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Milk: Best when from a bong

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A subreddit for big ole milky Bong rips, not big ole milky....other things........ Merch: Discord: Sister sub to CompetitiveStoners

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Social media is a breeding ground for facetune and photoshop, it's unbelievable how some people get away with it while others don't! 🤔🔎

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What is this, a subreddit for ants?? This sub is all about tiny things for ants, be they centers, phones, tiny violins, and the list goes on and on. Collect tiny things? Let's see your collection! Found or made something small? Take a picture of it! Want to make something minuscule? Go for it! Sister Subreddit - /threetimesbigger

2023.06.08 18:27 IsItARealRep How do you guys feel about the "constant" incentive to shop online?

Hi everyone!
For the past 3 years I've been living in kind of the middle of nowhere (USA) so shopping online is second nature. However last summer and this summer I've been living in New York city for my husband's internship. Exciting! Yeeeaaaah! Shopping right? Well not really... I like a good deal, a couple samples, gift sets, coupons and cash back. I like fancy make up and skincare because it helps my mental health more than it helps my physique to be honest. So I'm not a frequent shopper but my subtotal isn't cheap.
Anyway I've been going to all the department stores including Sephora hoping to do enjoy instant gratification of direct shopping, seeing products in person that I might not have picked up online (especially for make up). Long story short every time I find something I like I realize that either coupons only work online, rakuten has a really good cash back rate, my credit card will only give me points or cash back for online shopping and not in store (not for sephora in this scenario because I have the Sephora credit card), or when I'm online the store won't even carry the product in store. Also I've never been offered samples even when I spend big dollars but every store will send free samples when you shop online. I'm a shy person so it's hard for me to get the courage to ask for samples... (you might think samples are not worth the trouble but they bring me joy and I get to try new things Idk abt. I don't need a handful, but a couple per purchase are really always appreciated!)
I just want to know if I'm alone feeling like the incentives to shop online are really a bit too much these days. Do you always shop online? When you're in store do you say "f*** it, instant gratification is worth the extra dollars!"? Today alone I needed to refill my estee lauder nighttime skincare and sephora didn't have what I need in store, the next best competitor offered 10% cash back and my credit card is giving me $15 on $75 back + extra points per dollar spent + 6 free samples.
I hope this doesn't come out as complaining and needy. I would just love to hear you guys' opinion on the matter, see if you have any strategies to make in store shopping more worth it. I just miss in store shopping but sometimes (most of the time) it really isn't worth it... Also (last thing I promise) how do you handle going to the store to ask to get matched with a certain shade or try a product when you know you're not going to shop in store because of the online incentives?
Thank you all! <3
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2023.06.08 18:26 Aniruddhb16 Top grades in one major, barely passing in another

So my case would be a pretty unique one. I have an integrated dual major program in Chemistry and CS. I am interested in pursuing a PhD in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering. I have very little interest in CS and decided to opt for it thinking it would be a lucrative career option (big mistake). As a result my grades in all my chem courses are near perfect (~9.8/10) but my CS grades average out to <6. My aggregate is currently 8+ though. How do I integrate this into my grad school apps? I plan on applying exclusively to chem programs, but the jarring disparity in grades would be shocking to anyone. I have good research experience and I have gotten scholarships and awards, all in the field of chem.
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2023.06.08 18:26 Over-The-Shoulder Why the Better Call Saul finale doesn't work

