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2023.06.08 15:00 Grandidealistic Balance Ideas: Survivors version

Hello, I am a game analyst and mostly play some random games for fun. After playing this game since season 5, to my interest, compared to games like League for instance, IDV stands out as one of the worst balanced game ever. I am not trying to disregard it as a bad game, but compared to DBD/League that usually has a balance patch every 2 weeks or so, IDV has one like, every 2/3 months?
Here's my take on why IDV is so heavily unbalanced:
So here, I am just going to try to elaborate on the problem of every single survivor and write down some adjustments that they need. The ones I didn't list out, I think they are just decent enough to not need an adjustment.

Doctor (Adjustment)
The problem with Doctor is that she is specialized in countering a very specific type of mechanic: healing - making her super aggressive to those like Hermit or Clerk but incredibly fragile against hunters that have a great pressure pursuit skill like Gamekeepe26/Bonbon/Gala or Joker. Not only that, Doctor struggles to do anything meaningful unless she is the one being in chase, or when there are a lot of injured teammates. And even then her skill is really hit or miss.
Another thing to note is that while Doctor can play very aggressively, it doesn't reflect the normal image of a Doctor (who the fuck spam confused emotes when hitting others with pallets); just a small nitpick, but at least right now she doesn't have to be in chase to be effective at doing her job.
Lawyer (Overhaul)
Lawyer is fine as a concept, but his item is just garbage in a 4v1 game, especially where he is on a 4 players side - where he is simply doing too little to justify using him over someone like Prisoner who can't compete with decoding but makes up a lot for that with his global transmission. Simply reworking his item into a different stuff and rehauling some of his decoding speed to balance him out.

Gardener (Overhaul)
Gardener keeps getting buffed occasionally, but the main reason why she feels so clunky to use stems from her item Toolbox, which is the nichest of item you can get. I want to transfer some of her power back into the Toolbox, and make her shield do less, as she is dominating COA and pro play mainly with her shield, not with the toolbox.
Veterans (Unchanged)

Lucky Guy (Buff)
Lucky Guy is simply helpless now considering how the game has abandoned chests as a mechanic just like Lockers. I am just going to increase his numbers to make sure that IF he wants opening chests to be his mechanic, then he MUST be good at it.

Mercenary (Nerfs)
With how important rescuing is, Mercenary saw a sharp rate in usage throughout the years which has still becoming too oppressive in all levels of play. Since I do not want to nerf his Elbow Pad, just kneecapping the Steel Will is enough to push him slightly away from the meta without causing a trouble in lower ranks. To skew the nerf for pro play over lower division, have some fun for the compensated buff.

Mechanic (Adjustment)
The problem with Mechanic is her capability to turn herself into a 5v1 game which has totally withered with her robots nerfed about 10 times. There is one thing that NE is steering right, and that is leaning her capabilities into the kiting area instead of forcing her to be a dead survivor that only decodes on chair (which is why she is so popular in higher divisions).
Because of that, a buff to her kiting skill would well be appreciated, as well as increasing the incentive of using her as a Minds' Eye who focus on completing a single cipher instead of doing 2 ciphers at once, which is mainly why she is so strong.
Mech Master:
Cowardly (removed)

Explorer (Buff)
Kurt's lackluster win rate and pick rate are mainly from the fact that he takes more time using his skills (1. Go to a password page; 2. Dig a password page; 3. Go to a cipher to spend the page) than decoding normally on a cipher in early game. A single buff to his decoding speed to increase the incentive of decoding early rather than digging the password pages would be enough to increase back his popularity as a hyper decoder late game.

Mind's Eye (Buff)
Even if Mind's Eye is not blind, she would still be bad. When Composer and Prisoner are identified as a Decoder, Mind's Eye "so-called kiting skill" is a complete joke. But to fulfill the wish of her mains that want her to be blind, I want to keep that fantasy while making her bulkier at all stages of the game.

Priestess (Nerf)
Although Priestess has never been weak, she has never been truly broken as a kiter either but broken as a supporter that set up portals to transition survivors. A nerf to her Holy Key support capability and her random qualities of life that make her so frustrating to play against, a slight buff to her normal kiting pace. Now everyone's happy.

Female Dancer (Adjustments)
Dancer currently relies too much on her music box, which is one of the most powerful items in the game. But that is honestly not a healthy way to design a character, as a nerf to the music boxes can make her entire kit falls apart. I am giving her a completely new trait while simultaneously reducing the highlights she could do with the boxes.

Among the game, Coordinator is the only survivor who aged super poorly. Although her strength remains the same through patches and patches, Trump Card (allowing for Excitement -> Teleport), new stun resist personas, and the appearance of new stunners really force her to become reliant on her gun which is not reliable at all. Here’s giving her way more room to play while simultaneously making her more comfortable with the Flare Gun.

Perfumer (Buff)
As a survivor, Perfumer has faded away from the meta even before Journalist was released. Her item either feeds presence for the hunter early game or becomes useless once she gets injured, which becomes more polarizing in later ranks. A strong buff to her can automatically get her to the territory of pick/ban, so giving her some QOLs to at least mitigate her early game while removing her most frustrating feature.

Seer (Nerf)
Seer is balanced around the ban button, plus he only really has one skill to play around. While it's safe to assume he does not need a nerf, a QOL nerf can lift people from that ban button to give him some spotlight in all divisions.

Embalmer (Buff)
In circumstances where Embalmer cannot be good when facing certain hunters, he is bad, so I'm lowering the chance for those circumstances to happen.

Barmaid (Nerf)
Barmaid has been having the time of her life across all skill brackets, from lower divisions to pro play. While she is fair to play against, she shouldn't be too oppressive.

Postman (Buff)
Postman has seen a drastic drop in usage in lower ranks as the latest nerf hits him a little bit too hard. Since the problem was always cipher rushing with the decoding letter, I would buff him with a small QoL adjustment that directly buff his two most underused letters, while removing his most problematic letter in game. Yes, getting to ciphers faster still let you finish them faster, but at least you will have to actually decide if you really want to use it or not.

Toy Merchant (Adjusted)
Anne has been having a bit of a blast in pro play, though her normal performance in lower divisions does not speak much. Sharply nerfing the coordination though leaving her own performance untouched.

Weeping Clown (Buff)
Weeping Clown's item is not bad, but it is simply described through the word average. Giving him more impact instead of simply increasing his numbers.

Antiquarian (Nerf)
Antiquarian is overperforming and causing problems in both pro play and normal play. Giving her a nerf to her comeback potential which makes her a tad too spamable while still maintaining her identity.

Little Girl
By design, Little Girl is one of the few that I utterly despise because of her unhealthy Leeching mechanic. While she isn’t THAT strong, the mechanic removes a lot of interactions and force the hunter to be careful at dealing with her or otherwise she can leech onto a stronger kiter and be unstoppable for the rest of the game, especially if you are tunneling her.
Memory Fragment, is an extremely fun concept and one of the best ability in the game, giving her more power in that; while reworking her most frustrating ability. Now she can become more sufficient on her own, and not having to bind to a Forward or Batter to survive.
Memory Fragment
Memory Sync (Reworked)

Ah yes, good idea but horrendous execution. Novelist is the strongest survivor in the entire game speaking from a mechanically standpoint. But his kit is just super unhealthy, so here's an entire rework.
Metaphor (cooldown: 20 seconds)
Outline (cooldown: 30 seconds)
[Now allowed in Duo hunters]

Though the Stress reduction time window is kind of interesting to play with, it mostly leads to some inconsistencies to both sides, whether chip damage chipping her down too quick; or her being able to back up a second kite after chair which is super frustrating to play against. Though reducing the duration would be beneficial to both sides, Psychologist herself also gets a bonus buff to her support capabilities as a compensation for the seemingly nerf.
Professor [Rework]
Professor is one of the few survivors who has a good concept, but in practice he is just a less attractive version of Seer. While it is not healthy to discuss which survivor is better, it is not wrong to say that the playstyle of him really feels like a discounted version of Seer who is much more flexible with all hunters. The hunters he counters, should not be countered that hard and the hunters that he struggles to play against should not be too oppressive for him.
Scale Hardening
Scale Shedding

There are three problems when it comes to Painter. First, while his Paintings are among some of the most powerful in the games, it is negated by its lackluster number, creating a dilemma where hunters can completely avoid the painting by looking away or simply using Excitement. Secondly, Painter struggles at late game where he has little self-peel to help himself, just like Perfumer. And finally, his painting is just not good in a chase compared to others who have a much easier time controlling their stuns (i.e., Prospector). Here’s to removing one of his most frustrating features of him, while simultaneously getting his own kiting pace more acceptable.
Artistic Sensitivity
Aesthetic Resonance

Journalist is utterly broken, and people are just starting to realize it by now. Even though her identity is a rescuer, her kiting skills are insane and is basically a better version of Perfumer who doesn’t even need to be healthy to kite. Imagine Seer, with three owls right at the start of the match. Her main persona isn’t even 36, but 39, as kiting with her is insanely strong and the rescue image isn’t anything special. Giving her a tad more power in the rescue department while gutting her kiting skills down.
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2023.06.08 13:57 IntelligentCABlonde I was on the SF BMR wait list for 12 years

I finally won the lottery for brand new housing. I am both a senior and disabled. The paperwork alone took nearly a year for approval. Still I was apprehensive about moving smack into the middle of the Tenderloin's worst area. Finally my application was approved by the MOHC. I suffer from PTSD and Agoraphobia so moving versus just ending it all was a 6 month debate. Seriously. The new place is considered to be a new Micro Studio. Partial kitchen. Step in shower and shared common areas. Still luxury compared to older places or SROs. I reluctantly arranged to move in and decided to make the best of it. The very day I moved in I tripped on a tree stump, fractured my skull and broke my right arm in 3 places and dislocated my shoulder. No one to help me at all. Now that I'm in I've found out that my ONLY neighbor on my side of the building is a squatter, a drug addict and has people over all of the time 24/7 with bicycles in the hall, cigarette smoke and his homeless friends using our laundry room, stealing everything not nailed down and so much more. I am 69 years old and have repeatedly told the 'tenant' that I am allergic to cigarette smoke, etc. All to no avail. I have also told him he can't have guests over 24/7. One night my dog's barking woke me and I stepped out to see what was up and ran into the 'tenant' with a crowbar and copper wiring trying to gain entry. I had no idea he didn't legally have possession or a key fob. He started ranting about the manager and how he was illegally locked out and his stuff was inside. I told him that was between him and management but I wouldn't allow him to break in. He didn't leave until I called the police. I admit I am clueless to this day as to what an addict looks like under the influence but his eyes are always super bright like he's on some kind of stimulant, but I don't know. The manager says he is NOT the tenant who rented the apartment but that eviction is being pursued. I suspect the manager did lock him out at one point and the squatter got legal help to regain access. The manager swears he did not lock him out but the only way to get in is with a security fob. No keys. Now I've found out that allegedly the builder misclassified this building nearly 3 years ago as an SRO which is why we have mailboxes, keys but NO USPS delivery. Meanwhile the alcoholic on site manager goes through all of my mail and I have had numerous packages go missing. A brand new credit card was both delivered and stolen on the 31st of this month and there were 16 charges on it in one day to Uber, Uber Eats and ZipCar. I was finally made aware when the credit card company notified me via email that my charge at Safeway and another market were declined "because I hadn't activated my card yet!" WTAF? They let this thief use the card all day long until it was flagged at Safeway and THEN they email me? Bottom line I am terrified that living here with an alcoholic property manager and a junkie neighbor whose door directly faces mine, makes my life literally in danger. I can't move and every time I see the squatter I just want to stab him. So yes I am losing it. I feel so trapped and terrified and wonder if I will end up snapping. This activity is right in my face 24/7. My hallway has 6 units with 4 always having been unoccupied. Honestly I don't see how they can in good faith rent to anyone new knowing the danger of this hallway. I've never once seen them even attempt to show the empty units. I am beyond sad and hopeless. On the rare occasions I have to leave my place to access my car six blocks away I have become nearly intolerant of the homeless overnight. I used to volunteer at shelters and often fed homeless, but now I am just hardened. I see a passed out half clothed body on the sidewalk and I just step around it. I used to call 911 or 311. Now I don't know what to do. I don't want to die but see no future at all. I nearly died waiting for Below Market Housing and now it's literally killing me. I had no idea the entire time I was on the wait list what BMR really meant. I never qualified for low income or senior housing. None of that. I just assumed that BMR meant just that, that if you made below 100K or so you could apply for a discounted unit. They can blame London Breed all they want but the real reason for the current situation in SF is COVID, the lock downs and subsequent sky rocketing homeless population. I know for a fact that the majority of theft, as in major theft, are well organized thieves most of which don't even live in SF. I ran into a team of them before my beloved elderly dog died. I used to take him out to the tree out front at all hours to pee. I ran straight into thieves one night. They were well organized, well dressed and gone as soon as they saw me. They were nothing like the homeless plaguing our neighborhood right now. These people are self medicating, angry and often vicious. They are hardly the criminal element bringing SF to its knees. Criminals? Yes with shoplifting and all manner of self destructive and hateful crimes, but not the well organized criminal element that is literally robbing SF of its most valuable resources, tourism. I used to be a huge Pelosi fan until I saw her speaking at a charity event for the hospital where her husband was treated following his attack. When I was taken to UCSF per MY request and even with excellent insurance I wasn't given Pelosi type treatment. I was treated like a vagrant. I waited an entire day for my exam, head CT and arm cast. I was never hooked up to an IV, fed, given water or ice chips nor was blood even drawn. After the 2nd head CT when it showed I still had inter cranial bleeding, did they finally do an MRI. San Francisco is now two classes, the rich and the poor. I'm not street poor but might as well be. I don't know where to go from here. Caught up in an untenable housing situation and literally not being able to afford housing in Southern California which is where I grew up, went to college and law school. Sadly since my beloved dog died I can't imagine living anywhere without him.
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2023.06.08 11:25 BandicootDizzy7067 A good housewife is a luxury not every husband can afford and sometimes not even deserve

