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2023.06.10 20:48 Legitimate_Form_5685 SELF MADE FITNESS SERVER, a community made for ftm men, trans masc, and non binary

We are announcing that we will be opening up the Self Made Fitness server to the public on June 19th at 1 pm MST , 3 pm EST, 12 pm PT
The link will be posted on our instagram @selfmadefitnessofficial and on my own Reddit profile
For anyone who doesn’t know about the server and would like to know
Self Made Fitness is more than just another discord server
We’ll be running online events and challenges to keep it interactive
We have plenty of knowledgeable people in the server including Personal Trainers from all different types of backgrounds
We have channels for minors and 18+
We have channels for stage specific fitness (pre t, post op top, post op bottom)
And so much more
We’re here to help encourage and support each other in our fitness journeys
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2023.06.10 20:30 SwissCheese4Collagen The Nosrtrils McBeardsley Power Hour:

The Nosrtrils McBeardsley Power Hour:
Happy Fri-Yay, Snarkers! OfNostrils has a piping hot slice of her new life as a mother of three served up for us today on the Tube. No word on if she actually believes that she has three kids now, but in true OfNostrils fashion, the literal first thing you see of Actually Gunner this week is him in the sink-tub. He made it a whopping three weeks before getting his bath time filmed. In this bath guys, le sigh. Actually Gunner is laying against a fuzzy pillow, yawning as the kitchen sink faucet runs onto his side. He is covered by a washcloth up to the armpit, but unless this is OfNostrils’ version of How to Bathe a Newborn we really don’t need to see this. Someone needs to tell her she can actually bond with her child without filming it for the world. Anyways let’s get to this week’s vlogisode.
Giddy-Up is still not a fan of the name Gunner. Austina yells \"hi friends\" outside to the birds. She must be entering her Disney princess phase.
We open with Actually Gunner laying on Nostrils’ lap as Giddy-Up flits around to kiss the baby. Austina yells hi friend out the window, as Giddy-Up says he calls Actually Gunner “stranger”. OfNostrils asks Nostrils to fill us in on where Actually Gunner has to go tomorrow. Nostrils tells us they have to go to the dentist, to laser Actually Gunner’s lip tie, but OfNostrils has to remind him that it’s the “laser” at the dentist. Austina asks for a new food of some sort, it’s unclear what it is and of course OfNostrils pays more attention to the baby and not the two-year-old quickly telling her she can just eat that one. Welcome to The Big Show kid, the sister mom life is wearing on her already.
Giddy-Up tries to relate, OfNostrils is in update mode, not film the children incessantly mode.
OfNostrils tells us that Actually Gunner is five days old, which means this is from a couple weeks ago, as Giddy-Up says he’s five also. OfNostrils is quick to tell him that five years is Not the same as five days. Things are tough all over for Giddy-Up and Austina. OfNostrils simpers for the camera and tells us that it’s been so great adjusting, the kids are gentle and they love him, before turning serious about the dentist and the lip tie, and probable tongue tie. I wonder why she didn’t just ask for God’s help with it? Either way the doctor actually couldn’t tell whether he had an actual tongue tie and so now they have to go to the dentist. They are excited that he gained 5 ounces in two days after losing the 5 ounces he lost in the three days after birth. I mean, if memory serves me Baby Swiss lost almost a pound and was back to her birth weight seven days old so I’m not sure why this is such a big deal. Oh, because the doctor told her that it would take two weeks but that she’s doing great nursing. She says “I’m like ‘ah’ so encouraging”. I really want to know why she’s acting like this is her first baby ever. Did she not nurse the other two? Did Perm the Dairy Queen not let her know OfNostrils can tap into super lactation DNA to become a new Dairy Queen? It’s like when queen bees split a hive. Apparently though, our fledgling Dairy Queen OfNostrils suspects that the discomfort is the result of a tongue tie. The appointment will be early in the morning she will “let us know how it goes”, I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel suspense over something that 1) I don’t really care about and 2) that has already happened and will be resolved within 10 minutes. I feel like the way she does these videos is she just films every day and then post the highlights every Friday, which is what leads to this weird half-live half-serial format where she asks us to interact with something that has already happened.
A.G. is gaining despite his tongue and lip ties.
Austina isn't missing a thing and gets up early to see her brother.
The kids had literally rolled out of bed. I swear she woke everyone up to say bye to A.G.
The next morning, Actually Gunner lays on his parents’ bed as Austina perches nearby. OfNostrils asks Austina “who is this” and Austina climbs up on the bed and says “Gunner James” which the captions turn into “elected jeans”. Nostrils stays home with the two older kids, who run out of the house and back into it in various states of undress, as OfNostrils is on her own with Actually Gunner for his early-morning dentist appointment. We’ve gotten rid of the drone and we get what I hope is dash cam footage instead of drone footage, although if snhe held the phone to the dashboard as she drove along a country road I wouldn’t be surprised either. Ofostrils sacrifices getting coffee because “didn’t have time”, have they ever made a right choice like this before? Skip the coffee, keep the dental appointment for the six day old? “Bubba” has a thick lip tie on the top, and a tongue tie. They go take Actually Gunner back for the procedure really quick, and it should be a 2 to 4 week healing time. He also shouldn’t have a speech impediment as he gets older and they will see how it goes. Actually Gunner does excellent during this procedure and is sleeping, while also being possessed by Nostrils McBeardsley himself. Seriously we think Austina looks like her father, this kid looks like he’s gonna grow a beard worthy of a Civil War drummer in about week. Actually Gunner is able to eat well and OfNostrils is glad that the procedure worked. She’s thankful, he’s happy, she’s happy, and now she has to keep up on doing what the doctor told him to do. I hope for Actually Gunner’s sake she’s much better about this than she was about those iron pills she was supposed to be taking for the majority of her pregnancy.
I guess her coffee maker is broken?
At least it's a quick fix for the kid's sake.
He's sleeping and OfNostrils is happy
“Several” days later, she is at the two week mark. I don’t know if she can’t subtract 5 from 14, or if she didn’t even try to figure it out. In however many days it is Giddy-Up has become of building builder, by stacking his blocks. Oh, and OfNostrils took the last week off for our sakes, so we could catch up on her “birth videos” that she stretched out and padded with old footage “and what his name is”. Pfft. Like she hadn’t been telling us everything the entirety of the time on different platforms. She goes on to say that she liked taking the break which, we all know she didn’t really take a break from vlogging, she just posted a day later one week. She was still sticking the camera in the kids’ faces, all three of them. She posted on two Fridays out of three, so she was editing and filming the entire time. Also, Nostrils has been super busy at work so OfNostrils has already had all three kids home all day by herself. She repeats adjusting has gone super well, due to her easy recovery and also due to Actually Gunner’s calmness. Nostrils holds Actually Gunner as OfNostrils films. She asks him who he thinks Actually Gunner looks like, and Nostrils says that Actually Gunner looks a little bit like Giddy-Up but ultimately that he’s really got his own look. No he doesn’t, he looks exactly like Nostrils McBeardsley. Both parents estimate Actually Gunner is roughly 10 pounds. Boy, I’m surprised they don’t actually just get out the fish scale and put it on the back of the onesie to check. Nostrils The Next Generation hop around as Actually Gunner lays on pillows on the couch. OfNostrils has 2 U pillows put together and a coffee table pushed next to the couch. She can afford a Doona but not a bassinet for the living room? OfNostrils asks Giddy-Up and Austina if they want to set up the pool outside. Giddy-Up wants to add soap, OfNostrils bursts his bubble and says no. Giddy-Up has lost a couple more teeth, and runs off as OfNostrils calls herself “mom” when she says she’s going to help them set up both pools.
May 31 for anyone keeping track of the timeline in this vlogisode
\"How has the transition been\" she asks.
How many times is she going to ask them this?
Giddy-Up is taking no chances
No privacy for the soon-to-be-napping
Giddy-Up puts on a full-size innertube to go down a plastic child’s slide into a pool maybe 6 inches deep. Both pools are wading pools, and OfNostrils warns Austina to not put dirt in the pool. Austina wasn’t planning on it, she was putting it into a skillet and making mud pie thank you very much. Now we cut to nap time, and Austina asks for a stuffed animal. Once she them settled, they sharply cut to “a few days later” OfNostrils asks Actually Gunner if he wants a bath? She proceeds to turn the water on to give Actually Gunner a bath, and he yawns through it so I guess he’s okay with it. Next up is a clumsy cut to Austina and Giddy-Up in the back seat dancing in their car seats. Don’t show Perm and Sperm…or Jana. OfNostrils films from the front seat as they take the kids to the park. The trip to the park is long enough that Actually Gunner needs to be fed while Nostrils stops to “run inside and pick up” a truck part. The truck part gets driven past on a forklift so I’m not sure if they’re going to haul it somewhere else before the park or just take it with them everywhere. It looks like a bumper for what it’s worth.
These waterfall showerheads are getting ridiculous, also Car Seat Dance Party
I couldn't get a clear shot of it, but when Nostrils put Austina down he kind of flung her into Giddy-Up at the end of the slide
Nostrils forgot the mic was hot. At least I hope so, otherwise he's gotten too comfy on camera.
Once they are at the park, Actually Gunner hangs out in the stroller while Giddy-Up and Austina run around. OfNostrils follows Giddy-Up into a boat type tunnel thing, as Austina runs behind her. Nostrils squeaks down the slide with Austina on his lap and Giddy-Up next to him, then tells Giddy-Up “no, we aren’t” when Giddy-Up wants to go in a boat. Cut to Austina in a toddler swing and Giddy-Up in what I think is a swing for kids with physical disabilities. Anyways, Austina is chattering away and says “it’s nice to be here”. Next up is a big double slide, that splits and Giddy-Up slides down to cheers from his mother. Austina is also all the way up at the top but OfNostrils tells Nostrils that “she’s trying to walk up”, either way no one went up to help the 2 year old onto the slide. The stepping rocks up to the slide are almost as big as she is, so maybe their next angle is Austina the Explorer and she teaches Bible verses instead of Spanish vocabulary words when she gets to the top of the slide. Ya’ll saw it here first, but so help me if they actually do something like that. Austina finally appears to slide down, and is pulling herself by the sides of the slide. OfNostrils tells her to “pick your legs up, put them up in the sky”, when “lean back a bit” is a much easier way to convey that message. Nostrils tells the world that that slide gave him the ultimate wedgie. That wasn’t the slide that did that pal, that’s your karma for naming the baby Gunner fucking James. Nostrils tells Austina that she is good at climbing. She already knows this and the next shot shows her skittering out of the slide at top speed before running over to the stroller for some hugs after her zippy trip down the metal. She sticks her lower lip out as Nostrils takes his turn shoving the camera in her face, who says this isn’t an equal marriage? Nostrils asks if it was scary and Austina clearly tells him no, but that she laid on her back. Her shirt probably rode up some and she got a bit of a friction scrape. We zoom in on Actually Gunner’s sleeping self as Giddy-Up asks to go to another Slide Park one day because he liked it. Next is a cut to the car where Nostrils holds Actually Gunner up to the AC vents because it’s hot. Actually Gunner is just along for the ride as his peach fuzz blows in the frosty air. OfNostrils asks Giddy-Up what his favorite slide was and he stutters through a couple as he tries to remember all of them. Austina drinks her water and looks out the window as OfNostrils swings the camera back to the front to show of her iced iced baby, who is probably cooled off enough to go back into the car seat and go home.
She wasn't scared of the slide, she said so.
Random shot of sleeping two week old, 5 year old asks to go find all the slide parks.
unedited because his face says he's not loving it
Austina declined to comment, not that she was asked.
That’s all from the McBeardsley’s this week, and I am pushing The !s tomorrow (Saturday night). Kath!s Kometitive Nature must win above all, but she missed the Fri-Yay cut-off time. Better luck next week, Kath! As for the rest of you lovely folks, I’ll catch y’all later!
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2023.06.10 20:26 SmartContribution6 I watched Chad & Erin's Q&A so you don't have to.

When is baby due?
Dec 6th, but she thinks she'll probably give birth 1st week of Nov.
Do you know what you're having?
Yes, they're planning on uploading the reveal next week.
Have doctors told you to not get pregnant & abstain from having kids?
No, they've never been told it's too dangerous. She is high risk due to the 2 blood clotting disorders, so they have extra steps they need to follow while she's pregnant. The health issues she had a couple of years ago were due to COVID, not related to pregnancy. Erin's health is their top priority.
Have you found a good doctor in Florida?
Finding a new doctor was their biggest concern when she found out she was pregnant. They found a great practice, Erin says it's one of the top 10 in the USA. They are very happy with the high risk specialist they've seen, who looked at her records & seemed surprised she was able to get pregnant again.
Why was this pregnancy a "surprise"? Why is this a "miracle baby"?
She only has a 1/3rd of her left ovary. Her hormones were "out of wack" for awhile after the surgeries & she a doctor that specializes in hormones to help balance them. They did an egg count & she has the equivalent of what a 48-50 year old woman would have & is considered pre-menopausal. They assumed that Finley would be their last & they got rid of all of their baby clothes/supplies when they moved to Florida. Kelly recently sent Erin about 15 maternity dresses, since she didn't have any.
Have you come up with a name for the baby?
Erin made a huge list of boy & girl names that are "the most unique" (Chad's words). They haven't picked an exact name, but will announce soon.
How are you feeling & what does life look like lately?
Erin does a much as she can, but she knows her body & limits. Chad helps out a lot. They say Brooklyn has become a 'little mother' and is asking to learn how to cook. Carson has also 'stepped up to the plate.' The kids all ask how they can help. Chad says Erin is a hero. Then they talk about Chad & Erin Co bullshit, idc enough to summarize that.
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2023.06.10 20:21 Legitimate_Form_5685 SELF MADE FITNESS SERVER (repost)

The OG post was taken down for the picture of the last post (sorry guys)
We are announcing that we will be opening up the Self Made Fitness server to the public on June 19th at 1 pm MST , 3 pm EST, 12 pm PT
The link will be posted on our instagram @selfmadefitnessofficial and on my own Reddit profile
For anyone who doesn’t know about the server and would like to know you can see the posts I’ve posted on my profile
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2023.06.10 20:00 Embarrassed-Mouse-49 The loss

