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Gel Nails At Home

2016.01.26 12:51 bourscheid Gel Nails At Home

Gel nails are the latest fashion statement. Gel nail polish is more flexible and durable than typical nail polish. It also lasts longer, staying in perfect condition for three weeks or more. The idea of creating your own gel nails at home has caught up with women concerned about the amount of time and money spent at the nail salon. Read more about gel nails at home here!

2023.06.08 20:29 happyhippiedippie 24F [chat] Looking to make friends who want to share their culture or travel!

Hi all!! I am looking to make some friends who love to travel as much as I do! I would love to talk to someone from Korea or Japan and I am really interested in traveling there. I am especially partial to Latinx people as I love the culture and would love to travel around Central and South America someday, just preferably not alone 🙈 I used to be fluent in Spanish as I lived in Costa Rica for 3 months, but that was almost two years ago and I don’t have anyone to speak it with in the States so I lost some of it. I would love to practice if you’d be down!
Some things about me: I love cooking and trying out new recipes, I love true crime shows and documentaries, I’m super into all things beauty and even taught myself how to do my own gel nails. I’m getting into K Beauty as well. I prefer the beach over the mountains and love being outside in the sun. I try to be a kind and caring person, so if you need someone to talk to about anything you’re going through then I am here!
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2023.06.08 20:24 lainganator Pet Nail Rotary Attachments

I currently have a Dremel, but want to switch over to Milwaukee rotary tool instead. The usual reasons ditch the extra battery's. But my question is, is there any good pet nail filing options that will work with Milwaukee rotary tool?
Specifically, Dremel makes an attachment designed to do this AT02-PGK, and I want to know if this will fit on a Milwaukee rotary tool.
Has anyone tried to put this attachment on a Milwaukee rotary, or design something for grinding down a pets nails that will fit?
I found a cat a few weeks ago and he's adjusting well, but definitely hates having his nails cut . For good reason since I cut them too short and hurt him a couple times. Trying to do both him, and I the favor of making it less likely I'll cut too short and instead a file away the sharpness.
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2023.06.08 20:21 realboylikepinocchio looking for research articles regarding testosterone gel applied to bottom growth

Hey guys! [my info: trans man, he/him pronouns, 6mo on T, subq shots]
I spoke to my doctor about using DHT cream to help the process of bottom growth (I know I want metoidioplasty in the future so I wanna be proactive with bottom growth efforts). I just picked up my prescription and it is androgel, not DHT cream. I realize the chemical compounds are different (and that gel has a high percentage of alcohol), however I'd still like to give it a try. I applied it to the ~area~ about 30 minutes ago and it did not burn as bad as I expected, it just felt pretty warm down there. I've been told so many things about the effectiveness of T applied to bottom growth, including that it wont do anything, but I'd like to see what the scientists have to say! So, long story short, I'm looking for scientific articles that speak about whether T gel would actually increase bottom growth or not. I looked on google scholar but I'm not really seeing what I'm looking for. If anyone has read an article regarding this topic, I'd love if you could post the link. Thanks in advance:)
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2023.06.08 20:09 OneGayPigeon Clients who specify to trim the nails “as short as you can,” why? Always genuinely confused by this ask. Why would we leave the nails long??

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2023.06.08 20:09 utsutsu-no-yume BT21 Baby X The Creme Shop nail polish review

