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Growing the Good: Cultivating Mental Health

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Growing the Good is a subreddit created for those who have contributed to a gardening project in Riverside, CA to allow residents living in a locked psychiatric facility to engage in therapeutic recreational activities.

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2023.06.08 17:25 EmptyAd6523 Is going no contact with my mom the only option now? And am I terrible?

TRIGGER WARNING: gaslighting, animal death mention, animal abuse mention, domestic violence, ableism, fat phobia, eugenisism
I (30) went no contact with my dad last august, it was more than warranted(he literally went on a right wing rant about my "genetics" being bad and told me I had to take DIET PILLS to combat my bad genetics, in order to trick my mom into taking them, to "save her life". Yes, that makes no sense because it makes NO SENSE, his brain is fox news hate soup.) Growing up, my parents were constantly screaming and throwing things fighting about money and how we didn't have enough of it. Turns out it was because he obsessively spent it on GUNS or invested too much into retirement. We NEVER went on family vacations - I was 26 when I got to go to Disney with my mom, only because he won plane tickets at work. I don't really have memories of going out and doing anything bigger than the zoo with my parents, except for one or two off broadway shows and the circus, which are memories i treasure. I was financially provided for, but unfortunately this was with the narrative that I was "spoiled" and it kept anyone in my life who could get me out of an abusive situation from doing anything about it, because "wow they love her so much, she gets so many presents". I was somehow both the golden child and the scapegoat. I have a lot of stories that involve emotional abuse, and abuse of animals but for brevity I'll list two very abridged times.
One, my dad got so angry that I was crying on the phone to my Nana about him hurting my mom that he almost broke my arm. My mom got me in the car and we almost went to a hotel, but my mom decided to turn around and go home and got upset with me for crying saying I didnt want to go back, and snapped WHERE ELSE ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GO? and when I said I was uncomfortable around my dad 2 days later, both parents cornered me in my room and screamed at me for "breaking my father's heart" until I was a wailing puddle of a person. All because I said I didn't want to watch fucking LOST that night. So I learned I had to forgive and forget ... or else. I was 12. I was not allowed boundaries or negative feelings.
When I was around 20, I had pet chickens I had hand raised, and he kept letting the dog out without telling me, and it'd kill my beloved birds. One day my dad beat the dog in front of me with the headless body of the chicken. I yelled for him to stop, and he turned his rage on me and started screaming at and cursing at me as if he wanted to hit me too. He didn't, but I know the look. Anyway that's the guy we are dealing with, who my mom still considers her soul mate. She's had to physically hold him back from attacking me before - a sight I'll never forget til the day I die. But according to thr family, i'm supposed to focus on when he was at his best and giving me cool stuff, as if the few good memories I have somehow negate everything else. I also have been helped financially by my Dad a lot, but he literally told me before it meant he could "treat me however he wants", and any time I have accepted help it does end up being boundary steamrolling time.
Right after I cut off dad last year, Mom kept trying to convince me my memory was wrong, and kept saying things like "your childhood wasn't all bad", "you loved your daddy", "I always put you first". When I reminded her that making sure a child stays in a house with someone violent is NOT putting them first, she would keep denying.
I tried no contact over the holidays with Mom but it didn't stick. While she apologizes for her role in the abuse now, she is still codependant with my abuser and her emotional reactions tell me she cares a lot more that he is sad he than she cares I got abused. I told her she is destroying our relationship because as long as she is codependant with him, I can't trust her, and she can't be a safe person in my life. she said that's MY fault for black and white thinking.
She recently asked me if my repressed memories of abuse that came back are "just bad dreams", then acted shocked and confused, claiming it was an "innocent question!" when I snapped "I knew you didn't fucking believe me."
The longer I don't talk to my mom the better I feel, im just also so fucking sad. I cant even call her without getting triggered into screaming at her, so I just text her occasionally. I hate how mean I am to her when I'm triggered. I'm not like that any other time - my therapist says its reactive abuse, and I do recognize it as part of the cycle Im leaving. Recently she told me, with the glee of a teenager, that she and my Dad "belong together". I had a yelling meltdown because I had just been explaining how I've been effected physically by the years of ptsd and abuse, so I called her a piece of shit. She heard me have this meltdown, said she was sorry, then waited two weeks and said, "well, since I'm a piece of shit, and he's a piece of shit, we belong together!" And listened to me have another meltdown about how she doesn't care about what was done to me at all. I have clear memories of being like eight years old and her telling me affectionately "you're the only reason I don't get a divorce," basically saying I was the reason her life was terrible and it was all a sacrifice for me, but it was never true. She wanted to be there. All my friends and my therapist think I need to go no contact again. I have people worried about me because theyve seen her break me down entirely.
Here's the BUT. Please know I dont mean any of this in an ableist way, the situation is just that bad. She is so physically disabled, lonely, and sad, I was taught from the cradle that it was my job to caretake her in these regards and fix that for her. I know it's unhealthy, ive just literally been programmed. Her health is SO bad that she is 60 but may as well be 85, she never leaves her house, doesn't have friends or hobbies. she is a shadow of the antagonist she used to be, but she's still standing by my Dad, who is dangerous, and now IIIIII'M DISABLED TOO by cptsd and recently learned Im autistic, which was actually very helpful to know and a lot about my life makes more sense now.
So anyway, I'm torn as hell. I feel like I am abandoning her in a haunted house, except she's said she wants to be there and that the killer is her soulmate.
I've explained to my mom every way possible what I need to heal and what boundaries I have, which are all insultingly easy and mostly just not bringing up Dad. she always forgets after a week, breaks the boundary, then makes me explain myself again as if it's new information. Since I only text her now, all she does now is send me hyper positive "hope you had a great weekend! Good job working!" Fawning texts and gifts in the mail, so I feel like a huge dickhead for not being happy about even this. I don't know what she remembers enabling or doing and what she doesn't. I just know she won't change, but I'm scared to close the door in case this thousandth time is different.
I did end up blocking her on everything except email because when I confronted her about the Fawning and said I can't pretend I'm Okay and make small talk, and can't trust her not to tell my dad stuff, she admitted to "trying really hard" because she hadnt told him stuff in "a few weeks" (boundary has been there more than 6 months) and said "I had hoped your therapist would have made you a survivor." So she sent me a present in the mail & lamented not being able to see me for my birthday. I even tried one last email explaining she's chosen not to be safe in my life and I wish she had respected the only boundary I gave her, she replied only that she had told him NOTHING 'as instructed'
Am I the asshole for presents not making it so I'm just happy and fine??? Is going no contact the right call here? I love her and worry about her but she won't change. She won't stop enabling and her marriage is BETTER now that I've given her and Dad someone to team up against (their kid)
Thank you for reading
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2023.06.08 17:24 KingDalkian Served an N7 about 7 months ago.

