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2020.05.04 01:52 dj_autofocus OntarioGrade12s

A community for grade 12s in Ontario to discuss things about university admissions, OSAP, OUAC/OCAS uploads, and general program queries.

2016.08.04 22:56 Girls Frontline

Girls Frontline (少女前線) is a Chinese mobile game developed by Mica Team

2015.03.01 17:29 devtastic2 Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces is an FPS game by the Roblox game development group StyLiS Studios, comprised of Litozinnamon, shaylan007, AxisAngle, Semaphorism, and Raspy_Pi. In Phantom Forces, two teams -Phantoms and Ghosts- fight against one another to prove their dominance in an ever-growing selection of weapons, maps, and game modes. Project Start: August 2014.

2023.03.07 15:13 Cmdr_Be_an_1an Various Different Personnel Files. SPAS-12's alt skin is on the Wiki.

Various Different Personnel Files. SPAS-12's alt skin is on the Wiki. submitted by Cmdr_Be_an_1an to girlsfrontline [link] [comments]

2023.02.14 13:55 ComfortInteresting23 zombie update

This update gives you the option to spawn into a zombie apocalypse. Zombies spawn even during the day when this option is selected. The difficulty is locked to hard but the apocalypse world setting does not make your world hardcore by default. Guns can be found in chests in the ruins of civilisations such as cites and towns. Inside these civilisations are hospitals, apartments. houses, libraries, churches and stores which you can loot. Military bases will spawn at least 500 blocks away from cites and towns. Also aircraft carriers and sunken aircraft carriers will occasionally spawn in the oceans. Campsites will spawn in forests taiga and plains biomes. and contain glocks, baseball bats, pocket knives and rusted iron armour which provides slightly less protection than brand new iron armour and has half the durability. Cites will have ar-15s, ar-10s, mossberg shotguns, glocks, pocket knives, kitchen knives and rarely m16s ,colt 1911s, katanas and bowie knifes. Military bases will have m16s, dragnouvs, springfield 1903s ,kar 98ks, deagles, m14s, pkms, spas-12s, m60s, m249s, BARs, ak47s, colt 1911s, plate carriers, titanium helmets and tactical knives. aircraft carriers and sunken aircraft carriers have the same loot as milltary bases but with planes, spare parts and 50 calibre machine guns along with the ammo.
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2023.01.30 06:28 bean-cleaver Anyone know who produces a benelli m4 clone? Also curious why there aren't spas 12 clones

both the m4 and spas are pieces that i'd like to add to my collection; i know a few manufacturers have begun making m4 clones a while back, but i was curious if they're any good. At the same I wanted to know why the same hasn't occurred for spas 12's
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2022.10.28 15:11 Genisis_Gaming a couple QOL suggestions, a few nitpicks about guns and a couple guns id love to see added

okay, so QOL stuff first
it would be good if you remove collision of an item as the player pulls it towards them (with the kinda force-pull thing), cause i have accidentally launched artefacts into Narnia when i accidentally grab a bullet from under them.
if there could be a way to autoload rounds (or even something that means you dont have to do it one at a time) from big boxes to small boxes, so reloading stuff like a few 9x19 packs from a big box doesn't take half an hour.
a bandoleer for single shells/cartridges would be awesome.
on the subject of bandoleers, could sawn off IZH-12s be loaded directly from another gun's bandolier? this would make dual sawn offs mildly practical, and would be really fun in my opinion)
if we could see the stats of a gun in the shop without buying it, it would be good
if we could see like a number of rounds in a mag by taking it out and holding it at a certain angle (like for an AK mag looking at the rounds in it or the flat side of the mag) instead of holding the inspect button it would be amazing, almost like how looking at the bolt in Sniper Elite VR shows the number of rounds left. (this could reduce immersion for some people, maybe make it an option? or maybe give Tarkov-esque estimates like "half full" or "nearly empty")
now, before i start nitpicking about the guns, id like to say that overall they are incredibly impressive, by far the best ive seen, and this is some really small stuff, apart from the Spas 12 ejection thing.
so when i find a Mosin, it has 5 rounds and an empty chamber, which isnt technically possible, as the magazine holds 4 rounds + 1 in chamber, and you cant push the rounds down to close the bolt without chambering a round, as the bolt would hit the rim of the top cartridge.
for some reason the SPAS-12 seems to eject out the wrong side of the gun, it should come out of the right side and it always comes out the left.
when loading the IZH-12 and sawn off variant, occasionally the barrels seem to come partially off the hinge, idk if that can be fixed but it happens
the "magazine extension" on the SPAS-12 doesn't change the model, the magazine tube would be way longer.
instead of having "reduce spread" or "reduce recoil" options on weapons, things such as muzzle breaks and chokes could be added (but would be incompatible with suppressors, is that intentional?)
I dont know if this is a feature request or a nitpick, but when most guns are cocked and then dry fired they should make a different noise compared to when they are uncocked, due to the hammer falling. (i am amazed with the detail in open-bolt stuff litke the ppsh, and love how the model even moves a bit when you dry fire with no magazine in)
for gun requests, i think you have a really good (and diverse) arsenal, but it would be really cool to see a couple things.
revolver, maybe firing .357 magnum?
also, cause we have flat .357 in the game already, a lever action would be awesome. (with cocking it, instead of the approach taken by the pump action shotgun it would be great if you use the finger detection on the triggers, so that you could stop holding the grip button, and the player would not let go until the index finger is removed from the main trigger. when this happens the "type" of grip is changed, so that pressing the main trigger does not fire the gun, so you could "flip load" the lever action.)
also, something that i literally just thought of (which would be an absolutely massive amount of work, and not something i expect to see added, just something that would be cool) would be the ability to dismantle primary weapons, so they can be stored in the backpack when the back slots are full. (this obviously wouldn't work with stuff like the Mosin and IZH-12, due to the majority of the size being a single piece of wood/metal, and taking the small stuff out of that to fit it in a backpack wouldn't make much sense.
on this, could we please fit sawn off IZH-12s and maybe stuff like a PPSH into the backpack? stuff like an AK or mosin wouldn't work, but it would be good to see for smaller weapons.
finally, please let me put the sawn off IZH-12 in my sidearm holster, just... please lol. (maybe make an underarm holster that you can get from the shop that replaces the left chest slot with a holster accepting pistols and sawn off shotguns?)
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2022.09.13 20:14 SomeOne111Z Story request pt 1: The Trek

“My mission was simple: find a way out.
Well, that was going to be easy, right? As long as you define 'out' as just 'away from wherever you are right now.'
I looked around from my post at the S.O. station. I’d just put the power back on, and the goal was to rendezvous somewhere with my squad - we’d split up to turn on the power, so maybe then we could find a way off this archipelago. Our first attempt to get away from the infected near Vernal last year led to us crashing a plane near a damn prison filled with very angry and very observant zombie prisoners. Barely made it out alive, but at least everyone had plenty of gear from the prison armory. I’d found an AUG with plenty of 5.56x45mm ammo for it, and an MP5K compact 9x19mm submachine gun - both off a couple infected guards I’d blasted a dozen shotgun rounds into.
My three friends had found plenty of loot too - Spas-12s, an M14 Marksman, M16A2’s, and even a heavy M60 machine gun. We were set with food, water, and medical equipment; now we needed an exit plan.
After we’d switched on the power at the prison, we came up with a plan. We’d all split up and look for power stations, turn them on, and see if anything interesting happened. White armbands for identification. After a week, rendezvous at a town that we could see to our east; then we could exchange info, and see if we could get any radio transmissions or whatever and leave everything behind. Easy, right?
Not right.
The infected here are stronger than I’ve ever seen at Vernal. There, zombies didn’t have skulls of reinforced concrete. One bullet of pretty much any kind could drop a zed dead in their tracks. But these guys were different; I learned that the hard way. I’d shot one zombie in the street in the head with my MP5K on single fire, a routine pop to the head, an act generally made easier by a silencer I’d placed on it specifically to dispatch zombies.
But the bullet passed through the zombie’s head, almost harmlessly. He turned towards me and let out a roar, bringing about two dozen zombies to bear on me. I dropped him, but not fast enough, and it took three more bullets to finally bring him down. Then the other zombies swarmed me, and I panicked. I blasted my AUG on automatic, then switched to my MP5K again when it was empty, and still half the horde was onto me. I retreated into a house to reload, then blasted again at the crowd until it was no more.
My ammo was almost out; I had barely over a magazine of 5.56, and my MP5K only had 12 rounds. I holstered it, wielding my trusty crowbar instead, and cleared the rest of the town over the next ten days.
Yep. Ten days. I’d already gone past the planned meeting time, and I was in a town called Salem; it would take me a month to safely get back to Fairview, which was where I was supposed to be three days ago - and with nothing to show for it. Was I ready to return to my teammates empty handed?...yeah, I was.
So I started the trek back, clearing zombies the old-fashioned way with a fire axe I’d picked up off the ground, making sure to avoid larger groups by staying near (but not on) the roads; at least I found more ammunition for my AUG on the way. Then I ran into a slight problem. The path diverged - and I couldn’t remember which way to go. I selected a path at random, then walked down, and arrived at a power station. After I cleared the area of a single zombie, I switched the power on. Woohoo! Mission complete! Sure, it was almost four days late by this time, and that was a big deal, but now I had something to show for my efforts, at least.
So now I’ve gotten caught up to the beginning. Thing was, something new had popped up on my radar. A series of shots coming from the town I’d just left, the town I’d just cleared of pretty much all undead life-but-not-life. What piqued my interest more than the fact that someone was firing a weapon in a place that was (by my standards, at least) safe was the fact that the gun in question sounded like an M60. A burst of six bullets, followed by pops from some gun I didn’t recognize. A fight? Probably. I moved to investigate.”
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2022.08.18 22:06 Frezia1548 The Random Chaos Dream

