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Post FUNNY scenes from: the workplace (not from your own home) .gifs and pics from safety training videos .gifs and pics from instructional videos Although this subreddit is named /OSHA, submissions do not have to be from the US. Safety violations from all countries are welcome. -Mods may allow or remove any post at their discretion- -No one on this subreddit, nor its moderators have any connection or experience with safety or regulatory issues.-

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A place to post your favorite nick names, punny names, and otherwise insulting titles for the "unpresidented" garbage fire idiot WHO NO LONGER OCCUPIES 🙌 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC. Also accepting nicknames for well-known associates.

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"Cosy", or the American spelling "Cozy", means to give a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation. /CozyPlaces is an inclusive and positive community that features cozy places from all around the world of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges.

2023.06.10 07:03 Roaringprincess What my “SD” messaged me

We took a break and I texted him that I won’t help me around the house for extra $ (which is a stupid thing I agreed with in the first place) I tell him to find someone else and tell him I don’t think our relationship will work out. I tell him I’m unhappy and anxious all the time and this is one of his responses after.
There’s always problems in relationships you work them out you take a few days you talk you were just you stretch but now I’m the one that got you to get these jobs and now that you have these jobs and everybody’s telling you how beautiful you are they want to fuck you now you’re high on your horse. The very first fucking week you’re not a sugar baby and I’m not paying you. That’s because you’ve been a fucking should I say prostitute or shall I say sugar baby all along once you’re not getting the money you don’t care do you want something else you’re psycho and I tried to straighten you out now who’s going to do it?
You can also check my past post to see what our “SR” was.
I’m 20 and I feel fear off this man. I feel anxious every time he messages me. I have to go back Monday for items so I have to face him. He “guided” me into getting a job at that pays well in tips (golf related).
He has photos of me also and I want to get that deleted off his ICloud. I don’t know what to do .
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2023.06.10 07:02 Cory-gang Why can’t I stop being a mean person all the time

Hey Reddit I just need to get this out there maybe even some advice if you would be so kind…
I seem to be wholly incapable of ever being a nice person. It doesn’t matter who with, parents, “friends”, teammates, etc. or just random people it seems like eventually I will always decide to be horrible to them. Sometimes I am just too selfish to give others the time of day or the respect they deserve, and other times I go out of my way to say things or make memes about people to hurt their feelings. Even though I don’t really feel anything actually negative towards them, I just take joy in being an asshole and as a result I have ZERO friends, not that I deserve any. My chances of having a social life are ruined, and all I do is just lay in bed alone all day. I’m in high school so I should be having a “good time” or whatever but instead I’m alone and miserable and keep hurting anyone that tries to be my friend because I either don’t know when to stop the jokes or outright start shit to intentionally hurt people. I am also incapable of showing anything similar to gratitude for anything anyone does for me which really upsets my parents. I just take take take and give nothing in return.
I don’t know how to fix this and stop being a waste of a human life and I know I should either fix this or…
I always try to say sorry but I can never change so it’s always pointless and I just always go back to hating and taking and hurting no matter what I try
PLEASE what do I do help me as you can see I’m desperate considering I’m here on fucking Reddit asking strangers for help with my problems.
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2023.06.10 07:02 thisistheend____ How do you leave?

I'm coming to terms with the fact I'm in an emotionally abusive relationship (see previous post if you want to know more). I still love my partner, but I don't want to be with him anymore. I have so much resentment and anger and have been so hurt by him. He is incredibly manipulative, but he does it in a way that makes me doubt it's even happening. I've been reading 'Why does he do that?', and it's been very helpful in identifying patterns of behaviour and all the tactics my partner uses. He gaslights me a lot, to the point where when I've brought up issues with him, he will have me convinced by the end of it that I'm the problem. We both study psychology (he is currently doing his masters), so he knows all the right language to use. I'm really scared to leave. My partner has never physically hurt me, and I don't think he would, but he does become quite aggressive, blocks my way, gets up in my face and can be quite intimidating. My mental health is really poor right now because of everything, I'm not coping, I'm suicidal constantly and I don't feel like I have the strength to leave the relationship. I know it will get messy, and I don't know if I'll make it out the other side. Right now I can't even see a future outside of this. I know I need to leave, but I'm scared. We don't have kids thank God, but we have four cats. I know any break up is painful but I would like to be able to respectfully work out together what will happen with our cats, and work out how to respectfully separate after 9 years together. I don't think he will make it easy though, and I really don't feel I have the strength to go through what I imagine will become an escalation in his behaviours. How do you leave? I will most likely need to move back in with my parents, which isn't ideal as my mum is also emotionally abusive, but I don't have many/any other options really. How did you muster up the strength to leave?
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2023.06.10 07:02 throwaway01820182 I'm so tired, man (super long post warning)

