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2023.06.10 06:48 Sorry_Sky_6663 DAE: Did anyone else think that the word "geriatric" was actually the name of a celebrity (Jerry Atrich) and casually chuckled anytime they heard the word thinking it was some clever pop culture reference to a stereotypically old looking famous person?

I've thought this for years but just found out in a Vsauce video that it's an actual medical term. I feel pretty dumb but also disappointed that Jerry Atrich isn't even real. I think it's because my brain associated the pronunciation "jair-ee" with the name Jerry and filled in the blanks from there. To be fair, I've never read about the word, only heard it, that is until tonight and now I feel as if my whole idea of reality has been a lie. More specifically, I thought Jerry Atrich was a man (probably not even that old compared to what he's given credit for, maybe about 60-80) with a peculiar fashion sense and a less than fortunate placement of wrinkles on his face that made him the "stereotypical old person". I also assumed he was associated with some sort of TV show, something like American Idol, but with older judges. Or maybe he was the host of a really old game show, possibly even a legendary late night comedian.
Now that I've uncovered the truth, I want to know: did anybody else think that?
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2023.06.10 06:48 GreenPenguin00 Review: Remus Single Barrel

Review: Remus Single Barrel
Distillery: Ross & Squibb Distillery (MGP) Age: Non age stated Proof: 109.1 (54.55% ABV) Price: $64.99
Saw this guy and got excited. I was going to leave it, but my wife grabbed it and bought it. She’s a keeper.
Color: A bright amber. A little translucent
Nose: Orange and spices. A classic high rye nose. Citrus, sugarcane, allspice.
Palate: Similar to the nose. Spicy. Ethanol. Sweet citrus and cinnamon. Tastes youthful. Probably less then 4 years.
Finish: Surprising. Medium length. A slight amount of heat and dryness. The burn tapers enjoyable. Probably my favorite aspect of this pour.
Overall: A little disappointing. For the price, I was hoping for some more complexity. It doesn’t taste all that dissimilar to an Old Grandad BiB at 3x the price. I’ll admit that I’m not a huge rye whiskey fan and this is in line with other expressions I’ve tasted with greater than 51% rye, so some may enjoy that more than me. 4.5/10
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2023.06.10 06:48 No_Berry2976 Instead of focusing on hardware, we should think more about software

Lately, it seems like increasingly more powerful hardware is needed to run poorly optimised ports from consoles in a somewhat acceptable manner.
I miss the days were a new mid-price graphics card would be enough to max out two year old games.
I’m not happy with the current crop of power hungry and expensive GPUs, but the real problem is that so many video games run poorly on powerful hardware.
At least some games get patched to the point where there is a noticeable improvement, but that shows that porting games is often an afterthought.
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2023.06.10 06:48 errantgrammar Should I stay or should I go now?

