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2023.05.29 03:59 Weary-Economy8802 Initiated Break up with Girlfriend but having doubts

Earlier today I broke up with my girlfriend of a little over a year. I had my reasons for why I wanted to breakup but it mostly came down to compatibility and I thought we were just not meant to be for each other.
This was actually the 2nd time trying to breakup, as the first time I did it we tried to work out a plan where we would work our problems out, but I didn’t feel as though they did, so I wanted to try breaking up again and maybe see new people.
The issue is, now that I’ve broken up, all the memories I have of her are positive, and even negative memories I have from the relationship seem nostalgic and it makes me miss her so much. I don’t understand why this is happening when I felt sure about the breakup not even a few hours ago. Now I just miss her and I feel like I want to make things better but I just know it won’t work out in the future for us either way.
My girlfriend had a rough past with relationships which contributed a little bit to our struggles, and now I just feel horrible and guilty about breaking it off and I feel that maybe I just didn’t try hard enough and that I am just selfish and I should have been more caring and understanding.
I’m also starting to worry that maybe what we had is the best that I might get, and I should have just been grateful for what I had. Because truly she was a great girl, but now through all the nostalgia I am seeing her has just slightly flawed like how everyone is and without the glaring red flags I saw that made me want to end the relationship.
Is this normal? I have been on the opposite side of a breakup and thought that was horrible but this seems worse and I just feel like the worst person alive.
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2023.05.29 03:59 poopsocks2 How to act when players take you for granted?

I’ve been a DM for about 4 years now, player for 6 years before that. I have been through my paces, made mistakes, dealt with all the interpersonal bullshit the PHB doesn’t teach you, crashed and burned, had player conflicts, bad sessions, and good ones. I’ve logged over 3k hours played on Roll20. I run official modules, but build the world around my players. I use DNDB with a plethora of custom items, mounts, creatures, and feats at player request. I fully integrate their characters in Discord with Avrae, make custom art in Midjourney, and fill the world with lore, hundreds of NPCs, and make an open world according to the triangle rule (three directions to go at each map).
In my current campaign, my players have been pretty respectful, but there is a running joke for them that they basically ignore my prep and go off the rails constantly. Rather than do the main quest which they all voted for (ie a which campaign are you guys most interested in? even before session 0), they just like to see my squirm, actively undermining what I do. What sucks about this though is that these people are my good friends, but over time they have normalized making it a “funny joke”. They have no recognition or appreciation for the fact that I pay for all monthly subscriptions and spend 10-20 hours per week prepping for their 3 hour weekly session.
Lately, more and more of them are making excuses to miss a session, but when they show up next time, they want to retcon a bunch of decisions that were made when they weren’t there. They message me about errors in flavor text or their art not being just perfect, or subtleties in how they want their story to be unraveled and extra details they want, constantly asking for more. Is an open world full of lore, custom maps, hand picked music, and custom made items to suit your desired power arc not enough? They just keep wanting more and more, and sometimes I will spend hours making something for them to just frivolously throw it away or sell it, frustrated that they don’t get a billion gold from the merchant.
Don’t get me wrong, I love my players. They have consistently shown up for almost 40 weekly sessions now, but we have just barely passed the intro of our campaign because of all the custom side quest stuff they have been doing. People have called me a scumbag before for “railroading”, and I want to give these players the ultimate experience that I wish I had as a player when my DM just fed me lukewarm milquetoast. The thrill of a an all-encompassing cinematic experience they will remember for years, but I feel like I am at my limit.
I told everyone that I’m taking a month off, and pretty much no one even acknowledged the message. Privately, they have all told me how much they appreciate our game, but they don’t seem to show much of it. I don’t want to end the campaign because I know it would massively disappoint them too, but I feel slighted that they don’t recognize the time and money investment I make for them.
Since it’s been nearly 1 year and they are in Chapter 2 of 5, I’ve decided that I’m ready to scale way back. Limit the number of maps, bring magic items down to a trickle, make the monsters tougher, the NPCs more recalcitrant, and give them less options and agency. Is this a fair way for me to feel? I have also brought this up to them multiple times outside of game — “Team, it is heartbreaking when I make a tavern and town square and you guys burn it down, or completely ignore it to go look for snakes in the woods.” or “I know you were slightly peeved that I didn’t have the measurements right on the map, but I didn’t suspect you’d want to murder all of the town guards, so I had to make a fast decision and upload a grid that wasn’t perfect given the visual perspective, can you see where I’m coming from?”
They all say they acknowledge it, but their behavior never changes. How do I talk about how this makes me feel like shit without sounding like an asshole? I love my friends, but I wish they would heed my words more and stop taking me for granted.
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2023.05.29 03:58 Decent_Ad440 *European superiority intensifies*

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2023.05.29 03:57 Puzzled-Ice1445 Should I see him again?

I (32F) have been talking to a guy (27M) for quite a while. We met on Bumble, got along great, but he really wasn’t my type. Things kind of came and went, we would text off and on for a while, he’d always ask if I was busy.
I finally agreed to hang out with him last night. We didn’t do anything really, went for a drive and listened to music. We got along really well. When I got home, he said he’d like to see me again. I still didn’t really find him to be my type physically, but our personalities were so in sync I decided I’d like to see him again too.
Then we were being flirty… and this morning I woke up to a nude. It wasn’t like a shock and it wasn’t necessarily unsolicited. I wasn’t upset about the nude. He said “thinking of you” in the following message.
Well, you know that little trick where you can see the date and time a pic was taken. I checked it out, and it was an old pic from 8 months ago. It kind of made me laugh… but the more I think about it, I’m a little annoyed. I have full intentions to let him know that I know. I don’t have plans on being mean or anything, mostly just gonna tease him about sending me a recycled nude and lying about thinking of me.
Should I see him again or do we think this is too much? To be fair, I’m guilty of the same thing. I feel like most people are. Idk.
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2023.05.29 03:57 GTRacer1972 In comedy in today's hyper-sensitive world, what topics are left that are okay to make fun of?

I read an article today about how "Big Bang Theory" shouldn't be watched because it makes fun of everyone. The same article said the same thing about "How I Met Your Mother", "Friends", and even "I Love Lucy". And I get that some of these shows do make fun of certain groups, like the episode on Friends where Phoebe finds out her husband is Straight, but I I don't get that they're doing it in a mean way, or that some topics should never, ever be made fun of. Like when comedians like Chris Rock make fun of White people, I don't get mad, I'm laughing because it's funny, and usually based on reality.
Is slapstick the only comedy that's going to be okay in the future? Or just prop comedians like Gallagher? No more comedians like Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, or even Robin Williams because that kind of comedy is too offensive?
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2023.05.29 03:56 TasteslikeChicken12 I Feel Like I'm Gonna Conquer Inceldom Soon!... Just a few More Steps.

Hi, everyone. Not sure how to flair this post.
I deleted my last post because, I was really ashamed of it and said very stupid things. Coming off of an immensely stressful week, I should've thought about what I said and considered the merits of all the bullshit going through my head. I don't blame the mods for temp-banning me for it at all, though.
That said, I suppose now that I'm in a better mood and of a much clearer headspace, I can say a few words.
I still need therapy. It sucks to admit, but I must be brave and love myself enough to stop making excuses. It doesn't matter if "I've already been to therapy!!" because, it's clear that there's still demons in my head I need to defeat or at least contain. I created a list this weekend about what I need to address in therapy. Among them include my judgements of myself/others, my anxious attachment (and truly where that might originate. In my deleted post, and in my ruminations, I blame my sistemother, and while they might contribute to it, there could be many other sources and reasons for that not due to them such as bullying or abuse from peers. I want to make it very clear that I do love them and am trying my best to build a stronger bond with them), and my almost unhealthy amount of obsessing about sex. Overall my friends read my list and think those are great things to cover. Another one of my friends (a woman) suggested to me that she thinks I may have trust issues, too. I think I might want to take care of that as well. My stress management is also lacking right now. I probably have forgotten a lot of what I learned in a class in college, rather aptly named, "Stress Management".
Another thing is that I will finally exit inceldom in this way. I don't think "having sex" will magically fix me. Inceldom is a mindset. A mindset of insecurity and lies. And they capture and trap me in my dark moments, leading me to be desperate and doomer. I loathe this. I see it in my dating life that, unless my date is just that awful, I would accept being a boyfriend to any girl who says "yes". But that's a bad mindset. I will do what I can to be discerning, and have the strength to say, "She's actually not right for me!" and date someone better for me.
For some context. Right now I'm in a position where I like my current date very much. But, she's away from home a lot, and I worry that this will not make for a good relationship for me because I'd really rather see my girl once a week or more (I've not seen her in three weeks). I need to examine whether I'm just pursuing this because she's the first girl I've made out with and cuddled with and am pursuing her because she was the first to be physically affectionate with me in a time of my life where I was really down and doomer, or if I truly like her for her and what kind of relationship we'd form if we began one? My mindset used to be, "I have to make this work. I won't find someone more beautiful and fit for me." Now it's becoming, "I'm not sure if this IS working at all. Yes, she's beautiful and could be a fit personality wise, but there's other concerns I have. I think I'll be strong enough to not stay in an unhappy situation with her if it comes to that."
What I'm saying is that, if I have the opportunity to pass-up on a relationship because I'm confident enough that I can find something that's right for me, then why would I be "involuntarily celibate"? I love myself enough to love the potential of my relationships.
And I'm really not a bad guy. I have problems. Maybe many problems. But I'm well-educated, people get along with me and admire my knowledge about history, art, and gaming. People come to me for moral advice, and I have varied hobbies. I take care of my hygiene and appearance and have a great career set. Those are all things to be happy with myself. I did those things... and there's still more ways I want to improve.
As an aside, I also mentioned in my last post that I want to be "the best dad and husband ever". It was a promise I made to myself when I was a misbehaved teenager and treated girls at my high school very badly. A vague, sort of childish, promise. I still want to be a great dad some day and know I can get there. I'll trip and make mistakes, but that's okay.
That's all I got for today.
Also, I apologized to my parents for us arguing the other day. They accepted it and said that I should see a therapist and that they still will always love me.
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2023.05.29 03:55 autotldr Russia's Aeroflot Airlines Resumes Flights to Cuba July 1st