If you are female, graduate or not, and wants a traditional family - husband and kids, DO NOT ever put your dreams and plans aside.
Before you get that family, make sure you are set on your own first. It may sound romantic, heroic and even biblical at first - to sacrifice yourself, your dreams, plans and future to support and serve your husband and kids, but in the long run, it's really a slow kind of death for you IF you choose the wrong husband.
Never forget your own person, who you were and what your dreams were before you let these people in your life (because most likely, you chose to have a husband and kids).
Only 2 things will happen when you "sacrifice" yourself:
One, is you end up with a life partner who respects you, and wants you to become a better person for you. Only a real partner can give you that - sharing a life with someone without losing yourself. With this partner, you grow together, become better persons and better parents together and apart. And because of the real partnership, everything else becomes easier to face (money, health and other issues). If you choose to work, you're never alone as you juggle home, child and work responsibilities together. It's not really a "sacrifice" when you're winning at home and in life.
Second, is you end up mothering another adult waiting for the day when he steps up which will never come. Staying at home may seem the easier choice over juggling work while being a typical mom who shoulders most of the housework and child-rearing. But if your partner is never a real partner, he will expect to be catered to by a housewife, but won't put in the work to be the kind of husband a good housewife deserves - a husband who truly provides, leads and protects. When you see signs of a low quality husband, it's better to let him go and choose the juggling act of being a working mom. You can never lose if you have a job and your own income.
When you choose to be a housewife to a low quality man (one who cheats, doesnt provide for needs, has no motivation, no plans or all of the above), you're setting yourself up for a lonely, broke, depressing future where most probably you'll be dependent on others for the littlest necessity.
Choose wisely before it's too late.
Don't be like me, a 60F who finally made the right decision for myself a little too late.
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2023.06.08 08:42 lolcrustedlobster Valley Forge Academy Review

As an experienced educator, it is with deep disappointment that I provide a review of Valley Forge Academy Qatar, located in Doha, Qatar. In its brief one-year existence, this school has shown a glaring disregard for professionalism, support, and the provision of quality education.
Let us address the elephant in the room: the shockingly inadequate compensation provided to teachers. Regardless of experience or qualifications, the school's non-negotiable monthly salary of a mere 11,000 Qatari Riyals leaves educators struggling to maintain a decent standard of living in a city known for its exorbitant costs. This abysmal remuneration demonstrates a complete lack of appreciation for the expertise and dedication that teachers bring to the classroom.
Not only is the salary insufficient, but the school's policy of paying teachers during the summer holidays, leaving them financially vulnerable, highlights a complete lack of foresight and disregard for their well-being. It is disheartening to witness an institution that prioritizes saving a few pennies over the livelihoods of its dedicated staff.
To exacerbate matters, the housing accommodations provided by the school are well below the acceptable standards expected of an educational institution. This subpar housing further compounds the frustrations felt by teachers, who deserve a comfortable living environment to support their work.
While we're on the topic of support, it is essential to address the complete absence of effective leadership and administrative guidance. The building manager, Michael, sets a hostile tone with his unfriendly demeanor and unprofessional behavior, adding insult to injury in an already challenging work environment.
Furthermore, the school's lack of necessary supplies and resources is nothing short of abysmal. Teachers are left to fend for themselves, lacking the tools and materials required to deliver a quality education to their students. This absence of support not only undermines the teachers' efforts but also denies the students the educational experience they deserve.
It is deeply concerning to note the high turnover rate among teachers. Within the first five months, the Grade 5/6/7 Math and ELA teacher decided that the toxic work environment was unbearable, prompting their departure. This alarming trend continued throughout the year, with a significant number of teachers resigning, including KG1, KG2, Grade 1, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Music Teacher, and both PE Coaches. The exodus of talented professionals should serve as a wake-up call to the administration.
The lack of stability extends to the school's leadership. The abrupt firing of the principal, raises questions about the school's leadership and their commitment to maintaining stability. This unsettling turn of events raises serious questions about the leadership's ability to maintain a stable and supportive environment for both students and staff. A new leader, the chief of staff, who is more concerned with the perception of the school than addressing the real issues, further exacerbates the already troublesome situation.
The president of the school, demonstrates a profound disconnect from the realities faced by teachers. His condescending demeanor, rash decision-making, and his ill-timed vacation during the school year instead of waiting for the summer break are clear indicators of his negligence and lack of empathy for the staff's challenges.
The assistant principal exhibits a troubling combination of eccentricity, rudeness, and demeaning behavior. Her dismissive attitude towards communication, indulgence in gossip with select staff members, and her husband’s inappropriate conduct all contribute to an unhealthy and unprofessional work culture. Her husband who is the head of operations, has displayed rudeness towards the cleaners and has been known to engage in inappropriate conversations with staff.
The behavior coordinator, quitting due to the meager income further highlights the school's inability to provide adequate support and compensation to its staff. The subsequent departure of multiple teacher assistants further underscores the toxic work environment that prevails.
Student aggression towards teachers is a pervasive and alarming issue that Valley Forge Academy Qatar fails to address effectively. Teachers endure physical assault, with students hitting and pushing them, only to witness the perpetrators return to their classrooms without facing any consequences. Verbal abuse, manifested through yelling and cursing in both English and Arabic, is a distressingly common occurrence. These acts of aggression not only jeopardize the safety and well-being of the staff but also erode the educational environment that should foster growth and learning.
Academics take a backseat at Valley Forge Academy Qatar. The absence of structured curriculum, inadequate lesson plan checks, the lack of professional development opportunities, and the absence of programs catering to students' language needs and learning disabilities are indicative of an institution that fails to prioritize academic excellence. The school's failure to adequately address the language needs of its students perpetuates an environment where language barriers hinder effective communication and academic progress. The absence of appropriate support and resources for students with diverse language backgrounds further exacerbates the challenges faced by both students and teachers alike.
In a disheartening display, the school's approach to assessment and reporting lacks the professionalism and efficiency expected of a reputable educational institution. With a mere two report cards issued throughout the year, and the use of Word instead of a comprehensive computer grading system, it is clear that Valley Forge Academy Qatar falls short in providing a robust and reliable evaluation of students' progress.
In conclusion, Valley Forge Academy Qatar masquerades as an educational institution while perpetuating a facade that conceals its numerous deficiencies. The non-negotiable and insultingly low salary, combined with below-average housing, unsupportive administration, lack of essential resources, and absence of professional development, create a toxic and demoralizing work environment for teachers. Student aggression towards staff members, coupled with the lack of consequences, further compromises the safety and well-being of educators.
This school's blatant disregard for professionalism, academic standards, and the overall welfare of its staff casts a dark shadow over its reputation. Teachers deserve better, students deserve better, and Valley Forge Academy Qatar must confront its shortcomings and work towards a genuine commitment to excellence.
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2023.06.08 06:19 UpsetMotherOf2 Moving out the country with 2 small children (8 and 6). Bad idea? Advice?

I'm a single woman with 2 young kids.
I separated from my ex of a bit and got custody of my children. I had funds saved, but after I moved out my parents house, my savings was wiped because I just wasn't making enough and I was literally repairing the apartment with my own money.
I ended up moving back in again with my parents and it's been hell. I was initially told I had a few years to get my bearings back down again, but after 10 months, I'm now being told I have to leave. They did this before so idk why I put myself back in this position.
I was initially told that as long as I was doing "something" I could stay. At first I was registered for online classes, but quickly realized that was bad idea as I wasnt sure WHAT i wanted to do.
Then I was going to join the military, while giving them temporary custody (their father wouldn't be able to handle them). I figured solid job and free schooling. Win win. All I wanted was a week to myself and a week with them before doing that, since I am constantly on my feet and dealing with heavy equipment. And the kids and I just havent had a break from life. I was stressed and NEEDED that break before boot camp. I "wasn't allowed" to get that break. So I'd just work like a mule then not see my kids for a year or so? I gave that up, even though I was prepping myself for it and extremely excited for it. I loved the idea of a steady paycheck with a predictable job schedule that actually allowed me to take part of my kids life.
I've had to live with their rules for a hot second unfortunately. So I've just been quietly existing, living bare minimum and not able to save or do much out of fear(?). I've gotten no leeway on rent. I fully admit I've been getting charged cheaper rent, but with me paying for childcare, it doesn't really help much. Childcare for 2 children is rough these days.
I've been paying them rent, storage rent, car insurance and groceries. Not to mention all daycare and the kiddos' needs. So I practically have nothing saved.
It's been depressing and I've honestly been struggling with the concept of existence lately, but I'm pushing through because I love my kids and I love seeing them grow into the little amazing humans they are.
We will be probably be homeless soon, but I weirdly don't mind it because at least we won't be here. I'll try and do instacart for as long as my car can last and will figure it out from there. That's all I can really do. I'll also apply for low income housing and pray I get in somewhere.
That being said, I won't have support here. There's no point in me really staying in the US and it's always been a wish of ours to travel. I figure, having nothing, this might be the time for that? Is there a country where a single parent of 2 can thrive and not live paycheck to paycheck? How bad of a move would this actually be?
I had plans to go finish my bachelor's, but with this new twist I'm no longer pursuing that. I'm so sad and lost right now.
I'd you read this far, thank you. I need solid advice, even if it hurts my feelings. This maybe a stupid move, but the thought make me happy. I just want to be stable and happy again for my kids and myself. I'm lost in every single way, shape, and form. Everything I do is wrong.
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2023.06.08 06:10 Economy_Sock_4045 Legendary toxic companies

All toxic companies that failed to meet the expectation of their employees/Interns(not in any specific order, just a list) :
1) Coding Ninjas: Locked their employees inside. Didn't allow them to leave. The security was told to lock the glass door and not allow anyone working in the office to leave when the shift was over(2023).
2) HDFC Bank: Top executive at HDFC Bank, Pushpal Roy, is seen screaming and verbally abusing his employees/colleagues in an online meeting in Bengali. HDFC Bank, meanwhile, said that the concerned employee has been suspended and a detailed investigation has been initiated which will be undertaken as per Conduct guidelines of the Bank. (2023)
3) BYJUS: We all know what it's about. Go figure, YouTube is your friend.
4) Cognizant: If you are a fresher out of college, and placed in Cognizant, then good luck. Chances are, they'll change the terms, don't pay any stipend, and make you suffer. They didn't pay their interns for 6 months (2023)
5) Goldman: horribly long working hours, but depends on the team you are assigned to. Heavy pay disparities.
6) Mu Sigma: Notorious for toxic management that overworks their staff. Not unheard of to work 70+ hours a week here. Mu Sigma is so infamous that there are two whole subreddits dedicated to it: /MuSigmaStories and /MuvsBusigma. To top it off they have the longest bond in the industry and routinely threaten legal action if you try to quit. Salaries are low too.
7) Capgemini: One of the worst of all the WITCH companies especially for entry-level devs. They're the only company I've heard of that sometimes asks for a notarized affidavit promising you won't quit the company for two years! Absolutely ridiculous. Not to mention their piss poor salaries.
8) Compassites Software Solutions, Bangalore: The former CEO/ Founde director owed crores to 350+ employees while he lived in a 7cr house quite near office.After a while, he used to ask his driver to get his bag to office and out by evening while he worked from home. Anyone bugging him a lot were called to a Starbucks in a mall opposite his apartment and he'll tell sad stories and give false hope that investment is coming. After 3 years many people quit because they took loans to tide themselves over and recovery agents were after them. A dozen employees are fighting a case for over a crore just among themselves. The founder stepped down and put another CEO and he's started one more company. He was also the 50% partner in another namesake company in Europe where customers pay for the work done by the Indian company. So he and the guy in Europe take their money out of it.
9) Instahyre: Instahyre CEO, calling out the name of an employee who accepted the offer and then reneged. Someone commented in that post saying, if you renege InstaHyre offer, you need to pay them one month salary(2023).
10)Sprinklr: Pays a lot of money, but makes you work 12-14 hours a day including weekends. The engineering team is run by psychopath CTO and SVPs, and whetever they say is final and everyone just has to keep saying yes to them if they want to survive. Product release happens on saturdays + developers have to do on-call for 1 week every month, where you are expected to be available 24x7. 2 am calls are normal. The product is buggy so there are a ton of issues popping up every now and then.
11) Tech Mahindra: They have poor HR policies and management is inept and apathetic towards employees. They ask everyone to follow process using internal systems, but the internal HR tools are from pre 1990s. Management does not care about projects and employee health but only financial income from project. The company has deep seated issues and will do nothing to enquire individuals’ mental health and guarantee a work life balance. The HR does not even care about responding to queries. The CEO is more worried about people’s attires to the office than he is about resolving deep rooted issues.
12) Digital Aptech: didn't pay an employees tds certificates of previous fin. year. Broke their own made, employee agreement and didn't pay them as written on the terms (2023).
13) Reliance: Treat employees as slaves. Seniors shouting in the office and still getting best employee award every year. Also asks to work on the weekends with 300-400rs per day and can’t take leave on the weekend.
Mods please approve, and pin if possible. And friends, please dm/comment such incidents. I'm tired of such posts. I'll add all such companies here.
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2023.06.08 05:13 Nopedontcarez A $28 Million Low-Income Apartment Complex Descends Into Chaos in Just Two and a Half Years

A $28 Million Low-Income Apartment Complex Descends Into Chaos in Just Two and a Half Years submitted by Nopedontcarez to PNWConservatives [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 05:08 r1ch412d Condo rental scam?

