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A place to post anything relating to Disney's "The Fox and The Hound"

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The Creatures were a group who played games, made fun vlogs/shorts, and goofed around on YouTube as well as Twitch.

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FoxHound [FXHD] TR Connery

2023.06.05 06:19 autopsyprincess can anyone ID

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2023.06.05 06:19 RENZOLIS79 Silver Wolf or Loucha?

I love SW much much more than Loucha but as someone with Bronya and no Bailu i feel that i'll have to replace Natasha with a better healer and have her as a character only for 2 team fights and that it will be a waste to replace Bronya with SW (My teams consist of Nat, Bronya, 1-2 DPS and if 1 DPS the other space is for fire MC) since Bronya buffs and gives an extra turn and SW only make an enemy very weak for a random element.
Then theres Loucha, it sounds good to have an imaginary healer (specially if you don't have Bailu or Welt) that scales of ATK and the only problem that i see is that he won't be as tanky as Nat or Bailu since it won't have much HP but with a shielder it won't be much trouble.
Also i know that there will be an imaginary 4 star in 1.1 and that it will be free in 1.2 but my problem is i don't know if i should get Loucha because he would replace Nat and would fill the Imaginary element or just wait for the 300 pulls to get Bailu and try to get SW mostly because i like her much more than Loucha a because her debuffs seem very good (even if i replace Bronya or fire MC).
Also i don't care about the 4 star imaginary fox lady (You can guess that because i don't even remember her name) but maybe i'll find intrest in her when she realeses.
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2023.06.05 06:18 YoungInvestor26 DZ Build for new players that will like to venture into the DZ

Thought I’ll share this with new players in the sub. DZ PvP Build if you want to stay competitive against rogues. Other players have the all blue Matador with CHC and CHD.
Weapons: FAMAS w/ 10% DMG out of cover, Optimist talent
Custom M870 w/ 10% DMG out of cover, Optimist talent
Busy Little Bee (in case you’re needing a slight buff against 2+ man rogue squads)
1) Catharsis Mask w/ CHD mod Blue (for every hit of damage you get 1% weapon buff until 30% and heal) 2) Grupo Chest w/ CHD (x2), CHC and Unbreakable Blue 3) Picaros Holster w/ CHD (+15 WD) Blue 4) Fenris backpack w/ CHD (x2), CHC, and Adrenaline Rush Red 5) Ceska Gloves w/ CHC and CHD Blue 6) Fox Prayers w/ CHD (+8% DMG out of cover) Blue
1.8 Million armor (1.7 w/o expertise buff)
FAMAS: 53% CHC 155% CHD
88.4K DMG w/ FAMAS 1.35M DMG w/ Custom M870
Skills: Decoy and Defender Drone
Specialization: Survivalist
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2023.06.05 06:18 GLDS1997 Most Pokémon in the Original Timeline (Gens I-II) are artificial creations.