I'm just contemplating embarking on the no contact journey with my partneex. I have no idea what we are anymore, but I do know that it's too much to ask me to keep hanging around waiting for him to turn his focus to me again. We are neither of us faultless, but after 3 years, I'm starting to feel tired and lonely. That shouldn't happen when I'm still in a relationship. Our highs were dizzying, as they tend to be, but our lows were tough, though mostly just empty. He would hit a depressive phase and just disappear for days, even weeks on end. It was excruciating, and the worry was unmanageable at times. He would send the occasional text, and I have to admit that those seemed to acknowledge the impact on me - he would say things like, "Hey. Just checking in. I'm okay, just doing it tough right now." but he always remained in control of us, of our time together and apart. Other times, he would ask how I was doing, and I know that at his lowest, he couldn't actually cope with the answer, but he would ask, because he wanted me to feel supported and cared for. In his way, this was the closest thing to approximating love that he could manage. A couple of times, though, he has reverted to behaving like a five year old or throwing in my face something personal that only he had been trusted with. We rarely fought, but this year, he stopped fighting fair.
I am conscious of all the things we have been through, as individuals, in this time. He lost his sister in very tragic circumstances, and his job. I have battled to keep my kids because my belligerent ex couldn't deal with my moving on (it wasn't the 'who', it was just my audacity - that I would be with anyone was highly offensive to him, and his narcissism simply wouldn't allow it - trust me, I'd take this relationship a thousand times over that one), but also gone ahead in leaps and bounds in my career - I have worked hard and been very lucky to be recognised for that so often that it made my head spin.
There's also the undeniable fact that we came into this on the back of two bad break ups and many years of friendship. It's a complicated mix that doesn't help.
So recently, I asked for a break. I actually don't want to lose him. For all of this pain, we've actually been very good for each other, and it is clear that we know each other in a way that most people never will - I know lots of people say that, but it's true. Until this year, we could be vulnerable with each other without hesitation. We have talked each other through the darkest parts of our lives and spent a thousand hours discussing the world, our thoughts, and everything that sprung to mind. But I'm not sure if I'm trying to hold on to something that is gone for good, or if his promises that he just needs some time are legitimate. He might have a condition, but his choices are still his choices. He can do the hard stuff if he chooses to. Even he recognises this as true. But if I'm not worth doing it for now, I have no reason to assume I will be later. Compassion fatigue is real, and we are both suffering it, but his capacity for compassion is lower than mine, and I don't want to keep reducing myself to avoid asking more than he has to give. He has put me first many times, and I don't expect to always be there, but I do feel like I deserve more than I currently have.
With that said, after agreeing to this break, I spent two days straight out crying. Then I reached out, because I'm in love with him, and not sure I'm ready to say goodbye. We are now two weeks in, and I've started to repair. But he has messaged me two days this week, saying he hopes I am well, and each time, I go through a whole process of evaluation before I respond. I am well. I am sad that this is where we are right now, and for the time being, a part of me still holds hope that we will do exactly what we said we would do, and return to each other when we both felt more equipped to do it, but I also can't imagine how that would look, because at the moment all I have is an urge to find my feet. Not to leave, necessarily, but to refocus on myself.
So I suppose I'm now at the stage of being desperate enough to ask strangers for their thoughts. The only jury he will ever face with me will be mine - I don't need someone to tell me what to do. I love this man, and will not walk away unless I feel 100% convinced that it is what I need to do. But I could use your thoughts to evaluate my own, to check my working, so to speak. On the one hand, I'm not sure we need to go no contact, provided that his texts don't become toxic. But on the other, I don't want to stand around waiting for the water to become undrinkable. I did float the idea of monthly date, to keep us alive whilst we work on things, but I don't know if that's a bad idea or not. Maybe I won't know until we've tried. The only thing I feel confident in right now is that things will never be vastly different from the way they are now. He will always be this person. He has changed a lot, in small ways, but he will always be a little aloof, he'll always be occasionally unreachable. Am I okay with that, or am I seeking something I can depend on?
Finally, I do wonder if I have to know? Is it okay to accept that there aren't answers for some of these questions? I am also neurodivergent, and unknowns are something I can generally only accept if I can keep them at a distance. A huge part of me feels the need for a decision, to stay or to go. To end, or to fight. But another part reminds me that I need time too, and I might stand half a chance of getting it (whatever it is?) right if I just leave things to play out how they may.
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2023.06.10 06:48 Thomas_Fx Maybe I’m posting in the wrong spot, but lord. 🙄