So this dream started off when I was in the capital wasteland in fallout 3 cj Gordon freeman doom slayer and the chosen undead along Mario Luigi and yoshi from Mario 64 were in it we were all gathered around in the wasteland when combine drop ships and Martian tripods came outta nowhere also I might add I was a gargoyle in the dream the scps siren head cartoon cat lovecraftian entities were also in the dream fighting us I had a spas 12 shotgun and a tec 9 battling these villains then outta nowhere we were in liberty city it was being invaded by the villainous empire and for some reason new Vegas and city 17 were apart of liberty city it was being invaded by the villains and father Grigori was selling firearms in an abandoned church the sky had portals opening up and before I knew it I was fighting long side master chief and hellboy battling the scps combine Martian tripods and the covenant there was slipknot music playing in the background along side sabaton the covenant the combine the scps the lovecraftian entities and the Martian tripods along with the harvesters we’re battling us I was riding in a ghost with spas 12s attached to it I was riding it with Gordon freeman and hellboy were in ghosts as well battling them it ended with a large vortex of nightmares sucking us in then was done.
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2022.08.17 13:18 Khantraszo "A Few Gun Runners" Report given to Maj. Ivanov, Duty

The Zone as it stands, has over 6,000 weapons in circulation, this is a rough estimate since the monolith is known to hold secret storages in X- labs with far more firepower than an army.
The weapons come from different sources, most powerful rifles usually come from the military, the NATO weapons are either smuggled in by Freedom through some connections they have in Belarus, Mercs of course bring their own weapons, and most shotguns and soviet era rifles come from sad loners selling it off for a can of tuna and some vodka.
All other types of Rifles either come from arms dealers with connections to outside of the Zone. Some weapons are even said to come from the Jackal in Central Africa but has no real evidence to back that up. At least nothing that I should explicitly cite for this report.
The weapons found in the Zone are ofcourse from varying eras and conditions.
As it stands, loners and bandits have the lower end soviet block weapons we find in buckets and caches all over the Zone, small Tokarevs, Makarovs... Vipers, Double barrels and hunting rifles. These rifles usually date back from the early 1920s to the early 2000s with better equipped loners having near top end weapons like SA85s, G36s and even rarer weapons like Spas-12s or Streetsweeper shotguns. These guns are either smuggled in through an arms dealer which we nickname as "Bunker".
The Bunker, Also known as [REDACTED] was suspected to be part of the [REDACTED] in 1968, their involvement in that incident gave him the connections to establish his networks around the Zone. Said to be supplied by [REDACTED] and eventually held his position by bribing the local military to "turn a blind eye" in exchange for [REDACTED].
Next one is known as Alcoholic.
Residing in [REDACTED]. Alcoholic remains a beacon of hope and a safe haven in said area. Alcoholic is said to have a shipment of guns running through the old train station inside [REDACTED]. This is only speculation as no noise or person has ever been seen using the old railway system, and that is assuming it is still safe enough to travel through. More information is needed for this subject.
Next is known as "Runner"
A relatively new gun runner, starting in [REDACTED] he was said to be an apprentice of the Bunker and gained his connections and routes through experiences under the Bunker. This subject sells top of the line and/or rare products. Ranging from suits and rare weapons, this subject only sells to specific clients and his methods of transportation or when he receives his supply are unknown. need more information.

End of transmission
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2022.08.04 22:41 TheEyeOfAres Stalker Anomaly Weapons list

I needed this for a project I'm working on so if anyone else does here ya go.

Pistols Shotguns SMGs Rifles Special
Colt M1911 Mossberg 590A1 MP5A3 AKS-74N M79
Walther P99 SPAS-12 PPSh-41 AK-101 RG-6
Glock 19 TOZ-66 (sawn-off) MP5SD6 AS Val RPG-7
FNP 45 Remington 870 UMP45 OTs-14 Groza GP-25 "Kostyor" (OTs-14 Groza)
Ots-33 Pernach TOZ-34 PP-2000 SIG SG550 GP-25 "Kostyor" (AK-47)
Beretta 92F MP-133 FN P90 G36 GP-25 "Kostyor" (AN-94)
MP-443 Grach MP-153 PP-19 Bizon SR-3M Vikhr GP-25 "Kostyor" (AKS-74N)
Browning Hi-Power Saiga-12S OTs-02 Kiparis HK416 GP-25 "Kostyor" (AKS-74N)
GSh-18 Armsel Protecta PP-19-01 Vityaz Steyr AUG A1 GP-25 "Kostyor" (AK-74N)
CZ-75 Automatic TOZ-66 Skorpion vz.61 M4A1 GP-25 "Kostyor" (AEK-971)
PMM TOZ-34 (sawn-off) MP7 SIG SG552 Commando GP-25 "Kostyor" (AK-12)
USP45 Vepr-12 "Hammer" AK-47 M203 (HK416)
CZ-75 TOZ-194 L85A1 M203 (LR-300ML)
CZ-52 Fort-500 M16A4 M203 (SIG SG550)
FNX-45 Tactical AEK-971
Fort 17 Galil AR
SIG P220 9A-91
PM ASh-12.7
MP412 REX AN-94
USP45 "March" AK-74
FN Five-seveN AK-74M
Desert Eagle AKMSN
FN F2000
Galil ACE-21
AK-74N "EOTech"
Type 63
Mk 14 EBR
Karabiner 98 Kurz
Gewehr 43
OTs-03 SVU
VSS Vintorez
Barret M98B "Bravo"
SIG SG550-1 Sniper
VSSK Vykhlop
Walther WA 2000
Remington 700
Barrett M82
Sako TRG-42
Item №62 "Gauss Rifle"
M249 SAW
PKP Pecheneg
CSV: Google Drive, Direct Download
XLSX (Excel): Google Drive, Direct Download
please correct me if anything is missing or wrong.
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2022.08.02 01:51 FakeElectionMaker The Deng Xiaoping of Africa: Zaire's military inventory in 1995

Zairian Army
Active personnel: 120,000
Reserve personnel: 135,000
Paramilitary: 215,000
Standard issue rifle: H&K G3
Secondary rifle: M16
Special rifle: FAMAS
Standard issue shotgun: Franchi SPAS-12S
Secondary shotgun: Remington 1100
Special shotgun: Mossberg 590
Standard issue machine gun: M60
Secondary machine gun: Browning M1919
Special machine gun: Browning M2
Standard submachine gun: Uzi
Secondary submachine gun: Beretta M12
Special submachine gun: MP5
Standard anti-tank weapon: M40 recoilless rifle
Secondary anti-tank weapon: BGM-71 TOW
Special anti-tank weapon: MILAN
Frontline MBT: M60A3TTS (90 units)
Secondary MBT: Type 69-II (75 units)
Tertiary MBT: M48A5 (32 units)
Frontline light tank: SK105 Kuirassier (54 units)
Secondary light tank: Type 62 (43 units)
Frontline towed artillery: M102 105mm (65 units)
Secondary towed artillery: M101A1 155mm (54 units)
Tertiary towed artillery: M114 155mm (36 units)
Frontline self-propelled howitzer: M109A4 (26 units)
Secondary self-propelled howitzer: M109A2 (18 units)
Tertiary self-propelled howitzer: Mk F3 155mm (23 units)
Primary infantry fighting vehicle: Marder IFV (48 units)
Secondary infantry fighting vehicle: AMX-10P (39 units)
Primary armored personnel carrier: M113 (99 units)
Secondary armored personnel carrier: EE-11 Urutu (56 units)
Tertiary armored personnel carrier: OT-64 SKOT (21 units)
Primary multiple rocket launcher: ASTROS II (26 units)
Zairian Air Force
Frontline fighter: Mirage F1C (37 units)
Secondary fighter: F-16 Block 20 (30 units)
Tertiary fighter: Chengdu J7 (18 units)
Frontline CAS: Mirage 5 (31 units)
Secondary CAS: A-37 Dragonfly (24 units)
Tertiary CAS: Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet (18 units)
Frontline transport aircraft: C-130 Hercules (30 units)
Secondary transport aircraft: Transall C-160 (24 units)
Primary trainer: T-37 Tweet (40 units)
Secondary trainer: BAE Systems Hawk (32 units)
Tertiary trainer: Pilatus PC-7 (20 units)
Frontline attack helicopter: Aerospatiale Gazelle (34 units)
Secondary attack helicopter: AH-1 Cobra (26 units)
Frontline transport helicopter: UH-60 Blackhawk (31 units)
Secondary transport helicopter: Alouette III (26 units)
Zairian Navy
One Drummond-class corvette
Two Sa'ar 4-class missile boats
Three Type 062 gunboats
Two P400-class patrol vessels
40 transport craft
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2022.08.02 01:49 FakeElectionMaker Zaire's military inventory in 1995

Zairian Army
Active personnel: 120,000
Reserve personnel: 135,000
Paramilitary: 215,000
Standard issue rifle: H&K G3
Secondary rifle: M16
Special rifle: FAMAS
Standard issue shotgun: Franchi SPAS-12S
Secondary shotgun: Remington 1100
Special shotgun: Mossberg 590
Standard issue machine gun: M60
Secondary machine gun: Browning M1919
Special machine gun: Browning M2
Standard submachine gun: Uzi
Secondary submachine gun: Beretta M12
Special submachine gun: MP5
Standard anti-tank weapon: M40 recoilless rifle
Secondary anti-tank weapon: BGM-71 TOW
Special anti-tank weapon: MILAN
Frontline MBT: M60A3TTS (90 units)
Secondary MBT: Type 69-II (75 units)
Tertiary MBT: M48A5 (32 units)
Frontline light tank: SK105 Kuirassier (54 units)
Secondary light tank: Type 62 (43 units)
Frontline towed artillery: M102 105mm (65 units)
Secondary towed artillery: M101A1 155mm (54 units)
Tertiary towed artillery: M114 155mm (36 units)
Frontline self-propelled howitzer: M109A4 (26 units)
Secondary self-propelled howitzer: M109A2 (18 units)
Tertiary self-propelled howitzer: Mk F3 155mm (23 units)
Primary infantry fighting vehicle: Marder IFV (48 units)
Secondary infantry fighting vehicle: AMX-10P (39 units)
Primary armored personnel carrier: M113 (99 units)
Secondary armored personnel carrier: EE-11 Urutu (56 units)
Tertiary armored personnel carrier: OT-64 SKOT (21 units)
Primary multiple rocket launcher: ASTROS II (26 units)
Zairian Air Force
Frontline fighter: Mirage F1C (37 units)
Secondary fighter: F-16 Block 20 (30 units)
Tertiary fighter: Chengdu J7 (18 units)
Frontline CAS: Mirage 5 (31 units)
Secondary CAS: A-37 Dragonfly (24 units)
Tertiary CAS: Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet (18 units)
Frontline transport aircraft: C-130 Hercules (30 units)
Secondary transport aircraft: Transall C-160 (24 units)
Primary trainer: T-37 Tweet (40 units)
Secondary trainer: BAE Systems Hawk (32 units)
Tertiary trainer: Pilatus PC-7 (20 units)
Frontline attack helicopter: Aerospatiale Gazelle (34 units)
Secondary attack helicopter: AH-1 Cobra (26 units)
Frontline transport helicopter: UH-60 Blackhawk (31 units)
Secondary transport helicopter: Alouette III (26 units)
Zairian Navy
One Drummond-class corvette
Two Sa'ar 4-class missile boats
Three Type 062 gunboats
Two P400-class patrol vessels
40 transport craft
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2022.07.14 06:03 Mich997 July 2022 SG Skills

