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2023.06.09 16:12 rollersky Why left-wingers should be in favour of Freedom of speech

An actor everybody is pretty much somewhat familiar with, Rowan Atkinson that plays Mr Bean recently made an about 10 minute press release speech and statement. It was directly concerning the freedom of the people of the United Kingdom to merely express themselves, to perform the very human act of communicating and sharing.
The fact that the U.K is unfortunately by law a tyrannical state that dishes out criminal punishment to anyone who says anything anyone finds offensive, no literally they actually have laws that get you arrested for posting normal song lyrics and other mundane normal usage posts. It's from a recent yet slightly older law from 25 years ago, and it enables anyone to be charged with hate speech for saying or since the advent of social media posting anything anyone ever finds offensive.
I wish it were otherwise but unfortunately these authoritarian tyrannical laws are also present... in Australia and you have probably forgotten but they were on full display in Australia in 2019... when the Pharmaceutical companies became the wealthiest and most profitable companies on Earth... the same companies that sponsor Political Parties,... and Television advertisements,... Social Media companies (like the one your on now) and literally run the tests and produce all medical scientific papers (studies, theories, hospitals, physicians on payroll, fund entire hospitals and livelihoods... etc. etc.) The best example I can remember of the absolute tyranny Australia was under is a case whereby a pregnant women in Victoria was arrested for writing on a Facebook post that she was against lockdowns and supported the protests against them... the Police came and arrested her... for 'Hate Speech'... it luckily enough got picked up media companies (TV stories and articles). Luckily. So the police, after dragging this pregnant woman kicking and screaming out of her apartment (not exactly literally) let her go without charge. She was lucky. Very very lucky. And there is no way she should have had to have been 'lucky' for merely making a post on Facebook.
America simply does not have this problem as written into the very constitution as the 1st Amendment to their constitution by the founding fathers in all of their wisdom, intelligence, good faith and if your religious like they where, filled with divine enlightenment wrote it such that the Government in America has no ability to write any law to restrict people's rights to express themselves (Freedom of Speech), restrict the press (because back then they lacked smart phones, social media and all modern technology, which should be obvious but perhaps it is not and is difficult for people today to even begin to imagine life back then despite it being very loosely similar to today's world) and finallu restrict people's religious freedoms (written in reverse order to this because they were all wise God loving, humble, noble and brave men.
America's 1st Amendment is the only Freedom of Speech law written into its very constitution in the entire world, it is the reason that America is referred to as 'Land of the Free' and the second part of that phrase, 'Home of the Brave.'. As for protests, peaceful assembly had always been constitutionally protected, not violent assembly so riots and revolution is still very much illegal and is met with lethal counter force every time. [As a side note, if peaceful assembly fails to prevent America becoming a Tryrannical State, then the 2nd Amendment is the fail-safe. As the wisdom of the founding fathers literally argued and intendeded]
Australia does not have that phrase and frankly I feel that every Australian that knows that, feels a deep unspoken, subconscious shame over that fact and far more importantly that all Australians simply do not have the constitutional right to even speak their minds freely, as every human being alive desires.
As Rowan Atkinson stated 'Hate Speech' is not real. It is a term used to silence, censor and remove power from whomever those in power disagree and dislike or are offended by. There are seemingly endless examples from history of the evil deeds of enactment of those disliked by existing powers for example, Galileo (ostracised and persecuted by the church and all religious folk for merely stating he believed that the sun was the center of the Galaxy and not the Earth), Nikola Tesla (defamed by the work of Tomas Edison and countless people trying to claim his inventions as their own by way of patent theft and lies for the purpose of advertising like don't by an American organisation NPR over the discovery of radio), (Jesus Christ himself by his crucifixion by my Ancestors, the Romans) and as the last example, the NAZI's by locking up any intellectuals that disagreed or dared critisize any of their doctrine and propoganda, their torture of anyone condemned for death by way of countless sadistic and grotesque torture methods, and some though quite few, for scientific discovery purposes, their burning of the books followed in time by bodies, and lastly their brutal slaughter of the Jews, no evidence of wrongs but only stirring words and speeches from their beloved demagogue, Adolf Hitler and gigantic amounts of absolute propoganda distributed to the masses, orchestrated by NAZI Propoganda Chief Joseph Goebbels and his team. (Which every highschool student should have, though potentially didn't, have already learned from Highschool History class, at least in every Public School, Private Schools may be permitted a different curriculum.) Offensive caused by speech has only 1 solution. More Free speech, Rowan Atkinson a famous actor that has probably more wealth than this entire subreddit conveyed this message, and it would seem as an absolute truth as far as I can tell.
I have written this in hopes of sparking and pasing wisdom and knowledge into whoever needs to have read this. And hopefully you will pass this type of message on yourself from now on. Australia needs the Right of Freedom of Speech written into its very constitution. As demonstrated during COVID19 it needed it years ago but now even more than ever.
And to those that would say it will do nothing but allow mass disinformation, manipulation and mislead people, I would say this, history has proven you absolutely dead wrong on that statement and sentiment, the only solution to offense from speech is more Free Speech and if you silence, censor or try more modern trends of the same kind known as deplatforming or cancelling, then all you do, all you achieve, everything you are trying to stop will only be made stronger, more resilient and more popular then ever before. As examples, take Jesus Christ, he has the Roman equivalent of being hung drawn and quartered, he was crucified, publicly executed like a lamb to the slaughter to send a message of absolute obedience being required to the rest of the herd. Yet because of that Christianity exploded and has been far more viral than COVID19 or any viral video has ever been to date. And for modern times look at Tucker Carlson, deplatformed by pressure from Pharmaceutical companies, lawsuits from shitty voting machine companies and pathologically idealogically fanatic ex employees in lawsuits. Tucker Carlsons show on Fox was the most popular show on Fox News and it drew in about 2 million people every night to watch it... after he was fired... is now getting 35+ million on the regular after he started up on Twitter. I do so imagine that actuall that will be an understatement in the coming future as currently he's on his 2nd episode ever. The 'Streisand Effect' in full unbridled, unstoppable force.