As I swung open the door to the emergency room, with panic in my eyes. My mind went back to work just half an hour ago. … It had started off as a normal day. Me getting up at 6am to get ready for work. My wife hadn’t been feeling all too well the last couple of days but it wasn’t too bad, she was still able to go to work. This morning however as I kissed her goodbye, she just let out a groan and. Kept her eyes closed, just telling me to leave her alone.
I had thought nothing of it as I left the house and went off to work. As usual, it was a boring drive to work, surprisingly the traffic was light and I had hit all green lights. So I made it to work a little earlier than usual. It put me in good spirits.
I grabbed somebody bland office coffee and went to my desk and sat down. I was IT help desk for a large corporation that will stay anonymous. As I put the head set on my head I heard the phone start to ring, my day officially starting. …. I breathed in lungfuls of air as my eyes scanned around the emergency room, my mind im suddenly a blank. I briefly wasn’t sure what to do until my eyes landed on the emergency room front desk.
I hurried over to the desk, my eyes filled with panic. Today had been going so good, why oh why had this been happening. When I reached the desk I placed my hands on top of it and looked at the brunet nurse behind the counter.
I asked for my my wife, trying to keep the panic out of my voice but failing. A sad look came over the nurses face, telling me she had been brought in 2 hours ago.
She picked up the phone and paged the emergency room doctor to come to the front desk … I pressed the end button on the computer, ending the phone call. I took off my headset and placed it on the table. 4 hours had passed since the start of my shift, the morning had just flown by. One call had come in after another, keeping me busy.
Finally it was time for lunch! Management didn’t allow us to use our personal phone while we were working so I had stashed it in my pocket and hadn’t looked at it since I started my work day.
As I stretched and got up out of my seat, I took out my phone and headed to the lunch room to grab some lunch…
You have 20 missed calls.
I froze in place, Lucy behind me nearly walking right into me. She complained, but I barely heard her. I looked and looked at my messages
7:30am Christina: I am having sever cramps. I can’t go into work today.
8:30am Christina: I am vomiting something might be wrong…
930am there is blood everywhere! Where are you Mike!
Several calls and messages had been left on my phone, after going through them the last one was from the hospital saying Christina had been admitted and was currently in surgery and that he needed to come immediately.
This was an half an hour ago … I sat down in the waiting room chair, nearly hyperventilating at this point. It seemed like hours had passed since the nurse had called for the doctor.
Finally I saw a doctor come into the waiting room, him asking for Mike.
I sprang up to my feet and hurried over to him. Eagerly waiting to find out what was happening to Christina.
When I finally approached him he looked at me sadly and my heart dropped, I knew what he was going to say.
I am sorry, he said. But your wife had a miscarriage.
I was not one to get emotional, but when I had heard those words, my heart dropped, I nearly fell to the floor. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. We had tried to have a baby for years and when Christina announced she was pregnant we were both ecstatic.
We had names already picked out for our baby girl. She was going to be name Abigail. The nursery had already been painted and decorated. Everything was set up, only 3 months left to go in the pregnancy. … I quickly told my boos that I had an emergency and that I needed to leave. I didn’t really hear his answer, and I really didn’t care. I ran out of the office and got to my car in record time. I started to car and sped out of the parking lot.
I sped all the way to the hospital, calling my wife’s phone over and over again. Only getting her voicemail each and everytime, I am pretty sure I went through a couple of red lights and am surprised I wasn’t stopped for speeding. I just had the worst feeling in the pit of my stomach knowing that when I got to the hospital that the news was not going to be good.
My tires screeched as I pulled up to the emergency room waiting area, turned off the engine and ran up to the doors of the hospital. … After i had finally calmed down enough, the doctor told me that she had just come out of the recovery room and was now resting in a regular room and that I was able to see her.
The walk to the room was not very long, but with each step, time seemed to stretch, seconds seemed to take minutes, minutes seemed to take hours. When I finally reached the door, my hand hovered over the door handle. I could hear the sounds of weeping on the other side.
I finally worked up the courage and opened the door. Christina’s back was towards me, and as I entered the room, she didn’t even turn to look at me. I approached the bed my hands hovering in the air above her body, unsure what to do next.
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2023.06.10 19:14 YukiteruAmano92 Remembrance, Chapter 9 of 28

TWBS Previous Next First
---Simone’s perspective---
---Thursday, 4th of January, 2683 Terran Calendar---
---Southern England---
“So… let me get this straight…” I say, frowning at the pair before me “…Within an hour of landin’, you…” I point at the tall, dark haired boy “…were bitten by a king brown snake and were laid up for the next two days, unable to contribute more than advice to Reid while she did all the heavy liftin’… You weren’t able to call an evac because, between the two of you, you’d managed to leave the beacon you should have had here in Graffham… and you think I should pass you for that, do you Privates?”
“Yes, Ma’am!” answers the redhead.
Why should I pass you for that, Reid?”
“We fulfilled the terms of the assignment: We survived the full five days in the environment we were dropped in using only the allowed equipment and without calling for an emergency evac, Ma’am.” answers the Scot, straight faced, somehow.
“You admit that you would have called an evac if you could have, Private?”
“Yes, Ma’am… but we couldn’t so we didnt.”
“You admit that it was your own shared stupidity that meant that you didn’t have a beacon with you when you went, Privates?” I ask, drily.
“I… don’t believe lack of stupidity was a requirement of the test, Ma’am.” answers Reid, cheekily.
“Guess again, Private! Lack of stupidity is always a requirement in the Military! Stupid Soldiers are dead Soldiers!” I correct, sternly.
“My mistake, Ma’am.” apologises Reid, hastily.
My anger subsides as I say “Buuut… as you say… you did make it out alive… you didnt call an evac, even if only as a result of bein’ stranded by stupidity… and…” I take a sniff and then chuckle “…it certainly smells like you two are gettin’ along better than you were when you left…(!)”
“I’m… not sure what…?” starts Reid but I cut her off.
“Don’t play dumb, Private!… You’ve tried to wash it off but Im half Tshwane… you cant fool this nose!”
The pair shift uncomfortably before I reassure them “Relax! You’re not breakin’ any rules… So long as this relationship doesn’t negatively affect either of your performances, we have no issue… I also trust this means you two wont be at eachother’s throats so much… At least, in public… don’t really much care what you’re into doin’ in the privacy of a bedroom… or a cave, as the case may be(!)”
“I think it’s safe to say our rivalry is a thing of the past, Ma’am.” provides Taylor.
Or shifted onto much friendlier terms, at least…” smirks Reid.
“Good…” I turn to Taylor “…Taylor, now you’ve reached the age of majority, you’re eligible to be moved to a bunk in a shared room…”
His face falls, clearly having hoped I’d forget about that.
“…but…” I continue, causing him to perk back up “…I’m a busy woman and assignin’ you one is able to remain low on my list of priorities… so long as you (or Reid) aren’t givin’ me the impression that you might benefit from more rest, that is!… Do we understand eachother, Taylor?”
The boy gives me a rare smile and answers “We understand eachother perfectly, Ma’am.”
“Good!… You are dismissed, Privates.”
The two of them turn to go.
“Oh, and, Privates?”
They both turn to look at me, expectantly.
“Happy New Year…”
---Esme’s perspective---
---Friday, 5th of January, 2683 Terran Calendar---
“I can’t believe you’ve been sleeping in a conjugal room this whole time!” I grin at the handsome man, currently acting as my mattress in the broomcupboard sized space.
Technically, it wasn’t a conjugal room… it was designated as a private room for me, since I was a minor…” he smiles without opening his eyes.
“Oh, aye(!) Let’s protect the wee baby boy from any indecency by putting him in the rooms where he’ll be able to hear all the sex through the paper thin walls, every night(!) I see no issue here(!)”
He shakes his head “It wasn’t that bad…”
“Oh it wasnt, was it(?)… You nasty little perv(!)” I smirk, mischievously.
“Most of the time… people are some combination of embarrassed and considerate enough to keep the noise down… It’s rare that I would have out and out screamers next door… That’s all I meant…”
Attention all:…” comes Sands’ voice, making the morning wake up call over the PA “…It is now 0630hrsTime to wake up!… After breakfast, you are to assemble in the yard. Father Christmas came by last night to drop off some late presents for all of you(!)”
---Oskar’s perspective---
I find the crate that has my name on, shaped (ghoulishly) somewhat like one of the wooden boxes that Christians bury their dead in.
I pick it up and carry it aside… it’s heavy!
Looking around for someone who’s done using one of the crowbars that are being passed around, I make eyecontact with Milligan.
He raises the length of metal he holds, proffering it to me.
I take it, appreciatively, and thrust the claw end between the box and its lid.
What is inside does nothing to dispel the ghoulishness of the container’s outward appearance…
The box contains a humanoid figure, almost my exact height and build, rendered in jet black metal with a rippling, wootz pattern.
Fresh off the forges of Ivaldason and SonsDurasteel Foundry, Iceland…” announces Sands, strolling through the throngs of people opening their respective crates “…Between 20 and 30kg each, dependinon your proportionsWearinthis armour, you become nearly as close to indestructible as it is possible to get without enterinthe realm of divinity!… These suits are bulletproof and bombproof!… They do have some limitationstheyll not, for instance, protect you from a long drop and a sudden stop! Your organs will still be rendered into slurry in that caseNeitherll they protect you from bein' cut in half with a plasmasword!… From now on, youll wear these from dawn to dusk! Classes may be taken with your helmets offDurinPT, however, you WILL wear them in their entirety!… Itll be hard to begin with but, after less time than you think, your bodiesll have acclimatised to the extra weightand youll find movinin these almost as easy as movinout ofem!… This mornins workshopll be an instructional on how to properly don, remove and maintain your armour!… Do please give it all your attention!"
---Esme’s perspective---
---Tuesday, 9th of January, 2683 Terran Calendar---
This is HELL!
The armour is perfectly fitting and nicely padded… but it’s so fucking heavy to wear that I can’t think about much more than how sweaty I am and how much my muscles ache from the days I’ve already been wearing it!
Sands said we’d get used to it sooner than we thought but, so far, I feel like exhaustion is making me worse, day on day!
I had to go and sleep in my dormroom last night because I was just too exhausted to engage in any… extracurricular exercise with Oskar(!)
He was quite understanding about it… A little too understanding… I wish he’d seemed at least a touch disappointed!
Back in the present moment, the black metal giant (boosted to over 2m by the height he gains from the boots and helmet) rams the tip of his training sword into my solar plexus… the one upside is that I’ll probably get less bruises wearing this armour!
“You’re dead, Esme…” is the only answer that comes from that expressionless helmet.
“You not feel like going a little easier on me now, Oskar?!… I am your girlfriend!!!”
“Caring more about you makes me wish to see you better able to protect yourself… So, no… I’m not going to coddle you…”
Perfectly logical…(!)” I mock in a flat, midAtlantic accent, holding up my right palm, the ring and little finger splayed from the middle and index.
Change partner!” shouts Sands.
Not too long ago, my heart would have leapt at that instruction and I would have utterly squashed any feeling of disappointment… Now, however, it causes my already flagging morale to vaporise!
Of course… it makes sense… If you only ever fight with one partner, you only ever learn to fight one way…
I shuffle along while Oskar stays where he is.
The next partner I’m up against is Kilroy… I might have a chance of holding my own against him at least!
Support me on Patreon for to access the entire series, now.
TWBS Previous Next First
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2023.06.10 19:11 blueberrypiezpls Crying on the couch kind of day

TRIGGER: unexpected pregnancy announcement
I had my first failed FET yesterday. It was fine, the hubs was home and gave me many kisses and hugs, and we had a really great day together. I felt fine. I had prepared myself ahead of time for this to not be easy. It’s been 3 years now. Why would IVF be any easier? It’s fine if I need to wait longer. At least now we have support of experienced and educated doctors.
But then this morning kind of slapped me in the face. My SIL, who just got married 2 announced she’s 10 weeks pregnant. Just got married. Just started trying. So easy. I couldn’t hold in the tears. I cried. Now I’m just laying on the couch watching Netflix. Haven’t eaten lunch. I feel a bit numb.
Sometimes… it’s hard to be strong.
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2023.06.10 18:53 LinuxFurryTranslator r/kde will go dark on 12/06 until further notice

Many third-party apps exist to access Reddit using their API. A great deal of popular ones are free and open source.
Reddit has made changes in the prices to access their API that will make third-party open source apps used to access Reddit unsustainable.
This has the capability to kill third-party apps like Infinity and Diode, as well as Linux clients like Giara. RedReader was the only one lucky enough to be kept free of API charges so far, by Reddit's own pick. Who knows what the future holds for it and other projects.
An unofficial poll on this subreddit done days ago resulted in favor of going dark.
We decided to go dark on 12/06/2023 until further notice. This means you will see a banner saying something similar to "This is a private subreddit" after this date.
For links talking about the situation, see the end of this post.
This does not mean you will have no means to get in contact with the KDE community.
You can interact with the KDE community on Matrix, Telegram, IRC, YouTube, PeerTube, Twitter, Mastodon, Facebook, LinkedIn, VK, Instagram, Mailing Lists, and more importantly, if you are looking for a Reddit replacement, consider our new forum, Discuss.

Discuss, our official KDE forum

You can access our official forum over It is a self-hosted instance of Discourse that is fast and well organized. It works well on mobile, too!
There you will see official KDE announcements, community content made by other members, local communities for your KDE users in your own country, and you will be able to ask support questions, brainstorm new ideas for KDE, share your desktop, see content shared by your favorite KDE contributors, and get comments from them.
You may sign up with your email, your Google account, your Github account, or with your existing KDE Identity account. Contributors with developer rights who sign in through the KDE Identity account will receive a unique badge.
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2023.06.10 18:30 Kasimir_III Looking for a FF where Hermione is pregnant

I am not looking for some specific fan fiction. I am just looking for a FF where Harry and Hermione go through her pregnancy. From the moment where they find until she will give birth or something along this lines. (Most fan fictions stop when they announce Hermione is pregnant or just mentioned it in the epilogue, atleast that is what read so far because it is not the plot most of the time). Maybe you know even a FF where they have twins or triplets? :)
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2023.06.10 18:26 Away-Inspection5593 How do I get my MIL to stop bringing up my dead baby?

