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5’4” girl next door with a passion for cosplay and teasing ;) If you want spicier content, check out Love you guys xoxo

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Pictures, videos, questions, and articles featuring/about cats.

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Welcome to the MTG memecenter

2023.06.10 18:43 BikeOk5025 What should we do in Banff

I’m going to banff with my family on monday. We’ll land in Calgary at 3 PM so probably be in banff by 6 PM. Our flight on Wednesday is at 6 PM from Calgary.
What should we do. How should our itinerary be looking.
We want to see the most beautiful views. Also my father is not capable of hiking much. Although he doesn’t mind sitting somewhere with a nice view while we hike.
The time we have in banff:
•We have Monday starting from 6 PM
•Tuesday all day
•Wednesday half day. need to be back at airport for 6 PM flight
Suggestions on what should do would be appreciated!
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2023.06.10 18:43 MiddleBrilliant4387 Terminated For Attendance with no communication

Got fired earlier this week for being at 5.5 points. Let me provide context as to how my points got that far. I'm a disabled vet that collects a disability check each month from the VA. I said this during orientation to my PL during orientation. The disability is that I have tendinitis in both feet but it is particularly worse in the left foot. I was hired in Feb and was let go earlier this week. I worked for team cap 2 and would volunteer to throw the trucks most days. My tendinitis flare ups are usually manageable however, from when I got hired to now I have gained about 7-8lbs. Now pairing the heavy lifting and constantly being on my feet all day with added weight gain increased the flare ups. My body simply hadn't adjusted to the added pressure yet. It led to me calling v out multiple times, and even texting my team coach about the situation asking to communicate the issue with points. He never replied. This was during the time that my last 2 points were conditional due to me having a claim open with sedgwick. The claim was denied due to me not meeting the required lenght of time with the company. So the legitimacy of my case for a FMLA did not matter because I hadn't been there long enough. I wasn't talked to when I got to 4.5 to try to see what can be done to keep me there or anything. So when the claim got denied and my points counted against me they pulled me in at the end of my shift and fired me. What frustrated me more was that I've known plenty of people there that got their points removed by just simply giving a sob story to a coach or higher. Some of my bow former coworkers I talked to were on my side about it being something they could've worked with me on before trying to fire me. I was told I could either talk to the store lead or go straight to home office about it, but I just feel blindsided. I busted my ass at that place especially during my last day and seemed like none of that even mattered. My coach let me go without a second thought. It's just a really frustrating situation.
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2023.06.10 18:43 CustodyOfFreedom Tips to find my style logic if I never really dared experiment with clothes and styles?

I’ve seen comments on this sub from people along the lines “I’m x old so I’m in a good position as I had time to experiment”. Which made me think… I might be 26, but I never in my life have experimented with my clothing. I always buy the most basic jeans and tees and sneakers and aim to hide myself away. Just blend into the surroundings. I think it stems from my immense insecurity regarding my looks, and I could really write an essay about how my childhood influenced my views about myself, but that might be beside the point.
What I would like to ask is… I’ve been considering going to a Gentle Guidance session with Rita, but I’m afraid I simply wouldn’t be able to give her anything to work with. I cannot give her outfit photos, as it would be the same old boring style all the way through, and something that I’m really not sure screams “me”. And if she asks me to talk about my relation to style, again I just blank out. At this point I'm not even sure if the outfits and styles I'm drawn to would even look or feel good on me...
Sooo, do you happen to have any tips about how I could work these problems out? Some question prompts maybe that you have experience with? I would really appreciate any help or ideas, I feel really lost!! :,)
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2023.06.10 18:43 treyk119 8.4 Uconnect screen loading

I have a ‘14 ram Cummins. My Uconnect screen has started to turn off and on (loading) over and over. Any help or pointers? I’ve made sure all my fuses and relays are ok and not blown.
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2023.06.10 18:43 queueda Should I go for a power chair next instead of an e-bike attachment (in snow country)?