Every Australian deserves the right to express themselves freely, meaning free of all Government persecution and all possible Government and legal persecution. This is and has always been a left wing idea, as the rule of Tyrants; Dictators, kings Pharaohs, Caesar's, Shoguns, Kahns, Lords, Nobles Knights and Emperors have always, always been majority perpetuated by people with conservative temperaments, whereas free thinkers, creative and imaginative people are the minority of people perpetuating the rule of Tyrants.
We here in Australia critisize China for authoritarianism and tyranny when there is weakness in our own ranks. 'Those in glass houses should not throw stones' - some famous person', 'never lay cannonfire on your enemy with a glass cannon' -me. Western countries, especially our home Australians true colours, true laws and beliefs of of people were broadcaster for the world to see during covid. And they paint a very dark authoritarian picture of our nation to the world, something China is more than smart enough to take advantage of... and much to our chagrin they are and have been since Covid ended for us. Chinese propoganda, their Television Channels, all Chinese State OWNED... all of them constantly bring up how Australia, England and America all were even worse if not just as bad as China was during Covid19, and as the best and most convincing propoganda always is... its harrowingly mostly true. (Only, partly mostly thankfully) but domestic Chinese TV isn't the most important propoganda outlet taking the easy win by using our sins in their propoganda... no, that would be the Confucius Institute in Australian Universities. China's unelected ruling communist party (communist in name only these days, just a full bull authoritarian tyranny is their ideology nowadays) main propoganda outlet in Australia is a Chinese University group called the Confucius Institute (I could be wrong about the name and I've spent too long writing this to be bothered to look it up). They target young, impressionable Chinese men and women when they are studying abroad in Australia's universities, our most popular young adult Chinese attraction, I dare say, maybe even 'Global young adult Asian attraction' as I once met a man from Tibet who said exactly that in a course I had to take for my construction job (white card). The Confucius Institute goal is promote CCP propoganda via demonising the way Australia and all Western countries are so that as few young people ever believe in the ideals of Democracy and want to return to China, such that the CCP can perpetuate its tyrannical rule over China forever. Idealogically brainwash 'loose ends' - Mafia Terminology if you understand. They thanks to what happened to Australia under the Lib/Nats Coalition 2019 to late 2022 they distribute and spread half truths about Australia and countless other lies about every part and aspect of life in Australia as well as pay members of their organisation to organise pro China protests, (sign holders and chanters) in Australian Universities, footage of this circulated sparsely in Australian media and articles during 2014-2018 roughly though probably a bit before too. They actively seek out and target specifically ethnically Chinese and often try to emotionally blackmail them, incite fear into them, speak exclusively their propoganda to then and rarely but almost certainly literally blackmail them using the threat of violence, torture and death of their families back in China. Naturally there's no direct evidence of that claim except for Chinese Father and Husband in England that was blackmailed (husband of high ranking shipping Port official wife) they abducted his wife and child and forced the wife read a script to the husband over the phone (utilised emotional and physical blackmail and just directly veiled and unveiled threats, I recommend you look up interviews from the husband) and if you look up the articles of the Confucius Institute from IDK 2011-2018 and have the ability to interpret from what the articles found you can tell the Confucius Institute, only has 1 purpose, to try and perpetuate the CCP's rule of China and stop and protest against their rule, specifically stopping Tiananmen Square type protests from ever happening again. The Tianamen Square Massacre was a global well known proverbial black eye to China that severely hampered every nation's diplomatic relations with China for close to half a century, and the CCP didn't like that as even Tyrants love swimming in money, also the CCP loves stealing technology through trade espionage, China's MAG Lev trains and their entire car industry is built off stolen technology from Western companies dumb enough to deal with companies owned by the CCP. Naturally the Chinese who have been or are being 'convinced' by the Confucius Institute are always the biggest promoters of Anti Freedom ideas, especially the death of Freedom of Speech via hate speech crime laws such as: incitement of violence laws (Victoria mainly), offensive Tweets, Facebook Posts, Instagram Posts,,, Goddamn Reddit posts all hopefully being made illegal and the Liberals God awful rich persons almost exclusive digital world referee, The new E-Safety Commisioner. And like all the God awful Tyrant Commissioner's from TV shows and books if the E-Safety commisoner ever... EVER gets in the hands of the Liberals again it will be used against the normal people of Australia to beat the collective will of normal free thinking Australian's to the ground if not to death. Only complete dumbass Liberal Supporters usually dumb beer drinking sky news watchers (usually fossils) and Young Adult Chinese University Students support ANY of the laws and speech referees I just mentioned.
Again please war h the video I linked at the tiop and if the Politcal State of the U.K interests you for whatever reason then I recommend: Count Dankular (his second channel) the first person in Scottish History tried and found guilty of 'Hate Speech'... from a freakin comedy video. Where he's mocking the very thing they charged him for supporting [funny pug salute video as a direct hint]), Jonathan Pie (excellent wit, fantastic satirist and insult wordsmith wizard, also very yelly, I like him) and lastly Jordan Shanks himself, the namesake of this subreddit, FriendlyJordies. Whenever he actually gets round to covering the U.K his analysis is excellent.
Also a guy from YouTube channel Sargon of Akkad though... fair warning, his videos are really boring but he is quite very articulate.
All Australians deserve the Right of Freedom of Speech. And unfortunately, on Reddit in particular I see far too many Tyrannical Speech Law sympathisers which I personally find truly disgusting and as much as I hate the authoritarian ideas you spout, I will defend your right to say and spread them. If your a real FriendlyJordies fan or agree with his ideas and rhetoric than I already know you support all Australians Right of 'Free Speech'.
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2023.06.09 16:12 Mother_Leader Canadian moving to Perth in New Year

