeTS last year as well) 🥺 I’ll share my personal experiences and how I managed to get tickets to a Japanese show - upfront: it wasn’t easy and hella expensive!
The following text will be super detailed (and quite personal - as I texted this to my friends as well) so just jump to whatever section you find interesting 😊 disclaimer: this all is my personal subjective view, other people might have had other experiences.
Be aware there will be spoilers ahead (e.g. setlist, outfits, games) for the final LOVE show in Tokyo today!

Short summary

Only regretful things (this is me whining for no reason): Coups being out sick (get well soon leader, we missed you - but the boys covered you well ♥️), no never-ending encore song, no Super performances (but little dance challenges) and although I had an amazing view of the full stage from the upper tiers the boys were still little and hard to distinguish. I once even mixed up Woozi and Mingyu - only Dino was easy spotable with his pink head 😂 and oh… I forgot that they would sing Japanese versions of their song!


S.Coups: I missed him so much! And I didn’t understand a word but I think Jeonghan said something about filling up the empty spot - cause everyone started cheering 😂 At the games section every member had a pillar that they had to fill up with hearts by winning games and it was so cute seeing Coups had all hearts right away!
Jeonghan: his hair is so curly and he really is part of the iron deficiency line - he was teamed up with Vernon, and oh boy, this guy was on fire 😂 Jeonghan was his cute usual, I’m not sure if he gave Carats sweets again for the encore but I saw him carrying around a bag!
Joshua: he was the usual cheeky, gentle sexy!! Manifesting SeokSoon as one of the funniest pairs - they were paired up for the games and just showed again that they’re hilarious together! Shua was cheeky and cheating while playing games and charming while talking to the MC! I mentioned they collected hearts to win the games - and every time the MC counted the numner of hearts, Shua popped up in front of the MC forming a heart over his head to be counted as heart as well 😂
Jun: gosh - he’s so handsome I can’t take it! And just as I perceived him in Chicago, he proved again that he’s my concert bias wrecker. He loves fooling around with Carats. Always doing hearts, winking, waving to us! He also danced a bit of limbo cause one challenge was a limbo game! 🔥 He paired up with Mingyu for the games - my personal visual death! When he changed to his 2nd outfit (the low cut silky black shirt with black pants) I nearly fainted! And he did the Cat move that Jeonghan teached him 🐱 he truly is the cutest cat boyyyy
Hoshi: our tiger, our prince, our pure hypeness! Of course his introduction lasted 20 minutes again 🐯 loved his vocals in _World, Fighting was so fun and he truly is the biggest Woozidan! I’ll talk about the games section later but that was so much fun, the variety god really does Carats well 😂 besides: the way he looked into the crowed, soaking in the atmosphere and realizing that they made it into Tokyo Dome for a fanmeeting (!) - you can truly see the stars in his eyes!
Wonwoo: he is just so handsome! He was paired up with Boo for the games and they were so cute and fun together 🥹 he was in the spotlight a lot - I can’t even pinpoint a certain memory. It was just lovely seeing him!
Woozi: dudeee, he is so hot with that dark eye make up and the wet long hair! 🔥 he was paired up with Hoshi and he hated it hahahah I love how you can see, how much he loves and lives each of their songs. He sings every line with all his heart.
THE8: His hair looks great with the mullet and bright streaks in the front. He was paired up with Dino and in one game they pulled a dinosaur figure and he played around with the toy, making it sit on Dinos shoulder and biting him 🦕
Mingyu: he looked really young, the hair and face/make up make him look like his version of 2019? Boy is SO aware of the camera, it’s insane… every other minute he is looking into one camera, running towards another camera, sending kisses, winking… 😂 And of course the members teased him again and asked him to do the sexy version of that one challenge they’re all into right now! And his vocals in the beginning of FML - right after Coups intro? I got damn chills and teary eyes. He is one of the members, that I personally underestimated the most regarding vocals and rap but he is stunning live - he truly is not just a pretty face but the full package ♥️
DK: our sunshine! All of them did this challenge which sounds like a children’s song? - and DK did nothing special just his beautiful, gorgeous wide smile and wholesome eye smile and radiated pure happy sunshine and every Carat just melted - he always lighten up the place ☀️ his vocals in Campfire are insane, this boy is amazing - I can’t even put in words!
Seungkwan: uri lovely, handsome, beautiful, funny, witty, variety king BOO! He’s just so funny, he knows exactly what to do to make Carats laugh 😂 I love him so much and I hope then world treats him better and better every day.
Vernon: I’m not sure if I like the black short hair, but he looks amazing nonetheless. He was soooo hyped when playing games! Especially paired up with Jeonghan, his hyung had no chance. Vernon was always running towards the games on the extended stages, but had to wait for Jeonghan to play, but that boy walked sooo slowly hahaha Vernons raps and vocals are so raw - it’s incredible how real this boy is! 💯 and ofc seeing him rapping in Fighting - my life is complete!
Dino: our pink Maknae! The hair is so crispy - I’m wondering why it doesn’t break and falls off. And he turned into Usain Bolt at the end! ⚡️ when they said their goodbyes, some members just went back to the main stage, sitting down - others went to each extend stage and waved to us. But Dino took it to the next level and was just running from one side to the other endlessly.


