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2023.05.29 22:19 greydongoodbrother Elayna I - I came prepared for absolution, if you'd only ask.

11th Moon, 200 AC

But I'm trying to forget about it
Feelin' like I'm breaking a sweat about it
Wishin' you would kindly get out of my head about it
Tellin' myself one day I'll forget about it
Knowin' that it probably isn't true
- Cool About It, boygenius

The little ones had been crying for their mother the entire journey. Over a week it had been - eight days of nothing but crying from two toddlers and a baby. Elayna had thought she’d gone mad by the mid-way point. She very briefly considered leaving them on the side of the Ocean Road and carrying on alone, but in an act that surprised Elayna more than anything it had been Emrick to take the reins for her, giving her his wineskin and a few hours of peace as he wrangled their three baby siblings. It was an uncommon act for him, but she tried to rationalise it in her mind. Perhaps he was at his wit’s end too.
But they were here now. Or they were nearly there, and Aerea, Rolder and Aerys were too tired to cry now. At least the last leg of the journey would be an easier one, even if Elayna felt as tired as they did. How much had she slept, she wondered? When she looked at her reflection in the tiny handheld mirror she’d brought with her on the road, she saw the deep, dark bags that surrounded her eyes. Not enough.
She didn’t want to be at Highgarden. She wanted to be at home with her mother and step-father, and her grandfather too. She wanted to hear the peaceful ebb and sway of the sunset sea again, and yet she was here, at Highgarden. She knew why, too - her mother had told her everything before their departure. Uncle Forley was gone, and her mother had to return to the Banefort to secure their ancestral home from their attacks. To refuse to call her banners in response, in order to ensure both Forley’s safety and House Banefort’s as a whole. And Elayna and her siblings were at Highgarden. Dare she say it, but she felt almost scared. She wondered if Emrick and Myrcella felt it too, and Genna all the way Gods-knew-where at that point.
The wheelhouse was approaching Highgarden now - the wheels had begun to creak at some point, and it had been so long with it she wondered if she’d imagined it the whole journey. Burgeoning madness aside, at least they had something to look forward to; They’d met Raymont’s cousins, or sisters, or whatever it was, while they were at Casterly Rock, and they’d travelled back to the Reach nearly as quickly as they arrived. She could at least pick up on where she’d left off when she met them - any marriage with the Hightowers or their bannermen would have strengthened the Baneforts to a hight they’d sorely missed for years.
But there was also Emma - they’d been headed for Horn Hill before they got the messenger her mother had sent for her, and that at the very least cut their journey down a portion. Elayna had met the Tarlys during their visits to the Reach while Denys was alive, and they’d been friendly. She was friendly with Emma’s brother, too. A friend would do her some good right now, she knew.
As the wheelhouse neared the gates of Highgarden Elayne jumped out to hail her House’s arrival, swiftly strutting around it to wave down the guards above her.
She managed to get one of the guards’ attention, at least.
“Elayna Banefort, and my young siblings. We’ve come to meet the Lady of Horn Hill.”
She went on foot as the wheelhouse sluggishly rolled through the gates and into the safety of Highgarden’s walls. It was… Incredibly green, she realised. Which made sense. She didn’t expect it to be quite so green, though.
She waved down a servant strolling through the yard, and made her way over to him.
“Send for Lady Tarly, please.”
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2023.05.29 21:59 Psychological_Dig165 [TOMT] [MOVIE] A dark mediaeval movie

First off, quick TW; infant death.
This movie is very vague in my memory but the scene that stuck with me was of a noble lady and her newborn baby. She went to sleep with the baby beside her in bed, only to wake up and realise it had been suffocated by the blanket. This noble lady (or one of her sisters?) often snuck around with some guy no one approved of. Or she had a baby with some arranged marriage guy and her sister had secret rendezvous with another guy? I can't remember.
I did google but it is very vague so.
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2023.05.29 21:53 Nocturnalonerr Anyone knows a good manga/manhwa with childcare, or parenting?

Since reading Spy x Family I’ve been in the mood for some cute, lighthearted or heartwarming parent-child or family-centered manga.
Other manga and manhwa i’ve read or currently reading with the description I’m looking for: Hinamatsuri, I’m only a Stepmother but my daughter is just too cute, The Perfect Plan for a Fairy-Tale Ending, I Raised a Black Dragon, An Unseemly Lady, Poco’s Udon World, Somali and the Forest Guardian, The Abandoned White Witch's Tea Life, A Wicked Tale of Cinderella's Stepmom, From Maid to Mother, Love So Life.
I’ve read a bit of Gakuen Babysitter (seen the anime too) it’s very cute but it’s not exactly what I’m looking for and please no Usagi Drop ending — that traumatized me lol.
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2023.05.29 21:37 National_Leave_8066 S15E3

