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STRONGER TOGETHER A community in its infancy, join and contribute to help create a positive change. This is community to advocate for the rights, health and wellbeing of pharmacists, patient safety, better wages, hours, and support against large corporations, predatory schools, unsafe working conditions, and to document the hardships within the pharmacy profession that most are often blind to.

2023.05.29 23:19 spacepharmacy chronic fatigue, help!

hi all! i’m 21F, 130 lbs, 4’10”, with confirmed diagnoses of anxiety, depression, C-PTSD, and i’m 95% sure i have ADHD as well. i’m currently taking 50 mg zoloft (1x/day), 200 mg wellbutrin SR (2x/day), 0.10-0.02 mg sronyx (birth control, 1x/day), 1000 mcg vitamin B12 (1x/day), 50 mcg vitamin D3 (1x/day), 50 mg zinc (1x/day), 250 mg vitamin C (1x/day), 10 mg propranolol (2x/day), and 200 mg magnesium glycinate (1x/day, but i might stop taking it because i haven’t had a solid poop in about a week). i feel like a walking pharmacy.
i’ve been under a lot of stress for the past 4-5 years (college, work, life, etc), and i genuinely can’t remember the last time i felt awake and refreshed. there’s always been some kind of stress in my life, whether it’s family issues, relationship issues, money issues, or anything else. no matter how much sleep i get, i’m still tired in the mornings. coffee and coke zero became my best friends, and when i mentioned this to my therapist she said it sounded like unmedicated ADHD. my psychiatrist didn’t want to immediately start me on ADHD meds (which is fair), hence the wellbutrin.
fall 2022 i took 20 credits to get more credits towards two degrees, and did not take care of myself nearly as much as i should’ve, both mentally and physically. december 2022 everything boiled over and i had a massive panic attack on the pavement in front of one of the dining halls at my university; it was to the point where i felt pins and needles in my limbs. i didn’t leave bed for two weeks after that one, and found out that i was going through derealization/depersonalization afterwards. it doesn’t happen as often these days thankfully, but my nervous system is very dysregulated.
after this i was put on zoloft, and was also put on wellbutrin shortly after. the weird thing is that the wellbutrin worked for three days and then just…stopped working. even with the upped dose (i started at 100) nothing feels different.
i just graduated this past weekend. i made it. that being said, the fatigue is still there. i can function pretty well, but the brain fog is horrendous and sometimes it just feels like i could pass out right there. it comes and goes. afternoons are horrible for some reason, but mornings and evenings are perfectly fine. i’m sitting here typing this feeling perfectly fine while an hour ago i felt drained. i know i don’t have addison’s disease or something similar because there would be a lot more symptoms (and i would’ve had a crisis at some point).
i don’t know what’s happening or why it’s happening but it makes me want to cry constantly. mentally i’m okay, but i could be much better (i’m not a suicide risk at all, please don’t worry). i’m grateful to be in a stable household and a stable relationship right now, which helps. my memory is shit and i have to write most things down or i will forget about them. what worries me is that this might begin impacting my ability to have a job, and if that’s the case then i don’t know what i’d do.
please, any help is appreciated. i’m planning on getting a blood test later this week because today’s afternoon episode was bad.
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2023.05.29 22:54 T-help SADBE rash spreading?? Need help!

Hi all! I am a first time Reddit poster. I did my second application of SADBE on may 20th. I had a compounding pharmacy but together 2% in DSMO. I used the same vile for the first treatment (dime size with a q-tip) on my bicep and 75 days later on the 2nd dose.
On the first dose, I had a reaction about two weeks later, an itchy, bump/rash that healed in a few weeks. This time around the bump and Rash started within a few days. Both times I left it on for only three hours, but that I did as good of a job blocking off the area (but I did cover it with those sticky bandaid things people recommend). The q-tip also has more medication on it the second time.
Since doing this on may 20th, I’ve started getting additional bumps and rashes around my body (on my forearm on the same side of my bicep, on my stomach, and now on both of my inner thighs (the medication didn’t touch any of these areas). I can’t tell if these are bug bites or related to the treatment.
Pics attached (ignore the bandaid marks). Does anyone have any guidance or I can recommend someone that I can talk to you? My doctor doesn’t know anything about this just prescribed it for me because I asked and I told him I wanted to try it.
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2023.05.29 22:49 toxicbitcx My life should not be threatened for $18 an hour.

I loved my job and I'm sad that I had to quit. All names are made up but are based off of real people and it was a 24hr store where I worked.
I started CVS back in November 2022 as Pharmacy Technician, getting paid $18.00 an hour in the East Coast. I was 19(FTM) living with my partner in the state over from where I was hired. It wasn't too much of a drive, just 25 minutes. My coworkers were the kindest, and so were many customers...
At the time we were under Jane Doe's care as she was the pharmacy manager. She hired about three other technicians who started before me, all hired for Full-Time. Jane planned on leaving CVS so she hired a pseudo-manager who worked for CVS prior to his other job, John Doe.
My interview was held upstairs in the storage closet while sitting on a cooler and Jane Doe sitting on a case of Monster, so I don't know what I expected, lol. I was warned in the interview that customers could get very upset, and I told her I understood what I was getting into and that I'm thick-skinned (which I very much am.)
Fast forward a month or so and I'm working about 25-30hours a week, alongside being a part-time package handler at a facility for the holidays for some extra money. I was also a student during this time.
The first time I cried at my job was in December. A customer and her partner came in at 10pm being inappropriate with her and her husband making jokes about how they're gonna do sexual stuff to each other later while I was trying to get her insulin out of QT... It ended up resulting in the wife asking if I was queer, to which I said I'm in a queer relationship. She then asked if I was trans and that she could tell I was before I could even say anything. I was not out to my coworkers as FTM (at the time there was only the Pharmacist and another tech there) and this made me very upset to be outed in this way at my place of work. I am a very cis-passing person (not that it really matters), so I wanted to stay stealth at this job. It was my first job fully identifying as a man, as I had Top Surgery in August and have been on testosterone for a few years.
I wanted to just be seen as a man and keep my personal life at home, not at work.
Having this be the worst experience I've had, I ended up crying in the bathroom and taking my 30 minute break right then and there. This being said, nothing else working at CVS had phased me up until these past three months.
Being the only buff kind of guy at my job, it was my duty to be the bouncer. I would kick people out of they were being inappropriate, rude, or straight up unprofessional. This one customer threatened to key my car, while another customer had threatened to shoot me on two separate occasions. I came home crying to my partner about these instances. For $18 an hour, my life should not be threatened.
I talked to my lead pharmacy tech about this at the time, but there was nothing that could be done because nothing happened. I used to be a manager prior to this job, so hearing this didn't make any sense to me. My last job would take action immediately, regardless if it happened or not because it was a threat. I should've gone to HR, but I know personally CVS HR does not care unless a Lead PT or a Pharmacist calls it in.
I grew to hate my job after this because I was scared. I used to love going in, helping to fill prescriptions and helping families out with their medications. I would cut out the company stickers that were given to us so it'd just be the smiley face without the "customers like you make us happy" shit on it. My favorite ones were the little bear stickers that said "We hope you feel better!" to give out to the kids. I'd let them choose, too! Or the really sweet older ladies who would come in a give me treats from the Costco to try through drive-thru, lol.
My hours started to get cut, and so would my coworkers. Once Jane Doe left, John Doe finally came in. He did make many things better, but with the company-wide hourly cut, it became ridiculous. I started with 25-30hour weeks, then got down to only 14 hour weeks, with coworkers (who weren't the lead PT or Pharm on duty) calling me in to help. Saturdays were the worst because it was just me, another tech, and a pharmacist who usually didn't work at that store. We would get so busy and it would stress me out so much but there was never any extra help.
This ended up with my pharmacist suggesting I travel around for work... I live in a whole different state and the CVS's that needed help were well over an hour away. I did this a couple of times, but it just wasn't worth it because of gas. For every store I was asked to go to, I would give it to my other coworker who was hired around the same time I was because he was only getting six hours a week!
With the hour cuts and the threats, my partner and I decided it just wasn't worth it for me to work there anymore. I miss my coworkers and my customers, but I have no desire to associate with that store anymore. I didn't even put a two weeks notice in, I just quit over text.
I didn't want to air my dirty laundry out, but does anyone else have similar experiences with CVS? Do you think I'm still able to go to HR about the threats, or is it not even worth it since I'm no longer an employee?
I'll answer any asked questions too. :)
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2023.05.29 19:15 anon45637 One of my personal experiences what ive never shared with anyone

