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2023.06.08 17:51 GeeBoo_ Horrible thoughts are manifesting into real life

Hi all, I was quite scared to write this and I’ve been thinking of writing this for months now but it seems a lot of thoughts that are negative ranging from mild to devastating if they were to come true seem to be manifesting into my real life. I’ll give a few examples ranging from mild to the more horrible ones recently for anyone who’s interested. Some of them seem quite stupid in nature so forgive me.
I was out walking my dogs at my family home on our property and I had this weird feeling that I was going to see someone intruding. When I continued down the drive way I was scared to see that people were actually there. They cleared off.
I had a weird obsessive thought that someone would dispose of weapons on our property and a few weeks later someone sped into the driveway and dumped a pistol. We live in UK so that is super uncommon. We called the police and it was dealt with.
I have an irrational fear of people being sick, I am always super worried when travelling alone by plane I will be vomited on. On two occasions the person next to me almost vomited on me and I had to run out my seat to let them pass. One threw up in a bag as soon as I got up, close call! These events were dreams I had the day before I flew.
Another time on plane, when flying back from Norway I had a bad feeling about the plane and it was this unexplainable feeling I get before a thought comes true and I started thinking about what would happen if the engine failed, mid thought I was interrupted by the pilot saying we had to land as there was a failure in one of the engines. Everyone was okay and it wasn’t a big thing but I was still shocked by my thoughts coming true.
A few weeks ago I had that weird feeling again for no reason and I was very worried about my pets back at my parents. I got a phone call an hour later saying the vets wanted to put down my cat because he was dying.
The most devistating and recent obsessive thought surrounded my dog, whom I love like my child. I kept having these terrible thoughts he’d get cancer and last Friday he started coughing up blood, there is a tumour in his throat and the vets are convinced it’s cancer. He’s getting an MRI scan on the 13th of this month and I’m really trying to stay positive that we caught it in time because I don’t know what I’d do without him and with my negative thoughts manifesting I cannot afford to think negatively of this situation.
There a few other minor manifestations and this “unexplainable feeling” occurring with small things daily like when I’m gaming or when I drop a cup I’ll invasion the scenario seconds before it happens.
I also do have positive thoughts come true and manifest. I sometimes obsess over a topic of discussion for days that’s really unique and the exact topic will come up in discussion.
I do pet portrait commission work on the side in uni and business is slow because I’m focusing on my art degree but I always get a weird feeling or obsessive thoughts a few days before I receive commissions.
I also sometimes have dreams that come true like for like though this has only happened a few times in my 21 years of existence. My mother claims she and her sisters would have dreams predict future the future. In the past when my mum says she’s psychic I used to just shrug it off as coincidence.
I’m quite happy in myself, I look after all my plants and pets I have a peaceful home life, I battle with depression but as of late I have been focusing on things I like to cope.
I want to make it clear that I’m not religious I don’t believe in a God or spirits or ghosts etc, I’m atheist. All of this is quite overwhelming to me because I just want to deny it but too many strange things have happened for me to ignore it. I want to get others opinions with different views on religion and spirituality because other atheists look at me like I may be mad! Sorry if I come across as insensitive in this or this all just seems really stupid I’m really not used to writing about these kinda things. Another sorry for the very long winded post but I wanted to give as much detail as possible.
What do you guys think, any solutions to these bad things occurring? Any replies are appreciated.
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2023.06.08 17:50 AutoModerator [Get] Top Trade Tools – Hedge Fund Trender Download

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The Hedge Fund Trender is modeled after a successful hedge fund trading strategy used to manage millions of dollars in the markets. As one of three core strategies, the HFT helped our hedge fund win top hedge fund of the year honors in Futures Magazine.
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2023.06.08 17:50 EmpireITtech Random Devices Listed in “Not Connected”

Twice this week a handful of new devices appeared in my “Not Connected” list on the Xfinity app. I never received a notification that a new device connected to my network like I do for all other new devices I’ve ever connected to this Xfi network. I even tested this with a real new device of my own. The first time I thought maybe someone got onto our wifi, so I changed the pw to both the wifi and admin portal. But then it happened again the next day, so I checked all internal devices for viruses, but can’t find anything. The devices never show connected, and they are named very standard names like “Nintendo-F1DE” or “Samsung-0133”, as if they weren’t connected long enough for the router to determine all the more detailed information it normally does for new devices. Could this be something like the Comcast moCa poe issue? Or something more nefarious? I can’t find any logs showing these devices ever really connected, and the network otherwise is normal. Using Comcast Complete and their modem router…
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2023.06.08 17:49 justatest1122 [26/M] Non-creepy NS-FW chat!

Hey!!! Thank you for humoring me by clicking on my post. I wasn't able to give a proper description of what I am looking for in only 30 characters lolol All I ask is that you read and see if this is something that would interest you! I am open to all, men, women, etc.
I am looking for a friend (obviously). Rather, a friend I could share a proper and mature discussion on the Non-SFW side of life! It is not a ploy for nudes or a hookup, but rather someone genuine to discuss these things with, and hopefully stick around long term.
Have a question you feel awkward asking someone you know? I am all ears! Found a meme that seems too naughty to send to a friend? I would love to see it! Just want someone to get advice on your significant other? Let me hear it!!
Just to be upfront, I am a mostly straight guy. Everyone is welcome, but just want that to be upfront to not mislead anyone.
I hope to hear from you soon!! Tell me your favorite number so that I know you read this far!!! That way I can weed out the copy-pasters that spam all the posts lolol
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2023.06.08 17:49 Lumiere-x All Chapters Exchange