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 68%. (I'm a bot)
Aeroflot will return thanks to a "Presidential order" from Vladimir Putin, said Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernishenko.
HAVANA TIMES - The Russian airline Aeroflot will resume its commercial flights to Cuba on July 1, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Chernishenko announced on Thursday during his visit to Havana.
Until now, the air service between the two countries had been limited by the international sanctions imposed on Moscow after its invasion of Ukraine, and travel had been restricted to the main tourist centers of the Island of high interest to Russian visitors, such as Varadero and Cayo Coco.
On the eve of the high tourist season, in October 2022, Nordwind Airlines resumed its direct flights between Moscow and two Cuban destinations, Varadero and Ciego de Ávila, through a route near the North Pole until it reached the North Atlantic.
The reactivation of the flights was made known within the framework of a business economic forum, held in Havana, where the Cuban government has offered Russian businesspeople the privilege of using land in usufruct for 30 years.
Economically suffocated, Russian aviation is not going through its best moment, and according to the Federal Transport Control Agency, in 2022 it made more than 2,000 flights with expired parts due to supply problems because of Western sanctions.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Russian#1 flight#2 Moscow#3 Aeroflot#4 Russia#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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2023.05.29 03:54 Ragnellrok Played FF6 for the first time, my thoughts on it.

Okay, so, FF6PR was one of the handful of FFs I've not beaten, nor do I know how they end that are currently out as of typing this (late may 2023 if you're in the future and FF16 came out).
The other's where I don't know how they "end" are: Tactics and Tactics Advance, I guess I technically don't know how FF3's final areas conclude... as in, I know the big stuff because FF14, but I don't know the post-final fight stuff, um, oh and 11 and since I play 14, I don't plan on playing it, especially after my friend showed me exactly how old school it is and I just went "and that's why I don't play it... everything you said, went in one ear and out the other and I was trying to understand it!" I guess I don't know how FFCC ends, but I have a GCN with it, so I could find out at some point.
Anyway, point is, as you might notice, I either beat or know how they end on the other games. Like, more than the average fan... and actually I just beat FFV last week or so before today and beating FFVI. Now, I'm just gonna say, I love good sprite work, game was beautiful, I had a 4-man squad that was too overleveled and, aside from 2 dying between me selecting my actions and not being able to arise, I nearly 1-party'd the final boss, as in just 4 people *almost* beat Kefka, I was too high level at 80, but, that's namely from grinding all my espers out and yeah, just yeah, steamrolled the whole tower with them, I just had 2 people get hit and they died and then I moved stages which meant I couldn't rez them with Arise sadly... oh well.
Anyway, this is probably in the top 5, like coming from a person who plays tons of games and have played many FFs... this is almost assuredly in my top 5, and yeah "bad takes for top 5" but 2+DoS on GBA is in there alongside FF8, which I played before 7, which is probably up there too, just there order in which I played the games, lengths of times that I did that, etc. I just identify with Squall more, especially at the time, being capable but socially awkward, being afraid of not being good enough (yeah, I have military experience, so weirdly, I can identify him on that level too, but before then it was friends, saying something stupid, trying to "not care" and stuff, like FF8 speaks to me on many levels, FF2, well, mostly to do with DoS add-on, dunno if I'd like it as much, but the fact that you get better at anything is by casting the spell more, using certain weapon types more, etc, etc, etc, if you want someone to be better at something, you literally used that thing and you'd naturally just get better over time, yeah, it just made intuitive sense, even if it wasn't really ever seen again...
But this is about FF6 and I can see why people said "play 6 or Tactics next" when I asked for suggestions on my previous post... namely because I was trying to decide between the games I haven't beaten or haven't beaten in a VERY long time (FF4 DS, I beat FF4 GBA, but never finished DS, so was considering it as an option), but 6 was a very good call, the game does a great job of conveying the importance of the cause, my main gripe is Terra being optional in pt 2... she's the freaking outline of the game logo, her at the beginning of the game, and they, for some reason, despite her being important in WoB, come WoR it's a "meh, bring her or don't" and like, everyone who isn't her, Gerad or the world's biggest gambler, they're all flipping optional! I get that it's cool, but at the same time, kinda feels like something Terra of all the others should also be mandatory for, with a side of Locke and Sabin for, hopefully, obvious reasons.
Anyway, had a fine time, game was good, and yeah, I feel it improved on FF4, my closest point of comparison as, well, FF5 is more closely related to FF3 and Bravely Default series than other games tbh... so, I feel it improved on FF4, another game I hold in high esteem though I really feel like Terra shoulda been a mandatory character considering her WoB importance, and that's my main casting gripe. I guess like after Mog feels weird, Gogo, Umaro, like they just feel like secret characters that exist for the sake of having secret characters, not, actually good characters that are hidden... I mean, to me, both Gau and Relm feel more relevant than Gogo or Umaro, and Mog feels borderline weird, but still okay, as yeah, also a bit hidden, but also helps Locke and Terra at the beginning of the game and helps tell the story after Ultros... so he feels like he belongs slightly more.
Now, please understand, I am not saying Gau/Relm/Mog or anyone else is superior to Gogo or Umaro, I just, I feel Mog makes more sense than Gogo, and I mean, being the boss of Umaro... I feel is odd for Mog, but hey, I'm just giving my feelings on the matter, NOT, in terms of facts in this case. Like once I got them I found myself wondering "why did I bother?" and subsequently answered myself with "because, all characters. You obsess over stuff like this. Stop asking dumb questions." And quite frankly I'm right, it is why I got everyone and ended up only needing "6" (the 2 replacements got KO'd near-immediately, turns out repeated 9999 Ultima off 1MP and constant 9999 1MP Curaga tends to stop you from dying off 8k HP, dunno why. /s
All in all, I enjoyed it thanks to those of you who suggested I try it, I think I'll go and play 9 before I learn how it ends (like I know about Kuja because Dissidia 012, but much like FF12, no real idea of the end of the game, just that Kuja is a villain *shrug*) from somewhere else... then 16 will likely be near to releasing or released once I finish it. Oh and yes, I'm aware of Excalibur 2, I'm not going for Excalibur 2 on my first run... for, hopefully, obvious reasons.
PS- not asking you to, but I did mention it, so for those curious souls the post asking which title to play next, as I mentioned it a bit: https://www.reddit.com/FinalFantasy/comments/13pd3yx/ive_beaten_around_half_the_ff_games_looking_fo
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2023.05.29 03:53 PanZielynsky Should i give up?