WARNING: The following is a massive wall of text and pretty much entirely fanfiction I came up with for fun. A tldr will be available at the end. Please enjoy.
I remember reading once that the Pokémon franchise as we know it was originally supposed to end with after Gen II. I always found it fascinating because rather the the wide branching cosmology now seen in the Pokémon world with living embodiments of space and time, an omnipotent creator deity, and even their own version of a devil-like figure in Giratina, the only Legendary Pokémon would be the Legendary Birds, the Legendary Beasts, the Tower Duo, Mew, Mewtwo, Celebi, and the Unknown (assuming you count them as Legendary. I do, so that’s what we’ll go with).
But recently it struck me: What if these were the only Pokémon. Or rather, the only natural Pokémon (minus Mewtwo, of course).
Before diving into the how, first we must ask the why. More specifically, why would human create Pokémon to begin with? Well, the answer to that lies in one of the oldest mysteries of the franchise: the war that Lt. Surge fought in prior to the events of RBG. War has been the catalyst for innovation throughout human history, and in a world which is already known to have magical creatures in it, the idea of creating living weapons is fully within the realm of possibility.
Now that we know why, we can move onto how: How Pokémon as we know them came to be.
It begins with a war. We don't know who it was with, we don't even know if shots have been fired or if it was a Cold War on the verge of going hot. Either way, Kanto was involved in this war and desperately looking for something that could give them an edge. Eventually a military scientist stumbles across the tale of the Legendary Beasts, three beings who perished in a fire 150 years ago that destroyed the Brass Tower, only to be resurrected by the divine bird known as Ho-Oh into powerful elemental beings.
It is from this legend that a radical new project was conceived, to create a legion of elemental creatures to win the impending war. This would become known as Project Pocket Monster.
The first thoughts were to seek out Ho-Oh itself to obtain this power, but as the legendary bird disappeared after preforming its miracle at the Burned Tower. Lugia was deemed too dangerous to seek out and was immediately dismissed. The Legendary Beasts were oblivious candidates to study for their powers but they were impossible to track down, as were the Legendary Birds. The Voice of the Forest, Celebi, was briefly considered, but it was considered almost a myth and never seriously sought out. Nobody even knew the Unknown were real creatures to consider at this point.
Finally though, they found their lucky break in the form of a species of rare, mystical creatures from a faraway land who had the ability to transform their physical bodies at will and possessed amazing psychic powers: Mew.
Although difficult, the scientists succeeded in finding the Mew and capturing them, so many in fact that the species was believed to have gone extinct years later as a direct consequence of Project Pocket Monster. Through various experiments involving cloning and gene-splicing they managed to create what would become known as the first Normal types, seemingly ordinary creatures that nonetheless possessed power beyond any natural animal.
The first Pocket Monsters were born.
More tests ensued. The forms these creations took were random, and yet they would sometimes repeat. This occurred on and on until various breeding populations had been established. From here, two major developments occurred.
Firstly, it was discovered that Mew’s DNA was highly unstable, and if the Pocket Monsters were trained properly they would spontaneously morph in even stronger forms. Some could even undergo this process twice. This process would be dubbed evolution, and through studying it scientists found a way to turn the Pocket Monsters into energy to be stored and carried around in small capsules for easy transportation.
Secondly, the Pocket Monsters would sometimes undergo random mutations in the cloning process that resulted in creatures with new abilities, namely creatures with psychic powers like those of the Mew. And thus, Psychic types were born.
The project was a massive success, but one day it took an unexpected turn. One of the scientists happened to have a decoration in his office, a rock from Mt. Moon said to be an actual moon stone. One day as he was writing up a report one of the Pocket Monsters, a small pink creature he named Clefairy, was wandering around his office when it touched the rock. When the light died down, the scientist found that the Clefairy had evolved into a new form after coming into contact the with moon stone.
At the same time, some were becoming frustrated that they couldn’t duplicate the elemental powers seen in the other creatures of legend. When they received news about the Clefairy, however, a new plan was hatched. If random mutation wouldn’t give them powers over the elements, then they would capture the elements themselves.
And so another project was born, Project Stone: Use the unique properties of the Moon Stones to try and harness the power of the elements.
After much deliberation, four teams were put together. Three would each seek out one of the Legendary Beasts in the hopes that they might siphon off whatever power brought them back to life a elemental beings, the success of Project Pocket Monster giving them the funding to finally track them down. Although they never caught them, they did manage to get close enough to the Beasts that the Moon Stones transformed in stones containing the essences of fire, water, and lightning, respectively.
The fourth team went down a different route and sought out the Voice of the Forest. While they never found it, they did find the shrine dedicated to it deep within the woods. There they paid their respects, left offerings, placed the Moon Stones around the base, prayed, and went to sleep for the night. The next day, all the Moon Stones held within them the essence of nature itself.
With the elements now in their hands the scientists got to work, first on creating artificial Stones. While the Moon Stones couldn’t be replicated, vessels for the Elemental Stone were. With these new Stones they began giving them to the Pocket Monsters, and at long last, elemental Pocket Monsters were created.
First there were Fire, Water, Electric, and Grass types, but the unstable nature of Mew’s DNA gave rise to all sorts of new types and combinations. Fire/Flying, WateIce, Grass/Poison, and so on. These would in turn give rise to newer types still, such as Poison/Bug, Ice/Psychic, and even Flying/Dragon. Moon Stones were also applied, creating the Rock and Ground types. All four Stone were also capable of inducing evolution, but not as often as the scientists would’ve hoped for.
Perhaps the height of Project Stone came in the form of Eevee, a Pocket Monster who possess exceptionally unstable DNA and was able to evolve from exposure to three of the five Stones.
In all, a total of 17 types were catalogued out of over 200 species of Pocket Monsters. The project was an incredible success and the creatures, officially dubbed Pokémon for the first time, were issued out to soldiers to serve as their partners in battle. The arrival of these superpowered creatures immediately turned the tide of the war, and shortly after their deployment the Kanto region had emerged victorious.
But that is not the end of the story.
The powers that be knew that if the Pokémon were used in battle it wouldn’t be long before news got out to the general public. And get out it did, as almost immediately after Pokémon became known to the wider world the public protested their use as living weapons, decrying it as inhuman and a violation of ethics. This outcry only increased when it was leaked that the project led to the believed extinction of the Mew.
Faced with mounting public pressure the project was shut down and the Pokémon ordered to be destroyed. However, the scientists who created and raised them and the soldiers who fought alongside them had grown attached to the Pokémon and couldn’t bare the thought of putting them down. Instead, the soldiers kept their partners, the scientists took partners of their own, and the rest were released into the wild.
Additionally, all information on the creation of Pokémon was destroyed and the lead scientists went into hiding so that new Pokémon might never be created by those with ill intent. Some would manage to figure out at least part of the procedure later on, leading to the creation of Poryon by Silph Co. using modern computer technology in place of cloning.
With very little now known about the Pokémon, it fell to the public to rediscover them. A young man named Samuel Oak lead the charge, completely changing the world with his very first Pokédex, a catalogue of 150 different species of Pokémon in 15 different types. This was the first step to creating the modern world of Pokémon as seen in Gen I and Gen II.
There was one group of scientists, however, who refused to abandon their life’s work. Led by Dr. Fuji, these men would set their sights on creating the most powerful Pokémon the world had ever seen.
If only they had a single stand of Mew DNA…
TL;DR: In Gens I and II, only the Tower Duo, the Legendary Birds and Beasts, Celebi, Mew and the Unknown are natural Pokémon. All other Pokémon were created through Mew DNA to serve as living weapons in a war long before Gen I and were released into the wild following public outcry.
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed.
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2023.06.05 06:15 terratrooper96 SPOILER FOR GEATS EP 38 is it just me or dose Geats IX feel like another "God rider"?