BT21 Baby X The Creme Shop nail polish review
I got the Universal Love nail polish set of the BT21 Baby X Creme Shop collection and thought an in-depth review might be helpful, since they're still available to buy online.
Firstly, this set has beige/pink/reds only ("classic" colors), while the other set is pastel rainbow colors. I really like all the colors and think they're all pretty neutral/wearable. The one I'm wearing in the picture is Sweet Prince.
For shipping - I ordered on a Wednesday and got the package the next Monday. The box was wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap. The only issue with the packaging was that one of the bottles apparently wasn't closed tightly enough and spilled a bit into screw-top on the handle. That bottle's polish was clearly thicker than the rest from drying out.
The rest of the bottles had a relatively thinner consistency, but they were still a little bit thicker compared to my base coat/top coat (Sally Hansen Double Duty). The scent is just regular nail polish scent. They brush on really smoothly even if you don't use a base coat (my nails themselves are smooth though). The opacity is great too - the darker colors are pretty much opaque with one coat, and the lightest colors (like Glazed Bun, RJ's color) are opaque with two coats. Once dry, even without a top coat, they're quite shiny. Any streaks texture-wise from the brush even themselves out; streaks opacity-wise/color-wise don't even out. Drying time is about the same as most other nail polishes. I let dry about 20 minutes in between coats (aka the length of one anime episode lol) and had no problems.
As for lasting power, I used Sweet Prince with a base coat and a top coat, and it got the first chip over a week after I first painted it. It also survived all day at an anime convention. However, I tried Glazed Bun without a base or top coat, and it now has a small chip after three days. For reference, I'm not careful with my nails and my job requires a lot of typing, and I usually chip nail polish after about two to three days. This particular chip on Glazed Bun was more because I got my finger caught on something.
You can use normal nail polish remover to remove the polish, but it's easier to remove if you hold a cotton round with remover on the nail for a bit so it can soak in (like you would with gel polish, but not as long). I admittedly haven't tried the darker colors without a base coat, so I'm not sure if they would stain your nails after removal.
Lastly, are they worth the price? Personally, as an ARMY and a fan of BT21 as mascots, I think so. It's $25 for the set of 7, and each bottle is 10mL. With how often I paint my nails (a couple of times a month tops), they're not going to run out for a long time. Plus, the bottles themselves are super cute and deserve to be on display. The only caveat is that they're only available online, and The Creme Shop does free US shipping at $50 minimum. I think the BT21 stuff is also excluded from coupons/discounts. I also bought the sheet mask set since I needed sheet masks anyways and The Creme Shop has good ones in general. So, final verdict, if you're already making a makeup/skincare purchase + need/want some cute nail polish + have >$50 to spend, I'd recommend this set.
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2023.06.08 19:42 omc0941 Good and cheap places to get nails done

New to bengaluru. I would like to do semi permanent nails or gel nails on my natural ones, I live in Koromangala. I read a couple of reviews but they were not exactly convincing. if you have any clues of nice and cheap aestheticians let me know 😬
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2023.06.08 19:29 ihearttheis Short story: woman physically fights man in small southern US town?

I feel like this is not an obscure title? I just have not been able to find it. I might have read this short story in high school or something.
I know it's set in the South in the US. I want to say it's between 1900 and World War II? There were a lot of descriptions to how rural/sleepy and kind of set back further in time this small town is?
There's a pharmacy, I want to say the woman either owns it or works there or lives above it? There's descriptions about whiskey in the childrens' tonic.
The main character is a woman. She's either a widow or divorcee. She is kind to children, but she's tough as nails.
I feel like the Crux of the story is that she's getting in a fist fight or a physical fight with some guy? And the whole town is watching? And the guy plays dirty. There's some sort of consequence to who wins the fight. I feel like the fight is at the pharmacy? I don't know if this makes sense or not. I'm sorry, that's all I can remember.
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2023.06.08 19:28 i_devour_gluee probably autistic but not disabled/perfectly accommodated?

Short background story: I am close to starting an assessment for autism (and perhaps adhd) so lately I've been really thinking and researching about any autistic traits I display/displayed and I am having doubts that I can’t really tackle with my thérapies (because he doesn’t believe me and his view of autism is very outdated).
First doubt = I am in a period of my life (after a good few years of reaaaaally struggling) where I feel like I have everything under control so I don't really relate to the disability aspect (as in: my autistic traits are not causing me any difficulties). Here’s a list of ways I accommodate myself. Do they make me not autistic?
This leads me to two options:
1) Either I am not autistic (and fair enough but I have spent the last two years researching it and two years ago I was really struggling with socialising)
2) or I am indeed autistic but that my hyperactivity/curiosity/"intelligence" compensate for the difficulties.
For instance:
To conclude: I see the world as being a laboratory for my social experiments... And yeah at this point I don't even know if I should bother getting an assessment if the person is going to tell me I don't have clinally severe enough traits and that I am not autistic.
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2023.06.08 19:27 omw2fyb3000 which episode did enya show her nails? the short ones?

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2023.06.08 19:04 TheItalianMi1f Donthis

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2023.06.08 18:47 Asleep_Onion Garmin knocked the ball out of the park w/ Epix Pro 51mm

