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Live better longer.

2009.06.02 12:17 bimomib Live better longer.

Reasons to hope to see the age of 100 and beyond: Biomedical rejuvenation through damage repair, manipulation of metabolism, beyond the mere results of exercise, caloric restriction, and fasting. Stem cell therapies, anti-cancer viruses, gene therapy, senolytics, and whatever is coming next... /longevity is the place to find all information about new longevity, healthspan, happyspan, and rejuvenation research related news.

2008.10.07 23:12 The officially unofficial subreddit for all things VMware

This community caters to VMware professionals using VMware products in enterprise computing environments. Posts regarding hobbyist and personal use are welcome, but are held to a high standard of quality. Always read the rules before posting. PLEASE state the product name and version when posting! VMware is a company, not a product!

2019.03.18 01:22 armsofasquid For casual translations of official terms.


2023.06.08 17:14 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in TN Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Lifepoint Health Support Center Senior Network Engineer Brentwood
Chewy Forklift Operator - Nights Antioch
Chewy Automated Facilities Technician II Antioch
Teleperformance USA Customer Service Representative BRISTOL
Teleperformance USA CRC Specialist BRISTOL
Big Blue Marble Academy Child Care Center Director Collegedale
Big Blue Marble Academy Day Care Director Collegedale
Johns Family & Implant Dentistry Dental Hygienist Cookeville
Johns Family & Implant Dentistry Hygiene Assistant Cookeville
Urgent Team Management MD Physician Assistant Cumberland Furnace
Sumner Regional Medical Center - Highpoint RN - CCU FT 7P-7A Gallatin
AT&T Field Service Technician Kodak
AT&T Maintenance Technician Kodak
AT&T General Mechanic Kodak
Cedar City Dental Care Dental Hygienist Lebanon
AT&T Installation Technician Lenoir City
AT&T Field Service Technician Lenoir City
AT&T Telecommunications Technician Lenoir City
Fast Pace Health RN Family Care Lynchburg
AT&T Field Technician Maryville
Chewy Utility Helper Mount Juliet
Chewy Warehouse Worker Mount Juliet
Chewy Forklift Operator - Nights Mount Juliet
Transforce Inc. CDL A Driver Rockwood
AT&T Field Service Technician Sevierville
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.08 17:13 pennykennybenny I'm a 29 year old man playing a 57 year old woman

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2023.06.08 17:13 4EverNewHere Loan put on Temp Hold?

Good morning, I was reading "I will teach you to be rich" by Ramit Sethi and it got me ready to take action with my debt. After reading the first chapter about credit cards, I had a clear plan in my head on how I want to tackle it but I'm unsure if it's something that will help me or hurt me, so I was hoping I could get your feedback.
Just for my current financial background:
I am basically teetering on my credit limit for my 1 credit card at 7K and I have just a few hundred owed on my other at a limit of $1,500. I also have private student loan's that I got down to about 39K. I was also thinking of going back to school which would ultimately add to my debt.....but I want to decimate my credit card debt once and for all.
My Idea:
I called my loan financer and found out that I am allowed 48 months of deferment once I get approved in order to go to school. To my understanding, I also get about 12 months of deferment if I come into financial hardships. Before I start the process of getting school stuff together, I was thinking of calling to defer my loans temporarily for a few months so that I can dump all money towards my credit cards. Once done, I want to resume my student loans and start dumping all my money to my student loans. I understand that I need to get my mentality straight about how I think about money or else my credit card debt will come back and I am already making strides to correcting my bad behavior. Conclusion:
I am itching to implement this right away but I figured I would pick the brains of people who are smarter than me to see if this an actual viable option or if this is a fruitless attempt. What are your thoughts on this? Thank you for your time :)
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DXO is the FIRST Decentralized Stable Asset that can only be created by burning BTC and BNB. Holders get a piece of every transaction on the DXO network. As the network grows so does your DXO balance. Early stakers get even more rewards. Launch APP
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2023.06.08 17:12 BearsBeersBSG1710 3.5 day itinerary in RMNP opinion

