Bluebeam snapshot not working

Thank you for your work.

2023.06.05 04:38 peggingurmom Thank you for your work.

I remember being 8 years old and being asked to show my chest to strangers online, and I obliged thinking nothing of it. as an almost 20 year old, I feel so sad and disgusted knowing someone took advantage of my innocence. This would occur numerous times in my life, most recent being when I was 14 and “dating” a 21 year old. It happens all the time, everyday, constantly. And I applaud you for all the work you do protecting children who were like me, too young and naive to understand that what I was experiencing was NOT love, but was severe manipulation.
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2023.06.05 04:38 mmkaythx Can I lose my kid if I go inpatient?

Let me stress first…I am not actively suicidal and I have never been homicidal.
But, I don’t think my medications have been working for a while and I’m trapped in the lowest low I’ve been in for a while and I don’t know what to do.
Question is if I voluntarily go inpatient - as is being suggested - can my ex take our kid?
On the contrary, if I refuse to go inpatient, can he take our kid?
I feel like I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t at this point. Which helps nothing.
I’m a single mom. We do not have a court ordered custody agreement. My kid has been with me since day 1 with no dispute and never unsupervised with the dad. He only recently started showing up more but in the past only when it’s convenient for him.
I see my T and psychiatrist this week and I’m terrified of where these sessions are going to go based solely on what could happen.
Any guidance would be appreciated.
Diagnoses: bipolar 2, GAD, OCD, ED, C-PTSD
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2023.06.05 04:37 TfolChespin Season 5 works as a great finale (with a little tweaking)!

So, I think we can all agree that the great reputation of the earlier seasons has been absolutely tarnished by the crap that's been going on for the past few years. Now for a fan of the show, the obvious solution is to simply not watch the later seasons, but myself, and I'm sure a lot of you, really enjoys closure in tv show endings. And so with that being said, I can fully say that the season five finale works as a wonderful bookend to the show as a whole! While I would prefer to finish a watch through with season four or three, the fact is, both of those finales have big cliff-hangers, not so with season 5. And so here are just a few reasons why season 5 works as a good finale to the show
  1. The main baddie is thawne, wrapping everything together with a neat little bow.
  2. The final fight, while short, feels very epic and earned (unlike some other ending fight of recent memory)
  3. Team flash is in its most perfect form, what I like to call the golden four (Flash, Vibe, Frost, and Elongated Man)
  4. Each character has their story end in a great way. Caitlin and Frost exist in harmony. Ralph is thriving as a detective. Cisco is with Kamilla. Joe becomes captain. Sherloque gets to be with his wife. And Iris and Barry, while mournful, are hopeful about their future together.
  5. In the first episode, we see the death of Nora Allen, and the final episode shows us the death of Nora West Allen.
  6. And finally, Nora's speach mentions the impossible, harkening back to Barry's opening monologue in the pilot.
Now that's not to say there doesnt need to be some tweaking. Most obviously, I would delete the scene about Cisco taking the cure, it just doesn't really make sense after building him up to be a hero for so many seasons, and would leave a sour taste in my mouth. And finally, let's also cut out the ending cliffhanger about the newspaper. Now these scenes can both easily be cut with any MP4 editor, which allows us to craft a, not perfect, but very fulfilling ending to a great five season long show! (Let's just consider season 6 through 9 non Canon!)
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2023.06.05 04:37 InternationalBat722 AITAH for blowing up at my sister after she stayed out late/got back with her ex

