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2023.06.08 08:43 Mathisdu Help with purchase

So, i want to buy Assassin's Creed Odyssey Ultimate Edition from Voidu, but i play the game from Xbox Gamepass Xcloud and it already shows up in my Ubisoft library. Will the game redeem to my account or will it say i already have the game?
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2023.06.08 08:38 giga_melon Help me with this game....

I had played this game around year 2017-18 in my friend's mobile. The details which I can remember are 1. It can be console game port.(I don't remember if it was on emulator or not.) 2. It had third person view. 3. Open world. 4. You can ride horse .( In the town too). 5. You can climb and walk on roofs. 6. You can kill chickens and get meats. 7. There were shop NPCs in town 8. Buildings were like medieval europe style.(not completely sure.) 9. There were guns.(not sure). 10. Graphics quality was good. (Like Assassin's creed) I had played some psp games like god of war, and Dante's Inferno. The graphics was a bit better than those games.
So I searched in the internet in gaming databases and found that there was Assassin's creed identity available on mobile which was somewhat closely similar to the game I am looking for.. but it was not that game.
So, please help me with some recommendations of such games so I can check and see if it was that game.
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2023.06.08 08:19 TheRealistDude Voiceover for videos -- How to fix quality?

Hi, recording voiceover for my YT videos but seems my voice is affecting the video.
My voice:
Raw voiceover recorded via Audacity using Fifine t669 mic with nvidia broadcast. Microphone recording level in windows is set at 92.
The harshness in my voice is dragging me down.
I have tried almost every audacity and premiere pro tutorial on making voiceover sound good with some compression, limiter, normalize, parametric eq but the harshness in my voice makes my content seems of low value.
I know everyone hates their own voice but I want to get rid of this harshness and sound pleasant something like thegotogamer channel's most popular one "ubisoft released the darkest assassins creed"
What do I do?
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2023.06.08 08:17 TheRealistDude Voice not coming good, too harsh for videos. How to refine?

Hi, recording voiceover for my YT videos but seems my voice is affecting the video.
My voice:
Raw voiceover recorded via Audacity using Fifine t669 mic with nvidia broadcast. Microphone recording level in windows is set at 92.
The harshness in my voice is dragging me down.
I have tried almost every audacity and premiere pro tutorial on making voiceover sound good with some compression, limiter, normalize, parametric eq but the harshness in my voice makes my content seems of low value.
I know everyone hates their own voice but I want to get rid of this harshness and sound pleasant something like thegotogamer channel's most popular one "ubisoft released the darkest assassins creed"
What do I do?
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2023.06.08 08:08 ghostdeep88 H: armour W: listed armour, offers


Tesla 3 mags
uny - 7led / AP - SENT / WWR heavy raider RA, RL
uny - AP - FDC scout CP, RA
uny - AP - HTD fsa CP, RA
uny - AP - SENT heavy combat LA, RA, RL
uny - AP - WWR scout LA, RA, RL
uny - AP - WWR wood LA, RL
uny - AP - any 3rd heavy robot CP, RL
B - 50c - 25 aligned auto EPR
Armour trades; and Weapon trades
7led - CAV marine LA*****
7led - FDCheavy raider RA
AP - CAV light metal CP
AP - SENT light metal LA
AP - WWR heavy combat RL
AP - WWR trapper LA
7led - FDC heavy robot CP
AP -CAV heavy combat RA
AP - FALL trapper CP
CR - CAV wood CP
CR - FDC heavy metal LA
7led - SSENT heavy leather LL
AP - FDC sturdy combat LA
AP - SENT sturdy combat LA
AP - STIM usa LL
1C - WWR trapper RL
1E - WWR trapper LA
1S - WWR heavy combat RA
7led - FDC fsa RL
AP - CAV heavy raider RA
RR - WWR sturdy metal LA
1L -SENT marine LA
7led - HTD heavy leather RA**
7led - SENT light metal RA
AP - FDC fsa LA*
AP - SENT marine CP
1L - HTD fsa RL
AP - FDC marine LA
RR - WWR heavy combat CP
RR - WWR heavy combat RA
1S - FDC heavy combat RA
7led - WWR heavy robot CP
AP - WWR usa RA*****
FR - WWR heavy combat CP
1I - FDC heavy combat RA
1S - WWR fsa CP
AP - FALL trapper LA
AP - LIMB usa RL
AP - WWR trapper RA*****
7led - FDC heavy robot CP
7led - SENT light combat CP
7led - WWR marine CP
7led - WWR wood LA**
RR - WWR trapper LL****
SPECIAL - WWR marine set 3A, 1E, 1L

1A - WWR sturdy metal CP
1E - WWR heavy combat CP***
1I - - light metal CP (2 star)
1I - - sturdy combat RL (2 star)
1I - - usa CP (2 star)
1I - FROST marine RA
1I - JWR fsa LL
1I - POIS fsa LL
1I - STIM heavy robot LA
1I - STIM wood LL
1L - FDC fsa RL
1L - SENT light Leather RL
1L - SENT trapper RL
1L - WWR fsa RA***
1L - WWR usa RL
1P - SENT heavy combat CP
1P - WWR trapper RL
1S - POIS heavy metal CP
1S - SENT fsa RA**
1S - WWR fsa CP***
7led - 50bs heavy combat RL
7led - SENT fsa LA**
7led - SENT heavy robot RL**
7led - WWR usa LL**
7led - WWR wood RL**
AP - AWR marine LA
AP - FDC fsa LL*
AP - FDC usa LL
AP - FDC wood LA*
AP - FDC wood RA*
AP - HTD trapper LL
AP - HTD wood LA*
AP - HTD wood RL
AP - FIRE heavy combat RA
AP - POIS heavy metal LA
AP - SENT heavy combat CP x2
AP - SENT heavy combat LL x2
AP - SENT light robot CP
AP - SENT sturdy combat RA
AP - SENT trapper RL
AP - SENT usa RA*
AP - SENT wood RA*
AP - SENT wood RL*
AP - WWR heavy combat CP
AP - WWR light robot RL***
AP - WWR usa CP*
AP - WWR fsa LL
AP - WWR wood CP
AP - WWR wood LL
AP - WWR wood RA
CR - FDC fsa LL
H+T - FDC usa CP*
H+T - SENT heavy combat CP
PR - FDC fsa RL*
PR - SENT sturdy Metal LL
PR - WWR fsa RL*
PR - WWR heavy raider CP**
RR - SENT marine LA
PR - SENT usa RA*****
RR - WWR heavy metal LL
1E - WWR trapper RL
1I - - usa RA (2 star)
1I - 50bs marine RL
1I - FDC trapper LA
1I - FIRE trapper RA
1I - HTD fsa LL
1I - SENT light combat LA
1I - SENT sturdy robot RA
1I - SENT marine RL
1I - STIM usa LA
1S - WWR light metal LA
7led - WWR heavy combat RA
AP - CAV trapper LL
AP - ENERGY heavy robot LA
AP - SENT light metal LA
AP - SENT light robot CP**
FR - CAV heavy combat CP
FR - WWR trapper CP
AP - AWR usa LA
AP - WWR light robot LA
FR - WWR wood CP
PR - WWR trapper CP
RR - SENT heavy combat CP
Rest of it
EXT - 7led - WWR heavy raider RA
EXT - AP - SENT heavy leather LA
GS- 1I - WWR heavy combat LA
H - 7led - WWR heavy combat LA
MUT - 7led - WWR heavy raider LL
MUT - AP - WWR heavy combat CP*****
MUT - AP - HTD wood RL
NOC - 1I - WWR heavy robot CP
NOC - 7led - WWR heavy combat RA
Z - 1I - WWR heavy combat LL
Z - 1I - WWR heavy combat RA


BOLS - AP - WWR T60 set
OE - MIXED - SENT ultracite set
PSA ultracite set w jetpack RA