Hi, I was together with my gf for a little bit over a year. there is 2 years difference between us, I'm 20 and she's 18. We truley loved eachother. We had better and worse times in our relationship but we had very healthy relationship (at least I think). Last two weeks have been rough for me. I realised in how much trouble I am on my studies and my psychic health was very low. I got very dissapointed in myself after overthingking everything bad that is currently happening to me. It all started whem my gf went to bigger city for a students whole week party. She has older sister and brother in that city so she wasn't alone. When she got there I of course felt a little bit jealous because i knew most of the students there want just to hook up and that's all. I always trusted her and I know she would never cheat on me so it was calming me down. Problem was when she was there we didn't talk much. Of course as everyday I wrote her a goodmorning message and a few goodnight messages. During the first day we didn't even talk much but i get it, she was partying hard and at the end she apologized to me but she was exhausted and told me we will talk the other day. What made me very sad and started my mental breakdown was that in the next couple of days she was responding even less than in the first day. I hate when she is online doesn't read my message and then answears it after few hours but when i answear immediatley she still responds after few hours. I stopped texting her first so we nearly didn't talk at all. One day all our messages were my messages saying goodmorning and then goodnight. After she came back I already felt bad with myself and we talked a bit but she had to rest so another day passed. After she rested she told me she has to cry after what happened on her trip and that she doesn't want to talk about it with me. Of course I felt very sad that there was something which she was not telling me but as I always do I did not ask her about what she was crying. Thing that made me even more sad is that after coming home we barely talked but she immediatley met with her best friend (who is a guy that I was and still am a little bit jealous). In the couple next days we were talking a bit more but it was clear that i felt bad and she realised that she tried to help me. The problem was that i didn't know if i want her help because i don't remember the last time i felt that bad and in my entire life i was always dealing with my mental problems by myself. However after we talked for a bit i felt better. Next day. We were still talking about how i feel, she was trying to make me feel better. While talking she sent me by accident message to someone else that was saying if they can meet some other day to clear something out. I obviousley didn't know who was that message to and what was it about but it made me nervous as for the first time in my life i was afraid she actually betrayed me. After talking about this she told me she met a guy there. A 5 years older guy that she liked by his looks. She told me that when she looked at him she felt something she didn't feel for a long time. I got heartbroken. She still didn't want to talk about it until we meet. When we finally met she already told me that she wants a break. After talking she told me that she liked that guy, that he tried to frenchkiss with her but she didn't want to and that they were sleeping in one bed because there was no other place to sleep. She also told me she gave him a small kiss during some drinking game. I got very jealous as I would never kiss anybody else while we are together. It doesn't matter they were playing some stupid game, she coul've just said that she has a boyfriend and doesn't want to do that but she told me that for her it's not a cheating. She told me that she needs break from us being boyfriend and girlfriend but she still wants to have contact and meet but just like normal friends. It was yesterday. Tonight it suddenly came to me that we are no longer together because even to we agreed we have a break we still acted like a couple( we kissed and a little bit more but not too much). Now I think about all that and I have no idea if she will want to be with me again. I spoke with my bestfreind nad she opened my eyes about how she treats me. Of course noone is perfect but I was willing to do anything for her. I did all I could to make her happy but now I realised I was being treated not in the way i wanted. I told her multiple times that on her instagram )or any other social media) there were no pictures of us together. She told me that she doesn't add pictures with other half because she doesn't like to. I understood that but she adds pictures with other guys that are her friends or like in this case she added a picture with a bunch of guys she met that are mostly her sister's freinds i feel less important than them. I got rly hurt after she uploaded pictures from her 18th birthday party. There were pictures of every single person that was on this party except me. I even took one or two pictures that she added. We don't hold hands together while in public or don't show we love eachouther in public in any other way. I dont like seeing couples kissing on the streets so i get why we dont do that but holding hands is something we were doing at the beggining of our relationship, now we dont do that. She changed her wallpaper from picture of us to some random picture which is also weird because she was the first one to set picture of us on her wallpaper and seeing how happy it made her i did the same and only changed it with different photos of us. There are things like going for a bicycle that she is afraid to do with me but loves to go with her male bestfreind. She is also afraid to go anywhere where we will be alone ( like somewhere on holidays or any other free time we have). She doesn't want to visit me on my studies. We also never had sex. It's not hurting me that much because she told me that she wants to wait to be sure and so that she wont regreat anything but its been more than a year and i was sure i wanted to make love to her. Not only because I love her looks but i love entire her and being so close to the person you actually love must be amazing. Now we have break and we are supposed to act like friends but I am starting to think if this was truley healthy relationship. I told her about some issues multiple times and she didn't change a thing. I want a random person to look at this and tell me what do they think about it all. I just can't see clearly because I still love her and I don't want to abandon her but I don't know if it has sense or if she won't abandon me.
Sorry for bad english btw
oh and also i forgot and now i dont know where should i put this. I always pay for ewerything. It does hurt because i don't have time to work myself and i hate when my parents give me money but if not that money i know we wolnd't spend a lot because she is not the richest person i know and she thinks everything is a waste of money. So when i have to chose between spending money and making her eat or drink something or not it's obvious I want best for her, even if it means I have to spend money everytime we see. I also pay for gas to my car because to meet i have to drivearounf 45 km in one way.
Now i see that even asking total strangers on the internet what they think about it made me feel a bit better
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2023.05.29 03:53 Feisty-Earth-4551 Living in a frozen, emotionless marriage only 8 months into being married...

Hey reddit, hoping to get your thoughts and general life advice on this pretty messed up situation.
I'm a 30 (F) and my husband 31 (M), we recently married 9 months ago but 6 weeks into our marriage everything went to hell.
Context: We met 7 years ago, both fairly young and immature, but we had chemistry. That said, back then my partner acted like quite the playboy and did a lot of disrespectful things on nights out that really undervalued his commitment to me (e.g., allowing other women to touch him, general vulgarity, etc.). His behavior didn’t change despite me trying to discuss our differences, and explicitly noting how his drunk blackouts left me feeling awful. Separately, he also had a pretty close female friend, who he called about 1-2x a week quite late at night to chat unbeknownst to me, before we moved in together (to this day, he swears they were just friends, but this was a secretive, sustained closeness, that I deem emotional infidelity).
Nonetheless, all this behavior constantly left me wondering if I had made a mistake about my ex, who did not treat me this way at all and showed me the utmost respect. So, 10 months into dating my now husband, I met my ex back in his hometown as closure, but sparks rekindled and we ended up hooking up. I never pursued my ex after this event, and cut ties. I 100% know this was wrong and am not trying to shift blame, but because it was so heinous, I never told anyone, not a soul, just kept it to myself, swallowed the guilt, and never again strayed, not once.
Current Situation: Despite the bumpy start, we still loved each other enough to ultimately marry. But my now husband always had curiosity about what happened on the trip where I indeed met my ex, and I never fully admitted to it until 6 weeks into our marriage after he came across a very old text exchange between me and a friend noting the incident (I had lent him my old phone, while his was getting repaired). The result was catastrophic, and sent my husband on a 3-week rampage whereby his only communication with me was via low-key threats, disparaging names, and absolutely zero affection. He even slept in a separate room and contacted my ex's current partner via LinkedIn to get his full side of the story.
As crazy and toxic as it all is, I understand that my husband's actions were motivated by deep hurt, and that he wouldn't feel this bad if he didn't really love me. But, I’ve apologized, expressed my side of the story as to what fueled my actions, and have kept forging ahead – trying to be as thoughtful and supportive as possible for the past 8 months. Whereas, my husband treats me like his roommate, the only things we chat about are work and our parents; he won't bring up any topics that have to deal with us moving forward (e.g., kids, house, even a simple vacation); he hasn't kissed me since October (8 months ago) and certainly won't initiate sex (he says he's too depressed and therefore, has no sex drive, but he masturbates on occasion, and two months ago I caught him on a website for female "escorts", likely thinking about some sort of vengeance I guess). So yep, we're basically living in an emotionless, frozen tundra where I feel extremely unwanted despite me trying so hard to move forward. We've tried couples therapy, but my husband quit after 8 sessions because he didn't find it useful in validating my recollection of the incident 6 years ago versus what my ex's partner told him! It's like he's permanently stuck living in the past.
Complicating matters even more, I moved from the US to Europe for my husband, where we’ve been living for the past 2 years and where he has a full support network and I have none. While I know this current sitaution is largely my fault and I genuinely feel terrible, I can’t allow myself to also get stuck in the cycle of past hurts; I want to start a family and feel as though I’m wasting precious time. I'm geniunely torn between abandoning my husband that I do sincerly love, and being married to someone who freezes me out and holds a past mistake over my head forever.
I get that this is a serious violation of trust but I cannot understand why he lacks the conviction to make a decision to move forward - whether that's with or without me. Why is he wasting his own time? Part of me is upset that he can't just let bygones be bygones and accept responsibility for his own actions, and look to forgive.
So what the heck do I do?
TL;DR: Living in a frozen, emotionless marriage, 8 months into being married.
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2023.05.29 03:52 diamonds-inthesky The OOTP gods were shining on me for this playoff run!

The OOTP gods were shining on me for this playoff run!
This all began yesterday when I was sat in my garden playing OOTP at the trade deadline. I have a low budget and with 2 of my main stars having opt-outs after this season, I thought it might be wise to move at least one of them before the deadline in order to speed up a rebuild. Before I made a decision, a bird took a mighty crap on my leg that made a disgusting mess. Now, I don't believe in luck but as this is supposed to be "good luck", I used that sign as justification to keep my roster together for a potential run. I added a couple of cheap right handed bats for almost nothing and went on my way.
This turned out to be a good decision as I would end up going 46-13 post deadline including a 19 game winning streak that was the best I've achieved in my 41 years in charge of the D-Backs. I was now full of confidence and managed to advance to the NLCS after beating the Dodgers in 5, which was a little unnerving at times.
The next round is where things really started to pick up. Facing the A's (recent expansion moved them to the NL, they won the WS 3 years ago for the first time since 1989).I would blow a 5-3 lead in game 2, losing in 13 (7-6) to split my first 2 in Arizona. In game 3, I blew a 6-1 lead in the bottom of the 9th culminating in a walk-off 3-run HR. After 40 seasons, this isn't unfamiliar but it never gets less painful and it was hard to not feel like the game had decided this just wasn't my year!