Hi guys. Me my dad and brother have been at our new spot for a while now and are paying about half the market rent in this area.
My dad was a dog nut and got 3 dogs while he was living there but didn't take care of them. I walked them, bathed them etc. He left about a year and a bit ago and took one of the dogs with him so we were down to 2 dogs.
I had been caretaking for an elderly neighbor during all this and she finally passed around this time last year. Her family could not take her dog so ne and my brother took it in temporarily to rehome it. Then a mother's friend in town got ms and we took their dog in as well.
We have since rehomed one of the dogs and are still in the process of rehoming the other one but my towns bylaws don't allow for more then 2 dogs.
Our old landlord sold the place to a bigger company with a bad reputation in my town. They have served us with a N7 stating that the number of dogs is a danger to the neighbors. We are fighting it and going to the LTB, I am just curious given the dog situation if we have not found a new home for him should we just give him to the SPCA before the LTB hearing. Also just curious how much longer I have roughly. I know there is a delay for the ltb right now.
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2023.06.08 17:24 Useful-One-306 I sexually harrassed girlfriend and I truly deserved the consequences.

Burner account obviously.
I really need to get this shit out of me so I can stop feeling shit and start to be a better person.
I'm a 24 years old creepy virgin porn addict who never dated, doesn't understand women, and is emotion and love starved loser. I went overseas for a short vacation to meet her for a week. First night was the best. We really missed each other and had good time even though I was tired from the jet lag.
Things went south on the second day. As being a virgin creep who hadn't had human touch the past decade I became extremely touchy with her on public. Everytime I felt the need to hold her hand. Turns out being overly touchy is extremely creepy. She showed me signs she was uncomfortable but I was so desperate for touch I just didn't even notice those signs.
We went to a bar. Had some couple of drinks. Then I fucked up big time. I put my hands behind her and reached inside. She got very upset no surprise.
We went back to hotel and she confronted me. Things got messy. She told me everything I did that made her uncomfortable. She hired a taxi and went home. She left me alone in a hotel in a foreign country. In this dark, ugly, lifeless room. No friends. Only strangers.
I am also emotionally fragile. I was deeply hurt when she left. I cried a lot. Everytime I see this room all I see is good time we had on our first day together. I tried to reach back. I was ready to turn everything around and make it right. Got no response.
I got to the lowest point of my life. Shameful. Extremely depressed. I totally deserved every ounce of it. I was even ready for her father to come through that door to beat the shit out of me or even end me right then.
I've been spending the past few days watching youtube videos of being a respectful man and move on from someone. I truly hope I can change.
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2023.06.08 17:24 Lost-Dragonfly979 Just wanna get something off my chest.