Hi all, a quick question I've been puzzling over since I saw someone zooming about in a power chair while I was struggling along at a snail pace with my manual one + electric attachment. I needed rescuing a few times too because either I was sliding or got stuck in an uneven icy spot or the snow itself 😩 In summer time there are fewer such problems but I've experienced a couple of chicken's flights sideways because the balance of my equipment is poor and I have no depth perception (and okay, I can get a little careless). Haven't even trialed a power chair since childhood so I'm unsure of if it would survive obstacles like snow* and high kerbs better. Obviously a manual chair is easier to take some places but I suppose a freewheel would make it an okay choice as well when I don't need to cover quite the same distance or quite as quickly... Insurance won't cover two electric devices, unfortunately.
*) Snow of the Scandinavian variety, not the British variety where you can still see the ground through it most of the time
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2023.06.10 18:43 Tominating Alias Revolutionay Plan

Can I cancel my subscription for additional Alias , deactivate all my unused aliase, upgrade to revolutionary and create new ones?
I've got 20/40 Aliases but only use 3. I was creating them left and right and bought a package for Future use.
I would Like to downgrade to the 15 included Aliase from revolutionary package with 3/15 used is that possible?
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2023.06.10 18:42 mintjellyskeleton Moon Square Venus

I put “modern love poem,” in the search bar hoping to borrow the words of someone better suited to tell you how I feel about you than I am.
I am on sea legs, deeply ashamed of all my lunar confusion the unsteady jumble the prickling heat in my cheeks and between my thighs when you say and do certain things
I don’t want to show you my screwed up face and hot tears the catatonia of my immovable depression all my scars and stubble Just the lustrous word pictures of the classic, the refined, the published, the worthy.
Maybe that’s all you want. Maybe that’s why we’re so far apart in so many ways. Maybe that’s why I’m looking for someone else to say I love you.
So here’s my real dream we wake up naked you go to work I go to work you come home I come home we eat laugh a little see each other we go to sleep or I go to sleep first and you come to bed later.
We appreciate being skin to skin
We appreciate our respectful distance
It’s not glamorous. We’re not chasing anything. We joke about who will die first. That sounds like love to me, but how would I know.
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2023.06.10 18:42 Rare-Tutor8915 Do they ever think about us do you think?

My Dx bf (not medicated) and I (non adhd) have had a bad couple of months. We haven't actually seen each other for 1.5 months. He has been hyperfocussed on work and before that about 2 months ago I had to talk to him about things that had built up. I have posted a couple of times about these on this group ....who I thank very much for the support and listening ear.
We had a good conversation about a week ago. Then the last 3 days I've heard nothing from him. Not even a text.
I have to hold my hand up here and say I also didn't text but the reasons for that are because there's been alot of silence from him after arguments and putting down the phone so I didn't want him to think that was acceptable and have asked him not to do that because it hurts me. So I set that boundary ....which clearly he hasn't thought about.
We spoke on the phone 4 days ago, he said he would ring me later and then silence. I understand he is now in a physical job and is tired but given what I just said above ....does he not think about me? Or how I feel? When I've said I don't like it when he goes silent? I've even said just a message to say "I'm tired speak tomorrow" is fine.
I guess I'm getting to the stage where I feel a bit annoyed and sad really. We met nearly 2 years ago ...I read up and tried to educate myself on adhd, read people's posts, joined this group and am constantly thinking of his feelings and accepting that certain things he does are just his adhd at play (non hurtful things)
I read on this group about how we are all trying to navigate things within our relationships, and the things we do and understand etc etc but are they putting in as much effort as us? Even when you've clearly communicated what upsets you?
My bf had told quite a few white lies which were silly but it got to the point where my wall went up a bit and I've backed off. How can I get over that? Is the way I'm reacting wrong? Should I always be the one that gives in ...I really dont know anymore.
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2023.06.10 18:42 mathewmeconry Cannot always boot to Atmosphere

