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2013.01.02 19:32 KrispyKremeDoughnuts Krispy Kreme

Since Krispy Kreme was founded in 1937, it has grown into an international retailer of premium-quality sweet treats. In addition to our Krispy Kreme stores, we sell our premium quality products in supermarkets, convenience stores and other retail outlets throughout the US.

2023.05.29 22:52 colossusoftheroad Brompton M3L

I have always wanted a Brompton and was hoping to pick something up second hand but a local chain bike store has a Brompton for sale at €1390. Second hand Brompton tend to carry a premium price from I can see in my area. It has all that I am looking for and with a warranty. Should I pull trigger?
Also just received a bonus credit card worth a few hundred from work. I am probably talking myself into this! 😂
Any help appreciated
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2023.05.29 22:48 voltrove Kettle Hop Utilization

I have a weird issue that I haven’t read about anyone else having. It seems my hop utilization is 50% or so. Still working on dialing it in. What I’ve been doing is just lowering the hop utilization more and more, but the beers still aren’t bitter. 50% hop utilization seems drastic, but that’s what I’m using for my next beer.
Setup is Clawhammer 120v. I’m using an Exchilerator Max with a side pickup tube. No hop spider. I’m also using a 1600w induction heater on another 120v outlet to speed things along.
I don’t run boiling wort through the chiller until after the boil timer goes off.
Our elevation here is only 1300ft, but boil temp seems to be 208-209F. Very vigorous boil. Hop utilization should be 85% or so, but it’s not even close. I’ve checked the actual temp against the controller with a Thermapen One. It’s almost like I’m trying to brew at super high elevation, but I’m not.
For the first year or so I never tried to make a bitter beer. I am now and I’ve been gradually decreasing the utilization. Hops and grains are new and stored properly. I ferment and serve from an All Rounder. If I dry hop I use a hop bong.
Has anyone else had this happen? Beers are top notch otherwise. Thanks
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2023.05.29 22:46 bobbymooney Hotels offering Fast Passes

I have an quick question. We’ve never been to Universal Hollywood. At Orlando if you stay at one of three premium hotels every person staying in the hotel gets a free fast pass. Do they do that at Hollywood? If so, which hotels? We are going on a Thursday in early August. I don’t think fast passes are a must but that deal would be hard to pass up. Thanks in advance for any guidance.
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2023.05.29 22:39 zeffer111 Product/Ingredient Pricing Plugin Help!

Another product plugin question!
I have a flower shop with an online woo store currently using variable products for the different sizes of flower arrangements (like standard/deluxe/premium). This had quite a few shortcoming when it comes to inventory control and pricing.
What I would like to implement online is basically recipe pricing. A simple analogy to how the products should work is similar to selling pizzas. For simplicity "Pepperoni Pizza" is the product there are three sizes available each size contains ingredients with quantities. The product page and checkout should not display the quantities contained.
A sample product is a
Pepperoni Pizza
Small 1 oz cheese 1 oz pepperoni
Medium 2 oz cheese 2 oz pepperoni
Large 3 oz cheese 3 oz pepperoni
What is the best way to set this up in woo?
I want to be able to adjust the 1oz cheese price or pepperoni price and every pizza on the menu including pepperoni is updated dynamically. As a benefit, every "pick" order would have the ingredients/quantity listed. It would also tell me how much cheese I sold per day... etc.
I would love some help as I'm totally stuck. Thanks!
Even help with pointing me to a good forum would be appreciated.
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2023.05.29 22:34 BrandDC [SELL] Selvedge Denim Jeans incl. Strike Gold, APC, 3sixteen, Brave Star, Drop Ibara Made in Japan, Gustin, Unbranded Brand, DSTLD, Levi's Made & Crafted, LVC, plus Lace-Up Welted Boots incl. Oak Street, Allen Edmonds, Frye Ltd Ed Logan, Wolverine 1000 mile, Timberland Earthkeepers, Wings + Horns

*Selvedge jeans size ranges between 27 - 37 + Boots between 9 - 13*
New 3sixteen selvedge jeans added here https://www.reddit.com/BrandDC/
STRIKE GOLD X SELF EDGE Wavy Standard Slim Tapered Selvedge Jeans, Made in Japan, SEXSG24-09 - Tag 36 - Like New Condition
Actual Measurements of this pair: Waist (taut across) 18.5" (37"), Inseam length 36.5', Hip (crotch to outside) 12.25", Thigh (3" down from crotch to outside) 10.75", Knee 8", Front rise 10.5", Back rise 14", Hem 7.5"
msrp was $345. Here's the original product page -https://web.archive.org/web/20160902145428/http://www.selfedge.com/jeans?product\_id=1594
Actual pics - https://imgur.com/a/6V0NWia
A.P.C. New Standard Jean Classique, Made from 14.5 ounce Raw Japanese Selvedge Denim, Tag 36
New without tags.
MSRP $270
Buy mine for $120 (net) shipped within ConUS.
Actual measurements: Waist 19" (38"), Inseam 36.5", Front Rise 11", Back Rise 14.5", Thigh 12" (measured 3" below crotch), Leg opening 8.5"
Pics https://imgur.com/a/ThYwl3m
Brave Star Renegade 18oz Selvedge Slim Taper Jeans Made in California, USA from sanforized Japanese Denim. Tag 36, actual post-soak measurements: Waist 19" flat aligned across (38"), Inseam Length 35", Leg Opening 7.5" Hot soaked with a bit of detergent to get the shrink and starch out.
$110 (net) includes delivery within ConUS.
Pics - https://imgur.com/a/ZGitILT
3sixteen Shadow (Indigo warp Black weft) ST-120xk Kibata Jeans made in USA from 14oz Japanese Selvedge Denim 38x35
$130 (net) plus $8 shipping within ConUS
Tag 38, actual measurements are 19" across aligned waist (38) by 35" inseam length.
The denim is "unsanforized", but treated at the factory to minimize shrinkage. The unique indigo warp and black weft will result in great fades.
Pics https://imgur.com/a/2T9RsxM
Unbranded UB121 21oz Heavyweight Selvedge Denim Jeans Tag 36
Brand New, unworn
$120 (net) delivered within ConUS
The UB121 is a slim fit with a straight tapered leg cut and sewn from 21oz raw indigo rope-dyed selvedge denim.
Pics here https://imgur.com/a/Sg4NHYA
Levi's Made & Crafted 511 Allende Jeans, New with Tags 34 / 34
msrp $188 buy mine $75 (net) delivered w/in ConUS
Modern slim-fit jeans with room to move in premium denim for the Levi's Made & Crafted collection
Features tuxedo stripes with inset Japanese embroidered canvas
Pics here https://imgur.com/a/FJ7bmQL
Drop Ibara Made in Japan 15oz Yoshiwa Mills Selvedge Jeans tag 35 - Brand New unworn
Actual measurements: 35" waist x 34.5" inseam length. 7.25" leg opening, 12" across thigh measured 3" below crotch. Front rise 12", Back rise 15.25"
$110 (net) delivered w/in ConUS.
Pics https://imgur.com/a/qNVK3BN
Gustin #252 Double Black 23oz Selvedge Denim Jeans
Skinny Fit - Made in USA from Japanese fabric
$120 (net) includes shipping w/in ConUS
Tag 30 - actual measurements Waist 14.75" (29.5") flat aligned. Inseam length 33"
pics - https://imgur.com/a/Lzipf8K
DSTLD Slim Selvedge Denim Jeans Tag 36 (true 38 x 34) Brand New with attached tag
Skinny slim model fits like a slim/regular tapered jean. fr 11", br 16", thigh 13"
DSTLD is a Los Angeles, California based clothing company. The jeans were made in Turkey.
$75 (net) includes delivery within ConUS.
Pics https://imgur.com/a/qNWdG45
Wings + Horns Full Zip Men's Blue XXL Hoodie, Made in Canada, New with Tags.
$99 (net) includes shipping w/in ConUS.
Slim-Fit will most likely fit those seeking regular fit XL.
Measurements taken flat across: Shoulder seam 18.5". Under armpits 25", above pockets 23", Zipper length 25.5".
Pics here https://imgur.com/a/TOR0cj6
Levi's Vintage Clothing LVC Lot # 606 Premium Denim Jeans
98% Cotton 2% Elastane, New With Tags, msrp $198, waist size 27 inseam 32.5
$70 (net) USPS Priority in CONUS.
pics here https://imgur.com/a/HPDj5u1
Diesel Viker ORZ36 Stretch Jeans
34 x 34 New w/ Tags
Made in USA
msrp $178 - Buy for $90 delivered w/ in CONUS
Pics here https://imgur.com/a/lIwrezn
Oak Street Bootmakers Limited Edition
Two-Tone Horween Chromexcel Black & Brown Leather Trench Boots with Dainite Soles
11.5 Medium.
Made in USA.
$225 (net) ConUS shipping only.
Pics - https://imgur.com/a/zct7fYv
Allen Edmonds Black Normandy Kudu (Antelope) Leather Lace-Up Boots
Made in USA
Lace-up, derby cap-toe boot in 12 D
360º bench welt construction
$199 (net) plus ConUS shipping
Pics https://imgur.com/a/nmcCeo3
Wolverine Ascot 1000 Mile Black Leather Boots, Made in USA, W05306 Size 11
Discontinued & Rare. Not bulky like the classic 1000 Mile boots.
Msrp $350 Buy mine for $180 (net) delivered within ConUS.
Pics https://imgur.com/a/I6bnUCE
Frye James Lace-up Boots
13 D
Black Leather with Goodyear Welted Leather Soles
$160 (net) Delivered within ConUS - msrp $350+
Unworn other than trying on for size (I need a 12 in Frye boots)
Pics - https://imgur.com/a/pwaCyqH
Frye 150th Anniversary Limited Edition Logan Cap Toe Lace Up Boot
US 11.5 (fits like a 12)
Great condition, see pics https://imgur.com/a/NquJiZP
Part of Frye's Made in USA Collection
$225 (net) delivered within ConUS
Timberland Earthkeepers Black Leather City Premium Chelsea Lace Up Boots Size 11.5
$85 (net) delivered within ConUS
Pics https://imgur.com/a/0LRQpGI
Lace-up boot with dual stretch panels and notched shaft
Pics https://imgur.com/a/0LRQpGI
Inspired to find these boots from this vid - https://youtu.be/WK34bVL4gyg
*** More jeans + other clothing here https://www.reddit.com/BrandDC/ ***
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2023.05.29 22:22 SnapPunch Strategy and Reasons for Wheeling WBA

