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The subreddit of Mobile, AL. Look here for anything related to the city of Mobile, Al. Azaleas and warships and moonpies, oh my! For inquiries about upcoming events, please refer to our link for the Mobile Rundown website. Also, please look over our community rules. We want this place to be welcoming for everyone!

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2023.06.10 06:42 Opposite-Sleep-9204 She told me I have the face of a serial k*ller

I made another reddit account for obvious reasons.
Yesterday I was in a shopping mall with a very good friend of mine, one who I can say it's like a sister to me.
Everything seemed like a normal day where I go out with her and laugh or do silly things with her.
As she was looking at clothes, we start discussing looks. She told me my face looks like I'm a serial k*ller. That I have a somewhat of a weirdo look, and my eyes that are blue and glasses that I have, aren't helping me either. That it's just how I was born and I can't do anything regarding this.
At that exact moment I wanted to kll myself. I wanted to puke, as my stomach started to hurt. I don't understand myself how I could stop my tears when I heard these words. I felt stbbed in the heart as it's not the first time someone told me this, but it's the first time someone dear to me says so. This broke me to pieces, as it was not a joke, just the truth.
I struggled with how I look for many years. I started balding at a very young age and I just shave my head since I was 20. I started going to gym in April this year, but I don't like to see myself in a mirror. I don't even like to see my reflection on my laptop or mobile phone. I don't like to see myself in any pictures. It makes me feel depressed.
You will maybe say that everybody is beautiful in their own way. It's not true. Would it be beautiful if you would-been told that you look like a sick person? Where's the beauty in that?
There are many times that I go alone in parks, at the cinema or in restaurants. I lie to my family that I go out with many friends, it's just with myself or with her.
When I went home, I closed the windows and door at the balcony. I didn't wanted to see them open. I didn't wanted even to look at them. I live on the fifth floor.
Man shouldn't cry, but as I write this post I just can't stop crying. I couldn't even sleep last night, and probably the next days will be the same.
Everyday I try to be a better person, everyday I try to see beauty and happiness in small things. But everyday, it's not forever.
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2023.06.10 06:39 AutoModerator [] ✔️James Marshall – 5 Principles of Natural Seduction 2.0 (The Natural Lifestyle) ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️James Marshall – 5 Principles of Natural Seduction 2.0 (The Natural Lifestyle) ✔️ Full Course Download
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James Marshall – 5 Principles of Natural Seduction 2.0

5 Principles of Natural Seduction 2.0 is a 5 week course that won’t just teach you the 5 Principles in theory, but in action as well: how to use these principles to meet and date the women you want.
I’ve specifically structured the content to prevent any information overload or confusion whatsoever, implementing feedback from the first course so you can easily digest the content and implement it.
I don’t know if you’ve ever bought other products that just dump hours of content without proper structure, but this course is not one of them.

What Will you Learn in 5 Principles of Natural Seduction 2.0:

Week 01 – Awareness
Awareness is the bedrock of seductive success: without it, you can’t be natural with a women
Week 02 – Intent
Intent is the fuel, the fire behind seduction. in a nutshell, intent is the ability to focus your desire, will and whole being to deliver a clean masculine impact and message to women.
Without it, you will be stuck to the friend zone forever
Week 03 – Emotional Impact
What separates Natural from the Average Joe is his ability to create a deep, lasting emotional impact on a women. She needs to feel like you are right for her emotionally, not be convinced logically.
Women decides to sleep with a man for only one reason…because it feels right.
Week 04 – Pressure and Release
This is the principle that ties everything together. All great seducers have the ability to create, hold and release pressure with women.
Week 05 – Pulling the Trigger
Pulling the trigger is the final principle.
It’s the man’s job to pull the trigger and if he doesn’t, nothing happens. She is not going to do it for you. It’s your job to make all the important moves in a seduction.
Also includes Principle Lectures, Bonuses and Weekly Missions
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2023.06.10 06:37 yuncangjiuzhuang LEESON red wine starts with 6 and above, to be the most refined
Everyone knows that proper drinking of red wine can not only relax the mood, but also promote blood circulation and beautify the skin. As long as there is a degree of self-discipline, red wine can not only improve the refinement of life, but also gain popularity in the circle of friends and make friends with like-minded people. In order to prevent overdose, some knowledge of red wine must be understood. For example, what is the alcohol content of wine and red wine with the highest alcohol content?
It is currently known that the highest alcohol content that can be obtained through distillation is 96.5 degrees, so it can be seen that the highest alcohol content of a wine will not exceed 96.5 degrees. The highest degree of alcohol known and recorded in the world is the Polish rectified vodka from Poland, which is called "water of life" by Westerners. After more than 70 repeated distillations, it reaches 96 degrees of alcohol It can be called the highest purity spirit in the world.
As for red wine, because wine is defined as: fresh grapes or grape juice are used as raw materials, which are fully or partially fermented, and the alcohol content of wine is between 7 degrees and 16.2 degrees, because once the alcohol content exceeds 16.2 degrees, yeast It stopped working. Therefore, the highest alcohol for red wine is 16.2 degrees.
Drink red wine, know red wine, know red wine! It is a way to use red wine to quickly increase the popularity of Moments. In addition, if you have the skills to choose red wine, it will be an invincible bonus!
LEESON Red Wine pioneered the numbered red wine grading method, from 1 to 9, graded in 8 price ranges, from the entry-level explosions starting with 1 to the heritage collections starting with 9, it is clear at a glance! Alcohol selection can be realized by using Arabic numerals. It is so simple that even kindergarten children can win the wine selection, right!
The numbered grading of LEESON red wine is meticulous. It fully takes care of all aspects of consumers' on-demand choices, and even helps consumers consider clearly what the purpose is!
For example, the ones starting with 1 and 2 are entry-level explosive red wines, which are suitable for the self-use needs of entry-level red wines, and can also be used as promotional gifts in supermarkets and welfare distributions for enterprises and institutions. The value series starting with 3 are imported from the original factory with the original bottle, and the price is first-class. In addition to being suitable as daily "ration wine", it can also be used as wine for banquets and sold in red wine stores. The ones starting with 4 are the quality series, which are imported in original bottles and praised by sommeliers. They are the first choice for wines used in restaurants, bars and salons, and are also good companions for luxury tie-in sales. The treasure series starting with 5 is currently the wine with the highest repurchase rate, a good news for red wine lovers, and a must-have wine for friends' gatherings.
LEESON red wine starts from 6 and above, to the most refined and perfect, gradually becoming top-notch!
The wines starting with 6 are collection series, French AOP, Chilean reserve grade, or the same grade wines. Gift giving is decent, and it is a more down-to-earth wine among the top-tier wines. The premium series starting with 7, oak barrels older than 6 months, family collection, AOP+, is a must-have in the home wine cellar and a favorite of senior wine drinkers. The luxury series starting with 8, from rare production areas, has won awards, and is a hallmark of professional sommeliers. The heritage series starting with 9 comes from well-known wineries, the award-worthy, rare and supreme models, although expensive but super value.
Now, quickly put this minimalist wine selection method in your favorites! With it, choosing and buying wine is a breeze!
Yuncang Winery belongs to Hainan Yuncang Winery Co., Ltd., which is an online sales platform for traditional wine business, and is a member unit of China Wine Association.
Yuncang Winery is a combination of Yuncang + Winery. It takes part of the traditional wine business online, supports offline business, and can also purchase online. You can buy what you want offline. Who is the supplier offline? Who is the online supplier? Suppliers provide Internet online services according to the traditional wine wholesale business. They can pick up goods in batches or send them one by one according to the order. Dealers do not advocate stockpiling except for wine for display, and they operate flexibly.
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2023.06.10 06:37 vikkingss The New Mutants

The New Mutants

The New Mutants is a captivating film that ventures into the realm of Marvel's X-Men universe, focusing on a group of young mutants discovering their powers while facing their own personal demons. Released in 2020, directed by Josh Boone, and based on the comic book series of the same name by Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod, The New Mutants presents a unique blend of horror and superhero genres. This article will delve into the captivating storyline, the diverse cast of characters, the film's production, and the critical reception it received.