It was truly a fan meeting with lesser performances and more focus on games and the members themselves!
No Super stage… but it didn’t fit the vibe anyway. This was all flower boys Seventeen 🌸
They had 3 outfit changes, started with blue/white jeans, switching over to hoooot all-black black satin/lace shirts and jackets UGH I barely survived. Juns and DKs shirt was sooo low cut and Boos inner shirt was lace 🔥 and then the merch clothes as encore outfit!
My My was soo lovely! The Caratbongs were synced and for Bout You it was a lovely ocean of rose quartz/pink/lavendel light.
FML made me tear up and then they sealed the deal with Fallin Flower right after!! Woah, absolutely stunning and gorgeous 🥹 I couldn’t even see the members clearly as they performed on the main stage (not the extended one) and wore the dark outfit, plus the stage lights were pointing towards the crowd... but nonetheless - I can now die in peace.
I really got teary eyes at that stage as it’s one of my absolute fav Kpop song and the most anticipated performance ever - and during the song I just continuously shaked my head in awe. I realized once again that (… Hoshis voice please hahaha) J and K Carats are soooo lucky to be able to experience this absolute master piece in real life. ♥️
All the other songs were just perfect choices of sweet SVT music (World, Oh My, All My Love and Campfire or a bit more energetic like Run To You and Fighting). Loved the setlist!


I have to tell this part in all it’s lengthiness and amazingness!
So it started with solo games first. They had to answer questions with A or B and the other members could bet if they’ll be right or wrong. Every right answer gave them hearts. ♥️ the absolute highlight: the questions (mostly around GoSe) and member order is random, I believe, and Wonwoo happen to got asked what his famous word from the Insomnia GoSe was - and variety god must love us cause I freaking heard TASTY live 👅 I - and around 55k other Carats - are the luckiest people alive!!
The top 3 winner after these 12 questions got to chose the member they’ll pair up for the duo games first! For selecting there was a pot with random pickets of all members in it and Boo started and picked two out of fun, not looking at them, teasing Carats and members by playing around with his eyes closed which one he should take and blindly chose Wonwoo 😎
Then it was Juns turn and Mingyu was behind him acting all cute for the cameras while Jun draw the picket - and it happen to be Mingyu 🤞 destiny!
And then was Woozi and 55k Carats screamed “Hoshi Hoshi Hoshi” and I realized, holy shit, shipping is BIG in Japan. And then… omg… Woozi also pulled out two just for fun and he turned the faces towards the crowd and you wouldn’t believe it HE PULLED HOSHI AND HIMSELF?! like WHAT THE HELL. Whats the chance of this happening? Him picking two for fun, everyone screaming Hoshi and then he didn’t pull Hoshi next to another member but next to himself🤩 thanks to some brave carats, that filmed and uploaded it
Other pairings: Funniest duo - DK Shua Hype vs non hype - Vernon Jeonghan And Dino Minghao last, they called themselves “THE-D” (you know how the pronunciation sounds the same hahha) 😂
Trying to keep it short but there were 3 extended stages, each of them with a different game (they had to find hidden hearts - which were either hidden in balloons, wrapped gift boxes or locked cases. They had to break those cases/boxes open and find the hearts)
And it was always 3 teams against each other and DK/Shua chose first and ofc they made it fun, Shua (I think) covered DKs eye with his hand and pointed his finger in one direction (meaning to one of the extended stage with a certain game) and asked “this one?” until DK said yes.
And Hoshi Woozi were second and did the same and holy shit the crowd went feral when Hoshi covered Woozis eyes with his hand 😂 and then he pointed in one direction and as Woozi said yes the whole crowd collapsed. Cause Woozi accidentally chose the game where the members have to burst a balloon in between them 😂 he hated it so much!
Actually after the last round SoonHoon were on the last place, therefore they got an extra game and won the chance to steal points from other members. They ripped Shua apart and took all his points making them the overall winners. 😂 And they got crowned as LOVE KINGS - Hoshi living his dream! And after a lot of unwillingness Woozi completed Hoshis hand heart and the crowd went crazy again!!!
The games section was sooo fun and holy shit I didn’t know where to look, there was just SO MUCH GOING ON! I was so thankful the games were self explanatory and no language skills needed! 💯 The MC was lovely (I believe it’s the one accompanying them since their debut in Japan!) and soo humble. While they were playing games and seated on the extended stage he just sat on the floor instead of grabbing a chair. So cute 🤩


It’s probably well known that it’s nearly impossible for foreigners to get tickets to a Japanese concert, as it requires a Japanese address and phone number. So after checking some websites I decided to try out several proxies and only got a positive reply from this one: Tickets Galore. Filling up the form is the easy part and they replied to me within a day.
I started requesting ticket support right after LOVE was announced end of February and only got confirmation at midnight the day of the concert and got the physical ticket 2h before the show started. Midway through I already gave up several times😭 so since February my proxy couldn't apply for the official fanclub tickets but was also not able to get tickets for the Lawson lottery (not a fanclub lottery but of the ticket provider which is open to public) and also not for general sales. 😭 At 8pm the day before the show they released seats with restricted view for general public but again they didn’t manage to get a ticket for me. Finally around midnight the day of the concert they texted me saying they found a reseller who would meet up before the concert and that’s how I got the ticket for a seat in the restricted view area.
Things to consider:
  1. time zone differences and email communication was tricky as sometimes I/they missed a mail or replied hours too late
  2. resale fanclub tickets were available in a lot of cases but ID check is guaranteed so no chance of getting in
  3. trusting in the reseller to be legit and hoping for no random ID check of general seats (organizer announced to check ALL fanclub seats and random general seats)
  4. paying more and more fees for the additional effort the proxy put it 💸
  5. uncertainty about the ticket handover (for me the reseller told the proxy where and when to meet and what they would be wearing, luckily I was wearing something bright yellow and the reseller recognized me)
  6. lots of back and forth mails asking about updates, available tickets for higher prices, etc. - my inbox is full of mails with the proxy. ✉️
  7. You can request a maximum budget or preferred seats with the proxy and they’ll let you know what the market offers
But personally all was more than worth it in the end!! Original price of the ticket was around 12.000¥ and I paid around 51.000¥ incl fees (I assume I end up at around 10.000¥ in fees for the proxy - as it was not super clear how much the ticket price was in the end).
Experience with Ticket Galore: very responsive, a bit intransparent about the actual fees and sometimes doesn’t reply to all the questions. But still highly recommendable!
Thanks for reading ♥️ I'll probably come back later and add links if I come across videos or tweets. If you have any questions or just want to share your thoughts or own experience feel free to share. Horanghae!! 🐯
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2023.05.28 05:14 Fearless-Station5533 AITA for not taking my sister to a Taylor Swift with me