Better Call Saul is - I think undeniably - a tragedy. At very essence of tragedy is a sense of inevitability surrounding the conclusion of the protagonist that they can't shake. By the end of their storyline, a cathartic moment provides a purging of emotions for the audience, as the protagonist fulfils their inevitability due to their irreversible flaw, having to come to terms with that binding fate. Think Kendall Roy, Michael Corelone (Part 1 or 2), Tony Soprano (although that finale was also underwhelming), Macbeth...
Jimmy fits this pretty neatly: not just because we've seen Breaking Bad before, his moral degradation and dulling of his emotions, but because we've witnessed the character endure traumatic event after traumatic event. Its - to be pretentious - his hamartia, much like Walt couldn't escape his fragile ego or his cancer diagnosis, Jimmy can't escape his desperate satiation of his pain through greed.
BCS opted, interestingly, for a far more downbeat, introspective ending, rather than catharsis, instead humanising Jimmy, allowing him to escape his hamartia and subverting the inevitability of the tragic arc. While a perfectly legitimate decision - some might suggest more realistic and intimate - rationalised through a number of flashbacks, it somewhat compromised the essence of the character and the show that had been so beautifully orchestrated for the first 5 seasons: the chanting on bus? The court scene where he wants to be called Jimmy McGill? Felt like a sudden jolt into an entirely different series.
Succession is one of the best finales to a series I've ever seen; the writers posit in front of us what could have been between the sibling, before their ingrained inability to allow the others to experience happiness, fostered by an abusive father, takes full force and they all basically lose. Characters frequently make painful decisions that have no rational backbone in Succession, but feel entirely logical to the complex emotional maelstrom that constitutes the characters. Ultimately, they aren't allowed to escape the looming presence of Logan, and rightly; it stayed true to what it had delivered for four seasons and told us about them as people.
Practically, the natural endpoint of Jimmy's storyline is his ruined life in Breaking Bad, and the subsequent purgatory of a colourless Nebraska; as the writers attempted to transcend that with his eventual arrest, they probably exposed us too deeply to the former Saul Goodman who brashly negotiates down to eight years, before hurling us back into callow, fresh faced Jimmy. It lost sight of the slow-burn, the infallible structure and precise focus on character, instead falling victim to plot and operatic, big-swing emotion. By giving Jimmy a 'happy' ending, Better Call Saul betrays the very nature of his character and his story.
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2023.06.08 18:26 EllayPizza How to use a portable propane pizza oven