like dont get me wrong i love everything about Geats IX but just feels like this is, as far as ik at least, the 4th "God rider" in kamen rider as a whole. we had Kiwami Arms, then Ohma/Grand ZI-O, then Cross Saber, and now Geats IX aka Fox jesus? Kitsune jesus? idk what to nickname it but still the power to reset small instants in time, or reverse damage i guess to be specific, just feels like another god rider to add to the roster. idk maybe im just overthinking this. what do yall think?
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2023.06.05 06:14 K9ofChaos Looking for Gambling Games like Poker Night at the Inventory

Just as the title says, I'm looking for some gambling games similar to Poker Night at the Inventory. What're the best video games on Steam for playing poker? Bonus points if the game in question has these public domain tabletop games a well:
Stuff you'd find at a casino (hence casino games), pub (hence pub games) or wherever you play more classical board games, be it a park (chess or mahjong), a lawn (croquet and mini-golf) an official tournament (chess and go) or a household (hence board games):
Stuff you could find at Arcades, Carnivals, Amusement Parks, and everything else in-between:
Would also be nice if the NPC dialogue was just as engaging as in Poker Night at the Inventory 1 & 2, but I can make exceptions if the gameplay is good and perfectly simulates these kinds of pre-copyright era tabletop games. Would also be good if it taught you how to play these games as well.
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2023.06.05 06:14 KVB157 Clean Factory Crystal VS Deep Factory

Clean Factory Crystal VS Deep Factory

116509 with Deep Crystal
It is widely recommended that if you order a Clean Factory watch, you should upgrade the crystal with something like Deep Factory. Anyone purchasing their first rep from Clean Factory will in inevitably come to the same crossroads: "Is it worth the upgrade?"
I posted pics comparing Clean VS Deep Factories against a white and text background. Sorry for the poor camera skills. I was literally in the middle of swapping out the crystal on my new Clean Daytona 116509. The Deep Factory is on the left in all pics; Clean Factory is on the right.
You can definitely see there is a tint on the Clean Factory. Clarity is very similar (the pic w text makes it seem like deep factory is blurry... my camera was just out of focus). Initially, I thought it was the AR coating that caused the tint. I ran the Clean crystal on a buffer w a relatively aggressive buffing compound and the tint remains (this is the same process I use to remove exterior AR coating on my watches). The tint is in the crystal itself.
So is upgrading the Clean Factory crystal worth it? It depends. If your dial is white, or substantial white or light features, it is definitely worth it. The upgrade to my Clean Panda Daytona 116500 is very noticeable. The tint of the stock crystal made the dial look too grey/blue. Changing it to Deep Factory made the dial indistinguishable from gen (my friend has one... posted my informal comparison weeks ago).
If your dial is dark, colored, sunburst, or any combination, it is difficult to tell the difference. I just upgraded the crystal on my Clean Daytona 115609 (w the sunburst silver dial). Trust me, I was searching for any improvement to justify the additional $68 I spent for the deep crystal. I am being very generous if I said there was a VERY slight improvement.
I got my Daytona 116509 and Deep Crystal from Steve at TheOneWatches. Use the link from the sticky of this Reddit.
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2023.06.05 06:12 No_Age1917 23M4F I couldn’t sleep. Quick discord call? [chat]

