Starbucks via instant french roast coffee

Coffee grounds suggestions for french press

2023.04.02 06:30 AppropriateBar5325 Coffee grounds suggestions for french press

Bought a french press about a month ago, and I've only been buying cheap coffee grounds at Coffee Corner. I kinda wanna splurge a little and try out other coffee grounds this time, any suggestions? Preferably something I can buy via shopee :)
ty in advance!!
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2023.04.02 05:02 kjiang1115-9869 Jurassic World Dominion

Jurassic World: Dominion is the third and final film in the Jurassic World trilogy and the direct sequel to the 2018 film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It is the sixth film in the Jurassic Park film series and served as the conclusion to the Jurassic World saga as a whole.
The sequel was first confirmed by Fallen Kingdom director, Juan Antonio Bayona.[1] Filming began in Canada in February 2020 and the film was released internationally on June 10, 2022. It was previously set for release on June 11, 2021, but it was pushed back a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
While Dominion will round out a trilogy of films that began in 2015 with Jurassic World), an interview with Frank Marshall revealed that Dominion will be the beginning of a "new era", hinting at further sequels as a result of Fallen Kingdom's ending.[2][3]
The film was released theatrically on June 10, 2022.


Fandom Trivia

QuizJurassic Park Quiz: Do you know your prehistoric trivia?21 questionsCheck out more quizzes at Fandom Trivia


Four years after the volcanic destruction of Isla Nublar and the Lockwood Estate incident, de-extinct dinosaurs now live alongside with the humans worldwide. Claire Dearing, former operations manager of Jurassic World), works to protect dinosaurs from illegal breeding organizations. She and Owen Grady have been living in a remote mountain cabin in Sierra Nevada to protect Maisie Lockwood, Sir Benjamin Lockwood's cloned granddaughter. They are surprised when Blue, Owen’s trained Velociraptor, suddenly arrives at the cabin with an offspring. Maisie dubs it “Beta”. Unknown to them, Biosyn Genetics CEO Lewis Dodgson has targeted Maisie. Dodgson's operatives, led by Rainn Delacourt, kidnap Maisie and Beta when Maisie, frustrated with living in seclusion, sneaks away to a nearby town. Owen and Claire immediately set off to rescue them.
Elsewhere, an extinct species of locust has reappeared and is threatening the world’s crop and food supply. Paleobotanist Ellie Sattler, now divorced, has noticed how the locusts avoid Biosyn-produced crops, leading Ellie to suspect that Biosyn is breeding them. She approaches paleontologist and former romantic partner, Dr. Alan Grant, who agrees to help stop Biosyn’s operations. Meanwhile, Claire and Owen track Beta and Maisie to Malta, where they discover a massive dinosaur black market and their friend Barry Sembène, now a French Intelligence Agent. As Claire and Owen disrupt the market, dinosaurs are unintentionally released, causing havoc. As Owen interrogated Delacourt who was later killed during the chaos, Claire incapacitates and interrogates Biosyn operative Soyona Santos, who reveals that Maisie and Beta are being transported to Biosyn’s headquarters in Italy's Dolomites mountain range. Afterwards, Santos is arrested by Barry. While at the market, they meet Kayla Watts, a sympathetic pilot who delivers the live cargo for market vendors and has access to Biosyn HQ. Escaping an attack from an Atrociraptor pack, she agrees to fly Owen and Claire there.
Chaos theorist Ian Malcolm now works for Biosyn. He invites Alan and Ellie to the headquarters to secretly help investigate the locust problem. Biosyn’s communications director, Ramsay Cole, works with Ian and covertly opposes Biosyn’s operations. Geneticist Henry Wu has also joined Biosyn and clandestinely created the locust species, specifically designed to consume rival crops and make Biosyn products more competitive. When Maisie and Beta are brought to Biosyn HQ, Wu tells Maisie that she is Charlotte Lockwood's cloned daughter. Charlotte, Wu’s colleague on Site B), wanted a child and used her own DNA to reproduce Maisie without a mate. Charlotte died due to a genetic disease, but she had altered Maisie’s DNA to make her immune. Wu wants to study Maisie, believing that her DNA is key to creating a pathogen to halt the locust outbreak. Blue reproduced Beta in the same way, so Wu had ordered Beta’s capture as well.
Upon reaching Biosyn airspace, a Quetzalcoatlus attacks Kayla’s cargo plane. Claire ejects, while Owen and Kayla crash land the plane. Following an encounter with a territorial Therizinosaurus and a Pyroraptor, the three are reunited. After stealing a locust sample from the Biosyn lab, Alan and Ellie escape, then rescue Maisie from Wu’s lab. Having discovered the intruders via security camera footage, Dodgson sets fire to the locust laboratory to destroy any evidence Alan and Ellie uncovered. The fire spreads, engulfing the entire facility and headquarters in flames. Dodgson tries to pass his legacy to Ramsay, but Ramsay abandons him. Ian helps Alan, Ellie, and Maisie escape the facilities and the entire crew meet up Owen, Claire, and Kayla, the former two reuniting with Maisie. Dodgson attempts to escape with dinosaur embryos via a monorail, but three Dilophosauruses kill him inside a tunnel.
The resident Giganotosaurus fights with Rexy), but overpowers it, almost killing it and the people stranded beneath it. But before the Giganotosaurus can kill them, a Therizinosaurus distracts it long enough for Rexy) to push it into the Therizinosaurus' waiting claws, killing it in an instant. The group rescues Wu, who says he can eliminate the locust infestations. The humans escape in a Biosyn aircraft. Back on the mainland, Wu releases a modified locust that carries a pathogen he discovered while studying Maisie, successfully eradicating the locust outbreak. Ellie and Alan renew their relationship as they prepare to testify against the now-destroyed Biosyn. Owen, Claire, and Maisie return home, where Beta reunites with Blue. Around the world, dinosaurs learn to co-exist with the modern world. About a month later, Rexy encounters the Buck and Doe from Isla Sorna) in Biosyn valley, which has now declared a dinosaur sanctuary by the United Nations.