My MIL and I are very close. We were pretty close even before my husband and I got married. I just love her so much. I had a miscarriage 2yrs ago. My husband and I have been pretty depressed about it. I was only 8 weeks along when it happened. So it wasn't like I had a still born baby but it was my first pregnancy so for me it was traumatic. My husband and I didn't tell anybody I was pregnant at the time because I knew most miscarriages happen in the first trimester. I just didn't want to get people's hopes up and then crush them if I had a miscarriage.
When it happened we only told a few people because I didn't want everyone knowing. I didn't want people looking at me differently or feeling sorry for me. I told my mom about it because I knew she had a miscarriage before and I needed support and advise. We told my in-laws about it because we both needed support and we lived with them at the time so I couldn't hide it.
Fast forward to a few days ago. We were at a family party on my husband's side of the family and his cousins wife announced that she is pregnant. I was immediately filled with all these emotions. I was happy for them and excited about the new baby because I love them both and I know they will be amazing parents. But I was also sad and jealous because a part of me felt like that should have been me. I was trying so hard not to cry because I wanted them to have their moment. Then my MIL says to me "your baby still counts. You already made me a grandma." Then she starts telling my husbands other cousin all about how she has a grandbaby in heaven. Then I found out she has been telling people about my miscarriage since it happened. I couldn't handle anymore so I had to walk away.
So my question is how do I go about telling her that what she did hurt me while still keeping a good relationship with her?
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2023.06.10 16:46 Write_Code_Sport How to Use ChatGPT to 10x your Instagram account in 7 steps

I'm thrilled to announce the release of this amazing ebook on how to use ChatGPT for Instagram, with a step-by-step walkthrough even if you are not tech-savvy [click here].
This is your golden ticket to break free from the never-ending battle for creative, exciting Instagram content. Picture having your very own smart helper that's always up, always fresh, and always buzzing with amazing ideas. That's what ChatGPT is, and it's sitting ready for you to bring into your Instagram world.
Don't worry, you don't need to be a computer whiz to use this magic. Our guide breaks things down into easy steps, making it super simple to chat with ChatGPT. You'll learn how to ask it to make amazing content, just like the 1% of top Instagrammers do.
This book will show you how to use ChatGPT to:
Check it out here, before everyone starts using these secrets:
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2023.06.10 16:14 DudeItsDusty Which day is he playing ?

Which day is he playing ?
Truly a dream come true with him coming here. But which day is he playing?
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2023.06.10 14:25 Connect_Thought726 My partner wasn’t invited to my brother’s wedding.

I (23) and my partner (28) are coming up on our two year anniversary this fall. We are very committed to each other and plan on getting married within the next few years. They come to most—if not all— my family functions and are actively chatting and being apart of the family. I love that they make time to see my family because I want all of us to be somewhat close.
My brother (32) has been with his now fiancé (33) for around 3 years and we have unfortunately grown distant since they have been together, to give some context I didn’t even know where he lived until I got a Christmas card announcing their engagement and it had their address on it, that was months after they moved. Their wedding is scheduled a month before our 2 year anniversary and I recently got their wedding invitation in the mail and my partners name wasn’t on it. I was super confused so I reached out to him and his fiancé to ask if he was invited. She told me that since the venue was so small that plus ones were saved for engaged couples only, and if they were to get declines, they would let me know. So now I know my partner is on a decline list for my brothers wedding.
I was furious, confused, and really hurt. My family has a total of 7 or so people being invited to a venue of 50 and the rest is the fiancés family/friends. I reached out to my brother explaining how hurt this made me feel—my partner and I live together, have two fur babies and and are very committed and plan to get married one day. I would understand entirely if we had only been dating for a few weeks/months but it’s been almost two years. He told me that the venue was limited and I told him I thought it would be different because we were related and they are my partner. Since then I haven’t reached out or anything, and they haven’t either—we have stopped talking entirely since they have gotten engaged. When I talked to my partner they weren’t upset and said it was their wedding and they can do what they want. I’m still really hurt because they are my whole world and I feel they (my brother and fiancé) don’t view our relationship as valid. Would you be upset too?
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2023.06.10 13:21 ColonelWKurtz Episode 634 “Guns & Buns”

The JBP is back after a wild week of news which starts with some drama surrounding Pelicans forward Zion Williamson after a pregnancy announcement. Dating rumors swirl between Kelis & Bill Murray (1:03:01), Travis Rudolph’s case reaches a verdict as the former NFL player is found not guilty (1:16:40), & B. Simone is facing backlash for promoting her close friends during a time of grief (1:27:15). Also, Azealia Banks attacks DC Young Fly with disgusting comments (1:36:50), the gang talks new music (1:47:08), Amber Rose & Joseline Hernandez fight (2:37:55), + MORE!
Become a Patron of The Joe Budden Podcast for additional bonus episodes and visual content for all things JBP.: Tap in here Sleeper Picks: Joe Honey Bxby - “Touchin’”
Ice Don Trip - “No Warning Shot”
Parks Shawn Smith - “Black Don’t Crack”
Ish Marie Dalhstrom (feat. Kofi Stone) - “Make It Up To You”
Melyssa KAYTRANADA (feat. Charlotte Day Wilson) - “What You Need”
Flip Nu Look - “Pa Anmede’m”
Spotify Apple Google
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2023.06.10 13:19 xnedski [OTW] Photographer of the Week - Week 21

It is our great pleasure to announce that LaserSeagulls is our Photographer of the Week. This accolade has been awarded based upon the number of votes during week 21, with this post having received the most when searching by top submission:
Off and on for 15 years. I got burned out on yearbook staff in high school and took a break for college, but then some exciting work related trips got me back in to digital and then film.
I take photos to document my life and my family. I love being able to capture moments and scenes in a physical medium that should out last me. I want to create a concise body of work that serves as a highlight reel of my life for me to look back on.
My wife and I are transplants in Germany; and after COVID cancelled all of the festivals for the past few years I wanted to document our first one together on film. The day we went was absolutely beautiful; and the colors of the fest and everyone’s traditional dress looked amazing when we were on the swing ride!
Self develop and scan; the cost savings are worth my time for me and I think its fun.
While planning a trip to Iceland I stumbled upon a well-known analog YouTuber and instantly fell in love with his work there. I had been getting pretty heavy in to the Fuji system but wanted to dabble in the real deal. The next day I bought a half broken Rollei XF35 and 3 rolls of Ektachrome to bring on my own trip.
My Olympus XA and XA2. They are so easy to carry on trips so I end up getting a lot more shots than if I had brought a larger or more expensive camera!
Shoot more black and white to practice; and bulk load and home develop if you can! With the price of color film ever increasing, bulk loaded black and white is a great way to refine your skills and experiment for a rather affordable price.
@brittonhaynes on Instagram
My good friend Andrew Bogard, he has been a huge inspiration and I’ve learned a lot from shooting with him.
I am a strong believer that you are your best critic. If you like your photos, that’s all that matters at the end of the day!
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2023.06.10 13:05 Sach-Ki-Raftar-News हम Asian Games तब खेलेंगे जब सभी मुद्दे हल होंगे Sakshi Malik Bujran...

हम एशियन गेम्स तब खेलेंगे जब सभी मुद्दे हल होंगे Sakshi Malik Bujrang Punia #Shorts Sach Ki Raftar
पहलवानों के समर्थन में शनिवार (10 जून) को हरियाणा के सोनीपत (Sonipat) में महापंचायत का आयोजन किया गया. इस दौरान पहलवान साक्षी मलिक (Sakshi Malik) ने कहा, "हम एशियन गेम्स (Asian Games) तभी खेलेंगे जब ये सारा मुद्दा सुलझेगा." पहलवान यौन उत्पीड़न के आरोपों को लेकर भारतीय कुश्ती महासंघ (डब्ल्यूएफआई) के निवर्तमान अध्यक्ष बृजभूषण सिंह (Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh) की गिरफ्तारी की मांग कर रहे हैं.
महापंचायत में फैसला लिया गया कि सरकार 15 जून तक कोई निर्णय नहीं लेती है तो आगे की रणनीति का ऐलान किया जाएगा. साक्षी मलिक ने कहा, "बृजभूषण सिंह की गिरफ्तारी होनी चाहिए. वो बाहर रहेगा तो डर का माहौल रहेगा. पहले गिरफ्तार करो, फिर जांच करो. हमें समर्थन मिल रहा है. हम सच्चाई की लड़ाई लड़ रहे हैं. कुछ फेक खबरें चलाईं जा रही हैं."
We will play Asian Games when all issues are resolved
A mahapanchayat was organized in Sonipat, Haryana on Saturday (June 10) in support of the wrestlers. During this, wrestler Sakshi Malik said, "We will play the Asian Games only when this whole issue is resolved." Wrestlers are demanding the arrest of Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, the outgoing president of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI), over allegations of sexual harassment.
It was decided in the mahapanchayat that if the government does not take any decision by June 15, further strategy will be announced. Sakshi Malik said, "Brij Bhushan Singh should be arrested. If he remains outside, there will be an atmosphere of fear. First arrest, then investigate. We are getting support. We are fighting the battle of truth. Some fake news is being run." Are."
#WrestlerProtest #SakshiMalik #BujrangPunia #BrijBhushanSingh #AsianGames #Mahapanchayat #JantarMantar #ViralVideo #SocialMedia #SachKiRaftar
Sach Ki Raftar is a 24-hour Hindi news channel. Sach Ki Raftar established its image as one of India's leading credible news channels, and is a preferred channel by an audience which favours high quality programming and news, rather than sensational infotainment.
Sach Ki Raftar popular Youtube Channel revolves around: news, politics, economy, sports, panel discussions with eminent personalities and noteworthy commentaries.
सच की रफ़्तार भारत का सबसे निष्पक्ष और विश्वसनीय हिंदी अखबार व् न्यूज़ चैनल है. सच की रफ़्तार पर आप पॉलिटिक्स, बिजनेस, स्पोर्ट्स और बॉलीवुड से जुड़ी ताज़ा ख़बरें देख सकते हैं. सबसे निष्पक्ष और विश्वसनीय लाइव ख़बरों के लिए हमारे साथ बने रहें.
For Business Quarry, Brand Endorsement And Paid Brand Promotion.
Website :
Youtube :\_Mu-2iA
Facebook :
Instagram :
Twitter :
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2023.06.10 12:55 chinni777 "Elevate Your Business Prospects: Kothagudem Tenders Await Your Bids"