My most favorite to least favorite for this episode..this was tough because they were all annoying lol
Kandi - chileee…Kandi’s must list is ridiculous. She needs to check her mother because Mama Joyce is getting out of hand. Kandi needs to stop giving Courtney so much damn energy. Tagline Rating: 5/5
Kenya - Her fake boss act was entertaining lol Tagline Rating - 3.5/5
Sanya - Respect to Sanya for showing up for Drew and maturely hashing it out…but I’m really not feeling how Sanya embellished the hell out of the Courtney story…Tagline Rating: 4/5
Sheree - Thank God we got a lil break from her. Tagline Rating: 0/5 because what the hell!?
Drew - it makes sense Drew admires Candiace because I can’t stand either one of them. Why TF would you choose to FT Kandi while Courtney is there…that’s annoying and messy AF. You heard they had an argument at the party…so that was a big messy move. Drew will be Drew 😒 WAIT…THAT was Drew’s “performance”!? 43 seconds? I mean…it’s better than nothing I guess..celebrate every win. Tagline Rating: 3/5
Marlo - 🙄 come on now Marlo, don’t start getting messy now. Leave Kandi alone…Marlo making a big ass deal over Drew not saying the word “shooting”….HUHHH?! That whole thing was confusing AF. I’m sorry her nephew passed but isnt that more reason for Drew not to say “shooting”!? Did I miss something? Tagline Rating: 3/5
Mama Joyce - This lady will always get on my nerves. I hate how she disrespects Kandi, Todd, and their marriage.
Ralph - More theatrics 🙄 “we like Ike and Tina” 😒 He clearly hates being critiqued…His excitement after Drew’s performance was cute. I believed it for 2 seconds.
Courtney - I was reeeeally hoping the first and last time I would see Courtney was in the first episode 🙄😒 why did Courtney bring her ex/baby daddy….I’m not going to lie..Bryce is fiiooonee though! 😍 Who is Courtney again?! Because all this energy toward Kandi is ridiculous. She’s so childish.
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2023.05.29 20:51 Historical-Snow-6086 If they remastered the thriller album on cassette for 2023 it would look kinda like this

If they remastered the thriller album on cassette for 2023 it would look kinda like this
It would be awesome (I made it)
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2023.05.29 20:37 Tinysnowflake1864 how do you deal with passing... but not passing 100%

sooo this is kind of celebratory because I just came out to the last two family members (I care about) who didn't know.
I saw my aunt and grandma the last time in December and I knew I wouldn't be able to hide it much longer because the past two months my voice dropped significantly. But I didn't realize HOW significantly it had changed until my grandma asked if my mum had visitors🤣
I called down from upstairs, asking if she needed my help carrying her wheelchair😅 so they weren't able to see me and my grandma deadass asked if there was a man in the house...
at least that made it easier to come out 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 it went super well. And when my aunt arrived it basically went the same way. Her wondering what was wrong with my voice.
My voice seems to be 100% male. I listened to some old voice memos and they are night and day.
Here comes the big BUT though... My appearance doesn't seem to match🙄 I know I have a "baby" face and it's pretty round. Just last week I had a job interview and the person letting me into the building called me a lady (I wear men's clothes and my hair is short). So I knoooww I don't pass.
It's so frustrating though because my voice definitely does. I wish the rest would too😶
How do you deal with that? Any advice? Or do I just have to wait and hope?
(I'm 23 and close to 7 months on T)
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2023.05.29 20:09 Rude_Respond3628 (Selling) 5-29-23 HUGE LIST! 4K AND HD CODES! NEWER AND OLDER TITLES BOTH!

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Reclaim HD Vudu $4
Red 2 HD VD/IT $2
Redemption HD VD $3
Rescuers HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3.50
Rescuers Down Under HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3.50
Resident Evil Retribution SD MA $2
Ricki And The Flash HD MA $3.50
Ride Along iTunes $2.50
Ride Along 2 HD MA $3
Rio Itunes $2.50
Robin Hood 2018 4K VD/IT $4.50 HD VD/IT $3.50
Robin Hood Disney 1973 HD MA $5 HD GP $4.50
Robocop 2014 HD VD $3.50
Rocketman 4K VD/IT $5
Rocky HD VD $3
Rons Gone Wrong HD MA $3.50 HD GP $2
Rough Cut HD Itunes $3.50
Rush 2013 HD MA $3.50
Saban's Power Rangers 4K VD/IT $5.50 HD VD/IT $3
Safe HD VD/IT $3
Safe Haven iTunes $3.50
Safe House HD MA $3.50 Itunes $3
Same Kind Of Different As Me HD VD/IT $3.50
Samson HD MA $3.50
Saw Complete Film Collection SD Vudu $9
Scary Stories To Tell In Dark 4K MA $4.50 HD VD/IT $3.50
Seal Team 8 Behind Enemy Lines HD MA $3
Selma HD VD/IT $3
Shang Chi HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3
Shark Tale HD MA $4.50
Shaun The Sheep Movie HD Vudu $3.50
Sicario HD Vudu $3
Silent Night Deadly Night 3 Film Collection HD Vudu $6
Sing HDMA/4KiT $4
Sing 2 HD MA $5
Sisters Unrated Itunes $3.50
Skyscraper 4K MA $5 HD MA $3
Sleeping Beauty HD MA $4.50 HD GP $4
Smurfs The Lost Village HD MA $4.50
Snitch HD VD/IT $3.50
Snow White And The Huntsman HD MA $3.50
Snow White And The Seven Dwarves HD GP $4
Sony Movie Buff Pass HD/4K MA $4
Soul HD GP $3
Southpaw HD VD $3.50
Spider-man Amazing Spider-Man HD MA $3.50 SD MA $1.50
Spider-man Amazing Spider-Man 2 HD MA $3.50 SD MA $1.50
Spider-man Far From Home HD MA $3.50
Spider-man Homecoming 4K MA $5 HD MA $2
Spider-man No Way Home HD MA $4
Spider-Man Tobey HD MA $3.50
Spider-Man 2 Tobey 2 Film Collection Theatrical/Extended HD MA $4.50
Spider-Man 3 Tobey HD MA $4.50
Spies In Disguise HD GP $3
Spontaneous VD/IT $3.50
Stand Up Guys HD VD $3
Star Trek The Original Motion Picture 4K VD/IT $4.50
Star Trek 3 Search For Spock 4K VD/IT $4.50
Star Trek 4 Voyage Home 4K VD/IT $4.50
Star Trek 2009 4K Itunes $4.50 HD Vudu $2.50
Star Trek Beyond 4K VD/IT $5 HD Vudu $2.50
Star Trek Into Darkness 4K Itunes $3.50 HD Vudu $1.50
Star Wars Rogue One HDMA/4KIT $4 HD GP $2.50
Star Wars Solo HD GP $3.50
Star Wars Ep 4 A New Hope HD GP $4.50
Star Wars Ep 5 Empire Strike Back HD GP $4.50
Star Wars Ep 6 Return Of The Jedi HD GP $4.50
Star Wars Ep 7 Force Awaken 4K MA $4.50 HDMA/4KIT $2 HD GP $1
Star Wars Ep 8 The Last Jedi 4K MA $4.50 HDMA/4KIT $3 HD GP $1.50
Star Wars Ep 9 Rise Skywalker HD GP $2.50
Straight Outta Compton Unrated HD MA $3.50
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Strawberry Shortcake Fun Under the Sun HD MA $3
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 HD VD/IT $3
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Terminator Dark Fate HD VD/IT $3
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Universal 1200 Reward Points Codes "1 for $3 or 2 for $5"
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Zootopia HD GP $3
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2023.05.29 20:06 idkwhatever2345 Postpartum Moods and ADHD