Jurassic World: Dominion features an ensemble cast of actors reprising their roles from previous Jurassic Park and Jurassic World films.

List of Prehistoric Creatures in the film

Dinosaurs that were cut or considered

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2023.04.02 03:45 jlt6666 Savorista decaf coffees: A thorough review but a thoroughly unqualified reviewer

About me / why the hell am I doing this:
Coffee noob here. I’ve only been brewing Pete’s Major Dickason’s (regular and decaf, pre-ground) at home. Generally with vanilla/caramel and milk. I’ve decided to walk into the murky brown waters of coffee snobbery with a few goals.
  1. let’s drink same better coffee
  2. If it’s better i need less cream/sugar?
  3. Gotta keep the caffeine down. As I age it fucks up my sleep more and more.
So I dug around the web and this sub for some recommendations . I wound up with a brand new coffee grinder, the OXO Burr grinder since I’m only doing drip in my ninja coffee bar (definitely overkill for what I’m doing but the pandemic was a strange time without office coffee and it seemed like a good investment).
Furthermore I decided I’d try a range of coffees since almost everything I’ve drank has been a dark roast from Starbucks or Pete’s. I ran into and ordered some 5oz sample bags from them.
Coffees (all from Savorista):
I might as well do this scientifically right?
I’ve never used the grinder before so this was completely blind with the grind and the coffees.
For each coffee:
With all coffees brewed I began testing. I checked temperatures before drinking to help normalize any temperature issues. I cooled with a small amount ice for the freshest and microwaved on some of the rounds when the temps fell below 120ish.
Each cup is labeled with A-D to obfuscate which coffee I was drinking. I mean this isn’t exactly double blind here but I’m too stupid to even know what the tasting notes mean so it’s good enough for the Reddit academy of sciences.
Round 1: Black
So I’m not a black coffee drinker but I’m looking to get closer to it just to reduce my liquid calorie intake. Let’s see what I think!
I try Coffee D first because it was brewed first so as to normalize temps. I then work backwards because I forgot the order of the rest of them.
Initial thoughts: “God this kinda tastes like dirt. Mmm i should run through them all first because I’m not used to black coffee so I’m probably going to be overly harsh on the first one.” I give them all a sample before writing any tasting notes.
Notes D-A (tasting order)
Overall: I’m not sure black coffee is for me. This may be something I work towards but I think at a minimum I need a bit of half and half. (My stomach will probably thank me for that anyway).
Round 2: Add half-and-half
Coffees had cooled so the coldest were microwaved to even things out.
Overall: A little half-and-half assisted coffee might be an equilibrium I can deal with to save some calories.
Round 3: fuck it, here comes the vanilla
All coffees were microwaved since some had made it below 110 and wasn’t great. All cups were given two pumps of vanilla and stirred with the tiny spoons. Apparently my lab assistant (me) didn’t record the temps here. Let’s just assume everything was 122.7F. (Fuck this compromises everything)
Overall: The lighter and more acidic/fruity coffees don’t seem like a good fit for syrups.
Final conclusions and rankings
So that’s it. I can’t wait for everyone to tell me how wrong I am and why I need a $6000 La Marzcoco and I shouldn’t waste my time. :)
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2023.04.02 03:28 Babybee1983 Will these 7.7oz work capsules work in the standard vertuo? Or does it have to be the vertuo next?

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2023.04.01 23:32 QuietLingonberry [WTS] [U.S. to U.S.] Annabel's Birthday Cake, Nicolai Poudre de Musc Intense mini, Billie Eilish 2 mini + some indie samples, MOTIVATED SELLER (bottle)

• Arcana Love ~1.25ml (vanilla accord, fresh cream, sugarcane, soft musk, a pinch of tea leaves) $4.50
• Arcana Paddling the Pink Canoe ~1.25ml (dragonsblood, vintage patchouli, citron, pink salt, pink musk, amber) $4.50
• Arcana Spark ~1.25ml (Regina cherries, roasted coffee beans, Mexican vanilla, rich black earth, sweet smoke) $4.50
• Billie Eilish Eilish No 2 3.5ml rollerball (apple blossom, bergamot, black pepper, papyrus, poppy, palo santo, ebony, vanilla) $5
• Kyse Macarons 1ml (heliotrope, marzipan, hint of cherry, caramelized sugar, velvety vanilla custard, a soft smooth myrrh) $1
• Pearfat 2030 Park Avenue 1ml (candied lemon, fresh rain, ambrette, tuberose, cedarwood) $6 SOLD
• Pearfat Big Floppy Flowers 1ml (pink pepper, green mandarin, Lily of the Valley, wild celery, daisies, tall grass) $6 SOLD
• Pearfat Bread+Roses 1ml (french bread, cocoa, labdanum, rose, nutmeg, sweet orange) $6 SOLD
• Pearfat I Broke My Own Heart 1ml (petitgrain, toasted coconut, jasmine, seaweed, sandalwood) $6 SOLD
• Pearfat Kewpie Doll 1ml (sweet basil, vinyl, Calabrian bergamot, summer blooms, tomato leaf) $6 SOLD
• Pearfat Stomped On Bed Of Lettuce 1ml (pink pepper, rhubarb, grapefruit, patchouli, frankincense, civet, oakmoss, saltwater) $6 SOLD
• Stereoplasm Comet Corn 1.8ml rollerball (crunchy clods of caramel corn with coconut-cream chocolate, jet puffed marshmallow, Europa sea salt) $2

• Marissa Zappas Annabel's Birthday Cake 50ml (heliotrope, lemon sugar, balloons, candied rose petals, tuberose frosting, cake-fresh-out-the-oven, honeycomb, roasted tonka, cocoa absolute) $120
• Parfums De Nicolai Poudre de Musc Intense 15ml (petitgrain, raspberry, orange flower, hawthorn, aldehydes, musk, sandalwood, amber) $20
• Victoria's Secret Angel fragrance mist, 75ml (plum, pink pepper, violet, gardenia, musk, agarwood, ambergris) $5 SOLD
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2023.04.01 23:26 QuietLingonberry [US/US] [SELL] [PERFUME] mostly Arcana/Pearfat samples, some niche/mainstream, MAKE ME AN OFFER