Many of my customers often ask me why their pizzas don't turn out as beautifully as mine, even though they're using portable propane ovens similar or identical to the ones I use for some of my catering events. However, achieving excellent results and impressing your guests is not difficult if you pay attention to some key aspects that these relatively inexpensive ovens, priced at around $500, require.
Below, I will list what you need to do to obtain a fantastic-looking pizza by following some simple rules:
• When should I turn on the oven? The oven should be turned on approximately 30 minutes before starting the baking process. During this time, it is advisable to leave the flame at the lowest setting so that the oven heats up evenly.
• What kind of peels do I need? Typically, two peels are used: a large and perforated one to insert and remove the pizza and a small and round one to turn the pizza. Beginners can use only the big one, as it is possible to turn the pizza with the large peel during cooking by taking out and rotating it with your hands and then putting the pizza inside the oven again. It will take some practice to learn how to use the small peel to turn the pizza. Note that the holes on the peel are used to remove any residue or excess flour from the pizza base. If you live in the Los Angeles area, you can contact me to arrange a private class.
• What should I check before baking pizzas? Check the temperature of the oven stone! External factors such as wind or low temperatures can prevent the oven and its stone from reaching the optimal temperature. If you don't have a laser thermometer, use the thermometer that many manufacturers often include in the oven. In the case of the Gozney Roccbox oven that I use, the thermometer is located on the left side. To ensure that the oven is at the right temperature, the needle should be positioned at least halfway or three-quarters of the way up the yellow range. If you have a laser thermometer, the temperature of the stone at the bottom of the oven should be around 750 degrees Fahrenheit or 400 Celsius.
• When should I not insert the pizza? If the oven is too hot or too cold! If the needle on your Roccbox oven is in the red zone and you insert your pizza, you will be forced to turn it after a few seconds to avoid burning it. This sudden operation performed by inexperienced hands could cause a hole in the pizza base and the leakage of the toppings, resulting in smoke and dirtying your small oven. Therefore, especially for beginners, it is recommended to avoid inserting the pizza when the oven is too hot. On the other hand, if the oven is not at the right temperature, and the needle on your Roccbox oven is in the green zone, you risk piercing the pizza as soon as you try to turn it.
• How long should I wait before turning the pizza? If you have inserted the pizza at the right oven temperature and set the flame just above the minimum, it will take about 40 seconds before turning your pizza. Pay attention to the fact that the edge of the pizza facing the flame is rising, and the edge opposite the flame is slightly drying. At that point, you can turn the pizza by 45 degrees and, when needed, repeat the operation three times, always being careful of the edge facing the flame. When the entire edge is cooked, and the underside of the pizza is slightly cooked like a leopard spot, your Neapolitan pizza will be ready to be removed and served.
• Why does the oven lose temperature? After cooking some pizzas, especially if your dough is cold, or there are adverse weather conditions, your oven will tend to lose temperature. If you continue to insert pizzas, you risk piercing them, causing the inconveniences described earlier.
• What should I do when the oven loses temperature? If you still have pizzas to cook, and the oven has lost temperature, you can turn the flame to maximum when there are no pizzas inside, bring the oven back to temperature, then lower the flame just above the minimum and resume cooking.
In conclusion, obtaining a fantastic-looking pizza with portable propane ovens is not difficult, but it requires attention to some rules. First of all, turn on the oven approximately 30 minutes before starting cooking and leave the flame at the lowest setting to allow the oven to heat up evenly. It is also essential to use the right peels, a large and perforated one for inserting and removing the pizza, and a small and round one for turning it. Additionally, it is crucial to check the temperature of the oven and the stone at the bottom before inserting the first pizza and to avoid inserting the pizza if the oven is too hot. After inserting the pizza, wait approximately 40 seconds before turning it and repeat the operation three times. Finally, if the oven loses temperature after cooking some pizzas, you can bring it back to temperature by turning the flame to maximum when there are no pizzas inside, then lower the flame just above theminimum and resume cooking. By following these simple rules, even beginners can prepare delicious and beautiful pizzas with portable propane ovens. If you need practice or further advice, you can contact an expert like me to arrange a private lesson. Ultimately, the key to achieving perfect pizzas is patience and attention to detail. Good luck and enjoy your meal!
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2023.06.08 18:26 lokosila Out of pocket comment (long read)

So this is really been heavy on my mind ever since it was said to me. I’ve been married 5 years, 26f, and my husband is 27m. His mom has always shown disinterest in getting to know me more. Doesn’t talk to me, doesn’t ask how I am, she was actually mad we got married because we eloped and didn’t tell anyone. Which is our choice, anyway. Fast forward to almost two years being married and they came to visit us (MIL, FIL, and my husbands little brother). We were at a campground that had a pool and she randomly asked when we were going to have kids, no big deal, common question asked I feel like; but still nobodies business as I also struggle with endometriosis and infertility so it’s never been a big goal for us to have kids anyways as my quality of life kind of sucks dealing with that already. So she asked when we were having kids, we said oooh we don’t know, haven’t thought of it really. She continued to say “oh, well what If the baby came out black?” Which is totally out of line, for anyone to ask. I have never been so taken back by a question in my life, especially from someone who’s supposed to be my literal mother in law. Mind you, we are white, and I have black friends so I don’t know why she even asked me that. I have never since that day made it a point to have any kind of relaitonship with her because she’s so rude and makes me uncomfortable when I’m around. I still to this day almost 3 years later cannot believe she said that to me. Not because I am racist or anything like that, but because why would ANYONE even ask something like that? I just had to get this off my chest as I know it’s probably not something I should hold a grudge over, maybe she assumed I was cheating on my husband or something I have no idea. But am I wrong for thinking she was out of line with that question? All I said back was “that wouldn’t happen” and I ended up leaving with my husband because I was so taken back. Fast forward to this year, I had surgery for my endometriosis in February, and had some complications after surgery that landed me in the hospital for a week after. I developed sever anxiety and depression and couldn’t leave my house I was so paranoid about getting sick. I started on anxiety meds and they started working around Easter, they had invited us to their house for Easter and we decided to not go and spend the day just me and my husband since it was the first day I felt good enough to leave the house. A couple weeks ago she texted me husband throwing a fit that we never come around and don’t talk to them. It’s mind blowing they still wonder why we barely talk to them after all the times she’s made me feel unwelcome or uncomfortable. She’s miserable to be around. I don’t plan on trying to fix our relationship as daughter in law and mother in law as I just don’t see it ever happening. My husband could care less if he talks too or see hers so he’s always on my side, but she’s just awful. When she is around and talks to my husband she’ll blatantly ask him questions about me like I’m not right there and she can’t ask me herself. I truly don’t know why she despises me so much. My mom is so nice to my husband and adores the shit out of him so I hate that he gets the good mother in law and I can’t because she has some weird issue with me. Kind of a long read so I’m glad if you made it this far. But I just had to get all that off my chest. Sorry some mother in laws suck.
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2023.06.08 18:26 Opposite-Chocolate42 Looking for 2 Tundra gifts