A little backstory: So I (24F) move to across the country about 7-8 months ago to be closer to my sister. Moving is expensive so I stayed with my sister (25F), her boyfriend (30M) and two kids, step son and bio daughter(6M) (6F) until I could save a bit to save it a deposit down on a new apartment in a busier city because she lives in a small with not many jobs in my field. The plan was to come out and work until I could move to the city, get an apartment and go back to school. When I move, I find out my sister and her bf are having trouble. They fight, he’s out until 3am-6am every night, paying woman on for their attention, talking to other women in town, and this isn’t the first time. My sisters bf has always been an alcoholic. Eventually there was a pretty bad night where her bf put his hands on my sister. Cops were called, it was bad. So we moved out and found a place of our own in town. I put my plans on hold because my sister didn’t work a lot and her bf didn’t want her to, to stay with the kids. So I helped her out. We had planned to move out of the town and start fresh after a few months of saving money. A few months down the line, she’s going all the time and I end up watching her daughter a lot of nights, which I don’t mind because I love my niece more than anything, but it got to a point where because I just moved to a small town and had no friends it was more expected and that got infuriating because I felt like a free live in nanny. She starts seeing her ex again. He’s still drinks and he’s still emotionally manipulative, but as far as she knows he doesn’t cheat so he’s good as new.
So here’s what put this all in motion. Last night she went out and said she was just going to her exes house to let out the dogs, but instead she leaves to the bar her ex works at and and leaves the kids asleep on the couch without letting me know. So I’m sleeping and I hear my niece (who is sick) screaming for her mom at 2 o’clock in the morning. After a while I realize no one is getting up to get her. So I get up and my sister is nowhere to be found and calm my niece down. I text my sister and tell her what happened and ask her where she is. She came home from the bar soon after. She then threw up all over the bathroom and then had extremely loud inter course with her ex until 4:30 am after knowing I had a long work week and just wanted to sleep. I addressed all of my feelings in the morning (keep in mind this isn’t the first time I’ve expressed I’m not comfortable with him being over at the house all the time and sleeping over). This blew up and she said she felt like it I wanted her to cut everyone off so she can just spend time with me. I don’t feel like that’s how it came across although I can’t speak for her perception. But I was fed up and told her I’m done being disrespected/walked over. That I’m not going to continue to watch the kids and act like I’m okay with him being over all the time when she assured me he wouldn’t be. On top of this they are together every second of free time they have, so if we have plans she’ll invite him, or go to his family events instead of whatever plans we had. She invites me so I don’t feel alone, but I don’t think she keeps in mind I’m just not comfortable around her bf. So I’m moving in with my parents which is in a completely different state and she thinks I’m a horrible person because her relationship is none of my business and she can’t support her and her daughter by herself. She’s right about her relationship being her personal business. I just can’t do it anymore. So AITA?
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2023.06.05 04:37 deadpool216 Lexus rx 300

Hi, I have an offer for a 2000 lexus rx 300. The car has a cracked windshield, and an issue with the driver side window buttons ( the buttons will work randomly, and open / close) the guy is asking for 3500 CAD, I think I can get it for 2800 CAD or maybe even lower. It has about 305k kms on it Should I think about getting the car? Not sure how much a WI dshiled costs where I live ( Vancouver area ) I thunk it should be about $500 or so?
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2023.06.05 04:36 OldAndWashed Signal chain for LA90 + LS50 Meta + KC62

Thank you for reading this.
I recently got some great <$1000 Integrated amplifier suggestions, but for some reason I'm drawn to the idea of separates, especially the Topping 90 stack (LA90 power amp, D90 DAC, A90 headphone amp or Pre90 preamp). I like the ability to ensure each part of the signal chain is a quality product as well as the ability to slowly upgrade over time.
I'm the millionth person to get a Pro-ject Debut Carbon Evo turntable, a pair of Kef LS50 Metas and a Kef KC62 subwoofer. I'm coming from Yamaha HS8 studio monitors (still keeping at my desk) and also have a Focusrite 18i20 audio interface (at my desk). I'm looking for as neutral and accurate a sound possible for my living room setup, for casual listening (TV / game / streaming), as well as more critical listening (vinyl / streaming / music production). Listening distance is 11 ft in a medium sized open apartment living room (connecting to kitchen), at low to moderate volumes. I'm more interested in clarity, neutrality, instrument separation and soundstage than loud volume. The last thing I want is hearing loss. I also don't want to upset my neighbors.
For now, I'm considering just buying a Topping LA90 power amp (or similar, open to suggestions) and a Pro-ject Phono Box S2 (or similar, open to suggestions). And incorporating my 18i20.
  1. Can the LA90 reasonably power my speakers given my listening conditions? I used a dB SPL meter app at my listening position with my terrible TV speakers. 55 avg and 75 max SPL seems pretty loud but OK to me for regular listening. Are these apps not accurate - I thought they were? Am I missing something? How are people listening at 85dB average? Right now I'm at 40avg, 50 max and this feels very comfortable? I also played some test tones which measured at 60dB at 11 ft and it's quite loud? Is this just up to preference or am I missing something?
  2. For now I'm thinking about incorporating my 18i20 as a DAC / Preamp. Is it a decent preamp? I'm slightly suspect on routing the phono pre into it, but the 18i20 has direct monitoring so does that mean it won't color the sound much? The 18i20 is 40 ft away from the TV / turntable / speakers / amp.
  3. Does this signal chain make sense:
A.) Turntable RCA out > Phono preamp RCA in (via short RCA cables) B.) Phono preamp RCA out > 18i20 quarter inch / XLR in (via 40ft RCA to quarter inch cable) C.) TV optical out > 18i20 optical in (via 40 ft optical cable) D.) 18i20 quarter inch outs > KC62 RCA line in (via 40 ft quarter inch to RCA cable) E.) KC62 RCA line out > LA90 quarter inch in (via RCA to quarter inch cable) F.) LA90 out > speakers (via speaker wire)
This would allow me to use the KC62 high pass filter, which people seem to recommend?
  1. Instead of using the 18i20 as an input selector / Preamp, should I just use it as a DAC? By instead plugging the phono preamp directly into the LA90. And plugging the 18i20 into the LA90. Then taking the LA90 outs directly to the speakers, as well as the high level inputs on the sub in parallel? This would mean no HPF for the speakers right? It would also mean a shorter cable run out of the phono pre amp. Would that mean I use 8 wires on the 4 LA90 output posts?
  2. In the future (or now) would it make sense to buy a streamer, a D90 and a Pre90 (or similar) to avoid the long cable runs and incorporate the sub's HPF? Do these long cables I mentioned even exist / would they work well? Should I just bite the bullet and buy these now - it's not out of the question. Does this setup even make sense? Am I a complete idiot for all of this nonsense and should I really just buy an integrated? I'm really drawn to the reports of super neutral sounding separates. I'm also averse to buying parts and then wanting to upgrade it very soon... I'm hoping to keep the setup unchanged for at least a few years.
Thank you so much for your help.
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2023.06.05 04:36 pinktm909 Refurbished Cable Box