So in case you don't know the Eras Tour is happening, I've been a Taylor Swift fan since the beginning Tim McGraw came out, I was 11. With my best friend Ally we've been to every tour since Fearless.
On november 15 of 2022 the whole Ticketmaster fiasco went down, we built a base of operations and thank the goddess herself we got 6 tickets, for me, Ally, my brother, her girlfriend, gf's sister and one of gf's friend.
Before this my (half)sister(17) had very little interest in TS, but after seeing the commotion(for the fiasco) she got into it, and I as an older Swiftie show her the way, so her and her best friend, who happens to be Ally's cousin are fans now, we tried to get them tickets for our show but couldn't.
The owner of the company I work for has some very good connections and as an incentive holds a "lottery" of sorts every month and the winner gets 2 tickets to sports/music major events the following month, last november was the World Cup Final in Qatar, and every January is the Super Bowl, the only requirement to sign up is that the winner has to go, you can gift one but not both tickets.
I F#@%&Ç¿ won two front row seats, I'm taking Ally with me, and I told my sister she and her friend can now go(with our old tickets), everyone was happy, Taylor comes next weekend, I can barely contain my excitement.
I had dinner with my dad, sister and stepmom this evening and we were talking about the concert when my sister says "I can't believe it's my first TS concert and I'm gonna be in the front row", to which I was like "what?", and she tells me that I'm taking her with me with the tickets I won, and I clarified that Ally is going with me, she goes "but you said you were giving me the ticket" and I said "the old ticket", just like Ally is giving her's to her cousin. She was not happy, saying I'm robbing her of an experience, I respond "you are getting the TS concert experience, just not in the front row".
My stepmom got mad at me for wanting to "leave two teenagers on their own", I told her my brother is also going, he agreed to look after them. Then she looked at my dad expectant, and he said somthing along the lines of "I'm disappointed you are not taking the opportunity to share something you two love and use it to grow closer". Then my sister stormed off to her room saying she can't believe I'm putting Ally over my own sister and calling me a "reddit level AH".
I know reddit takes AH very seriously so am i being an AH? I thought we had a good relationship overall, but I'm now overthinking everything.
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2023.05.26 22:49 PickledFrenchToast is the setlist for failed at math(s) tour really only 1 hour 40 minutes long?

was really pumped for this concert as I saw panchiko and computer wife in oct 2022 but seeing these 3 amazing bands only make up 1 hour and 40 minutes and horse jumper of love playing only 15 minutes of songs is really sad lol, expected a loooong concert since the one in Chicago starts at 6:30 didn't think that would be over till 9 at the earliest
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2023.05.26 16:11 Thingstodo919 Things to do this weekend!


Join the Thingstodo919 email list here for a weekly events newsletter. Doing anything interesting this weekend? Let us know your plans in the comments!
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2023.05.26 16:02 Im-a-molecule Ask Your Questions pt 2

Welcome to RiotFest!
You might have some questions. Believe me you're not alone.
Maybe its your first time and you're looking for some feedback?
Maybe you're going Solo and need advice or people to meet up with?
Coming soon
Need Directions? A Place to Stay? Hotel Suggestions?
All these questions get asked a lot and repeatedly so ask away here!
to start you all off here is our Chicago Guide

Also check out the RiotFest FAQ from the official website

See You All In The Pit

Current Threads

The Lineup

Places to stay and hotels

Riot Fest Street Team

I Have a Complaint Thread

heres some helpful past threads

Places to stay and hotels

Solo or First Time

When will i receive the barcode for my ticket?

in the past, sometime in August

Are their lockers?

*in the past there has been, will update when more info is announced *

Is there an 'official' ticket reseller?

Reminder even though cannabis is legal in Illinois for recreational use, cannabis is still illegal at the federal, and is still illegal to consume in public in Illinois. Therefore it is not allowed to be brought on to festival grounds. This falls under the category of not allowed items of no illegal or illicit substances of any kind. You don't want to make the costly mistake of going to a dispensary right before going to the fest, and having to leave it all on the security table.
For this year, we are still keeping the NO TICKET SALES rule. There are now too many scammers on Reddit for us to feel comfortable allowing the ticket exchange again. Plus with the blocking of ticket transfers it does not make this feasible. I know for some of you this will be a disappointment, but we don't want anyone to get scammed, and the comments are getting harder to moderate on who is a scammer and who isn't until it's too late. This also means any posts attempting to sell tickets will be automatically deleted. If you are found to be posting in different threads trying to sell tickets in the comments this will result in a PERMANENT ban this year. The rules are stated in the automod response as well as the sidebar. There will also be no exceptions to this rule.
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2023.05.26 13:41 nair0n Official Tour Thread - Point FEST - 2023 May 27

Tour threads are for anything and everything relating to the relevant show. Discussion, videos, pictures, tweets - anything! This thread is also to collect everything in one place, so that we and future fans can look back at each show, so if you have anything relevant to the show, be sure to post it here!
11:00 AM – Parking
12:00 PM – Gates
3:05 PM – BAND-MAID (Point Black Stage)
Venue: Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, St Louis, MO, Ticket
Bag policy:
  • "CLEAR plastic/vinyl tote bags no larger than 12” x 6” x 12” and/or small clutch bags (6” x 9”). The small clutch bags do not need to be clear."
  • "No other bags of any type will be allowed."
  • "If you bring a bag that does not meet the venue requirements, you can purchase an approved clear bag for $10 at our bag check building near the main entrance, and we will hold your original bag during the show. Otherwise, any bags that do not meet our guidelines must be returned to your vehicle."
  1. Domination
  2. Glory
  3. Secret My Lips
  4. Endless Story
  5. Screaming
  6. Influencer
  7. No God
Setlists Compared
Future Dates/Previous Threads