The New Mutants revolves around a group of teenagers, all mutants, who find themselves held against their will in a secret facility known as the "Hospital." These young mutants, including Dani Moonstar (Mirage), Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane), Sam Guthrie (Cannonball), Illyana Rasputin (Magik), and Roberto da Costa (Sunspot), are subjected to tests and experiments by Dr. Cecilia Reyes.

As the story unfolds, the mutants discover that their greatest fears and traumas manifest as terrifying illusions within the Hospital. They must confront their past traumas and band together to escape this nightmarish reality. The film also introduces an enigmatic character, a mysterious entity known as the Demon Bear, which serves as a formidable antagonist throughout the movie.

Characters and Powers

Each character in The New Mutants possesses unique mutant abilities, adding depth and variety to the narrative.

Dani Moonstar (Mirage): Dani possesses the ability to create illusions based on people's fears and desires.

Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane): Rahne has the power to transform into a wolf or a hybrid human-wolf form.

Sam Guthrie (Cannonball): Sam can generate a protective force field around his body and propel himself at high speeds like a human rocket.

Illyana Rasputin (Magik): Illyana has the power to teleport and wields a mystical sword capable of channeling dark magic.

Roberto da Costa (Sunspot): Roberto can harness solar energy to enhance his strength and generate powerful blasts of heat and light.

Production and Delays

The New Mutants faced several production challenges and delays, which affected its release date. Initially, the film was slated for an April 2018 release but encountered various setbacks due to reshoots, changes in the creative direction, and the acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Disney.

The film's distinct horror approach led to an extensive reshoot process aimed at amplifying the horror elements, ensuring it stood out within the superhero genre. The final version of The New Mutants retained the intended mix of horror and coming-of-age storytelling, emphasizing the characters' personal journeys.

Critical Reception and Impact

Upon its release, The New Mutants received mixed reviews from both critics and audiences. While some praised the film's unique take on the superhero genre and its exploration of darker themes, others felt that it fell short of expectations. Nevertheless, the movie's diverse cast and focus on representation garnered positive attention.

The New Mutants showcased a more intimate and character-driven narrative within the expansive X-Men universe. It offered a fresh perspective by delving into the personal struggles of young mutants, making it accessible to both long-time fans and newcomers to the franchise.


The New Mutants offers a fresh and intriguing take on the superhero genre, combining elements of horror and personal growth. With its compelling storyline, diverse characters, and unique blend of genres, the film presents an immersive experience for audiences. While it faced production challenges and received mixed reviews, it succeeded in adding a new layer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe by exploring the stories of young mutants and their journey to self-discovery.

The positive or negative side of the movies
The New Mutants, directed by Josh Boone, is a highly anticipated film that presents a fresh take on the superhero genre. Released in 2020, this Marvel Comics adaptation follows a group of young mutants who are held captive in a secret facility and must confront their fears and powers to escape. While the film has received mixed reviews, it has undeniably left a lasting impact on both fans and critics. In this article, we will delve into the positive and negative aspects of The New Mutants, exploring its strengths, weaknesses, and the potential it holds for future storytelling.

Positive Elements:

Exploration of Diverse Characters:
One of the film's notable strengths is its focus on a diverse cast of characters. Each mutant possesses unique powers and comes from different backgrounds, providing representation for underrepresented groups in mainstream superhero narratives. The film tackles issues of identity, trauma, and discrimination, offering a refreshing perspective within the genre.

Psychological Depth and Character Development:
The New Mutants distinguishes itself by delving into the psychological struggles of its characters. By exploring their traumas and fears, the film creates a deeper connection between the audience and the mutants. This psychological depth allows for meaningful character development, making the emotional journey of the protagonists more engaging and relatable.

Atmosphere and Cinematography:
The film's dark and eerie atmosphere, reminiscent of horror elements, sets it apart from traditional superhero movies. The use of shadow, lighting, and cinematography creates a visually striking experience. This unique approach generates tension, amplifying the emotional impact of the story.

Strong Performances:
The New Mutants benefits from a talented cast that brings depth and authenticity to their roles. Actors such as Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Charlie Heaton deliver compelling performances, effectively conveying the complex emotions of their characters. Their chemistry and individual performances elevate the film, making it an engaging experience.

Negative Elements:

Pacing Issues:
One of the criticisms leveled at The New Mutants is its uneven pacing. The film struggles to maintain a consistent narrative flow, at times feeling rushed or disjointed. This uneven pacing hinders the immersion in the story and can make it challenging for viewers to fully connect with the characters and their struggles.

Lack of Originality:
While The New Mutants attempts to break away from the conventional superhero film formula, it falls short in terms of originality. Some elements of the plot and character arcs feel familiar and predictable. The film's potential to push boundaries and offer a truly innovative take on the genre remains underexplored, leaving audiences wanting more.

Incomplete World-Building:
As the film sets the stage for potential sequels and spin-offs, it falls short in establishing a fully fleshed-out world. The New Mutants briefly touches upon the larger X-Men universe but fails to fully integrate itself into the established canon. This incomplete world-building may leave audiences feeling disconnected and craving a more comprehensive narrative.

Underutilized Supporting Characters:
While the film focuses on a core group of mutants, it sidelines several supporting characters, leaving them with limited development and screen time. This underutilization prevents the audience from fully engaging with the ensemble cast and their potential contributions to the story.

The New Mutants offers a unique and refreshing take on the superhero genre by exploring the psychological struggles of its diverse cast of characters. With its dark atmosphere, strong performances, and character-driven narrative, the film manages to captivate audiences. However, it falls short in terms of pacing, originality, world-building, and the utilization of supporting characters. While The New Mutants showcases great potential, it leaves room for improvement and future exploration within the X-Men universe.

The conclusion

In conclusion, "The New Mutants" presents an intriguing addition to the superhero film genre, offering a unique blend of psychological depth, diverse characters, and atmospheric storytelling. Despite its flaws, the movie manages to captivate audiences through its exploration of trauma, identity, and the struggles faced by its young mutant protagonists.

One of the film's significant strengths lies in its diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique powers and backgrounds. This representation of underrepresented groups adds a refreshing layer of inclusivity and relatability to the narrative. By addressing themes of discrimination and personal growth, "The New Mutants" goes beyond the typical superhero tropes, allowing viewers to connect with the characters on a deeper level.

The exploration of psychological depth and character development is another commendable aspect of the film. By delving into the traumas and fears of the mutants, the movie adds layers of complexity to their stories. The audience is taken on an emotional journey, witnessing the characters' growth and overcoming their inner demons. This aspect sets "The New Mutants" apart from traditional superhero films, offering a more introspective and introspective narrative.

Visually, the film excels in creating a dark and eerie atmosphere, incorporating elements of horror. The clever use of lighting, shadow, and cinematography adds to the tension and enhances the emotional impact of the story. The filmmakers' ability to blend genres creates a unique visual experience that leaves a lasting impression.

The performances in "The New Mutants" deserve praise, with actors such as Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Charlie Heaton delivering compelling portrayals of their respective characters. Their chemistry and individual performances add authenticity and depth to the story, making it more engaging and emotionally resonant.

However, the film does have its shortcomings. One notable flaw is the uneven pacing, with moments of rushed storytelling and disjointedness. This inconsistency disrupts the immersion in the narrative, making it difficult for viewers to fully connect with the characters and their struggles.

Additionally, "The New Mutants" falls short in terms of originality. While it attempts to break away from the conventional superhero film formula, it ultimately falls into some predictable story beats and character arcs. The potential for pushing boundaries and offering a truly innovative take on the genre remains underexplored, leaving audiences craving a more distinctive approach.

Furthermore, the movie's world-building feels incomplete. While it briefly touches upon the larger X-Men universe, it fails to fully integrate itself into the established canon. This incomplete world-building may leave audiences feeling disconnected and desiring a more comprehensive narrative that explores the interconnectedness of the mutant universe.