Been lurking this sub for a while! Thought I'd finally leave a post (on a throwaway, just to be safe).
So currently, I (20) live with my mom, my two younger brothers, and our two cats. I don't know if my mom qualifies as truly being an nparent, she just comes off as pathetic to me. Anyway, I'm the result of a teen pregnancy and as such, my entire life has been completely unstable and really unfair. We all used to live with my ndad, but he was extremely verbally and mentally abusive to everyone around him, especially my mom and myself. They'd argue a lot and he'd run off in a hurry, and my mom would turn to me to be her emotional support. My memory of my entire childhood gets hazier by the day (repression is doing its wonders), but I do remember that my mom would sometimes leave with him to help him with his body building shows without telling me. This often left me to fend for myself and act as a sort of parent to my brothers. The only thing I remember from this is the absolute fear and dread of everything. My mom had this mentality that the world outside is scary and there's kidnappers in every corner, and my grandma would turn this up to 11 by going on and on about how there's rapists everywhere and they all want me specifically and that my only safety is at home. Due to this, I've grown up extremely sheltered and feel very powerless.
Skip some years and in 2016, my mom made the grand decision to move me and my brothers all to live with my grandma to get away from my dad. Her decision was SUPER rash, as we basically moved out within the same day as the pair had an argument (the argument was over me making a joke to my dad. He asked me to put a plate into the sink and I jokingly said,"I didn't sign up to be a slave". He immediately followed up with "I didn't sign up for you to be born"). At my grandma's house, everything was somehow worse. With my mom's decision, we had basically lost everything. All my toys at the time were gone (I was 13 and had an entire collection of littlest pet shop toys that I loved dearly. All gone except for 1 I hold onto to this day), half my clothes were gone, we were essentially 1 step up from being homeless (living with grandma), and we didn't even have a washing machine. My mom had to keep spraying our clothes with Tide Febreze spray, because she didn't even have enough quarters for the laundromat. The entire ordeal sucked. It wasn't helping that my grandma was absolutely god-awful.
EVERYTHING I did was wrong. I didn't microwave food correctly ("you're too messy"), I couldn't get cold water correctly ("you're lazy for not putting the water jug in the freezer!"), can't eat correctly ("you act like you never ate before!"), can't use the shower correctly ("you get water everywhere"), can't do anything right. My mom was still using me as a therapist, complaining about how wrong her life had gone. We had a cat at this point and he was my last fragment of sanity. I came home (ha... "home") one day and my mom had gotten rid of the cat while I was away because she KNEW I'd freak out if I saw her do it. I couldn't even say goodbye, and my grandma's first reaction to my crying was to mock me and laugh about how the cat probably died (fortunately he didn't, he was put into a shelter and he was adopted by an old lady within a week). At some point I completely broke and started screaming about how much I wanted to die, and my grandma's response was to mock me for it. She told me that she'd help me kill myself if I was so serious, talking about how she'd get a rope and tie it just for me. My mom even joined in, telling me she'd help me buy a gun so I can shoot myself. That entire scene is burned into my brain and it still really hurts.
Eventually we moved out and my mom finally took her spot as the antagonist of my life, because why not? Fortunately, this time period is way less eventful. Mostly just screaming, yelling, throwing me against a closet door and continuously throwing me back whenever I tried to walk away, her abusing the two new cats we adopted (we still have them now) and me yelling at her for it which immediately resulted in her throwing me to the ground and kicking me, her constantly calling me variations of "evil" and "mean" and "stupid", her calling me unlovable and telling me that no one will ever want to hang out with me just because I didn't like the fact that she was watching that old Ssoyoung mukbang youtube channel... Y'know! Uneventful! /s
She's finally chilled out in recent years and has become exceptionally clingy instead of outright abusive... Who am I kidding? Clinginess is just her being controlling and insecure. But I feel like I'm forced to just accept that this is the best she'll ever do. My grandma, though, is still horrendous. She got pregnant with my mom when she was 18 and I swear she never grew out of high school. Anything inconvenient is a personal attack, me wanting to be alone ever means I hate her altogether (happens often. I'm an introvert, have severe social anxiety, and am a massive loner), and if I don't do everything she says exactly as she wants me to in that exact moment, I'm evil. Just today, she said I'm exactly like my dad just because I didn't say "bye" to my brother who's leaving for 3 months to help our granduncle with his cleaning job. This same brother has ALSO said I'm exactly like my dad in the past because... I yelled at my mom for kicking one of our cats. Always evil, always bad, always a carbon copy of my dad, all for the most innocuous of things. I've had two therapists in the last couple years who I've been spilling all this to (first guy left the practice, hence why I had two), and I find it interesting that both of their reactions had spanned from very confused to very concerned whenever I tell these events. (I sure do wonder who's in the wrong here! /s)
I'm so tired of living here. I go to therapy every other week, and only in therapy did I learn that all of what my family has done to me is abuse, not love. Only in therapy did I learn that it's NOT normal for your family to insult you. It's not normal for your mom and grandma to make you their therapist, then treat you like dirt the moment you do something they don't like. It's not normal to be told that it's "greedy" to eat more than once a day and that you deserve to starve for running out of food (even though your mom only shops for groceries for 3 kids once every 2 weeks), leading to you to be VERY likely to develop an eating disorder in the near future. It's not normal for that same mother to then turn around and yell at you for not eating enough and tell everyone that you're anorexic, when she's the one who put you in this mess in the first place. It's not normal for your mom to fail to teach you essential life skills despite you asking repeatedly because you're "too young" and "have always been a little slow" but then immediately relent when someone else questions why you can't do said essential life skills (I couldn't do laundry until I was 18, I couldn't cook until I was 19, and I'm only set to get my driver's license now at 20). It's not normal to truly believe that you don't deserve compliments because you're too unlovable and anyone who says otherwise is lying, and it's not normal to treated like you're 10 one minute, but then be threatened to be kicked out the millisecond you do something wrong because, after all, "you're an adult!!". I'm always evil, never good. And it's only ever this family who says this, the couple friends I've managed to pull together say the exact opposite things about me. Isn't it funny how that works? Always horrible to the family, but everyone outside thinks you're great... It's not fair, man.
I'm really. Really tired. I'm currently in college full-time, living at home strictly to save money (it'd suck to move out and have to come back because student loan debt was worse than I thought). My brother (same one that insulted me), aunt, and grandma keep nagging for me to get a job and buy groceries for the family or pay rent because I'm a horrible selfish person or something (Surprisingly, this is one of the few things my mom backs me up on. She's completely fine with me focusing on college and tells everyone else to mind their business).
I can't work full-time while attending school, I could never handle the stress. I can only wait until I graduate, get a full-time job, save money, then leave. It also has to be in that exact rigid structure, I will freak out if it isn't (another problem I should probably get checked, hooray). I want to move to a state that's 2,300+ miles away (from Ohio to Washington). I've envisioned an entire life for myself there, complete with having my own found family. I don't need this family, I want one where people actually love and care about me. I want to get more therapy so I can properly heal. I want to get a dog, I want to be able to go outside without fear, I want to have lots of small pets who'll be properly cared for and loved. I've been questioning lately if I could even be trans, I want to find specialized therapy so I can safely explore this further. I want to change my name so I can sever my ties with this family. My name only gives me grief, I want a name that screams me. I want people who'd love me no matter who I turn out to be. I want people around who'd applaud my growth instead of downing me for never being good enough. I want people who are deserving of the me I've been trying to safeguard for so many years; a hypersensitive crybaby whose interests bounce around like ping pong and is in desperate need of a hug. I just want someone to care about me. And it's not fair that I don't have this. I didn't ask for this pain, all I did was be born. What did I do to deserve this?
TL;DR: I'm really really sick of dealing with my horribly toxic family. I can't explore myself as a person and despite being in therapy, can't truly heal since I'm stuck here. I can't drive, I'm really feeling trapped. I have dreams of moving far away and never coming back, but it still feels hopeless sometimes. I know it can't be, I know I can be free, but I can't do anything until I graduate college and save some money. Really sad about it. I'm really tired and want to go home, but home doesn't exist.
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2023.06.10 07:02 RheingoldRiver Review: Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