"Elevate Your Business Prospects: Kothagudem Tenders Await Your Bids"
v Specific Tender Information For Kothagudem. To find the latest Kothagudem tenders, I recommend the following steps:
  1. Visit Official Tendering Websites: Check the official websites of government departments, municipal corporations, or public sector organizations in Kothagudem. These websites often have dedicated sections for tender notices and procurement information
  2. Utilize E-Procurement Platforms: Register on e-procurement platforms approved by the government of Telangana, such as the Telangana State Portal ( These platforms provide access to a wide range of tender notices from various government departments.
  3. Local Newspapers and Publications: Keep an eye on local newspapers and publications that publish tender notices and project advertisements specific to Kothagudem. They may provide information on upcoming tenders in the region.
  4. Networking and Industry Associations: Connect with local contractors, suppliers, and industry associations in Kothagudem. Networking within the industry can provide insights into upcoming projects and tender opportunities.
  5. Government Notifications: Monitor official notifications or announcements made by the government regarding tender releases in Kothagudem. Government departments and agencies often publish updates on their websites or through local media.
  6. Remember to carefully review the tender documents for each opportunity and comply with the specified submission requirements and deadlines. Additionally, it's important to conduct thorough research and due diligence before participating in any tender process.
  7. Please note that the availability and nature of Kothagudem tenders may vary over time. It's advisable to regularly check the aforementioned sources and stay informed about the local developments in Kothagudem to access the latest tender opportunities.
"Bidalert provides real-time, customized notifications of relevant bid opportunities to streamline your tendering process."
v Introduction:
· direct access to specific tender information or real-time data for Kothagudem. To obtain detailed and up-to-date information about Kothagudem tenders, I recommend the following steps:
  1. Visit Official Tendering Websites: Check the official websites of government departments, municipal corporations, or public sector organizations in Kothagudem. These websites often have dedicated sections for tender notices and procurement information. Look for any specific projects or tenders listed for Kothagudem.
  2. Utilize E-Procurement Platforms: Register on e-procurement platforms approved by the government of Telangana, such as the Telangana State Portal ( These platforms provide access to a wide range of tender notices from various government departments. Search for Kothagudem-specific tenders using the platform's search functionality.
  3. Local Newspapers and Publications: Check local newspapers and publications that cover news and updates related to Kothagudem. They may publish tender notices and project advertisements specific to the region. Look for any tender-related information or contact details provided in these sources.
  4. Engage with Government Authorities: Reach out to the concerned government departments, municipal corporations, or public sector organizations in Kothagudem. Inquire about current or upcoming tenders and request any available tender documents or information. They can guide you on the tendering process and provide insights into specific projects.
  5. Networking and Industry Associations: Connect with local contractors, suppliers, and industry associations in Kothagudem. Engage in networking events, seminars, or trade shows related to your industry. Such interactions can provide valuable information about upcoming tenders or projects in the area.
  6. Tender Consultancy Services: Consider engaging the services of tender consultancy firms that specialize in providing information and assistance related to tender opportunities. These firms may have access to a database of tenders and can help you navigate the tendering process effectively.
"Bidalert provides real-time, customized notifications of relevant bid opportunities to streamline your tendering process."
v Bidding in Kothagudem Tenders:
· To participate in bidding for Kothagudem tenders, you need to follow the specific guidelines and procedures outlined in the tender documents. Here are some general steps to help you with the bidding process:
1. Obtain Tender Documents: Download or collect the tender documents from the official tendering platform or the issuing authority. Read the documents carefully to understand the project requirements, scope of work, evaluation criteria, and submission process.
2. Assess the Requirements: Thoroughly analyze the tender documents to understand the project objectives, technical specifications, timelines, and any other specific requirements. Evaluate whether your organization has the capabilities, resources, and expertise to meet the project requirements.
  1. Prepare Bid Documents: Develop the necessary bid documents based on the tender requirements. This typically includes the following:
- Technical Proposal: Prepare a detailed technical proposal that outlines your approach, methodology, and capabilities to fulfill the project requirements. Provide relevant information about your team, qualifications, experience, and any innovative solutions you can offer.
- Commercial Proposal: Prepare a comprehensive commercial proposal that includes the pricing details, payment terms, and any additional costs associated with the project. Ensure that your pricing is competitive while considering your costs and profit margins.
- Supporting Documents: Include any required supporting documents, such as company profile, financial statements, past project experience, certifications, licenses, and any other documents specified in the tender documents.
4. Compliance and Documentation: Ensure that your bid complies with all the requirements specified in the tender documents. Double-check that you have included all the necessary documents and completed all the required forms accurately. Follow any specific formatting or submission guidelines mentioned in the tender documents.
  1. Review and Proofread: Thoroughly review your bid documents for any errors, inconsistencies, or missing information. Proofread the content to ensure clarity, correctness, and professionalism. It is essential to submit a well-organized and error-free bid.
  2. Bid Submission: Submit your bid as per the instructions provided in the tender documents. This may involve physical submission of the bid documents in a sealed envelope to the designated tender box or online submission through the specified e-procurement portal. Ensure that you meet the submission deadline and allow sufficient time for any logistical arrangements.
  3. Confirmation and Follow-up: If submitting physically, obtain an acknowledgment of the bid submission from the tender office. If submitting electronically, confirm that your bid has been successfully uploaded and received. Keep track of any updates or clarifications related to the tender and maintain open communication with the tendering authority, if permitted.
  4. Evaluation and Award: After the submission deadline, the tendering authority will evaluate the bids based on the specified evaluation criteria. If your bid is successful, you may be awarded the contract. If not, you may receive feedback on your bid and have the opportunity to improve in future tendering processes.
Remember to closely follow the specific instructions and requirements mentioned in the Kothagudem tender documents, as they may vary from one tender to another. Pay attention to any addenda or amendments issued during the tender process and ensure that your bid remains compliant with the latest information provided.
"Bidalert provides real-time, customized notifications of relevant bid opportunities to streamline your tendering process."
v Kothagudem Tenders E procurement:
· Kothagudem tenders can be accessed and submitted through the e-procurement portal of the Government of Telangana. Here are the steps to participate in Kothagudem tenders through e-procurement:
  1. Registration: Register on the Telangana State e-Procurement portal ( if you haven't already. Click on the "New Bidder" or "New Supplier" registration link and provide the required details to create your account. You may need to pay a registration fee, if applicable.
  2. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC): Obtain a valid Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). A DSC is required for digitally signing your electronic bids and ensuring the authenticity of your submissions. You can obtain a DSC from authorized certifying authorities.
  3. Browse Kothagudem Tenders: Log in to the e-procurement portal using your credentials. Navigate to the "Tenders" section and use the search filters to find Kothagudem-specific tenders. You can filter by location, category, department, etc., to narrow down the search results.
4. View Tender Details: Click on a specific tender to view its details, including the scope of work, eligibility criteria, tender timeline, and documents to be submitted. Carefully review all the information to determine your interest and suitability for the tender.
  1. Download Tender Documents: If you decide to participate, download the tender documents provided on the e-procurement portal. These documents contain all the necessary information and forms required for bidding.
  2. Prepare Bid Documents: Prepare your bid documents as per the instructions provided in the tender documents. This includes technical and commercial proposals, supporting documents, and any other specified forms or annexures. Make sure to comply with the prescribed format and provide all the required information.
  3. Upload Bid Documents: Once your bid documents are ready, log in to the e-procurement portal and navigate to the specific tender. Follow the instructions to upload the required documents, digitally sign them using your DSC, and submit the bid online. Ensure that you complete the submission before the tender closing date and time.
8. Track Tender Status: After submission, you can track the status of your bid on the e-procurement portal. Monitor any updates, clarifications, or amendments related to the tender. Notifications regarding the evaluation process and awarding of contracts will also be communicated through the portal.
It's important to familiarize yourself with the specific rules and procedures outlined on the Telangana State e-Procurement portal and adhere to them throughout the bidding process. Additionally, regularly check the portal for new Kothagudem tenders and stay updated on any changes or announcements related to the tendering process.
"Bidalert provides real-time, customized notifications of relevant bid opportunities to streamline your tendering process."
v Kothagudem Tender Trining:
§ If you are looking for training related to Kothagudem tenders, it would be beneficial to focus on two key areas: understanding the tendering process and improving your bidding skills. Here are some suggestions for training related to Kothagudem tenders:
  1. Tendering Process Training:
- Learn about the overall tendering process, including the stages involved, documentation requirements, and evaluation criteria.
- Understand the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders in the tendering process, such as the tendering authority, bidders, and evaluators.
- Gain knowledge about the legal and regulatory aspects of tendering, including relevant laws and policies.
- Explore the specific guidelines and procedures for Kothagudem tenders, such as the use of e-procurement platforms and any unique requirements.
  1. Bidding Skills Training:
- Enhance your proposal writing skills to create compelling technical and commercial proposals.
- Develop effective strategies for conducting market research, identifying relevant projects, and assessing bid opportunities.
- Understand the importance of accurate cost estimation and pricing strategies for preparing competitive commercial proposals.
- Improve your communication and presentation skills to effectively convey your organization's capabilities, experience, and value proposition.
- Learn about project management methodologies, quality assurance practices, and risk management techniques to strengthen your bids.
  1. E-Procurement Platform Training:
- Familiarize yourself with the e-procurement platform used for Kothagudem tenders, such as the Telangana State e-Procurement portal.
- Learn how to navigate the platform, search for tenders, and access relevant tender documents.
- Understand the process of online bid submission, including document uploading, digital signature requirements, and tracking the status of your bids.
  1. Local Government and Industry Engagement:
- Explore opportunities to connect with local government officials, industry associations, and business networks in Kothagudem.
- Attend workshops, seminars, or webinars organized by these entities to gain insights into local tendering processes and specific project requirements.
- Engage in discussions and networking sessions to learn from experienced contractors, suppliers, and industry experts.
  1. Consultancy Services:
- Consider engaging the services of tender consultancy firms or experts who specialize in assisting with tender preparation and bidding processes.
- These consultants can provide personalized training, guidance, and support tailored to your specific requirements and the Kothagudem tendering environment.
It's important to stay updated on any changes or updates in the tendering process for Kothagudem. Regularly check official government websites, tendering portals, and local news sources for the latest information, notifications, and training opportunities related to Kothagudem tenders.
"Bidalert provides real-time, customized notifications of relevant bid opportunities to streamline your tendering process."
v Guidelines for Kothagudem Tenders:
· While specific guidelines for Kothagudem tenders may vary depending on the issuing authority and the nature of the tender, here are some general guidelines to keep in mind:
  1. Eligibility Criteria: Carefully review the eligibility criteria mentioned in the tender documents. Ensure that your organization meets the specified requirements related to experience, financial stability, technical expertise, and any other criteria mentioned.
  2. Document Submission: Pay close attention to the required documents and forms to be submitted along with the bid. Ensure that you provide all the necessary information and supporting documents as per the tender requirements. Any missing or incomplete documents may lead to disqualification.
  3. Compliance with Tender Conditions: Understand the terms and conditions of the tender, including the scope of work, technical specifications, contract duration, and any special requirements. Comply with all the conditions mentioned in the tender documents to avoid disqualification.
  4. Bid Preparation: Prepare your bid documents meticulously. Provide accurate and comprehensive information in the technical proposal, including your approach, methodology, and qualifications to fulfill the project requirements. In the commercial proposal, present competitive pricing that aligns with the project scope and market standards.
  5. Deadline Adherence: Ensure that you submit your bid before the specified deadline. Late submissions are generally not accepted. Be aware of any pre-bid meetings or site visits mentioned in the tender documents and make necessary arrangements to attend them.
  6. Quality and Presentation: Emphasize the quality and professionalism of your bid documents. Ensure that your proposal is well-structured, easy to read, and free from errors or inconsistencies. Present your organization's capabilities, experience, and expertise in a clear and compelling manner.
  7. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure: Respect any confidentiality clauses mentioned in the tender documents. Do not disclose any sensitive information related to the tender or the evaluation process to unauthorized parties.
  8. Query Clarifications: If you have any doubts or need clarifications regarding the tender, follow the specified procedure for seeking clarifications. Submit your queries within the stipulated time frame and adhere to the instructions provided by the tendering authority.
  9. Communication with Tendering Authority: Maintain professional communication with the tendering authority, if permitted. Seek clarifications, if required, and respond promptly to any requests for additional information or documents during the evaluation process.
  10. Compliance with Legal and Ethical Standards: Ensure that your bid complies with all applicable laws, regulations, and ethical standards. Avoid engaging in any unethical practices, such as bid collusion, bribery, or misrepresentation, which can result in severe legal consequences and disqualification.
It is crucial to carefully read and understand the specific guidelines mentioned in the tender documents for each Kothagudem tender. Adhering to the guidelines and submitting a well-prepared and compliant bid will enhance your chances of success.
"Bidalert provides real-time, customized notifications of relevant bid opportunities to streamline your tendering process."
v How To Apply Kothagudem Tenders:
· To search for Kothagudem tenders, you can follow these steps:
1. Official Government Websites: Visit the official websites of government departments, municipal corporations, or public sector organizations in Kothagudem. These websites often have dedicated sections for tender notices and procurement information. Look for any specific projects or tenders listed for Kothagudem. Check for any separate "Tenders" or "Procurement" sections on these websites.
  1. E-Procurement Platforms: Register on e-procurement platforms approved by the Government of Telangana, such as the Telangana State e-Procurement portal ( These platforms provide access to a wide range of tender notices from various government departments. Use the search functionality on the platform to search for Kothagudem-specific tenders. You can filter the results based on location, category, department, etc.
3. Local Newspapers and Publications: Check local newspapers and publications that cover news and updates related to Kothagudem. They may publish tender notices and project advertisements specific to the region. Look for any tender-related information or contact details provided in these sources. Check the classifieds section or any dedicated tender advertisement sections in the newspapers.
4. Tender Notification Services: Subscribe to tender notification services or online platforms that aggregate and provide tender information from various sources. These services often allow you to customize your search criteria, including location, industry, and keywords. Set up alerts or notifications for Kothagudem tenders to receive updates directly in your inbox.
  1. Networking and Industry Associations: Connect with local contractors, suppliers, and industry associations in Kothagudem. Engage in networking events, seminars, or trade shows related to your industry. Attend local business forums or industry-specific conferences where tender information may be shared or discussed.
  2. Engage with Government Authorities: Reach out to the concerned government departments, municipal corporations, or public sector organizations in Kothagudem. Inquire about current or upcoming tenders and request any available tender documents or information. They can guide you on the tendering process and provide insights into specific projects.
  3. Tender Consultancy Services: Consider engaging the services of tender consultancy firms that specialize in providing information and assistance related to tender opportunities. These firms may have access to a database of tenders and can help you search for Kothagudem tenders based on your requirements.
It's important to note that the availability of tender information for Kothagudem may vary, and it's advisable to regularly check the aforementioned sources and stay updated on any local developments or announcements in order to access the latest tender opportunities in Kothagudem.
"Bidalert provides real-time, customized notifications of relevant bid opportunities to streamline your tendering process."
v How to win kothagudem tenders:
· Winning Kothagudem tenders involves a combination of careful preparation, strategic approach, and adherence to the tender requirements. Here are some tips to increase your chances of winning Kothagudem tenders:
  1. Thoroughly Understand the Tender: Read and understand the tender documents in detail. Pay attention to the scope of work, technical specifications, evaluation criteria, and any specific requirements. Ensure that you have a clear understanding of the project and its deliverables.
  2. Meet Eligibility Criteria: Ensure that your organization meets all the eligibility criteria mentioned in the tender documents. This includes factors such as experience, financial stability, technical expertise, and any other specified requirements. Only bid for tenders where you meet the eligibility criteria to avoid disqualification.
3. Plan Your Bid: Develop a well-structured bid strategy and plan. Identify the key elements of the tender, such as technical requirements, commercial pricing, and any additional value-added services. Determine your unique selling points and competitive advantages that make your bid stand out.
  1. Comply with Tender Requirements: Adhere to all the instructions and requirements stated in the tender documents. Ensure that you submit all the necessary documents, forms, and information within the specified deadline. Any non-compliance may lead to disqualification.
  2. Highlight Relevant Experience: Emphasize your organization's relevant experience and successful track record in similar projects. Showcase your past achievements, certifications, and client references to demonstrate your capability to deliver the desired outcomes.
  3. Provide a Comprehensive Proposal: Prepare a comprehensive proposal that addresses all the technical requirements outlined in the tender. Clearly outline your approach, methodology, timelines, and resources allocated for the project. Showcase your technical expertise and how it aligns with the project objectives.
  4. Competitive Pricing: Price your bid competitively while ensuring profitability. Analyze the market rates, project complexity, and other factors that may impact the pricing. Ensure that your pricing is realistic, transparent, and compliant with the tender requirements.
  5. Quality Documentation: Present your bid documents professionally and ensure they are free of errors or inconsistencies. Use clear and concise language to convey your message effectively. Format your documents in a well-organized manner to make them easy to read and understand.
  6. Collaborate and Subcontract: If the tender allows, consider collaborating with other companies or subcontracting specific components of the project to enhance your capabilities. Form strategic alliances or partnerships that can strengthen your bid and increase your chances of success.
  7. Continuous Improvement: Learn from previous bid experiences and continuously improve your bidding process. Seek feedback on unsuccessful bids and identify areas for improvement. Stay updated with the latest industry trends, best practices, and changes in the tendering process.
Remember, winning tenders is a competitive process, and success cannot be guaranteed. It is essential to dedicate time and resources to each bid and tailor your approach to the specific requirements of the Kothagudem tenders. Continuously refine your bidding strategies based on feedback and market insights to enhance your chances of success.
"Bidalert provides real-time, customized notifications of relevant bid opportunities to streamline your tendering process."
v How to prepare kothagudem tenders:
· Preparing Kothagudem tenders requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a systematic approach. Here are some steps to help you in preparing your Kothagudem tender:
  1. Read and Understand the Tender Documents: Thoroughly review the tender documents provided by the tendering authority. Understand the project requirements, scope of work, technical specifications, evaluation criteria, and any specific instructions or formats for submitting the tender.
  2. Establish a Bid Team: Assign a dedicated team responsible for preparing the tender. This team should include individuals with expertise in the relevant field, such as project managers, subject matter experts, estimators, finance professionals, and legal advisors. Clearly define roles and responsibilities within the team.
  3. Analyze the Tender Requirements: Break down the tender requirements into specific tasks and deliverables. Develop a clear understanding of the project objectives, timelines, resource requirements, and any technical challenges. Identify any gaps or uncertainties in the tender documents that need clarification.
  4. Develop a Tender Schedule: Create a detailed timeline for the tender preparation process. Allocate sufficient time for tasks such as gathering information, developing technical and commercial proposals, reviewing and editing the documents, and obtaining necessary approvals. Ensure that you meet the submission deadline.
  5. Gather Information and Documentation: Collect all the necessary information and documentation required for the tender. This may include company registration certificates, past experience documents, financial statements, technical qualifications, licenses, certifications, and any other supporting documents as specified in the tender documents.
  6. Prepare Technical Proposal: Develop a comprehensive technical proposal that addresses all the technical requirements mentioned in the tender documents. Clearly articulate your understanding of the project, proposed methodologies, implementation plan, resources allocation, and any value-added services. Emphasize your organization's capabilities and unique selling points.
  7. Prepare Commercial Proposal: Develop a detailed commercial proposal that includes pricing, cost breakdown, payment terms, and any other commercial terms required in the tender. Ensure that your pricing is competitive, realistic, and aligned with the project requirements. Clearly define any assumptions or exclusions related to the pricing.
  8. Review and Edit: Thoroughly review all the tender documents, technical proposal, and commercial proposal for accuracy, clarity, and consistency. Eliminate any grammatical errors, typos, or formatting issues. Ensure that all the necessary information is included and that the document flows logically.
  9. Obtain Approvals: Seek internal approvals from relevant stakeholders within your organization. This may include management, finance department, legal team, and any other appropriate authorities. Ensure that all necessary signatories and authorizations are obtained before the submission.
  10. Finalize and Submit: Once the tender documents are reviewed, edited, and approved, compile them in the required format as specified in the tender documents. Ensure that all the necessary supporting documents are attached. Submit the tender within the specified deadline through the designated submission method (online or offline) as mentioned in the tender documents.
Remember to thoroughly understand and comply with the specific requirements mentioned in the Kothagudem tender documents. Tailor your proposal to meet the project objectives, demonstrate your capabilities, and provide a competitive offering. It's important to allocate sufficient time and resources for tender preparation to ensure a high-quality submission.
"Bidalert provides real-time, customized notifications of relevant bid opportunities to streamline your tendering process."
v Tender consultency for kothagudem Tenders:
· If you require tender consultancy services for Kothagudem tenders, there are several consultancy firms that specialize in assisting organizations with the tendering process. These consultancy firms can provide guidance, expertise, and support throughout the tendering lifecycle. Here are some ways in which tender consultancy firms can assist you:
1. Tender Identification: Tender consultancy firms can help you identify relevant tenders in Kothagudem by monitoring various sources, including government websites, e-procurement platforms, and industry-specific portals. They have access to comprehensive databases and notification systems to ensure you are notified of potential tender opportunities.
  1. Tender Analysis and Assessment: These firms can analyze and assess tender documents to determine the suitability of a particular tender for your organization. They can provide insights into the project requirements, evaluation criteria, and potential risks or challenges associated with the tender.
  2. Bid Strategy and Planning: Tender consultancy firms can assist in developing a winning bid strategy and planning the entire tendering process. They can help you understand the client's needs, tailor your proposal accordingly, and define your competitive advantage. They can also assist in determining pricing strategies, resource allocation, and risk management approaches.
  3. Document Preparation: Consultancy firms can support you in preparing the necessary tender documents, including technical proposals, commercial proposals, and supporting documentation. They can ensure that your bid documents are comprehensive, compliant with the tender requirements, and effectively showcase your organization's capabilities.
  4. Bid Writing and Review: These firms can provide professional bid writing services, ensuring that your proposal is clear, concise, and persuasive. They can review and edit your bid documents to eliminate errors, improve readability, and enhance the overall quality of your submission.
  5. Compliance and Legal Support: Tender consultancy firms can assist you in ensuring compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. They can help you navigate complex tendering regulations, address legal issues, and ensure that your bid is in full compliance with the tender specifications.
  6. Tender Submission and Follow-Up: Consultancy firms can guide you through the tender submission process, whether it is through online platforms or physical submission. They can help you meet deadlines, ensure all required documents are included, and provide assistance in any follow-up activities or clarifications required during the evaluation process.
  7. Competitive Intelligence: Tender consultancy firms can provide market intelligence and competitor analysis, helping you gain insights into your competitors' strengths and weaknesses. This information can inform your bid strategy and enable you to position yourself more effectively in the tendering process.
It is recommended to research and select a reputable tender consultancy firm that has experience in handling Kothagudem tenders or projects in a similar domain. Evaluate their track record, client testimonials, and industry reputation before engaging their services.
"Bidalert provides real-time, customized notifications of relevant bid opportunities to streamline your tendering process."
v Bids For Kothagudem tenders:
· Bidding for Kothagudem tenders involves preparing and submitting your proposal in response to a specific tender opportunity. Here are some key steps to follow when bidding for Kothagudem tenders:
  1. Tender Identification: Stay updated with the latest tender notifications and identify relevant Kothagudem tenders that align with your organization's expertise and capabilities. Monitor government websites, e-procurement platforms, and industry-specific portals for tender announcements.
  2. Tender Document Review: Thoroughly review the tender documents provided by the tendering authority. Understand the project requirements, scope of work, technical specifications, evaluation criteria, and submission requirements. Pay attention to any mandatory prerequisites or qualification criteria.
  3. Pre-Bid Clarifications: If you have any doubts or require clarifications regarding the tender, follow the procedure mentioned in the tender documents to seek clarification. Submit your queries within the specified timeframe and adhere to the communication channels specified in the tender documents.
  4. Bid Preparation: Develop a comprehensive bid proposal that addresses all the requirements stated in the tender documents. Ensure your proposal highlights your organization's strengths, relevant experience, technical expertise, and unique selling points. Tailor your bid to align with the specific needs and objectives of the Kothagudem tender.
  5. Technical Proposal: Prepare a detailed technical proposal that demonstrates your understanding of the project, outlines your approach and methodology, and showcases your ability to meet the technical requirements. Provide clear and concise information on how you plan to execute the project, including resources, timelines, and any value-added services.
  6. Commercial Proposal: Develop a transparent and competitive commercial proposal that includes pricing details, cost breakdowns, payment terms, and any other commercial terms requested in the tender documents. Ensure that your pricing is realistic and aligned with the project requirements.
  7. Compliance and Documentation: Ensure that your bid complies with all the instructions, requirements, and formats mentioned in the tender documents. Prepare all necessary documents, forms, and supporting information as specified. Double-check that your bid submission is complete and accurate.
8. Bid Submission: Submit your bid before the specified deadline through the designated submission method (online or offline) as mentioned in the tender documents. If submitting online, follow the instructions on the e-procurement portal and ensure all required documents are uploaded. If submitting offline, deliver your bid documents to the designated tender submission location.
  1. Follow-Up and Tracking: Stay informed about the tender progress, including any updates, clarifications, or amendments related to the tender. Keep track of any communication from the tendering authority and promptly respond to any requests for additional information or clarifications during the evaluation process.
  2. Evaluation and Award: The tendering authority will evaluate the bids based on the evaluation criteria stated in the tender documents. Once the evaluation is complete, the tendering authority will announce the winning bidder. If your bid is successful, follow the subsequent procedures outlined by the tendering authority to proceed with contract negotiations and project execution.
Remember to carefully review and adhere to the specific instructions and requirements mentioned in the Kothagudem tender documents. Each tender may have unique aspects that require attention, so it's important to tailor your bid accordingly. Submitting a well-prepared and competitive bid increases your chances of success in securing Kothagudem tenders.
"Bidalert provides real-time, customized notifications of relevant bid opportunities to streamline your tendering process."
v Projects For Kothagudem Tenders:
· While I don't have access to real-time information on specific projects for Kothagudem tenders, I can provide you with some general examples of projects that could be associated with Kothagudem tenders. These projects may vary depending on the sector and the specific requirements of the tender. Here are a few examples:
  1. Infrastructure Development: This could include projects related to the construction or improvement of roads, bridges, highways, water supply systems, drainage systems, sewerage systems, public buildings, schools, hospitals, or other public infrastructure projects.
  2. Power Generation and Distribution: Kothagudem is known for its thermal power plants. Therefore, tenders related to the construction, maintenance, or modernization of power plants, transmission lines, substations, or renewable energy projects (such as solar or wind farms) could be common.
  3. Water Resource Management: Tenders may involve projects related to the development or maintenance of irrigation canals, reservoirs, water treatment plants, or water supply schemes. This could also include the construction of dams, check dams, or water conservation projects.
  4. Environmental Projects: Kothagudem, being an industrial region, may have tenders related to environmental conservation and pollution control. This could involve projects for wastewater treatment, air pollution control, solid waste management, or environmental impact assessments.
  5. Mining and Mineral Exploration: Kothagudem has rich mineral resources, including coal deposits. Tenders in this sector may involve projects related to mining operations, mineral exploration, mine development, or associated infrastructure.
  6. Information Technology: Tenders may include projects related to the implementation, maintenance, or upgrade of IT systems, software development, network infrastructure, or IT support services for government departments or organizations in Kothagudem.
These are just a few examples, and the actual projects associated with Kothagudem tenders can vary widely. It is essential to regularly monitor tender notifications and websites to stay updated on specific projects and tender opportunities in the Kothagudem region.
"Bidalert provides real-time, customized notifications of relevant bid opportunities to streamline your tendering process."
v Best Platforms For Kothagudem Tenders:
To get more information about Kothagudem Tenders To Visit BIDALERT WEBSITE:
· google-
· Facebook -
· Instagram -
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2023.06.10 12:44 thekriptik r/AussieCasual is entering Restricted Mode from 00:00 AEST June 12th to 00:00 AEST June 14th to protest Reddit’s API changes