I’m 23 from Europe.
White skin, fit body, blonde hair, blue eyes.
I am into playing the electric guitar, producing techno music, reading books and playing pc games.
Message me.
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2023.06.05 06:10 DamnDirtyCat Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

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2023.06.05 06:10 NobodyTextsMe (r/guitar wont let me post pictures idk where else to ask) is this action high for an acoustic? This is a genuine question im not even trying to start a circle jerk right now

(guitar wont let me post pictures idk where else to ask) is this action high for an acoustic? This is a genuine question im not even trying to start a circle jerk right now
Ive been playing electric for about two and a half years now, and for my one year my girlfriend got me an acoustic guitar but it’s genuinely so hard to play on Is this a normal level of action for an acoustic? I swear i could never recall playing an acoustic at guitar center or any type of guitar store with this level of action
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2023.06.05 06:09 Beanhedge On Surviving

My first deployment was in Serbia, protecting Belgarad. I spent most of it sitting in various trenches, trying to keep my pants unshat. Or listening to speeches about bravery.
“Nothing is hard to conquer,” Our captain told us, one day. “If you keep your head about you.”
He was lying.
He’s dead now.
Like most of my command that Spring, he had a lethal case of having his head up his ass. No one then quite comprehended why we were there, waiting in those blasted hills, and they thought, foolishly, that what we were fighting was like any other enemy.
But we weren’t fighting men.
We were fighting a Slith. And the locals told us that meant death.
Our first engagement was near Vrsac. An ambush. We lost half our platoon, including my friend, Andi, in the middle of the night, when the guy on sentry—a dipshit private called Kiersten—went for a piss. I was asleep in a lucky foxhole.
So I didn’t actually fight one for another two weeks.
To describe facing a Slith is to misrepresent the experience.
There’s a reason all our photos are aerial.
When I looked over my trench that fateful day, I saw human bodies squirming and writhing atop a great ball of flesh, stilted on spidery legs. Some of them were intact. Others were not. But they moved anyway, the nerve core at the center of that thing contracting their dead muscles.
I froze.
Our artillery hit the Slith’s center.
Have you ever seen a video of a spider sac bursting?
That thing exploded in a rain of meat and blood, and it did not die. Hundreds of smaller creatures flew off it like fuzz on a dandelion*.* Soon they would reform, carrying our death bodies with them. And the Slith would grow, eat, excrete waste.
But now they hunted us.
I shouldered my rifle and aimed for one of the larger masses. Kiersten banged into me.
“My gun! My gun!” He screamed. He’d lost his.
I hardly noticed. The torso of a man sprinted toward me, a fox's head grafted onto his chest, and those distinctive curling tendrils running out his back. He was decayed, rotting. I cut him in half with bullets.
Then over the hills, a familiar head, atop a spidery body of limbs.
Andi. My friend.
She descended on our position.
I wasn’t even surprised when she started talking. Kiersten was trying to grab my gun. Panicking.
“Watson.” She said, frantically. “You have to listen, we’re alive in there. We’re just hungry. I can make it painless.”
“Andi.” I said. I was crying.
Then I turned and shot Kiersten in the face.
Andi stared at me. Then she smiled gently. Her slithian chest unfolded like a paper fortune teller.
She never broke eye contact while she ate him.
And laying at the bottom of that trench, I lived.
So I’ve learned.
The trick to surviving isn’t keeping your own head.
It’s keeping someone else's.
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2023.06.05 06:08 itsIzumi Congratulations to the winner of Ultimate Singles at Crown the Third!