I am looking for 2 gifts from the Tundra region. If you are able to send them please leave your trainer code below or DM me it please. I will send you gifts everyday if you want. Im polar if that matters. Please Team Mystic help me out your my only hope
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2023.06.08 18:26 Smart-Yoghurt-674 AITA for cutting my sister off from my nephew after she threatened me over $20?

My sister (20F) has a history of mental illness. I've always been supportive and offered help whenever she needed it. She has lived with my husband (22M, let's call him Greg) and me on and off for the past two years. Last October, we agreed that she would pay us $400 a month to contribute to groceries and utilities since we were barely making ends meet. However, she had some car trouble in January and ended up buying a new car, which now costs her $800 a month with insurance. We didn't ask for money for a few months, considering her struggles, and she never offered either.
In March, Greg and I got married and decided to discuss a consistent payment plan and renegotiate the amount she would contribute, given her financial difficulties and the fact that she had quit her job. We had three conversations about this, but each time she got defensive and claimed she didn't know how much to pay. During the third chat, she suddenly started packing her things and two days later, she moved to Florida without informing anyone. I found out through her Snapchat story, and it hurt that she didn't show us any respect after offering her help and being open to negotiation.
When she left, she left behind a 9-cube shelf. I offered her $20 for it three days later, but she ignored my message. Eventually, she tried to sell it for $25, and since I didn't want to argue over $5, I decided not to buy it. About a month and a half later, Greg changed his mind and wanted the shelf. He told me he would handle it if she asked about it.
Last week, she suddenly returned to town for the summer and asked for money again. I regretfully responded snarkily, saying she should pay us back for the months she lived here for free. She immediately became defensive, and I tried to backtrack by telling her to talk to Greg about the shelf. However, she didn't contact Greg and instead started calling me names, threatening to break in and cause damage to our property and myself. As a mother with a nearly 3-year-old child, I take threats seriously, especially from family. In response, I decided to cut off contact until she seeks consistent therapy. I offered to help her with scheduling but made it clear that she couldn't see my son until she has been in therapy for a year. I also expressed my willingness to attend therapy with her. My intention is to protect my family and still support her. However, she responded by calling me toxic and manipulative.
It's important to note that my sister tends to do well for a few months and then spirals out of control. She also has a history of rejecting advice, especially if she feels attacked. So, I always try to approach serious conversations with caution to avoid triggering her. Unfortunately, I let my emotions take over with the snarky comment, and I admit my mistake in that.
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2023.06.08 18:26 stonesThrowAwayTeam Advice for the unheard