We’ve been married for 23 years. I was diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer, seven years ago in April 2016. I immediately started chemotherapy and hormone therapy, but kept working my full-time IT job, we had four kids at home and I had a lot of responsibility. I worked in a fortune, 500 telecom company, and when our CEO heard of my situation, he hired my wife into a position in human resources so that I would always have insurance. This was a step down for her in terms of salary, and took a lot of getting used to on her part. After four years of working full-time and undergoing multiple therapies the pain medicine regimen for the bone metastasis had became too much and I had to quit work at the advice of my oncology team. That was in 2020 by that time all four of our kids were out of the house on their way to their various pursuits, my wife suggested that we move to her hometown in Ohio so that I could be near the Cleveland clinic and that she would also be near her family and friends when the inevitable came. She had followed me around the country during my career, and I thought it best that I return the favor.
Since then, my life has become the incredible shrinking game. I went from having a well paid job in IT to living on disability, and not being able to walk very far or very well and being in a great deal of pain. Fairly immediately I assume I became pretty difficult to live with, I was going through an enormous amount of change, and didn’t want to lose my independence. I got told no a lot stop over the last three years, no car no bicycle, no motorcycle, no project car to wrench on, etc. it never got any better. Since then, my wife found a new counselor for herself, who told her to move into a separate room of the house, and left me in the guest bedroom by myself. I’m lonely. My wife won’t hear of changing the situation because of a ton of excuses honestly. I take 100% care of myself. I fill and take my own prescriptions, wash all the clothes, bathe myself, take care of myself & go to my own doctor appointments if she’s being particularly difficult. I feed myself. I also do the dishes & laundry for the house and once a week she assigns me chores. I also take care of the yard. So, in reality, she doesn’t have to do much caretaking as far as I’m concerned. Lately she has taken to shipping me off to visit the children for a week at a time because she needs “a break“.
This seems all totally backwards to me, am I just screwed?
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2023.06.10 06:48 CryptographerDry1314 [TOMT][YOUTUBE][2010-2013] an old music video about a Com-fort-able couch by two teenagers wearing suits

Okay so there's an old YouTube video that me and my family watched, and it's been years since we seen it and it seems it never existed, It's about a com-fort-able couch and it had two teenagers singing about the couch, I only found and remembered some lyrics 'This right here is a com-fort-able couch. A comfortable couch? No a com-fort-able couch' 'this right here is why I never go out' 'it's in a nice shade of white' 'this right here is a com-fort-able couch. A com-fort-able couch? Yes a com-fort-able couch' 'just make sure not to spil- the other guy spills yogurt or ice cream on the couch I'M GONNA KILL Y-' I've been looking everywhere for this
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2023.06.10 06:47 _plantain_flakes_ 28 [F4M] Toronto - Looking for Something Kind of Wonderful

Hi there!
I was hoping to be incognito and message guys on here, but the majority of posts that I've seen are months old I can’t tell if the OPs open to interracial dating. Anyway, here I am with my post!
Physically: I’m a 28 year old Black woman. 5’4”, curvy, long braids or whatever hairstyle tickles my fancy at the moment, brown eyes, and fat ass (sorry, it’s the truth).
Personality: an introvert who thinks she’s an extrovert, generous, hard working, loves to cuddle, comic book collector, and rom-com and horror fanatic. I love a funny guy but I need you to know that it doesn’t include self-deprecation, bullying others for brownie points, racism or any other ism, and insulting other women. I literally find goats jumping funny, it really won’t be difficult to make me laugh.
Extras: I work in marketing, arts, and development and have a side business that’s currently on pause for the summewarm season. I drive; I have two degrees (you don’t need to have a master’s, it was literally the worst thing I’ve ever done); left leaning and prefer you to be as well; I love to travel and would love to have a travel buddy; and I speak three languages.
Looking for someone who is:
This is not a definitive list and but if you've made it this far - and are interested - send me a message with a little burb about yourself and let's see where it goes!
Talk soon :D
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2023.06.10 06:47 monkey_plays_lego Me and my kid almost got killed today, and the police won’t (can’t) probably do anything about it!