Oh boy I hope you like reading because these SGs sure have that YGO manual skillset.
d = UTS-15, o = affected tile o - d o - - - - - Affects MG FP +15% 
Skill: 蓝星☆声援
ICD: 4s / CD: 12s [Passive] Give allies on tiles adjacent to her (including diagonally, excluding self) 10 Armor & give 3 points of Acc to allies on her tiles every second, up to 30pts. [Active] Self and other Dolls in the same row gain 15% damage reduction for 8s. Give 2 Ammo to Dolls who have received max amount of Acc from Passive skill. 
d = MK3A1, o = affected tile o o - o o - o o d Affects MG EVA +100% Crit Rate +100% 
Skill: B-52进化靶机
ICD: 4s / CD: 8s [Passive] At the start of the battle: if own RoF exceeds 40, gain own tile buff effects. The active skill can only be used 3 times. [Active] Build a B-52 Improved Drone to assist in the battle. The Drones have 100% Vulnerability, don't receive class-based buffs, and disappear if MK3A1 leaves battle. * 1st activation: Build a B-52 Improved Drone in front of her that inherits 100% of her stats. The Drone cannot attack and remains for 5s. * 2nd activation: Build another Drone that can attack with intense lasers that Pierces through enemies and does 200% damage that ignores Armor and is affected by link count. This Drone lasts for 5s. * 3rd activation: Build the last drone that attacks normally that lasts for the rest of the battle. 
d = SPAS-15, o = affected tile o o o o - d o o o Affects MG, SG Reduce Skill CD by 30% 
Skill: 音籁共鸣
ICD: 0s / CD: 0s At the start of each battle: gain 1 Note for each MG, 2 for each SG and 3 if SPAS-12 is present. Each note grants self 2% DMG reduction and grants the following effects: * < 6 Notes: Raise own FP by 50% for the entire battle. * 6 or 7 Notes: Give 18 Ammo to the entire echelon. * 8+ Notes: All SGs gain 9 MoveSpd, 100 Armor and a 200pt HP shield for 40s. 
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2022.06.01 05:34 RobotStatic Far Away - Part 5