Evening, people! Currently sitting in the car, frustrated that I cant talk to anyone about my relationship problems. May mga kaibigan naman ako pero ayaw ko na sila abalahin. Besides I dont feel comfortable talking to them about my partner, I feel like I'm bad mouthing my SO. We're all friends.
Anyway, I just feel emotionally neglected. I feel unheard and invalidated. Laging may "lang" when I'm reasoning out how I dont appreciate her lack of intentional listening. Kahit mabigat na yung sinasabi ko, yung tipong importante sa akin like family issues. Imagine malungkot and frustrated ka with your sibling. Meron siya isasabat na unrelated while I'm talking. As in sobrang babaw at irrelevant but it derails my thoughts. I dont think I'm the only one who wants to be heard when we're trying to offload.
Ok lang segway pag normal convo. Cant be helped. Pero pag mabigat yung sinasabi ko at alam niya talagang it matters to me, I feel overlooked when she just jabs unrelated, irrelevant things while I'm in the middle of expressing. And when I tell her I dont like it, she'll just say "sinabi ko lang naman." Today yan ULIT. She also had the thought of comparing me to her officemates na wala naman daw nagko-callout sa kanya pag sumasabat siya, wala naman daw nag sasabing officemate na bad listener siya. Ako lang daw yon.
Parang hindi fair? I'd like to think our relationship precedes office relationships. Parang she's saying I should just let it slide even though we've talked about that particular problem of hers soooo many times in a span of yeeears. Mind you, on my end, I truly listen to her. Sometimes I remember stories and interests that she shares even when she herself cant pull it from memory. I try to tune into her fully when she rants. In general, i try to put down what I'm doing so I can give my full attention. I dont believe in multitasking and I love letting people know that they have my ears.
Granted my anger issues ako. I'll be the first one to admit. I reeeeally try to work on it. Kanina, I called her out straight up. And she just dismissed it. Ganito lang, ganyan lang. Para kasing pag sa kanya irrelevant, dapat irrelevant din sa akin. Laging ganon when I call her out. I dont know what to do, she's not the most conversational person. She's not the best communicator. I dont even know if I'm wrong for expecting that I should be able to share to her the things that burden my mind. Minsan feeling ko kasalanan ko na I expect her full sympathy and attention.
I'm tired of explaining how my issues matter too. Hindi naman ako parati humihingi ng seryosong pakikinig. Rare. 90% of the time I take a walk or exercise when my mind isnt in the right space. Parang wala na ngang nakinig sa akin feeling ko ang sama ko pa dahil I ask her to be a better communicator sa relationship namin. Parang I'm asking for too much.
Madaming beses na to. It runs in her family. Sanay sila talking over each other. They cut off her dad when he talks. They cut off their older sister just to talk about shallow stuff. She knows it's bad, she know it's an issue and we've agreed we wont be like that. Pero it's just a cycle. I dont want to grow old communicating like this. I've tried a hard line style, and I've tried a calm approach. She just chalks it up to "wala lang naman yan dapat." Made me cry that I have to force such things.
Sorry ang haba. What do I do? I dont want to break up. Tagal na namin. Pero parang nagagalit siya when I present a way for to address her issues. Any advice? Cant go to therapy. Budget is tight but if you know a reasonably priced one, I'll take notes.
TLDR: Alam niyo yung feeling na you're begging to be heard by your SO of all people? Pag natatauhan ako, I feel so pathetic that I feel unheard by my partner. Parang kasalanan ko pa mag expect na makikinig siya.
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2023.06.08 18:26 SchwartzapfelLawyers MY COUSIN VINNY: Top 10 Lawyerly Takeaways