Ok I need to vent a little bit and because I know there is no solution about it…
Some people may think I’m too dramatic but I’m still pretty shook up by the experience.
I was walking on my street on the way to the park with my 1 and half year old kid. It was 6pm and still daylight. I live on a narrow residential street, one way with a bike lane on one side and four speed bump on this section, in front of a school and the speed limit is 30km at all time. I was about to cross the street, when two cars were racing down the street. Luckily I heard them (their accelerations were super noisy) and I had time to step back and grab my kid!
I didn’t have time to see them coming! They were driving at 60-70km at least. And right in front of us the one behind try to pass the other one because there was no car parked in front of the school! However, as he was getting on the bike lane he almost run over a bike!
It’s a very quite and safe neighborhood, my kid who barely learnt how to walk usually wander by itself, to pet the cats on the street, smell the flowers and says hi to all the neighbours. I usually don’t let my kid go in the middle of the road, but you never know what a child might decide to do! And today, I was getting ready to cross, I was just waiting for my kid to reach for my hand so I could carry it in the other side, then…. Vroouuum
I just had time to grab my kid and jump back in the sidewalk! I had my phone in my hand so I took pictures as they passed by… they were the fast I only got their rear from far away. I was so pissed and scared for our life that it took me 10min to stop shaking! But I didn’t wait that long to call 911 and give them the plate number of one of the car!
Am I overreacting? I mean everyone saw those news about killed during street racing, and here it’s during the day, near a playground/school in a residential neighborhood!!! I mean what’s the hell!
So o call 911 but there is little chance they do anything because “they have other priorities”! I guess those guys will have to kill another kid before they become a priority! WTH! I even thought about trying to get the info of the car owner and post it online but I don’t know how to get it… and maybe that would be too much!
After today, I don’t feel safe anymore, I feel those crazy story can happen to me (I know it now)! What can I do!
Thanks for reading me
Edit : typo
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2023.06.10 06:46 Crazyfaz143 Im nervous about death

Hello! I Idk where to go to vent but I think im scared on what happens when I die. Im young but I know its inevitable whether its tmrw or in 80 years, but it kinda keeps me awake. And I never really was afraid until I got older when im almost graduating college.
I just never even really thought about what happens or how painful or just even if its all just black and nothingness. I was raised Christian, not a rly religious Christian by any means but just enough that I wanna believe in heaven.
I do find a sense of comfort knowing that i’ll go to heaven (even though its probably not true due to countless near death people saying its just a black void or like a nap without any dreams). But also not knowing if heaven is real or not and realizing its probably a black endless void rly started to freak me out when I get older. Especially realize it’ll happen to ppl I care about including my cat.
I dont really know what to think and it makes me scared of the future and what I’ll be when im shriveled and old. And idk about talking to my parents because my mom is happy with herself and to my knowledge has no fear of death, so I have no idea why I have a fear of death all of a sudden.
Any advice y’all could give me on how to feel less stressed about the thought of death?
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2023.06.10 06:46 NextTear Guess my Rad is ledgit

Guess my Rad is ledgit
Now what do I do I’m only on week 3
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2023.06.10 06:46 Think_Carpenter_360 Key Benefits of Studying Abroad for Indian Students

Key Benefits of Studying Abroad for Indian Students

Key Benefits of Studying Abroad for Indian Students

In this article, we are discussing about Key Benefits of Studying Abroad for Indian Students.
Many of us aspire to study abroad but hesitate to break out of our comfort zones. The question that first arises is, “Is it worth it??”, “What are the benefits of studying abroad for Indian students??”.
Studying abroad is not just about education, but more about experience. The duration of gaining an international degree is not just about career benefits but also the personal benefits that come as a bonus in the package.Universities abroad focus majorly on teaching proficiency and the overall personality development of their students. As per statistics yearly, lakhs of students are enrolled in education courses abroad, and India is also reported to be 2nd highest source of international students after China. This proves the willingness of Indians to gain global education for a better and prosperous career and future.
The advantages of studying abroad are numerous, it not just helps you develop personally but at a professional level too. So, keep on reading this article and Explore the Key Benefits of Studying Abroad for Indian Students.

7 Key Benefits of Studying Abroad for Indian Students

As we already discussed above, the education journey abroad is more about the amazing and long-lasting experience we gain surviving in a different country. Below are 7 Key Benefits of Studying Abroad that help them enhance their career prospects-

Access to Specialized Programs

Studying abroad can give Indian students access to specialized programs that may not be available in their home country. For example, a student interested in marine biology may find it difficult to find a program that offers this specialty in India. However, by studying abroad in a country with a strong focus on marine biology, such as Australia or the United States, the student can gain access to cutting-edge research, internships, and specialized courses that can help them excel in their field.

