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Washington The Evergreen State

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For all that is good in the Pacific Northwest. Washington is the absolute best.

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A subreddit for Federal Way - a city in King County, Washington.

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A place to discuss Yakima, WA!

2023.06.08 19:45 Snoi7 Got the Saratoga Springs chilling for tonight’s finale!

Got the Saratoga Springs chilling for tonight’s finale!
By the way, I assumed this brand was expensive and fancy schmancy, but they were $1.25/bottle. It’s also sourced from a spring in PA close to where I live.
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2023.06.08 19:45 cbus1089 When is it time to be realistic and call it quits?

I (M25) and my girlfriend (F24)met in the same city a few years ago and decided to start a relationship. She took a job in another city a few hours away(6hour drive usually). When we started long distance it wasn’t bad, checked in, regular calls, made time to spend with each other etc. Lately the past few months it’s been very dry in terms of relationship and intimacy(lack of flirting, etc.) and not much time spent. Phone calls are usually just sitting on the phone and asking common questions and it doesn’t feel authentic in my eyes anymore. What should I do? I’ve already addressed the issue and she seems to not think it’s a problem nor really puts much energy into it, we agreed to one date night a week and that usually isn’t event mentioned after I address it either. Maybe I’m overthinking it but at some point I’m going to lose interest surely and just stop caring all together. Any tips from others that encounter these issues would really help.
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2023.06.08 19:44 Radiant_Butterfly982 How do I get to this place ?

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2023.06.08 19:44 throwawayspoiledmelk i think this man is the one

im only 19 but i met this guy thru social media about 6 months ago, and we started gaming together constantly. we became such good friends at first and then eventually started flirting. he lives a few states away, but we always facetime everyday for hours either talking or just being in eachother's presence. we also were able to meet up and being in person with eachother was so amazing. we also spent a week together, but it's been completely long distance since. we are exclusive, but not officially "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" which i think is okay because we are taking it slow. i am terrified of ruining things with him because i feel like i already love him. i haven't felt this way about a guy since i was 16, and there's just this deep connection between us. it hurts so much that i can't see him in person all the time. i daydream alot about living with him and i could never imagine myself ever wanting someone else the way i want him. idk i just wanted to say this somewhere.
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2023.06.08 19:44 BottledSmoke What’s the best way to ask for an evening or day off from home responsibilities?

Mam asked what I want for f-day. ‘A small break’ just doesn’t sound delicate as I want it to. Thank you!
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2023.06.08 19:44 Throwawayokaylolhah I think I’m finally letting go of all my LOs

I have three LOs. In order: LO 1 was a boy I liked most of high school who never liked me back but liked the attention I gave him, LO 2 was a friend of LO 1 and I thought LO2 my friend but he turned out to be a jerk, and LO 3 was a guy I had a fling with who blocked me after I unadded him. I think the lack of closure I got from all three men is was made me hold on and now that’s it’s been at least 7 months since I’ve talked to any of them I feel I’m finally not caring about them anymore. I think the hardest part was realizing these guys will never care about me the way I cared about them and all three chose other women over me. LO #1 constantly picked other girls to be with and always gave me excuses and I got sick of it so I blocked him again for good, LO 2 made it clear he was into my friend and I was just there to give him an ego boost, and LO 3 never talked to me after our fling so I’m assuming he found someone else or just didn’t feel that way for me. I think it really does just take time and distance to forget them and prioritizing myself has helped so much now I just remind myself how hurt and rejected they made me feel and how none of them care about me and that helps me let go
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2023.06.08 19:44 ninjablue22 I just wanted to feel heard in my relationship

So I recently got diagnosed with bipolar after probably the worst episode of my life (and hopefully ever).
I’ve currently kept distance from my now ex (was boyfriend before my episode but I just need space now) but I’m fixating on some things on whether I should even be in the relationship with him or not. I’m trying to think about this logically but right now my brain is like why couldn’t he have been more empathetic in certain a situation? Why did he not see there were certain fights that straight triggered my mania? Before this I never had a psychotic break cuz I had inadvertently been regulating myself. But towards the end of our relationship I would cancel some plans last minute because I’d always say something felt off and he would call me insensitive, inconsiderate and some other things (I was still undiagnosed in this time). So then I pushed myself to over exert myself to the point where my mania was unimaginable.
So here’s my question. Is it fair to want to give someone a second chance and maybe hope they’ll be more empathetic now knowing it wasn’t just me being flaky. Or should I just cut my losses and move on?
Some parts of me think back and get so mad being like why did you not understand, why weren’t you kinder? Talking to other bipolar friends they’ve said that our thought process is hard to understand but idk do I have a right to feel frustrated about the situation or am I just blowing things up? Maybe it really is a communication issue rather than him being insensitive.
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2023.06.08 19:44 _Gwynnbleid_ [TH] [RF] Don't have a name for this yet. Any suggestions?