This is just one Story from my personal project about my former drug addiction which i have named "A Little Bump in The Road" written anonymously i have posted this to reddit out of pure curiosity as i know from experience drug addiction is unfortunately never talked about enough i believe primarily because of the fear of judgement from those around them which is a very real thing unfortunately but i hope this story of mine inspires people who went through similar situations to speak up about their experiences and traumas from this awful rat trap of drug addiction [ Trigger Warning for any recovering addicts]
The Day That Changed my Life
This story im about to write is actually the last time i smoked Weed/hash,the first day i was able to hold my addiction by the neck and say no to be very honest i felt like weed was my closest friend and they had just stabbed me in the back i have been sober for 2 days and 18 hours at the time of writing and since then i have not thought nor considered returning to my old bad habits no matter how they made me feel , i had been smoking for almost a week completely alone except for a short while with my close family member until last weekend when i invited my friend over who coincidentally introduced me to hash back in late september of last year and everything was typical , he had never tried real weed , only synthetic hash and so his tolerance was next to nothing and after sharing a single spliff he began experiencing a very intense high which began to wear off only a couple hours afterwards so we agree that we should hit the bong and watch a movie. The mixture i used was about 10% dokha and 25% weed and the rest was just filler(tobacco) i assume the dokha content was too much because after a small inhale of the bong i begin hyperventilating , as i look back on the day i realise my blood sugar must have been very low as i hadnt eaten at all that day but it could have been anything , i breifly pass out apparently start seizing (Seizure) when my friend begins to wake me up i was barely unconcious , i was seeing black spots and did not recognise him i barely mutter out "who are you?!" after that i stumble to my bed and pass out and begin to seize again after that night i had realized i had almost drievn my addiction to a point of death , my need to get higher and higher until i couldnt feel a thing, my friend and i made a pact that we would both never do it again , we proceeded to burn the rest of my stash with a tin of lighter gasoline the motning after as my friend was waking up i put that bong in a plastic bag and smashed it against the floor , i was sitting in the spot where i was seizing last night , i put the residue of the stash in that plastic bag and threw it in the skip on our way to get breakfast at mcdonalds , after that i ordered 2-3x what i usually order , i was trying new menu items i had such a different mentality all i could think about is "what if i did die last night" after i pay for my order and walk outside where my friend was seated we see a young woman that had just fainted, she wasnt waking up and they even called a doctor from the pharmacy almost a block away it was just a very traumatic 12 hours that morning i saw it all as god looking out for me , the one night i wasnt smoking alone and where i had support , if i had been alone who knows what might have happened
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2023.05.29 19:08 SJAOPRT FREE Opioid Poisoning Response Training (St. John Ambulance Canada)

St. John Ambulance (SJA) Canada is offering a 2-hour Opioid Poisoning Response Training (OPRT) program that offers FREE online training and nasal naloxone to participants across Canada. The program consists of a 2-hour course delivered in a virtual classroom, which includes information on:
• Stigma & Harm Reduction
• How to respond to an opioid poisoning
• How to administer nasal naloxone
• Self-Care after a Traumatic Event
Participants who complete the course will receive free a nasal naloxone kit for use in an emergency. Naloxone is mailed and paid for by SJA. Naloxone is a medicine that rapidly reverses the effects of opioids on the brain. It is an important tool that can save the life of someone experiencing an opioid poisoning.
There are 2 different training streams to better serve residents of Canada:
  1. For individuals who would like to be prepared in the event of a poisoning in their home or community, Register Here.
  2. For frontline staff in the homeless-serving sector, Register Here.
This course is open to residents of all provinces and territories, with the exception of Quebec. Residents of Quebec can access nasal naloxone free of charge and without a prescription at any pharmacy and in some health care settings. Click here to learn more.
Please email us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) if you have any questions. For more information about our program, please visit our website at
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2023.05.29 19:04 SJAOPRT FREE Opioid Poisoning Response Training (St. John Ambulance Canada)

St. John Ambulance (SJA) Canada is offering a 2-hour Opioid Poisoning Response Training (OPRT) program that offers FREE online training and nasal naloxone shipment to participants across the country. The program consists of a 2-hour course delivered in a virtual classroom, which includes information on:
• Stigma & Harm Reduction
• How to respond to an opioid poisoning
• How to administer nasal naloxone
• Self-Care after a Traumatic Event
Participants who complete the course will receive free a nasal naloxone kit for use in an emergency. Naloxone is mailed and paid for by SJA. Naloxone is a medicine that rapidly reverses the effects of opioids on the brain. It is an important tool that can save the life of someone experiencing an opioid poisoning.
There are 2 different training streams to better serve residents of Canada:
  1. For individuals and communities facing barriers to opioid poisoning education and nasal naloxone, Register Here!
  2. For frontline staff serving the homeless sector, Register Here!
This course is open to residents of all provinces and territories, with the exception of Quebec. Residents of Quebec can access nasal naloxone free of charge and without a prescription at any pharmacy and in some health care settings. Click here to learn more.
Please email us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) if you have any questions. For more information about our program, please visit our website at
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2023.05.29 16:17 TrekJaneway Tech Support Love

Normally I loathe and despise calling customer support for pretty much anything. Hold times are terrible, the menus to get to an actual person never quite describe your issue, hell…even calling the pharmacy has me ready to hurl my phone at a wall by the time I get to an actual human being.
But…I’ve had to call Tandem and Dexcom over the years, and I just had my first call with Omnipod. Yeah, the menu is still a pain…but it’s not running in circles. I personally have never experienced a long wait time (though I may be unique there…I also call during oddball hours).
And the reps…holy crap, they are the NICEST people EVER. When I call, the first question I always get asked is “are you ok?” (because I’m always calling about a replacement part). I told a Tandem rep once “yeah, but I’m pissed I blew through a bunch of supplies to fix this.” The response? “Don’t worry about that, we’ll replace anything you lost. Are you physically ok?”
I literally cried on the phone with that rep. I had spent HOURS trying to subdue a low blood sugar…turns out my insulin was bad. Don’t ask how many sets I went through before I figured that out.
Well, same thing happened this weekend - bad insulin. Had a replacement pod on for all of 2 hours. Called Omnipod, the rep was super nice, asked a few questions, and my pod will be here later this week.
This disease SUCKS…but the folks working customer care (many are T1Ds or family of T1Ds themselves) get it, and they’re just lovely, lovely people.
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2023.05.29 16:07 OrangePurple2141 Walmart Pharmacy Supportive Personel Percentage

