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Toe Spacers: For barefooters, minimalists, bunion sufferers and others

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A sub for the discussion of toe spacers and toe spreaders (Correct Toes, Bunion Booties, Yoga Toes and related products), as well as exercises to correct toes and strengthen feet. Stories, before and after, how to modify and wear, product reviews and more.

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The best subreddit for users with a slight lean, slope, or a hunch here and there.

2020.07.06 08:52 Caregiverrr Lagenlook

Talking Lagenlook, the fashion concept of layering a look head to toe. Sometimes called the “Cool Art Teacher” look. For anybody who rocks this look, makes this look, or shops this look.

2023.06.09 17:28 fuck_me_gouda frustrated with my body, people with no PCOS, and spiro

I had been on 100mg spiro for over a year. It gave me such a GLOW . my pores were smaller, no oil, skin cleared. But in that time my breasts went from a cute dainty 32C to 36C. Not sure if it was the spiro, starting the nuvaring within that time period, or just going through "second puberty" at 23 (i heard girls can have breast growth out of nowhere in their 20s) I know my boobs still aren't "big" but it gives me body dysmorphia. I had an ED in middle school because I always felt like the big freak when all the other girls were so petite and cute. Finally as I got older I ended up being the petite one. Buying clothes were never an issue because XS always fit regardless of the brand.
Now I am back to feeling frumpy and restricting food. I know in my head i'm not fat but having to go up to a medium or large in tops just to fit my boobs does horrible things to my mental health. All of my close friends are smaller chested and feel the need to comment on my boobs everytime we go out, saying things like "they enter the room before you do" and "yeah ____ tried on that top and her boobs were spilling out of it!" but in a mean tone. Not to mention how they always talk about how much they prefer being small chested, how guys like it etc. I want to scream. Do they think I like what has happened to my body? It's out of my control. I have a stupid condition that makes me hairy and oily everywhere and the only thing that seems to help made my boobs explode. I wish my body wasn't like this.
So I went down to 25mg of spiro and my boobs felt a little smaller but I still remain at 36C. I guess those are just my boobs now. Aaaand the oiliness is back in full force. So I either have to go back up on spiro (1. am I going to be oily my whole life unless i'm on this drug?! and 2. what if my boobs never stop growing on it) or deal with cystic acne and hair being oily even on days I wash it.
Fuck. this.
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2023.06.09 17:27 FPGN Is it illegal to walk around with a motorcycle helmet on your head?

asking Myself this because I have a spare motorcycle helmet and I don't look particularly good in the face today and I just feel like hiding it. Is it illegal or is it just weird but legal?
A very time sensitive question
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2023.06.09 17:27 Dancedays Best kbeauty pressed powder to replace no7 lift and luminate powder/charlotte tilbury?

I finally found the one and only powder that works with my skin (the No 7 Lift and Luminate Triple Action Finishing Powder in shade Light) and now it's been reformulated... I haven't tried the new one but all the reviews I've seen are bad. People also say it's a different shade, more for neutral, and I have a cool undertone.
Any good powder recommendations? I have very fair normal/dry (more leaning towards dry) skin with a cool undertone. I use the powder to set cc cream and concealer and for days I just want to wear sunscreen and no makeup I put powder on top to make it not shiny.
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2023.06.09 17:27 nfiqvgaen Gaining rumble control at 40 yrs through magic mushrooms.

Anyone out there who wasn't born with the rumble gift? I took a big dose of magic mushrooms about 4 months ago and had a crazy experience of feeling a rip in my head around my throat/nose area, my jaw locking and the 45 minutes that followed the rumbling began. Then all of a sudden I had this new sensation that I could control at will that wasn't there before. And I've been scouring the internet ever since with some clue as to what happened to me. This experience also ended my TMJ symptoms completely. Anyone else not born this way? Anyone know wtf happened to me?
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2023.06.09 17:27 Frosty_Restaurant_77 I don’t know

I don’t wanna be here anymore even on my good days I still have these suicidal thoughts in my head I’m trying to find a reason just one please I’m hurting
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2023.06.09 17:26 Kuro_Shinobi1993 Ticwatch Pro 5 glass screen protector BROTECH installation and review