Lastly, the supporting characters are somewhat underutilized, resulting in limited development and screen time. This underutilization hampers the potential contributions of the ensemble cast to the overall story, preventing the audience from fully engaging with the full range of characters.

In summary, "The New Mutants" offers an intriguing exploration of psychological depth, diverse characters, and atmospheric storytelling within the superhero genre. While it has its flaws in terms of pacing, originality, world-building, and the utilization of supporting characters, it still manages to captivate audiences through its unique approach. With its potential for improvement and future exploration within the X-Men universe, "The New Mutants" paves the way for fresh storytelling opportunities that can continue to push the boundaries of the genre.

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2023.06.10 06:36 MrsWalter89 I hate this

Everyday I wake up angry that I did. It’s been over six months since he passed away. I work more than I used to and don’t ever look forward to going home. I get nasty messages on here and Facebook and Instagram. I had a widower tell me since I had a memorial tattoo of my late husband I’d stay single forever, even other people would not accept that if they’ve been widowed and that I’ve marked myself. Hopefully “forever” doesn’t last much longer. I drink everyday hoping for kidney failure to take me. I don’t want a life without him. I’m stuck in this misery. I have tried to climb out of it. Recently I started to see someone coming into my work that is his doppelgänger and I thought I was going crazy and didn’t tell a soul until my boss text me that she’d seen my husband’s twin at work. Yesterday I saw him at the restaurant I was at which coincidentally was where I met my husband and then I saw this same guy today when I was running an errand. This may seem sweet to some but I find it sick and cruel because it’s NOT HIM but he looks crazy similar. I can’t understand what the universe is telling me or punishing me for. It’s driving me insane. Weird things have been happening this week including guys leaving me their number even though I still wear my wedding and engagement rings. I don’t want to move on even only being 34 and literally having his blessing to do so. I just want him back and all of this is driving me to drink even more and hate myself and ask questions that can’t be answered.
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2023.06.10 06:34 El_Mariachi_Vive First private gig entirely on my own! Wanted to share with you all and ask for luck

For the last 4 or 5 years, I had been out of the industry. I made it pretty far, and got absolutely crushed once the lights got bright, so to speak. I was devastated. I decided to take on another career for a while maintaining airplanes. It was FUCKING AWESOME and so much fun but then a bunch of major life changes happened including a mild brain injury, which left me unable to do anything but cook. So, cooking I did.

Back in March I applied at a restaurant job on a whim and was hired. Fast forward 3 months and I work off and on at a bar my friend runs, while also working at 2 of the nicest restaurants in my area. On top of that, tomorrow I do my first completely private gig. I've done countless contracting gigs working at events, weddings, for caterers, and things like that, but never just going to someone's house as my own private business entity, with my own rules and recipes.

I am beyond excited. Not only is this going to be my chance to lay my dick on the table and establish myself as a serious chef in my area, but the money is noice. $40/hr, and I charge for every hour I spend buying and prepping, as well as being in the home and cooking/presenting/entertaining/cleaning.

I was told to make the food well but to not go too crazy, as the guest of honor is picky. So, the menu is...

cocktail hour - marrow and bruschetta with crostini. Also stole a gin/champagne/pom cocktail recipe from my wife. Also, mussels and chorizo
1st course - frisee, chevre, blood orange, roasted cashew, champagne vin
main course - honey mustard grilled chicken breast (guest of honors request), Moroccan style roasted baby carrots, cooper sharp gemelli and cheese
dessert - cranachan
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2023.06.10 06:34 flippenphil (OFFER) Trauma Center, the little mermaid, super troopers 2, yesterday, marauders, mr. holmes, scary stories, a thousand words, the dark tower, big hero 6, jungle cruise, strange world (REQUEST) Ambulance, the Menu, ISO on bottom / offers

MA = Movies Anywhere
GP = Googleplay
[?] = unknown definition
title = pending trade
If a title is no longer listed = It has been traded
TV Series Marked
Vudu Only
ITUNES Only MOVIES - No Port - Marked
CANADIAN CODES: GOOGLE PLAY / ITUNES MARKED I do not know any of these port
Titles I am looking for
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2023.06.10 06:30 AuSSie-HellCat Week 4: Nov 2023 - GEW: Riot & Unleashed

Week 4: Nov 2023 - GEW: Riot & Unleashed

GEW: Riot

Match 1 - Dolph Ziggler vs Ricky Starks
Ziggler, known for his in-ring abilities and resilience, took control early on with a series of well-executed strikes and grapples. However, Starks, the charismatic and explosive athlete, fought back with his signature blend of athleticism and showmanship.
As the match progressed, the intensity escalated, and the near falls kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Ziggler displayed his ability to withstand punishment and deliver devastating maneuvers, while Starks countered with his agility and innovative offense. In a pivotal moment, Starks seized an opportunity and delivered a thunderous spear, stunning Ziggler and setting up the pinfall victory
Winner: Ricky Starks by Pinfall (3.5 Stars)
Interviewer: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here with two members of The A-List Experience, LA Knight and The Miz, who have agreed to this sit-down interview to address their recent conflicts. Now, Miz, it seems you have something to propose to LA Knight. What is it?
The Miz: [leaning forward, a serious expression on his face] That's right. Knight, we've had our fair share of disagreements and clashes recently. But I'm willing to put everything on the line to settle this once and for all. I'm proposing a ladder match at the next pay-per-view.
LA Knight: [smirking] Oh, really? And what's at stake, Miz? Your pride?
The Miz: [nodding] No, Knight. It's much more than that. If you accept, we'll put your contract on the line. If you win, you'll be out of The A-List Experience for good.
LA Knight: [leaning back, contemplating the offer] Interesting. You're willing to risk losing me?
The Miz: [firmly] That's right. I've seen enough, Knight. You're out for yourself, thinking only of personal gain.
LA Knight: [smirking confidently] Fine, Miz. You're on. I accept your challenge. But don't think for a second that I won't come out on top.
Interviewer: This is a huge announcement, folks! The Miz and LA Knight will settle their differences in a ladder match at the next pay-per-view, with LA Knight's contract on the line. Any final thoughts?
The Miz: [looking directly at LA Knight] Knight, I hope you understand what's at stake here. This is about more than just winning a match. It's about loyalty, commitment, and proving who truly is the best.
LA Knight: [smirking confidently] Miz, you can put my contract on the line, but you'll never be able to take away the star power that is LA Knight. I'll show you why I'm the future of this business.