I've had a Fenix 7X Sapphire since launch day last year, and have absolutely loved it the whole time. It's a fantastic watch, and the battery life is ludicrous. I always felt a little bit of FOMO for that beautiful amoled screen, but the limitation to 47mm case size and 6 days of always-on display just didn't cut it for me.
Enter the Epix Pro 51mm. As soon as this came out, I knew I had to give it a try. Maybe not as a complete replacement for my Fenix 7XSS, but perhaps as a new daily-wear watch for everyday life and single-day activity recording.
I'm blown away by how good this watch is. First of all, it's already running firmware 13.22, so it's had 18 months of solid R&D into it, you won't be buying a watch with barebones firmware full of bugs. This firmware is solid.
So I thought I'd put together a list of pros and cons to share of the Epix 2 Pro 51mm versus the Fenix 7X Sapphire Solar, along with some of my thoughts.
  1. The flashlight is WAY brighter than the 7X non-Pro. It's at least 2x as bright. Turning them both up to full brightness and pointing them at the wall, the 7X flashlight pales in comparison, it's not even close. The new Fenix 7 Pro models do also have this brighter flashlight upgrade.
  2. The maps are GORGEOUS! With so much more detail, beautiful gradients and very clear contents. The weather overlays are nothing short of a game changer, and they look absolutely spectacular on the Epix screen. While this feature is also coming to Fenix, I can't imagine it will look good on a 64-color screen, and most likely I won't even try to use these overlays on my Fenix because it will just muck up the map and make the whole thing hard to read.
  3. The "dim" mode when the watch screen goes into standby in AOD mode while you're not looking at it, is still quite bright and much easier to read than a Fenix indoors.
  4. Garmin finally perfected "gesture" sensing. I never used gesture backlighting on my Fenix because it always did a terrible job of sensing when I was actually looking at my watch and when I wasn't, but they nailed it with Epix.
  5. I never really disliked the buttons on the Fenix 7X, but they've done something on the new Pro models to make them feel MUCH better. I'm not sure what they changed, but the buttons feel a lot more "crisp", if that makes any sense. The 7X buttons always felt a bit sloppy to me, although it never bothered me personally. The Epix Pro buttons are a lot more satisfying to press.
  6. I'm surprised by how readable it is under direct sunlight. This was my biggest worry with an Amoled screen, but they've made the screen capable of going so ridiculously bright that it can easily overcome direct sunlight. I think Fenix might (barely) have it beat, but honestly it's very close to being as good as Fenix outdoors.
  7. "Red Shift" mode eliminates most concerns about the bright amoled screen wrecking your night vision. It's very easy on the eyes, and great for checking the time in the middle of the night. You can have it automatically enter Red Shift mode during your sleep window, which is a nice feature.
  8. Epix Pro 51mm Sapphire looks and feels exactly the same as Fenix 7X Sapphire. I mean, apart from the screen itself, they are basically identical. I got both watches in Sapphire, with the same gray color, and even the same nylon straps, and they look and feel identical. This is a good thing for me, because it means that whenever I switch watches there won't be any noticeable change, nothing that feels odd or different, nothing I need to get used to.
  1. I don't like that the screen turns completely off when you're not wearing it. There doesn't seem to be any way to change that. It turns completely off, black, when you take the watch off. The reason that this sucks for me is I like to hang my watch on a hook in the shower, and be able to see the time and notifications while it's hanging there, but this isn't really possible with the Epix. I don't really cycle, but many cyclists who mount the watch on their handlebars complain about the same thing. On the plus side, I can tap the screen and it'll turn on, so it still sort of works for my shower scenario, but the Fenix wins here with its screen that is always fully on whether you're wearing it or not.
  2. Garmin doesn't fully take advantage of the higher screen resolution as much as they could. For example, its capacity to show data on activity datascreens is basically the same as the Fenix; even though they could definitely cram more data or detail into the screen by using smaller fonts, etc., they just don't. That's probably fine for people with bad eyesight who need larger data, but my eyesight is great and I would love having more detail and data on my datascreens even if it meant everything had to shrink. It would be nice if Garmin gave us the ability to choose whether we want to shrink everything and cram more detail onto the screen or not, but for now we're basically only stuck with one display style.
  3. The obvious elephant in the room is battery life. It's got very good battery life for an amoled screen, but obviously it comes nowhere near Fenix 7X. That being said, it's got excellent battery life for what it is. I charged it 24 hours ago, and have been spending quite a bit of time screwing around with the watch setting it up the way I want it, and 24 hours later it still has 94%, which is pretty darn good. But the Fenix would probably still have 98% under the same circumstances.
  4. "Red Shift" mode, for some reason, doesn't work in activities. It works everywhere else, but as soon as you start an activity it turns off red shift mode, and I don't know why. It even stays off after you leave the activity, until you turn it back on again. I assume this is something Garmin will address in the future, but for now it's a limitation that might be important to know about.
  5. Weather overlays on the map are, oddly, only available in the Weather widget. They're not available on maps within an activity yet. I suspect this will be added soon though, as I'm certainly not the first person to point it out or complain about that limitation.
  6. It still only has 32GB of storage. WTF, Garmin? It's 2023, and we've still got the same storage limit as Fenix 6 did in 2019. With modern data storage density technology, they should be able to easily cram 64GB or 128GB into these watches, so I don't understand why we still don't get enough storage space to store worldwide topoactive maps.
As I expected, it's not going to be able to fully 100% replace my 7X, for my own use case. However, it will definitely take over as my daily-wear watch, and my typical daily activities like running or dayhikes. The Fenix will continue to be my go-to watch for longer activities like backpacking and overlanding, but it will most likely live in the sock drawer when I'm not using it for that.
If I didn't already have the Fenix 7XSS, I might have strongly considered only owning the Epix Pro 51mm, and making it work for everything by just bringing a charging cable and power source with me on longer adventures. It does 95% of what the Fenix can do, and if you bring a charger and battery pack with you then it can do 105% of what a Fenix can do. But sometimes I just don't want to have to recharge, and so the Fenix will continue to be a part of my kit for that reason (and that reason, only).
If you're considering picking up a 51mm Epix Pro, do it! You definitely won't be disappointed. This is, in my opinion, the best outdoor watch anyone has ever made.