Hey guys, I just got the BROTECT glass screen protector for TW Pro 5 and I wanted to share my experience with it in case you are looking to get a screen protector hope that helps
Ticwatch Pro 5 glass screen protector BROTECH installation and review - YouTube
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2023.06.09 17:26 Celmhorst89 University of Arkansas - Grantham

Anyone here get their Bachelors Degree through UAGrantham? It is a ABET accredited course which is really all I care about, and the price to get the degree is 3:1 compared to ASU. They also allow you to transfer upwards of 75% of your credits. So I'm doing majority of the curriculum at my local JC for even more of a fraction of cost.
I just wanted to see if anyone got their degree through them, how did you like it, and how has it helped you?
There are a lot of mixed reviews online but everything that is related to their EE program has 4.5-5 stars.
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2023.06.09 17:26 HoneyBeeWesley Proposal and Photographer Reccommendations

Hey Redditors! My girlfriend and I will be heading to Hilton Head, along with her family, on a vacation for a week from July 9th-15th. What she doesn't know is that I will be bringing an engagement ring along with me and I plan to propose. You see, she is American and I am Canadian, but she moved to Canada for me even though she loves her family very much. I want her to be around her family to celebrate once it happens. Now, I know she will ABSOLUTELY want this to be filmed/photographer, and I want that to be done professionally.
So, my questions for you are:
-Where is a beautiful place in Hilton Head that would be perfect for an engagement?
-Do you have any recommendations on photographers in Hilton Head that would be willing to work with me on capturing this moment?

Thank you in advance for your help!
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2023.06.09 17:26 kcaj140 Suggestions to practice/ improve essay writing?

Following reviewing several finals from this and last semester, the general issue I seem to be running into with my essays is in regards to my rule statements.
I generally can spot all of the issues in an essay and get nearly all of the points for the analysis of the law within the exam, but I have received few points for rule statements & have been told that my definitions at times aren’t detailed enough to provide me with the points in the rubric.
I’m frustrated because from what I’m told and understand, I understand the law being tested upon and am told my exam reads well and is formatted well. However, because I’m not laying out the rules and definitions clearly enough, I’m not receiving any points.
Does anyone have recommendations to practice this way of introducing the rule statements in a timely manner? I feel as though I’m barely able to get through all of the issue spotting and analysis as it is, and while being told by the Prof they were surprised at my grade is somewhat reassuring, my GPA is getting dangerously low…
I’m currently in the process of trying to get accommodations (finally got a diagnosis, insurance took forever) but beyond more time, what else can I do to practice and review so that I can raise my final grades?
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2023.06.09 17:26 ahmadyemlahi How to create unique content- Contentify review

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2023.06.09 17:26 HistoryBuffCanada Sun Yat-sen, Chinese Revolutionary (Episodes 25, 26, 27 of The Chinese Revolution, a history podcast)

Listen to a history podcast discussing Dr. Sun Yat-sen and the lead up to the 1911 Chinese Revolution.
Listen to Part 1 This episode explores Dr. Sun Yat-sen's early life and education in Cuiheng Village, in Honolulu, in Guangzhou and in Hong Kong. Against his older brother's wishes, he is baptized and converts to Christianity. He tries to work for Earl Li Hongzhang, but then starts a revolutionary movement with the Revive China Society and launches his first insurrection in Guangzhou. He is then banished and is kidnapped in London and becomes a media darling. This peasant's son is fast becoming a revolutionary hero.
Listen to Part 2 Sun Yat-sen leaves London and lives in Japan for 3 years. He gains Japanese supporters and is considered their Chinese Hero. They fund him, his efforts and newspapers, as well as arming guerillas in the Philippines. Kang Youwei considers Sun to be an uneducated bandit and they compete for followers. An uprising near Huizhou in Guangdong province starts well, but gets distracted and falls apart. Key allies die as a result. Sun has yet another failed uprising to his name. Can he stage a comeback?
Listen to Part 3 In this third and final part, Sun Yat-sen's comeback from failed revolutionary is examined. He goes on the offensive against Chinese reformers with the Chinese communities in Hawaii and in the world's Chinatowns. He builds on contacts with the French to gain weapons and workers for uprisings near the French Indochina border. He helps found the Revolutionary Alliance and becomes its President.
More and more revolts are planned and the Wuchang Uprising finally succeeds. A garrison takes control. Organizers from the Revolutionary Alliance then take the revolution to Shanghai. Provinces there secede from the Qing and 14 provinces are soon outside of the Qing Empire. Sun Yat-sen argues with foreign bankers to cut off the Qing and receives permission to return through British ports. He returns to China to a warm welcome. He refuses to head a separatist government in Guangdong and travels to Shanghai and Nanjing, where he is elected as the first President of the Republic of China. Tensions and internal struggles are immediate. The baby emperor abdicates. Sun decides for the greater good, to step down as President and to hand it over to General Yuan Shikai, He wants a united China and hopes for the best.
Episode transcripts at https://chineserevolution.info
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2023.06.09 17:26 The_Polymaster worse worse evenworse



