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2023.06.08 20:37 GLIBG10B Rear brakes creaking when crawling

If, while stopped, I release the brake pedal just enough to get my car to start crawling slowly (it's an automatic), I hear a loud creaking noise from the back that travels through the frame. It also happens after braking to a slow crawl
The sound is also heard when slowly releasing the handbrake while on an incline and in park or reverse
I believe it has drum brakes in the rear
It has been happening since I started driving the car 3 years ago. Is it normal?
It's a 2016 Hyundai i10 with almost 30,000km
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2023.06.08 20:37 kevie1106 Hyper Dip Bronze

Hyper Dip Bronze
Was curious what bronze wheels would look like on my car. I think I have too much black on the body so or something.
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2023.06.08 20:37 JJTG64 Can my license be suspended for a repossessed car “balance” 15 years after the repo?

I just received a call from someone claiming that I owe a balance from a car that was repossessed in 2009. They stated there is a warrant that has to be signed today and it is going to DMV today for license suspension if I do not pay now. They’re staying I “owe” $6,559 but because of an amnesty I can pay $1,030 and everything is done. Is this just a bill collector pretending they’re from the courts? I am worried I am going to be arrested.
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2023.06.08 20:37 High_Low7777 Lower door trim removal

Lower door trim removal
I’m trying to wrap my car doors so they match the black on the rest of the car. I noticed that the lower trim is being held on by an adhesive and I’ve seen other posts talking about how difficult it can be to get these pieces to stick. Just wondering if I’m about to make a mistake removing the trim and if I should just try and wrap it with them on
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2023.06.08 20:37 ImmediateFault2458 You ever drank a 211 before? It's not good.

My things
Guitar: 4 strings
Bass: Black
Jaguar: Broken
Roland Juno DS: I don't get as much use out of it as I should sense I'm not great at piano, but the drums on it are exceptional.
Fender champion 20: Hardly ever used except when I'm playing bass.
Sony Bluetooth speaker: For the DAW(Ableton) On the go. Theoretically a live gig could be anywhere.
3.5 mm cable: Necessary for any freestyle in the car. The AUX.
Zoom H1: It's an audio box and a microphone all in one. I'm debating how and if to sing with it at a live show. It's great for recording.
Ableton: My digital audio workstation. It has drums, it has synths, it has effects and editing tools.
Snake in my boot: Not necessary.

Play acoustic over drums, bass and synths on the speaker and sing.
I have 2 songs I can practice like that. Using the speaker I mean.
Everything else is just stored somewhere.
I'm thinking of going through and seeing if anything would be good for a live show.
That reminds me...

I got a gig!
My first real gig! It's in September so I have some time to create and practice still.
I still need to call them to get one exact day.
It might be good to get a list of their equipment as well.
A soundcheck might be good beforehand.
I could even sell CD's if I wanted to.
Maybe I could do promotion... Like flyers. I'm not a great artist.
We'll see.

I made this it's not my vocals, but I made the inst and just added acapella over it.
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2023.06.08 20:36 mohithawelia Baleno or altroz

Need suggestions regarding hatchback - My current considerations are Baleno and altroz Lmk if yall know any better cars in the same price segment
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2023.06.08 20:36 Kind-Two-8861 VW Passat touchscreen not working

This is a really niche problem, but I got a new phone and can’t connect it via Bluetooth or CarPlay because the touch screen doesn’t work in my car - on the exact spot that the “connect” option is. Has anyone had this issue and fixed it?
I ordered a wireless CarPlay adapter in hopes that I’ll be able to connect with that, assuming it doesn’t make me confirm on the screen. I’m not that hopeful.
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2023.06.08 20:36 999NERO999 Whats should i do in orlando what not?