And a side note about using multiple Garmin watches at once:
This is a new concept to me, I've been using Garmin watches for about 5 years now, but I've only ever used one at a time. Whenever I got a new watch, it always immediately replaced whatever watch I had before it. So I thought I'd write a little bit about this for anyone else who might be curious how this works.
I don't think it was always this way, but as of now Garmin makes this process really seamless and easy. "Physio TrueUp" is no longer even a thing that you have to turn off or on or configure in any way, it's just always on, and there aren't even any settings for it anymore. It just works, always, by default.
When you add a second device, it asks you if you want to make it your primary device or not. In my case, I did make my new Epix Pro the primary device. What this does, is it tells Garmin to always use the data from that device whenever there is a conflict with data from another device, such as steps or HR that were recorded at the same time. But any time you're only wearing one device, regardless of which device it is, it'll use the data from whichever device you are wearing. It's quite seamless and very well done.
The Connect mobile app even communicates with both devices at the same time. Whenever a notification comes in, it pops up on both watches at the same time, and when I clear the notification from one watch it clears it on the other one at the same time. The whole experience is very well done, Garmin clearly put a lot of thought into making their ecosystem work well for people who own multiple Garmin watches.
I have heard that some things won't sync completely between devices, such as I think body battery and maybe some of the training readiness metrics. I haven't really played around with it enough yet to know for sure what the limitations are, but on the surface so far everything that's important to me seems to be pretty well synced up between the two devices.
And with that... hopefully this info helped someone! Feel free to post any questions and I'll try to answer them as best as I can. Cheers!
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2023.06.08 18:46 chathusan1988 67 Styles Carbide Nail Drill Bits Rotate Electric Ceramic Milling Cutter For Manicure Gel Polish Remover Nail Files Pedicure

Unbelievable offer for you...grab it ASAP....good product for you...
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2023.06.08 18:42 kmkarabela Long square gel x nails

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2023.06.08 18:37 NoLingonberry4535 I wish my mom was dead