Hi, I’m currently looking for advice at whether I’m getting myself into a scam.
So I’m currently in the process of looking for a new apartment to move to (in CA). I stumbled upon one on Craigslist at a relatively low price (not outrageously low). It’s a 1bd/1ba condo for $2430 month to month w/ all utilities included (water, elec., internet, TV, trash, etc). Currently, the market is about 2600-2800 for a similar unit, but in a large apartment complex and W/O utilities.
I reached out to the $2430 posting and I get a reply from the manager asking me for general details like income, credit, etc etc. I pass the preliminary questions and he tells that someone is currently living there and I can not view the unit until June 16. I can view it then, but however, there is a large number of applicants. In order for me to “reserve” it and take it off the market, he’d like first months rent and deposit of $4800. He sends me a lease agreement that’s been presigned by the landlord and manager, both of whom I have yet to meet. If I do not like the unit when I view it on the 16th, I will receive a full refund. Reservation is made by wire transfer to landlords BOA account w/ the description “fully refundable reservation deposit”. Lease agreement also has an area that states that if I don’t like the apt, that I will get a full refund of $4800.
I’m heavily leaning towards not proceeding since I’m getting a bad feeling about this even though there is a contract. I’m likely going to hold out until June 16 and if it’s still available, then it was meant to be. If not, then I’m still ok. What is the likelihood of this being a scam if I happen to proceed w/ sending a deposit. Since it is a wire transfer to an individuals bank, is it lower risk than something without a paper trail like a money order?
Thanks in advance! I tried to provide as much details as I could, but if you need any more information, I can try to answer.
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2023.06.08 04:48 Mission_Emergency_36 I am 32 years old, a full time RN-BSN student, live in Texas, and currently make ~$535 monthly.

Long story short I spent 8 years on the West Coast holding increasingly important positions in the energy industry, but I hated it with every fiber of my being. I started taking nursing prerequisite courses in January of 2020. Family trauma happened. I moved home to Texas to be closer to my family, quit my job (was making ~$130k with bonus), and took the plunge and went to back to school for nursing at 31. I am half way done with an accelerated BSN program and I have a 4.0 GPA. I love it so much despite it being very difficult. I have externship currently and I have an ICU internship lined up for my final semester, which is basically a guaranteed new grad job.
I currently live with my mom and brother. We are remodeling our house so we are in an apartment for a bit. Very tight quarters but thankful to be with them. Boyfriend just successfully made a big career move and is now a superintendent for an important and well respected organization in town making $60k annually with a 8% bonus. Very proud of him and very excited for our future - we are talking about getting engaged in the next year. He is getting an apartment in the next couple months after living at home with his family due to some major family health issues he has been helping out with so you will see some of the apartment search start to happen in this diary!
Currently boyfriend and I split going out expenses pretty much down the line, but with this new job we had a discussion last week about how he will pay for the majority of our going out costs moving forward once he gets his first paycheck this month until I start working full time again in January!
Previous money diary from August 2022 here.
ASSETS (comparing last money diary to now):

