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2023.06.08 21:26 veriohukainen How to not feel worthless after endless rejection?

Hi there, like many people here I am looking to get out of my current job. With commuting time and an unpaid lunch I work over 52 hours a week and that does not count the time spent preparing for work. I also have nothing to do for most of the day and the internet is monitored, so there’s not much I can do. I deal with a moody boss which makes it emotionally hard and I struggle with depression and ADHD - in short, it’s been tough.
I got a crap degree in public affairs, out of trying to avoid math due to dyslexia (huge mistake…) which I’m still 5k in debt for. I work in HR and have about 2~3 years experience. I had some impressive internships in college, but nothing besides that.
I’ve now reached about 500 or more applications to entry level HR jobs, even food service and other stuff. Rejections across the board and maybe 10 interviews, half of which ghosted me after setting something up or after extensive conversation. I’ve tweaked my resume, wrote cover letters… I don’t know. I feel worthless and stupid. I take rejection really hard already and I want to give up.
I honestly hate HR and being in an office, I need to go back to school but I can’t even secure an interview for a part time job to support my studies. How do you guys deal with unending rejection while dealing with a job that has literally made you consider suic*de? Sorry if that sounds dramatic but I haven’t been coping well with all this.
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2023.06.08 21:25 Special-Draft6409 PhD, JD, or other???

Hello Reddit! I’m reevaluating my career choices and looking to potentially make a shift. I’m hoping to get some advice and input from this group! I’ve worked my way up on commercial insurance for the past 8 years. I’m 29 and I have a BBA and MBA. The industry is incredibly draining and I don’t have a passion for it. I love the idea of working in academia and I’m very passionate about education. In the past, I taught a college course on the side at a community college. The course was Organizational Theory and Behavior. It’s essentially the psychology of business - negotiation, conflict management, change management, etc. I loved the topic. I also really value justice and fairness. When I first started my undergrad I was pre-law and business. I switched to solely business as I felt I was taking on too much. I’d like to obtain a law degree but working as a lawyer sounds tireless. Teaching law, I could picture myself doing that. I made a list of what I value in a future/ultimate career: - People oriented - Autonomy/some sense of independence - Giving back/contributes to a better world - Justice/Fairness - Research based - Organization/planning - Leading - Mentoring - Imparting knowledge on others - Bigger picture/strategic work - An element of power - Tasks change/unexpected nature
I’m trying to decide if I should pursue a PhD in Organizational Theory and Behavior to try and become a college professor. I could also go back to school for a JD.
Anyways, just looking for ideas on what career paths might speak to me and how I could potentially get a PhD fully funded.
I would so appreciate any insight!
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2023.06.08 21:25 Special-Draft6409 PhD, JD, or other???

Hello Reddit! I’m reevaluating my career choices and looking to potentially make a shift. I’m hoping to get some advice and input from this group! I’ve worked my way up on commercial insurance for the past 8 years. I’m 29 and I have a BBA and MBA. The industry is incredibly draining and I don’t have a passion for it. I love the idea of working in academia and I’m very passionate about education. In the past, I taught a college course on the side at a community college. The course was Organizational Theory and Behavior. It’s essentially the psychology of business - negotiation, conflict management, change management, etc. I loved the topic. I also really value justice and fairness. When I first started my undergrad I was pre-law and business. I switched to solely business as I felt I was taking on too much. I’d like to obtain a law degree but working as a lawyer sounds tireless. Teaching law, I could picture myself doing that. I made a list of what I value in a future/ultimate career: - People oriented - Autonomy/some sense of independence - Giving back/contributes to a better world - Justice/Fairness - Research based - Organization/planning - Leading - Mentoring - Imparting knowledge on others - Bigger picture/strategic work - An element of power - Tasks change/unexpected nature
I’m trying to decide if I should pursue a PhD in Organizational Theory and Behavior to try and become a college professor. I could also go back to school for a JD.
Anyways, just looking for ideas on what career paths might speak to me and how I could potentially get a PhD fully funded.
I would so appreciate any insight!
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2023.06.08 21:25 waxfish1 Online jobs, ways to make money as a shut-in?

I stopped going to school in the 1st grade out of fear that something bad would happen to me and out of fear of the other kids and staff. What followed was over a decade of continuous attempts and failures to start going to public school again and to reintegrate into society. Interspersed between these attempts was a typical hikki/otaku lifestyle, sitting in my room on my computer, consuming media, anime, manga, videogames.

