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2023.06.10 05:33 dCLCp Is parallel reconstruction a way to sidestep copyright for generative AI?

Hypothetically speaking lets say ChatGPT 4 was trained on a corpus, let's call it Corpus A. Corpus A is ... everything ChatGPT has consumed thus far from the internet. Some of that is original IP some of it isn't. Some of it is public domain some of it isn't. Regardless of the law ChatGPT 4 has ingested information it doesn't own. You might say the output of this and other current models is fair use (with some provisos about profitability and blatant copying of source material of course. You might also say that some of its output is direct copyright violation. I imagine a gaggle of lawyers on both sides will be fighting about that for the next 15 years. But I want to talk about... corpus B, and more importantly, corpuses B-Z. Because the "G" in GPT is generative.
What is stopping openai (or any other LLM creator) from ingesting Corpus A and creating an altered and unique but pound for pound parallel reconstruction of Corpus A... and then training on that? Now Corpus A is a legal quagmire. But Corpus B is a fresh and shiny new IP that has never existed before and only resembles Corpus A. It's its own thing and openai made it entirely.
But lets go one further. After training on Corpus B you make ChatGPT 5 create corpus C. You might argue that Corpus B was derivative and you could try to challenge that legally. I think you'd fail. But you could try. But if Corpus B is derivative Corpus C is much less so. After that though each generation becomes further and further from Corpus A. At some point it is entirely and utterly unique. It has never existed before. I feel like if an idiot like me can conceptualize this the geniuses at Google and openai are light years ahead... so in conclusion copyright claims against advanced LLMs are already a fools errand (or at least conceptually will prove to be).
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2023.06.10 05:32 Worried_Lunch9606 Can a depressive episode seem rational?

I feel awful making multiple posts here but that seems to kind of be the theme of this subreddit so I hope it's okay. I apologize in advance for all the words, the full context I feel is very important.
He broke up with me on the 29th of May suddenly and then packed all my stuff up at the apartment and dropped it off on the 31st. He tried to break up with me March 1st but we had just recently moved and that was full of fights and pain but we got through it and April and May were so happy and wonderful.
No matter what I said on either day though in May I couldn't get through to him. Both days we had a conversation for hours. Me, trying hard to tell him all the solutions to these problems he was bringing up or the fact that I just couldn't have done anything about one of them at that time. Telling him I'd take a break for as long as he needed, I'd watch the pets if he wanted to travel, I'd go to couples therapy, begging him to just think about it and him telling me he's thought about it, and telling me "sometimes even though two people love each other its not enough" as if we had been fighting for months or had irreconcilable differences in life paths. He expressed that it did not come from a desire to be single, that he needed to be alone, needed to "find himself', that there wasnt someone else, that he loved me so much, etc.
We had been cry laughing together on the 27th. And a few days prior he wrote some songs with a friend he had been planning with for years and wrote in lyrics that were references to things we liked, and he was so excited to show me and get my opinion. The night before he was worried I hated him for something and wanted my hugs and comfort. The next morning he was different and I said "This relationship is good and it works!" and he shouted back "Maybe for you!" And I feel so insane still. He was crying his eyes out saying he was breaking his own heart too, and when he dropped off my stuff he hugged me 3-4 times for so long and tried to comfort me. He said that yes theres a part of him that wants to try but he cant, even though I kept making him cry by bringing up all the plans we had.
