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2023.04.02 08:30 southparkbutters27 Vent/help?

Vent, this kinda made things worse tbh. Any opinions??
Today I had a counseling appointment. My mom asked me if I wanted anything to eat a d I said yes and while she was making me food, I was getting ready and as I was getting ready, she called me downstairs(I wasn't able to do my hair yet since she called me downstairs) .
I try to hurry up and finish my food so I can finish getting ready and she comes upstairs yelling at me saying why aren't I ready yet- I understand where she's coming from with that, I should've been ready ages ago and we're going to be late. I told her I was eating, but then she started yelling at me and saying that I'm being ungrateful, if I don't want to go that I don't have to, other people have it worse(and she tells me how other people are struggling with this and this- ik people have it way worse but I feel like she's just comparing or smthn idk), and that there are people that wish they could have help or someone to talk to and that people wish they could have a caring mother like mine.
I'm not trying to come across as disrespectful, entitled, or ungrateful; I truly am grateful for all that I have! I play piano, I used to have a 61 key keyboard and she somehow managed to get me an upright piano- there are people that may have certain passions and dreams and not be able to get the things for them but I'm able to and I'm honestly really thankful for that. She was also telling me how others have it worse, etc, last night, and I know others have it worse and she thinks I don't know those things but I do.
If we talk about the future and stuff I say "not if I die first", I'm 16,and I honestly don't plan on making it past 18. No one knows I attempted earlier this week and it fucking failed, my bf and bsf know. No way in hell I'm telling that to my mom or counseling- she'd kill me and I'd be screwed.
Sometimes I don't wanna be here, I feel miserable all the time and it's exhausting. My mom said that I can go drink a bottle of bleach and kill myself. That hurt but at the same time it didn't bc i felt numb during that.
On our way to the approintment, she started yelling at me and that she's tired of my bullshit, me "manipulating and taking advantage" of her and treating her like shit. And shew as saying "oh poor me, I want to kill myself" but about me. That had be shocked bc I don't ever try to manipulate or take advantage of my mom, I don't ever try or want to hurt her. I know my mom has done so so much and sacrificed a LOT for me.
She threw her phone at the car windshield and now it has like a crack right in the middle. She never hit me but I was a bit scared she'd grab me by the face or something.
I'm not trying to victimize myself, seek attention, manipulate, treat her badly, hurt her, be ungrateful and entitled, I'm really not. All I ever want to do is impress my mom and make her happy. I can't even do that when it comes to the most obvious things and basic tasks.
She told me to go kill myself and that has to be the most hurtful things she's ever said to me. I've always felt like a problem and a burden to other people, and now to know that she's tired of me and my bs. I feel like she's upset with me bc of my mental health and the fact that I get anxious going to my appointments and that I don't want to go sometimes.
I plan on still going, for me but because I don't want her money and everything to go to waste and I don't want her to be mad.
I struggle with anxiety, depression, and self harm and that hurt. I don't ever mean to hurt my mom, I try to do my best and be happy for her.
She said that she's throwing in the towel, she doesn't care, she won't make me do anything I don't want to. I may not want to go to counseling but honestly it's better than being at home and feeling miserable all the fucking time.
Ive asked my mom before what can I do to be a better daughter and she said nothing, I'm already the best daughter but I don't think so. I'm a problem and a piece of shit daughter, honestly I really am.
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2023.04.02 08:28 Worried-Camel-1339 Experience with magnified health systems?