I made another attempt at integrating with society again in the latter half of last year by getting an overnight grocery shelf-stocking job. I managed to hold onto it for almost 3 months but ultimately failed and lost the job due to sensory issues, referred to by some as SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), which caused both unpleasant and painful sensations as I would go about the work.

Sensory issues/SPD are typically found in tandem with autism, and I was diagnosed with Asperger's when I was 12 back in the early 2010s.

I want to try to pursue whatever treatment for my sensory issues I can so I can attempt to integrate with society. In the meantime, I need to find a way to make money because my father, who I live with, is poor. I need money to do various things, like get a driver's license.

What are some decent ways for a 24-year old hikki that hates dealing with people and is afraid of them to make money online?
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2023.06.08 21:25 SmileHidingPain98 Paid Vacation Rant

TLDR: I’m frustrated af guys
So about a little over a month ago one my TL approached me and said I had accumulated a lot of Paid Vacation and she recommended I start apply for some days off—whether as a vacation or staycation or day off, whatever. I was very happy. My current schedule with school means I can’t take a proper vacation but I have enough Personal Projects and Day-Trips with friends I could take that I wasn’t to worried about wasting any days. So, I applied for a grand total of 6 days.
3 days to work on some stuff I’d been neglecting around the house, two days off the first weekend in July for a family BBQ that we’ve been plannings for ages, and one for Father’s Day.
Now yesterday I had to schedule an appointment with my therapist so I asked for the day off—no paid vacation, I do these so frequently it seems pointless to do so. And I noticed that all the paid vacation request was still pending. But our main HR Gal was there so I just assumed she saw it and hadn’t gotten to it yet (Big mistake, I know). I also had mentioned to our other HR Gal with the added caveat that I had never applied for Paid Time off before and if there were any problems to let me know so I could correct or assist in correct however I could.
Well I just got my new schedule: Guess who has to work on Father’s Day despite asking for the Paid Vacation day off at least a month in advanced! Look, but I will be the first to say I probably screwed it up somehow—I’ve just never done this before, despite working there long enough to rack up enough Paid Time off as I have.
But still! I asked for that weekend off for another weekend in June so I know I’m not gonna get that and now I’m worried about the first weekend in July—that’s the important one.
I’ve staying later a lot recently and all my TL’s have said they were grateful—especially the one who originally pointed out my surplus of Vacation. So they ask me to take vacation time, I apply for it off, and it gets ignored and i lose one of my days? Forgive me for saying that I’m a little frustrated here! Maybe even disrespected, I don’t know!
My plan is to apply for the weekend in July off as a normal unpaid vacation time, if I can, just to get my bases covered, and then have a talk not only with both HR Gals but with the manager who first brought up my Vacation time as well. I’ll probably call off on Father’s Day, which sucks because it was a longer shift and I still need money because of school but not only do I work every other day I’m a available that week—with the other being time off for actively going to school—I won’t have a day off otherwise!
Thanks for letting me rant here guys. I’m just frustrated about this whole situation and I can’t do anything about it until tomorrow because once I’m out of school today, the store will be closed. Thanks for listening. 🥰
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2023.06.08 21:24 dsnaxx Hairstylists, thoughts on working independently vs working for a salon? Tell me your experience

I've been a full time stylist for 6 years. I've been thinking a lot about working independently instead of the salon I'm at. My biggest issue is being a new-school stylist in an old-school salon and I'm not sure if I would want to go independent or find a better suited salon to work for. I do a lot of coloubalayage/foils that take a lot of time, clients love the results and attention to detail, but all other staff are old-school and don't understand these can't be done in a small time frame. I usually make more in a day with less stress doing 2 or 3 colors, than I do with old school booking every half hour. I'm constantly having services booked for me in an unrealistic time frame, despite trying to explain or take full control of my schedule, I always have surprises that would be easily avoided. I think that either of these options would be better suited for me, I would love to hear opinions from stylists who have been in a similar situations. How did you feel going independent? Was it worth it? Do you ever regret making the change? Ty for any insight 💙
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2023.06.08 21:24 Chicanarist Desperately need help, Can I still win her over?