So I 17f was with my now ex 19m he did so much to make me feel like shi. And I keep catching myself wanting to get some kind of revenge on him. I know I shouldn’t but let me give you the gust of things. In the beginning he was very jealous and overprotective, but wouldn’t get mad at the guy he’d get mad at me. Ok, we somewhat work past that still have issues oh well they’ll work themselves out. Atleast that’s what I thought he slowly stopped doing anything. And I mean anything he wouldn’t clean his house brush his teeth or even do laundry really. He’d wash the clothes he’d need for tomorrow. And few months before we broke up he lied to me that a girl on his phone was “family” didn’t see him cheating went through his phone one night cause of it. I mean the s*x wasn’t even good but jeez if I didn’t want to he’d make me feel bad sayin I didn’t want him and all that. Made me feel bad about buying me stuff when he’s the one that said buying stuff is his love language. I told him to stop buying me things, that I didn’t care about that I just wanted long talks and wild flowers. Made jokes that he spent this on so many ppl and just me and him costed more for our dates. Told me it was like tossing a hotdog down a hallway once (he’s the only person I’d been with btw). If I tried talking about anything and how it made me feel he’d throw a fit, saying he will just stop joking with me all together cause it always makes me upset. But then if I said he’d blatantly do it to upset me he say oh Yk I’m an A-whole . He wouldn’t even be there for me when I had to go to 3 different funerals with him he never went. I went to the only funeral he had to go to that happened the first few months we was together. He did so little yet so much to him that what I was doing was nothing compared to what effort he put in. Like what effort dude you left me stranded one time and went to sleep but if he even had a flat tire I was makin sure he made it home. Sorry everytime I think I’m done more pops up. It’s so frustrating I get I’m not perfect but why’s he have to be like that. He even tried convincing me that I cheated on him when all I did was play basketball with my friend once they quit playing horse. He was there so I was like why didn’t you break up with me then and he had nothing to say then. And he blocks me and tells me he wasted 2 years on me. I drove myself nuts trying to stay with him. ( Ik you’ll think I’m dumb for stayin understand he’s my first long term relationship and I wanted it to work so badly.)
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2023.06.08 17:24 Artistic-Reading9714 My favourite teacher got fired today for no reason and it's not fair.

Today, I learnt that my favourite teacher got fired for no reason. I feel terrible.
For context, there had always been word going around that this particular teacher was 'bad at teaching' or 'didn't teach', so I was sceptical (and quite disappointed) at first when I found out he was going to be my teacher. But after a few weeks, I realised that this wasn't true at all - yes, he was perhaps not as good as some other teachers, but there was nothing wrong with his method of teaching, and he was always such a kind, attentive, caring person that seemed to be passionate about the subject he taught. He was always very very kind to me and others, and during parent-teacher evenings he gave genuine advice and praised those that did well on tests. I am a quite good student, but unfortunately, the majority of people that got him as a teacher are the type that never study or pay attention during class - so when they did badly on exams, they always blamed his teaching (although he provided us with many resources to study and taught quite well).
A few months ago, some students went to complain about his teaching to the heads of the year, who took action to inspect his classes, and eventually 'asked him to leave'. This teacher is one that has been in our school for maybe even decades, and I was extremely upset when I heard this. For the past few days, he was not been in school. He even took down all the cards, posters, and drawings from the wall of his classroom. I know it sounds stupid, but I cried for hours and hours over this.
Worst thing is, I don't think my teacher realises that there are some students that genuinely care about him and value his teaching. I haven't seen him around in school much, and I'm scared that he will leave before I get the opportunity to thank him. When I do see him, I can see that he seems upset, and he doesn't smile much and isn't nearly as cheerful as before. I feel extremely guilty that I couldn't do anything to stop this. He got fired and his life was perhaps ruined for no reason. I feel stupid for crying so much but I genuinely feel terrible for him. I cannot even imagine how he must feel. It's not fair.
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2023.06.08 17:24 j0blk Is a customer service person supposed to "touch" customers? First impressions are lasting impressions.