Date Place Venue Thread
May 14 Houston, TX Bayou Music Center Link
May 15 Austin, TX Emo's Link
May 18 Daytona, FL Rockville Festival Link
May 19 Atlanta, GA Buckhead Link
May 21 Nashville, TN Brooklyn Bowl Link
May 22 Charlotte, NC Underground Link
May 24 Detroit, MI St Andrews Hall Link
May 26 Columbus, OH Sonic Temple Festival Link
May 27 St Louis, MO Pointfest Radio Show [Link]()
August 4 Chicago, IL Lollapalooza [Link]()
August 6 Minneapolis, MN Varsity Theater [Link]()
August 8 Denver, CO Summit [Link]()
August 9 Salt Lake City, UT The Depot [Link]()
August 11 Portland, OR Crystal Ballroom [Link]()
August 12 Spokane, WA Bing Crosby Theater [Link]()
August 14 Sacramento, CA Ace of Spades [Link]()
August 15 Anaheim, CA House of Blues [Link]()
August 18 Mexico City, MX Pabellon Oeste [Link]()


Date Place Venue Thread
October 9 Sacramento, CA Aftershock Festival N/A
October 12 Seattle, WA Neptune Link
October 14 San Francisco, CA August Hall Link
October 15 Los Angeles, CA Belasco Link
October 17 San Diego, CA House of Blues Link
October 19 Phoenix, AZ Crescent Ballroom Link
October 21 Dallas, TX House of Blues Link
October 22 Houston, TX House of Blues Link
October 25 Washington, DC The Fillmore Link
October 26 Philadelphia, PA Theatre of Living Arts Link
October 28 New York, NY Irving Plaza Link
October 29 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club Link
October 30 East Rutherford, NJ American Dream Link
November 1 Chicago, IL House of Blues Link
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2023.05.25 23:58 generalpao Things to do in Houston this weekend - May 25th - 28th - Comicpalooza & Memorial Day edition

Yet another stacked weekend for concerts with Alesso, Steve Aoki, RHCP and more. Lots of great stuff going on around town too including Comicpalooza which has managed to truly load up with sci-fi stars this year.
If you find value in these posts please sign up for my email list. I send the list out on Thursday by email and every new signup is appreciated.


Ongoing - Happy Hour @ MFAH @ 5PM Meet your friends at the MFAH for the best night of the week. Explore the campus, visit the galleries, and get a drink at the bar. General admission is free.
David Lucas Stand Up @ Houston Improv @ 7:30PM
([Red Hot Chili Peppers @ Minute Maid Park @ 6:30PM) *With The Strokes & Thundercat
Bush @ Bayou Music Center @ 7:30PM
(Garrett T Capps @ Discovery Green @ 7PM) *Part of the UHD Thursday Night Concerts Series


Mike Salazar Comedy Show @ Arena Theatre @ 8PM
Dermot Kennedy @ 713 Music Hall @ 7:30PM
311 @ House of Blues @ 7PM
The Sisters of Mercy @ Bayou Music Center @ 8PM
Steve Aoki @ Stereo Live @ 10PM
Young Buck @ Warehouse Live @ 8PM


Dynamo vs Austin FC @ Shell Energy Stadium @ 7:30PM
SaberCats vs Chicago Hounds @ SaberCats Stadium @ 7PM
Ongoing - Arte en el Parque / Art in the Park @ Discovery Green @ 12PM Students, ages 3 to 12 will create a unique art piece while improving their speaking and listening skills en español!
(VIVO' Screening @ Discovery Green @ 7PM) Enjoy this family-friendly movie at Discovery Green's Anheuser-Busch Stage.
Saturday Sketching in the Galleries @ MFAH @ 11:30AM Families with children ages 12 and older are invited to explore and practice sketching techniques in the galleries.
Ongoing - Saturday Stargazing @ George Observatory in Needville
Led Zeppelin Experience @ HMNS @ 5PM The music and lyrics of the classic rock group Led Zeppelin have been visually interpreted using three-dimensional fulldome technology.
Family Overnight @ Space Center Houston @ 5PM This special camping trip allows families to spend a night building rockets, learning engineering and robotics, touring unique aircrafts, and much more!
‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Screening @ Market Square Park @ 8PM Grab takeout from a surrounding restaurant, pull out your lawn blanket and enjoy a free movie screening in Market Square.
'Ellen Degenderless & Friends' Comedy Show @ The Secret Group @ 8PM
Flashback Funkfest @ Woodlands Pavilion @ 5PM *Featuring Morris Day and The Time
R&B Summer Nights @ Arena Theatre @ 8PM *With Chrisette Michelle, Dave Hollister, Carl Thomas
Pancho Barraza @ Bayou Music Center @ 8PM
Cash Cash @ Stereo Live @ 10PM
Living Hollow @ Warehouse Live @ 8PM
Kings X @ RISE Rooftop @ 7PM


Family Zone @ MFAH @ 1PM On selected Sundays, families are invited to visit the MFAH for exciting activities in the galleries.
SVDDEN DEATH @ Stereo Live @ 10PM
Alesso @ Clé Pool @ 2PM]