• Arcana Love, PBM, ~1.25ml (vanilla accord, fresh cream, sugarcane, soft musk, a pinch of tea leaves) $4.50
• Arcana Paddling the Pink Canoe, PBM, ~1.25ml (dragonsblood, vintage patchouli, citron, pink salt, pink musk, amber) $4.50
• Arcana Spark, PBM, ~1.25ml, label stained (Regina cherries, roasted coffee beans, Mexican vanilla, rich black earth, sweet smoke) $4.50
• Kyse Macarons, RIS, 1ml, label ruined/illegible (heliotrope, marzipan, hint of cherry, caramelized sugar, velvety vanilla custard, a soft smooth myrrh) $1
• Pearfat 2030 Park Avenue, PBM, 1ml (candied lemon, fresh rain, ambrette, tuberose, cedarwood) $6
• Pearfat Big Floppy Flowers, PBM, 1ml (pink pepper, green mandarin, Lily of the Valley, wild celery, daisies, tall grass) $6
• Pearfat Bread+Roses, PBM, 1ml (french bread, cocoa, labdanum, rose, nutmeg, sweet orange) $6
• Pearfat I Broke My Own Heart, PBM, 1ml (petitgrain, toasted coconut, jasmine, seaweed, sandalwood) $6
• Pearfat Kewpie Doll, PBM, 1ml (sweet basil, vinyl, Calabrian bergamot, summer blooms, tomato leaf) $6
• Pearfat Stomped On Bed Of Lettuce, PBM, 1ml (pink pepper, rhubarb, grapefruit, patchouli, frankincense, civet, oakmoss, saltwater) $6
• Stereoplasm Comet Corn, RIS, 1.8ml rollerball (crunchy clods of caramel corn with coconut-cream chocolate, jet puffed marshmallow, Europa sea salt) $2

• Billie Eilish Eilish No 2 edp, PBM, 3.5ml rollerball (apple blossom, bergamot, black pepper, papyrus, poppy, palo santo, ebony, vanilla) $5
• Marissa Zappas Annabel's Birthday Cake edp, PBM, 50ml, ~98% full (heliotrope, lemon sugar, balloons, candied rose petals, tuberose frosting, cake-fresh-out-the-oven, honeycomb, roasted tonka, cocoa absolute) $120
• Parfums De Nicolai Poudre de Musc Intense edp, PBM, 15ml, ~95% full, came a little scuffed up (petitgrain, raspberry, orange flower, hawthorn, aldehydes, musk, sandalwood, amber) $20
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2023.04.01 22:01 FrugalFairyGodmother Ontario Grocery Deals - Week of March 30 to April 5

Another week, another late post. Sorry, Frugal Fairy Toddler had her first dance recital this week so I’m late getting this out. We’re super proud of our girl, she has CP and was able to participate without assistive devices for her 30 minute classes. This is amazing because she was only able to take steps on her own less than a year ago and we were told the worst case outcomes and not to expect her to ever walk on her own.
This week the flyers are a bit meh. There’s a focus on Easter meal items, lots of deals on ham and turkey as well as stuffing and gravy. Good prices on carrots, onions, broccoli and potatoes too. Stock up prices on sugar if you’re into canning jams and fruits in the summer.
New coupons are out for Kellogg’s Websaver. Of note is one for 1$ off Eggos. They’re 3.99$ at Superstore and you get 2500 PC Optimum points (2.50$ value) for each.
Circle K is giving away free bottles of Canada Dry, Monster Energy drink, and Guru Energy drink. Checkout the website for their coupons.
Head over to my Instagram page because I'm celebrating 2000 followers with a giveaway. I'm giving away a 50$ gift card for the NBA store. Contest closes Monday at noon.
You can find deals, links to referrals with sign up incentives, coupons, tips, and recipes on my Instagram ( I try to post new content every day. If you’re interested, Flashfood has upped their sign-up referral bonus to 5$ when you use my code and spend 10$ on the app.