Hi guys
I recently bought a second-hand switch. It is RCM exploitable and I think I followed all the steps properly. I use Atmosphere v1.5.2 and have stock 16.0.2 in my sysMMC.
Now to the problem. If I start Atmosphere through Hekate (v6.0.4 and v6.0.5) I get the Atmosphere logo with some green lines and then end in a fusée error message "A fatal error occurred when running Fusée. Abort called, lr=0x4001060d"
Trying to boot it into CFW with the fusee.bin (correct version from Github) directly launched I shortly see the Atmosphere logo and then a black screen. Nothing more happens except I can send the fusee.bin payload again. Resending the fusee.bin payload throughs than a Kernel Panic (0xf00) with the Program ID: 524850534f53454d.
Sometimes I got lucky and it booted into Atmosphere. No clue what I changed when I did that. I used the same payloads, same notebook and same cable.
Using emuMMC or sysMMC doesn't change anything in the behavior.
The SD Card is a newly bought one (today) and is from a trusted vendor. It is a official one and f3 on my Linux doesn't report any errors.

Booting the stock firmware works flawlessly and it is "usable" = I don't have any games bought yet.

Any help or hints on where to look further would be appreciated.

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2023.06.10 18:41 Known-Rent-254 My aunt is bringing her random ass boyfriend to my birthday, I'm seething!

I don't like strangers. I'm pissed the fuck off. I planned a day in front of the computer, working on my music. And let me tell you, that is exactly what I'm going to be doing.
I fucking hate birthdays because people don't give a fuck about what you actually want, all they care about is what they think you want. They don't fucking ask, they just assume. And you're supposed to just shut up or they'll be offended. Nah bro. No wonder I despise birthdays.
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2023.06.10 18:41 HealthyBit8971 NYC is easy

Hi, I just moved to NYC a few weeks ago. Had never lived in the US and had my doubts on what to expect. But after my move, as an European I have to say I’m finding it extremely easy to navigate in all senses. Arguably it’s too early to say that and might change my mind when I have to pay taxes etc, but so far so good. I have also found most people to be quite welcoming, or at least neutral, so thank you for that.
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2023.06.10 18:41 kaladin-windrunner Seeking fellow adventurers for friendship, laughter, and great conversations! 27/M/UK

Hello there stranger.
I'm a 27-year-old guy from the UK, and I'm here in search of new friends to brighten up my day and share some of the things I love with. Life can get a bit hectic and isolating at times, so having someone to chat with would be a breath of fresh air.
A bit about me: I'm a fan of video games, and currently been playing Jedi Fallen Order in anticipation of the next game. I also love nature and greenery, science, reading (particularly keen on fantasy and have read all of Brandon Sanderson’s cosmere and am contemplating starting the epic wheel of time journey).
To balance out the more serious side of life, I'm a huge comedy fan. There's nothing like a good laugh, and I absolutely adore live standup (David Mitchell is my spirit animal).
I work in healthcare. While the job can be quite rewarding, it also comes with its fair share of stress and odd hours (which means I almost certainly will have times where our routines are in sync not matter where in the world you’re from)!
If any of this resonates with you, please don't hesitate to drop me a message, and if you’ve made it this far you may as well.
PS - I have a cat
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2023.06.10 18:41 GuacIsExtra27 NSV: Moving Edition

36 y/o female here. I’ve been doing OTF for just over a year and have absolutely benefited from it in every way, mentally and physically (except weight loss, but that’s on me because… takeout). I can walk up a large hill without getting winded. It’s amazing.
Anyway, I recently purchased my first home and ordered a bed to be shipped there. I got home from work to find that it had been delivered, was sitting by my front porch, and was MUCH bigger than I was anticipating, both length-wise and weight-wise (I don’t know what I was expecting lol). It weighed almost 70 lbs. And do you know, it took a few attempts, but I got that thing up the porch steps and into the house. And then pushed it into a back room for storage because I’m having work done on some of the other rooms. And I didn’t get hurt at all. I still cannot believe that I did that and I have OTF to thank!
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2023.06.10 18:41 Tor-Tle Hey I’m new to mma and in sparring I’m typically bigger than my opponent and I’m scared to use my body in any of the punches I throw what should i do?