Released in 1992, My Cousin Vinny (dir. Lynn) is a courtroom comedy film that provides not only entertainment but also valuable insights into the legal profession. This lighthearted yet insightful movie follows the misadventures of an inexperienced lawyer, Vinny Gambini (played masterfully by Joe Pesci), as he defends his wrongly accused cousin in a murder trial. Despite its comedic nature, My Cousin Vinny offers several important takeaways for lawyers and law enthusiasts. In this write-up, we will explore the "Top 10 Lawyerly Takeways" to be gleaned from this beloved film.
  1. Preparation is Key: My Cousin Vinny emphasizes the importance of thorough preparation. Vinny's success in the courtroom stems from his meticulous investigation, attention to detail, and extensive research. Lawyers must invest time in understanding the facts, analyzing evidence, and anticipating potential counterarguments.
  2. Effective Communication: The film highlights the significance of clear and persuasive communication skills. Vinny's big-city charm and relatable storytelling techniques help him connect with the jury and win their trust. Lawyers must strive to articulate complex legal concepts in a manner that resonates with judges, jurors, and clients.
  3. Adapting to New Environments: Vinny, an inexperienced lawyer from Brooklyn, finds himself in a small Alabama town with a distinct legal culture. He quickly learns to adapt his strategies, style, and mannerisms to suit the local context. This underscores the importance of being flexible and adaptable when practicing law.
  4. Leveraging Expert Witnesses: Vinny recognizes the value of expert witnesses in bolstering his case. By enlisting the help of a knowledgeable car mechanic, he presents critical evidence that proves crucial to his defense. To succeed at trial, lawyers must identify and utilize expert witnesses effectively to strengthen their arguments.
  5. Building Rapport with Clients: Vinny's genuine care for his cousin and personal investment in the case foster trust and cooperation. Lawyers should prioritize building strong relationships with their clients, as it enables better understanding, collaboration, and ultimately, better outcomes.
  6. Persistence in the Face of Challenges: Vinny encounters numerous obstacles throughout the trial, including a skeptical judge and hostile witnesses. However, his unwavering determination and resilience allow him to overcome these challenges. Lawyers must persevere through setbacks and remain steadfast in their pursuit of justice.
  7. The Importance of Legal Ethics: Despite his unorthodox methods, Vinny never compromises his ethical responsibilities. In this way, the film emphasizes the importance of upholding legal ethics and professional standards, and how an ounce of integrity is worth its weight in gold.
  8. Attention to Procedural Details: The film highlights the importance of mastering procedural rules and courtroom decorum. Vinny's initial unfamiliarity with courtroom procedures leads to humorous moments but also serves as a reminder of the significance of adhering to proper legal protocols.
  9. The Power of Visual Aids: Vinny employs visual aids, such as photographs and diagrams, to simplify complex concepts and enhance jury comprehension. Skilled lawyers like the ones at Schwartzapfel Lawyers can harness the power of visual aids to effectively convey information, making their arguments more persuasive and accessible.
  10. Learning from Mistakes: Vinny's character grows through his mistakes. His earlier courtroom blunders prompt him to learn from these errors, adapt his approach, and, in the end, become an effective advocate for his clients. This serves as a reminder that even seasoned lawyers can benefit from continuous learning and self-improvement.
My Cousin Vinny may be a comedy, but it imparts valuable lessons for legal professionals. From the importance of preparation and effective communication to adapting to new environments and persisting in the face of challenges, this film offers a sincerely enjoyable glimpse into the world of law. By embracing its lawyerly takeaways, legal advocates may enhance their skills, enrich their practice, and uphold the principles of justice more effectively.
To learn more about the law and how it can protect you and your loved ones, call Schwartzapfel Lawyers today at 1-516-342-2200. Alternatively, you can visit us online to schedule your free consultation. It will be our honor and privilege to fight for you every step of the way.
Call now!
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2023.06.08 18:25 NeonGLite Pro Valorant player for FNATIC got gifted a lightstick for his birthday!

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2023.06.08 18:25 BordomBeThyName I have two days to become immersed in UK culture

Hey y'all, I'm in the UK for the first time (finally) and I've got two free days on Sun/Mon to faff around in London.
So far the plan is:
What am I missing? What the fuck is a Weatherspoons? Should I go to one? Are any of the big London historic buildings worth seeing? (Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Old Globe, etc.)
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2023.06.08 18:25 scoobysnacks1 My nutritionally complete overnight oats recipe

I made this recipe as I love overnight oats but I wanted to fix the vitamin and mineral deficiencies in my diet meaning I can be more relaxed with my dinner or even skip dinner.
Sharing with you this tasty recipe that hits all the daily recommended macro-nutrient targets (I fed it through the Cronometer app). The bulk of it can be stored dry in a big jar for ease of preparation.
A few Ingredients are there just for taste and to try hit a more diverse fruit and veg weekly target for gut health purposes. There is no added sugar and I tried to keep it as healthy as possible. Measurements are approximate. It is decently calorific as I try to front load my calories in the day