Top 8 Bracket

Top 64 Bracket

GFs Twitch VOD

Place Player Sent to Losers by Eliminated by
1st Zomba (R.O.B.) --- ---
2nd Jakal (Wolf) Shuton Zomba
3rd SST ∣ Shuton (Pyra/Mythra & Olimar) Zomba Jakal
4th 26R ∣ Onin (Steve) Jakal Jakal
5th LG ∣ Tweek (Diddy Kong & Sephiroth) Zomba Onin
5th LG ∣ MkLeo (Byleth & Joker) Zomba Jakal
7th Chase (Palutena & Pyra/Mythra) Jakal Onin
7th KC ∣ Kurama (Mario) Tweek MkLeo
9th wG ∣ ApolloKage (Snake & Steve) Shuton Kurama
9th FaZe ∣ Sparg0 (Cloud & Pyra/Mythra) Jakal MkLeo
9th ZETA ∣ Gackt (Ness) MkLeo Onin
9th Moist ∣ Light (Fox) Shuton Chase
13th SBI ∣ KEN (Sonic) Light ApolloKage
13th LG ∣ Maister (Mr. Game & Watch) Onin Sparg0
13th Sonix (Sonic) Zomba Gackt
13th ZETA ∣ Tea (Pac-Man & Kazuya) Kurama Chase
17th Chag (Palutena) Zomba ApolloKage
17th Krune ∣ Kiyarash (Luigi) Chronos KEN
17th Dark Wizzy (Mario) Kurama Maister
17th Abe (Mr. Game & Watch) BassMage Sparg0
17th CaptainCRUP!!! (Captain Falcon) Shuton Sonix
17th Quandale Dinglelingleton (Steve) rydra Gackt
17th LTE/EGO ∣ Chronos (Snake) Onin Tea
17th Lui$ (Palutena) Tweek Chase
25th 26R ∣ Cosmos (Joker) RiskTKR Chag
25th GuyGuy (Luigi) MkLeo Kiyarash
25th KRU ∣ rydra (Ridley) Tea Dark Wizzy
25th UC ∣ RiskTKR (R.O.B.) Lui$ Abe
25th BassMage (Jigglypuff) ApolloKage CaptainCRUP!!!
25th NVR ∣ PkChris (Ness) Light Quandale Dinglelingleton
25th Ned (Sephiroth) Maister Chronos
25th VaLoR (Sonic) Chag Chase
33rd LK ∣ Sticccy (Fox & Snake) Ogreb Chag
33rd FLS ∣ MFA (Olimar) Sonix Cosmos
33rd Felix (Fox) Gackt Kiyarash
33rd KRU ∣ Smirk (Ken) Ned GuyGuy
33rd CM ∣ Stroder Ame (Sora, Roy, Mario, Greninja & Dr. Mario) PkChris Dark Wizzy
33rd TS ∣ JoJoDaHoBo (Toon Link) Scend rydra
33rd FrostKqt (Chrom & Roy) Shuton RiskTKR
33rd BiB ∣ Ludo (Mario) Tweek Abe
33rd TimPrater (Mewtwo) Sparg0 BassMage
33rd MSU ∣ Hawk (R.O.B.) Jakal CaptainCRUP!!!
33rd PAR ∣ Scend (Ness) KEN Quandale Dinglelingleton
33rd djb/KRU ∣ Shoe (Zero Suit Samus) Dark Wizzy PkChris
33rd ONi LK ∣ Kreeg (Marth & Roy) GuyGuy Ned
33rd Grease All Mighty (Snake) Double D Chronos
33rd POW!? ∣ Monte (Mr. Game & Watch) MFA Chase
33rd loaf (Wario) Sparg0 VaLoR
49th Xan (Lucina) TimPrater Sticccy
49th [0.0]n11ChaN^.^ -A- wOw SpeedyBlueDude (Cloud, Pyra/Mythra & Lucina) Hawk Cosmos
49th Ty (Zelda) Tea Kiyarash
49th Glug (Donkey Kong) Kurama Smirk
49th CR ∣ $ky (Mr. Game & Watch) MkLeo Stroder Ame
49th RSC ∣ Double D (Donkey Kong) Gackt JoJoDaHoBo
49th TZL ∣ G0ldenPSI (Wolf) Sonix FrostKqt
49th szoob (Sephiroth) Zomba Abe
49th SUU ∣ Ogreb (Ridley & Byleth) Ludo TimPrater
49th Player 4 (Peach) RiskTKR Hawk
49th WAR ∣ IllusioN (Zero Suit Samus) Onin Quandale Dinglelingleton
49th SES MOTH ∣ Dre (Mario) Maister Shoe
49th PAID ACTOR ∣ Aloha (Pikachu) Light Kreeg
49th GSS/TZL ∣ Oa (King K. Rool) KEN Grease All Mighty
49th Starr (Robin) CaptainCRUP!!! Monte
49th BBW (Diddy Kong) Abe VaLoR

Grand Finals

Salvatore "Zomba" DeSena [W] // Twitch Twitter Wiki vs. Jude "Jakal" Harris [L] // Twitch Twitter Wiki
Zomba 3 - 1 Jakal
Win = R.O.B. Pokemon Stadium 2 Wolf = ---
Win = R.O.B. Pokemon Stadium 2 Wolf = ---
--- = R.O.B. Pokemon Stadium 2 Wolf = Win
Win = R.O.B. Pokemon Stadium 2 Wolf = ---
Generated by Tournament Tabler
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2023.06.05 06:07 TheDilfEater Those of you that grew up in or have ever lived in an old house.. did it ever get easier?