Hi ladies.
I hope this is the right sub for this. I found out I had ADHD nearly a year ago when I was pregnant with my second baby. She’s 3 months old now and my menstrual cycle has returned. I am getting really, really bad mood swings and low moods the few days before my period.
The issue is I had a mirena coil put in last week and now my moods and up and down and when they’re down, they’re really, really down. My GP recommended the mirena because it’ll hopefully stop my cycle and I won’t have the ups and downs. I’ve been threatening to come on for a good few days now. One day I’m fine and the next I’m so depressed I can barely speak to my husband. I hope this will settle down in the next couple of months.
Idk if this is ADHD related? I know PMDD is co-morbid. My GP does think I have PMDD. What can I do to help myself?
Also, if anyone else could share their postpartum experience? Did you have postpartum depression?
I’m considering asking my GP for antidepressants. Do they work for us? I’m feeling quite alone.
I am waiting for titration for my ADHD but I’m in England so it’s a long wait still. I can’t bump myself up the queue in any way. So, I’m doing my best to keep my shit together with sheer willpower at the moment.
Sorry for the million questions.
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2023.05.29 19:48 The_Unknown_Dude This was, and still is our best boy, to my girlfriend and I. I wanted to share with reddit the sweetest cat we lost, today

This was, and still is our best boy, to my girlfriend and I. I wanted to share with reddit the sweetest cat we lost, today
Hold your babies close. She doesn't know I am posting this, and I'd love for her to see it. She's currently sleeping in the room over with our older lady (pictured here too). He was 9. Happy long legged jumper, derpy at times. But he was also the softest thing, never biting or clawing, loved duck canned food. He loved to lounge by the sun in the windows, and by night he'd be close to my girlfriend when she gamed. A loving boy you'd call by name and he came running. Would snuggle between your legs when you were sleeping. Loved crunchy toys and feathers. Took 5 days, to break all this and our hearts.
My girlfriend saw someone giving away kittens years ago by a grocery store, and fell in love at first sight, she got told he was 2 months. Turns out he was 1, but she had been looking for a companion for our older cat who was feeling separation anxiety. The very same night our girl Natasha adopted him as her own kitten. They've been bonded ever since, to the point we wanted her along with us at the vet when we took our final decision, so she could be with him. After about a year of long distance relationship, we began our life together in september 2019, and this good boy came along. And I couldn't have asked for a sweeter one. And now, not even four years later I had to say good bye. We are heartbroken, he was her baby and then mine.
Love your kitties, hug them. Everybody tells you so and they are right, it hurts.
I love you Zephyr, forever.
submitted by The_Unknown_Dude to cats [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 19:40 TartSpirited2725 Mama….

Was this The Mama that had the girls for 8 months or was this her Bookie she calls Mama? Think back to when they were at the clinic it was an older lady that set gracefully. Mama yesterday was bubbly wearing that crazy T-shirt and was all up in the house. Care taker Mama would never got on camera like that regardless if it was her silhouette or be up in that house like that. The girls would have looked presentable if it was care taker Mama. I’m just asking… Lana appeared calm last night but baby. She’s back under Nika the children better get ready for the fights😂😂
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2023.05.29 19:14 pregoandalone Really? (post birth comments)

So after a 2.5 day induction attempt, I ended up having to have a c-section. I originally wasn’t super excited to have my MIL around, but my husband wanted her there for support, so I agreed. Luckily everything went ok, and when I came out of recovery, I got to bond with my baby. My husband wanted his mom to come in and say hi so I agreed. I thought it went fine and didn’t realize she was heading out of town right away(because she had offered to stick around and help if we had been going home, but already had plans for the weekend? Idk)
Anyway, we had a few other relatives come over later in the day to meet baby after I had time to bond and recover. We let people hold the baby so they get all the love.
Mil called this morning and decided to make a comment about “how she’s shocked I let other relatives hold baby, because it didn’t seem like I was going to let anyone(her) hold the baby yesterday”
Lady I had just come out of major surgery and was bonding for the first time, of course I’m not going to let someone hold my baby that second. If you had stuck around, I wouldn’t have had a problem.
It’s stupid jabs like this that don’t allow me to want a close relationship with her.
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2023.05.29 19:13 cottageyarn Even as a single fundie I found these types of posts annoying and not at all “encouraging” like ellissa tells herself it is. It just comes across as bragging.

Even as a single fundie I found these types of posts annoying and not at all “encouraging” like ellissa tells herself it is. It just comes across as bragging. submitted by cottageyarn to FundieSnarkUncensored [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 18:37 LooseLipsSinkShips21 (OUR WAY) All Stars 8: Episode 4 - Screen Queens

(OUR WAY) All Stars 8: Episode 4 - Screen Queens
"Ladies...what a fun and entertaining lip sync......well done. Now...I have made my decision....