ARI - 1S - CAV x01 RL
A - AP - FDC x01 RA
AUTO - 7led - SENT raider RA
AUTO - 7led - WWR t45 LL
AUTO - AP - CAV excavator LL
AUTO - AP - WWR excavator CP
BOLS - 7led - CAV raider LL
BOLS - 7led - SENT ultracite LL
BOLS - 7led - WWR raider RL
BOLS - CR - WWR t60 RL
CHAM - AP - SENT raider CP
CHAM - AP - WWR raider RA
CLOAK - AP - WWR raider RA
MUT - 1S - WWR t45 RL
MUT - AP - WWR t51b CP
OE - 7led - SENT ultracite RL
OE - AP - - t60 RL (2star)
VAN - PR - WWR raider LA


AWUs; forest, pink x3, red, yellow
BOS jumpsuit
Forest camo jumpsuit x2
Forest camo scout mask x2
Leather coat x2
Radicals face mask x2
Responders fireman set
Tattered field jacket x2
Travelling leather coat x2
Urban scout mask x4
White powder jumpsuit x2
Fasnacht masks;
Brahmin x2
Buffoon x2
Crazy guy x2
Deathclaw x2
Demon x4
Hag x2
Loon x4
Raven x2
Winter man x2

1000~ AA6 - health regen
800~ AA7 - max ap
900 ~ BW9 - workshop repair cost
500~ GROG5 - dmg vs scorched
900~ GROG8 - dmg resist
400~ GNB2 - laser crit damage
1200~ GNB4 - ap regen
500~ LNL3 - healing from veggies
750~ LNL8 - 5% xp in team
1000~ LNL9 - less damage from robots
1000~ TES5 - heavy ammo consumption
500~ TES8 - crit damage
900~ agility bobble heads
1500~ big gun bobble heads
1250~ energy bobble heads
500~ explosive bobble heads
1000~ leader bobble heads
350~ luck bobble heads
1250~ repair bobble heads
4000~ small gun bobble heads
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2023.06.08 08:03 Ok_Feed_3846 Some new Action Fantasy Manhwa

Terminally-Ill Genius Dark Knight
is a fantasy RPG infamous for its extreme difficulty.
However, to Yoo Chan, who was diagnosed with a terminal illness at a young age, this game was his entire life and has now become his reality.
From now on, Yoo Chan has to survive in this world as Nox von Reinharber, the worst villain in the first act of the game. Will he be able to reach the end of the story safely?

I Became the Mad Emperor
A long but slowly serialized novel, [The Great Human-Demon War], Bang GwangSuk binge read it over and over, infatuated by the majestic world building and story development.
One day, a mysterious message was sent to him.
[This story ends here. Please use your power to save my world from ruination.]
Before he could get an answer to the questions in his mind, a new world was presented before his very eyes—from the perspective of the Mad Emperor Exceltrion that would lead the world to ruins.
“That’s right. I’ve become the mad emperor from the novel!”

Ranker (2022)
An online membership game run in secrecy. Kang Junseo coincidentally jumped into Ranker.
Junseo from who knows when, started to see his opponents as monsters and it was his player, Jeongjun’s voice that allowed him to find his calm again. With Jeongjun, Junseo is prepared to heal the symptoms.
However Ranker is not only a quest where your life is at stake. It is filled with characters battling each other and the constant threat of being hunted.

Leveling Up With Skills
Four options were presented to humanity under peril from mysterious monsters that devoured humanity in 2020. Players who have completed the mazes in each mode must return to Earth and prepare for the invasion of ancient gods! Easy mode where anyone can survive Normal mode where only the strong survive Hard mode where only 1% can survive Solo mode with extreme difficulty Kang Tae-san, the strongest human player in Easy mode, who conquered the maze through extraordinary means and possesses abilities that others do not have! 「Addition, multiplication, attack nullification, absolute judgment…」 However, coming from the ‘Easy mode’ background, his absolute power is lacking…! Finally, the day of humanity’s ultimate reckoning has arrived! A miraculous opportunity appeared as he was dying in the depths of despair! “This time, I will definitely become stronger.” Challenge the maze once again! Kang Tae-san, a skillful player, advance to ‘Solo Mode’!

My Little Brother Is The Academy’s Hotshot
In the last battle with the king of the dragon race that killed countless humans, Rudd Denatos loses his comrades and biological brother, Aesir Denatos. The moment he slays an unidentified dragon that appears before him, he returns to his days as an academy cadet. This time, Rudd tries to kill all dragons, so the past doesn’t repeat itself. However, in the past, he has regressed into his brother, Aesir, a genius warrior doesn’t exist. Trying to fill in the empty spot of Aesir, Rudd tries to prepare as much as possible before the strongest dragon king, the Seventh Dragon, appears. Will Rudd be able to find his older brother and avenge his parents?

A Modern Man Who Got Transmigrated Into the Murim World
I was a public official who worked part-time to survive. I was knocked out by a speeding car while making deliveries in the middle of the night.I have a strong memory of dying prematurely in a hit-and-run.
I’m Jo Hwi At some point. I became the second son of the collapsing Jo Ga-cheol Clan.
This family has neither the authority to drop a flying bird nor the power to carry out one’s will. There is only an enormous amount of debt that can annihilate the entire family.
There’s only one way out. Father, please pass the Jo Ga-cheol Clan on to me.
The story of a successful modern man who has to utilize all the knowledge and experience of a public official begins now.

F-Class Destiny Hunter
In a world where destiny decides the ability one awakens, Seo Gangrim is born with the worst destiny. He awakened as a hunter, but he was the very bottom of the bottom. One day, he is ambushed…
[Power ‘Destiny Stealing’ is being activated. You have obtained the power ‘Regression’.]
He lost all his teammates to an assassin, but right before dying, he regressed to his past.
Right then, Seo Gangrim made the decision never to leave his life to destiny again.

How To Live As An Unlicensed Healer
One day Kang Songhyun opened his eyes on the Azul Continent. He didn’t know the reason. When he woke up he was no more in South Korea. He’s thrown into a fantasy world. ‘Why did I come to this kind of place?’
At that time, the status window pops up in front of him [Your job is ‘healer’?]
But among his skills… ‘huh? …No healing?’ That was the beginning of the life of an unlicensed healer. A healer who does not know how to heal.
Kang Songhyun is good at everything except healing In a fantasy world as an unlicensed healer his story of survival begins.

The Dark Mage’s Return to Enlistment
Minjun Kim, an ordinary high school senior in Korea, was suddenly summoned to another world where he became a dark mage. Determined to return home, he overcame all sorts of hardships and saved the other world with black magic before leaving all his wealth and glory as a hero behind to return to Earth.
However before he could fully enjoy his life. A problem arose. A dungeon break had occured and monsters came pouring ou threatening his comfortable days. Therefore Minjun who had just returned to earth had no choice but to enlist on the very next day.

Drug-Eating Genius Mage
Having reached his talent limit on magic, the protagonist was sent to the gaming world as punishment — to a huge city named Valkan. In order to survive. He builds relationships with other people and investigates the secret behind the “closed world”. Striving to prevent the end of the world.

Archmage Transcending Through Regression
Mikhail Walpurgis, the world’s only 9th-circle Archmage, fell in battle due to a damned hero, and managed to cast one final advanced magic spell, . As time rewound, he regressed to 20 years ago.
“Fine. I’ll just become the hero instead.”

Demon Lord’s Martial Arts Ascension
“Demon Lord.”
That’s… What they used to call me in my past life, before I became human

I Regressed to My Ruined Family
I was born as the oldest of a renowned swordsman family, and became stronger faster than anyone. Yet, I could not stop the dragons, a great disaster that had appeared on the continent. I closed my eyes in my final moments, thinking everything was over. I really thought it was over… But when I opened my eyes, I was back in the past. A past that was very different from the world I knew.

Everyone Else is A Returnee
Left behind again, and again, and again. The straggler was abandoned by all of mankind due to a cloaking technique unknown even by God. “Why was I the only one left behind? Why did this happen to me?” [In the end, even after God had devised a list of all the humans meant to be transported to another world, he could not find you. You said it was a truly phenomenal cloaking technique, right?] So I, alone since birth, began my lonesome daily life on Earth, awaiting humanity’s return.

Poison-Eating Healer
Cheon Haesun is the protagonist who‘s terminally ill because of various poisons. Cheon Haesun, who was never welcome anywhere, will have his story of becoming the strongest hunter play out on an Earth upon which dungeons and monsters have broken out!