My husband relapsed on meth about 7 months ago. We talked about him going to rehab again, he wanted to do his own research and told me he found a place in Florida. I’m skeptical so I ask to talk to the guy he’s been talking to and find out he works for this company “Magnified Health Systems” and that they’re partnered with all these different treatment facilities and help him find the best fit. So they tell us about “Flagler Health and Wellness” in west palm beach. Sounds great, I look it up, looks legit enough, there’s mostly good reviews. They tell us they’ll set up his flight and we can work out a payment plan. This was maybe a month ago?
Fast forward to tonight, he got on his flight, talked to the same guy this morning, everything is supposedly good to go, gets in to Florida around 10:30 thinking that someone is coming to pick him up from the airport (because that’s what he was told) and no one is there. Tried calling the facility, no answer. So he decided to take an Uber there. Gates locked, there’s a woman at the desk staring at him but won’t come to the door. We both tried calling the facility multiple times, tried calling his contact from magnified health, any phone number we can find we’re both calling with no answer. Mind you I’m about 20 hours away. So at this point there was nothing else to do but find the next flight home for him.
Has anyone else experienced something like this or know anything about either one of these places? I’ve been able to find some things about treatment facilities in Florida that turn out to be scams but nothing that mentions facility or company names specifically.
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2023.04.02 08:26 DenseIsopod3110 Help me with Providence Please

So I am fighting Providence and then the whole screen turns yellow and my health drops a ton how can I avoid this? It's called Holy Inferno and it always kills me can you please help?
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2023.04.02 08:26 Rexlare I DESPISE my dad.

I don't even know why I'm writing this... I'm just so consumed by hate and anger that I've held in, I feel like I'm about to collapse into tears or explode into a violent rage.
Context: I(M25) am clinically depressed and definitely ADHD (not medicated for either) with the former being 100% the fault of my father at its roots. He is verbally abusive, narcissistic, selfish, arrogant, ignorant, and devoid of any redeeming qualities. He has been nothing but reprehensible and a source of anxiety and hate in my life. He has no respect for me whatsoever, doesn't care about me or my mental health, actively chooses to ignore the reality of my aforementioned mental disabilities, and rather pretends that I'm only lazy and stupid.
He has taught me NOTHING valuable in life except how to hate someone and how NOT to be a human being. I couldn't be more different than him. I have NO love, NO respect for him because he's done nothing to earn it. And I've held it in for the last 15ish years, because if you so much as disagree with him, it's nothing but him yelling, vomiting one-sided arguing on repeat, and if you agree on someone else other than him, you're automatically "Ganging up on him" or "undermining him". The other day he legit said to my mother "why are you talking when you shouldn't!?" all because she agreed he was making a bad "deal" with me.
And why am I bringing it up now?
Because I am currently practicing driving so I can get my license this Thursday, but I haven't been on the Freeway yet because my mom is horrified to be a passenger on the Freeway (I don't hold it against her for the record). So I have to rely on this literal waste of oxygen. But NOOOOOOO, today's a football or basketball or whatever the fuck game and he had to be CONVINCED to not be at home tomorrow to meet up for dinner with my sister to celebrate her engagement. ALSO, despite coming home early this week from work, I could not convince him to just be in the passenger seat. He actually "hired" my Uncle's wife to do that instead. He literally could not give a shit.
I HATE this man so fucking much. But I can't leave this house yet.
As I've said, I'm only recently getting a license, and once I do, I'm going to be a courier for Ubereats, Doordash, Amazon, or whoever is hiring. But I know that won't be enough to afford to leave the house and be on my own. And especially with my disabilities, I'm thankfully on my parents' insurance so I CAN get help next week for them, but for the foreseeable future, I'm still stuck in this house for at least another year.
I don't know what I'm hoping for. I guess I'm venting and hoping someone will be able to offer me some advice or reveal some knowledge I can use to get out of this hell hole sooner than later. But please do NOT suggest anything involving reconciling with him. That's a wasted effort and I have no desire to have him in my life anymore.
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2023.04.02 08:26 ilikecatsandgames 24 [R4F] EST/Anywhere - Seeking an emotional support human. A pros and cons list of why you may want to be that.