Jessica Wild. Condragulations. You're a WINNER, BABY! You have earnt a cash tip of $30,000.
Ra'Jah O'Hara. We love you here at Drag Race. You are welcome back any time.
Will the bottom two queens please come forward.
Jessica. With great power comes great responsibility......which of the bottom two queens have you get the chop?"

"I think both these queens are amazing and talented, but the queen I felt did the worst this week and is getting the




Mrs. Kasha Davis. You will always be an All Star. Now. Sashay. Away.
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Radio Bam episode #116
Bam Margera – Brandon “Dico” Dicamillo – Buddy Bill – Mark ‘Fannah’ Hannah – Murray – Missy Margera - Linden 'Black Aquaman'
- Dico loves Fannah in the new movie MingHags. He borrowed a pair of Dico’s underwear so he could film a few scenes. The scenes he filmed were soo good that Dico requested the underwear back so he could add it to his movie collection.
- Bam has been telling everyone he knows about the movie; he’s been showing clips to everyone too.
- ‘Who would you rather’ questions with Fannah, involving his two brothers. “Which brother would you rather a horse fuck soo hard they die?”
- Linden ‘Black Aquaman’ has entered the studio dressed as a white man with his face painted white.
- “Compton Ass Terry is selling out Black People”, a claim made by Chad I Ginsberg after Bam says he wants Terry in the new movie. “All black people kinda do!” Bam responds.
- Chad goes further to say that he smoked Terry out a few times before too. “He’s not special just because he’s the black guy on bunch of white people’s bus!”
- Bam randomly says the N-Word quoting a random black guy he has heard while skating. “Damn N***a I got some hard motha fuckin boogies!”. - Chad wants a picture of Lindon in ‘WhiteFace’.
- “Steak! It’s what’s for Dinner!” Dico’s steak commercial.
- Bam plays audio of a scene from MingHags that he’s currently working on involving his grandfather ‘Pop-Pop' and Jimmy Pop’s retarded friend Mark the Bagger.
- Dico felt odd screaming in Marks the Baggers face because he would just blankly stare through Dico like he had no inner thoughts going on.
- The guys explain who Mark the Baggers is and how Jimmy Pop ran into him while he bagged groceries at a grocery store. Jimmy Pop eventually got him on The Stern show.
- Sidenote: In an old episode of this show, not knowing Bam would be working with Mark the Bagger in the future, Bam discloses that while working at the grocery store, Mark was caught luring a child into the back and having the child perform oral sex on him. There were no charges filed because, “He’s Retarded”.
- Bam plays more audio involving the Bagger and Pop-Pop. “Daddy Noooooo!”
- Bam and Dico reflect on how thankful they are deciding to film this movie themselves instead of getting Corporate Backing from Hollywood (Though they tried in the previous episode and failed).
- Instead Bam uses some of his rich connections to get private funding on top of the tens of thousands Bam’s already going to be paying to make this film.
- Bam’s release date goal is four months from now in time for kids going back to school in fall.
- Bam plays another audio clip from the movie MingHags.
- Bam and Missy left the bar the other night with Buddy Bill to take him back to their house so he can pick his truck up.
- Police notice Buddy Bill getting into Bams car and pull them over. They immediately get Buddy Bill out and arrest him without even checking if Missy or Bam were drunk or not.
- Buddy Bill has another boxing match happening this Friday. He gets really excited when he starts talking about it and starts getting amped up in studio, soo much that he starts squeezing Chad’s cheese steak he had lying on the console.
- Linden and Buddy Bill got into a small scuffle the other day resulting in Buddy Bill’s nose getting broke again. “He’s cheesing my Squeeze-Steak!”
- Buddy Bill stories that have been said here before.
- Bam starts questioning Buddy Bill about a crazy lingerie party from 2 years ago that he went to with Rake Yohn. Buddy Bill is hesitant about saying what exactly happened live on air.
- 80’s vice vaper wave intro
- The guys play HD female moans and sucking sounds, which turns Bill on as he starts looking around the studio to see which girl made those noises. “I’m a very emotional person!”
- Dico starts handing out small snacks that he's brought from home, Bam doesn’t normally eat at home due to his Bulimia.
- “Let me guess: some sort of experiment?” “Spearmint? I’d rather have Wintergreen!”
- Hanna’s Hilarious Laugh from the first film Haggard is played.
- Gina Lynn, the porn star featured in Bam’s new film, brought a whole bunch of her sex toys and porn she’s featured in. Bam likes to scatter them around the castle for fun along with the tranny pornos he’s gotten from his Hustler interview.
- Gina Lynn and her husband Chad have open and graphic conversations about their sex lives and personal lives including domestic violence resulting in hospitalizations.
- While shooting Johnny Knoxville’s cover for the rolling stone, Dico and Bam were cornered by ‘some faggot’ promoting an internet soap opera, he even demanded they take some of his autographed posters.
- The guys promptly threw the posters in the thrash can closest to the front door so the guy could see it in the way out.
- Bill gets amped about the fight and squeezes Chad’s Cheese steak again. - ShitGoose was overheard by Buddy Bill telling Bam’s Mom April that Bam was snorting too much Adderall and drinking too much.
- When confronted by Bam, ShitGoose denies these allegations, but once Buddy Bill heard his denials, he tells ShitGoose he overheard the conversation between him and April.
- ShitGoose begins to cry and confess stating that he was just worried about Bam’s drug and alcohol consumption.
- Later that night though, after mixing alcohol and Klonopin, ShitGoose was seen rolling in hay and attempting to break dance.
- Seth Meisterman and his girlfriend Salina have some goats on Bam’s property. While ShitGoose was fucked up on Klonopin and alcohol, he let his large dog 'White Fang' loose and it ended up killing one of the baby goats.
- Chad believes the last episode of Radio Bam was too harsh on ShitGoose. “you gotta love the guy”.
- Gina Lynn was covered in stripper pole bruises and wore a skirt that was soo short that it was ‘above the ass line’ according to Missy. Her tits also kept gaming out during filming so Bam is considering making the movie rated R instead of PG-13
- Gina needed underwear because her pussy kept popping out as well (doesn’t wear underwear). So Missy let her use one of her sexy pair of boy shorts underwear, but after she returned them to Missy someone stole them.
- While filming for MingHags, Dico pissed in lindens drinks most of the evening and he had no idea.
- The guys discuss how they will be individually screening the movie at their houses once it is finished.
- “I have a nose problem!” buddy bills breakable nose and the drugs that have been through it to cause his brain aneurysm.
- After playing video games all night on cocaine with a lady, Buddy Bill went to the bathroom to piss, next thing he knew he was on the ground covered in piss and couldn’t see colors. Turns out he had a brain aneurysm.
- Linden starts instigating Buddy Bill to see if he can hit him in his nose again.
- Buddy Bill plugs his boxing match at the double tree hotel this Friday! He’s fighting a buddy he has a motorcross grudge against.
- Buddy Bill had heard awful things about this particular boxing organization if they don't get their fighter money back, or the ticket money back.
End of show
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2023.05.29 18:29 IllDrop9381 I and my friend group are like, the polar opposite of teenaged troublemakers. I don't understand why our parent's don't trust us and it makes me kinda sad.