My secondary cable box died the other day so a tech came out and replaced it today. I was going through my scheduled recordings for the next couple weeks and noticed some unfamiliar recordings set (Veggie Tales, for example). As I now understand, Xfinity will refurbish working devices to send back out. But do they not wipe the devices first before re-issuing them?
Also, I’m sure I’ll end up receiving a bill for having a technician come out. Is there a way to avoid this if the new box dies? Can I go to a retail store to swap it out, or do they have to send a tech out to verify it’s not user error?
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2023.06.05 04:36 layla_blue007 Looking for advice on getting an RO

My bf left the house last night from 1-3am. I checked his call log on ATT app and found a number he had been texting on and off for a week. It was easy to find out that it’s a girl who recently moved to our neighborhood. When he got home, I was awake in bed next to our 1yr old daughter and he immediately came upstairs and asked “what’s wrong/ what’s your problem?” before I even asked where he was. he said he was with a guy friend at our apartments hot tub, which I knew was bs so I just said ok we’ll talk in the morning. Around 7am, I woke up to him standing over me staring and he said we’re going to talk now. His anger has become violent in the past and I could tell he was about to get into that mode. I kept trying to drop it but he kept pushing. A few hours later, I finally just said I know you’re lying about last night and the past (see my previous posts about catching him looking for escorts). I just said I can’t trust you and am just continuously getting hurt. I grabbed my bag I had packed for the beach and my daughter to take her to the beach until he cooled down. As I was grabbing the door handle, he pulled my backpack and flung me backwards while I was holding my daughter. I kept begging him to please just let me leave, but every time I tried to get to the door, he grabbed me in some way and dragged me back. Now I was fearful for my daughter and tried to give in to his anger to keep her safe. She was screaming crying at this point and I was begging him to calm down because she was so scared. He kept taking her from me and whenever I had a chance I would try to run to one of the 2 doors to get out for help. We live in a small apartment so he could catch me quick and force me inside. Since he’s bipolar or something along those lines, he quickly started to play victim and asked if I wanted him to leave. I said yes I’m scared and our daughters scared, we need space before we can talk. He kept saying if he leaves, he’s going to take her and not tell me where they are. She was screaming crying still and then he finally let her go so she could come to me. He then pulled out his gun, loaded it and put it so his head and said I’m going to kill myself and you both need to watch. I kept begging please don’t and was just trying to calm her down. My poor baby was holding her hands over her chest because she was so scared and hurt. I was doing my best to calm myself so I could calm her. I kept moving her so she couldn’t see him but he kept cornering us with the gun to his head. At one point, he grabbed her and pulled her towards him and said he wanted her to watch. His tone throughout this entire situation was still very aggressive. I finally just said I don’t want you to leave and we can work this out. That’s the only thing that started to dissipate all of this. He put the gun down finally and said I only want you and all this other bs about how he’s never done anything. I responded ok I believe you just to save ourselves. I have been upstairs in our apartment while he is staying downstairs currently. I’m honestly scared to leave and don’t know what to do. I was hoping one of our neighbors heard the screaming earlier and would have called the cops or security at least. I’m scared to get a restraining order or anything against him because he has very violent family members and I believe he would send them after me if he went to jail or something. I know he talks shit about me to them and I haven’t even them before so I know they’ll take his side. Do I still get a restraining order? My daughter saw him when we were downstairs eating an hour ago and wanted to still go to him. I feel like such an awful mom having put her in that situation. I know she has to be so confused. Any advice is welcome
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2023.06.05 04:36 Aaron_TheOtaku_07 My Short Answer to those Fans, Fanboys, and Hardcore OTP Shippers, who had argued with me, on why I don't follow Disagreeable Canons and Canon OTPs of Anime for My Own Fan Works, especially for 'Darling in the Franxx'.