Hey I’m a newbie I’ve been going for about a week and whenever I’m sparring with my partner because I have a really long reach they attempt to close at almost all times, I’m pulling my punches and tapping their face not trying to hurt them and they just continue coming. Should I be hitting a bit harder to get them to stop approaching or? Also I find it incredibly hard to throw crosses because I don’t wanna put my body into it because I don’t wanna hurt my opponent, so it ends up being like a jab with my back hand, should I be putting more into it while sparring or?
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2023.06.10 18:40 UselessIdiot75 ExF(19) is threatening to ruin/expose me M(21)

I want advice or similar experiences to help. So I've had a recent messy breakup. She initiated, but I already had asked for a break beforehand. We ended good at first, she was surprisingly sweet and told me we could still be friends. We haven't talked much, but today, she texts me, accusing me of cheating on her. She also called me manipulative, gaslighter, abusive, etc. She did this often in the relationship too, and I even went to the school counsellor, in case she was right and I just couldn't see it. The counsellor told me that she's a narcissist, and to leave. My dad says that she's a narcissist too. Funny enough, all my family and friends also urged me to leave. I really never cheated on her, hand on my heart. But after constantly calling me all these things, I'm almost starting to believe it. She loves calling me a cheater, and playboy despite me telling her I hated it. Anyways, what really worries me is that she is threatening to expose me. She says she has proof, and that she's going to ruin my reputation, and that she 'can't wait.' "Karma's a b**ch, don't f**k with me, I find out everything, mark my words, i have proof from other people as well, all the girls will side with me when I've told my side of the story." I'm in uni, same class as her, and I was just blown away. I have no idea what 'proof' she's talking about. I'm very well liked in class, and I seriously never even flirted with another girl during our relationship. I've had close female friends/classmates, but I always make it clear we're just friends. I'm afraid she's going to do everything she can to ruin me, and I don't know what to do. It's going to ruin my school life if she succeeds and turns everyone against me. I've already tried talking to her to prove my innocence and de-esculate everything. "Drop the act," she says. It just feels horrible to be called all these things. It's really screwing with my mental health. This just happened, so it would help if anyone has experienced something similar could share stories, or advice. Ask me anything if it helps. TLDR: Ex is telling me she's going to ruin my reputation for being a cheater, even though I've never cheated on her.
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2023.06.10 18:40 AutoModerator [] ✔️ James Marshall – Dating Accelerator (The Natural Lifestyle) ✔️ Full Course Download

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Why isn’t everybody dating beautiful women?

Before I explain the course, I’m going to let you in on a little secret that men don’t talk about.
Most men spend their lives living with ‘oneitis’, an obsession with one girl they know (and often repeating this pattern with another girl every year or so).
They have their eye on a girl who’s ‘special’. Which means she’s not like the rest, in fact she’s better than any other girl out there. He hopes that one day he’s going to finally confess his love for her, and she’ll fall head over heels in love with them.

The brutal truth about your dating life

Meanwhile, some guys have managed to convince themselves that they’ve got their dating life ‘under control’. Things are going ‘according to plan’.
Girls sometimes check them out when they’re at a bar with friends, they have a couple of options they could ‘make a move on’ in their social circle, and of course, the ace up their sleeve – Tinder.
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2023.06.10 18:39 Ur_Local_Rival Extracurriculars issue

During my sophomore year I participated in National Honors Society, Varsity Orchestra, JROTC, ACADeca, UIL Academics (Science and all of Math), French Club, and Chess Club.
Remarkable achievement: I have competed VEX Robotics World Competition my freshman year as Captain of our Females Team
Next year I am about to be a Junior, and unfortunately It is going to be my last year being in JROTC, because I will have it as ROTC 4 (H) (I plan on being top 3% of my class)
Furthermore, I stopped being captain of our females team my sophomore year because our team stopped caring about going to Nationals and overall focused on other things.
So, I am not sure what to do with these two dilemmas for college applications. What should I do my Junior year to make up for it?
PS: My goal/dream is to get accepted into Rice. I know it is a bit unrealistic, especially since I am a hispanic minority, but I think it is worth giving it a shot. Also, if anyone here has gotten into Rice, please contact me since I need someone to mentor me/give me advice on how to get there.
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2023.06.10 18:39 Ascensor2 About all the API blackout thing...