Note: Includes violence.
Jill deftly moved out of the way as the pot fell. She had not seen it, but moved by instinct. Her mother had beaten her far to often for her not to have those developed. As she bent over to pick it up, a knock sounded on the door. She looked up, through the dismal kitchen, to see who it was.
"Jill, open the door for our guest." She heard her mother yell from the other room.
She winced. Nonetheless, Jill brushed down her dress and came over to the door. Unlocking it, she glanced out through a small crack, and, seeing no one, opened it completely. A tall man stood there, draped in a dark cloak, towering over Jill's tiny form. He was pale, clean shaven, his eyes sparkling like gold in the sun. He smiled at Jill's tiny, frightened self.
"Do not be afraid, child. I will not hurt you."
With these words, he pushed past her, his stride having a determined purpose which she did not like. Jill followed him through the kitchen and into the dirty, grey living room, not daring to intervene.
"This place..." He muttered, looking around.
Jill understood his disgust. The room was cluttered, dust covering half of the objects in the room, indicating that they had not been used in years. Ten years, in fact. Ever since her father had died. His death had affected Jill's mother greatly. She rarely left her room anymore, except to punish Jill. She forced her to make her food, do the shopping. She was grieving, of course, but Jill did not deserve to bear her mother's burden in such a way. And for ten years. Maybe it was the stranger, or perhaps it was something else, but there awakened in Jill a feeling that her mother would have never tolerated from her.
"I hate you, mother," Jill whispered, tears of grief, pain, and quiet, intense fury
forming in her eyes.
The man, who had briefly paused in the living room, now resumed his purposeful stride. He strode straight into her mother's room, slamming the door behind him, making Jill jump, and leaving her, dumbstruck, outside. She tried desperately to open the door, but apparently the stranger had locked it. Horror overcame her as a scream arose. She started banging on the door in panic, trying to force it open, to no avail.
What seemed like an eternity in silence later, the door opened. The first thing Jill saw was a bloody knife in the stranger's hand. Breathing heavily, she slumped to the ground as she saw what lay beyond. Her mother lay on the bed, eyes glassy, a deep wound in her chest, sheets stained with blood.
"I'm sorry," a whisper sounded.
Then, Jill's eyes filled with rage, unthinking, unforgiving rage. Before the stranger had passed the house's threshold, he he found a kitchen knife lodged in his throat. He collapsed, gasps fading into silence. Jill stood there, tears mixing with blood, a single word ringing in her mind:
If anyone can give me feedback on this, I would appreciate it.
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2023.06.08 19:43 InterestInevitable70 lifelong friends don’t understand

I have always been introverted and have really only had one friend stick around for my constant disappearing act. I’ll call her F.
She moved somewhere like 10 hours away and one of her friends started talking to me and basically attached herself to me. She is P.
P is very pushy when she asks me to hang out. To the point where she will “jokingly” threaten to kill herself if I don’t go. If I don’t answer my phone she calls 3 more times. I hate the confrontation so I was forcing myself to go out way more than i wanted to. I was building resentment and couldnt being myself to talk to her about it.
F got out of a very toxic relationship and moved back home, but F and P were not talking to each other over something dumb.
P continued to be pushy as hell and i continued to be a doormat.
F was never very pushy and has always been understanding about me not wanting to hang out but saw me hanging out with P all the time.
F recently confronted me about it and how much it hurt her and started talking about how she won’t have anyone in her life who isn’t reciprocating the same energy she puts in. And i full heartedly agree.
But now I know I can’t be the kind of friend she wants/needs and am completely distancing myself from both of them. I know I should message them telling them but I can’t bring myself to do it. :(
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2023.06.08 19:43 Beginning-Knee7258 TikTok banned from contractor's devices too

