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2023.06.08 21:22 Fiveby21 Royal Hawaiian (Tower Wing) vs Moana Surfrider (Tower Ring)

*Tower Wing
Hey guys,
So I recently booked an 8-night stay at the Moana Surfrider which came to a total of $4700l it was an "Ocean View" room in the Tower Wing. However, I checked recently and there is a Tower "Oceanfront" room at the Royal Hawaiian for $5200, for the same dates.
In your opinion... which hotel is better? I was really drawn to the Moana beacuse of the beautiful Banyan tree and the beach bar. And I did not heavily consider the Royal Hawaiian has I assumed the price different would be $1000+.
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2023.06.08 21:21 loaf_of_bread25 Ram-Speed: 4bars vs 2bars

Hey guys, I already asked this on pcbuild but it seems that subreddit is more for sharing your finished build, this question seems to be more suitable for here.
I was planning to buy some new components because my old pc is from 2011 and I think it's time for an upgrade.
I was eying the AMD 7800x3d as CPU and the X670 aorus elite ax as mainboard. Now I'm not sure what to do with the ram. On gigabytes website they say:
All the sources I find recommend using only 2 slots to not get the frequency drop. But isn't it better to have 4 times 3600 mhz than 2 times 6000 mhz? If hypothetically 1 gb of data should be written into the ram with 4 bars 250mb has to be written on each bar with 3600mhz which still should be faster than with 2 bars 500mb has to be written on each bar with 6000mhz or is my thinking wrong?
Also I am open to ram recommendations, i would like at least 32gb of ram but i was aiming for 64gb.
Purpose is "gaming and stuff".
Best regards
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2023.06.08 21:21 ILoveWhiteCastle_BOT Fast Food Tier List!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thoughts?

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2023.06.08 21:19 Temporary_Today4830 Father's day gift

Father's day Is around the corner and I want to make my dad something. I don't want to do anything too big or complex, just something simple he can use. I've already made him a kitchen knife for Christmas so that's off the table. Any ideas? He cooks and grills and works from home at a desk for an idea of who he is.
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2023.06.08 21:19 Raiqchan (Not a c4c) My experience winning on Fishland

After 14 days of grinding and jumping through hoops, I won a car radio worth $46.49. Will it do it again? Not for a while if ever, I need a break, need a certain minimum value of things to buy, and need the means to refer a new user.
If you choose to take on Fishland, play with at least enough time to complete tasks every consecutive day, which includes surprise tasks that don't require new users or orders, 2 qualifying orders and a new user. Don't refer a new user until a pop up appears telling you that if you refer a new user, you will get the item. Not only did Temu honor their promise and ship the item right away, it was something I needed to do because by the time I got the notification, I was at roughly 87.84% on the last fish, each feeding only advanced the bar by .02%, and it saved me from having to get ~10,000 flakes of fish food if not more considering feeding would drop to .01 eventually.
If you don't have the means to make time, qualifying orders and refer at least one new user, the best move is not to play.
Good luck, and good shopping!
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2023.06.08 21:18 lv2glrfy Where can I get bar stools for the 49-inch-tall bar in my apartment?

Assuming the seat should be about 10 inches beneath the counter, I need bar stools where the seat is a full 39 inches off the ground, and it's incredibly difficult to find that online! (Our landlord is crazy for building this high of a bar - it's basically a wall!) Ideally, the stools would also have a back, so around 49" total height, and the seat would be upholstered...but I realize that may be impossible to get at this point.
Has anyone come across bar stools that are extra-extra tall like this?
-I'm in southern California
-Budget ideally is $100 per stool, but I can go up for the perfect fit!
-Size should be around 49" tall (or 39" tall if backless) x 15"w x 15"l
-Ideal style is midcentury boho
-2 cats, no kids, mostly adult guests in our apartment, but we'd still like something that would be stable and comfortable for our aging parents to sit in when they visit
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2023.06.08 21:18 mhtexas Texas Site Placements