Hello, so I’ve had an interest in this girl who I’ll call Melina (Elden Ring reference lol). So I’ve been interested in Melina since 3rd grade, and I am currently in high school so it’s been a very long time. She is my first real interest however in all these years I’ve never worked up the courage to make a move or even talk to her. The only times I ever talked to her were for school reasons (School projects, etc). Other than that, the only times I ever see her are when I walk past her in the hallway, during lunchtime occasionally, during some classes, etc. The weird thing is that I’ve had other interests throughout the years but I eventually lost interest in all of them, except for Melina. In fact I’ve only become more interested with her as the years pass by, even though I barely even see her and never talk to her. The truth is, this is a little embarassing to say but I’ve never been with anyone romantically in any way, and in my mind she HAS to be my first relationship. I don’t know why but I firmly believe I will win her over one day and marry her. But I can’t even talk to her yet so we’ll see how it goes. The main reason I can’t work up the courage to make a move is because i’m not particularly attractive. I mean if I started putting in effort I could look good but as of right now, she is definetly way out of my league on an attractiveness scale as well as a social hierarchy scale. She’s one of the most popular girls in my school and I’m a complete and utter loser that can’t even look her in the eye.

Recent Events

Alright now that the context is over, let me talk about the events that have happened recently, because it has been VERY eventful. So about 2 months ago I decided I was done waiting and I want to begin making a move, my original plan was to befriend her first, and show her how good of a guy I am, and then make a move. However something happend. So like I said this was 2 months ago, I thought to myself “Why not be open about my interest?”. I was thinking that if I didn’t try to keep it a secret then maybe that could remove a lot of the awkwardness. I wasn’t going to tell her explicitly, I was just going to tell my friends and some other people at school and my idea was that word would eventually get to her and if she reciprocated feelings then she would approach me and if she didn’t like me back then she would just do nothing and BOOM i just shot my shot without any of the awkwardness or riskiness. But this went very wrong. So I started telling people about it and word spread extremely quickly, way quicker than I ever expected.Fast forward a couple days and I’m eating my lunch with my friends and I see her with her friends on the other side of the cafeteria, and SHE LOOKED AT ME. Like we literally made eye contact for a split second until I quickly looked down. This was exhilirating, like literally my heart started beating quickly and I told my friends what happened. They looked back and she waved at me. Like bro when I tell you I had such butterflies in my stomach I’m not joking. Anyways after school on that day I gained some confidence, word had obviously spread and I knew that she knew I liked her. So I decided to send her a text, so I said “Whats crackalackin?” and she said “No” I was thinking for hours and hours of what to send until I finally landed on a funny meme that was kind of edgy, it’s the kind of meme I would send to my friends. So I sent it and she left me on read. Then the next day I sent another hilarious slightly weird meme and she replied with “Oh”. I don’t know if that’s bad or good but a response is a response so I was happy. Anyways after the next day I was in lunch and all my friends were egging me on to go and talk to her but I couldn’t do it. I chickened out and eventually I look up and I see her and her friends walking towards me. I instantly pick up my bag and run as fast as I can in the opposite direction. That kind of thing happened a lot, she would be near me and I would run away full speed, this happened like 3 or 4 times. Eventually she waved at me one day and I waved back then ran away. Some days pass by and I find out that she screenshotted my texts with her, and pretty much the entire grade had those screenshots. People started greeting me with “What’s crackalackin” and it was slightly embarassing. At this point the entire grade knew that I liked Melina. I tried texting her some more but then she eventually ended up blocking me. Like 2 weeks pass by and I send one of my friends to go ask her to unblock me. Eventually she actually unblocks me and I haven’t texted her or talked to her since.

By now I had regretted not keeping it a secret, I wish I just kept it a secret and did my original plan: befriend her, workout and look better, show her I’m a good guy, then make a move. That’s how most people do it, but now I’m on max difficulty, cuz she knows I like her and it just sucks cuz I don’t know where to go from here. It’s also worth mentioning I don’t share any classes with her this year, but since summer is approaching, next year I was hoping to share atleast 1 class with her so I could try talking to her and advancing from there. We are also going to have a school play and I think she will sign up so I was thinking of signing up too. So far that’s my 2 plans but other than that I got nothing.So here we are, what should I do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated because this is my first real attempt at pursuing a girl
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2023.06.08 21:24 sadpigdump Narrowing School List