Hello everyone!
My buddy and I will be visiting RMNP from June 18-21 and just wanted to get a gauge as to how our itinerary looks to people who have been here, and if you would add/change anything. This is just a rough idea, there's still a decent amount of room for hikes on Monday and possibly Wednesday morning.
-Get to RMNP between 10a-12p
-Set up camp - aspenglen Campground
-Possible hike?
-Kayaking in Estes Park
-Back to camp
-Emerald Lake for sunset
-Possible stargazing (Forest canyon, or rock cut)
-Sprague lake for sunrise and hopefully moose
-Lake Haiyaha (3 hr)
-Do whatever other hikes are around Lake Haiyaha (Sky pond, Nymph Lake, Dream Lake, Bear lake)
-Alberta Falls
-Fly fishing(?)
-Chasm Lake or Black Lake
-Sheep lakes (Hopefully to see a bighorn sheep)
-Back to Denver around 2p

Let me know if there's any other must sees/dos. We plan to make a stop at the Visitor Center at some point or another, but nothing else besides that that's not on the list that we are definitely doing.

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2023.06.08 17:12 ghking6 Why do we need 64-bit CPUs?

In software development, 32-bit variables can already meet 99.99% of the requirements. So why do we need 64-bit CPUs?
If it's about addressing issues, couldn't we solve it perfectly like the 8086 did, using "segment registers"? Each segment provides 4GB of space, and with a maximum of 2^32 segments, it would be sufficient for the foreseeable future, even for the next 100 years.
However, making CPUs directly 64-bit not only wastes a significant number of transistors but also consumes a considerable amount of memory space.
Advantages of extending a 32-bit CPU through segment registers:
  1. Addressing space issue can be resolved.
  2. It can balance memory space spend and software development requirements.
  3. Each segment provides 4GB of space, with a maximum of 2^32 segments, which is sufficient for all software usage. If a segment exceeds 4GB, it indicates poor software architecture design, which is highly unfavorable for software maintenance. This approach can instead compel software developers to improve their architecture design.
  4. The saved transistor resources can be utilized to add more cores or increase cache size. Additionally, simpler cores contribute to higher clock frequencies.
  5. Maximum software compatibility can be achieved, eliminating the confusion caused by the interplay between 32-bit and 64-bit code libraries, as often experienced currently.

Of course, for specialized processors like GPUs, DSPs, TPUs, and others, the number of bits doesn't matter much. These processors are designed for specific purposes, and they can be optimized accordingly without affecting software compatibility. However, when it comes to CPUs as general-purpose processors, these considerations do not apply.

Please note that this is not a professional opinion but rather a personal observation based on my work experience.
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2023.06.08 17:12 Seadragon1983 A Seadragon Shitposting Skit: Hosting the Super Regionals