Hi guys! Here is the All Chapters Exchange.
I participated in one of these at the beginning of the year in the big Fanfiction sub, and had a lot of fun doing it. For this exchange, you post a link to your profile and the fandoms that you write for. You search through everyone else's until you find a multi-chapter fic of theirs that you like. You can offer to read and comment on every current chapter (chapters posted after this exchange begins do not have to be commented on unless you want to) in exchange for them doing the same with one of your fics. The two fics don't have to be the same amount of words or chapters, but do try to be fair (offering to read 15,000 when you're asking them to read 40,000 wouldn't be fair unless they ask foaccept that).
This exchange is different from the others because in the other exchanges simply posting your fic/profile means you're required to comment on someone else's fic. If no one asks to do an exchange with you, nor you them, or someone rejects your offer, you're not required to do anything more in this thread. But if you do offer to do an exchange with someone and they accept, you will have a certain amount of time to do the exchange. 48 hours is our normal time in this sub but since this is a multi-chapter (and possibly a lot of chapters) exchange, we are extending that time to two weeks for this exchange.
If you do participate in an exchange, please be considerate in your comments. Don't give simple "Nice job!" types of comments and instead let them know what you liked about the fic.
Happy exchanging!
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2023.06.08 17:49 Beautiful-Course8868 ThursdayMotivation

Satguru says that God Kabir Sahebji Ji comes in four yug with different names to bring his souls back to satlok by imparting his true spiritual knowledge to his souls but we don't want to follow path as satguru guides us. We worship according to our own way.
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2023.06.08 17:49 CatScratched1012 Communities for neurodivergent people?

It's been very validating to read everyone's experiences on this subreddit and I'm glad to know that I'm not weird, just different. This subreddit is truly a treasure to me, and I wanna know if you guys have any recommendations for communities similar to this one?
I wanna talk in-depth about all my special interests and the likes, but I don't know if I want it to always be in a sort of post format? I kinda just wanna chat sometimes. Perhaps you guys have any recommendations of groups on discord or something?
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2023.06.08 17:49 searchingformytruth Employers at the café I work at are apparently expecting me to train and mentor their employees because I'm more intellectually-capable/less disabled. They've withheld raises because of this. Do I have a case to sue for disability discrimination?

TL;DR: I have cerebral palsy and work part-time at a coffeeshop that employs disabled individuals. As I'm much higher-functioning, they expect me to mentor their employees, like a manager, but refuse to promote me or even give me a raise because I won't.
I currently work part-time at a coffeeshop that exclusively employees people with disabilities. Having cerebral palsy myself, I applied and was accepted for two jobs, working one 4 1/2-hour day a week in the café as a cashier and also a WFH position writing the company blog for 10 hours a week. I've been there a little over two years now and am still just making eight dollars an hour in both positions, even the WFH one.
I finally figured out why during my first performance review, which took place just seven months ago. Yeah, it took them over a year and a half to give us reviews, and only because I asked for one again and again for nearly six months prior. They finally relented in December and did it over ten minutes during a shift.
"Well, first, let's start off by saying no one is getting raises this year," the owner told me.
Perplexed, I asked for more details. I'm one of their best employees; they've told me so several times, so that's not a boast. I was hired at the start of the business, two days before opening, and I've made a ton of material contributions that have demonstrably improved the café over the years. I designed large parts of our company website before switching purely to blog writing, which I excel at and is a passion of mine. I took the initiative to create the product display on the front counter, so people don't have to squint up at the (rarely-updated) menu board. I was the one who suggested we add a large selection of board games to the café for use by guests. Etc. You get the idea. None of the other employees have done anything near what I've done for the company; that may be harsh, but it's perfectly true.
After asking why no one (and specifically me) wasn't getting a raise after nearly two years of good service, the owner said flatly that she didn't feel I was "stepping up" to be a mentor to the other employees. So I wasn't getting one, as I hadn't earned it, in her eyes. Uhhhhh...what? I wasn't aware I'd been promoted to manager! (I nearly said that, too.)
I'm not a confrontational person by nature, so I kind of just sat there in shock as she continued to talk about what she wanted to see next year. "More initiative." "Mentoring the others, lead by example." "Be more humble." (That one really confused me...until I got the physical report of my review, then it infuriated me.) Finally, she wrapped up by saying it "wouldn't be fair" to the other employees if I got a raise and they didn't. I'm sorry, but that's not how raises work....
Anyway, the review went nowhere and I got nothing that I asked for (specifically: a raise; more hours for the WFH position; and working afternoons on my Saturday shift, rather than the morning shift at 8 AM). Nothing. Then they sent me back to work and it was done.
Then I got a copy of my review emailed to me. It was the usual numerically-based performance review, yadda yadda. I scored pretty well (and should have gotten a raise because of that alone). But under the category of "Attitude of Gratitude" I was marked "unacceptable". The note by it said I needed to work on my leadership and mentoring skills. Needless to say, I was angered, hurt, and quite humiliated.
Being the nonconfrontational person I am, as angry as I was, I politely brought the issue up again, asking for clarification. They reiterated the "it's not fair" justification, in addition to the "need to step up more to earn it" point. The conversations went nowhere.
I am your run-of-the-mill café hand, not a manager. I. Am. NOT. A. Manager! Why are you expecting me to "mentor" your employees and teach them? Of course, I know why. They're asking me to do it because I'm very high-functioning intellect-wise, and pretty mobile physically. Simply, it's because I can, and none of the others could do what I can. That's harsh, but it's a statement of fact. The majority of their employees couldn't mentor anyone, but I can.
And that's why they're refusing to give me a raise, it's the real reason. Because they effectively expect me to act as an under-paid manager since I'm less severely disabled than the others. Since I obviously refuse to do that, they feel justified in withholding a raise or even promotions from me, and then try to hide it under the bullshit "fairness to others" and "refusing to step up" justifications.
I think this is textbook disability discrimination, which is hilarious in a dark way, as the company bills itself as being disability-friendly and exclusively hires people like me. I think I have a case to sue, and I might just win. I also found my copy of my performance review, which proves I would have earned the raise by score alone. I was even marked "successful" at the bottom of the review, which is obviously a passing mark in my duties.
Should I contact an attorney who specializes in disability cases? They've deliberately been withholding raises from me because I'm not mentoring and training their employees (and noted that on the review itself), when I know they wouldn't ask the others to do the same due to their more severe disabilities.
I'm honestly shocked they're doing this, and it has really damaged my image of them. They seem like really decent people in person; given this is their first time running a store, they might not even realize what they're doing is illegal discrimination. I would feel terrible suing them, even if I'm right.
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2023.06.08 17:49 Pokharelinishan Is "crosshair lock" at the end of warmup a little disorienting to anyone?