Match 2 - Bullet Club (JTG & The Gunns) vs American Alpha
The action started with Gable and JTG showcasing their technical skills, engaging in a fast-paced grappling exchange.
As the match progressed, The Creed Brothers utilized their power and strength advantage to overpower their opponents, delivering punishing strikes and devastating slams. However, JTG and The Gunns refused to back down, displaying their resilience and teamwork while they brutalized The Creed Brothers as Gable was barely conscious outside the ring from a devastating suplex off the apron by JTG.
In a critical turning point, JTG seized an opening and connected with a lightning-fast superkick, staggering one of The Creed Brothers. Sensing the opportunity, The Gunns executed a synchronized double-team maneuver, flooring their opponents and securing the victory.
Winner: Bullet Club by Pinfall (4 Stars)
Match 3 - Asuka, Kris Statlander, Liv Morgan, & Indi Hartwell vs Rhea Ripley, Shayna Baszler, Alba Faye & Jacy Jane
The match kicked off with a flurry of high-flying maneuvers and hard-hitting strikes as both teams fought for dominance. Ripley and Baszler showcased their brutal aggression, unleashing devastating power moves on their opponents. However, Asuka and Statlander countered with their impressive agility and technical prowess, turning the tide in their favor.
Liv Morgan displayed her resilience and quickness, evading the attacks of Alba Faye and delivering lightning-fast strikes. Indi Hartwell, on the other hand, used her strength to overpower Jacy Jane and keep the opposition on their toes.
As the match approached its climax, a series of thrilling near falls and dramatic saves had the crowd on the edge of their seats. In the end, it was the cohesive teamwork and resilience of Asuka, Kris Statlander, Liv Morgan, and Indi Hartwell that proved superior. They capitalized on a moment of opportunity, delivering a devastating combination of moves to secure the victory.
Winner: Asuka, Statlander, Morgan, & Hartwell by Pinfall (4.5 Stars)
Match 4 - LA Knight vs Grayson Waller
In a heated one-on-one encounter, LA Knight clashed with Grayson Waller in an intense battle of egos. From the opening bell, both competitors showcased their athleticism and aggression, determined to emerge victorious.
LA Knight utilized his technical prowess and power to gain the upper hand, grounding Waller with a series of punishing holds and strikes. However, Waller refused to back down, countering with his hard-hitting moves and resilience.
As the match progressed, the pendulum of momentum swung back and forth, with near falls and close calls keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats. The competitive spirit between Knight and Waller intensified, escalating the physicality of the match.
In a pivotal moment, LA Knight capitalized on an opening, delivering a devastating signature move that left Waller stunned and unable to kick out. The referee's hand hit the mat for the three-count, signaling the victory for LA Knight.
Winner: LA Knight by Pinfall (4.5 Stars)
Match 5 - Bianca Belair vs Jaime Hayter
As the match unfolded, Belair unleashed an array of powerful strikes and impressive acrobatics, leaving Hayter reeling. The intensity escalated as the near falls and close calls kept the audience on the edge of their seats.
In the final moments, Belair dug deep and summoned her incredible strength, hoisting Hayter onto her shoulders and delivering her signature K.O.D. (Kiss of Death) maneuver. The impact was enough to secure the three-count, sealing the victory for Bianca Belair.
Winner: Bianca Belair by Pinfall (4 Stars)
Post-Match Segment
[Bianca celebrates her hard-fought victory, raising her arms in triumph. However, her moment of glory is short-lived as the arena suddenly goes dark. The crowd's anticipation fills the air as they wonder what's about to unfold.]
[A spotlight illuminates the entrance ramp, revealing Britt Baker, DMD, with a sinister smile on her face, wielding two kendo sticks.]
Britt Baker: Oh, Bianca, you may have won this battle, but the war is far from over!
[Britt Baker charges towards the ring, swinging the kendo sticks with brutal force, catching Bianca off guard. The blows rain down on Bianca's back, leaving visible welts and causing her to wince in pain.]
Britt Baker: This is what happens when you try to step into my spotlight, Bianca! I am the rightful queen of this division, and I won't let anyone steal that from me!
[As the crowd watches in shock, Britt Baker continues her assault, showing no mercy. Each strike echoes through the arena, heightening the tension. Finally, as Bianca collapses to the mat, Britt Baker stands tall, a sadistic grin on her face, with the kendo sticks raised in victory.]
Britt Baker: This is the fate that awaits anyone foolish enough to challenge me, Bianca. Remember, I am the face of this division, and no one, not even you, can dethrone me!
[Medical personnel rush to the ring to tend to Bianca's injuries as Britt Baker revels in her triumph, taunting the fallen Bianca and cementing her status as a ruthless force to be reckoned with.]
[The segment ends with the image of Britt Baker standing tall, the ring littered with broken kendo sticks, and Bianca Belair left battered and broken, a clear message sent to anyone who dares to challenge the dominant reign of "The Role Model."]

Match 6 - Blake Bailey, Adam Cole, Randy Orton & Malakai Black vs Bandido, Sami Zayn, Tyler Bate, & Ace Keeg
As the bell rang to signal the start of the highly anticipated eight-man tag team match, tensions were already running high among the competitors. The teams of Blake Bailey, Adam Cole, Randy Orton & Malakai Black on one side, and Bandido, Sami Zayn, Tyler Bate, & Ace Keeg on the other, were set to clash in an explosive encounter.
From the opening moments, it was clear that the animosity between the competitors was too great to be contained. Tempers flared and frustrations boiled over as the action escalated. It started with a heated exchange between Bandido and Orton, which quickly turned into a full-blown brawl.
The chaos spread like wildfire, infecting every corner of the ring. Teammates found themselves at odds with each other as the fierce competitiveness took over. Cole and Zayn locked eyes, their long-standing rivalry reigniting with a vengeance. Meanwhile, Bailey and Bate exchanged stiff strikes, each determined to prove their dominance.
Even the usually composed Black couldn't resist getting caught up in the whirlwind of chaos. He found himself exchanging blows with Keeg, neither willing to back down.
The ringside area erupted with a chorus of boos and cheers as the competitors unleashed their frustrations on one another. Referees and officials desperately tried to restore order, but their efforts seemed futile as the brawl spilled to the outside.
With no clear winner in sight and the match spiraling into utter chaos, the bell rang once again, signifying a no-contest. The officials, realizing the situation had become uncontrollable, decided to intervene and separate the warring factions.
The crowd, though disappointed by the lack of a definitive outcome, couldn't deny the sheer intensity and unpredictability of the encounter. It was a brutal reminder that sometimes, rivalries and personal grudges can overpower even the strongest bonds of teamwork.
As the dust settled and the competitors were forcibly separated, the message was clear: the animosity among these athletes ran deep. Whether it be for championships or personal pride, they were willing to go to any lengths to settle their scores.
- Match 1: Ricky Starks def. Dolph Ziggler
- Match 2: Bullet Club def. American Alpha
- Match 3: Asuka, Kris Statlander, Liv Morgan, & Indi Hartwell def. Rhea Ripley, Shayna Baszler, Alba Faye & Jacy Jane
- Match 4: LA Knight def. Grayson Waller
- Match 5: Bianca Belair def. Jaime Hayter
- Match 6: No Contest
- LA Knight and The Miz agree to a match. If Knight wins his contract with The A-List Experience is ripped up
- Hayter attacks Belair after her match with weapons
- The 8 men in the Glory Match brawl throughout the ring

GEW: Unleashed

Match 1 - Riddle vs Cameron Grimes
As the bell rang, Riddle wasted no time, launching himself at Grimes with lightning speed. With a lightning-quick combination of strikes and a perfectly executed Bro Derek, Riddle pinned Grimes for the three-count.
Winner: Riddle by Pinfall (1 Stars)
Match 2 - MCMG vs Aussie Open
In a highly anticipated showdown, Motor City Machine Guns and Aussie Open delivered a wrestling masterpiece that left the crowd in awe. The match was a back-and-forth display of athleticism, technical prowess, and tag team synergy.
Both teams showcased their remarkable in-ring abilities, executing high-flying maneuvers, crisp strikes, and innovative double-team moves. The pace of the match was relentless, with neither team willing to back down.
As the match reached its climax, Motor City Machine Guns managed to outmaneuver Aussie Open, capitalizing on a momentary miscommunication between the Australian duo. With a well-executed combination of kicks and a devastating double-team finisher, Motor City Machine Guns secured the victory, earning a well-deserved 1-2-3 count.
Winner: MCMG by Pinfall (5 Stars)
Match 3 - Swerve Strickland vs Happy Corbin
In a one-sided contest, Swerve Strickland proved to be a dominant force as he squared off against Happy Corbin. Right from the start, Strickland displayed his superior agility, speed, and technique, leaving Corbin struggling to keep up.
Corbin tried to mount a comeback, but every move he made was effortlessly countered by Strickland. With precision strikes and a series of impressive maneuvers, Strickland systematically dismantled Corbin, leaving him helpless and unable to mount any significant offense.
In the end, Strickland sealed the victory with a devastating finishing move, securing a decisive and emphatic win over Corbin.
Winner: Swerve Strickland by Pinfall (3 Stars)
- Match 1: Riddle def. Cameron Grimes
- Match 2: MCMG def. Aussie Open
- Match 3: Swerve def. Happy Corbin
submitted by AuSSie-HellCat to HellCats2KUniverseV2 [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 06:27 Longjumping_Tip_1131 Alone on my birthday

I had to move half the way across the world about a year ago - my home country started a war I am completely against, and on top of that I wasn’t safe anymore because of my position on it and because of being part of LGBT. I feel lucky that I was able to get out, but I am not in a good mental space. I miss my family, my friends, my cat - and I don’t even get to talk to them much anymore online because we’re 11 hours apart.
It’s my birthday today, and to be honest I even forgot about it until I got a text from a friend this morning. Only a few of my family members and friends texted or called me, I assume because I’ve been so far so long. And I don’t have friends in my new place yet, so I’m celebrating alone in my favourite restaurant. I thought I would be ok celebrating alone but it hit me like a wall of bricks.
I always tell people that I don’t like celebrating my birthdays, because I feel shy getting so much attention. But today I realised how much I actually need it and miss it.
submitted by Longjumping_Tip_1131 to offmychest [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 06:27 bonnietherussian I was getting harassed by the tech guy.