Just found this about the ban on TikTok extending to Contractor's devices too: US government's TikTok ban extended to include contractors • The Register Federal Register :: Federal Acquisition Regulation; Federal Acquisition Circular 2023-04; Introduction
From what I can find, this applies to a contractor's computer and BYOD device - anything that accesses government data. If we used something like Workforce One which creates a work profile, this ban would still apply, correct? How in the world do you stop a contractor who is using their own device (BYOD) and on the personal side accessing the tiktok website?
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2023.06.08 19:43 WannaMcFlood13 Some ideas for Retro Bowl

  1. Hot routes Like audibles, a button can be pressed to hot route a receiver of your choice, the star rating of the qb determines the amount per game, once you choose your receiver, it gives you 2-3 random routes to choose from
  2. Penalties There doesn't need to be many, just pass interference for if a defender blocks a receivers route or something like that
  3. Trading picks for players This has been suggested alot, but a way to trade your picks and have a list of player options from different teams
  4. Contact negotiations Before resigning a player or signing a fa, you can structure the contract to your liking and see if they accept, and on that note, more contract/salary cap depth
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2023.06.08 19:43 meltingeverything A personality template for your favorite fragrance 🩷

My friend and I were talking fragrances the other day, and we had a great time talking about what we thought our favorites would be like, if they were real people! So I thought it would be fun to make a little template you can fill out for your favorite fragrance. Here’s the blank template below, and filled out with my answers for my favorite!
Favorite fragrance personality template
Favorite fragrance:
Clothing brand:
First date activity:
Travel destination:
Home decor style:
Favorite fragrance personality template
Favorite fragrance: Diptyque Essences Insensées 2015 (notes of jasmine, basil, orange blossom). To me, it is the most perfect scent in the world. Like burying your face into a Jasmine vine, with a barbecue burning in the distance (in the best way)
Color: green, like the flesh of an avocado
Movie: Atonement
TV show: Big Little Lies
Musician: Françoise Hardy
Book: Love Stories by Trent Dalton
Food: cheese plate
Clothing brand: Khaite
Hobbies: reading, kayaking, picnics in the park, fine dining
First date activity: getting tipsy and walking around a botanical garden
Emoji: 🌾🪷🫖
Travel destination: the south of France
Sport: tennis
Pet: Persian cat
Home decor style: mid-century modern
I hope you find this as fun and cute as I do! 💞
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2023.06.08 19:43 waaavjii My (19M) sister (23F) is going to burn our money