This post is for walmart pharmacists (staff and RXMs). I've been a staff at a walmsrt pharmacy for nearly a year now, the people are OK but I'm noticing a lot of toxic problems that I'm currently trying to fix and I'm getting so much shit from my coworkers while I'm trying to fix it too. The main problem im seeing now is our supportive staff percentage for the year. I'm struggling to find time to fix all the problems at this pharmacy because we don't use all our supportive staff hours (tech hours) and I've been asking the RXM for months now how we could use all those hours (because if we don't, they get cut next year as they did the year before) We're at 90% supportive staff hours, have 5 full time techs no part time techs. My RXM always has the lead tech make the schedule which as you may have guessed has led to so many other issues and as ive looked into adjusting the schedule, the lead tech has threatened to quit (behind my back, not to my face) if I take her schedule privileges away.
The main issue we have with the supportive staff percentage hours is that people take vacations and we do not put a tech in their spot to fill the gap of hours they are leaving behind. Our store doesn't really have the ability to do that because we only have 5 full time techs who work 40 hours a week and I've been told we can't hire a part time or another full time. I've also been told we can't pull techs from other stores or give our techs overtime while we are 40 hours down that week because of someone being on vacation.
The store is consistently behind, every weekend that I work I get us caught up (I as a pharmacist with 2 techs counted over 600 scripts on a weekend, i personally counted over 300 of those, got caught up on all the cycle counts, log copies, ect just for it to revert to being over 300 script behind later that week because of a vacation/sick day and we're 40 hours understaffed for that week.
I've voiced my concerns to the RXM, nothings really happened. I talked to the market manager and he was also really concerned about the supportive staff percentage. I really don't see the staffing issues at other stores that I see with ours (I pick up a lot of hours at other stores too). My market manager said I should keep talking to my RXM but it's not working and I'm not sure what else we could do realistically to get that staffing percentage up given all the barriers
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2023.05.29 15:57 dyquickr Is there an outpatient government position that doesn't involve the VA/other various questions/rant

Hey all, I'm a student (I know). I went into it genuinely enjoying the practice and the pace of retail as a guide for it and I've grown to love it in a weird masochistic way. The rant flag might seem odd for the title, but trust me it's coming. I had to get all this off my chest, apologies if it's not really as coherent as it can be. This does pertain to jobs and not school, but the majority of this word wall is job-related.
I've been at WAGs for the last few years as a tech and an intern. I love my WAGs, it's one of the small rite-aid conversions without a drive through and low script volume. I've been in super high volume stores as well, in different parts of the country. I have had other jobs as well, this is not my only experience, I know what it's like outside of the awful hour-cutting and metric-driven environments. I just like retail I guess. I don't mind putting in work to earn my money and it keeps me busy enough to not get bored.
I also really don't want to do a residency for various reasons. It seems like a rat race to MAYBE get an inpatient job with the right connections and experience and publications and everything. It's not like I'm not qualified to get one either, my GPA is near-perfect, I have a few publications (mainly inorganic chemistry related from prior, but I know the process), and I really have a good memory for guidelines and practices. I've taken every elective possible for ID, so if a PGY2 is ever on the table, it would be in ID. I like the problem-solving nature of it. The academia just doesn't bring me joy. I already got into a great program at a great school, there's just too much creep to justify it to spend the next two years of my life working at minimum wage to potentially get a position at an institution for less money than retail would pay, but I get to sit in a silent room all day with 4 other people. I also hate journal clubs with all of my being. I don't want to doxx myself, but my school's program heavily leans into clinical roles and is pretty competitive already. I enjoy looking deep into patient histories and avoiding/discontinuing polytherapy as I can while also finding the little mini details for optimization.
I always figured by the time that I graduate, I'd have about 7-8 years of experience at said company and I'd come into a pharmacist position with probably that sign-on bonus, a decent salary, and good seniority/vacation compared to other new grads. Worst case scenario, I graduate, I stick with it for two years, keep that bonus, and then move on to greener, maybe easier pastures to start a family and have other things once loans are paid off within a few years of getting out. I'll be aggressively paying this loan with as few and as cheap outside expenditures as I can at this time. The concept of floating and the DIY scheduling does not bother me.
Regardless, I've had a few rotations over at the VA, and I've absolutely hated it every time. It looks like incredibly boring, tedious, WFH, uninspiring guideline-humping work with other people who are more preoccupied with their journal club, snacking on whole foods all day, copy/pasting confusing template at light speed, and salivating at the chance to tell me I'm wrong or doing bad at something than actually read into patient charts and find genuine (sometimes apparent) issues. As a student, this process generally involves filling out worksheets and odd prompts while looking over a preceptor's shoulder and being afraid to ask questions on why the VA cuts typical guidelines or why certain strange guidelines exist there. I had a preceptor yell at me in a room full of people for sending a text involving scheduling on a Monday evening (like 7pm?), outside of undefined work hours. I had another preceptor who insisted on working from home every day and would complain to me on how I made them hire a dog walker for the 5 hours I needed to get in that day. It wasn't successful often, but it's always the student's fault for lack of scheduling I guess.
The VA has different, less stringent guidelines for everything it seems, it's a little hard to keep up with. It's not a welcoming environment, and it's academically and personally defeating, even if I know the content. I know my experience is different than the usual, and maybe I just got a bad VA to be in, but it left a bad taste in my mouth for the aforementioned reasons.
I had an IPPE rotation at a Kroger and a small hospital, both were excellent. They both loved me and I liked the environments. Kroger was my favorite of the two. I am convinced it is not me that is is the issue overall.
However, the potential for government benefits (pension, loan forgiveness, other niceties) gives me a little bit of FOMO. I've considered military pharmacy, but I don't think it would be the best match as in my free time I want to just live a peaceful and normal, and fulfilling life.
This led me to the title question: are there government outpatient jobs that are lesser-known and pushed other than inpatient or ambulatory care at the VA? I enjoy patient interaction, cold calls aren't my favorite activity to do, and research may interest me but I feel I'm too far along to make the decision into it to start building connections to jump in right after graduation. I would like to be in a suburban/rural leaning location so I can be the best help to my patients to help them get what they need. I want to help people directly and I want to get fairly compensated for what I will do, just wondering if there's a couple lesser-known unicorn government jobs to maybe dive into a little bit. I don't need to make the most money or be pampered, or to be the greatest story ever told: I just want a happy life with a fulfilling way of helping those who need it.
I love you all, I love this subreddit, and I appreciate the wealth of knowledge y'all can bring to a confused and frustrated student. Thank you.
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2023.05.29 15:31 Gumbybum Lore Discovery Part 3/3: Fishbones, Flatwoods, and Colonel's Burning Secret