August 2022 June 2023 Difference
401k $156,400 $158,600 $2,200
Roth IRA $68,000 $68,500 (500)
Saving's account $41,001.43 $26,572.63 ($14,428.81)
Checking Account $3,024.58 $915.41 ($2,109)
HSA $8,800 $7,100 ($1,700)
Brokerage $440 $444 $4
UGMA $85,000 $84,000 ($1,000)
Pension forgot to include $27,000 N/A
NET WORTH: $373k
**I don’t carry any credit card debt / no student loan debt / no equity in any kind of home. I was lucky enough to be in a position where I saved up over $40k cash to pay for living expenses when in school. My UGMA account will be used as part of a down payment for a house in the next couple years. My current BSN degree is being covered through family. Also, trying to figure out what to do with my pension - depending how finances go the next 8 months I am in school / if I have any emergencies (I have 2 senior pets) I could cash part of it out or completely roll it over into an IRA.
Income Progression: I worked in the energy industry for 8 years; my starting salary was $35,000.
I worked in the Seattle area starting out at $35k in 2014. Moved to a new job in 2016 for $65k and then another new job in 2018 for $85k +12% bonus. Got up to $104k + 20% bonus before I quit. Also worked as a CNA on the weekends for about 6 months for $15 an hour during COVID to make sure I really wanted to go to nursing school.
Main Job Monthly Take Home: It varies but the average so far this year it is $535. I have an incredibly flexible externship at a hospital very close to where I live where my director literally just lets me show up whenever I want to work. I make $17 an hour. I met a couple incredible mentors but I think I am going to quit soon since it just won’t be feasible to work this semester and I already have my ICU internship lined up for September. Trying to be easier on myself and put myself first and I feel very lucky that I don’t need to work. Don’t get me wrong the extra money is SO NICE but I want to concentrate on school, myself, family, partner, and friends. Work on top of an accelerated nursing program is too much. I am actually the only one working in my cohort currently.
Any Other Monthly Income Here: I live with my mom right now and she pays for most of the groceries, utilities, etc. I feel incredibly privileged and lucky that I can live with her and that she is able to support me in this way while I transition careers. I do lots for her to support her such as chores, errands, paying for big Costco runs, etc. My boyfriend also helps out with pet expenses and other things I want / need.
I allocate the following to my biggest expense categories monthly:
8:45: I slept 10 hours last night and it was glorious. I worked a 12 hour shift at the hospital yesterday and our patient acuity was very high.
9:30: Make a coffee and walk and feed my pup. I walk over to the pool for a morning swim. I love a quiet morning swim so much.
11:30: I had a nice 500 yd swim, drank a Premier Protein shake & ate overnight oats with blueberries for breakfast, had a relaxing shower, and started some laundry. Feeling anxious about everything I have on my plate currently. Also I feel hungover from work yesterday. I was going to work another 12 hour shift tomorrow but now I don’t know if I can handle it with school also starting on Friday and a very busy social weekend coming up. Luckily, my director literally lets me show up whenever I want so I may do 7 or 8 hours tomorrow instead of a full 12. Try to table my feelings to discuss in therapy this afternoon.
11:40: Sit down to finish some online orientation for my internship that is coming up my final semester.
13:03: Orientation stuff only took about 20 minutes thank god. I ran to the grocery store and grab a 4 pack of watermelon Celsius, frozen veggies, Eggo waffles, tea bags, string cheese, coffee filters, Wheat Thins, and lean ground beef ($37.01). Head up to the rooftop lounge at the apartment complex to FaceTime a friend that lives across the country since there is zero privacy in the apartment.
14:15: Get off FaceTime, work on some more laundry, and head out to therapy.
16:15: Good, productive, fun, and validating therapy session and I make it over to my friend’s condo to check on her kitties. I had set up a reoccurring biweekly therapy appointment now that I know my school schedule for the upcoming semester too. We talked about money fixation and anxiety and trying to let that go. We agree that I should sleep in a bit tomorrow, walk my dog, go for a swim, and then go to work. I don’t ~need~ the money so working 12 hours vs 7 or 8 is not an issue. My mental health is more important. Also the work hangover from yesterday is real.
17:00: Boyfriend comes over after work and jumps in the shower while I’m a couch potato (Disclaimer: he’s friends with my friend too and she’s 100% comfortable with him hanging out too.) We relax and hang with the kitties and catch up on our days.
18:45: We head to dinner. We grab burritos at one of our favorite local spots and I pay ($25.88). We look at houses for fun on Zillow and discuss what apartments we want to tour in the next couple weeks.
20:00: I make it home and have a long talk with my mom about her friend who ended up in the hospital today with a compound fracture. Long story short I’ll need to stay up until midnight to hand off the house keys, garage door opener, etc. to a friend who is driving into town that can take care of her dog. Her dog is a pit bull that is vicious to strangers so no one else can go over to the house other than this friend who pet sits and knows the dog.
23:30: The friend makes it and we hand him the keys and everything he needs. I had spent the evening tidying up and meal prepping and looking at more apartments. It’s amazing to me how much time goes into keeping a clean and tidy home.
12:08: I spent a half hour setting up my June budget and then pass out.
TOTAL: $62.89
9:05: I finally wake up to a bunch of texts from multiple different friends / friend groups. Ugh. I’m just feeling really anxious about school starting tomorrow, my mom being very distraught over her colleague / friend, working today, and a busy weekend coming up. I make some coffee and walk my pup.
9:33: I call my mom while feeding my pup breakfast and tell her how I’m feeling and we both agreed I ran around too much last semester and I told her I am setting firm boundaries with myself to basically not do anything social during the school week once clinical start (Monday - Thursday) unless it’s like a super casual dinner and I truly have the capacity for it. I burned myself out at the end of last semester and spent weeks putting the pieces back together.
9:55: I make another cup of coffee and take myself for a morning swim. It brings me so much joy and grounds me. I swim 500 yards and then jump into the shower, throw my scrubs on, kiss my pup goodbye and head to the hospital. I drink a chocolate Primer Protein shake and call my friend L on the way to hear how her trip has been going so far. It was nice to catch up even though we saw each other over the weekend lol.
10:54: Ate my overnight oats made with half and half and some blueberries, clocked in, and headed out to the floor. Immediately get asked to be a sitter which literally never happens. Thank you universe. Feeling a little less anxious now that I’m here and feeling thankful for the little bit of extra money I’m making and being here for my community.
14:04: Maybe not thank you universe - the patient slept for a while then got extremely combative and was trying to punch me. I switch off with a coworker and head to the break room to eat a bowl I made with frozen veggies + rotisserie chicken from Costco + cheddar cheese on top.
19:09: I finally clock out. I had a snack of 2 rice cakes and some almonds at one point. Rest of work was wild (i.e. a psychotic patient that pulled out his IV and was throwing things everywhere, someone screaming in pain for hours nonstop, etc.) and had me questioning what I am doing making this career change. I am tired.
19:49: I make it home after swinging by L’s to check on her kitties. Jump in the shower. My mom has dinner ready and I scarf down this gorgeous basil, mozzarella, peppers, tomatoes, avocados, and olive salad + a couple Trader Joe’s dolmas + a couple pieces of fresh bread. Delicious. I force myself to get my food and my school bag ready for tomorrow and lay my scrubs out before I crawl into bed a little after 9.
06:22: Alarm goes off and I roll out of bed and take my pup for a nice walk. Give him breakfast / shower / throw on my scrubs / pack my lunch / give the pup a big kiss goodbye and I am out the door a little after 7:00.
07:47: I get to school and I am NOT feeling it lol. I stopped at Costco for gas on my way ($20.67) and I also swung by a very Texas niche store that sells all kinds of beef jerky my brother really likes to grab some for his birthday coming up ($17.98).
10:00: Class is boring - it’s tough getting back into it with an 8 hour cardiac lecture. It’s good to see my friends but struggle is real. I run into my favorite professor and she makes my morning. I tell her all about my upcoming internship and my boyfriend’s new job and she was stoked and told me to “lock him down” hahaha. I also make 2 phone calls to apartment complexes we are interested in cause my boyfriend doesn’t get great reception at work during business hours. One place doesn’t have any current availability but the lady was so nice and will be sending me a virtual tour later today. Schedule another tour on Monday afternoon.
11:30: We break for lunch and I eat the same thing as yesterday - rotisserie chicken + frozen veggies + cheddar cheese.
12:30: Spend the afternoon in class completely unable to concentrate. The professor is throwing ECG rhythms around left and right. 8 hours of ECG lecture is NOT a productive way to learn the material. I work on a couple study guides during class cause I cannot.
3:30: We get out a little early and I rush to meet my mom for a walk through of the house. I follow her back to her office because I sent a big Chewy order there. Pick up the box along with a Diet Coke, order us Cava for dinner, pick up Cava, check on my friends cats on my way home real quick, and then have a shower and relax. Mom pays for Cava and I thank her multiple times.
7:00: We eat dinner all together when everyone is eventually home (harissa avocado bowl for me!) and then my boyfriend calls right when I head out to walk my dog. Perfect. I miss him and have been having anxiety around our new schedules. We have a good 30 minute chat about our days before I spend the evening basically doing nothing. I chat with my family and mess around on my phone. Text boyfriend about different apartments.
22:44: Bed time after I brush and floss my teeth. I’m zonked from the week.
TOTAL: $38.65
08:30: I’m awake! Did not sleep well at all cause thunderstorms. My pup is deathly afraid and will not stop shaking for hours so I end up sleeping on the couch on and off. We were up and down all night but somehow I feel okay. We go for a quick walk, feed him, and start a load of whites in the washer.
09:08: I have a shower, and then I head out to get my family coffee from one of our favorite spots.
10:45: Make it back home with 2 cold brews for my brother and I and a latte for mom. I also picked up 5 breakfast tacos and a German chocolate cake for Sunday dinner tomorrow ($56.24). I eat a bean and cheese taco and a potato and egg taco, start some laundry, and put air in my tires with my home compressor since my low air light has been on in my car for an embarrassing amount of time. Brother needs air in his tires too so turns into a production lol.
12:18: Spent a couple hours putzing around dealing with the tires and more laundry and packing a bag for tonight. We are headed to the lake for a friend’s bday party and I have no clue what I want to wear so I pack a lot of options and clothes for church tomorrow morning too. Now it’s time to drive around for a little bit and check out some potential apartments and do a small Target run.
14:02: I make it home from apartment cruising and my Target run. I bought a 3 subject notebook, tire pressure gauge with valve caps included, two bags of frozen veggies, mini coke zeros, and a bag of Lesser Evil popcorn ($21.50). I was so tempted to stop for lunch on my way home but lines were long everywhere so I made myself some cheesy eggs + 2 Eggo waffles when I got home. Put the valve cap on my tire that is missing one.
14:36: Make it to L’s condo and clean up after the cats and start the Roomba. Boyfriend texts that he is out of work and on his way over! He’s been up since 4 am this morning for work and I am feeling some type of way with everything on my plate / anxiety so we will see how long we make it tonight lol.
15:30: S is showered and we are out the door!
16:30: We make it to the rental, change into our bathing suits, and walk down to the river.
19:00: We hang out in the river for a good 2.5 hours. It was a good time - nice to chat with my school friends and their partners. Boyfriend and I head out before the real partying starts lol.
20:00: We eat dinner at this cute Tex Mex place. Boyfriend has some kind of alcoholic mixed drink and we share a fajita for 2 plate. Boyfriend pays - it was $70.56 with tip. I drive us back because he does not like to drive even after one drink which I am 100% here for. We are so tired lol.
21:15: Make it back to L’s condo and we take a hot shower and get into bed in the guest bedroom. It takes forever for us to both fall asleep.
TOTAL: $77.74
6:50: Oh boy neither of us slept well. There was another thunderstorm. One of the cats was yowling nonstop outside our door. The ceiling fan was clanking on and off. The bed was way too soft. Up and down again all night for a second night in a row for me lol.
8:11: I’m showered and we are both dressed and we head out to one of our favorite taquerias for breakfast. I get 2 bean and cheese tacos and one machacado + egg taco. Boyfriend also gets 3 tacos and we both get coffee. We sit and chat for a while until it was time to go to church. I pay on the way out ($22.98 with tip).
11:40: After an hour of church and an hour meeting for a committee I’m on - I’m wiped out. Still have a house walk through to do with my family and boyfriend so I head over there and we are there for about an hour.
13:10: Finally made it home, walked my pup, and made myself a late lunch of Dave’s Killer bread toast + peanut butter + banana.
13:54: A girlfriend calls and asks if I want to get a pedicure this afternoon. We decide to get dinner together on Thursday instead. I’m actually very touched she called me because we are friends through another friend and normally don’t get together just the two of us. I’m really happy she reached out. I also invite one of my friends from school - I have been wanting them to meet for a while.
14:30: Nap timeeeee! I knock out for an hour then realize how thirsty I am and how badly I need to get out of the apartment. I get up, take the pup for a spin with my brother, and head to Sonic to get a large diet cherry limeade and then head to L’s condo to check on the kitties and chill ($3.34).
18:00: I spent a couple hours chilling on the internet - working on my google calendar, school organization, church emails, reviewing some apartments we may drive by tomorrow, and I download the remaining episodes of season 1 of Nurse Jackie to watch tonight. I had bought the complete first season over a month ago and still haven’t watched it all lol. That’s how little I watch tv.
20:00: We had bibimbap for dinner and German chocolate cake for dessert. Delicious. I clean up the dishes and do more laundry because that’s my life between school, work, working out, having 2 hairy pets, etc. Unpack my bags from the river day and sleepover last night too. Chat with my family.
22:00: Crawl into bed and watch some Nurse Jackie before passing out.
TOTAL: $26.32
7:33: I slept better but still tossed and turned. Still just anxious with everything going on, especially the start of another intense semester.
8:47: Pup is fed and walked. I open the windows because it is 68 degrees which is unheard of in June in south Texas.
10:06: I ended up doing a deep clean of my room hahah. Wiped down and vacuumed every surface. So much hair. My pup is shedding so bad. I change my bedding and toss my comforter in the wash. Thank goodness I have 2 sets of sheets now. I had only 1 for the longest time lol. I take a break and eat some Greek yogurt + pecans + banana + drizzle of honey.
11:03: I vacuumed the common areas in the apartment, took a long shower, and I’m dressed and ready for my boyfriend to pick me up. I felt like being cute today so I put on this new leather skirt from Alice + Olivia my boyfriend got me as a present that I haven’t worn yet + a white crop top + my cheetah old skool Vans. I’m so tired though lololol. This is one of the only Mondays we both have off for the foreseeable future so I am gonna rally and make the most of it!
11:15: Boyfriend is so tired too bahah. We go grab coffees at this cute little coffee shop I’ve been wanting to check out. I get a cortado. Boyfriend gets an iced caramel almond milk latte and I treat ($11.82 with tip). We sit and chill and map out what apartments we want to check out today.
12:30: Walk across the street to grab Tex Mex for lunch at a pretty famous place in town. I get the enchilada plate and boyfriend gets a chicken quesadilla plate. He pays and it is $27.89 with tip.
1:30: Go for our first apartment tour of the day and it is depressing. We drive around and check out the other apartments we are I interested in and then go on one more tour at a place that we are really impressed by. It’s $1.3k or so for a 500 sq ft one bedroom and that’s a stretch. Ideally he wants the base rent to be $1,000 or less which is quite doable. Yet again - south Texas prices for the win. He is looking at older buildings, but they are well kept up and in good neighborhoods. They are not in the hottest places to be in town, but definitely still nice.
16:00: We go back to L’s condo and chill and take care of the kitties. Discuss the apartments and ask my brother if he wants to get dinner with us and he agrees.
18:00: We head back to my apartment, pick up my brother, and head to dinner. We order a large caesar salad, an arugula and sausage pizza, and a mushroom and pepperoni pizza. This spot does $10 two topping pizzas on Monday and it slaps. I treat my boyfriend and brother to dinner ($48.01 with tip).
20:00: Home and boyfriend walks my pup with me. Brother makes us both tea and we have a nice cup of tea and chat until boyfriend heads home. I put together my breakfast and lunch tomorrow and then lay down to chill and have some quiet time.
22:30: Bed time! First day of critical care didactic is tomorrow and I am feeling mostly excited.
TOTAL: $59.82
6:22: My alarm goes off and wakes me from a deep sleep. I finally slept a good 8 hours though!
7:10: I am showered and throw on some black Lululemon Align leggings and a swiftly tech tee. I was gonna wear real pants but screw that haha. I am really dragging this morning.
7:50: Make it to school and lecture starts at 8. Honestly - that lecture could have been given in 45 minutes but we spent the first 2 hours simply going over the schedule and clarifying assignments since everything is such a disorganized hot mess at the beginning of the semester.
10:05: We take a break and call a fellow church congregation member to see if we want to meet today to tour an organization that supports people immigrating. We are debating if we want to allocate church donation funds to them. We agree to meet at the location at 1:30.
12:41: We are done with class and I stayed a bit after to start making my study guide for our first test even though it isn’t for 5 weeks. I realize the time and quickly pack up and go heat up my lunch. Chat with an MSN student who I had met in orientation for my internship a couple weeks ago and he expressed his frustration about how the start of this semester is rough for him too.
2:38: We finish our tour and we are very impressed at the clean and organized operation. We agree to each write our own follow up email to the rest of the group before the end of the day supplying the church donating.
3:30: I make some jasmine tea and have some quiet time when I get home before starting on some dosage calculation problems that are due on Friday.
5:45: I end up spending almost 2.5 hours on homework - dosage calculations, an article summary, and start on a medication sheet. Ouch. I lay down for 20 minutes, take my pup out, and then head out to meet my friend for dinner at Cava.
6:30: I get the lemon chicken bowl and pita chips ($13.69) and we sit and chat for a 1.5 hours. We just saw each other a couple weeks ago, but so much to catch up on.
20:00: We agree to go on a double date in the next couple weeks and I head home. I walk my pup with my mom and brother, pack my gym bag and my food for tomorrow, write my follow up emails from today’s visit to the church committee, and relax in bed.
TOTAL: $13.69
I spent quite a bit on going out to eat this week with my boyfriend, family, and friends. It was the end of my school break and boyfriend is transitioning to a new job so we were a bit out of whack with spending on food. Usually we eat at home with our families more, but it was nice to go out and enjoy ourselves too. It was a super busy week for me too - which is the norm lately. I have a great community and social life here compared to the West Coast and I do not take that for granted. Trying to make myself more of a priority so I don’t burn out again, which is difficult for me.
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2023.06.08 02:52 Captainpaul81 A $28 Million Low-Income Apartment Complex Descends Into Chaos in Just Two and a Half Years

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2023.06.08 01:46 FluidConviction [HOUSING] Looking for an apartment on short notice

New landlord bought the building I've been living in and is raising the rent more than I can sustainably pay. So I need a new apartment. Any offers or advice appreciated. Thanks!
Details: I'm trying to get a one or two bedroom with as low cost as I can, because I'm not in a great financial situation. I'm moving now because I can't sustainably afford the rise in rent from $750 to $1500. So under $1000 preferably, but I could probably manage $1200 if pressed. Any more than that and, with utilities, it's going to end up more than I can sustainably pay long term. But I do have enough savings to cover rent and deposit immediately. And really, anywhere in the Phoenix valley is fine with me. I'm even looking at Tucson since rent seems to average a bit lower there.
Thanks, really, for any advice or offers.
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2023.06.08 01:34 Pitchy23 [Lore] Bandying Wicked Words with Witless Worms