Okay. Honestly, I just have to blow off steam. I am so bothered by this even though I have since left the job and I will never see these people again.
I am 28f and I worked at a small business for 3 years. After about 2 and a half years, the tech guy that still works there started having lunch with me. It was every other day at first, which I didn't mind. I know that he has been an out cast his entire life and that he was lonely. Every other day turned into EVERY SINGLE DAY. Again, at first it was okay but I did start to get annoyed. Sometimes I just want to sit in silence on my lunch. Especially on our busiest days. I would eat out a couple of times a week just to avoid him.
Then he was gone for 3 weeks. He claimed that one of his other clients got hacked and that all of their information was stolen so he had to go deal with that issue. During this time, the owner told every one in the office to only use our computers for work things. Stop sending memes to each other, don't use Google for anything ect.... After the very peaceful 3 weeks, he was having lunch with me in the break room. He said "well with these new rules, it's too bad that I can't send you memes and what not. I have some pretty cool things to show you" .... Well I wasn't going to give him my phone number, so I gave him my personal email. Later that night, I received his first email. It was an animation of a girl that was stuck in a low vent bent over all sexual like and there was a guy standing behind her. Above the animation, there was this meter that said nice on one end and naughty on the other and the needle was full throttle to naughty. In the email that he wrote it said "everytime I see this pop up, it always reminds me of you" Ugh... I turned my notifications off for my email and just stopped paying attention to it. I started to eat out more to avoid him. He would sit with me in the break room even if he wasn't eating. He started to constantly follow me every where and the other girls at work noticed it and became just as creeped out as I was. A few weeks later, I pulled up the email to see if had messaged me.... He sent me a new email every single day. None of which was as creepy and the 1st one... But still...
Then he decided to email my work email and tagged my co worker in it. We'll call her Sally. He invited Sally and I out to lunch on a Saturday. Just the 3 of us to this nice restaurant, where he chose all of our food and made plans for us after lunch... She saw the email and was understandably offended. She printed it and took it to the manager. After speaking to him, she urged me to tell him how he's been following me every where. (Side note, he followed me so much that I would randomly switch lunches with people. He would go to clock out, then see that I wasn't clocked out and would immediately clock back in and keep working until I went on lunch, forgot to mention this earlier) anyways.. I decided that this had gone too far and that i should tell some one what was going on.
I told our manager and he said "wow... I have noticed that he's been following you, but I don't think he means any harm by it. He goes to church".... I'm sorry...what?! I just shook my head because I was so defeated. My manager then told me and Sally to email him and deny his request to have lunch with him and go with the "plan" after lunch. WE HAD TO EMAIL HIM. This was the moment I decided to look for another job.
The next day, the manager and the owner of the company were talking for two hours behind closed doors. I then got an email stating that the owner of the company was disgusted by this guy's actions towards Sally and I and since we didn't want to take action against him, he would just talk to him for now. WE WERE NEVER GIVEN THE OPTION TO TAKE ACTION.
Anyways... I don't want to make this story much longer, so I'll try to wrap this up. Another thing I forgot to mention, when Sally and I sent the email declining lunch, I cc'd the manager and the owner of the company in that email. I guess the tech guy saw that and then he shut himself in his office for a few months. Didn't talk to any one and when he did, he was snapping at every one. Eventually, his church group called the owner of the company to see if he was okay since Mr tech guy didn't show up to church for a month. A couple of weeks later I put in my two weeks as I was fed up with this company. During my last two weeks, the manager and the owner of the company took him out to lunch to make sure he was okay. Insert eye roll here
I know that I am missing some of the details to the story. For example:aside from the clocking in and out, he followed me every where and I mean everywhere. I would go to the bathroom and he would be standing outside of the door. He would go to my office to talk on his cell phone because apparently he got better reception in there.... Yeah okay.... Among many other creepy things.
Sorry this post is so long...
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What You Get:
  • Module 1: So You Want To Be An Ads Manager
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  • Bonuses
  • Q&A Replays
By the end of this program, you will:
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Join us today and unlock the potential of Facebook and Instagram ads with this ultimate program!
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2023.06.10 06:27 Dougline Arlecchino Kit and Gameplay

How do you guys imagine her gameplay, I imagined my version and think it would be cool as fvck:
⚔️Role: Arlecchino is a powerful Sword DPS unit as a duelist, focused on Normal Attacks infused with Pyro and comboing with dashes in her Burst.
Her build and skills would be based on ATK% and Critical damage like old normal DPSes. (I miss that, enough with HP%, EM and Energy Recharge and shitty split scaling)

🔥Skill (lasts 15s / CD 18s): Infuses Pyro into her normal attacks, which are thrusts like (Rapier gameplay for the win), and they stack to 5, similar to Yanfei's passive. On the charged attack, she delivers a strong blow with damage based on the stacks.
💥Ultimate (costs 80 / lasts 12s / CD 18s): She enters a dueling state that transforms her dashes (Shift), causing her to teleport behind enemies (like Rosaria) and after teleporting, the next hit is a powerful AOE Pyro blow attack around her. So, the combo during the ultimate would be Shift, NA, Shift, NA, Shift, NA... spammed until the cooldown ends.

The passives and constellations would involve:

1️⃣ C1: Increase the stack gain. For example, if it takes 5 hits to reach 5 stacks, with C1, the first and third hits would give 2 stacks, making the combo faster.
2️⃣ C2: Decrease the Pyro RES of enemies based on the number of hits dealt. (To melt Bosses.)
4️⃣ C4: When in the ultimate state, if she lands a strong hit after dashing, she immediately gains 5 stacks. Then the combo changes to Shift, Normal Attack, Charged Attack, Shift, Normal Attack, Charged Attack...
6️⃣ C6: When she dashes with the ultimate active, it deals the same damage as the area hit when she teleports behind the enemy. So, dash = damage, Normal Attack = damage, Charged Attack = damage.

🛡️A1: Resistance to interruption based on the number of stacks.
🔋A4: When she performs a charged attack with all 5 stacks, she regenerates 5 energy for herself.

The gameplay animations I imagined to be something like this GIF (or something similar to Fiora's gameplay in League of Legends, you know).
Share your thoughts.
submitted by Dougline to ArlecchinoMains [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 06:27 bkngo A sign of fulfillment or fulfillment itself?