Disclaimer: This post is long, so you may want to save it and read it later. Also, I put a lot of time into both researching this and writing it up. So if all you have is negative feedback, kindly keep it to yourself. Finally, there’s a lot more that I’ve been looking into beyond the scope of this write-up. If you’d like to join my exp-LORE-ation efforts, please let me know.
Recap: Part 1 establishes that Colonel is the same kid who was playing with his “baer frends” at the Palace of the Winding Path. Part 2 establishes that Darius Angler was the author of the 4 Untitled Poems.
Edit: Hyperlinks don't seem to be working so I'm manually pasting my references to parts 1 and 2.
TLDR (mad spoilers up in here): Fishbones led the raid that killed Colonel and all the Responders in Flatwoods, and he could very well be Darius Angler’s brother. Colonel may have been up to something nefarious with the children of Flatwoods (but not in that way). Ra Ra might be Ward’s granddaughter. And it looks like mole rat teeth are used to craft Day Tripper.

We Begin at the End: November 2096. 13 Bridge Street, Flatwoods, WV. Responder Colonel died in the raider attack on Flatwoods, along with just about every other Responder that resided there. The raiders attacked because a Chem Addict stole all their food and chems and fled to Flatwoods. You can find her body and holotape just West of the river. But before we get to that, we need to look at what Colonel was up to before he died. Most people probably overlooked this detail because they haven’t explored Flatwoods since they were level 3, and at that point they didn’t have a jetpack or the Marsupial mutation. But Colonel’s front AND back porches are completely railed off. If you make it over the front railing, you’ll find the corpses of Colonel and (likely) the raider that killed him, Colonel’s second “Survivor Story,” and a stroller with an intact doll in it. Colonel was the “caregiver for children” in Flatwoods, so the stroller may have once been for an actual baby.
But on the back porch, Colonel was burning books, files, documents, and the contents of a mysterious duffel back on his grill. Colonel definitely had a secret and he was literally trying to burn the evidence. And that secret was his past with the Diehards and Darius Angler. If you follow the road West out of Flatwoods, you’ll eventually arrive at Hillfolk Hotdogs, which is the site of Untitled Poem #3 and the former home of Colonel when he lived with Angler as a child (you can find one of his “baer frends” on the kid-sized bunk bed). But inside the bus(?) at Hillfolk’s, you’ll also find similar documents and a duffel bag, just like the kind Colonel was burning in Flatwoods when he died. As a matter of fact, there are other similarly suspicious duffel bags and file caches along the Ohio River. And this takes us to Ohio River Adventures.
Fishbones is a Dirty Rat Bastard: In the exact same way that the Diehards returned to Crater, a former territory of theirs (and site of Untitled Poem #2), the Diehards also returned to Ohio River Adventures. Now, O.R.A. gets overlooked because there is no main quest line that keeps you returning to this area (maybe the grind for Raider Rep), but this place is former Diehard territory too. Now, it is critically important to know that both Fishbones (Bones) and Blackeye are O.G. Diehards. Blackeye was almost certainly Colonel’s 1st grade teacher back at the Palace of the Winding Path. But what about Bones? Well, my friends, I bet I’m about to tell you something you didn’t already know:
When Margie McClintock died in 2096 (as inferred what Rose tells us during the main quest), Meg Groberg took over and soon thereafter led the Diehards out of Appalachia before returning years later (that, you already knew). You probably also already knew that before Margie died, Meg and the other Diehards went against protocol and “shot first” when robbing people. Meg was a true raider in all the ways that Margie was not. But what you probably didn’t put together is that Margie died around the time that Flatwoods was attacked. According to the Chem Addict from Flatwoods:
“Chems Addict: Well, this is it I guess. Rock bottom I think they call it. I still miss him. Billy. I knew he was too young for me, but he made me feel good. Though it's the old Billy I really miss. The one who used to do nothing all day with me but listen to the radio and drink. I shoulda got out sooner when Billy and his buddies started torturing little cats and dogs. His friends... were no good. But that didn't stop me anyway. I can't believe my wake up call was watching people's heads... get stuck on spikes. So... what is an old gal like me to do? Steal all the food. Steal all the chems. And get the hell out of there. *laughs* I'd trade my last bite of food just to see the look on their faces. Oh, I know it's going to piss off Billy's friends, but I don't give a damn. I tell myself I should feel sorry for the little town across the river. But if I'm being honest, and that's what this tape is for, I don't really care. I call myself an addict, but it ain't the chems that finally got me. It was always Billy.”
I want to emphasize the “heads on spikes” part, because that’s something Margie would never tolerate. But Meg on the other hand let raiders be raiders. The other thing that I want to point out is “Billy.” I’m not saying for certain that this Billy is the same as Darius Angler’s brother, but I am saying that technically no body was ever recovered from the molten steel, and Angler didn’t see the accident happen because he didn’t work at Grafton Steel anymore. It’s possible that “Billy Angler,” who didn’t quit because “he needs the money,” could have taken out some kind of insurance policy, named his chem addict girlfriend as the beneficiary, faked his own death, and skipped town. Do I know for certain that this happened? Of course not. But what I do know is this: FISHBONES’S REAL NAME IS BILLY!!! The reason he’s obsessed with the letter B is because that’s his first initial. You see, at first I thought the raiders that wrecked Flatwoods were Cutthroats because of their whole feud with the Responders. But then I learned that the Flatwoods attack was caused by a bunch of chems that the Addict stole, and the Diehards were Appalachia’s great chems supplier (thanks to Angler). Furthermore, Fishbones’s current operation is spiking Mirelurk meat with an addictive substance (chems). And since Bones is an OG Diehard, it means he was the piece-of-shit raider that attacked Flatwoods and killed Colonel.
A Bit About Bruiser: I found a few interesting details about Bruiser at Ohio River Adventures, but nothing too profound. We know that he used to play football, his mascot was a “battle bear,” and that he spent some time in a vault. The likeliest conclusion from this information is that he’s from Grafton, given that’s the only high school in the region with a football field and it’s next to the makeshift vault that formerly housed a few raiders before the BOS took over. If you look up the IRL Grafton High School, you’ll find that it’s on Yates Ave (likely the namesake of Sofie Yates, a Responder turned Raider in Flatwoods) and their mascot is the “Bearcat.” Also, all the varsity jackets in FO76 have the letter B on them, but that’s more Fishbones’s thing. But none of this has anything to do with Colonel or Angler, so let’s move on.
The Charleston Cartel (2079-2082): From the Charleston Capitol Building terminal entries, we know there was a massive chem trade happening in Charleston at this time:
“Name: Matoukas, George
Date of Crime: 10.09.81
