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Need your advice! I (25M) feel like I betrayed my gf with whom I've been together for 3,5 years (21F), but it wasn't cheating. How can we save our relationships?

2023.06.05 06:23 Jazzlike_Bird_7842 Need your advice! I (25M) feel like I betrayed my gf with whom I've been together for 3,5 years (21F), but it wasn't cheating. How can we save our relationships?

Hello, everybody. I (male, 25) am in a bit of a pickle. A few days something happened that now makes me feel infinitely guilty and afraid. But here's a full story for you: I met my gf(female 21 now) 4 years ago, at a university. We live in Europe, and had to study the language together. In a few months after meeting each other we started dating. And it wasn't a smooth sailing. Both of us didn't have any real dating experience and didn't know what we needed from relationships. Same goes for sexual experience - i had some, but very little, she had none. But through talking and overcoming difficulties, we made it work. For three years the relationships were basically perfect - lots of love, we created our personal little world, and needed no one but each other. She became the only person I wanted to talk to, the only person i wanted to see. But we moved in together around 8 months ago, and she had to find a job... which basically meant she had 40 hour job and around 30 hours of uni every week. And her and mine works are from home, so we spent a lot of time seeng each other. THis started to slowly make our sex life less and less active, since it got harder and harder to find time for it, since the pressure from uni and work on her side made her really tired and emotionally fatique. My job also took a lot of time and thoughts. So we kinda became super boring, but still enjoyed our time together. And in those rare weekends when we were free, we rarely thought about having intercourse. Which is a part of the problem. But in the same time over the past half a year I had to travel a lot for work and other things, which made things worse. When we're not close, I start seeing issues that I didn't see before. When something interesting is happening in my life, and hers is just work and uni, I felt lke im dating a boring person. Or I started seeing issues with her character. Nn-critical issues, the ones that you can live with, but it still made me somewhat disappointed. And the lack of intimacy made me more and more sad whether I chose the right woman from a visual and sexual standpoint. But again, we managed to live and have some happy times. But the worst things started to happen when I needed to travel to Taiwan for a month. And here my brain just started to fuck things up. I started feeling obsessed with ideas like: "we didn't have time to explore the world, to see ourselves and learn what we like and want, both sexually and from people and life." And this thought started to bake into my brain, to the point that I decided to start talking to a psychologist as soon as I have a chance. And on one day a woman texted me on couchsurfing, suggesting to show me the city. She's a beautiful and confident 40-year-old taiwanese. And we instantly got the chemistry, at least sexually. On the second time I met her I told her about my gf, and explicitly stated that nothing could happen, only sightseeing. But it seems like for her it became a challenge. She started testing my boundaries and how far can she go. To be fair - i didn't know my boundaries either, I thhought I'll feel when its rong. But nothing crazy happened. Until the weekend trip. The woman offered to go on a motorcycle trip. I asked my gf on what to do, and she said that motorcycle trip in taipei is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,a dn that I should go but make sure the woman doesn't do anything. And in that trip... The woman started to slowly seduce me. I rejected her as much as I could, saying no to everything, but she kept pushing, and pushing, and pressing me with words like: "i just want you to have good memories of your trip." So on the second morning of the trip she started seducing me more, rubbing herself on me. And to me the feeling of being desired by someone but my gf was so surreal , that I didn't know how to react. I just kinda let her do what she thought, but I didn't do anything myself. Before that it was only her hugging me and kissing my ear. I wasn't really enjoying what he did, but somehow couldn't find any strength to stop it. I knew that I was sexually attracted to that woman, but no romantic emotions were involved. So she asked me to masturbate together. I refused. Then she asked whether i could do it in a room nextdoor. I don't know why, but I agreed. I wasn't thinking straight, the hormones and desire were controlling me. So I kinda moaned a little, finished in a shower by myself, and went along with the day. Didn't feel shitty then, since all I did was what I usually did many times before. The only difference was that instead of porn I had someone moaning nextdoor. After that we still met a couple times, but the meetups didn';t involve anything sexual. She just hugged me, I petted her hair, and that's all. Basically did the things I missed doing with my gf. But a few days ago when it was the last time we met... It was supposed to be a farewell meeting - I'd say my goodbyes and go. But she offered to show me a hotel with jacuzzi. For four days I was avoiding agreeing. But then I thought - I wasn't bad at keeping boundaries before, I can do it now... Long story short, she startted seducing me again, eventually rubbing herself on my, which resulted in me nutting. We were in clothes, but she repeatedly placed my hands on her tits and ass... I know I behaved as an animal and wasn't thinking straight, but I kinda felt powerless to stop somethjing.. I felt really powerless... No sex happened, no penetration. I just touched boobs and ass a couple times, she rubbed herself on me, and I finished. Just couldn't resist it for some reason. Then I felt really dirty and left. I first called by best friend to tell him, ask for advice. Then I called my gf to tell her about what happened. I just can't keep secrets from her, especially like this. And now I feel like I betrayed her. I didn't want that, I wasn't going to those meetups for sex or anything like that. I was just fascinated with the fact that someone desires me without knowing me as a person, without building relationships first. I feel used, abused in a way, and so broken. I feel like I broke the trust we used to have, and that I won't be able to look in her eyes. That she won't see me as the man she fell in love with, that the guilt and weight of what I allowed to happen will haunt me till the end of my days. That eventually we're gonna brealk up because of it, and I'd end up absolutely lonely, scarred and afraid to meet someone else. I just want to rewind time and never agree to meet that woman... To never see her, to erase all memories of her and what happened. I want to continue the relationships with my gf, because I know that it is almost impossible to meet a person like she. She feels betrayed now, and I feel like I betrayed her. My parents and psychologist say that I might overthink, and that some flirt is a part of life. That I still did the right thing that I didn't fall completely into thhe trap laid by that woman. That it's just a misstep, an honest mistake of an inexperienced person, who I am. But I just can't shake the feeling that I failed and that my life is broken now. I don't know what to do, don't know whether my gf will understand and forgive me, and whether we'll be able to restore our relationships. Because I don't want to be with anyone but her... But now I blew all my chances... It hurts like hell... How can we save our relationship???
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2023.06.05 06:21 Maskett In case I die, or disappear from your life