I have been intrigued with wheeling for several years now and I decided to finally take the risk. Below I have outlined reasons why I am going to start wheeling, what made me choose WBA as my first stock, and my general strategy. This is not meant to be a comprehensive thesis or advice on what you should do, but more of an outline on how I plan on executing this strategy. I am fully open to comments and suggestions as this will be my first time doing this.
Why the Wheel Strategy?
I have been trading stocks and options since I was a young teenager. Since that time I have had limited success. In fact, my most successful trades have been long term buy and hold plays with a sprinkling of high risk momentum option plays. In general I have NOT been a profitable investor or trader. To this point I have decided to try wheeling due to the following reasons:
  1. Wheeling looks fun
  2. I want to learn more about investing, trading, stocks, and options
  3. I expect to make a relatively low risk return on my investment that will beat a simple buy and hold
  4. Wheeling will open me up to more advanced strategies and make me more comfortable with trading as a whole
With these reasons I feel justified enough to start the wheeling strategy while recognizing that if any one of these four reasons fails to hold up anymore I may exit the strategy.
Why Wheel WBA?
WBA is a company I’ve had on my radar for close to a year now. I already own several hundred shares with the intention to own more. To be clear, I want to own more shares of WBA and would not at all be put off by a cash secured put being assigned to me. Below are some of the reasons why I like the company and want to own more of it:
  1. I generally like the company and regularly shop at its stores
  2. I want to own a relatively recession proof company, such as a healthcare stock, in the event of a recession in the next few years
  3. I think it is a deep value stock with a book value per share very close to its current price (24.56 vs 30.01)
  4. The dividend is very high at 6.4% yield and has never decreased it’s actual dividend amount
  5. It has generally been a profitable company and is currently profitable today
These reasons are why I think WBA would be a solid candidate for the wheel strategy. Although the premiums themselves may not be as high as some other more volatile stocks, I think the case for this company is strong as a deep value play.
General Wheel Strategy for WBA
The way I see it there are many ways I could wheel this stock, but I plan on breaking it into two general strategies:
  1. I will follow the normal wheel strategy of buying a cash secured put and selling covered calls, repeating the process as long as I feel comfortable with WBA. I will not roll out my puts to avoid assignment as I am interested in holding the stock. I will sell covered calls to maximize my profit but I will not roll out if they are called away.
    1. In the event of a close up dividend distribution and I currently hold the stock, I potentially will not sell any covered calls until I receive the distribution
    2. I may employ margin when selling my cash secured puts and they are assigned. In the event they are assigned, I will transfer money over to cover the margin amount. Otherwise I am unclear of what other margin strategies would be useful
  2. I will follow the wheel strategy with deviations as I attempt to time the market during bullish or bearish price action of the stock. For example, if the RSI is <30 I may choose that time to sell a cash secured put. If assigned I may wait until a rally period where I will sell a case secured put during a high RSI point. I may use these timing strategies as I see fit in order to maximize profit while avoiding situations where I am assigned a greatly underwater cash secured put or cut profits short due to a strongly rallying stock from a covered call
Realistically I expect to start out using the first strategy as it is the safest and tested way to wheel. In time I will branch out into the second strategy as I try to maximize profits.
Overall I think this outline is a well thought out approach to wheeling for the first time, but I recognize that I am by no means an expert. That is why I am posting my thoughts here in the hopes for some discussion on what is a good strategy and how all of us can improve. Thank you for reading!
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2023.05.29 22:09 WanderWut Something that I'm not seeing mentioned that deserves props from Cookies is for those who shopped with them on Grand Opening day they gave everyone 500 loyalty points, if I'm reading this right then that's almost $75 in free store credit, or $60 if you didn't reach 600 pts with your purchase.

Something that I'm not seeing mentioned that deserves props from Cookies is for those who shopped with them on Grand Opening day they gave everyone 500 loyalty points, if I'm reading this right then that's almost $75 in free store credit, or $60 if you didn't reach 600 pts with your purchase. submitted by WanderWut to FLMedicalTrees [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 22:03 elissa178 The Best IPTV Service Provider For USA , UK ,Canada , Australia In 2023 [ Top Rated ] Affordable iptv price subscription.

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2023.05.29 21:38 OhItsReallyNoah Apple needs to lean into the features of the iPhone SE in their marketing/market it at all

It’s wild how few iPhone shoppers are aware of the existence of the modern iPhone SE. Whether it be people writing into this sub, in stores or otherwise. Seemingly no average consumer knows this phone exists even though it’s what they may want.
Apple has been more than happy to make quality marketing campaigns for their September phones, even going so far to make new commercials for a new color, so why don’t they put some of that marketing towards the SE? Remind people the home button and 4.7” screen isn’t dead just yet. Also remind them it’s just as capable. They’re doing a disservice to a quality phone.
I could understand why when Apple still had a main line Mini phone. They likely want shoppers looking for a small phone to get that instead and pay the premium, but now? The SE just needs a solid marketing campaign behind it.
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2023.05.29 21:29 AlienNationSSB #Alien-Nation Chapter 168: Now or Never