Hello first of sorry for my english, i am not a native speaker. Which brings me to my point: in like one year we're going to vacation in Orlando.
I am already really exicited and want to get some insights on orlando and american culture in general. I am from Germany.
What should you do and not do in Orlando? How is public transit there? What should i look out for? Are rental cars affordable there? While i'm already there, is there any other city/place worth visiting close to orlando? Are there ghettos/hood where we should stay away from?
Some general do's and dont's in america?
Thank you in advance
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2023.06.08 20:36 Hamza1423 Got rear ended first car accident car was total loss

Recently got into an accident first time and was not at fault the insurance of the other guy was triple A( mine is too). The claim was opened April 26th and I have called them multiple times and they never really responded. I checked today and it says my claim has been processed and and amount paid is zero dollars. Is this for my side of insurance showing they have paid zero dollars or I’m not getting the money for my car.
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2023.06.08 20:36 Wladca_ Chronic Pain + Other Difficulties - Looking for advice

Hi, 21F - been dealing with chronic pain for a long time now. I have memory issues but I know it started when I was growing, as all the doctors that saw me during that time would all say its growing pains. It began with difficulty of moving my legs and constant pain in my legs. It's now expand to this list over time -
It's been at least a decade now, and most doctors are not able to figure out what it is. So I'm seeking advice here. Thank you
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2023.06.08 20:36 sadgirl_4_lyf3 finally a nalgene cup adapter that works

finally a nalgene cup adapter that works
ordered one off amazon, didn’t fit. found this guy on etsy that makes them and it fits perfectly! definitely recommend for all my nalgene peeps that are sick of it flying around the front seat of their car…
his name is JTRWorks on etsy!
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2023.06.08 20:35 Gloomseeker123 Advice on improving Positional Chess (1400)

Hey! I’ve been struggling with positional understanding in my chess lately, it seems to be my weakest aspect of the game. On the flip-side, I think my tactical calculation is better than most people my rating. But I often just find myself in a slightly inferior position where it’s my opponent has all of the play tactical opportunities, and I’m never quite sure where I went wrong.
I study lots of tactics and endgames and try to analyze my slow games before checking myself with an engine. Does anyone have any good resources like books or courses on positional chess concepts that are suited to people rated below 1600 or 1700? A lot of the books I see are meant for players 2000+ but players my level clearly have a better positional understanding than me - they must be getting that from somewhere.
It’s by far the hardest thing for me to understand, I know a little about the different pawn structures, but clearly not enough. An example would be when I have several candidate moves and one of them is a pawn break, or a trade, or rerouting a piece etc. I’m like okay this move seems to have x amount of drawbacks and x amount of benefits, at the end of the day I have to pick one of them or entirely reconsider they types of moves I’m picking as candidates. I tend to either overestimate the positional drawbacks of the move I should have made, or underestimate the concessions of the move I ultimately went for. It’s just a very abstract concept for me to wrap my cut-and-dry style of thinking around, especially since many of these principles and rules contradict each other in one position or another.
If anyone has any advice for me it would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.08 20:35 BellingerGuy310 YSK: Although credit score apps, such as Credit Karma and Experian, can help improve your credit by tracking debts, utilization, and account ages, they are a fairly poor tool for checking your actual credit score.

