Black and tan steak rub

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

2010.05.02 20:35 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels


2012.04.11 16:09 half2happy hug your coonhound


2020.07.08 03:02 spooner248 Badass Quotes from History

Just badass historical quotes. If it happened in the past and it was badass, show us.

2023.05.29 03:19 looseends13 Mixed Meats, different timings

Question please... Yesterday I smoked two 8" pork belly slabs on the lower grate and a brisket on the top. At 5.5 hours, I removed the lid to take the pork out. I couldn't get it out fast enough and all the charcoal lit up and got super hot and flaming. My wife won't eat the belly so I really loaded it up with Kosher salt and lots of freshly cracked black pepper, and she doesn't do a hint of spicy. The brisket goes on top with a light sprinkle of Lawry's. Is there a way of managing the heat in this situation? Thanks
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2023.05.29 03:18 Faded_Master 34 [M4F/FF] #NYC Stress Release

Handsome young black man here. I stand at 6 feet tall, average weight, probably just under 200lbs, average build. Stressed out due to some life changes and I’m swollen. I can host in Crown Heights. I can drive also.
Im looking for a woman who loves to give sloppy throat as much as she loves to have her juicy pussy licked to perfection. Let’s both release some stress, no strings no judgements. 420 is a plus. Fat/big clits to the front.
No strings let’s have a good weekend
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2023.05.29 03:17 Lo34rash PovSis - Alex Jett plays with Lilli Chanel'_s pinkish pussy and she loves the way how he rubs her clit until she cums

PovSis - Alex Jett plays with Lilli Chanel'_s pinkish pussy and she loves the way how he rubs her clit until she cums submitted by Lo34rash to soy123 [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 03:17 SnooChocolates9856 Gay_irl

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2023.05.29 03:17 Glittering_Monk_3568 been looking on the internet for a "burn the ships"

I've seen some work done by people on the internet but haven't felt like I've seen anything I really liked so I wanted to post and see if someone would want to draw something up themselves.
I like black and gray and don't have many other preferences. thanks
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2023.05.29 03:16 No_Entrepreneur_861 Should I spray paint my ram white.

Hey, so I accidentally bought black rams for a white pc build and it’s too late for me to return them. So I was thinking about spray painting my ram white. I am just wondering if there will be some potential concerns such as damaging the ram or the motherboard itself. If it’s completely fine for me to spray paint it white, I am hoping to get some tips from people who have done it before, do I need to buy a heat gun to melt off the heatsink? Do I need to buy pads to replaced the melted ones afterwards? What type of white should I even get?
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2023.05.29 03:15 Cute_Toe8097 Recommendations for shampoo and conditioner for dry damaged hair

Preferably drugstore. I've thick 2a asian hair that gets incredibly tangley after i shampoo. I kid u not i spend 30 mins trying to get tangles out and any conditioner just disappears into my hair like its nothing. Hair also gets frizzy throughout day. For context ive spent few years bleaching my hair but im back to black for about 2 years now. Hair comes down to chest. Cant use something super heavy either because then my hair looks oily and dry at same time. Brands ive tried so far over past few years: loreal, garnier, aussie, cantu, sheamoisture, tresemme, suave, herbal essence, head and shoulders, giovanni, dove, hask
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2023.05.29 03:15 slicksensuousgal A spin on the "giant monster dick" trope...

Are there any books where the man (including alien, supernatural creature, ice barbarian a la Ruby Dixon*, etc) has a huge dick but instead of there being a focus on piv and piv magically working out... they work around it, and only have other sex instead? (Oral both ways, genital-genital rubbing, humping each other's thighs, masturbating together...) 🙏
Also would be interested in the reverse of this trope too: big vulva, clitoris and/or vagina, small penis.
*My reading of some of her Ice Barbarian series inspired this, NGL
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2023.05.29 03:15 Ryffalo This is Lucille Ball, the red cap, Flip Flop the orange and white ranchu, and Lil James, the black ranchu. It's dinner time.