Alien-Nation Chapter 168: Now or Never

All Chapters First Chapter of Alien-Nation Previous Chapter
Chapter summary: Elias wanders the grounds inspecting everything he can, has a fatheson moment with Larry then sends Vaughn to go try and spring people from jail.
It had been easy for me to see during the speech I'd given roughly how many had already arrived up the narrow pass, and as I stood from inspecting a firing port in a trench, testing whether the old cast iron cannon would roll back far enough on its rails after firing.
I gave it a pass after measuring against a rod. Certainly it was far from the highest of technologies at our disposal, but certainly it would be either lethal, injurious, or at the very least, extremely loud. The gathered mishmashed array of weaponry pointing outward was impressive enough, but the real piece de resistance was the sheer number of railguns we'd had returned to us, frequently carried by a two man team. I signed off on it for final inspection, noting the plug in place over the end, and went to the railgun positioned further down the trench near the intersection.
This was one I recognized. This shared at least something in common to the cannon, insofar as it was far from the latest model at our disposal. I spotted some of my own extremely crude handiwork, a far more rough set of welds performed along the plate's protective, unsanded metal edges. Mister Singer, if he were ever presented with it, may have recognized the shoddy, unstable hand that welded together some of the protective casing. The service flap told me the model without needing to even open it, the household door frame hinges pulled from Verns' stock of spare parts bin, before we implemented something even so basic as refined latches with catch points.
That had to make this a Mk. II. Sentimentality had no place on the front lines. I sucked in a breath at the sight of another old muzzle-loader being carried into the workshop for upgrades, already laid out on the timber worktable and ready for use and sucked in a breath.
I just hoped the earliest design of managing power flow wouldn't give out from the faster firing. Complex but beautifully arrayed piping had given way to simpler, more streamlined designs as we incorporated a greater number of readily available alien parts. Some of which we were supplied an initial batch of in the bag with the blueprints, and then we were told how to work free those same parts from various broken pieces of technology we'd reclaimed off the Shil'vati, or even the freely given away omni-pads. With every iteration we demonstrated a degree of adaptation to using the parts we had available, and each generation marked a leap forward in our own understanding of Shil'vati technology, courtesy of G-Man and his father's handiwork.
The final barrels of the extremely limited run of the second batch we'd paid handsomely for were marked 'present,' too. They had gone the least far afield, with one already slagging itself during the attack on the data center. I frowned at the spreadsheet, as if my impression of it might cause their fate to improve.
The latest blueprints could maintain a decent rate of fire without burning out its power management system located in the welded together case. Or, rather, the barrel gave out first. For the first time, perhaps as a result of being coupled with the magazines and a relatively rapid-fire exchange meant the neosteel barrels we received had finally become the weak point in the design.
It was only after we'd returned to Camp Death that I'd noticed the difference.
The new batch we'd paid dearly for seemed somewhat altered from the first batch we'd been building all the others out of, made from an alloyed material that shone somewhat dimmer under the sun as George and I worked in the shed elbow-to-elbow, though the contrast was not immediately obvious until one held the two against each other. It was slightly thicker, too, all of which to me indicated a change in supply in some manner, but our supplier had hardly announced themselves to Sam.
This was a troubling puzzle to me. I still couldn't be sure it was the new microbatch of barrels alloys being far from equal to the originals we'd finally finished building out? Or was it the expanded magazines and power couplings' ability to fire faster creating an overall volume of fire that overheated the barrel from overuse? Or was the power management design faulty, generating more heat per shot? Were we misusing them?
I measured the barrel of the Mk. II, just to be sure the shelf life of the barrel hadn't come due. So far, inspections of the original batch of barrels had mercifully indicated they'd all been brought back here were in comparatively great shape, with this one being no exception. That lent me some comfort that these new barrels were just not up to the task of heavy, sustained fire. I couldn't know that for certain, and an unreliable weapon was cause for anxiety.
Indeed, there was almost no wear on this version at all, disproving the worst case scenario that these were only good for a certain number of rounds before they'd be worn down to uselessness. Certainly, they'd eventually give out, but it seemed we were still far off from that point.
"Sir?" Asked the gunner, staring at me.
I stared at him, then down at the spreadsheet. "This thing fires three rounds a minute. Do you think that rate of fire is sufficient?"
I could tell he wasn't sure whether a 'no' would have him replaced with someone professing to be more accurate.
"Get it upgraded." I took the white gel pen and scribbled on it- make ready for an upgrade as soon as the final repaired railgun clears the shed. Assigned to casemate #4, Operator... "Call sign?"
"Brut," he answered.
"Brut...with the Umlaut?" He gave a thumbs up and I added them. Costing nothing but a drop of gel ink for a little personalization if it made for a happy gunner was a good investment. "Use it well. Get it upgraded if there's time, keep an eye on the work shed. Once the repairs stop, you can take this to the front of the line, Brüt."
There was no point dismantling all our old ones and creating a backlog while some still needed repairs. I wrote on the hatch Upgrade from Mk. II to Mk. IV. That would give it a magazine and more than triple its firing rate. Anything more than that, I quietly held my doubts for the feasibility of upgrading in a timely manner. The Mark V's took too much time and effort to build their complex power management systems for not enough gain, stuffed too tightly into the protective case to be completed quickly. The Mark VI's tended to overheat their crude fire control circuitry, the consequence of an overcorrection back to simplicity; they could maintain a high fire rate, but were too delicate. The VII's were the ones with the new barrel. Promising, but those barrel faults...I still worried it might have been the power management system.
We'd started considering adding water tanks to help maintain them, but it brought the weight higher than that of a Mk. I, and successfully swapping a boiling hot tank off a delicate, electronically-loaded railgun in combat seemed like a very questionable use of the time. We'd just have to ask the crews manning the railguns to be a bit judicious in our fire, and hope that the flaw was limited to the new little batch of barrels.
How many rounds, exactly, and exactly how fast was yet to be determined; we hadn't conducted the amount of testing a proper military might carry out, but while we had no shortage to man, we also did not have so many as to test dozens until their point of failure, weighing and comparing all their possible conditions.
All this uncertainty kept bouncing around my head. How many troops did we have here? How many rounds for every type of rifle, including the more exotic variants? How reliant on them were we to deal damage, and was it all stored somewhat safely? On the less direct side of things, how many tons of food did we have stored, and was it distributed well? How many thousands of gallons of water could we draw? How many pounds of soap to wash utensils, cups, wounds, and shower with? How many pounds of food over how many men, to last how many days? If it rained, some of these might be alleviated, and yet might kick off a whole host of other issues. There was no way of knowing, no way of taking a perfect stock. But I could estimate.
We had a lot of people. And a lot of guns. And a lot of defenses, and literally countless tons of high explosives, triggered by various means and methods. And we were mad as hell. While exactly how mad was less concrete a figure, I knew this many men away from home could end poorly.
Ultimately, whether it was the fault of the new barrel or the design had finally reached the limitations of its potential rate of fire without causing other issues, I couldn't say for certain. So I had to do my best.
I gave the railgun a clean bill of health to operate if needed, 'priority upgrade,' and noted the rate of fire for the defensive position at 'three a minute.' This one being one of our oldest models, I left it to the operator with my blessings, and made a mental note to add the next railgun we had to be stationed nearby, just so that we weren't under strength from that angle.
I craned my neck from the trench to behold even more insurgents trickling into the old clearing. The arrivals always came in ones-and-twos, their body language telling me the story of the journey it had taken to get here. They'd had to have abandoned their vehicles to the traffic-snarled roads almost certainly some miles away unless they knew the path George and I would occasionally take;.
Those who brought their own heavy weapons lay them down at their feet before collapsing. Water and food was distributed, though I couldn't speak to the quality, and a trash run would have to be made, tossing the empty tins into ammunition containers.
Of all the newcomers who had yet to be organized into place, I counted two mortars, several more volunteers grouping up to retrieve ammo after taking down descriptions of the vehicles from their exhausted owners and sprinting back out into the night to fetch whatever had been left behind.
The resourcefulness lifted my spirits. No one entertained the notion that these men were taking their leave to flee a certain doom. All present felt some degree of faith, understood who they were, why they were here, and what we were setting out to accomplish. Cells worked to find one another in the darkness, congealing themselves into a more coherent, practiced fighting force by virtue of familiarity with one another. Discipline was sharp and needed little enforcement past an initial reminder. No flashlights switched on inside the premises or campfires were lit despite the encroaching edges of the cold front. Insurgents were guided to whatever defensive positions, pillboxes, trenches, battlements, or bunkers still sat empty, depending somewhat on their expected role after detailing their skills to sentries or those otherwise familiar with the camp carefully explaining sight lines and our overall defensive strategy.
Whispered word overheard from those arrivals seemed to indicate a mixture of panic and outrage was fast spreading through the state's populace, carrying them on frightened wings as they took flight in the night, from here to the southernmost beaches and bays. It seemed word had gotten out successfully, then. That knocked down one more obstacle to our success, or at least set the pieces in place. Soon, all that would remain would be the ugly business of following through, and hoping, no praying that I hadn't massively miscalculated in my hubris.
I took the ramp out of the trench so they could pour some loose gravel into it, helping ensure that if those threatening looking storm clouds opened and if the drains clogged, we still would have some footing, and retired to the command cabin, eyeing how empty it felt with all the finished products being set into defensive arrangements; only the workshop still retained all its rather explosive concoctions.
The manpower situation was such that those familiar in reliably manufacturing complex bombs were spending their time setting up defenses in the fields beyond and settling in our new arrivals.
And then I had the couple hostages, weakened by months of captivity, restrained and kept under guard, but still sitting right on top of the half-done armaments.