I’m gonna keep this shorter than I normally would because I’m dreadfully long winded and just get to the basics that people actually care about. You should know that I saved you from reading an essay by putting all this into condensed list form, you’re welcome. No one should have to read that much of my writing.
Me: - AMAB NB, prefer they/she pronouns. - The post says R4F because I can’t list multiple but I’m comfortable with F, T, or other NBs. - Extremely mid in every respect. - Has 3 cats I value more than my life. - My hobbies include video games, gardening, books, writing, and existential dread. - In need of an emotional support human because life is pain and I have no one to spend time with or talk to throughout the day.
Pros and Cons of this position: + ++I will send you cat pictures + ++I will listen to you talk about anything + ++I’ll play games with you, or stream games for you to watch while we talk, that’s one of my favorite things. + ++I love being supportive and being there for people especially when we share similar issues. + +I’m an extremely mid writer so I can proofread stuff for you + +I have been known to be funny sometimes. + +I have been told my voice is nice. + +I have an ungodly amount of time to spend talking or hanging out. - -I have an ungodly amount of time to spend dwelling on problems and pain. - -Time plus my mental health problems equals lots n lots of insecurity and existential dread. - -I need a lot of reassurance.
A summary: -/+Functionally I’m useless but sometimes I have merit.
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2023.04.02 08:26 Hummingbird7373 Guidance Please - table, could this be source of mold causing health issues ?

The Question - could this possibly be mold in the grain of an old oak table?
Situation - I have been suffering from a range of chronic health issues. Testing came back positive for mycotoxins and Doctor now thinks Mold is probably a significant factor. So i have been really trying to figure where the mold is coming from.. (pulled up carpet, cut open walls etc etc). But so far without success. I often work from home from an old kitchen table - and I am definitely getting more symptoms when working from home.
Table details - approx 80 years old in the family. has previously been in storage. If i scrap with my finger nail hard enough - the top coating (and maybe some old embedded grim) comes off, seems to be more black discoloration where the coating is fading. If it is mold it must be kinda embedded in the table top i.e. if you gently wipe a cloth across it there is certainly nothing that comes off.
From the photos attached do you think its possible these darker spots may be mold growing/embedded in the table top?? - any guidance here on whether its possibly this could be mold, and how to remediate it would be deeply appreciated. If it is mold it may explain a lot.
Thank you!!
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2023.04.02 08:24 ThatMkeDoe How mad would you be if a vet tech was discussing information about your dog from vet visits to other people?

I just found out that a vet tech at my dog's vet clinic feels it's okay to discuss my dog's vet records with other people. I'm beyond livid especially because the person that they were discussing my dog's health to accused me of animal abuse... Furthermore the person that made this accusation directly implied that it's not just their opinion but it's "several people's opinion" so this vet tech is very clearly discussing my dog's health with several people none of whom are in any way shape or form involved in my dog's healthcare.... And hell... Even if the vet tech only discussed this with one person it's still a HUGE breech of trust ...
Not to mention what really irks me about the situation is that my dog has had several vets prior to this (we moved cities and he's had a few emergency procedures done) and not a single vet has ever even come close to implying any kind of abuse on my part and have even been very encouraging of the way I take care of my dog. ..
Sorry for the rant, but I've been called all manner of names and slurs and nothing has gotten under my skin quite like being called an animal abuser... Especially when my dog is literally my whole life....
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2023.04.02 08:24 ManPhantasm26 Question for those that work at Publix full-time

I'm going to be working at Publix soon but does anyone know how much they take out of your pay for the benefits? Health/dental/vision
Was figuring that if they take out a lot I might as well stay at my current job
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2023.04.02 08:22 Low-Potential-9571 Changes in sexual health?