300 Block of Oak. Based on anonymous tip, Responder Atkins found subject peddling vast amounts of illegal chems out of his home. Over 300lbs of illegal chems found in the subject's basement.
Matoukas sentenced to 5 years hard labor under close supervision, with possibility of parole for good behavior. Chems were seized and destroyed.”
Since the Diehards’ operation at the Palace of the Winding Path effectively ended with the great rapture of ‘79, it only makes sense that the Diehards would have to adapt their drug trade elsewhere. If you actually look for raider activity in Charleston (outside of the courthouse), you won’t find a lot, but what you will find is very telling of their operations. You’ll find a dead raider at the chemistry workbench inside Hornwright Industrial Headquarters. You’ll find a few dead raiders in/above the pharmacy on the south side of town. And you’ll find a dead raider lurking outside the doctors’ offices (which is NOT the hospital) to the north. And this takes us to Dr. Joseph.
Dr. Joseph was a psychiatrist in Charleston who practiced both before AND after the Great War. He had the authority to refer patients to Allegheny Asylum and write prescriptions; Prescriptions that would be filled at the pharmacy on the south side of Charleston. To one patient, P. Davis, he prescribed Day Tripper. This insightful detail is why the Diehards were operating in Charleston in the first place. As many seasoned players have observed, Day Tripper is not craftable in this game; You can only find it out in the wild. Consider the following terminal entry from the Palace of the Winding Path:
“Log: 12.29.77 Since the war, incense ingredients have been hard to come by. We started rationing weeks ago, in anticipation of this, and doses are much lower. The sedative effects of the incense are a priority, to keep people from freaking out.
I've begun to improvise with some other ingredients and found some creative ways of stretching the supply, at least until things return to relative normal. Other chem supplies are plentiful.”
So here’s what I think happened. If the Diehards were in dire need of Day Tripper to make their custom chems (see: Making Incense), and the Responders had a healthy supply of Day Tripper locked inside a pharmacy in Charleston, and there was also a doctor who wrote prescriptions for Day Tripper, then all the Diehards needed to do was register a new patient with Dr. Joseph. Enter: Darius Angler.
Darius Angler was batshit crazy (if in doubt, refer to his manifesto). Angler, who now resided at Hillfolk Hotdogs, was also just a short trip up the New River from Charleston. He would periodically visit Dr. Joseph, get his prescription filled like a meth-head scoring Sudafed, and used the trip as a cover to smuggle the refined chems into the city. Essentially, I think he just made a loop around the southwest “island” of the Forest (area surrounded on all sides by 3 rivers, referred to as “Zone D”). The loop around Zone D functioned as a supply chain/assembly line for producing the chems that were being smuggled into Charleston. There’s a lot of suspicious stuff happening around here: Raider activity, duffel bags/files, bridge control, coffin conspiracies, etc. that I had to edit out for length, but I’ll try to summarize it here.
Hillfolk Hotdogs is where Angler and Colonel raised mole rats for reasons I’ll explain later. Follow the Ohio River south and you’ll soon come to a boat that’s not far away from a crashed truck loaded up with industrial chemical barrels (useful for producing industrial quantities of chems). South of that is a tent with a duffel bag. Further south you’ll find a 3-story house with suspicious files and a duffle bag hidden in the attic (just like at Hillfolk’s). South of that are some dry-docked boats with a chem box and a duffel bag. Even further south is Ohio River Adventure (a current Raider base of operation that served a similar purpose back then). Southeast of there, by Lewis & Sons, is a little “boat” with 2 stuffed bears, which I think was left behind by Colonel as he reenacted his river adventures with Angler using his bears. Southeast of there is a floating Nuka-Cola structure with a submerged safe guarded by 2 more bears, one of which has a liquor bottle. I think this is a dead drop and the bears are another work of Colonel’s. Heading East up the River you’ll find a raider-operated “store” at the end of a questionable bridge. Further east is Charleston, where George Matoukas was distributing the chems. And on the return trip down the New River is another dead drop directly beneath the Bridge on the west side. It’s a safe by a couch with a bear and Jangles (I think Jangles is supposed to represent George). Again, I think that this big loop is a supply chain/assembly line for moving chems and the components needed to make chems.
The smuggling operation also deviously involved Colonel and his “Baer Frends.” If you jetpack up to the very top of AVR Medical Center, you’ll find two people who OD’ed on chems, each with a stuffed bear next to them. So I think that either the Diehards were sewing chems inside Colonel’s stuffed bears and using them as drug mules to smuggle chems into Charleston, or that Colonel just climbed to the highest point on the hospital (as he did at the Palace and later in Flatwoods) and left two bears as a memorial. But I’m leaning toward the former because of an unmarked location in the Savage Divide that I found. It’s southeast of Bastion Park right at the bend of the monorail line. It’s essentially a fire pit with a bunch of stuffed bears thrown in it with a few dead party-goers around the area. I think this is the location where the Responders destroyed all of the Chems, bears and all, that they confiscated from George Matoukas. Speaking of George Matoukas….
Curious George and the Rocket: According to the above-mentioned terminal entry, George Matoukas was apparently the only criminal who the Responders sentenced to hard labor rather than exile. If you go to Rollins Labor Camp (formerly Rollins Work Camp), you won’t find a whole lot there other than Blood Eagles. But what you WILL find at the very top of the crane structure are two stuffed bears and a Jangles. Colonel, as a child, had a thing for playing with “baer frends in high places.” I can’t say with any certainty what happened here, but maybe Angler was the one who gave the responders that “anonymous tip” because Matoukas was starting to rub off on Colonel, and Angler didn’t want him growing up to be a Raider. Matoukas gets sentenced to hard labor rather than exile, with a change of parole pending “good behavior,” which means “snitching.” So maybe Angler took Colonel to visit his “friend” at the labor camp (visiting hours are a thing), Angler introduced George to a “rocket,” and Colonel used his toys to recreate the scene. Or not. Who knows? But what I do know is that the shitty poet (Angler) moved on from Hillfolk Hotdogs to go to the Cranberry Bog, and I think the Christmas Flood gave him the perfect reason to leave.
Untitled Poem #3: I’m intentionally skipping Untitled Poem #2, partly because I haven’t found much deeper meaning to it, but mostly because what I think it means is little more than conjecture. #3, on the other hand, I feel like I can make sense of it:
“white cedar leaning against the shadow of our river
peeling like asylum walls
hobbled together around dignity that died long ago
simple things to jumpstart fogged memories
holed as teeth hidden in tin
we leave our things pinned
winning only the stuck wings”