G’day All,
This is a post we hoped to never have to make. Reddit is making changes to its API access model that will result in expenses that developers of 3rd party apps simply cannot afford. To put the price change into context, Apollo, one of the most popular 3rd party apps for Reddit, is looking at a cost of US$1.7 million per month to continue operating. That's a cost of US$12,000 per 50 million API requests. In contrast, Apollo pays Imgur US$166 for every 50 million API calls. These changes will take effect from 1st July, 2023.
Further, these changes shall alienate the vision-impaired community, who rely on screen-reading, text enlargement, and captioning apps that depend upon API access in order to function. Without these apps, vision-impaired users will be unable to use Reddit at all, a matter of current concern on blind.
In addition, researchers use the Reddit API to explore patterns in and identify hate speech (PDF Warning). The main tool researchers use for accessing Reddit posts, Pushshift, is currently cut off from the API, and it appears unlikely that researchers will gain access to this vital tool.
We also recognise the vital roles that bots play in keeping subreddits fun and safe places for us all. Whether it’s making sport match threads, identifying image reposts, or more concerningly, identifying scammers and child abuse material, moderation bots will all go blind on 1st July.
Due to this, AussieCasual will be going into restricted mode for 48 hours, from 00:00 12th June to 00:00 14th June. During this time, you’ll be able to view posts, however new posts will not be able to be created, and all comments on existing posts shall be automatically removed.
These are actions we wish we did not need to take, and we do not take them lightly.
We understand that Reddit is a company that has to make money in order to offer us a place to be the community that we are - but killing 3rd party apps, removing disability access, and destroying vital research and moderation tools is not the way to do it.
We are not asking Reddit to provide a paid service for free - we are asking for reasonable pricing for services that people have come to love and depend on to participate in their communities.
We can't tell you that our protest will solve the problem, because we simply don't know. But we have to try.
We know that many users will have questions regarding these actions, and we’ve set out a few answers below:
So, what’s an API anyway?
An Application Programming Interface is a way for two or more computer programs to communicate with each other. Here’s a cool video from Tom Scott about how app developers use them.
I’ve seen other subreddits are going private, why are you only shifting to restricted mode?
We’re aware that many other subreddits, both Australian and world-wide, are going private in order to protest the changes. However, we feel it is important to continue to explain the reason these protests are taking place, something we cannot do while AussieCasual is private.
How can we participate?
While subs going dark is one thing, regular users can help as well.
Reach out to Reddit via the channels available to you: Modmail reddit, comment in relevant posts regarding the API changes, submit your comments via the contact forms.
Spread the word about the changes and the consequences where you can. Doesn't have to be on Reddit. The important thing is getting it attention.
Participate in the communities that highlight this issue: Save3rdPartyApps, apolloapp, redditisfun, getnarwhal
And finally stay off Reddit completely from June 12th to 14th, or, if you wish to give back to the community, participating in a charity like AFL is with the Big Freeze.
But don't forget: Don't be a jerk. As frustrating as this is, being toxic or aggressive is not the way to go. Remember the human on the other side of the screen.
AussieCasual is an awesome community, let’s help it stay that way for everyone.
Much love,
Your AussieCasual Mod Team.
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2023.06.10 12:41 Time_Needleworker871 40 [M4F]