My Short Answer to those Fans, Fanboys, and Hardcore OTP Shippers, who had argued with me, on why I don't follow Disagreeable Canons and Canon OTPs of Anime for My Own Fan Works, especially for 'Darling in the Franxx'.
I'm NOT joking.
I'm tired of explaining myself to those types of fans.
So, I decided to not reply to them anymore to avoid the neverending arguments that will achieve...
And would just make me very, very, very stressful and problematic.
THIS is my quick answer to their constant, curious questions from now on.
In other words,
JUST LET ME enjoy and create whatever I want for my own fan works for My Most Favorite Anime Series and Characters that are totally legit and harmless as fan works for Anime,
Even though SOME of them DON'T FOLLOW the Canons and Canon OTP Romances that I TRULY find VERY DISAGREEABLE, CRINGE, and TOXIC.
Trust me.
My experiences with those Anime Series, especially DITF, SPEAK LOUDER than words and for itself.
And I CAN make Crossovers with proper executions alright.
At least,
I had stopped making hate posts on the things that I truly and personally hate in Anime and its trending.
And I DON'T EVER want to go back to those hateful things that had given me lots of severe stress ever again.
I started letting most of you enjoy those horrid fan services and tolerate you to make those goddamn waifu stuff as I respect your spaces and passions by staying the hell away from your respective groups and communities.
That's why I am staying in my own pages and communities where it is completely safe with no toxicity for me, at least.
So, at least, let me enjoy making my own fan works, such as:
1.) Shu Ouma x Hare Menjou Forever and Always!
2.) Touma Kamijou x Mikoto Misaka is forever!
Mikoto having pure nightmares about Accelerator
And Touma being forced to kill the Governor to stop his reign of terror to his loved ones, after being psychologically abused, tormented, and tortured by the madman/killer, who wanted Touma dead for an anonymous reason.
3.) Tatsumi x Akame kissing passionately and Esdeath can't stop it.
4.) Hiro's well-deserved future with his beloved friends (without you know what).
And ALL have absolutely NO ecchi, harem or rule number 34 garbage.
If you still don't understand that and say words that makes me think that you are just influencing or forcing me to just stay adamant to the disagreeable canons for me to become a fan of Anime constantly or forever in general,
Then I am afraid that you will never understand my passion and my own choices for whatever I want to create and contribute for Anime and its legacy.
I DO agree with some Canons and Canon OTPs and I DO disagree with some.
But I have that RIGHT to do so for my own fan works.
You may judge me on what I make, but you DON'T HAVE THE RIGHTS to dictate me on what I should make or enjoy for Anime.
I learned that the hard way.
But I had given up on that, and I had deviated from that goal and habit,
And I had completely removed that ego of mine and just let the Anime Community enjoy whatever they want, even though most works are INDECENT and UNFORGIVABLE, regardless.
I'm sorry.
Please, don't argue with me any further.
This is just a quick message and a meme post on what I want to say and share right now,
Especially for my own page and community 'Doujin Romance' that had deviated from such trending and toxic shipping,
Especially for 'Darling in the Franxx'.
I thank 'Red Dead Redemption 2' for changing my life in a good way to stay strong against the cruel, unfair world, especially within the Anime Community worldwide.
For those fans, who DO understand and motivate me to make more of my own fan works, in which they have no more hatred within them, and who are tolerating me to enjoy what I truly love about Anime
That some fans, fanboys, and hardcore otp shippers completely disagree with,
Thank you. All of you. Truly.
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2023.06.05 04:36 qvyvwxvwvwyuyxtuqwxy i didn't read the post about the api change thing entirely but apparently bucket might not work then