Today, I stepped out with a friend, who has a very nice startup having some 30 retail stores in different cities, and a very good e-commerce platform since a decade. At times they call me in, for consulting on retail and e-commerce strategy to see their products.
On the same floor as their store, was Uniqlo today. This is Delhi I am talking about, and my friend is a big fan of Uniqlo so pulled me in to buy a shirt.
I wanted to try one on, and while walking down the hallway to the trial chambers, a customer service person pulled me by the arm, and said "one garment at a time". I was carrying just one shirt, and then he noticed that and said "sorry". I started to move again, and he again touched my arm and handed me a placard that said "1", to which I had no clue why.
I took it with me to the trial chamber, and hung it on the side. And tried the shirt, which was too large for me. I came out and told my friend that it's large. She offered me a size smaller, but I said "i'm done". Not going back to the trial chamber again.
My friend kept trying to sell me the brand. I am loyal to a brand that my family has been responsible to bring to India in the 90s, and now we no longer have an association, but I still love their merchandise.
I completely lost interest in Uniqlo. My friend was continuously saying, "their store is large, they need to ensure no shop lifting happens". But I don't agree. I don't think any store representative has the right to touch a customer by the arm. It spoils the entire experience of the store. No matter how large the store is.
I know I am an unimportant customer for a store this large, and it was a Thursday when they are not many customers in the day time. But I felt personally violated, by a stranger touching me like that for no reason.
I ain't no shop lifter. And I am not even arguing that. It's about the experience you are offering to customers. I've done a lot of retail in earlier years. You might have 5% shop lifters in a store this large. But you can't spoil the experience for 95% of the honest customers who walk in. You can't assume that every person is a shop lifter who needs to try a garment.
In contrast, e-commerce offers trials at home. If that's the way forward, stick to e-commerce. Let's not displease customers who are experiencing your brand for the first time.
They say, don't judge a book by the cover. But the first impression is a lasting impression.
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2023.06.08 17:24 ZouDave Common Sense Approach to Rosters for CFB24 and Beyond

With the recent news that a potential consortium of players may boycott their NIL being included due to the $ amount being too low, I propose this as viable options and am curious what the community thinks.
As great as it could/would be to have a roster full of real players on day 1 so we can play as our favorite players and give them virtual glory - real players in a college game is not cental to the overall experience. When we talk about building a dynasty, we do not talk about making sure Jake Plaster, 3-star QB out of Dunedin, FL, who is going to be a true frosh at Florida Atlantic this year, wins a Heisman. We talk about turning FAU into a ACC or SEC powerhouse.
Don't get me wrong, the story we could create with Jake Plaster would be a fun one. But if you're not already a FAU fan, or from Dunedin, FL, would you know if I just made this guy up? Because I did. The actual player is Luke Rucker, 3-star QB out of Sanford, FL.
If we had real rosters with the game, in any given dynasty a maximum of 5 "real" players are going to win the Heisman. Most of us will play for 10, 12, 15, 30 years of a dynasty. Being able to watch the real Luke Rucker do well in college football might be cool if we did something great with him. Or he could be a total flop, transfer to a FCS team after his frosh year, convert to Safety, and end up a sales executive for John B. Stetson hat company in 10 years.

What I think we want out of our college football game is that FAU feels like FAU, and Alabama feels like Alabama.
I'm a pretty big college football fan, have been for the better part of 30 years. I'm a Mizzou guy, was at school there in the 90s when Larry Smith was the coach and Corby Jones was our QB and we played in some great games. I was a season ticket holder with my dad for the entire Gary Pinkel era, I earned a reputation among Mizzou online communities for making highlight videos of Mizzou's games from 2006-2010ish, and even contributed a bit to the beginning of www.rockmnation.com with Bill Connelly before Rock M became a part of SB Nation's huge surge and Bill Connelly became the force of nature he is.
I say all of that to say that I don't have a clue who is on Alabama's roster without looking it up. I can name a few players, sure, but I have no idea really. And I'm willing to bet we're all in this boat - we know who some of the big players are, but if you're going to start a new dynasty with Troy you MIGHT know one of their players unless you're already a Troy fan.
What I do know about Alabama is that they should have as much talent on the field as any team in college football. I know Bryant-Denny Stadium is huge, and should be sold out for every game, and have a sea of crimson and cream other than the visiting fan sections in the seats. I know their chants, I know their fight songs, I know they have good looking cheerleaders because it's the south, and I know they expect to win every game they play.
And that's what CFB24 should be aiming at. NIL of the real players isn't icing on the cake. It's not even sprinkles on the icing. It's getting rainbow sprinkles instead of all one color.