We are neither rich nor poor, our financial stability primarily relies on our dad (55M). My mom (50F) works in an office, but unfortunately, her salary is comparable to what a student earns at McDonald's... Consequently, I believe it should be my dad's responsibility to handle the financial matters. But my dad's temperament has made him somewhat unpopular within the family. His hot-headedness and aggression often resulted in physical altercations and frequent outbursts, which made us to spend more time with mom. As we grew older, this made us distant. Personally, I've become self-reliant and independent, not needing their attention, and often feeling uncomfortable when they express affection towards me. I think my sister feels similarly, but a lot of the time we just can't figure out what she wants. She often feels embarrassed by our parents, yet once she cried because our dad unexpectedly attended her performance (without her knowing), and she cried because he was late??? (he had work to do😑). While I used to have a strong bond with my mom, things have changed over time. I also find her behavior annoying at times. Some people on the internet claim it may be due to anxiety, which can occasionally lead to aggression. I am working on changing this. I mention this because both my sister and I went through a phase of teenage rebellion, which was challenging for our parents to handle. The difference is that I managed to grow out of it, thanks to realizing how awful I was among other teenagers. I did a lot of research and self-reflection, I thought about a lot of what is wrong with me and how did I end up like this, resulting in personal growth and positive feedback from others, which made me very proud. I also just accepted that my parents are also people, and parents for the first time and it's not easy for them but I think they try their best. But I feel like my sister had no time for self-reflection because she is popular, and she is stuck, with many problems in her head. I feel like she blames others and listens to her angry music until she calms down..
Therefore, due to my mom's people-pleasing nature and my dad's emotional distance, we inadvertently became controlling. (Because dad tries to spend more time with us he tries to act more like mom, so we have two parents who says yes to a lot of things) Now my sister has "big plans" in her head. It's nearly impossible to have a serious discussion with her because she either becomes angry or starts crying. She frequently makes poor decisions, like wanting to move to a big city and attend university again (despite previously failing). This has led to arguments between my dad and mom. My dad refuses to pay for it, considering it foolish given the country's inflation and various issues. On the other hand, my mom, who has no interest in politics or the city in question (unlike my dad, who lived there), now sees him as the bad, unintelligent person. It seems she lives in a box where everything revolves around flowers and the happenings of our village. I can't comprehend how she thinks she's right. Currently, she sleeps at her mom's place to avoid facing the situation until my dad calms down and gives in (as always...)
What frustrates me even more is that my mom just doesn't believe me sometimes, even when I have proof. She simply dismisses it and sticks to her own foolish plan. It's not about my sister, for example I was talking to her about rice weevils and how they get into the packaging and how to solve the bug problem but she just doesn't care, even tho I sent her articles and pictures about it. I feel like my sister has essentially turned her into a slave, and she doesn't even realize it. They avoid discussing serious matters because my parents fear her anger or sadness. I'm at a loss. My hysterical sister is recklessly spending our money, and I can already see her returning home months later, angry at us. She's living in a dream world, constantly buying expensive and unnecessary items, driving the car without permission (resulting in high gas costs), getting her nails done, and behaving like a celebrity. I don't know if this helps imagining our money but when she wanted an iphone so bad he made dad angry and distant for weeks because it's was so expensive for us, but at least my sister finally became happy for a short time. The problem is that it's never enough, there's always something..... and I'm pretty sure she will fail in the university. I can already see her coming home, being angry at the whole world and being in her room for days.
Even if my dad refuses to financially support her, I'm certain my mom will secretly do so. What can I do without making anyone my enemy? I don't want to remain silent. If my sister won't listen to my dad, she'll only resent him more. My mom does nothing to address the issue and tries to keep the peace, which clearly isn't working. She fails to acknowledge the problems, which is incredibly frustrating. I feel like I'm watching everything fall apart, and I strongly believe that I need to take action rather than ignore these issues.
TLDR: Our family's financial stability depends on our dad but his opinion is not important to my sister at all, her irresponsible spending and unrealistic plans cause conflicts while my mom tries to avoid conflict, but always works as a shield to protect my sister. And I'm just here, not knowing what to do.
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2023.06.08 19:42 Success_and_Impact How to expand your mind

The human mind has incredible capabilities, but sometimes we get stuck in one way of thinking or acting.
To cultivate our mind, we can start by thinking about the world in a new way.
Putting ourselves in the role of lifelong learner and trying new experiences always has great positive results.
As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "the mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions."
Let's learn to teach it new ways!
Seek new challenges
New experiences always stimulate the mind. Try to incorporate small new experiences into your daily life.
Read more
A book is a good way to learn about other people's experiences and thoughts.
Not only do we learn from our own successes and mistakes, but also from others. Broaden your horizons.
Practice emotional curiosity
Your emotions shape your thoughts and your thoughts direct your actions.
Learn to observe your emotions to anticipate your next steps.
Expand your social circle
Our lives are also the result of the people we surround ourselves with.
Examine whether your social circle influences your life in the direction of your goals.
Expand your circle, use it as a new challenge.
I would love to know what other practices you would add!
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2023.06.08 19:42 Carboskie Tips to avoid A2G deaths

