2023 4* SG Blue Cain commits to Georgia

2023.05.03 21:05 dogwoodmaple 2023 4* SG Blue Cain commits to Georgia

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2023.03.20 20:37 bossinova8 Georgia hires former Texas A&M OC Darrell Dickey for analyst role

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2023.03.20 19:54 bossinova8 Georgia hires former Clemson offensive coordinator Brandon Streeter as analyst

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2023.01.20 03:46 dogwoodmaple Georgia ILB Trezmen Marshall transfers to Alabama

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2022.12.22 19:44 dogwoodmaple Mississippi State WR RaRa Thomas transfers to Georgia

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2022.11.04 21:42 us_alarm National media, Dawgs247 predictions for Georgia vs. Tennessee - 247Sports

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2022.11.04 19:09 Far-Glass National media, Dawgs247 predictions for Georgia vs. Tennessee - 247Sports

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2022.07.07 18:04 dogwoodmaple 2024 5* TE Landen Thomas commits to Georgia

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2022.05.01 00:57 dogwoodmaple 2022 4* F Kyeron Lindsay commits to Georgia

247 page
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2022.02.23 20:43 Posada620 An update on Atkins: UGA is upset

From Jordan Hill on Dawgs247:
"Multiple sources have confirmed to Dawgs247 that Friend is a serious candidate, though it’s still too early to say he will be the hire. Multiple candidates are still being interviewed at this time.
A candidate we do not expect to be the hire is Florida State’s Alex Atkins. While Atkins is an attractive candidate, his status as the Seminoles’ offensive coordinator means he’ll stay put in Tallahassee."
Newberg mentioned this morning that UGA had reached out to Atkins and that there was a good bit of interest on their end. Ultimately it seems Atkins chose Norvell over Kirby!
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2022.01.16 22:28 dogwoodmaple Georgia P Jake Camarda declares for the 2022 NFL Draft

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2021.12.28 01:28 TrojanMan35T Georgia QB JT Daniels clears Covid protocols

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2021.08.13 01:10 dogwoodmaple 2022 3* WR Cole Speer commits to Georgia

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2021.05.15 03:43 dogwoodmaple Alabama DB Brandon Turnage transfers to Georgia

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2020.08.27 01:45 JaxGamecock 2020 DB Daran Branch has left the UGA football team

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2020.06.24 00:51 SaskalPiakam In his last testing session before the season was told that @NickChubb21 ran a pair 4.3 40’s on multiple watches this morning. This is the fastest he has been timed. Fantasy owners you can thank me later.. @Dawgs247 #GAM

In his last testing session before the season was told that @NickChubb21 ran a pair 4.3 40’s on multiple watches this morning. This is the fastest he has been timed. Fantasy owners you can thank me later.. @Dawgs247 #GAM submitted by SaskalPiakam to Browns [link] [comments]

2020.01.07 16:00 dogwoodmaple Solomon Kindley headed for the NFL Draft

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2019.10.06 04:57 chrispt Georgia Premium Content Sites

Does anyone sub to any of the common ones like Dawgs247 or Rivals? Trying to decide if I want to and wanted to see what everyone else was using.
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2019.05.20 23:49 UhIdontcareforAuburn Kirby Smart confirms that #UGA RB Zamir White will be cleared for contact prior to start of preseason camp.

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2018.02.08 01:24 KirbyPaulSmart Georgia RB coach Dell McGee named 2018 National Recruiter of the Year (247sports, Rivals.com)

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2017.08.11 00:05 TheRedditRookie Alabama fans, I need your advice

So my dad is a HUGE roll tide fan (kill me), and he's never really heard of the team services like 247, Rivals, Scout, etc. I'm a student at UGA and a huge Dawg fan and have had a membership to both UGA Rivals and Dawgs247 for a couple of years now and love both. I woke up feeling charitable today and wanted to surprise my dad with a membership to an Alabama site for him to have, but I'm not familiar with either. Personally, I like UGA Rivals slightly more than I do 247, but I know Rivals team pages tend to vary wildly from team to team in terms of their quality. Anyone care to share their opinion about which one is better before I lay down some money? Thank you.
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2017.07.05 19:58 WhiteBaseCoat UGA's final recruiting ranking: A quick analysis of where we stand