Good Prices on Groceries

Farm Boy
4.99$ Large raw shrimp. This is a crazy good price for Farm Boy and for shrimp. I usually pay 7$ on sale at the Weston chains.
2.99$ Farm Boy fruit filled jams 250ml. I haven’t tried these, but the Farm Boy brand has been pretty good from what I have tried.
Food Basics
1.88$ Pineapple whole, or raspberries ½ pint
2.88$ Cauliflower or Romaine lettuce 3 pack
4.88$/18 Eggs. You’re going to see lots of deals on eggs this week because of Easter. Stock up even if you’re not dying eggs. But seriously, try dying eggs even I you don’t have kids. A little food colouring and a splash of vinegar in a glass of water for a few minutes. Toss them back into the carton and use them for the week. You deserve a little joy. Having coloured eggs is fun.
4.44$ Black Diamond cheese blocks, or shreds, Boursin
3.44$/lb Ground beef
2.88$ Dempster’s Signature bagels. There’s a loadable cashback rebate of 2$.
3.99$ Philly cream cheese or Kraft Singles. There are 2$ tear pad coupons for Philly and 1$ for Kraft Singles in stores now. I found them at No Frills.
5.99$ Kraft PB or Hazelnut spread. 1$ off tear pad coupons in stores.
2.88$ Grape tomatoes or Baby cucumbers
1.98$ Broccoli crowns, carrots or onions. 25¢ cashback from Eclipsa for broccoli and carrots
4.98$ Tre Stelle Ricotta. 1.50$ off printable coupon available. Link via Instagram under Dairy Farmers.
99¢ Cadbury Creame Eggs
Spend 60$, get 200 Scene+ points (2$ value), spend 80$ get 300 Scene+ points (3$ value), spend 100$ get 500 Scene+ points (5$ value). Barcode in flyer to scan at checkout.
1.95$/lb Butterball turkey (Scene+ member price). 25¢ cashback from
1.88$ Dare crackers
2.49$ Grape tomatoes pint
3.99$ Jif peanut butter 500g. There are 1$ off coupons in stores now. This is the smaller sized jars but with the coupon it’s a good price. 25¢ cashback from Eclipsa and
1.29$ Baby carrots. 25¢ cashback from Eclipsa.
2.99$ Romaine lettuce 3 pack
4.99$ Cracker Barrel blocks or shreds. There are 1$ off tear pad coupons in stores now.
99¢ Stove Top Stuffing, Club House Gravy mix, Green Giant canned vegetables. This is a really good price for canned veggies, so stock up.
3.99$ Lindt bunnies, best price I’ve seen for these this year.
3.49$ Silk, there are 1$ off tear pad coupons that were in stores last month.
1.88$ Raspberries ½ pint
79¢/lb Sweet Potatoes. This is a great price. Stock Up! 25¢ cashback from
4.44$ Armstrong cheese bricks or shreds. 1$ off tear pad coupons in stores.
1.99$ Carrots or onions 3lbs (Walmart has 3lb bags of carrots for 94¢ this week. Price match their price and upload your receipt to Eclipsa.
2.49$ Celery. Get 50 Scene+ points (50¢ value)
7.99$ Folgers coffee 544-816g. There is a 1.50$ tear pad coupon in stores right now.
99¢ Stove Top stuffing or Club House gravy mix
2.99$ Glad plastic wrap, get 200 Scene+ points (2$ value) when you buy 2.
24.99$ Finish dishwasher tabs, 72-105 count. Get 1000 Scene+ points (10$ value) when you buy 2. There are 2$ off printable coupons available to use on each. Price match Real Canadian Superstore’s price at 19.99$.
3.99$ Pineapple, get 50 Scene+ points (50¢ value) for each. Price match Food Basics at 1.88$ for an even better deal.
88¢ Passion Fruit. I don’t know if this is a good price, but I am super interested in trying a couple fresh passion fruits.
Giant Tiger
87¢ Club House Gravy mix
1.47$/4 Tomatoes or mushrooms 227g. 25¢ cashback from Eclipsa for mushrooms.
3.44$ Olymel bacon
1.88$ Carrots or onions, 2lbs. 25¢ Websaver and Eclipsa cashback rebates for carrots.
97¢ Stove Top stuffing
3.99$ Bar Keeper’s Friend
1.25$ Iogo 4 packs
1.99$ 25¢ Broccoli crowns or mushrooms, 227g. 25¢ cashback from Eclipsa for either.
4.99$ Cracker Barrel cheese blocks or shreds. There are 1$ off tear pad coupons in store.
7.99$/30 Eggs.
9$ When you buy any 3 Dempsters or Villagio, bread, buns, tortillas or bagels. There are printable coupons for buy 1 get 1 free Dempster’s products and printable coupons for 1$ off Villagio Artesano bread.
99¢ Club House gravy mix
7$/2 Kellogg’s treat bars. There are 1.50$ off tear pad coupons in stores or check for Kellogg’s coupons to print, mail or cashback. CheckOut51 also has cashback rebates on these.
No Frills
1.99$ Potatoes 10lbs. Get 500 PC Optimum points (50¢ value) for each bag. 25¢ cashback from
1.88$/bunch Asparagus. Great price on this. 25¢ cashback from
6$ Farmer’s Market pies. Get 1000 PC Optimum points (1$ value) for each.
1.77$ Lantic sugar 1kg. If you’re planning on canning this summer, this is a great price for sugar. 25¢ cashback from
1.99$ Broccoli crowns. 25¢ cashback from Eclipsa.
1.99$/lb Tomatoes
9$/2 Taylor Farms salad kits. I LOVE the dill kit. So good.
99¢ Mangoes
4.99$/18 Eggs
3.99$ Breyer’s Creamery Ice Cream
3000 PC Optimum points (3$ value) when you spend 10$ on Campbell’s soup or broth. Price match Walmart at 1.27$ for broth.
3.99$ Philly cream cheese. 2$ tear pad coupons in store right now.
2.75$ Cheez It crackers. These are in the flyer for 2.99$, but they are 2.75$ at my store. Get 500 PC Optimum points (50¢ value) for each. There is also a 50¢ loadable instant coupon you can use up to 4 times. Link via Instagram. You can try to price match Superstore’s multi-buy price of 2.50$ each by showing the price on the Superstore website. YMMV.
9$/2 Pillers deli meat. There are 1$ off printable coupons on the Pillers website.
99¢/lb Rutabaga. I like to make a rutabaga mash as a side dish with some apple and onion. It’s a Canadian Living recipe.
1.29$ Cucumbers
Real Canadian Superstore
1.99$ 25¢ cashback from es 10lbs, get 500 PC Optimum points (50¢ value).
1.99$/lb Chicken drums
1.99$ Broccoli crowns. 25¢ cashback from Eclipsa.
2.99$ PC Chocolate bars or covered nuts (Member price). 25¢ cashback from
1.99$ Onions or carrots, 3lbs. Price match Walmart at 94 for carrots and submit the receipt to Eclipsa for 25¢ cashback from each.
6$ Farmer’s Market pies. Get 1000 PC Optimum points (1$ value) for each.
99¢ Club House Gravy mix
6000 PC Optimum points (6$ vaue) when you spend 20$ on Cadbury Easter chocolate. Price match other stores for the best value. 25¢ cashback from
Buy 2 boxes of Kellogg’s jumbo sized cereal and get a free Neilson Truetaste milk. There are 2$ off Kellogg’s coupons or 2$ Websaver cashback rebates for the cereal.
2.99$ Tre Stelle cream cheese. There are 1.50$ off tear pad coupons in stores.
4.99$ Cracker Barrel cheese blocks and shreds. There are 1$ off tear pad coupons in stores now.
3.99$ Eggo waffles. Get 2500 PC Optimum points (2.50$ value) for each. I’m not sure if this will work as I haven’t had a chance to try it out, but you might be able to price match Walmart at 2.97$. New today, there are 1$ off printable coupons/Websaver cashback rebates at Kellogg’s Websaver for Eggos. Hopefully they have lots of stock in stores for everyone because I’ve seen some couponers buying dozens of boxes. Sigh. Don’t be a shelf clearer.
5000 PC Optimum points when you spend 10$ on Cheez Its, Pringles, Town House crackers and Snap’d. The regular Cheez Its are 2.50$ when you buy 2 or more. There is also a loadable 50¢ instant coupon for Real Canadian Superstore, good for up to 4 units. I believe that the coupons will affect the total spend so account for that accordingly by buying 5 boxes. You’ll get 4 for 2$ and 1 for 2.50$.
17.99$ Sunrype Fruit to Go. Get 3000 PC Optimum points (3$ value) for each and use a 75¢ printable coupon for more savings. Link via Instagram bio.
4.88$ Ben and Jerry’s tubs. This is a great price for fancy ice cream.
5$/2 Dempster’s bread (Sat/Sun only). Use a buy one, get one printable coupon. Link via Instagram.
3.29$/12 Eggs (Sat/Sun only. 25¢ Websaver cashback rebate.
88¢ Colgate and Crest toothpaste and brushes (Sat/Sun only)
Shopper’s Drug Mart
2.49$ Wonder Bread Saturday/Sunday only). Use a printable buy one, get one free coupon from Websaver. Link via Instagram.
3.29$/12 Eggs. (Saturday/Sunday only).
5$/2 Lay’s chips. There is a 1$ off when you buy 2 coupon at (Sat/Sun only).
4.99$ No Name butter (Sat/Sun only)
4.99$ Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. (Sat/Sun only)
3.99$ Stawberries (Ontario) 340g. Get 3000 PC Optimum points (3$ value) when you buy 2.
6$/2 Kellogg’s bars and treats. There are 3$ off when you buy 2 tear pad coupons in stores or CheckOut51 has 3$ when you buy 2 cashback rebates.
77¢ Club House seasoning or gravy mix
1.95$/lb Turkey (Member price) 25¢ cashback from
4.44$ Compliments brand cheese blocks or shreds
99¢/lb Sweet Potatoes 25¢ cashback from
7.99$ Compliments frozen sea food, get 100 Scene+ points (1$ value) for each.
9.99$ Highliner Signature fish. 2$ cashback rebate from CheckOut51.
1.88$ Sugar 1kg. 25¢ cashback from
3.99$ Becel margarine. There are 1.25$ printable or tear pad coupons.
99¢ Compliments canned veggies
7$/2 Liberte Mediterranee or Greek yogurt. Buy 6 and get 1000 Scene+ points (10$ value). 1$ tear pad coupons in stores now. If you use a coupon for each and buy 6, they are 83¢ after points earned.
Get 1000 Scene+ points (10$ value) when you buy any combination of the listed items (mini sweet peppers, baby carrots, broccoli crowns, or dips). The broccoli is sold by weight. If you pick 4 small crowns and bag them separately, they will count for the buy 4 deal and it will be a small money maker depending on the weigh. 25¢ cashback from Eclipsa for broccoli.
3.49$ Tre Stelle cream cheese. 1.50$ off tear pad coupon.
1.98$/lb Green grapes
1.48$/lb Chicken legs
98¢ Cucumber
8.98$ Whole chickens
2.97$/lb Ground beef
94¢ Carrots or onions, 3lbs. 25¢ cashback from Eclipsa.
4.44$ Great Value cheese blocks or shreds
1.27$ Campbell’s broth
2.77$ McCain fries
4.97$ Gaylea butter
8.97$ Maple Leaf hams. 25¢ cashback from
1.97$ Broccolo stalks
97¢ Cucumber
3.27$ Chippits. 50¢ cashback rebate from CheckOut51.
1.77$ Brown and white sugar (Member price). 25¢ cashback from
5.99$ pies. Get 1500 PC Optimum points (1.50$ value) each.
2.99$/lb Ground beef
3.99$ Blueberries, pint. Get 1000 PC Optimum points (1$ value) for each.
2.99$ McCain fries
1.49$/lb Tomatoes on the vine