I'm a 27 year old Canadian who will be moving to Perth in January with my partner to study medicine at UWA.
I'm really excited about moving to Perth. The climate, slower pace, nature, and lower cost of living (compared to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane) are a huge draw for us.
I was wondering if anyone could share insights into what to expect relocating to Perth?
Thanks in advance for the interview lool
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2023.06.09 16:11 BeaverTech ISO roommate for sunny 3bd/1 bath duplex in Pilsen - $600 utilities included

We have a room available in a 3 bedroom apartment duplex in Pilsen, less than 5 minutes walking to the Pink line stop on Western. Consists of a student, a working professional, and a cat plus there's a backyard. If you're cat friendly then please reply to the following post:
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2023.06.09 16:10 dbgnihd Having trouble deciding between locations

Hi! For context, I am a 22 year old university student and I am about to graduate and begin my first ever proper job in Spain teaching English. My university degree is Spanish, Catalan and Japanese. I took a year out last year to study abroad in Barcelona and Tokyo.
I have received three job offers from three different companies: one in Madrid and two in Girona, Catalonia. It was pure coincidence that I received two offers for Girona as I only had preference over region (I chose Catalonia).
I originally wanted to live in Barcelona again, but it is hard to find work there, the rent is high and my girlfriend who lives there broke up with me. I then decided that I wanted to try other places and then got offered Madrid. Weeks later, I received offers for Girona, which is roughly an hour away from Barcelona by train.
All three jobs are very similar but with a few crucial differences: Madrid pays more (around 1000€, Girona pays 800-850€), two of the jobs are in private schools and in Madrid it'll be much harder to practice Catalan.
I cannot find too many places to rent in Girona, however there are many in Madrid. I feel bad that I have the opportunity to keep learning both Catalan and Spanish in Girona, but I feel it will be more realistic to move to Madrid. I would have an agent to help me move to Girona and find a place (ideally for myself).
I feel bad because Girona would be closer to the experience I had in Barcelona.
I also need to add that I am able to study Catalan (and Japanese) in Madrid in language schools, however it wouldn't be the same as using it every day in Girona.
The situation at the moment is: I have been accepted into Madrid, on the condition that I get an appointment for my visa (I am nearly done with getting documents, I need them to book an appointment). I also have been given an offer by one company in Girona and awaiting confirmation with the other.
I really don't know what to do, I like both places and both schools sound really nice. I am torn between where to choose.
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2023.06.09 16:10 Certain-Ad6094 How to tackle misogyny vs being respectful to my partner when it comes to posting on social media or general nudity ?

I post on social media and walk around in public with dresses that show shoulders and cleavage and generally sexy fitting ( quite classic and girly) dresses or tops . Also occasionally have my legs out in cowboy boots . The problem is that before I met my ex and my now partner , I was wearing these outfits in public and on social media , I don’t post bikini pics or underwear pics , but I have always shown off for the sake of showing what I’ve done to my hair / face / outfit . I never have my nipples/ bum or breasts exposed fully .
I personally am attracted to women sexually , so when I see them post on socials sometimes I think phwoar , sometimes I think how pretty in a platonic way , sometimes I think nothing . I NEVER ever think “ ew put it away “ or “ she’s trying to get attention from people and wants to fuck them “ I ALWAYS just assume a woman wants to show how good she looks and I always support it , even if she’s nearly naked …
I cannot get a hang of my partner being upset by me posting something pretty that even slightly exposes me , especially when they signed up for that , knowing that’s what they were getting .
My ex boyfriend was problematic in many ways so I told him it was misogynistic to assume I’m trying to get compliments and sex by posting , the men who complimented me were frankly disgusting and I didn’t want them obviously so why would he assume that apart from ✨misogyny ✨
My now partner is a woman , she has started getting upset when I post selfies or videos of my outfit and makeup because she believes it is for one reason and it should be personal ?
I don’t know how to tackle this honestly
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2023.06.09 16:10 xor_music Ephemeral tracks, vol. 2