Credit to BlueFishcake and his original work.
Previous / Part 1 \ Next
“So Human, why don’t you put those hands on a real woman and try some real pussy.”
”I have heard that so many fucking times, what the fuck is “real pussy” anyways?”
Riley, Elinee and his squad leader from Pod 1, Echo, were in one of the ship's gyms. Normally he would have commented directly rather than ruminate on the poor pickup line or made a comment about her small breast size to add the knife twist of emotional damage but right now he was actually impressed. This was the fourth Shil’vati to try something with him and Elinee during the reserved hours for the gym today.
The first Shil’vati to go down had been pounced on by Echo from her hiding spot on the ceiling, biting the Shil on the neck and injecting her with her Nilet’en sleep inducing venom.
The first Shil’vati would be fine. A nice nap and Echo had even done her the kindness of gently laying her head down on the floor rather than the artificial gravity doing some damage. The second Shil’vati that approached had grabbed and tried to kiss his hand before she took Riley’s shock baton to the base of the spinal column. He had set it to low power to not cause burns but he had to apply burn gel anyways when he found a few days old electric burns on her skin. He swore she called him “M'lord'' too.
By the time the third Shil’vati tried her luck, Echo and Doc were tired of playing nice and Echo just Sparta kicked the woman into the nearest bulkhead. This might not sound bad but the Nilet’en are an ambush hunter whose primary attack was to use their hind legs to leap onto their prey. So when the third Shil’vati punched Elinee the Shil’vati was on the receiving end of a dead sprint kick. To Elinee’s credit the fight was going heavily in her favor before Echo arrived too.
That Shil’vati was currently unconscious but Riley figured a possible concussion and a few cracked ribs from both the kick and the impact of the bulkhead. The medical kit he had grabbed from the wall didn’t have a bone fuser or a medical scanner like the one in his regular carry bag in it so the ship’s doctor would have to handle that.
All of this carnage brought Riley back to his current bewilderment. The four Shil’vati had all entered the gym in the same group. At the same time. Based on the confused looks of both Echo and Elinee they were just as confused as Riley. The fourth fuck-e-teer had clearly seen what had just happened so why try again.
Riley had a malicious theory about maybe it was a lack of oxygen in their systems which was causing brain hypoxia to make poor decisions. It was that reason, and that reason only, he was currently inserting a second nasopharyngeal tube into the unconscious woman that had punched his girlfriend. He just needed to figure out why this Shil’vati also had electric burns as where the fuck all this fucking GLITTER kept coming from.
“And so continues the blood feud with the Imperial navy.” The boys back home had said that Riley was a man to hold a grudge to which Riley would reply that the Austrians can have their SPAS-12s back when they apologize.
They know what they did.
“So sexy boy, how about I save you from the slaver and the predator,” the fourth Shil’vati tried again, “and you can pay me back in my cabin.” The bravado lustfulness she had in her eyes when she and her friends entered the room had diminished but was still there. “With fucking.” Riley was honestly a little impressed she was still trying.
“Horny really does override logic. Gotta remember to use that later.”
Echo looked to Riley who was now attending to Elinee, despite the Nighkru’s protests, with the same look of bewilderment on her face towards this latest attempt.
Echo finally decided to speak up. “Pardon my insistence Madam but this facility has been reserved for special access only during this time slot. I humbly apologize once again for my terse manners but I insist you must comply with the rules and vacate the gymnasium at once.” Echo bowed respectfully while subtly coiling her legs for another kick if needed. “Should you continue to loiter Madam, I am obligated to escort you from the facility.”
“Look we just wanted to have a little fun with the stiff,” the Shil’vati whined, “we were supposed to get shore leave on the sex resort but we got stuck on the ship the whole time. The Captain said some Turox shit about how we would cause problems with the sex boys on the planet. Look, it’s not fair that the Nighkru gets him all to herself. You,” she pointed at Echo, “can have a turn when we’re done.”
Echo’s face contorted into a cringed grimace at the uncomfort familiarity of the type of phrase.
“You can even use your venom if you want! I know all of you Nilet’en like using it! I’m sure the boy won’t mind a small dose of it.”
Echo tried to hide her feeling of becoming physically sick at what was said.
Riley realized over the last few days that the level of harassment he was used to on Earth was paling in comparison to what it was now. In his long fought battle against feeling helpless, for the first time in years, he lost a bit of ground.
Elinee, well Elniee was considering if she should use the dumbbell to crack the cunt’s teeth or shove it up the bitch’s ass if she tried getting near her boyfriend.
Echo finally recovered from her moment of self reflection. “Madam, I must decline your offer. May I say that despite the teachings, or the apparant the lack thereof, of your dubiously moral mothers, it is impolite to sexually assult anyone. Now I must once again insist that you vacate the premises so that we may ALL return to our respective cabins.”
“I am a Crewwoman of the Imperial Navy! I am not going to stand here and take morality lessons from a race of breeding slave taking, gang raping filth like you! Now leave,” the crewwoman grabbed an unweighted barbell bar from a nearby rack, “unless you want to find out just how green your blood is you rapist WHORE!”
Riley checked his omni-pad, backup was nearby, they just had to hold out a bit longer. Actually they may want to finish this up before Bow arrived because Bow might just eviscerate the women.
Echo, her glands turning slightly green in rage, placed both hands behind her back and began a series of stretches to distract the Shil’vati before continuing. “Madam, it appears that you are determined to test your physical skills against mine. For your own wellbeing, I implore you to not attempt these actions.” Echo finished stretching and placed her hands at the small of her back where a concealed holster was hidden. Riley reached for the pistol Rivet had slipped him earlier as well.
The Shil’vati finally broke. The paper thin ego finally broke and rage erupted through. “I AM GOING TO COME OVER THERE AND RIP YOUR FUCKING HORNS OUT OF YOUR SKULL AND BEAT WHAT’S LEFT OF YOU INTO THE FLOOR!”
“As you desire Madam. If a shrew such as yourself is confident then I encourage your attempt.”
The Shil gripped the bar and readied a swing as she began to close the distance to Echo.
Riley had met only a few Nilet’en but had worked with Echo for a number of years. He knew how to translate the race’s habit of over politeness but he also knew Echo. She was waiting for someone to toss her a setup and he was happy to oblige. And oblige he did.
“Echo, Daddy’s little cum stain here might need you to simplify it for her.”
“A superb suggestion, Sir. Allow me to reissue my challenge, Madam.”
Echo drew a concealed sidearm from her waistband holster, flipped the safety and aimed it at the advancing crewwoman who now wore a mocking grin now on her face. Riley did not draw his own but readied to back up his squad leader in case it escalated. Elinee, to Riley’s amused approval, followed suit and pretended to reach for her own nonexistent pistol.
“Try me, bitch.”
A heavily breathing Bow ran into the gym and looked at the three downed Shil’vati and last Shil’vati standing, now frozen in terror. Bow pointed to the last Shil’vati standing and roared “YOU! Where is the nearest airlock!?” Bow’s claws extended as she continued panting.
The crewwoman dropped the barbell, “Warrant Officer, this woman has a loaded weapon,” she pointed to Echo, “she, she was trying to kidnap the male and I, WE, WE,” she pointed to her unconscious friends, “were trying to save him. You should have her arrested for assaulting a fellow crewwoman and threatening a suprior. I can escort the male back to their cabin to make sure they are safe.”
”For fucks sake girl, you are still trying this!?” Was all Riley could think to himself.
“All you are going to escort is me to the nearest airlock.” Bow began advancing slowly towards the woman.
Elinee leaned over and whispered to Riley, “You do have to admire her commitment to being a cunt.” Good to know Riley and his girlfriend were still on the same page.
Bow didn’t need to have Rakiri senses to smell the Turoxshit coming from this woman. She looked at her teammates. A bow from Echo and a slight head nod from Riley signaled they were both fine. She sighed and retracted her claws. She figured she might as well have some fun before the ship’s medical crew arrived.
“First of Private, sorry, Crewwoman Apprentance,” Bow motioned to her warrant officer bar with three stripes across it before mumbling to the Shil’vati, “fucking “attention on deck”.” She stopped the sailor before she had a chance to yell, “And where is my salute?” The sailor performed and held a salute. Bow chose to not even bother to begin returning the salute and as per regulations she effectively left the woman trapped there for the remainder of Bow’s fun. “These are serious allegations, Crewwoman.”
By now the ship’s medical staff and MPs arrived.
“How about I escort you to your cabin and you tell me all about how you saved the “bachelor in a bind”.”
The navy woman left. As Bow began to leave she was stopped by Riley, “Thanks Bow. You probably saved her life. Also,” he was reluctant to admit it, “thanks for having my back.”
Bow responded with a prompt nod. “I always have your back, Doc.” They shared a forearm bump as Bow left. A look of disappointment on her face as a pair of MPs followed them out. Her plans for payback would have to wait.
But payback for the honor of the Imperial Marines would be swift.
As she turned to leave Riley pulled out his omni-pad with a map of the ship on it. “Is there a contingent of Marines on this ship?” Bow nodded, a smile growing on her lips. “Well in that case, can you meet me in hallway 7B later tonight.”
“The hallway outside the refrigerators for the officer’s galley? Oh I already reconed the area. I knew what we were going to end up doing on this trip.” Bow’s fangs began to show as her mouth curled into a vindictive grin.
Riley inhaled, dramatically held his breath and then whispered, “Bring me all the sketchy lance corporals you have.”
Bow reached out her hand and clasped Riley’s in a strong man grip. “Tonight, the E-3 Nobility dines like queens.”
Riley inhaled for four seconds and then exhaled for four seconds as the jest melted from his face and a cold anger took its place. “Look, the Navy tried to jump me and they punched Elinee in the face. Fuck’em. So do you want to thieve some Ca’vantuk Squares, turox steak, and whatever good wine the navy officers have stored or not.”
“Oh, I already said I am in. And I know some people that will help.” With a final bump, Bow left.
As Echo escorted Elinee and Riley back to their cabin the seriousness on Riley’s face melted away as he looked at Echo. “A fellow crewwoman and threatening a suprior,” he added with a shake of his head, “weren’t you a Navy JAG officer before going Death’s Head. Fuck I mean you are a fucking Gunnery Sergeant in the Marines?” To which Echo nodded her head in bemused agreement. “Do you think Bow will actually throw that woman out the airlock?”
Echo thought for a second. “I believe that if Rivet were to open a betting pool as she does,” she thought for a moment before reluctantly admitting, “I apologize, I am uncertain as to the odds she would place on the outcome.”
“Should we tell someone Bow might try something?”
“No. Informants are often the recipient of medical sutures.”
“Fair enough, can confirm.” Riley winced thinking back to his time working in the prison.
As Echo escorted Elinee and Riley back to their cabin she had Riley fall behind slightly to ask him a question in private.
“If I may, I have a question about how that woman acted towards you and how it reflected on my own actions years ago. When we first began working together, was my behavior as deplorable as her’s?”
Riley thought of how to respond especially with Elinee listening.
Echo nodded in confirmation.
“Honestly Echo, you were worse. I mean I was nervous some nights to even fall asleep near you.” He tried to think of a more diplomatic way of saying it but he couldn’t.
Echo visibly cringed at the revelation. She thought maybe she had come on a bit strong but hearing that she was causing a male emotional distress was devastating.
“I…I humble myself before you.”
“Echo, you know that feeling of disgust you feel with yourself when you think of things you said or did when you were younger?” Echo nodded. “You acknowledged what you did was wrong and you have legitimately made amends with me about the way you used to act. Feel proud that you grew into a better person.” He could tell he had to add just a little bit more to help his friend along. “If you are worried about me being comfortable around you now,” he pulled her into a reassuring hug, “I am and all is forgiven.”
The color in Echo's face fluttered slightly as she gave her medic a hug back, “Thank you, Doc. I appreciate your kind words.”
A moment of panic took over Riley and he looked over to Elinee and was ready to explain that it was not what it looked like but Elinee was merely waiting for them to finish with a smile on her face.
”Right, she has no problem with me and other women.”
If the hopeful look on her face was anything to go by she might be excited that Riley was finally taking interest in “adding to the nest” as she called it. Or she was excited at the possibility of having a threesome. Riley would put the odds at 50/50.
He turned back to Echo and the three continued back to Riley and Elinee’s cabin.
“Besides, if I didn’t think you couldn’t be trusted around boys do you really think I would have wingwomaned that hard for you? Speaking of which, how is it going with the Helkam boy?” He asked with excitement growing in his eyes, he hoped it was going well for his friend. From what he was told it was exceptionally hard for Nilet’en to find dates due to their species’ reputation.
“I had actually dined with him on our fifth date a few days prior to us leaving. I proposed to a sixth date, when we reached our destination, to which he agreed.” Echo beamed with a warm smile that continued to grow.
“That’s my girl.” Riley whispered approvingly.
“In addition to my proposal,” Echo’s grin grew wider, “Gellon asked if I would be interested in an advancement of relationship status and inquired if I would be one of his suitors.” Echo began to literally bounce with excitement as her words began to become punctuated with squeals of joy.
“That’s my girl.” Riley repeated back more excited than before. His face and his words slowly grew more excited with Echo’s infectious joy. “So does that mean you two…you know?” He wagged his eyebrows suggestively.
Echo’s eyes grew more excited and her skin’s chromatophore cells began radiating different colors. According to Riley's medical texts, and first hand experience, this was one of the ways the Nilet’en species showed either excitement or blushing.
“A lady mustn't kiss and tell.” She was trying and failing to hold back the obvious answer.
“I get it, I get it, I get, I get it. Ladies don’t kiss and tell. But uhhh,” he made a dramatic show of looking up and down the hallway, “just between us boys here?”
“A simple discussion to remain solely amongst us boys?” Echo tried but failed to contain herself excitement from the man that had done the impossible and set her up on a date. She looked at Riley and gave a series of rapid head nods.
Riley reached up to give his friend a trio of celebratory forearm bumps.
“Ahhhh! That’s bump my bump girl bump!”
Another win to add to his wingman tally.
The screen on the agent’s data slate cracked and splintered as it was thrown onto her desk’s surface. An irate Agent Quel’en reached across her desk and grabbed the Helkam woman by her hair. Agent Quel’en’s other hand wrapped around the terrified woman’s throat as the agent started screaming.
“What do you mean the Nighkru wasn’t on the fucking shuttle! Your job was to make sure she got on the shuttle! Do you want child protective services to take your son!? IS THAT IT!” Quel’en’s hand pressed tighter around the woman’s throat and began lifting the Helkam off the ground by her hair. “You don’t think I can do that, do you!?”
The Helkam clawed frantically at the agent’s hand in a futile attempt to free herself.
“You remember our deal? I help the court overturn their paternity decision and you ensure that a lowly rapist gets what is coming to her!”
Enraged spittle from Agent Quel’en’s mouth was landing on the Helkam’s face as an unconscious darkness slowly crept into her vision.
“So do you want your precious little boy to live out the rest of his life, all alone, with no mommy or daddy!” The agent threw her knee into the helpless woman’s stomach. “Maybe that’s it, you just want to get the brat out of your life don’t you!.” the Helkam woman tried to shake her head no. She began a panicked thrashing as she felt the cartilage of her throat begin to give under the Shil’vati’s grip, “IF YOU DON'T WANT ME TO CHARGE YOU WITH AIDING AND ABETTING A BOYBASHERAND THEN TELL ME WHERE SHE IS!”
The woman felt relief as the agent released her and she fell back to the floor. The relief only lasted for a moment as Quel’en’s hand twisted around one of the Helkam’s long fin-like ears and slammed the side of her face HARD into the metal desk with a thruck.
Still gasping, the Helkam began coughing for air as specs of her purple blood began from her mouth.
“Please.” The Helkam begged. “Please, I don’t know anything. I just work at the ticket counter! This Elinee person had a ticket assigned but they were claimed by a Shil’vati woman! Please that is all I -”
The agent lifted the woman’s head again and slammed it back down but this time directly onto the shattered glass screen of the onmi-pad.
“Well then, I suggest you find the name of the Shil’vati that used her tickets. Then find out how they acquired the ticket.” Agent Quel’en leaned her weight down on the battered woman's head and began to twist and grind the woman’s face into the shattered glass. The Helkam gritted her teeth as she felt the glass begin to pierce and work its way into her ashen skin.
“Please, just don’t take my son.” She pleaded as she felt the cool blood beginning to run from the gashes along her cheek. “Please, I am his only surviving parent.”
Agent Quel’en noticed a few thin blue lines of her blood seeping from the hand that was holding the woman by the throat. Minor injuries from where the Helkam's claws frantically tried to free herself. Her blackhearted smile grew once again. She thrust her hand in front of the restrained woman’s face. “Did you just attack a member of the Empress' Interior? Do you even know what the penalty is for something like that, you fucking lizard?” The agent applied more pressure to the head and violently twisted to the Helkam’s ear.
The woman screamed as she felt her ear’s webbing begin to tear.
The woman finally breaking was the moment the agent was waiting for. “Did you mean to maim one of the Empress’ protectors?” She was laying it on thick now but in her victim's fractured mental state Quel’en knew she would get away with it.
She always did.
“Please! Please, it was an accident! I panicked and -”
“So you admit to attacking an Interior agent!”
The woman couldn’t formulate an answer.
The agent released some of the pressure from the woman's head as she leaned in close. “Being the gracious noblewoman that I am, I will forgive you for attacking me.” The Helkam let out a desperate sigh of relief. “But I expect you to actually do your job from here on out. Am I clear?”
Still unable to respond, all the woman could do was nod her head yes. Causing the glass to dig further into her skin, much to the agent’s delight.
The agent finally released the woman and pulled a purple adhesive bandage from her desk. She plucked a splinter of glass from the traumatized woman’s cheek before applying the bandage. After she finished she sat back down in her chair.
“You are a good mother for trying to save your son. I want you to know that I am trying to save a boy as well. Now this Nighkru has taken this defenseless boy off world and he may never see his family again. Do you understand how badly you have failed now? Imagine what you would say if some other mother failed at her only job and your son was taken from you. Forced to live out the rest of his life away from anyone who would ever truly love him.” The agent did her best to suppress her smile. “I am giving you a second chance to save another mother from the grief of losing her child. I believe in you and your ability to save this boy.”
The Helkam mother was distraught at the thought of her only living son being ripped from her and shipped off to the Consortium. The thought of those cave dwellers doing Goddess knows what to him made her sick. Her hand brushed against her freshly bandaged face. The pain was already gone. “Thank you Ma’am. I am sorry for failing you, I promise it won’t happen again. And thank you for helping fix my cuts, Ma’am.” Her voice started strong but became weak as she went on.
“You are welcome.” The agent handed the other woman a towel. “Now clean your blood off my desk and get the fuck out of my office.”
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Thank you for reading this far. I hope you find the story enjoyable and I a grateful you chose to add this one to your reading list. The next parts going forward will probably be back to a more normal schedule. I have a few written up and I was able to get these last few edited more quickly then I thought I could. I am sorry if the quick releases set expectations.
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2022.04.22 16:51 FallenBizon Favorite Campaign Mission? [MW]