1st Month, 161AC
Breakstone Hill
Against a din of hornblasts, the wide, reinforced doors cracked open as a pair of sentries marched into Breakstone’s main keep. The vast torch-lit chamber was the beating heart of Rickon Stark’s arduous campaign against the rebellious clans Wull and Liddle, and this morning it contained the man himself, stooped low over the central table. Vera Knott, the wisened widow of Clan Knott, sat by his left. To his right, Torrhen the Flint was engaged in deep debate with the bullish Herod Harclay, an overbearing man of meat and steel. Chief Pendel Pine sat nearby listening in. All heads turned to see the interruption, Rickon rising from his seat. The two young lads were beaten and windswept, but whole. The Stark fixed them with a gaze as they neared.
“What news from the pass?”
“Just like the Pines’ scouts said, commander.” The red-haired sentry reported. “Men are coming. Liddle’s colours in them, not covering their tracks. Riding straight for us.”
“An army?” Rickon pressed. “How many?”
“Not an army, no. Must only have been a dozen or two. Didn’t look to be raiders neither. Almost looked friendly.”
This was certainly an interesting development, and Rickon shared a glance with Torrhen Flint. In the months they had been fortifying Breakstone Hill, and securing the southern valleys and hills to establish a supply line, their foes had shown no peace. Wildling raids, hired mercenaries, desperate attacks were a weekly affair. Those clans and families that were downtrodden before had made their way to Breakstone, hundreds of lives had been lost, but it seemed that their foot-hold had become, now, an advantage.
“Could be a trick.” Alyn Wull, Rickon’s right-hand, suggested.
“Or could be some peace offer.” Old Nan Knott retorted.
“Either way. It is odd that Liddle men would come in such few numbers.” Rickon mused. “We must ride and meet them. Flint, gather twenty men and horses. Myself, the Harclay and the Pine will treat with these visitors. Alyn, you and Flint stay here, prepare a defense. If we do not return from this meeting, ride them down, find us.”
Flint simply nodded, and darted off. Whilst his presence here had been questioned and challenged at first by a hefty majority of these clansfolk, Rickon Stark’s authority was now absolute. He respected the leaders and it was returned. It made for a much more stable command, and he imagined this might have been how his father must have felt once.
It was a bitter wind that blew through the valley as Rickon first caught eye of Liddle and his escort. Tension fell on the air as one party crested a hill, and the other remained opposite them - two small forces of enemies only a bow-shot apart. Those few loyalists that had come with them to treat clutched at their axe handles, eager to fight. It was hard these days to find a single warrior who hadn’t lost a friend, a brother, a father or a son fighting against these rebels. But that is why we call it making peace, Rickon thought, we have to make peace with our enemies.
“Harclay, Pine, with me.” He spoke clearly, and trotted his horse on down the rocky hill. To their relief, only the riders detached from the opposing side, meeting their pace until the six men and their steeds could clearly see one another’s faces.
If this was the Liddle, he was everything that Rickon had imagined. The man squirmed in his saddle, worm-like, with a nasty brow and a scowl on his face. The type of man to kick a dog, then cower when it snarled. He approached with a bow of the head, and looked nervously to the heavily-armed man at Rickon’s side.
“Herod Harclay. Pendel Pine.” He indicated the men to either side, speaking with a tone as cold as ice. “And you know I am Rickon of House Stark. Son and heir of your lord, Cregan Stark, of Winterfell. Name yourself and your purpose. If it is anything less than surrender, I’ll be displeased.”
The lickspittle opposite curled his mouth into a smile, but not a pleasant one. “I am the Liddle. These are my sons.We bring news… good or bad, you decide.”
“Tell me.” Rickon commanded.
“The Wull is dead. Wildlings turned on him and his family. A bloodbath.” He spoke with disgust plastered on his face. “The hills are in ruins. I know we are enemies. But we seek your aid. Clan Liddle and Clan Wull bow to Clan Stark.”
Both Harclay and Pine were silent. No doubt each would have their own opinions ready to throw, own curses waiting to shout. There were many dead, on both sides. But there was a respect among the clans, their leader was not to be questioned in front of an adversary.
“If this is true,” Rickon began. “Why do you show no signs of battle? You and your sons look unharmed. Are you craven, or just lucky?”
While most lords or chiefs would balk or bluster at such an insult, the Liddle did not. “We were away when the attack happened. Much of my clan remains in our lands, fighting off the wildlings.We lost half our force.”
The man seemed pathetic and downhearted enough to believe, yet they were fighting against Liddle and Wull men only days past. This was either a clever trick, or a desperate plea. Either way, they would need some men. The time to move was now, and they'd better do it armed to the teeth. A show of force would scare this witless worm and his lackeys from trying anything stupid.
“We will aid you, Liddle, and what is left of clan Wull. But your sins decide that your life is forfeit. If you fight with honour by our side, you will be allowed to take the black and live the rest of your days in the watch to atone for your crimes against the north. If you try and cross me, or any of these good men, you’ll lose your head and be cursed forever. If you die in battle, then so be it, and may the gods look on you more favourably than I.”
“I..” He stammered. “I.. don’t know what to say. I don’t plan on dying. But we've nowhere else to go. Believe me, it wasn't my wish to come to you beggin'.”
"Well then make your camp out here. It looks like we fight as one." Rickon smirked. He'd need to return, and spend a day gathering his army. Flints, Pines, Harclays, Woods, Norreys, Knotts, a meager handful of Winterfell's men... They were stronger than ever, and it seemed that it was time to strike. Some of their strength would have to remain, to keep the peace here, and guard Breakstone against opportunists. Plus, the roads and valleys leading south were still unsafe. The rest would march, at the wolf's back, to finally bring peace to this forsaken set of rocks.
And, at last, I can go home. It was not often Rickon thought of such things, with so much conflict and doubt at his neck each day. *But now... I can almost taste it. Winterfell awaits."
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2023.06.07 22:01 KKshilling Making Your Next Career Move: Avoiding the Trap of False Actualization

Making Your Next Career Move: Avoiding the Trap of False Actualization
“The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it.” – Carl Jung
The American culture around work and education emphasizes performance over purpose. Instead of encouraging children to welcome their idiosyncrasies and to deeply embrace the things they find innate joy and talent in, we enforce conformity.
Standardized tests, standardized courses, and standardized degrees produce standardized kids who go on to become standardized adults.
Over the course of two decades, a spirited child full of creativity and wonder is gone, replaced by a drone that’s proficient in Excel macros. It’s great for a vibrant economy, yet it comes at the expense of individual expression.
Nonetheless, our childlike spirit remains in us, trapped under layers of societal conditioning that have drawn us so far away from ourselves that we’ve lost touch with our inborn interests and who we once were.
Yet, it pings at us from time to time throughout our young adult lives, and into the depths of our careers. It’s a dull yet persistent sense that something is not quite right.
This is a common outcome for many of our culture’s brightest minds. So many of us struggle to find a greater sense of meaning, fulfillment, or validation in our work. Although it feels like we need to attain more to be satisfied, that’s a conflation of the feeling. The ping from our soul that something isn’t right is the dormant child inside of us asking to be let loose.
So, how do you avoid the trap of successful-yet-not-fulfilled? How do you design a life that activates the needs and desires you had as a child? How can you think through this intentionally before it’s too late?
Using my own career as an example, I’ll walk through a popular model of human needs and describe how to apply it to making more meaningful career decisions. You’ll see how easy it is to fall into the trap of what I call False Actualization.
By the end, you’ll have hopefully gut-checked yourself before making the next move down a potentially incorrect career path.
And, I hope, find your way back to doing something that speaks to your innermost needs.

Maslow and his Hierarchy of Needs

American psychologist Abraham Maslow is responsible for one of the earliest and most contemplated models for understanding human needs: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It spurred the creation of many other models for meaning since it was first introduced.
There’s something about it that hits home, not only with the clinicians in the world of positive psychology but for the average person seeking a framework to understand their feelings of meaninglessness.
As such, I’m going to use this model as the centerpiece for demonstrating the prior missteps I made with my own career.
First, let’s do a quick refresh of the model. Maslow’s theory attempts to categorize a broad set of human needs and their relative hierarchy to one another and has commonly been visualized as a stacked pyramid (even though Maslow didn’t create such a visualization himself).

  • Physiological. We first need to fulfill our basic physiological needs that account for our species-level survival, such as food, sleep, and sex.
  • Safety. Secondly, we must also feel safe and have conditions that ensure our ongoing safety. This is especially true for children.
  • Love. If both the physiological and safety needs are well met, then love, affection, and belonging needs will emerge.
  • Esteem. People need a stable, firmly-held, high evaluation of themselves and others. First, we desire strength, achievement, adequacy, independence, and freedom. Then, we desire reputation, prestige, recognition, attention, importance, or appreciation.
  • Self-Actualization. Even if all the aforementioned needs are met, some individuals may develop discontent or restlessness about their lives. These individuals need to actualize their unique potential and capabilities.
An essential aspect of Maslow’s theory is that each type of need can occupy a different position in the human psyche at any time. For example, all other needs fade into the background when basic physiological needs are not met, such as a person dying of dehydration or starvation.
On the other hand, when all physiological needs are consistently fulfilled, the need for Love or Esteem can take center stage as physiological needs drift into the background of consciousness.

I like to think of the sequence of needs falling into two broad categories: Survive and Thrive. The bottom of the pyramid houses the essentials for an organism to survive. Above those are the needs that lead to a subjective sense of thriving and fulfillment beyond basic survival.
The purpose of this post is to examine the tradeoffs that we make within the zone of thriving as we push deeper into our careers.

Applying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to Your Career

We can think of our careers relative to Maslow’s hierarchy. As an example, when we begin our careers, many of us are focused on fulfilling our basic Physiological and Safety needs.
When I was 21, I got my first full-time job. It didn’t pay much. I earned $18,000 per year and had $30,000 in student debt. Consequently, survival was a primary need at the forefront of my psyche. I needed to have enough money for rent, food to eat, and enough left over after those needs to slowly chip away at my student loans.
The debt overhang felt like a threat to my safety as an organism so getting my net worth out of negative territory was a fundamental safety need for me. Consequently, that became the primary thrust of my career in its early days.

After 5 years of working hard and squirreling away money, I managed to pay off my debt and establish some career momentum. That translated into a sense of security, which made room for a new set of needs to take center stage in my psyche during the next leg of my career push.
But as my career grew, so too did the demands of the job. In turn, this changed which needs were met, and which were neglected.
I call this the demand dimension.
While some jobs allow the separation of your work and life into two separate realms, others require a near-complete integration of the two, like being the CEO or an early employee of a growing startup. These are demanding positions that typically make it difficult for your life not to be dominated by work.
When I was VP and President at Wealthfront, my Safety and Physiological needs were more than compensated for, and my Esteem needs were met due to the prestige that accompanied the position.
However, my Love and Self-Actualization needs were majorly neglected due to soaring career demands.

After several years of putting Esteem needs above other needs, I was paying the price spiritually and emotionally.
This may look familiar to you: it’s typical for high-achievers entering mid-career. Disproportionately high work demands will come at the expense of your other needs.
As Maslow stated, each need may occupy a different position in your psyche at any point in time. It’s essential to understand this attribute instead of thinking that each need on the ladder of needs is a box to be checked. And, once checked, it is perpetually satisfied.
That is not the case. Rather, the needs in the hierarchy tend to trade off with one another, especially when one need is heavily emphasized versus the others.
Perhaps this is at the heart of why active duty military members have the highest divorce rate of any profession in the country, with a divorce rate twice the national average. Members of the military relinquish many of the freedoms that civilians have and face stressful or traumatizing situations regularly.
These situations place significant stress on their relationships. Love, Esteem, and Self-Actualization needs can fall by the wayside in exchange for serving the country.
For many high-achievers, the need for respect, admiration, and achievement can swoop in and occupy the psyche once physiological and safety needs are met. However, it’s important to anticipate the unintended consequences of a rapid and primary focus on meeting Esteem needs.
I have a very close friend that works in tech who once said, “I have zero desire to become an executive. It looks awful. I’d like to make it to Director level, at most, and stay there for as long as possible.”
I deeply respected this, because it highlighted an approach to a more balanced life. He already felt respected and appreciated at work, and would rather have more space to fulfill his love needs with friends, family, hobbies, and more.
His pyramid probably looks something more like this:

His career demands are still high, but he stops himself short of demands that consume other aspects of his life. As a result, he’s one of the most emotionally stable and fulfilled friends I know in the technology industry.
You, too, can have the same. Unfortunately, within the ultra-competitive tech world, high-achievers are often enticed to keep climbing up and up, only to then fall into disrepair once they realize how many of their other needs beyond Esteem may be neglected.

The Trap of False Actualization

“You'll be told in a hundred ways, some subtle and some not, to keep climbing, and never be satisfied with where you are, who you are, and what you're doing. There are a million ways to sell yourself out, and I guarantee you'll hear about them.” – Bill Waterson, Cartoonist and Creator of Calvin and Hobbes
If you’ve been conditioned over decades to follow linear paths of success, you may be prone to going down a path of achievement that is not your own.
Self-Actualization is not the same as achievement. Achievement is typically defined by external measures and expectations from others.
Self-actualization, on the other hand, is not measured according to the opinions of others. It is becoming your authentic self and realizing the full spectrum of your unique interests and capabilities. The end result of self-actualization may be external success, but that’s an unintended consequence, not the objective.
A child may have natural math ability but not actually enjoy math. Still, their teacher or parents may push them to accelerate further in math simply because they are good at it, or because it’s “necessary for success.”
However, that child may be better off in the long run by pursuing literature and writing if those align with the child’s own subjective view of fulfillment and meaning.
I fell quite easily into the trap of False Actualization, which is defined as the path to success based on others’ expectations of you, but not what you genuinely want for yourself.
I was a straight-A student, went to a great college, built a great career, and made great money.
And then I was miserable. That wasn’t the outcome I expected.
Eventually, I understood why. I had succeeded over and over again at doing things others expected of me, a pattern that had been internalized from a very early age. Truthfully, I didn’t enjoy a lot of the work I did. Still, I suppressed the unhappiness and continued onward.
In colloquial terms, False Actualization means that you’ve climbed to the top of someone else’s ladder.
This happens when smart people in Silicon Valley are hellbent on starting a company because that’s the most prestigious thing one can do. It happens when ladder-climbers are determined to become high-ranking high-paid executives without asking “is this what I truly want?
It’s the continuation of the process of standardizing humans that began early in our lives.
I know about this because I have been one of those ladder climbers. At Wealthfront, I was promoted three times in three years. Had I not had a heart attack scare, I would have been on track to be promoted again to CEO — the fourth time in four years.
This is a high-achiever on auto-pilot. I was on auto-pilot headed toward false actualization. I said yes to each new role because I didn’t want to disappoint others, and the esteem was compelling.
By the end of that long journey, my hierarchy looked like this:

I was held in high regard and proud of myself for what I had accomplished, yet I was emotionally, spiritually, and physically bankrupt.
Because I went through all of this, I discovered that there is a better way of doing things.