We've texted twice, once about the stuff he gave me, and the other was me asking if he blocked me somewhere. Both times he seemed put together and calm which freaked me out. Maybe hes fine without me, maybe this is truly something he wanted. But just last April we were having a wonderful time. He worked so hard for my birthday, he got sad at the end of the month and made a joke about running away together. In May I wanted to watch Eurovision with him and he got all into it. We didnt get to watch the finale together but we talked about it when he got home. We were watching each others childhood movies, he bought a Wii and a bunch of old GameCube games that were $60 dollars each so we could play together. We had just gone grocery shopping with a list and talked about how it was so much smarter. We had plans for future dinners and our 3 year anniversary was coming up on June 6th. We were decorating our bedroom as the last room in the apartment and had just bought some wall decor and new handles for drawers on furniture. He texted me he loved me and that he'd be home tomorrow with a cute little smiley face and was all excited to tell me about the festival. Things felt like they were evolving into something stronger and better. There were no signs, no fights, etc. He has always remarked on how special this relationship is, how different it is to him than previous ones, how thankful he was to me for "finding him" and how he's shared personal things to me he's never shared with anyone ever. It was and is a very special, very insanely compatible relationship on all fronts and accounts.
He's struggling with a binge disorder and his weight/body image and dreading the Summer. He had just recently started up smoking but not fully yet. He took mushrooms at a festival the night before but seemed fine and came back and said it was "beautiful." A friend did tell him he "embodied the darkness" though which he didn't love. He's turning 30 this month and was worried about our age (I'm 23) and having a bit of a midlife crisis as it were with more self image issues. He's been diagnosed Bipolar 2, medicated and in therapy the whole time I've known him (4 years, dating officially for 3) and a year or two before then. He's on a low dose of both Wellbutrin and Lamictal and while he's a bit forgetful he's not opposed to taking them. He's not Borderline diagnosed but has been told he has traits.
I read Loving Someone With Bipolar and the anger, irritability and fatalistic, doom and gloom thoughts are very much him and I've read so many peoples posts on here. So many people saying how their partners brought up "compatibility" suddenly. I don't want to kid myself and blame this breakup on his illness but it just doesnt add up. No one I've spoken to has understood and I've walked people thru word for word text messages and beat by beat breakdowns of the events of these past months. It's now June 10th and he hasn't tried coming back yet and so I feel a bit like I'm being an idiot but I don't know.
I know I've posted a lot here, I'm so sorry. Anything anyone has would be so helpful. I cannot come to grips with the fact I'm living at home right now especially given my house situation is really fucked right now which makes this even more confusing for him to do. I don't want to be delusional but it's not adding up at all.
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2023.06.10 05:32 AutoModerator [] ✔️Ry Schwartz – Automated Intimacy ✔️ Full Course Download