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2023.06.05 04:36 zero0000000zero Confused about my life

This will be a long post I will try to keep short. I am looking for anything really as I feel like the full story is hard for anyone close to me understand.
I am having a hard time in life right now but the full picture is needed.
I had a very unique upbringing in which my parents divorced before I was born and co parented me. They always lived in the same town and for the most part always had a healthy relationship which I am grateful for. They raised a monster but in a good way. I have the age old story of being the football team captain, getting the girl and being homecoming king. I don’t think I need to explain more as it was humorously very stereotypical. That was all well but I just finished my 3rd year of college. I have had great success as well. Again, captain of the football team, good grades, gorgeous girlfriend(different girl), too internships and lots of involvement on campus. From an outsider’s perspective my life seems to be very set up. However recently, I began having panic attacks and my stress has been through the roof. After 21 years a lot of trauma have experienced through my life is resurfacing all at once. To make this easier I will separate in to a few sections that seem to be continuously showing up.
Parents I love my parents to death and truthfully believe I have the best set in the world. They are both remarried. My mother has 2 kids with her new husband, everyone over there gets along greatly me included. My father has remarried and his new wife gave me a stepbrother which we will get to in another section. My stepmothers family is incredibly dysfunctional and I don’t see them a lot but they put a lot of emotional, financial and sometimes physical stress on my dad and stepmom. I usually get along with everyone greatly. However, my experience of upbringing has led me to feel very alone. I feel like neither of my parents homes are my home. I envy my siblings on my moms side because they have a true sibling. As I grow older I see that things may have not been as healthy as they could’ve been and I was used as messenger by my parents in many scenarios. The worst of all I don’t know why they got divorced in the first place. I’m scared to find out.
Addiction I will not go into details about what I am addicted to because they all have a similar pattern. The quick dopamine hit. I tend to cope through my addictions when times get tough. I put this here not for help but to receive thoughts on if my addiction is is driving my mental or if it is the aftermath.
Girlfriend Before her I was in a relationship for 4+ years with my high school sweetheart. We broke things off mutually after I became suspicious of infidelity on her part. I was right but I do not know to what extent. My new partner is lovely. To save time your going to have to take my word for how good she is to me. I love her dearly. However it doesn’t feel right to me. We have split up briefly twice, both of us being the initiator for their respective times. She is very attached and is almost blinded to see the problems in our relationship. I have been considering leaving again. Many times after fights things become awkward then good and the back to the way they were before. It would crush her if I left.
Stepbrother My stepbrother is a criminal. He was indicted on 2 felonies recently. He had a very hard upbringing and is clinically narcissistic. He has told lies and behaved in ways that ruined many things for me and our family. I am envious of him though. He tends to be treated much better than I am. He was also given much more opportunity. He has now put a great financial burden on my parents. This has angered me to a new degree. I am unsure what our relationship will look like moving forward.
Today In my past semester I worked 2 jobs, went to school, had a major hip surgery, football, club(president), fraternity(exec) and came out on top. I am proud but more upset I put myself through it. It pushed me over the edge. I cried myself to sleep for the first time not too long ago. Idk how people will react to this but I feel lost and alone. I carry the burden of many of my relationships but I would be nothing without them. This of course is not the full picture. If you made it this far thank you ! Any response would be appreciated. Just wanted to vent somewhere. Thanks.
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2023.06.05 04:36 intellect_tank I think I'm too dumb or slow to be a software engineer, and I think that's ok.