I told myself that we had taken precautions- the most reactive sets separated by a thin membranous bag of water to prevent chain reactions from taking root and a few emergency containment systems, but they relied on someone present. I'd need all hands on deck- and what if a direct lance of energy landed from some heavy weapon hit the shed, perhaps to try and make a point? No mere bag of water would make a difference then.
Then again, if they brought that king of weaponry to bear, then the outcome would be certain. The Shil'vati would still lose their hostages, and have tacitly admitted I'd forced their hand, and that they'd declared we were enough of a threat to sacrifice noblewomen just to put a stop to.
I hunched over a smaller map in the command cabin, pinning down the garrisons and jails Verns might be held in. Perhaps I'd been premature in my assessment in lacking a future need of a good map when I'd jumped atop the table for my little motivational speech. I'd gotten caught up in the moment; I hadn't foreseen the need for an offensive element.
I was sorely missing my Lieutenants. Vendetta wasn't here, which was one of the greater anxieties weighing on my shoulders.
The one word I'd whispered in his ear all that time ago to bring him around to believing I did, in fact, have a plan: Victory. He should be here already.
He'd sprinted off across the field in glee back when I told him of this plan's possibility, that "Plan C" might come about due to a few cells going dark and my suspicion that it wasn't moles. The null hypothesis, that there were in fact moles, had put him in direct danger by sending him to double-check.
I cursed my blindness. My eagerness to take a night off, to get him out of the way so he wouldn't clash with the others, so I could be a 'normal boy' for a night and attend a party- one I wouldn't be kicked out of, To find social acceptance.
All part of a 'coming of age,' even after I'd already spilt blood, led a war campaign effort, kissed, earned more money than most would see in a lifetime, and mentally cut ties with my family. By almost any account, I already was a man, yet I'd gotten obsessive in imitating the modern trappings of defining such things. I should have seen the cells reporting members' absences and even going dark as a whole for what it was. I could have called off Town Hall, started assembling even more people here.
Then again, if I had, then perhaps...the shil'vati might not have started grabbing everyone. I hated to think of Verns as 'sacrificial.' They likely didn't have much on him, just a neighbor's report. Then again, we'd had that meeting right after the bar fight at Lucky's, right? How thoroughly had George cleared out his house, if they went back to rummage around and investigate? How well could George cover his tracks? We'd left that ammo crate in the hallway, for starters- clumsy of us, yet we were in a panic. Like children. I tensed as I remembered so vividly the sudden sharp report of the gun, watched Patrick's empty eyes stare up. But not children.
There was nothing I could do for Vendetta. We'd sent the Bat Signal out. Either he'd be here, or he'd miss it.
I weighed the value of sending George away once he got here. The order would certainly annoy him after he'd just arrived, something of an arduous task given how far backed up the traffic had become. I also knew it meant I'd have one fewer lieutenant here, where I desperately needed him. I could hardly ask him to burn down the childhood home, and it would certainly reek of hiding evidence.
"Sir," A sentry stood in the door frame, and I stretched from where my muscles had tensed up, pulling my shoulders back and yawning silently beneath my mask, lumbering toward him.
I didn't realize how tall I'd gotten until I realized he was staring up at me and had taken a half-step backwards- not to make way so I could lead from the door, either, but almost defensively.
"Yes, what is it?" I asked, stopping in place.
"We've received a message for you, sir. Radio is reporting that a 'Hex' has checked in from her position. She and Binary report 'Green as Grass,' sir."
I wasn't used to being called 'sir,' and it caught me off guard. I realized he was standing there, waiting for a response from me of some sort, too.
What should I say for him to send back to Hex? I momentarily remembered the sensation of the kiss, the warm, slightly wet softness, the tenderness, and felt a bit of a blush under my mask. While every instinct screamed at me to not air even a hint of my romances or inner turmoil about a kiss over the unencrypted connection, there was a level of 'not talking about it' that I was unfamiliar with and hadn't planned for. Could my message back be coded into something subtle? Nothing came to mind.
"G-good," I finally stuttered a little awkwardly. "That's very good."
"What does it mean, sir?"
I pushed the distractions out of my head. This was no time to be thinking about girls- and my mind stubbornly disobeyed, wandering right back to Natalie. At first to the hug she'd offered me, when I was scared. Frightened of the mind-wiper device. That tenderness she'd offered- I pushed the memory from my mind, too. This wasn't the time to fantasize, either. I had to live in the world that was before me, here in the present. People were relying on me. I could figure out all that other stuff- girls, hope, my future- sometime later.
"It means the operation can proceed as planned."
If the Twins stopped reporting or got caught with the hostages, then we'd have a lot less leverage stopping Azraea from blowing us all sky high. A couple noblewomen- who I wasn't terribly familiar with and seemed to be somewhat less important, provided they were truthful to me of their station. This unfortunate pair had relied on connections to already-stationed family members to arrive, rather than on their raw political power to muscle their way to Earth's then-closely guarded secret coordinates, and were present only for evidence of said hostages' presence.
"Sir, beg your pardon," I could sense something bubbling under his words, against his better judgment, but some sense of desperation demanded he ask me this anyways. "But what is the operation? I've been manning the airwaves with Radio, helping spread word, but everyone I make contact with seems to want to know."
"I don't see the wisdom in broadcasting the finer details of our plan, I'm sure you understand."
I sensed the inner conflict by the way he froze up. He wanted to object, probably, to swear he wouldn't leak more than the minimum. The problem was, anyone listening for long might take a morsel here, a morsel there, and bring it all together and undo us.
"You have all you're meant to have at this point, frustrating though that must be to try and inform others of the going-ons. Our objective is right before us. When the time comes and the enemy appears, blast them." I didn't want to say there isn't much else to plan. At least, not for them to consider.
"And you, sir?"
"I'll be right here, alongside you," I promised. That seemed to ease some of his pressing curiosity, at least. "We'll be here together, to watch the birth of a miracle." That, or we'd die together. Those words didn't quite have the same catchy ring, though.
I looked over my shoulder back at the map. What more good could be wrought over pondering what jail he might be in, without more details?
"Another matter. Hex said G-Man should arrive in a few minutes."
"Thank you. Anything else to report?"
"No sir, the shortwave beckons." They gave a hand-on-heart and stepped out, leaving the doorframe empty.
I told myself I may as well follow. There was no good to come of disappearing into a tent, secluded for long periods, not when anxiety might run through the gathered troops. I had to make myself seen at least periodically. Besides, it was easier to get a more complete picture from out here than in there.
Radio looked like a one-man-band by the way he was surrounded by boxy electronics of varying sizes, their glows dimmed slightly by thin pieces of fabric taped over the tiny glowing screens, and the trap stretched over his head. Wires snaked their way along the ground, a trooper trying to lay the cable into a thin channel of dirt with a spade to reduce the tripping hazard.
Pierce crouched next to him with a laptop plugged into something wired together, the final outlet of which looked vaguely like an international travel inverter, her fingers flying across the trackpad.
"Radio, how are we?"
"We've made lots of contact, I think. So much traffic on the airwaves it's actually hard to find a clear channel to broadcast on."
"Do they have our encryption keys?" I asked, the question almost automatic.
"No, having one kind of defeats the purpose of being heard and getting the signal out. Besides, encrypting's probably easy for the Shil'vati to crack. Less easy for human intelligence agencies, but impossible for the people who we want to hear us."
I already knew most of this, but humoured him. Little entertained radio quite like his namesake.
"What's our chance of discovery, then? Rough time to them figuring out it's us here, and finding the signal's origin."
"At least with a somewhat uncountable number of HAM signals being thrown across the airwaves, we are a really big needle in a gigantic haystack. Besides, how many times have we actually been where we're broadcasting from?"
That was a point I hadn't considered.
The Shil'vati would likely regard our signal as just a relay point, rather than the source, let alone the destination.
Would they strike it just to silence the orders, once they figured out how many of them were originating from the same point?
I comforted myself by staring upstream of the creek that wandered to the south of Camp Death, following its course with my eyes to where it flowed under the concrete tunnels under the highway, under the train tracks, to where it ultimately ran back to where Radio and I had visited Saint Michael's. Then I turned my head back across the field, toward where the foundation of Mojo and Mister Pasta's had been, where Vaughn had called in the kill team on the Fed's sting operation,
We'd certainly set up plenty of remote broadcast towers before, to entice them into launching strikes on collaborationists. That Saint Michael's was still standing after we'd broadcast all kinds of propaganda from there meant they'd almost certainly learned to be a bit more cautious about lashing out blindly.
In the darkness I saw a familiar figure materialize, and with a bit of relief, I ran up to greet Larry. I wanted to give the old mechanic a hug, but knew that expressions of intimacy while standing near the middle of the camp's defensive perimeter in front of everyone was more than a bit inappropriate, and settled for a nod of acknowledgment.
"I cleaned up the mess at Jules place," he said, going back to referring to his friend by their code name, glancing at Pierce.
I felt a moment of shame. We'd panicked and grabbed everything. Perhaps we were like children after all, leaving our toys out and in the hall. "Thank you."
"Saw Patrick."
"Patrick saw," I said back. "Patrick- called."
Whatever Larry was about to say, that brought him up short. "Oh. Oh." The words seemed to leave him pained. He'd known Patrick, too, and I felt the weight of guilt. It seemed he moved on faster than I could, because he changed the topic quickly.
"What's up?" He gestured at the radio setup.
Pierce seemed to be quite engrossed in her work, trying to connect the laptop to a radio via a USB cable, fumbling with the port in the dark. The laptop's screen was showing a shaky handheld video of a mass arrest- and I thought I could hear my own voice echoing the words I'd spoken just a short while ago.
"Just uploading the speech. I've spliced it up to some footage that one of the newcomers brought. We'll also be exporting raw versions of both- just the audio, the video, make sure people have the record and can decide for themselves."
Sometimes the truth was the best propaganda.
"How are you getting video out? I thought the internet was down."
Radio held a hand up, and then put it down, as if I'd been a teacher asking a question and he'd been chasing extra credit. The next few sentences were practically a foreign language to me, uttering a series of numbers in rapid succession, followed by what sounded like a name. That may've been a model, an edition of a model, a make, a special form of broadcasting- all of it may well have been bounced off the ionosphere for how far it went over my head. I wasn't used to being so completely out of my depth, but everyone seems to have specialized in some skill or another. I'd preferred getting involved in all aspects of the revolution, but at a certain point delegation was a necessity, and I was watching not just the task's needs, but also the capabilities of my lieutenants grow well past my ability to offer useful insight and guidance.