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2023.06.09 17:26 ptahhotep_ Colossal statue of King Menkaura, Old Kingdom, Dynasty 4 (2490–2472 B.C.)

Colossal statue of King Menkaura, Old Kingdom, Dynasty 4 (2490–2472 B.C.)
This colossal statue is one of the largest sculptures of the Pyramid Age. With a height of nearly 2.35 meters (8 feet), as restored, it features King Menkaura, who built the smallest of the three pyramids at Giza. His clothing and headgear clearly identify him as the ruler. He wears a wraparound kilt with a central projection, a garment worn only by kings until the end of the Old Kingdom. On his head is a royal kerchief, called a nemes. A cobra, known as a ureaus, is at his brow. This serpent was considered a deity and charged with protecting the king by wrapping itself around the royal brow and spitting its poisonous venom at the king's enemies. Menkaura's long straight beard, another symbol of royalty, was attached by means of a strap that was once painted on the statue's head. His right hand is clasped around a folded cloth, the ends of which extend onto his thigh.
The king's expression is one of regal composure and supreme control. With its slightly bulging eyes, bulbous nose, painted moustache (now barely visible), set mouth with pouting lower lip and firm chin, the face is distinctive, but whether or not it represents a true portrait of Menkaura can never be known. This is the face of a mature adult, although neither face nor body displays any signs of aging. It has often been remarked that the head is unusually small for the king's body. Whatever the artist's reason for doing this, it certainly emphasizes the breadth of the figure's torso and enhances its image as omnipotent king.
This statue sat in the deep niche at the back of Menkaura's Pyramid Temple located at the base of the eastern face of his pyramid until, for reasons unknown, it was deliberately destroyed. In January 1907, George Reisner found fragments from the shoulder and torso in a pit in that room and the large fragment comprising the hands, legs, and throne base in an adjacent corridor. Two months later, while excavating what proved to be a robber's trench nearby, Reisner found the head in nearly perfect condition.
The different installations of Menkaura atthe MFA reflect the changing aesthetics of the Museum audience. When the fragments first arrived in the Museum, only the head and leg were exhibited. Two years later, additional torso pieces were added, and an abstract restoration of the missing torso elements was attempted. In 1925, at Reisner's request, the well-known watercolorist and artist for the expedition, Joseph Lindon Smith, sculpted the torso and buttocks in a more naturalistic manner. The restoration that visitors see today was accomplished in 1935 by Smith, assisted by Museum School student Charles Muskavitch.
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2023.06.09 17:25 Sea_Alternative2310 The one thing that aggravates me most.

When you go to a customers house or a maintenance and they do not want to maintain their equipment. Then you get a call a few days later about why their air conditioner broke down, blah blah blah. It is one of the most frustrating things that can happen in this industry.
I’m ranting about this because I am currently heading to a call for a customer that did just this.
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2023.06.09 17:25 Dili8opk Spring Break Ready,Amber Stark Scarlet Skies,Team Skeet

Rion is super nervous about his first spring break party weekend, and if he doesn’t go, his step-siblings, Amber and Scarlet, can’t go either. The stepsisters know they need to think of something quick to calm their stepbrother’s nerves, so they give Rion an invaluable lesson – confidence! The petite babes rub each other down with lotion and make out in front of their stepbro before heading to the bed. Rion can’t believe what is happening but can’t resist the opportunity to fuck these two smoking hot chicks. After getting to pound his stepsisters, Rion has all the confidence he needs to go out and celebrate Spring Break."
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2023.06.09 17:25 MoistcakeLol What’s your high score?