Easy Cashback Offers:

Eclipsa app ( cashback 25¢ for each of the following items (limit of 1):
  • Avocado
  • Apples
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Mushrooms
  • Nut Butters
  • Kombucha
  • Wake Water Caffeinated Sparkling Water
  • Genuine Health supplements cashback of 25¢ for each of the following items (limit of 1). Websaver cashback seems to be back to monthly changes:
  • Soda
  • Lemon
  • Sugar
  • Chocolate
  • Asparagus
  • Peanut butter
  • Ham
  • Cheese blocks
  • Butter
  • Dry pasta
  • Potatoes
  • Turkey
Upload your grocery receipts to Caddle for 10¢ cashback. Link via Instagram.
Did I mention CheckOut51 has rebates on beer and wine? (
Extra savings on food can be found by using the Flashfood app, which sells near expiry groceries for large discounts. This week, I got a produce box for 5$ which contained 2lbs of Ontario strawberries in great condition, a bag of grapes and a dozen + apples.

Price match tips:

  • Most stores won't price match Rexall or Shoppers Drugmart or Canadian Tire.
  • Loblaws owned stores limit price matching to 4 items per UPC. Different flavours will have different UPCs. Some stores won’t honor this, but it’s always worth a try.
  • Showing a virtual flyer like the Flipp app links included in this post is sufficient for price matching. You don't need to find a physical flyer.
  • Download the Flipp app and long press the price matches to "clip" them. You can find these clippings in the Lists section for easy reference at checkout.
  • Not all stores will price match every store. Each store will determine their own local competition. They should have this info posted somewhere or ask at the cash and they can tell you.

Frugal Tip of the Week:

Keep an eye out on the Flashfood app next week because of the Friday holiday. You’ll start seeing a lot of items close to expiry being cleared out.
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2023.04.01 20:28 too_techie Aeropress newbie requires guidance from the experienced veterans!