I'm posting this in hopes that someone in a similar situation reads this and realizes they are not alone.
I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, I had no idea what programming was until starting the degree. I love the science and the amazing ideas within it. I got into the field because I read that it opened up a lot of opportunities for a great work culture.
The degree wasn't easy and got immensely difficult in the final year. I failed a couple classes and I didn't think I was going to make it to the end. Throughout the college journey I constantly questioned my aptitude and intellect. I would always score in the bottom 20% of the class for exams and only really passed because of syllabus loopholes with homework or memorized past exams. I put in many hours studying and still would struggle with actual implementation of code. Getting bad grades after trying so hard made me go get tested for ADHD after a friend mentioned he noticed some particular characteristics in me. It was confirmed by a doctor that I have ADHD. However, even after being medicated for ADHD (which did help in some ways) i'd fall into the same situation and have a difficult time implementing or reading code. Not in a dyslexic way, just in a slow comprehending way.
I really wanted to quit, but I was so far in and in debt that I convinced myself to push through and thought maybe working as a software engineer would be better than studying and at least I would make some money.
I got a software developer job and I have been in it for almost 3 years and I am still suffering everyday. I thought maybe I was just having a bad case of imposter syndrome, but now I've had feedback from managers that they have no confidence in my ability and have advised to step it up, to not put them in a difficult situation. Every coworker is quicker at seeing issues in the code when debugging, even new hires. I eventually find and fix issues, but I am way slower than everyone else. When I reach out to other team members for help I easily get confused and take so much time from their day explaining things to me that should be simple. I have taken certification exams and have spent additional money on online courses, some that I already took in colllege. I study after work at least twice a week for an hour and I really don't want to do more than that. I feel like I shouldn't be working this hard to be barely getting by.
I see posts all over the web telling people they can do anything they want, but after doing 4 years of Computer Science and ~3 years of professional software development with extra studying after work makes it feel I've hit some sort of intelligence limit.
I used to think anyone could learn anything, but now I am thinking that may be bad advice, at least to some degree. If someone was horrible at math and physics, but they loved space and wanted to become a physicist. But no matter how much time and effort they put in, could never understand Calculus and barely could get through simple algebra, and almost everyone around them was succeeding with nowhere near the effort. It seems to me to encourage someone in that situation to keep trying and give them tips which they have probably heard countless times is somewhat cruel.
My knowledge of software has increased, but I'm just too slow or simply not smart enough to do it professionally. My technical knowledge feelsI slightly above second year CS student. When I'm doing software, It sincerely feels like I hit a wall of how much I can hold in my head and I get overwhelmed.
I have decided to make a career change, I wish I could transfer my software engineer experience to a role that has nothing to do with coding, but I'm at the point of when I think about anything software related my insides hurt.
Has anyone else experienced something similar to this? And what did you do?
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2023.06.05 04:36 transcribersofreddit NotHowGirlsWork Image "found this comment on instagram"

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2023.06.05 04:36 anonnomnomnom_mmm Attention: Survivors of Colic and Reflux

When could you officially start to put down your child for naps and not contact nap? My LO is almost 6 months but almost 5 months corrected and I can’t for the life of me not contact nap during the day. Nighttime sleep is good enough with two wake ups to eat but I feel like I’m drowning. I can’t use the cry it out method, it just doesn’t work. I have tried.
How did you survive a former colicky, high needs, reflux baby sleep by themselves?
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2023.06.05 04:36 nzbluechicken Help! Passive aggressive friend driving me crazy.

Not sure if it is passive aggressive behaviour or what, but there's a woman in my friend group (all 50s in age) who is constantly making snide remarks about me and its starting to wind me up. We all share a passion for crafts and whenever we're in a group setting sharing what we've been doing she'll show her work but add a comment like "l'Il never be as good as [OP]". She even does it in public settings around strangers and makes comments about how her work isn't as good as mine. We're a supportive group of many different skill levels and I've never made disparaging comments about her or anyone else. It's getting to the point where I no longer want to share so I don't have to listen to her little digs. How do I deal with this or bring up with her that it's really upsetting me? Am open to helpful AND unhelpful but satisfying suggestions!
TLDR: Friend constantly making snarky comments about not being as good as me at a particular craft. Need ideas on how to respond.
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2023.06.05 04:36 stelees Is there a limit when pulling records using Connect-MgGraph