This is Lucille Ball, the red cap, Flip Flop the orange and white ranchu, and Lil James, the black ranchu. It's dinner time.
Just an appreciation post to this sub, from these guys at their full one year in this 75g. We're not perfect, but we're doing our best. ❤️
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2023.05.29 03:15 TheHangedKing Can’t play with friends on modded map

Trying to play Lustful Remorse and whenever my friend tries to spawn in at the beginning of the level he gets a black screen, then his character dies. Has anyone else experienced this? Installed it via in-game.
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2023.05.29 03:13 evil6twin6 Little Saulosi taking the plunge into big man status as he changes his coloring to from yellow into what will be a bright electric blue and black.

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2023.05.29 03:13 DragonSlayer271 Some data charts I've compiled and stats!

Some data charts I've compiled and stats!
Note: This has absolutely nothing to do with tactics or players, solely the score lines of each game and the table positions. So don't expect anything about individuals here.

Season Overview

Points each team got over the season
The rough start we had at the start of the season really did affect our momentum a lot, and the few hiccups with Wolves, Brighton, and Bournemouth later in the season greatly damaged our top 4 chances. However, our insane run at the end of the season was very apparent while teams like Spurs flattened out.
Places over the season
Liverpool after the first few weeks never sank below 10th, while Chelsea's slide down the table after October is very obvious here. Spurs were in the top 4 up until April and fell away after Conte got sacked.
Liverpool were also never at any point in the season in the top 4 places. However, everyone else in the Big Six were. Man United spent 8 days at the bottom of the table, which is 8 more than Liverpool.
Sorry if any of the colors are confusing, it's pretty hard to fit 20 teams with unique colors when they're all blue or red
Days in each position
Random trivia:
Aston Villa was never in 10th place at the end of any day despite being in 19th and 5th at one point.
Wolves and Notts Forest spent over a month (albeit Wolves was because of the World Cup) at the bottom of the table and managed to survive.
Chelsea was always between 4th and 12th, and ended up in 12th.
Brighton spent 0 days in the bottom half, same goes for Arsenal (Though Man City and Spurs were only there because of alphabetical order on the first two days).
Spurs was at the top of the table after the first matchday for an entire week.
It's safe to say that Arsenal definitely bottled the league after being on top for 248 days, and Man City only had 42 days. Not even a month and a half.


FiveThirtyEight really tried to believe in us when it came to the Top 4 race though, even when we didn't. However, they really didn't believe in Arsenal for the title until January. Also, Man United was never in a title race, since they never even got above a 5% chance to win the league.
Arsenal bottled it. Although they were only favorites for a little over 2 months.
Liverpool kept fighting until the end.
Crazy how much things changed over the season.
The last time Liverpool were predicted to get top 4 was right after 7-0, but losing to Bournemouth really hurt us.
Newcastle overachieved this season, from their prediction of 13th to 4th, an underestimate of 9 places. Crazy what oil money does to a club. Fulham also impressed, from a prediction of 18th to 10th, up 8.
Chelsea and Leicester went from 3rd and 9th to 12th and 18th, an overestimate of 9 places. Serves them right though.
Liverpool went down 3 places, Man United went up 3 places. Arsenal went 3 up, City stayed the same (obviously), and Spurs went down by 4.
Forest was predicted to be at the bottom for the longest time before Southampton, but escaped at the end. Bournemouth was also close as well.
And finally, here's a chart of every game we played chronologically for our wins, draws, and losses.
Rip Southampton (the black bars mark the manager leaving or getting sacked)
So, good news. We never lost 3 games in a row. Bad news, we went on several winless streaks of 3/4 games throughout the season. But after the Man City game, we were unbeaten for the rest of the season.
Man City had the longest winning streak after drawing with Nottingham Forest to take the title away from Arsenal up until they beat Chelsea and drew with Brighton after.
Newcastle had the longest unbeaten streak, starting from after we beat them up until we beat them. So we can be proud of ourselves for managing to do the double over Newcastle, no one else did that.
Brentford did do the double over Man City though this season. But no one did the double over us! :)
Southampton had the worst winless run, with 13 matches since they beat Leicester City, and both Southampton and Leicester City had the worst losing streak with 6 games.
We won 19 games, drew 10 times, and lost against 9 teams.
I don't really have too much of a point to share with these charts beyond "we can do better", but thought it would be good to share with you guys. Let's get this summer transfer window all set, and fire up again for next season!
Pray that FSG back Jurgen Klopp as well, he'll lead us to glory with the right tools!
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2023.05.29 03:13 Moltenmelt1 Started reading The Dark Tower series several months ago. Only just finished book 4 but can we share our fancasts? Spoilers for entire series.