So obviously there's been a lot of big news recently for UGA recruiting, some good and some bad. Recently I've done a deep dive into the 247sports crystal ball predictions just to get a feel for where we're sitting. A ton can change between now and February, of course, mostly dependent on how the season goes, but what else do we have to talk about?
So right now the big news is Justin Fields/Matt Corral. Hopefully we'll get one of these two five star QB's (note I'm using the 247 composite rankings in this post), because we're definitely not getting both (Corral said as much). Currently 89% (all but one) of the crystal ball predictions have Corral going to UGA, and they're all recent predictions starting when he decommitted and running through the end of last month. I believe Corral is supposed to visit UGA sometime this month as well.
Fields, meanwhile, is also visiting this month, on the 15th - which is good, because right now we're looking at only 16% of his crystal balls going to UGA. That's 4 total insiders predicting UGA, and 3 are Dawgs247 guys. Most of the other recent predictions are saying he'll go to FSU.
Jeff Sentell was on the Dawgnation podcast recently with some really good insight: If Corral goes somewhere else, it's probably because UGA feels very good about their chances with Fields. It's definitely something to keep an eye on; I'd be really surprised if Smart and co. managed let both prospects slip through their fingers.
Then we've got OG Jamaree Salyer. He's at 69% UGA right now; Clemson had a surge of predictions back in May that dropped that from 100%, but there hasn't been any movement since. It's hard to tell what's going on here, but hopefully the fact that the staff held on to Zamir White is a good sign.
The other 5 star we're really in the mix for is S Tyreke Johnson. This is where things get interesting. Johnson was looking mixed between a few different schools, but starting near the end of last month and going up through Monday there were a flurry of predictions to UGA, including some top 247 experts. He's at 64% UGA now; with any luck, that trend will continue.
Then we get to the 4 stars. OG Trey Hill, WR Kearis Jackson, DE Azeez Ojulari, DE Caleb Tannor, and WR Marquez Ezzard (who's set his commitment date for the 8th) are all 100% to UGA right now. There's also James Cook, who of course decommitted from FSU yesterday. Since then, UGA has shot up to 62% over FSU for him, and the number keeps increasing. All of that sounds like really good news to me.
There's also 4 star DT Alfred Thomas, who only has two predictions; one for Auburn from way back in 2015, and one for UGA from April (from Bud Elliot of all people). No idea what's going on there.
Additionally, UGA is 100% predicted as the landing spot for 3 stars DT Tramel Walthour, TE John FitzPatrick, and DE John Mincey.
Now, just because the 247 crystal balls point to 100% for somebody, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a sure thing. I highly doubt we'll sign all of these guys. There's not exactly a science to it. But we are in play to flip some other guys, as well, and I'd be just as surprised if we only signed recruits that I've listed in this rundown as I would be if we signed everybody in this rundown.
So, just using this list as a best guess, if you put all of these guys (except for Alfred Thomas) into 247's class calculator, you get 270.64 or 271.46 with 19 players, depending on if you use Corral or Fields, respectively. (Those go up to 274.33 or 275.15 with Thomas).
Currently, Miami has the highest ranked class, with 19 commits weighing in at 272.82 points. Ohio State, meanwhile, has 270.55 with only 14 commits. The next highest is LSU at 237.89 and 22 commits, after which begins more of a gradual scale starting at 227.24, with a number of teams with 11-16 commits bunched up together.
Clearly, those totals are going to increase over the next few months. For perspective, 1-2 teams have broken 300 every year since 2011, with the highest score since then being Alabama last year at 322.48. Our #3 class last year is just under that barrier, rated at 299.89. Another top 3 finish is pretty much impossible.
However, the average score for 10th place since 2011 comes out to 265.20, getting as low as 249.31 last year. Considering what this coaching staff was able to do on the recruiting trail last year, I'm thinking that a top 10 finish should be very much in reach. Any better than that would probably depend on how quickly we lock down one of these QB's (just for the sheer recruiting value of a headliner QB; several players, such as 4 stars TE Luke Ford and WR Josh Vann, have talked about wanting to play with Fields, for instance) and how well we do on the field this season (can we please finally win the East this year?). But considering the amount of panic that was running through the fanbase a few months ago, I think we're in a really good position.
Comments? Questions? Concerns?
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