Exposure to Different Teaching Styles

Studying abroad can also expose Indian students to different teaching styles that may not be common in their home country. This can be particularly valuable for students who want to pursue careers in education or who are interested in becoming educators themselves. By experiencing different teaching styles, students can gain a greater understanding of what works and what doesn't work in the classroom, and they can bring these insights back home with them to improve the education system in India.

Development of Global Mindset

Studying abroad can also help Indian students to develop a global mindset. This means that they will be able to think critically about global issues and understand how different cultures, politics, and economies are interconnected. This can be a valuable skill for students who are interested in pursuing careers in international business, diplomacy, or policy. It can also help students to become more aware of their own biases and prejudices and develop a more empathetic and compassionate worldview.

Exposure to Innovation and Technology

Studying abroad can also expose Indian students to the latest innovations and technologies that may not be readily available in India. For example, students studying computer science in the United States may have access to state-of-the-art labs and equipment that can help them stay ahead of the curve in their field. This exposure to innovation and technology can give students a competitive edge when it comes to pursuing careers in tech-related industries.

Financial Benefits

While studying abroad can be expensive, it can also provide Indian students with financial benefits that they may not have considered. For example, some countries offer scholarships, grants, or work-study programs that can help offset the cost of tuition and living expenses. Additionally, students who study abroad may have access to internships or job opportunities that pay well and provide valuable work experience. These financial benefits can help Indian students to graduate with less debt and more career opportunities.

Improved Emotional Intelligence

Studying abroad can also help Indian students to improve their emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize and manage one's own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. By living in a new country and experiencing different cultures, students can develop a greater sense of empathy and understanding. This can help them to become more effective communicators and leaders in their future careers.

Enhanced Creativity

Studying abroad can also enhance a student's creativity. By experiencing new cultures and ways of life, students can gain new perspectives that can inspire them to think outside of the box. Additionally, studying in a new environment can break up the monotony of routine, which can help to stimulate the brain and encourage creativity.


Studying abroad provides a wealth of benefits for Indian students, including exposure to different cultures, improved language skills, enhanced career opportunities, networking opportunities, personal growth, international exposure, exposure to innovative technologies and research, exposure to different teaching styles, enhanced creativity, improved emotional intelligence, and greater resilience. By taking advantage of these benefits, Indian students can gain a unique perspective on the world and set themselves up for success in their future careers and personal lives. Rightly said, “Studying abroad is not just about education, but more about the experience”.
So, in this article, we have tried to cover Key Benefits of Studying Abroad for Indian Students". We hope you like this article!
We know choosing the right course and university that runs parallel to your interests is very important. For this, Contact our experts at Alpha Edu they will assist you in your study abroad endeavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can studying abroad enhance creativity?

Studying abroad can enhance creativity by exposing students to new cultures and ways of life, which can inspire them to think outside of the box. Additionally, studying in a new environment can break up the monotony of routine, which can help to stimulate the brain and encourage creativity.

How can studying abroad enhance personal growth?

Studying abroad can enhance personal growth by challenging students to step outside of their comfort zones and develop greater independence, resilience, and adaptability. Students may also develop a greater sense of self-awareness and a better understanding of their own values and priorities.

What are the requirements for studying abroad?

The requirements for studying abroad vary depending on the program and the country you are interested in studying in. Generally, you will need to have a certain level of academic achievement and proficiency in the language of instruction. You will also need to obtain a visa and make sure you have the necessary funds to cover your expenses.

Can I receive financial aid for studying abroad?

Yes, there are several sources of financial aid available for studying abroad, including scholarships, grants, and loans. Many universities and study abroad organizations offer financial assistance to help make studying abroad more affordable.

How can I choose the right study abroad program for me?