"I...see." I didn't, but I wasn't sure what else to say. I wanted to express curiosity, but I felt like this new capability was something we'd discuss later, if there was a later. "And people can receive high definition video over shortwave? It just takes a long time?"
It seemed to me to be an apparently somewhat technical process to perform over shortwave, and only when finally pressed for details, Radio at last admitted something I did understand: "I am not sure most people know how to collect the signal, or have the right equipment to, but I'm sure someone will, Maybe that person will redistribute the videos."
There. Actionable, useful information.
"Then continue," I said. "At least unless anything more pressing jumps up to do."
"Let's hope it's good for more than the history books," Pierce commented mildly.
"The world has to know, and I am certain the shil'vati have no interest in putting such footage out there. That's reason enough for us, isn't it?" I watched Radio nod and then scurry about the camp, tracing one of the wires toward the antenna array nearest the highway. I turned to Larry, breaking off from the amusing spectacle. "Do you remember my promise?" My question was genuine, but he seemed to waver slightly, now that the possibility of actually delivering on it was here and present. Perhaps the aura of our inner circle's invincibility had been shattered with the loss of his neighbors, and it would be best to set his mind to something productive. "If you want it to come true, see to it that the mortar teams are trained. Get the cannons in position, and make sure we're good for more than just one wave."
Larry snapped a salute, fingers on brow, and I clumsily approximated one in return, though I had never done a salute before in my life. I could sense the slight smile from behind his mask, and with a quick check over his shoulder that no one was watching, he reached out, straightened my palm out slightly, then brought the edge of my palm higher until it was a bit more level. "That's better," he judged, then leaving me alone once I dropped the hand a few seconds later.
George showed up a few minutes earlier than Hex had predicted, out of breath and escorted by a sentry. "Ditched the truck," he wheezed. "The huge bags of claymores and equipment were really heavy. Had to haul it under the interstate." His shoes shone with creekwater; He'd almost certainly taken the path Larry had forbade us from trying, and I couldn't imagine doing it in the pitch black darkness at any speed.
I motioned to the sentry. "Help him get that bag into the workshop." He was the best bomb maker, but he also had helped build this place. I wanted to pick his brain, but I would give him time to rest, first.
"Hey, Radio. Radio!" I heard the shortwave radio he'd set at the top squawk to life with a familiar grumble on the other end, distorted somewhat by the tinny speaker. I scooped it up. Someone with a vocoder- Radio gave those out sparingly.
"'E' here," I answered for him, but didn't want to announce myself. Not right away.
A moment's pause.
"What are your orders?"
"Vendetta?" I wanted to confirm.
"I'm here with over fifty people waiting at Warehouse Base for something to do," I knew the transmission would likely be monitored, but the time for subtlety was over. "You're on speakerphone, by the way."
The line was likely tapped, or at least would be intercepted, its contents determining priority for being passed upward or presented to someone with authority, possibly even Azraea herself.
Whatever orders I gave, they'd have to be in code, or at least sound like something unimportant, low-priority so that we might give him as much opportunity to get the drop on the enemy as he could be afforded.
"Don't bother trying to come here yet," I quickly supplied. "By now, if you're not on your way here, you have your own party to go to." I took a moment to survey the grounds. "We've practically got a full house. See about getting a house party of your own, though you'll have to pull the guests out of their own company. Or something to flank."
"Any idea where to start?"
The map fresh in my mind, I found the answer sprang to me.
"There's a rest stop along Route One. If you've got any party poppers, you can get them to open up to you like a can opener. You know, it's all about introducing yourself well."
I heard him laugh mirthlessly, the sound coming through like a cheese grater run over the asphalt.
"That one's a big bite, maybe more than we can chew without choking. Why don't we start with something smaller?"
I wanted to protest, to direct him to the biggest ones first. Then again, how much did they have on Verns? How likely was he to be somewhere heavily defended?
"What do you have in mind?"
"Well, right across the river from where the naughty girls all get sent. Why don't we start there? Every party needs a few ladies, right?" I could hear a roar of assent from the background.
I wasn't quite sure what he meant by that- was he going to try and attack the Shil'vati base? Surely not those women? He wasn't that insane. Then it clicked- the Women's Correctional Facility in Wilmington, just upstream of the Christina River from where he was broadcasting from at the old Warehouse Base. Easy to get to, certainly, and right near the interstate with pedestrian bridges and neighborhoods to scatter in after the strike made it an excellent candidate. Almost certain to succeed.
The strike wouldn't yield us Verns, though forcing the Shil'vati to admit that they couldn't both take and hold their prisoners at the same time might force them to at least pause rounding up ever more people.
If I gave it my blessing, I would be sacrificing any chance of rescuing Verns for...for what? The tradeoff strained my soul to even consider.
"If you feel that's best, you know your crowd. That said, they got Jules- we want him back." He'd helped build Camp Death. He knew its ins and outs, though my real reasons were somewhat sentimental. "Keep an eye out for Morningstar and a few other cells. I've little doubt they can party with the best of them." They were one of my heaviest hitters, routinely bragging they could go clay pigeon hunting with an unguided RPG, yet I was pretty sure I'd never rallied them to Camp Death- if they were to rally, Warehouse Base was where they'd be.
There was a moment of silence, until Vaughn reported back- "Yeah, they're here. They were going to move up to you once they got everyone together. Should we leave instructions for where to find us, or to find you?"
"Do it- supplies are overall good here. Lots of...uh, balloons, confetti..." I felt like I was stretching the analogy too far, so I gave up trying to equate weaponry to party paraphranelia. "...you know, the works. Take Morningstar and use 'em as you see best fit. What've you got for your party? Any good party supplies?" We certainly could make a trash run and see if we could also deliver them some RPGs at the same time.
"Got some Bump-n-Grinds, and you know those are always good for an up-close-and-personal encounter."
I laughed. "From what I read about bumping and grinding? The closer, the better." Their accuracy left a fair bit to be desired. Still, it would be a good, even vital carry just in case those dreaded Security Forces Technicals made an appearance, and would probably be 'good enough' against a stationary target like a wall, especially in the hands of a capable squadron like Talonstar.
"What time are you thinking?"
"I'd say as soon as we're all ready. You really overestimated how many people know where Camp Death is. A fair number showed up here, and are still trickling in."
"Enough to throw several parties at once?" I asked, suddenly hopeful.
"Well, I suppose, maybe, but I'd be wary of partygoers without someone in charge to, uh..." the metaphor seemed to be breaking down, but I got what he was going for.
"Yeah, I see."
"Are you thinking if there are too many noise complaints at once, it'll keep the party going longer?"
"That's part of it, but I'm hoping we might find a particular person we're missing, lost him when we were playing unexpected host. Someone of G-Man's, you'd know him as Jules. A divide and conquer might maximize our odds of finding him."
"Plus, maximize the number of partygoers we pick up as we move. I like it. A few small house parties for every big house. Any special orders?"
"None. K.I.S.S. principle applies. Good, bad, I want it all out on the streets. 'KISS' 'em until they can't see straight." Keep It Simple, Stupid.
"You're certain?" I could hear the hesitancy in his voice. "This is going to be the greatest thing we've ever done, and I want to be by your side for it 'til the end. I don't want any last-minute cancellations, and I sure as hell don't wanna miss it. How long should I party?"
We'd be letting absolute chaos loose. Fire. Looting. The worst of humanity, turned loose, with Vaughn potentially at its head if he decided to recruit for some reason. Could I still claim to be the good guy if I turned those kinds of people free to wreak havoc on the state I claimed whose denizens I was protecting?
Blackstone's Ratio holds that it is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer. It would still hold me no less accountable for whatever followed from this mass prison break, though.
I looked over to the recently arrived George, and hung my head.
So be it.
"Confirmed, Vendetta. I'll next talk to you when you're here in person- call it when you start either getting tired or if the hosts hire a doorman, a bouncer, or something you can't handle. Bring any good partygoers and favors you find, guide them here, O Pied Piper. Over and out." The signal went quiet again, and I turned off our radio, standing and yawning. The hour was late, and it would be my last opportunity for some shuteye.
I pulled aside a few sentries to my first order. I felt it was a strange one, and likely futile: I asked everyone to 'try and get some rest.'
The sentries were going to be exhausted, and I needed them to start working in shifts if we were to maintain our vigil and perimeter. Doubtless, more would be coming, and giving them at least some rest might be a difference-maker. G-Man helped lead the newcomers to the subterranean bunkers and tunnels, trying to make sure everyone had a place to stay the night and resources got split, even if it was throwing tarps and blankets on hard-packed dirt. I eyed the tunnels, knowing which one of them would spit me out near the stream, itself running so low I might as well refer to it as a ravine. Digging that had been cramped, paranoia-inducing, but we'd dug out so much of the hill and filled it with enough weapons to wage a full-scale war. What had begun as almost make-work and a place to store things when we'd started out
I couldn't sleep well on the cot that night, tossing and turning- I even tried resting with the mask off, held in my hands, but the risk to my identity if anyone barged in caused me enough stress. Eventually, I stood and donned it, making my rounds around the camp, trying to calm myself. Instead, I felt eyes following me, and I had to force myself to stand tall. For the thousandth time, I thought of this as my Valley Forge.
The sentry at the door to the command cabin gave me a hand-on-heart, and I returned it.
As I patrolled, I could hear whispered prayers, muttered plans of action, and mercifully, snores. At least some were getting some sleep. I could see orange lights reflecting off the clouds, near where I knew Wilmington lay.
I almost jumped a foot in the air when I felt the tap on my shoulder, only to find G-Man's mask staring into mine. How strange that such a haunting visage was a comfort to me.
"Hey. Can't sleep?"
"I can't," I confessed. "G-Man, I'm sorry what happened with your father. Hell of a birthday." I hadn't even had a chance to give him the present I'd bought him- a couple new filters, and vintage craftsman toolkit, "from before they sold out," Verns had told me. The memory of his voice already felt distant somehow- no. I'll see him again.