Now, for something new and original...
The scene: NCAA Headquarters in Kansas City. Mr. NCAA is in his office and about ready to light up a cigar when the alarm on his phone goes off. It's for the Super Regional selections he must make today
Mr. NCAA: Clarice, can you bring in the sixteen winners to the office?
Clarice, the receptionist, sees that all sixteen characters are here. These are the mascots that represent the sixteen Regional winners from last weekend. You have a few human like mascots, like the Duke Blue Devil, the Wake Forest Demon Deacon and the Virginia Cavalier; and you have some animal mascots as well, like Big Al for Alabama, Sycamore Sam for Indiana State, SuperFrog for TCU and Bevo for Texas. Everyone then comes into the office. It's a nice office with a view of Kansas City from the top floor. Mr. NCAA see the entire group and is amazed with at least two of them being here - The Duck and Eli.
Mr. NCAA: Congrats to all sixteen of you who made this far in the Baseball Tournament. I see some old faces and some nice new ones here. Welcome to the party, Indiana State.
Sycamore Sam: Thanks, Mr. NCAA sir. The honor is mine.
Mr. NCAA: Don't worry about it. Anyway, it's time to unveil who will host the Super Regional Round this weekend. You know the rules: If it's seeded vs. seeded, the higher seed hosts; If it's seeded vs. unseeded, the seeded team hosts; If it's both unseeded teams, then the regional seeds decides who hosts. Got it? Good. Let's begin with the Friday games - First off is Duke and Virginia. Blue Devil, you're heading to Charlottesville.
Blue Devil: Sweet! I gave that clown of a Cavalier two of his four losses at his home field earlier this year.
Cavalier: Fluke wins, Dookie. You aren't getting that lucky this time.
Mr. NCAA: Ah, conference rivals. Brings joy to this old and withered heart of mine. Speaking of conference rivals... Cocky, you're heading to Gainesville.
Cocky: Uh... sure... He spots Albert, sitting in one of the chairs in the office, eating a Chic-Fil-A chicken sandwich with a sign next to it that reads "this is your fate, chicken!" All Cocky can do is a loud gulp as he now visibly shaken
Mr. NCAA: I wonder if that bird brain knows that he defeated Florida this season already... meh. Next up, SuperFrog, you're off to Terre Haute.
Sycamore Sam: Hold on, boss man. Can I request that SuperFrog host the Supers this weekend instead of me? I have the Special Olympics coming in and after hosting both the Missouri Valley Conference tournament and the Regional last weekend, there isn't enough manpower or hotel rooms left for me to host. What do you say, boss? We got a deal?
SuperFrog: I'll be a good host and all... oh, and can I barrow a pen from you, Mr. NCAA sir?
Mr. NCAA: Sure.
SuperFrog gets the pens and opens up his checkbook, which he carries around with him (He's old school in that way).
SuperFrog: writes the check for $250,000 Who do I make this out to, Sam?
Sycamore Sam: Indiana Special Olympics.
SuperFrog: Here you go, champ. A $250,000 check for the Special Olympics. It's the least I can do to help out a fellow school.
Sycamore Sam: in shock Wow... that's nice of you, man. Thanks.
Mr. NCAA: Okay, Sam, you're heading to Fort Worth this weekend. That leaves our final Friday game - Eli, you're going to Eugene. Oregon was the #2 seed in Nashville while you were the #4 seed in Stillwater, which means Oregon hosts.
Eli: I'm just thankful for the chance to compete in this part of the tournament. Let's have some good games, Duck.
The Duck: You too, Eli.
Mr. NCAA: That takes care of the Friday games. Now, for the Saturday games - Big Al, you're going to Winston-Salem.
Big Al: Top seed?
Mr. NCAA: Top seed.
Big Al: Best pitchers?
Mr. NCAA: Best staff in the nation.
Big Al: Bring it on.
Mr. NCAA: Well then... Bevo, you're off to Stanford.
Bevo: Okay, I do like my chances there.
The Tree, who is standing off to the side in the office, holds a sign that reads "Good luck, bovine. You'll need it..."
Mr. NCAA: Wildcat, you're off to Baton Rouge.
Wildcat: Never did like going there, whether it was for football or basketball or even baseball.
Mike the Tiger: Oh, don't worry... I'll make sure your visit is worth it. Hey, guys! Get the gumbo pot ready... we got a conference visitor this weekend!
Mr. NCAA: Finally, we come to you two - Seymour and Smokey. Since you were both #2 seeds in your regional, we're going to have a coin flip. Seymour, since you have the better record, you get the choice - heads or tails?
Seymour: Heads.
Mr. NCAA flips the coin and it lands on heads
Mr. NCAA: Heads it is. Smokey, you're off to Hattiesburg.
Smokey: Oh, poo. I can't win on the road this season... let's hope that doesn't come back to haunt me.
Seymour: Sweet! I get to host something... should of hosted last weekend, if you ask me.
Mr. NCAA: Okay, that takes care of everything. Enjoy yourselves this weekend and I'll see the eight winners in Omaha next weekend. Clarice, hold all my calls... As the last two leave, Mr. NCAA finally lights up the cigar he's been holding on to.
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2023.06.08 17:12 NightmareRealmStreet Paldea Evolved Booster Box Pulls.

Paldea Evolved Booster Box Pulls.
Am I crazy or did every single pack in this box have a bad centered rare card.
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2023.06.08 17:12 caa63 IRS statement on California mailing of balance due notices

Here's the official word on the CP14 letters that many people in California received this week.
The IRS apologizes to taxpayers and tax professionals for any confusion as we continue to review the situation. Taxpayers receiving these letters do not need to call the IRS or their tax professional.
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2023.06.08 17:11 rantso123 The genuity, passion, and advocacy