Hi, I'm sorry if these types of posts are getting annoying/oversaturated but I was wondering if I could get some advice on how to narrow down my school list. I have 12 schools right now and trying to get around 10 or a little under.
Female, ORM, CA resident
cGPA = 3.92, sGPA = 3.87
DAT = 25 AA, 25 TS, 22 PAT
Major = Psychological Sciences
Volunteer = 196 hrs (food bank, tutoring, mentor, free health clinics)
Extracurricular = Community Service fraternity (no position)
No research
1.8 years as a general dentistry DA, 5 months of assisting at orthodontic practice, 168 shadowing general dentistry hours
1 generic professor LOR, 1 (hopefully) strong professor LOR, 1 (hopefully) strong dentist LOR
School list:
USC, UCSF, UCLA, WesternU, UOP, UNMC, UConn, Touro, Southern Illinois, Buffalo, Maryland, VCU
My main priority is price (I know USC and UOP are insanely expensive, but since I'm a CA resident it's about the same as out of state costs for me). If you go to any of these schools, I would love some input on campus life/cost of living/just general stuff about the school you like or dislike. Thank you so much!!
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2023.06.08 21:23 Peachy_pearr9 Beginner Vs Experienced

I want to get a discussion going to see other Artist views as to when someone goes from beginner to an experienced Artist.
I've (29F) been doing some self reflecting as I work on creating my first collection of original art to release towards the end of summer. Really it all comes down to me trying to figure out price for my pieces that has triggered this thought process as I try to factor in my experience level. I'm going to dive in to my personal experience through out my life, but want to hear other people's perspectives.
I come from a long line of unknown but skilled Artist . My mom's an artist if many crafts (painting, sewing , woodworking , baking etc) her dad's an Artist, my grandma on my dad side was an artist, cousins etc. It goes back to the 1700s. I began really considering Art as a profession as early as my Freshman year in Highschool, and had completed college courses by the end of my junior year. After graduation I was Accepted in to a local Art collage but couldn't afford it or decide which Art I wanted to focus on. I really enjoyed concept art and wanted to become an illustrator for dungeons and Dragons or game design but couldn't get my self to commit to the school. So from 2012- 2018 I worked a regular 9-5 and would work on character concepts and some other spring of the moment artworks through out the years. It wasn't until I was on maternity leave for my first born that I started to do Simple watercolor portraits and opened up my first shop. I have activily been selling watercolor commissions, and landscapes, religious works and Ornaments with my artwork on them since then and have a fairly successful Etsy shop, but have never sold originals.
In January I created my first floral abstract piece for my home and I really love it. I havent worked with acrylic since 2011, I kinda hated working with the medium and avoided it as much as possible. In February We welcomed our third Child and since then I've been decided to step back from commissions and my usual style to work on a collection inspired by the painting I made in January and have since made some beautiful pieces, but have run into a road block.
Thanks to my mom I have been drawing and painting from a very young age, but also due to being around so many creatives I have heard the phrase "oh I could do that" and "that's so simple" (we're also very cynical people, I grew up apart of the peanut gallery lol ) that I think I might have become desensitized to the actual skill and talent that goes into creating art. Seeing colors, techniques and application of art has become so much apart of me that I don't see it as a skill, but as something that anyone can do. It wasn't until the other night while talking with my husband that he brought to light his views as an non painting/ drawing artist (he is a musician though) the thoughts and feelings he has when looking at my work and the skill I put into it. I was flabbergasted. He spoke about my use of color and how I understand ways to bring out emotion etc. To me I'm just doing what I think looks good, but realistically it's from years of studying, practicing and applying the things I've learned for over a decade. With that said, because I am working in a medium that I don't work with often, I don't feel like an experienced Artist and with it being abstract, I also battle with "why would anyone spend xx on something anyone can do" and I'm trying to overcome these intrusive thoughts and I want to hear other Artists experiences and views
When did you consider yourself experienced. Was it after x amount of sales, money or years?
Do you consider the time you spent in your youth dabbling in any and all art styles apart of your experience/education?
Do you feel like formal education vs self taught changes the level of experience?
When switch styles or mediums do you decrease your value? (I charge over $200 for a 8x10"watercolor portrait but feel bad even considering $75 for a 24x36" acrylic abstract- I've been looking into other Artists with similar mediums or styles to compare their prices, but I can't help but think "how long have them been working on this style" "how much did they charge for their first collection" etc. Its silly but Id feel bad jumping in with my first collection and putting $1000 on a large piece , like I need to earn the reputation to be able to charge that much.)
I'm eager to read everyone else's thoughts and experiences!
How do you ignore the peanut gallery
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2023.06.08 21:23 WittyAd7059 why do I (19F) feel weird about my boyfriend (19M) being best friends with his ex (20F)?