We can chat all day about our favorite campaigns, but unless it's All Ghillied Up, No Russian, or Vorkuta, we dont talk about individual missions enough. I want to hear from you what your top 3 favorite missions are and why you like them if it's not already self explanatory. My list goes like this
  1. Back On The Grid (MW3) I love the Central Africa scene. I love the chaos. I love getting to use the model 1887s from the enemy as well as a personal favorite, the pp90m1. I cant tell you how many times I've played this mission. The music is also a killer. Nothing like tribal music in an African warzone with mortar shells dropping around you and madmen running at you with machetes. This is a great mission that serves as a predecessor to an even cooler mission, Return To Sender.
  2. Hornets Nest (MW2) A continuation from an already chaotic mission, hunting down Alex The Red and fighting off the militia in the favela, you are immideatly thrown into intense urban combat. The music, although not much, fits the scene perfectly. Toward the end of the mission you can pick up shotguns in the market and tear people apart with them. All of this along with the second most iconic "jump for it!" makes this one of my favorite missions.
  3. Numbers (Black Ops) You are immideatly thrown into an intense interrogation. Intense urban combat is followed, jumping from roof to roof, awesome weapons to use including akimbo weapons and plenty of spas 12s to tear people apart. This is all accompanied by badass music which was later used to reveal Black Ops Cold War in the Warzone reveal
So that's my list. What's yours?
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2022.04.07 21:08 TeamNathanFTW AH Shuttle mission list 3