This is a minor inconvenience I have experienced. I'm not sure if others experience this regularly. If you guys do, I would then suggest Valve to address this.
When a warmup ends in a mm game, the crosshair suddenly locks...i.e. I can't look around the map, before the game eventually starts. Mostly of the time I'm running around (and moving my mouse a lot) and then suddenly when crosshair gets locked at the end of the warmup I experience a sort of disorienting sensation most the time.
A little bit of scientific explanation:
I'm sure you guys are familiar with motion sickness during gaming, especially for people who never gamed. Briefly, their brain knows they're sitting still, but the sensory input they're receiving from watching the screen is conflicting with that information and suggesting movement causing dizziness.
This scenario is kind of the opposite... my gamer brain is already adapted and coordinates the sensory inputs from hand and eye where I'm watching the screen move when I'm running and looking around. Now when suddenly I can't do that because of the crosshair lock, that new sensory information suddenly is conflicting with what my brain was accustomed to. This causes some sort of dizziness and disorientation in that particular instant. The moment of change is where the discomfort is for me, because after a few seconds I stop moving and my brain won't expect movement.
If others experience this too, then I would like to request Valve to remove the crosshair lock allowing us to freely look around. I am fine with the inability to move spatially. Shouldn't be a big ask.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.08 17:49 shining-sunflower I made my boyfriend cry for the first time in years.

I (16F) made my boyfriend (16M) cry because of my own anger. So I have been studying in a normal private school all my life but I recently moved to a very posh private school for the first time. And I have always dreamed of going to this school. And there was an opportunity to go abroad to an east asian country for a debate, a couple girls from my class enrolled, and it was too costly for my family (it was 2000 USD) so I was denied. I felt extremely upset because I have spent years trying to convince my old school to host this event and I missed this once in a lifetime opportunity which I have been preparing for my entire life.
So I was very angry, and I didn't know where to put my anger out. I tried to just eat it and push it down and I told my boyfriend about this. I texted this to him and he didn't know, and he showed his own schools event which was much more affordable than mine (10 USD). And his school is equally as posh as mine. So I was even more enraged and I told him that he irritated me, and that I was very upset because he didn't ever open up to me emotionally, and it's something I really crave. I don't know why I said this and in retrospect I really feel so dumb for saying that. He responded with him thinking that he I was bored of this relationship and I didn't mean that. By this time my anger subsided and I tried telling him that that wasn't the cause. He said he felt horrible and broken and went to sleep.
I felt even worse and I made a WORD document to help him open up, I didn't want him to feel broken, so I made a list of emotions and how to identify them, along with links to articles helping explain this. I sent him this word doc and a couple of songs and a very long text apologizing. I really felt truly sorry. Because the poor boy never cried in such a long time (in over 2 years) and I tried really hard to make him feel more open and this ruined all of my work and it's just because of my explosive anger.
He texted me and he told me that he cried because of me, but he didn't say it in a way to guilt me, he told me because I told him that crying was healthy prior to this a lot, and he wanted to show his progress. I said sorry again and again to alleviate my own guilt but he told me that he loved me and that he liked it that I was being honest about how I felt, which wasn't true at all. Like they say, you cannot see your reflection in boiling water. I feel so sad, because he truly is such a sweet, kind and innocent guy and I love him to death. He is so sweet and sooo loving and I feel so toxic and horrible for making him cry. I just can't shake this feeling off and I don't know who else to talk to.
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2023.06.08 17:48 Legitimate-Comb1131 "If a white man stabbed a bunch of Syrian kids, his race would be the entire story"

Relevant story: Relevant headline tweet:
Why do you guys think race is obfuscated when the perpetrator of a serious crime is non-white but plastered all over the news when they are white? Is this even a common trend or is it confirmation bias on my end?
Apologies if these posts aren't permitted on here, mods. I know it maybe comes across as bait but I'm genuinely curious to hear peoples thoughts on this.
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2023.06.08 17:48 throw4way01 I don't know what to do with my mother-in-law.

Hello. I'm seriously starting to blow up, I can't get my anger out about my mother-in-law. My partner and I have been together for 3 years, but his mother is a real dragon. It should be known that she is a woman hater and is not on good terms with anyone of the female gender, except for her daughter. It's a given that if you want to go over to someone's place, you ask the other person the day before if you can go over. But with her.. at least 2 weeks before she says it's good or not. That time, I just wait for the answer like an idiot. But that's only with me, if her daughter's boyfriend were to go there, she would welcome him with open arms. Nothing I do is good for her, it's never good for her, there's always something going on with her that nobody understands but only herself.
It should be known that my partner and I did not move in together due to financial reasons, but that doesn't matter now. I understand that it's mother-in-law's apartment, but I didn't see a grumpy woman who doesn't like people and is jealous of her own son's girlfriend, because oh, I'm going to take her little mommy's son, it's unbelievable. I have less and less patience with this woman, and because of this, my relationship with my partner is starting to deteriorate, because he doesn't understand how unpleasant it is for me and why I get angry and sad at the same time. Does anyone know what to do with this situation? Because I'm really starting to blow up from the nervousness she causing. Sorry it's so long, but I'm still very, very nervous right now. (Sorry for my english, I'm not so good at it)
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2023.06.08 17:48 Relative_Mix_216 Renaming Cheetah

