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2010.02.04 05:51 Lightfiend Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the awareness that arises through paying attention on purpose in a particular way in the present moment ~ mindfulness is a place for questions on the practice of mindfulness, for requesting of resources and recommendations, and for the sharing of insight and understanding deriving from the practice of mindfulness.

2015.09.18 02:36 detrimental12 Financial Independence Australia

Welcome to the Australian version of financialindependence, a place created for Australians to discuss the concepts of financial independence (FI) and retiring early (RE). You can be financially independent early in life! There is no need to work until to you are 65+ in order to access Superannuation benefits and retire. Why not retire at 45? At 35? Welcome to the concept of Financial Independence.

2011.11.10 16:15 Financial Independence / Retire Early

This is a place for people who are or want to become Financially Independent (FI), which means not having to work for money. Financial Independence is closely related to the concept of Early Retirement/Retiring Early (RE) - quitting your job/career and pursuing other activities with your time. At its core, FI/RE is about maximizing your savings rate (through less spending and/or higher income) to achieve FI and have the freedom to RE as fast as possible.

2023.05.29 22:58 lanonimoose My decade-long experience with POIS-like symptoms, to be used as a reference

Hey guys. I’m glad a community for this exists. My experience has been so traumatizing that I'm becoming abstinent. I will climax only once every 3 months or greater. I have experienced these symptoms both alone and with a partner I was dating. I have found that these symptoms are eased if I eat lots of protein and exercise heavily throughout the entire duration. For those who may be going through the same experience, I’d like to share some more information to see if there’s any overlaps.
I’m male, ~26 years old, 160lbs, diagnosed ADD/ADHD, diagnosed mild OCD, and have struggled with depression. I have noticed the POIS-like symptoms since I was 15, though could have unknowingly been experiencing them from an earlier age.
My Timeline of POIS-like symptoms:
Day of event/climax
Day 1 afterward
Day 2 afterward
Day 3 afterward
The cycle is notably worse if I climax more than once in a day. The cycle restarts from Day 1 if I climax again during any point in the cycle.
I feel it necessary to make this point clear: I structure my entire life around my observed three-day cycle. It is an unending hell, and I am open to any neuroscience researcher using me or my experience as a case study. Thanks for reading.
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2023.05.29 22:58 vark1222 You think you know your wife.......