Have been manifestating reconciliation with my SP after 2 weeks of seperation. Today, I was naturally frustrated about how I wasn't getting anywhere and began to reflect on how I manifestated him into my life to begin with, with him having all the physical attributes of an ideal partner I've wanted. Immediately after this, I get a message from a match on tinder who has similar features to my SP. I haven't used tinder in nearly 2 months, as I've been dating my SP, so I must've matched with this guy at LEAST 2 months ago and he's only now messaging me.
This is extremely obvious to me that this is related to my manifestation, however I'm a bit confused. I know for a fact I do not want to start over with someone new and I'm done with online dating. I have reflected a lot over this and I'm sure the universe knows this is my desire. Is it possible the universe is giving me a better option than my SP? Or rather, is this a test for me to prove that it's truly my SP that I want and not just his physical attributes?
My only other, slightly more delusional, idea is that, since me and my SP met on tinder and he unmatched randomly before we broke things off, he thought that I was still using tinder as well and is making sure I'm not talking to other people by using a friend's profile. This person I matched with has similar interests on their page, is the same distance away as my SP, and comes from a similar cultural background, so it isnt too much to assume they could know eachother. Again, this is a stretch, but the universe always delivers your desires in the most bizarre ways.
Of course nobody can truly know, but I would like to see someone's thoughts and see if anyone else has had something similar before their manifestation came to them. I'm going to sit on the message for a few days before entertaining a response, simply because I don't want something new right now, however I am open to doorways being opened by the universe.
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2023.06.10 06:26 Walking_Vistas Kraków - Heart of Poland: A Detailed 4K HDR (122 min) Walking Through Krakow's Old Town

Kraków - Heart of Poland: A Detailed 4K HDR (122 min) Walking Through Krakow's Old Town
Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of history and culture that defines Krakow's Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site nestled in the heart of Poland. In our latest YouTube video, we take a scenic stroll around this quintessential tourist attraction, revealing the unique blend of Medieval architecture and vibrant modern life that makes Krakow's Old Town a must-see destination for travelers.
✅ Subscribe:
We begin our journey at the iconic Main Market Square (Rynek Główny), one of the largest medieval town squares in Europe. Marvel at the stunning Cloth Hall (Sukiennice), a Renaissance masterpiece which today hosts an array of traditional Polish craft stalls – an ideal spot for those looking for 'Krakow souvenirs'. Don’t miss out on the splendid St. Mary's Basilica (Kościół Mariacki), famed for its Gothic artistry and the hourly bugle call (Hejnał mariacki) that resonates across the city.
Next, we meander down the historic Royal Route, which once served as the coronation path of Polish monarchs. We capture the charm of Florianska Street, brimming with 'Krakow traditional cuisine' restaurants and boutique shops. We lead you to the monumental Florian's Gate, one of the 'best historical landmarks in Krakow', and the imposing Barbican, a relic of the city’s medieval fortifications.
Our walk continues towards Wawel Hill, crowned by the majestic Wawel Castle, a symbol of Polish national identity. We explore the castle's courtyards and gardens, offering glimpses of the Cathedral, and share tales of the legendary Wawel Dragon.
Our journey through Krakow's Old Town wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Kazimierz, the former Jewish district, known for its quaint old synagogues and lively squares. This neighborhood, with its 'unique Krakow nightlife', is a beacon of the city's historical diversity and resilience.
Experience the grandeur of Collegium Maius, the oldest building of Jagiellonian University and a unique symbol of Poland's rich academic heritage. Marvel at the collection of medieval scientific instruments and take in the Gothic splendor of this historic building in our 'Krakow Old Town walk'.
The Old Town is not just about history, it's also a hub for 'Krakow local cuisine'. Be sure to enjoy a traditional Polish meal at one of the many local restaurants or cafes lining the charming streets. Whether it's Pierogi, Zurek, or a delicious Paczki, our video offers tips on 'best food in Krakow'.
Krakow's Old Town at night is a spectacle you won't want to miss. The illuminations add a magical touch to the architectural marvels, creating a unique atmosphere. This 'Krakow by night' experience will definitely make your visit memorable.
Krakow's Old Town offers something for everyone - history buffs, food enthusiasts, and those who simply enjoy a leisurely stroll in a beautiful setting. We hope our video tour offers you a taste of what this remarkable city has to offer.
For art and culture enthusiasts, Krakow's Old Town is a treasure trove. Don't miss out on the numerous 'Krakow art galleries' that exhibit masterpieces from local and international artists alike. A prominent one is the Czartoryski Museum, known for Leonardo da Vinci's 'Lady with an Ermine'.
'Live music in Krakow' is another not-to-be-missed experience. Jazz, classical, or traditional Polish folk music, the choice is yours. Stroll the Kazimierz district in the evening and enjoy the performances of street musicians, creating a vibrant and lively 'Krakow nightlife'.
If you're in the mood for some retail therapy, Krakow's Old Town has a variety of unique 'Krakow boutiques' selling everything from vintage clothing and handmade jewelry to traditional Polish crafts. Explore Stolarska and Grodzka streets for the best shopping experience.
Finally, take a walk around the Planty Park, a green belt surrounding the Old Town. It's a tranquil oasis away from the hustle and bustle, perfect for a 'peaceful Krakow walk'. The park's monuments, fountains, and benches under leafy trees make it an ideal place to relax and reflect.
Join us as we uncover Krakow's past and present, from the cobblestone alleys to the vibrant marketplaces, all whilst relishing in the 'best traditional Polish food'. Let this YouTube tour around Krakow's Old Town stir your wanderlust and inspire your next travel destination.
Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more 'walks around historic cities' and to like and share this 'Krakow Old Town tour'.
We're keen to hear about your 'Krakow travel stories' and your favorite parts of this tour. Comment below and let us know!

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2023.06.10 06:26 dayfirstblogs Memories of Murder

Released in 2003, " Memories of Murder " directed by Bong Joon-ho stands as a cinematic masterpiece that explores the haunting realm of a real-life serial killer case in South Korea during the 1980s. With its compelling narrative, superb performances, and thought-provoking themes, the film has garnered critical acclaim both domestically and internationally, leaving an indelible mark on Korean cinema.
  1. Atmospheric Storytelling and Direction (400 words): Bong Joon-ho's directorial prowess shines through in "Memories of Murder" as he skillfully constructs an atmospheric and suspenseful narrative. Through his meticulous attention to detail and adept use of visual language, he creates an immersive experience for the audience, drawing them into the dark and unsettling world of the film. The seamless blend of thriller and drama elements keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, evoking a sense of unease and anticipation throughout.
  2. Compelling Characters and Performances (400 words): The film boasts a stellar ensemble cast, led by Song Kang-ho, Kim Sang-kyung, and Kim Roi-ha, who deliver powerful and nuanced performances. Song Kang-ho, in particular, captivates with his portrayal of the bumbling yet determined Detective Park, infusing the character with depth, vulnerability, and moments of dark humor. The chemistry among the cast members enhances the authenticity of the story, allowing the audience to emotionally invest in the characters' journey.
  3. Social Commentary and Historical Context (400 words): "Memories of Murder" delves beyond its thrilling plot to shed light on broader social and political issues. Set against the backdrop of South Korea's tumultuous transition from military dictatorship to democracy, the film subtly critiques the systemic failures and corruption within law enforcement and society. Bong Joon-ho masterfully weaves these themes into the narrative, provoking reflection on the human cost of societal negligence and the quest for justice.
  4. Visual Aesthetics and Cinematography (350 words): The film's visual aesthetics contribute significantly to its overall impact. Cinematographer Kim Hyung-koo employs a restrained color palette and evocative lighting techniques to enhance the film's moody atmosphere. From the sprawling rural landscapes to the claustrophobic interrogation rooms, each shot is meticulously framed, immersing the audience in the bleak and gritty world of the story.
  5. Legacy and Cultural Impact (300 words): "Memories of Murder" holds a prominent place in the annals of Korean cinema, leaving a lasting impact on filmmakers and audiences alike. It not only garnered critical acclaim and numerous accolades but also paved the way for the international recognition of Korean cinema as a whole. The film's success opened doors for Bong Joon-ho's subsequent works, including the globally acclaimed "Parasite."
Conclusion (100 words): "Memories of Murder" remains a timeless masterpiece in Korean cinema, skillfully blending elements of suspense, drama, and social commentary. Bong Joon-ho's masterful direction, coupled with outstanding performances and a thought-provoking narrative, solidifies its status as a must-watch film. Its exploration of the human condition, the pursuit of truth, and the scars left by history resonates with audiences, ensuring its place among the greatest films ever made.
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It put food on the table, and we were able to help to grow other businesses that we were passionate about.
We didn’t realize at the time that the only thing keeping us at the mid-6-figure per year mark was our own mental blockages.
Just about any agency can be an 8-figure a year endeavor, especially if you do it the way that we’ve done it.
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2023.06.10 06:23 Beginning-Rest-6044 What should I do?