I wish my mom was dead.
I guess the title was pretty odd enough for someone to click this, and read it. I do mean it tho. I wish my mom was dead. And no, she is not someone who abuses me physically nor she does not provide for my needs. She do actually is a good provider. But you know, there is a big difference between a good provider and a good mother. What i think is that she is a good provider. She knows her responsibility, and she plays it well. She fed my needs, and my wants but not when it comes to my emotional needs. She sucks at giving it. Big time.
Well, A little backstory. Growing up, i was spoiled. I admit it. I had parents who gave it all to me, from toys to food, anything. I lived a pretty good life back when i was a kid. I was grateful, and I am still now. I grew up favoring my father much more than my mother. In such a young age, I hate her. No, I despise her. I can't really remember the time where i wished she just stayed at home. I always wish that she is always at work. I don't like her around for a reason that deep down I am scared of her judgement. It's like everything you do is wrong, and she will scold you with it to the point often times, her words are out of the belt. She even admit it once, telling that I should not make her mad because she tells things that are out of hand.
And of course, As a kid, those words stung like hell that it made me cry a river. Then I am being scolded for it. I thought at first, I am being sensitive because I am being scolded for crying. I remember it too well, she would tell me not to cry while having a tone that makes me cry. She told me to quit the drama because it will not work on her. I used to blame myself for being weak, that maybe I do deserve it for doing it. And that is me, at 10.
And that is where my misery begins. I constantly had a habit of lying to her. Even at small things because I am scared to be scolded, to be spanked, to be call names that I know I am not. Until, she catches me lying numerous times. Of course, that made her furious, and I understand it. Anyone would be mad if they caught someone lying to them. My constantly lying have eventually led her into not believing me, and the feeling is mutual. I stop also trusting her to trust me. So I just stop telling her things. From then, I never got to really open up to her. I don't entrust my emotions to her. And I’ll never will.
Things got really messy when I hit my puberty. I was 13. 1st year in Highschool. Everything was new to me, it was exciting, and so I explore them. From joining clubs to having crushes.
So, There is this one guy whom i started to technically just talk to. And I swear we were not dating (although i had a little crush on him) but it doesn't seem like that to my mom. For me, It was just talking. But in her point of view, It was more than that. The time she caught me chatting, and giggling with this guy. She immediately got furious. I know, and I understand why is she acting like that but It is out of hand when she started calling names again I know I am not. She always says that one day you will thank me for this. I would probably but I will not also forget why the need of calling me a ‘slut’. I was just 13.
When we had a heated argument, there is a time where I started to slip out of my mouth that I am depressed. I remember the time she asks if i need a psychiatrist. But It sounds like a very sarcastic tone. It felt as if my emotions at the time were too sensitive, that i am overreacting, i recall her even saying that I should stop the pity party act. It killed me. I really wanted to say, No mom, I do not need a psychiatrist. What i wanted was an apology for the names you called me before, for you to acknowledge that your words are deeper than the pain brought by spanking. I want you to say sorry. I just want an apology. That's it. But i guess, people don't really like admitting their own mistakes.
I was just 14, when she called me a slut for not cutting my nails short.
I was just 12, when she starts questioning me why i can't be like my cousins? The line goes like this, “at this age they know blah blah”. It's like she's telling me why i can't be any good like them? Why I am the bad one? Worst is, I start to believe it.
I was just 10, when she spanks me, when she pinches me everytime i did something not right. I deserve it yet those spanks, and pinches did not even matter to me. What even hurts the most? The names she calls me. It leaves like a scar. I felt like I was not 10.
I was just 11, when she started bablbling how lucky her sisters are to have my cousins like she is pertaining that how unfortunate she is that she has me.
I was just 11, when i had my first depression episode. I had a bunch of suicidal thoughts to myself, and how would i do it. I WAS JUST 11. I couldn't tell her, she was the reason why.
I was just 11, when she started invalidating my feelings to the point i think i am overreacting.
And the cycle goes on up until now I am writing this. At this point, I only see her as a provider, and not a mother. When I was young, she always wants me to fear her so I can do good. Now, I fear her, and I do good but I loathe her. I wish she was dead or I am. Either of us. I just wanted to go as far as away from her.
The thing is, I am not even sure why I am writing this. Maybe to vent out what has been inside of me for years. I can't even count to my fingers, how many times where I start to pray to God to at least do something to kill me. Maybe an accident. Or just me not waking up the next day. It sucks, really. I wanted to kill myself for a reason I wanted to get away from her, or maybe to let her guilt kills her when she saw my cold body in my bed, to maybe, i want her to recall all the names she called me, and feel really sorry about it.
As of now, I felt a lot more better now. I would take the credit all to myself for healing the emotional damage she brought me. It is not fully healed, but it is getting there. I thank God everyday, and those self help books that helped me to have a better mindset.
Looking back, I wanted and kind of understand my mother. Maybe my mother acted that way because I am her first child, she is new to parenting, and not really know how to handle nor raise a child, so she do what she can. Maybe she is just afraid for me to go in a wrong path that's why she use a rough method on me. Maybe that is her way of telling me she loves me, but on a second thought, I am also just a little girl back then. Maybe as a litte girl i do not deserve really to be called names such as slut, especially coming from my own mother.
Right now, I have a little brother. He is 8. He's my mom’s favorite, and my mom treats him like i wish she treated me before. I am happy for my little fella tho. He deserves it. But as i look at them, sometimes, cuddling, and laughing. I can't help but to ask, Am i just an experimental child for her to treat the next one better? It hurts. Really. But at least, my brother won't have mommy issues when he grow up.
Well, as of now, what i felt for her was neutral. Hatred is gone. I felt like i do not actually care about her at all. Hatred, Love, or Sympathy was all gone. I felt like I fake it sometimes, or force it but I knew deep down, It was long gone. Maybe because i am to numb to feel as much again. I secretly forgave her eventho she does not ask for forgiveness. It is a best way to peace, ya know.
But if someone were to ask me if she dies, will I cry?
The answer is no.
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2023.06.08 18:11 BayouDweller014 Crytek Needs to Think Outside the Box when Balancing Weapons: Some Very Constructive Criticism and a possible Dolch fix.