My wife Shanda is a nurse who has been fired from four hospitals for stealing and consuming patients prescribed narcotics. She has had her nursing license on probation 2 times. Addiction is only one of her flaws. She has been with her husband for 18 years, married for 11. In October of 2022 they went away for the weekend to celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary. After returning from their trip, Shanda wasted little time by starting an affair with a co-worker just 2 days later. She had laid the ground work for this affair before leaving town. This winner she cheated on her husband with, is 7 years older than her (50 years old). He is also married, actually been married 3 times. He is also a nurse. She confided or should I say spread lies to her coworker about her husband to gain sympathy and attention from him. She also told him all of her husbands business and secrets. A little bit abour her husband. They have 3 children 17, 7 and 5 years old. Her husband workes 80 hours a week to ensure that Shanda could buy anything and everything she wanted. He loved her deeply, and tolerated everything she threw at him. Fast forward to 11/29/23. the affair had picked up steam, she spent less and less time at home and taking care of their children. She was 6 weeks in and played her wife role to ensure her husband did not suspect anything. A week prior, her husband was starting to notice weird things like changing passwords, less communication from her on a daily basis and she had become increasing guarded of her phone and spending more time than she ever have had on her social media accounts. Her husband finally had an opportunity on 11/29 when she left her phone upstairs and he grabbed it went straight to recently deleted messages and there they were 490 text messages that chronicled everything, the entire evolution of their affair. By the first week of November they were full blown sexting. She became enraged and assaulted him, saying she didn't love him anymore and didn't want to be with him. He was beyond hurt, he sacrificed his own happiness for years for her. December and January were brutual, she continued to cheat after telling him and the 17 year old daughter that she was sorry, used bad judgement and was going to focus on repairing their marriage. Her treatment of her husband was absolutely disgusting, she would assault him, broke his Imac twice, the 2nd time she hit him over the head with it. She's the one that caused all of this and she felt she had the right to take out her anger on him because he caught her. She had opened up 3 different snapchat accounts because this was her preferred way to communicate with her affair partner. Her husband had been documenting all of her violence and continued to stand by her hoping she would realize how her actions were destroying him and their children. Most of the arguing and fighting took place in front of the 7 and 5 year olds. By January she was openly cheating in the face of her husband. January 23, 2023, her husband had found a way to have her text messages sent to his phone, that evening she gets home from work, he pours his heart out to her, begging her to stop her affair and recommit to her family. While he is doing this she is texting affair guy lies about her husband, he is telling her how much fun the day before with her was and how he is divorcing his wife and wants her to refinance his house with her, she responds with I need to make plans to leave him and spend the rest of my life with you. The whole time her husband is reading this exchange in real time, he puts his phone down but didn't close out the messaging app, Shanda notices this because the last text sent from her was a blowing kiss emoji. I forgot to mention that in the middle of January her husband got into her snapchat account and found a message from her to him where she proclaimed her love for him. In the beginning of January she was busted by her nurse probation case manager for failing a drug test which resulted in an addtional year tacked on to her probation and mandatory outpatient rehab for 30 days. Anyways after she noticed his phone she got pissed and chased him around the house trying to get his phone from him, grabbing his car keys to prevent him from leaving the house. He shouted for her to stop and not in front of the kids, put the kids to bed and i'll give you my phone he said, but she wouldn't stop. Finally, he grabbed her to get his key from her, he leaves she calls the cops, he is arrested and put in jail for domestic assault. She gets him out the next day, he notices that while he was in jail she spent most of her time on the phone with her affair friend. She tells her husband that she will go to court and not press charges, that was a lie, and on Feb. 3, 2023 she files for divorce telling her husband she was going to have the charges dropped, he knew she was lying because he put a gps tracker in her car and new she as at a divorce lawyers office. February she claimed to have ended her affair, but really it was her lawyer telling her to be more careful with her affair till this is over. Her husband, is devasted by this, but vows to get her to change her mind. she at one point tells him she will stop the divorce and another time says she will pause the divorce to attempt reconciliation. Both these times were straight lies. By this time she is telling her husband "why are you here? No one here cares about you". She became very emotionally abusive after filing for divorce. So much so her husband contemplated taking his own life and actually staged an event to make it look like he was trying, that all backfired though. Then came March 29th, this was the anniversary of their first date, her husband comes home for work, he notices she has regular clothes on and not pajamas, she always changes into pajamas. She starts an argument on purpose for an excuse to leave and stay the night at her moms house. She leaves, he can't sleep at around 3:30am, he has a funny feeling, looks a her email and notices a hotel receipt from 12:21am that morning. He jumps in the car and races to the hotel, sure enough their is her car in the parking lot of a neighboring hotel and their is his car in the hotel parking lot that matches the reciept. Her husband calls the hotel and asks to be transferred to her room, no answer, he goes in the hotel and asks the front desk to try again, no answer, tries one more time. This time someone picks up but says nothing, he cries to her on the phone asking why? He returns to his car and now can tell what room they are in, he waits, 30 minutes later the punk ass 50 yr old walks out of the hotel and to his car, her husband just stares at him, he drives off. Hours later, she returns home packs a bunch of clothes and moves out to stay with her mom. 3 weeks later her husband has to appear in court for the charge, her divorce lawyer shows up and has the case prolonged for 2 more months. She appears to feel bad and returns home but says no affection or sex and she will let him know if she feels anything. Back up to her moving out, her affair friend started sending text messages to her husband threatening him and bringing up things only his wife knew about him, he crossed the line when the affair guy brought up his daughter's name. By this time it wasn't enough to for her to fuck another man and tell her how much she loves him, she had to mentally torment him and talk of their children to this low life piece of shit. Now here we are in May, he tries to give her a good mother;s day and she insults him. Four days later, here comes the phone call from CPS. They interview all 3 children and Shanda and her husband, now this has gotten way out of hand, he plans to comply with CPS, Shanda has no plans to comply, that is where we are at right now. She is a cheating whore who never had the balls to tell her husband that she was unhappy before spreading her legs for someone else. She has mentally destroyed her husband and their kids, she never has shown a bit of remorse, she is looking for an apartment because their house will have to be sold because her husband cannot afford it by himself. The kids will have to lose their house and change schools. Her husband is in financial turmoil and he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She never put one ounce of energy into saving their marriage and has never apologized for the things she has done. Mediation is not scheduled till July 22nd, so this is far from over, who knows what the hell will happen next. This is a great example of how one person can destroy another persons life and makes you question if you even know your own wife. I will surely post updates as this seems to be far from over. I apologize for this post being in the 3rd person.
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2023.05.29 22:58 DolanDluck X1 Carbon Gen 11 Battery Improvements