My boyfriend (19M) and I (19F) became friends about a year ago as we both go to the same university. 3 months later we became FWB, realized we had feelings for each other but didn't want to date until we had both sorted out some mental health stuff. 6 months after becoming FWB, we started dating.
My boyfriend and his ex (20F) met in high school in a different country while he was a junior and she was a senior, where he has told me they were friends and he had an instant crush on her after they met, and got together shortly after. After 2 months of dating (never had sex), his ex realized she was a lesbian and broke it off. My boyfriend harbored the normal amount of negativity, but got over it quickly and they went back to being close friends. At the end of the year, his ex moved to Canada for university. She's a 5 hour train ride from where we are now.
The next year he also moves to Canada for university. I'm not sure if this was a coincidence, because both of them are international students with no ties to Canada, and so the fees are just as high as anywhere else with the same or better rankings (he's a top students and could get into higher ranking universities in the USA or UK, although he and I attend the highest ranked in Canada). But if she was part of the reason he moved, he would've applied to her university (he didnt) so idk. I accompanied my bf while we were still friends to visit her bc cheap holiday, and shes visited him. I really like her, we're good friends now and get along great.
The thing that triggered me feing weird about them was that my bf asked if, while she is visiting him while i'm overseas, if she could sleep in my bed in our house when we have a pullout couch she could use (we live in a house with 3 roommates but have separate bedrooms). Not sure why that made me feel weird, but then I started thinking about the following:
My boyfriend considers her his best friend and has since they were in highschool. He has told me that besides me, she's the girlfriend he fell hardest for and made the most effort to get with. While we were still FWB he sent me an old picture of her saying how hot she looked - this photo was before she cut her hair and isn't on her social media, which means he had kept it since they dated, and it looked like one of those hot mirror selfies you send to someone youre dating. He saves and shows me her Instagram stories when she makes a joke, and says "God why do you make me laugh so hard for huh (referring to his ex)". I've made similar jokes in the past and he doesn't find them nearly as entertaining. He also talks a lot about his visual type, which he emphasizes dark hair (which she has, mine is naturally dark but I dye it white), glasses (she wears them, I have them but don't wear them), and wearing black clothing (which she almost always does, I prefer earth tones). He jokingly listed me not having dark hair as a con in a "pros and cons of dating OP" powerpoint at my birthday party but it still stung a bit. He talks a lot about how shes going to be very relevant in his future kids' lives as their aunt. When we had communication problems and decided to post here about it for help, he called her immediately after posting it while i was asleep in a different time zone, and they went over the responses together. This was the first thing that made me feel iffy but I got over it, figuring we all talk to our best friends abt relationship problems. I'm also eerily similar to her: asian, academic, competitive, similar eyeliner style, biology relevant majors, mean to him in a joking way, similar (not very mainstream) fashion sense, wears glasses, likes to read, similar humor etc. One of my bf's friends noticed the similarities and said he "clearly had a type".
Jealousy has never been a problem for me before, even when my ex bfs were friends with their exes (although I was younger and not sexually active with them). When she visited we were still in dorms and she slept on a matress beside his bed, and i had no problems leaving them alone. I obviously don't think there's anything between them, she's not into his equipment, and i know my bf loves me. He's on of the most caring people I know and he loves his friends more than anything which could explain some of this. I have no idea why i feel weird about specifically his side of their relationship, and I don't even know if it's jealousy. Maybe I'm worried that he never really got over her and is subconciously using me as a budget filler because he knows she's not an option? tell me if I'm just super insecure.
TLDR; my boyfriend holds his unavailable ex in very high regard to the point where I'm worried I'm a low quality replacement
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2023.06.08 21:23 throwaway1027BS AITA for getting mad at my friend?