Videos Bandcamp Spotify
The title Ephemeral Tracks comes from the spring wildflowers in Appalachia that blanket forest floors before the canopy fills in. Plants that go through their entire cycle in just a few weeks bookend by frost and lack of light. These songs were written entirely or started as modular compositions, lasting only as long as the patch. The goal was to capture a moment and move on.
The first Ephemeral EP was recorded in a singular take. It allowed for a certain cohesion but also felt limiting, so this time around I wanted to write individual pieces for it. I also created videos for each of the songs (well, my partner made the video for Solstice). I know next to nothing about filming and video editing but wanted to capture the vibe of each song.
This was essentially the rack that I used, though Bloom and X-Pan were late additions. At other points there was a quantizer or wavefolder. Some of the sequencing came from running Quadratt through the sequential switch (clocked by some logic gate fuckery) then quantizing it. More melodic leads, like in Winter and Blursed, were sequenced on a Korg Electribe and run through the midi in.

This song is essentially a funeral dirge. It was recorded in one take. The pulsing of the bass comes from using DFAM both as a bass and a drum machine. At points you can hear the chaos of Qpas’s !!.

Originally I recorded this as a modular loop. I had my rig all set up on my covered porch to catch the falling snow to make one of those pretentious shoot-your-modular-with-a-nice-backdrop youtube videos, but then the wind picked up and I was struggling to keep the rack dry as massive snowflakes were melting on it. A lot of Plaits on this one. Not just the leads but the pads and granularized Plaits through Arbhar. The beat was written on an Electribe.

The endless possibilities of working with modular or working in a DAW can be overwhelming. During the pandemic, I got a DFAM and Subharmonicon and would sit on my porch and jam out the sunset after work. After diving deeper into modular, I wanted to go back to that simplicity and see what I could apply. This track is just running a Subharmonicon through Strymon’s Night Sky. There's an older run-through on just the Subharmonicon.

Another Plaits/Electribe combo. I used to perform live a lot with Electribe and learned you could get the same synth to (sort of) have 2 different parts just by turning it on and off at different points. I don’t use the Electribe as much these days, but I really love the unison triangle synth on it. It has decent saw bass too and can get that Korg witchhouse sound. This is one I ended up doing each patch one at a time to get a cleaner sound than all at once.

I used my Novation Peak for the higher pads on this because what I’d recorded on a singular take with modular was feeling incomplete. Clocking 5/4 against 4/4 can be a fun modular experiment–something easier to do with humans playing together that opens a new way of thinking when trying to patch. Doepfer’s Wasp filter adds a lot of nastiness to the bass, and Befaco’s Chopping Kinky adds to the grit.

This differs from other tracks in that there’s more studio magic behind it. I’d recorded an idea on modular, thought I liked it, and months later came back feeling something wasn’t quite right about it. I ended up stretching out the recorded track just to the point where it started falling apart and modulating Vahalla’s Supermassive over it.
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2023.06.09 16:08 thkt6475 They keep setting up another relationship behind the scenes, ridiculously hurtful

I’ve had two long term relationships, each 3 years long, and after that two that lasted around 6 months each. The three recent breakups were pretty rough, all of them had set up a relationship behind the scenes with another guy, whether it be a new guy they’ve recently met or an ex boyfriend of theirs. The first absolutely ruined me, bad nightmares, hardly ate, lost loads of weight and was just constantly miserable for about 6 months. I got through that rough patch, was happier and met another girl that I fell head over heals for, fast forward 6 months later… I move her out to her new apartment - worked like a dog, and 2 days later she dumps me and goes straight back to her toxic ex - again, I’m heartbroken, back to square one and a walking ball of depression. So once more, I get through it, I’m happy again, I meet another woman, this time older than me by 4 years (I’m 26, she’s 30 ish) so you’d think more mature and hopefully more morals, but once more, I was dropped after 6 months for her to “work on herself” - which turned into her getting back with her ex (that she’d never mentioned before).
I just feel like this is relentless, this generation is just quick snap onto the next one, so many people (likely myself now too) are dealing with demons caused from being mistreated in the past, how many times will have to go through a phase of dealing with these losses, my confidence plummets every time even tho I may not show it, I want someone genuine to come along, I’ve even tried to date people with varying personalities. I’m not going for the same severely insecure girl every time, I’ve tried to limit the poor decisions I could potentially make.
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2023.06.09 16:08 supersoakergalaxy 20F and 19M in love and in a rough situation. What should I do? or we?