Nearly rage quit!
The series remained back and forth, going all the way to 7 games. Game 7 was an incredibly tense game, entering the 9th locked in a scoreless tie. I gave up a solo HR and then an insurance, ticky-tac run and accepted my season was probably done but with 2 out and a man on 3rd (who would score on a wild pitch), my #4 would dig in, fouling of 5 pitches before blooping a single. Up to bat in the most crucial spot, Chris Prutsman, a second year left fielder who I'd acquired in the summer who's hitting attributes are 50 across the board except for 70 power. He'd been very mediocre all season but after hitting 15 of his 36 HR in the last month of the season, he'd been in my line-ups for the playoffs, even winning MVP in the NLDS vs LAD with 5 solo HR in 4 games. However, against Oakland going into this final at-bat he'd only garnered 3 hits, all singles and no walks in 5 starts. The regression seemed fair and I was happy with the fight until he delivered a 2-run, walk off, series clinching BOMB.
This set-up an even more epic showdown in the World Series with the evil New York Yankess, 59 years after Arizona beat them to win their first ever WS and 17 years since their 2nd WS meeting in 2043, also won by Arizona. I won another title 4 years later in 2047 for my 3rd but had since lost in the WS 4 times (3 to CWS).
To add another layer of juiciness to this, Jacome Escobedo, the Yankees star LF had played his first 7 seasons with me before leaving in FA due to an unaffordable price tag for the D-Backs. He has been a superstar since 21, somehow not winning MVP yet, finishing 2nd 6 out of his 9 seasons.
Game 1 was close but an early grand slam from Chris Daniels (Likely to be 1st to Escobedo's 2nd in MVP this year) was too much to overcome. Yankees win 7-5
Game 2 was a tighter game, entering extras tied 5-5. A 3-run HR in the top of the 11th for Yankees #6 hitter (his 2nd of the game) proved to be the decider. Yankees win 8-5
Game 3, I came out with a lot more fight early, taking 3-1 and 5-3 leads but ultimately the Yankees are gonna Yank, hitting 5 HR, this was just horrible. Yankees win 7-6
Game 4, the player I had contemplated trading at the deadline, 2B Ken Steinbring, shows up big time in this elimination game, 3 HR & 7 RBI. D-Backs win 10-3
Game 5 was the turning points of the series. Going into the bottom of the 8th, I was down 5-2 and had long accepted all my magic was over. Steinbring delivers another solo HR in the 8th to make it 5-3 going to the bottom of the 9th
My #6 & #7 hitters come up first, they strikeout and groundout respectively. I nearly gave up here with my defensive SS who's hitting .140 in the playoffs coming up followed by my back-up C who had been subbed in earlier after my starter ruptured his Achilles. I pinch hit for my SS bringing in Mike Willis, one of the bats I acquired at the deadline, a slightly above average back-up RF who's mostly on the roster for chemistry purposes. Anyway, he strokes a double. Nice!
Now I have to decide whether to roll the dice with my awful C with 2 outs or sub him out knowing that I have no other replacement and will almost certainly lose if I don't win the game in this inning. I pinch hit using the other bat I acquired at the deadline, again, an extremely mediocre bat that hadn't cracked my line-up since joining the team. He blasts a triple, scoring 1 to put me within 1. Glorious!! It immediately seems bittersweet though as I anticipate a quick groundout next followed by the Yankees celebrating on my field but no, Tony Penaloza (LF) steps up and cranks his 8th HR of the season (35 power) to give me the most unexpected comeback win! D-Backs win 6-5
Game 6 is a slugfest, despite my ace being on the mound. I manage to withstand multiple rallies from NYY with very careful pitching moves. D-Backs win 11-7
After taking a 1-0 lead early on, my all or nothing starting pitcher delivers one of the strangest games ever (5.1 IP, 3 H, 4 ER, 9 BB, 9 K, 118 P) That is a team record for walks by a player in any game by the way! So yet again, just like game 5. The score is 5-2 going into the bottom of the 8th. And yet again, Steinbring comes up in the 8th and hits a 2-run HR to cut it to 5-4. After a clean top half, the bottom of the 9th opens up with my #6 hitter who delivers a single after fouling off 4 in a row. My #7 steps up and bunts him to 2nd.
I know I'm going to use my 2 pinch hitters again for my SS & C (again, this will leave me without a catcher if we go to extras). My only decision is in which order to use them. I elect to use my 1B who tripled in game 5 first as I have most faith in him but he sadly grounds out to SS, keeping the runner at 2B.
So here it is. Mike Willis, he's started 38 games for me, it would've been much less too if it weren't for injuries and how strong my record was down the stretch that allowed me to rest some regulars.
On a 2-0 count, he connects and just gets one OUT OF THE PARK (see what I did there). I can't lie, I went crazy and have now spent the next 2 hours documenting it as this is by far the greatest season of OOTP I've ever played and trust me, I've played a lot!!
The history and stories that were connected to this series made it truly EPIC! Not only the crazy back and forth games, unlikely heroes and big hits. But also, coming back from 3-0 down to beat the YANKEES! in the World Series. Does it get any better? I kind of feel like I should end this save here as it's only downhill now.
If anybody made it this far, I hope you enjoyed it!
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2023.05.29 03:50 StarcraftSnake OnePlus 8 Pro intermittently not receiving phone calls (straight to voicemail). Disabling Bluetooth fixes the issue.

Hi I have a weird problem and I'm hoping that some of you fine folks can help me out.

I have a OnePlus 8 Pro, I like the phone a lot and I don't really want to get a new one, but after being on for some amount of time (anywhere from 1-48 hours) the phone will stop receiving calls (they go straight to voicemail) unless Bluetooth is disabled. Upon re-enabling Bluetooth, the phone can still send or receive calls, until it just doesn't.
I have the latest system software and the only device I connect via Bluetooth (mostly) is the OnePlus Watch through the OnePlus Health app. I have never rooted the phone or messed with system apps except for clearing storages and caches (mostly in an attempt to remedy this issue). I have not and am trying not to perform a factory reset, and I don't think that it would help since updating to the same software would probably cause the same issue. I would very much like to continue to use my watch as sometimes the feature where you can speak through the watch comes in handy.
I'm not expecting to get a ton of replies but if you have any experience with an issue like this please let me know if you were able to fix it or if you had to get a new phone entirely or just never use Bluetooth. This is immensely frustrating as I need to be able to receive calls for work and from my friends and family.
I found a person with a similar issue here, but no solution was discussed in the forum: https://community.oneplus.com/thread/1420105
Things I have tried:
Thanks in advance. If you need any further information on the issue let me know.
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2023.05.29 03:49 Remarkable-Lake4383 My son ain't doing any of that gay stuff!

I'm not sending him to a school where he's learning about gay stuff or that trans. There's been a children's book recently about transgender that was being showed in schools to young children. The gay agenda has been on the rise. Its pretty rapid where we're living at. I don't want him learning about that. I make sure I meet all his teachers and make sure what they're teaching. What is the curriculum? And if he's learning about the gay stuff or transgender, I'm taking him out! And again like I said, he's not doing any of that gay stuff! I don't want him to be anywhere near or close to that. I know my son isn't gay. Like wake up! Don't you see this isn't appropriate and it's harmful? You think I'm making all this up just do I can hate on the gay community and LGBT? They're the ones causing the problems. A young child can easily be misled by transgender.
They might think they were born in the wrong body and want to switch genders. What you look at and feed your mind on has a impact on you especially when you're young. There was a woman in her 20s who posted a yourube video recently saying she's no longer transgender. She made a whole video that she fell into the transgender trap at 12 years old and why it had a bad impact on her. She's fine now obviously. Things like this needs to be taught at home not at school. Again none of this is made up and I have proof to back up all of these and I'm not just making these statements for hate.
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2023.05.29 03:49 The_dots_eat_packman [Railroad Preservation] People have been debating what color a defunct railroad painted its steam locomotives longer than I’ve been alive.