So, I’m just kind of curious how the fans would feel if DC changed Cheetah’s species to, like, Jaguar or Leopard?
If you know anything about real cheetahs, you know that they’re are not threatening animals. They have very little muscle, low predatory instincts, they can’t retract their claws (so they’re worn down and blunted), very inbred due to a genetic bottleneck, would rather run away than fight, and they’re so shy and even-tempered they can be kept as pets.
Seriously, there’s no record of a wild cheetah ever killing a human, and they aren’t even considered real “big cats.”
(Look up “cheetah roar” if you’re in need of a good laugh today)
A cougar is more dangerous than a cheetah.
So, how would you guys feel if Cheetah was updated to a more dangerous species?
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2023.06.08 17:48 EzraGotRoyalSkills Hi you guys are really nice so I have a request

So, I wanna try a new name to see if hearing it would be worth the insults I'd probably get, but it's been 10 hours and no one on the trans tryouts sub has commented. So! Could you guys call me Lovey? My main pronouns are they/them, and if you used any neos in this id prefer love/loveself. I like writing and drawing and I want to make so many stories where everyone is represented!
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2023.06.08 17:47 Accurate_Chemist2897 Paid out big, advice moving forward?

On omegle video chat (not with my dick out btw) and came accross a girl that only typed, said she was 19, and had a nice body. She showed me her tits and asked for my ig and snap. Should have been a red flag that she wanted to switch services. I add her on ig and she doesn't accept me back which I thought was a little strange but brushed it off.
I ended up calling her and she was groping herself while I was masturbating for maybe a minute or two. All the while she would still send chats. Before this happened I didn't know the bitmoji that shows you're in chat would change if you're using snap on a browser because I've never heard of people do that - a red flag I missed big time on. Somehow the girl wasn't actually there and it was a video instead? The guy abruptly cut it off and started with the usual threats you see here sending pictures of the videos and the people you know that hell send them to.
At first he only wanted $100 and he said it'd all go away, that he would show me him deleting it. I really thought like I had no other choice because I wasn't looking at it rationally. I sent it over western union and I actually watched him delete the video, but it was the sfw one of me just on omegle. He started playing word games about it and said if i gave him $300 he would delete the nsfw one because its more 'valuable'. We must have gone through 4 different services to finally send the money because either my fraud prevention services from chase are excellent or his method of receiving pavement is shitty. Again, I watch him delete the second video. He even went through all the files on his computer and showed me there were no copys for 5 minutes. I was convinced it was over until he sent me a picture of an email to his 'boss' with everything uploaded to gdrive. My heart sank. He wanted over $300 and told me to give him a number. I asked him if $350 was fine and actually proceeded to send it but there was another error on his end that made it be pending upon review.
Since I couldn't just decline the transaction I pleaded for us to just wait for it to get resolved. After an hour of waiting I started coming to my senses and looking into this. I contacted a law firm for some preliminary free counsel and they confirmed what many posters on this sub say. I've retroactively gotten my money back already except for the last pending transaction and I've contacted all of the transaction services to get their account removed.
I want to take a break from the real story and say fuck PayPal for a minute because they were the only service who was going to potentially see me as violator of their tos and wouldn't dispute a transaction that's pending because I specified the reciever wasn't a merchant
Anyways, im sitting here now with all of my accounted deleted or blacked out except snap. I still haven't blocked the guy. I'm still scared of my friends and family seeing myself in that way. I'm in grad school at a new university and it would destroy me to have my new friends see me like that. It's hard enough for me to tell my old friends about this and I haven't even approached my family. Keep in mind, this has been going on for only 7 hours and I've treated like a job.
It's important to note that I haven't texted the scammer back as frequently and he reads my messages with delay now. He still thinks that transaction will go through after my account has been verified or some bs. I'm just finding it really hard to open myself up to the risk of having that stuff sent even though you all say it might be counterintuitive to even go along with it.
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2023.06.08 17:47 hmhmmmhmm Can a BTech Mechanical give GATE in CSE and apply for PSUs thru that score? (Not IITs/IISc)

I am Btech mechanical student (batch 2025) from a tier 2 govt college. I researched a bit and got to know that I can give GATE in CSE.
Please note that I don't want to join a college for MTech CSE but rather opt for PSUs after say getting a decent rank in GATE CSE (direct PSU call through excellent GATE CSE score) The main confusion is that: am I eligible? Will the interviewers ask me why did I give GATE in CSE and not in Mechanical? Or mechanical guys would not even be called at all?
Another question, I am of 2025 batch. Will GATE CSE 2024 score be valid for PSUs? (Or IITs for example?)
The reason I am asking is that I believe I can crack GATE CSE with much lesser efforts (I suck at mechanical but I am good in CSE, already earned a 1LPM internship in second year. Not flexing just justifying why I want to give GATE in CSE and not in mech)
Please help! Thanks in advance! :D
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2023.06.08 17:47 Slight-Blueberry-895 Stormworks wishlist