Hey All!
I've been lurking for a while and thinking of finally making the switch to a ThinkPad. I read horrible reviews about the Gen 10's battery life, and I was wondering if it is significantly better with the U-processors on the Gen 11.

I will mainly be writing papers and reading academic journals so I don't think it would require much power, but again, I've heard stories where the Gen 10s couldn't handle 4 hours of web browsing.

If you have a Gen 11 with a U-Processor or know somebody that has one, please let me know what the battery life is like!

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2023.05.29 22:58 throw-it-all-away83 I threw it all away… and I’m relieved.

I was with my partner for just shy of a decade. They were my everything— but I knew they never loved me. What I didn’t know was that they hated me and resented me.
I let myself go. I got super depressed. I confided I might be poly, and they immediately opened the relationship. Shortly after I found evidence of behaviors I had previously defined as cheating. I had caught them once before and asked them to stop, and they said they would. Obviously they didn’t.
They had put me on a relationship probation several times, ditched me, stood me up, let me down, intentionally hurt me. I asked them to start therapy by august or I’d have to leave. They started making progress, but hadn’t found a therapist by august. So I extended the deadline to new years. They didn’t find a therapist by new years— but I was willing to try since they were at least looking.
During this time, things got worse. They became radicalized. Their family hated me. I couldn’t take care of myself. My physical health was declining.
I wanted to die.
After a particularly nasty argument I’m early February, I decided to ice them out until they realized how bad they hurt me since talking never seemed to work. They tracked my phone. They assaulted me on Valentine’s Day night. This wasn’t the first time, either. But it was the time that made me start planning my own death— not just wishing for it to come naturally.
My friends saved my life. Literally. They came and got me shortly after. I went no contact with everyone I knew from before and moved halfway across the country. They drove all the way from the east coast to get me— and they drove straight there.
We packed everything that morning, I didn’t have time to dwell on it.
Things are hard. But a different kind of hard. I only think about dying sometimes now. I can pay my bills and my rent, and get food. I can pay for gas for my car. I’m not so completely and desperately alone. I’m learning to take care of my body and my mind.
My former partner still tries to contact me and get me to read their Reddit diary. I won’t. I can’t. There’s no reason to put myself through that hurt. They hated me, and they still hate me. There’s nothing new there.
However what is new is that I can openly be nonbinary. I can be bisexual. I can wear the color green and get tattoos and piercings. I can dress in a way that they would find embarrassing. I can practice my religion. I can say yes. I can say no. People use the name I chose. They respect me.
I threw it all away— and I’m relieved.
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2023.05.29 22:58 uglyandsadandgay “don’t invite yourself to things” taken to an extreme

So my parents taught me as a kid to not invite myself places, because it’s considered rude, and over my life I’ve taken it to kind of an extreme, where I don’t really ask people to do things. For example, I want to go with someone to an art museum, but I’m not going to ask them because if they had wanted to go to the museum with me, they would have asked me. It sounds insane reading it, because it is, but it makes perfect sense in my head. I was at a park with my roommate the other day and he was talking about asking someone to join their volleyball game, and I thought it was the craziest thing in the world. To me that sounds like inviting yourself to someone’s game, and a stranger to top it off. What’s the root of this thinking, and how do I stop it?
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2023.05.29 22:58 pbjnutella Looking for work post call center life

Hello all,
I worked in call centers years ago, for about 7 years. During those 7 years it was difficult to find work that wasn’t in a call center due to my experience only being in a call center. Until one day a small business gave me a chance and I finally was able to break free from call center life. Anyway, don’t lose hope if you’re on the job search, your break will happen one day 💕
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2023.05.29 22:58 CasuallyStressed US MD or UofT?