I guess there are subreddits that are "in favour" of the API changes and won't go dark. My idea is to take over those subs. Don't reopen this sub. We will use those subreddits that don't go dark as if they were this sub. We should post chess shit as we always do here and comment with the usual "Google en passant - Holy Hell" chain. And downvote every fucking post not AnarchyChess related.
My humble idea is: comment on this thread the relevant subs that ain't going dark so we all know which subs we should take over. When the day comes, total anarchy. They can't with all of us united. Pipi pampers.
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2023.06.10 18:39 Thick-Trunk-1000 30 [M4F] #Louisville Tall, handsome, successful man looking for a SAHM

Hi all. I’ll cut to the chase. I’m a 6’3, fit, successful man in Louisville, KY looking for someone ready to have babies. I make good money ($180k last year) and have a top tier graduate degree and own my home. I pretty much have all the pieces together to have a big family, sans the wife to carry the babies and help me raise them.
I just got out of a long term relationship in April, which floundered because while she lived in my house and was entirely supported by me (she didn’t work), she said she never wanted kids. So eventually I had to end it. I’m looking for someone local that wants to be a stay at home mom and is excited to be pregnant soon.
Will send pics to serious individuals. Hopefully local!
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2023.06.10 18:39 CertainJump1784 Enemy's Max HP Damage (according to my experience) REVISED