I just recently started a new job serving at a sushi restaurant after being at a chain steakhouse for three years. Left the steakhouse because of bad management and because I was falling behind in school due to working there and was without a job for a few months. I applied to several jobs and this job was the only one to get back to me so I took it. It’s definitely more chill and less busy than my last job which I enjoy since I have severe chronic fatigue and most days if it’s just me and another server I make my goals for tip every shift. However this restaurant has been extremely slow recently and I’ve been only having like 5 or 6 tables per shift. I worked a 10 hour double today and walked out with only $96 in tips today because of how slow it was. I literally cried in my car after my shift because of it and am debating on if I should stay at this job. My other coworkers state that it’s been really slow recently and that in the past they typically clear $300-$400 per double. I don’t know if I should wait and see it out and hope that it picks up. It took me forever to find a job and surprisingly not many places in my area are hiring so I’m afraid to quit but I’ve been making like $10 an hour working almost full time and I have bills to pay. I also really enjoy the job besides the tips because of coworkers and how it’s ran. Should I wait and see if it gets busier?
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2023.06.10 06:23 HackZoo Played a good gig tonight...

I started playing bass casually ten years ago give or take. Eventually someone needed a bassist in a rock band and it was off to the races for a year or two. Never worked out that well for me anyway. The drama, control, egos, that's just MY experience. Took some advice and went back to guitar working on covers which was going pretty well. During that time I got hooked up with these two older (than me) players. One is very seasoned, he's the boss lol. The other is similar. We eventually came together over time, they do acoustic covers and wanted a bassist. They pestered me some. I was hesitant to put that kind of sacrifice in when I had to depend on others but eventually gave in. They are well established and have their shit together, know what it takes.
Last week we played two hours at a benefit for a family that lost their barn. Tonight we played a restaurant/bar. People aren't coming to see US, (besides maybe wives kids etc, but I don't expect anyone to follow us, we're there to provide ambiance and LIVE entertainment which is of value) We play some country, classic rock, 60's, honestly there's not much we can't play.
I guess I'm kinda stoked knowing I'll have no shortage of gigs and opportunities. There's plenty of room for me to grow and get established now. My main goal is to be playing guitar and singing as a one man act and I've already put some songs together quickly. It's a tradeoff. I could be busting ass getting my own gigs and trying to keep motivated, at some point that's what I plan on, a one man show. But playing with these two is a pleasure, it's not a headache, and tbh I think being lucky enough to have this opportunity it's a great advantage. There are deff plusses to playing with others, finding the right ones is tough but it seems I just happened to so I'm going with it.
TLDR: I played a paid acoustic gig with two other solid musicians tonight, and I'm just feeling very content since it seems likely we'll be doing this for awhile with any luck. It feels good knowing I'm finally going to be busy playing live and getting paid without the headache I've found to be intolerable (for me anyway) that comes with a full rock band.....
Peace, and thanks for reading !!!
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2023.06.10 06:22 Snigaroo KOTOR 1 & 2 Mod Builds: Fully Compatible, Modular Mod Compilations. Spoiler-Free Builds Included! Plus Mobile Support for iOS and Android!

If you do nothing else, PLEASE read the 'Instructions' section before continuing on to the mod lists!

New users run the risk of having content spoiled for them otherwise, and all users need to read the special installation instructions listed here to install the mod builds properly!

Objective & Structure of the Mod Builds
If you've always wanted to mod KOTOR 1 or 2 but have been hesitant--which mods are good, which are compatible?--this resource is here to help.
For over a decade I've worked with the mod community, collating and managing modular packages of compatible mods which I refer to as "mod builds." The goal behind these builds is to find the best KOTOR mods and present them as a fully-compatible & modular archive, allowing users to pick-and-choose the mods they want from a large, vanilla-friendly selection with minimum hassle and no fears of incompatibility. That said, I have never skimped on quality in return for quantity; all mods listed in this thread are lore-friendly, and no mod which significantly alters or interrupts the vanilla experience has been considered for inclusion. The goal for these mod builds is an improvement of the vanilla experience rather than the creation of a new experience.
The builds for both games are divided into Full builds and Spoiler-Free builds. These spoiler-free builds contain mods with censored readmes, to prevent the player from accidentally being spoiled, so even if you are a brand-new player you can still enjoy bugfixes, updated graphics, and most of the full build's added content free of any risk. Most, because the spoiler-free builds also lack mods which have the potential to alter the game's balance from what BioWare/Obsidian intended, to ensure that your first playthrough is the most pure vanilla-plus experience possible.
There are also builds for both games designed to work on mobile devices, containing all the content of their Full or Spoiler-Free counterparts, but without any extremely large or graphically intensive content which could cause issues while running on mobile. This allows users to experience bugfixes, mechanics improvements, added content and some small-scale graphical improvements without risk of your device catching fire.
Each build is modular in nature, meaning that most mods aren't reliant upon one another to function. Because of this, you can choose to either use everything I list, or to pick and choose what you prefer for a personalized experience. You are also, of course, welcome to add additional mods on top of these builds, and although I cannot guarantee their compatibility I would be happy to work with any user to maximize their chances of creating a compatible build.

Why Use These Guides?
If the above has sold you, then by all means, please continue down to the Instructions section. But I understand why it might not have; after all, a premise is all fine and well, but does it deliver?
If you want some additional convincing, I invite you to take a look at this quick list of bullet-points about what the mod builds offer, and why those offerings are unique.

In the section below are eight links. Simply choose the game, content package, and platform you'd like and you're set!
As for actually installing these mods, there are a few simple rules to follow:
  • Create a deadlystream and nexusmods account. Deadlystream--our main host for KOTOR mods--has a download speed limit for users without an account (which is free). The Nexus has an actual file size limit without an account, so you'll need a Nexus account to download some files.
  • Install the mods in the order you are presented with them. If you fail to do this, you risk running into bugs, many quite significant. Note that you'll still encounter some warnings on installer mods even when doing this, but those warnings are normal (errors, however, are not). If you want to add new mods which aren't included in these lists to a build, you should reach out to me so we can work together to create an installation order which is stable for you.
  • Don't attempt to continue an old save after installing these mods. Unless they're just texture files which do not contain files of the .2da filetype, once your game is modded any previous saves you have should be treated as incompatible.
  • If you are intending to use any content not included in the mod builds, search for and identify that content BEFORE installing the builds! Certain mods have install steps or overwrite requirements that will necessitate you installing them midway through the mod build install, so if you want to use content outside the builds, you should identify that content before you start your install.
  • Do not use the Nexus's Vortex Mod Manager with either build, or the Steam Workshop alongside the KOTOR 2 mod build! Don't even use a Workshop version of one of the mods present in the KOTOR 2 builds! Both systems have trouble properly functioning with KOTOR mods; you can read more about why this is for the Workshop here.
  • Be mindful of what mods work with non-English versions of the game. If you are not playing in English, only some mods will be compatible with your game version. Each mod lists whether it is compatible with non-English versions or not, and you will need to either play in English or skip several mods. There's nothing that we can do about this; most mods which modify dialogue only support English. Please also bear in mind that you need to select the language you intend to play in before installing these mods, and CANNOT change your chosen language after you have completed your install (doing so will overwrite many of the mod files downloaded here).
  • Keep an eye on mod categories and tiers to get an idea of what a mod does and how important I believe it is to use that mod. This is especially important for users of the Spoiler-Free builds, where information will sometimes necessarily be very vague, but it's also helpful for users who don't intend to use the entirety of one of the Full builds. Each mod has a category and a tier, the former of which clarifies the types of changes the mod makes, and the latter of which, on a scale of 1-4, clarifies how important I believe the mod is for getting the best possible experience out of the game. Using this information, you can better judge what mods you would like to use and what you can safely ignore in the course of your build installation.
  • If you are not installing on a Windows OS, keep this card in mind, as it goes over the various install types present in the builds and will help you determine what mods will be easy to install on your OS, and which might need special support (for instance, using a wrapper to install .exe files on Mac OS).
  • Follow installation instructions, mine when I provide special instructions and the mod creator's when I have no word to put in. Most of these mods are extremely easy to install, but it's very important to make sure that none of the special install instructions are missed for the sake of mod compatibility.
  • Keep track of master mods. Some mods require other mods to function, and thus the "master" mod cannot be removed if you want that mod in your build. In the build posts I will list when a mod has a master.
  • Overwrite any files when prompted. Most of the mods in these builds are fully compatible, but some partially overwrites a part of another mod. These cases are where the install order matters; I have purposefully tailored the installation order so that mods that have compatibility issues are overwritten in the proper order for the game to function as intended, and for all of the changes we're making to be seamless.
  • New users: be careful with readme files and descriptions! Even for mods that I've censored, there might still be minor spoilers in the readme, and this goes doubly for mods that have included screenshots or file descriptions on their hosting site. When reading about a mod, it's always an excellent rule of thumb to only read so much of the description--and view as few of the screenshots--as are necessary to make sure you know whether you want to use it or not, then the installation instructions (and nothing else).