The dichotomy of Hunt's gunplay has been bothering me for a while. Some aspects are modelled perfectly and really represent the guns, but some aspects are borderline arcade. Their methodology to balancing weapons is mind-boggling in how limited the scope is at times. This recent ammo scarcity update is a perfect example of this, where they lack the creativity to effectively balance their guns, so they go for the smoothbrain "less ammo better" approach.
While the long ammo appreciators seethe and the long ammo haters breathe in their own farts in undeserved satisfaction, I have some food for thought on how to balance weapons using methods that already exist in Hunt's framework.
Sway. The largeheavier a rifle is, the harder it is to keep it aimed on target. Holding up something like a stocked pistol for minutes at a time would be easy, but aiming a nine pound rifle tends to induce a lot of fatigue pretty quickly. Crouching would eliminate most of the sway, but making heavier rifles more difficult to aim especially while moving would be a good nerf. Crytek reduced ADAD spam considerably a few years back but didn't solve the issue entirely. This would be a benefit for compact ammo players and a nerf for long ammo users.
Double Action Revolvers. Currently (fanning aside) there is absolutely no reason to take a Nagant over a Nagant Officer, despite there being some nuances. You can pull a DA trigger quickly or accurately, but not both. Old double action revolvers have a long, heavy trigger pull, and even with a tuned-up gun and years of skill and strength practice, it's still nowhere near as fast as in Hunt. (Don't rebut this with videos of Jerry Miculek with a custom tuned, modern race gun. Find a video of someone shooting an actual Nagant or any other DA revolver of the era. Those triggers SUCK, and pulling them fast means you're not going to hit accurately. Like this.) Instead of balancing double action revolvers by having the recoil go all over the place, there's an easy solution: have a half second or so delay from the time you click to the time the gun fires. This would introduce some variety to the usage of guns in Hunt, where learning the delay becomes a skill issue just like learning recoil patterns, bullet velocity, reload time, or any other factor. The Nagant's mechanism lends to an especially bad trigger, so a .5s delay would make sense, whereas the Colt 1892 has a much nicer trigger, so probably only a .25s delay.
Scopes. Magnified optics IRL have something called an eyebox, it's a very small area where your eye needs to be in relation to the scope to actually see through it(in the 1900s it was a VERY small area). Viewing it from anywhere outside that angle gets you a partial view or just blackness. Scopes of the era also transmitted less light, so the image was somewhat distorted, darkened, or otherwise not crystal-clear like it is in games. for an example of this, look for some scope reviews on Youtube. They're modern and much higher quality/visibility than scopes of the 1900s, but will illustrate the mechanics in ways photographs can't.
Zoom. In real life when you're focusing on a weapon's sights it does somewhat reduce your FOV through a sort of psychological tunnel vision effect, but it's nowhere near as pronounced as in Hunt. You can't just zoom in IRL when you aim down the sights of a gun. I'm not saying it needs to be 0%, but it's irritating how you're forced into a 2x or 3x zoom every time you aim down a weapon's sights in Hunt, which in turn makes it harder to use in close quarters since it severely bottlenecks your FOV. Reducing this would make it harder to nail shots at range and get easy headshots, which helps to close the weapon viability gap between long/compact/shotgun users.
Sights. Weapon sights of the era were smaller and nowhere near as open as they are in-game. The dolch's sights are a good example of being extremely generous, where tightening them up to look realistic would make it harder to hit shots since your gun obscures more of the target when aiming. It's a TINY notch. Here's a Rifle notch. The Bergmann and the Lebel are good examples of them being done 90% realistically in game, whereas the Mosin, Winfield, and Dolch are some of the most unrealistically open.
Balancing the Dolch. Context: I love the Mauser C96. I use one in nearly every game where it's possible. That said, the Dolch has been nerfed to the point where it's neither effective, practical, or fun to use in Hunt. Changing it to special ammo was a good call, but the absurdly exaggerated recoil, the crazy price, the high zoom, and the damage dropoff which is only marginally better than compact ammo make it straight up uncompetitive compared to the Nagant Officer (and the New Army Swift will be even better with the faster reload). My goal is to have a C96 in Hunt that's actually viable compared to it's peers, yet appropriately expensive and quirky since in 1895 it'd still have been a prototype.
On Early Mauser C96 pistols there is no way to top the gun off. If you pull the slide back, the rounds will basically vomit out the top and dump themselves onto the floor. Once it's locked open, if you insert a round the follower(which is holding the bolt back) will slam shut. In game, making it so that reloading the C96 empties it's current magazine onto the ground so that you can load the second 10 round clip would be a harsh measure of balancing, but fair. It pushes players to run their weapon dry, putting them in situations where they have to consider whether it's worth it to lose a few rounds, or to risk going into combat with only a few on hand. Additionally, allow clips containing less than 10 rounds to be loaded (since this is how it would be done!). Ballistically it's mostly fine, but give it a steeper damage drop off. A high velocity with a two hit kill in CQB but a severe damage dropoff isn't much different than taking a Nagant Officer with HV ammo. The zoom right now is too high, reducing your FOV too much in CQB but making hitting headshots at range easier (again, tighten up those sights!) Put the wavy crazy recoil back on par with the Nagant officer, charge ~$400 for it (long ammo rifle prices for a sidearm), and all things considered I think it would be a very well rounded weapon. Think about it as paying twice as much as an officer w/ HV and getting three extra rounds, a higher rate of fire, a finnicky reloading system, and worse sights. The precision would be the same thing but with 20% more zoom (since you're on a stock and can get up closer to the gun) and less recoil.