So I've recently begun a weight loss journey, since covid hit I'm at the heaviest I've ever been at 345, I'm doing this for my health as yes of course I want to live longer see my BP go down, restore my heart and everything in-between. As I've been doing this so far I've also wondered and please forgive me if this dosent go here but I'm curious what will change with my sexual health as well. As ive never really seen it talked about much. Those of you who have gone through the process and met your goals what was your experience? What can I expect to happen? Yes I am a guy lol. Anyways sorry for the weird question and thank you for your input.
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2023.04.02 08:21 Cautious-Race3746 I’m a Jewish girl who dated an abusive Nazi who threw a gun at me. He was the most evil person I’ve ever met, but moving on is hard

For starters, I know I need real professional help. I have a lot of mental health issues and that is the root of this.
Last October, I met this guy. We started talking and joking over Snapchat. Pretty quickly it turned into him insulting me, but I have a degradation kink and I thought it was just that for him, not that he actually meant what he was saying. There was an instant chemistry between us, so I ignored obvious red flags. We had sex for the first time, it was normal, whatever. A few days later we are talking and I mention that I am Jewish. He tells me that he is an antisemite. I thought he was joking, but it quickly became clear he wasn’t. I slowly discovered the extent of his beliefs, but I eventually found out he self identifies as a Nazi and is a believer in esoteric hitlerism. He also constantly talked about killing/raping me, saying he fantasized about it. I knew he wouldn’t actually do it, but it was unsettling.
We have sex a second time. This time, it is very rough (consensually). At one point, he pulls a gun out of his glovebox. After I ask him to put it away, he pulls out another and throws one on me. He puts them away a second later and just laughs, then we keep having sex. It scared the shit out of me, obviously.
Over the course of our relationship, he did some horrific shit and insulted me constantly. My self esteem plummeted and I was a shell of a person.
Unfortunately, I really had feelings for this guy. For some godforsaken reason, I was into the degradation, even though it got way too extreme. We saw each for six months (“dated” is a loose term, he was fucking 4 other girls and our only meeting was to have sex in his car) and things ended because he wanted to commit to another girl. Obviously I know I am much, much better off without him. Now I am safe and much happier. But… I miss our chemistry and physical connection. And I hate myself for missing it. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.
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2023.04.02 08:20 ryanschool How long would the process of getting an ADHD diagnosis take?

I know self diagnosing is cringe but I'm like 90% sure I have ADHD. Both my parents have it and for many other reasons I'm pretty sure I have it. I check off every symptom and it's really made my life a lot harder. I completely failed out of school and recently got my G.E.D and am about to graduate with my A.A. The way I do work/assignments just isn't going to work when I go to grad school.
So anyways I'm 26 now and haven't been to a doctor in over a decade. I'm trying to get health insurance activated by May and am going to see a doctor for a checkup. I'm gonna bring up having ADHD and the symptoms I have and am wondering how long it usually takes to get the diagnosis If I had it and how long estimating it would take to get a stimulant prescription? Would I for sure have to see a psychiatrist or do some doctors do it themselves?
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2023.04.02 08:20 letsbereal1980 I think my sister has PPD. I am lost