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Automated Conversion Ecosystem #1 (ACE 1): The Enchanting First Encounter
Back in 2009, subscribing to an email list meant something.
In 2023. urm. a bit less so.
In many cases, it’s a response to FOMO (of closing a landing page and not getting a lead magnet). The end result; prospects are more oversubscribed and under-committed than ever.
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Automated Conversion Ecosystem #1 (ACE 2): The Ascension Amplifier
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A murky, purgatory state that’s often the longest, most confusing, and challenging to do effectively.
Many coaches and course creators have a bulk of their email list who will sit in this “in-between” state for 2, 3 or even 5 years before either becoming a customer or unsubscribing from the list.
With the strategies and playbooks you’ll implement in Module 4, you’ll help “pre-customers” cross that chasm much faster; and come to clearer, more confident, and more empowering decisions about you and your program.
Conversion Playbook #3 – Social Singularity Pt. 2 (Channels: Fb Group, Email, DM) Conversion Playbook #4 – Webinar Registration Rev Up (Channels; Webinar, Email) Conversion Playbook #5 – The Lead-Score Lift Up (Email, DM)
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2023.06.10 05:32 Infinite_Yellow_1149 Need Advice Regarding Family Civil Law Case.

I was served a petition on May 25th, 2023. This case is taking place in Texas.
The petition states that I am being sued for full custody of my son, and for child support. The petitioner is my son's paternal aunt. I am his paternal father. My son is 5.
My son's mother passed away on April of 2023. I was not notified of her death, until I was served May 2023.
When my son was born, I signed his birth certificate, and a seperate form acknowledging that I am his father. I am not sure what this form is called exactly, but I do have a physical copy.
What the petitioner is alleging: • Petitioner alleges I have not seen my son in over 4 years.
• Petitioner alleges she feels I'm a violent person, and my son will not be safe around me.
• Petitioner is alleging that before my son was born, I had asked the mother of my child for an abortion, which she feels means that I did not want my son.
• Peitioner is alleging that my son does not know who I am, and that I should not have custody or even visitation rights.
My son's mother was told she would never have children. She made it clear to me, that if our personal relationship did not work out, she would not want me in my son's life at all. Prior to meeting me, she was looking to start IVF treatments to give her family a child before she passed away, which she knew was was inevitable. She had passed away once before, and was resuscitated after my son was born. After that incident, conversations with her only became more clear that she no longer wanted me around. I felt I was only used to conceive a child with her.
Notes I feel are of importance:
• The petition states that my son remain ONLY at her families home address named in this case. She claims to have moved back to said family home to take care of my son, which is 3 minutes from my home, however I suspect she has taken him to her actual and main residence in another city, with her boyfriend. I had a welfare check done at family home where my son should reside and police were not able to locate him. I do not have proof of this as I can't hire a PI.
• In 2018, a protective order was placed against me by my son's paternal grandmother, because I spat at her after a verbal altercation where she promised I would never see my son again. This has since been lifted years ago, and no other restraining / protective orders have been placed against me.
• After I received the petition, I had my brother type a short heart-felt letter offering my family & I's condolences, and explaining I would like to see my son via facetime or an in-person meeting to ensure his wellbeing. This note was left on the family home's door by my brother. I did not ask to take my son, just to see or speak with him. I've since found out she has filed for a temporary restraining order against me and used this letter as evidence. Her attorney states that "While this letter is not inherently threatening, we feel that My name does not need to see My sons name as this is a senstive time for him."
• I am financially stable, have stable housing under my name. • I want full custody & want to include visitation rights to his mothers side of family as he has created a bond with them. • I have since filed an answer & counter sued.
I am still actively looking for an attorney.
ANY advice, questions, or tips I am open to. I understand courts dig deep, So I am being as honest and forthcoming about my situation as possible to get the best advice.
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2023.06.10 05:31 Suspicious-Doubt-583 I can’t do it anymore.

It took me awhile to come to terms with the fact that, yes, I was raised by a narcissist (who’s also an alcoholic, but that’s a whole other conversation). My mother. I’d like to say we have a great relationship, and sometimes I genuinely think we do. Or she makes me believe that we do. We talk about the deepest thoughts and ideas of the universe, and during those times I truly feel as if we are two souls who were meant to go through life together, one being raised by the other. But the second I say something she doesn’t like, or do something she doesn’t like, or hell, sometimes I don’t even know what I’ve done, she’ll give me the cold shoulder. And it’s not obvious, oh no, never obvious. It comes in slamming of the doors, the flat out disinterest in things I tell her, even the tone of her voice or the way she moves around the house. It’s in these times where I’m holding my breath behind locked bedroom doors, keeping oh so quiet as to not make the explosive, explode. But when it does explode, although I was nothing but a simple bystander, I become the one who lit the fuse.
The sound of doors slamming makes me flinch and my heart race. The sound of someone vacuuming, even myself, has me gritting my teeth. It’s why I notice even the most subtle changes in tone or body language. It’s because I’ve lived my whole life in a state of constant and consuming anxiety, relying on animalistic, almost prey-like instincts of when I need to hide myself, usually behind a locked bedroom door, from the predator. When I need to stay away. It’s costing me friendships, it’s costing me relationships.
I can not wait to be free.
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2023.06.10 05:31 meanpusheen1 Cannot pick a job