Here is how our day yesterday went with my friends: We started our day by getting some coffee, then we went yard selling. While doing this we picked up a hitch-hiker. Then another friend said his dad was arrested, and his dads cat was trapped inside his house. So we broke into his dads house (with his dads permission) and got the cat somewhere safe. Then we gave another hitch-hiker a ride. Then we saw a lady broken down on the side of the road, and we changed her tire for her. Then we saw a friend we know trying to start his truck by popping the clutch, so we all got out and helped him push. Then while yard selling, we bought a bunch of furniture for a friend that is moving out of his parents place. Then another friend had a screaming match with his dad so he joined us for the day. Then their was this lady with a baby at the gas station crying, we asked if she was Ok, and she said she was below E and didn't have any money to fill up, so we gave her $100. She hugged us :). Then we went to the movies and their was a dad with his three kids getting tickets/snacks and they could only afford the tickets so kids were sad, so when the movie started we gave them all the candy we smuggled in.
That day was a pretty extreme example, its rare that so many opportunities to help people happen in only 12 hours, but I think it illustrates how i feel. So yeah, I'm just laying here thinking about our day, and not understanding why our parents don't trust us. Its like pulling teeth to convince them we aren't doing drugs or having an orgy or vandalizing property. My dad basically wants be to do a write up detailing where and when ill be anywhere other than school, and of course he reserves the right to strike it down at any moment because "he said so". Its always infuriating when i make a plan and he "considers it" for days, just to say "No" the morning I want to go out. One of our friend happens to be of the female sex, and her parent's unironically call her a whore for hanging out with guys.
I could go on and on about this crap, like how one of my friends [arrents track her position all day, and if she is ever not *exactly* where she said shed be, they call her and threaten to ground her, or about the time one of our dads just fallowed us around town all day to "make sure we were safe", well we definitely didn't feel safe with him around. But yeah, I just don't know what else i can dol.
submitted by IllDrop9381 to Vent [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 18:29 3rachazone An appreciation post for the man whose type your mom expects you bring home.