STS-1: June 29,1979. Columbia. Astronauts Thomas K. Mattingly and Henry W. Hartsfield man the first launch of Space Shuttle Columbia. The launch is covered in controversy after the very public critic by primary flight crew veteran astronaut John W. Young over the fact that NASA insisted on conducting a yet-unproven and risky Return-To-Launch-Site suborbital flight. For “administrative reasons”, Young and Crippen are bumped to the 2nd flight. Instead of actually performing the RTLS abort maneuver, STS-1 is forced to undertake a daring rescue attempt of the orbiting Skylab space station, which is predicted to reenter the Earth's atmosphere around early July of the same year. With mere days left before the orbiting station plummets to the Earth, astronauts Mattingly and Hartsfield manage to use the TRS Hermes to reboost Skylab.
The shuttle proves itself as a valuable and versatile platform, saving Skylab from sn unplanned reentry. The shuttle Columbia however sustains important structural damage to it's tiles and near it's external tank and landing gear doors as a result of excessive reentry heat exposure, which require it to be put out of service for the remainder of 1979 and 1980. It turns out that the replacement of heat shield tiles lost during transport to the Kennedy Space Center had not been properly conducted.
Also of serious note, the Solid Rocket Boosters experienced catastrophic blow-by of an O-ring joint, which resulted in actual structural failure of the right-hand SRB just after SRB Separation. In the words of commander Mattingly “We've been damned lucky! That's the second time in my space experience that I've had the distinct feeling of having cheated death”. Mattingly was the astronaut pushed aside from the Apollo 13 flight for medical preoccupations over possible infection with the measles, and as a result was not on-board for the near-tragic mission. STS-1's failed SRB came very close to recontact the External Tank and Columbia's right wing, but thankfully the angle of the blow-by combined with the lateral forces of the slip stream pushed it aside to clear by mere feet. Mattingly and Hartsfield did not notice anything unusual, but combined with the body flap overpressure issue which could have resulted in dooming damage to the hydraulics but thankfully did not, would have “aborted, performed the RTLS as we were originally supposed to, and to hell with Skylab!” had they known then about the SRB failure and the damaging overpressure at launch.
After extensive review, it turns out that if the shuttle had performed the RTLS as originally planned, damage to the tiles would have resulted in much less severe structural damage to exposed airframe elements. Also, NASA was instructed, after scathing behind-closed-doors comments by vice-president Walter Mondale, already noted for it's critical comments of NASA during the Apollo 1 public inquiries, to replace the SRBs as soon as possible with liquid-fueled boosters, as originally planned. Astronauts Mattingly and Hartsfield are credited with saving both the dying Skylab outpost and the Space Shuttle Program's future in the same stroke, and will serve as backup flight crews for the next three flights, STS-2,STS-3 and STS-4, before returning to space together on STS-5, the first shuttle flight with more than two crew members.
STS-2: April 10,1981. Same as the OTL STS-1.
STS-3: 12 November 1981. Columbia. Rookies Joseph Engle and Richard Truly conduct the same mission as happened in real life.
STS-4: 22 March 1982. Columbia. More testing of the shuttle continues. Happens exactly as performed historically.
STS-5: 27 June 1982. Columbia. Happens exactly as performed historically.
STS-6: 11 November 1982. Columbia. Happens exactly as performed historically.
STS-7: 4 April 1983. Enterprise. A new shuttle joins the fleet. Converted from it's atmospheric testing configuration, OV-101 becomes a real spaceship. The launch is attended by thousands of Trekkers, and a huge Star Trek convention is held nearby at Orlando. Most of the cast from the original series is in the launch stands. Actor William Shatner is a guest star as CAPCOM for a few minutes on flight day 5, after Enterprise docks with Skylab, following the launch of TDRS-1. Reboost put back Skylab up to a safe altitude, compensating for the atmospheric drag experienced by the station since it's 1979 reboost.
STS-8. 18 June 1983. Challenger. Happens exactly as performed historically, except it is Challenger's maiden flight.
Saturn III, 7 August 1983. Perseus test flight.
STS-9. 30 August 1983. Challenger. Happens exactly as performed historically.
STS-10/41-A. 28 November 1983. Columbia. Equipped with Spacelab, Columbia docks to Skylab which becomes the most massive orbital assembly up to that time. Transfer of experiments from Spacelab to Skylab for extended microgravity research is conducted. Upgrades are also performed on various internal systems.
STS-41-B. 3 February 1984. Enterprise. Happens exactly as performed historically, except it is conducted with Enterprise instead of Challenger.
STS-41-C. 6 April 1984. Challenger. Happens exactly as performed historically.
STS-41-D. 7 May 1984. Enterprise. Docking with Skylab. Astronauts conduct an EVA to install a Skylab-to-Shutle-Tranfer System (SKYSHUTS), and a new power platform (Power Expansion Package), enabling Enterprise to use electrical power and sharing consumables from Skylab to extend it's stay to 15 days, as well as upgrades to Skylab's electronics. Using the newly installed SKYSHUTS, Enterprise remains aloft for nearly three weeks, docked with Skylab for two weeks. Transfer of Apollo-derived Command Module, renamed Perseus, latched inside Enterprise's Payload bay. The SRMS proves useful in moving the Perseus capsule to it's docking port on the Multiple Docking Adapter. The Perseus capsule is left behind to evaluate it's capacity to provide extended duration crews on Skylab with an emergency return vehicle while no shuttles are docked.
STS-41-E. 30 August 1984. Discovery. Happens exactly as performed historically.
STS-41-F. 17 September 1984. Enterprise. First transfer of crew to Skylab from the Shuttle. The 7-person crew of Enterprise leaves behind it 3 astronauts on the orbiting outpost. Shuttle remains docked while also transporting a Spacelab module for 16 days, for a total mission duration of 20 days, due to weather delays. It marks the first time an American spacecraft lands with fewer hands on-board at landing than at launch. It also marks the first time two space shuttles are orbiting the Earth at the same time, the other being Challenger launched the day before landing.
STS-41-G. 5 October 1984. Challenger. Happens exactly as performed historically, except Enterprise was orbiting at the time of launch.
Perseus 1. 24 October 1984. First manned flight of Perseus. 2 days.
STS-51-A. 8 November 1984. Discovery. Happens exactly as performed historically.
STS-51-B. 4 January 1985. Enterprise. Originally planned for early December, Enterprise was to pick up the 3 astronauts left on-board Skylab in mid-September. However, delays in processing the orbiter resulted in the launch date slipping late in December. Limitations of the GPCs regarding roll-over of dates during flight spanning on different years led to the early January launch. Undocking conducted on January 17, Skylab astronauts having spent a full 4-months in space. Perseus capsule rotation is performed, a fresh one replacing the one docked for 8 months. The capsule is brought back inside the payload bay to evaluate the effect of long space exposure on elements such as the heat shield.
STS-51-C. 24 January 1985. Discovery. Happens exactly as performed historically.
Perseus 2. 15 March 1985. Skylab approach (5 miles). Performed a rendezvous test with the Magsat satellite. 8 days.
STS-51-D. 12 April 1985. Discovery. Happens exactly as performed historically.
STS-51-E. 29 April 1985. Challenger. Combined Skylab/Spacelab mission. Crew rotation, fresh supplies and experiment rotations performed.
Perseus 3. 22 May 1985. First launch with Mission Module. Spacelab candidate experiments conducted. 13 days.
STS-51-G. 17 June 1985. Discovery. Happens exactly as performed historically.
STS-51-F. 29 July 1985. Challenger. Happened exactly as historically.
Perseus 4. 12 August 1985. First Perseus docking to Skylab without aid of Shuttle. 15 days.
STS-51-H. 27 August 1985. Discovery. Happens exactly as performed historically.
STS-51-I. 12 September 1985. Enterprise. Crew rotation of Skylab along with major expansion by addition of Skyhab (a new habitation module, developed alongside SpaceHab) to the Skylab station, enabling accommodations of up to 6 astronauts for 120 days between resupplies.
STS-51-J. 3 October 1985. Atlantis. Happens exactly as performed historically.
STS-61-A. 30 October 1985. Challenger. Combined Skylab/Spacelab mission, paid by Germany. Fresh supplies and experiment rotations performed. One crew is rotated in a favor of a German astronaut.
EK1. 7 November 1985. Carried BOR-6,a test model of Buran,which orbited the Earth 5 times.
Perseus 5. 14 November 1985. Long-duration mission,including MMU tests by Owen Garriott. 18 days.
STS-61-B. 26 November 1985. Atlantis. Happens exactly as performed historically.
STS-61-C. 12 December 1985. Enterprise. Skylab crew and Perseus capsule rotation. A second Perseus capsule is docked with Skylab, with two of the crew boarding the Skylab-docked Perseus capsule, undocking, station keeping from the Shuttle-Skylab complex from a short distance for a few hours, and redocking after undocking of Enterprise from Skylab, freeing the required docking ports so that two Perseus capsules are docked at the same time. For the first time in space, double-digit number of persons are orbiting together.
STS-61-D. 12 January 1986. Columbia. Happens exactly as performed historically.
STS-51-L. 28 January 1986. Challenger. After nearly 7 years of development, caused mainly by delays caused by the initial design objective of using hydrogen for the boosters which were then switched to more conventional RP-1/LOX, the Liquid-Flyback Boosters make their debut. The flight is a partial success, with one of the LFBB crashing on landing, while the other made it down safely to the KSC SLF. Analysis indicated human error caused the LFBB to switch it's ILS frequency to one of a nearby airport, misleading the LFBB. With insufficient remaining fuel and altitude to safely execute the landing, a remote-controlled pilot guided the stray LFBB to a controlled crash in the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. TDRS-2 deployment.
STS-61-E. 6 March 1986. Columbia. Happens exactly as planned?Second flight of the LFBB. Complete success of the LFBB which both land autonomously at KSC.
STS-61-F. 15 April 1986. Challenger. Skylab crew and Perseus capsules rotation. Challenger has 8 crew members, marking the first flight in shuttle history which will bring a whole new 6-person crew to Skylab up and 6 astronauts back down in a single launch, leaving only Commander Frederick Hauck and Pilot Roy D. Bridges on both the ascent and reentry phases of flights.
Titan 3-E, 17 May 1986. Deploys the Ulysses space probe.
STS-61-G. 20 May 1986. Flown as planned.
EK2. 10 June 1986. Carried the Polyus experimental Earth observation platform to orbit.
STS-61-H. 24 June 1986. Enterprise. Enterprise takes off with Michael Coats and John Blaha as CDR and Pilot respectively, with a total crew of 4, bringing the total complement of the Shutte-Skylab complex to 10 person for the remainder of docked operations.
STS-62-A. 4 July 1986. Discovery. President Reagan witnesses on-site the first ever launch of a DOD mission from Vandenberg Air Force Base, rumored to be taking a payload of the SDI (aka Star Wars Program) up into polar orbit. The launch proceeds successfully, to the relief of the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.
STS-61-M. 22 July 1986. Challenger. Commanding the mission, John Young guides the shuttle to a first docking with Skylab while another shuttle is already present. For this complex mission, which aims at expanding Skylab beyond it's original configuration, Challenger brings a new module, a node, to which further modules will be able to dock for expansion of the orbiting complex. First, Enterprise will undock with Coats, Blaha and most of the departing crew of Skylab. Combined together, eighteen astronauts are in space at the same time at the same place for a first time ever.
Meanwhile, two teams of two crew members who had remained on-board Skylab will undock aboard the Perseus capsules and be captured one after another by Enterprise's SRMS. Enterprise will then berth to one capsule, transfer the occupants on-board, then stow the capsule in it's payload bay and proceed identically with the second capsule. Challenger then used it's docking adapter to dock perpendicularly with the module it carried. Under the watch of Enterprise and four astronauts conducting an EVA and tethered to Skylab, Challenger docked with Skylab using it's RCS to align the expansion module with Skylab's docking port, moving into position with the Skylab Core Node, which enabled the attachment of structural elements, pressurized modules. Challenger remained with Skylab for a week leaving six new crew members on the outpost. After vacating Skylab, Enterprise completes it's mission and returns to Earth with the previous crew of Skylab one week ahead of Challenger.
Perseus 6. 15 August 1986. Second Skylab-Perseus crew rotation mission.
STS-61-J. 18 August 1986. Atlantis. Hubble Space Telescope Deployment as originally planned.
STS-61-N. 4 September 1986. Discovery. DOD mission as originally planned.
STS-61-I. 27 September 1986. Enterprise. Skylab crew and Perseus capsules rotation. Installation of docking adapters to enable multiple docking of shuttles alongside Perseus capsules.
STS-61-K. 1 October 1986. Columbia. Following successful attachment of the docking adapters by Enterprise's crew, Columbia gets a GO at launching towards Skylab for Dual Orbiter Docked Operations (DODO). First flight of a very long duration orbiter flight. Tailored for very long duration, the shuttle is equipped with the necessary consumables to stay in space up to 60 days while docked, or 28 days in free flight, limited only by issues regarding landing gear tire pressures, extended from their original limit of 28 days. Columbia has been under refurbishment for most of 1986. Mission calls for Columbia to remained docked for 45 days, which will actually be extended to 74.