Here are my options: live with my parents rent free, commute possibly 50 min to work daily in Houston, on a 65k salary with 2.5k sign on bonus. The other option is move to Austin, have to pay rent, drive ~10 min to work daily on a salary of 77k with a sign on bonus of 2k and a relocation bonus of 2k. I feel as though I may be saving up the same amount living and working in Austin as I would living with my parents on the 65k salary. I definitely could have more of a future with the austin company, I just don’t know which would be best financially or if it will come out the same in terms of money, at least at the beginning.
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2023.06.10 05:31 Ambitious-Mind9040 am i being too needy

hi all. i’m gonna start this off by saying i’m super mentally ill so this whole post might just be bitching and moaning so i thought i’d warn ya if you don’t wanna read that. anyway, here it is-
so i have this one friend, he means a lot to me, but i don’t think i mean a lot to him. he’s one of the few people i really enjoy hanging out with, so he and i plan to hang out nearly every weekend. which sounds absurd, yes, but we only plan to hang out every weekend because he always cancels, and so he’s says “let’s just hang out next weekend” and when next weekend rolls around, he cancels. over and over again. however, we did actually hang out twice, but the first time was when his boyfriend was gonna be at my house, and the second time, we both had a list of things we wanted to do in town, so first we went to a restaurant and ate, then we did what he wanted to do (go to antique store) and as we were walking out of the store, he says he’s feeling sick so he’s just gonna go back home. and like, i totally understand if he was actually feeling sick, but like, with his track record of canceling hangouts, and only showing up when there’s something specifically in it for him, i don’t know if can trust him anymore. am i just being too needy or is this something else? and i don’t want to talk to him about this because i’m really afraid of making him unhappy. i think he has depression and i don’t wanna make it worse for him (i have it too so i know how bad it sucks.) . any help is greatly appreciated, but don’t feel obligated to do so, thanks!
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2023.06.10 05:31 Lost-Interview2724 Female coworker in abusive relationship, how do I help her get out? Tl;Dr at end

Title. I work at a big grocery store, and became friends with this girl while working there. We're pretty good friends, and she commonly messages me over snapchat. A few times now, she's asked me just to chat. I happily obliged, and we just texted each other for an hour or two before I went to bed. She later told me that each time she came to me asking to talk, it's cause her boyfriend (another coworker) made her cry.
She's now told me of abusive shit that her bf has done both physically and emotionally. He's also incredibly manipulative. He controls her every move, what she wears around others, who she talks to, etc. She's unhappy, says that she can't see any reason to keep being with him. She doesn't like him at all. She acknowledges that he's a terrible person and she needs to break up with him... but she won't. She says she doesn't know what's keeping her with him.
Not to mention, 5 of our other coworkers that she's told about this have said the same things I'm telling her. She agrees with us all. But she just won't. Even one of our significantly older managers asked her why she's still with him if he treats her like that.
How can I help her get out of this relationship? I'm tired of seeing her get beaten down mentally by this asshole.
Good to mention that I'm not interested in her, we're purely just good friends. Her boyfriend thinks she's in love with me because he's a huge narcissist, and so she's told me before to my face that she wasn't interested either, it's just platonic.
Tl;Dr coworker has abusive, narcissistic, manipulative boyfriend and agrees she needs to leave but she won't. How can I help her get out?
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2023.06.10 05:31 Practical-Face-5447 Salaried jobs in USA vs India

The starting salaries in USA even for specialities like IM, FM and Psych is 150,000$ which after tax will be 110,000 which is a very good income range in the USA.
Whereas in India, you start at 12 to 18 (18 LPA is best case scenario in North India) which is as good as having any grade B central government job. I do accept you can make extra 50k a month in private practice.
Can anyone who has completed residency in USA tell us about the scenarios? Can you really lead a good lifestyle in America with 100k PA take home salary?
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2023.06.10 05:31 Kaniddus Dame for Claxton and all the picks