All Weekend

All weekend - Comicpalooza @ GRB Convention Center Creators, panelists, cosplayers, cherished stars and enthusiastic spectators will come together for a magical weekend celebrating anime, comics, gaming, literature, cosplay and much more.
All weekend- Adam Ferrara Stand Up @ Houston Improv
All weekend - Forever Motown @ Miller Outdoor Theatre @ 8PM Direct From New York is The Original Cast of FOREVER MOTOWN at Miller!
All weekend - 'Divergence' Ballet @ Brown Theater This mixed repertoire program features Stanton Welch's explosive 'Divergence,' as well as several other exciting new performances.
All weekend - 'Rent' Musical @ The Hobby Center LAST CHANCE - Theater Under the Stars is bringing this Tony-award winning, sensational musical to audiences in Houston!
All weekend - 'Torera' Play @ Alley Theatre A world premiere play written by a stunning new voice in the American theatre, 'Torera' tells a poignant story about becoming your truest self by proudly stepping into the ring.
SATURDAY & SUNDAY - 'Chocolat' Screening @ MFAH @ 7PM/ 5PM This classic 1980s film about the legacy of French colonialism in Africa is shown in new 4K digital restoration.
Ongoing - Workouts in the Park @ Discovery Green Discovery Green organizes different workout sessions each weekend.
Ongoing - Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Masterpieces Exhibition @ MFAH NEW - See outstanding works by art stars including Cezanne, Degas, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Manet, and Modigliani presented within the context of their experiences.
([Ongoing - Si Lewen ‘The Parade’ Exhibition @ Menil]) Menil’s latest exhibition features 63 drawings by Polish-American artist Si Lewen, which compromise a graphic novel depicting WWII and the liberation of Poland.
Ongoing - ‘Hyperreal: Gray Foy’ Exhibition @ Menil The exhibition features American artists Gray Foy’s most important and celebrated works.
Ongoing - ‘The Curatorial Imagination of Walter Hopps’ Exhibition @ Menil The exhibition explores the influential vision of one of the most distinguished curators - Walter Hopps, and features artwork by Warhol, Kienholz, Gilliam, and many others.
Ongoing - 'Art of the Cameroon Grassfields' Exhibition @ Menil This exhibition celebrates the enduring artistic traditions from Cameroon and its global diaspora.
Ongoing - Wall Drawing Series: Mel Bochner @ Menil Drawing Institute The Menil Drawing Institute is proud to work with artist Mel Bochner on the fourth installment of the museum’s ephemeral wall drawing series.
Ongoing - 'Where Do We Go From here' Exhibition @ CAMH Contemporary Arts Museum Houston’s (CAMH) Teen Council presents their 13th biennial exhibition featuring work from Houston-area teen artists.
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2023.05.25 21:59 darrenjyc TMU Conference Keynote Talk (May 25, Free) — Of Bakers, Florists, & Website Makers: When May a Business Turn Customers Away?

Full Title: Of Bakers, and Florists, and Website Makers: When may a business turn customers away on conscientious grounds?
Two men walk into a bakery to order a cake for their upcoming wedding, with the words, “God Bless This Union.” Unbeknownst to the couple, the baker is a Christian who believes, on religious grounds, that same-sex marriage is sinful. May the baker refuse to supply the cake? Now turn the tables: A religious Christian walks into a bakery whose owner is a lesbian. The Christian wants to order a cake with the words, “Homosexuality Is a Detestable Sin – Leviticus 18:22.” Must the lesbian baker provide the cake?
These examples emerge from a line of legal cases in the United States, although similar cases have arisen in Canada, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere. In the typical case, wedding vendors who oppose same-sex marriage on religious grounds have refused to provide service (bake cakes, assemble flowers, photograph, design websites, etc.) for same-sex weddings. In each of the cases, there are laws providing that businesses may not discriminate on the basis of a customer’s sexual orientation. But the wedding vendors claim that they are entitled to an exemption from the anti-discrimination laws, because requiring them to serve same-sex couples would violate the vendors’ deeply held religious convictions and, in some cases, their rights to free speech.
Are the wedding vendors right? Should the law allow them to refuse service for same-sex weddings?
Does it matter if the wedding vendors’ service involves speech or art (the wedding singer or wedding photographer)?
These are unsettled legal questions. This talk will offer insights drawn from business ethics into how the law should address them.
About the Speaker:
Amy Sepinwall is an Associate Professor in the Department of Legal Studies and Business Ethics at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. She studied at McGill (BA, MA), Yale (JD), and Georgetown (PhD, Philosophy). She has two key lines of research. The first explores legal and moral responsibility for corporate wrongdoing. The second investigates the constitutional rights, especially the rights of religion and speech, of business enterprises. She has published in numerous outlets, including the University of Chicago Law Review, Washington University Law Review, Minnesota Law Review, Hastings Law Journal, Journal of Corporation Law, Business Ethics Quarterly, and Philosophy Compass.
Note: This is the keynote address of the annual Business Ethics in the 6ix conference at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) that is open to the public and free to attend. There will a Q&A and an informal reception will follow. Attending the keynote address does not require participation in the rest of the conference.
You must register in advance to attend this keynote address, which will be held at the Ted Rogers School of Management at TMU. Tickets are free:
For more information on the conference (held May 25 & 26) including the full programme of workshops, see here
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2023.05.25 21:33 ImaMasterDebator Good afternoon Boston, I am back a day early with a list of things to do this weekend, May 25th - May 28th

Here's my list for this weekend even though I know 90% of you are going to Boston Calling.
All weekend - Boston Calling Music Festival @ Harvard Athletic Complex The biggest music festival in Boston is back with this year's exciting lineup.
At popular request you can now get this as a newsletter. Sign up and maybe one day I'll be able to afford Dunkin' more than twice a week.