Bingo Squares: Literary Fantasy HM, mundane jobs
Probably my favorite book I've read so far this Bingo season, thanks SO much to hellodahly for mentioning it in a daily rec thread a couple days ago.
What's it about? NGL this is the book that When Women Were Dragons was trying to be. It attacks sexism in the postwar era, particularly in academia, but really in all facets of life, with a protagonist who refuses to conform to gender norms. It starts out showing protagonist Elizabeth Zott in the early 1960s as the star of a chemistry-based cooking show and mother of a precocious daughter and then rewinds about ten years to show how we got here.
What's it like? Part love story, part tragedy, part meditation on religion, part coming-of-age of a four-year-old, part hyper-intelligent dog who's learning English and has thoughts of his own (the dog is where the "fantasy" enters the "literary fantasy" story). You're gonna love the dog even if you're not a dog person. 100% a story about female empowerment - and also individual empowerment, as there's oppressed people of both genders discovering that they don't have to be oppressed.
CW Attempted SA, offscreen spousal abuse, death of a loved one, belittling language, microaggressions, workplace inequality, offscreen child abuse, offscreen suicide <-- There are some pretty major CW listed here so you may want to read them.
Also mood warning: I spent about half the novel crying, and I honestly can't tell you the last time a book has made me cry, I'm pretty immune to this given how much I read. The characters were just so compelling, and it's in many ways a tragic love story.
Who's it for? Anyone who wants to read a story with the above mood warning, or isn't worried about there being mood warnings, and wants a story with beautifully-written characters, righteous feminism, a wonderful animal companion, and chemistry
Who's it not for? Definitely stay away if the mood warning or CWs concern you. It's a very intense read.
My rating: 5/5
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2023.06.10 07:02 Bad_Bleep_1234 I barely fucking eat yet I gained like 2.5 kg And I can’t lose them not matter how hard I try, I can literally just est an apple a day and I’m still stuck at this weight