This post expands on a comment I made in last week's scuffle thread about a multi-decade disagreement about what color the now-defunct Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad (D&RGW) used to paint its steam locomotives and by extension, what color the 491, a now-restored locomotive operating at the Colorado Railroad Museum (CRM), should have been painted during her restoration. Tie a red bandanna around your neck, grab some popcorn, and sit back for a two-for-one hobby history and drama.
First, three short disclosures. One, I am associated with CRM, but I did not participate in the restoration of 491. Second, I have no preference what color 491 should be, I'm just glad she’s running. Third, 491 uses she/her pronouns. That’s not woke, it's historically accurate. Deal with it, you friggin’ lopsided, melting snowflake.
Before we get to the drama, let’s get a bit of context and background. The D&RGW railroad was founded in 1870 and eventually became a part of Union Pacific in the 1990s. D&RGW built and operated routes in the US states of Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. For a long time, these tracks were among the very few ways to easily travel west of Denver and through the Rocky Mountains. Those corridors were, and still continue to be, foundational parts of the US rail network.
Over time, D&RGW became renowned around the world for operating in some of the most beautiful but technically difficult terrain in North America. The passenger trains themselves became destinations, and the mountainous routes fascinated historians, railroad photographers, and model railroaders. Seriously--just look at this train going up a mountain like a goat. In addition, the railroad was notable for operating an extensive network of "narrow gauge" tracks—the rails were 3' apart instead of the standard 4' 8.5". Without getting too far into the technical weeds, narrow gauge worked better than standard in mountainous terrain.
Another thing that made the D&RGW a darling among railroad enthusiasts is that while they got rid of the steam locomotives on its mainline tracks in late 1940s or early 50s, just like most other railroads did, they kept on chuggin' down the narrow gauge tracks until 1968. To put that in perspective, that's the year the White Album came out, and the year that Planet of the Apes and Night of the Living Dead were released. 1968 was the year before Woodstock and Apollo 11, and only 15 years before the Internet was invented.
1968, in other words, is incredibly recent. It is within the lifespan of some of you reading this post. It should be kept in mind that when we talk about the D&RGW and the 491’s service life, those things, while distant, have not yet faded into history. There are many still-living people who worked on this railroad, operated specific pieces of equipment, and saw it around their communities. There are far more people who had a father, grandfather, uncle, or other relative involved in this industry. We aren’t discussing events in the distant past, and the people who care about this aren’t just hyper-fixated arcane details of history. For many people, the presence of this railroad, and the continued preservation of its remnants, are intensely personal.
Before we move on, let's take a moment to get some additional context on how railroads used color on their equipment. Today, you might notice that most railroads have a set "livery" that they paint on their locomotives. (UP yellow, BNSF orange, CSX blue, ect.) Prior to about 1900, steam locomotives were just as colorful, and were often decorated with elaborate trimmings made of polished metal. This is actually where the idiom "all the bells and whistles" comes from. Most toys, clip art pictures, and children's television programs depict steam locomotives from this era.
However, after about 1900, the appearance of most steam locomotives became far more utilitarian. The Victorian maximalist style had fallen out of favor across the board, especially after the wars, and most railroads in the US accordingly preferred unembellished equipment. Now, their locomotives were most often painted black with minimal amounts of gray, white, or silver trimming.
By about 1900, railroads companies had also noodled out that keeping a brightly colored and decorated locomotive clean enough that it didn't reflect poorly on the company required a lot of labor. Remember, these machines— this is worth harping on both because it's going to be a plot point in a little bit and because modern readers might not fully grasp what “steam power” means—are ON FIRE AT ALL TIMES WHILE OPERATING. A very messy chain of events results from this intrinsic property:
1.Where there’s fire, there’s smoke.
  1. Where there’s smoke and exhaust steam going out the same smokestack, there is the creation of a thick, jet-black sludge of train-dirt.
  2. The smokestack belching train-dirt is attached to a locomotive that is usually moving forward, which means that cancerous inky puke blows back onto any and every part of the locomotive situated behind the smokestack.
If anything on the locomotive isn’t painted black, in other words, it will very quickly become black unless it is being cleaned almost daily. Since corporate penny-pinching is always historically accurate, most railroads did the math and realized it was better for their bottom line to paint things the same color as train-dirt than it was to pay people to clean up train-dirt.
There were some exceptions to this preference. Often, railroads painted passenger locomotives to distinguish them from freight locomotives or to fit into the paint scheme used for every piece of equipment on a specific train. Two good extant and operable examples of colorful locomotives are the Southern Pacific 4449 and the Norfolk & Western 611. Other railroads preferred colorful, but very dark shades of paint for at least some of their locomotives. One of those railroads just so happened to be the D&RGW: There's documented evidence that instead of using black, they painted some of their locomotive a shade of dark green. For the curious, it is approximately hex code 1E3D0E.
Speaking of D&RGW, let's jump back to the 1960s and introduce the specific steam locomotive at the center of this drama: D&RGW no. 491. For you nerds—you know who you are—she is a K-37 Class superheated, outside-frame, 2-8-2 Mikado. She and nine other K-37s were built in-house by the D&RGW in 1928. 491 was taken out of revenue service in 1963.
As an aside, it was actually really rare for railroads to build their own steam locomotives. D&RGW decided to do this because of an entirely different historical drama which, though at the time was complex enough to max out the character limits of gossipy telegrams, can with hindsight be briefly summarized as:
Baldwin Locomotive Works: "Fuck you, pay me."
D&RGW: "NO."
Luckily for the K-37s, by the time they were taken out of service, there had emerged a very dedicated coalition of people actively working to preserve steam power in general and Colorado’s unique railroad history specifically. They were resoundingly successful: All but 8 of the 10 K-37 locomotives, and numerous examples of many other classes, were saved. All tolled, there are about 15 former D&RGW steam locomotives in operable condition or being considered for restoration at the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, the Cumbres & Toltec railroad, and the Colorado Railroad Museum. Additionally, most of the heritage railroads in Colorado operate on routes decommissioned by the D&RGW.
Two of the K-37s—the 491 and the 493—have been restored to operating condition. The 491 got her second lease on life at CRM in the early 2000s-2010s, and the Durango & Silverton returned the 493 to service in 2020.
While D&S made some purposeful modifications to 493 to render her more suited to 21st century operation, CRM set out with the goal of restoring 491 as close to historically accurate condition as possible. They were in fact contractually bound to do so, since the museum had applied and received significant funding from the Colorado State Historical Fund, and the terms of that grant required that any change made to the locomotive would have to be backed up by records or photographs preserved from her days in revenue service.
That should be easy, right? We just talked about those revenue days that were very recent, didn't we? Hit the independent brake and the automatic brake and throw on a handbrake just for good measure, because historical accuracy can be VERY tricky for railroad preservation.
Given that, the revenue service life of most pieces of equipment was, on average, about 40 years, many have been overhauled or significantly modified while in service. Others have been subjected to "Red Green this thing out of my shop and get it back on the mainline" types of repairs that, while technically accurate to the period, were not the typical or best practice and are inappropriate in a preservation setting.
There are, in other words, sometimes multiple and equally well documented versions of “historically accurate,” and it becomes a matter of opinion as to which one is best to recreate. Because of the very powerful personal connections to the equipment we discussed earlier, those opinions are often VERY passionate. It's at this point where we FINALLY where we get to the meat of this drama, because the restoration of the 491 put one specific question in the crossfires of that passion:
What color did the D&RGW paint the 491 and, more importantly, what color should CRM paint her?
Most people assumed that since the 491 showed up at the museum painted almost all black and silver, she would be painted the same way during her restoration. However, given that she had been in service for 35 years, it was possible that she had been repainted at least once or twice. In fact, for a long time, and I mean longer that the internet has even been around long, there has been a dogged faction of people who that believed the 491 operated at least some of her revenue service with her boiler jacket(a thin, metal sheet that holds insulation against the boiler and protects the boiler itself from the elements) painted dark green. As evidence, they pointed to old shop records, a few eyewitness testimonies, and cans of paint found in various facilities. This faction made it known that they wished the 491 to be painted green, and those who preferred black or thought black was better documented raised their objections.
It should have been easy to figure out which color was 'correct,' right? Didn’t you say there are records? There are, but the catch is that while those records amount to a pretty good body of evidence that the D&RGW used green paint at some point, on some of its locomotives, they don't provide a comprehensive record of exactly which locomotives were painted what color at what time. There’s nothing substantive that the 491 herself was painted green.
The next best bet, you'd think, would be to look at photographs. Unfortunately, this isn't reliable. Most of the revenue service photographs of the 491 and her sisters are in black and white, and it is difficult to conclusively determine which colors are being depicted, especially when they are very similar like black and the shade of green in question. Team Green indicated that some pictures render the boiler jacket in slightly lighter shades of gray, meaning it must be a different color, and Team Black counters that the difference might be due to shadows or that paint being more glossy than what was used on other components. Besides, they say, if 491 had been painted green, wouldn't more people REMEMBER her that way? Team Green has a hand answer for that, too: The K-37s simply spent most of their service lives too dirty for the green paint to be seen. That sounds like a stupid ass-pull of an answer, but until we cleaned her up a few weeks ago, I genuinely forgot that 491 was (spoiler alert) painted green.
For YEARS, this was such a hot debate that it probably could have raised 491 up to operating pressure. Some of the source threads I’ve linked to are from the early 2000s—note that many of them mention discussing this issue in the 80s and 90s—and this debate was brought up in pre-internet railfan publications and correspondences. It came to a head when, in the process of the restoration, staff at CRM found flecks of green paint while inspecting and cleaning 491 for restoration. The samples were collected, compared against known samples, and shown to people who were familiar with 491 and other D&RGW locomotives while in service. This exhaustive, almost forensic investigation proved that the 491 had, in fact, been painted green, so proponents of a black boiler jacket revised their position in the face of new evidence.
Just kidding of course.
While there was no question that CRM's restoration of 491 was very well done, there was, and is, a lot of grousing about whether those paint flecks were enough to prove that she was ever painted green. Some say that they were not present in great enough quantities to prove definitively that the paint came from the 491 or to determine exactly what parts of the locomotive had been painted that color.
Others point out that while the 491 and her sisters were built by the D&RGW, the railroad used boilers that had been assembled by Baldwin Locomotive Works earlier than 1928. Unless their customers requested otherwise, Baldwin painted the locomotives and parts it produced green as a default. The presence of the flakes, this opinion states, is only proof that the boiler was painted green at some point, not that it was painted green while it was part of 491.
The complicating factor is that Baldwin appears to have been very inconsistent with how they mixed up their “Baldwin Green:” Sometimes it was a very dark emerald. Other times, as with some paint on the tender 100% established to be Baldwin Green, it is an almost tan shade of olive green. Since we don’t have extant representations of all of those variations, the counterargument goes, we can’t definitively rule out that the boiler jacket samples came from Baldwin.
The most vehement of the anti-green coalition imagined a full-tilt, “Red Alert, folks, Andi in Kansas, you're on the air” level conspiracy about where the paint chips actually came from. They propose that they might have been, *ahem,* conveniently put there by someone who definitely wasn’t a D&RGW employee and who most certainly was not working on the 491 between 1928 and 1963. I don’t want to say much on this, because these folks just won’t be convinced, but that opinion is out there.
Who was convinced that the chips were good evidence, though, was the State Historical Fund, which approved changing the color of 491's boiler jacket to green. That’s how she is to this very day. There’s still some grousing that the she should have been painted black, and the broader debate about exactly which members of the D&RGW fleet was painted green is still a point of contention among narrow gauge railroad enthusiasts. I want to stress again that even though this drama might seem overwrought, most of it comes from a heartfelt dedication to preserving things “correctly,” and very personal reasons to prefer a certain version of “correct.”
I’m going to end this post, though, by saying this: It doesn't really matter what color the 491 actually is, because we also strive for historical accuracy in how often we wipe her down.
Finally, if you ever get a chance to visit the museums or heritage railroads mentioned here or others that weren't relevant, please by all means do so! There are many people working as hard as they can to keep this history alive, and we can always use your support and patronage.

Source Another source Third source
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2023.05.29 03:49 doctor_puntastic Best and Worst

I'm planning to sign up for the annual subscription to take advantage of the memorial day sale (GSMA/ATT). I'm 90% sure moving from Visible to RedPocket will be good for me. I was happy with ATT when I had Cricket, it just got too expensive. I've been disappointed in Visible ever since they made me move off of the Cloud (Legacy) Core to Verizon Core (I live in a Verizon over-saturated city).
I want to hear from you about what you find the Best and Worst aspects of RP (from service down time to customer service). I'm especially curious about service in the central and mountain states, as that's where I spend a bulk of my time. (IE: is their coverage map really that accurate? Because it looks a lot like ATT's regular service coverage, especially in Viaero coverage areas - Eastern CO and Western KS/NE)
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2023.05.29 03:49 MPA2003 Player complaints about how weak Godbound seem.

