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2019.07.15 15:48 Pissed__Consumer Northstyle Review - "Suspicious VIP" @ Pissed Consumer

"After I had placed a fairly pricey order, I was mildly curious about their VIP program. I called the customer service rep who was much too eager to sign me up! I asked her for the name of the consolidator, or the marketing people who had put together this plan, and she told me she was not equipped to hand over that information. Red flags were going off all over the place!!..."
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2018.07.12 15:10 Paula_Polestark The least rude way to deal with gifts of clothing that you don't like or look good in?

Recently my mom offered to buy me a dress. I liked the pattern (watercolor images of various London landmarks, if I wasn't scared of spamming I'd link it), but it is a sheath dress. On me, a sheath dress is a billboard that screams LOOK AT MUH BIG OLD HIPS AND ASS and I 110% do not want that. (Also my chest, but that's a whole other subject.) But she says "you say no to all the clothes I show you, if I didn't say anything and just got it I know you would like it."
And she just might try to surprise me with more clothes, too. Now I love my mom. She's not perfect, but she is very kind and wise and supportive and she seems unable to notice any physical flaw on me that isn't a pimple or lack of sleep. I have no "best feature" because to her everything I have is best. In her eyes, it's impossible for me to look bad in any clothes. How can I be polite and loving but still tell her that I'm just going to feel awful in whatever new item of clothing she gets for me?
EDIT: Thank you for the advice, everyone! Man, I hadn't known this post was going to blow up. There are so many interesting comments... I have decided that I will try on the dress and then pay her back, and in the future the two of us will talk more about the kinds of clothes I want to stay away from. She already knows I won't wear red or black. I just gotta keep saying "no tight skirts."
(Also, I didn't mean to give the impression that I'm a pear. I'm also... not small on top, so I'm more like an hourglass; it's just that my hips/butt are higher priority on the DON'T SHOW THIS OFF list than my chest is.)
EDIT II: This is the dress. The brand is Chetta B, and they also have Paris and Venice-themed prints.
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2017.03.22 01:54 birddr Advice please: I'm torn on what to tell my FMIL about whether she should wear this dress to the wedding.

Here is the dress she likes. I think it's a pretty dress, but I don't know if I should be bothered by the fact that it has a white background. Also, the colors may not look great with the other wedding colors. Bridesmaids are wearing wine dresses (see David's Bridal wine color). I feel like the orange flowers won't look great with that. However, it's unlikely that she'll be in any photos with bridesmaids...
Part of me feels like fuck it, if she likes the dress and will feel happy and pretty in it, let her wear it. It's not that much white in the dress. I don't want to be a controlling bride and tell her not to wear something. The other part of me feels like maybe I should try to find a polite way to steer her in another direction, just in case I might regret later giving her the go-ahead to wear this dress.
What do you all think I should do? If I do decide to suggest she wear something else, what's the best way to navigate that without coming off as controlling. She and I get along really well and I want to keep it that way!
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2016.12.07 21:28 assfixiated [EXPANSION] It's a Rum Thing

Our economy is growing in dynamic ways, and the Government has enacted legislation encasing our Rum producers in legal protections, rules and regulations, making it a certified industry.
The Main kinds of Rum most popular in our country are:
This industrial status from our rum industry is bound to offer options in exports, and build our unique culture celebrating life and happiness.
+3 Industry
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2014.02.05 17:50 leorganicmatter Bulldogs - Northstyle Mixtape Vol. 1

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2013.10.27 01:24 darrenturnip online shop with styles similar to northstyle?

I really like the look of, but they don't post customer reviews and appear to have poor customer service. I'd like to find an online site with similar styles/colors based in the U.S. Can anyone help me? Thank you so much!
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2013.07.08 22:39 leorganicmatter Bulldogs - Northstyle Mixtape Vol. 1 [36:13] (It's not actually that long, more like 26:something) This is not only what got me into Dubstep, but listen to music as a whole. I didn't listen to anything before this... I don't understand how i lived...

Bulldogs - Northstyle Mixtape Vol. 1 [36:13] (It's not actually that long, more like 26:something) This is not only what got me into Dubstep, but listen to music as a whole. I didn't listen to anything before this... I don't understand how i lived... submitted by leorganicmatter to realdubstep [link] [comments]