CFB24 and beyond, just like its predecessors, will be great in part if the game is good at generating a balance of realistic fictional players for years to come. If we can't get that, then the rest of this is all meaningless.
In the past, and especially those of us old enough to remember the days even before DT Linder, etc., either named the rosters ourselves or just played with WR #81 for a couple of years. And just like one of my above paragraphs pointed out, it didn't matter that we didn't know his real name because we didn't know his real name anyway. He may have been just like the real WR #81 on that team, but honestly we have no idea. And it was fine because the game was fun.
So, making the assumption that the game is capable of creating balanced, realistic, fictional players - lean into it.
The game, at startup, should create fictional rosters for every single team. Every one of us will get a different roster to start. Each player will have a name, height, weight, skin tone, number, hometown, abilities, style, uniform combo, etc. But it's procedurally generated from the start, so any similarities will be purely coincidental and will never repeat.
Each team can be hardcoded for year 1 to have certain parameters their roster should meet, and it will make schools feel authentic from the start.
Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, Ohio State, etc., should be full of players that were recruited as 4-star and 5-star players out of HS, with 3-star players filling the depth chart. You can easily find data from the past 10+ years showing what a typical class breakdown looks like for schools to break it down to what % of the roster is RS SR, SR, RS JR, JR, RS SO, SO, RS FR, FR. What % of the roster is a certain position to meet their current play style. What % of the roster is from home state, vs neighboring states, vs the rest of the country (which will help make Pipeline States feel accurate for recruiting).
So when you start your game, and you get a QB1 at USC named Michael Moss, wearing #5, that is a RS SO, standing 6'3" weighing 225 lbs, is from Las Vegas, NV, is a 86 OVR and looks like a new version of Cam Newton, how many of you are going to take to the streets because "BUT THAT'S NOT CALEB WILLIAMS!"
Of course it's not Caleb Williams. But he's a stud QB at USC, the band is playing 'Fight On' as he runs out of the tunnel and the Trojan is stabbing his sword into midfield, thousands of USC fans have 2 fingers in the air, and you're about to put a beating on UCLA. You're already trying to recruit his replacement because Michael Moss is leading the Heisman Hopefuls for you this season, and as a RS SO he's sure to go Pro after the year you're having with him. And that 5-star Athlete is going to make a great QB.
And by year 2 the rosters are 25% fiction anyway.
I'd say just lean into it and start them fictional from day 1.
The most important thing we can get is the schools are represented accurately and believably. It's not about the players, and honestly never has been.
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2023.06.08 17:24 UselessElf [For Hire] Commissions are open ❤️ DM me

[For Hire] Commissions are open ❤️ DM me
Hello! I am Useless Elf, professional 2D illustrator with experience 5+ years.
Now my commissions are open!
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I draw: - Portrait - Game Icons - Concept art - Splash art - And many other ❤️
Art style: - Comics - Anime - Semi realism - Game art
📱My contacts📱
Feel free to contact me ❤️
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2023.06.08 17:23 MariaK357 My doctor ordered a head MRI, could it be MS?

I have to wait a while for an MRI due to my country.
My symptoms are:
High ESR consistently for over a year. Itchy scalp/hair loss Brain fog Dry eyes Shooting ear pain Hoarseness in throat Dry cough Chest pain/tightness Upper arm pain Joint pain/burning in fingers Abdominal pain (pinching near ribs esp. L side) Lower back pain Frequent urination at night Difficulty with emptying bladder Dark yellow or brown pee IBS Occasional calf pain Eczema on lower R leg Joint pain/burning in toes Malaise (unable to function)
My symptoms are worse at night and in the cold.
We exhausted all the rheumatology testing. I’m waiting for the neurologist.
Anyone have the same experience as me and got diagnosed?
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2023.06.08 17:23 studdedpistols Is this abusing confession?