I know that this has been discussed ad infinitum, but it seems like reemerges like herpes (not herpes shaming!).
Let's start from the book. The author specifically says that the vast majority of Godbound interaction will be with normal mortals.
For example: Even so, these minor foes need to exist in your world. If the only enemies the PCs ever face are parasite gods, furious angelic tyrants, and mighty theurge-Eldritch of yore, they're going to start to feel like very small fish in their particular pond. Regular encounters with foes that really aren't in the same league as even a novice Godbound will help give the proper sense of proportion to your world, and encourage the PCs to see themselves as the mighty heroes they are.
Clearly if you have a knucklehead, an especially easily bored PC who thinks it's fun to go chopping off the heads or incinerating town Magistrates or using their powers of emotion/mind control to have his/her way with the King/Queen's prince/princess. That PC is just asking to be paid a visit from a Eldritch, Tyrant or what have you, who may have a pact with them to protect the town, kingdom or whatever.
There dozens of D&D modules (preferably TSR), that you can use. They have a clear progression where modules will show that they are made for a number of players at a certain level. Tougher modules request higher level characters.
The modules typically have PC's defending against mundane threats or threats from another world. However, when they become higher level, they go meet these same menaces on their own turfs.
A few good D&D modules that I found both fun and challenging with no more than 3 or 4 Godbound or 5 or 6 Mortal Heroes:
  1. The Tree of Life (more of Elven adventure)- High level
  2. The Endless Stair (also good for high level Mortal Heroes as it offers demigod status).- High level
  3. In Search of Adventure and Tales of the Outer Planes- Low level
  4. Earth Shaker- Medium level
  5. Twilight Calling- High level
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2023.05.29 03:48 Least-Average-8513 My friend (32m) has lived with me (24f) for 2 years and I feel like the relationship is becoming toxic.

Tldr: My friend has been living with me for 2 years rent and bill free, we fight a lot, I think he’s gaslighting me and I am getting angry, emotional and frustrated with the situation and want to kick him out, but I know he is going through a rough time with family and other life issues, plus my daughter sees him as a dad so don’t want to make a rash decision throwing him out. Apologies for any rambling but I want to give as much context as possible for a fair judgement. Also apologies for any spelling or grammar mistakes, it's like 2 am and I'm tired. I (24f) have had my friend (32m) living with me and my daughter (3f) on and off for 2 years, for the sake of the story we will call him Lee. Our relationship has heavily deteriorated and I feel like I am making rash decisions out of anger. Lee originally came to stay with us when he was evicted during the pandemic and was living in a hotel, I invited him to stay with us as I had a spare room at the time since my daughter was too young for her room. I rent, not own, and he lived with us for 7 months before we were evicted due to him staying with me and not being on the tenancy. After being evicted, my daughter and I spent 7 months homeless and couch-surfing between different family and friends' houses until I finally managed to secure a new home. At this time Lee was also couch surfing, when I finally found a new place I felt bad and invited him to come and stay with us again for what was meant to be a short period but ended up being a year. He sleeps on my couch as now my daughter is old enough she needs her room and space. In terms of the financial dynamic of the relationship. I took extended maternity leave when my daughter was born until after the pandemic calmed down early last year. After my maternity support ran out and I had to hand in notice at my job I received government support for my rent and living costs. After my rent is paid I have just shy of £400 a month to live off a month, paying all other bills and feeding and caring for myself and my daughter, when Lee moved in this was my financial situation. I rejoined the workforce last January ans was working for most of last year until I had to leave my job in August due to very poor mental health. Since then, I have struggled to stay in work and do agency work, working maybe 1-3 days on a good week and not at all when my depression is at its worst. Since he first came to stay with us, I have covered all the bills rent, utilities, and most of the food and occasionally helped him out when he needed money. Until December last year, Lee was doing occasional freelance work with very inconsistent money. He would help with putting food in the fridge or WiFi bills as and when he could, but it was not consistent. Last December I helped him to get a job at my agency and he since has been working full-time. I am frustrated with the financial side of this situation as nothing has changed or improved since he started work nothing has improved. I know I am not entitled to his hard-earned money, but I feel he being really selfish with his money when it comes to me and the household. He sends his mum money every payday without fail, but will occasionally give me £50 towards the household. He goes out a lot after work to bars and clubs and buys himself things, I’ve found a casino membership in his name when cleaning, which he claims is to just get in and hang with friends, which is an obvious lie. He mentioned in passing that he has been saving to buy a house. I was actually fuming when he mentioned that even in times when we were struggling he had money, he just had it in an ISA and couldn’t withdraw according to him. I also overheard him in a conversation saying that he has 5 figures in savings. This was just a kick in the gut but I am clearly too forgiving since he is still here. I have broken down my financial situation to him so he knows how things are, but his constant line is that he sends his mum money every week to take care of her, even though he is living in my home rent free not hers. I know it sounds jealous and vindictive but I’m the one whose roof he is living under now and it cooking and cleaning but he will send her who knows how much every week but get antsy with me if I ask him for a contribution to the Wifi bill. To put it in perspective he makes at least £3k a month before tax and tips, whereas my income is £1,780K and my rent alone is £1,400. I am ridiculously frustrated at this by this and it isn’t our only issue. Now I will say I am not completely innocent in our conflicts. I suffer heavily from depression, ADHD and ASD which until very recently hasn’t been treated by professionals. I have my up and down days, pretty intense mood swings where I can snap over minor things, not to mention rising a toddler as a single parent, I am a complete mess. My biggest issue is my house is beyond a state, it's borderline a hoarder's mess and I just can’t cope with maintaining it. Some days I struggle to get out of bed and the mess just keeps piling and piling up. Some days I can clean one, maybe 2 rooms, but by the time I have the energy and drive to clean again the whole house is a mess again and I’m back to square one. Lee and I argue about this often. He used to try and help with some things but would do a half-assed and I would get upset, like loading the dishwasher and leaving the rest of the kitchen a mess, or taking all the mess out of the rest of the house and dumping it into my toddler's bedroom. He stopped helping at all after a while because he said I was a control freak, and I can admit I can be a bit controlling at times if I don’t agree with the way he is doing something. There have been times I have asked him for help and he will turn around and say it’s not his mess so he isn’t helping it’s mine and my daughters so my responsibility to clean up. While this is true he knows I am struggling and will do nothing but sit there and complain otherwise. He complains a lot and his words and actions are driving me insane. Aside from the household maintenance complains about everything and constantly makes not-so-subtle digs and insults at me which make me feel like crap when I am already heavily depressed and suicidal at times, and then will turn around and ask me why I’m in a mood. Some examples of things he has said: - He is surrounded by idiots at work and at home - I’m a mess, this is why he could never date a woman like me, I don’t live up to his standards - Why would I trust you when you look like this/act like this etc. Usually in reference to when I get upset and just snap at him, - He will say I throw his words in his face if I bring up anything he has said in the past to his face but will do the same to me - He used the fact that I’ve been r'd and abs in arguments before “I didn’t r you and I haven’t hit you around so what is your problem with me” These are just a few examples. On top of that,I feel like I am being gaslit and constantly invalidated. He always disregards my feelings when I am trying to explain things to him or talk to him about how I am feeling. He will say he doesn’t want my explanations or he doesn’t care about my feeling. He will make really snarky comments if I give him a long-winded answer to something and say he didn’t want my explanation. He has straight up said F my feelings before and he doesn’t care about my feelings. He belittles my pain and complains I’m always sick, which I feel like I am. I am having lots of complications since having my daughter, from 3-month-long periods, to what is thought might be endometriosis or ovarian cysts, my doctors are messing me around and I always feel physically rotten on top of my mental health and he makes it sound like my pain is nothing. I genuinely feel like he is gaslighting me too, and I feel like I am losing my mind, a few examples: - He got me an Instax mini camera which I have always wanted, a few days later it disappeared and he says he saw my daughter playing with it and it must have gotten thrown in the bin. I got really upset at my daughter, dived into our buildings bins and tore open bags looking for it and he watched me get upset and mad and dig through rubbish, commenting that he will just buy a new one. A couple of days later I found a tab open for its sale price at our local tech shop on his computer and when I looked in his history it was from the same day it went missing. To this day he still blames it on my daughter. - One morning I woke up to a weird noise in my house, he had already gone to work and I went crazy over it. When I finally found it, it was his PC speaker which usually sits on the table, buried in a trunk of his clothes making weird sea noises and on full volume. He claims that it was malfunctioning and he put it there to get sleep and forgot about it when he went to work. When I found it, it turned right off when I pressed the off button. - I have hocks for all my hats on the side of my wardrobe, a few times I have come home from being away and found all my hats thrown on top of my wardrobe, but he claims to never have touched them. On top of that after my last trip away for almost a month, I found an open condom wrapper down the back of my bed when cleaning, even though he claims he never has brought anyone to my home. - He tries to tell me I don’t remember things said in conversations when I clearly remember them and is quick to call me dumb when I challenge him. - My doorbell keeps being turned off and he blames it on my daughter, I thought it was her until it was switched off when I came back from a month-long trip. We constantly argue almost daily, with some just devolving into screaming matches and some in front of my daughter. Whenever I try and remove myself from the situation he will either follow me or carry on yelling from the other room and complain I am running away from the situation. Our arguments have gotten physical before, one day I snapped and got into his face, swore at him, called him names and poked him in the chest. He followed me into the bathroom and wouldn’t leave when I told him to. I began pushing him out and he kept pushing back in, I ended up shutting his hand in the door and scratching him trying to get him to move so I could close it and he says I attacked him and made him bleed. There was no malice in my actions I just wanted to be left alone. He punched a hole in my wall once. I had a guest coming over but hadn’t told him as he wasn’t even supposed to be home. I woke from a nap to hear him dragging things into the hallways and jumped up and said “Don’t move those out here” Before, I could even finish and explain why he had punched the wall and was screaming at me that my ways of doing things don’t work and I’m such a control freak, even though he didn’t even let me finish my sentence or get a word in. He blames me and said it was my fault because he is triggered by past actions and still to this day says it’s my fault. I’m just exhausted and feel like I don’t have a single safe or happy place in this world with him in my home. I really enjoy it when he is at work but just dread him coming home. It isn’t all bad though. He occasionally helps around the house. Has helped with my daughter feeding and entertaining her more times than I can count when I was sick or tired or busy. He has followed me to events and supported me, helped me build my career. We have had a lot of fun and laughs, and even though his help with my daughter hasn’t changed, our whole dynamic has. He is cold towards me now, has no time for me with anything, and can be condescending at times. On top of lying when he doesn’t need to lie to me, which I find how easy he feels he can lie to my disturbing. What he doesn’t realise is that he is an awful liar and I can always tell. What has led me to write this post is today I came home with my daughter to find him with some random guy I have never met before in my house. He brushed me off when I got upset because he got upset that he brought a stranger into my home where my small child lives. Not even my best friend came to my home or even knew where I lived until my birthday which was like 8 months in. He tried to say to me he told me he was bringing him over which is a lie, he asked if I was home and if he could borrow my laptop but said never mind when I said I wasn’t home, and that he would follow his friend home and double back. He didn’t even apologise and had the nerve to ask me what my problem is. I have never been so angry at another person and mad such malicious thoughts then I had tonight so I thought I need an outside perspective. At the start of the month, I asked him to leave by the end of the month, but a few days ago he was attacked on his way home from work and beaten within an inch of his life. I feel bad asking him to leave now when he’s having such a rough time. The only reason I haven’t asked him to leave before is because my daughter adores him, he is more of a dad to her than her dad and she loves him like a father and they have a great relationship. I don’t want to hurt her but I don't know if I should even bother trying to make this situation work. I don’t even know what to say to him or how to speak to him anymore without it divulging into an argument. What is the best course of action from here?
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2023.05.29 03:48 Fit-Pear3652 Im a killer main and i think the deadhard nerf should be reverted