Chronicles of the Demon Faction
Chun Hajin, the strongest assassin of the Orthodox Murim’s Righteous Heavenly Alliance. Hajin loses his life as he tries to escape to find freedom. And then… ‘The divine cult is immortal, may all demons submit. Congratulations on your recovery, third young master!’ He was reincarnated into the body of the Murim’s public enemy, the third young master of the Demonic Cult?! The conquest of the Demonic Murim by Chun Hajin, the strongest secret weapon of the Orthodox Murim, begins now.

Life of a Magic Academy Mage
Graduate student Lee Han was born as the youngest son in another world’s famous family of mages. He swore he would never go to another place with the word “academy” in it. However, the magic academy known as Einrogard completely ignored what he had promised himself. Being self-sufficient is a must; monsters may appear, and the professors are all total nutjobs! This is the beginning of a pitiful academy life that you have never seen before. “Will I be able to… graduate safely?”
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2023.06.08 07:50 ogreatgames Hitman 2 Silent Assassin: Mission-Based Stealth Game - PS2 Game

Hitman 2 Silent Assassin: Mission-Based Stealth Game - PS2 Game

![video](i06zl2lloy391 " Become a deadly silent assassin that must complete several missions in different locations such as Japan, Malaysia, and India. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#playstation2 #stealth #action --
Hitman 2 Silent Assassin For Sony PlayStation 2. Step into the shoes of a retired assassin with the code name Agent 47. This stealth video game is mission-based in which players are given a set of objectives to complete. As players go through, they will meet different characters in which could be a foe or a friend. Agent 47 is equipped with weapons such as rifles, poison darts, and explosives. Aim for the "Silent Assassin", completion rating at the end of missions throughout the game, for more extraordinary bonuses. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.06.08 07:03 kou07 where can i see how many points i have left to unlock my style3 arcana?

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2023.06.08 05:56 VoodooNeptune01 [A3] [NA] [EST] [Recruiting] B, Co., 10th SFG, AvTEG

What is Bravo Company, 10th SFG?
Bravo Company, 10th Special Forces Group is a modern Milsim unit. The unit's goal is to emulate operations and procedures that you would see in the real world. With the unit being based on the 10th Special Forces Group, locations (fictional or not) in our operations take place in Europe. The unit promotes a friendly, welcoming environment to all players. We want to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience when they join the unit.
About Us
Our current leadership has together for the past decade. With running and maintaining multiple units, our leadership has compiled thousands of hours in ARMA 3. With that being said, you can expect our leadership to be there for you if you have questions, concerns, or fresh ideas that can help make our unit better!
What do we offer?
What are the requirements?
-Working & legal copy of ARMA 3
-Working microphone
-Sixteen years of age (waivers available for those under age)
-Being able to attend operations at 2000 EST on Sundays
What positions are available?
Interested? Join our discord below and we can get you set up!
Discord: Captured Clips from unit member SGT L. Corby: Tokyo Drift: Glug:
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2023.06.08 05:51 Determination7 An Outcast In Another World (Subtitle: Is 'Insanity' A Racial Trait?) [Fantasy, LitRPG] - Chapter 200 (Book 5 Chapter 26)

Quick Author's Note:
For better clarity of intent, the 'worthwhile opponent' stipulation in Lifedrinker is being changed to 'non-negligible opponent' moving forward.