Well, life goes by and it's time to expose myself. I've done the math and my chances of meeting someone are probably 1:500,000. This number is due to my level of ugliness and the fact that I use a wheelchair. But, who knows, as if by a miracle, I find some girl like in the stories I see on Instagram.
I live in Brazil, although I have already visited some places in North America and Europe. I used to work in Rio de Janeiro, but a bacteria decided to fuck up my life and put me in a wheelchair.
Maybe women are looking for security, so I'll write things that sometimes seem arrogant to me, but may be important to someone else: I was a geologist, but I decided to stop working. I don't have that financial need. I own my apartment, car and earn enough to live almost anywhere in the world.
Is it so important that we have all the same tastes? I don't believe that, we could be happy with different peculiarities.
Weather: gray days, without sun, not Rainny, but slightly windy
Food: any, I only eat to stay alive. Trying to go vegetarian.
Movies: horror, action, 80’s comedies, trash and scandinavians. But Die Hard is my favorite to watch on Christmas. Indiana Jones and Aliens are also a good choice.
Favorite directors: Wes Anderson, Tim Burton and Baltasar Kormákur.
Series: I have seen too many: The Office, Breaking Bad, Brøn, Arrested Development, Archer,….
Beverages: not into beers, I rather go with drinks. Teas are also welcome!
Cities that I felt happy: Copenhagen and Malmö
Books: Stieg Larsson and Michael Crichton. And for comics: Uncle Scrooge Mc Duck ;)
About me? Sarcastic, minimalistic, not a big talker, more a listener.
I used to love playing Mario Kart, Mario Party and Mario Tenis with friends
Music: I like more specific songs than bands, but if I have to choose some artists: The Cure, Coldplay, Mozart, Sigur Rós, Explosions in the sky and The Tallest Man.
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2023.06.10 12:16 t-shinji [Translation] Ongaku Bakudan (2023-05-18)

This is my translation of the episode of Ongaku Bakudan with Miku Kobato and Saiki on May 18, 2023.
Cookie is a comedian with the style of the ’80s high school bad boys. His rough language is part of his act.
Related discussions:

  • Hosts: Cookie, Rossy (Yasei Bakudan)
  • Guests: Miku Kobato, Saiki (Band-Maid)
00:07 Narrator: Ongaku Bakudan.
00:08 Narrator: Tonight’s guest is a hard rock band in maid outfits that attracts the world’s attention, Band-Maid!
00:16 Narrator: They have been doing solo concerts in over 10 countries mainly in Europe and the US! Their US tour last year drew in more than 20,000 people!
00:30 Narrator: This year, they are going to be the first Japanese female musicians to perform at Lollapalooza, one of the largest outdoor festivals in the world!
00:40 Narrator: The global band active not only in Japan but also overseas makes their first appearance in Ongaku Bakudan!
00:55 Rossy: So, please welcome today’s guests, Band-Maid!
00:58 Cookie: Wow! Thank you for coming!
01:00 Rossy: Thank you very much for coming!
01:01 Kobato: Thank you for inviting, po.
01:03 Kobato: Thank you for inviting, po!
01:04 Rossy: Oh, you say “po”, right? You’re saying “po, po”, though.
01:08 Cookie: It comes out like “po, po, po, po”? “Po” comes out naturally?
01:10 Kobato: It comes out naturally, po.
01:10 Cookie: Uh-huh.
01:11 Rossy: Is that the pigeon’s “po” because you are Kobato-san? [Note: “Kobato” means “small pigeon” and “po” means the pigeon’s “coo”.]
01:13 Kobato: Oh, that’s right, po. I’m Miku Kobato, so I’m half-small-pigeon half-human, po.
01:18 Cookie: Because of the merger with the pigeon?
01:19 Kobato: Oh, you’re right, po.
01:20 Cookie: Are you the only one in Band-Maid who’s mixed with a pigeon?
01:23 Kobato: Oh, I’m the only one, po.
01:23 Saiki: Oh, she’s the only one.
01:24 Cookie: Is anyone else mixed with anything? I mean the other members.
01:26 Saiki: Oh…
01:27 Kobato: They are not mixed, po.
01:28 Saiki: This… this is our limit.
01:29 Cookie: What do you mean by your limit?
01:30 Kobato: (laughs)
01:31 Cookie: Does it come out at your limit?
01:31 Saiki: No… no more of this kind…
01:33 Cookie: (laughs)
01:34 Rossy: That would be confusing.
01:35 Cookie: Uh-huh.
01:38 Cookie: Po po po po po po po po po po po po…
01:39 Cookie: Po po po po po po po po po, po po po po po…
01:40 Saiki, Kobato: (laughs)
01:41 Narrator: Cookie is infected too!! Today is the Po Po Po Festival!… or not…
01:46 Nesmith: Off stage, she doesn’t say it.
01:48 Cookie: That’s not good.
01:49 Narrator: Nesmith of Exile reveals a suspected fabrication of “po po po”!
01:55 [Caption] World rockstars’ favorite Osaka specialties!
01:55 Narrator: And Osaka has restaurants that world rockstars loved!
02:00 [Caption] Reporter: Ioka of the world
02:00 Narrator: The reporter is that guy who knows the world!
02:05 Kobato: He doesn’t say a single word, po.
02:07 Cookie: Once his wife came.
02:10 [Opening] Ongaku Bakudan
02:13 Rossy: Now, we’d like to dive deeper into Band-Maid… po!
02:18 Kobato: Po!
02:19 Cookie: Yes, thank you for your support.
02:19 Saiki: Thank you so much.
02:19 Kobato: Thank you for your support, po.
02:20 Rossy: Here is the Bakudan Board.
02:21 Cookie: Oh, po po po po po po po po, po.
02:23 Rossy: This is great. Let’s see what it’s going to be like.
02:23 [Board] Let’s take a listen to their signature song, po! A tip-off from Exile, po! World rockstars’ favorite Osaka specialties, po! The world champion and Jun-ichi Sumi, po! Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi-san, waiting for you, po! Next week is Mayonaka Ichiba, po!
02:26 Cookie: Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi-san… is waiting for you, po.
02:28 Kobato: Is he waiting for us, po?
02:29 Rossy: We made him an offer.
02:30 Cookie: This is a little too much…
02:31 Kobato: Is that true, po? (laughs)
02:32 Rossy: [Note: the lower 3 items] Honestly, these below here are, um, our directors and writers’ jokes.
02:36 Kobato: Oh.
02:36 Saiki: Oh (laughs), I see.
02:38 Rossy: These are, po, jokes.
02:39 Saiki: OK, I see.
02:39 Kobato: Are they jokes, po?
02:39 Rossy: Sorry, up to here.
02:42 Narrator: Our staff’s joking aside, first of all, let’s take a listen to Band-Maid’s signature song, po!
02:53 Cookie: Are maids only in Japan?
02:54 Kobato: Well, maids like this are part of Japanese culture…
02:57 Cookie: Like… like lolita fashion?
02:58 Kobato: Oh, yes, po.
02:59 Cookie: Uh-huh, Japanese culture. Uh-huh.
03:02 Narrator: Over 170 million views on YouTube! Their most popular song is this, Thrill!
03:12 Narrator: Band-Maid are highly acclaimed overseas, and the comments section is like this!
03:19 Cookie: Oh, wow, awesome!
03:20 Kobato: Yes, it’s awesome, po.
03:21 Rossy: I can’t read them at all. Do you know those languages?
03:23 Kobato: No, I mean, there are so many comments in languages I don’t know, po.
03:26 Rossy: It’s like a foreign country.
03:26 Cookie: Aha, I get it. It’s from Mexico.
03:28 Kobato: Not only in English.
03:29 Rossy: Great.
03:36 Cookie: Oh? You have a lot of vocalists.
03:38 Kobato: Oh, us two, po.
03:39 Cookie: Oh, just two. Oh, the two of you.
03:40 Kobato: Well, it was quite a long time ago, so…
03:42 Saiki: It was long ago.
03:43 Kobato: … um… our faces look a little different, po, right?
03:46 Cookie: (laughs)
03:49 Rossy: How long ago was this?
03:50 Saiki: It was… 8 years…
03:50 Kobato: It was… about 8 years ago…
03:54 Rossy: Oh, it was quite a long time ago.
03:55 Saiki: Yes.
03:56 Saiki: That’s the song that started it all.
03:58 Cookie: Uh-huh, so that’s where it all started.
04:00 Kobato: Yes, exactly, po.
04:01 Rossy: Did you say “po, po” at that time?
04:03 Kobato: At that time, our manager didn’t allow me to do so, po.
04:06 Cookie: Uh-huh, even though you wanted.
04:07 Kobato: In the beginning, um, I said it, po, but he told me to really stop it, so I stopped… I was forced to stop it for some time, po.
04:14 Rossy: But now they love it all over the world, right?
04:16 Kobato: Yes, po, then our managers changed
04:19 Cookie: “Hooray!” Like “Hooray!”
04:20 Kobato: Like “I will say it from now on, po”.
04:21 Cookie: Liberation of self.
04:22 Kobato: I liberated myself, po.
04:23 Rossy: Wow, that’s amazing.
04:23 Kobato: (laughs)
04:24 Cookie: So, um, I don’t have much to do with maids…
04:27 Kobato: (laughs) That must be so, po.
04:28 Cookie: I’ve seen them only in porns.
04:29 Saiki, Kobato: (laughs)
04:31 Kobato: Rather, you have something to do with them there, po, right?
04:32 Saiki: Your recognition, though.
04:33 Cookie: How far… I’m wondering how far I can talk.
04:34 Kobato: Uh-huh, I see, po, I see, po.
04:35 Saiki: (laughs)
04:36 Rossy: How many years have passed since your formation?
04:38 Kobato: We will have our 10th anniversary this year, po.
04:39 Cookie: Oh, congratulations (applause).
04:40 Rossy: Uh-huh, it’s just around the corner.
04:40 Saiki: Thank you so much.
04:41 Kobato: Thank you very much, po.
04:43 Rossy: How did you all meet?
04:45 Kobato: How we met is this. I, Kobato, originally used to work part-time at maid cafés, po, in reality.
04:48 Rossy: Oh, really? I see.
04:50 Kobato: I used to work also in Akihabara, po, but I also liked bands at the same time, so I ended up forming a band called Band-Maid by combining the two things, and I started to gather other members, po.
05:02 Rossy: Did you take applications?
05:04 Kobato: Um, our guitarist, Kanami-chan, posted cover videos and the like, um, on YouTube, and I found her there, po.
05:12 Cookie: Uh-huh.
05:13 Kobato: Then, Kanami invited our drummer Akane…
05:16 Cookie: Oh, I see.
05:17 Kobato: Then, our drummer Akane invited our bassist Misa, who went to the same music school as her…
05:23 Cookie: Uh-huh.
05:25 Kobato: When the four of us started like “All right, let’s go, po”, we were like “It sounds a little too bright with just Kobato’s voice, po”…
05:30 Cookie: Uh-huh, your voice was too pop.
05:31 Kobato: That’s right, po. I thought “I want a cooler voice too”, and then in our company, um, they found Sai-chan, who was alone doing nothing at all… (laughs)
05:39 Cookie: It’s not that she did nothing at all, right?
05:39 Rossy: No kidding.
05:40 Saiki: There was something I was doing.
05:41 Cookie: You were like this, you were wandering in the office like this.
05:42 Saiki, Kobato: (laughs)
05:44 Cookie: You did something then, right?
05:44 Saiki: Yes, I did something.
05:44 Kobato: Just something.
05:45 Saiki: I was working alone (laughs).
05:46 Kobato: By herself (laughs).
05:47 Cookie: Uh-huh, I guess so.
05:49 Cookie: Anyway, going overseas is beyond imagination for us… us from the island tribe who hang out around Lake Biwa.
05:56 Saiki, Kobato: (laughs)
05:59 Kobato: The video of Thrill you have just watched, was, um, our first MV, po, and about a half year after we released it, we suddenly had a huge increase in access from overseas, po.
06:10 Cookie: What?
06:11 Rossy: Uh-huh.
06:12 Saiki: There was a Facebook page that introduces Japanese pop culture to overseas people, and it was posted there (laughs).
06:20 Cookie: Oh, I see.
06:22 Kobato: No one in our company knew anything about it, po.
06:23 Saiki: No one knew.
06:24 Rossy: Oh, you didn’t know. Such a strange thing happened to you, right?
06:26 Cookie: Like “Look, cute maids are singing cool”…
06:27 Kobato: Oh, that’s right, po.
06:28 Cookie: Someone posted it with a pop and everyone started watching it.
06:30 Kobato: With a bang.
06:31 Saiki: Yes.
06:31 Cookie: Whoa, awesome.
06:32 Kobato: Po.
06:32 Cookie: I’m jealous.
06:34 Saiki, Kobato: (laughs)
06:36 Cookie: In my case I’m determined to wear only a gakuran [note: old-style Japanese school uniform, typical of the ’80s bad boys]…
06:38 Saiki, Kobato: (laughs)
06:39 Cookie: But I’ve got no overseas reaction at all (laughs).
06:40 Saiki, Kobato: (laughs)
06:42 Rossy: How are Japanese gakuran going?
06:44 Cookie: Japanese gakuran are no use.
06:45 Rossy: Let’s go on to the next.
06:46 Kobato: Po!
06:47 Rossy: Next, a tip-off from Exile, po.
06:47 Cookie: You’re awesome, indeed.
06:49 Rossy: This is great. Who among them? Let’s check it out.
06:54 Narrator: A tip-off about Band-Maid is from…
06:56 Rossy: Who?
06:58 Kobato: Po.
06:58 Saiki: (laughs)
07:00 Nesmith: Uh, you two of Yasei Bakudan, and Band-Maid’s, uh, Kobato, and Sai-chan, good evening! I’m Exile Nesmith.
07:05 Cookie: Awesome.
07:06 Rossy: Nesmith-san. Great.
07:07 Kobato: Po.
07:08 Narrator: What a surprise, he is a vocalist-performer of Exile and Exile The Second, Nesmith!
07:16 Narrator: The maid style and the urban guy style might seem opposite at first glance…
07:19 [Caption] There seems to be no connection
07:21 Cookie: I don’t think there’s any connection. What is it?
07:23 Nesmith: Well, Kobato is, uh, from the same hometown of Kumamoto as me…
07:26 Cookie: Ah, that makes sense.
07:28 Nesmith: I met her in Kumamoto before she came to Tokyo, and I was a little shocked like “What? Is there a girl this cute in Kumamoto?” when I saw her… That was my first impression.
07:39 Cookie: Whoa.
07:40 Saiki: (laughs)
07:44 Nesmith: She was thinking of moving to Tokyo, and, um, she was interested in working in the music industry like this, but she didn’t know anyone there, so she couldn’t decide what she should do…
07:57 Nesmith: So I was like “Well, at least I’m there, so why don’t you move there?” (laughs) She was like “OK, I understand, I’ll go to Tokyo” and then she came to Tokyo, and that’s how it all started, kind of.
08:14 [Caption] Without Nesmith, Kobato wouldn’t have become what she is now
08:15 Kobato: Crazy, this scene is crazy. A crazy scene.
08:17 Cookie: What the hell is “Mehhh”? (laughs)
08:21 Saiki: Oh, the “pyon” is used (laughs).
08:22 Cookie: (laughs)
08:24 [Caption] We asked him about “po”
08:32 Nesmith: Well, I also have a kind of music program, and I often have the opportunity to interview the two of them, and, um, Miku Kobato talks like “po po, po po” there, so I think “Oh, she’s so consistent”… (laughs)
08:50 Saiki: “Consistent” (laughs).
08:51 Cookie: What does “consistent” mean?
08:52 Nesmith: There are a lot of moments when I think “Awesome, she’s a pro”.
08:57 Nesmith: Off stage… off stage, she doesn’t say it.
09:01 Cookie: That’s not good.
09:02 Kobato: (laughs)
09:03 Cookie: This is bad news.
09:03 Nesmith: She sometimes talks naturally in the Kumamoto dialect.
09:09 Nesmith: She sometimes says “Nan’ya” or “Nannanbai” (laughs).
09:13 Kobato: That’s what Nes-san says, po.
09:15 Nesmith: She’s like that, quite opposite of “po” (laughs).
09:20 Cookie: [Note: I can’t hear well]
09:23 Nesmith: Uh, you two of Yasei Bakudan, if there’s any chance, uh, please kindly invite me to your show Ongaku Bakudan!
09:30 Cookie: Your fee is too high (laughs).
09:31 Nesmith: Well then, that’s all from Exile Nesmith, po!
09:34 Cookie: Po.
09:34 Nesmith: Thank you very much, po!
09:35 Cookie: Thanks a lot!
09:36 Rossy: Great.
09:37 Kobato: Didn’t he say only insane things just now?
09:38 Rossy: Yes, because it’s a tip-off, you know.
09:40 Saiki: It was really a tip-off.
09:41 Saiki: No, she does say it backstage…
09:45 Kobato: I’ll get lectured, po (laughs), if I say it.
09:47 Saiki: You’ll hate it if she says it outside, you know.
09:49 Kobato: (laughs)
09:50 Rossy: Of course.
09:50 Cookie: That makes sense.
09:51 Saiki: Yeah.
09:52 Kobato: I get lectured, po, so often.
09:53 Saiki: You know, you’ll absolutely look at her like “Hmm?”
09:55 Rossy: Yeah, yeah, you’ll look at her.
09:57 Saiki: So, um, I don’t want them to think we’re in the same group (laughs).
10:03 Kobato: When I say “po” in front of Nes-san, he laughs sooo much, po.
10:06 Cookie: Uh-huh, also because you’re from the same hometown.
10:08 Kobato: He teases me a lot about it…
10:09 Cookie: So, uh, can you do this? Um, for example, instead of putting “po” here and there seriously, what if you said “po po po po po po po po po, po po po po po” beforehand…
10:16 Kobato: Oh, that might have been better, po.
10:18 Cookie: Like “Just a moment, Nesmith-san, po po po po po po po po po po po po”…
10:20 Kobato: Po po po po (laughs).
10:22 Kobato: Po-pooling!
10:23 Saiki: What… (laughs)
10:23 Cookie: Yeah, po-pooling, po-pooling.
10:23 Kobato: Aha, po-pooling! I see, po. I’ll do it from next time on, po.
10:25 Saiki: Like a withdrawal symptom from it (laughs).
10:26 Cookie: If you say so, um, if you do it, I think he will be like “Whoa!”
10:29 Kobato: Good point.
10:30 Rossy: All right, let’s go on to the next.
10:31 Kobato: Yes.
10:31 Rossy: The next one is this.
10:31 Kobato: Po.
10:31 Rossy: World rockstars’ favorite Osaka specialties, po. I wonder what this is.
10:35 Kobato: Po.
10:36 Cookie: Ah. But, you know, aren’t you guys pretty particular about your food? Are you OK with this? Do you eat ordinary food, like, katsudon?
10:42 Kobato: Oh, yes, po, we eat it, po. Oh, the day before recording, you eat a katsudon…
10:45 Saiki: I eat a katsudon the day before.
10:47 Cookie: No, why, that’s lame.
10:49 Saiki: To win. [Note: Japanese people wish good luck with the pun of katsudon and “katsu” (“to win”).]
10:50 Cookie: That’s exactly why it’s lame!
10:51 Saiki, Kobato: (laughs)
10:51 Cookie: It’s freaking lame.
10:52 Rossy: You dare to do it.
10:53 Saiki: And, also, I eat udon on the day of recording.
10:56 Cookie: What for?
10:56 Rossy: Uh-huh.
10:57 Saiki: Um, to wish my voice will be elastic and long.
10:59 Kobato: (laughs)
11:00 Rossy: What, no one does such a thing (laughs).
11:01 Cookie: That’s freaking lame, right?
11:02 Saiki, Kobato: (laughs)
11:03 Cookie: Don’t use your low-pitched voice to slowly say a lame thing.
11:04 Saiki: Wishing good luck… I like wishing good luck.
11:10 Narrator: Band-Maid, active around the world, should definitely know about world rockstars’ favorite Osaka specialties we introduce now, in order to keep spreading their wings to the world!
11:13 Cookie: Wow, awesome.
11:23 Narrator: Our reporter is…
11:25 Cookie: Oh? It’s the WBC.
11:26 Kobato: I see, po.
11:28 Ioka: Hello, Yasei Bakudan and Band-Maid. I’m Hiroki Ioka. Nice to meet you.
11:34 Saiki: Oh?
11:35 Rossy: Hold on.
11:35 Kobato: Does he pronounce it right, po?
11:36 Cookie: No, he doesn’t.
11:37 Kobato: (laughs)
11:38 Narrator: A man who knows the world just like Band-Maid. Chairman Ioka!
11:42 Cookie: I… I want subtitles for all his words.
11:46 Narrator: A former WBC minimumweight world champion and former WBA light-flyweight world champion, and now the chairman of Ioka Boxing Gym!
11:47 Cookie: Awesome jabs. He was a strong champion.
11:50 Kobato: Awesome, po.
11:56 Narrator: Now, let’s go!
11:57 Saiki: Outside?! (laughs)
11:59 Ioka: “Ioka the Man goes around the corner”.
12:01 Kobato: She was weirded out a little, po.
12:03 Cookie: (laughs)
12:04 Narrator: The first one is a taiyaki shop near Nakazakicho Station.
12:07 Cookie: Taiyaki.
12:07 Narrator: Which rockstar of the world visited here?!
12:11 [Caption] Osaka Naniwaya, Nakazaki, Kita, Osaka
12:11 Ioka: Uh, hello. I’m I… Ioka.
12:13 Taiyaki cook: Hello.
12:13 Cookie: “I’m I… Ioka”.
12:14 Taiyaki cook: Wow, your belt is great.
12:15 Ioka: I just put my champion belt on.
12:17 Taiyaki cook: They have been active at the forefront since the ’80s…
12:21 Ioka: OK.
12:22 Taiyaki cook: A five-piece group.
12:24 Ioka: A five-piece group?
12:25 Taiyaki cook: Yes. Who do you think they are?
12:27 Ioka: Godiego.
12:28 Cookie: He’s so fast.
12:29 Taiyaki cook: They are Americans.
12:31 Ioka: America?
12:31 Saiki: Oh, Americans.
12:32 Taiyaki cook: Armageddon… made them famous.
12:35 Ioka: Ultraman.
12:37 Cookie: This is hopeless.
12:38 Ioka: Wrong?
12:39 Taiyaki cook: They are Something-Smith. Who are they?
12:40 Cookie: Name Americans (laughs).
12:42 Cookie: Oh, great.
12:42 Ioka: Jun-ichi Sumi [note: an announcer in Osaka].
12:44 Cookie: So, why Sumi-san?
12:45 Saiki, Kobato: (laughs)
12:45 Taiyaki cook: That was a quick answer.
12:47 Ioka: Wrong?
12:48 Taiyaki cook: That’s a wrong answer.
12:50 Narrator: Chairman, you seem a little dizzy from a punch in the past.
12:53 Cookie: Hey, don’t say such a thing (laughs).
12:55 Ioka: Do you have a picture or something?
12:56 Taiyaki cook: Oh, yes, I do.
12:56 [Caption] The correct answer is
12:57 Taiyaki cook: I have a picture on display.
13:00 Ioka: OK.
13:00 Taiyaki cook: The correct answer is Aerosmith.
13:03 Ioka: Oh, Aerosmith?
13:05 [Caption] Steven Tyler
13:05 Kobato: He has such a tiny face, po, right?
13:07 Cookie: I didn’t know his face is that tiny. He looks almost like Naoko Ken [note: a female Japanese singer in the ’80s].
13:10 Kobato: (laughs)
13:11 Taiyaki cook: They were at a concert venue in Osaka, near the South Port, and asked me to bake, so I brought this whole taiyaki machine there and cooked between the dressing room and the stage like catering service.
13:24 Ioka: Wasn’t that hard work?
13:26 Taiyaki cook: Yes, it was. There were Aerosmith and their staff, over 200 people in total.
13:30 Ioka: Uh-huh.
13:31 Taiyaki cook: So, um, Steven Tyler-san loves taiyaki so much that he ate one before going on stage, and ate another one after coming back from the stage all sweaty.
13:32 Kobato: Oh, awesome, po. He’s pinching the tail, po.
13:42 Ioka: Uh-huh.
13:43 Taiyaki cook: And he was going back to the US right after that, so thankfully he took ten of them with him.
13:47 Ioka: Uh-huh.
13:48 Taiyaki cook: Well, um, it looks like they flew on their private jet…
13:50 Ioka: A private jet?!
13:51 Taiyaki cook: Yes.
13:52 Ioka: That’s awesome.
13:52 Taiyaki cook: I guess he ate taiyaki again on the flight.
13:54 Ioka: Oh, of course, I’m sure he ate it like “I’m sooo hungry”.
13:59 Cookie: There’s no way he said so.
14:00 Saiki: (laughs)
14:02 [Caption] Taiyaki 200 yen
14:02 Ioka: So, now I’ll have a taiyaki Aerosmith had.
14:05 Rossy: Looks delicious.
14:07 Saiki: Crispy?
14:10 Ioka: Mmm, delicious.
14:13 Saiki: Really?
14:13 Ioka: It’s mildly sweet, or rather, it’s not too sugary, and it’s easy to eat, so I would eat 3 or 4 of them. It’s really like that.
14:23 Ioka: I’m on a diet for a while so I can’t eat a lot, but if I weren’t, I could probably eat about 10 of them.
14:28 Saiki, Kobato: Wow.
14:29 Ioka: 8… I could eat about 8 of them. It’s a piece of cake to eat 8 of them.
14:32 Cookie: 8 pieces.
14:34 Kobato: 2 pieces are gone, po (laughs).
14:35 Staff: To be honest, how many pieces do you think you can eat if you try?
14:38 Ioka: 9 pieces.
14:39 Kobato: (laughs) Hold on!
14:41 Ioka: “Ioka the Man goes around the corner”.
14:45 Narrator: The second one is an okonomiyaki shop in Grand Front Osaka.
14:46 Rossy: He’s in a great place. Is he all right?
14:50 Narrator: The world rockstars who visited here are…
14:51 [Caption] Omoni Grand Front Osaka, Ofukacho, Kita, Osaka
14:55 Okonomiyaki cook: Something and Something.
14:58 Cookie: What?
14:58 Kobato: Aha.
14:59 Ioka: “And”?
15:00 Okonomiyaki cook: “And”.
15:00 Ioka: “And” reminds me of Tadao Ando-san.
15:03 Kobato: No (laughs). It’s in the middle, po.
15:03 Okonomiyaki cook: Bzzt.
15:05 Okonomiyaki cook: “And” is in the middle, OK?
15:06 Ioka: Uh-huh, in the middle.
15:08 Okonomiyaki cook: Something and Something.
15:10 Ioka: Uh-huh.
15:13 Ioka: Uh, Highheel & Momoko.
15:16 Okonomiyaki cook: She’s not a rock band, OK?
15:17 Cookie: No, no, she’s Highheel Momoko [note: a Japanese comedian].
15:17 Ioka: Is that wrong?
15:18 Okonomiyaki cook: She’s not a rock band.
15:20 Okonomiyaki cook: They came to Japan in 2017, to perform in Osaka, at Kyocera Dome.
15:30 Ioka: So they did a concert there and came here, right?
15:32 Okonomiyaki cook: Yeah, exactly.
15:34 Narrator: Chairman Ioka is about to be knocked out! Miku Kobato-san, we have no choice but to ask you to answer in place of him!
15:42 Kobato: I got it this time, po. Guns N’ Roses.
15:46 Cookie: Wow.
15:47 Kobato: Po.
15:49 Kobato: He goes on and on. Pretty intense.
15:53 Cookie: After finishing it, what the hell is this?
15:54 Kobato: (laughs)
15:54 Okonomiyaki cook: The correct answer is Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose-san.
16:02 Ioka: Oh. Axl Rose-san.
16:03 Okonomiyaki cook: Did you get it?
16:04 Ioka: Yes.
16:04 Okonomiyaki cook: Did you get it?
16:06 Narrator: The correct answer is Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose!
16:10 Kobato: I knew, po.
16:11 Narrator: He enjoyed okonomiyaki and yakisoba to the fullest with his wife and a few staff members.
16:16 [Caption] Signature Omoni-yaki (pork, squid, shrimp, scallop, egg) 1,500 yen
16:16 Narrator: He seems to have liked it so much that his staff took the same dish to the concert venue the next day!
16:21 [Caption] Special Champon (beef tendon, kimchi, green onion, cabbage) 2,000 yen
16:21 Cookie: Looks yummy.
16:22 Saiki: Looks delicious.
16:23 Kobato: Wow, it looks delicious, po, this champon.
16:25 Ioka: Mmm! It’s soft and delicious!
16:30 Ioka: This is really yummy.
16:32 Okonomiyaki cook: We use almost no flour in it.
16:34 Cookie: Uh-huh.
16:35 Kobato: Uh-huh.
16:35 Okonomiyaki cook: With a lot of cabbage.
16:36 Ioka: This cabbage.
16:37 Okonomiyaki cook: Yes, it is. Also, you can’t have this yakisoba anywhere else, absolutely.
16:43 Okonomiyaki cook: This is a rare one with both udon and soba.
16:46 Ioka: Oh, you’re right.
16:46 Kobato: Really? Oh, right.
16:47 Okonomiyaki cook: Yes, it is.
16:48 Staff: Can I ask you to do a food report by comparing it to boxing moves?
16:49 Cookie: Oh, that’s why it’s named champon. [Note: “champon” means “mixed together”.]
16:50 Kobato: Oh, I see, po!
16:51 Ioka: Yes.
16:53 Ioka: Uh, the lef… the left is very important… the most important thing, in boxing. There’s a saying that “He who rules with his left rules the world”.
17:01 Ioka: So, a left jab, a left uppercut, a left hook, three in a row, knocked you out.
17:07 Okonomiyaki cook: …
17:08 Saiki: (laughs)
17:08 Ioka: It’s delicious.
17:09 Cookie: This is insane.
17:12 Kobato: This is insane, po.
17:13 Ioka: Ioka the Man. Of this report, I have no regrets! [Note: a reference to Raoh.]
17:19 Cookie: Of course you have no regrets in this.
17:19 Narrator: The last one is this fashionable ramen shop.
17:22 Cookie: “Ramen War”.
17:23 Kobato: Oh, this is a ramen shop, po.
17:24 [Caption] Ramen Daisenso Senba-Shinsaibashi, Minami-Kyuhojimachi, Chuo, Osaka
17:24 Ioka: This is such a cozy shop. It doesn’t look like a ramen shop, right?
17:25 Cookie: Oh, is it like this?
17:28 Ioka: Right? What’s this?
17:29 Emi Ioka: It’s so fashionable. Kind of American, in the New York style?
17:31 Cookie: Don’t know who she is.
17:33 Emi Ioka: Um, I’m Ioka’s wife. I’m Emi.
17:35 Cookie: Oh, is she?!
17:35 Kobato: His wife!
17:37 Ioka: Yes, today is her first time shooting.
17:39 Ramen cook: Yes.
17:39 Emi Ioka: Um, I’ve heard a rockstar visited this shop frequently.
17:42 Cookie: His wife keeps the show going.
17:43 Saiki: He suddenly stoppped talking!
17:44 Kobato: Seriously, po?
17:44 Cookie: So his wife is his coach.
17:45 Ramen cook: Yes. Bruno Mars-san visited here.
17:47 Saiki: Whoa?!
17:49 Emi Ioka: Bruno Mars. Awesome.
17:49 [Caption] He visited here at the time of his shows at Kyocera Dome Osaka in October last year
17:52 Emi Ioka: That’s wonderful.
17:54 Cookie: Ioka is silent (laughs).
17:56 Kobato: He doesn’t say a single word, po.
17:58 Cookie: Once his wife came (laughs).
17:59 Kobato: Yeah.
18:00 Ramen cook: I think he performed for 3 days, and he visited us 4 times or so.
18:05 Emi Ioka: What?
18:06 Saiki: 4 times?
18:07 Kobato: Awesome, po.
18:08 Ramen cook: There was even a day when he visited us in the morning and again in the evening.
18:10 Kobato: Oh?!
18:10 Saiki: Whoa?!
18:11 Rossy: Great.
18:12 Ramen cook: I guess he visited us really just by chance, but when I saw people waiting in line first thing in the morning, I was like “Oh? There’s a foreigner waiting in line”.
18:19 Cookie: Whoa?!
18:20 Emi Ioka: Bruno Mars was waiting in line?
18:22 Kobato: Whoa, that’s awesome, po!
18:23 Rossy: Great.
18:24 Saiki: Awesome.
18:25 Ramen cook: He waited in line all 4 times.
18:26 Saiki: What?!
18:27 Ramen cook: Bruno Mars-san had a ramen named “Pistol”…
18:32 Kobato: “Pistol”?
18:32 Ramen cook: We named it so because we can serve it as quickly as a pistol bullet.
18:35 Kobato: Uh-huh.
18:38 [Caption] 3 minutes later
18:41 Rossy: That’s great.
18:42 Cookie: She gets her hips in properly.
18:43 Saiki: Properly.
18:43 Kobato: Sure. She’s solid, po.
18:44 Emi Ioka: Oh, here it comes! Thank you so much.
18:48 Emi Ioka: Wow, awesome!
18:49 Saiki: Awesome!
18:50 [Caption] Kansai-dashi shoyu ramen Pistol 810 yen
18:50 Emi Ioka: It also has a vibrant appearance.
18:51 Kobato: It looks so beautiful, po.
18:52 Emi Ioka: Great for Instagram! It looks delicious.
19:00 Emi Ioka: It has a clear taste. Not too heavy.
19:05 Ramen cook: We use rare-cooked char siu…
19:06 Emi Ioka: Rare-cooked char siu.
19:06 Ramen cook: Yes. We import it all the way from Italy.
19:09 Emi Ioka: It’s delicious. What did Bruno Mars-san say?
19:14 Ramen cook: He kept saying “Arigato, arigato” in broken Japanese and left, and he also did something like this for us when he was about to leave.
19:23 Ioka: Thank you very much.
19:24 Emi Ioka: Arigato (laughs). [Note: said with an English accent.]
19:28 Emi Ioka: Bruno Mars said that, so I tried to do an impression of him (laughs).
19:33 Narrator: Now we have an urgent announcement!
19:35 Kobato: I wonder what this is, po?
19:36 Narrator: What a surprise, the two of them made their CD debut the other day!
19:39 [Caption] Kawachiya Kikusuimaru & the Iokas, The Hiroki Ioka Story: The Road to Glory, Childhood Chapter now on sale!
19:40 Narrator: Good-bye with the great song, broadcast on TV for the first time!
19:41 Kobato: Duet?!
19:46 Cookie: This is tough to see (laughs).
19:53 Kobato: Does “Childhood Chapter” mean they will continue, po?
19:54 Cookie: They will continue. They will keep on and on like a road movie, probably?
19:57 Kobato: (laughs)
19:57 Saiki: (laughs)
19:58 Cookie: From his childhood.
19:59 Kobato: It’s quite…
20:00 Rossy: How was that? Was there any place you want to visit?
20:01 Cookie: Oh.
20:01 Kobato: Oh, at any rate, I was sooo interested in them all, po.
20:04 Kobato: You know, I really would love to visit there, but we have to go overseas so often that it’s hard to find the time… [Note: this is a joke.]
20:13 Cookie: Just eat f**king taiyaki. Buy them and share them with your mates, without saying “po, po”.
20:19 Cookie: Go buy them if you have time to say “po”.
20:21 Saiki, Kobato: (laughs)
20:24 Cookie: Who’re you… Stop showing off!!
20:25 Saiki, Kobato: (laughs)
20:27 Cookie: You little brats, I’m gonna kill you!
20:28 Saiki, Kobato: (laughs)
20:29 Rossy: Like “the world”.
20:30 Cookie: What the f**k is the world… I don’t care if you say “flying around the world, po”, but I’m doing this in my military uniform! [Note: gakuran looks like a military uniform.]
20:36 Cookie: [Note: I can’t hear well]
20:38 Rossy: No, no, never talk about the world.
20:41 Cookie: So outrageous.
20:42 Rossy: Is there anyone like this?
20:43 Saiki: Whoa, it’s huge! (laughs)
20:44 Rossy: You guys got on his bad side.
20:46 Kobato: Whoa, insane, it’s as huge as a cigar, po.
20:49 Rossy: This is insane.
20:50 Cookie: I don’t care about “po, po”.
20:50 Saiki: This is insane.
20:52 Cookie: Stand up.
20:52 Kobato: What?!
20:53 Rossy: This is insane.
20:53 Kobato: I… I stand up, po?
20:54 Saiki: Do we stand up?
20:54 Cookie: Hey, get your forehead out.
20:55 Saiki: She has such… such…
20:56 Kobato: My forehead? My forehead?
20:57 [Caption] An astonishing fact revealed!?
20:57 Narrator: It’s time for our routine cigarette execution… or not!
21:02 Cookie: (laughs)
21:05 Narrator: What happened to Cookie?! … But before going on to it.
21:13 Narrator: The Blu-ray/DVD of their solo concert at Tokyo Garden Theater held in January this year is now on sale!
21:26 [Caption] Takuto Onuki, Ongaku Bakudan DJ
21:26 Onuki: The audience was like that, even though with masks…
21:28 Kobato: That’s right, po, yeah.
21:28 Onuki: OK.
21:28 Saiki: That’s right. Cheering for the first time in a long time.
21:31 Kobato: It had been a long time.
21:33 Saiki: We were like “We were not alone” (laughs).
21:34 Kobato: Exactly, po. Um, we had the COVID pandemic before then. I, Kobato, tried my best but the audience didn’t cheer back, you know, po.
21:39 Onuki: Exactly, you’re right.
21:40 Kobato: So it was like doing a failed comedy all by myself, po.
21:42 Onuki: (laughs)
21:43 Saiki: A failed comedy (laughs).
21:45 Kobato: Um, it was the first situation in a long time where they cheered back, so that made us…
21:50 Saiki: Tearful.
21:51 Kobato: We were tearful, po.
21:54 Onuki: Well, sorry to interrupt you, but you are on a tour now…
21:56 Kobato: Po.
21:56 Onuki: And you will keep going. Will you come back to Kansai again?
21:58 Kobato: Yes.
21:59 Saiki: Yes.
21:59 Onuki: OK.
21:59 Kobato: We’ll come back here again, po.
22:00 Onuki: You will perform at Namba Hatch too. And your finish line is awesome, right?
22:01 Kobato: Yes.
22:04 Kobato: At Yokohama Arena.
22:05 Onuki: That’s truly amazing!
22:08 Kobato: For example, we have written a song that would be nice to sing along with all of them at Yokohama Arena…
22:16 Onuki: Wow!
22:17 Kobato: It’s going to come true, po, right?
22:19 Saiki: Yeah.
22:20 Onuki: Great. You had the COVID pandemic, but your five-year goal will finally come true…
22:24 Kobato: Yes, po.
22:25 Onuki: I’m impressed you are working on making it come true. Great.
22:31 [Caption] An astonishing fact will be revealed soon, po!
22:32 Rossy: You’re a half-bird half-human.
22:35 Rossy: This is an astonishing fact.
22:36 Cookie: What the hell? What?
22:39 Cookie: Hey, get your forehead out.
22:40 Saiki: She has such… such…
22:40 Kobato: My forehead? My forehead?
22:41 Saiki: A tiny forehead.
22:41 Kobato: My forehead? But I have no forehead, po.
22:43 Cookie: Show it to me.
22:44 Kobato: I really don’t have a forehead, po (laughs).
22:46 Saiki: (laughs)
22:47 Rossy: You really have no forehead.
22:49 Cookie: Hey, are you Koji Kikkawa?
22:50 Saiki: (laughs)
22:52 Cookie: I’ve never seen such a… tiny forehead. Go home.
22:55 Kobato: I’m relieved, I was saved because I have no forehead, po.
22:57 Saiki: You were saved.
22:57 Cookie: You were saved, right?
22:57 Kobato: I was saved, po.
22:58 Cookie: But you want some forehead, no?
22:59 Kobato: Actually I want some forehead, po.
23:01 Cookie: Do your best. Save money and, um, go to Takasu Clinic [note: a well-known plastic surgeon].
23:03 Saiki: (laughs)
23:03 Kobato: Oh, yes, po. Um, I sometimes… shave it, po.
23:07 Cookie: (laughs)
23:07 Rossy: So you’re doing your best.
23:09 Cookie: Sorry for making you show your weird part.
23:10 Kobato: (laughs)
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2023.06.10 12:01 AutoModerator Introduction and Daily Picture Thread