'Aftershock' Screening @ MFA @ 7PM The film follows two families at the forefront of the growing birth justice movement in the US.
Museums at Night @ Harvard Art Museums @ 5PM Enjoy an evening of art, fun, food, and more!
Coleslaw's Corner @ MoS @ 7:30PM Join Coleslaw and a talented cast of drag artists as they take you on a journey to the end of the world.
One Direction Night @ Big Night Live @ 7PM


Teens Spring Showcase @ ICA @ 5PM Expect performances, film screenings, and exhibitions of works by ICA Teens!
Waterparks @ House of Blues @ 6PM
San Holo @ Big Night Live @ 9:30PM


New England Revolution vs Chicago Fire FC @ Gillette Stadium @ 7:30PM
Play Date: Made By Hand @ ICA @ 10AM Explore exhibitions in the galleries and engage in activities designed for families with kids to work on together.
'Disney Princess - The Concert' @ Symphony Hall @ 2PM Enjoy an all-star quartet of Broadway, television and animated film icons sing the music of every Disney Princess.
The Penumbra Podcast LIVE @ Crystal Ballroom @ 8PM
GA-20 @ Brighton Music Hall @ 10PM
Drake Night @ Big Night Live @ 9:30PM


Ongoing - Open Market @ SoWa @ 11AM The SoWa Open Market is one of the largest open-air farmer and artist markets in Boston.
Seaport Summer Market @ Seaport Boulevard @ 11AM
Berkshire Choral International @ Ozawa Concert Hall @ 2PM
KevOnStage Stand Up @ The Wilbur @ 7PM
MAN WITH A MISSION @ Brighton Music Hall @ 7PM
Twin Peaks Tribute Night @ Crystal Ballroom @ 8:45PM

All Weekend

All weekend - 'Sleeping Beauty' Ballet @ Citizens Bank Opera House Hear one of Tchaikovsky’s greatest compositions performed live by the Boston Ballet Orchestra and witness magic and adventure unfold before you.
All weekend - 'Star Wars: Return of the Jedi' in Concert @ Symphony Hall Don't miss a chance to hear one of the most recognizable and beloved movie scores live on stage!
All weekend - 'Evita' Opera @ Loeb Drama Center @ 7:30PM Inspired by the real life of the iconic Eva Perón, this Tony-award winning rock opera is remastered and back on stage after much anticipation!
All weekend - Memorial Day Flag Garden @ Boston Common Each year, this garden of flags becomes an important tribute to the meaning of Memorial Day and a signature Boston Common attraction.


Ongoing - 'E.Jane: Drenched in Light' Exhibition @ MFA E. Jane's work explores the labor and inner lives of Black women and the future of Blackness and queerness.
Ongoing - ‘Otherworldy Realms of Wu Junyong’ Exhibition @ MFA Inspired by Chinese folklore and Greek mythology, Wu Junyong’s mixed-media works seamlessly blend diverse historical traditions with his contemporary experience to express human emotions, conflicts, and aspirations that transcend time and borders.
Ongoing - 'Touching Roots' Exhibition @ MFA This exhibition traces narratives of Blackness across the Atlantic world by bringing together work from artists who absorbed and reinterpreted African artistic practices, sacred customs, and cultural expressions.
Ongoing - 'Hokusai: Inspiration and Influence' Exhibition @ MFA The exhibition explores Katsushika Hokusai's impact during his lifetime and beyond. More than 100 woodblock prints, paintings, and illustrated books by Hokusai are on view alongside about 200 works by his teachers, students, rivals, and admirers.
Ongoing - 'Who Holds Up the Sky' Exhibition @ MFA Organized in partnership with a Ukrainian NGO, this exhibition presents the work of artists who have been documenting the war—providing testimony of Russia’s crimes and a glimpse into many Ukrainian citizens’ lives.
Ongoing - 'María Berrío: The Children’s Crusade' Exhibition @ ICA Innovative, unique, and touching, María Berrío's work is a blend of watercolor painting and collaging inspired by poetry, folklore, and realms of magic and how these elements are woven into our reality.
Ongoing - Simone Leigh Exhibition @ ICA Simone Leigh’s landmark masterpieces from the 2022 Venice Biennale are now on view along her other key works.
Ongoing - Climate Action: Inspiring Change Exhibition @ Peabody Essex Museum The exhibition brings together dynamic contemporary art, hands-on experiences, and inspiring works by young artists to make us reflect on climate change.
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2023.05.25 18:09 Remarkable_Stop9782 Under 18 License suspended

I had my license suspended in the state of Georgia as of 12/30/22. I will start with the timeline of events starting in September of 2021.
September 2021, 16y/o- driving on a four lane divided highway, posted speed limit was 50, I was traveling at 74mph. Pulled over by GSP HEAT officer, cited for 74mph in a 50 zone. The officer did not assign any other charges (reckless driving, racing, etc.). I was summoned to juvenile court where I was provided a Public Defender who, to save my license, had me plead not guilty during my arraignment. Between then and the following trial, she worked with the state to reduce my speed from 74 to 73, and to assign several court orders to allow me to be assigned 0 points on my license, keeping it. At the adjournment the judge accepted this, and I finished all my court orders by the end of January. (My first court date was in November and my second was in December)
A year later, in December of 2022, now 17 years old, I was driving on a road known as 341, which has a posted speed limit of 45 miles per hour. Admittedly I was in a rush but shouldn’t have been speeding, and I was going 65 mph. I was pulled over by a sheriffs deputy and cited for 20 mph over posted speed limit. I was not summoned to court for this citation, and about two weeks after it happened we realized I was able to just pay my fine and move on, but first we went to DDS to confirm that I had 0 points on my license. On December 30th, we payed my fine and went on with my day. January 9th, 2023 rolls around and I get a letter in the mail with an official notice stating that my license was suspended for 6 months for “Serious violations, under 21, first.”
Now before I continue I want to clarify- I understand that I shouldn’t have been speeding. I know better and between those tickets I almost never was going that fast. I was in a rush to get my friends and I food with a 30 minute break between school and a concert. Regardless I’m not trying to divert my consequences, I’m just trying to understand exactly what regulation put the suspension into play.
I have done loads of research on Georgia teen driver laws, and general laws. I have been reading up on O.C.G.A. Codes, specifically O.C.G.A. 40-5-57, and 40-5-57.1. These state two reasons that may apply to me. Reason for suspension one- being deemed at habitual or negligent driver. Theres no evidence, however, that I was deemed as such, and later in the article that said code is under it states that you must claim a lot more than 2 tickets within a year and 3 months to be deemed as such. Reason for suspension two- Claiming more than 4 points in a consecutive 12-month period. My first ticket SHOULD have been 4, but it was NOT. It totaled zero thanks to my awesome public defender. My second ticket, since I did not fight it and just paid it, would be 3 points. Now not to sound like a jerk, but I do believe 3 is less than 4. I have not finished reading everything in the article of traffic codes, however 40-5-57 contains mostly everything about suspensions that would pertain to my violations, and 40-5-57.1 clarifies it all in conjunction with me being under 18.
Anyways, I would really appreciate if someone could tell me the code or regulation or whatever that caused my license suspension to go into effect. I could understand if a judge read my case once I paid the fine but I don’t believe that to be the case because the suspension went into effect the very day I paid the fine, and I highly doubt a judge would’ve gotten a chance to see my case the same day I submitted the fine.
Any help is appreciated!
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2023.05.25 16:31 nair0n Official Tour Thread - Sonic Temple Festival - 2023 May 26