I want to start by mentioning that the purpose of this post is not to diminish the progress many have made, because I know how hard it can be to rebuild credit, but I do believe it’s important for everyone to understand where they actually stand.
I’ve seen a trend of people posting their credit score progress, primarily using Credit Karma for their impressive before and after. Although progress, no matter how small, is something to celebrate, it’s important to understand what you’re actually seeing.
It’s been about six years since I began my own journey to improve my credit. My (at the time) girlfriend and I were looking into purchasing our first home, but I had poor credit (585). Knowing that I needed a score of at least 620 to receive approval on a loan, steps towards fixing my credit needed to happen. I spoke with a financial advisor, who created a plan to help improve my credit score over a span of a couple years.
It only took about three months before I began seeing a change in my score, at least while tracking it on Credit Karma’s app. Another three months had passed, and I was over the moon to see a score of 655. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to accomplish these positive changes!
Fast forward another 10 months or so and we were again looking at houses. I no longer had the fear of being rejected by lenders, as my score just kept going up. At this point, about a year and a half into my journey to fix my credit, my Credit Karma score was sitting at around 710. I was doing everything right, and it made sense to me (at the time) that the progress I had made was legitimate.
We found an amazing home, decided we wanted to make our first offer, and sought approval from a local lender. Within a few hours, we were informed that we were denied the loan, specifically due to a low credit score. It didn’t make any sense at the time, as I knew I had a 710, and my girlfriend had a score of 792. I wanted to look further into the issue, but another offer was accepted that evening. We were back to shopping the market for a house, and simply assumed the previous denial had been for a number of reasons, so I didn’t look into it as much as I should have.
Within the coming weeks, unrelated to the house search, I decided to request a balance increase to a credit card I have had with Bank of America for some time. It was only a $1,000 increase, so I hadn’t even considered any chance of a denial. Well, sure as shit, I got a letter in the mail a few days later apologizing for the denial of my request. There was only one reason for the denial, and it was “poor credit”.
At this point, I knew something had to be wrong with the information they had on me, because I could clearly see that I had a 700+ score. Curious if there was possibly an issue with Credit Karma’s app, I also downloaded Experian to compare the scores. As expected, the scores on the two apps were within 10 points of each other. I scheduled an appointment with my bank for the following day, and flat out asked why their systems weren’t updating my increasing score. This is, unfortunately, when I learned that the scores given on these apps are essentially irrelevant.
The account manager at my bank was nice enough to explain what was happening, and it was both eye-opening and upsetting. Someone’s credit score is determined by a number of factors, and this varies from lender to lender. When it came to a house, car, or personal loan, nearly every lender in this country calculates your score in a way different than what’s being seen on these credit score apps. They want you to continue using the app, because they’re a business and want users to purchase their services, see their adds, and use the lenders they recommend. So it’s obviously in their best interest for users to see impressive changes, which keeps them checking on a regular basis. Me account manager then asked me to open my Bank of America app, as well as my Discovery CC app, and check what they were showing my FICO score as. My stomach sank when I saw 611 on one, and 617 on the other.
As it turns out, Credit Karma and Experian had been giving me a false sense of success for over a year and a half, which was devastating. Although I could show fiends and family a high credit score, it meant nothing to the institutions I needed lines of credit from.
Although having the wind knocked out of my sails was rough, I stuck at it and continued strengthening my credit. It took longer than expected, but it’s now been years since I began this journey and the score recognized by lenders has finally surpassed 700. With that’s said, my Credit Karma account, which I never deleted, shows scores of 798 and 793. Although I’m now aware how little those scores actually mean to my overall financial success, it’s still fun to watch them rise.
At the end of the day, I don’t think these apps are evil or anything, I just don't want people getting ahead of themselves based solely on the information they’re receiving from them. Your best way to get a proper idea of what your credit looks like is to check your banking or credit card apps. As far as I know, all of them offer free FICO checks.
I’m sorry if this post leads to any of the same disappointment I once felt, but having a true grasp of your credit score, at least the one that lenders see, is extremely important.
TLDR; Credit Karma and Experian are fun apps, but the scores shown on there are often irrelevant to what’s needed when applying for a loan. For a realistic idea of your important credit score, log into your online banking or credit card app snd see what they show as your FICO score. This score is what’s being used when applying for a loan from essentially every financial institution in this nation.
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2023.06.08 20:35 zacharyjm00 Car Loans and Car Mechanic

My car (2010 subaru forester) sustained horrible damage when the engine blew up. The damage to fix surpasses the cost of the car —$9k estimate and lots of trouble finding a reliable engine. I owe about $3k.
My credit isn’t great, i’m in college and right now don’t have any savings or make a ton of money. I’m curious how I get out of this. I want to call the finance company and explain but I really just need to car and the loan gone with as little damage to me as possible. The car is currently 50 miles away at a mechanic — who needs it gone in a week. I just need to find the right path to take to get over this huge stressor.
I live in a moderately expensive coastal city and can definitely get by using public transportation. Until I graduate in 6 months and find a better paying job I’m kind of ok saving money.
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2023.06.08 20:35 polynomials Solar Cycle Complete

Hoo boy! That was long - I mean, loooooong - but well worth it.
I am kind of stunned more people have not read or even heard of this series. The Solar Cycle has to be one of the greatest works not just of sci-fi, but of all English literature, in scale and scope, the richness of the characters and the settings, the craft, creativity, and cleverness of the storytelling, the density, profundity, and wisdom of its ideas and their exploration. Yet even my most hardcore sci-fi fan friends never heard of this! I myself only discovered it because I had notion to write a story which turned out to be loosely similar in premise to BotNS, and exploring that idea is how I stumbled upon it the Wikipedia page.