"The Gellin Empress was the catalyst for our breakthrough," a mage explained. "Tracing Lord Rob's lingering mana signature through the space between dimensions proved effective at first, yet it came with an insurmountable problem: he only attained mana after initially leaving Earth. At a certain point, there was no more of a signature for us to trace. We had found his home dimension, but finding his home world within the infinite expanses of that dimension could have taken years of aimless searching, like blind men stumbling in the dark."
He leaned forward, clearly enjoying having a captive audience. "The key, then, lay within Lord Rob's memories. Even without mana, memories have a power all their own. The Empress looked within his mind and found locations of personal importance to him. Ones that he remembers with pristine clarity. By scrying for areas within Lord Rob's dimension that matched those specific locations, we were able to narrow down the scope of our search considerably."
The mage spread his palms wide, and his voice dropped a full octave, as if he was imparting a great revelation. "The result will soon be made self-evident. You shall bear witness to the foremost magical achievement of our era: a one-way viewing window into Lord Rob's world. The first of many to come."
In respect for the man's showmanship, Rob started up a clap. Granted, he would've clapped even if the explanation was done via a mindnumbing PowerPoint presentation, because nothing in the universe could stunt his enthusiasm right now. Riardin's Ranger, the Elders, Diplomacy, and the Soul Surgeon clapped as well, although Rob was pretty sure they were just following his cues. This moment couldn't possibly hold the same gravitas for them as it did for him. They mostly were here to provide moral support and satisfy their curiosity.
While for him, this meant everything.
"Do we need the Gellin Empress here to create the window?" Rob asked. "I'd also like to thank her for the help she's given."
The mage shook his head. "I'll spare you the details, but to be succinct; she taught us how to save a mana-based copy of the necessary memories, which will allow us to attune to a subset of Earth locations. Her presence is not required. In fact, she insisted that we proceed without her, as the Gellin have gone to rest for the night."
Must be nice. I'd trade ten Levels for a consistent sleep schedule. Rob internally frowned at himself, punting the envious thoughts away. No sour grapes. If the Empress helped me see Earth again, then I hope she sleeps like a baby for the rest of her life.
"One question," Keira interjected. "In your explanation, you stated that, without the Empress' assistance, it may have taken years to discover Earth. That is hardly the weeks or months you claimed in the past."
The group of dimension mages froze, embarrassment blooming on their features. They looked to the head mage for guidance, whose veneer of showmanship was deflating like a leaky balloon. "We were perhaps...optimistic."
"By years?"
"The previous estimate I put forth was one that assumed we would develop breakthroughs as we went along." His mouth widened into a sheepish grin. "As you can see, we, um, succeeded."
Keira raised an eyebrow. "Only with the timely assistance of a Leader." Her tone was calm, yet unyielding. "Rob is too grateful to point out this contradiction, so I suppose the task falls to me. You have also told us that you should be able to 'open' the window and let Rob send a letter home within the next week – is that more unfounded optimism?"
"No." The mage straightened his posture. "Now that we have located Earth, the rest is simply a matter of refining our spells and collecting reserves of mana. We are no longer blind, nor are we fumbling in the dark, and thus our progress moving forward shall be predictable and steady. This, I swear."
After a few seconds, Keira nodded. "Then I thank you for the wonderful boon you've granted to the man I love."
From behind, Malika giggled under her breath. Rob squeezed Keira's hand, gave her a warm smile, and faced the mages. "I'm ready whenever you are."
The tent thrummed with mana as the dimension mages formed a Mage Circle with Malika. It was no different from any other time they'd done so, yet the knowledge of what they were about to accomplish heightened the tension in the air to a fever pitch. Rob's pulse quickened, his throat tightening. He'd been disemboweled by monsters, decapitated by eldritch abominations, and none of those events made him a fraction as nervous as watching the dimension mages at work.
Minutes passed. Rob forced himself to be patient. Reaching across the boundaries of space and dimensions wasn't like heading to the store to pick up a carton of milk. It involved a level of spellcasting prowess that would take Rob decades of committed study to have even the slightest chance at grasping. Frankly, the fact that it was possible at all still beggared belief.
Maybe...maybe the mages were wrong. Not lying; just wrong. They could be overeager, sharing before they were actually ready, and they'd end the circle looking contrite and ashamed.
That was okay. No biggie. Rome wasn't built in a day, or...something. He could wait–
It was the sound of a rusted hinge, of crumpling paper, of breaking bones, and more. A combination of all the noises things made when subjected to an external force. Like reality itself was groaning under the pressure.
A thin, imperceptible line appeared at eye-level, dark as the endless void. Slowly, inch-by-inch, it widened.
It had become a rectangle. Two feet wide, three feet high. With a final CREAK, reality threw in the towel. The void dissipated, as if smoke blown away by a gust of wind, revealing...
Everything was as he remembered it. The same furniture with scuffed marks of wear-and-tear. The same living room where they'd watched movies each Friday. The same kitchen with a sink perpetually filled with dirty dishes. The same tacky wallpaper that his mom refused to change, and that he secretly enjoyed.
Identical. Like a portrait had been painted straight from his memories.
A tsunami of aching nostalgia surged through him. Rob didn't realize he was extending his hand until his fingertips were already brushing against the viewing window. Its surface felt solid, and for an instant he was terrified that this really was just a painting. Something invented to give him false hope.
Then he noticed that a window had been cracked open. Not the mages' window; the window inside his house. A small breeze blew inside, jostling a curtain ever so lightly. Just enough to make it move.
"It's real." Rob's voice was hoarse. "It's my home."
No one said anything. They allowed him his silence, a gesture which he greatly appreciated. Eventually, Rob took a deep breath, clenched his hands so that they wouldn't tremble, and looked at the dimension mages. "Thank you. I owe much. Even if observing from afar ended up being the limit of what you could do, just seeing my house again like this is..."
He trailed off, unable to find words that were sufficient. Thankfully, the dimension mages seemed to understand. "You are most welcome, Lord Rob." The head mage smiled. "This is far from the limit of what we can do, however. Give us time, and this window shall open."
Rob nodded, choosing not to believe them. They were probably right, but on the off chance they weren't, he didn't want to look back on this moment with bitterness. Best to assume the worst and be grateful for what he already had.
As if drawn by a gravitational pull, his eyes drifted back towards the window. It was displaying a fixed point in the center of his home. "Can you switch perspectives? I want to check other rooms." His parents were likely asleep in their bedroom at this hour. Assuming they didn't sell the house out of grief and move, that is.
"I am afraid that isn't possible. We can transpose the viewing window to other specific locations that the Empress provided, but having it 'walk around', so to speak, requires finer control than we are yet capable of."
Yet, he says. Which means that with practice, they'll be able to. Rob placated himself with that notion. This was a minor setback, and he wouldn't let it get him down.
He especially wouldn't listen to that tiny voice in the back of his head, whispering that the reason he couldn't see his parents right now was because they were–
"Got it," Rob stated, in a wooden voice. "What other locations did the Empress pick out?"
The window's perspective blurred and shifted. Rob swallowed a gasp as an extremely familiar place was displayed before him. He'd seen it many, many times, even after coming to Elatra. It used to be at the top of his nightmare rotation, only ousted from its throne when Blights started coming into play.
In front of them was a small grassy lawn, surrounded by lecture halls in the near-distance. The place that had forever altered the course of his life.
"This is where it all started." Rob pointed to an empty spot in the middle of the field. "Portal opened up. Right there. Saturated with darkness. Chains shot out, tried to grab at Jason. I pushed him out of the way, and...the rest is history."
Silence reigned once more. After a few seconds, Orn'tol stirred. The young Ranger opened his mouth, preparing to say what would undoubtedly be some platitude reassuring Rob over his noble sacrifice.
"The grass truly is green."
Rob burst out laughing. He kept going until he was short of breath, wheezing as the others looked at him with eyes full of concern. "I'm okay," he managed to cough, once the laughter had died down to snickers. "Thanks, Orn'tol. I needed that."
"You're very welcome?" Orn'tol exchanged confused glances with the rest of Riardin's Rangers. "I am unsure of what I did to assist you, yet it's good to see you in high spirits nonetheless."
"Sometimes a little silliness is just what the doctor ordered." Rob offered him a high-five, which the boy accepted with zeal. They returned their gazes to the viewing window, Rob tilting his head as he peered closer. "Hmm. That's weird."
"What do you mean?"
"There's no people. It's early evening, but college students have the worst sleeping patterns on the face of the planet. Trust me; I'm speaking from experience. Usually you'd see a dozen partygoers strung out on energy drinks racing around now."
"Perhaps this location is known as a place of danger," Keira posited. "I would certainly be hesitant to tread where a portal of darkness sprang from the aether and kidnapped a civilian."
Rob watched the viewing window for signs of life, finding none. "Could be. Parents probably pulled their kids out after what happened to me. Then either the government condemns the area, or enough money is lost that the college goes bankrupt." He snorted. "Would be the least of what it deserves, considering the tuition fees. Bloodsucking vampires."
"People on Earth drink blood?"
Normally, Rob would have played along with their confusion, but there were more important things to focus on. "Can you change this to the next location from my memories?" he asked the dimension mages. "How many are there, anyway?"
"Five in total. One moment, please."
The window's perspective blurred, shifted, and reformed. Now it was displaying a city sidewalk, its view positioned right outside the best god damn burger joint in existence. Rob didn't care what anyone else said; two greasy slabs of beef squeezed between two sesame-seed buns was the absolute pinnacle of culinary delight. So what if his palette was 'like a five-year old's?' Wasn't his fault that delicious things were delicious.
Belatedly, he realized that his memory of this restaurant had been strong enough for the Gellin Empress to choose it as a point of reference for interdimensional portal magic. That...yeah, that tracked. Aside from the burgers, he had fond memories of sitting at the outside patio with Jason and his folks, drinking Minty Fresh Phantasma and inhaling cheesy fries as they mocked his dietary preferences. Good times.
He was about to explain what this place meant to him when a human casually walked past the viewing window.
She was a normal working woman like any other. Tired eyes, a purse slung over her shoulder, and dressed for lukewarm weather. A cell phone was held in her right hand, her eyes glued to some form of social media. She strode past the window without a care in the world, visible for merely a second before disappearing from view.
To the Elatrans, it was like a horror movie jumpscare. All of them froze. Several gasped. Elder Alessia grimaced. Faelynn muttered "a world of Humans" in a hushed tone. The only exceptions were Elder Duran and the Soul Surgeon, who crept closer to get a better look, their eyes shimmering with curiosity.
In contrast, Rob let out a sigh of overwhelming relief. That bored, everyday woman was exactly what he'd needed to set him at ease. Earth hasn't completely gone to shit behind my back. People are still living their lives.
As he watched, a few more humans walked in front of the window. A middle-aged man, a young boy with his mother, and an old woman with a walking cane. The old woman pivoted straight into the burger joint, Rob internally praising her good taste.
"W-well," the head mage stuttered. He paused, cleared his throat, then started anew. "As you can see, the viewing window is imperceptible to those with low Levels of Sense Mana. Naturally, this will not be the case for a portal that can be interacted with from both sides."
"Dangerous," Meyneth commented. "I would advise that you conceal this type of spell for as long as you are able. The viewing window especially."
"Why is that?"
"If this window cannot be sensed by those with low Levels of Sense Mana, then that makes it an ideal tool for spying on non-Mages. In your haste to glimpse into the world of another dimension, you have inadvertently developed a field of magic that puts every nation in Elatra at risk of subterfuge. People have been assassinated for much less."
The mages blanched. "We are nothing more than simple researchers," the head mage protested, in a faltering voice. "Who besides a madwoman like the Dragon Queen would stoop so low as to threaten noncombatants?"
Keira averted her eyes, pointedly examining the floor.
"We can discuss matters of life and death at a later time," Duran interjected. He gestured to the viewing window with the demeanor of a child in a toy story. "There's a world of discoveries to explore! Take a look at those structures the Earth Humans have built – they resemble the buildings within Human territory, yet small differences set them apart."
Duran ooooh'd as another person walked past the viewing window. "So many humans are ambling about despite the late hour. Is this area a well-traveled location in your home city, Rob?"
"This is around the level of street traffic you should expect for early evening. If it were daytime, you'd see a hundred people per minute."
Duran aaaah'd. Before he could launch into a series of questions, Zamira beat him to it. "Pardon me if this comes across as an insult," she began, hesitantly. "But Earth Humans appear marginally...uncoordinated. It is hard for me to describe the notion, yet when I watch them move, they appear as if they're liable to fall over at any moment."
They look normal to me, Rob almost said, before remembering that Earth's normal wasn't Elatra's normal. "That's called being permanently Level 1." He shrugged. "They've all got crap stats. Except athletes, I guess."
Zamira stared at the human passerby with obvious sympathy. "My condolences."
Does Earth seem like a world of cripples to her? Rob wondered. Even Utility Class users have the option to put a couple points into Dexterity and Perception. That's not counting the natural stat boosts they gain as they grow up, either. And when combined with Vitality and healing magic, it means that people in Elatra tend to age gracefully.
Rob tried to think of the last time he'd seen an Elatran with the same frailty as that old human woman with her walking cane. The oldest person he'd met so far was the Fiend High Soulseer, and in spite of being positively ancient – and blind – the dude could get around fine. Elder Duran was having health problems, but that was only after suffering from severe Corruption poisoning for weeks on end. An incident like that would've landed an Earth human in long-term hospice care.
Actually, no, that was wrong. It would've just killed them.
"We should switch to the next location," Rob said, preempting any further questions. "There's still two more left." Maybe I can Keep your expectations in check.
He was right to do so. Rob's heart sank as the viewing window solidified once again, revealing battered, empty streets. Half the buildings had collapsed to rubble, as if visited by a wrecking crew with an axe to grind. He recognized this spot as the street leading up to his favorite movie theater on the other side of the city. There'd been good times here, as well.
Although not anymore. The theater's roof had caved in, and half the letters in its ostentatious PRIME CINEMA logo were missing. It would take years to rebuild – assuming someone was willing to invest millions of dollars into what was essentially a ghost town.
"This..." He ran his hand down his face, aware of everyone gazing at him with pity. "As you can probably infer, this isn't normal. In the past–"
Rob practically jumped out of his skin at the abrupt sound of gunfire. At first he thought the shot had come from outside, but no, it was both too distant and too close for that. The noise also sounded different from the rifles that the Dwarven Thunder Rod wielders employed.
A series of repeated bangs swept his thoughts away. Everyone watched in astonishment as a crew of Earth military soldiers ran into view from a side street, desperately fleeing the eight-legged Blightspawn that was hot on their tails. The abomination was more of an amalgamation of flesh and limbs than anything resembling a living creature, and the way it skittered made Rob reconsider if spiders were really that bad in comparison.
"Keep firing!" one of the men commanded, his voice sounding like it was coming from the bottom of a lake. The soldiers blasted their assault rifles in a retreating offensive, peppering the abomination with a hailstorm of bullets. Their response was swift, their aim was true, and it did not matter. The Blightspawn bulldozed through the rain of bullets as if it was a light drizzle, the creature's five cavernous mouths wailing for blood and sustenance.
It was nearly upon them when an explosive rocketed in from the opposite side street, knocking the Blightspawn off its many feet. The reprieve was temporary, but it was just long enough for the soldiers to escape unharmed. Unfortunately, the creature was also mostly unharmed, sporting minor injuries despite a direct missile strike to the torso. With a chorus of screams that prickled Rob's ears, the abomination continued its chase, batting away a second missile as it resumed the chase with renewed fervor.
Then it was gone, having left the window's range of sight. Distant sounds of battle grew quieter, the gunshots and explosions becoming more faint as predator and prey ran deeper into the ruined city.
Rob closed his eyes. He said nothing for half a minute, allowing himself time to process what he'd seen.
"Okay." He opened his eyes, nodding. "This is fine."
Keira laid a hand on his shoulder, struggling with what to say. " don't need to–"
"Hold it in? Bottle up my emotions?" A wry chuckle escaped his throat. "Honestly, I'm not as affected as I thought I'd be. The Blight dropped one too many cryptic hints for me to be surprised, anyway. At this point I'm just glad that Earth hasn't been completely overrun. Some parts of the city might be fucked up, but not all of it is."
He narrowed his eyes. "The biggest thing I'm worried about is the Blightspawn itself. You saw those weapons the humans were using, right? Think of them as substantially upgraded versions of the Thunder Rods. They should've put a real dent in a fully-grown Blight, let alone one of its spawn."
"Perhaps the creatures have gained a defensive Skill?" Duran theorized. "What we witnessed appears consistent with other damage reduction Skills such as Tough Skin or Heat Resistance. I would surmise that the Blight has learned something akin to – for example – Thunder Rod Resistance."
Rob paused. Elatra didn't have a specified 'Bullet Resistance' Skill, but that was because conventional firearms had been removed from the system for balancing purposes. The Blight wouldn't give two shits about balance. They'd cheerfully grant themselves Bullet Resistance, Missile Resistance, and whatever else tickled their fancy.
And the more Earth fought back, the more resistant they'd become.
"...This doesn't change anything," Rob eventually concluded. "Earth is a big boy planet. It'll figure something out. In the meantime, we'll clean up our problems here and be ready to help if the Blight's still around by then."
"You're sure?" Keira asked. Two words that held so much intent. 'Are you sure you'll be alright? Are you sure Elatra should remain your primary concern? Are you sure you don't want to head home the instant the dimension mages create a working portal?'
Rob gave her a thumbs-up. "I'm sure. And I know you'll worry about me regardless, but I promise I'm feeling fine."
Or maybe he was just numb, and an avalanche of emotions would bury him when he least expected it. The good news was that was a problem for future-Rob to deal with. Present-Rob had one last area to investigate.
I'd be satisfied with seeing my old bedroom intact, he thought, as the dimension mages altered the viewing window for the last time. I have strong memories there, right? It should be a candidate. Those late night Netflix binges were uh...riveting. Yeah.
The window finalized.
Rob felt the strength leave his body.
Some parts of what he was seeing were incongruous. Strange details that he'd need to figure out soon. All of it took a hard backseat to the one sight in the room that truly mattered.
Jason was alive.
He was at his house that Rob had visited so often. Alive. Surrounded by people. Alive. Chatting away. Alive. Gesturing in that exaggerated manner he often used. Alive.
A dam broke. Silent tears began streaming down Rob's face. Thoughts cut out, leaving only the realization that his best friend since childhood, the sole person he'd have trusted with his life before meeting Riardin's Rangers, the man whose place he'd taken when the gods picked a new chew toy...
Was alive.
"Hey, man." Rob's smile was the most genuine it had been in a long time. "Been a while."
At that moment, almost as if he could hear him, Jason grinned.