I have been so drained from trying to avoid stepping on a landmine with my sister that I don't even think i have energy to type out all of thr information that would support my suspicion about my sister. I hardly know where to begin.
She and I have had periodic arguments that erupt into episodes of her attacking me verbally, mostly via text/email. Each time I have had to block her from all contact because it's actually really hurtful and stress inducing, and I have my own mental health to look after (though she repeatedly accuses me of "flaunting my superior mental health"... she sees herself as "crazy" and a black sheep and thr only one in our family with problems. It's frustrating and makes me feel invalidated.
The fights start often with some comment I make without harm or animosity in mind, sometimes it is nothing to do with her.
Other times I feel I "start it" just by refusing to walk on eggshells, because our parents and I always walk on eggshells to avoid her rages. It's getting ridiculous and exhausting and often I will just say straightforwardly what I think needs saying. Not in a mean way, just using skills I have learned over the years (I'm 43, she is 38).
I have blocked her again after 2 days ago she spent an afternoon sending messages to our family chat in WhatsApp, just this total nonsense. We weren't doing anything, not talking about her, nothing to do with her. Out of the blue she starts sending these really nasty messages and they don't even make sense. Saying that we are all "bonding" over the fact that she is "miserable" and dysfunctional. This was out of nowhere. It went on and on and it was MEAN.
She is also an alcoholic. This last fight, I assumed she was just drunk and being crazy. I tried researching alcohol induced psychosis but it didn't sound like her.
Then I stumbled across PPD and everything clicked. I don't know how I can get her to look into this. I honestly can't have her drama right now. My dog died and I'm depressed and trying to keep up in a busy school program. No time to waste proving to her that her imaginings are untrue.
It isn't just the family stuff. Lots of things. A client asks her if she brought in a package and all my sister can talk about for days is that the client thinks she stole the package. A person in a parking lot asked if she is ok and her suspicions of and anger toward that person know no bounds.
It's all been frustrating and I have been angry, but if she actually has a mental illness in addition to her alcoholism, I want her to get help. But I emotionally can't handle the barrage of awful things she will say to me if I approach her. She never believes my intentions are good, which hurts, because I'm a kind person and an honest person. I don't have hidden meanings but she assigns them to everything I say.
It is EXHAUSTING trying to prove to someone that I'm telling the truth, when I am telling the truth. I can't even begin to describe how maddening that is.
I wanted to screenshot this bizarre confusing series of texts she sent yesterday and the reply I finally sent, which I put thought into and worded carefully, saying that I could tell she was in pain and I was confused as to why, because nobody in our family had been talking about her at all that day.
I asked her to please tell us what actually occurred to start this line of thought, and encourage her to be honest about her actual feelings instead of calling names, so we could all fix this together.
I was mad and hurt and I didn't feel she even deserved that much politeness after basically hate bombing our phones for hours, but if I really stick up for myself I will lose her, I'm afraid. I know it isn't fair and I know I don't deserve to be treated this way but she is my only sister. And still, she is still my favorite person underneath all the mess.
Her reply to my request that she clarify and be productive?
"Ya know what Jess? Fuck off."
I wanted to lose my temper. But I didn't because I'm too tired of the drama that will ensue. I just left the chat and then blocked her on my phone, whatsapp, Facebook and email.
I have no clue how to help her. I'm pretty much done trying. I'm not gonna go through this again. Her only chance with me is if she can get some help. Asking her to do so is useless for me because she thinks I'm an awful person who is out to ruin her. I don't know why. I'm not.
Does this sound like PPD? Is there anything I can even do to encourage her to get help? Any insight will be appreciated.
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2023.04.02 08:18 Accomplished-Dark371 Gf[f26] mad I[M28] canceled vacation to save for therapy.

My gf[F26] and I[M28] have been dating for a year and going through trust issues for months. I found out she's not actually cheating after accusing her for months. In a moment of regret I promised her a vacation to make up for it. She loves to travel. Also promised her I won't accuse her of things like that again. Some weeks go by and doubt grows whether she did or didn't cheat. I speak to her about it. She's annoyed and wants to end things. I start to realize I need therapy for deeper issues. For my own sake whether we're together or not. I tell her this and she agrees and wants to get back together because I'm actually trying to fix my problems. But than keeps bringing up the vacation I promised. I tell her moneys tight and therapy's expensive, I can't do that now and need to focus on my mental health. I expected her to agree and end the vacation talk. But she doesn't and it leads to me telling her I don't love her because this doesn't feel like love. I wished she understood my mental health should come first and that would in turn benefit the relationship more than a vacation. I'm starting to feel like she doesn't truly care about me. Did I do the right thing? Or is she rightfully mad about me not fulfilling my promise?
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2023.04.02 08:17 thegenderdruid 32 [F4R] Maryland/Anywhere - Neurodivergent basic witch ISO other weirdos