I think the phrase “white cedar leaning against the shadow of our river” is the title of the painting in Dr. Joseph’s office. Or at least that’s how Darius Angler would describe it as if it was some kind of Rorschach test. “Peeling like asylum walls, hobbled together around dignity that died long ago” is a reference to the office wallpaper, and perhaps another one of Dr. Joseph’s clients, Daniel Boone.
“Patient: "Boone, D"
Interesting case.
Patient responds only to "Daniel Boone" and indeed seems to believe himself to be the historical figure by the same name. I'd heard that some of the hillfolk can end up a bit off after lack of socialization, but I'd not expected to see such a case.
Advised that he be sent to Allegheny rather than the Penitentiary for further observation.”
There’s only a VERY narrow window of plausibility to suggest that Angler is Daniel Boone, so I won’t. But this entry seems to refer back to Untitled Poem #3, with worlds like “hillfolk” (as in Hillfolk Hotdogs), “Allegheny” (as in asylum), and “the historical figure” (as in dignity that died long ago). I think the line “simple things to jumpstart fogged memories'' refers to the Souvenir Magnet on the fridge at Hillfolk Hotdogs, and I think it came from Lady Janet’s Soft Serve (not Cow Spot Creamery). “Holed as teeth hidden in tin” refers to the mole rats that he was raising with Colonel at Hillfolk’s (the cat bowl on the floor is for the mole rat that walks around the trailer like Fry’s dog from Futurama, just waiting for Colonel to come home). And “we leave our things pinned, winning only the stuck wings,” refers to Angler’s (and Colonel’s) escape from the Diehards. I’m assuming this event took place just after the Christmas flood, once the chem operation in Charleston was destroyed with the rest of the city. But if you remember those dead raiders I mentioned earlier, there are a few more. Outside of Dr. Joseph’s office is a dead raider next to an ammo box. Well, next to him is a makeshift bridge that goes over the highway. And if you keep going in the same direction once you step off the bridge you’ll hit the southwest corner of Wade Airport. Immediately in that corner past the fence is a locked truck-trailer (watch out for the mine) with 2 more dead raiders and a power armor chassis (sometimes). I think the last line of the poem refers to this exact event, leaving his power armor (and compatriots) pinned in the back of the trailer so he can steal yet another Vertibird. Angler flew the automated aircraft to Watoga. Why? I don’t know. But it explains how he got to the Cranberry Bog and why his body can be found just a short distance south of the city.
Untitled Poem #4: Just like #2, I don’t have any deep insight into the specifics so all I can do is speculate. I’ll spare you the details. But what I think it’s about is the very end of his relationship with Colonel. I think the time Angler and Colonel spent together in the unmarked cabin southeast of Sunrise Field was just Angler teaching Colonel to be self-sufficient (hunting, trapping, maintaining weapons and whatnot). I think that when the scorched attacked Harper’s Ferry in 2086 that there was also generally increased scorched activity in the eastern half of Appalachia. The poem describes Angler providing cover fire to, or perhaps just drawing fire away from Colonel as escaped through Big Bend Tunnel, later to be found by the Responders. But again, like with #2, all I can do with this poem is speculate.
The Mysterious Mole Rats: This is a question I’ve had for almost 2 years now, and I think I finally figured it out. Back at the Palace of the Winding Path, there’s a lonely mole rat that lives in the computer room by the garden. There’s also a dead mole rat next to a dead raider pilot by a downed plane that was headed to the Palace from the north. I didn’t know what the Diehards needed mole rats for because I was only looking at the Palace itself. But the answer to this question is found at Lady Janet’s. Everyone thinks that the two bears in gas masks by the chemistry is just a Breaking Bad easter egg. But I think it’s yet another “baer frend” reenactment left behind by Colonel. Do you remember how the cultists at the Palace ran out of ingredients to make the “spiritual incense” and had to improvise? Well, one of the substitute ingredients they used, and the reason they were importing mole rats, and the reason the Diehards took care of the children like they did, is found in the baby carriage at Lady Janet’s.
A basket full of human jaw bones? Yeah…. Teeth. Or more precisely, “baby teeth.” I suppose mole rat teeth would do in a pinch, but as messed up as it sounds human baby teeth were preferred. This is why the Diehards at the Palace were taking care of those first-graders; because six-year-olds shed baby teeth like it’s raining molars! This also answers a question you didn’t even know you had, and it takes us back to Flatwoods. Here’s a note written by Jeremiah Ward who lived in trailer in the town (and the Ransacked Bunker before that):
“I, Jeremiah Ward, resident in the town of Flatwoods, county of... not sure.
Being of sound mind, and not acting under... duress. Mostly.
Hereby declare this letter to be my last will and testament.
Mia gets the house, and everything in it.
It ain't much but that's all I got to give and... she's all I got.
I know she's still alive.
The Responders say the dogs got her, but I know it ain't true.
They been real good to us. Teaching an old geezer like me how to really cook is something. I'll give em that.
But I know they lyin about those dogs. I seen em in the hills. There's some bad folks scoping us out. They took my granddaughter, I just know it.
I'll get you back, Mia. I promise.”
Mia, a baby who slept in the crib in that trailer, was abducted by raiders. And the only raider gang that ever had any interest in kids was the Diehards. And when you remember that the Responders had a foster care program that would later be run by Colonel once he was older, you’ll remember that a shit load of children went “missing” when Billy (Fishbones) attacked Flatwoods. And if teeth (baby, mole rat, or otherwise) was the secret ingredient in Angler’s chem recipe… and Colonel was Angler’s apprentice for a number of years before he joined the Responders… and Colonel was the caretaker of all of the children of Flatwoods… then exactly what was in those documents that Colonel was burning on his back porch?
Full Circle: So after everything, the Diehards lost their crop of children at the Palace of the Winding Path in 2079, but took the children of Flatwoods and left Appalachia. When they came back, they put Fishbones (Billy) in charge of the Ohio River Adventures operation, who is now spiking the mirelurk meat with a potent chem. It’s totally possible that Ra Ra is actually Mia Ward (Jeremiah Ward’s granddaughter). Hell, it’s even possible that Jeremiah Ward is somehow Ward from Foundation. Since Colonel was obviously keeping, and subsequently burning, secrets, I’d say he was also inclined to keep his raider past a secret as well as the truth about his adoptive father. Like he said in his Survivor’s Story, “he was bad.” Perhaps the reason he kept his Diehard history a secret from the Dassa and the other Responders was because he knew that the Responders were the ones punishing and exiling people back in Charleston. But this whole story began the day Darius Angler decided to get revenge on Grafton Steel. And if his brother hadn’t actually died after all, then it would explain why Angler stayed with the Diehards for as long as he did rather than returning to the Free states. Regardless, this entire story began and ended with Billy. “It was always Billy.”
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2023.05.29 14:16 ThrowRa_lif3advice Ptcb and medication dosages