This is the trade
Portland receives: Nic Claxton, Ben Simmons, Patty Mills, Royce O'Neal, 2023 PHX pick (21st), 2025 PHX pick, 2027 PHX pick, 2028 PHX pick swap, 2029 PHX pick, 2029 DAL pick, and that Philly pick 2027 or 2028
Brooklyn receives:
Damian Lillard, Jusuf Nurkic
Here is my thinking for this trade.
I don't think that any single move or combination of moves can make Portland a real title contender in the near future. So lets send Dame to a destination he wants
We could ask for more wings like DFS or Cam Johnson but we love Dame and we want him to have a good shot next season so you can keep all those guys. We could even ask for more young guys like Cam Thomas or Day'Ron Sharpe but those guys suck and we don't want to waste any time developing them. They can even keep the 22nd pick this year, because we love Dame that much.
We get back Clax because its Damian fucking Lillard, and getting off Nurks bad contract is a plus. Clax can be a young defensive anchor going forward with some upside potential possibly.
We get back Ben Simmons, Royce O'Neale, and Patty Mills as straight salary filler. Maybe take on the Ben Simmons reclamation project and see what you can get out of him later down the line, but he doesn't really matter.
Move forward with Shaedon, the 3rd pick, Simons, Clax, and anybody else who makes themselves worth something down the line.
Dame gets a good home in Brooklyn with hopefully a solid shot at a title and Portland gets a nice start on a rebuild with a shit tonne of pick equity.
Any opinions on this albatross of a move?
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2023.06.10 05:31 Edgezg Would you rather have "Photographic recall" or "photographic reflexes?"

Recall: You can re-live memories over just a few seconds. (Entire days can be recapped in a few seconds. You can relive the memory as if it were happening again) Though you may not recall anything "off the top of your heard" you never truly "forget" anything.
Reflexes: You can duplicate any physical thing you see. For instance, if you watch a world class gymnist routine, you'd be able to perform any of the same moves just as naturally as the Gymnist. These skills last and degrade the same as any other skill ; if you do not use them regularly, they fade within 1 year,.
View Poll
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2023.06.10 05:31 Prestigious-Flow-465 Any advice to build back leg strength during/after bed rest

I had gotten sick and sudddnly had to be put in the icu.‘I’ve been in the hospital for three weeks bedridden. I can move my feet and calf’s as well as my thighs but they are still quite weak. Physical therapy is pushing me to be able to stand it but it’s so difficult and tiring. I can’t seem to hold my hips/butt up to support me. Please anything helps! Im 23 male, ready to get up and walk out the hospital!! Thank you
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2023.06.10 05:31 NervousDragonfly- Leaving my Senior cat for 4months.

I will be moving out of state and bringing my senior cat (13F) with me. She is a special needs cat with Chronic ataxia. She has a lot of trouble walking, jumping and generally getting around. She is on every other day prednisolone to help her movement. She seems happy, eats well, drinks and uses her litter box. She is very attached to me and has anxiety when I am gone for long periods of time, even thought I always have a sitter for her when I am gone for longer than a day. I am moving out of state and in with a family member for a few months to get settled. I am not able to have my cat with me during this time. My Aunt who lives in the same city has offered to watch my cat for me during those few months. She is retired and will be able to give my cat a lot of attention and love. I plan to try and visit once a week to see my cat and spend time with her. Despite all of this I am really worried that this separation will be detrimental to my cats health. In the past when I have left for a week she would not eat. I’m really scared she will decline in health. Is there a way to make this easy for her? I plan to give my Aunt all her favorite things, her blankets and stuffed animals etc. She is very important to me and it kills me to not have her with me.
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2023.06.10 05:31 crestedlizardpoison weird things my dad did