I was lucky enough to have gotten off the UofT and to have a few acceptances at US MD schools. I’m currently a little conflicted about where I should attend.
A little background: I’m a Canadian citizen but I’ve lived abroad for most of my life and attended undergrad in the US, and hope to eventually work in the US.
From what I understand it’s difficult for international students in the US to match into specialties, particularly more competitive ones like ophthalmology, which is what I’m interested in. For matching purposes, I think it would make more sense for me to attend UofT, but I also know that there are barriers for Canadian physicians to practice in the US.
Does anyone have any opinions/advice?
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2023.05.29 22:57 fdkorpima Goldshore Resources' (GSHR GSHRF) Moss Gold Project PEA to be conducted by Ausenco Engineering

Goldshore Resources' (GSHR GSHRF) Moss Gold Project PEA to be conducted by Ausenco Engineering
Goldshore Resources (GSHR GSHRF) has selected Ausenco Engineering as its lead engineering firm to conduct the preliminary economic assessment at its Moss Gold Project in Ontario, Canada!
GSHR'S VP Exploration, Pete Flindell stated:
"We are pleased to be working with Ausenco on the Moss Gold Project's PEA following our successful collaboration on the recent metallurgical test program. We feel that Ausenco understands our philosophy of integrated mine and process optimization to define the most efficient and cost-effective project. Ausenco also shares our vision for a project the Company can realistically build, while preserving process optionality, tremendous upside and future mine life growth."
This news follows GSHR's recently released & updated MRE for its Moss Deposit and a maiden mineral resource estimate for the East Coldstream deposit at its 100% Moss Gold Project in Ontario, Canada!
This is a significant milestone for GSHR as it illustrates the size, scale and potential of the Project, with the global inferred resource growing 44% to 6.00Moz, allowing them to shift its focus to a PEA.
GSHR President and CEO Brett Richards stated that the "MRE is a first step towards understanding a potential first phase of the Moss Gold Project, as we believe it represents only a small portion of the mineralization or potential mineralization on our land package. We still have 29 additional targets to drill test, including several gold targets, but also 4 interesting base metal and battery mineral targets.
Ausenco News Release:
MRE News Release:
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2023.05.29 22:57 MetalingusMikeII How much Comp are y’all watching this year?

Hello all, I haven’t posted much in this sub for a while. I can no longer access my previous account, but you may remember me from posts such as “Dynamic Response Curve is not the enemy”. I usually post technical write ups.
This post is about Comp this year. How much are you’ll watching? I started watching Comp semi-regularly with MW19, watching Cold War got me into the scene a lot more. Even though it has its flaws, I enjoyed watched Vanguard last year, especially as the pacing was so fast and it was beneficial to be a “cracked” player in that game.
This year, I’ve watch the least amount of CDL since MW19. I just don’t have the passion to watch it. I tried tuning in recently and I was bored to death. Gameplay at the highest level in this game is a bait simulator with sprinkles of snaking.
Not to bang on the drum we’ve all heard, but the movement is to blame. Players feel like they have bricks on their feet, jumpshots are weak. This leads to everyone baiting the enemy team out and snaking behind every headglitch they can find. Couple that with Dead Silence being a Field Upgrade, I can’t stand S&D in this game. I loved watching S&D in Cold War and even Vanguard.
I have have more faith in Sledgehammer Games than Infinity Ward, but with Infinity Ward overseeing their development, I can’t see this getting any better. Even when I was busy with real life stuff, I used to tune into Majors when the big teams play like; OpTic, FaZe and LAT. This year, even the biggest teams matches are boring to watch for me.
What about you?
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2023.05.29 22:57 fdkorpima Global inferred resource grows 44% to 6.00Moz at Goldshore Resources' (GSHR GSHRF) Moss Gold Project + Ausenco Engineering selected to conduct PEA

