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2018.09.10 19:46 DarkParadise1 Off topic...TLC shows

I can honestly say that the 90 Days shows are the only shows I watch on TLC aside from 4 Weddings (which this season was stupid).
The commercials for Unexpected make me want to throw up. Stupid teens on the show saying the dumbest things are the ones who are the stars making $$. The worst was the one where the white trash looking boyfriend says "We were using protection than stopped because it was too expensive". Yeah because being teen parents costs less....
I cannot get into shows about Mormon families.
I cannot get into shows about couples with a million kids due to IVF. Whenever I see the dad from "Outdaughtered" in the commercials, I cannot help but think he is the kind of man who is addicted to online porn, and the type who you see who loses his mind and does something horrible to his family due to a nervous breakdown.
There was a good show on last summer which no one watched called Spouse House. I actually spoke to a cast member who I honestly really liked and would have flown out for (have never done that). We spoke a few times but yeah he wasn't interested. They didn't break the show back because the ratings were awful and all the married couples got divorced in the end.
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