I honestly don't know how to start this, I have too many things to say and very few words to express them. If you are reading this it is because I am dead, because I disappeared from your life or because I entrusted this to you, leaving it up to you whether to read it or not.
Many times, speaking of serious stuff, I told you not to feel obliged to read, that you could skip the conversation and that it was fine. Not this time, I ask you to read all of it, I ask that you only read it and not share what is in these letters. Although obviously you are within your rights to do so.
Of all the people in my life, you will probably be the one who will receive my longest death letter. I have too much to write to you. So I'm afraid this letter will end up being too short because it would mean that the biggest and my favorite connection I've ever made with another human being can be summed up in less than an hour of reading.
It seems strange to me to think that you could be reading this in a very distant future where we are no longer a part of each other's lives. One where you might even have forgotten who I am.
Well, getting to the point, in case you are somewhat like me in that maybe you are not convinced of something nice no matter how many people tell you, I want to make it clear to you. At the time I write this we have known each other for 7 years, and for 5 years I have considered you the best friendship I ever had in my life. I very much doubt that anything will change this and if in 10, 15 or more years I can continue seeing you often, talking about things that happened to us and laughing about a show we like, it would make me very happy.
When I met you, you didn't really stand out to me much, I don't think I would have ever imagined how much our relationship could develop. You were just one of the group of those who got into technical school late. I remember that with T we called you rocket girl because your hair was green like a Tristana skin :p.
Over time you formed a group with T and Tr while I wandered around the classroom looking for a place where I could sit. I was never afraid to join your group, even if they said you were toxic and whatnot. You never gave me that impression.
I think it was the first time in my life that I felt so accepted by those I decided to call friends. You, more than anything, I can't describe the sense of the peace that you made me feel after those years where, one after the other, those who were my so-called friends ended up making me hate myself. I really liked being your friend and I would repeat the experience as many times as possible. I enjoyed every moment you let me come over to your house for lunch, growing up sitting together on a school desk day after day. It makes me feel happy to know that during all those years we spent talking about anything that could entertain us or about some hypothetical moral conflict, you saw me as a true friend. I always had that voice in my head that repeated to me that, deep down, you didn't like me or you'd just get tired of me.
I'm glad I can look back and know now how much you trusted me, always opening up and letting me paint my words, advice, comfort and affection in your mind. I smile every time I remember the difference of how I felt being your friend to what I lived since elementary school.
Words are not enough to express how much I appreciate you and how much I treasure all the mornings, afternoons and nights that we've spent together laughing, complaining, talking, studying, growing, living.
I was thinking of giving you this for your birthday, but I think it would be too much. Despite how long we've known each other and how close we ended up being, I don't remember ever giving you a gift. If I tell you the truth, sometimes I feel like it's because I don't think I can give you something you deserve, something that can make you happy for at least a few minutes, and it scares me to think that you might end up hating something that I give you.
You are an important part in most of my best memories. Playing and talking on the patio of your house, caressing Dana or laughing with your brothers. Walking through the corridors of the school and using recess to take advantage of the tranquility of the library. The conversations that could last for hours, at your house or mine, sitting in class or on the way out, by call or message. Sometimes I miss that feeling when I saw you arrive and decided to sit with me, because it meant that you enjoyed spending time with me, in the same way that I enjoyed spending time with you.
"Thank you for putting up with me" you wrote in a note that you left in my letter for the future from fourth year, as if it were something difficult, as if your presence was not something nice that made my days happy. I should thank you for everything. Thank YOU for putting up with ME, for being my friend, for paying attention to the bullshit I say and for letting it occupy so much of your life. Thanks A.
🐞Para A🐞 If you're reading this shortly after I wrote it, I guess you already noticed, but I haven't stopped liking you for a day since the end of third year. You are the person I liked the most, although you already know that.
It's wrong that I feel like this, I really feel that there is something wrong for me to continue thinking like this after knowing that my feelings lead to nothing. I wish I could try to stop liking you by force, but after knowing that you used to like me and after kissing you, I see it as impossible. Twice I tried and failed.
When the pandemic began I assumed that when we returned to regularity I would not feel the same, and I assumed wrong. When seventh year began, I felt guilty for not having been able to "get over you" and I was afraid that I would make you uncomfortable or that you would find out and think that I didn't value you just as my friend.
When you got with J I thought that might be it, but no. And I blamed myself for feeling that way about you when you were in a relationship.
It's stupid and pathetic, but having had to spend every day next to you two hurt me. I never hated your relationship, but out of my selfishness I distanced myself from the group. I tried everything to distract myself and accept that I would never be able to be with you.
2022 When I started uni I thought that maybe I would meet someone who would make me forget how I felt. For a while I tried to convince myself that I liked Dia. It was logical, right? If we got along so well and I saw her daily. I love her a lot, but I didn't get to see her like this. There was a time in my life where I questioned if I really liked women or the idea of ​​romance with a person just because I had no interest in anyone other than you. But that wasn't right, was it? If you were someone I was going to like for a while, a few months at the most. Sometimes I think that everything would be easier if I'd never had these emotions tied to your existence.
Around September we started talking again like before, and we hung out often and I hated not being able to just be your friend, wanting something more. I felt that I was betraying you, and I couldn't try to "get away and stop talking to you" because I didn't want to, I don't want to and I won't ever want that. I don't like to think of a future where the years go by and you are no longer part of my life.
When you told me that you still remembered when I told you that I liked you, I felt like I was going to die until you said that you remembered it as something nice. I imagined many reactions to that, but never that one. I used to feel guilty for a while. I really believed that since that day I had started to bother you every time we hugged or when we hung out. I was glad to know that all along it was all in my head and that you were not disgusted or annoyed by it.
The day you told me you used to like me I had to stop everything I was doing and sit down. I started to look at some trees and I was on the verge of crying. You had filled my head with so many thoughts at the same time that they seemed to form a kind of white noise that pretended to be silence for the minutes that I was immobile.
Once I calmed down, I was able to allow myself to feel and think about different things, but if I didn't feel something, it was hope, because you were with J and I knew it was a very nice relationship and you loved each other. I think if I had felt that way I would have completely hated myself.
I spent entire days insulting myself in my head "I'm an idiot", "how come I didn't realize it?", "why the hell did I reject a kiss from you?! If all that time it was what I wanted the most". I think I had gotten so used to not having experience in loving and being loved in this way that I had resigned myself to being like this for the rest of my life. You yourself repeated to me several times that I lacked love and yoeyweren't wrong haha, I just wish you were the one who could give it to me. I have blinded myself my entire life in a cloak of hate, convincing myself that I am unworthy of love, that there is no way anyone would like me or see me as cute or be attracted to me. Because I'm obviously boring, I have no personality, my voice is ugly, my face and body are disgusting, and so on. By closing my eyes all my life I lost the opportunity to have the most beautiful thing that could have happened to me. I wish I hadn't blinded myself.
And your messages did nothing more than open my eyes.
"I wonder why I liked you then if you're just funny, kind, understanding, attentive and sweet"
I would never have described myself like that, for as long as I can remember I haven't had a good image of myself. Seeing that from your eyes, I was that, made me very happy. Knowing not only that someone could see me that way but also that that someone was you, that made it more special for me.
"I wish I could have been with you to erase those thoughts with kisses"
I read the latter in a notification while in class. I couldn't concentrate and I think if someone had seen me I would have been red faced. I think those weeks I used the library more to read your messages over and over again than to study.
The point is that your messages erased many of my negative thoughts. With two days of your kisses and almost a month of your affection, you have erased a lot. If I could have been with you, I know that I would be the happiest person in the world.
Diciembre 2022
I got really confused in December. When you broke up with J at no time did I feel hopeful or anything like that. On the contrary, I didn't understand how you had come to that solution after everything I'd told you. You had just gotten out of a year-long relationship and obviously you were going to be damaged and confused. I didn't want to "take advantage" of you, so I just lived day to day with doubts.
At one point I tried to calm you down while you said that no one else was ever going to love you. My throat burned wanting to tell you "what about me?", "I want to love you" but the idea was to help you and not think about myself.
Maybe if I had made more selfish decisions I would be where I want to be with you, but I don't know if I would be happy with how I got there.
I remember that years ago I stayed to sleep at your house, before going to the attractions park, and you woke me up seeing me with such a slight but genuine smile. That day I wasn't sure what I had felt and I wasn't going to be able to understand it until recently.
We hung out more often in December, sleeping together, separated by a pillow, until one day I fell asleep while we were watching Howl. I woke up early while you were still asleep and saw your face glued to mine. Half asleep, I didn't even think about it, but I knew what I wanted the most at that moment, and I hugged you before going back to sleep almost instantly. That's when I felt again what I felt a few years ago, the happiness of seeing your face when waking up. And then you woke me up by pulling me closer, hugging me and using my chest as a pillow. You made me feel wanted.
Being able to sleep holding you felt like something that was missing from my life but I had no way of knowing what it was until then. The warm breeze of your breath on my face or chest, your arms squeezing my body and our embraced legs, the little jumps you hit in your sleep from time to time and the smell of your hair. It feels weird to describe it, it might even make you a little disgusted, but it was something that made it feel like I had rested for twelve hours even though we slept for one.