Does anyone seem to get a random site assignment for Texas Bar? Personally didn't get first or second choice, and it seems they instead assigned me based on hometown.
What do they consider to be "good cause" for switching sites?
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2023.06.08 21:18 violetsky444 not sure how to get over a situationship getting into a relationship two months after we ended

for some background, I (22f) used to live in a student house and hit it off with my housemates friend (22m) in december. at first it felt like a real talking stage, but then he asked me to come to his place and from there we started hooking up regularly. he came across like he had a lot of experience doing that, never offered to take me on a date, and said he "wasnt sure what he was looking for". yet he kept doing little things that made it seem like he liked me, so I developed feelings. I never told him bc we had a shared friend group with our houses so I saw him a lot and didnt want to make it weird. in april he told me we should be just friends since we'd be graduating and living 40 mins apart, hoping id understand bc he'd heard I didnt want a relationship, despite him initiating the hookup dynamic. I agreed bc I want to be with someone who puts more effort.
we're still friends on spotify so I discovered he has a girlfriend now by seeing him listen to the playlist she made addressed to him in the friend activity bar! I already struggle with self-esteem issues and its taken a huge hit because it made me realize he is capable of being a relationship guy, I just wasnt enough for him to see me more than sex. I know its stupid bc we arent even compatible relationship wise (hes from a fairly affluent area and has a different life style than me, and this girl is from his high school, among other red flegs I spotted) but I cant help but feel like absolute shit about the fact that im still single and he already found someone he liked better than me. it makes me feel inadequate and kinda used. I keep going over and over all the things I could have possibly done wrong or areas I wasnt good enough in that I wasnt able to convince him to stay or put the effort in for me. I am also so worried our mutual friends are gonna find out and take his side or feel embarrassed or think lower of me, and I really cherished the dynamic we had during the school year.
any advice on how to cope?
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2023.06.08 21:18 drippingwithalch3my One Day/Night in Austin Area

One Day/Night in Austin Area
(1). Any recommendations on which general or specific areas to get a hotel in. I will have a car to get around.
(2). And, what are the top things to do in Austin? I've read online but would love to hear from locals what they feel should be highlighted about their city.
(3). And, any interesting places to eat? Either Austin-centric, Texas-centric, or not!!! Not a picky eater and love to try new things!!
Only plan so far is to tour the Capitol as that is something I've often enjoyed when visiting other state capitals. Otherwise, enjoy nature, museums, rooftop bars, and would enjoy especially anything that makes Austin unique.
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2023.06.08 21:15 New-Flow-3308 Planning to move to South Carolina

Hi everyone! I’m looking to move to South Carolina from California around January/February 2024. I was wondering what would be the most affordable city that also appeals to someone that’s in their mid twenties. I engage in most introvert hobbies and love being outdoors. Im not really someone that goes out to bars or anything like that. I work remotely and have decided to not stay in California and want to try out the East Coast. I’ve never been so any tips would be helpful! I have to be honest, I randomly picked South Carolina and Googled it and it seems perfect.
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2023.06.08 21:13 Alarming-South9088 Shower gel recommendations

I know a lot of people have talked about this but a scroll through the search bar didn't really help. I'm obviously very sweaty all the time, I shower then within a few hours i stink again. I know this is the reality of being on T but I wanna invest in a good shower gel to help clean. The one I use right now I need to use 2 or three times in my armpits just to not smell of sweat and was hoping someone could give me a good recommendation on what shower gel to invest in that won't take 3 washes to get rid of the smell. I go through so much right now! I don't really care about scent, I enjoy masculine scents and I enjoy feminine scents alike so anything you can recommend would be amazing Thanks!
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2023.06.08 21:13 throwawayheyhihello Allergic to dairy, plant based protein powder gives me the extreme runs, 60-70 hour workweeks - help!

Hey everyone,
Like the title says, im allergic to dairy - I get horrible boils on my body from it and unfortunately I flare up constantly with whey protein/protein bars.
I switched to pea protein a few days ago after hesitating for literal years and unfortunately pea protein gives me extreme diarrhea. Fml!
I work in healthcare, often 7 days a week and lots of 16 hours and I simply don’t have the energy to meal prep week after week and definitely not enough energy to keep the food exciting.
I’m afraid I can’t reach my protein goals with supplementation anymore and I have to have enough food. So I’m stuck and I don’t want to lose my gains.
So I’m wondering, has anyone used any meal kit services that are good for natural gains? High protein clean eating etc?
Was it worth it, which ones did you try, what was the cost, would you recommend?
Any suggestions help 🙏🏻
I think rice protein doesn’t have the amino acids for muscle building, correct?
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2023.06.08 21:12 TheGenderedChild Microsoft automatically putting a microsoft edge searchbar on my desktop, blocking my animated wallpaper and generally being an eyesore. I shouldn't have to opt out.