I am honestly at a rock bottom in my life, but among the rocks I believe I can still find the philosophers stone.
I'm 32, live in Maryland, am pansexual, mom with the mombod to show it, and while I do get every other weekend with my kids their dad has custody. My mental health was used against me, but I'm not a deadbeat, I simply beat death by trying to get help for my severe post partum.
I am ADHD af and have dyspraxia which is considered part of the autism spectrum. Therapists and exes disagree on whether I am also borderline or bi polar. I'd rather just blame my mood swings on the phases of the moon like the basic witch bitch I am.
Anyway, I am on disability and I'm not white trash. I'm just a garbage person trying to re-emerge as a dumpster fire phoenix.
My special interests include astrology, tarot, conspiracy theories, trashy reality tv, 420, anything involving the occult or paganism, and korean BBQ. My sense of humor is dark af, and I also perform stand up comedy and even though I love telling/writing jokes, I am bad at getting other people's jokes and picking up social cues in general, so please keep that in mind. I honestly use the archetypal symbolism of astrological signs as a way of understanding people because being neurodivergent often makes me feel literally alien. and the zodiac gives me a basic blue print to understand humans.
I am doing my first amateur paranormal investigation/ghost hunt on Monday and if you have any experience with actual ghosts not just tinder ghosts I'd love to hear!
I am an Aquarius sun, Aries moon, Leo rising, and Pisces venus if that matters to anyone lmao. Message me if you like tarot, trees and trauma bonding!
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2023.04.02 08:16 jaaagman Radioactivity of new cars that are made in Japan

Not sure if there are any experts on the subject, but does anyone know if new cars exported from Japan are checked for radiation? Based on some articles from the early days, Japanese manufacturers were checking cars for radiation prior to export.
I've also seen stories of mainly used cars exported to other parts of the world (e.g. Vladivostok) that had unsafe levels of radiation (likely located near the Fukishima incident site).
From what I gather, the CBSA also has radiation detection portals, though those are more for detecting contraband. I believe the US border services also tests for radiation for incoming cargo containers.
I know this is a seemingly ridiculous question, but I have a health condition, and this thought had just occurred to me. I am currently waiting for my new car that is manufactured in Japan. Any comments would be much appreciated!
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2023.04.02 08:16 TheMan-OnTitan Will using laptop always plugged in with 'poor' battery health damage my pc?

[Inspiron 3576]
I've been using this laptop for about 4 years and since last 1-2 years my PC runs out of battery in like 1 hour, so I started using it with the charger always plugged in
Dell Power Manager says my battery health is 'poor'
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2023.04.02 08:16 Relative-Ad7531 Draconic Gwen

Hello! This is my first -actual- homebrew deck that I did without using any external help so I want to know the opinions, things that I should change. Etc
The point of this deck si putting the draconic banda on Gwen in turn 5, making her have more power and health, plus when she kills something, she gets even more stats, which makes her level up and her level two ability more powerful than with just hallowed units
This is for the most part your typical hallowed deck, Viego is also there as another wincon if the enemy managed to play around gwen, which is made extra difficult with the Targon defensas like plae cascade or spellshield. This deck I have done decently fine against the Sett karma deck but because of the lategame (Or mid-range, I still don't know the terms of this game very good even if I'm playing since decemebenovember of last year) it suffers a lot against Samira Fizz
Anyways, what do you think about it? I would really like to know opinions of the deck to make it better!
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2023.04.02 08:16 Krischna_Gabriel VIDEO IDEA: Mario gets toothache and can't eat anymore

Mario ate a shit ton of fast food, spaghett and candy for breakfast again, but since he never brushes his teeth, as it was teased in the "My Roommate Mario" episode, his teeth are full of caries causing toothache, preventing him from eating.
In attempts to still continue his lifestyle he tries different things out to get rid of his pain, by taking painkillers, ripping out his teeth and consume his favorite food by blending it into a smoothie.
At the end he goes involuntary or voluntary to a dentist. After which someone lectures him about brushing his teeth regularly and caring for his dental health, but Mario completely ignores him/her, because he is too busy eating obsessively, since now he can finally eat again. It ends with the lecturer making a facepalm.