Hi everyone, I am(20) in desperate need of advice. Last year I met this guy (19) who seemed to be great, I mean off the bat the chemistry was amazing. Unfortunately how we met had little to nothing to do with morale. He did have a girlfriend at the time but they were long distance and on the brink of separation. I also had a partner but this was a domestic violence relationship hard to escape from. Yeah I know how it goes, you lose them how you get them blah blah blah. So we made the decision to seperate from our previous partners because we discussed and made it clear we had grown more and more attracted to each other on the daily basis. I mean with every conversation, touch, quality time, dance and exchange, it was like there was just this irresistible force between us that couldn’t be broken. Not too long after we were beginning to establish the seriousness of our relationship, he had to move to New York with his father to get his life back together and get on his feet. I let him know that I am not into long distance relationships and while he’s up there he could do his thing, since we’re both young and still foolish. For about 8 months he stayed gone and as soon as he came back, I was the first person he came to see. It was almost like he was back like he never left and the chemistry remained the same. After a few weeks arguments were being had because I was going through a rough time and I felt like he wasn’t there like I felt he needed to be. To be fair, we both have strict parents and jobs to work so the was rarely time for us to talk about my issues, but he did the best he could with our schedules. Little did I know, he was going through a rough patch at home as well, he just wasn’t willing to communicate the way I would about his living situation because of his pride. His mother kicked him out and now he lives with a random girl from tinder. He’s sleeping with her and helping pay her rent and he’s let me know he’s not in love with her. Recently she found our chats in one of his phones and was upset, but she didn’t kick him out. I didn’t want him on the streets so I just didn’t say anything plus I don’t know her and I don’t want to bust her bubble because I don’t like mess. He is staying there until he gets back on his feet and gets his own place but for now that’s the situation he’s in. I am somewhat okay with it because I’m about to go into the military but in the other hand I just don’t feel like he needs to live like that if he’d just learn to communicate with the people around him. I only wish for him to confide in me as I did him but it’s something about his pride that just won’t let him. I really need advice because I love this man with my heart and I want better for him, but at the same time I want to know if this is a waste of time. I don’t want to move onto somebody and easter their time when I know I’m not over him. We are just two young adults in love trying to figure it out step by step. I wish I would have heard him out more when he told me about his mother (who is Jamaican by the way) She was taking all of his money that he earned himself, showing up to his jobs and taking his phone, constantly yelling about things that were already done. Just a lot of bad energy from her and he’d always remain respectful to her. I understand he needed to get out but I just don’t think it was the right way.
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2023.06.09 16:07 kwinbihh Teens in the PH moving out of your parents house for the first time, what was your experience like?

I'm planning on moving out by the end of the year to study for my board exam, which will be my first time away from home. I'm not sure where to begin and would like to hear about all of your experiences. For example, how much money did you set aside, how much rent did you pay, how did you find your apartment, and do you have any tips and tricks for surviving on your own?
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2023.06.09 16:07 leasarfati The guy (28M) I’ve (32F) been seeing for a couple of months didn’t want his ex girlfriend (28F) to know. She called him about it last night.

A little background. I’ve been seeing this guy for about 2-3 months. We have several mutual friends and I’ve seen him and his former girlfriend around over the years, but have never spoken to either of them more than just pleasantries.
Back in February, I went to one of our mutual friends engagement parties. We ended up hanging out there, but at the time I thought he was still with his girlfriend so I didn’t think anything of our interaction. A couple of weeks later I heard through my BIL (who is one of his best friends) that he had broken up with his girlfriend and that their house was on the market (this was in the works well before the party). A couple weeks after that, this guy came to my sister’s birthday party and it all went from there. It started off friendly, but we started spending more time together, eventually went on a date, and have spent a significant amount of time together after that.
At first, he didn’t really want a lot of people to know. He said he didn’t want people to think badly of him because he moved on so fast from a serious long term relationship (which he said he was checked out of for some time, but they still tried) and because he didn’t want to hurt his ex’s feelings. He also wanted to spend time getting to know each other without other people forming this opinions. Which I was totally fine with and agreed with. The mutual friends we have are not my close friends, so it’s people I see at gatherings and not a part of my daily life so it wasn’t like I was hiding anything.
So to me, that me that meant it didn’t need to be all over social media or being all over each other while out with friends. Which is not anything I’d do anyway. He’s slowly started branching out and now it’s to the point where everyone knows and it’s been fine though I have heard some little comments calling it “shady”
Well last night he was supposed to come to my house and then me and him and my sister were going to grab dinner. Then he texted me and told me to go ahead without him and he’d fill me in later. I texted back and asked about what and it took him 15-20 minutes to text back and say “ex girlfriend’s name called and asked about us.” His ex girlfriend called him and wanted to know if he was seeing me, he told her he was. And from what I gather, she seems to have thought there was a chance they’d eventually get back together and he told her they wouldn’t. None of that bothers me.
I just don’t like that I felt like I’m some sort of secret. Like it was a big deal that she called. And I told him that hurt my feelings and he’s been very apologetic. What I told him is I don’t mind not being super obvious to spare her feelings, she’s a sweet girl and nothing “bad” happened between them. They had just been together since high school, had grown apart, she didn’t want kids, etc. So I don’t mind sparing her feelings as best as possible, but I felt like her feelings were above mine in this situation and that he was honestly bothered people knew.
Someone give me advice. Is this a giant red flag? He told me last night he did not intend to meet someone so soon after ending a very long term relationship, but everything has been so great between us (and it really has) and it has all happened so naturally that he just feel like it’s right. And that he doesn’t care what other people’s opinions are and nothing that anyone says or does will change how he feels about me. But I’m still a little bothered today. I didn’t say much last night, I just knew my feelings were hurt but wanted time to think about it. Which is what I told him.
TL;DR I’ve been seeing a guy that is a mutual friend. It’s been on the down low to spare his ex girlfriends feelings and she found out and called him about it, in turn hurting my feelings.
Edit to add: I do have a toddler and her father is very high conflict. So he also didn’t want her father to know because he knew that he would start making court threats, because that’s what he does. So I guess he thought I would care that it could get back to her dad, but I’ve told him before that I can’t let my ex dictate my life forever and I am allowed to move on and he can react however he chooses to.
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2023.06.09 16:06 themangoob My cat (5M) freaks out when we leave/wake up