• 80g oat groats or steel cut oats
• 1xtbsp each of chia, ground flax, hemp seeds
• 1xtsp each ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, raw cacao powder
• 2x tbsp pumpkin seeds, raisins, walnuts, dried mulberries (to reach vit C target)
• optional 1x scoop of whey protein powder
• 1x crushed brazil nut (for the selenium)
• pinch of sea salt
This is the dry mix I keep about a week's worth in a big jar.

The Soakening:
Add to dry mix the following:
• 200ml milk kefir (I recommend getting into making your own if you don't already, it's super easy, cheap and very healthy. More strains of healthy bacteria than yoghurt)
• 100ml whole milk
• half a cup of frozen raspberries
• 1x chopped frozen banana
• optional 1xtbsp almond/peanut butter
• half cup shredded raw carrot (works well with the nutmeg, cinnamon, cacao)
• half a cup of frozen edamame beans (controversial addition but this is to hit the folate target)

Give good mix and sit in fridge to soak overnight at least 20 hours to get nice consistency and to semi ferment with kefir for greater digestibility.
It tastes so good and has helped me get healthier. If anyone tries it let me know! Cheers
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2023.06.08 18:25 FreyaPM First offer we made got accepted within four hours!

We are stunned! My husband and I walked through a house Tuesday morning that was a bit too much of a fixer-upper for us. With our lifestyle, we knew we wouldn’t be able to tackle that many projects, so we walked away.
Disappointed, we sent our realtor a couple more houses to view this week. One of them really stood out to us, so the realtor walked us through that evening. It was perfect! Big enough for our growing family, open, earthy, well-maintained. New roof, new AC, new furnace. Beautiful vinyl flooring throughout. 3br, 2.5ba. 1900 sq ft in a quiet cul de sac. It has solar panels that are connected to the grid and already paid off. We had to keep reminding ourselves not to get attached. It was listed for 535,000. The seller’s husband recently passed away so she is looking for a quick and painless sale.
We offered 545,000 and seller covers closing costs. 3% down, conventional loan, (really shitty) 7% interest rate. The inspection is on Monday. We can’t believe she accepted! And our very first offer ever!
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2023.06.08 18:24 h1k1k0m0r1NSFW searching

Please help me to find out which stores or mass markets are in Geneva, where i can buy various cheap things for the home or things for art like a big art markets... really want to buy some yarn for crochet and also stuff for drawing and graffiti and some furniture for home will be very happy and thankful for an advice❤️‍🩹🫂
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2023.06.08 18:24 IkBenJoris F-91 or F-105 or W-86?

I'm kinda new into watches and was googling a bit for competitors for the F-91 since im a pretty big fan of it (whilst i dont have one). And i came across the F-105 and W-86 for looking pretty similair and having a better backlight than the F-91. So i wanted to ask you guys what watch i should get.
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2023.06.08 18:24 LittlestPenguin24 [Thanks] for the awesome pens!!

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2023.06.08 18:24 Significant-Mood-109 The effects misinformation has on people (instagram post: 4th June 2023)

The effects misinformation has on people (instagram post: 4th June 2023)
1."It depends on the system wether fusion is a good thing or not" 2.misusing the term integration for fusion 3.Kya being seen as seperate from Nin and Kyle as if alters were different people
All of that misunderstanding caused by DD makes me so fucking sad to see
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2023.06.08 18:24 Minimum_Warthog_2234 Ice Tip

Just wanted to share an idea while everyone is finishing up their last minute shopping for Roo.
We all know it’s going to be hot, and have experienced the disappointment of going to go buy ice and it be melted by the time you get back to camp. When I was at Okeechobee this year, we used a beach wagon to bring our cooler with us and put the ice straight in it so it wasn’t melted by the time we got back.
Any wagon could work, but the beach wagons with big wheels makes it really easy on the different terrains.
Hope this helps! Happy Roo everyone 😊 Can’t wait to see & high five everyone in a week!!
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2023.06.08 18:24 PacoNotJacob Help Me Pick Sleeves For New LOTR Commander Decks!