Author's Note:
When I was writing Chapter 199, I was mildly annoyed that Rob didn't reach 200 Vitality on Chapter 200. That would've been hilariously coincidental. But if I had to choose between that chapter or this one for a big milestone...I think I like this better.
Happy Chapter 200, everyone. Thanks for reading and staying on this journey with me.
submitted by Determination7 to HFY [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 05:42 F3vor Help With Blurry Grass

Self Explanatory. Is there a specific option I need to change to make my grass look sharper? Is this an anti-aliasing thing? Some help would be appreciated. Here is a link to what my grass looks like in game. I am using Ominous ENB and Northern Grass. (Edited post to fix wrong video link)

Mod List/INI -

Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-10900K CPU
ASRock AMD radeon RX 6800 xt 16 GB
Windows 10
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12 c Resources - The Great Cities.esp
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15 f GKBWavesReborn.esp
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16 10 Skyrim Extended Cut - Saints and Seducers.esp
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Armor of Intrigue.esp
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Blackened Steel Armor and weapon set.esp
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The Legends-Breton Knight.esp
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Kynreeve Armor.esp
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more plants all extra.esp
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254 FE 80 Lux - SoS compatibility patch.esp
254 FE 81 Lux - Water for ENB patch.esp
254 FE 82 Lux - CC Fish patch.esp
254 FE 83 Lux - Clockwork.esp
254 FE 84 Lux - Cuting Room Floor.esp
254 FE 85 Lux - Elysium Estate patch.esp
254 FE 86 Lux - Identity Crisis patch.esp
254 FE 87 Lux - USSEP patch.esp
254 FE 88 Lux - Immersive Citizens patch.esp
254 FE 89 Lux - Inigo.esp
254 FE 8a Lux - SWIFT.esp
254 FE 8b Lux - Saints and Seducers patch.esp
254 FE 8c Lux - Skyrim Unbound patch.esp
254 FE 8d Lux - Tale of Xiros patch.esp
254 FE 8e Lux - Unslaad.esp
254 FE 8f Lux - Vigilant patch.esp
254 FE 90 Lux - Waking Nightmare patch.esp
254 FE 91 OCW_CellSettings.esp
254 FE 92 Lux - OCW College.esp
254 FE 93 Lux - UCOW patch.esp
210 d2 Water for ENB (Shades of Skyrim).esp
211 d3 Modern Brawl Bug Fix.esp
212 d4 ApexNoReplacer.esp
213 d5 DynDOLOD.esp
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2023.06.08 05:22 ThatGuy828 24 [M4F] US (Massachusetts/New Hampshire)/Anywhere, Night shift worker looking for a relationship