What’s your high score?
This is also a free way of getting the collaborate achievement if you don’t have friends
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2023.06.09 17:25 ObjectiveWorth7572 HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TO READ THIS !

RUNNING AWAY FROM YOUR URGES!!! Yes running away from your urges. That's what you have been taught in all those YouTube videos and articles you read on the internet. So first let's talk about what you have been taught till now to fight the urges , what you were taught? Hey bro whenever you feel the urge to watch porn or masturbate just get off your couch or bed and do 5 push ups 10 pull ups 100 squats , the guy would fap thinking its better than an injury . Hey bro whenever you feel the urge, go outside the house and walk, how long will you walk , maximum you can do is reaching another city or state and when you will reach home you'll be like I'm so fuckin tired let me get some relief , hmmm phone in one hand and dick in another. Wash your face when you feel the urge , why don't those people say that they don't want skin over your faces.......okay that's all now before I talk about the solution I want to tell you something ,listen Even if you still believe in those hacks or tactics just think is it actually going to work ,doing pushups ,roaming outside the house like a ghost at midnight just to resist those fucking urges. What they are actually teaching you is not fighting the urge but teaching you to just run from them. Tell me one thing , in your life have u ever solved any problem by just running from it, did you, no , then how do you solve a problem? You solve it by facing them. I read a quote few years ago which says " the best way to escape your problems is to face to them". Now you understood why you have been relapsing. So what's the solution now hmm ,very simple whenever you are alone and the moment you feel the urge like you are just going through your phone and then you hear a voice in your head which tells you to open the fuckin icongnito mode ,watch and beat your meat. At that moment just sit straight forget about pushups, roaming outside just sit calmly and close your eyes blank up your mind and then breathe slowly for at least 20 seconds and then just after that open your eyes and then either the urge would have faded away or you will feel that the urge is still there but it has no impact on you coz that motherfucker has just realized that you are stronger that it. Guys I highly recommend you all to practice this it is highly effective and it will even make you stronger than before when urges will hit you in future and one day they will fade away. The main reason for writing this, is actually because today in the live group chat when you guys were chatting and when I read all those chats I felt really very bad for those whose metal health, physical health and their whole fuckin life has been completely ruined. Somebody lost his friend but didn't felt anything because his mental health was affected by porn. Somebody who was very energetic and joyful fell into porn's trap and still fighting in his late twenties. I wasn't able to achieve none of my goals ,since 3 years Ive given my parents only disappointment. My friends yesterday when i created that 10 day challenge I had just created for no reason but then everyone started messaging me saying yeah bro we gonna accomplish it together , hey brother I'll walk with you we both got this.... Soon no time my tab was filled with notifications everybody saying hey count me in bro we got this, then I decided to create a whole community , you can even read the description of the group that everyone even creator of this community is like you. I just want all of you to be the best versions coz we are brothers... We are a Family. -Vaibhav (u/objectiveWorth7572)
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2023.06.09 17:25 ask_realty_pros Delray Beach Real Estate Agents: Your Trusted Partners in Townhouse Transactions