My house is around 100 years old and all my life it was completely fine up until my grandma passed away which was about 5 years ago now. Since her passing we’ve had a pipe burst under the kitchen sink, pipe burst under the house, a major burst outside of the house, floor buckling in the bathroom and kitchen, door knobs not wanting to stay on, a sink that just won’t quit clogging, Pilot light went out on the furnace, outdoor AC unit was struck by lightning, ceilings are cracking.. paint is peeling off the window frames like bark, the siding falling off, needs new electrical outlets and rewiring, hot water heater went out- basically if you can think of it.. it’s probably happened.
We fix what we can afford and live with what we can’t but I’m scared at some point we’re going to have to leave. It’s my childhood home. My moms too. My grandma spent her last moments on this earth here. I took my first steps here.
Please tell me it gets easier and that the old gal won’t always be falling apart on me.
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2023.06.05 06:06 KillerPizzaiolo How do I prepare myself for first year Btech EE?

Hey guys, im going to be pursuing my btech in ee (electrical engineering) from a private college and my course is going to start in August. The thing is, my 11th and 12th base is REALLY WEAK. What chapters should i learn from physics chem and maths in these 2 months which will help me in my first year?

Btw for physics i plan to use hc verma and ncert for chem. Idk what resource should i use for math as apart from ncert i only have arihants math series i.e. the one by amit m agarwal and sk goyal, and i havent touched those books at all (that goes for hc verma and 11th chemistry ncert as well). Is it wise that i use these books for learning or should i use some other resource?(apart from yt lectures)

educational_info: 12th pass (cbse), appeared for jee mains

edit: wrote "11th chemistry ncert" as "11th ncert"
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2023.06.05 06:03 AutoModerator Fox Wade - GovCon Blueprint 2022 (

Fox Wade - GovCon Blueprint 2022 Download
Download this course here:
Join Our Community and get 10% off: ⁠⁠
Our websites: ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠/
If the course shows a 404 it has most likely been removed by the DMCA, please contact us via email: [email protected] to purchase this course.
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2023.06.05 06:03 mini-hypersphere Question regarding non-working 2008 Civic

Hello all, I am posting here today to see if I could get some advice on what may be affecting my 2008 Honda Civic. I don't necessarily expect an exact answer but knowing where to start is something and maybe other civic owners have had similar issues?
So, my current civic just won't start. That is to say, the engine won't turn on or rev up. The problem occurred a while a go where when I turned off the car it just would not start anymore. I tried using jumper cables right after, and even tried two different cars, but nothing would happen. Not even the lights or radio. Nor any whirring or any mechanical engine sound.
I don't know much about cars, but since then, I have tried changing out the battery twice, jumping it again, and checking some fuses (admittedly I am still unsure if I did it properly). None of those seem to get the engine going.
HOWEVER, one distinction now (from the original breaking down) is that I am able to get the lights, radio, and other electrical components go turn on as I turn the key once. Everything works as expected. The issue comes when I turn the key again to turn the engine on. It all shuts down, without any mechanical sound again (no engine sound). And it stays shut down for perhaps a few hours and comes back (I've never really timed it). ONLY ONCE did it rev the engine after 2 months of inactivity, but it didn't start. Does anyone have any advice on what the issue may be? Or what to do? Has anyone else had an issue like this?
I am considering taking it to the Honda dealership, but as it won't start I'd have to pay for towing. Any advice or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks all.
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2023.06.05 06:02 dbd1988 Make a top 10 list of most important human inventions and place AI language models in the appropriate position

Certainly! Here’s a top 10 list of significant human inventions, including the placement of AI language models:
1. Fire - Revolutionized human civilization and provided warmth, cooking, and protection. 2. Wheel - Transformed transportation and enabled the development of machinery. 3. Printing Press - Revolutionized communication and facilitated the spread of knowledge. 4. Electricity - The discovery and harnessing of electricity transformed society and enabled numerous technological advancements. 5. Internet - Revolutionized global communication and made information more accessible. 6. Penicillin - The development of antibiotics revolutionized modern medicine and saved countless lives. 7. AI language models (e.g., ChatGPT) - These models have the potential to enhance communication, automate tasks, and assist in various domains. 8. Steam Engine - Powered the Industrial Revolution and enabled efficient transportation and manufacturing. 9. Telephone - Revolutionized long-distance communication and connected people across great distances. 10. Agricultural Revolution - The development of agriculture enabled settled communities and laid the foundation for civilization. 
This list is subjective, and different individuals may have varying opinions on the importance of inventions. It’s important to note that the impact and significance of inventions can vary based on cultural, historical, and technological contexts.
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2023.06.05 05:59 ekleeezy Red Fox - Maryland

Red Fox - Maryland
One of my favorite photos I’ve taken this year. After a light morning rain, this fox and 4-5 others came out of their den to run around and play with each other. No editing except cropping.
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2023.06.05 05:58 ThrowRA_obvs01 Am I (52f) being gaslighted by my partner (50m)? It's it normal to call your crush's husband after being confronted by your partner?