Hello there! My name's Josh.
I'm looking to form a serious lasting relationship, we can start off as friends and work our way towards romantic feelings towards each other as we get to know each other.
I'm looking to date someone no older than 30 and of course at least 18.
I'm from NH and close to MA, but distance doesn't matter to me.
Bonus points if you're close to me but if you're fun to talk to and/or we share similar interests, you can be in another country for all I care as long as we plan to meet eventually.
As a heads up I work the night audit at a hotel so my sleep schedule is pretty rough, even on my days off. I'm usually up at like 6pm and awake until 9AM (EST) but if that doesn't bother you, maybe we could pull all nighters together? :)
It won't be a permanent job, it's just something I do for now because I like it and I'm saving up money. I'll go back to having a normal sleep schedule in a few months or so.
About me:
I'm super into video games, and just recently got into watching more anime. To name a couple games that I like: League of Legends (Over 3000 hours across multiple accounts... Its sad I know.) Also Overwatch 2 and Smite as well. Some of the Series I like are: Resident Evil, Halo, Mass Effect, Yakuza, Batman Arkham, Borderlands, Bioshock, Dark Souls, The Witcher, Assassin's Creed, Mario, Zelda, Animal Crossing, (and anything else Nintendo of course!) to name just a few. You can ask for my steam profile if you want to see everything I've played. I have a gaming PC and Oculus Rift, a PS5, an Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch just to name a few of my consoles.
As for anime, I've seen Higurashi, Mirai Nikki, FLCL, Jojo's Bizzare Adventure, Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, and Durarara!! If you have any suggestions let me know, I'm always looking for more!
I've also watched a few TV shows. I've seen all of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, You, Squid Game, and Game of Thrones on HBO as well.
I've also been going to the gym for a little over 3 years now, I've lost a ton of weight and packed on a little bit of muscle from going, it'd be nice to talk to someone whose also into fitness and could inspire me to work harder!
My DMs are open! Just please be more creative than opening with "Hi" or "How are you?" Tell me a little bit about yourself and send me a photo and I'll respond back. :)
Here's 3 pictures of me, the first one is most recent.
I look forward to meeting new people, hopefully we can spend long nights calling over Discord and eventually meet up. :)
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2023.06.08 05:21 Boomerang104 What is your favorite Assassin’s Creed game and why?

My favorite one was Black Flag. I loved the pirate vibes and I thought the story was well crafted. I would love to hear from other people which AC game they liked and why. 🤘🏻
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2023.06.08 05:15 johanna_xandi 41/F/EU ISO of fellow nerds, creative souls and weirdos

Hi! I'm looking for genuine connection - ultimately, a confidante - to share life and interests with, support and lift each other up. I'd describe myself as pretty laid back, humorous and empathetic. I don't judge.
Some of the things I love are:
I'm a huge music addict. My favorite genres are the late 70's and 80's, pop, rock, hardrock, some smooth jazz and classical, orchestral/epic, electro swing, German/Austrian artists, Kpop/Jpop, and Eurovision Song Contest trash.
I'm a sucker for shopping on Temu/Shein, and have a soft spot for anything cute and mint green/pink/gold - bonus points if it's cat/whale/bunny themed. I collect ammonites, and I'm kinda obsessed with Korean skincare and fashion.
I'm about to have shoulder surgery in less than two weeks and I'm terribly scared of going, so it'd be lovely to have some emotional support since my circle of friends is very small...
I welcome everyone but prefer people 35+ who enjoy chatting/sharing life, and aren't too shy or introverted. I'm LGBTQ-friendly so you're safe with me no matter your lifestyle. Platonic online friendship only. I'm married and happily childfree by choice.
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2023.06.08 04:54 allenspindle Why are mount options lacking?

I would love to spend some hard earned coin on some cool different mounts. It seems like the mount store is very limited. I’m surprised there are not way more options. I don’t know, coming off of assassin‘s creed Valhalla, where the options were almost endless. This is just a little disappointing.
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2023.06.08 04:31 Chomusuke_the_cat The Elden Ring Connection

This essay is intended to finally collate findings regarding Petornia, a world created by a “Dungeon Daddy” also known as “Avery” or simply “bonkusanna” (these are all self-given titles). It has become very noticeable that many aspects of this world have an odd similarity to aspects of another world, that being “Elden Ring”. Elden ring is a 2022 action role playing game created by FromSoftware—the creators of the widely popular “Dark Souls” and “Demon Souls” series. Elden ring follows the titular character, John Eldenring, on his journey to reassemble his mom’s broken wedding ring and discover the reason for his parent’s divorce (his mom and dad are the same person, as it happens). Petornia is a massive sprawling and expanding DND world, with many campaigns, stories, and characters. Naturally, one would assume that these two are completely unrelated. But that could not be further from the truth.
The similarities begin with simple items—one for one replicas of one another. Firstly, there exists a special type of sword in Petornia, known as a “night sword.” These swords are made in literal voids and have the appearance of the night sky in their metal. However, a sword known as the “sword of night and flame” is a popular weapon in Elden Ring as well. In Elden ring, it appears as a sacred sword of the Carian royal family, a family of moon-worshiping astrologers. This sword also has a suspiciously distinct appearance, bearing the dark star-studded night sky within its blade. The distinct crossover is undeniable. However, item similarities do not end there. Next, certain characters in Petornia carry daggers designed specifically for assassins. These blades belong to the Great San(d)s, a vaguely middle-eastern country of furries with a human population of about four or five. It may be said that this unique concept is all on its own, not equivalent to anything anywhere else. But that sentiment couldn’t be further from the truth, due to the existence of the “Assassin’s crimson dagger” in Elden Ring. This seemingly “unique” weapon somehow has an exact counterpart in Elden Ring, a counterpart described as “the darkly gleaming blades…those which gave the demigods their first taste of death.” Even from the name of the item, it is clear what its purpose is. It is difficult to believe two daggers of the exact same purpose and intention exist in both Elden Ring and Petornia by coincidence. For the final item, the citation is the magical nameless ax once wielded by Elk Nephidra. This ax was capable of channeling the power of deities, and granted strength unto Elk like nothing else could. When he made use of the ax, he found himself with increased physical power as well as magical boosts to strong charging attacks. With this unique set of abilities, set up through multiple lore moments (which are beyond the scope of this essay), a casual player might believe this is the first truly unique weapon in this essay. But the facts do not lie—and it exists by another name in Elden Ring as well, known only as the “Executioner’s Greataxe.” The damning evidence lies in this item’s skill description. To quote directly from the wiki, “Its skill, War Cry, grants the user the ability to temporarily increase attack power. While active, strong attacks change to charging attacks.” This is almost word for word the exact abilities of Elk Nephidra’s ax. With three items crossing over, each perfectly matching up with items in Elden Ring, this cannot be called a coincidence. So what then should this be called? That topic will be discussed later in this essay.
Next to be covered is characters that cross between Petornia and Elden Ring. First on the list is “Crowley”, a Petornia character that seems akin to the devil, but with less charisma and more wacky tumblr user personality. His appearances in early sessions of both “Bad Sides of War” and “Darkton” caused numerous issues for the protagonists of those respective campaigns. He also appears to be some sort of pedophile, as during one of his frequent possessions, he caused a young vampire woman (who was almost certainly underage) to rifle through a large bucket of spit. She was forced to do this as Crowley controlled her mind, in a sick act that only a prolific sex offender could think of. The poor woman wasn’t even allowed to wash her hands afterwards. Unfortunately, what makes this crime even more hideous is that it seems to have roots in Elden Ring too, as a tumblr usechild molester exists there too. He goes by the name Mohg, and is responsible for kidnapping the terminally underage golden prince Miquella, and then keeping him in his sex dungeon. Both Mohg and Crowley utilize imagery of traditional pagan demons and devils, and express their sick and twisted desires upon defenseless innocent children. The connection between the two is blatantly clear. Another character with odd similarities is Linut, the current orc chief in charge of the raids on Agg. His disposition is about what is expected from orcs, with a desire for blood and death by combat. However, what sets him apart from other characters is that he actually fights for a solid cause. His people need fertile land upon which to sow their seeds. As such, he does not care about the lives he has to extinguish for that to work. As far as Elden ring is concerned, minus the orcish heritage, Godfrey: First Elden lord is a perfect match. Godfrey, after losing the favor of elden ring (his wife decided she wanted to have sex with herself and divorced him) left the land and traveled the badlands. Whilst there he became Horah Loux, chieftain of the badlands. And when he returned to the golden shores, he intended to conquer and become Elden Lord. He also did not care who he had to kill to accomplish that. With these two characters in mind, it becomes more and more obvious that these similarities are more than just random happenstance. The Petornia characters give the feeling of intention, as if they were intentional parallels to Elden Ring characters. But the evidence does not stop there. The main argument against all of the prior information is that these crossovers and mirrored characters are simply coincidences, that it is totally possible for the Dungeon Crawler man to write characters and items that just happen to sound like items and people in Elden Ring. However, it can also be said that the quantity of these similarities speaks for itself. The fact that this list is abbreviated for brevity indicates that it is not the full list of every single concept that remains the same between each of the stories. When the number of “coincidences” continually stacks toward infinitum, the believability of such a theory as “it is all a coincidence” comes into question. Another argument is simply “who cares?” This is the classic existential argument, calling into question whether the similarities really matter at all. That question has three responses, each of which can be decided upon by their own merit. First, the writer of this essay cares, clearly, because they took the time to write a multi-paragraph essay about it. Second, devaluing difficult yet important types of conversation is a good way to never work through it. If everyone were to ignore these connections, the audiences of Elden ring and Petornia would never have a definitive reason why their worlds are so similar. Finally, the response of “who cares” is invalidated by the final conclusive piece of evidence this essay wishes to cite. More important than any single character, wider scale than some items, this final piece of evidence is a single Petornia event that is practically copied word for word from Elden Ring. This event is the shattering of the “light” and “dark” cores in Petornia. This event included the shattering of the twin batteries of hood and evil, and resulted in the dispersion of shards of these two cores across the Petornia world. This event had far reaching consequences, both for the light deities who could no longer access their power through channels, and for the dark demons who could not access their power for the same reason. This threw the world into turmoil, causing confusion and panic as the fear wore on. To this day, the light core and dark core have still not been repaired, left to exert their influence as broken shards. As is custom, next comes the Elden ring event—the equivalent here called “the Shattering” in which Queen Marika grew angry about her children’s demise, decided to smash her wedding ring (the elden ring) then hide inside a tree for millennia. This event had far reaching consequences too—causing a massive war between her children for runes, and the by-and-by destructuion If Elden Ring’s world. This is exactly how in the chaos following the dark and light core shattering, chaos ensued as gods lost the ability to create order and demons lost the ability to influence order. These events are clearly one and the same, the Petornia event heavily drawing from the central premise of Elden Ring’s storyline to tell it’s story. The question now becomes, what to do with this information? Where does this leave the situation? From the examples given it is undeniable that content from Elden Ring appeared in Petornia. And not only that, but major story beats, themes, characters, ideas, items, and storylines as well. Based on this evidence, it can only be said that “Avery Bonkusanna Nilla Wafer Dm” is a cowardly hack writer who plagiarized the entire world of petornia from elden ring. The connections are so obvious they become glaring, gaping wounds in petornia’s story. Perhaps in arc two of this massive world Avery will borrow his ideas less from elden ring and more from somewhere else. 
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2023.06.08 04:24 Eyeliner15Visuals is 12gb ram, i5 9th gen, SSD, nvidia 4gb graphics card good for smooth gameplay of Assassin's creed unity?