The day of the World Cup final I left your house after celebrating and you told me what you told me, and we talked about it the next day in the park. I was paralyzed.
Despite the times that I repeated the same thoughts in my head, I couldn't convince myself that surely that only happened because you missed him, that it was childish to get excited and think that you felt that way just because it was me. I guess I was a little stupid, but I was tired of living up to this miserable point in my life, never even having kissed anyone. And having the opportunity to be the person with whom I most wanted to experience everything for the first time (and if life went my way, the last) filled me with joy.
Noche buena
On the 23rd I went to your house having discussed what we had discussed, knowing that I could tell you that I wanted to kiss you, that what I wanted most since fourth year was to kiss you and only you. And... You beat me to it hahaha. You asked me if I would mind if you kissed me, in my mind I laughed knowing that I wouldn't mind at all. That I would like a kiss from you every day until I die. Accepting felt like making up for my mistake of turning you down in fifth year.
The following afternoon what happened happened and I don't know how to describe it, I felt somewhat privileged. I remember once telling you, when you were criticizing your legs and your body, that "I only saw 70% of your body, but I'm sure it's very pretty", and obviously it's okay that you have insecurities but for two days I was able to see you almost completely. and I realized that all the little things that gave you insecurity were beautiful. I don't understand how you hate things that I loved from the very moment I saw.
I think you are a beautiful being, in every millimeter of you, in every gram of your soul and in every second that I shared with you. And you may be beautiful but I don't like you just for that nor did I start to like you just because of how you look. There is something in you and I don't know what it is, but when we talk I want to keep talking to you more and more. Your voice is very beautiful; your expressions and your way of speaking; your laughter. God your laugh, the happiness it gives me to see you and hear you laugh is incredible. I know it doesn't make sense, but sometimes I feel like I love everything about you. I love your humor and the natural way we talk to each other, how affectionate you are, the way you balance between being someone calm and releasing a lot of energy that you had accumulated. I love your tastes in what you decide to see or read, because, although they do not always coincide with mine, they make you someone who interests me a lot. All without mentioning the little things that make you you, like your habits with food, how you spend your time, the difference between the music we listen to. I love when you react with a sticker or you're speechless to something nice that escaped my mouth and I ended up telling you. I love how candid you are about how you see the world and how you convey it. The tone of your voice and the noises you make when explaining something. How you close your eyes a little when I annoy you jokingly and your sarcasm when you annoy me. Sometimes a while goes by that we don't see each other or talk and when I hear your voice again it's as if I had forgotten it and fell in love with it again.
I don't have many photos of you, at most a couple of the ones you sent me and most of them don't show your face. But I treasure them because I can see even if it's your hair for a while and remember when I could caress it while you lay on my chest. When I see you again in person I am surprised again by how beautiful you are. By your smile and your way of being.
If there is something I want more than anything in the world, it is to be able to be yours, to be able to spend my life day by day knowing that I can kiss you and that I can admire you carefully without shame until you realize it. Knowing that you love me and that I love you, being able to sleep in each other's arms and being able to say with a smile that we are a couple. But I can not. And it would be so easy to cut you out of my life to stop feeling that way, get myself a new set of friends, and like someone I don't feel that way about. But I love being your friend, and I can't bear the thought of losing the greatest friendship of my life just to forget that I liked you for so long. If I disappeared from your life... What would you do? Or rather, what would you feel? If you knew that I exist and that I'm still alive where I always was, but we didn't talk or see each other anymore, what would you think of me? I just hope you understand that if I do something like this it's because I can't stand being in love with you anymore without having any conclusion.
It hurts so much to know that you don't feel the same way I feel about you. If you read this while I'm still alive, it may make you uncomfortable from now on, as well as you may not feel anything reading all this, which would be worse. I think that if something would destroy me it would be to be invisible to you, that these nights writing with tears in my eyes are just a piece of paper that doesn't cause you the slightest feeling.
When you told me you were back together with J I cried for the first time in a long time. And it wasn't enough because I continued like this without sleeping for several nights on the coast. I feel a little bad about that, it's not right to feel bad because two people make up and love each other. Since we're never going to be together, all I have to do is focus on stopping feeling that way about you.
It must be very strange for you to read all of this and I apologize, especially if it's a few years in the future. I just wanted to make sure you really know how I felt, to die with no regrets. Although if I had one left, it would be dying without being able to be with you.
If the day comes when we don't talk to each other anymore and the days go by and you forget my existence, or I'm no longer alive, I want you to know that almost since I met you you were my favorite person. Just seeing you made my days happy, hearing you talk, laugh or send me a video or photo about anything you do, gave me life. You never bothered me, I never hated you or got tired of you. Every memory that I have by your side I keep as a treasure and I hate the idea of ​​losing your presence in my life. If when I am old I suffer from dementia I pray so that the last thing I forget is you. If I'm grateful for anything in this life, it's for having met you.
I saw someone say that we should choose those who choose us, and I started to wonder if you would choose me. If you could only spend time with someone again and never see anyone in the world again would you choose me? I assume not, and I accept that. But I know that I wouldn't hesitate for a second to choose you, I would spend every second of my life with you. If my vision is taken away and I could only see one thing, I would choose you. If I found out that I only have one day to live, I would spend it with you, and when I close my eyes for the last time, when I take my last breath, if only I were by your side, I would die in peace.
Dia says that I don't like you, that I'm in love. At first it made me laugh because it sounds so stupid and sweet but I don't know, every day that passes I feel like it's the best I have to describe it. Sometimes I think that I have no right to have these immature feelings. But I guess it's normal not to be able to let you go if at nineteen I experienced for the first time what a normal person does at fourteen. Someone not so pathetic and desperate for love, your love, like me. Someone who at this stage of my life has already learned that you have to let go of those who can't love you. But I don't want to stop loving you, in my grave I'll keep thinking about you.
You once told me that the only person whose absence you wouldn't get used to if they left your life was me. I don't know why you thought I deserved to hear something so nice. And before reading that message I never wanted so much to repeat your own words to you.
It was recently the first time that I was able to tell you that I love you, and you me. It was only by text when you said hello to me on my birthday, but no matter the context I appreciate it for the power I give to that word. I feel that even though we have said the same thing, they did not have the same weight behind them. I know you never loved me nor will you love me the way I wanted to, but really, thank you very much for loving me all these years. Since I met you, you filled my days with a warm light that could turn a bad day into one of the best.
I find it curious that at this point in my life I consider you my best friend, the person closest to me and one of the most important people for my existence, you are almost like a pillar in my life. And yet, as much as I know about you, from time to time I feel like a stranger, as if I have only scratched the surface of who you are. And that only makes me want to meet you and discover you completely day by day, having spent 60 years with you and still being able to discover a crumb of your being, but smile every time I get to know you more.
Someday I wish I could be in the position and time to ask you if you still want to know what would have happened if we hadn't been so clumsy and ended up together, because there isn't a single day where I don't want to know.
It's so hard for me to accept that surely you'll never want to be with me again. That you don't see me the same way anymore, because it would mean that you never came to want me the same way that I want you. It's been more than five years since you entered my head and never left it, my heart flutters with shame or emotion just thinking about you.
Thanks for everything. Thank you for being my friend, for putting up with me, for not being disgusted by me and hugging me and telling me you loved me. Thank you for making me realize that beautiful things can happen to me, like being able to spend time with you, hugging and kissing you, being able to witness and share your existence.
It's weird because it feels unfair to think that I can go into a relationship knowing that I can only imagine myself wanting to be with you. That's why unconsciously I think I'm not looking for one, and I'm waiting for you. As much as it hurts me, I wait for you and I could wait for you for months, years, decades and I would still think of you. Because you are the person I want to hear laugh every day, you are the person with whom I want to share both our joy and our pain. I want you to be part of my soul and leave a mark of mine in yours. I want you to be happy and part of growing up is accepting that it doesn't have to be me and that I should be glad you find that in someone else but please God why can't it be me? I don't know if I'll be enough or if I'll be what you're looking for, but I'd love to try to be.
How many times have I told you that I really liked Hime's playlist. It's because most of the songs are about love and although I don't know what that feels like, they all reminded me of you. Every time someone talked about couples or something similar I could only imagine you.
You showed me a song, "amigo triste", which according to you reminded you of me. God knows how long I had it on loop because it was one of the few things I had to give me an idea of ​​who I am from your eyes.
I imagine that with time I'm going to mature and I'm going to truly accept that I can't want you if it doesn't lead to anything. But I would like you to know that in another life you are the best thing that happened to me. In another life, I would be more than happy just knowing that at the end of the day I can spend my time with you, that I live my life with you in its most mundane parts and in its most interesting parts.
In the meantime, I hope you are as happy as possible in this life. And if you don't mind… I love you
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2023.06.05 06:20 Small_Cap_Finder Would I be in danger?