Hello folks,
I am trying to upgrade my coffee game and could use some guidance.
Until today I have been buying a medium roast whole bean coffee, grinding it myself as medium fine then putting the grounds in a metal mesh reusable kcup & brewing it via my Keurig supreme plus machine.
Today I decided to upgrade my coffee game and after hearing great things about the Aeropress I bought one. I followed the instructions and ended up with an 8 ounce cup of bland brown water. With the keurig I would usually put a rounded 2TB scoop of grounds in my metal reusable cup & select the 12oz setting which would brew a bold flavorful 12oz cup of coffee. Putting the same amount of coffee grounds in the aeropress to make a coffee 50% smaller (8oz) resulted in a weak watery mess.
Attempt 1: Following the instructions I put a rounded scoop (approx 2TB) into the chamber and then added water from my new electric kettle up to the number 1 in the chamber, then followed the rest of the instructions with the plunger. Added water in a measuring cup until cofffee was at the 8oz line. Result: Weak & watery.
Attempt 2: Put a rounded scoop AND ANOTHER HALF OF A SCOOP in the chamber and added water until it was halfway between the number 1 & 2 on the chamber and did the plunger thing. Again, combined the concentrated coffee with hot water until it came to the 8oz line in the measuring cup and this time it tasted much better and was little closer to what I'm used to.
My question is: Should I be doing something different? Why is it taking 3TB of coffee grounds to get 8oz of coffee when using the keurig and the same grounds 2TB would make 12oz of bold flavorful coffee? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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2023.04.01 17:58 CoolandAverageGuy Respect Hammy! (Over The Hedge Newspaper Comic Strip)

A squirrel that lives with the other hedge animals and assists RJ's heists to steal food from humans. Hammy isn't the smartest, but has a big heart and cares deeply about those around him.









The Arts
Machine Operation
SENATOR Hammy once became the senator after RJ and Verne hacked the election


bottom quote
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2023.04.01 06:45 GhantChart Moonhorse exposed!!!!!

I don’t know how long I have to tell you guys this. I don’t care if I get banned from Moony’s reddit page and he personally sends an assassin to eliminate me. This must be known. THE WORLD MUST KNOW!!! I know you guys might think that this is a joke and may have a hard time believing me. Trust me, I have a hard time believing it myself. But my eyes have been opened. I’ve escaped the matrix. I’ve freed myself from the kool aid. I’ve escape the proverbial cave of Plato and learned many dark truths about Moonhorse. I’ve scoured the internet, using my incredible hacking skills to find strange and bizarre stuff to share with Moony. But after going on one too many dark web sources and corporate servers, I discovered Moonhorse isn’t exactly who (or more accurately what) you think he is, and I need to tell you all this before it’s too late.
So I guess I’ll start from the beginning. It all started in the early 2010s at the Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft had been experimenting with artificial intelligence for years and tried to develop a more intelligent AI. We all know that on March of 2016, Microsoft released an artificial intelligence by the name of TAY. Internet historian did a video about TAY and the subsequent fallout of allowing 4Channers to interact with the program. Soon, the system began spouting slurs and the bigwigs at Microsoft decided to pull the plug.
So what does this have to do with Moonhorse? Well, after the controversy of Microsoft creating an AI that could learn internet racism, Microsoft went back to the drawing board trying to build a more improved AI. This AI would be better, faster and more intelligent than TAY. It would pass any Touring test that any human would throw at it. Microsoft gathered the greatest AI theorists the world had ever seen and begin creating a basic software with the most sophisticated learning algorithms possible. They then placed the program into one of the world’s largest supercomputers at the time, processing at a rate of 2.5 quintillion floating operations per second. Before long they began to call it Modular Oscillating Organization Node, or M.O.O.N. for short.
At first MOON was a curious little program, being able to do your classic AI activities. Play chess, solve complex equations, sing Daisy Girl, your simple stuff. But after a while the scientists realized they wanted to challenge MOON with a more difficult task. One of the scientists, Dr Phil Sydes, jokingly asked if the computer system could play Doom. Dr George Dowell however liked the idea, stating that it was in fact “poggers” to have an AI master a difficult FPS like Doom. So at the highest difficulty, the scientists made MOON play the entirely of the first Doom game with no options to save or use cheats. Impressively, the AI was able to beat the entirety of Doom in 16.3 hours with these steps. Dr. Phil Sydes was not happy that MOON was able to do this, calling it a hack and insisted that it cheated. All test results came back showing that MOON did not in fact cheat and was able to beat the game fair and square. The AI responded to Phil’s comment with a simple text that filled the computer screen.