"Wasn't your fault. Even if Town Hall wasn't your big idea to get them to retaliate, you know? Then they'd still have done something. But, uh, thanks for saying that. And thanks for trying to get dad out. I'll remember that." George said quietly, then the conversation ended when he turned away and went to the edge of the embankment. Just like that.
I could never quite get a read on him.
I went inside, and tried to force myself to get at least some shut-eye.
Thanks to Terran-Armored-Core and DeltaNu for helping with some decisions and spellcheck.
Thanks to Inmutabilis-Ratio for helping with the site, it was very helpful in importing the text.
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Mod list (which is normally sorted with LOOT)
# This file was automatically generated by Mod Organizer.
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
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RASS - Visual Effects.esl
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Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp
Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim.esp
Cosmic Spells.esp
True Storms - Obsidian Weathers - Patch .esp
SOS - Smurf Average Addon.esp
SOS - VectorPlexus Regular Addon.esp
Phenderix Magic World - Leveled Lists Add-On.esp
iNeed - Extended.esp
JKs Skyrim.esp
Deadly Shadows for JK Skyrim.esp
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp
EEKs Beautiful Whiterun - JKs Whiterun - Eli's - ICAIO.esp
EEKs Beautiful Whiterun - JKs Whiterun - ICAIO.esp
EEKs Beautiful Whiterun - JKs Whiterun - Eli's.esp
Capital Windhelm Expansion - JK's Skyrim Patch.esp
The Great Cities - Minor Cities and Towns.esp
The Great City of Winterhold v4.esp
TGC Winterhold - The Great Cities patch.esp
The Great Cities of JK's Skyrim - Patch.esp
EEKs Beautiful Whiterun - JKs Whiterun.esp
Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods.esp
TGC Winterhold - JKs Skyrim patch.esp
Immersive Jewelry.esp
Cutting Room Floor.esp
AI Overhaul.esp
Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition.esp
AAE Ultimate Edition.esp
Dragonborn Delayed - After Dragonslayer.esp
Dawnguard Delayed - Level 50.esp
The Great Town of Ivarstead.esp
JK's Understone Keep.esp
The Great Town of Karthwasten.esp
The Great Town of Shor's Stone.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - JK Patch.esp
The Great Village of Kynesgrove.esp
Helgen Reborn.esp
Populated Skyrim Legendary.esp
Summermyst - WACCF Patch.esp
ES Improved.esp
JK's Whiterun's Outskirts.esp
The Great Village of Old Hroldan.esp
JK's Blue Palace.esp
DS Solitude for JK Skyrim and Legacy.esp
DS Solitude for JK Skyrim.esp
JK Whiterun Expansion Patch.esp
WZTamrielic Culture.esp
JK's The Winking Skeever.esp
JK's Temple of the Divines.esp
JK's Sky Haven Temple.esp
Immersive Encounters.esp
The Great Village of Mixwater Mill.esp
JK's Arnleif and Sons Trading Company.esp
JK's Jorrvaskr.esp
JK's Mistveil Keep.esp
JK's Haelga's Bunkhouse.esp
JK's Temple of Mara.esp
JK's Palace of the Kings.esp
T'Skyrim Riverwood.esp
Thunderchild - Epic Shout Package.esp
JK's Temple of Dibella.esp
JK's The Hag's Cure.esp
Vigilant Voiced.esp
Andromeda - Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim.esp
Forgotten Artifacts and Unique Items.esp
WACCF_Armor and Clothing Extension.esp
JK's Sinderion's Field Laboratory.esp
Training Dummies XP.esp
JKs Temple of the Divines - Enhanced Solitude Patch.esp
JKs Sky Haven Temple - JKs Skyrim Patch.esp
JK's Dragonsreach.esp
Immersive Weapons.esp
JK's Silver-Blood Inn.esp
JKs Skyrim_Holidays_Patch.esp
Stendarr Rising.esp
Ryn's Western Watchtower.esp
JK's Elgrims Elixirs.esp
Immersive Music.esp
Art Imports.esp
JK's Bee and Barb.esp
JKs Whiterun Outskirts - Capital Whiterun patch.esp
JK's The Pawned Prawn.esp
JK's New Gnisis Cornerclub.esp
ISC Immersive Armors Patch.esp
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BardicLore USSEP Patch.esp
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Immersive Weapons_WACCF_Patch.esp
JK's Riverwood Trader.esp
Rapier and Dagger.esp
Falskaar - Bug Fixes.esp
JKs Temple of Dibella - AI Overhaul patch.esp
Dirt and Blood - Dynamic Visuals.esp
JK's Radiant Raiment.esp
ZIA_Complete Pack.esp
JKs The Drunken Huntsman.esp
JK - CWE Patch.esp
JKs Skyrim_No Snow Under the Roof_Patch.esp
Guard's Armor Replacer - WACCF Balanced Patch.esp
Change in Management.esp
FAUI - Summermyst Patch.esp
Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim.esp
dD - Enhanced Blood Main.esp
ISC Enhanced Blood Patch.esp
USSEP-Immersive Weapons Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - iNeed Extended Patch.esp
Cloaks - USSEP Patch.esp
JK's The Bannered Mare.esp
JK's White Phial.esp
LKVM Cellar and Exterior.esp
OBIS WACCF Patch.esp
Dracos Hearthfire Homes Lakeview.esp
JK's Sleeping Giant Inn.esp
JK's Angelines Aromatics.esp
JKs Skyrim - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JK's Temple of Talos.esp
JK's Candlehearth Hall.esp
LKVM Main House.esp
JK's The Ragged Flagon.esp
TGC Winterhold - NSUTR patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - NSUTR TGCoWSSE patch.esp
College Of Winterhold - Quest Expansion.esp
ES + JK Patch.esp
Flower Girls NPC Relationships.esp
Fulcimentum - More Staves and Wands of Skyrim.esp
JK's Warmaiden's.esp
JK's Belethor's General Goods.esp
AI Overhaul - CWI Patch.esp
JK's Septimus Signus's Outpost.esp
JK's Bits and Pieces.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - CRF Patch.esp
Windstad Improvements.esp
JK's Arcadia's Cauldron.esp
JKs Whiterun Outskirts - Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - AI Overhaul patch.esp
Stendarr Rising - NSUTR Patch.esp
Landscape For Grass Mods JK'S Skyrim.esp
LOTD - ES + JK patch.esp
The Great Cities - CFTO Patch.esp
JK's Sadris Used Wares.esp
JK Drunken Huntsman Capital whiterun expansion Patch.esp
Hunterborn - Soups and Stews.esp
JKs Angelines Aromatics - USSEP Patch.esp
JKs Angelines Aromatics - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Elgrims Elixirs - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Elgrims Elixirs - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Elgrims Elixirs - CRF Patch.esp
JKs Hags Cure - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Hags Cure - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Hags Cure - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Hags Cure - SUT Patch.esp
JKs White Phial - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs White Phial - Zims Immersive Artifacts Patch.esp
Orlando Heljarchen Walls - Buildable Ver02b.esp
JK's Temple of Kynareth.esp
FAUI - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
Skyrim Flora Overhaul.esp
Billyro's Weapons.esp
JKs Winking Skeever - Undeath - SSewers Patch.esp
Unlimited Bookshelves - WACCF patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - 3DNPC patch.esp
Tools of Kagrenac.esp
Ars Metallica.esp
Cloaks - Dawnguard.esp
JKs Skyrim - Fishing patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Sounds of Skyrim patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - UCoW patch.esp
CapitalWindhelmExpansion - SkyrimSewers.esp
FlowerGirls SE - Adventures.esp
Triumvirate - Mage Archetypes.esp
JKs Skyrim_Clockwork_Patch.esp
JKs New Gnisis Cornerclub - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs New Gnisis Cornerclub - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Sleeping Giant Inn - Tamrielic Culture Patch.esp
Enhanced Solitude SSE USSEP Patch.esp
Whitepeak Tower.esp
BardsReborn Undeath Patch.esp
Training Dummies XP Dawnguard.esp
TGC Winterhold - NSUTR JKs Skyrim patch.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - 3DNPC Patch.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - USSEP Patch.esp
Great Town of Karthwasten - USSEP Patch.esp
Landscape For Grass Mods - The Great Cities PATCH.esp
ES Terrain Patch.esp
JKs Whiterun Outskirts - CRF Patch.esp
Sneak Tools.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - USSEP Patch.esp
The Great Town of Ivarstead - 3DNPC Patch.esp
Landscape Fixes For Grass mods - Cutting Room Floor Locations.esp
ISC WACCF Patch.esp
Schlongs of Skyrim.esp
AK- Namira for Good Guys.esp
DGA-ArsMSE CompatPatch.esp
WACCF Ars Metallica Patch.esp
Hunterborn - Campfire Patch.esp
Hunterborn - iNeed Patch.esp
Comprehensive Sleeves Pack.esp
Great Town of Shors Stone - Cheesemod Patch.esp
Great Town of Shor's Stone - SUT Patch.esp
FAUI - All Geared Up Derivative Patch.esp
JKs Sinderions Field Laboratory - CC - Fishing patch.esp
JKs Winking Skeever - USSEP Patch.esp
JKs Winking Skeever - Fishing Patch.esp
JK Bannered Mare Capital whiterun expansion Patch 0.1.esp
JKs Bannered Mare - Tamrielic Culture patch.esp
Blue Palace Frescos.esp
WardsFunctionalitiesExtended - CuttingRoomFloor Patch.esp
Sneak Tools Vanilla Hoods.esp
Sneak Tools Vanilla Masks.esp
JKs Belethors General Goods - Tamrielic Culture patch.esp
JKs Ragged Flagon - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Ragged Flagon - SUT Patch.esp
JKs Temple of the Divines - LOTD patch.esp
JKs Candlehearth Hall - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Candlehearth Hall - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Candlehearth Hall - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Candlehearth Hall - Helgen Reborn Patch.esp
JKs Drunken Huntsman - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Haelgas Bunkhouse - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Haelgas Bunkhouse - Solitude and Temple Frescoes Patch.esp
JKs Haelgas Bunkhouse - AI Overhaul patch.esp
JKs Haelgas Bunkhouse - Animated Armory Patch.esp
JKs Haelgas Bunkhouse - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Radiant Raiment - USSEP Patch.esp
JKs Radiant Raiment - Immersion Patch.esp
JKs Radiant Raiment - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Radiant Raiment - Cloaks Patch.esp
JKs Septimus Signus Outpost - LOTD Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Dibella - Oblivion Artifact Pack Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Dibella - SUT Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Mara - Solitude and Temple Frescoes Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Mara - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Temple of Mara - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Mara - Oblivion Artifacts Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Mara - SUT Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Talos - Solitude and Temple Frescoes Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Talos - AI Overhaul patch.esp
JKs Temple of Talos - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Talos - Art Imports Patch.esp
Fulcimentum - Arcanum Patch.esp
Gray Cowl - WACCF Patch.esp
Inn Soaps.esp
JKs Temple of Kynareth - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Kynareth - Solitude and Temple Frescoes Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Kynareth - BGCollectables patch.esp
JKs Temple of Kynareth - Konahrik Accoutrements patch.esp
JKs Temple of Kynareth - Oblivion Artifacts patch.esp
JKs Temple of Kynareth - SUT patch.esp
Animated Immersive Weaps.esp
JKs Temple of Talos - USSEP patch.esp
JKs Drunken Huntsman - Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
JKs Drunken Huntsman - USSEP Patch.esp
JKs New Gnisis Cornerclub - Cheesemod Patch.esp
Falskaar - SkyTEST Patch.esp
Obsidian Weathers for Vigilant.esp
WACCF_Armor and Clothing Extension_SPID.esp
JKs Temple of Dibella - ACE Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Talos - ACE Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Talos - Cloaks of Skyrim patch.esp
JKs Temple of Talos - Oblivion Artifacts patch.esp
Wintersun - ZIA Patch.esp
AHO - Skytest Patch.esp
SurWR - Fishing.esp
FlowerGirls SE - IW Patch.esp
KS Hairdo's.esp
JKs Jorrvaskr - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Sky Haven Temple - Animated Armory Patch.esp
JKs Sky Haven Temple - LOTD Patch.esp
JKs Sky Haven Temple - IA Patch.esp
JKs Sky Haven Temple - Amulets Patch.esp
JKs Sky Haven Temple - BGCollectables Patch.esp
JKs Sky Haven Temple - SUT Patch.esp
JKs Sky Haven Temple - USSEP Patch.esp
Visible Favorited Gear.esp
SOS - VectorPlexus Muscular Addon.esp
FlowerGirls SE - Wintersun.esp
Fixed body collision.esp
OBIS SE - Immersive Weapons Patch.esp
Wildcat-Immersive Weapons Patch.esp
Mining For Mages Redux.esp
1a armors.esp
1b weapons.esp
SIC ACE Patch.esp
SIC WACCF Patch.esp
Chronomancy Spell Pack.esp
Random male body hair.esp
RDO - CRF + USSEP Patch.esp
RDO - USSEP Patch.esp
Stendarr Rising - RDO patch.esp
Gray Cowl of Nocturnal - iNeed Patch.esp
TGV Old Hroldan - Art Imports Patch.esp
3DNPC - TGV Old Hroldan patch.esp