I haven’t seen that recent fan cast video that got posted so apologies if there’s any overlap. Tried to add in some Mike Flanagan and Stephen King regulars:
Roland- Rahul Kohli (I can’t really figure out Roland’s casting. Kohli is sort of too young looking. He might make a good Eddie Dean or even The Man in Black. Elba is just perfect casting and I would rather they bring him back.)
Eddie Dean- Mike Faist
Sussanah Dean- Nikki Amuka Bird. Sharon Duncan Brewster
Man In Black- Oliver Jackson Cohen. Benedict Cumberbatch. Just bring Mcconaghey back.
Thorin- Robert Longstreet
Aunt Cord- Kathy Bates
Jonas- John Hawkes
Jack Mort- Julian Richings
Stephen King (I’m only on book 5 but I know they eventually bring him in)- Henry Thomas
Rhea- I’m not that rude. Just put someone in makeup.
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2023.05.29 03:13 Dulcette [IWantOut] 34F Inventory Manager US -> France

Let me start by saying since I started french classes 2004 in high school, I wanted to move to Marseilles. Studying the language, culture, history always fascinated me. I studied French again University taking 2 years' worth of classes but not majoring in it. Thanks to life and being a broke student or teacher for majority of it, I only just visited Marseilles and Paris for the first time this April for my birthday. It was great. Spoke to a few locals and stayed outside of the major tourist areas though did go sightseeing and take fun tours.
I started doing research and planning for leaving in the next 5 years. I've always hated how America operates since I was a teen and the last couple of months a fire has been lit under my butt and I'm looking for a quicker way to get out. I was first going to get a remote data job, gain some experience, and move through employment. I think that would take too long.
So I'm considering MFA programs in Sound Design. I was going to do one in America eventually but now I'm just like screw it. Do it overseas and stay there. The one that sounds closest to what I want is in Nice. Not as close to Marseille as I'd like but the program looks great! I'd like to add it's just me, a Black woman. No kids or relatives. A couple close friendships that I hope will visit me when I'm gone and a cat. I want to leave and never come back. Maybe for short visits.
After reading posts/comments on this sub I'm worried about being denied for lack of integration. Thanks to this sub I learned that sure after the mfa I can apply for a cdi and then permanent residency. But I'm still worried about being denied. Here's why:
1) The program is taught in English. I'm at B2 level right now though while I was visiting I was shy to speak with native French speakers and only really let loose when I was drinking with people I'd met. In Marseille especially people were super fast talkers. Whereas in Paris I felt like I had an easier time understanding. I definitely plan on getting better now while I plan for the big move. I also want to take tutoring lessons from native French speakers after the move.
2) My studies that I want to pursue are in sound design and so that's the employment industry I want to be in. Is that industry hard to break into? It's hard in America and I know I'd have to network my butt off. I'm just wondering if being in a masters program and needing to find internships would be impossible. I hear about French elitism both on this sub and also while I was there a couple people told me about it. Is it possible to get a CDI for working in a recording studio or video game studio doing audio work?
3) Right now, I work full time as an inventory manager which probably isn't in high demand for foreign employees and so I wonder about part time work while I'm there in school. Would part time work be enough to show I've integrated? Will it be hard to come by or even do as a foreigner still getting comfortable with the language? I've also spent about 6 years as a teacher and have worked a couple years as an audio engineer, too. Not science engineering but like recording studio audio engineer.
4) I have a misdemeanor from 2008 for stealing candy. It was so dumb of me. It's the only time I've ever gotten in trouble with the law and I still feel dumb about it.
5) If everything works as planned. I graduate with my mfa. I get a cdi for permanent employment and it's been 4 or 5 years. My level is up to C1, but I still get denied do I have to leave right away? Can I stay longer and re-apply? I really don't want to have to move back considering all of the scrimping, saving, and sacrifices I'll have to make to go in the first place.
I'm wondering if I should just consider an English speaking country in Europe so that I'm at least close to France and can visit often. But also, I'd consider a non-EU country and another language to learn. Just don't know which as all my life France has been on my mind. Thanks so much for reading!
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2023.05.29 03:13 Awayuw Jade A Big Dildo And A Little Black Dress