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2023.06.08 04:12 Waste-Fix859 ukhjkhfk

So ugh, not that I don't appreciate Android games getting ported, it's cool since last i checked there was 9 games added.... it's just I can't tell which 9 cause they are probably games that are.... not what would be good for the vita. In the list of possible games, and even worked on I could list a couple that given rinne's talents I am not super sure why he or other's aren't focused on some other ones. Let's just see if you agree? Also not a complaint, please please keep doing the great work everybody who keeps the vita community alive I'm so happy to be a part of it, and to be able to use the games, apps, programs that have been added. I like the ports more than most of the actual vita games.
BUT Why hasn't: Bioshock (was this moved to impossible? it used to be on the list)
Call of duty Black ops Zombies (really want this, idk where I used to own it, but it was awesome despite touch, imagine how awesome this would be on vita)
Assassin's creed pirates (paired with liberation it's almost a full AC game)
Doom 3 BFG edition
Dead Cells
Half-Life 2 + ep1 + ep 2
the three Gangstar games (not because they are good but because we don't have saint's row)
All the Modern Combat games
Monster hunter stories - we deserve it back.
Roller Coaster tycoon classic
Six guns (idk if gang showdown is the one I remember playing, but red dead almost that be sick)
N.O.V.A 3 (the other ones too, but the one with mechs and cars that had amazing online that one)
I don't even understand why the bards tale is on the list, it's already on the system...
Stardew valley on the list too just why, like i recall seeing borderlands 2 in impossible and it's like nearly a launch title....
tom clancy's rainbow six shadow vanguad just cause I hate siege
tom clancy's H.A.W.X
SoulCalibur - this be dope
Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden HD - >
Vita needs more RPG's that aren't weird jap stuff - I know I got a vita and am complaining about jap stuff - blasphemy right - sorry for disliking stuff that makes zero sense and has no grounded appearance and breaks the illusion of immersion on a constant basis. I want the switch to get Kingdom come so bad, but apparently they stopped making it. That's the type of game it was sourly lacking.
IDK if this is even possible, but like Dolphin works on my dad's 32bit ARM phone cause they still have legacy 32bit versions available, would that work? I doubt well, I don't really care. I just want to try it. and it appears as though you're now using openGL 2 or am I wrong about that?
You know what would be amazing games on the vita, Unity ES2 daggerfall, Morrowind via OpenMW somehow, Oblivion ran on a 360 if only they ported that, like I kinda wish ARM CPU's and x86 CPU's weren't different things, we should just have small energy efficient x86 and big non energy efficient x86, cause then by now the small ARM that hypothetically could've been a small efficient x86 would just run PC games so easily. So oblivion would be there.
But we could get Ravensword shadowlands or w.e that RPG like skyrim that sorta sucks but i bought it anyway is.
Also the sun origin and it's sequals that are like stalker and fallout together, it's stupid enough but cool enough to warrant it, and it's in desperate need of an actual controller. There's honestly SOO many better android games that could be worked on then what got worked on. Like RVGL... cool we have motorstorm RC, Partia - great. A lot of this stuff is free on my phone. And if you're gonna port free ones, port free ones that would benefit from the vita, not just be another place to play it. Like diablo immortal likely would be fun on the vita. There's just... a disconnect I think between what's getting ported cause it adds to a portfolio vs what should get added cause it would make the system better. And there was a time that's what was getting done. We were getting games that make the system a hell of a treat. And now I look at the 49, and I'm like What 9 games, I can't even tell since last i looked and it was 40. And honestly maybe from 30-40 I also couldn't tell. AGAIN rinne and other's have done incredible things that make the vita stand out, but I feel like he must be like "ya I wanna keep doing this, but the hard ones stressed me out so I'll do these easier ones instead" and why is it the dhewm3 just straight up doesn't work.
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2023.06.08 04:10 Select-Mountain-420 Has anyone else never been able to complete assassin's Creed games?