Choosing the right study abroad program involves considering several factors, including your academic goals, personal interests, language proficiency, and financial situation. It's important to research different programs and countries, talk to study abroad advisors, and consider the program's curriculum, location, and cultural activities. You should also consider your own goals and priorities to find a program that aligns with your needs.
An IIT Delhi IIM Ahmedabad alumni initiative
Alpha Education Abroad is an initiative by IIT Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad alumni. The firm helps students get admitted to top universities overseas in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, and many other countries. It allows students to apply for graduation as well as post-graduation courses abroad. It also helps students get admitted to top 1 year MBA programs such as ISB and IIM Ahmedabad in India.
This Post was originally published on: Alpha Edu Abroad Blog
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2023.06.10 06:46 Prophet_0f_Helix Playing a mon that can’t carry in solo que is griefing yourself

Just don’t even bother playing anything else. Sure exp share is the best item in the game right now, but it doesn’t matter if your team mates literally run away from you trying to feed them farm. Slowbro is awesome and can do a lot, but it can’t single handedly win rayquaza or late game team fights, and that’s all that really matters. That and the certainty that your team mates will either not show to rayquaza or just throw in some other absurd way (like deciding after fighting the whole game, NOW is the time to power farm the side lane). Yeah hoopa portals are OP, but not when your teammates run away from them. Or when you try and heal them as eldegoss or clefable. Seriously my teammates run from my eldegoss healing more than my opponents. Not even like missing them but they will actively avoid it because they think it will hurt them. AND IM IN LOW MASTERS FOR CHRIST SAKE HOW THE FUCK ARE THESE MORONIC 8 YEAR OLDS AND COMPLETE AND TOTAL ZOMBIE IDIOT ADULTS IN MASTERS?? LIKE HOW THE FUCK DO YOU NOT KNOW TO SHOW UP TO RAYQUAZA AT THAT LEVEL??
And yes, I do realize it’s hard to get jungle because some idiot decides to choose absol or gengar last minute and go middle with you (not bothering to call any lane mind you). But really it’s better just to grit your teeth and bare it and stay middle and fight them over last hits then to change mons and go support or tank, even though it makes sense to with 4 other squishy attackers on your team. But don’t do it. Stick with some sort of carry because they will fuck up rayquaza and you have to be able to carry games all on your own to climb this miserable excuse of a ranked ladder. If you don’t do that, then you’re just griefing yourself.
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2023.06.10 06:46 SnooShortcuts7514 Electric Light Orchestra “Out Of The Blue”

Electric Light Orchestra “Out Of The Blue”
I’ve had this album for years and years. Today the whole of the album has been eclipsed by one track on it… “Mr Blue Sky”! However, as a child I never paid attention to the music when my mom played her copy. No, I was mesmerized at the time by the album cover, it was just the thing to interest a five or six year old boy. The inner gatefold cover was cool too. Anyone else experience this album the same way or is it just me?
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2023.06.10 06:46 nachogirl1618 How many sexual partners is too much?

I lost my virginity at 16. I’m a 23 year old woman. I’ve had anywhere between 25-30 sexual partners.
It’d be great if redditors could reveal the age their lost their virginity, how old they are now, gender, and how many sexual partners they’ve had.
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2023.06.10 06:46 Risethewake Love this!! ❤️

Love this!! ❤️ submitted by Risethewake to MadeMeSmile [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 06:46 AlphaArmadillo (EST) 22 M looking to form close, long-term friendships.