Hi all,
I only have a couple of devices in a dev instance for Intune, but was wondering if there is a limit as to how many records are returned in a call.
 Function Get-Assets (){ #Import-CSV -Path $csvpath Get-MgDeviceManagementManagedDevice -All Where-Object { $_.EnrolledDateTime -gt (Get-Date).AddDays(-90) } Select-Object @{expression={$_.devicename};label="Device name"}, @{ Name = 'Model' Expression = { $_.Model } }, @{expression={[string]$_.ComplianceState};label="Compliance"}, @{expression={$_.OperatingSystem};label="OS"}, @{expression={$_.OSVersion};label="OS Version"}, @{expression={$_.EmailAddress};label="Primary user email address"}, @{expression={$_.IsSupervised};label="Supervised"}, @{expression={$_.IsEncrypted};label="Encrypted"}, @{expression={$_.Manufacturer};label="Manufacturer"}, @{expression={[string]$_.ManagedDeviceOwnerType};label="Ownership"}, @{expression={$_.SerialNumber};label="Serial Number"}, @{expression={$_.EASActivated};label="EAS Activated"}, @{expression={$_.Jailbroken};label="Jailbroken"}, @{expression={$_.EnrolledDateTime};label="Enrollment date"}, @{expression={$_.LastSyncDateTime};label="Last check-in"}, @{ expression = { [string]$_.DeviceRegistrationState } label = "Intune registered" }, @{expression={$_.WiFiMacAddress};label="WiFi MAC"} } # Check if MS Graph module is installed if (Get-InstalledModule Microsoft.Graph) { # Connect to MS Graph #Connect-MgGraph -Scopes "User.Read.All" Connect-MgGraph -ClientID $ClientID -TenantId $TenantID -CertificateName $CertName }else{ Log "Microsoft Graph module not found - please install it" exit } 
I have that script which is working fine and returning my records, but if I roll this out and there are hundreds or thousands of devices am I going to hit a wall with the call, or it will just pull down what it needs to via what I have done above?

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2023.06.05 04:35 audree1141 Considering Rehoming

Please no judgement. I apologize for the wall of text. Today for the first time I’m seriously considering rehoming my dog. I live in a very urban area, one of the most dog friendly neighborhoods in an already dog friendly city. My small dog is EXTREMELY leash reactive, he lunges and makes the most awful high pitched scream, I’ve never heard anything like it. Other dogs usually don’t even bark back they just look at him with a confused expression on their face. I’ve worked with one trainer (4 sessions) and she referred me to another more experienced one, as his reactivity was more than she felt equipped to handle. I spent $177 dollars for one session with the other trainer and we really didn’t get much out of it (and the wait was long). She advised me to start him on anti anxiety meds and gave me a few exercises for when no other dogs were around, as at the heightened state he was in there was no training that could be done. People always talk about “threshold”, but at the time he didn’t seem to have one, he’ll react to dogs that are so far away I can barely see them. I did start him on reconcile about 2.5 weeks ago and he luckily isn’t reacting to dogs that are quite a distance away, and I know it will hopefully begin to work more in the coming weeks. I’ve tried to train him every single walk every single day in the house And outside. His reactivity is not getting any better. It’s getting worse. Even going out just for a potty break is a nightmare. He’s also just shy, and overall not very confident. I feel horrible even thinking about this. He’s so attached to me. But I can’t help but feel as if someone in a different environment would be a better fit for him. I don’t have a yard, I get up at 5 am to take him for walks, but of course he has to go potty at peak times. I feel like I’m failing him, he’s still young (about 1.5-2 years old) and I just wish I could take him out on a nice long walk when it’s nice out but I can’t. Today was hard, he kept crying to go out, and I would take him out and he’d have a melt down, come inside and drink a bunch of water and then the cycle repeats. He’s been vetted and had blood work done so it’s not a physical issue. I just really wanted a dog I could take out hiking and to the park but if I do those things I have to leave my little guy behind. Is there anyone who was in a similar situation who’s seen success? For reference I’ve only had him since January.
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2023.06.05 04:35 xvx613 25M [chat] or new friends would be awesome

Hey! Thanks for taking your time to read this, and if you find me interesting definitely hit me up!
I work in the music industry, so music lovers are definitely welcome. I can talk about it nonstop. I also love art in general. I am covered in tattoos and am not done yet, lol. I play video games sometime(mostly sports games and a bit of CoD) I am also a baseball fanatic, but rest assured we can probably find something in common!
My messages are open, so feel free to reach out 🙏🏻
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2023.06.05 04:35 AlexVioletteLuther I have accepted a job at one company before I heard back from another company and receiving an offer letter. Should I work at the first company while waiting on my paperwork to be processed by the second?