(Also, um.... repost cuz the previous one was kinda messy so if you're seeing this again, please look the other way🙏)
No, this is not a shitpost. I mean it. Genuinely.
Anyways, welcome back to yet another simp post by user 3rachazone! I'm your resident Joshua Hong and Han Jisung simp (I just repeated this word again but it's fine, please ignore <3) and today, I'd like to introduce you to yet another man for whom I fell badly. So badly I ended up scraping my knee in the process.
He is known as the angel of his group, and he is exactly like Joshua in every way possible (I'm starting to wonder if I have a type LMAO). He used to go to church, plays the guitar, never gets angry (his fellow member has seen him mad but never angry), is the epitome of a gentleman and treasures his mother to death (he literally said that if smthg were to happen to him, the last words he’d want her to hear are, “I love you”💔). Oh, and did I mention that he's addicted to cereal?
He is Jacob Bae, the one and only bae (pun intended... I guess?)
Jacob is the lead vocalist of The Boyz and was born in Toronto. Or precisely Mississauga (cuz he’s a big babie who gets triggered if you say the former ashgfcbhj). He had a lot of interest in various activities, particularly sports. Back in school, he'd participate in volleyball, basketball, rep basketball and the like but his interest could never really be sustained in just one. Eventually, he began taking vocal classes in order to become a musician and also tried to learn how to play the guitar but gave up on that too.
He’d planned on taking a year off after graduating high school but before that, auditioned for Loen Entertainment. However, since he wasn't good at dancing, he was rejected. But the company said they'd like to see him again so that was how he found himself learning how to dance in Korea. He disliked that too and called his mom who rebuked him for wanting to give up so easily when it hadn’t even been that long (spoke fax, no print👏 and I thank her for that cuz then her son wouldn’t be who he is today and I wouldn’t have discovered him and consequently wouldn’t have fallen in love with him (/j). To him, however, that’s an entirely different story🤚)
On a srs note, what rlly struck me with this knowledge was the fact that it wasn't the drastic culture change from Canada to Korea that affected Jacob or made him cry (he was actually pretty good at adjusting which again is awe-inspiring). It was the fact that he felt like he wasn't good enough at dancing. But this man worked so hard to hone his skills that he performed Billie Eilish's Bad Guy along with Juyeon, Changmin and Sunwoo on 1Million's YouTube channel which I think is an impressive feat for a non dancer. Not to mention that Changmin himself praised him and said he was proud of him for improving.
Another video I'd like to share with y'all is his cover of Sunroof by Nicky Youre and dazy. As someone who receives their daily dose of serotonin from this song, I think he did full justice to it, though I will admit I wish it was longer xD
Oh, and if this wasn't enough, here's his fancam from Post Malone's I Like You performance. It's such a feel good one, where he's all smiles and vibing to the song but also just slaying hard with those moves, if ya get what I mean? Like he srsly wasn't kidding when he said he was aiming for a spot in TBZ's dance line.
Apart from possessing some real good dancing skills, Jacob also happens to have a really sweet voice. Like everytime I listen to him talk, I find myself immersing in whatever he says. Basically he could talk abt the most mundane thing in the entire universe and he’d still have my full attention. And when he sings, I find myself levitating and asking myself if that's what you hear outside the gates of heaven?
Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Mr. Sweet Voice's cover of 'I.F.L.Y' by Bazzi! (disclaimer: Please exercise caution while watching this video cuz he looks ethereal in this and his visuals might blind you❗️)
Now, now... I could've decided to share the studio version too but there's smthg incredibly serene and delicate abt a man wearing all white and sitting on a bench, playing the guitar among a field of flowers, smiling prettily and singing abt how there's no other girl for him and that the one he likes is the only one for him and that what he's actually trying to say is that he rlly loves her (he’s so cute he replaced the word ‘fucking’ with rlly🫠 and um… more on that later)
Funny story: I made a (former) friend of mine watch this video and after it was over, I couldn't stop giggling like an idiot and was like, "OMG HE'S SOOO GOOD DID YOU SEE HOW MUCH I WAS HYPERVENTILATING???!!"
And she squealed back with equal fervour, "AAHHHHH NO CUZ I WAS TOO BUSY FOCUSING ON HIM!!!" which is, well, understandable lol.
Other song covers of his which I'd highly recommend are: Lifetime by Justin Bieber, Heartbreak Anniversary (with Sangyeon) by Giveon, Wherever You Are by One Ok Rock, and Becoming an Adult by Kim Na-young (listening to this one made me realise how much I'd kill for him to cover Loser by Cheeze😭😭)
He was also nice enough to treat us to his soothing vocals by releasing his mixtape 'Kindle' on his birthday! All the songs are so chill, warm and worth listening to if you had a rough day and just needed to unwind.
On Dive Studios, Jacob admitted that he was pretty unsure of himself in the sense that he had a low self esteem (wanted to shake him badly when he said that while yelling, “SAY THAT AGAIN??? YOUR VOICE GIVES ME COMFORT AND THE WAY YOU DANCE LITERALLY BLOWS ME AWAY YOU DUMBASS WDYM??!!) He claimed that someone would compliment him on his dancing or singing and while he'd thank them, he'd still feel like it wasn't enough. I hope that while he continues to be the best version of himself, he can also pat himself on the back for constantly having shown major improvement.
Another thing which I rlly admire abt him is how he acknowledges that while he’s the type to bottle up his emotions, he also wishes he was allowed to be angry because he doesn’t want to be known as just a ‘kind person’ which I definitely agree with. It can get tiring sometimes, having to constantly live up to a certain image in your group and wanting to break free of it.
On a lighthearted note, he might be one of the few idols that doesn't swear at all! He also has the patience of a saint, considering it's very hard for him to get angry. Even Eric claimed that while he'd seen him mad, he'd never seen him angry. He also shared an anecdote on The Daebak Show where he said that while they were trainees, they took acting lessons. Jacob’s script had a swear word so he told the teacher he couldn’t say it😭
In fact, he himself revealed that the last time he got really pissed off was as a kid because his brother or his cousin had thrown a deck of playing cards at his back due to which he yelled at them and even cursed them out🥴
He never got angry again. And never swore.
And even if he did swear, he'd send a silent prayer, asking for forgiveness until eventually, he stopped doing it entirely. But now he just does it in his head or uses a word that’s similar to the curse word when he wants to be verbal💀
His friendship with Kevin also makes me so envious like fight me idc but there will never be a more iconic duo than them!
Srsly, a friend like Jacob is what everyone needs. He’s so supportive of Kevin, always hyping him up whenever he doubts himself. There was a live where he was playing a game on his computer and Kevin was reading the comments and obviously, there were a few hateful ones telling him to go. Jacob made him stay with that pouty face of his and assured him he wasn’t being a bother :(
Or that one time when a comment asked him, “What does Kevin mean to you?” And he replied with the biggest smile on his face, “He is everything to me!”
Or when Kevin made Eric Nam ask him, “Would you shave off your eyebrows if it could earn Kevin a chance to meet Beyoncé?” and he replied, “It’s one of his biggest dreams and if me looking funny for a few months makes that happen, then… I mean it’s not permanent”.
Which friend does that???😭😭
Anyways, I could come up with more moments of him being the sweetest and softest bean ever but I’ll leave it at that!
Happy birthday, Jacob! Ever since I got into The Boyz, you’ve made me smile with your smile and you’ve healed me with your voice. I hope you’re always healthy and happy and I hope IST can let you release a solo album someday so you can work on (cheesy romantic) songs (because you + them = a deadly combo my heart won’t be able to handle) with the sound you think matches you (I’m talking honeyed airy vocals with an acoustic guitar but you do you, my guy) I’ll be on the sidelines, always cheering you on! I love you loads!💕
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2023.05.29 18:06 cyeravel 32 [M4F] #PNW/#NA - Hopeless Romantic just wanting to find his soulmate.