Avoid the Path of False Actualization: Find Your Model for Meaning

During a recent trip to Northern Thailand, I met a farmer that was a practicing Buddhist. During our conversation, he said something simple but critically important for anyone searching for meaning.
“Everyone wants to get to Bangkok. The problem is that people try to follow other people’s roads to Bangkok. You must find your own road to Bangkok.”
His catchy metaphor is the antidote to False Actualization. You must spend time carving your own path that provides you with your own internal sense of meaning and fulfillment.
Self-Actualization is the output of finding your own way to Bangkok.
For one person, meaning may come through manual labor that pays the bills enough that their family is well-fed and secure. For another person, meaning may come from ditching the rat race to set out on their own path in life separate from the masses, which is my chosen path. Others derive a great sense of meaning by being part of a once-in-a-generation company doing inspiring work, happy to play a small part in a purpose they wouldn’t be able to fulfill on their own.
The question remains: how do I find my authentic purpose so that I avoid False Actualization?
I’ll share my personal process, which I pulled together from various pieces of spiritual wisdom. It involves the following:
  1. Use Spiritual Autolysis to Examine (and Discard) False Beliefs
  2. Protect the Mind to Avoid Toxic New Beliefs from Entering
  3. Develop a Practice That Provides the Heartbeat for Your Life

Examine (and Discard) False Beliefs

Jed McKenna, the pseudonymous author behind the Spiritual Enlightenment Trilogy, coined the term Spiritual Autolysis. Autolysis in biology means to “digest itself”, so it refers in this context to relentlessly assessing all of your existing beliefs to understand what is true.
Ultimately, this is a process to break down and discard old beliefs that are no longer serving you. As Jed McKenna put it:
"Here's all you need to know to become enlightened: Sit down, shut up, and ask yourself what's true until you know. That's it. That's the whole deal - a complete teaching of enlightenment, a complete practice. If you ever have any questions or problems - no matter what the question or problem is - the answer is always exactly the same: Sit down, shut up, and ask yourself what's true until you know."
Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements also provides a repeatable method for Spiritual Autolysis. I’ve taken the approach laid out in his book and adapted it to this particular challenge:
  • Understand your beliefs and where they came from
  • Practice eliminating those beliefs
  • Practice adopting new beliefs
  • Try your best every day
To kickstart the autolysis of your beliefs regarding work and building a career, start with the following questions. Pick one, sit down, shut up, and whittle it down until you find what is true.
  • What is the purpose of a career?
  • What does “success” mean in a career?
  • How much does money matter to me and what would I use a lot of money for?
  • Should I work until I die, or should I not?
  • What do I think of the concept of work-life balance?
  • What did my teachers often tell me about careers?
  • What messages did my parents give me about a career?
  • What do careers look like in different parts of the world?
  • What have careers looked like at different points in human history?
  • What role does a career play in my overall life fulfillment?
  • How have my friends influenced my career decisions?
  • How have my bosses influenced my career decisions?
When I went through this process, I underestimated the depths of the delusion I was living.
The financial insecurity I felt as an adult had its origin in the financial insecurity I felt as a child in a low-income family that went through bankruptcy. This realization helped me shed false beliefs still present in my adulthood that I needed to make more money in order to be safe and secure.
Examining, and then discarding, this belief set me free from sacrificing my physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being in pursuit of yet another unnecessary paycheck.
I also realized the insanity that is the American ideal around retirement. It was no longer true to me that the American way was the only way to work.
Japanese wisdom has a different approach known as Ikigai, which roughly translates to “a reason for being.” Retirement has no place within this ancient system for living a fulfilling life. Carriers of Japanese heritage understood that our lives are cut short when we have no reason for being.
Instead of destroying ourselves with overwork until the age of 65 so that we can fall purposelessly into the grave, we can instead find work that satisfies our soul and feels delighted to do so until we take our Big Sleep.
These are just a few of the false truths I was able to deprogram myself away from via Spiritual Autolysis.

Protect the Mind to Avoid Toxic Beliefs From Entering

The second step in my method is about preventing fast food information from entering your mind – which is most of the highly processed information you receive each day. Your mind is already full of many harmful beliefs because you were brought up in a world that indoctrinated you with information before you had awareness and a choice.
Whereas Spiritual Autolysis helps break those beliefs down and get rid of them, this next step is about preventing more bad ideas from taking root in your mind.
The first step I recommend is getting rid of all junk sources of information. Or, if you can’t get rid of them entirely, use whatever tools are available to filter out most of the noise.
For me, that meant all non-work social media and cable TV news had to go. Unless I can hear directly from the source, I ignore the information. Once you’ve limited the firehose of junk food information, continue to listen critically to everything that you hear.
There’s a reason I only follow just a few accounts on Twitter. One is an account that posts pictures of dogs, the other is a non-profit that I’m on the board of that helps military veterans, and another is Mike Tyson, who has undergone one of the most beautiful spiritual and emotional transformations in recent history.
I try to ignore everything else because, at best, it’s second-hand information. The vast majority of public information has been rinsed, washed, and processed as much as the American diet. To understand what is true for you, you need to create enough space to listen and observe for yourself. Most of what we consume is the noise that prevents us from accessing that signal.

Develop a Practice That Provides the Heartbeat for Your Life

The life you envision for yourself doesn’t happen because you think hard enough about it. The life you desire unfolds as the result of daily practice.
As the psychotherapist Eric Fromm once said, “The first step to take is to become aware that love is an art, just as living is an art... we must proceed in the same way we have to proceed if we want to learn any other art, say music, painting, carpentry, or the art of medicine or engineering."
I implemented two types of practices in my life. I call them Type 1 and Type 2 Changes.
Type 1 Changes refer to the primary pillars of your life: where you live, the type of work you do, your friendships, romantic relationships, family relationships, diet and exercise, sleep, and any other major affiliations such as a religious practice. These are big rocks where new practices may need to be established.
Type 2 Changes are the small rocks. These are the incidentals that fill out a daily routine, such as the use of a meditation app for a brief morning meditation, fitness trackers to count daily steps, etc.
Most people who are hungry for a change in their life tend to dabble in Type 2 Changes while avoiding Type 1 Changes. This is another big trap.
Type 1 Changes have made the largest and most sustained impact on my sense of peace and fulfillment.
I moved away from a stressful city. I quit a stressful and unfulfilling career. I dropped old friends that were not supportive of my new life direction. I picked up participation in a 12-steps program so that I could be around others that were working hard to transform themselves. And now I’ve shifted my career focus to helping others after stockpiling enough savings from my prior work.
I also use Type 2 tools. I have a habit tracker app that helps me stick to a daily routine to log exercise, sugar, and processed food consumption, morning meditations, nighttime journaling, and pleasure reading.
Both types of change are part of my practice. Some are small, daily patterns. Others are monolithic shifts. The magic is found in the combination of both and you must be willing to combine both types of changes if you want a substantial and lasting shift in your overall sense of well-being.

Make Your Next Move

If you already feel in alignment and fulfilled by your current life, keep it up!
But if you’re nodding along while reading, or feeling the ping that something’s not quite right, it may be time for you to listen inward.
Take the sabbatical you’ve been putting off over and over again. Carve out time in your schedule to do the creative project that you’ve put on the back burner. Stop seeking career advice from others. Talk to people that live very different lives than you do. Travel to parts of the world where making a lot of money and having high-profile careers aren’t part of the cultural lexicon. Don’t stop until you discover your own road to Bangkok.
Charles Bukowski captured the spirit of this best when he said, “Find what you love and let it kill you.”
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2023.06.07 21:49 Ok-Owl3962 Qualifying for a Navy Federal Credit Union car loan as both a home owner and a renter at the same time with disability income and self employed income. Trans Union credit score 729

Qualifying for a Navy Federal Credit Union car loan as both a home owner and a renter at the same time with disability income and self employed income. Trans Union credit score 729
Hello, so I wanted to share my experience with you all on qualifying for a car loan with Navy Federal Credit Union. I’ll try to provide as much detail as possible.
So I am a home owner but I put my home up for rent and I am renting an apartment now myself. I did this to save money and because my interest rate on my home is very low and I didn’t want to give up my home with such a low interest rate when I decided to move to a different state. My reported income which includes VA disability pay and self employment pay comes out to $57,900 tax free per year. When I applied for the car loan I didn’t report the extra income that I make for having my home on rent and I didn’t report my home loan payment under mortgage or rental payment on the application. I only reported my apartment rental payment since that’s where I’m currently living. They accepted the application and didn’t ask me any questions about the mortgage payment.
I applied for a $40,000 loan with a $1,000 dollar down payment so I was approved for a total of $39,000 towards the purchase of my new vehicle. During the application process they asked me for a copy of my VA Disability pay award letter but they didn’t ask me for any paystubs for my self employment. They did however ask me for the most recent bank statement with my bank (Wells Fargo). It’s important to note that I have a checking account with NFCU but no direct deposit for any pay as of the writing of this post and they still approved my car loan. I became a member about 1 1/2 months ago and I don’t know what my internal score with NFCU is at the moment.
I chose to get a 2023 Honda CRV Sport Hybrid. The dealer sold it to me at MSRP of $34,150 but with documentation fees, taxes, and registration fees the total jumped up to $38,211. I purchased the CRV with zero dealer add ons to the CRV so I feel like I got a decent deal on the vehicle.
I decided to get a maintenance plan for oil changes and tire rotations from the dealer for $995 plus a paint and interior protection deal for $300 from the dealer. I also chose to get GAP insurance through Navy Federal which is much more affordable than getting it through the dealer. The flat fee that NFCU charges for GAP is $399 which was added on to the total price of the CRV with the maintenance plan and paint protection plan.
After my down payment the total came out to $38,610.40 at a 6.04% interest rate for 72 months. I plan on paying down the car very aggressively and hopefully I can have it payed within 3 years at the most. I hope this helps anyone who is planning on applying for a car loan with NF and is in a similar situation as me.
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2023.06.07 20:55 my_lucid_nightmare Portland: A $28 Million Low-Income Apartment Complex Descends Into Chaos in Just Two and a Half Years

Portland: A $28 Million Low-Income Apartment Complex Descends Into Chaos in Just Two and a Half Years submitted by my_lucid_nightmare to seattlehobos [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 20:52 ComprehensiveFan408 [Tenant-US-IL] what are my options to continue lease?

Hi there! So recently, my ex took he and his dad off the lease of our shared apartment. The property management cancelled the renewal agreement and they essentially told me the only way I could be a continued tenant is if I resubmit and application, provide proof of income and credit check. I got a scholarship that covers $1500 for my living cost year round plus my PT jobs income of $1400. The rent is $1275. My credit score dropped to 640 because I missed a CC payment :(… do you think my odds to be continued here are high? We paid every month on time before but the only reason we got it in the first place was because his dads credit score. I don’t want to resubmit an application if my chances to continue are low.
Edit: the $1500 I get is monthly!
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2023.06.07 20:33 girl_from_the_crypt Stuck on earth and looking for a job: burning plastic