Plus I have anorexia this is fucking ruining me, what’s wrong with my body
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2023.06.10 07:02 EvynnAlmighty Welcome beginner musicians!

A subreddit for beginner and intermediate musicians who are looking to form a band with people on the same level. This is to encourage sticking with your instrument by jamming along with others who practicing their chops right alone with you. Being in a band at any level can be fun and being a novice shouldn’t hold you back. Post your wanteds here for potential members and/or post your progress to show how much you’ve learned and inspire others. Make friends and join discussions!
  1. No bullying. This is a safe space so be respectful.
  2. Actually be a beginner or intermediate player.
  3. No spamming. We know you’re eager, but multiple posts a day will get you banned.
  4. No random posts. Anything unrelated to music, learning, or band posts will be removed.
5.Most importantly, have fun and stick with it. It can be hard, but it’s easier together.
Happy Jamming!
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2023.06.10 07:01 sex_yoda 38 [M4F] #Houston — When's the last time you’ve been “dickmatized"? Married Male for Discreet Weekly Fun

The best sex is the one where you have to take a nice drunken nap after and wake up in a hypnotic daze that last days. Nothing beats a tedious work week like a total sex coma afterwards.
About me: Low-key sensual daddy dom that loves to use words of affirmation to tell you how special and cherished you are and also loves using physical touch to give massages and sensual aftercare to help bring you back down to Earth…
Afterwards I won't want to wash myself off of you… I want the passion to linger till the drive home
If you've ever wondered, like Thelma, what “all the fuss is about…” drop me a line please.
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2023.06.10 07:01 snoozychu there's only 6 days until SEAL TIME

there's only 6 days until SEAL TIME submitted by snoozychu to VirtualYoutubers [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 07:01 Weendyloo I’m not getting the hours promised. I’m tired.

I work at a franchise location for Dunkin Donuts. I’ve been here for about 6 months. I’m a shift leader, I got promoted four months in with the worth of a 50¢ raise. When I was hired, both I and the network trainer agreed on full time hours. The store I originally was hired for was still not open yet so I was working at their sister store. About a month later the store I work at now finally opened. The majority of my coworkers are awesome, they’re pretty much the only reason my days here are bearable which obviously isn’t enough. I am not getting full time hours. On a good week I get about 23 hours. I’ve asked my boss time after time which she’s agreed and said they’d do better each time. No progression whatsoever. I need this job because I receive rental assistance but in order to keep receiving those benefits I need full time hours which is around 30-40 (in California) I’m moving in a few weeks because my partner got a promotion with his job and his territory changed so I don’t think it’d make sense to look elsewhere for employment here. I’m tired of having the same conversation over and over with my boss just practically begging her for more hours. I’m scared that I’ll lose my rental assistance because I’m not working enough hours. I don’t even know how I’d afford to live right now without the rent support. I just feel unimportant and honestly just deflated and defeated because it’s so painfully obvious I’m not respected at this stupid job.
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2023.06.10 07:01 AutoModerator [] ✔️John Thornhill – Ambassador Program ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️John Thornhill – Ambassador Program ✔️ Full Course Download
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2023.06.10 07:01 xXiriSiriXx It's like a never ending swing that just happens to sometimes make a full loop