Ultimately, I think Crytek has done a great job with Hunt so far, but thinking out of the box and with an eye for how guns realistically would perform can provide some much needed avenues for balance. There is a golden middleground between realism and gameplay, and I wish them good luck in continuing to find it.
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2023.06.08 17:59 MiaMiaPP I cut one of my cat’s nails too short

It’s bleeding. Not much though and he doesn’t seem to mind it at all. But I’m panicking. I’m more panicky than he is. I’m peak panicky. I’m sorry baby I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to.
I found out he have stupid powder at home btw. Didn’t know this. But we do. Put some on his whittle pauw
I’m still peak panicky
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2023.06.08 17:59 roses-pearls Splits, tears, cracks IDK … Q

IDK how it happened but a nail has a tear or ??? a little over 1/4” below the pink. I’ve been wearing two bandages to protect it until it’s at or beyond the pink. But I need something better than these that need changed daily. Can I get acrylics or gels or whatever over top until it grows out?
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2023.06.08 17:20 itstabsmyeye How do I get rid of advanced foot finals while I’m breastfeeding? Do I have to wait until I’m done?

(F27, 145lbs) Is there anyway I can treat foot fungus on the toenails while breastfeeding? I have a cream that I use, I’ve brought it up to several doctors and surprisingly none of them knew what I can do besides home remedies and a few creams that are safe to use during nursing. My feet are clear, my 2 pinky toenails are completely infected with the fungus. They are dry, brittle, yellow, thick and scary looking not a nail at all anymore type situation. I keep them clipped short, and at a glance my feet look fine it’s just those 2 toenails. I also have foot anatomy issues that cause those toes to overlap each other. That’s where the fungus started, in between those two toes. That part is healed right now, but it occasionally comes back. My main issue is the nails. Is there anything I can do right now or do I have to wait until I’m done breastfeeding so I can get rid of this with pills or something?
This has gone on for years, I’ve tried to treat them but I’ve been pregnant and breastfeeding for most of that time and as soon as I started the pill to get rid of it, I got pregnant again so I stopped.
I can only manage this, it’s not going away. I have adhd and it’s very hard to keep up with any routine but I try my best. I wash all my socks separately that the rest of the family, I clean the shower after I use it and have shower shoes, I clean the floors and wear socks or dedicated house shoes. My 7 year old still got it! I’m feel really bad that he has it now too but his is much worse. It’s not on his nails yet, but it’s on the top of his feet and we use a cream each night after a shower on dry feet. I have a 2 year old I’m afraid will get it, and a 6 month old starting to crawl so I’m afraid to even put him on the ground. I’ve been laying clean blankets on the floor all over the house, and making sure my 7 year old has house slides or socks on. Please help!
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2023.06.08 17:15 hyperwalnut Todays EDC

Todays EDC
I’m off work today and I live in Texas so I wear lightweight shorts during the summer and they only have two pockets and no belt loops.
NAA Pug mini revolver in kydex holster clipped to assist and using an ulticlip
Wallet and mini hank in front left pocket
Flashlight in right pocket and SAK clipped to right pocket using a suspension clip
Items shown: NAA pug Spartan tactical kydex pug holster Frankie’s hankies mini hank Zpacks ultralight zip wallet LRI red photon freedom micro Surefire stiletto Victorinox deluxe tinker Tec accessories p7 suspension clip Niteize micro sbiner
Not shown: Apple watch iPhone 12 Pro Max Items in wallet - debit card, driver license, mini bic lighter, 2 bandaids, victorinox nail clippers, victorinox Swisscard nailcare, apple airtag, rite in the rain on the go notepad
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2023.06.08 17:14 unicornhornporn0554 3 months post shoulder surgery and finally *actually* getting back into my nails again 😁