Global inferred resource grows 44% to 6.00Moz at Goldshore Resources' (GSHR GSHRF) Moss Gold Project + Ausenco Engineering selected to conduct PEA
Goldshore Resources (GSHR GSHRF) has selected Ausenco Engineering as its lead engineering firm to conduct the preliminary economic assessment at its Moss Gold Project in Ontario, Canada!
GSHR'S VP Exploration, Pete Flindell stated:
"We are pleased to be working with Ausenco on the Moss Gold Project's PEA following our successful collaboration on the recent metallurgical test program. We feel that Ausenco understands our philosophy of integrated mine and process optimization to define the most efficient and cost-effective project. Ausenco also shares our vision for a project the Company can realistically build, while preserving process optionality, tremendous upside and future mine life growth."
This news follows GSHR's recently released & updated MRE for its Moss Deposit and a maiden mineral resource estimate for the East Coldstream deposit at its 100% Moss Gold Project in Ontario, Canada!
This is a significant milestone for GSHR as it illustrates the size, scale and potential of the Project, with the global inferred resource growing 44% to 6.00Moz, allowing them to shift its focus to a PEA.
GSHR President and CEO Brett Richards stated that the "MRE is a first step towards understanding a potential first phase of the Moss Gold Project, as we believe it represents only a small portion of the mineralization or potential mineralization on our land package. We still have 29 additional targets to drill test, including several gold targets, but also 4 interesting base metal and battery mineral targets.
Ausenco News Release:
MRE News Release:
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2023.05.29 22:57 soulredsport At wits end

I(24M) feel like I have hit a brick wall with online dating, If I'm lucky enough to even match with someone I talk for a bit everything seems fine I even sometimes get their phone numbers! And then I'm ghosted, every time. I can't even make it to a proper date and it's left me confused and frustrated because I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or not. And the worst part is it's been like this ever since I started! Rant over I hope you guys and girls are having better luck then I am.
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2023.05.29 22:57 AreYouWildAsMe Offering a (hopefully) supportive hand and word to you…from a Healed (ex-)spouse.

I recently stumbled upon this subreddit, and in reading thru many of your experiences, internal struggles, and the painful issues created within your families and partners alike, I observed many similarities to the struggles I’ve faced within my own healing journey…Quickly reflecting for me a new found appreciation for your (widely misunderstood) addiction.
Even though I am clearly sitting on the opposite side of your addiction, I can assure you all that it is still the SAME table we ALL struggle to sit at when it comes to recovery and the healing of our wounds.
It’s comforting to see just how many of you seem to Truly Love your partners/spouses and your willingness to take accountability for your behaviors. Taking accountability is one of the most important things we can do in this life.
As a former victim of an Abusive SA’d ex, your shared experiences have continued to actively contribute to the mending of my own Heart, Mind, and Soul. Despite your issues and any shame or guilt that may accompany it, it’s important to acknowledge how your strengths and struggles are not only appreciated but inspiring as well.
However, there has been One Thing regularly noticed that still breaks my heart as it truly saddens me to read how many of you already suffer this battle alone in the silence of the shame and guilt you already feel.
…and that One Thing is noticing those of you who seem to have inadvertently become the abused and neglected as you desperately feel the need to (rightfully) support your loved ones.
Please take no offense in my perspective here, as my words will obviously not apply to Everyone here… but as a Healed “victim” of abuse, the hardest pill I had to swallow was in learning how to take Accountability for how I negatively contributed to my own painful situation with self-sabotaging behaviors.
In seeing how justifying either partner’s negative, neglectful, hurtful, and/or controlling type reactions and behavior(s) in retaliation to the emotional pain caused was not only counterproductive, but it also gave the other full permission to become abusive on a whole different level.
It’s imperative for those of you who are genuinely committed to recovery and healing, to see how allowing the hurtful cycle of “Reactive Abuse” into your healing efforts only serves to further fuel your addictions in aggravating your (already present) painful feelings of shame, guilt, and fear, and will obliterate whatever is left of your sense of self-worth.
Without a doubt, you ALL deserve just as much Love and Support (if not more) than those you are also trying to comfort in the wake of your addictions, because a balanced, loving, and supportive relationship is vital to your own healing journey.
Good Luck 🍀 & Godspeed, and with much Love and Gratitude in my Heart, I thank you all.🙏🏽 💚
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2023.05.29 22:57 schmidt_face Goodbye to you. Goodbye to everything I thought I knew.