Pretty much the title
I play alot of killer and vs alot of exhaustion perks. Ever since deadhard got nerfed where you can only use it after getting hooked basically no one i meet uses it. Before the nerfs it was a strong perk no doubt but defiently had counterplay. It was fun (for me at least) to play the mindgame of when are they going to use it. One of my favourite part of DBD is mindgames and deadhard mindgames were part of that. Knowing u were going to go in for 30 seconds of duking or just immediately hitting them was so exciting.
Now all the exhaustion perks i see are lithe and sprint burst. These just arent fun to go against and unless someone pulled off a 99% sprint burst it doesnt feel like i got outplayed when old deadhard felt like much more skillfill. Theres no mindgames when someone vaults a window and runs off.
I know deadhard is very strong against killers like blight, nurse and demo who all have powers that hit you in a very specific time frame. But even these can be mind gamed.
I think alot of killer mains i see get overly frustrated with old deadhard. Sure at sometimes it was frustrating to deal with at times but it always felt that it had counterplay and made me want to get better at killer.
I think you should be able to use deadhard before getting hooked. It required presice timing to perform well and highered the skill ceiling for both roles. Also its just more plain fun to go against.
I know alot of people would disagree with this. Whats your opinion?
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2023.05.29 03:48 fahamu420 My experience with ego death

I'm making this post while in bed after what feels like a week of experiences pumped into 8 hours. I've done acid before and it didn't do much, so i decided trying the same dose again with a little extra (weed). Spoiler alert, it was an awful idea. About 6 hours of heightened senses and giddiness was what i thought the entire trip would be, but i couldn't have been more wrong. i hit the bong and i feel alright for about 5 minutes, until i realise that my heartbeat was not tangible, and neither was the grass outside, or the tree i was looking at. i could swear the potted plants were staring back at me. i check my heart rate, 200bpm, alright that's weird let me try again. 210bpm. 220bpm. This is when i realised i was about to experience some fucked up shit and had a decision to make: Stay in a room on my own or go on a walk with my friends. IN THIS SITUATION, ALWAYS GO WITH THE FRIENDS. It was the only thing that kept me sane as i transcended into the next dimension, slowly, and am certain i would have lost my mind if i stayed in that room on my own. As i walk along the grassy path i realise that I'm literally unable to see anything properly, my feet weren't visible and the path slowly melted into the foreground. Let me tell you, all the way up until this point my heart was knocking on my neck and it was the scariest shit I've ever experienced. It was then that i realised it; I was tripping. I had totally forgotten the whole point of this event was to trip balls. And trip balls i did, in the safety of close friends, and in a great place. i honestly don't remember where exactly i was because everything around me had become incomprehensible. i had no idea what anything was or how to separate anything from the green screen i had entered. i couldn't even fathom what on earth i was looking at but it was as if i was stuck inside of a giant kaleidoscope. i was handed a flower and all i saw was my infinite hand with a yellow triangle somewhere and everywhere at the same time. i walked back to the house with someone and finally managed to get my heart rate under control, and at that point i could sort of discern what were trees and what was the sky. i was getting straight up hallucinations of all types of shit, but more importantly at that stage i had totally lost my sense of self, i didn't even know where i was supposed to begin or end. as far as i was concerned, i wasn't concerned. I'm very thankful that the dissolution of my psyche wasn't a terrible and terrifying experience, but it was pretty gut wrenching when i realised i had to piece myself back together again, bit by bit. i was comforted by the fact that my typical habits and behaviours remained, it was like getting into an old t shirt. eventually it'll be as if i never left. i would like to go into detail a bit more but it is honestly impossible to comprehend what i was experiencing. i could selectively hear my heartbeat in all the different parts of my ear and neck, i could perfectly see my peripheral vision without looking, and i could smell EVERYTHING. visuals were complete nonsense, like think of a HD image being turned into 4 pixels and then turned into a kaleidoscope, it was almost entirely unrelated to what was actually happening. i couldn't feel pain, instead it felt like i was getting wet. in fact, all textures felt really wet and slippery, even the cheese puff chips i somehow ate. the only thing that actually made any sort of sense was the words i was hearing, the only thing keeping my boat hitched at the dock, and likely the reason I'm still in this reality. if you are having a cataclysmic event, SLOW YOUR HEART RATE and get yourself around friends asap, shit works wonders. So right now I'm still lying in bed and actually had to stop typing this every few minutes to suddenly vomit, i probably ate some bad food or maybe it's a side effect, who knows. at this stage i can't even give it any more thought, my brain is out of gas and I'm just thankful that i stepped back into this reality, and not wherever the hell i was.
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2023.05.29 03:47 AnalysisDowntown7792 Are they playing safe

So back story I recently moved to a new apartment where no one knows me. I met the maintenance man first month of moving here needeing help with my apartment. I recently needed work done to my apartment. He spoke with my husband in the garage about how he met his wife (me) before. He asked me if that was my husband and I said yes. When he came to do the work he stayed for longer than needed because we hit it off having a flowing conversation. He apologized for it taking longer and being annoying I said no worries you’re not weird or anything like that and he blushed and smiled and said you’re not weird either. Still has issues so he came back. When he left he said I’ll be back between 4-5 but he only works till 4. He didn’t show up but when I was outside walking to my garage (he lives a few buildings over) he pulled up and said sorry I forgot I was busy. I was having issues with my garage opener so he said doesn’t your boyfriend or whatever have the opener while smirking. He came back fixed the issues and then later that might he was coming home and pulled up asked me what I was up to and he said he was going to hook up with a girl but his friend was outside so he said come this way and we ended up at a bonfire for two hours. He did make sure to say anything that is said or happens here doesn’t go anywhere. We talked about his life made jokes. He didn’t leave to go to the girl.
I’m in a marriage that’s ending so I’m not sure if I’m not picking up his hints.
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2023.05.29 03:47 DeathReaper130 Dallas Wings Game #3 Analysis

In this post as the title states, I'll be recapping and giving my analysis on what I noticed with the Dallas Wing's 3rd game today which was against the Chicago Sky.