IV played 4 assassin Creed games, 1. Origins 2. Odyssey 3. Rouge 4. Valhalla
I was unable to complete 1-3 because origins dint have anything I thought to do after the main storyline I think. Same with odyssey, I reunited to my family and I found nothing to do. Rouge movement seems to slow so I dint even get past the tuitional. Valhalla I am 75% and I think I may finish it. Has this happened to anyone else
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2023.06.08 04:08 Clustersharp Elden ring, the most 6/10 game I've ever played

Warning spoilers and The Wall of text below, are you patient enough to read them, are you punk
Clocked in 113 hours, took my time with it, see what the hype is about and saw the credits. Completed at least 80% of its content, done most questlines, all areas cleared defeated Malenia and majority of the bosses and dungeons. The game slowly degrading of quality as I progress further into the game. Early game 1/3 is great, midgame 2/3 is decent to okay and the endgame 3/3 is awful. I'm poking at the hornet's nest, a fromsoftware one at that, it's gaming darling, I'll be stunk by a fuck ton of downvotes, disagreements and demeaning and of course I understand I'm in a minority, but please understand the concept of personal opinion and decency. Here's my opinion, critique and kinda rant of this whole rough shebang.
Combat is decent but got stale due to slog progression, and its systems, rules and mechanics are mediocrely compatible between the player and enemies. First the player mechanics are stuck on same foundation style since demon souls, kinda superior and inferior dark souls 3 combat system, I have reasons for it though. On the good side, they overhaul the improvement of weapon arts with the ashes of war, it's awesome and fun and can place a wide variety ash of wars onto any weapon, depending on the type outside unique weapons. A slight improvement on range magic system on allowing you cast spells while moving and improving the casting animation on using the same spell consecutively and continously without starting over again, feels better and more competent on using magic. On the bad side the input delay and buffering is worse than dark souls 3. I know that issue is in other fromsoft games but this game makes it worse by making it feeling more laggy and clunky and makes the combat kinda frustrating though I do get used to it at a point, some deaths are contributed by it constantly due to the input buffering. Build and weapon variety though impressive on paper, majority of them are useless, low damage thresholds and reskins that only a handful are actually useful.
Second is the enemies. The enemies are sekiro bloodborne-like, bottomless stamina, fast moving, having one shot/big damage attack in their moveset and multi hitting combos with delay attacks, laced with bullshit input reading. For context, my playstyle is the uchigatana and greatsword mainly quality bulid with a bit of magic converted to dex/bleed build for late game, majority of the game I avoid using summoning ashes; the times I ever used it was for the two cat statue boss(fucking assholes lol), Commander Niall(castle Sol), second phase of troll giant, and the final boss; radagon and elden beast(radagon would be decent if they were separated but together is just plain nonsense and tedious with each having their own bullshit to deal with especially majority of it from elden beast) For majority of the bosses either wait and dodgeroll till their ten hit combo is done to get a hit or two(especially for quick weapon like a katana) in safely(one of the many examples: Maliketh/Malenia) or spam reliable boring spells or L2-ing ash of War or summon spirit ash to take agro of you and stab at their backs (example: Troll giant/elden beast). Horse combat and mechanics half-assed, not much to say other than mostly there for moving and traversing abit faster on the world, though horse movement is clunky, height damage is inconstant and wonky and swallow depth in combat mechanics and it gets boring rather quickly, dexterity stat factor of not getting knocked off your horse does not work still to this day but overall gets its job done I guess.
Mediocre boss design, their like spectacles, looks awesome but bad interacting with them. Mid soundtrack imo, hate the open world ambient music, unmemorable boss music even the main bosses, only few that I can remember is godskin noble ost and radagon. Shit rewards system, most likely getting an item you'll not use, common ingredient disguised as rare loot, finding weapons sounds good till you know smiting stones are limited and rare until only late endgame you'll find enough bell bearings to buy smithing stones from them. Due to punishing leveling progression of stats and decentivising weapon variety only having enough two or maybe 3 normal weapons upgraded to 25+ if you're through and done certain quests committing to 2 skills or weapons far more practical.
Bloated open world, too big for it's own good, Wasting your time, copy pasted repetitive dungeons and caves and camps, end game is full of damage sponges and have high damage to even the pathetic small can kill you fast and takes awhile to kill. Shit quest design that only barely fits in their linear games not for open world and you'll miss majority of the content without using wiki due to most npcs being vague and cryptic for the sake of it, some leaving not giving clue to where they are, here's one of the many examples Millicent. Millicent’s quest is and the annoying need to “reload” areas sometimes to progress or get loot.
Here's a good example that I thought was just remarkably stupid, is having to kill the ulcerated tree spirit and for some reason that spawns a pair of summon signs for Millicent. First of all, I have no idea what a random ulcerated tree sprit has to do with her, and I just skipped past it since there is no value in killing this enemy for like the 12th time. Even after defeating it, it’s actually pretty easy to not notice the summon signs on the ground since they are off to the side in some flowers. In an area you really have zero reason to walk to. Then, if you assist Millicent she spawns nearby, and you cannot get the unalloyed gold needle from her unless you “reload the area", wtf? There are so many scenarios in this game where loot or quest progression requires you to literally reload the area by resting at a site of grace or closing and reopening the game… why? It’s insanely stupid. It’s archaic and extremely illogical. Millicent can just give you the needle or die on the spot and drop the needle. Just like Hyetta does after you get the frenzied flame and talk to her…. Quitting and reloading the game to reload an area is not a game mechanic, so certainly they expect you to leave and come back after resting at a site of grace…. Why? How does it make any sense? Honestly it just doesn’t. There’s no denying that the FromSoft quest system is super antiquated and frankly sucks.
Storytelling is bad, it's usually okay to even decent(especially for sekiro) from fromsoftware and thought the inclusion of George R. R. Martin and new ip would explore the more direct cohesive story (in the way of sekiro) but it's worse on this one.
At least in previous games it's less prominent and you can ignore it and continue till the end of the game and understood what you need to do and the game doesn't push story in your face and kept it simple, for instance Dark Souls 1, you are chosen undead, defeat the lords and gwyn to Kindle the first flame in order to keep it from dying. For Elden Ring you are tarnished from wherever, came here for some reason to get pieces of elden ring and claim the tltle of Elden Lord for... some reason. They don't motivate you the reason why you need to do it, why should you care about a world that's trying to kill you for some reason? Oh it's orders from godrick to kill tarnished but you see no one is chasing the elden ring except you and ofir but he's just mostly there at the roundtable not doing anything till the end and majority of npcs are just doing their own thing except looking for the elden ring and putting exposition in long boss cutscenes and the game is assuming you know the context but you most likely don't. Lore and storytelling are two different things, don't assume it's good lore just because you're watching vaati or whoever telling his interpretation of what's happening (not definite canon) of lore from reading the descriptions on items to tell the story and a crucial part information is randomly on a rock just to understand what the fuck is about, means it's a good story, don't kid yourself, it's not.
Elden ring is like a worse ubisoft open world game with little quality of life features and external quest log and instruction manual via wiki, reddit and youtube; off brand game of thrones/lord of the rings-like with dark souls skin on. It's a decent game, I kinda like it but it's way overrated and definitely not revolutionary in the slightest, telling people it's organic life changing and not generic, thinking elden ring is Fibonacci-like perfect game and formula in gaming and shitting on ubisoft and other Studios and their fans for making and enjoying the "same generic games" meanwhile pretenting they've not been suckered into playing the same game since demon souls for a decade is hilarious, literally for all modern fromsoftware games is very formulaic and with the same generic premise: you are x, in a dying world, your duty is x and defeat x to claim/reclaim x. It's hypocrital except to weebs, conformist gamers and the notorious zealous egotistical fromchud fanboys feeling superior and looking down to others, as long as the ubisoft brand is not there they'll defend the ubisoft-like aspects pretending it's "different".
But on a positive note I like majority of legacy dungeons except lake of rot Mohgwyn Palace and my favorites is leyndell and Raya lucaria, love the world visual design and kinda enjoyed the sense of exploring its vast tho bloated world and some bosses like Godfrey the aoe lord is one of my favorites and Elemer Of The Briar is interesting though a bit bullshit but is cool nevertheless and caves are cool as well.
In conclusion elden ring is not a bad game, 6/10 is actually decent, I'm not American, I actually use the entire 1-10 score system properly where 5 is just bang average not 7 or 8 in fact I rarely rate an 8 and above and have yet to find 9 let alone a 10 maybe one day, hopefully soon. One my favorite games on my list is a 6.5/10 is fallout 4 and watch dogs 1; and monster hunter freedom unite, farcry 4, Dark Souls 3, assassin's creed odyssey, Sekiro, the nioh and surge games and watch dogs 2 which is a 7/10. Just because I love them and my favorite doesn't mean they need to be 10/10 and masterpieces. The games are flawed, far from perfect but I enjoy and love them despite of it. It's a shame that I think gamers forgot that.
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