Mag iisang taon na since I felt the joy and passion for the advocacy my colleagues and I were doing for the youths. Isang taon na nakakaraan nung huli kong naramdaman yung may sigla at masaya pa rin kahit pagod. Yung babangon ka kasi may purpose yung work na ginagawa mo. Yung nakangiti ka sa lahat ng tao kahit tirik na ang araw to share your advocacy and find people who needs the assistance. Yung haharap ka sa mga kabataan na puno ng pag-asa at sigla kasi they find you and the center their safe space. Yung mga colleagues mo na optimistic, supportive, sobrang daldal, sweet, self conscious, aware, adventurous, drunkhards, mga health conscious kaya ikaw mapapakain ka rin lagi ng healthy, laging nakangiti, will cheer you up, believes in you...
Pati yung mga spontaneous lakad na mag hiking, mag out of town, iinom sa labas o kakain, movie marathon with them...
Nakakamiss to be on the field. To be with these kind of people. Yung lahat kayo passionate, genuine for the advocacy. With what you believe in and for who you are doing it. Nakakamiss maramdaman ulit yung ako na yun with them. Ang sakit lang na mag iisang taon na pala eversince I felt that joy, genuity, and passion for who I was. What I was doing. Who I was doing it for. For what I sincerely believed in. For that dream and goal that I was pursuing..
I know that I shouldn't remain on the past. Pero every now and then, ang saya irecall yung masasayang araw na yun kasi masasabi ko at ramdam ko na naging masaya talaga ako.
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2023.06.08 17:11 pyaarnation 🔷 Geometric Wall Art: Elevate Your Space with Modern Sophistication 🔷

Looking to add a touch of modern sophistication to your space? Look no further than geometric wall art! 🎨✨
Geometric wall art is a trend that has taken the interior design world by storm. With its clean lines, symmetrical patterns, and abstract shapes, it brings a sense of balance and harmony to any room. Whether you have a contemporary, minimalist, or eclectic style, geometric art seamlessly integrates into any aesthetic.
🔹 Versatile Designs: Geometric wall art comes in a variety of designs, from simple triangles and squares to intricate patterns and 3D structures. You can choose a single large piece as a focal point or create a stunning gallery wall with multiple smaller artworks. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to express your creativity and personal style.
🔹 Bold and Eye-Catching: Geometric art grabs attention and makes a statement. The bold shapes and vibrant colors create visual interest, instantly transforming a plain wall into a captivating focal point. It adds depth and dimension to the room, making it feel more dynamic and lively.
🔹 Reflects Your Personality: Geometric wall art allows you to showcase your unique personality and taste. Whether you prefer a monochromatic palette for a sleek and sophisticated look or vibrant hues for a playful vibe, there is a geometric artwork that suits your preferences. It's a powerful way to infuse your space with a touch of your own identity.
🔹 Enhances Any Space: Geometric art is incredibly versatile and works well in various spaces. From living rooms to bedrooms, home offices to entryways, and even children's rooms, it effortlessly adapts to different environments. Whether you want to create a serene ambiance or a vibrant atmosphere, geometric wall art can help you achieve the desired effect.
🔹 Easy to Incorporate: Adding geometric art to your space is hassle-free. You can choose from a wide range of options, including canvas prints, framed artworks, wall decals, or even DIY projects. Installation is usually simple, whether you prefer to hang them or use removable adhesive. It's a quick and effective way to revitalize your walls without a major renovation.
Unleash your creativity and transform your space with geometric wall art. Elevate your interior design game and create a visually stunning environment that reflects your unique style and personality. Dive into the world of geometric art and let its modern sophistication captivate you. 🌟💫
#GeometricWallArt #ModernSophistication #InteriorDesign #ArtisticExpression
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2023.06.08 17:11 TheTimeHasComeToEnd update idea

you are now able to use more than 2 exotics at a time (full exotic loadout) why not? its an mmorpg, make me feel like a god because i earned it. balancing? its a pve game who cares. pvp? yeah take it out of the game. bad idea? no
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2023.06.08 17:10 grey_echo [Artisan] ArtsySB sriwedari X GMK SA PBT Copper