So I met this incredibly beautiful woman on Tinder during my visit to Elpaso.
We are really kicking it off and she wants me to visit her across the border in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
She doesn't know English, not do I speak Spanish but we communicate via text.
At the end of the day, I've built great rapport with one of the most beautiful women I have seen in a while.
This almost seems too perfect & I wonder if I'm being baited into a dangerous situation by robbers or something.
And if I'm not being setup, I don't know what the chances are of being robbed, assaulted, kidnapped in that city.
Ciudad Juarez is literally one of the most dangerous cities in Mexico.
Am I overreacting here?
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2023.06.05 06:19 ThatDudeNamedJake This guy hasn’t shipped my figure in almost 3 weeks. Do I report him?

This guy hasn’t shipped my figure in almost 3 weeks. Do I report him?
OfferUp has cancelled the order 3 times already. He says he is “busy” but idk if I’m buying it anymore. Should I cancel and report him for scamming or something?
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2023.06.05 06:18 DudeNeedsToTalkRN What is going on in Senegal in 2023? Explained in details #FreeSenegal

Skip to the Last part for 2023 specifics reading everything would really enlighten you tho.
Location and Alliances
French Control / Neocolonialism
Senegal was a well ruled country despite its politics being mainly ruled by France from the shadow, France hold the reserve of CFA Francs currency and print it for 15 countries. 15 sovereign nations are entirely dependent on France's currency. France also control most of their seaports and has priority in every new market offering with mandatory acceptance for these nations. Despite its many resources Senegal is a very poor country it has gold, zircon, lots of sea territory for fishing, clay and many more industry needed resources and forestry that I can adequately explain. France also has military bases in most of these countries until recently they've been kicked out by Burkina and Mali. Recently lots of Gas and Oil sources have been found in Senegal and that could change the lives of millions of Senegalese citizen (keep that in mind as you read)

Abdoulaye Wade, Macky Sall, Dirty Politics and Spiraling Debt

3rd Mandate, Abdoulaye Wade vs The People (Macky Sall and Youssou Ndour incl.)

Link Archive Protest Youtube:
Link Archive Macky Sall Coallition :

Hopes, Justice, Regrets and Embezzlement of Funds

Dynasty Faye-Sall, War of Gains and Scandalous Deals (Petro Tim Oil & Gas)

Then slowely but crescendo new names started popping in the government, branded as the FAYE-SALL dynasty : Macky Sall, his wife Marieme Faye and the in laws Aliou Sall and Mansour Faye.
See here the BBC documentary that angered the Senegalese citizens:
See video here:
see video here:
The others (Moustapha Niasse, Youssou Ndour, Mame Mbaye Niang...)

The Claws of France gripping harder

Harder Living Conditions

The Rise of Ousmane Sonko

Macky Sall's 3rd Mandate, Sonko-Adji Sarr, 2021 Protests

Amnesty International Article :