Lately I’ve been struggling with masturbation again, and I usually confess every 2 weeks. It used to be once a week because that helped me not to commit it and I eventually stopped for a period of time; but I’m not sure I should do it again.
I just don’t know what to do, to confess or not today. I literally just confessed that one week ago and I feel bad because I don’t think I have contrition. I just feel bad because I’m not capable of controlling myself, I disrespected my body, and that I hurt my relationship with God. I also feel like I’m not adhering to one of the purposes of confession, which is not to commit those sins again; which makes me think that I’m abusing confession…especially if I go frequently confessing the same thing over and over.
I do avoid the near occasion to sin, of course not perfectly, and make efforts not to do that but idk I’m just scared for my soul and scared that my efforts are useless maybe bc I’m not doing them correctly since I’m still sinning with this.
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2023.06.08 17:23 reeniquet A Homophobic Player?

I have taken screenshots of the short convo but I don’t really want to share it because I want to keep their privacy I guess. I was just chilling in home space on a gondola when this player approached and sat with me. I didn’t mind their company so I let them, and it was noticeable that they were a new player since they only had one wedge. We then started talking and said our hellos. They told me that there’s this one stage that they found difficult so I thought and asked if they needed help. They then proceeded to tell me that there’s one thing that they didn’t like in game and i thought it’s the common things sky players have issues with so I decided to hear it out. Met with a response that they don’t support homosexuality and found it disgusting. You can say that I was too stunned to speak lmao. I literally had my mouth open behind the screen with that interaction. They asked my opinion after that, but I was just too shocked and didn’t know what to say. I immediately exited the game after that.
I think that they were complaining about the days of color event, but dang. I really thought that this interaction would be sweet and wholesome. I was so ready to help a moth out. As an aroace person, I’m just so sad that there may be some players here in sky who will encounter players like this who are that disturbed and disgusted by the presence of queer folks. I don’t know how old that player was, but I hope that there’s a chance that their viewpoints and opinions will change. Who knows what could have happened if I told them I was a part of the community🤷🏻‍♀️
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2023.06.08 17:23 AD_lookingbottom 30 [M4M] hoping to meet up with other guys (maybe cuddle up at your place, too)

hi there c:
so I've been on this sub for a while now, and while I've chatted with some guys, I've never really been able to meet anyone in person. I'd like to change that, and hopefully you and I can meet up somewhere near us (or relatively near, heh)
whether it's for a meal, to walk together, or maybe even go back to your place and cuddle up a bit. so as long as we meet up somehow, I'd be happy to get to know you.
about me: 30 years old, 5'7", dadbod, wears glasses, loves to talk with other people, pretty affectionate when it comes to cuddling, from taguig
about you: I have no set preferences, but I would like it if you got a place we can cuddle in, and if you're bigger than me in height or build. but again, these would be nice but not really a requirement
if you're up to meet up, hit me up and let's chat!
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2023.06.08 17:23 Its_Tgirl Slept in my Ghost t-shirt, woke up in the Dark Ministry

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2023.06.08 17:22 JasonCrystal Another thispersondoesnotexist.com Horror Story (Don't mind the website owner name)

I remember that night like it was yesterday, even though it happened nearly a decade ago. The memory is etched in my mind, haunting me with its chilling details. It was a turning point in my life, a moment of sheer terror that would forever change my perception of reality.

At the age of 19, I had already completed high school and college. Eager to continue my education, I made the bold decision to apply to the prestigious Oxford University. While waiting for my car to be fixed at the auto-garage, I decided to call an Uber to take me home. Little did I know that this seemingly innocent decision would set in motion a series of events that would lead me down a dark and disturbing path.

As I settled into the back seat of the Uber, the driver struck up a conversation. He seemed friendly, his voice filled with an air of curiosity. We chatted about various topics, and then he mentioned a website called "thispersondoesnotexist.com." He explained that it was a site generated by artificial intelligence that created images of people who didn't actually exist. Intrigued, I listened intently as he went on, but he ended his explanation with a warning: "Do not refresh the page."

Later that evening, back in the comfort of my home, curiosity got the better of me. I couldn't resist the urge to visit the website and see for myself what it was all about. With a mixture of excitement and trepidation, I clicked on the link. The first image appeared—a middle-aged man with glasses and piercing green eyes. It was uncanny how realistic the face looked, despite its nonexistent nature.

My heart raced as I contemplated the forbidden act of refreshing the page. What if there was something more? What if breaking the rule led to an even greater mystery? Succumbing to my overwhelming curiosity, I took a deep breath and hit the refresh button.

To my relief, nothing happened at first. Another face appeared on the screen, but it seemed no different from the previous one. I repeated the action, refreshing the page over and over, desperately searching for some hidden meaning or revelation. Hours passed, and I began to grow weary, on the verge of giving up.