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2023.05.29 03:13 QualityHorror2891 Two miners not producing iot's

I tried setting up a bobcat miner 300 and a rak v2 miner hotspot using the blue helium app. It has been more than a month and there are no rewards on the black helium app. HELP!
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2023.05.29 03:13 Rogger_Dat Unable to run game with Resonant ENB. Please Help?

I have installed a single mod "Great Mod Compilation" and a fix for widescreen. The game was able to run with that installed but once I installed the enbserier files and resonant enb file the game wont start. It opens up to a black screen, I can move the mouse, but it says not responding and I have to task bar it to close. I am playing via steam. Any help would be lovely. I am rather new to modding games. . .
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2023.05.29 03:12 jasminescented099 32 [F4M] from the UK Looking for international friends/fellow insomniacs :D

Hi everyone! I'm looking to make some fun interesting penpals around the world to talk too. I'm a creative minded person and would like to connect with people all over the world from different cultural backgrounds to share some cool conversations and learn more about different life perspectives or just have some random chats :D some of my hobbies/interests
Fitness i enjoy working out, hiking
Horror movies from the classics to the latest releases
fantasy/scifi books like dune & the wheel of time series, biographies about famous figures of history
traveling exploring new destinations to feed my mind with the rich cultural uniqueness of the world
The outdoors camping, climbing, hiking
Retro music enjoying exploring some 80s and 90s music lately
Astronomy & star gazing exploring the vastness of the universe is always fascinating
TV shows i enjoyed south park, breaking bad, black mirror, game of thrones, the last of us, family guy
Tell me more about yourself and your country/culture looking forward to it :)
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2023.05.29 03:12 Lianrhod I'm curious what bug this is, it looks pretty sweet and I want to learn more

I'm curious what bug this is, it looks pretty sweet and I want to learn more
Sorry about quality, it has 6 legs and off camera it's a darker color (black or something close) his little spine is cool too
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2023.05.29 03:12 okamanii101 Just started the game and was wondering if this skin will ever return.

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2023.05.29 03:12 General_Marsupial_10 Fashion tips from The Diplomat?

I just finished watching The Diplomat on Netflix. I found the character "Dennison" (and the actor) very appealing. But I could not get over how short his suit trousers were --you could practically make out the contours of his ankles when he walked. Is this what is meant by "no break" in the trouser length? Does this look work particularly well for athletic men? Is this more of a UK thing? I think his attire was somewhat intentional to cast a contrast between the older, stuffy white members of the PM's cabinet and a dashing young black man. He looked amazing in those suits.
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2023.05.29 03:12 ObitalSynth COD: Black ops not saving

I have black ops for the ps3 slim and my level on multiplayer keeps going back to level 1 every time I go out of the game and go back. Help! What can I do to fix this?
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