Hello, everyone!
[ ArtsySB showcase ]
we are YVKstudio, and we are very excited to announce the group buy the amazing set since they released. We think it will be great collab with our original Sriwedari design by Yuvik it self.
On this round the spacebar will have different details and technique improvement with the previous one.
In Javanese mythology, Sriwedari is a piece of garden from heaven on earth. The garden is the most beautiful place for the entertainment of the king's wives.
will be launch comes with 3 unique design that color fill with enamel paint. The back side using teal resin mounting stem and will be engrave YVKstudio's signature. finishing the wood will be spray with satin lacquer.
Size - 6,25U & 7U
Material - Tropical Rosewood
Mounting Stem - Epoxy resin Cherry MX (centered)
Profile - Cherry, SA
CNC from solid wood, hancrafted finishing touch.
Manual painting fill in enamel paint accent
engraving limited number in the back
Close Collecting Order - June 7th 2O23 GMT+7
Shipping Estimate - June 30th 2O23 GMT+7
All prices - USD 95 (excluding shipping+tax)
NO MOQ, production still run even only below 17 units
Shipped from Indoneisa [IDN]
1 package is about 110Gr
Shipping world wide $15
PayPal details will be updated with tracking number as soon as the item is shipped.
We willing to have a group order going for international buyers but there must be a US proxy or 1 representative for a group that will handle the shipping from there. If this is something that you're interested in there are some requirements that must be met that can be discussed via discord.
Here's the Discord server for discuss, updates about new artwork and sales!
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2023.06.08 17:10 LilP_BigD Application Advice - Late Retake?

Hey all. Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I was just hoping to get some advice regarding my application this cycle - what should I do?
Organizations/Leadership/Community Service
So, I'd like to preface this all by saying that money has been more of a struggle in my life, more often than not. I worked various jobs throughout high school, starting at 14. After I graduated HS, I immediately began working at the hardware store, as well as the concrete company. I worked at the concrete company the summer before I began college, the summer after my freshman year, and all four winter breaks. The following summer was the construction job, followed by the summer internship at the hospital. I worked part-time at the hardware store throughout college, roughly 25-30 hours/week during my freshman/sophomore year, which bumped down to 10-15 hours/week (was no longer commuting to college). At that point, I began working as an EMT. All that being said, I am damn proud of the fact that I graduated college, debt-free.
I think the gap year was a good choice for me, allowing me to save some money to save up some money for a ring (!!!!!) as well as build savings for medical school.
The problem lies with the MCAT. I graduated in the middle of May, leaving a solid two weeks of dedicated study for my 06/03 test date. I studied sparingly throughout the semester, but not the depth that was necessary. However, I felt like I had a solid content base. The two weeks were packed with 10-12 hour days of dedicated studying and AAMC practice.
Plan was to take the 06/03 test and submit the primary by 06/10 to 06/13 (to get verified) without my score. However, I walked out of the testing center feeling TERRIBLE, making me question everything. I am scared that I would just be burning money/time applying to places, knowing I don't really have a shot based on the score. I've taken the past couple of days to catch up with friends, process things, and decompress. I was really hoping to make the MCAT as painless as possible, but fear that I've destroyed my chances of applying this cycle. I'm considering the 07/15 or 07/28 retake contingent on the results of my score, but I know that I'm racing the clock.
I also had a few bigger events planned for the summer, including a vacation, weddings/bachelor parties, and my stomach is turning at the thought of balancing jobs, those events, and pre-writing secondaries, in the midst of another MCAT prep (hence, why I was trying to bang it out at the beginning of the summer).
So, I was just seeing if someone has been in a similar position, or if anybody had any advice for my situation. I would love to hear any thoughts!
For reference, no preference towards DO/MD. Ideally, I would like to remain somewhat close to home. Additionally, if anybody would like to discuss a school list - I'd love to chit-chat.
Apologies for the long-winded post, but I cannot thank you guys enough for all the information/advice I've picked up from this subreddit. You guys are incredible!
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2023.06.08 17:10 Milo_Mack World premiere of Juliette Dunn's production, "The Puzzle," inspired by her Autistic son - The First Streamed Professional Theatrical Production Showcasing an Autistic Performer in the Role of an Autistic Character