Hello all, I've made a post to see if I can find the right kind of people for me with similar values when it comes to forming a close and supportive friendship. I have often found it draining to have to keep messaging so many people online that I'd like to limit any potential pitfalls as much as possible when it comes to making friends online. From my experience, a lot of friendships don't seem to work out when there is not as much initiation from both sides which is something that I really value. I really appreciate direct and honest communication along with a willingness to work through things. I expect a certain amount of effort when it comes to responses. Although I tend to have higher standards when it comes to friends, I do not want that to deter others from wanting to reach out as I am quite open and understanding. I'm a 22-year-old and in my final year of college. I'm majoring in psychology as I want to be able to become a therapist/counselor and help others out where possible. Once I graduate, I am planning to pursue a master's degree in counseling. I live on the east coast side of the US and my MBTI personality type is INFJ as well. It's usually easier to mention this ahead of time but I have a physical disability that requires me to use a wheelchair.
Some of my interests and activities that I enjoy doing include playing games on pc, ps5, and switch, learning about other people and their experiences, watching videos or shows online, and voice chatting. Basically, anything where we can spend time together online in some way. A few of my favorite games are Final Fantasy 14, Xenoblade Chronicles 1-3, Persona 5, Pokemon, Skyrim, and The Witcher 3. I am also open to talking about and trying out other games. As for shows and watching videos, I do enjoy watching anime from time to time and wouldn't mind watching them with others. Additionally, if you have any suggestions or things you like to watch I would be happy to watch those as well. We could even just watch stuff on youtube which is where I usually go lol.
I'm looking for the kind of one-on-one friendship where we can message/talk about whatever is on our minds throughout the day and be able to share everyday and deeper, more meaningful conversations. I enjoy having conversations on philosophical topics, anything science or education related, asking random questions, and psychology (of course) or mental health in general. It would be great to have long-term friends who prioritize a consistent, genuinely caring friendship and who are willing to put in the same amount of effort. I want to have friendships where we can open up to each other as much as we are comfortable with and be able to check in on each other.
I'm not expecting to become great friends with everyone but I am willing to give others a fair chance. Realistically, I want to invest in just a few quality friendships. Building a good friendship takes time and I only want to have friends who are specifically looking for something long-term. As long as you are willing to show that you value building the kind of friendship that I do, that is what I care about most.
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2023.06.10 06:45 lighghts Placed on a PIP, can I take my PTO?

A little background -- I work in healthcare in a remote setting so everything is virtual. I have been at this company for two years, YoE eight years total including these two. I was placed on a surprise PIP this week, my manager stated it is due to low productivity, which sounds like bs to me. About a month ago I was told I was one of the highest producing members on the team by a senior manager and was asked to train someone, and now my direct manager put me on a PIP saying that I'm not meeting expectations. Even before the PIP, I have been fed up with this job due to management being in shambles and poor work/life balance. I've already interviewed and lined up a different job as well since I'm certain there is no way to pass the PIP due to unrealistic expecations. My main point of concern is actually with my PTO. At my company they do not allow you to take your PTO once you have given a 2-week notice. They also only pay you 75% of your accumlated PTO. I have almost two weeks worth of PTO accrued, should I just take that and immediately provide a two-week notice upon my return? Is there any legal action they can take against me for doing this, especially while on a PIP?
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2023.06.10 06:45 yyl99 Feeling overwhelmed

I just recently adopted an 11 month old tabby. I will be honest, while adopting a cat was somewhat on my mind a few months ago, it was never really a concrete decision. Until a week ago and one thing led to another, I ended up adopting this girl from the shelter 4 days ago.
As I have a full-time job, I don’t have much time for her, which I thought would be okay but she ended up being much more needy than I initially thought. The shelter portrayed her as an independent cat but this girl loves pets and getting into peoples personal space. While it’s great when I’m not busy and my mental is not in a hole, its very tough to handle alone when I don’t give her enough attention because she’d do something I don’t like (e.g. jumping on counters and biting stuff). I tried almost every trick online (tin foil, tape, citrus smell) but she’s still counter surf. She would also go crazy for food, no matter how much i feed her, whenever i cook or eat, i have to be super careful to not let her just jump up and either eat or burn herself on the stove. Cooking and food used to be my stress relief but now I just dread cooking and eating because she’d try to get in my face and in the food.
I just feel overwhelmed like this house isn’t my own anymore. I lost my childhood dog 8 months ago and I find myself comparing them even though they’re so different. I don’t know what to do, I’m basically crying myself to sleep every night. I’ve been told that this maybe just incompatible and it’s probably for the best that I return her. But I just don’t know what to do. She’s a very sweet cat that loves pets, being picked up, etc. Maybe I’m seeking validation, maybe I’m just ranting, but I really want someone to give me an answer on my next steps because I feel like suffocating. I feel like every road I take from here on out will not be without stress, guilt, or sobbing either way. Please help.
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2023.06.10 06:45 sublime_272 any take trying to trade jimmy or bam and saying jimmy can’t be a #1 option is a lie