2023 Protests

After sentencing Ousmane Sonko to 2 years of prison, he is at first kidnapped while he travelled back home from Ziguinchor occasionally touring the country ,held at home and the people are out protesting to end this masquerade, for Macky Sall to either leave Sonko alone and finish his 2nd term or to leave the country altogether.
There's already 600 political prisoners before the protest.
The police shot live rounds, beat up and runned over several people.
And a new type of tear cas that can blow your limbs.
The people are fighting for a better future. Macky Sall doesn't care about Senegalese people. Senegalese so desperate for a better future that many died at sea on shipwrecks trying to reach europe on rafts or canoes.
In 2019, 210 senegalese people died in the mediteranée trying to reach europe because there's nothing left of hope of a better future in thish country, in novembre 2020, 414 senegalese people died at sea trying to ge to europe according to IOM
The 2023 protest showed an escalation of violence from the police, the constables and the 'nervis' these paid militias that have gone increasingly violent with machetes and semi automatic rifles and handguns. Fighting along side the police they have killed 28 people officially many were shot.
The Freedom to tour the country that Macky Sall was offered by Abdoulaye Wade is what Macky Sall is denying Ousmane Sonko.
The 3rd mandate that Macky Sall thought for is what he is denying us all.
Abdoulaye Wade never asked for the police to shoot at civilians, under his presidency killing in broad daylight wasn't a thing, he may have been a bad tyrant but Macky Sall infinitely a hating arrogant good for nothing that is acclaimed as Political Genius a lapdog if anything.
A warzone atmosphere against unarmed civilians.
The government issued an order for the internet to be cut off
Everybody is using vpns to keep the outside informed. Today, June 4th the mobile data were cut off only wifi network worked in order to keep protesters at home.
A terrible rumour that spent chills down my spine earlier today a senegalese citizen called on live tv saying he saw DEAD BODIES IN REFRIGERATED TRUCKSS BEING THROWN AT SEA near the Diamalaye Beach. The senegalese citizens are enquiring about it. Some people have confirmed through text but I am yet to believe it until photo or video proof is shown. We are talking about mass execution I will not believe it until I see proof of it.
This a very long and tedious thing to write and I'm doing it because I am afraid the Senegalese people will be cut off from the world and die in the dark.
The sound of an entire nations going silent is something I have witnessed once and I hope I never do.
ECOWAS took a neutral stance may the wrath of God be upon them.
For once in my lifetime I wish for Military Coup if it means the killers will be stopped. Please save the longest lasting WEST African democracy.
Please Spread the word under #FreeSenegal. A senegalese fearing for his freedom.
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2023.06.05 06:17 Pro546 Intex PureSpa heating question

Hello, I got this inflatable Intex PureSpa 6 person hot tub from someone on Facebook and can't figure out exactly whats wrong with the heating. I set it up and turned it to 102 F, the screen displaying the temp only shows that its getting up to 91 F. I've had it on and heating for 3 days straight, when the water started it was at 65 F, after 2 days it got to 91 F and wont go any further... Is there something I'm doing wrong? Or should the cover be on while its heating? (Cover is off, but I have it inside the garage where its warm) I was thinking it could be the heating element, but have no clue on where to find the part online. Any thoughts or ideas would help, thanks!
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2023.06.05 06:17 Aggravating_Cut_4509 Something has happened with her and EJ

Something has happened with her and EJ
Just saw her insta and something happened between her and EJ.. I’m assuming everyone knows who EJ is (have only ever seen him support until now). Pics are from her story
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2023.06.05 06:14 butcheeksaflexin All I want in life is to be with someone who wants me

I’ve been dating my gf a long time. At this point I’m her roommate. We have fun with each other, we’re comfortable with each other, we like each other as people, but other than that there’s nothing else. I think she’s beautiful, I want her every day, but my gf has no sexual feelings for me, and so we don’t have sex. We’re great friends, which makes me even lonelier. It’s easy to break up with someone whose an asshole or abusive, but when the sole issue is they don’t desire you sexually or find you attractive, it’s much more a feeling that something at the core of you is wrong. It’s a deeper, more visceral kind of hurt when your partner wants you there to spend time around you and like your support for them, but reject all of your advances.
I keep in good shape, put in my fair share around the apartment, and am conscientious of her, and she says there’s nothing wrong with me that makes her this way, but it still cuts me deep that in a sexual way she’s disgusted by me, yet I’m still good enough for her to use for emotional support.
We’re seeing a sex therapist on Thursday, but I feel like the damage is already done, and you can’t force someone to be sexually attracted to you. Maybe something good will happen, idk, but my hopes aren’t up.
I tried breaking up with her a week ago, and got convinced that we needed to try therapy before giving up on everything. I feel like the doctor having the discussion of whether to pull the plug on the brain dead patient, how long do you keep it alive at this point when you can’t resuscitate anything, But here I am. Maybe something good will happen idk, good things don’t tend to happen often in my life though so we’ll see.
All I know is I won’t be in a relationship ever again where there isn’t mutual desire. It sounds like a simple, stupid thing, but it’s so important. Never wait for things to change, get out as soon as it’s clear you’re not happy and no change is coming on the horizon. Because before you know it, half a decade has been wasted and you’re back at square one, with one less friend than you had before. Be with someone who wants you.
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2023.06.05 06:14 mysterious12042 49 [M4F] #Fremont CA, Slim to thick who needs a good friend like I do? I'm right here 4 u..

Not at all common, but truly handsome no doubt. Don't come off with a fatherly persona nor do I act like I know everything. All tho I do know many important things, I'm not the only one of any adult age. I could pass for younger than I am easy. There's a lot of bud around me, clean cut, live in a very nice environment, I'm never broke, just a cool person to know. If I say I'm your friend that's a true statement. More of a giver than a taker in all situations. I'm 6"3 185 light skinned black and Latin. Pictures no problem. No pressure, but it would be nice to meet in person 1 beautiful day 😁👋
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2023.06.05 06:13 Mogwai10 This has never happened before

I’m sorry if this is formatted incorrectly or if I leave out details to not let myself be found out
Back in 05, during undergrad, I met this absolutely wonderful person while we were both RAs in our respective dormitories. For two years we dated on and off and we just somehow couldn’t fully connect. Something always felt off with her. She’d mssg me super amazing things like how amazing I am and such ( how would this not sound amazing to somebody)? Although when in person she’d act strange and sort of aloof.
I always chalked it up to immaturity or being shy. For two years we’d meet up every now and again and sleep together and she’d rush off. I was young so I didn’t want to play that jealousy card and figured she may also just want it to stay casual. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. I felt insanely lucky to even have the opportunity to be around someone who I found so absolutely beautiful. (She had the most perfect skin and piercing blue eyes that I still see in my dreams).
Years would pass after we “ended things” and never saw her again. But every year or so she’d mssg me on fb just to see or let me know she somehow thought of me. Every time all these years I’d also randomly just go back to those few date night that we shared. So it was kind of great to know she somehow thought of me. ( I say this because to me, I’m absolutely a ridiculously hideous man compared to how stunning she is. I’m a 3 compared to her being a literal 10. She was absolutely funny when she opened up and that would make me feel like I was the only one on the earth being able to even sit beside her).
Fast forward two weeks ago and a random mssg popped up on my fb and sure as day it’s her. She indicated that she had another dream about me and that she had to let me know. This time however, I’m currently in a relationship and live with my partner (bought a house together. Even moved to Texas from the Midwest.).
Since I didn’t think anything of it and figured she’d just make her comment and disappear like she always did, I kept the conversation going. Little by little she began stating how she still thinks about why we never ended up together (this was news to me as I always thought she just didn’t want to be with me completely). While interacting I find out she is neurodivergent so she mentions that perhaps while we were together that she maybe thinks that’s why she always seemed to be “off” and why we didn’t fully “connect”. ( I know very little of this so I have no proof and am not judging this comment from her)
This weekend she openly admits she is still in love with me and I was taken back because I basically left all of this behind assuming I just wasn’t enough. She is married with children yet she told me this.
I could never think of even remotely wanting this to be a thing, but I’m mostly just needing to vent because this was so big to me as a 21 year old and now being 40 it’s thrown a huge curve ball at me. I’d never follow through with this or even placate the idea.
I guess my question is, has anyone ever been in this situation and how does your world not shatter knowing a massive what if? My god my brain is running thousand of miles an hour of all those moments I still remember about her. But I don’t want them anymore. How I wish back then it could have been.
I have no one on earth I could talk to about this. And I hate it.
Edit: I will absolutely state I don’t want to be with this person. I never in my wildest dreams think someone would ever openly admit something like this to me. Especially from almost 20 years ago. I must end it. Before this gets worse or blows up to ruin what I have.
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2023.06.05 06:11 ZazyzzyO How would you compare the following tints/foundations to Mac Radiance Face and Body?