There has been a lot of discussion and complaining about the state of A2G. As an esf main, here are some tips I’d share with you infantry guys to avoid some deaths. (Edit: some of this may seem obvious, but I continue to see it happen every day)
  1. Don’t just shoot at every esf you see flying in your area!
    A lot of times pilots fly around looking for A2A action and are not bothering your ground fight at all. But when you guys shoot at an esf engaged in a dog fight or one just making a pass, you poke the bear for no reason. I tend to get annoyed when this happens repeatedly, pull an A2G Mossi, and spend the next half hour wracking up infantry kills until I feel like justice has been done.
Another thing I’ve noticed is that when pilots hear other ESF using A2G weapons, it triggers the swarm effect. So where you had a couple esf flying around not bothering infantry, now you have a half dozen ground farming because someone wanted to blast off a couple lockons with no hope of getting a kill.
  1. Don’t take the bait!
    When you see that esf peeking from behind cover, stop trying to lock on. My strategy is always peek, let you fire at me, dip behind cover and let the rocket miss. When you fire, I get to see exactly where you fired from on the minimap and it usually results in an easy follow up kill.
I see this with sky guards too. They will start blasting away as soon as an esf comes in to render distance which gives the pilot plenty of time to evade. Be patient…. Most pilots I see will take the same route when farming A2G. Flying in, kill, fly out and come back around to the same spot for the next assault. Get your skygaurd in a position to have the best line of sight for the route you know the esf is going to take and then blast it when it gets close.
  1. Burster maxes
    Most ground farming occurs at or near spawn rooms. Usually one bursted max can shut the party down. Pull a couple…
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2023.06.08 19:42 nero_Fiddle Fantasy novel with 200k word count as a first time author, what are my options?

So I've finished writing my first novel which is a fantasy novel with a word count of 200k, first of a series I've planned, and am now working on the final draft. Going through many different posts on this subreddit, I've realized that this is too ambitious for a first time author and chances of it getting accepted by a literary agent are very low. I'm trying to edit my novel in such a way that it can work as a stand-alone novel but even with that there a few open ends which are impossible to resolve without changing the entire story. Even if I somehow manage that it'll still be a mammoth 200k word count novel which'll be a hard sell?
I have another idea for a smaller size stand alone novel but that is pretty barebones and will take at least 2 years develop into something full-fledged. So these are the options I see before me.
  1. Query my current fantasy novel and keep working on the smaller one while I'm waiting to hear back from agents
  2. Self publish my current fantasy novel
  3. Hold on my current novel, start working on the smaller one, and return to this one after I've published the smaller one
I'm dreading option 2 since I've zero experience in the process and barely any social media presence which I'm guessing will be needed for marketing. Not fond of option 3 either since I've been working on my current novel for a long time and it's ready to go. Besides, what's the guarantee that the smaller one will be published, or that it'll be successful enough to make publishing my series any easier. I'm leaning towards the first option but want to hear opinions of those who found themselves in similar situations or have experience in publishing. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 19:42 Limulemur Thor: Ragnarok, in my opinion, did NOT balance comedy and seriousness

People complain how unrelentingly silly and cringe LaT was in its humor and characterization of Thor. On how it tries way too hard to be silly to the detriment of the story.
Then they say Ragnarok did a good job balancing the comedic and serious tones, which I think is far from reality as it gets.
Ragnarok embodies everything people hate LaT for doing, and treats its story like and afterthought to the many unfunny gags in the movie. Thor is also a bumbling idiot in the movie. It’s 99% silliness.
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2023.06.08 19:42 Individual_You_8542 On the verge of getting Sacked

Help! I'm about 1 or 2 games away from being sacked. I'm managing a relegation fighting Blackburn Rovers. We're just gone over the half-way mark of the season. Between media pressure, players morales dropping and the club not backing me financially, ive definitely only got a handful of games left. I recently went on an 8 games defeat run but just barely beat Preston North End 1-0. Im using a 4-2-2-2 formation with direct counter attack and that isn't really working. What's the best formation to compliment the direct counter attack?
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2023.06.08 19:42 hollowaytyre Old Chalk Way in England - me (old) and my son (13) did the top part of this last summer, it was great. You can get an idea of the terrain from this video. Highly recommended and easier than expected! The whole route runs Dorset to Norfolk, we only did Luton to Norfolk.

Old Chalk Way in England - me (old) and my son (13) did the top part of this last summer, it was great. You can get an idea of the terrain from this video. Highly recommended and easier than expected! The whole route runs Dorset to Norfolk, we only did Luton to Norfolk. submitted by hollowaytyre to bicycletouring [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 19:41 flewker How can we align humanity with itself?