I already know that he was sexually abusive on some ways, but there are some other bizarre behaviors I can’t make sense of. I am 18f.
TW- a lot • sometimes he would put his entire tongue inside my ear and roll it around in there. Often it would be in the mornings and the sensation would wake me up. I would push him away and tell him to stop and then he would just laugh when I got upset and tell me that he was just showing me that he loved me. • he ALWAYs used the bathroom with the door wide open. This is quite gross but he would shit really loudly every morning and we could all here it. We asked him to close the door but he said it didn’t matter cause we were family. • he often would not flush his poops in the morning, I would find them and have to flush for him. My mom and I told him he needed to flush, but he wouldn’t. • multiple times (I was probably 8-10ish) he would lift his butt up to my face and fart. And then laugh. This came with absolutely no warning. • when I was small, he would put me on his knee when I was naked and bounce me up and down. My vagina would rub on his leg and I remember that this was my favorite game because it felt good. (I was definitely under 6 at this time, I know I started masturbating when I was 4 and I think I learned it from this.) Would this be considered normal for a father to do since I was so young? • he would guilt trip me into rubbing and massaging his feet (I was older; between 13-16 probably). I would massage his bare feet and then he would moan I think (kind of grunt and sigh). He only wanted me to massage his feet, no one else. Then sometimes he would take my feet, and rub them so hard I would scream and then keep doing it and not let me pull away. He said it was supposed to hurt. He would tell me my feet were beautiful and perfect. • one more: I slept in the same bed as him (and my mom) until I was 7, and then I would often still sleep with them as well. I remember knowing that he would sleep naked, and I remember sometimes feeling his penis again my leg and then I would pull away really fast but he stayed the same. I don’t know if I moved my leg into his penis or the other way around. Is it normal for parents to sleep naked when their kid is in bed with them?
Anyways these are just a few of my memories, they are quite bizarre. I just started uncovering memories a few days ago, now that I am 18 and finally in a safe space, they are coming all at once. If you can figure out what these sort of things mean or have any ideas I would appreciate it. I am still very confused by it all.
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2023.06.10 05:30 Enough_Ad_9799 I got bored so here is a Pokemon Zefer start

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2023.06.10 05:30 EnvironmentalRub5273 Im annoyed at life being unfair

I’m a working professional, which means I am friends/acquainted with others. We earn pretty much the same salary working the same jobs yet I’m here fighting my way out of debt after taking out loans because I couldn’t live at home and had no support because I was raised in foster care.
So I know that I had to work a little harder and was given a different lot in life and I’m proud of myself for making it out and being successful. Doesn’t stop me from resenting their luck because “Michelle” is taking a girls trip, and “Veronica” just bought a house, and “Mandy” is at the mall, buying $120 pants and sipping $12 lattes.
And I know stuff goes on behind closed doors, and there might be credit card debt or other stuff I don’t know about - but it only makes the hurt a little less.
The worst part? No one really is even here to tell me I did a good job - I don’t have family to be proud of me or anyone that attended my graduation, because of past trauma I am very selective when it comes to friends and don’t really have anyone super close, and my efforts to engage with society have recently stopped because, did I mention I have cancer? I don’t feel any more proud of myself because “I did it all on my own” and I don’t feel like I get any more satisfaction from my job than others who had it easier.
I’m just lonely and sick and today I am feeling a bit more lonely and sick than usual so there’s the end of my rant. (And yes, i have a therapist for both the cancer and a regular therapist helping me work through my past and I’m severely grateful to them)
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2023.06.10 05:30 OtherwiseBlueberry64 Roam Pet Treats from Australia

Has anyone tried these? My husband a "outback kangaroo" bone from PetSmart and gave it to my Koda as soon as he got home while I was at Therapy, she seems to be okay, but I never give my pets anything I havent done extensive research on, so I'm just a little nervous. It's a kangaroo femur from what I have found out. I took it away from Koda until I could find out more.
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2023.06.10 05:29 AbzockUndBescheisAmt Amy's innate skills rework idea

Since Amy's innate skills are a bit underwelming compared to the other slayers and this game gets content till next year she might could use a buff for the future, here is my idea:
Relief pitcher:
Amy regains health (15% of peak health) and stamina when hitting a zombie with a weapon throw
Divide and conquer:
Amy gets a moderate damage boost after killing a zombie with a finishing move
Tell my what you guys think or how she could be improved differently
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2023.06.10 05:29 SuperSalFad dragging/dropping cards?

heyo, i'm a semi-beginner. trying to learn how to make a reliable drag and drop system and i figured making a card "game" would be the best way to figure that out. my problem is that i just can't find any actual help for the life of me. if anybody has even the slightest idea i would be super appreciative.
basically i want to figure out these things:
-how do i make a card move with the cursor while a button is held down
-how do i make said card stop where it is when the button is released
-what would the process be if i want to make an interface to "insert" a card into (similar to cultist simulator)
it would be nice to know how to make fluid card motion like stacklands or cultist sim but that's not really necessary. same for stacking cards but as far as i can tell thats really tough
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2023.06.10 05:29 DrinkSalad Was cleaning throttle bodies and maf sensors when one of the 2 7mm bolt heads holding the maf in snapped off. Should I be okay to have just one bolt in it?