My friend(16F), who we will call N for this story, is someone I (16F)met a year ago. She and I also have a mutual friend Y (16F). There is also one other friend named L(16F). L and N have known each other since middle school, and I met Y in seventh grade, but we fell out of touch and met again last year. We, among a few others who do not require fictional names form our little lunch group. We hang out at lunch, surprise each other with birthday "surprise" parties, the works. Outside from this group, I have two male friends, A (16M) and C(15M) who both happen to have ASD and are in my support class for that. The thing with A and C, is they are loud and don't realize that they're being loud. A will sometimes watch tiktok out loud, and laugh hysterically at them. A and C started sitting with my group when A had some kind of appointment and C didn't want to sit alone in his usual spot. So I invited him to come sit with me, I forgot to make it clear that it was for a day, but he did overstay his welcome, and nobody SEEMED to have a problem with that. (reminder, I also have ASD, I can't read cues) Enter N A few months ago, she had 63 guys from our school (in our grade too) absolutely bully the shit out of her. "shes such a whale" "she has a bigger stache than me" "she's literallly so fat" were all said in that discord group chat. She also has no siblings to bully her, and overall makes everything a big deal and spends her weekends studying. her way to deal with problems is to completely avoid them. The actual situation On Monday at lunch, N and L asked for me to come closer and (after a lot of redundant words) asked me to kick A and C out of our spot. "Why?" I asked. "They're loud, and make me super uncomfortable". Which I guess, fair, but at the same time she's said that about every male at school, and even her teachers. Every time I was seen by her around A and C, she gave me that subtle stink eye. She definitly does not approve of them. Tuesday morning, we had a small yelling match where Y was clearly being torn to both sides of this, though before N arrived, she did tell me that it is not up to me to saccrifice two friendships for her preference. Since then, I have been trying to find her to even talk, but she clearly knew that that would happen and since we don't have classes together, we have been unable to talk this over. I have been going nuts, and dying to talk this over. AITA?
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2023.06.08 21:23 victorysheep I just graduated high school, and im considering going to college but the price is scaring me off. Should i take online courses (like a web developer bootcamp) and try to make a career off of that?

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2023.06.08 21:23 Open_Preparation_799 Any career suggestions?

Hello my awesome redditor friends,
I have been thinking of changing my career for a while now and need advise and suggestions as it just feel like I’m stuck with it and HATE it. I’m 31 f turning 32 college educated and have been doing sales/admin assistant and office manager while taking some accounting support in ap/ar, data entry, and bookkeeping as well. I’m currently in a sales coordinator position and I only deal with a major company that starts with W in a blue and yellow logo for about an year now. I feel like I’m not learning much besides submitting claims on their portal and feel like I cannot use much from I learnt from for any other position. Anything I’ve been doing from my current position does not seem to be transferable to other skill set and am hating the feeling of not learning anything new or is making my career and life better either. I personally don’t mind paperwork’s, tedious entries and anything around it since I am able to see other roles ideas of what they do but for my current role i simply feel like I’m just going nowhere with my career and feel like I’m DONE with doing these kind of jobs now. I’ve been having a few unfortunate layoffs for lack of work in the company or was let go (different place, toxic company so I felt relieved) because of the duties that was something beyond my skill sets+didn’t have any experience on, and a contract of a good admin job ending on me due to covid as well. But honestly I have learnt more and upscale dd my skills at these positions in the past over my current position. Unfortunately this layoffs/termination and end of contracts makes my resume not look great to the hiring managers because I haven’t been in a company over 9 months ish and additionally will make it look like I’m just job hopping just because then the reality which is actually not the case since I can explain when I’m asked why I have left the position in less then an year. Now that I’m working at a company that is letting me stay for a year and additional counting months as long as they let me at the moment and I wouldn’t know how long I would stay which I appreciate a LOT. The benefits and the people here are great, so I really don’t have any complaints in environment in where I’m working at. Just really feel like I don’t see myself going anywhere in my position and in the company since it’s not a big company with multiple positions, I simply want a change to have better pay with less working hours and/or stress and not needing to clock in before 7am because of the nature of the job or constantly have to worry that I have so be in the office on the dot everyday.
Am thinking of going back to school or get a Google certificate for IT/cyber security potentially thinking I might have a career change that I might like after I pay off my cc debt built up from the layoffs and covid situation from this past 3 years as well but just don’t think it is a good idea either. Any other suggestions besides cyber security that might work with changing my career???
Just want to be open minded and see my options from what I’ve done from my past career. I am not really a people person and working closely with the sales team, I cannot see myself doing sales so it is not in my list.
Thank y’all 🥰
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2023.06.08 21:22 Green_Planet27 Military going lineman

Howdy y’all, I’m currently a military member and am interested into going into being a lineman, I’ve heard of a few programs and schools and am wondering if there are any challenges to being a lineman/ difficulty in getting the job. I’m hoping I can be an apprentice in AZ since I’m wanting to go back home. Just looking for any opportunities or other schools I might not know about.
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2023.06.08 21:22 Oksure90 Juvenile case