TGV Old Hroldan - LOTD patch.esp
JKs Palace of the Kings - PCE - USSEP Patch.esp
Falskaar - iNeed Patch.esp
Immersive Encounters - High Poly AIO.esp
BRStudentofSong EnhancedSolitude Patch.esp
Dwemer Fairies.esp
Book Of Shadows.esp
SIC HB patch.esp
Gray Fox Cowl - CLLF Patch.esp
AI Overhaul - Relationship Dialogue Overhaul Patch.esp
3DNPC - AI Overhaul patch.esp
No Snow Under The Roof - CRF Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Art Imports patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - LOTD patch.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
Landscape For Grass Mods - Moon and Star PATCH.esp
Old Hroldan Ruins - Great Villiage Patch.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - COW Quest Expansion Patch.esp
Landscape For Grass mods - Helgen Reborn Patch.esp
CapitalWindhelmExpansion - Clockwork.esp
JKs Jorrvaskr - WACCF Patch.esp
JKs Arnleif and Sons - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Arnleif and Sons - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Arnleif and Sons - LOTD Patch.esp
JKs Arnleif and Sons - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Arnleif and Sons - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Arnleif and Sons - Sounds of Skyrim patch.esp
JKs Arnleif and Sons - SUT Patch.esp
JKs Arnleif and Sons - Treasure Hunt Patch.esp
JKs Haelgas Bunkhouse - JKs Skyrim Patch.esp
JKs Silver-Blood Inn - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Silver-Blood Inn - LOTD Patch.esp
JKs Silver-Blood Inn - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Sleeping Giant Inn - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Sinderions Field Laboratory - Tamrielic Culture patch.esp
JKs Septimus Signus Outpost - BGCollectables Patch.esp
JKs Septimus Signus Outpost - SIC Patch.esp
JKs Sinderions Field Laboratory - Art Imports patch.esp
JKs Sinderions Field Laboratory - LOTD patch.esp
JKs Belethors General Goods - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Belethors General Goods - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Bits and Pieces - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Bits and Pieces - LOTD Patch.esp
JKs Bits and Pieces - USSEP Patch.esp
JKs Bits and Pieces - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Bits and Pieces - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Pawned Prawn - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Pawned Prawn - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Pawned Prawn - LOTD Patch.esp
JKs Riverwood Trader - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Riverwood Trader - BGCollectables patch.esp
JKs Sadris Used Wares - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Sadris Used Wares - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Sadris Used Wares - ACE Patch.esp
JKs Sadris Used Wares - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Sadris Used Wares - LOTD Patch.esp
JKs Sadris Used Wares - SUT Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - CFTO patch.esp
Landscape For Grass Mods -Immersive Citizens PATCH.esp
TGC Winterhold - Populated Skyrim Patch.esp
JKs New Gnisis Cornerclub - Capital Windhelm Expansion patch.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
JKs Skyrim_RWT_Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Undeath Patch.esp
Great Town of Karthwasten - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
CapitalWindhelmExpansion - USSEP.esp
JKs Angelines Aromatics - Enhanced Solitude Patch.esp
JKs Angelines Aromatics - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
Great Town of Karthwasten - Cheesemod Patch.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - LOTD - JK Patch.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Jorrvaskr - Skyrim Sewers Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Clockwork Patch.esp
Great Town of Karthwasten - 3DNPC Patch.esp
JKs Jorrvaskr - Cheesemod patch.esp
JKs Jorrvaskr - Sounds of Skyrim patch.esp
JKs Jorrvaskr - Amulets of Skyrim patch.esp
JKs Jorrvaskr - LOTD patch.esp
JKs Winking Skeever - Alternate Start Mods Patch.esp
JKs Winking Skeever - Enhanced Solitude Patch.esp
Bardic Lore Wintersun Patch.esp
ES AI Overhaul patch.esp
LOTD_TCC_Animated Armoury.esp
JKs Belethors General Goods - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Belethors General Goods - SUT Patch.esp
The Great Town of Ivarstead - Laundry Add-on.esp
Equippable Tomes.esp
JKs Sleeping Giant Inn - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Sleeping Giant Inn - AI Overhaul SSE Patch.esp
JKs Sleeping Giant Inn - Populated Skyrim Legendary.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - SUT Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Laundry Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Wheels of Lull Patch.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - Populated Skyrim Legendary Patch.esp
Windstad Improvements - Hearthfire Extended Patch.esp
Orlando Heljarchen Walls - Heljarchen Farm Patch.esp
AK- Boethiah Alternate.esp
Great Town of Shor's Stone - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
Great Town of Shor's Stone - USSEP Patch.esp
Great Town of Karthwasten - Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
JKs Sky Haven Temple - Training Dummies XP Patch.esp
JKs Elgrims Elixirs - Bee and Barb Patch.esp
JKs Whiterun Outskirts - Hearthfire Extended Patch.esp
My Home Is Your Home.esp
TGC Winterhold - Holidays Patch.esp
JKs Skyrim_Thunderchild_Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - CFTO Lanterns patch.esp
Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim.esp
Apocalypse - Waterstride Spell Addon.esp
Stendarr Rising - CRF Patch.esp
JKs Temple of the Divines - Skyrim Sewers patch.esp
JKs Whiterun Outskirts - 3DNPC Patch.esp
ProjectAHO - StartWhenYouWant.esp
TGC Winterhold - CFTO Covered Carriages patch.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - CC - Fishing Patch.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - Cheesemod Patch.esp
Great Village of Kynesgrove - LOTD Patch.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - Skyrims Unique Treasures Patch.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
Apocalypse - More Apocalypse.esp
JKs Bannered Mare - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Bannered Mare - Immersion Patch.esp
JKs Bee and Barb - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Bee and Barb - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Bee and Barb - Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
JKs Bee and Barb - Helgen Reborn Patch.esp
JKs Temple of the Divines - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Temple of the Divines - Rugnarok patch.esp
JKs Temple of the Divines - USSEP Patch.esp
JKs Temple of the Divines - Oblivion Artifacts patch.esp
JKs Temple of the Divines - SUT patch.esp
Fulcimentum - Apocalypse Patch.esp
JKs Ragged Flagon - USSEP Patch.esp
JKs Winking Skeever - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Winking Skeever - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Winking Skeever - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Winking Skeever - Immersion Patch.esp
JKs Winking Skeever - SUT patch.esp
Gray Cowl of Nocturnal - Unofficial Patch.esp
yumcheese - UCOW.esp
JKs Arcadias Cauldron - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Arcadias Cauldron - USSEP Patch.esp
JKs Arcadias Cauldron - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Arcadias Cauldron - Art Imports Patch.esp
FAUI - Obscure's College of Winterhold Patch.esp
ultimate college hole fix.esp
TGC Winterhold - Cheesemod patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - SUT patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Training Dummies XP Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Amulets of Skyrim patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Animated Armoury patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - GAR patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - Cloaks of Skyrim patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - BGCollectables patch.esp
Imperious - Races of Skyrim.esp
Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul.esp
Great Town of Ivarstead - CACO patch.esp
CACO_Survival Mode_Patch.esp
CACO Rare Curios Patch.esp
Stendarr Rising - LOTD CACO patch.esp
SkyTEST_ CACO_Patch.esp
JKs Sinderions Field Laboratory - CACO patch.esp
Tamrielic Culture - CACO Patch.esp
iNeed - Dangerous Diseases.esp
iNeed - Dangerous Diseases Plus.esp
CACO - iNeed DD Patch.esp
TGC Winterhold - CACO patch.esp
Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim.esp
Apocalypse - Ordinator Compatibility Patch.esp
FAUI - Ordinator Patch.esp
Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp
JKs New Gnisis Cornerclub - Alternate Start patch.esp
JKs Sinderions Field Laboratory - Alternate Start patch.esp
Alternate Start - TGV Old Hroldan patch.esp
Landscape Fixes For Grass mods - Alternate start Locations.esp
TGC Winterhold - Alternate Start patch.esp
Palaces Castles Enhanced.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE Patch.esp
JKs Mistveil Keep - PCE Patch.esp
JKs Palace of the Kings - PCE Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE - Relationship Dialogue Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Mistveil Keep - PCE - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Mistveil Keep - PCE - Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
JKs Mistveil Keep - PCE - Tamrielic Culture Patch.esp
JKs Mistveil Keep - PCE - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Mistveil Keep - PCE - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Mistveil Keep - PCE - Animated Armory Patch.esp
JKs Mistveil Keep - PCE - BGCollectables Patch.esp
JKs Mistveil Keep - PCE - SUT Patch.esp
JKs Palace of the Kings - PCE - Holidays Patch.esp
JKs Palace of the Kings - PCE - GAR Patch.esp
JKs Understone Keep - PCE patch.esp
JKs Understone Keep - PCE - Guards Armor Replacer patch.esp
JKs Understone Keep - PCE - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Understone Keep - PCE - USSEP patch.esp
JKs Understone Keep - PCE - Amulets of Skyrim patch.esp
JKs Understone Keep - PCE - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Understone Keep - PCE - Additional Hearthfire Dolls Patch.esp
JKs Understone Keep - PCE - Tamrielic Culture Patch.esp
JKs Understone Keep - PCE - AI Overhaul patch.esp
JKs Understone Keep - PCE - Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
JKs Bee and Barb - PCE Patch.esp
JKs Pawned Prawn - PCE Patch.esp
JKs Temple of Talos - PCE patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - Enhanced Solitude - LOTD Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - Tamrielic Culture Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - Arcanum Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE - AI Overhaul.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Palace of the Kings - PCE - Skyrim Sewers Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE - Arcanum Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - Skyrim Sewers Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - Animated Armory Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - DBMCollectors Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - BGCollectables Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - SUT Patch.esp
JKs Blue Palace - PCE - WACCF ACE Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE - LOTD Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE - GAR Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE - Tamrielic Culture Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE - Animated Armory Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE - Konahrik Accoutrements Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE - BGCollectables Patch.esp
JKs Dragonsreach - PCE - Skyrims Unique Treasures Patch.esp
JKs Palace of the Kings - PCE - Art Imports Patch.esp
JKs Palace of the Kings - PCE - Cheesemod Patch.esp
JKs Palace of the Kings - PCE - Immersive Wenches Patch.esp
JKs Palace of the Kings - PCE - AI Overhaul Patch.esp
JKs Palace of the Kings - PCE - BGCollectables Patch.esp
JKs Palace of the Kings - PCE - Cloaks Patch.esp
JKs Palace of the Kings - PCE - Populated Skyrim Legendary Patch.esp
JKs Palace of the Kings - PCE - SUT Patch.esp
RealisticWaterTwo - Waves - Wyrmstooth.esp
Modern Brawl Bug Fix.esp
submitted by Same-Contract-5871 to skyrimmods [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 18:36 Smart_dracula972 Guide for beginning the gaming