The League of Live Stream Theater (LOLST), a nonprofit organization dedicated to revolutionizing the accessibility and reach of nonprofit theaters, is thrilled to announce its groundbreaking partnership with Hedgerow Theatre Company, featuring the world premiere of Juliette Dunn's extraordinary production, "The Puzzle." This historic collaboration marks a significant milestone in the theater industry, as it showcases the remarkable talents of a neurodivergent performer in a professional streamed production.
"The Puzzle" is an innovative and playful theatrical experience that intertwines clowning and neurodivergence, presenting a narrative of connectivity and human experience. This production features Tony award-winning and legendary clown David Shiner, along with collaborator and Broadway veteran Daniel Passer, and the remarkable talent of autistic actor Michael Stahler from Philadelphia.
In a powerful demonstration of inclusion and representation, "The Puzzle" casts an autistic actor in the role of an autistic character, highlighting the importance of providing platforms for underrepresented communities to share their stories. Through the medium of streaming, LOLST is dedicated to bringing these invaluable narratives and perspectives to audiences around the world.
Actor Micheal Stahler notes, "as an actor with autism, it's rare to see stories about people like me told respectfully or accurately on the screen or stage, much less get the chance to tell those stories myself. The Puzzle is the kind of play that would have meant a lot to me as a kid growing up neurodivergent, and so it is my greatest honor to play this part and share this part of me on the stage for the very first time.”
According to Dunn, “My inspiration was and is my beautiful, smart, funny, warm-hearted son who has autism. His purity brings me the greatest joy. His struggles bring me the greatest agony. I wanted to tell not only his story, but the story of those on the spectrum who are underestimated and devalued. Additionally, my love for the clown, who constantly walks the balance between joy and agony, fused together with that desire to become The Puzzle.”
To experience the emotional journey of "The Puzzle" from the comfort of your own home, tickets are now available for purchase through the League of Live Stream Theater website ( As a ticketed event, this provides vital support to nonprofit theaters financially, allowing us to continue bringing extraordinary productions, such as "The Puzzle," to audiences around the world.
LOLST takes great pride in its track record of successfully live-streaming acclaimed productions. Previous highlights include Second Stage's "Between Riverside and Crazy," MCC Theater's "Miscast23," Irish Rep's "Endgame," and ETC Santa Barbara's "The Children." These productions garnered widespread acclaim, and we are immensely proud to have provided a global platform for audiences to experience these exceptional performances.
LOLST actively seeks to expand its network of nonprofit theater partners. By collaborating with nonprofit theaters, we can further champion the art of live theater and drive audiences and revenue for the organizations that bring these transformative productions to life.
Streamed performances
Fri, June 16 at 7:30pm - as-live stream
Sat, June 17 at 7:30pm - as-live stream
Sun, June 18 at 2pm - as-live stream
Available with captioning
Ticket holders for the streamed performances will have 24-hours to view the performance, which has been previously captured, after the designated “curtain time.”
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2023.06.08 17:10 ab-carti We create life in our image through childbirth, a process central to societal continuity. However, the rise of humanoid robots could shift this paradigm.

As we create machines capable of our work, we might impact this natural cycle. The coming age, with resources in abundance, may well rest on these artificial laborers - a new form of replication, balancing with the organic.
As technology advances and lifespans extend, we may see a slowdown in biological growth. With humanoid robots carrying out our work, the need for a large human workforce could diminish. If individuals live longer, population growth may naturally slow as people choose to have fewer children. In this new balance, our biological replication might give way to artificial, changing the face of humanity's future.
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2023.06.08 17:09 Tina_from_MeetEU AI Regulation: ZoomTalk with AI Expert of the European Commission

AI Regulation: ZoomTalk with AI Expert of the European Commission
Are AI-generated texts or images required to be labeled? Is it legal to train AI systems using personal user data? What happens when these systems are utilized by criminals, political campaigns, or foreign governments?
🚧It is evident that artificial intelligence needs to be regulated. A new EU law called the “AI Act” is supposed to do so. However, finding a balance between effective measures and maintaining Europe’s competitive edge is crucial. So, what can we expect from the new AI Act?
🔎Get insights from Martin Ulbrich of the European Commission (DG Connect), who was involved in drafting the new AI Act. Learn about the latest developments and have your questions answered.
🗓Tuesday, 13 June, 19:00 CEST
👉Sign-up for your Zoom link here:
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2023.06.08 17:09 T-11andCounting F.23 SMD Bridge Program Seed Funding Clarification