  1. Logic system overhaul/improvements. Current system is tedious and a pain to do, even for relatively small builds. Even just having the ability to filter out logic points that are already connected would greatly improve the system across the board, ideally an advanced filter system would be added, such as creating groups, filtering parts, etc. The need to not only use but also create microcontrollers for instrument panels feels excessive and unnecessary. Simplifying panels, or giving the option of a simplified instrument panel that does not need to use a microcontroller, would go far in decreasing the games barrier to entry.
  2. Built in GPS maps. The fact that this game does not have a built in GPS map, like those tom tom gps map things you see on older cars is absurd when career mode’s map doesn’t show where you are on the map. And before anyone says that it’s “realistic”, if fishing boats in the Bering Sea can have a GPS map during rough weather, I see no reason why a SAR vehicle wouldn’t have such basic equipment. The current career mode’s starter boat is kinda useless at the starting base for this reason, there aren’t many landmarks out in the ocean, and I shouldn’t have to use the workshop just to make the base boat functional.
  3. Radio console. A simple premade radio console with knobs and such would also be nice and simplify a decent amount of logic.
  4. Custom window, wedge, and pyramid dimensions and/or more of these blocks in general, and make them more customizable (ie changing the windows color to green or putting designs on wedges and pyramids)
  5. Small boats keep water out, don’t need a closed volume to be buoyant
  6. Sails
  7. 18th century weaponry
  8. Life rafts
  9. Emergency inflatable slides (for planes)
  10. Gliding
  11. Oars
  12. Premade vehicles for every basic need you have in game. There should be basic, cheap, premade cars/trucks, boats, etc that can fulfill most of everything you would need to do in game. Nothing particularly fancy, just simple builds that can easily supplanted by custom creations that can serve as references for your own builds or be stopgap measures until you build replacements.
  13. Search and Recovery. Unfortunately, not every SAR operation is successful. Missions about recovering remains would be nice and can add a decent bit of variety. For example, maybe a hiker found a body in a hard to reach place in the mountains, and because of that an offroad vehicle or aircraft is needed to get there, diving on a wreck to recover remains, or recovering a car from a lake. Other missions could also be diving for investigation critical components, such as black boxes or voyage data recorders, or even specific components that investigators want to find.
  14. More in depth rescue/injury mechanics. Stuff like sprained ankles, injuries, pregnancy status, health conditions, etc, requiring different things to heal/stabilize. This would also add a sense of urgency to each SAR mission, as now you can’t solve/delay everything by throwing a first aid kit at it. Maybe the local hospital doesn’t have the facilities to treat a time sensitive, so you have to transport the patient to a bigger hospital. Dealing with things like hyperthermia would also be nice.
  15. Boat materials (wood/metal/polymer)
  16. Amenities and furniture in general.
  17. Logging industry
  18. Fishing industry
  19. Debris
  20. Other SAR teams/companies to have a presence in the world and are able to be called upon if needed.
  21. Nuclear reactor disaster
  22. More variety and depth for SAR missions, such as an aircraft ditching in the harbor, an aircraft going missing and having to search for it, recovering lifeboats, a nuclear powered ship sinking and having to deal with the radiation, chemical tankers releasing toxic chemicals into the water, sinking an adrift vessel, stopping an illegal salvage operation etc. A cool idea would be to add in the possibility for major accidents to happen, such as a cruise ship capsizing, a nuclear powered ship sinking, or a military aircraft armed with a nuclear warhead being lost over the ocean. Another cool idea would be to add interviews with accident investigation teams after some accidents, such as when a ship sinks because of poor maintenance about what you saw. Obviously, the interviews should only occur for more major accidents and when the player could actually have relevant information. There could also be complications for missions, such as the ship still moving and unable to be stopped, the whole crew is incapacitated, etc.
  23. In the same vein as no 22, an overhaul of Search And Destroy as it pertains to the overworld would also be nice. Instead of simply having an AI that fights the player, how about having 2 major factions that fight each other, the local military and an invading military, with the option of creating your own faction to take over the islands. This would differ from the previous system by making it so that you would complete orders issued to you, such as patrolling a specific area, engaging a fleet, mining or demining a waterway, etc. At first, you start out doing gruntwork, but as you move up in rank the more you can do, such as sending grunts to do the gruntwork for you. You could also give the option for the player to make their own faction Another thing that could be added are pirates and pirate gameplay. SAD could also add in new missions and disasters, such as disarming mines from the second world war, serial killers, hijacking attempts, a fire at a munitions dump, etc. You can have a lot of fun in regards to disasters and special missions too, such as cleaning up a munitions dumping ground (like what the Norwegian military did, dumping thousands of tons of munitions into a river) or a sunken supply ship detonating (like that one off the coast of England) and dealing with the after effects of that.
  24. Hiring AI to do things for you, such as a doctor to administer medical assistance to survivors, a captain to drive a boat, SAR divers to recover people from the sea for you, etc.
  25. Passenger playstyle. Ferrying passengers around feels like a logical next step in the game, with factors such as reliability, how fast you can get to destinations, feats (ie having the fastest passenger ferry in the world even if it does not operate at that speed regularly or having the biggest ferry, etc), price per ticket, amenities(free or paid movie theatre, comfy seats, concession stands, is the interior a comfortable temperature, is there a barbershop and if so is it any good, etc) and necessities (do you have enough seats, is there a bathroom, do you have enough life preservers, if it’s overnight, do you have any beds etc). Options to run excursions with famous or historic ships, simple cruises/excursions to places around the islands would be nice too.
  26. Expansion of delivery and miner playstyles. Expansion of these playstyles, such as hiring AI to do parts of the job, either as employees or contracting out another company to, say, transport coal from your mine to the powerplant would go a long way to fleshing out these playstyles. You can even have the option to do smuggling runs of illegal or illicit goods. Smaller deliveries that can be handled with a van, or doing mail runs would be cool as well as oversized delivery missions. Increasing the variety of cargo to transport, such as transporting locomotives and/or cars for export would be cool.
  27. Terminal loading cranes.
  28. A R&D mode which would allow for quick and easy analysis of a creation where you get raw numbers on a ship’s current tilt, balance, engine performance, etc with the ability to easily change the weather and conditions of the environment and easily switch to build mode.
  29. Shipwrights. The idea here would be to overhaul building mechanics as it relates to career mode. Instead of being able to instantly build everything, how you can modify your vessel is limited to what your facilities can do. To get a brand-new ship, you would have to commission it from a shipwright. Before commission, you would have access to R&D mode to fully test out the vessal. Where the fun part really begins is that you can have an entire playstyle built around receiving commissions for ships by the AI (or even other players) for a desired vessel within x specifications at a cost of x amount for x amount of vessels within x timeframe with a bedroom made out of 50% windows at a height of x feet, or even upgrade/modify preexisting vessels as part of a commission or to flip on the market, buying older vessels of varying states and giving them a new lease on life. How many ships you can produce at a given time would depend on your facilities, which can be upgraded. Of course, there would be aircraft and land vehicle equivalents. You can even see the ships you produced doing their job in the world.