For a little bit of background I was diagnosed with MDD and anxiety when I was 13/14. I am now 24. It's been a never ending loop of emotions. Sometimes it's really good and I'll get overly excited during these times which many people don't understand. But when I have my downward spirals, it's hard. I know that nobody but myself can make me happy and I need to find things to distract myself with but it's really hard sometimes. I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life but I feel like my depression is holding me back. My wife brings it up sometimes and she asks if I'm okay but it's so hard for me to explain. My thoughts run a million miles an hour sometimes and I'll think about everything under the sun. Other times I just kind of zone out. And then sometimes I just feel like I don't belong here and that I might be better off if I ran my car into a tree going 120mph. And it hurts, because she knows I have depression but I don't know if she knows that the reason I make it home everyday is because of her and our dogs which is like our babies. They're my reasons. I want to be better not only for myself, but for her as well. I've been fighting with this for so long and therapy doesn't help much because I've had therapists tell me before that part of my depression is because I'm confused about my sexuality and being with a man wouldn't make me as depressed. I take Wellbutron 300mg. I feel like a need a higher dosage or something completely different. I took Zoloft and another medicine that I can't remember the name to anymore but I didn't like the way they made me feel. What hit me really hard is that my wife told me that she spoke to my mother the other day and was worried about if I was happy or not. My mother told her that I am the happiest that she has ever seen me and that I've always been depressed and in the past could tell that I wasn't happy with my life and she was concerned about if I'd end my life because of how bad off I was. My mother actually used to never believe in therapy and wouldn't take me to a therapist until I opened up about not wanting to be here anymore. Her and my wife keep up with if I took my medication or not, why I'm late, etc. I just feel like I should be better and I'm just so disappointed that I'm not. And honestly, I'm at a lost. I don't mean to ramble, but I seriously think something is wrong and that I've should've been "fixed" by now.
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2023.06.10 07:01 yoscosmos Shark encounter

Hey! I’m a beginner spearfisher and just arrived in Australia a few weeks ago. Atm i’m in Yamba were i can see a bullshark on the radar pretty much every day. My question is how big is the change to encounter a shark if i’m spearfishing at the shore? There also 100’s of surfers out everyday and nothing happens, does this mean you can also spear quiet safely?
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2023.06.10 07:01 AutoModerator Weekly *Introductions* Thread

If you are new to this sub please introduce yourself on our weekly thread here. Please share what you feel comfortable doing so. Some suggested info you could include is:
We do ask that you be mindful of our members and keep mentions of LC to a minimum
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2023.06.10 07:01 i-am-an-idiot-hrmm Trying to determine a major which will allow me to pursue a career in vector biology.

I am a homeschooler from Maryland, and in the future I want to pursue a career in Neglected Tropical Medicine, with a vector biology specialty.
I am trying to decide how exactly I should go about achieving this goal, as it has a lot of academic prerequisites, generally speaking.
I could go 1 of roughly 4 ways. I am planning on getting some kind of Ipublic policy degree, with a double major in either Public/Global Health, Entomology, General Biology, or (basically just Tulane, Colorado state, and maybe a couple others) Vector Biology/Tropical medicine. I’m unsure if I should apply to them because they may be too far away from home in MD.
This is for undergrad majors specifically.
This is a very niche field, and while a lot of that is because of interest I’m sure, I can’t imagine it’s the ONLY factor. Does nobody remember being amazed as a child, hearing “The deadliest animal in the world is actually the mosquito!”? I’m wondering if that the almost void for vector biology here in the states could maybe be a result of lack of qualification? Not many students will be taking courses in this in my experience, as I find it fascinating, but no one else does, hence, lack of coursework.
Everything is almost always at the Ph.D, and masters level at a minimum.
I guess one could call it a more advanced field? Maybe that’s the reason for a lack of coursework?
Regardless, I want to make sure I am prepared, and have access to connections which will foster this. I’m unsure what major, and where, will provide me with the best opportunities to succeed.
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2023.06.10 07:00 farcaller899 Basic Guide #12 - How to Upscale an Image While Adding Details (multi-diffusion + tiled VAE)

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2023.06.10 07:00 RATMEAT-LXIX The future of this sub and how you the people can change it.

The initial spirit of this sub was to show builds that were of above average or even Gucci standards on poverty (Anderson) lowers. It seems lately we have been having an influx of people posting flat out pleb builds that are being removed to keep with the spirit of the subs initial intentions. Now that we are nearing 1k I am going to get a feel for how the overall sub feels about the future of what content we want to see on here. The poll will be live for 1 day this weekend which should be enough time to get a good enough consensus. Thanks for the input.
View Poll
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