My cat (~5M, Neutered) absolutely CRIES when we wake up. He does this regardless if we are actually leaving the house for the day or not. He goes to the door and then the windows and makes a noise that sounds exactly like a baby crying. I picked him up the other day and he had literal tears in his eyes. I have another cat about the same age and he doesn’t do this. He just sits and watches my other cat freak out. When we are leaving, he tries to run out the door still emitting his cry. We live in an upstairs apartment, so when he runs out, it’s not outside. He usually hides downstairs under a chair. I know it has to do with leaving or anxiety related. I just don’t know what’s causing this behavior exactly and how to calm him. it’s gotten to a point where right when we wake up he’s waiting at the door and crying.
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2023.06.09 16:06 Electronic-Brain2241 Bear lake activities

Traveling to Bear Lake next week for the week. We will be staying in Garden City. Looking for suggestions on activities outside of usual water stuff.
Yes, we are renting a boat one day. Yes, we will spend some time on the beach. However we will have an 11 month old and a pregnant lady so some water activities are limited. The rest of the crowd includes older kids aged 8-13. Some of them will kayak as well.
Specific questions.. which beach is the best to hang out for the day? Are there any nearby 1-2 mile hikes? Any other nearby activities/sights that are fun for that age group? Not against learning opportunities/guided tours. Scenic drives. History. Whats your favorite local restaurant?
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2023.06.09 16:05 AutoModerator Where To Watch The Boogeyman Online For Free ReddiT?

Here Option’s to Downloading or watching The Boogeyman streaming the full movie online for free. Do you like movies? If so, then you’ll love New Romance Movie: The Boogeyman. This movie is one of the best in its genre. #The Boogeyman will be available to watch online on Netflix very soon!Enjoy….
Watch Now: The Boogeyman streaming the full movie online for free
Now Is Watch ‘The Boogeyman: available to stream? Is watching Watch ‘The Boogeyman: on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix, or Amazon Prime? Yes, we have found an authentic streaming option/service. A 1950s housewife living with her husband in a utopian experimental community begins to worry that his glamorous company could be hiding disturbing secrets.
Showcase Cinema Warwick you’ll want to make sure you’re one of the first people to see it! So mark your calendars and get ready for a Watch ‘The Boogeyman: movie experience like never before. of our other Marvel movies available to watch online. We’re sure you’ll find something to your liking. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you soon! Watch ‘The Boogeyman: is available on our website for free streaming. Details on how you can watch Watch ‘The Boogeyman: for free throughout the year are described
If you’re a fan of the comics, you won’t want to miss this one! The storyline follows Watch ‘The Boogeyman: as he tries to find his way home after being stranded on an alien Watch ‘The Boogeyman: . Watch ‘The Boogeyman: is definitely a Watch ‘The Boogeyman: movie you don’t want to miss with stunning visuals and an action-packed plot! Plus, Watch ‘The Boogeyman: online streaming is available on our website. Watch ‘The Boogeyman: online is free, which includes streaming options such as 123movies, Reddit, or TV shows from HBO Max or Netflix!
Where to Watch Watch ‘The Boogeyman: ?
There are currently no platforms that have the rights to Watch Watch ‘The Boogeyman: Movie Online.
MAPPA has decided to air the movie only in theaters because it has been a huge success.The studio , on the other hand, does not wish to divert revenue Streaming the movie would only slash the profits, not increase them. As a result, no streaming services are authorized to offer Watch ‘The Boogeyman: Movie for free. The film would, however, very definitely be acquired by services like Funimation, Netflix, and Crunchyroll. As a last consideration, which of these outlets will likely distribute the film worldwide?
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Is Watch The Boogeyman: on Crunchyroll?
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Is Watch The Boogeyman: on Hulu?
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When Will Watch ‘The Boogeyman: Be on Disney+?
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2023.06.09 16:04 Independent_Fee8558 How many RAM server do I need for me and my friends to play Minecraft

Me and the bois wanted to play Minecraft after 5 years of not playing. But we don’t know anything about servers and the amount of RAM we need for the server.
We are planning on playing with 10-15 people in total and was wondering if anyone has an recommendation when renting a server.
Thank you !
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2023.06.09 16:04 rkozik89 Ridiculous