So, i have a love of finding a tint/foundation that works for my dry skin lol. I have 8 i want to try! But, rationally i don't need them all of course. But, like to try a new summer one.
Likes:I like light to medium coverage. Something that plays well with other products. I always wear SPF during the day. Dewy! Glowy! Luminous! easy to work with and minimally skin prep.
No Like :I don't like something that is sheetransfers/doesn't last long/ Matte or Natural Finish... I like to glow without having to wear a glowy primer.
But, so far i like Mac Face and Body... which is a classic of course. And, it's super similar to my Neutrogena Serum Foundation( i'd say a dupe!!!). I just want a tad more coverage. And, i have no need for a bunch of foundations that are all super similar you know(not only is it wasteful, but it takes me forever to finish a tint/foundation) .
SO how does the following compare to Mac Face and Body.
  1. Summer Friday Skin Tint
  2. Saie Serum Foundation - this seems most exciting as i saw youtubers say it has a great dewy look. But, is super finicky and u can't wear primers or SPF underneath.
  3. Nars Light Reflecting Foundation
  4. Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation
  5. No.1 de Chanel Revitalizing Found
  6. Rare Beauty Tinted Moisturizer
  7. Haus Foundation
Recent one's I didn't like for my dry skin( cling to dry spots or not glowy/dewy enough or if has glow it doesn't last long and sets matte on me)- Beauty Blender Skin Tint,Dior Forever Skin Glow, Smashbox Halo Tint, Saie Slip Tint, Ilia Serum Foundation
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2023.06.05 06:08 ZazyzzyO How would you compare the following tints/foundations to Mac Radiance Face and Body?

So, i have a love of finding a tint/foundation that works for my dry skin lol. I have 8 i want to try! But, rationally i don't need them all of course. But, like to try a new summer one.
Likes:I like light to medium coverage. Something that plays well with other products. I always wear SPF during the day. Dewy! Glowy! Luminous! easy to work with and minimally skin prep.
No Like :I don't like something that is sheetransfers/doesn't last long/ Matte or Natural Finish... I like to glow without having to wear a glowy primer.
But, so far i like Mac Face and Body... which is a classic of course. And, it's super similar to my Neutrogena Serum Foundation( i'd say a dupe!!!). I just want a tad more coverage. And, i have no need for a bunch of foundations that are all super similar you know(not only is it wasteful, but it takes me forever to finish a tint/foundation) .
SO how does the following compare to Mac Face and Body.
  1. Summer Friday Skin Tint
  2. Saie Serum Foundation - this seems most exciting as i saw youtubers say it has a great dewy look. But, is super finicky and u can't wear primers or SPF underneath.
  3. Nars Light Reflecting Foundation
  4. Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation
  5. No.1 de Chanel Revitalizing Found
  6. Rare Beauty Tinted Moisturizer
  7. Haus Foundation
Recent one's I didn't like for my dry skin( cling to dry spots or not glowy/dewy enough or if has glow it doesn't last long and sets matte on me)- Beauty Blender Skin Tint,Dior Forever Skin Glow, Smashbox Halo Tint, Saie Slip Tint, Ilia Serum Foundation
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2023.06.05 06:06 Chicken_manure Venting about teen daughter and a dumb dress.

Sorry I’m not sure if I’m even looking for advice or anything. I’m just so beyond upset and can’t sleep.
My 14 yr old step daughter is graduating and we asked her several times if she wanted to get a dress and make it special. She said no for weeks…. Until yesterday. She found out some girls are going all out, wearing dresses and such and now wants to hop on that train. We’re like alright great! She lives with grandma (that’s a whole tangent that doesn’t need to be explained) but they ended up going dress shopping together all day. She asked me to come but I was pretty busy with errands getting ready for some big events coming up later in the month. Didn’t really think much of it … she started sending me a few pics of night club dresses that didn’t fit her well. I told her no politely to basically every one as none of them by any means could be graduation appropriate…. For middle school.
I told her to check other stores and she declined. Finally she sends me this extremely tight body con dress very short. I say “NO. Your dad is going to freak out”
I didn’t even have the words to even ask why she’s trying these dresses on. So I tell her to come over and we can all go together. I take her all over to Department stores and bridal shops and she couldn’t be more turned off to everything. It felt Completely pointless. My MIL as I kept trying to include her opinion on options kept emphasizing “whatever makes her happy and comfortable”. I didn’t really pick up the ques. Finally we’re at home and I had some black tighter yet modest dresses but she didn’t like any of them. While changing out she says “btw we already bought the dress you don’t like. I just wanted to see what you had in mind.” I literally flipped. I was so angry and shocked I didn’t say anything went straight to my husband and MIL sitting together and went off on her. Nobody even asked for her fathers approval all day. So he tells her to try the dress on, and so she does and it’s beautiful dress don’t get me wrong. But not on a child. You could see every indent and curve and when she walked her butt was about to fall out. She kept saying how everyone at school is wearing stuff like this. What made us so upset was that she only chose the dress to fit in. I’m not even sure if she feels completely confident in this but she refuses to look at any other option. We’re not even a total modest knee to floor length family. We let her wear Nike pro spandex shorts and tank tops and what not casually. She wears dresses all her life so she knows what is comfortable and appropriate. My MIL started arguing with us that whatever daughters wants she gets. And it’s simply just not how it works. I could understand wanting this dress for homecoming or something which would make more sense. But this is just so out of pocket and her attitude was so stubborn and stern. We always knew this day was going to come. Come on, I was a teenager too and wanted to fit in. But time and place man.
I’ve spent the entire evening looking online for next day shipping on any and every dress similar to the one she loves but more appropriate. She has declined and sarcastically responded. I know she’s upset and wants to stay mad but I’m trying to help her give options cause I don’t want her to wear one of her old dresses and feel miserable. If it’s not this dress as the “new dress”. Then it can’t be anything else.
She said she’s going to return it, but she’s send multiple vids still wearing the dress and trying convince us that she can pull it down. (If you pull it down your chest shows). She keeps saying we should be thankful that she didn’t choose something more immodest.
My fear is that she’s going to wear this dress and walk and no one is going to tell us. I would be so disappointed for her to end the year off this way. She is an amazing person. Amazing grades and I can’t speak highly enough about her other than this hiccup.
It’s a stupid dress and stupid reason for me to lose sleep on. Idk what to do. I feel like I’ve tried everything. I even told her.. go size up on the dress and she refused. She said if she can’t keep this dress in the current size it is, she won’t wear it period.
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2023.06.05 06:04 metricsystem123 10 days in Switzerland/Austria in November- itinerary help please!