My wife preordered the commander decks for me as a Father’s Day gift! I need ideas for sleeves. Any colors or designs. My only requirement is that they shuffle relatively easy :)
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2023.06.08 18:24 Desperate_Night_9795 MTSS?

What is your school doing (if anything) with MTSS? Our school has big plans for the fall, and I am curious to know what other schools are doing with it.
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2023.06.08 18:24 Duffmanvg7575 Suspended for being 5 mins late- Do I Quit? Stay? Both?

Hey, all so I just need get something off my chest.
Today I was suspended without pay, for 2 days because I was 5 mins late. Theres quite a bit of backstory so lets get into the weeds.
I work as a shipping clerk for a unionized company in NY (A hire at will state). I'm not union and assume can't be, because my job is office/clerical and theirs is heavy lifting and productivity.I'm given, yearly 40 hours of personal time, and 2 weeks' vacation time which I've exhausted as of 2 weeks ago. Use was put toward a single trip, my 2-year-old and daycare closing, along with depression that I'm handling day by day.
This all starts when I exhausted my time. I was told I could freely make up time as long as I hit 40 hours each week. This was the running deal with my supervisor (Call him H) but not my manager (Call him J) for the past year and a half. After I exhausted my time, I took 3 days and got written up by my J (but not by H). No big deal, this was a slap on the wrist, and I knew that I did wrong. I knew there were consequences. They wanted a promise that this wouldn't be an issue and during write up meeting 1, I explained that I have depression and that I'm starting medicine to help me get better but I wont miss time. I'm committed and happy with my job. It was a bit personal, but I thought I had that relationship with my manager.
Monday of last week, my doctor called and explained that I might be interested in FMLA. FMLA covers depression as a major condition and I could use the time to help manage flair ups, or "get better" I was interested and talked to my HR. HR provided me the paperwork on Thursday, and I immediately sought to drop off the paperwork to my doctor that evening. Office was closed and I thought "this is important, I need to do it the next morning". I text my boss that I was going to be 15 mins late, just dropping off paperwork to my doctor. I dropped off the paperwork Friday and toward the end of the day, was served a write up from my CEO, for being 15 mins late. (Backstory here, HR Manager is out on medical leave, so my CEO is acting HR right now).
Monday, I was still upset but put water under the bridge. I worked diligently and aimed to come in, at 8, every morning. Tuesday rolls around and I had to wrestle with a sleepless night with my son. I was tired, and annoyed but Google Maps says I got to the gate at 8:02. My workstation is how I log my time, so I needed to wait for the PC to boot and website to load, and my punch read 8:05. I didn't think anything of it, because the prior conversation had me worried about 15 mins to an hour over. This was still in a typical grace period for most. I was confronted with a 3rd and final warning, met with a suspension until Monday. The CEO said, "Take the time and we will sit down Monday to see if you really want to continue working here."
The last bit of backstory is that we have a performance evaluation. I was graded as all 4's (out of 5). My work is stellar, my ambitions for the role were high, and I loved the people I worked with. My only issue to them is my attendance. Which has been a mixed bag of messages, because my supervisor is way more relaxed than my manager. My manager doesn't even really manage me at the end of day. He (I think) doesn't want to see me dismissed.
I have half a mind to throw it in their face on Monday and say "I want to work here but do you want me to work here? I'm committed, and enthusiastic about my job. I have a medical issue I'm working to resolve but your pressure isn't helping any of it. Why compound the write ups and not give me a chance to atone?" Sorry for the long ramble. Being in NY state doesn't fill me with much confidence for Unemployment, or wrongful termination but I know they don't want me anymore. I know it.
Any and all advice on the situation would be appreciated.
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