Part #1 - Offense:
Arike Ogunbowale: Arike single handedly lost the came for the Wings today. If we take a look at her stats, she scored 27 points which was a team high, got 5 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals. However, these stats greatly inflate her performance on the court today. Arike scored 27 points on 25 shot attempts, went 9 - 25 (36%) from the field, and 4 - 12 (33.33%) from beyond the arc. This was a very inefficient performance from the Wings' leading scorer. I know Arike has never really been known to be an efficient shooter and that she's known for being a volume shooter but this game was just another level of inefficient. She was taking the worst shot opportunities starting from the get go in the 1st quarter, which was a foreshadowing of things to come. Pretty much every time that she got the ball, Arike was chucking it up. It didn't matter to her whether there were 3 defenders in the paint waiting for her to come in or whether there was a defender draped over her while taking a jumper. Don't get me wrong, Arike is a fantastic offensive player but her inefficiency and unwillingness to take better looking shots is what's dragging her down as well as her team and it was very evident from this game. There were multiple shots which she took this game were I honestly if I was the head coach, I would have pulled her from the game. One example off the top of my head was about mid to late 4th quarter when the Sky were only up by around 5 to 7 points. Arike brings the ball up the court, gets a screen from Sabally and while the defenders switch and are still near Arike, she ends up taking a one legged contested three and missing everything but backboard. There were many other examples such as rushing transition shots just to get to shot of and taking heavily contested jumpers. I've mentioned before in some of my previous Wings' game analysis posts that Arike just seems to have a constant itch to shoot the ball. Furthermore when she either misses or doesn't get the opportunity to shoot the ball, she gets very upset, which brings me to my next point about her mental game. Arike's mental game is weak. If things aren't going her way or her shots aren't falling, she fails to ever stop and think why that's so. Instead, she'd rather continue taking bad looking shots, which leads to her getting mad at herself and the cycle starts all over again. Honestly, I'm fine with Arike taking 20 - 30 shots per game if she wants to since I know her offensive capabilities. My only thing I wished she'd do if she's taking that many shots per game is to take good looking shots and not force shots just because she can. Furthermore, I wished she also realized when enough is enough. If her shots aren't falling, either stop taking shots for a little, recompose, and shoot again or pass to your teammates. Compared to last game, Arike was a downgrade for the Wings and you'd only know by watching the game since, as mentioned before, her box stats inflate how good she may have looked this game. Overall, she was the primary reason the Wings lost today and I just hope down the stretch that she wakes up and uses her team to its full potential than thinking that she's the only person on the team and that she should do it all by herself.

Satou Sabally: Sabally was most definitely the MVP of the Wings today. She had the best game overall in terms of both offense and defense. She ended the game with 24 points on 9-16 shooting (56.25%) and had 8 rebounds. Unlike Arike, Sabally has a great well-rounded offense. She can take the three when necessary and hit the mid rangers jumpers efficiently. Furthermore, she is great in taking the ball into the paint and getting an easy bucket with her footwork and size. On the defensive end, Sabally also did quite nice. While she didn't really have the stats to back it up, she always provided great pressure against whoever she was defending and secured the defensive rebounds for the team when Natasha Howard was occupied. The offense should run through Sabally more often as she has great IQ in terms of what to do with the ball when it gets in her hands.

Natasha Howard: Howard did decent this game, ending with 14 points on 6-16 (37.5%). Her efficiency, like Arike, wasn't the best but atleast her shot quality was much better than that of Arike's. Furthermore as I've mentioned in my previous 2 Wings' game analysis posts, Howard is being limited in her production as she is using her energy to play high energy roles both on the offense and defense. In a general WNBA, most shots come from within the paint. Therefore for Howard, she's in charge of both guarding the paint and preventing shots from making in that range as well as offensively taking shots in the paint to score. She doesn't really have much other help defensive wise in the paint asides from Sabally sometimes so Howard gets tired easily as she's constantly playing high-level offense and high-level defense. Teaira McCowan still being out is a big blow to the Wings but most importantly to Howard as she is the sole person being relied to do work in the paint for both offense and defense. I definitely think once McCowan comes back that Howard's offense will take a rise as she doesn't have to put that much energy and focus on the defense as McCowans can help her out then. The only issue is however that McCowans hasn't played in the past two games and is expected to miss the month of June to play overseas. If that still pans out, then Howard is going to be in for a very rough month.

Rest Of The Team: I thought the rest of the team offensively did just ok. Dangerfield stepped up this game as well and provided 11 points on 4-8 (50%) from the field. Besides her and the starters however, nobody else scored more than a few buckets here and there. Burton did poor today offensively going 0-5 (0%) from the field and having only 2 points, both of which were from free throws. Then again to be fair, the bench really didn't play many meaningful minutes and Arike was chucking shots so there wasn't really many opportunities to shoot for everyone else. The one thing that I did like was that Maddy Siegriest got a little more playing time today. She score 6 points on 2-2 (100%) from beyond the arc in only 7 minutes. She's definitely a dangerous scorer when she gets the minutes so I'm curious to be seeing how that goes on throughout the season. I thought Siegrist should have been the #1 overall pick in this year's rookie draft going into the draft so I do think the Wings got a steal with her at #3. As she gets more minutes and develops more, I could definitely see her becoming a reliable scoring option off the bench for the Wings.

Part #2 - Defense:
Natasha Howard: Once again, I thought Howard did decent on defense. She was getting outplayed a bit against Elizabeth Williams as she was able to use her height and size to her advantage against Howard in the paint. Howard ended up with 2 blocks and 1 steal in the game. As mentioned previously however, we won't be able to see the full capabilities of Natasha Howard until Teaira McCowans is back in the starting lineup. Howard has to conserve her energy as she's expected to play a primary role in both the team's offense and defense with very little help on the defensive end in the paint with McCowans not there. Especially in this game, Howard looked very tired and the Sky were able to capitalize on this in the second half as they pounded away in the paint on the offense.

Rest Of The Team: I thought the team did alright once again. The Wings' defense was able to lock up Courtney Williams for most of the game which was good. Furthermore, I loved how the defense kept moving around and switching on plays. There were moments in the game where the Wings got help defense in the paint and left an open person for the Sky. As the ball moved around to that open person, the Wings' players all shifted over to the open player until the defense was set up back to normal again. This was a good sign because it felt that the team was playing defense together rather than individual players playing defense at times. Furthermore after allowing Mabrey to go off from beyond the arc in the first quarter, the Wings' perimeter defense tightened up very nice in the second half which is a good sign as well. Help for Howard in the paint is the main issue for the Wings defense so hopefully someone can step up in that regard.

Dallas Wing's Defensive Shot Breakdown: I've mentioned this in a couple of posts but I've noticed a pattern in the WNBA which I call the 50-30-20 rule. Essentially, this means that 50% of all shots taken and points scored by a team are in the paint, 30% of all shots taken and points scored by a team are in the mid-range, and 20% of all shots taken and points scored by a team are from behind the arc. Therefore, I'll be listing how the Dallas Wings' defense affected from where the Storm were forced to take their shots and score their points from just like in my previous game analysis.

Paint: 20 - 39 - 52% of all shots taken and 54.05% of all points scored (not with free throws)
Mid Range: 8 - 17 - 22.66% of all shots taken and 21.62% of all points scored (not with free throws)
3 Point: 6 - 19 - 25.33% of all shots taken and 24.32% of all points scored (not with free throws)

By looking at these breakdowns, we can see tat the Wings' defense wasn't all that great. They managed to allow the Sky to reach the 50-30-20 goals for nearly all the zones, especially the paint zone. There was a slight difference in the mid range and beyond the arc as the Wings forced the Sky to take a little more shots from beyond the arc than mid range shots. However, that's wasn't really that big of a difference. Allowing 52% of all shots taken and 54.05% of all points scored (aside from free throws) in the paint was the biggest downside of the Wings' defense, even if it was a small percent change. Whenever these percents go higher than 50% for the area inside the zone, the defense has for the most part lost. Paint defense is always the most important defensive zone to be taken care of. In this game however, the Sky were able to do better and take advantage of the Wings defense in the paint, leading to the win for them.

Final Recap: Overall, the Wings played just average today. I know there's a lot more potential for this team and it just depends on whether they can make the necessary adjustments and changes. The Sky was also the first "good team" I'd say that the Wings played so far this season so this was a good indication to see how the future games look for the Wings as a whole. The most important takeaways from this game in my opinion are that Arike needs to be much smarter when the ball is in her hands and the Wings need to figure out some help for Howard on the defensive end while Teaira McCowan is injured. The Wings didn't get blown out this game and only lost by 6 points, which is two possessions. Maybe if a couple of Arike's chucked shots were thought through better, the outcome could have been different but we'll never know. After today's loss to the Sky, the Wings are now 2-1 in the season. They play the Minnesota Lynx in two days so hopefully changes can be made accordingly.
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2023.05.29 03:45 Transorted_321 Severe anxiety before surgery

I’m going through a rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions as top surgery nears. I’m realizing that I think a lot of my panic and grief has to do with the fact that I have a really nice looking chest. As someone who never “did girl” well, who was constantly attempting to try and figure out how to be like other girls or look at least somewhat feminine when I was younger, the one thing that I got was a nice chest. While I’ve been binding for years, every now and again, when I’m alone or with my partner, I don’t wish they were gone. They make me feel like I have something going for me physically. It’s irrational, since I know I’m not an unattractive person, but I’ve started to realize somewhere along the way, that’s how my brain has associated with my chest. I was born with the body many cis and trans women dream of - I have just hated the curves on me.
It’s been really hard for me to try and decide whether top surgery is right for me. I am not in great shape and inevitably, my chest will not initially look like the trans influencers on IG by any means. Trading out a chest that people think is beautiful for something less attractive feels scary and emotional as fuck for me. I had no idea I felt this way deep down inside until surgery got closer. Now, I’m having nightmares about regretting surgery.
I don’t have other trans guys in my life to talk to openly about this so I’ve come here.
I know that over time, it’s up to me to sculpt my body to look better than it does. I’m just scared out of my mind about this change. My fear of regret or missing those few and far between days where I like my chest are getting to me. Being in the US with all of the anti-trans and detransitioning rhetoric has made it even worse. Here I am - getting close to doing something I thought I’ve wanted for more than a decade - and I’m feeling so much more fear and uncertainty than I ever expected.
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