Enemy's Max HP Damage (according to my experience) REVISED
This is a Demon Hunter Sword aka DHS. The passive of DHS is making Basic attacks grant 3% extra PHY Lifesteal 3s up to 5 stacks AND basic attacks deal 8% of the target's current HP as Extra PHY Damage. So it's like this: a tank (RoameEXP/Jungler) have 10k/10k HP (current/max Hp) DHS will give extra dmg around 800 dmg (8% x 10k aka current HP) . This item is good for heroes who relies on basic attacks (Sun, Helcurt, Masha, Argus and most Marksmen but excluding Granger, Kimmy, Natan, Edith, Clint, Lesley. (click this link for more information about marksman 3 core item quick guide by anon4565)). DHS also a good item for physical heroes whose skills can trigger basic attack effects (From what I know only Badang, Hanzo, and the missing Helcurt are the only heroes who has skills that triggers basic attack effects like DHS).
The second image is Glowing Wand. Let's called it GLW. The passive of GLW is Magic Damage will burn targets for 3s, dealing Magic damage equal to 1.5% of the target's Max HP per second, and increasing their Magic Danage taken by 2 - 4 (scales with level). Stacks up to 6 times. Lets say a tank have 10k/10k HP (current/max Hp) GLW will give dmg around 150 dmg (1,5% x 10k aka Max HP), that's how GLW works. GLW is suitable for DPS mages, like Gord, Chang'e, Valir, Lylia, Yve, Zhask, Luo Yi, Harley, Cyclops, and sometimes Vexana. Gusion, Aamon, Kimmy, and Natan can use GLW as well. GLW is also good enough for Novaria, a burst type mage, because her passive's scales with max HP, so it can synergize with GLW as well.
Those above are tank killer items. How their passive works are different each other. Remember that Current HP and Max HP ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT.
DHS deals damage based on current hp, so while it is true and proven that it does deal damage the more hp a target has effectively, the damage from DHS’s passive goes down when they are about to die.
Glowing Wand however, deals damage based on max hp so the damage is consistent and isn’t affected by current hp or hp lost so whether they are at full or 10% hp, Glowing Wand will do the same damage unlike DHS.
Now, let's move on to a tank killer emblem, and that is Impure Rage from Mage emblem sets.
With Impure Rage, you can deal extra magic damage equal to 4% of target's current HP and restores 2% Max mana each time you uses skills at the enemy. Remember that this fiery effect has a 3s Cooldown.
All that's only my opinion or my guess, so I do have a right and wrong.
Is there any heroes who deals damage scales with target's max HP? Here are the short list of the heroes that deals max HP damage.
  • Karrie's Passive. Once the target got a lightwheel mark, the attack will deal true damage equal to 6% - 8% of the target's max HP. I tried it in training mode, level 15 Karrie even can kill a squishy level 1 Layla bot in a seconds.
  • X.Borg's last insanity. After 3s from the start of his ultimate, X.Borg's firaga armor will explode, dealing true damage equal to 300 plus 15% of target's max HP.
  • Alice's Blood ode. Her ultimate deals 90 (+20% total MAG) + 0.5 (+0.05% Total Mana)% of target's max HP as magic damagw to nearby enemies every 0.5s.
  • Hilda's Power of Wilderness. Each stacks she gives to enemies makes her ultimate deals 2.5% of target's max HP. At maximum 6 stacks, it will deal 20% of target's max HP as extra damage.
  • Hanzo's First skill while in his demon form deals 300 (+60% Total PHY) and 15% of target's max HP.
  • Edith's Passive. Thanks to her buff in S27, her passive can deal magic damage equal to (30% Total MAG) plus 4% of target's max HP to up to 4 enemies.
  • Thanks to S28 buff, Bane's passive deals 100% Total PHY plus 3.5 (+0.3*Hero Level)% of target's max HP.
  • Valir's passive. Each of his skills apply stacks to enemies, dealing magic damage equal to 0.6% Max HP. At 3 stacks, the fire exploeds, dealing damage equal to 6% of target's max HP and stunning them for 1s.
  • Baxia's Shield of Spirit. Baxia's second skill deals magic damage equal to 180 (+120 total MAG) plus 6% of target's max HP.
  • Lunox's Chaos Assault. Her Second skill deals 200 (+120% total MAG) plus 2.5% of target's max HP as magic damage
  • Pharsa's passive. Every 8s, her partner Verri enters hunting state and assists Pharsa on her next basic attack against the target, dealing 8% Extra magic damage equal to the target's max HP (+1% of every magic power owned) and slowing the target by 60% for 1s. Her passive is the most CONFUSING passive I have ever read according to myself. So for any Pharsa user here, please give a better but more understandable explanation in the comment section.
  • Lolita's Charge. Her first skill enhanced her basic attack, which deals physical damage equal to 200 (+100% Total PHY) plus 7.5% of target's max HP.
  • Kaja's passive. Every 6s, his next basic attack deals magic damage equal to 100 (+100% Total MAG) plus 4% of target's Max HP and paralyzing them.
  • Novaria's first and second skill (Astral Meteor and Astral Recall). First, the astral meteor, when the sphere of Astral Meteor exploded after 2 seconds, it deals magic damage equal to 260 (+50% TOTAL MAG) plus 4% of enemy's max HP to nearby enemies. Second, the astral recall, when the sphere that she threw hits the enemy, the sphere will explode, dealing magic damage equal to 230 (+45% TOTAL MAGIC POWER) plus 4% of target's max HP.
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2023.06.10 18:39 Elgaric After over a year on a shift pattern

I work in security andy shift pattern was 3 days 3 nights and 3 off it was agreed that I would swap night shifts for day shift with another member of staff and I have been working days for around 14-16 months now.
The manager agreed as i said it would help with my diabetes and allow me to se my son. My Manager had always held the opinion this is temporary.
The other staff member is now having issues with the staff on the night shift and wants to swap back to doing 3 days and 3 nights rather than all nights
I am concerned this is gonna screw my diabetes up again as it's now more under control than it is been in years.
Where do I stand on this? And can my manager say it's always been considered temporary after so long l and he didn't involve HR and did it under a local agreement?
I'm in England
*Edit for Location
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2023.06.10 18:38 DeadLucki Visual Eman Boost 🌱

Visual Eman Boost 🌱
Starting a YouTube channel for Muslims of young adult/middle age. (Warning) - there is atmospherical instrumental sounds in the background only for the trailer purpose.
I simply added it to appeal to the younger Ummah but all of my upcoming videos will only have Quran recitations or Nasheeds. InShaAllah someone can benefit from the visual experience and text. A persons Eman can always be boosted. 🌱 JazakAllah Khair
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