I bought the ptcb practice exam and some questions that i got wrong required me to know the dosage and administration for some drus, ex: bisphosphonate drugs (fosamax) is only used once a week, not once a day.. and another was, how long do fentenal patches last, which is 72 hours, and so I got these questions wrong, I don't work in a human pharmacy so Idk where to find this info.
Was wondering if anyone knew any helpful quizlets that contained this info for the ptcb?
Or just any helpful quizlets for the ptcb/ important info to know?
All advice helps
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2023.05.29 14:04 Sumptuous-Petrichor AITA for insisting on pedialyte?

Just got back really ill from a trip with my husband. Never had this bad an infection before (strep?). It's 5 am and we're both up from jet lag and he asked if there was anything he could do while I was crying in pain. I asked him for pedialyte. The others 'energy drink' and 'liquid IV' have something in them that make my throat burn like it is on fire. I can barely swallow, but I can keep pedialyte down and not be sob crying in pain with every sip.
Husband insisted I use his pharmacy for prescription pickup, which doesn't open for another 3 hours. He wanted to wait to get pedialyte then. I asked him to please go now to help me, and he said he wanted to wait until 9 to do both errands at once. Heres where i may be the asshole, i begged him to go get me pedialyte or google a 24 hr open place that may have it. He has finally stormed off to (I hope) get some pedialyte so I have some fluids in me. Havent been able to eat in >36 hrs.
Am I the asshole here or am I asking too much of him?
Update: he came back 45 min later and decided to turn it into a full grocery shopping trip. Fml
Update: showed him thus post and his response was to ask if he'd really been gone for 45 minutes. Then he dropped off a bottle of the stuff he wanted me to drink this morning instead of pedialyte and woke me up to ask me to just try it.
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2023.05.29 13:58 cucumberpopsicles Sleep hygiene struggles/venting

Hey! I figure this is the only place where I can let everything out and people understand. Warning: It's a lot lol
I've officially been diagnosed with type 2 for less than a year, but I've had symptoms since a teen, which then worsened to the point of seeking help as an adult. As I'm sure most of you know, doctors always tell you to practice sleep hygiene. And that's what they told me for a couple years while in college until I stopped asking for help for a few years because nothing helped. I have a new doctor and I really liked that he took the time to go over all my prior testing and history with symptoms. I got switched from Modafinil to Armodafinil. It took over 2 weeks to get it because the pharmacy filled Modafinil instead and then Armodafinil was backordered. It's been nearly 2 weeks since I've had it filled but I haven't started because I'm still struggling to force myself to go to bed at a reasonable time like the doctor wanted. It doesn't help that I'm a night owl. Aside from this last week, I also cut out most caffeine after 2pm per the doctor. I say most because I sometimes don't realize I'm still slowly drinking the same energy drink during a busy clinic after 2pm.
I've started going to the gym after work with my sister but I'm not getting home until almost 9pm. By the time I shower, eat, and unwind for a bit, it's midnight or 1 am. Even when I can sleep at a reasonable time, waking up is so so hard so the gym is easier after work. I'm also trying to go back to school, but I'm worried I'll quickly burn out due to narcolepsy and possibly undiagnosed ADHD which is its own struggle to get help with. It's only been recent that I've thought a lot more about how much I actually struggled in college and I honestly wonder how I managed to get a bachelor and masters degree. My grades fluctuated a lot in undergrad. Grad School was better for grades but I still had a hard time with the constant fatigue and 3 hour classes. Currently, I like my job but it's been getting harder because people keep quitting (understandably) so we're all picking up the slack. But then I have coworkers not wanting to do anything so myself and other's end up doing more on top of what we're already compensating for. In turn, I've been more tired than usual from work. I don't mind talking to people about how the condition affects me, but the judgment I get when I say if I don't set an alarm I sleep 12 hours. Or sometimes I wake up and feel the need to take a nap an hour later. It's frustrating and with some of my coworkers it's them choosing to not understand what I experience and then acting as if I'm crazy for needing to sleep.
I'm stuck in a cycle of wanting to do better for myself but not being equipped to do so- at least if feels that way. I know I can do more because I was already doing so until my symptoms got worse a few years ago.
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2023.05.29 11:12 fyp585doop Too Many Credits/SAP Suspension

I recently decided to change my major from business admin to biology at community college after doing horrible in business classes. I’m now trying to complete he perquisites I need to enroll into pharmacy school. After this summer semester, I will have 61 attempted hours & 49 Passed hours.
My community college has a maximum 90 credit hour policy.
I have 2 semesters (fall & spring) of pharmacy school prereqs to go, each being 18 credit hours each. I’m scared that i’ll be in violation of the SAP policy. What would be my options after I reach the 90 credit hours mark??
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2023.05.29 11:10 fyp585doop Too Many Credits/SAP Suspension

I recently decided to change my major from business admin to biology at community college after doing horrible in business classes. I’m now trying to complete the perquisites I need to enroll into pharmacy school. After this summer semester, I will have 61 attempted hours & 49 Passed hours.
My community college has a maximum 90 credit hour policy.
I have 2 semesters (fall & spring) of pharmacy school prereqs to go, each being 18 credit hours each. I’m scared that i’ll be in violation of the SAP policy. What would be my options after I reach the 90 credit hours mark??
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2023.05.29 10:40 trucker151 Using benzos while in recovery not working?

Is it just me or do benzos have less of an effect while dope sick. I made it over 5 monthd so far clean off opiates But I noticed that I can take 8mg of xanax (its real I get it from the pharmacy), and barley feel them. Before I was even addicted to opiates 1mg of alplazoram would put me to sleep. 2mg and I'd be stumbling barley able to walk. Now I take 6 MG and feel it for a hour (barley) and it doesn't do much else. Anyone else experiance this.? I was on 90mg methadone b4 I decided to quit cold turkey. Well almost cold, I'd do a line of dope here n there when It became unbearable. I didn't eat for 3 weeks at all and threw up 3x what I drank for the first 2.5weeks Maby my tolerance for opiates was so high (I could snort 7 MG of opana(oxymorphome?) And it wouldn't touch the withdrawls. Could my brain be so messed up that xanax is even affected?
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2023.05.29 10:19 QuittingKteam Quitting Kratom wiki + other sidebar info.

(From the sidebar of QuittingKratom. Posting for those who are new, or may need a "refresher" or for those who are on the Reddit mobile app and have difficulty finding the sidebar information. If you encounter someone brand new here, feel free to link this to them. So many of us are "lost" when we're new and have no idea where to start. This wiki is a good place to start, along with the support from the wonderful members of this subreddit. If you're looking for more links to helpful information from the sidebar, scroll to the bottom of this post. I've added them there, after the Wiki information, for convenience.)
So you've decided you want to quit Kratom.

Withdrawal Symptoms

You may experience a number of withdrawal symptoms, both physical and psychological. Keep in mind that all humans are affected differently and experiences with symptoms will differ among us.

Physical Withdrawal Symptoms

The most common physical withdrawal symptoms experienced are outlined below.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Also known as RLS, this is the most common symptom of withdrawal. It can be described as an irresistible urge to move one's body to stop uncomfortable or odd sensations. It most commonly affects the legs, but can also affect the arms, torso, and head. Moving the affected body part modulates the sensations, providing temporary relief. On average, this symptom will be almost entirely gone by day 7.


As you would expect with RLS, insomnia is another commonly experienced withdrawal symptom. Lack of sleep usually occurs due to RLS, but it can continue even without RLS present.

Uncontrollable Body Temperature

This withdrawal symptom can be common, yet not as common as the two above. This symptom causes the body to experience drastic changes in temperature within a short period of time. This probably sounds much worse than it really is, but during the day it is fine. At night it involves being cold, putting the covers over you, then being really warm and throwing all the covers off.

Other symptoms

In addition to the above, you may experience a runny nose, teary eyes, sneezing, diarrhea, and an aching body. These are generally not a major problem. For diarrhea, loperamide can help (see below). For aches and pains, OTC pain relievers such as Advil can be useful.

Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms

Commonly referred to as PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms). Usually the psychological withdrawals tend to kick in after the physical withdrawals have passed. Described below are the most common psychological withdrawals that are experienced.


The lack of energy and enthusiasm is the most common psychological withdrawal experienced. This symptom can be minor for some, but it is quite commonly major. Although ironic, a good remedy for this lethargic feeling is exercise. It may be hard to get exercising initially due to the lethargy, but many people experience a huge improvement in their mood afterwards.