F.23 SMD Bridge Program Seed Funding Clarification

The SMD Bridge Seed Funding Program Element of ROSES-2023 (F.23) solicits proposals to provide support for faculty investigators and their students at under-resourced institutions (URIs) to carry out NASA-relevant research. Through the BPSF program, SMD aims to facilitate new and expand ongoing partnerships between students and faculty at URIs and researchers at NASA Centers that could be expected to grow into Bridge partnerships and become well-positioned to submit a proposal to the future SMD Bridge Program opportunity in ROSES-2023.
Section 1 of F.23 Bridge Program Seed Funding (BPSF) has been clarified to indicate that eligibility is based on SMD grant funding, and that STEM fields counting toward the 20 PhD graduation limit are those relevant to SMD strategic objectives. Sections 1 and 3.5 have been updated to clarify requirements for the NASA partner. Section 3.7 has been added, to explain rolling submissions and clarify the rules regarding resubmissions and duplicate proposals. The email address has been updated to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). New text is in bold.
Notices of Intent are not requested, and proposals may be submitted at any time but those submitted by June 30, 2023, will be reviewed in Summer 2023, with anticipated award date in October 2023.
A joint informational webinar about this opportunity and F.22 Research Initiation Awards occurred May 24. Slides from that informational webinar with a link to a recording have been posted under "Other Documents" on the NSPIRES page for this program element.
Questions concerning F.23 BPSF may be directed to Patricia (Padi) Boyd at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).

You are receiving this email because you have subscribed, through NSPIRES, to the NASA Science Mission Directorate mailing list.
If you wish to unsubscribe from this mailing list, access your NSPIRES account, click on Account Management, then click the Email Subscriptions link.
If you need assistance, please contact the NSPIRES Help Desk at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or call 202-479-9376
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2023.06.08 17:09 HaveIGoneInsaneYet SFV Grandmaster Choses Modern Controls

Why am I writing this post?
I see a fair bit of angst against players who use modern controls. Particularly from people who've played other versions of StreetFighter, saying that anyone who uses modern over classic are bad at the game and are limiting their growth. So I want to show people a clear and concrete example of a player who's good at streetfighter choosing to use modern. Hopefully helping to reduce the stigma people have about modern controls, maybe even convince a few to try it out for themselves or continue using them during their ranked journey.
Why am I using modern controls over classic, especially since I have a lot of prior experience?
Antiairing with dp is hard. In SFV I played Ken. Even though I had a good aa dp I still opted to use crhp 99% of the time. Doing this allowed me to be insanely consistant at antiairing. Modern gives me that same functionality with the 1 button dp. Sure, I've lost access to different speeds of fireball, some jump buttons, and a few grounded normals but I've gained 1 button exdps and supers as neutral tools. The speed an consistency that you can input those is not something you can do in classic. The options they shutdown especially when you're in burnout, far outweigh what you lose in my opinion. The biggest con to the modern control scheme is how hard it is for someone to use it after years of playing classic controls. It legitimately fried my brain to even think about holding down the assist button not just wanting the alternate move but even to do the autocombos. I continue see moments in my gameplay where using modern causes me to lose interactions because my brain is still fighting the control scheme. But that is a problem solvable by time and practice.
I legitimately think modern has a place in the competitive scene. I'm currently diamond 1 with a high win rate, and I fully believe that I'll be better at SF6 than I was as SFV. I hope we see even top players choosing modern over classic in specific match ups. But even better will be seeing new players do well in tournament, who got into the game be cause modern controls got them to try out the game.
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2023.06.08 17:08 LargeCelebration9912 QA How do You say that caste is not based on birth whereas based on the genetic theory, it should be?

How do You say that caste is not based on birth whereas based on the genetic theory, it should be? QA