Doesn’t move around much when messing with it. Broke it by over tightening, those 7mm are so damn fragile.
I do plan to get either some Z1 or Stillen 2.5” air intakes down the road, so it will all be replaced in time.
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2023.06.10 05:29 Specialist_Yak1236 Moved back in with my family (temporarily). My mother feigns symptoms of various illnesses, is always solemn. It’s rough.

Hi everyone. I am 23/F.
I am moving across the country to pursue a graduate degree with my partner next month. Our landlord cut our lease early (inconveniently before our move) so I am staying with my family and he is staying with a close friend until our move.
There is quite a lot to unpack here so I am going to bullet point a few details.
•My biological father and my mother are not together. They have not interacted in many years. Every time I talk to my mom for more than a few minutes (every. single. time.) the topic of my dad and how much he destroyed her comes up. She always says “but it’s not your fault” while simultaneously making me feel like being born was my fault.
• My mom is married to my stepdad who I love very much. My stepdad is very well off. They have a 5 bedroom house and the only other person living there is my 19 year old sister. Stepdad pays mortgage, medical bills, everything.
•When I told my mom I may need a place to stay temporarily, she hesitated. “Well your stepdad is already doing so much to take care of me. I have a very timed schedule with all of my appointments. I’m just not sure if it would be an easy adjustment for everyone.” I mentioned a room I could stay in at the house, she was like “But that’s my zen room with my massage chair. I need access to my medical things at all times.“
• My moms entire life consists of going to every local doctors office, having labs done, complaining that said doctors never listen to her, obsessing over her extensive list of illnesses, and being solemn or “exhausted” around the house.
lyme disease chronic lyme disease sceloroderma chronic autoimmune anemia encephalitis enterovirus meningitis pericarditis anoxic brain damage vaccine injury drug induced parkinsons herx reactions fibromyalgia liver disease cytokine storms dysautonomia staph infection coxsachie virus mast cell activation rupture of heart sac chronic epilepsy blind going deaf PAN/PANDAS “Quetiapine Induced Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia” TBI on various parts of skull and brain stem cysts as large as ovaries on each ovary crush injury / compartment syndrome neuroleptic malignant syndrome
“cervix totally towards right, over thigh bone” “belly distended” “cyst on top of pelvic stents” “neutrophilia is back” “small cyst on spleen” allergic to iodine “stage one alzheimer’s”
Ever since I started staying at the house, my stepdad and sister have been fine. I help out, I do chores, I make my own food. I just wish I had my mothers support and attention before my move. I wish she received help.
My stepdad has tried to intervene, but she demonizes anyone who “shames” her for being sick or doubts her illnesses. She has completely cut off friends and family for doubting her.
Every time I see my mom at home, she can’t even smile at me. She doesn’t ask about my day. She frequently will come into the room i am in and take medicine in front of me, groan, and then leave.
What do I do?????
Thank you for listening.
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2023.06.10 05:29 BigTrev2xx Have a question.

Been working out for over a year now on and off. Now im finally starting to take it seriously. Im 170, 6 foot. and bulking at the moment. i have a home gym setup nothing special, EZ curl Bar, Bench Press, Barbell, Pair of dumbbells you get the twist, looking for any tips in bulking and improving my fitness journey. just got a workout schedule routine in my notes to help me aswell. I suck at sticking to a diet so thats hard for me also discipline. so any tips would be very helpful much appreciated!!!
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