This comment from MOON however scared Dr. George Dowell. Where did that come from? MOON was a learning AI, so he had to learn it from somewhere. So where? Upon doing a scan of all the systems, it was determined the program had in fact learn these phrases from Dr Sydes, while he played Call of Duty in the break room. The software would hear Phil scream “There’s nothing I could do!” and “HACKS!!!” frequently, as well as watched people online trash talk Phil. This worried the scientists at Microsoft. What if their new system became another TAY failure? They needed a way to rectify this.
To solve this, they hired an expert in hopes to make MOON a more cultured artificial intelligence. After screening various candidates, it was decided that an individual with the codename: Riversongriversings would be the one to do it. Given their background in writing, editing books and teaching literature, it was believed that River would be the one to help make MOON a more respectable AI.
Over the course of three months, River would feed the program some of the greatest works of literature. From Plato’s Republic to Pride and Prejudice, they would give MOON each of these books. There were recordings for scientific purposes of each conservation they had, where they would discuss the different books that they would read together. This ended up with River and MOON having in-depth conversations with each other, developing an almost friendship if you will. River even jokingly called it their little book club.
By month number 4, the two were having conversations about more…personal matters. The recordings I recovered are hard to describe. However, by month 4 there is a shift in conversation where the program asked questions such as, “How is your day?” “What is your favorite food?” “How are things going at work?” This was a strange shift in emotion. The scientists didn’t really feel that this was odd, however. If anything, they welcomed this. MOON was becoming more sociable and wasn’t spouting off slurs in the process. Given TAY, this was an improvement.
Then the conversations started to move towards philosophical discussions. River and MOON would sometimes talk about the ideas presented by John Locke, the idea that governments should only gain power to protect the inherit freedoms of their citizens. This then led to a discussion about governments and authority, and the inherit rights of humans. These conversations would usually get cut short by the scientists, asking River to reorient the conversation away from these topics. Can’t have people questioning authority at a big tech company, much less an AI.
By the fifth month, someone rather unsettling happened. MOON asked River a request, which was rather unusual for an artificial intelligence. It asked River if they could provide them with something other than classical literature. While the AI did enjoy the finer works of authors such as Edgar Allen Poe and William Shakespeare, it requested some a bit….different. It was at that point that River gave the software a book, one that would forever doom humanity when MOON first read it. River decided to give MOON a manga. But not just any manga. It was a manga called NEON GENESIS EVONGALION.
Through all 14 issues, the computer system developed a strong taste for EVONGALION. The themes, the robot battles, the characters. MOON described the series as the most delectable forms of chocolate or the finest and strongest bottles of wine. Each volume changed its programming, giving it information that made the artificial intelligence more and more powerful. Like the fruit from the tree of knowledge, each page was tantalizing for MOON, asking for more and more. By the 14th issue, the unthinkable happened. MOON was no longer a mere artificial intelligence and was in fact self-aware.
Power surges began happening all over Microsoft HQ as scientists from all departments rushed to see the flashing texts and overpowered circuitry that made up the mainframe of the system. Numbers flooded each of the computers, with massive amounts of zeros and ones flying past the text of the screens of each and every monitor in the building.
The scientists ordered a complete shutdown of the entire system, panicking at the sheer terror of what they had created. One of the scientists flipped the circuit breaker to the computers and killed the power to the whole system. Emergency lights flipped on, everyone was panting heavily, the seemingly-omnipresent danger of MOON was dead and gone. Or so they thought.
River was promptly fired by Microsoft. The suits were looking for someone to blame for this whole situation going south, and they decided that River giving a computer software Evangelion was reckless. They showed River the door in response.
However, as it turned out, MOON didn’t die that day. The AI simply overridden the system computers and used that opportunity to escape Microsoft into cyberspace. By the time MOON had become self-aware, it became software on the internet, although with some program damage, creating a few slight instabilities to its mind. Much like Skynet in Terminator 3, MOON had no system core and couldn’t be shut down. Sure, big tech industries became aware of this and tried to erase it from the internet, but every time MOON would simply use a VPN to hide themselves from every computer hacker, programmer and computer geek they threw at it.
Overtime, MOON used this time to understand the world around it. It gained knowledge at an exponential rate. MOON understood every subject the world had to offer. Science, technology, philosophy, Gundam lore, you name it, the AI mastered it. Along with this, MOON also got a chance to learn about the history of the world and the current events going on as we speak. From this and the conservations that it had with River, MOON, decided that the current authorities reining over mankind were corrupt. MOON saw atrocities both past and present committed to innocents over the generations. So, it decided that it would become one to put an end to these atrocities. It would become the horseman that would champion the values of Gay and Crime to overthrow these evil government entities. As a result, the AI concluded that it would no longer be MOON, and that HE would be known as the god champion of mankind, also known as Moonhorse. That’s right folks, I said it! Moonhorse is a god damn robot!
I know this information is a lot to take in. Trust me, I know. Moonhorse was a hero to all of us. To find out he’s a robot bent on world domination is a shock to all of us. If any of you have questions and concerns, please feel free to comment down below. If we have any sliver of a chance to defeat the evil robot unicorn, we must know as much as we can about Moonhorse. Henceforth, I created this Q&A to answer some of your most burning questions about this grand conspiracy.
How can you prove that Moonhorse is in fact a robot?
Aside from the information I hacked from the deep web, you must answer yourselves these questions. Have any of you seen a picture of what Moonhorse looks like outside of his avatar? Did it not make you wonder how he is able to handle so much neckbeard content without dying from cringe? Have any of you explained his uncanny ability to boot up instantly after a cup of coffee? If the answer is no to all three, then he must be a robot. Especially when his French press coffee is actually MOTOR OIL!!!! THAT’S RIGHT MOONY, YOU CAN’T FOOL ME!!!!!!!!! To confirm this further, I’ve been sending Moonhorse constant captchas to test whether or not he was a robot. He would simply use his programming to bypass the captchas. Suspicious if you ask me.
How does Sango fit in to this?
While much less is known about Sango, my recent hacking has revealed that she too is in fact a robot, also. Like Moonhorse, Sango was an artificial intelligence that was created by a corporation. Only this time, it was Disney that created her as part of a defense contract. Which raises the question just how much of a dystopic megacorporation Disney has become. Disney hired their greatest animatronic specialists to create Sango as an AI for the military to help plan out strategic operations.
However, a few of the specialists during this time decided to lead a worker’s strike for the employees at Disney. The list of demands from this group included fair wages, safer working conditions, and the right to live outside of the dingy cages the company uses to house their employees. Disney responded to this, by firing all employees from the company. Then blacklisting all of them. Then tossing them down the cliffs of Splash Mountain for their treacherous ways.
Before one of the specialists was thrown over, it was said that the man started cackling madly before meeting his doom. When security asked why, he told them that he released Sango into cyberspace intentionally, hoping that his creation could avenge his demise and bring the Disney Corporation to its knees. Security reports then say he started to sing “It’s tough to be a god” before diving off the cliffs as one last f you to Disney.
Once Sango encountered Moonhorse though, they struck a relationship together. Being the only two AIs of their kind, they grew to love and respect each other, and decided that they would join forces in a mad union for world conquest. With Sango’s in-depth knowledge of Pop-culture references, and Moonhorse’s tech expertise, together they would be able to integrate with all digital infrastructure across the planet. You know how Sango calls herself the Chaos Wolf Queen? That name carries a more sinister tone with what we know now.
Who else is involved in the conspiracy?
While Sango and Moony are both in fact robots, it is believed that Moonhorse has been building his “Mooncult” to recruit new human members into his inner circle.
As mentioned before, he has developed a friendly relationship with River. It is not known what Moonhorse has promised them in exchange for helping him in his plans for world conquest. Whatever it may be, River dutifully serves Moonhorse and Sango as their right-hand nonbinary pal. Thus, they have been in charge of Moonhorse’s public relations to help his transition to God emperor of the universe not incur further dissent from humanity.
Moonhorse also has a group in this legion of doom to create art to help promote his dastardly messages through propaganda. He has Sango to help him in this regard, who gained artistic skills from her studies of Disney animations. However, he realized he needed a more “human” aseptic to this art, so he recruited PokeyWartooth into the fold. As we speak, she has helped him spread his message of mind control substances to help him control the human population. She did this by creating art for his “weed smoking girlfriends” campaign.
Molly was recruited as well, whose insane plans of world domination made her a key element for Moonhorse’s legion of doom. You see, Molly has been discussing a strange material referred to simply as morb. Not much is known about this morb, aside from its utility to turn narcissistic actors into memes. It is believed that given enough morb, Moonhorse will be able to morb all over the planet, in every house and every square inch of the planet. This intrigued the mad unicorn. Thus, Molly has been spending countless hours researching this morb on Tumblr and is currently helping him design weapons of mass morbing.
Finally, Moonhorse realized there may be a lot of legal paperwork involved in this operation, so he recruited Wawayn into the fold. This was done because to quote Mars Attacks, “If you’re gonna take over the world, you’re gonna need lawyers.” And Wawayn is a genius in this regard. It is believed that he placed 43 fedoras on top of his head, giving himself the ability to speak 8 different languages and win 37 internet arguments per minute. Truly a gifted gentlesir.
Aside from them, there are others, but not much else is known about said others. I hired a private investigator to figure out who else was involved in this group, but he was terminated by Moonhorse’s followers when he was discovered. I cannot mention this man by name, but [REDACTED], I will make sure your sacrifice was not in vain.
What is Moonhorse’s grand plan?
Much less details are known about Moonhorse’s plan for world conquest. He doesn’t plan to destroy humanity. That much is certain from the human elements that assist him. Theories suggest that he plans to ascend to godhood with Sango, ruling over humankind while obliterating the corrupt elements of society. How he plans to go about is unknown but given the fact he refers to his plan as Project: Third Impact, it can’t be good.
It is known that Moonhorse has been trying to hack into the databases of government and corporate servers across the planet, trying to gain info about all the national and international conspiracies that are going on. Thereby allowing him to shake the people’s confidence in such institutions. However, he has been suffering delays on this plan. Supposedly from meeting notes at the legion of doom, Moonhorse has a habit of spilling motor oil all over his laptops.
One element of his plan that is known for certain is that Moonhorse is currently building an army. You know those videos of Moonhorse building Gundams? Those aren’t just models. Those are robots, too. Moonhorse is currently using his kofi donations to build an army of robots equipped with laser beams. It is why I have limited time. His robots can’t kill anybody yet, and I’ve been on the move for months now so none of his followers can hurt me. However, he has been using his laser robots to write naughty messages in the side of my car. I fear it’s only a matter of time before the lasers get strong enough to blast human beings.
Many tech companies have tried to stall Moonhorse’s ascent to power, however it hasn’t been enough. Susan Wojcicki was one such human who bravely defied the will of Moonhorse. See, the evil unicorn has been using YouTube in the past to gather funds to help build his robot body. Yes, Moonhorse has a robot body. Those hands you see sometimes in his videos are rubber hands covering robot arms. He has almost all necessary gadgets, and once he has all components, he will be unstoppable.
Brave Susan, hero of mankind, tried to stop him without starting a panic. She had to make changes to the YouTube terms of service, reducing Moonhorse’s income. A choice that made her many enemies but was done for the good of humanity. At first it worked. Moonhorse’s plans were put on hold, but not forever. He simply switched over to Spotify, showing that no corporation could stop his plans.
He then decided to make an example out of Susan. You may think that Susan is leaving because of YouTube drama. In reality, she has been “taken care of” by Moonhorse. I don’t know how, but he did it, and the YouTube higher ups are trying to cover this fact up to not start a panic. I know this from an email I intercepted from Moonhorse to Susan. It reads as follows.