PS: Why isn't there a Flair for video ideas?
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2023.04.02 08:10 Clean_Signature_6997 I have a question, is this normal???

So this is the third time I have had all eight badges in a run, but this time I wanted to explore and hatch an egg before fighting the Elite Four. I was in Crimson City (which doesn’t have a poke center) and slept at the hotel.
HOWEVER, I moved to a sequence where I was back in my own home- but I was the only one there. I went over to Oak’s and Jirachi was there and offered me three Pokémon, but didn’t let me choose one and instead challenged me to a fight. It was only level 20, and I was level 65, but my health was only 25- so I tried to just catch it but couldn’t and it killed me.
Then I woke up in bed at home despite being in Crimson City before and- is this normal??? Did I end up in some weird Easter egg or am I hallucinating, because I’ve played this game multiple times and NEVER seen this!
EDIT: OKAY I just looked at my Pokémon and JIRACHI is in my party instead of my Combusken/Rampardos! And it’s not like I’m complaining- free Jirachi- but wtf is going on??!?
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2023.04.02 08:09 floofermoth Not sure what to do next

I've (26F) been suffering from a mystery illness for the past five months that has had medical professionals stumped. My symptoms are gastric pain in my upper stomach, gas/bloating, reflux, chills, weakness, nausea, difficulty swallowing, and altered sensations/allodynia sometimes. I deal with daily chronic pain and malaise.
I've had a slew of blood tests/urine tests/stool tests done, all have come back normal except for slightly raised calproctin levels. I'm seeing a gastroenterologist and have underwent a gastroscopy and colonoscopy but they didn't find much if any inflammation. The gastro doc didn't even find signs of reflux damage.
Everyone is kind of leaning towards anxiety related symptoms now, but my anxiety didn't really affect me until these health symptoms appeared. I'm VERY anxious now but I'm quite sure the horrible symptoms, and lack of answers, are making me feel this way.
The doctors I've seen are all unable to help, I have no idea where to go next or what to do. I've lost hope completely and feel like I'm stuck with this forever.
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2023.04.02 08:09 throwra28297484933 My fiancé 27M made a cruel joke about me 27F in my mental health program

Hi All,
throwaway as my friends / family know my main account. I’ve been with my fiance for about 3 years and he’s been pretty supportive of me through life’s obstacles. We got engaged a couple months ago. I’ve been suffering from mental health issues this past year (mental health has also been a struggle within my family as well) and decided I needed to get help for it. I talked to my doctor and they suggested that I go on a leave of absence from work and enter in a full- time 2 month program for anxiety / depression. This has been financially covered by my insurance.
I’ve been in it for a couple weeks now and feel as though I’m getting back into my normal state reducing my anxiety / depression. I’m happy that I decided to do this and my family has been really happy I decided to do it as well.
My fiancé on the other hand has made quite a few comments to me regarding this enrollment. He’s asking if it’s really necessary (I said it was, it was encouraged and approved by my doctor), asking if I want to go back to work (I said that I really needed to devote the time I needed to my mental health) also I am using all my PTO to do this program so I am still getting compensated, but he overall hasn’t been crazy about this decision.
I was going to meet up with a friend I made in the program, she and I have bonded over our mental health struggles. I told my fiancé that I was going to be gone as I was meeting up with her and he joked and goes “ah is this the meet up for the antiwork Reddit community or something?”
My feelings were immediately hurt and I didn’t know what to say. I don’t know if I’m overreacting or not. Mental health and anxiety are super valid for me, so I don’t know what to do in this situation. WWYD?
Tl;dr: partner keeps making comments invalidating my mental health
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2023.04.02 08:08 Fresh_Simple_5956 Moving to york from a different country

Is £50k decent amount for a family of 5 including children. My motivation for moving is to give good education for kids in a decent place. I have been to york before and I liked the place.
My kids are very young.
It’s going to be a very expensive move all costs considered like visa, paying for health care ( we are talking thousands of pounds)
Want to know if it’s viable financially
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