  30. Salvaging. Another playstyle that I feel would be a next step for Stormworks would be salvaging vessels either for scrap, refurbish them for resale, restoration into a museum piece, or simply to clear a waterway. You could even give the option to illegally salvage shipwrecks.
  31. Survey missions
  32. Survival suits
  33. Crabbing
  34. Flooding disaster
  35. Hurricane and super storm disasters
  36. Air conditioning
  37. Other ships coming to assist vessels in distress.
  38. Tropical islands
  39. Blimps, zepplins, and hot air balloons.
  40. Naming vehicles
  41. Rogue waves
  42. Supernatural phenomenon. My idea for this is that you would have two categories of phenomenon, explicable and inexplicable. Explicable phenomena would be phenomena that have scientific explanations for them, things such as ghost lights with scientific explanations behind them, maybe have some missions where you disprove the supernatural. Having everything be explicable, however, can be underwhelming so actual supernatural phenomena, such as fleshgaits (especially with SAR being the core theme of Stormworks), ghost ships, or alien encounters, especially if mechanics, such as SAR, are incorporated in it. Like, imagine a seemingly normal SAR mission turning out to be the rescue of aliens from a crashed spaceship and you have to transport them to a drop off point where the MiB is waiting, or a mission where you first set out to debunk the supernatural to then be assailed by the flying dutchman.
  43. More doors, buttons, ladders, stairs and hatches (ie: a traditional house door, car doors, glass hatches, etc)
  44. Panels that can be used as signs or “hatches” for otherwise external equipment (ie in order to access a fire extinguisher you have to open a hatch first, im sure there is a better word for it but I can’t think of it)
  45. Moonpools
  46. Pools
  47. More buildable/modifiable properties, especially for terminals. Could be expanded with the ability to flip properties.
  48. Races
  49. Competing manufacturers of equipment and engines that have varying strengths and weaknesses that improve as time goes. This would also make the game more accessible by giving new players the ability to easily access better engines while also rewarding those who learn how modular engines work by allowing them to jump ahead of the AI. Perhaps a system where you can lease or even produce your own engine designs could be implemented to further reward and encourage using modular engines.
  50. If the game becomes comprehensive enough, the ability to change which era you play in (1700s, 1800s, 1940s, etc) would be a really cool addition by adding in technological challenges of older eras. Additionally, there could be supernatural phenomena that isekai vehicles to and from different time periods, which could add in a whole variety of interesting missions and challenges.
  51. Built-in couplers for trains
  52. Wind having an effect on the player (exiting an aircraft and standing on its wing should result in you being yeeted off the aircraft)
  53. Pressurization
  54. Ingame tutorials like what From The Depths has
  55. A better openworld, NPCs, and RP experiences. The world of Stormworks feels very much dead, which is a shame because that is it’s biggest selling point for me over other building games like simple planes. It gives a reason for all the vehicles being built beyond simply being cool, you can actually DO things with it. I would recommend solving this by:
  56. Create actual population centers. Not huge cities, but small towns dotted across the islands with actual businesses and populations would go a long way to improving the game world, maybe have one or two cities on the island itself so we can do stuff with skyscrapers.
  57. Global traffic of personal, commercial, and government boats, aircrafts and land vehicles would go a long way to making the world feel less empty. Having npcs use a dedicated radio channel for chatter, and which you can interact with them through would be great. This traffic responds to ingame events, for example increased outgoing road traffic when a disaster is about to hit
  58. More realistic roads
  59. Navigation signs, buoys, etc
  60. NPCs operating gas stations, bridges, and industries in general.
  61. Relating to one, make NPCs not only interactable beyond being glorified money bags, but also interact with their environment. Such as trying to move away from fires, calling for help when they see a vehicle, moving towards a stopped SAR vehicle and climbing aboard, getting inside a vehicle of their own volition or swimming to shore when they are literally meters away instead of staying in the water and/or burning boat. Having NPCs interact with the player as well would also be great, such as thanking you for saving their lives, buying the player a beer as thanks if they meet in a bar, etc would be nice. Ideally, there would be a number of persistent npcs who have names, personalities and backstories. Such as Joe, an old sea captain who’s vessel is painted pink in memory of his 6 year old daughter who disappeared, and, if he thinks his vessel is about to sink, will desire to go down with the ship and be resistant to his personal rescue.
  62. Consequences for your actions visible in game. For example, if a casualty becomes a fatality, there is a funeral service held at the graveyard.
  63. NPCs having varying fluencies in English
  64. Missions with storylines attached to them, such as an archaeologist searching for Atlantis, or a group of sailors looking to raise the cargo ship they worked on after it sunk.
  65. Radio music channels
  66. TV channels, can also have a gameplay effect through amenities
  67. Newspaper with an obituary, some fluff news stories, generic articles, state of the economy, ships launched, details regarding the SAR missions you did or didn’t do, in game events, etc.
  68. Unmarked missions, for example lets say Captain Joe’s ship sinks, but Joe survives. Joe is depressed, but if you go out of your way to salvage and repair Joe’s ship and give it back to him he will be happy.
  69. NPC backstories being more then just a text in a box, perhaps a mission leads to you finding Captain Joe’s daughter, alive or dead leading to either a heart warming reunion or somber closure.
  70. News interviews
  71. Points of interest, such as abandoned buildings, natural wonders, historical locations, museums, heritage railroads, businesses etc with lore surrounding them and special missions for that location. For example, lets say there is a hot air balloon tour operation. There would be a few special missions pertaining to hot air balloons in that location. Or for the heritage railroad, their engineer called in sick so they need someone to fill in for the day.
  72. Flavor for missions, for example maybe a family of four reported in the burning boat and watch you put out the fires
  73. NPCs react like real people in the sense of physiological reactions, such as grieving, becoming frozen in shock, mental breakdowns etc.
  74. All disasters have effects (when applicable) in the overworld, such as destroyed homes, ships transported inland, etc. Having missions pertaining to the aftermath, such as removing large debris from roads and tracks to recovering missing persons.
  75. Visual deterioration of abandoned/sunk/crashed vehicles
  76. NPCs may try to take advantage of disasters, such as by robbing people on a sinking ship, looting buildings after a disaster, etc
  77. NPCs may panic and act irrationally when in a disaster, such as taking life jackets away from women and children, releasing lifeboats/liferafts early, etc
  78. Skills and attributes, such as consoling, leadership, physical fitness, bartering, etc
That’s my wishlist for now. I know it’s a lot, and some of it may seem to be a bit much, but I don’t think any single thing is out of the realm of reasonable possibility. The biggest appeal of Stormworks, at least to me, over competitors such as Simpleplanes is that there is a purpose behind what you build. I think that if Stormworks were to expand on RPG elements it would not only greatly elevate the game as is, but also expand the audience while enhancing the core experience.
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2023.06.08 17:47 Weak-Connection2374 Selling iphone 11 128gb