Tour threads are for anything and everything relating to the relevant show. Discussion, videos, pictures, tweets - anything! This thread is also to collect everything in one place, so that we and future fans can look back at each show, so if you have anything relevant to the show, be sure to post it here!
4:25-5:00 PM: BAND-MAID (SoundWave Stage)
Venue: Historic Crew Stadium, Columbus, OH, Ticket
  1. Domination
  2. Choose me
  3. Dice
  4. Endless story
  5. Screaming
  6. Influencer
  7. No God
  8. Warning
Setlists Compared
Future Dates/Previous Threads


Date Place Venue Thread
May 14 Houston, TX Bayou Music Center Link
May 15 Austin, TX Emo's Link
May 18 Daytona, FL Rockville Festival Link
May 19 Atlanta, GA Buckhead Link
May 21 Nashville, TN Brooklyn Bowl Link
May 22 Charlotte, NC Underground Link
May 24 Detroit, MI St Andrews Hall Link
May 26 Columbus, OH Sonic Temple Festival [Link]()
May 27 St Louis, MO Pointfest Radio Show [Link]()
August 4 Chicago, IL Lollapalooza [Link]()
August 6 Minneapolis, MN Varsity Theater [Link]()
August 8 Denver, CO Summit [Link]()
August 9 Salt Lake City, UT The Depot [Link]()
August 11 Portland, OR Crystal Ballroom [Link]()
August 12 Spokane, WA Bing Crosby Theater [Link]()
August 14 Sacramento, CA Ace of Spades [Link]()
August 15 Anaheim, CA House of Blues [Link]()
August 18 Mexico City, MX Pabellon Oeste [Link]()


Date Place Venue Thread
October 9 Sacramento, CA Aftershock Festival N/A
October 12 Seattle, WA Neptune Link
October 14 San Francisco, CA August Hall Link
October 15 Los Angeles, CA Belasco Link
October 17 San Diego, CA House of Blues Link
October 19 Phoenix, AZ Crescent Ballroom Link
October 21 Dallas, TX House of Blues Link
October 22 Houston, TX House of Blues Link
October 25 Washington, DC The Fillmore Link
October 26 Philadelphia, PA Theatre of Living Arts Link
October 28 New York, NY Irving Plaza Link
October 29 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club Link
October 30 East Rutherford, NJ American Dream Link
November 1 Chicago, IL House of Blues Link
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2023.05.25 15:51 Rasmoss Rarest songs to hear live