When it comes to buying or selling townhouses in Delray Beach, the process can be complex and demanding. It requires a deep understanding of the local market, strategic planning, and precise execution. This is where the role of a proficient Delray Beach real estate agent becomes indispensable. This guide will provide you with insights into the services offered by these agents and the importance of choosing the right one for your townhouse transactions.
Delray Beach Real Estate Agents for Selling Townhouses: Maximizing Your Property's Value
If you're planning to sell your townhouse in Delray Beach, a competent real estate agent can be your greatest ally. They can assist you in setting the right price, marketing your property effectively, and negotiating with potential buyers. Furthermore, they handle the paperwork and ensure a smooth closing process, taking the stress out of your property sale.
Delray Beach Real Estate Agents for Buying Townhouses: Finding Your Dream Property
If you're on the hunt for a townhouse in Delray Beach, a real estate agent can be your guiding light. They can help you locate the right property, negotiate with the seller, and guide you through the closing process. Their valuable insights into the local market can empower you to make informed decisions, ensuring you find a townhouse that aligns with your needs and budget.
Avoiding Common Traps: The Importance of Working with Experts
Some people seeking information about Delray Beach Real Estate Agents fall into a common trap of not working with the experts. It's essential to choose a real estate agent with a deep understanding of the local market and a proven track record of success. Ask for referrals from friends or family members, and be sure to read online reviews to get a sense of the agent's reputation.
Ready to Partner with the Best Delray Beach Realtors?
If you're ready to buy or sell a townhouse in Delray Beach, it's time to partner with the best real estate agents in the area. With a team of experienced agents, we can assist you with all your buying and selling needs. Whether you're looking for a townhouse, a beachfront property, or anything in between, we're here to help. Call us now at (561) 556-3004 to speak with one of our agents and get started today.
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2023.06.09 17:24 Realmfire Aegis fleet 04

*the office of Grand Admiral Constantius* “Sir, Captain Ryker’s company is now en route to DSO 7. Additionally, Admiral Johnathan Herrion has requested information about the status of his old flotilla. It appears he heard about the recent incident to which you dispatched the Vallhalla”
“Thank you Aida, tell Admiral Herrion that his suggestion has been pushed through”
“Will do sir”

**DSO 7**
*two days later* *Captain Ryker steps off the dropship to see his men already checking their gear in the hanger. The quiet hustle of the operators ensuring their gear is a hundred percent operational didnt draw his attention. Instead it was the group of officers, quickly approaching his company. He quickly moved towards the approaching group of officers and his command staff joined him.* “Captain Ryker, My name is Admiral Herrion. Ill be your naval liason on this op”
“An Admiral as a liaison, Captain this is unheard of” *1SG Harris said* “well son, these are hard times. The Aegis Protocol is soon to go into effect, so its all hands on deck these days.” was the Admiral’s reply” “Well sir” said Captain Ryker “Thank you for being our liaison. I heard about your old task force. Is this really happening sir?” “Yes it is captain, and you’d be wise to steel yourself for what you see in that station. We are picking up.. Massive amounts of dark matter radiating from the station. Your company is to gain entry to the station and try to find out whatever information you can about this station.” “Roger that sir. Is there any specific reason an army unit was called up over a naval special forces unit?”

“Its because the naval special warfare program has massively deteriorated. Politicians have their hands all over it these days. Carrying on, your company has to be ready in the next half hour, you will be rendezvousing with a coast guard team that claims to have found an access point”

*half an hour later, on the hull of the ring station. 200 operators land on the station as their boots magnetically lock to the hull. As they make their way towards the beacon the coast guard team dropped, Captain Ryker gets the feeling something may be off, and pushes up to the front. As he comes across the beacon, but sees none of the coast guard crew. Where they would be he sees a hole cut into the station, and then.. A coast guard helmet drifts out.. Trailing blood. As he gets closer he notices.. There is still a head in the helmet. He motions for Demon company to halt and spread out around the hole. The first team moves to enter the hole. After a few seconds the all clear is given and Ryker enters. He looks and sees a gruesome sight- the coast guard team was.. Brutally killed. They appear to have been sliced apart. As more operators begin entering the chamber one of the squad leaders notices a door, and 2 of his men join him in breaching the door. The first soldier through the door stops as she sees it. This section of the station was a massive hanger, and inside was a 2 kilometer long ship, that appeared to have been blown apart. It lay in 2 pieces. Around it were dozens of small craft drifting, also damaged. Whatever happened here… was a massacre. As the company continued to clear the station they found more artifacts, more signs there was once a battle here. But no sign of bodies- or the killers of the coast gaurd crew.
It took 5 hours before they found the control chamber. There was a massive map in the control chamber that showed there were infact dozens of control chambers, and other sections like this one that were currently inaccessible. However there was a noted difference in this section, it had a room called “the gate room”. A team was dispatched to investigate, and found that in the center of the room was a large circular object, the center of the object was blue and appeared to be.. Rippling? The soldiers didnt have time to analyze it as an 8 foot tall being stepped through it. As he appeared suddenly the room was drenched in darkness. The being raised a weapon of some kind, and fired several shots, shredding the first soldier and heavily injuring the second. The soldiers kept shooting and shooting at this being with little to no effect on it, as more of those entities began coming through the portal. The soldiers were able to send out a warning and captain Ryker ordered a full retreat. In 45 minutes half the company made it back to the entranceway, as the other half were ambushed and cut down. Captain Ryker the men out of the station as dropships were on their way to pick them up. Captain Ryker was one of the last to get aboard the dropships. As they sped off he noticed the station begin activating. He quickly got a headcount, 78 of his men had escaped, meaning over half of his men were dead