Guide for beginning the gaming
So I purchased this laptop [ 8GB RAM , NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, 4GB GDDR5, 512GB storage] and now when I am in college,I wanna do some gaming on it. Also I have to use this laptop for 5 years almost(till I get a stable job and enough savings to build myself a PC)so I don’t have take any risks with it getting destroyed or something. Here is the list of games I have -
-> Epic store
1)GTA 5 Premium Edition 2) Watchdogs 2 —- ALMOST ALL FREE AAA GAMES ON EPIC TILL NOW
—> Steam 1) All the free games (CSGO, PUBG etc) 2) Witcher 3 , AC origins(purchased on sale)
And it runs them smoothly
Q1) If I play heavy games like RDR2 , horizon zero dawn , GOD of war types will it affect laptop’s life somehow ? (Heating issues or something like that? I ain’t much into technical terms so asking guys ?)
Q2) what are some precautions one should take while gaming on a LAPTOP? instead of a PC
submitted by Smart_dracula972 to IndianGaming [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 18:08 FilmyInn Finally found an excellent case (India)

Finally found an excellent case (India)
ZORBES Rotable Kickstand Grip case on Amazon India. Obviously unsponsered.
Thought I'd write a review because I loved it. This is the 5th case I have tried for my S23 Ultra since getting it 3 and a half months ago. I may have finally found the one I will stick with.
  1. It's built like a brick. The top and bottom bezels protect the glass screen. Thick bezels on the sides, thick 2-layered hard plastic chunk at the back. I can confidently slap it down on the desk without worrying about small knicks on the phone.
  2. Skeletal design. The phone sits against a soft mesh-like design. In case of a drop, the case can bend inwards and still not touch the phone. There are raised cushioned bumpers on 3 out of 4 corners to protect against accidental drops (strangely the S-Pen corner doesn't have a bumper, which is also hidden in the product photos). The case can even stand on it's sides.
  3. Clicky buttons and precise perfect cutouts for all the holes for microphones and speakers. (Counting this as a pro because I have seen several cases where it's poorly done.
  4. Big raised bezels for the cameras plus a sliding cover. No one asked for this feature but I'm be glad it's there. Will protect the lenses from day to day smudges and dust.
  5. Revolving metal ring. Finally I can hold the phone around the middle and safely use it without fear of dropping it. It can also be used as a kickstand in vertical and horizontal positions.
  6. Space for cash and cards. You can store upto 1 credit card sized card or upto 2 folded currency noted between the 2 layers of plastic. Very convenient.
  7. Cost. I am counting this as a pro because I have seen ridiculous prices for phone cases ranging from Rs. 3K to 17K. Even in offline stores, I have seen similar cases going for 3.5K. I believe any reliable phone case should not cost more than 250 - 300 rupees in 2023 if manufactured locally.
  1. Unlike a regular case, it adds substantial bulk to the phone to the extent that it loses it's sleek and premium feel. It takes some time to get accustomed to carrying the new size at hand. Not recommended for people with smaller hands or people looking for an inconspicuous case.
  2. Loses wireless and reverse wireless charging features. Obvious tradeoff for the thickness. One part of the plastic can be removed to enable wireless charging but you still lose the ease-of-use factor at that point.
  3. Raised height and wobbles on a table. Due to the centrally placed metal ring, the case does not lay flat on a table which is an issue if you type on the table or if you are a frequent S-Pen note-taker like I am. If you are used to taking notes with the "easy writing pad" feature, where your hand sits on the table and you write near the bottom of the screen, then both the wobble and the height would bother you.
  4. The magnetic plate is useless. Doesn't contain a magnet. I use a Spigen Kuel Magnetic Car Mount which comes with a strong magnet and it's own metal plate. It can be attached to the back any phone cover with an adhesive. That setup keeps the phone firmly in place while driving. If I use just the case with the magnet, it cannot sustain the jerks of a drive.
  5. The sliding lens cover doesn't stay in place all the time. It can move around and accidentally block the lens when you're trying to take a photo.
  6. The kickstand while sturdy, is not strong enough to support the weight of the phone at all angles. It will slip. You can only reliably use it in a perpendicular position.
  7. Insufficient side bezels. This is my biggest pet peeve with this case and all other cases that I have tested for the S23 Ultra. The left and right bezels should have been at least 1 or 2 mm higher than the screen (like the top and bottom bezel). In that case, the screen would be out of harm's way from all angles when the phone bumps into something. I have seen so many iPhone cases with raised bezels on all sides. It's frustrating that I am yet to see one for this phone. This leaves the sides exposed to a direct hit.
Bonus Tip/Features.
I use a small nylon linyard with my case as shown in the photos. It gives you complete peace of mind from accidental drops or snatching. In the 2000s, most Nokia and Sony phones used to come with holes built into phone for linyards. We have lost that feature in the race for modern sleek fragile glass art-pieces. This case didn't come with the holes, but my previous case had them. I used a thin drilling bit to make 2 small holes at the side of the case. Highly recommended for most people, especially street photographers.
submitted by FilmyInn to GalaxyS23Ultra [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 18:05 chikattsu Epic Nike outlet life hack

Next time you are at the Nike outlet and there is a shoe you want that is full price but there is another shoe of the same line and similar size on the clearance wall then you can switch the boxes and pay the price of the shoes that were on sale plus whatever discount the store has for the clearance rack. Even if you do get caught u can just say that’s how you found it. Lots of times I will buy shoes at the outlet and realize they gave me the wrong box but it’s okay cuz it ends up saving me money😂.
this is a joke please don’t do this😂
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