Your argument must contain wrong logic because it contradicts the Veda and the the Gita. The Veda says that unless a Brahmin practices the Vedic spiritual knowledge, he is not a Brahmin simply by birth. If your argument is correct a Brahmin, who is simply born to a Brahmin, must spontaneously practice the spiritual knowledge without any effort. A light produced from another light is as bright as the previous light. But the son of a real Brahmin, who has practiced the spiritual knowledge truly, does not practice the same spiritual knowledge spontaneously. If your argument is correct, the bad qualities seen in the present Brahmins must have been present in the ancesteral sages (Rishis). Your argument fails even in case of examples which we see with our own lives in which a father and his son have totally different qualitites. If you agree that the ancient Rishis also had bad qualities, which are seen in the present Brahmins, in such case all human beings belonging to all the castes must have both good and bad qualities. In such case, no human being is superior to the other simply by birth.
In fact the Shastras say that no soul contains a single quality out of the three qualities called Sattvam (good quality) and Rajas and Tamas (bad qualities). The soul is called the ‘Jeevatma’, which constitutes both ‘Jeeva’ and ‘Atma’. Jeeva is a bundle of qualities like the waves and ‘Atma’ is the pure awareness, which is like motionless water. There cannot be waves without water. Therefore there cannot be a Jeeva without Atma. This means that every soul is pure awareness, which is vibrating as the three qualities. In such a case all the souls are equal. Any soul can suppress the bad qualities and provoke the good qualities by spiritual effort (Sadhana). This effort is mainly based on the effect of the sorrounding environment (Sanga). If you are in the association of worldly people, you will be a bundle of worldly qualities. If you are in the association of spiritual people you are a bundle of spiritual qualities. The spiritual scholars will preach you the right spiritual knowledge. Knowledge is also a bundle of ideas and each quality is an idea. Therefore the knowledge alone can affect your qualities. The knowledge of the father is not spontaneously transferred to his son. The son of a professor of mathematics does not become a scholar in mathematics spontaneously. But if the same soul [of the mathematics scholar] enters another human body as a son or as a grand son, then the transfer of same qualities [mathematical talent] is possible. But it is not a rule that the souls of Brahmins are always born to Brahmin parents. Souls take births in different castes and thus the transfer of qualities and knowledge is again distributed in all castes at random. Simultaneously, and based on the same principle, ignorance is also distributed in all the castes. The qualities and knowledge correspond to the brain and the nervous system, which are charged by the soul. Once the soul leaves the body all the qualities follow the soul and no quality remains in the body. Through genes only physical characteristics and some mannerisms like moving the leg, hand, twinkling of eyes etc., are transferred, which are just physical.
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2023.06.08 17:08 sanchezr_c137 Opensource SLS scanner update and a few questions

I'm writing an opensource SLS scanner suite. I have two versions of my SLS scanner prototype. One is using two 12 MP raspberry pi HQ cams with the high quality zoom lenses and a Sony MP-CL1 laser projector. I get close to commercial quality scans on this setup.
However, I wanted to make something that functions well enough that someone can use ESP32 cameras (or a 5MP arducam) and a $50 projector from amazon and get usable results. It's here that i'm struggling the most. The projector has poor depth of field and the cameras have significant distortions and poor resolution.
I want to keep requirements modest. For instance, I don't want people to have to use expensive cameras/lenses/projectors. So the best compromise I can think of is to have the cameras and projectors be on separate tripods. This way the cameras can be close to the object being scanned and hopefully avoids the need for zoom lenses. Also, the projector can be further back so that the depth of field isn't as critical. Obviously better hardware will get better results, but I do want people to have options.
For calibrating the cameras, I wanted to avoid people having to print or purchase a CharUco board. So I tried using the 55" TV in my living room. I generated the CharUco, put it on a flash drive and used the TV's media center to display it. OpenCV says the reprojection error is around 0.25 using the calibrateCameraCharuco function. Is this generally a good value?
Anyone else have ideas here?
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2023.06.08 17:08 CityOfPlano Share your feedback on the Silver Line Station Areas Plan

SILVER LINE ONLINE PUBLIC SURVEY Share your valuable insights and help shape the future of the Silver Line Station Areas Plan by participating in our Public Survey. Whether you're a resident, commuter, or simply interested in the project, we encourage you to take a few minutes to provide your input. Take the online public survey and learn more about this effort online at
PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE Join the City at a Public Open House on Wednesday, June 28 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at the Sam Johnson Recreation Center (401 West 16th Street). The Public Open House is a collaborative way to provide feedback on the desired land use, development patterns, character, and aesthetics of the areas surrounding the incoming stations.
JOIN THE PROJECT ADVISORY GROUP Are you a resident, property/business owner, or interested stakeholder in the 12th Street or Shiloh Road station area? Join the Project Advisory Group to provide key insights and help guide this planning effort! Contact the Planning Department at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or 972-941-7151.
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