3 months post shoulder surgery and finally *actually* getting back into my nails again 😁
So in January I broke my long ass nails and decided to start fresh knowing I’d have shoulder surgery soonish. Got it scheduled for March so I kept them short. Then I kept them short while I healed. Then we moved so they had to stay short some more. I’m finally done moving (mostly lol. Still some unpacking to do) and like 90% healed from surgery, so I think it’s time to grow them out again, probably not as long as last time but still hopefully much longer than they have been. Wish me luck!
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2023.06.08 16:48 pbogiiii My nails as a bridesmaid for my sister’s wedding🧚‍♀️

My nails as a bridesmaid for my sister’s wedding🧚‍♀️
This is the shortest nail I ever had, but lately I love short nails!
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2023.06.08 16:25 Hobgobbe [LFA] Hobb, goblin anarchist and Tavern King

[LFA] Hobb, goblin anarchist and Tavern King
Full name Hobb Noxious.
Nox is a homebrew goblin, with a very distinct look. Bat-like nose, cat-like mouth (with more than it's fair share of teeth), and claws in place of stubby fingers. Their homebrew world is equal parts high fantasy, sword and sorcery, and heavy oppression in the form of an overreaching monarchy, bent on keeping the common man (and goblin) down in the gutters, right where they think they belong.
This is where the anarchist portion comes into play, as they have a major talent for causing trouble, inciting riots and as a bonus: what some might call a bottomless stomach when it comes to alcohol. This last special ability has earned them their crowning achievement and impressive title of "Tavern King".
Whiling away the evening in yet another tavern in a sea of taverns, Hobb found itself in a drinking contest with your standard Man in a Hood™, in your standard dark corner. Five drinks turned to ten, then to twenty, and well after the final count had been lost, Hobb finally stood victorious... albeit with a shoulder to lean on to keep balance. The wagers thrown back and forth were garbled and heavily slurred, but in the end, solidified with the help of many a witness to back them up. Nox, although more than a little inebriated even in the beginning of the contest, was still observant enough to spot the trappings of someone who obviously had money; very fine clothes, with no sign of wear and tear, clean skin, clean manicured nails, and freshly shaved chin. Seeing all this, the proposal made and agreed to was simple: if defeated in honourable battle via drink, simply renounce all your current belongings to me. Visions of hefty coin purses and jewel hilted daggers danced through their drunken mind. True to his word, the hooded man paid his debt, and Hobb received everything they had imagined, and more, for the hooded stranger was, in fact, the region's king, slumming it in his favourite tavern, and among his possessions was his badge of office: the crown itself.
Sobriety came slow and painful to the both of them, and the reality of the situation became all the more grave as it did so. In the end, after much dispute and some (mostly) composed pleading, a deal was struck. In exchange for the crown returned, Hobb Noxious would be named a king in it's own right... but only when within taverns and pubs, with all the privileges and benefits that come with such a grand title. Most importantly: free drinks.
Tales spread across the land, and even well outside of the first kingdom, free drinks still find their way into their hands upon entering new taverns, and a shoddy wooden crown made from bark and sticks finds itself proudly upon their head.
​ • Age: Hobb looks to be around their 30's, and is male-leaning, but prefers to be called "it" to further distance themselves from other species. Unlike the usual stereotype for goblins, they are actually quite tall and lean, almost to the point of looking emaciated or "stretched", although they still have a slight paunch. Their skin is covered in a light fuzz that is charcoal grey, and they have cat-like/wolf-like yellow eyes.
• Their clothes consist of an old patchwork shoulder-cloak with a high collar, and typically a series of very average raggedy short sleeved medieval style tunics with laces in the front, and plain black breeches. An old brown leather belt holds a viking style axe at it's hip, and a simple brass ring on their left hand's ring finger, with an H lightly engraved upon it.
• Color scheme for Hobb is muted. Their favourite colour is their signature charcoal grey skin tone, and they absolutely love patchwork items with autumn colours.
Black and white image of face on the moodboard is actually -of- the character, but honestly felt more cartoony than what I was going for. Hobb is... very much non-human, and aside from having two legs, two arms, is only barely considered "humanoid" in general shape, and would honestly be better suited to be classified a cryptid if they were somehow seen in the middle of the forest in West Virginia.
That being said, they are still a goofball, and tend to crack jokes and play pranks, even if they look ominous all the while.
Pose-wise, I'm open to anything, but I've always wanted a shot of them in their element, in a tavern, leaning back in a chair with one leg up, drink in hand, twig-crown askew on their head and a big toothy smile on their face.
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