This is the first milestone at retiring the Apollo-derived Perseus capsules to enable visiting shuttle more freedom in transporting cargo, limited by the weight and size of the embarked capsules. The Skylab complex reaches a new record for combined mass, with the Skylab core itself, SkyHab, the Skylab Core Node, two Perseus capsules and two shuttle Orbiters (Columbia and Enterprise) docked at the same time. This flight proves that two shuttles can be docked together at the Skylab safely, which enables permanent staffing during orbiter dedicated return vehicle duty swaps.
It is during that mission that President Reagan and Soviet Secretary-General Mikhail Gorbachev meet together at Reykjavik, Iceland on October 11-12. While the talks stall on matters of human rights, nuclear armament reductions and international policy, the two note similarities in the evolution of their national space programs, with the launch of Mir earlier that year. Further talks are planned for the next year of the issues raised at the Reykjavik Summit.
STS-61-L. 14 November 1986. Atlantis. Mission to relieve Columbia from it's Skylab duty and replace it while Challenger still undergoes modifications for very long duration docking at Skylab. For the first time ever, a photojournalist from Times is brought along. Mission is extended to January 17 due to the events of the following flights and would be the last docking of Skylab for quite some time...
STS-71-A. 10 December 1986. Discovery. Same as the planmed STS-62-B mission,but launched from KSC. Highest inclination of a Shuttle orbit to date.
Perseus 7. 12 December 1986. Conducted inspection of Landsat 4 ahead of planned Shuttle repair.
STS-72-A. 18 December 1986. Challenger. After undergoing some software patching, Challenger takes an “improved” version of PASS along in it's GPCs which go around the limiting “feature” of it's software regarding being active in space at New Year's Eve, a serious limitation for long duration docked operations at Skylab. However, Challenger had to perform the first RTLS of the Space shuttle program, and for the first time using the Backup Flight System. The issue is traced to a programing error in the PASS software, crashing all 4 GPCs running it, which was absent from the unmodified BFS. Following this near-miss, which echoes eerily the troubles encountered by Challenger itself on STS-51-F, Columbia on STS-3, Atlantis on STS-61-G and Discovery on STS-71A, the shuttles are grounded for a full review of their flight hardware and software.
A commission is created by President Reagan and headed by William Rogers, former secretary of state. The commission would find troublesome issues at NASA, under intense pressure to keep the busy flight schedule on time. Some engineers and technicians of the STS program come forward with revelations that some missions were performed with some falsified engineering reports under pressure from some managers. The managers merely state that they misunderstood the technical issues presented to them. Also of note was the scathing comments and observations by noted scientist Richard Feynman, who pushed through a much more abrasive observation of NASA's safety culture, published as an appendix to the full commission report. Mr. Feynman was very vocal of the need to suspend shuttle launches until flaws both in hardware processing and human reasoning were addressed around the Space Shuttle Program.
Also, under pressure from the astronauts themselves, a program was implemented to review egress options of flight crews and provide the option to at least attempt to parachute out while the orbiter is gliding under computer control. As jumping in the North Atlantic in plain clothing would be craziness, new suits are then designed based on those worn by SR-71 and U-2 pilots, providing some additional safeties in scenarios of cabin decompression.
The decision to rely only on the STS to go back and forth to Skylab is reviewed, and NASA is forced to reverse it's planned phase out of the Perseus capsules at the orbiting complex. Skylab-Shuttle Mission 12's crew comes back to Earth in two batches, with the first three crew members returning in early January, leaving enough provisions on Skylab for the three remaining crew members to stretch their stay up to 9 months before being forced to come back to Earth, in the event no shuttle flight occurs before supplies run out. Soviet leader Gorbachev publicly offers a Soyuz flight to the American complex, if required, for supplies. The State Department kindly rejects the offer, but thanks the Soviet Union for the good gesture.
Saturn III, 27 December 1986. Lunar Observer.
Perseus 8. 25 March 1987. Unmanned relief launch of Perseus 6. During approach to Skylab on 26 March,rendezvous technologies intended for further use in the Pegasus program were tested.
STS-30. 18 June 1987. Columbia. The first orbiter of the fleet makes the only docking with Skylab of the year 1987, as a relief flight granted a waiver by vice-president Bush, amid intense political scrutiny and logistical pressure. Filled up with a maximum payload destined to the Skylab complex, including spare parts for the aging Core module in space for more than 14 years, Columbia docks uneventfully and stays for a mere 10 days, with a crew of 4 going up and 5 coming back down, leaving only 2 astronauts going up as a caretaker crew for Skylab. This flight marks the first time U.S. Astronauts have spent more than 6 months on orbit, and the first time it is planned for US astronauts to remain in space for the same duration. Columbia lands without any issues at Edwards AFB, restoring faith in the Space Shuttle Program.
President Reagan greets personally the astronauts and announces that the shuttle fleet will actually be expanded by the additional construction of 3 more orbiters, bringing the fleet total to 8, in a bid to reduce turnaround pressure on the maintenance crews which have been found to be in a constant battle against the clock for most of the previous years.
Saturn III, 6 August 1987. Draper lunar orbiter.
1K1. 24 September 1987. Buran. First test flight of Buran.
Perseus 9. 20 November 1987. Third Skylab-Perseus crew rotation. Flight test of Pegasus systems,which allowed for a one year mission.
STS-31. 18 January 1988. Discovery. Official return to operational status of the Space Shuttle, bringing back a Perseus capsule and 3 crew members along with supplies. This marks the first time the shuttle crew has the capability to bail-out in the event the shuttle is unable to make it back to a runway, under certain circumstances. Mission duration of 14 days.
STS-3V. 12 February 1988. Atlantis. DOD mission. Flight is covered in secrecy. Flight duration is less than a day. Rumors spread that this was a satellite capture flight, but all details are classified, others speculate that it was a nuclear powered radar satellite being deployed.
Saturn III, 16 April 1988. Venus Orbiter and Imaging Radar (Magellan).
STS-32. 20 April 1988. Columbia. Skylab expansion mission with crew rotation, Skylab being limited to 3 crew members due to failing hardware aboard the station. A new set of solar panels are brought to replace the decayed arrays of the 1970s, which are producing a fraction of the nominal power at launch. Problems are also cropping up in the life support systems. Some already speculate Skylab won't make it into the 1990s, given that it has already spent 15 years in space.
STS-34. 28 May 1988. Enterprise. Mission carrying various sensor platforms in free-flight for development of new observation satellite instrumentation. As a first and at the invitation of Secretary-General Gorbachev while on a visit to Moscow, Reagan spoke with the shuttle astronauts via the communication facilities of the Soviet Union's space program. During that visit, both leaders announced that discussions were underway for some time about cooperating on some projects in space, but without any clear definitive objective so far. Rumors of the time go from a Shuttle-Mir,Soyuz-Skylab,or Soyuz-Friendship remake of the ASTP, all the way to a manned mission to Mars.
1K2. 7 July 1988. Buran. Longer test flight of Buran. Test exercises of the onboard robotic arm were conducted.
Saturn III, 10 July 1988. Mars Observer.
STS-35. 8 August 1988. Columbia. Combined Skylab/Spacelab mission. Crew rotation, fresh supplies and experiment rotations performed.
STS-33. 29 September 1988. Discovery. TDRS-3 deployment.
Saturn III, 30 September 1988. Core module of Space Station Friendship.
STS-36. 4 October 1988. Challenger. The return to flight of Challenger delivered the Unity node to Friendship. Of note was the presence of Soviet mission specialist Alexei Leonov.
2K1. 15 November 1988. Baikal. Flight test of the Baikal orbiter. Automated rendezvous with Mir.
STS-4V. 2 December 1988. Atlantis. Manned servicing of the Landsat 4 spacecraft.
Perseus 10. 16 December 1988. Perseus exchange at Skylab.
STS-37. Discovery. 11 January 1989. Deployed the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory as OTL.
STS-39. Columbia. 18 February 1989. Deployed the ROSAT astronomy satellite.
STS-38. Challenger. 10 March 1989. TDRS-4 deployment.
Proton-K. 25 March 1989. Zarya launch to Space Station Friendship. SSF renamed the International Space Station.
STS-40. 27 April 1989. Enterprise. ISS outfitting. Last flight from KSC to utilize SRBs.
STS-5V. 4 May 1989. Atlantis. Spacelab-EOM. First use of Extended Duration Orbiter package (EDO-1).
STS-42. 26 May 1989. Challenger. Starlab.
STS-41. 14 June 1989. Enterprise. Skylab docking. Skyhab returned to Earth to undergo processing for relaunch to ISS.
Perseus 11. 30 June 1989. Crew rotation at Skylab.
STS-43. 16 July 1989. Challenger. Retrieved LDEF-1. EVAs related to ISS construction testing were conducted.
On 20 July 1989,President Joe Biden announced that America would return to the Moon by 2001 and send people to Mars by 2025.
STS-45. 4 August 1989. Discovery. Spacelab IML-1. EDO-2.
STS-6V. 8 August 1989. Columbia. Deployed the COBE satellite. Last manned spaceflight with SRBs.
Titan IV, 15 August 1989. Lunar Ice Orbiter / Lunar Ice Sample Experiment.
Proton-K. 23 August 1989. Launched Zvezda to ISS.
STS-44. 1 September 1989. Enterprise. Flew the IBSS-SPAS experiment pallet for the DoD.
STS-46. 20 September 1989. Atlantis. Delivered the P-6 truss segment to ISS.
Perseus 13. 18 October 1989. Launched the Expedition 1 crew to ISS.
Perseus 12. 3 November 1989. Crew rotation on Skylab.
STS-47. 22 November 1989. Columbia. Spacelab-J. EDO-3.
STS-48. 7 December 1989. Challenger. Delivered the US Lab module ‘Destiny’ to ISS.
STS-49. 14 December 1989. Atlantis. Intelsat-6 rescue.
1K3. 8 January 1990. First manned flight of Buran. Rendezvoused and docked with Mir. 6 days.
STS-7V. 9 January 1990. Discovery. Spacelab-EOM 2.
First test rollout of the ‘Jupiter’ Space Launch System, 18 January 1990.
Soyuz TM-12. 26 January 1990. Delivered Norman Thagard to Mir.
STS-50. 28 January 1990. Columbia. Spacelab SLS-1. EDO-4.
STS-51. 16 February 1990. Discovery. Mir flyaround,Spacehab 1.
STS-52. 3 March 1990. Challenger. LAGEOS 2.
STS-53. 25 March 1990. Atlantis. Spacelab USML-1. Joint Shuttle/Spacelab mission. First shuttle mission to Skylab in 9 months. EDO-5.
Perseus 14. 10 April 1990. Delivered Expedition 2 to ISS.
STS-54. 24 April 1990. Endeavour. Maiden flight of first second-generation Shuttle. Deployed TDRS-5.
STS-55. 18 May 1990. Challenger. Delivered Canadarm 2 to ISS.
Perseus 15. 22 May 1990. Crew rotation on Skylab.
STS-56. 11 June 1990. Discovery. First Shuttle-Mir docking. EDO-6.
STS-57. 4 July 1990. Atlantis. Deployed the UARS satellite.
STS-58. Columbia. 26 July 1990. Spacelab D-2. First 8 days of the mission conducted independently,last 6 at Skylab. EDO-7.
Saturn III, 5 August 1990. Mars Global Surveyor / Phobos hopper.
STS-59. Enterprise. 22 August 1990. Delivered the Quest airlock to ISS.
Jupiter Flight Readiness Firing, 31 August 1990.
Perseus 16. 20 September 1990. Delivered Expedition 3 to ISS.
STS-60. Discovery. 7 October 1990. First Hypervelocity Research Vehicle.
STS-8V. Eagle. 22 October 1990. First flight of OV-106. Peace Flight 1. Conducted retrieval of payload launched on STS-3V. Again,mission lasted less than a day.
Perseus 17. 8 November 1990. Crew rotation on Skylab.
STS-61. Atlantis. 15 November 1990. Second Shuttle-Mir docking. Delivered Shuttle/Buran docking module.
STS-62. Challenger. 2 December 1990. First HST servicing mission.
2K2. Baikal. 13 December 1990. Spacelab 1-style mission,although not docked to Mir.
STS-9V. Enterprise. 14 December 1990. SRL-1. EDO-8.
STS-63. Endeavour. 8 January 1991. Orion 1.
STS-64. Columbia. 12 January 1991. Astro-2/CRRES deployment.
1K4. Buran. 20 January 1991. Salyut 7 retrieval and return to Earth.
Perseus 18. 17 February 1991. Support of Operation Desert Storm.
STS-65. Discovery. 1 March 1991. GOES-I.
STS-66. Atlantis. 17 March 1991. Delivered the S-0 truss segment to ISS.
Jupiter 1-X. 24 March 1991. First test flight of Jupiter.
STS-67. Endeavour. 1 April 1991. Third Shuttle-Mir docking.
STS-68. Columbia. 5 April 1991. CGRO refueling.
STS-69. Eagle. 27 April 1991. USML-2. EDO-9.
STS-70. Challenger. 22 May 1991. Delivered first MPLM (Leonardo-1) to ISS.
STS-71. Columbia. 5 June 1991. Second Hypervelocity Research Vehicle (also it’s first piloted mission).
Perseus 19. 10 June 1991. Skylab 1-year crew. Last crew rotation on Skylab.
Perseus 20. 16 June 1991. Delivered Expedition 4 to ISS.
STS-72. Discovery. 28 June 1991. Deployed TDRS-6.
Titan IV. Pegasus 1. 4 July 1991. Unmanned test of Pegasus multi-role capsule.
STS-73. Challenger. 11 July 1991. Delivered the S-1 truss segment to ISS.
Soyuz-U2 / Progress-MSO-1. 30 July 1991. Delivered the Pirs docking node/airlock to ISS.
STS-74. Endeavour. 2 August 1991. Fourth Shuttle-Mir docking.
2K3. Baikal. 25 August 1991. Delivered the Spektr earth sciences module to Mir.
STS-75. Intrepid. 14 September 1991. First flight of OV-107. IML-2 / USMP-1.
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2022.03.22 02:20 LtLethal1 BF3's Frag Rounds are completely busted in Portal