For the past 4 or 5 years I've thought I was helping one of my friends out because I knew after they paid their rent they'd have very little, but a month ago I come to find out that he hasn't paid rent in over 2 years. His mom(who co-owns the house along with his brother) needed that money to pay for essential repairs, so when his brother discovered he hadn't been paying he decided he was going to move into the home and pay double rent to get those repairs done on time.
What does this dude do? Huffs, puffs, screams, hoots, hollers, doesn't take an ounce of responsibility or apologize to anyone he took advantage of, his mom for some unknown reason decided to enable him, and then instead of getting his shit together to find an apartment he all but says, "Evict me." to his brother. Now the brother has to find an apartment quickly and on top of that save money for repairs to the house.
Congratulations dude, you won, you got to keep being a deadbeat at your mom's place, but you lost me(your closest friend) in the process by taking this low route. I have never, in my life, met anyone who's acted this loser-ish and narcissistically. This is the second time in my life I've made the mistake that I could build one of these people up and got taken advantage of instead. I'm not doing this again, I'm sticking to my crew of popular folks.
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2023.06.09 16:02 KodoqBesar Who would win between Pain Train and Axe Backwards?

I want to talk about Pain Train vs Axe Backwards. This fight will probably one of the fights of all time because both bots only had 1 victory each. I think it's clear that they're done if the weakest drum spinners in the reboot series. Which one would win if these two fought? And for this fight, I'm going to use the most recent versions of each bots. So Axe Backwards from WCV and Pain Train from WCVI.
And as a bonus round, can these two bots individually take down different versions of Yeti? (apart from Pain Train vs WCVI Yeti because we know how that fight went)
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2023.06.09 16:02 AleksStar2585 My car was totaled by a 20 year old female with no license and insurance

My car was struck and totaled by a 20 y/o female with no license and no insurance -on Memorial Day. All the cops did was give her a ticket. I have a lawyer and have contacted my insurance-Geico.I have the lowest insurance, just liability, but they should pay me for a rental car for my Uninsured Motorist Plan up to $15,000. Both Geico and Progressive (she gave them a fake policy number) have not helped me for two 12 days now. I had to pay for a rental car on my own so I can get to work when I’m not in excruciating pain. I got x rays and am going to a doctor and a concussion specialist. It seems to be taking a long time. Im so frustrated I have had Geico for 22 years and they aren’t helping me. I pay rent and live alone and I am just feeling so helpless. I feel like no one is helping me and it’s hard to get to work and pay my bills. How do I expedite this process?
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2023.06.09 16:02 BadlyGeneratedHuman The Field

I take the train to work every day, pretty early in the morning, and my train ride is long, so I usually sleep on that train.
I have never missed my stop- apart from once.
It was a pretty gloomy day, raining and cold, and it made me sleepy as the train was warm, and I managed to get on it before it became too busy that I wouldn’t be able to get a seat.
I fell asleep as the train left the station and woke up as we stopped.
As I woke up and lifted my head from leaning against the window, I saw vast fields of wheat around the train, in the bright blue sky, with zero clouds.
No-one was in the train.
I grabbed my suitcase and stepped out of the train, and into the field.
It was as if the train had driven over the field.
I yelled out, ‘hello?’ and received no response.
I headed back into the train and went from car to car looking for a person, but no-one was there. Looking up the entrance, it said on the screen, ‘Stopping at: The Fields’
I once again stepped out into the field, and walked for about 2 meters, when the train closed its doors, started moving.
I rushed back to the train, but it already started to leave.
Through the windows, I saw the announcement change from ‘Stopping at: The Fields’ to ‘Stopping at: Home’. Panicking, I started running after the train, but it started picking up speed, and soon it was gone.
I stood there on the tracks started following them, in the direction of the train, and walked for about a mile, but somehow, they just ended. The rust had gotten to them.
Where’d the train go then?’ I wondered.
I slouched down at the end of the tracks, stood up, and yelled ‘FUUUUCK’ while throwing my suitcase into the field.
I loosened my tie and kept walking.
About a meter into my walk, I heard a rustle behind me. Turning around, I saw my suitcase fly from the top of the field, back onto the track.
I stood there, frozen.
‘W-Who’s there?’ I said.
I turned back around to the sound of another rustle in the field, then back at where my suitcase SHOULD have been, but it was gone.
I started running as fast as possible down the tracks.
I heard a rustle again as I was running on either side of the field, like something was chasing me on both sides.
I stopped suddenly, and for a moment, the movement in the wheat kept going, then readjusted to where I was.
I stood frozen there as I realized an index finger was slowly revealing itself in front of me through the wheat.
I couldn’t stop staring at it.
Then it's open hand revealed itself slowly as I felt cold and dirty hands grasping my face and body, pulling me into the field with the rest of them.
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2023.06.09 16:02 Header17 Help Shape the Future of Home Automation: Seeking Participants for a Research Interview