Since they seem to be digging deep into their back catalogue on this tour, I thought it might be interesting to look at what the rarest live gems are, historically.
Now, I've only looked at album songs, since they've traditionally only played non-album songs very rarely and usually only around the time of release, and this exercise was already elaborate enough :-)).
I'm going by the statistics page at If you don't know it, you can check it out here:
The setlist record on that page has pretty much everything since TWFM and about 90+% from the HV tour, and while it's still okay around Boxer, it starts to get dicey with the Alligator tour, with the amount of setlists missing, and further back it's even worse. Just fyi when you look at the overall statistics.
Anyway, here they are, album to album:
I Am Easy to Find:
(Generally, the only songs from the album performed since the IAETF tour 2019 - which means during the 2022 tour and the current one - has been Rylan, Light Years and I am Easy to Find).
Not in Kansas: Only performed 27 times, the last being Dec 4 2019, in Munich, Germany.
Hairpin Turns: Only performed 9 times, the last being Phoenix, Sep 3 2019.
Roman Holiday: Only performed 7 times, the last being July 15 2019, in Frankfurt, Germany.
Dust Swirls, Her Father in the Pool, Under Water - Only ever performed at the full album playthrough at Beacon Theatre, NY, Apr 22 2019.
Sleep Well Beast:
Turtleneck: Only performed 65 times, the last being Stubb's Bar-B-Q, Austin, Oct 11, 2018.
Empire Line: Only performed 56 times, the last being Kansas City, Oct 7 2018.
Dark Side of the Gym: Only performed 47 times, the last being Cologne Dec 2 2019.
Born to Beg: Only performed 44 times, the last being NY Sep 29 2018.
Sleep Well Beast: Only performed 17 times in total, the last being Montreal, Dec 8 2017.
Trouble Will Find Me:
Heavenfaced: Only performed 29 times around the time of TWFM and never since.
Slipped: Only performed 23 times, the last being Greek Theatre, Berkeley, Apr 27 2014.
Fireproof: Only performed 9 (!) times in total, the last being July 23 2014.
High Violet:
Anyone's Ghost: After being pretty everpresent on the HV tour, it was only played 22 times on the TWFM tour, and it's only been played twice since then, with Dec 4 2019 in Munich being the last.
Runaway: After being set opener for most of the HV tour, they've pretty much stopped playing it, with the last time being March 13 2015, on something called MusicNOW in Cincinnati, which was only as 7 song set, so it must have been a one off of some kind.
Little Faith: This wasn't even performed that much on the HV tour, and with only one performance since, on Apr 22 2014 in Texas.
The Virginia EP:
(These are the only two songs from this record to be registered to appear in concert)
Santa Clara: Occasional Appearances on HV, TWFM and SWB tours, the last being June 28, 2019 in Chicago.
You've Done it Again, Virginia: Registrered 15 times during the Boxer tour and never since.
Racing Like a Pro: Popped up four times on the SWB tour, with the latest being Homecoming, Apr 29 2018, after having not been played at all on the TWFM tour, and not once since.
Gospel: This hurts because it might be my favourite song, but it's only been performed 20 times in total according to, and only three times since the Boxer tour, with two of them being shows where they played through all of Boxer for the 10 year anniversary, and the other being one very random time in Oslo Nov 6, 2019.
Guest Room: Was only rarely performed even on the Boxer tour. They had a rare run of playing it for six shows in 2014, and a few on the SWB tour, and it randomly popped up in Indianapolis on June 26 2019, the only performance since.
Lit Up: Performed five times on the TWFM tour and never since, the last being in Croatia, Aug 2 2014.
City Middle: Despite it's reputation of being one of their most elusive live songs, it has actually popped up in later years, specifically three times Oct-Dec 2017, the last being Vancouver Dec 2. But these, together with two times during TWFM, are the only performances since Boxer.
Karen: Never much played since Boxer, it did pop up seven times in 2017, the last being Chicago Dec 13.
Looking for Astronauts: Performed two times since 2007, the last one being Dec 12, Lisbon 2019.
Val Jester: Not played once since Alligator (with only six registered performances even then).
Friend of Mine: Has only two registrations on, the last being May 24 2011 in London.
Cherry Tree EP:
All Dolled-Up in Straps: Popped up seven times during TWFM tour, the last being July 23 2014, but never since, and not much before either.
Cherry Tree: Edit - Played twice in 2010 according to setlist. fm, but never since.
Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers:
The only songs from this album to be played live since 2011 are:
Lucky You - last perf. May 3, 2018.
Cardinal Song - last perf. Sep. 6 2014.
Available, last perf. Sep 5 2014.
90 Mile Water Wall - July 23 2014.
The National:
The only two songs from this album to be played live since 2007 according to are:
Son, last perf. Dec 1 2019 in Bochum, Germany
American Mary, last perf. June 26 2019 in Indianapolis.

Edit - Songs played on this tour that would have made the list:
Humiliation: Played a lot during TWFM tour, but only once since, Dec 8 2019, before showing up twice on this tour.
Murder Me Rachael: Before this tour only performed twice since 2011, last on Apr 23 2014.
Daughters of the SoHo Riots: 8 performances on the TWFM tour, 3 on the SWB tour, last Sep 28 2018.
Start a War: Washington May 23 was only the 16th performance of this song since 2013.
The Geese of Beverly Road: Only played 31 times since 2013.
Ada: Had a long run during the 2013 tour, but Chicago May 21 was only the 4th time since.
Baby We'll Be Fine: Chicago May 20 was only the 3rd performance since 2014.
I'll Still Destroy You: 55 performances during SWB tour, but Chicago May 19 was first time since.
Demons: Despite 85 appearences 2013-14, May 19 and 24 this year were the first performances since.
Walk it Back: Almost everpresent during the SWB tour, Chicago May 18 was the first time since.
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2023.05.25 11:15 JerSucks aespa LIVE TOUR 2023 ‘SYNK : HYPER LINE’ (Discussion Megathread)

Hi MY! This will be the thread dedicated to all discussion related the tour in general!
To keep it more organized, We will also open a second thread for ticket sales, which you can find here
Tour Dates & Locations
Date Location
06/24 Jakarta, Indonesia
07/29 Bangkok, Thailand
07/30 Bangkok, Thailand
08/05 Tokyo, Japan
08/06 Tokyo, Japan
08/13 Lose Angeles, CA USA
08/18 Dallas, TX USA
08/22 Miami, FL USA
08/25 Atlanta, GA USA
08/27 Washington, D.C. USA
08/30 Chicago, IL USA
09/02 Boston, MA USA
09/05 Brooklyn, NY USA
09/08 Mexico City, Mexico
09/11 Sao Pualo, Brazil
09/14 Santiago, Chile
09/25 Berlin, Germany
09/28 London, UK
09/30 Paris, France
Did you get tickets? Which concert(s) do you plan to attend? let us know below!
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2023.05.25 05:13 Free_Ad_1494 AITAH for going to a Zach Bryan concert with my best friends ex

Context: my best friend Kyle (20)M and his Ex Sarah (19)F started dating at the end of junior year then broke up in august the following year. They were high school sweethearts and she broke up with him and it was a nasty breakup. Cut to a year later I’m home for college and Kyle move to Chicago for four months for work. I wake up and get a text from Sarah saying has a extra floor ticket for a Zach Bryan concert. I immediately say yes because I’ve been wanting to go for months. Sarah explained how her sister wasn’t going to be able to go and she knew I liked country music and figured she would ask me. I decided not to tell Kyle about it bc I knew he would blow up my phone the entire time and try to make me feel like shit for going. After the concert I texted him and let him know and he blow up saying how I betrayed and disrespected him. AITAH
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