This bug may be in other game modes that feature the BF3 weapons as well, but after trying to play the BF3 vs BC2 team deathmatch gamemode I quit in frustration with how completely broken the frag rounds are.
At the moment, this game mode is horribly one sided because the Spas 12 shotgun with Frag rounds is completely bugged. Instead of firing a single frag round, they made it fire explosive buckshot.. and each exploding pellet from the buckshot is a one hit kill and each one deals splash damage as well.
It's completely destroyed the game mode. Please fix this DICE, we know you can make these hotfixes now considering you made such a big deal about fixing early bugs with the sensor grenades and the riot shield (like right after release).
Take the Spas 12's frag rounds out of the mix until you can fix them. While you're at it, look at all the frag rounds on shotguns to make sure they're not also bugged to fire explosive buckshot.
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2021.12.09 09:54 Cobalt-Bandalore Just a small goal post for some teams I'm making from scratch. I have time now that the event is over, so I wanna overhaul my Echelons

Hey, just wanted to make a post to signal my goal of having the Echelons I'm aiming for. I have really good teams right now, but I wanna upgrade, and I'm starting almost from scratch. So I'm slowly training them up, slowly getting the guns I need, and I just wanted to say what I'm doing with them
Here's the teams(and team names I've given them) that I plan on upgrading
2A Squad(SNBI(Shall Not Be Infringed)): MK48(DL3 LV38)
1918(DL3 LV47)
M2HB(DL3 LV54)
M500(DL3 LV60)
Grizzly(DL3 LV47)
2B Squad(The Pencil Case):
Gr MG5(DL1 LV1)
SPAS-12(DL5 LV91)
M870(DL1 LV)
Night Crew:
Springfield(DL4 LV87)
PTRD(Don't have her yet)
Mosin-Negant(DL4 LV85)
Tokarev(DL3 LV50)
Stetchkin(DL4 LV93)
Night Crew 2(TBD. Suggest names if you like)
M950A(DL3 LV55)
M200(DL3 LV57)
QBU-88(DL3 LV55)
M99(DL3 LV55)
Desert Eagle(DL3 LV51)
I'm currently working on leveling Night Crew 2 up to level 90, DL5, and Skill Level 7-ish around there, before I upgrade the others. After that, I'm upgrading SNBI up to 90, then The Pencil Case. Most of the girls that are Lv1 are because I got her specificly for the team, and haven't gotten around to leveling her yet. And some of the other (like PKP RPK, SPAS-12, etc.) are because I've use them on other teams and wanna move them around. Like I said, I'm overhauling my teams.. Tokarev and PTRD will take PKP and RPK's spot. UMP45 is taking SPAS-12's spot on the original B Squad.
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2021.11.10 23:02 spilly_sock_spock Are there any more affordable options with the same or similar pump action/semi auto system as the spas 12?

I just think it's neat and I really want one but spas 12's are so damn expensive
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2021.09.14 18:54 ShepGoesBlep Found 2 Spas 12s in one gold hut, then the next kill gave me another

Found 2 Spas 12s in one gold hut, then the next kill gave me another submitted by ShepGoesBlep to survivio [link] [comments]

2021.08.16 16:25 Chyrosran22 APS CAM870 except it's a SPAS-12. Gimme.

I think we can all agree, APS needs to make a SPAS-12 version of their 870 shell-ejecting shotgun series. Full-metal. With folding stock. This will be the tits :D .
The only SPAS-12's I know on the market are pretty shit. Does anyone know if anyone else is planning on making a SPAS-12 by any chance?
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2021.08.13 10:10 EclipseTemplarX Custom mods bugged outbreak

Hi I picked up a blue hauer 77 from a chest and when I selected my custom mod it randomized my spas 12's attachments, and it gave me a 3rd hauer 77 with no attachments and I couldn't get rid of it l. I'm playing on xbox
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2021.07.24 15:42 catblob_ BUNKYBOUNCE UNIVSERSE LORE

melee game is the newest addition to the universe
followed by combat game,
and so on
with each game, the universe becomes larger
but with each game
something hidden lurks inside
something that changes the reality
for example
in weaponry
the player is r15
the map is enclosed
but if you were to transfer to the mini-reality of melee game
youd notice the player is r6 now
the map is open
there is blood now
and yes
each game is its own miniature reality
each of these realities can be open at the same time
and they close once there is no one left inside them
thud resulting in the miniature reality "restarting"
delta 149, aka delta originates from the game "untitled combat game" and has been later seen in melee game
delta 149 is a human, rebelling against the chaos monitoring facility
they communicate with people inside the miniature realities and keep the cmf at bay
they are unaware of the miniature reality situation
delta 149's real name is Dameon Willingson
they use the name delta to conceal their identity
they are constantly running and hiding from cmf
an example of this is Dameon flying overhead melee game in a plane
he fears the cmf, as hes already been shot 3 times
i guess the cmf soldiers have really bad aim because they never hit any vital organs
however 2 of his ribs were shattered, his sternum was slightly cracked and his left liver was grazed by a bullet
he still tries to protect everyone inside every game when he can
even having been shot 3 times
delta has been arrested a total of 2 times
once for hacking online
and once by the cmf
the cmf, or Chaos Monitoring Facility is a giant facility located underground in the middle of a snowy wasteland uninhabited by anyone
the cmfs goal is to contain and eventually terminate anomalies if neccessary
they control things so that they dont get too out of hand
but they are commonly viewed as corrupt, as they taunt people being tortured by said anomalies
and even sometimes pose as the ones behind it
they do this so much that an average of 7 people get fired each day from cmf for not actually containing the anomaly and just taunting the victims
cmf is currently indestructible, as no one knows the true location and it is said they have multiple facilities around the world
they own stealth jets, unable to be detected by radars
they use these for worldwide transportation
their soldiers are armed with black armor and red goggles
commonly armed with m4a1s, m16s, ak47s, spas-12s, glock-17s and m1911s
one may be arrested by the cmf for a list of things
this list includes:
starting anomalies
exploiting their system
hacking the cmf terminals
entering the cmf facility (mostly unarmed)
one may also be terminated by the cmf for another list of reasons
this list includes:
starting uncontainable anomaliess
tarting end-of-reality events
entering the cmf facility (armed)
stealing cmf files
selling cmf files
giving out cmf location details
freakingheck, more commonly known as BunkyBounce is the creator of each of these miniature realities
they build the worlds, they add to them, they make more worlds, etc
they are the one respondible for the BB110 or FH139 universe
or, the collection of each mini reality
they are usually behind most of the mayhem that goes on within these mini realities
however, they are usually controlled and he will end these events if someone is unhappy or something serious has occurred
an example of a controlled anomaly is one of the games players being magnified to 1.2 to 3 times their regular size, and given much more health than usual
and each players goal is to terminate said magnified player
freakingheck and the rest of the players tend to call these "boss battles"
during these anomalies, freakingheck will usually play music of sorts
as to give the anomaly more interest
he may also control the time and darkness as a way to make these manhunts more intense
its also been seen a numerous amount of times that he will regularly place a color changing lightscreen on each player, thus giving it a "disco" effect
freakingheck tends to get upset when a player of one of the worlds is unhappy with the game, or unhappy in general
the cmf tend to ignore the controlled anomalies
however if they get too out of hand, they will contain them and close the reality
Johnathon Markurs is one of the employees of the Chaos Monitoring Facility
they were given the role of "supervisor"
the supervisors are who watch each reality and assure nothing gets out of hand
Johnathon Markurs goal is to monitor each reality and inform the cmf headmasters and higher-ups if something is out of control (failed)
Johnathon Markurs was terminated in his monitoring station by Delta 149
thompson shells were found in the monitoring station
as well as a knife and a baseball bat
it is presumed that Delta 149 had an accomplice
however they are currently unknown
Johnathon Markurs body has not been found by the cmf to this day
a note in the monitoring station was also found
it read "im sorry emily"
whoever or whatever this "emily" person or thing is, it is currently unknown
however it is currently believed to be Johnathon Markurs partner
and finally
i believe that this is the end of the lore book
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2021.07.14 16:55 MechantEduard TELOS PATCHNOTES 0.4.0


Download on GameJolt or

New content:

- Team Deathmatch
Two teams fight for victory. First team to the kill goal wins.
- Practice Range
Practice your aim, try out different weapons and discover new movement tech in the Practice Range.
- OXIDE visual rework
OXIDE now has a beautiful sandy landscape, a new, brighter skybox and improved lighting. It is also now part of the main menu!
- Player visibility improvements
Player models are now lit separately from the map, to ensure they are always completely visible. Depending on their team, they have a Blue or a Red outline.
- New weapon effects
Weapons now have muzzle flash while shooting, and on impact now leave bullet holes.

Weapon Balance:

- M4A1-S
  • Damage increased to 16
  • (new) Minimum damage set to 8 (max range, at 500 units)
  • Rate of fire increased to 0.12s
  • Ammo increased to 35
  • Reload time increased to 1.5s
  • Recoil slightly increased
  • Spread slightly increased
The M4 has gotten a massive damage buff, in exchange of a range decrease (damage falloff) and rate of fire, to better compete against the AK47
- AK47
  • (new) Minimum damage set to 7 (max range, at 250 units)
  • Rate of fire increased to 0.06s
  • Ammo increased to 30
  • Recoil greatly decreased
  • Spread greatly decreased
The AK has always felt unfun to play, because of its insane spread and recoil. It is still a close range, high DPS dealer, but now has a very short damage falloff range, to counterbalance its now improved range.
- SVT40
  • Damage decreased to 40
  • (new) Minimum damage set to 35 (max range, at 500 units)
  • Rate of fire decreased to 0.4s
  • Reload time increased to 1.5s
  • Spread slightly increased
The SVT is a terrifying weapon at range. Its damage has been greatly decreased, but in exchange it's gotten a massive rate of fire buff, making it much more useable at close range. It will still remain as the best choice for ranged damage.
- SPAS12
  • (new) Spread changed to a fixed, circular pattern (instead of a random pattern)
  • Damage decreased to 6
  • (new) Minimum damage set to 3 (max range, at 250 units)
  • Rate of fire decreased to 0.6s
  • Ammo decreased to 6
  • (new) Now reloads one shell at a time. Takes 0.25s per shell, or 1.5s for a whole clip.
  • Spread greatly decreased
The SPAS offers a unique playstyle, that combines the jiggle peeking of the SVT with the close range damage output of the AK. Its problem was its inconsistency: sometimes you would deal unexpected amounts of damage at distance, and much less damage at close range.
A fixed pattern solves this, by always dealing the same damage, no matter the range. It makes it more predictable, for the shooter and the shot.
submitted by MechantEduard to TELOSGame [link] [comments]