What the story is about

To me this story is overall about how man strives to be better than his own nature allows - but always fails without the help of powers greater than himself. Call it divine or supernatural or merely beyond man's limited understanding but that's what the heroes of each story are calling upon to do more for people, and make them more and better than what they are. That's what the hierodules were trying to do in testing the Autarch and looking for the one to become the New Sun. It was what Silk tried to do as Calde but failed, it was what the people of Blue and Green knew they needed when they sought out Silk's semi-divine leadership.
We even saw a lesser, analogous form of it in the inhumi as they try to transcend their parasitic animal nature. They try to emulate us, but always fall short as when Jahlee gets herself killed by succumbing to the temptation to drink Nettle's blood. Its only when they get help from higher beings like Incanto and the Neighbors and psychically project that they can be what they hope to be. The inhumi are to us as we are to the angels, or as we are to the hierodules.
Knowing that Gene Wolfe was a devout Catholic, and I a Christian myself, this had a lot of meaning to me. Silk/Horn sees the inhumi much as God must see us. Inherently flawed who keep using their minds and spirits to do evil, but whom he nevertheless loves as his children, and he hopes by showing to love to them that they can be better and more like him, though it is impossible for them to really do so. Because Silk/Horn himself is only human, that is why he reaches his limit and kills Jahlee when she goes too far, but God's love is infinite, so maybe we will have a better time of it.

The Two Commandments

And so I better understand why when Severian becomes Autarch, he abolishes the torturer's guild, which I didn't really get at the time I read it. In Sword of the Lictor, he gives a long and unexpectedly defensive justification of the guild and its role in society, all of which made sense to me as I read it. And yet as one of his first acts Autarch, he abolishes it. Why? Because as the New Sun - a Christ-like figure - he knows that people will continue to do evil to each other forever if someone does not break the cycle and decide to show love and mercy, even and especially when it is not deserved. That is what Jesus taught!
And it is what Silk/Horn tried to do with the inhumi, what he tried to teach others. Ie, Love thy neighbor as thyself, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Or as Silk/Horn says: "Do you imagine you can be cruel without teaching others to be cruel to you? You glory in your cruelty, because you believe it shows you are master of your victim. You are not even your own."
Profoundly enough, the inhumi show us a rather literal exemplification of these rules. The Neighbors (get it? love thy neighbor!) as much as tells Silk/Horn these things when they say to him that if humans knew the truth about the inhumi, there would be no need to fear them. Which turns out to be, if humans loved their neighbors as themselves and followed the Golden Rule, the inhumi would be no threat to them. It would literally destroy the inherent evil within them, if humans could destroy the evil within themselves. But we have seen time and again that humans can't do this without divine help.
For this reason, this must have motivated the Neighbors to leave their planets, and now I think not just leave but in some way achieve a higher form, and become something like the Heirodules of New Sun. Clearly they are on the lookout for extraordinary beings like Silk/Horn (or Taal?) who might guide their people to transcend their own nature. The Neighbors are probably not merely projecting themselves to their old planets from somewhere else but no longer have a permanent corporeal form at all, I'd guess.

Random Thoughts

I also thought it was brilliant to have Hoof be the final narrator to give the matter of fact, no nonsense wrapping up of loose ends. After all the mystery and puzzle and obscurity of the preceding 12 volumes it was nice to have somebody just give it to us straight.
If I had to criticize, I would say the following. Sometimes Wolfe is a little too coy and too obscure with things, in New Sun it felt a bit self-indulgent at times. Much of the New Sun series I simply had no idea what was going on or what Wolfe was trying to get at. It was interesting to see his evolution as an author from New Sun to Long Sun, where the story is much more accessible and, frankly, human. Wolfe also has a tendency to have characters engage in extended conversations describing things we didn’t see directly, or teasing reveals endlessly. Just spit it out already! He also has a tendency to have characters wandering around not doing much for too many chapters (Auk and Chenille in the tunnels, omg).
After thinking about it overnight I'm not convinced that Blue and Green are Urth and some other planet in our system. The gravity differences would be impossible to ignore, it doesn't explain as much as I'd thought, and also the "It was Earth all along" trope is just less satisfying. The story is more interesting and profound if we are exploring beyond Earth?