Is that so much to ask? Evidently it is. I'm just perpetually exhausted by people ghosting or just being uninteresting. I want to love and romance a lovely lady. To feel that feeling of my heart skipping a beat when I look at her over and over again. Staying up late to talk about our hopes and dreams, futures and past, triumphs and failures, to talk about everything and nothing at all.
I'm honestly looking for someone who is marriage oriented. I'm a traditionalist in that sense and want to take care of someone and raise a family, bonus points if you want to live a small town life with a good chunk of land. Also yes, we can definitely get some chickens and baby cows. I just want to provide a good, simple life for my future family, giving them all the things I wanted growing up.
I don't care about the outside world, and am perfectly content being in my own little oasis but it gets awfully lonely sometimes and even though I got 5 dogs (pictures of them are available upon request), they aren't the same of falling in love with someone.
As for myself: I'm 32 as stated. I have short red hair and golden-brown eyes. I am a small business owner but also have a day job that I'm doing to save up for my dream homestead. I'm Catholic, and honestly would prefer if I met someone who is one as well but it's not a deal breaker.
My hobbies include board/card/video games, movies/TV shows, hiking, camping, reading and writing, hunting, going to the gym, cooking, gardening, and woodworking.
What I'm looking for in a potential wife is someone kind and loving, who wants kids, and wants to live a humble, simple life. Other hopeless romantics are always lovely, and that goes double for people who can hold a conversation!
If any of this pulls at your heart strings don't hesitate to message me! But please tell me a bit about yourself in your message. Low effort messages like 'hey' or 'hi' will be ignored. Also if you've messaged me before you can message me again! I don't mind.
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2023.05.29 18:06 cyeravel 32 [M4F] #PNW/#NA - Hopeless Romantic just wanting to find his soulmate.

Is that so much to ask? Evidently it is. I'm just perpetually exhausted by people ghosting or just being uninteresting. I want to love and romance a lovely lady. To feel that feeling of my heart skipping a beat when I look at her over and over again. Staying up late to talk about our hopes and dreams, futures and past, triumphs and failures, to talk about everything and nothing at all.
I'm honestly looking for someone who is wants a long term relationship. I'm a traditionalist in that sense and want to take care of someone and raise a family, bonus points if you want to live a small town life with a good chunk of land. Also yes, we can definitely get some chickens and baby cows. I just want to provide a good, simple life for my future family, giving them all the things I wanted growing up.
I don't care about the outside world, and am perfectly content being in my own little oasis but it gets awfully lonely sometimes and even though I got 5 dogs (pictures of them are available upon request), they aren't the same of falling in love with someone.
As for myself: I'm 32 as stated. I have short red hair and golden-brown eyes. I am a small business owner but also have a day job that I'm doing to save up for my dream homestead. I'm Catholic, and honestly would prefer if I met someone who is one as well but it's not a deal breaker.
My hobbies include board/card/video games, movies/TV shows, hiking, camping, reading and writing, hunting, going to the gym, cooking, gardening, and woodworking.
What I'm looking for in a potential relationship with someone who is kind and loving, who wants kids, and wants to live a humble, simple life. Other hopeless romantics are always lovely, and that goes double for people who can hold a conversation!
If any of this pulls at your heart strings don't hesitate to message me! But please tell me a bit about yourself in your message. Low effort messages like 'hey' or 'hi' will be ignored. Also if you've messaged me before you can message me again! I don't mind.
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YummyChan Yasmin Mineira YumiVillar YasminPaladini
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2023.05.29 17:50 Windydanna I don't understand these two jokes in Itchy & Scratchy Land

The first one is the lady selling Homer Itchy and Scratchy money and Homer buys them. But there are signs that they are not accepted as paying. So was the lady just pranking Homer?
And the second one is at the restaurant when Marge orders baby guts and the waiter is disgusted. But why wasn't he reacting at all when Bart and Homer ordered with nasty names?
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2023.05.29 17:27 MommySunHelp My [37f] partner [34m] wants to have sex with other people. How can I understand this lifestyle