Microsoft automatically putting a microsoft edge searchbar on my desktop, blocking my animated wallpaper and generally being an eyesore. I shouldn't have to opt out. submitted by TheGenderedChild to assholedesign [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 21:12 SnooEagles8416 Has anyone worked where its all one big tip pool with servers?

I just started at a new spot and the tip pool is really odd. It's a cocktail bar, centered around the cocktails (we are an award winning bar, with lots of recognition), but everything is shared between our cocktail servers and the bartenders equally. There is a 12 seat bar top, which stays full and busy, and table seating for around 50 other guests in the rest of the bar. The cocktail servers take care of these tables. I was open to this tip split because hey, it might be a good thing, but so far I make so little money because of it. I know we are in a recession, but I feel like this tip split doesn't reflect the amount of work the bartenders do for the shift versus everyone else. Does anyone have any success stories with this split? Am I just being frivolous? Obv I know I can find another spot if I don't like it. But wanted to hear!
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2023.06.08 21:12 CaryLorenzo [Meetup] Slow moving Bushwick bar crawl Friday [6/9] come join!

The bar crawl is starting at 8:30 at Dromedary Tiki bar
Hello! My name is Cary, and I’m hosting a weekly group bar crawl in the bushwick/Ridgewood area. We’ll be exploring dive bars and getting to know new friends. To be up front, this group is LGBTQIA+ friendly and I’m looking to create a safe and welcoming environment.
As for information about myself:
tech exec living in bushwick
Note: we had really good turnout for our first one, about 60 people!
Will provide discord on request - updates for mod rules
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2023.06.08 21:12 Skincaret1 Is this mold or sugar/fat bloom?

Hi all, not sure where to post this so apologies!
Does this look like sugafat bloom to you or mold? I bought a bunch of these protein wafer bars and they arrived melted like this (which I thought was fine), but one of them had this spot…
The company says it’s just sugar bloom, but I’m concerned that it’s just on an isolated spot like that and kind of looks like mold?
What do you think?
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2023.06.08 21:12 WillIncorrectGrammar The ol’ Girl is back! Her beauty too strong for those less fortunate.

The ol’ Girl is back! Her beauty too strong for those less fortunate.
Her beautiful curves and impeccable trustworthiness proved no match for our Ill fated foes!
For she has returned in all her glory (minus the ignition, mirrors, registration plate and the almighty ‘L’ plates).
Those who acquired her taste for 2 short days did not wish to engage in open dialect with its true captain, for they chose to take to the high seas, never to be seen again.
But wait, for those pesky pirates little did they know that I am indeed, the sherif of the town and alas, their identifies have been obtained and now await their fate in the old tin bars. (Aka Youth Offending Service).
(In plain English: Located the bike, two scrotes were sitting on it. Went to them for a chat, they immediately ran. Neighbours in the area gave me their name and address, including a photo of one of them riding it!)
Here’s some photos of the damage for all your pleasures.
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2023.06.08 21:12 dianasaur73 Should I make a point of cleaning crusties or let them fall off on their own? And, can I reheat the same salt soak solution every day to clean my piercings instead of making a new one every time?