Random Questions/Thoughts

  1. I still don't quite understand how Quetzal got onto the Whorl years before the Exodus. I understand the Neighbors put some inhumi there on the ship to see what these humans were all about - but how exactly did that happen? It seems to me that landers must have left for Blue and Green long before Long Sun begins. Is there anything we see on Blue or Green that suggests human settlements older than those founded by those leaving during Long Sun?
  2. Why is there an undine, Mother, on Blue? Did they stow away somehow on the Whorl, or are their devotees of Abaia and Erebus and Scylla on many planets? Is it just a sign that the evils of humanity have followed them to new worlds? And I still don't get what the deal is with Seawrack. Who is she supposed to be?
  3. Are the witches of the witches guild inhuma who are somehow projecting to Urth? One of the Red Sun Whorl episodes suggests that Merryn of the witches guild has some qualities similar to inhumi. ("Merryn had trouble with animals too") Or at least that the witches are in some way not entirely human. We also know that the Cumaean was a cacogen.
  4. I don't get the deal with the godlings or why they appeared - are they working for the Whorl gods trying to get people to worship them again? Are they something the Crew is creating to keep the population stable for their next move to another system? So maybe the Whorl was always intended to roam the universe and not just stop at the Blue/Green system?
  5. Is there any sign/foreshadowing that Severian encounters Silk/Horn in the New Sun books, or that some inhumi are permanently projected there? Jehangu makes a sword similar to Terminus Est when infiltrating the guild - is he maybe still there? Or perhaps any other foreshadowing that some Short Sun Whorls beings appear in Severian’s time on Urth?
  6. Why did Sinew and Horn fight against each other on Green? Was it because Sinew learned who Krait really was?
  7. Why did Silk/Horn say he felt sorry for Beroep after discussing with Hoof his dream about Scylla?
  8. Oreb was possessed by Scylla before Silk/Horn returned to Blue. Was Oreb possessed by any other being in the beginning of Long Sun, when Silk first attempted to sacrifice him? Does this explain why he is so intelligent and his psychic projection appears semi-human? Did we actually see what tipped off Silk/Horn that Scylla possessed Oreb?
I'm sure I'll have to read through again to answer many of these questions, which I usually never do but I am certain I will with these.
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2023.06.08 20:35 Sale_q_b I've post.

I would like to approach this topic in the most neutral way possible because in the end, I don't care about being right, but about having the truth, and if possible, an absolute truth.
Since we were children, we have been taught that life is a journey to be discovered, that there are numerous adventures, both positive and negative. Movies, cartoons, and fairy tales have accustomed us to live our lives as if we were the protagonist, believing that everything will be fine, and that in the end, there will be happiness or victory. This is the classic hero's cycle in all stories, otherwise, no one would watch them.
However, the fact is that, while it is true that we are the protagonists of our lives, we are not in a fairy tale, a story, or a game. We are in real life, and in real life, sometimes we lose.
You might say that it's true that you fall, you get back up, and you come back stronger than before. But the truth is that, at least from what I have observed so far, you can get up 10 times, 100 times, 1000 times, but there comes a fall from which you don't get up anymore. There can be that one fall that is too much, and your legs can no longer support you. Sometimes things go well, sometimes they go badly, and we don't know what causes it all. It's probably a random consequence of events that are independent of us.
I'm not saying that you just lose, there are numerous examples of people who started from zero and achieved tremendous success, and by the way, they are the only ones we see. Because when you compare two people, one who succeeded and one who didn't, you'll never hear about the person who lost.
When I was young, I believed that many beautiful things would happen to me. I imagined so many things that ultimately didn't happen. I'm not saying that I've only had negativity in life, I've also had my moments of fun, it's just that a lot of what I expected didn't happen.
I'm not trying to be optimistic or pessimistic, but all things considered, from a family, social, economic, and emotional point of view, I have lost.
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2023.06.08 20:35 HTW35 Jeep grand Cherokee 2014 5.7 hemi overheating

While driving my jeep I've noticed something not right which is a smoke coming from the engine and while pulling over one of the hoses blows up and the temperature reached H level.
the question now the car won't start anymore I was thinking is there any safety fuse cuts out the power or something else is going on?
BTW I stopped the engine immediately when it reached H level
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2023.06.08 20:35 BlueFox789 Broken Volvo V8 Mark 2 - best way forward?