So I have been applying everywhere I could for about 5 months after losing my job at the start of the year. I had to pull from my savings to pay my bills and my anxiety started getting so out of hand, I became very depressed. I had to ask my parents for help to get by. A month or so ago I applied to a job at Company A. I had applied there multiple times months ago and did not hear back so when I applied again, I did not expect to anything. After I decided to try my luck again, I was immediately called in for an interview and offered the job a few days later. Its a low paying job, but I figured I could make a little money while I waited for something else to open up.
A day before the job interview at Company A I met someone through a friend who works at a larger company (Company B). After speaking to them about my previous job experience and degree, they said they would try to get me a job at Company B. A week goes by and I honestly did not expect anything to come from B (I didn't have much confidence given the size of the company). Well, I was very wrong. I received two offers in one day. I interviewed for both within two weeks and was offered a high paying position. I am waiting on my offer letter from Company B and was told once my letter is received, it would take between 1-3 months before I would start training. I am meeting soon with Company A to start my HR paperwork. My dad, who has experience with Company B said it may take a long time or no time at all so he told me to just work at Company A for now. The only problem is, I'll have to take days off to go do paperwork/ drug testing for Company B out of town. I hate to take days off so early on. Both are intense jobs with a lot of training.
Should I start working at A while waiting for B to process my paperwork if I have to wait 3 months? Even if I have to take days off?
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2023.06.05 04:35 Inevitable_Yellow Can not connect to some video game servers?

I have been having this issue for months now and no one has been able to solve it. I can not play half my video games. I will use Valorant as an example since I did so much trouble shooting with them, I can not connect to Valorant because I get Val 29 error code. I did everything they asked of me for over a week and still was getting the error code. They told me to contact my ISP which I did and they have not helped at all. We tried forwarding ports, resetting, etc. and nothing helped.
Would getting a new modem or router fix this? Some games work and some don't. It seems like a complete coin flip on which do.
If anyone else has had this issue is it spectrum's fault or something else?
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2023.06.05 04:35 FloralSweaterVest Law clerk looking for advice on finding post-clerkship job.

I'm looking for help with a game plan for after my clerkship. Before clerking I was always working towards my next step and now I feel like I'm just waiting and unsure of my direction.
I am currently clerking for a federal district judge. I didn't go to great school but I otherwise check a lot of boxes as far as academic credentials go.
I have two more years of my clerkship. I'll have 4 years of post-school experience when I finish (one year state court clerking, three years federal).
I intend to move to a state where I have no connections in the legal field (moving for family reasons). That makes me super nervous because jobs are won through networking. It's also more of a mid-sized city, so less job options.
Some folks have told me to start emailing people at firms I may be interested in in the area I'm moving to. Two years out just feels early. Plus I'm not sure what to say. What do I even put in the subject line? What is my ask? If they're willing to talk to me, what questions do I ask? What questions will they ask me? How do I keep in touch over the next two years?
Part of my problem is also that I'm not 100% set on a particular field. I have found smaller general civil lit firms that look great. There is an AmLaw 100 firm that has some practice areas I'd be interested in. I'd love to go in house or even work for a federal agency. I feel like if I email person A and say I'm interested in area A and then I email person B and say I'm interested in area B, that will get around and I'll seem all over the place.
Maybe I am all over the place because I just want to be employed indefinitely in a city I intend to live in indefinitely. It took me hundreds of applications to get the job I have. I spent my last 2 years of law school busting ass applying everywhere and constantly getting rejected. I had a partner tell me once that they wouldn't hire me because of where I went to school. So I feel like I can't be picky, and I just don't have a set thing I want to do. I'm not sure how appealing that is to an employer.
Sorry if these questions are elementary. I was once very up to speed on these things but I just feel out of touch now.
Tldr: law clerk moving to a different state after clerking. Do I reach out to firms now? If so, what do I say? Does it matter that I'm not set on a practice area?
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2023.06.05 04:35 xvx613 [25/M] new friends please!!

Hey! Thanks for taking your time to read this, and if you find me interesting definitely hit me up!
I work in the music industry, so music lovers are definitely welcome. I can talk about it nonstop. I also love art in general. I am covered in tattoos and am not done yet, lol. I play video games sometime(mostly sports games and a bit of CoD) I am also a baseball fanatic, but rest assured we can probably find something in common!
My messages are open, so feel free to reach out 🙏🏻
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