And then, it appeared. I froze, my breath catching in my throat. The face that stared back at me from the screen was mine—my own face, but twisted and distorted in a nightmarish manner. Panic coursed through my veins as I slammed the laptop shut, unable to comprehend the horrifying sight that had materialized before me.

Six months later, on a cold and moonlit night, I found myself in another Uber. As I got into the car, I immediately recognized the driver—it was the same one from that fateful encounter. This time, however, he remained silent, not uttering a single word. An ominous silence filled the air, suffocating any attempt at conversation.

To my horror, the driver didn't follow the familiar route to the university. Instead, he drove deep into the heart of a dense forest, taking me to a secluded wooden cabin. It was 10 PM, and an eerie stillness enveloped the surroundings. Fear gripped my soul as the driver brandished a knife, forcing me out of the car and into the foreboding cabin.

Inside, there was only one piece of furniture—a table with a computer resting upon it. It was an ancient relic, a computer straight out of the 2000s or 90s. I couldn't comprehend how it could possibly be functioning. But what shocked me even more was what was displayed on the screen—thispersondoesnotexist.com.

The image before me was beyond disturbing—it was a grotesque and nightmarish version of the Uber driver's face. A wave of terror washed over me as I turned to confront the driver, only to find him vanished into thin air. Panic consumed me as I stumbled out of the cabin, desperate to escape this nightmare.

In a state of shock and disbelief, I contacted the police, desperately recounting the events that had transpired. But my pleas fell on deaf ears. The police dismissed my story as the ravings of a disturbed mind. However, fate was on my side that night. I had managed to remember the driver's license plate, and through that small piece of information, the truth began to unravel.

The car, it turned out, belonged to John Darrenson—the owner of the website, who had died in a car accident five years prior. The cabin, once a hunter's lodge, had become his final resting place. I was left dumbfounded, grappling with the inexplicable horrors that had unfolded in my life.

That night, I vowed never to delve into the realms of the unknown again. The terror and danger that had befallen me were too great a burden to bear. The incident haunted my dreams for years to come, a constant reminder of the fine line between curiosity and the darkness that lurks beneath the surface of our existence.
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2023.06.08 17:22 Positive_Ad5994 Can I splash water on socks for wudu?

AS, everyone. Started my first internship this week and my HR is super nice and friendly and asked if I needed a space to pray if I needed. I have back problems that prevents me from lifting my feet into the sink so at home I just sit in the bathtub and it’s much easier washing my feet for wudu that way. I was wondering if I could just splash water on my socks in the bathroom when I do wudu at work? If I didn’t have back problems, I would also feel weird if I tried putting my bare feet in the sink and someone walks in lol.
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2023.06.08 17:22 immarved23 First time putting a coil in any advice?

First time putting a coil in any advice?
All jokes aside getting some practice with service and saw this today. Riding with the boss man he’s letting me trying to troubleshoot on my own and found this. Home owner said 3 guys been here no one found this issue. Also another company came to look at this said it was a bad TVX. There isn’t a TVX lol. Going to be going out on my soon too.
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2023.06.08 17:22 Expensive-Sundae-355 Flying flags on public buildings?

What's the rules on flying flags on public buildings these days? Is it designated days still? If so Is there a list?
A civic building near me seems to fly the flag all the time over the past few weeks I've been noticing? Would there be a reason for this?
Not looking to start an argument I'm just wondering.
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2023.06.08 17:22 Harlequin_of_Hope I’m not starting 10th at launch and I won’t be picking up CWE until the codex comes out.