Side by side, we continued on our path, skirting through the lower section of the factory. After my initial shock, my heart rate had slowed to a healthier pace again. Frankie had assured me that his old boss most likely hadn’t heard us (“She used to have her earbuds in all the time with the volume cranked way up—you couldn’t have gotten her attention if you’d tried”), but we still considered it prude to move forward at a more hurried pace.
We soon came to the conclusion that we would have to go up one of the outside staircases. Frankie admitted in humiliation that his memories of the factory weren’t as accurate as he’d thought—either that or FunFlair had made a few changes to the building. The upper floor containers all had glass doors, presenting us with a sticky problem. If we were to go up there directly, we’d probably be spotted immediately.
“This warrants a change of plans,” I declared soberly, keeping my voice low. “We’ll have to knock her out, then.”
Frankie whimpered.
“Wouldn’t you like that?” I prompted. “I’d be the one to do it, of course.”
“Ye-es.” He shuddered. “It’d be satisfactory for sure, but that’s only assuming nothing goes wrong.”
“She can hardly be stronger than I am.”
“No. I guess not. She, uh… yeah.”
“Let’s go, then.” I offered an encouraging smile as I started leading the way back outside.
We rounded the container with the lights on inside, ascending the metal grate staircase connected to it. Every step carried us closer towards the light. Just before the door fully came into view, I turned to Frankie one last time. “Are you alright? This’ll be it in a moment.”
He made another chew-toy sound.
“Fran, what is it? If you know something I don’t about what might happen in there…”
“She shouldn’t see me,” he squeaked out. “I can’t control myself around her.”
“I don’t understand; did you two use to be an item?”
“No! No, no, no. I can’t explain it any other way. She can make me do things I don’t want,” he told me, his tone growing in desperation.
“It’d take too long to explain now, it’s… it’s really very complicated. Please, can you do it without me? I can’t go up there after all, I’m so sorry but I can’t…”
I sighed, leaning in to put my arms around him. “It’s okay,” I whispered into his hair. “I’ll do it. Wait here.”
“I’m so, so sorry, Eva. I swear I’ll make it up to you. This is the last time I’ll ask something like this of you.”
“I doubt it,” I replied. “But it’s okay.” I drew back, reluctantly letting go of him. “For now, it’s okay.” I continued marching up the stairs. Behind the glass door, a feminine figure in a black rubber apron came into view. She seemed to be nimbly skirting around another operating table, this one occupied by a fully formed, petite doll. Now or never. I reached for the doorhandle, pushed it down and crossed the threshold in a single, large step. I slammed the door shut behind my back, drawing the attention of the woman.
She looked up at me, her eyes widening in shock behind her thick glasses. With a swipe of her slender fingers, she removed her earbuds, dropping them into her pocket.
“Are you Philomena Wallis?” I asked.
For a split second, she appeared to be too stunned to speak. Her pale face was framed by messy strands of jet-black hair that had worked their way out of her long ponytail. When she broke from her silence, she spoke with an irritatingly pearly voice. “Who’s asking?”
“A former delivery girl. Well, are you?”
“I am. I don’t understand; I-I’ve never seen you before… How did you end up here? What do you want?”
I took in a deep breath. I glanced over at the door, inwardly cursing myself for what I was about to ask her. “I need to know what you did to Frankie Preston.”
For a couple seconds, silence reigned. The other woman was staring at me with knotted brows. “I don’t know who you’re talking about,” she said finally.
“About yay high—,” I raised my hand above my head, “slightly built, blond curly hair, dreamy smile…”
Philomena narrowed her eyes. I cleared my throat, holding her gaze. Then a look of cold comprehension settled on her features. “Oh my god,” she muttered. “Holy shit… hold on.” She turned around, pulling up a photo on her computer. “Is that him?”
I cautiously stepped closer to get a better look, only to shrink back slightly. It was, indeed, a picture of Fran. He was entirely naked in it, lying on a table similar to the one I was standing in front of now, his wrists and ankles locked in restraints. His neck was craned, his face averted. The camera had caught him mid-motion, a blur around his head visually conveying a kind of violence in the movement. I couldn’t bear to look at it any longer. Instead, I moved closer to the doll on Philomena’s table, taking her in fully. Another blonde—her hair was straight, though. Her body was exaggeratedly curvy, her face delicate and fawn. Speechless, I locked eyes with Philomena from across the room again. She gave me a light shrug. “You look like you need some time for this to sink in,” she remarked, drawing out the words. “I take it you didn’t have all the information previously.”
“That’s okay,” I replied. “I think I get it now.” My head felt empty, my own voice seemingly echoing back and forth between my ears.
“So, you know my prototype,” she stated, confusion and disbelief mixing in her tone. “He told you how to get here, then?”
“In a way.”
“And you came here to find out,” she concluded. “There’s not much I can tell you that you haven’t figured out by now. We wanted to create the most detailed doll there was. He was our first attempt. I started developing him back in the late nineties as just a hopeful pet project. I kept adding more functions as time went on, though, and he turned into an insanely lucrative prospect. I wanted him to be able to move and dance and mimic an airflow, and it worked out better than I’d ever expected. So he can do a lot of things, but I never intended for him to have any sensory awareness or to talk… I have no idea how that happened. It just did. One day, I turned him on and he simply looked at me. There was something different about his eyes, and I knew right away he wasn’t the same as before. And then of course he spoke.”
A shudder ran through her entire upper body at the memory. “I have no idea how. None of us did at the time. He had no recorded voice lines or anything of the sort. And yet, he opened up his mouth and there was just… words coming out, like.” She shook her head in bewilderment at the memory. “After I got over the initial shock, I realized how big of a problem this was. He was telling me to stay away from him; he wouldn’t do a thing I told him anymore. There was my best invention in the entire field yet, rebelling like a teenager. When I tried to get him back in line, he got physical, too. Thrashed around like crazy. One of my assistants ended up concussed because that thing threw him down a flight of stairs. So we had to put an end to that, as well.”
A faint feeling of nausea seeped into the pit of my stomach, strengthening by the second. “What did you do?”
“Well, we had to take him apart, of course! And put him back together. Wash, rinse, repeat. We kept trying to figure out what was wrong with him, or at least to find a way to stop his babbling and hitting people. We didn’t, though. We managed to control his outbursts, though. He was made to react to voice commands, but obviously, that wasn’t working anymore. So after the umpteenth time we rebuilt him, we managed to make it so he couldn’t physically attack people. Don’t ask me about the finer details of his programming; the process was beyond tedious. Anyways, he kept talking and moving around on his own even afterwards. He’d only listen to what we told him occasionally and even then, he’d mouth off. We didn’t want to discard all the progress we’d made, though. He was still an incredibly well-made doll, even if he was… apparently possessed and sentient.
“We built two more like him. We tried harder with their faces seeing as that of the prototype had fallen very far into the uncanny valley. They turned out great, perfectly shaped and working smoothly. Their development took a lot less time than that of the prototype. Once we were sure they were all good, we started talking about destroying the first one. We’d kept him locked up in the meantime, but the little fucker kept on breaking out. We’d literally cuff him to the wall and moments later, he’d come up behind me and scare me half to death. He was becoming a bigger nuisance every day. We were set on taking him apart a final time, but before we could, he disappeared. He’d destroyed all our equipment he’d gotten his hands on, stolen unnameable sums from our online banking accounts—Lord knows how he did that—and worst of all, he somehow managed to… activate the two new builds. He destroyed most of the cameras, but the footage that was left clearly showed them walking around with him. And that’s that.” She palmed her forehead. “How did he get away from the people I sent after him?”
“Largely with my help.”
“Huh. So who are you?”
“Still just a former delivery girl.” Shrugging off my jacket, I made room for my extra limbs to breach my skin, simultaneously opening my mouth as my teeth morphed into fangs.
Philomena watched my transformation almost disaffectedly. Her steps as she carried herself over to her operating table however nearly faltered. Before I could advance on her, she’d cupped the sleeping dolls cheeks, causing the limp body to spring to life. The mannequin’s head jerked up along with her torso. In several clipped, mechanical movements, she slid off the surface, placing her naked feet on the floor. Her eyes flew open, fixing me with an empty glare.
“I don’t know what the fuck you are or what you want from me,” Philomena began, “but I’ve got weak nerd arms. So have fun dealing with this instead.”
I shrank back a step, the memory of Frankie picking me up like I weighed nothing fresh in my mind. Phil pressed her lips to the side of the puppet’s face, whispering something I couldn’t make out before quickly drawing aside. Before I could do so much as blink, the doll was upon me, crossing the distance between us in one impressive leap. She toppled me over, instantly reaching for my throat. I batted her cold, rubbery hands away, then pried her off of me with all my might. Using two of my tentacles, I flung her aside, sending her crashing into a shelf in the corner. Not wasting another second, I lunged at Wallis, delivering a blow to her head that sent her staggering. She sank back against her desk and I lashed out at her once more, briefly shutting my eyes to spare myself the sight of her face connecting squarely with the wooden surface as I bashed her down on against it.
She fell limp, and while I wasn’t sure if she was still breathing or not, I didn’t take the time to check. Her puppet was rising to her feet again, striding towards me in a vacantly determined fashion. I whirled around, bursting through the door and taking two steps at once. Frankie was waiting for me at the bottom of the metal staircase, his face falling when he caught my expression.
“Knocked her out,” I gasped. “We have a problem, though.”
Fran looked up at the glass door, the hinges of which were already groaning under the pressure of the mannequin throwing herself against it from the inside. With a sharp crack, a tear began to grow on the thick pane, and Frankie cursed loudly. “Get away from here!” he hollered, nudging me into the general direction of the woods. “I doused everything I could find down here,” he explained quickly. “If Phil’s out, I’ll do her room, too.”
“What about the—”
“Never you mind that! I can hold her off no problem.”
“I won’t—”
“You literally took out the one thing holding me back,” he insisted. “I’m not letting you get hurt out here. Just wait for me over by the trees.”
I still wouldn’t budge, so he grabbed a bunch of my tentacles and used them to turn me around. “Get your cute-ass face out of here, Sunshine!”
I started running, albeit reluctantly. A loud crashing noise rang out from behind me as the door burst under Phil’s puppet’s onslaught, but I forced myself to keep from turning around. Ignoring the searing hot feeling of panic raging inside my chest, I carried myself further and further away from the scene, only stopping when I reached the treeline. There, pressing myself up against the rough bark of the nearest trunk just to ground myself, I resigned to staring at the containers. I couldn’t see the waiter from where I was standing, but my eyes remained trained on the factory. They were gradually drying out, but despite the pain, I kept them wide open. I didn’t dare to blink.
For several minutes, all was still. The only sound I could hear was the frantic beating of my own heart and my pulse thrumming in my ears. Then, all of a sudden, inferno broke loose. Bright flames started to spread from around the sides of the building, quickly rising high into the sky. Crackling and roaring, they soon enveloped the entire site, lighting up the rooms behind the formerly dark windows. And emerging from the fire like a bird of myth came Frankie Preston. He was running, but with a light spring in his step that almost made it look like he was dancing.
He came to a halt in front of me, lifting his head to meet my gaze. His expression was difficult to read. It still looked empty, but in a different way. In a good way. “Hi,” he began.
The firelight was bouncing off his curls and playing on his thick lashes, putting a reddish glint into his eyes. “You’re beautiful,” I added.
He drew in a little closer. No gasp preceded his smile. “Thanks.”
“How are you feeling?”
“I, uh… I don’t know yet.” He glanced between me and the burning containers.
“Okay. Take your time.” I stretched my arms and rolled my shoulders, shrugging my additional limbs back into the inside of my body.
“Say, where do they go when you don’t have them out?” Frankie asked with a raised brow.
“I never know.”
“Hm.” He turned to stand at my side. At first, his knuckles merely grazed mine, then he flipped his hand to link his fingers with mine. I briefly smiled at his profile, then went back to admiring the flames.
“Do you think the whole woods are gonna burn down?”
“Probably not,” he replied, shrugging. “Though that would be pretty cool…” He trailed off when I shot him a reprimanding look. “Yeah, yeah, we can call the fire fighters or whatever. Later, though, alright?”
I rested my head against the side of his arm. “Sure. Later.”
For a couple minutes, neither of us spoke. The only sound was the steady crackling and occasional thump as bit by bit, the structure collapsed. “So, um… this is pretty amazing,” Fran said in a low voice. “I mean, it’s not like I’ve never been happy before; my life’s kind of had its ups and downs, it’s just that this is better than any up there’s been so far. I guess I’m just really grateful and you ought to know that.”
“Don’t worry, I know.” I paused. “Can we get out of here? The place is starting to stink.”
He nodded agreeably and we turned our backs on the scene, only for our retreat to be abruptly stopped by a garbled, drawn-out screech. We spun around in perfect synchronicity. I couldn’t stop myself from letting out a sharp cry of shock. From the burning wreckage, a figure dragged itself forth on her hands. Philomena’s puppet had suffered immense damage in the fire. Her skin, obviously not made to withstand extreme heat, was melting off her face like molten candle wax. The wires that were bared beneath gave off angry sparks. She couldn’t seem to get up anymore, her legs were beyond repair and her movements overall were getting more and more arduous. She dug her fingers into the ground, pulling her body across the forest floor in slow, pained jerks.
“What the fuck? I thought I switched her off,” Frankie uttered beside me, sounding just as terrified as I felt.
“What do we do?” I exhaled the words in a single quick breath, unable to take my eyes off the doll.
“I got no idea… I-I don’t wanna deal with this…”
“We need to help her or something, she’s—she’s awake!” Before I could say anything else, the doll had emerged from the blaze. Rolling around, she managed to quench the remaining flames, pressing the dirt and leaves into her own dripping, melting body. Finally, she started trying to push herself up into a sitting position, only to fail miserably. I took a slow, tentative step towards her twitching form. Her face was contorted into a nightmarish grimace, and she let out an incomprehensible gurgle upon noticing me approaching. She reached out a mangled hand and I stumbled backwards before she could grab my ankle.
Despite the heat, beads of cold, fearful sweat were running down my face. I had no idea what to do. “We can’t leave her,” I said, my throat bone-dry. “There’s something in there, she’s not like before.”
Fran let out an exasperated, long-suffering sigh. “Is there any use in arguing?”
“Don’t be so cold.”
“Aren’t you used to it by now?”
I turned to look at him over my shoulder. He met my gaze and I could see something in his features change or perhaps even soften. He threw his head back, then pulled out his phone. “This is gonna ruin my night, but fine. I’m calling that insufferable news lady.”
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20: olms and Jewels
21: long hair
22: recruitment
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24: dollhouse
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2023.06.07 20:16 CalmGains All you need to know about today's earnings