Help me
I'm so embarrassed, I don't know how I got to this point, I can't talk to anyone I know.
My partner has been gushing over a new friend for the past few months. Talking about her all of the time, watching her YouTube videos as soon as they come out, volunteering to help her out, spending leisure time with her doing something they have in common.
I have been going out with my partner for almost ten years, living with them for almost 5.
He is crushing hard on this lady, 25 years our junior, and I called him out. People can have crushes, but when it starts to be super obvious to your partner, then it's a problem. I told him that I know, that he speaks about her too often, his voice changes when her talks about her and his face flushes, he volunteered a little too quickly to help her out. I live with him, I know what's going on.
He did not react at all that night. The next night, he tells me we are invited to dinner at a mutual friend's house. I agree to go. Later I ask what the occasion is, birthday or something. He says he doesn't think there is an occasion, and casually mentions that crush lady and her husband will be there also. My reaction is to say that I'll need to think about accepting the invitation now that I've been given this information. He gets defensive, says there's nothing going on, I'm being foolish, and ANYWAY, SHE'S MARRIED. In order to avoid a fight, I let him go on about his innocence for a few minutes, then walked away.
The next morning, he asks me what's wrong as I hadn't got much sleep. I told him I was pretty upset about the dinner, and he got super angry and told me I'm imagining everything, I'm being stupid, he's not interested in having an affair, he has no feelings for her. I said I didn't really want to sit across the table from this lady at a dinner after all of this, especially since he had not once mentioned that he was sorry, and he got further angry and said "I'm sorry that you feel that way, but it isn't true, I've done nothing to pursue this woman".
The options were, go to dinner or he goes alone. I went to dinner.
The very next day he comes home with a prepared defence, telling me that he has no feelings for the woman, he doesn't want to leave me, she's married and she'd never be interested in him, he has never pursued anything with her. He's friends with her husband, he never texts her personal number, only the group with her in it, or her and her husband's combined account, I can check his phone. I could see that he'd thought carefully about what to tell me, what he thought he'd get away with. He was totally innocent, I was completely off track, he never did anything to make her think he was interested. AND he called her husband to ask if he had been inappropriate, who of course, said not at all.
I never said that he'd asked her out, or he was leaving me, or that he was hoping she'd leave her husband. I said he had a crush on this lady and it was affecting our relationship, and I am hurt.
I now look like the crazy girlfriend, right? He's setting me up to look nuts in front of these new friends of his or am I really crazy? (And I sound extra crazy saying this out loud too, so I'm definitely not going to talk to anyone that knows both of us about this).
I found out that he had "just a friend" for 2.5 years at the start of our relationship. I found hundreds of texts between them on his phone - she was also 20 years his junior. Like this: "I could keep you warm as I'm an electric blanket. I would keep you warm if you asked. I should keep you warm so that you aren't cold. Nobody else is doing it, I would happily do it ... There would be a side benefit that I'd be there too (blush smiley face)" He was visiting her for breakfast, and having dinner with her, but I didn't know she existed. He got really angry, of course he'd mentioned her, they talked about our relationship all of the time, he did not lie to me, she needed him because she has depression, blah blah blah. I made him break it off, and he got even more angry and said he'd resent me for it. I'm not sure if he really did cut that one off completely, but she eventually moved on and got a boyfriend.
I'm in a really bad place, I haven't been to therapy in about a year, but I'm making an appointment today. I can't leave right now due to money and stuff.
Am I overthinking all of this? I feel crazy writing it. He'll never stop, will he?
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2023.06.05 05:58 Grocery-Super The machine that generates clean water and electricity in One machine!

The machine that generates clean water and electricity in One machine!
Dean Kamen, renowned engineer and inventor of the Segway, has set his sights on addressing two critical global challenges: lack of access to clean drinking water and electricity in impoverished regions. With an estimated 1.1 billion people lacking clean water and 1.6 billion without electricity, Kamen recognizes the magnitude of this problem and sees it as a tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs. He has developed two devices, the size of washing machines, capable of providing clean water and electricity to rural communities.