Selling iphone 11 128gb
Guys, I am selling my iPhone 11 128Gb. The phone is in great condition. Dm me whosoever is interested. Screen isn’t broken at all, that is the tempered glass crack.
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2023.06.08 17:47 endersgame69 Adopted By Humans VII C21

I cannot emphasize enough how large the Walker family is, and in the runup to their visit there was a lot to be done. Thankfully, when you’re the richest person on the planet, you can make things happen really easily.
We still lived in the same house, there was just, I don’t know… no need to get something larger. It was large enough to be comfortable and small enough to be cozy and just the right size for privacy and there was a room for everything. The only real indulgence it had was probably the library full of old books. Both William and Rebecca had a thing about those, humans get sentimental about stuff like that, sometimes. It was a quiet room to read in, and nothing more.
But, with this many people descending on the city, something had to be done. I reached out to several hotels and reserved enough rooms for everybody and then some.
I reached out to Roger at the local grocery, who then put me in touch with the local grandmothers who usually cooked there and I said, “On this date, there will be over two hundred people showing up from not just out of town, but from all over the world, and we have only one kitchen in the house…”
To put it shortly, after arranging for single big conference room at one of the nicer hotels, I had a dozen old ladies from a dozen different regions eager to share their cooking with us. Naturally it goes without saying that I paid everybody well… and the local grocery made a mint off my bulk buy of food for them to prepare.
Of course it wasn’t just a business deal, you may recall my mention of how the old would prepare food at the store, making it more of a community center where ingredients were stored than just a place of commerce?
Well over the years of attempting to build ‘community’ around themselves, those engaged in the service industry experience a tonal shift in their treatment. This was nowhere more pronounced than at celebratory events, family reunions, graduations, weddings… and in these events, those who worked at the event, were considered part of whatever was being celebrated.
So, grandmas could be grandmas. They’d come bearing food, and be treated like they were Walkers themselves. While Earth was still riddled with localized hierarchies in their general work atmosphere, a great many positions that are service based are not about server and served, but more as a friend or family member, albeit for a brief time.
Mistreating the one feeding you is considered one of their worst social gaffes.
To Latunde I gathered a roster of the number of pets that were going to be brought along, which was a substantial number. Humans are very fond of keeping animals around. So much so that after I got the total list of cats, birds, dogs, and bought enough from his store to ensure there was plenty to go around…I wrote up a proposal.
“In the event that crews ever become integrated with multiple species, a pet friendly policy regarding human crewmembers must be written. Many of them simply cannot be properly content without something to look after, ergo a program of pet placement and training should be developed as part of any plan to draw human and alien crews together for any extended voyages.”
If you’re reading after the fifth edition of this book, then you’re aware that there is now an organization that expressly trains certain work animals for life on board military and civilian ships and incorporates human crewmembers for that purpose, thus satisfying the peculiar human need to keep animals around.
That proposal of mine, I’m proud to say, is why that organization exists.
There was, of course, only one other thing I had to do.
I’d have to tell Lisa I was leaving. And naturally, I’d also have to ask her if she’d like to join me at the Walker family reunion.
I’ve learned a great deal about human relationships over the last few years. I still remember Halbert Jones, the young man who worked in the information technology department in the same cooperative as Fauve. He lasted all of one date because he couldn’t handle her place in life. After that, she would only go out with people who were related or at least connected to some form of prominent figure.
Some have criticized her over the years for this. But if those criticisms bothered her, she never showed it. For better or worse, her life was different, and so she would only see people who understood those differences already. Who could blame her for not wanting to go through that same experience twice? Nobody whose opinion would matter anyway, that’s who.
But other than that foundational nature that lead inevitably toward nepotism in some form, I learned a great deal from others. Most importantly the thing that had to be kept up was communication. Not necessarily about ‘everything’. Neither she nor Bonny Red would ever discuss with me whatever the contents of their ‘agreement’ with one another happened to be.
But in most respects… and that meant I’d have to explain things, I couldn’t just wait until the last day and then say ‘see you in a year’.
That would not go over well. Just as importantly, I don’t think a simple phone call would do for something of this sort. If I was going to take her on what humans refer to as a ‘date’ before leaving for so long, the least I could do was tell her in person.
Naturally I knew she wouldn’t be happy about it, but what had to be done, had to be done. I routed her ticket to her just as I reached the front door of her apartment. According to her schedule she wasn’t working today, and I promptly heard the ‘ding’ beyond the door that indicated she’d gotten the notice.
It didn’t take long for me to get a message. ‘Thanks for the ticket, I assume you bought yourself one too but… why so far out? You know we could just go today, right now, if you wanted. I’m not working after all.’
I knocked. I had a way into her place, of course. But it just didn’t feel right to use it when I didn’t actually live there and she was present to admit me.
‘Just a second, somebody is at the door, I need to throw something on and get it, give me a call in like five minutes.’
I huffed a little, it figured. She opened the door a moment later, she was barefoot and wearing a simple summer dress. There’s a funny thing about human fashion designs, they can vary wildly from place to place, with new ones coming out almost daily.
However the simple and practical ones seem to just ‘stick around’.
As soon as I saw her, I felt more than a little guilty, and looked down a little. “Hey, hey, my eyes are up here, buddy.” She said and waved her finger up and down in front of herself to draw my eyes up. Her smile faded a little when I didn’t huff or wag my tail.
“Hey, Bailey, what’s going on? Nobody is supposed to be sad after buying tickets to a waterpark.” She insisted and stood aside to let me in.
The door closed behind me, and I just ‘spat it out’, as humans say.
“I’m leaving Earth.”
I really don’t know what I was expecting. Some tears, a big hug and a plea not to go. Dismay, anger, confusion, maybe?
But all she said was, “I’m betting Bonny Red will owe me big for this one.”
I don’t know what she meant exactly, but she waved me over to her couch and said, “Just tell me what’s going on.”
Humans… they never fail to amaze me.
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2023.06.08 17:47 DuneManta Man, we really lost a lot of units in the new battletome?