y’all can be upset and disappointed but realistically how did we even get here? if anyone on this thread genuinely thought we’d beat the bucks in 5, or beat them at all, directly after we beat the bulls to get the 8th seed please let me know, cause you do not exist.
I’m not as down as I’d thought I’d be, maybe cause the Celtics series legit made me feel like my life was ending, but what I am sad about is the possibility of what could’ve been. if we had made some upgrades to our roster in the past few years, especially last year there’s no way we wouldn’t have won a chip by now, cause look at how far we’ve gotten 3 times now with what we have.
Think about it, we’re the only team to reach the finals twice in the last four years. Made the finals twice and ecf (1 shot away from the finals) in the 4 years Jimmy has been year. That’s insane success for a team that lacks the talent most contending teams have. In 2021, after making the finals, front offense decided it was cool to have Trevor arizia and Kendrick nunn starting for us in the playoffs lol that’s what the front office has been these past for years.
So trying to trade Jimmy cause he’s “old” is a dumbass ideology. Especially since some of you have been saying that shit since 2021. He deserves a chip and trading him when you’ve been so close for the past 4 years and he’s the main reason we’re in this position, makes 0 sense. That’d be a cop out by the front office. If you can’t pair another star with him, which they should try their best to do, they need to surround him with elite role players.
I don’t see any other star player leading this team to the finals. And some of you wanting to trade Bam are fucking dense. He’s a lifer. We know who he is at this point offensively, which is great but not a 1 or 2 offensive option. That’s okay. Give him and jimmy a better surrounding cast.
Our role players had a great run but it’s time to blow it up. Keep bam and jimmy, find new pieces and contend again next year. With them as a duo, I think we’ve had the most playoff wins in the last 4 years. You don’t break that up.
I don’t see how you witness what Jimmy has done and think he can’t be a #1 option. He’s gotten farther than so many “superstars” in this league. And he’s come up short because both times he didn’t have the better team. Even if Josh Hart didnt cause his generational numbers to come to a halt, we don’t know if we’d able to get 4 vs the nuggets. I do know he’d probably have to average 38 ppg again, and even for most “superstars” they’re not sustaining that to win a chip. 98% of the time you need significant help to get it done.
I’m already seeing so much slander from other fanbases but some of you saying stupid shit is comical. not tryna tell you how to fan but you sound moronic if your train of thoughts is to trade jimmy or bam.
I know this post is long as fuck lmao
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2023.06.10 06:45 ffffffffffffffffffun The Growth in House Prices by Country

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2023.06.10 06:45 Bombyx08 GLOWBERRYMC [Anarchy] {1.19} {Year Old Map}

We have been open for a little over a year now and we have a small but growing player base!
And we are a server free from pay to win and chat reports and economy bullshit!
We are a server with no rules and you are completely free to hack/dupe and make your mark on this server!
What Sets this Server apart from the other guys?
Well we have a balanced mob spawn rate that provides players the opportunity to create mob farms for their bases while also trying to have the least latency.
We also have a very generous anti cheat that prevents the use of game breaking exploits while also giving the players the most freedom on the server.
We also use top notch server software that gives the server a big performance boost and because of that it allows us to be on 1.19+.
To top it off we also have tpa which allows players to have faster travel with their friends and /home to make it easier for groups or players to get to many bases that they may have.
So Play Today, make bases, make friends, make groups, make foes, make memories.
And Have fun on a server that is free from anti grief, pay to win, and land claims.
IP: play.glowberrymc.com
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/d36Ht25CtT
Have a Wonderful Day And We Hope To See You Online!
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2023.06.10 06:45 BigCountryTeaQueen Homes for rent in Johnson County?

Looking for a private renter! Not looking to buy at the current time. We have a unique situation… we are a family of 3+ 1 dog. My hubs and I are unfortunately convicted felons. They aren’t old enough to be taken off of our records unfortunately. We have a little girl and have kicked ass the last few years. Stable apartment the last 5 years always paid rent on time. Needing someone to give us a chance 😩 our budget is no more than 1,300 monthly. Open to Joco, KCMO, and surrounding areas♥️ thanks in advance!
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