The Power of Clean Water and Electricity

Kamen emphasizes the transformative power of clean water, stating that 80% of diseases could be eliminated if people had access to it. His water purifier is capable of producing 1,000 liters of clean water per day, regardless of the quality of the source water. Simultaneously, his generator can produce 1 kilowatt of power from any combustible material. These inventions have the potential to revolutionize the lives of countless individuals in underprivileged areas, improving their health, sanitation, and overall well-being.
Inventor Dean Kamen wants to put entrepreneurs to work bringing water and electricity to the world's poor.
Download US Patent Application 2004/0159536: Locally Powered Water Distillation System - by Dean Kamen

Challenges and the Way Forward

Despite the immense potential of Kamen's inventions, they have yet to be implemented due to a lack of sponsorship and completion of the project. While the ideas and prototypes are approximately 60% complete, financial support is crucial for further development and deployment. However, the path to progress faces additional hurdles, as the dominance of existing currencies influences the prioritization of scientific and technological advancements.
Dean Kamen's invention represents a remarkable breakthrough in the pursuit of providing clean water and electricity to underserved communities worldwide. The impact of his devices on public health, education, and economic development could be profound. However, realizing the full potential of these innovations requires active support and investment from stakeholders, including governments, corporations, and philanthropic organizations. By overcoming financial challenges and fostering an environment that encourages scientific progress, we can empower inventors like Dean Kamen to create solutions that improve lives and create a more equitable and sustainable future.
Also See: Create Safe Drinking Water

Drawbacks of Dean Kamen's Invention: The Quest for Free Energy Integration

Dean Kamen's revolutionary invention, which combines the generation of clean water and electricity in one machine, holds immense potential for addressing the pressing needs of impoverished communities worldwide. However, despite the near-completion of its outline, the invention has not been commercialized. One of the significant drawbacks lies in the challenge of integrating a free energy generator into the device, which could potentially disrupt the established world order centered around monetary systems. This essay explores the limitations of Kamen's invention and the concept of free energy, particularly in relation to the machine's commercialization and the implications it could have on society.
The Quest for Free Energy Integration
The notion of free energy, based on Nikola Tesla's magnetic energy technology, has intrigued scientists and engineers for over a century. While the top electronics engineers in the world are aware of its existence and the potential to generate energy freely through Tesla's pulse technology, the integration of this concept into Kamen's machine remains a significant challenge. The precise workings and mechanisms required to harness and utilize free energy efficiently are yet to be fully understood and implemented in practical applications. The absence of a reliable and widely accessible free energy generator within Kamen's invention poses a hurdle to its commercialization and limits its transformative potential. Learn more: Tesla's Free Energy
Implications and Societal Disruption
The integration of a free energy generator into Kamen's machine would undoubtedly have far-reaching consequences for the existing socioeconomic order, which heavily relies on the control and distribution of energy resources. If successfully implemented, such technology could disrupt traditional power structures and the financial systems associated with energy production and consumption. The shift from conventional energy sources to free energy has the potential to challenge the status quo, and the implications of such a transition would be vast and complex.
Analog technology is highly applicable and available to everyone:
Scientists Have Created a Device That Sucks Water Out of Thin Air, Even in the Desert: Official documentation: 👉 Water Liberty Guide was born ✔ It’s the only proven, EXCLUSIVE step-by-step guide showing you EXACTLY how to create your own “home oasis” TODAY…and how to survive any tough century long drought… ✔ It was providing a steady, robust supply of fresh, pure water ON DEMAND…
Related document: Free Electricity and Water Solutions
While Dean Kamen's invention offers a promising solution to the pressing global issues of clean water and electricity scarcity, the lack of integration of a free energy generator represents a significant drawback to its commercialization and full potential. The concept of free energy, rooted in Nikola Tesla's magnetic energy technology, remains a tantalizing possibility for scientists and engineers. However, its practical implementation and widespread accessibility have yet to be realized. If successfully integrated, free energy technology could disrupt established power structures and economic systems. As society continues to explore and innovate in the realm of energy generation, it is essential to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by free energy to create a more sustainable and equitable future.
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2023.06.05 05:56 LevelTo That’s the CEO of Green Power shaking Joe’s hand…

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2023.06.05 05:56 AndreaNeanderthal Command Round Cord Clips, Damage Free Hanging Cable Clips, No Tools Wall Clips for Hanging Electrical Cables, 13 Clear Cord Clips and 16 Command Strips

Command Round Cord Clips, Damage Free Hanging Cable Clips, No Tools Wall Clips for Hanging Electrical Cables, 13 Clear Cord Clips and 16 Command Strips
🤓👉🔎 Command Round Cord Clips, Damage Free Hanging Cable Clips, No Tools Wall Clips for Hanging Electrical Cables, 13 Clear Cord Clips and 16 Command Strips #Round #Command #Cord #Damage #Clips,
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