Mod Builds
KOTOR 1 Spoiler-Free Build
KOTOR 1 Full Build

KOTOR 2 Spoiler-Free Build
KOTOR 2 Full Build

KOTOR 1 Spoiler-Free Mobile Build
KOTOR 1 Full Mobile Build

KOTOR 2 Spoiler-Free Mobile Build
KOTOR 2 Full Mobile Build

It's highly recommended that you read the Builds' FAQ if you have any questions about the current implementation of the Builds, problems with the Builds, or a desire to include mods of your own outside of those available in the Builds!

NOTE: Only major changes are reflected in changelogs. The builds undergo constant iterating and compatibility work, but large batches of mods are only added during Revision-level updates.

  1. Merry Christmas! A new piece of restored content by JC, an alternate ending for DS characters who romance Carth, has been integrated!
  1. Several dozen new mods across both games.
  2. Several mods for KOTOR which also work for KOTOR 2 have now been integrated into the KOTOR 2 build list, to make the games more visually consistent across builds and improve overall graphical fidelity.
  3. Added information on all mods indicating how they are installed (loose-file, TSLPatcher, etc.) and whether or not they are compatible with non-English game versions. De facto, this now makes the builds compatible with non-English game versions, although for the moment, out of necessity, several mods must be skipped when not playing in English.
  4. Conversion of all .tga-based upscale mods to .tpc, saving several GBs of download size and space on disk.
  5. Thanks to further collaboration with ShiningRed, tightened up the AI upscale mods to remove the last problem textures, and integrated most of the Nar Shaddaa upscale, which was previously excluded.

After the most implausible series of delays and problems I've ever encountered, finally, the new build release is out! Highlights follow:
  1. Fully supported mobile builds!
  2. Complete and fully-tested AI upscales of almost all areas and characters for both games!
  3. Dynamic lightsaber lighting & reflections for both games in all game areas.
  4. The inclusion of LDR's amazing A Crashed Ship on an Unknown World mod for KOTOR, in my opinion the best piece of added content ever made for these games, hands-down.

Changelogs older than 4/13/2022 can be found here!

Special Thanks
Principle thanks to Jcarter426, longtime collaborator and co-author of the mod builds. Without his assistance maintaining and improving guides of this size would not be possible, and a massive debt is owed to him both by myself and the community more broadly.
A very special thanks to my testers! Although I do all the playthrough testing myself these days, the testers of the old builds helped us get to the point we've arrived at today, and as I don't own the games on mobile my mobile testers are critical to every future mobile release!
Special thanks also to all of the modders whose work I've been using over the years, and an especial thanks to DarthParametric, Fair Strides, Deltm, A Future Pilot, and Nomuit, who have at various times all been indispensable helping me with testing, bugfixing, and rebuilding mods to support build compatibility!
Thanks to mattekillert for mocking up the original category and tier images for me, and Amanda from the Discord for updating them for me.
submitted by Snigaroo to kotor [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 06:20 WaffleWalk Gothic 1 Blind Permadeath story

Fun fact, I accidentally posted this in Gothic at first.
I love doing a permadeath attempt for my first time playing RPGs because it increases my immersion and I rp better when there's risk involved. I'll admit I didn't count fall damage that seemed like bs cus, but I'm not doing this for clout. Aside from that though I didn't do any savescumming. I'm also using Union patch, controller plugin, and stamina plugin, which I'd argue that sprinting is kind of "unfair" compared to the original. But again, not in it for the clout.
Anyways, I got to old camp and got hooked into a fued with Bloodwyn as his goons began screwing with me. I was basically dealing with that in between attempts at feeling out the monsters in the area and hauling ass from the ones that I couldn't handle. I was starting to get stumped on how to make cash and was scared of exploring too much because I know OHKOs were guaranteed, and from my time with Risen I knew that running away likely wasn't always going to be safe, even with sprint. After farming a couple levels, beating up the diggers outside of town for presumably helping Bloodwyns lackey mug me and getting a Withered Axe, I got some cash from random looting and some smart plays and used it to get to get the ability to loot lizards and wolves. I was then stumped because now I had just spent my only income on the ability to loot things I couldn't fight, and I thought that claws would include the talons of scavengers for some reason. I was sad when I realized they can only give meat. After realizing the Templars were pot dealers I was instantly intrigued and got one of them to escort me to their camp. I hadn't made any money yet, so letting him bully every monster along the way while I looted and chipped my XP closer to level 3 was a treat. I began luring random monsters to him for him to beat up, abusing the shit out of sprint. We were almost to the cultist village before I saw a pack of lizards off the side of the road. I ran up, aggrod them, and had them chase me back to my guide. Only, they ran right past him and absolutely destroyed me. I was dumbfounded by my own hubris, as it had been 3 or 4 hours of meticulously exploring what little I could and trying to manipulate the game to the best of my ability. As I stared at the screen for a few seconds, my buddy just kept swinging at the lizards. As he killed the last one, I leveled up. I saw my life bar go up a little bit. I wiggled the stick, and my corpse started turning. I opened my hot bar (union controller plugin adds an item wheel), and it worked. By leveling up, my corpse was alive. Normally I wouldn't count something like that, but I just said screw it, the game counted me as somewhat alive and I was too invested to give up. In the most hype moment of my life my corpse got up and gobbled down some cooked meat. I rationalized it for my rp that my templar friend had saved my life, resuscitated me. I was now very excited to join these virtuous stoners.....then I got there and realized they're a bunch of authoritarian pricks who follow Gurus that are sickeningly pretentious. So, I just figured I'd take them for what they've got and leave. I wandered around grabbing herbs and stray pot plants, I did the quest where you beat up the guy who's supposed to take over for another worker at the weed mashing (?) area. Upon completion, a Guru finally spoke to me. I was pleasantly surprised with a task to collect a butt load of plants and deliver them to an alchemist hut. This was my time to shine. I went and collected the harvest in the middle of the night because I couldn't find a bed. I was surprised to be promoted about asking to find a buyer. Intrigued I nervously clicked the dialogue choice and was relieved to find the dude didn't just attack me or rat me out. He wanted 50 ore I didn't have, so it took me a good ten minutes to find the blacksmith and unload. One more trip across town and he tells me to find cypher by the lake in new camp. Ight bet. So, worried that I would get ratted out or something, based off of my escalating encounters with Bloodwyn, I decided it was best to leave in the middle of the night. After almost getting massacred by wolves I just barely made it back to old camp. With a decent amount of extra cash, NO ARMOR, and all the healing items I could ask for, I very very stupidly headed the direction of my best guess towards new camp. I was in such a rush from heisting the Templars that I couldn't help but just go for it. I followed the river outside of old camp into the woods, avoiding creatures above my level. I'd love to say that from here my adventure continued in an epic fashion, but just as I was scouting out a molerat to go in for a safe kill, I was bit in the back and OHKOd by what appeared to be a velociraptor. No heroic death, no blaze of glory, not martyr moment to relish in. Just, a bite to the back and a corpse with 50 pot plants left out in the woods....
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