When the station fully activated it became apparent it was a massive portal. The aegis fleet in position moved to engage as enemy ships began pouring through. This wasnt just an incursion this was a full scale invasion, and demon company had failed to stop it. The dropships docked with a transport ship and the ship jumped away, making random jumps to ensure they werent followed before reporting to earth*

*the senate was in chaos. News of hostile contact had made its way to the senate fairly fast. And officially the military had petitioned to put in play the highly classified Aegis protocol, a protocol that would see humanity pull back from its current missions to defend its own borders. A protocol that would isolate humanity from the rest of the galaxy. It was put into play less than an hour after it landed on the senate floor.

Hey all, realmfire here. This one is my last story for a while. But! More will come when i get back. Peace all and see you in a couple months.
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2023.06.09 17:24 Basskitten777 Where did the video go of the Las Vegas aliens?

Last night on Reddit I found a few videos of what looked like backyard home security camera that caught the face of one of the aliens behind the forklift. It was very blurry but you could see it’s head and it’s eyes blink. Now I’m looking this morning for the videos and can’t find a single trace of it. I had it saved to my saved posts on here and everything and now it’s all gone.
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2023.06.09 17:24 Memento-Mori-357 111 Year Old Silent Film Theater To Be Sold 😭

Hi Reddit, I may be in the process of sellling a 111 (ish) year old theater. It was once a silent film theater that has the original bellows where the organ would pipe through. The pipe organ is long gone, however.
It has been a Freemason Temple since the late 40's, but due to the shrinking of community/fraternal organizations, a theater which used to seat hundreds barely has 10 people in it.
Unfortunately, due to not so great financial decisions over the years the building has fallen into disarray and needs a TON of modernization. The bones of the theater still stand mostly strong, and even some of the seating (reupholstered in the early 50's). We still have the theater lights too in an art deco style! We replaced the commercial AC unit in 2022, brand new roof in 2021 and removed our theater rooms lead paint from the tin roof in 2022 as well. Whats left is modernizing bathrooms, making them handicap accessible, ramps/elevator, some stonework on the outside, and better fireproofing of the old acoustic panels.
The original theater was built circa 1912, rebranded to another theater in the early 40's and slightly remodeled, then sold my organization in 48/49 and we moved in in 50/51.
Its a beautiful and magnificent structure that needs a lot of love, and due to our declining membership and lack of funds, we can no longer responsibly stay in this building due to the extremely high cost to heat and cool the place and the upgrades it needs. We will soon have no choice but to sell it. Id assume whoever buys it will demolish it and put up something else (probably parking).
Ive looked into historic theater trusts, some of the non profits that help theater or theaters buildings, etc. And was met with dead ends. Even if we were to register it as a historic place, it still doesnt solve our need for a ton of $ to modernize it, nor does it solve the #'s in my organization being able to afford it.
With that said. Since im more than likely going to be the head of the committee selling the building, does ANYONE have any recommendations to ensure this potentially goes to an organization that WILL restore it, possibly restore it to a theater, and prevent it from getting demolished? I mean at the end of the day, we have to sell it no matter what it if comes to it, I just want to do my due diligence to make sure it winds up in the right hands.

Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.09 17:24 lodravah Heading from the south to the north of Norway.

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