Are you pregnant, supporting someone who is pregnant, or planning on getting pregnant in the future? Then welcome to BabyBumps! This is a daily post where you can introduce yourself and share any photos that you want to share. This is the ONLY place where photos are allowed, please do not make a standalone post with your bump or ultrasound.
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Please do not ask us if you are pregnant, could be pregnant, or what symptoms others have experienced prior to confirming pregnancy. Likewise, please do not request or offer medical advice.
We have some fantastic resources available to you over in Our Wiki. With links for those of you trying to get pregnant, answers to common questions and concerns regarding pregnancy, resources and lists pertaining to pregnancy and/or common symptoms, conditions, and complications thereof, resources pertaining to birth, and a list of acronyms you may run into, we hope your immersion into our community is as seamless and supported as possible.
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2023.06.10 12:00 Clemantino Instagram Reel/video filename does not show the caption name when downloading with youtube-dl

Hello everyone,
Whenever I attempt to download an Instagram Reel/video using yt-dlp, I always want to have the text used in the caption of the referencing reel.
e.g. "That's my cat going wild" with a video showing the cat.
In many cases when i use the command line ".\yt-dlp.exe -f bestvideo[ext=mp4]+bestaudio[ext=m4a]/mp4 -o "%(title)s.%(ext)s" 'Link'" does include the full name of the video i want to download.
But after the download of a Instagram reel/video, it always says "video by accountname.mp4" instead of the wanted "That's my cat going wild" for example.
Example of the Output:
[Instagram] CrgF5W6IRR4: Setting up session
WARNING: [Instagram] CrgF5W6IRR4: No csrf token set by Instagram API
[Instagram] CrgF5W6IRR4: Downloading JSON metadata
[info] CrgF5W6IRR4: Downloading 1 format(s): 0
[download] Destination: Video by charlottekuna.mp4
On TikTok & Youtube Videos it works with no problems at all. And I am 100% sure it worked on Instagram as well but for a while now it doesn't (anymore).
especially on TikTok where the filename = the caption of the video. So i assumed it should work on IG too.
Hopefully, someone can confirm my issue or show me better solutions to this.
Would appreciate that.
Thank You!
submitted by Clemantino to youtubedl [link] [comments]