I’m needing some insight for my sister “Jane,” and her son, “Zach,” who turned 16 on 5/8/23. Zach spent some time in DYS for burglary, but was released in early 2022. Since his release, he has been on the up and up and trying to stay out of trouble. However, the local law enforcement has been stalking and harassing Zach and his mom since his release. Jane has been followed to and from work. Officers have sat outside her place of business and her home multiple times. A 19-year-old boy went "missing" in April. The police showed up at Jane’s house when she wasn't home, and attempted to search her house for the boy without a warrant, stating they believed Zach was responsible for his disappearance. Jane’s older son refused to allow the officers inside without a warrant, and they continued to threaten him with a warrant. The missing boy was home the same day he went missing, and had no connection to Zach.
School Resource Officers continued harassing Zach during school. On 5/10/23, they interviewed Zach and his mom regarding and instance of alleged harassment Zach was present for. They weren't able to pin anything on him, and he was allowed to go to class as normal, Jane went to work. Later that day, they arrested Zach for alleged graffiti in the school bathroom. He was immediately taken to County Juvenile Detention 2 hours away, where he has been in solitary ever since. At the first court appearance, the Judge ordered him to stay in custody. No proof or evidence has been provided, in fact, they refused to provide any proof until the trial. Zach has now been in solitary 2 hours from home for almost a month. He finally has a trial date set for 6/22/23, but his public defender is not being very helpful, and just told him to plead guilty, and said he would never be allowed to re-enroll in school in his town, and would be required to enroll in an alternative school in the next town over. His public defender is saying he doesn't think Zach will be allowed home unless he does this.
Jane is low-income. She is a single parent, who was married into an FLDS community at a very young age, which she left in 2011 [Zach’s father has done time in prison for SA against his wives]. I'm trying to help her the best that I can. I hate that my nephew is sitting in solitary like this. I've been reaching out to local attorneys to ask for pro-bono assistance with this case, as Jane cannot afford attorney fees, but I’ve been hitting dead ends. I’ve also contacted the ACLU with no response.
We are located in Missouri. And Zach and his family are white, because that seems to matter in our Justice system. 😑
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2023.06.08 21:21 ebhannah Letter of academic standing

So I thought I was doing relatively well in school. Not the best my gpa could be, but not the worst. This morning I received a letter than I am not eligible to continue on my program. This year was going to be my last, with my graduation coming at the end. I did not get any warning, nor was I aware that my gpa was not high enough since it’s hard to view cumulative gpas. I’m not sure what to do. Does anyone have any advice?
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2023.06.08 21:20 SalableBlinker592 Every lads fantasy

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2023.06.08 21:20 4m3mory average/below-average asian

SAT: 1440 (1st try: 680 reading 760 math, 2nd try: 670 reading 770 math)
ACT: will take in july
GPA: 4.28 W (not in top 10% 😔) , dont know UW *apparently i go to a very competitive school but the cutoff for top 10 was like 4.3 this yr when it was ≈4.45 last year and above 4.6 for top 6% but less than 4.53 (that was ≈4.77%) for that this year. fun fact: my GPA went from 4.31 in freshman to 4.28 in junior yr 😔
the worst part? i'm ethnically asian. a disgrace.
my junior classes: AMSTUD (apush & lang- low B), ap bio (2nd tier), APES (3rd tier), ap stats (low 2nd & 3rd tier), precalc (2nd tier: not even calc 🤬or MAX when it was so fckin easy bc i missed my chance to get ahead). my rec letters will only be stem, no liberal arts or extracurricular.

-just the basic NHS
-might get a fastfood job this summer
absolutely nothing man. i'm screwed in america, no useful activities or clubs/groups. where do ppl find the internship opportunities?!?! 🤯
should i take AP chem or AP art next yr since i took art 1 & 2 honors? would that make a difference here?

chance me for:
i don't even know? some science major in A&M? will UTD at least not reject me?
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2023.06.08 21:20 Interesting_Two_8564 my(18f) bf(18m) beats me up sometimes

hi, hello:)
tldr: my bf beats me up, when he is angry, and becasue of that he didnt give me my present that he bought me bc i didnt bake him his fav. cookie.
english is not my first language so please don't hate me. so, me and my bf are together over a year now, we love eachother(i think), but sometimes he beats me when things are not the way he wants them to be. few weeks ago, he told me that he is going to buy me a new phone, bc mine is old. today he bought the phone, but he didn’t give it to me, instead he started a fight because i didnt bake him his favourite cookie. he was mad at me, and he sad that if i had a gun i would shoot you in the head with it. he hit me in the head with his head, now my forehead is swollen so bad and it is hurts like hell, and my arms are red and i can see his fingerprints in my bruses. his younger sister told him, he should give me the phone, because i deserve it, and when i talked to him, he said that i am a golddgigger, and i shold be ashamed because i dont remember the last time when i took the bus, to come see him. he said i dont buy clothes for him( i’m in school, and he has a job). i called my mum after this incident and told her, that i will not go to school because i hit my head and its hurts so bad. now he is sleeping next to me, and i am crying my eyes out writing this, because i love him so much, but i dont know if it is worth the pain.
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2023.06.08 21:19 gamerfoxypower I need advice!!