The more I read about monogamy and polygamy I'm so confused. It's like self diagnosis on Google. I get anxious and panic and just give up. I want real actual people who practice that can give me some sort of insight. I'm lost and confused.
I'm a 37 female and my partner is 34. We have known each other for 8 years and dated off and on for two and recently two years ago went all in and committed to each other other (with a cheating scandal or two). I have been working towards relocating and changing jobs to move in but recently my partner mentioned a sexual issue (the need to have sex with others), to a commitment issue (he loves multiple people) to now he's using terms like monogamy (being unable to, period).
We have a child together. We are both committed to our child. We believe our child needs both of us, he has many health and mental issues and it will take two full time parents to raise him. I come from a conservative family and he has only been my 2nd long term relationship. I come from a family where loyalty and love are extremely important. When you're committed you work hard to make it work and I will be the first to admit my anxiety and stress and honestly lack of street smarts and life can be frustrating for my partner but at the same time he has told me many times my loyalty and the effort I make to get to know him made us really good friends when we first got to know each other. Baby wasn't planned but co-parenting and realizing what our son needed made us try to really bring that relationship to the next level of living together. When we co-parent it makes us happy. That identity of being a parent, the common goals we have for our child and just the love he has for both of us really deepen our love for each other.
My partner has some past relationship trauma and has express in his life women have used him and he has a tendency to handle stress and depression with sex. He has told me he has had over 40 sexual partners. I accept this about him. Up until he wasn't honest when he slept with others while sleeping with me.
We tried to work through it. Stay focus on our child. Time was good and again he cheated. With therapy and counseling he now uses terminology like not being monogamous and saying he is not able to. He has express to me he will have sex with who he wants when he wants. How can I understand his needs and what can I do to support him?
The more I read about it the more overwhelming I get. The more I ask him the more he tells me very bluntly he is not able to have sex with one person. I'm not giving all the details because he was able to identify a previous post of my asked me to take it down.
But he is basically told me he is not able to have sex with only one person and that's a person he is having sex with is just a fantasy. He has been having sex with this person since 2020. He assured me she was just a fantasy and nothing important. Then as they spend more time together and communicate with each other. He told me she was just someone who he f**** with. Now he has recently told me that he loves two people, me and her but I am the one he is committed to because he has asked me to live with him permanently. Is this polyamory?
I'm incredibly sad. Is this what my life will be. I have met this woman and she is rude to me. He now has her around our child. I'm depressed and trying to understand what is he thinking? I am just old school and not understanding all these new lifestyle and terminology everyone has these days? I feel naive and foolish. I thought I was committed loyal and loving and now he says I'm obsessive with him. I don't demand all his time or anything red flag behavior where woman want access to the phone or the location on. I have never once seen what's on his phone or even held it. But he has held mine and has access to it (when he wants to online shop), I feel I have been very flexible and understanding. I don't think I'm demanding at all..but I'm not perfect. I get angry. I get upset because I am still trying to understand and accept his lifestyle and needs. My confidence is low these days. I know this.
I love this man. I love our child. I love this family. I want to continue working hard and working on my anxiety and depression but I just want to understand my partner and what it is he is thinking. I know reddit you cannot tell me what it is he's thinking, but maybe you those who are in this lifestyle and those who are familiar with been intimate with multiple people and loving multiple people is this how it goes. I feel naive and dumb for my lack of experience.
Every time I ask him to talk to he swears he will set aside time but when we do talk he then changes the subject. He constantly says I need to work on myself. I try to think of things where I lack but I work full time and pay my own bills, any and all free time is spent with our child and I do everything needed in the home (all errands and chores with no complaints). I treat his family with respect, treat his ex wife with respect and accept his crazy work schedule and multiple jobs, sure I'll ask him to set time aside where we can do a family activity or a group outing but that I feel isn't asking too much. Even in the bedroom, I want him all the time. I'll do any sexual activity he askes. Because I'm comfortable with him and trust him and yet he still wants sex with others. My anxiety is when he's always on the phone with the other lady or when she comes to visit (she tells me happily they have sex). I hate that he's now telling me he loves me and her. Shouldn't there be a hierarchy of things?
What questions should I be asking so I can be coherent and clear of my boundaries and intentions. I love our family. I don't want to lose our family. I accept his sexual desire to be with others but can't be with someone I don't know, someone who doesn't come to the house? Help me understand this lifestyle.
Tl;Dr: My partner wants to have sex with other people. What is this lifestyle and how can I learn to accept it?
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2023.05.29 17:23 EitherPiglet0 TW: 17 week loss

I didn’t want to post this in any of the threads so it is easier to avoid if needed, and I received mod approval to post.
Sometime between Tuesday and Saturday, baby Piglet passed. I always check fetal heart tones on my home Doppler on my days off so she was fine Tuesday, even got all my blood tests back for NT, quad screen, during the week and those were all good.
Saturday morning, I pulled out the Doppler and tried to find her heartbeat. Nothing. I heard the whoosh of the placenta and my own heart beat. Tried again a few minutes later after eating something. Nothing. Made an appointment for private ultrasound since my OB office was closed.
Arrived at the ultrasound clinic and it took basically no time to figure out there was fetal demise. No heart tones. No movement and baby was curled I’ll into a little ball. I told the ultrasound tech to stop trying and I headed over to the hospital where my OB practices. I called the on call OB on the way over and she called the hospital to fill them in. When I arrived, the front desk lady in OB triage was so gentle, I just lost it. I had my teen with me too and was trying to hold it together, but for some reason the gentle approach of that lady had me sobbing.
They took me back into a triage room immediately and did another ultrasound to confirm. They also noticed I had placenta previa and were worried about potential accreta.
The doctor told me the options - labor and deliver baby or go to another medical center (basically planned parenthood) for a D&E. I chose the former, and things were risky because of the previa. They were worried about maternal demise from bleeding. I was started on Cytotek and had about 3 pretty ineffective doses while I was there but they didn’t want to try more aggressive means because of the previa.
After 24 hours at that hospital, one of the OBs from my OB’s practice came in and talked to me about her concerns and cried. She cried, I cried. She told me they were extra concerned about the previa and delivery being too risky and that they didn’t have the proper resources at that hospital to intervene if I started hemorrhaging heavily.
So I was transferred to another hospital with high risk labor and delivery capabilities. They had the high risk MFM come in and she did more ultrasounds and an amnio and ultimately started me on cytotek again. I was on an epidural but having considerable pain still on my left side near mu c-section scar so they were worried about uterine rupture.
Ultimately, Baby K Piglet was birthed just after midnight this morning. The hospital has been really amazing about accommodating whatever I wanted as far as holding her and having pictures. She was at such a good weight and length for 17 weeks too (4 oz and 8 inches). I just have no idea what could have caused this but it may have been placental abruption, caused by who knows what.
About 5 hours later, I had to have a D&C to remove my placenta because my stubborn body refused to deliver it and I was losing so much blood.
Right now I feel cried out. I’ll be observed in the hospital because I lost all that blood. I’m generally pretty numb and I just feel sorry to this baby who somehow lost her chance at life for a reason and cause no one knows.
Mr Piglet is having a rough time of it but mostly worried about me. Teen Piglet is stoic, and Toddler Piglet just wonders where the hell mom is. Baby K Piglet looks so much like Toddler Piglet.
That’s all, my friends. It sucks.
Edit - thank you all for the support. I really appreciate my internet friends. 💓
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