I know this post is going to obliterated (how dare I be “negative” and be a rain cloud by reasonably expressing a dissenting opinion) but I’m still putting it out there mostly to get this venom out of my chest.
The upfront acknowledgements: there’s a lot to like about 10th (increased vehicle toughness, more sensical rules, cutting stratagem bloat), we haven’t seen “everything” (but we have seen enough to have a decent idea), reactionary negativity is not a good thing (but so is blind positivity).
That said: if you got so something to say, I ask that you engage with what I’m actually saying and don’t put the words of others in my life. These words are said in somber resignation and not baleful fury.
Here we go.
1.) No Harley index is the straw that broke the camel’s back. If the do get one at launch, I’ll eat my words and at least keep playing Quins. But it’s seriously looking like no Troupe Battleline and that army simply won’t exist in the rules till get their detachment when the codex comes out.
2.) The loss of subfactions, spell selection, and the severe restrictions placed upon which units characters can “lead” leaves me feeling like it’s all going to be “The Craftworld of a 1000 Faces”. Variety within the faction is dead.
3.) Everything with psychic changes. Just…everything. As a psychic heavy CWE I feel like a 3 point shooter in basketball who’s playing in a league that just abolished the 3-point line.
4.) I don’t care how “good” CWE are if all the things I liked about their play style is gone. High winning percentages at tournaments does me no good if I’m not having fun with MY army playing casual against my friends.
5.) Getting “Votann’d”. Who here would actually agree that it’s fair that we’re being banned from tournaments and singled for a day 1 nerf?
The rest aren’t specific to us or 10 for that matter. They’re my macro issues with GW.
6.) it’s a scam and a joke that all codexes don’t drop at the same time. Who’s going to get Imp Guarded/World Eatered this cycle? As customers we have every right and OUGHT to punish GW for such exploitative and greedy practices…not reward them.
7.) “Simplified not simple” is almost as bad a joke as “we’re making the game less killy”. This one I’m willing to walk back because I’ll admit we don’t know enough to know on this subject.
8.) I DETEST how overactive GW is in the balancing process. They’re FAR to reactionary to the whims of their hyper consumers. It’s the thing that almost made me back out of the game entirely when I started in 9th. It infuriated me beyond words that the expensive rule book I just bought was rendered near pointless almost immediately. If the data cards are going to the same then they’re equally laughably worthless and a scam.
9.) With the Ynnari falling flat on their face, I’m ready to be done with GW’s lore for the Eldar. While the game makers clearly like us, the media department couldn’t care less or actively resents us. If all we’re ever going to be is a sniveling Worf then I cleanse myself of any attachment to the Eldar’s lore.
Thanks for coming to my bitchy TedTalk. ✌️
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2023.06.08 17:22 throwaway22029971 Help - Street dogs gang up after one dog

There is one female dog who lives near me and 2 of her pups. They are all very sweet and loved by all in the community. However, everyday they are being attacked and chased by other Street dogs, especially at night. They are always bleeding and limping.
Is there an animal shelter that can help out? Or can somebody adopt atleast one of the pups? This is in Delhi btw.
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2023.06.08 17:22 MasterBiater Life advice needed.

Life advice
I dated a girl who is of batch 2012 . I am from batch 2017 . So we had in a relationship in internship. We broke up and i cannot come over it . I could have cleared neet pg in this march 2023 and get some private seat of choice . But even after 7 months of breakup i can't motivate myself enough to do study .neet is just 6 months away. I don't want to waste one more year. I want a govt seat now but it does not look possible because her thoughts are all over me . Help me guys . What should I do . I was on medication Tried meditation programs. Tried therapist Do workouts at home . Goes for travel every week . But still i can't concentrate on study
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2023.06.08 17:22 OneGayPigeon Finally fired this client, what a relief

I had this client with a Maltese with a very impressive thick full drop coat, he came in every week for a brush out. Sounds great, right? Except he didn’t do a single bit of maintenance at home between appointments. The poor (thirteen year old!!) thing took an hour+ just of detangling every time, even with top tier detangling treatments in the bath, even with me cutting or shaving out the proper mats and was terrified and hated it the entire time. Crying and attempting biting non-stop. Owner is aware, says “oh yeah he hates it heads up.”
He always came in absolutely soaked in and reeking of piss, teeth painful and rotting out, absolutely disgusting. Abundantly clear that this owner couldn’t give less of a shit about the dog beyond him having long hair.
Also, every single step of the process was always a test. He had a laid back affect, but he was clearly just trying to needle and push every boundary. In so many ways.
Every time at checkout he tried to give me $5 less than the total (and of course never tipped). Like you have a dog you’re choosing to spend $200 a month on to keep his hair long. Clearly $5 is not a significant amount of money for you. I already was giving him a discount by giving him a flat rate vs. my hourly fees since he was on a weekly schedule too.
I do kennel-free grooming, one on one start to finish as much as possible, so I ask that clients pick up promptly, with an extra charge if the dog is still here 30 minutes past the service being completed, and I give a notification 10 minutes in advance with the option for clients to request more advanced notice if they need it. Every single time he shows up as close as possible to the 30 minute mark. 40 minutes total. He lives two streets down from me.
Yesterday he handed me cash, $5 short again, and looked smug when I didn’t immediately correct it as usual. Probably thought he’d worn me down. Quickly turned to a surprised pikachu face when I told him he needs to find another groomer.
Good riddance.
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