Me 20f has been with my boyfriend 19m for 4 years. He recently had an interest in the Air Force and joined in the beginning of this year. He’s currently in tech school for age. Personally I didn’t want him to join because I have separation anxiety and i love being with him and I would have a hard time being away from him for long periods of time. He joined because he felt like he was going nowhere in life to support us in the future. He thinks that going into the Air Force will give him a good paying job and he would be supported for a long while. Rn I’m going to college to be a graphic designer. I already have an associates and I’m working towards a bachelors. He recently found out his first duty station and it’s sadly far away from me. I tried to find a good 4 year college in the area that support my degree with one that doesn’t exactly have my degree but said they could make it work. Honestly that sounds sketchy. There is a college I was planning to go to before he joined the air force. I’m already accepted and everything and it has a whole section dedicated to my degree.The issue is I’m tired of being apart from him. We are not engaged but we plan too soon and get married. He gets back from tech school for 12 days so ik during those days is when the engagement might happen because I told him he has to ask my parents because I’m traditional, but sadly that means ik when he’s gonna ask. We want to get married on the 31st of October with a simple military wedding and have our dream wedding later in life when we can afford it. He wants to be able to live off base and keep the money they give him for living off base and said he will give me an allowance that I can use for whatever I want. He wants me to stay in my state and go to the college I already had planned and come visit by plane. Plane tickets are expensive and idk if the allowance will cover it, if I wanted to visit every month. I really wanna just move there with him when he goes and get my bachelors ether at the school there or wait for a better school somewhere. I really really miss him and I hate the long distance. Breaking up isn’t an option I want because we love each other very very much. I have started to get sued to the distance but knowing that I might have to be away for 2 more years is hard for me and the fear of him getting deployed as soon as I’m out worries me. I just don’t know what to do which is why I’m here. Thank y’all in advance.
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2023.06.08 21:19 mrlime1 got so silly that these guys contacted me 😔

got so silly that these guys contacted me 😔
ive only gotten the concerned redditor notification before.
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2023.06.08 21:18 mrsmith8 ER Physician is Very Sensitive to Sleep Disruptions. Advice?

Hey all! I stumbled across this community and thought somebody might have some insight or support to share around -
How do you handle an ER Physician with odd sleep hours that is extremely sensitive to sleep disruptions and lashes out in anger when she doesn’t sleep well?
I’ve been with my [38M] partner [36F] for 15 months. She will be an ER fellow as of July and has never really had much for long term relationships. I am amicably divorced with a 6 year old son that I have 50% custody of.
Given she works in the ER she has fluctuating sleep schedules. She opted to move into my 3 bedroom house after about 9 months and most of the relationship is great. The 3 bedrooms are used for the master bedroom, my son’s bedroom, and my home office (I’ve worked from home even pre-pandemic). I have adapted to be extremely quiet when she’s sleeping before a night shift. My 6 year old son has even adapted pretty well, but 6 year olds can be 6 year olds. Unfortunately, though, there are a number of reasons that can disrupt her sleep and it’s nobody’s fault. But when she doesn’t sleep well she’s always quick to blame somebody and it sucks.
Most recently I had a bad head cold, and while I normally don’t snore, apparently I was snoring to the point she couldn’t sleep. She woke up frustrated around 1 AM and was questioning what she should do. I know when she has snored, which is often, I either deal with it or go to the couch. She didn’t want to sleep on the couch because my son would wake her at 6 AM when he went to school so she ended sleeping in my office on the floor, she never once asked me to sleep on the couch. When she woke it seemed ok. Despite being sick I offered to make her coffee and get her breakfast and she was very thankful. About an hour into her virtual medical conference she came into my office and blew up at me. Basically saying it was my fault because I didn’t offer to sleep on the couch. Her sleep is more important, etc. Huge emotionally reaction.
Like, how do you deal with that? I know if roles were reversed I’d accept that I was going to be tired, cope with it for the day, and then maybe sit down and think of a backup plan that could work better in the future. She just wants to scream at me and it’s bizarre. While I’m divorced, I know what a healthy relationship looks like and this is concerning. But on the same note, 95% or the relationship is great and my son loves her to pieces too, it would be hard to say goodbye. Just unsure how to improve things around her sleep.
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