Here on /GME I'm sure all of you guys are watching GameStop (GME) stock today, as the video game retailer will report its first-quarter fiscal 2023 earnings after the market close. Despite demonstrating some impressive growth over the past month, the stock has struggled to retain momentum.
However, if the company can beat Wall Street’s modest expectations, GME stock has a chance to rise. Given its meme stock status, GameStop tends to garner skepticism from experts, even on its best days. As InvestorPlace’s Eddie Pan reports, institutional sentiment toward GME remains mixed, even as the stock has risen since Q1. Additionally, Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates recently divested from its GameStop position, generating further uncertainty.
Not that long ago, CEO Matt Furlong released a letter to shareholders, detailing the company’s plan and focus for the year.
“In fiscal 2022, GameStop’s operating environment dramatically changed due to the onset of inflation, rising interest rates and macro headwinds,” said Furlong. “Rather than stand still, we pivoted to cutting costs, optimizing inventory and enhancing the customer experience.”
That’s exactly what the company has been doing. In Europe, for example, GameStop has placed an emphasis on cutting costs by initiating exits and partial wind-downs. GameStop has also focused on forming partnerships with other retail and gaming companies in order to accelerate efficient top-line growth. To drive revenue, the company has explored building market share in high-margin related businesses, like collectibles and toys.
Now, with earnings coming up, investors will get a preview of GameStop’s cost-cutting efforts. This is not the type of post you wanna skip onto the tl;dr portion. These details are going to be key, so let's get into it.
For the quarter, analyst have forecasted revenue of $1.358 billion, which would imply a year-over-year (YoY) decline of 1.45% and a quarter-over-quarter decline of about 39%. During the past few years, Q4 has been a strong quarter for GameStop, likely due to the holiday season. This can explain the quarter-over-quarter decline.
Meanwhile, adjusted net income is expected to be a loss of $36 million, while adjusted EPS is expected to be a loss of 12 cents. Analyst believe that GAAP EPS will be a loss of 15 cents. A year ago, GameStop reported an adjusted net income loss of $158 million and an adjusted EPS loss of 52 cents.
Just as important, if not more important, than earnings is guidance. For the second quarter, analysts have forecasted revenue of $1.155 billion, which reflects YOY growth of 1.67% and a quarterly decline of about 15%. Adjusted net income is expected to be a loss of $62 million, which would equate to an adjusted EPS loss of 21 cents.
For the full year of 2023, analysts believe that revenue will be $5.908 million, down by 0.33% YoY. Adjusted net income is expected to be a loss of $91 million, while adjusted EPS is expected to be a loss of 30 cents.
Things to Note: Short Selling Ban
GameStop fans have been watching closely for updates on a pending short selling ban. If regulators successfully enact a policy that prohibits the practice of short selling, it may put an end to some of GameStop’s problems, as it is a popular target for short sellers.
GameStop management will likely address the potential short-selling ban during the June 7 earnings call, offering insights as to how they will handle operations if the bill becomes a law.
Things to Note: Plans for Web.3.0 Gaming
In 2022, GameStop turned plenty of heads when it ventured into the world of NFTs. You know, those fungus tokens or whatever? Hype around this controversial commodity has since died down, but the company still is digitally innovating.
It recently announced a partnership with the Telos Foundation to integrate blockchain technology into its “upcoming Web3 game launcher.” This new development certainly has the potential to bolster GME stock if executed correctly. This foray into Web 3.0 will likely also be a point of focus during the earnings call, as investors will want to know the company’s plans for scaling its new launcher and improving the gaming experience through blockchain. Additionally, it may also mean updates on GameStop’s NFT marketplace and its impact on the company’s profitability.
Why GameStop Could Go Parabolic
Last quarter, GameStop caught bears off-guard by reporting earnings per share of 16 cents. Analysts had predicted the video game retailer would post a loss per share of 13 cents. GameStop's unexpectedly profitable quarter caused GME shares to soar about 50% after the earnings announcement.
Last quarter, one of the few analysts covering GameStop, Wedbush's Michael Pachter, provided a $6.50 price target for GME, with an "Underperform" rating. Pachter claimed that shares were "at trading levels that are disconnected from the fundamentals of the business due to irrational support from some retail investors."
Although GameStop shares are still trading 40% higher than they were before the previous earnings release — and 73% above the Wedbush analyst's target — Pachter has reinforced his bearish thesis for Q1 earnings and left his price target intact.
Holiday sales largely contributed to GameStop's fourth-quarter net profit — making it questionable whether the video game retailer can pull off that feat for the second quarter in a row. But if GameStop does report a net profit in Q1, it will be a catalyst for the stock's retail investors to drive share prices higher. Currently, short sellers hold about 21% of GameStop's outstanding shares.
As demand for shorting the stock has reduced dramatically since March, borrow fees for GME have dropped from 40% to 7.6%. But because the company continues to attract short sellers, these fees may increase.
With the stock outperforming the S&P 500 by about 30%, GME shorts will likely accumulate mark-to-market losses this year. This, combined with high borrow fees, will likely result in a short squeeze.
Update on DRS Numbers
Besides a potential second consecutive quarterly net profit, GameStop's shareholder base is looking forward to another piece of information: the number of GME shares registered with Computershare, the company's transfer agent.
In recent quarters, GameStop investors have increasingly registered their shares directly with Computershare via the Direct Registration System (DRS). With this service, shareholders do not need to hold shares through a broker.
In addition to giving holders the autonomy to have their shares registered in their name, recording shares through the DRS also reduces short sellers' ability to borrow GameStop shares. That is because, unlike brokers, transfer agents cannot lend shares to short sellers.
Since the third quarter of 2021, GameStop has disclosed the number of shares registered with the transfer agent in the quarterly filings.
In the most recent annual filing, 76 million GameStop shares were registered with the transfer agent. Considering the size of GameStop's float, about 25% of all GME shares outstanding are held beyond brokers and banks.
Does this affect the stock's trading volume? Yes. If you look at GameStop's trading volume history, it is clear that there has been a decline in activity since May of last year. Check this chart, data from yahoo finance.
It is impossible to say with certainty that GameStop's recent volume drop is due to investors using the transfer agent to keep their shares away from short sellers. But, we can say that if GameStop reports that more shares have been registered through the DRS, retail shareholders could send the stock higher.
What does the chart say?
GameStop shares have rallied higher since the start of May, with a supportive trendline following the share price higher. We can see the stock came close to testing $25 on several occasions last week and this could be a key level to watch considering it has held as a reliable ceiling since late last year, apart from one brief move above here after it posted that surprise profit in the last quarter. A move above here would pave the way for the stock to climb above $27.
On the downside, a slip below the supportive trendline risks seeing the stock unravel back toward the lows seen at the start of May of $18, with the 2023 lows back in play below that.
What I'm doing for earnings?
All the research is telling me to get calls. I'm gonna be dropping a significant portion of my portfolio into GME 6/9 30c for $100 each. Then I'll watch the stock at 4pm, and hope for the best.
That being said, it's up to you guys to read this and come to your own conclusions. IV is very high so it's better to go for a spread, regardless of what you choose. I make posts like this for all sorts of earnings, check my post history. However, I felt that this one for Gamestop should be posted here. It's my first post on /GME so I hope you like the write-up. If you're interested in more like this for other stocks, please give me a follow or join my discord.
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2023.06.07 19:39 314159bits Housing first, they said. It will solve houselessness, they said.

Tenants let homeless friends in from the street who shoot up in the stairways, sleep on couches in common areas, smoke fentanyl in the elevators, and vandalize plumbing. They pound and pry at residents’ doors. People defecate in the stairways (this reporter observed an impressive log that had been sitting for hours).
The elevators are often broken, making it difficult for tenants who use mobility scooters to get around. When WW visited, the down button on the fourth floor had been pried off and left on the floor. Lately, a woman from the street has been roaming the halls with a hatchet, tenants say.
From WW: https://www.wweek.com/news/2023/06/07/a-28-million-low-income-apartment-complex-descends-into-chaos-in-just-two-and-a-half-years/
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2023.06.07 19:37 animalrooms Apartment recommendations for young low income couple, no kids

Gf was looking at linkhorn bay apts and the pictures seem nice but there are a lot of one star reviews many from just a year to 6 months ago. I'm very skeptical because of this, looking for recommendations for someting (normal spelling said there was banned words??) In the1500-1750 price range doesn't have to be big just don't want to be in a bug infested crime ridden dump preferably.
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2023.06.07 19:19 seahra_ [product request] transition from Curology to Ordinary products

So I’ve been using a Curology night cream for almost two years now. The product consists of 10% Azelaic Acid, Clindamycin Phosphate 1%, Niacinamide 4%.
I have had issues with breakouts for the last 5-7 years, mostly from my cheekbones, jawline and mouth area. Nothing has worked for me except Curology. The problem is that Curology is expensive for me (I’m low-income) and they just emailed me about raising prices $10 more every month. I can no longer afford the night cream so I’ve canceled.
My question: Has anyone had success transitioning from Curology products to Ordinary? Ordinary sells Az. Acid and Niacinamide but not Clindamycin. Anyone have a good experience with a Clindamycin product out there? It seems a little harder to find.
Thanks for your advice. I just can’t afford $360 a year for a night cream alone. I also can’t afford to see a dermatologist so this is my SOS call.
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2023.06.07 17:57 Ineedtherapysobad How to handle breaking up with significant other when we live together. Need advice please

tl:dr: currently living with my significant other and the relationship is not working out anymore. stuck in a lease that ends in 6 months. trying to figure out another living situation but i have no where else to go until I would get a new apartment. can anyone give me advice on the steps that are needed to be taken to get out of a lease and to move my stuff and find a new place?
Can anyone give advice on how to handle a break up when you live with your significant other? I’ve been in a relationship for 3 years and we’ve been living together for a year and a half. Unfortunately it’s not working out anymore and I’m planning to break up with him. I would give more details but I don’t want him to find this post. We are stuck in a lease with 6 months left until the lease is up. I can’t live with him anymore due to a multitude of reasons. I don’t want to wait 6 months until I can leave. It’s very urgent that I get out of this situation ASAP. I also have no family nearby that can help me. My nearest family is a 10 hour drive away. I don’t plan on moving back in with my family since there’s a reason I moved out. Moving back to my hometown where they live is not an option. I moved out here to live with him since his family is here. I’m looking into other apartments nearby and planning on calling and seeing if there’s a waitlist. I tried looking online and throughout all my documents to see if I can find a copy of our lease agreement so I can view the terms and see how to break our current lease but I can’t find anything anywhere. I’m planning on just going down to the apartment front office today to discuss it but I want to make sure I approach this situation the correct way. I also have a decent amount of coworkers that are aware of the situation and have offered help and support so I’m sure I can lean on them for a couple things. One of my coworkers is also looking to move out from where they are living and we discussed the possibility of being roommates. If that falls through, I’m sure I can find someone else or I should be able to afford low income housing on my own.
I have a good job that I like and I plan on staying there. I don’t have a car unfortunately and don’t even know how to drive since my family never wanted to teach me and neither did my boyfriend or his family. That’s one of the things that’s been holding me back from being completely independent. I have an electric scooter which I use to commute to and from work and I don’t have much need for a car since I mainly just work. I just worry about how I would move my stuff out of the apartment and how I would go grocery shopping. I usually use Uber if I don’t have a ride but that’s not practical with a million grocery bags that I have to carry. I guess I could use instacart and get groceries delivered. I’m sure I could find someone to help me move out my belongings but if not then I can’t rent or drive a u haul so I’d have to hiring a moving company or something. It all seems so complicated but I’m not going to delay any longer if I know this relationship won’t work out. My coworkers have shown me that they are a strong support system so I think I can rely on them for some things.
I feel very lost and don’t really know where to start. This is my first relationship and I’ve never been through a breakup before and obviously not one where I live with the other person. I would appreciate if someone could give me some advice on how to approach this situation. I would like to know the steps I need to take to get out of this situation. I have a lot of stuff and I’m not sure where I would store it until I find a new place. I need some guidance on how to divide up belongings and figure out who would take what. I know I would also have to get a new mattress since I don’t even have one. The mattress is his. There’s also a dresser that we have that I would wanna take and we have two TVs, one of which is mine. We also have a dog which he paid for and I was planning on allowing him to keep it anyways. I hope there’s not anything important that I could be forgetting. My mind is so fuzzy I feel like I’m going through something very traumatic.
If anyone could give me some advice and walk me through the steps I need to take to get out of this situation and get into a new living situation then that would be greatly appreciated. I know I’m obviously not the only one who has gone through this so if someone else who has can give me advice I would appreciate it. Thank you.
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