Going to Switzerland/Austria late November with my boyfriend and we are working on an itinerary, but feeling overwhelmed with how many must-see places there are since it all looks so beautiful. We are deciding between a Switzerland-only trip, or including some of Munich/Austria as well. We want to take public transit between cities instead of renting a car as well. Can anyone help us choose the better itinerary/provide any input on things we should skip or add to the list?
Trip 1:
Day 1 - Fly into Geneva
Day 2 - Geneva
Day 3 - Interlaken
Day 4 - Bern
Day 5 - Zermatt
Day 6 - Lucerne
Day 7 - Lucerne
Day 8 - Zurich
Day 9 - Zurich
Day 10 - Depart Zurich

Trip 2:
Day 1 - Zurich
Day 2 - Lucerne
Day 3 - Interlaken
Day 4 - Munich
Day 5 - Munich
Day 6 - Salzburg
Day 7 - Salzburg
Day 8 - Vienna
Day 9 - Vienna
Day 10 - Depart
We are leaning trip 1 but would love to hear anyone's thoughts/suggestions! We are so excited :) Thank you!
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2023.06.05 06:01 AutoModerator What a beautiful day today in the 828!

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2023.06.05 05:58 chickenwires Have you ever broken up with somebody you truly loved, and do you still miss them/think about them? Do you ever think about how things could have been?

My ex and I had a beautiful relationship, though it became very complicated. A lot of it was timing related but also to do with some mental health issues I struggled with. We met just after she broke up with her longterm ex, and we immediately knew we wanted to be in each others' lives, but decided to stay friends before considering anything romantic. After a while everything just fell into place naturally, and the transition to romance was seamless and easy. It felt like a dream - we were compatible in all the right ways, communicated openly, were honesty with each other, and fell heavily in love. We both constantly remarked on how we'd never felt something like this before, that we'd loved other people before, but nothing of this nature - and how lucky we were to have met.
However she was still not ready to jump into a new relationship, especially since she'd been in a relationship for almost all of her 20s and needed to detach/decompress from that, but also because her ex knew some of our mutual friends and she didn't want him thinking she'd been cheating or left him for me. I understood this rationally, but emotionally and internally, I started feeling anxious. My previous ex cheated on me and lied to me, and I was having trouble trusting that things would work out. This anxiety grew and began to have an effect on us because I wasn't dealing with it in healthy ways. Our communication started breaking down a bit, but then she asked me to be her boyfriend, and I thought it would solve things. She later admitted that she didn't feel ready, but was terrified of losing me, and thought diving into a serious relationship would solve the issues too.
In reality it just made things more difficult, because clearly neither of us were in the right place for a relationship. My anxiety spiked because I sensed she was rushing it for my sake, and her anxiety spiked because she felt she was moving too fast. Combined with both of us entering new stressful careers and working 12-14 hour days, our communication got worse. We started having recurring little arguments (less arguments, more just annoying misunderstandings), though we were never malicious or abusive towards each other. We were always kind, caring, and tried our best to communicate despite clearly being out of sync and not hearing each other properly.
By the end, it was easier for us to see in hindsight why things went the way they did. We cleared the air and talked it out, both started doing therapy, but ultimately broke up. She cried uncontrollably and told me she loved me more than anybody on this planet, and that we were still as compatible as we'd always been, but that there was too much stress and pain associated with our relationship, and that she needed to cut ties. She also hadn't had much time to just be single and independent as a young adult which I understand. I needed to cut ties as well so that I could focus on dealing with my traumas/insecurities via therapy and self-work, as well as focus on my career and passions. She said she wants to reconnect someday but that she also prefers to be pragmatic and meet someone new eventually because 2nd chances carry too much potential for even worse heartbreak (she's a very logical, pragmatic person...).
I really miss her. I've been casually dating lots of other women, have gotten into better physical shape than ever, been writing a lot and have made tons of new friends, but I often think about my ex. All of the good things, and the good days, feel a bit less happy than they should. I feel sad knowing that she's gone, and wonder what would have happened had we met at a different time or if I'd done therapy before meeting her. I live with one of her best friends, and I hear she's really enjoying being single and travelling and having flings and thriving at work. I often wonder if she thinks about me at all, or if the idea of a love as passionate as the love we shared is something that just disappears after a while for the person who wanted to cut ties.
Is there any possibility that she ever thinks about me or misses me? How did/do you feel being in her position?
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2023.06.05 05:57 ThrowRA9032489123 Situationship [23F/29M] wants to keep it "casual" and "have fun", but she always goes back & forth

We've been seeing each other for about 2 months. The connection is actually super strong and the sex is amazing. However, we've already been through like 3 different phases.
About her
She's 23, smart, great personality, beautiful, has a career, and travels often for work (weekdays). We match really well on a lot of levels.
She recently broke up with an ex at the end of March.
Phase 1: First 2 weeks (late April)
She was absolutely perfect. Texted back quickly, always caring. FaceTime'd. She initiated chats about how many kids she wants to have, her goals, and just life in general.
We spoke about everything honestly. The sex was absolutely amazing, and she even asked me if we could be "sexually exclusive" and if I "couldn't f anyone else". We agreed.
Unfortunately I was really negative in general, as at the time I was interviewing for new positions (job-related).
We made plans for a Friday she was flying back. I was really excited to see her. Then later that day before she flies back, she tells me she has to cancel. Apparently she had plans with a girlfriend and forgot about them, but she promised to come over at night.
At first I was a bit upset, then I was understanding as she had made those plans prior to us even meeting. I was like sure, sounds good, I'll see you at night. Around 7pm she becomes unresponsive via text.
Again another mistake I made was texting too much and coming across as overbearing.
She says this is too much and blocks me. I feel like shit for a few days, then move on emotionally.
Phase 2: May 2023
So I was feeling really happy, then I get a text out of the blue. She texts me and says we can talk. I was excited and immediately said yes, when and where. Tonight.
I come pick her up, we have an amazing night together. I avoid talking about all of the negative things and what I've said. She spends the night and I drive her back in the morning.
We saw each other a few times, went on dates. She said she really doesn't like what I say and how I judge other people.
She made plans with friends for a beach day on Sunday. Once again instead of being understanding I came across as overbearing. The problem is that I really wanted to see her and that ruins it
As I'm typing this I'm realizing that we have some unresolved issues we have to talk about in person, and never have. So they keep coming up.
Anyways, another block.
Phase 3: Now
She once again texts me a 3-4 days later. Saying we can see each other. I say when, she says maybe tonight but she's working (She has a restaurant gig on weekends sometimes). I say okay.
Anyways, she gets off and I ask if I could at least see ehr in person as that would make me really happy.
Fast-forwarding to the issue today
So! The issue is that she now wants to keep it "casual" and "have fun". She is also "not looking for a boyfriend".
I'm somewhat okay with it but also not. Because that means her going on dates with other guys and so on. It's a really shitty feeling honestly.
This is a total 180 from when we first met. Obviously it's my fault for being so negative and toxic, and a "walking red flag" as she puts it. I probably propelled her into this view and now it's difficult to change it.
What keeps me interested is: the connection is really strong, she's said "I love you" a few times during sex, the sex is amazing, and we align really well on goals. Unfortunately, all the things that make her not-attracted are what I said and not who I am.
Overall, my issues have been:
  1. Texting too often sometimes, overbearing
  2. Asking when I can see her, and this question itself becomes annoying
  3. Unnecessarily negatively of her friends (this is something that's wrong and I'm changing)
Thoughts? Advice? Thank you!!
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2023.06.05 05:56 EVRVic Thoughts on Kenzie’s no man diet?