Hello, fellow home automation enthusiasts of homeautomation,
I'm part of an emerging startup named "Casita" that's developing an innovative home automation solution. Our aim is to bring an unparalleled level of simplicity and intuitiveness to your living spaces, making our homes work for us, seamlessly.
As we design and refine our solution, understanding your perspectives and experiences is our top priority. Your insights could help shape the future of home automation and influence the way we interact with our homes.
We're inviting you to share your experiences and insights through a short, 15-20 minute Zoom interview. We'd be discussing your current home automation setup, what you enjoy about it, the challenges you face, and your wish list for the ideal system.
To show our gratitude for your time and thoughts, all participants will receive an exclusive discount on our product once it's available.
If you're interested in participating, please comment below or DM me directly. We're especially interested in speaking with:
Thank you for considering this request. Your insights and experience could significantly contribute to advancing home automation. Let's shape the future together!
Best, Philipp
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2023.06.09 16:01 Distinct-Custard7259 Is it too late to take photos

My home was destroyed in Hurricane Ian and I had to find someplace to live. I was lucky enough to find a small condo for rent that I could afford, very close to work and my old house. Due to the high stress situation and immediate need for housing, I failed to take pre move-in photos of existing damage to this apartment. The condo still has original old carpeting and other trims which are starting to show wear and tear from previous occupants. I discussed this with the property manager and he was well aware of the stains and other small items in need of updating. Well, a new property manager has taken over and she seems nice, but I have yet to meet her. The owner lives abroad and never comes around. My lease is up in October and I would like to stay here but just in case, I don’t want to be charged for damages I didn’t cause. Would it be too late to photograph and document the issues with this apartment?
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2023.06.09 16:00 Dr3adedPluto Room 735

I was really young at the time, probably like six or something, when I moved into Haigen Oaks. I lived in an apartment in the room on the top left end. Well for my age, the room was huge, Including mine and my brother’s room. We shared rooms at the time. But even when we shared rooms, I was still afraid of the dark. I always thought that if the lights were off something would get me, so my parents always left them on until I fell asleep. But of course nothing got me. Weeks later I experienced strange things. Like for instance I would see in my peripheral vision that the bathroom light would cut on. And I know it would because I could shape everything in there, but as soon as I look over the light would be off. Most times I ask my brother if he’s been in there, but he would say. Those times I would be terrified.
It started to thunder one night, and I was completely scared. I mean at my age I was scared of everything. I woke my brother up and he got scared too. We ran as fast as we could to our parents room and started to bang on the door. I decided to look back and thought I saw something standing there in the hallway. But quickly disappeared. I caught myself, and continued to bang on the door. Eventually our parents opened it and we rushed inside and jumped under the cover on their bed. My dad turned the tv on and we all eventually went to sleep.
The next day was pretty fun. Our parents bought us floaties so we could go to the community pool. I couldn’t swim then so I just floated around. My dad sometimes would throw me around in the pool. It was fun.We eventually got inside by dark and changed into our pajamas. When I went to bed the light wasn’t on, so I had to go to sleep scared. I woke up, but not in the morning. It was in the middle of the night. I tried to go back to sleep but it felt like something or someone tapped my hand. I turned over to see nothing. But with my left peripheral vision I know I saw something looming over me with a large shape. It looked like it had a cult robe on with the hood over. But as I turned back over, it was gone. To this day I don’t know what or who it was and if it was the same one I saw in that hallway.
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2023.06.09 16:00 graciousonionthrowra Leaving RN program to move home and become LVN… thoughts?

Hello all, so (22F) I am in a tough situation. I got accepted to a university 800 miles away from home 2 years ago during covid and moved down here with some good friends from home. Well, when I moved it was during covid and i was locked in the house for a couple years before they allowed classes to go back in person. During that time, a lot of my friends including the ones I moved down with went back home. I was extremely depressed because I was lonely and literally knew no one. I ended up getting accepted into a nursing school separate from my university I moved down here for and have been going for a few months. There are 8 modules until graduation from the program and I am going into module 3.
I met my BF down here and his family and unfortunately, his mother is super mentally ill and has been very abusive to the both of us mentally and emotionally out of nowhere. Because of this I will probably be leaving my bf after a year (there’s a lot to it) of us being together. I’m afraid to do this because if we break up, I literally have nobody at all. All my friends moved, etc.. where i am is a very small town and i’m just afraid. If an emergency happens I have nobody. I’ve been extremely depressed because of the abuse i’ve suffered from my bfs family and the stress of being in nursing school with no support.. i just feel so alone. I’ve put on 100 pounds because i’m constantly stressed and just so depressed… I went and visited my hometown and family for two weeks and my family members were sick to see how i looked and just how depressed i am and my sister talked to me and told me to think about maybe moving back home and finishing in my hometown with all my family and friends. My mom is afraid I’ll have regrets but is also worried too since they’re so far away.
I’ve looked at programs at home and there is an LVN program I can apply to and start next January at home. It is cheaper, and being at home I wouldn’t have to pay rent and save lots of money. I would get my rn while working as an lvn and in the future come back and get my bsn at the university i would be leaving. Id hate to leave my nursing program but I miss my family, Im lonely and depressed and being home for the two weeks was the best i've felt in a very very long time and I even lost some weight because i wasn't stress eating. My mother isn’t exactly on board with me moving home because she said everything i’ve done up to this point including moving here would be in vain even though i feel that it wouldn’t. I’ve been here for almost 3 years completely on my own, paying rent, bought my first car, got into nursing school. etc.. i’ve persevered my struggles the whole time i’ve been here. i’m just tired now and really need my family..
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