It seems to me that there's no chance of getting AI to align with humanity's goals unless humanity itself is aligned with a more singular purpose and direction. Not a one world government or anything like that, just a clearer sense of where, who, and what, we all want to be. If AGI is to be a digital descendant of the superorganism, the biosphere, it seems that we are birthing it into a broken family. How can we bring all these suddenly connected brains, these processing cells, that make up a super intelligent biological network, into a symbiotic harmony with each other, that we might then be clear on our purpose? If we remain as we are, collectively defining our base purpose as survival and reproduction, a purpose we have inherited from pre-sentient life, then that is what we will impart to AGI. Post-sentient life motivated by pre-sentient goals would most likely be lethal to us. So how do we ignite the sparks of consciousness in this already present superorganism? How do we shift our global processing power into an identity, a personality, built primarily of hope, kindness, and curiosity, and de-energise the processes that cause division and destruction? My best idea at the moment is a new kind of religion, formed around ideas of unity and our basic, shared values and needs, and based literally on seeing the superorganism we have created, by putting instant access communication to 7 billion people in all of our hands, as something akin to a God. A god that we can see, clearly, every time we interact with another person, or see the results of human actions, all around us. A god that in many ways fits the description of God. Humanity, as a collective, sees everything we do, holds every possible power, has fuelled every great action, dreamed every dream, created every person, and saved every life. And Humanity has been with us throughout our whole history, connects all of us, and has survived every challenge - and always grown stronger. The idea blurs the lines between religion, science and philosophy in a way that I think is necessary if we are to ever really unite as a species. If we are ever to find world peace, or at least, worldwide inner peace. It seems so obvious to me that if we were able to direct, even redirect, the same kind of joy and gratitude and hope that the religious direct into the sky or into unseen spiritual worlds, straight into each other, we would rapidly grow to be more connected, more respectful and respected, more kind, and ultimately, more co operative, than ever before. If we could kick it off as a new movement, based around a symbol that focuses on universal connection rather than division (I was thinking "The Blank Flag"). It could bring together everyone who has ever protested against our universal enemies of hatred, fear, disrespect, and so on. And to keep it going, we could create international holidays, global days of unity, themed around but not dependent on seasonal and religious festivals like the solstices, Christmas, Yom Kippur, Eid, Diwali, and so on, where, like those religions, we focus on things like giving and sacrifice, gratitude and peace, growth, forgiveness and renewal, and we encourage the whole world to recognise and celebrate the best part of all of us. That way, instead of a brief moment of unity that spreads and then burns out, like so many social movements seem to, we would instead be starting a tradition, a pattern, a drum beat to bring ourselves into step with each other. Does anyone else think that makes sense? Or have a better idea? For what it's worth, ChatGPT seems to agree with me... 😊 If you're interested in getting involved, As well as comments here, I've created a subreddit at UnioSapiens and would love to see people really talking about it. I have faith in you...!
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2023.06.08 19:41 whatthehellhappensto will it be appropriate to just approach someone I don’t know and try to engage conversion with romantic intent?

I (33M) don’t meet a lot of women, I tried dating apps but I didn’t have much luck and it felt like the only way got me to get matches was to pay for those “highlights” just to get noticed for 30 minutes and get maybe one match from people with really weird profiles, and that no matter what I wrote in my bio they only cared about my height and unmatched when they found out I’m 5”7
anyway I was wondering if it’s cool to just approach someone in the mall or in a coffee shop or a book store or whatever and try to talk with them, or would that be rude and weird?
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2023.06.08 19:41 Rycnex My thoughts on the state of the franchise after revisiting AC Brotherhood. Sorry if this seems like a rant, just had to get it out of me somewhere.

Reveals of just how much the Templars were evolved in 20th century history was so thrilling in the clusters. All of the alternate history, Altair, Ezio and Desmond, science-fiction and thought-provoking philosophy are just so lovable.
So many say that the series has suffered a decline in quality after Black Flag and I just have to agree. I have heard more toilet humor in one Valhalla side mission than thought-provoking questions in the entire Ezio Trilogy. I'm just suprised that I haven't noticed all of the distancing from the original vision before. The loss of the captivating mysteries and worldbuilding is just so sad to me.
It's disheartening that Ubisoft appears determined to just dirty the formula, gradually transforming this series into a more simplistic, hollow shell of what it once embodied. It's what many videogame companies suffer from today - an effort to appeal to the majority that is unwilling to invest the time in the franchise, instead of the people who do. To me it just seems that the complexity and intrigue has faded away, and that's not even speaking about the general decrease in quality of the actual gameplay, animations, realism and cutscenes part of... well... the game.
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