Thoughts on Kenzie’s no man diet? submitted by EVRVic to KenzieBrennaSnark [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 05:53 GTA5Acidtrip M/39 F/25 I dated an escort and we were going to get married then something weird happened that I can't explain, your thoughts please?

We started dating I thought she was amazing. We started talking about a future together making future plans like moving in together and starting a family. Then I met her other escort friends. I saw a side of her I have never seen before, they were acting like total sluts sharing videos of threesome's they had with clients. I tried to focus on the person she was when we were alone and convinced myself that was her real personality. Then the next day we are having lunch at Denny's with one of her friends. She went to the restroom and I was talking to her friend about something personal that happened to my family that put me in a deep depression for years, a story I had previously shared with her as well. Out of nowhere she begins to insult me and embarrass me in front of the whole restaurant. Calling me a weakling and saying how she wants a real man, and that I can't protect her and other even worse insults. Her friend tries to stick up for me but quickly backs away because she started saying she was on my side. We leave the restaurant and while driving she puts that "you're beautiful" song on full volume and blocks me on Facebook and on her cell. We then have a blowout on the road, I quickly changed the tire trying to show her what I can do, she starts to cry and invites me to some events they were going to in a few days. She falls asleep in the back as we head back home, her friend starts talking about how I need to find someone who doesn't insult me and attempts to grab my penis. I put my travel bag over my crotch for protection. Later My gf wakes up and takes over driving. She is acting crazy, speeding yelling at the road and the drives, then tries to flirt with dudes in front of me when we stopped by to look for another tire to replace the spare. We finally get to her apartment when she says she doesn't want to see me anymore. I am still confused about what happened?
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2023.06.05 05:51 ChaTae95 Why I think season 1-4 works

I was thinking to myself as to why i found season 1-4 so much better than the recent seasons (especially 5)
I think i realize that in season 1-4 there are so many more filler scenes between conversations with your partner, or islanders asking you on your thoughts (checking in on you), or scenes with Li other than partner with the option to flirt. You actually get to see some personality in the islanders by watching them interact and have proper meaningful conversations or banter with each other.
season 5 was notorious for each scene after the other being the same copy paste format, and then getting interrupted at the end before we could reach a conclusion. at least in season 6, it seems we are for the most part able to reach conclusions in our conversations other than when a cliff hanger is needed.
maybe my memory isn’t serving me well, but i’m so very sick of the chat up lines and the writing in season 5&6. season 5 was worse with the “she’s so flames” and all the cringe dialogue. but i’m finding that the MC just has horrible responses half the time to people flirting. so sick of her smirking and saying “thanks (name) 😏” yuck! and i’m seeing this in season 6 too. I’m currently with Ryan (though I know all 3 OG boys are very similar) but i’m not the biggest fan of this 100% i’m into you on day 1. i don’t mind them saying “i feel like this can go somewhere” but half of the other dialogue that they say to MC is just going on and on about how beautiful MC is and how she’s practically our soulmate. look, it’s sweet, and i’ll accept it over cheating backstabbers because ofc the attention to our MC is nice, but it’s super cringey and you can’t tell me otherwise. the writing sucks! i wouldn’t complain this much if the writing was bad and they were fawning over MC with actual good dialogue, but every time all the boys open their mouths i’m like yuck,, how do you get girls? bella so far is alright, but it’s just all of the dialogue in general doesn’t have the same vibes from season 1-2. season 3 and 4 aren’t super cringe to me, i’m able to put up with it for the most part other than some really bad scenes (that singing scene in season 4 sheesh)
despite my complaining and whining, season 6 seems to be taking a step in a better direction than season 5 did. season 5’s writing was bad, not just the storyline and lack of options, but how the islanders talked made me want to throw up. y’all are 20+ years old, who talks like this. the writers are not doing their best work :,( cmon
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2023.06.05 05:51 ExcitementMurky9546 I (M23) really miss my ex (F19) and I don’t know if I should text her

I miss my ex so bad, should I text her I miss her? She (F19) dumped me(M23) and I went straight into no contact the minute she walked away from that bench in the park. I haven't reached out to her, I was hoping she would reach out but she hasn't either.
I really miss her, couple days and weeks before breaking up she was a little different but still telling me she loved me, then all of a sudden she wanted to brake up, saying that she wasn't ready for a relationship and that she didn't want to hurt me.
I thought maybe she was confused and didn't actually want to break up with me because of all the beautiful things she was saying to me just a few days before breaking up. But apparently she wanted to? I asked her if she had fallen in love with me during our time together, we were together for 3 months, and she said "I didn't fully fall in love with you" like what does that even mean?
I haven't contacted her since the day of the BU and I want to but I don't know if I should, I feel that I'd just be wasting my time and dignity, but you never know right?
TLDR: My gf of 3 months broke up with me, I really miss her and don’t know if I should text her.
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2023.06.05 05:48 boppityboopdeeda Hear me out: Lorde's Pure Heroine album is the soundtrack to ACOSF

Tennis Court:
Baby, be the class clown,
I'll be the beauty queen in tears
It's a new art form, showin' people how little we care (yeah)
We're so happy, even when we're smilin' out of fear
Let's go down to the tennis court and talk it up like, yeah (yeah)
Nesta in the nine months between ACOFAS and ACOSF with her "fun-friends" and snark.
400 Lux
We're never done with killing time
Can I kill it with you? 'Til the veins run red and blue
We come around here all the time
Got a lot to not do, let me kill it with you
Nesta + Cassian in the early days at House of Wind.
Also, Nesta and the House
[W]e'll never be royals (royals)
It don't run in our blood
That kind of luxe just ain't for us
We crave a different kind of buzz
Nesta + Gwyn + Emerie training
Nesta + Cassian bonding over their pasts
Buzzcut Season
And I'll never go home again
(Place the call, feel it start)
Favourite friend
(And nothing's wrong, when nothing's true)
I live in a hologram with you
Nesta + Cassian at the House of Wind
Call all the ladies out
They're in their finery
A hundred jewels on throats
A hundred jewels between teeth
The ball at the Court of Nightmares
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