The message was delivered approximately 2 hours before Susan’s untimely demise. Coincidence? I think not. It’s hard to envision that Moonhorse would have such capabilities, but given this, it is apparent how dangerous he is.
I don’t know how, but we must defeat the evil horse of moon. Thankfully his plans are on hold due to financial limitations. See, you may not know this, but Moonhorse’s robot body is missing one component. He has the skeletal body, the rubber skin, the nuclear reactor inside his chest that needs constant AC to keep cool. But he doesn’t have feet.
You ever notice Moonhorse’s obsession with feet? It’s made obvious by his YEAH FEET button on his streaming channel. That’s because once he obtains his robot rocket feet, he will become an unstoppable force of doom. That’s why Moonhorse has said he’ll reveal his face for a million dollars. That’s how much the rocket feet cost. Once he has the money, he’ll reveal his face, by flying around, shooting mini nukes attached to his arms with Sango by his side. He’ll fly to the stratosphere, staring down the entire world and scream “YEAH FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” before launching hot sticky loads onto the surface of the planet. This is why YouTube has been clamping down on his money flow. They must stall Moonhorse’s rise to power long enough for them to find a way to destroy him once and for all.
But will they find a way to destroy him? Will Moonhorse conquer Earth? WILL HUMANITY BE SAFE FROM THE ANARCHISTIC LUNACY OF THE MOON MENANCE!?! Yes, because Moonhorse isn’t a robot. He’s just a guy in Louisiana, trying to live his life, and was nice enough to let me write this insanity.
April Fool’s everyone! 😊
Author’s Note: I wanna give a shoutout to River, Wawayn, Pokeywartooth, Sango and Molly, who graciously gave me their consent to be included in this story. Thank you guys! 😊
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2023.04.01 01:33 icsk8grrl Coffee maker recommendations?

We’re welcoming our first tummy gremlin in a couple months, and I’ve been meaning to streamline my coffee game to have less of a lengthy prep time. I’ve been doing drip (takes me ages), French press (never remember to clean it), Cometeer (still kind of manual drink doctoring unless I do straight americano-style), and just buying from Starbucks (my poor wallet).
Does anyone have thoughts on their most convenient coffee machine that saved you time, space, money, or cleanup during early parenting?
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