Good evening, my first post on this forum so please bear with me.
We bought a Volvo V8 Mark 2 from a seller 2 weeks ago and have had some trouble with it. It broke down on the M1 only 2 days after purchase and had to be recovered by the AA. A few local garages have had a look at it and said they cannot repair it, including a specialist one in Faversham.
The garage brought to back to us this evening and we are not thinking about what to do. Apparently the engine has seized and they cannot source another one. It would seem that classic cars are not easy to have repaired.
Is there any chance of the engine being cleared somehow so that it works? Does anyone know of someone who might own a replacement one we could have fitted?
Worse case scenario we could speak to the man and hope that he takes it back. My great feeling is he will refuse, leaving us to take him to small claims court. Has anyone else been in our position? What did you do? I am not sure what our rights are at this point
Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you all in advance
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2023.06.08 20:35 Agile-Ad9167 At what RPM can I floor the car? Doesn't the ECU compensate?

Hey guys,
New VB owner and new to turbos. I get that lugging the engine is bad, but I'm wondering if the ECU is automatically compensating for this if I were to floor the car at lower RPMs?

I've been driving this car for a month and reading up a lot on it. Everyone says to not jump on the gas pedal until RPMs are around 3k. But if the ECU is protecting the engine under all conditions, can't I stop worrying about my pedal so much and just stomp on it around 1500 or 2000 as I'm accelerating up through the gears? I just feel like I'm constantly thinking about pedal pressure and such as I'm trying to get some spirited driving in. Can I stop worrying about that and if I'm trying to get to speed the fastest, keep the pedal WOT right after my shifts?

Cheers and thanks! Love this car!
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2023.06.08 20:34 bipolargecko How probable is it for an accident report to be amended?

I was hit by a lady, and she is being extremely difficult with insurance. We both have the same insurance. The report is heavily in my favor, but she is adamant that it is my fault and claiming that the report is incorrect. Insurance is giving her a week to have the report amended.
How probable is it that the officer will say yes to changing it? It's basically all up to him, I win if he doesn't change it and lose if he does change it. On scene he was very nice and even told me that her car does not belong there - she took the turn too sharp and hit me, which is also what the report states.
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2023.06.08 20:34 dieoner Looking to trade.

What's up my car talk community, hope everything is good with you all. I read the rules and didn't see anything against asking this so I hope this question is okay.
As the title says in looking to trade with you good folks. I'm based in Washington st and have collected a bunch of Washington lic plates and wondering if anyone here would want to trade for your state plate? If so please private message me to work out logistics. Hope to hear from some of you. Thank you your time.
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2023.06.08 20:34 Walter_F90 31/M/Netherlands - Looking for some good chats

Hello there Reddit,
I'm just some Joe Average with a "real" job. I work in engineering, some stuff involving manufacturing equipment for semiconductors. I'm a natural introvert but I like meeting new people from time to time. Very wide range of interests and not a bad conversationalist. Somewhat old-school but also open minded.
As far as my interests go: I'm interested in travel, fitness, hiking, camping, guitars, cars, history, philosophy, gaming (PC), reading, movies, whisky, stonedoom rock, would've probably been a gun nut if I was American.
I'd prefer it if you were close to my age and time zone, although that is not strictly necessary. I just find that it makes for more better chats on average. It can be a short term thing if you just want to chat for an hour or an afternoon or if you're looking for something a bit more regular. I usually prefer to text chat although we may also voice chat if we get along well. I mostly use Discord.
If anything about this post sounds good to you then send me a message or chat.
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