Cravings are quite commonly experienced by addicts withdrawing from Kratom. Major cravings can cause addicts to relapse if the impulse is acted upon. Usually cravings don't last too long, and they seem to come in waves. Psychologically, cravings can play with your mind. You may find yourself thinking things like "I'll just take it this once, I've already made the decision to quit so I won't do it again".


Depression can play a big part in relapse when it comes to recovery from Kratom addiction. Although some users have existing mood disorders or depression, the PAWS during Kratom withdrawal hugely amplify these feelings/mindsets. Expect to experience some mild to moderate depressed feelings during PAWS and prepare your mind to acknowledge that these feelings are caused by the Kratom withdrawal. You WILL feel better. Once again exercise is a HUGE help to mitigate the depression experienced during withdrawal. It has been proven that regular exercise is as effective than the most common anti-depressants.

Taper vs. Cold Turkey

While one method may work for some, it may not work for another. We are all different and unique in many ways, including the way our body reacts to (lack of) substances.


Tapering has been tried many times by different people. Some found tapering helpful, others did not. The main advantages of tapering are:
Disadvantages of tapering off Kratom are:
Note: Another effective method used is to taper with stem and vein kratom.

Cold Turkey

The cold turkey method seems to be the more preferable method as well as the most successful. The main advantages are:
Disadvantages of going cold turkey are:

Managing Your Withdrawals

There are a few tried and tested methods to dealing with various withdrawals symptoms. They are described below.


The most effective way to make yourself feel better. It has been proven that regular exercise is as effective than the most common anti-depressants. The effects are very profound, and can remain present for hours. Exercise releases a flood of endorphins, directly stimulating your opioid receptors the same way Kratom does, reducing both physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Regular exercise will hasten the recovery process by bringing your body's endorphin system back online. It can be difficult to get started, but if you force yourself, you should find that it gets easier after only a few minutes as your heart starts pumping and the endorphins start flowing. Heavy weightlifting is one of the most efficient methods, in terms of benefits vs. time spent, but prolonged cardiovascular activity (jogging, bicycling, etc.) is also effective. Intense yoga is another option.


When you stop taking Kratom, your sex drive may return with a vengeance. Take advantage of it :). Orgasm, like exercise, causes a release of endorphins.


It can be difficult when you are uncomfortable and your mind is racing, but a few minutes of meditation can significantly improve the way you feel. Close your eyes, and let your thoughts flow without trying to control or resist them. Take slow deep breaths, focusing on each inhale and exhale. Try not to think about anything else, but if a thought arises, let it be. Visualize each inhalation as bringing healing energy into your body, and each exhalation as removing negativity. Continue until you feel better, or longer, and repeat the process anytime you feel overwhelmed. Check out /meditation for great tips on meditation.



Warning, kratom and loperamide.. We don't know if loperamide (in the recommended dosage for diarrhea ( combined with kratom has health risks (in particular heart issues at higher doses), or people could start to abuse it. It had been reported that even the recommended loperamide doses can cause a rebound of withdrawal symptoms after you stop using it . Therfore we don't recommend to use loperamide. Other warnings: At recommended doses, the half-life of loperamide is approximately 10 hours. However, with higher doses, even as little as 16 mg, longer half-lives have been observed (upwards of 41 hours). News videos: "it's actually potentially even worse than using heroin...", "Kratom and Loperamide is a dangerous combination".


There are a number of drugs and supplements that can improve mood, motivation, and sleep quality. Most of those listed are naturally derived, and many can be easily obtained at such locations as GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, pharmacies, and "natural" grocery stores, as well as online at sites like AllStarHealth,, and Amazon.
Warning: It's best to avoid using antihistamines (diphenhydramine, dimenhydrinate, hydroxyzine etc.) such as those found in Benadryl, Dramamine, NyQuil, Unisom, and Tylenol PM. While they can produce drowsiness under normal conditions, they are well known for exacerbating Restless Leg Syndrome, which will make your insomnia worse, not better.

Prescription drugs

In addition, there are various prescription drugs that can be of assistance. The ones listed below are prescription-only. These are not necessarily recommended; do your research before considering them. Be especially careful if you are taking any psychiatric prescriptions, such as SSRIs, MAOIs, or Wellbutrin. The following information is not a substitute for medical advice. Always consult your doctor. [We do not recommend to use this medications together with Kratom].
Warning: Be mindful of the possibility of drug substitution. With addiction, drug substitution is a common problem when going through recovery. With all CNS depressant drugs (antidepressants, benzodiazepines, neuroleptics), it should be kept in mind that these drugs sedate in the long term and can trigger a so-called 'hangover', ie. they also lead to additional exhaustion during the day. In some cases, this can be perceived as a burden and can lead to losing sight of the desired goal or lowering the motivation to endure the withdrawal. Whether drug treatment makes the withdrawal easier or more difficult depends on personal factors and cannot be determined in general. Remember that your body can regenerate itself best and fastest if it is not exposed to other stresses.

Stem and Vein Kratom

Although total alkaloid levels are lower than in leaf, there is supposedly relatively more mitragynine present in S&V. The levels of mitraphylline, rhynchophylline (related to mitragynine) and corynantheidine are higher. In kratom communities on the internet it is sometimes reported that S&V can reduce tolerance to kratom, but this seems not to be the case. Anecdotal reports claim that S&V can be useful for mitigating withdrawal symptoms, and accelerating the brain's recovery from kratom addiction. There is a great guide on using stem and vein kratom to taper off here.


Relapse is a normal part of recovery. It has happened to every single one of us. Try not to beat yourself up about it or feel like you are worthless and useless. That doesn't help a thing. It is just a small bump in your road to recovery. All you can do is get back up, dust yourself off and get back to quitting as soon as you are ready. You will know when you are ready.

More important information from the sidebar

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2023.05.29 08:10 Ok-House5423 What kind of pill is this?

What kind of pill is this?
I called a 24-hour pharmacy and got three different answers. I looked it up online and got 18 different answers so I don't know what this is
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2023.05.29 08:07 Ok-House5423 What kind of pill is this?

What kind of pill is this?
I called a 24-hour pharmacy and gave me two different answers and looked it up on pill finder and got 18 different answers
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2023.05.29 07:34 moshpitrocker A somber Memorial Day. Military post update

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2023.05.29 07:06 areeladdict My psychiatrist switched me from 70mg of Vyvanse to 15mg of Dyanavel XR chewable tablets

So I recently switched medications because I was having trouble with Vyvanse wearing off way too early into 12+ hour long work days. My psychiatrist switched me to 15mg of Dyanavel XR chewables (the actual conversion dose from 70mg of Vyvanse to Dyanavel XR is 17.5mg but the pharmacy wouldn't fill it for 2.5mg pills).
I was told it would/could last up to 14 hours. This has been far from the case. Around 4-6 hours after taking it I just seem to get tired and kind of feeling down. I have an appointment 5/31 to discuss further options.i just wanted to see if anyone here has had experience switching to something from Vyvanse. I'm thinking I may just go back with the Vyvanse but I don't know what my options are yet.
Thanks in advance. Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.05.29 06:34 cherrynyquilsevere cvs pharmacy @ target memorial day hours

does anyone know if the cvs pharmacy @ target will be open tomorrow? says online that memorial day might affect the hours and i really really need my prescription tomorrow 🙁🙁
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