I managed to acquire the new army box for a good deal, and while going through the book and war scroll cards, I first noticed the lack of Saurus Knights, which confused me for a bit. But indeed, they are entirely gone. Which really bummed me out because I own a fair chunk of knights and I'm not sure what to do with them at this point. But I figured I would also compile a list of everything that's gone, and if they have any sort of similar replacement, after going through the new and old books.
Don't get me wrong, I'm super happy we get a refresh and so many new and great looking models. But it's sad to see some units get the axe with no real replacement.
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2023.06.08 17:47 plantboompje M27 - Netherlands - Working from home day is boring

Hello everyone! I spend a lot of time on the internet because of work, so I thought hey, why not try a subreddit like this one! I'm not sure what I'm looking for, I'm a very chill down to earth guy. Everything in life interests me, that's not so good for my focus, but it is nice because that means that there's surely atleast something that we have in common that we can talk about! I love getting to know new people, online and irl. When I'm not behind the computer I'm usually hiking through the woods, or being a couch potato binging the latest show on netflix.
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2023.06.08 17:47 playwhatIfeel Ruminating about a last night interaction (I was drunk) + hangxiety

Hey guys.
Yesterday I went to see a band play. Some of the band members are friends. There were other friends there as well.
So I had some beers, more than what I intended (luckily drinking is not a habit for me), and I had an interaction with a girl who's friends with some of my friends. We've seen each other a bunch of times in other events. This interaction got me feeling uncomfortable and I've been ruminating about it. So, this girl basically knows that at one point I was into her. We can have a discussion about whether or not she was ever into me, but currently she's not into me. So we were talking about drugs, and she told me something about cocaine, that if she was going to do drugs, that would be her drug of choice. Also, I think she mentioned that she had experiences with it. I've had some experiences with cocaine in the past, but it's been years since the last time. I was never addicted to it and I don't ever want to do it again. I shared that with her. So, the part that got me concerned wasn't that I shared my drug experiences with her, it was the fact that I said something like "I'd like to see that nose of yours doing a line". Then she said: "you should get therapy for that". I said "I already see a therapist". She said "you should look into it further". And I can't remember what led to that, but in the end she said "I'm just a friend, you just can't accept it". Of course that I felt bad being friendzoned, but what's bugging me is the comment that I made about wanting to see her doing a line. I don't even want to see that to be honest, but I just said that because I was drunk and thought she would take it as a joke. I know it was a stupid comment. So now it's the next day, I'm in bed, anxious and thinking about it. Should I apologize? I don't think so. I probably just won't be so open with her like that. A part of me thinks she just wanted to "win an argument". She wanted to come off as superior, like "get therapy". Idk, I'm ruminating about it. Any advice?
I want to take a Clonazepam (2 mg) to relief my anxiety, but I'm kinda worried because I had alcohol last night. I've had hangxiety other times and I took Clonazepam the next day and nothing bad happened, but I'm kinda worried. Maybe I'll wait a little more.
Btw, this girl comes off as arrogant sometimes. She kinda has an attitude. One night she got drunk and told me: "I haven't fucked in a year, I don't want anything with anyone at the moment, it's not the time". And btw, I wasn't being agressive at all.
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