Before anything, I've considered seeing my piercer for advice but I'm a busy gyal so it might be a week or two before I can, figured I'd ask for opinions here since it's bugging me a lot.
First question since it's shorter. To clean my ears, I've been trialling using a warm/mildly hot salt solution. I've heard it's worked better on some people. However, it feels like a waste to make a new solution every time, a waste of both salt and water. Would it be a bad idea to just reheat the same solution every time using a microwave or something?
Second question. I had my conch pierced about three weeks ago and it seems like it's healing mostly fine. I was doing a salt soak today since I ran out of cotton buds and I decided to check the back of my piercing.
For context, when I cleaned it with a cotton bud, I would hold a mini-mirror by my ear and watch the reflection in my bathroom mirror to see where exactly my cotton bud was going. I was paranoid about bumping it a lot (it happened the one or two times I didn't have the mirror, and it hurt).
Back to the question. Took my phone to take a few photos of how my actual ear was doing on the back and it looks like there's a fair amount of crusted blood on the bar, right where the flat back is. Now to the question, is it a good idea to try fiddling around and get rid of the crustie?
I treat my piercings quite delicately, especially the conch since it hurts like crazy if I bump it or something, and fiddling around trying to prying something off won't be painless, especially since I won't be able to see the back of my piercing properly so it'll just be a blind battle until I get it off. And it seems as though it's still very fresh so minor bonks get it bleeding a little (it took a while for my other cartilage piercings to stop bleeding altogether but they healed just fine after a while so it doesn't concern me too much, but it'd be annoying).
I could ask someone else to do it for me, but I've noticed when I ask a friend to handle a piercing it kind of hurts a lot since they're not feeling my pain and therefore can't be delicate enough. And, as aforementioned, it'll probably bleed again
Is it a bad idea to just leave it there and 1. hope it falls off on its own or 2. just... leave it? Will it actually affect me if I don't do anything about it? There is kind of a fair amount on there.
Piercing info just in case anyone needed:
How old: just under a month Jewellery deets: implant-grade titanium labret, like 8mm or something I think. Externally threaded. Aftercare routine: USUALLY, saturate a cotton bud in premade salt solution and clean all ovearound the piercing site. Currently trialling (and asking about) cotton ball warm saline solution soaks.
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2023.06.08 21:09 luckylucifercanada Too many options

Hello, I know its been asked many times but there's so many differing opinions, I don't really have anywhere to listen to the sound bars unfortunately. I've heard the sonos beam and it wasn't bad, but without the sub i found it unimpressive.I'm also looking for something more future proof that doesn't require internet as I live on a ranch with bad connection. Looking at bars around the $500 range with a sub but if I won't find anything satisfying enough I can up the budget. For reference my home theater is a denon receiver, canton towers and center channel with Infinity rears. Thank you guys, hopefully I can make up my mind soon.
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2023.06.08 21:09 runwithit Lesbians in your 20s - What are your thoughts on 'older' lesbians attending bars/queer events?

I'm married and ​approaching my 40s, but still find myself enjoying queer bars/spaces. Even though I'm no longer a young, single gay, there's something uniquely wonderful and community-building about lesbian bars that can't be found anywhere else. But thinking back to my 20s, I remember thinking anyone in their late 30s and up was 'old' and couldn't understand why they still going out. Genuinely curious about what the vibe is these days!
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2023.06.08 21:09 SupernovaHalo On this headlight the circled blue and black wires power an LED bar and ring. Would powering those just require connecting all wiring to a single wire leading to a power source? Or would they all need to be individually wired into their own power source?

On this headlight the circled blue and black wires power an LED bar and ring. Would powering those just require connecting all wiring to a single wire leading to a power source? Or would they all need to be individually wired into their own power source? submitted by SupernovaHalo to Wiring [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 21:08 TripleSpikes Overwhelmed by loneliness

Ever since me and my ex broke up 1,5 month ago, I've been so scared that I'll never find another partner.
I definitely don't miss him and don't want him back, but I'm really missing just having someone. We were living together for 1,5 years before we broke up, and I kicked him out of our shared apartment. I really like living alone and I like the apartment despite us sharing it before. But I'm having a hard time figuring out where to meet a new potential partner and I'm scared that I'll never find someone else, or that a veeery long time will pass before I do. I found it a lot easier to date and flirt when I was in school, but now that I'm working full time with people who are much older than me, it's hard to meet new peers.
I live in a small town with like two bars and not that many people my age. And I don't have the money or the desire to go explore the world, though I'd really like to meet new people. I'm interested in trying online dating, but I've just heard so many dating horror stories about it.
How did you all deal with the loneliness that comes after a breakup? I feel like maybe I'm feeling the loneliness so much because the breakup was so sudden and it's still quite recent, but what are your experiences?
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