I just left my (6th) store and WOW. I’ve worked in several states, several cities, but the last time was in 2018. I started again this past November and have never had an experience like that.
The lack of coverage is… unbelievable. Indescribable. “Close down the store” type-beat. I worked 8 hour shifts every Saturday and Sunday and thought it would be a fun part-time job while I’m in school full-time during the week. Spoiler: not a fun part-time job anymore. By the time I left two weeks ago I was crying every weekend from stress and exhaustion.
One day for five hours it was just me and my shift (thank god we were friends of a decade and worked super well together.) She was calling and texting our outside-hire, new manager, but he just kept telling her to keep texting around, trying to find coverage (like she had time to text anyone.)
Did I mention it was Easter?
My manager Ubered, and would do it while he was on company time. One day we ran out of whole milk and he “went to pick some up.” Didn’t come back for five hours. Then the next day, showed my shift how much money he had made Ubering, and she noted the times. It was during those five hours the previous day.
One day I got the flu from my little sister. I had a temp and looked like a monster. I called the store hours in advance and helped text around to find coverage. The next time I saw my manager (never on weekends) he gave me a spiel about needing to cut my hours shorter in case “life comes up again.” Before that I hadn’t missed one single shift and usually came to cover other people’s.
TBH I’m glad he did it. It was the final push for me to stop coming back.
Starbucks is a fresh hellscape and I’m never returning. Catch me at Walmart before that.
Edit: I always miss autocorrect goofs.
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2023.05.29 22:57 Haruno--Sakura Bad luck: Pro-luck spell or anti-bad-luck spell?

I have encountered a massive streak of bad luck that I simply cannot explain rationally anymore. For example: My wheelchair gets blocked, my aids get denied while my sister asked for the same and got approved, I get stood up, my flat is mouldy but noone wants to rent to someone disabled so I can’t find a nee flat, my illnesses progress so far that I’m not allergic to almost anything in life and every single time I get some hope, it gets brutally crushed by some very crazy circumstances. There is this dark cloud of bad luck around me.
I really need to do something, but I‘m not sure what the right angle might be:
Do I light a black candle on a Saturday night and cast a spell to ward off bad things?
Or do I use a green candle and a chant to try to draw more luck towards myself?
Or do I utilise blue clothing and a ring of salt for protection?
What do you think would be the better solution? It‘s a matter of perspective and I don’t know which one to take.
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2023.05.29 22:57 movallady2020 Mom's new boyfriend and dad's will

My mom was married to my dad for 50 years. He died and 6 months later an old flame from her youth resurfaced. He has moved to our state, into her (their) house, they say they are in love. It's been claimed that he pays half the bills but has no vehicle here. My siblings and I are worried that he will try to convince her to alter her and our fathers will to take her money, he'll, even her home. He was widowed once and divorced. He has 2 or 3 grown children of his own yet had foreclosed on a home with his ex. My question is, can they alter the will that was set up with the father? He gives a grifter vibe and can't say anything to mom as she will deny he is anything but loving and she is happy. There's quite a bit of money at stake and want to make sure he can't take what my dad worked his whole life for.
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2023.05.29 22:57 MalloryCTT Why do people go stealth for reasons besides safety?

I don't really get it? I understand for safety reasons, but I can't imagine not telling people that I'm trans. It's a big part of my life, I'm proud to be trans. Don't other people feel this way?
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2023.05.29 22:57 Love4Source Question about life

I have had this in my mind for a long time and decided to ask you for your opinion.
If a woman gets pregnant, wants baby but after pregnancy doesn’t want it anymore, too much work, hassle, etc and decides to adopt the child, is this bad?
In other words, does she have to put up with the kid she gave birth because of “Love” or can she make a decision from her free will to not and will this have consequences in next life?
In much simpler words, do we have to transcend the pain through unconditional love to the child or what would “Ascended Master” do in this situation?
I don’t specifically mean only this situation, could be leaving someone “old” from family who has like health condition like dementia, etc because it brings us discomfort and pain in taking care of them?
Is unconditional love in every situation is the only true way no matter the pain or am I missing here something?
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2023.05.29 22:57 smartiesmartiepants Using miles

I have 187,000 miles and for the life of me can never use them for upgrades. I know people have more and less miles than me, but what do you do with them? I just seem to keep acquiring them but even that’s not enough to keep gold or platinum.
I think if I’m ever awarded an upgrade I’ll cry lol.
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2023.05.29 22:57 platonicblow_ Trying my hand at poetry? Lmk wyt

29F going through a rough patch Figuring out if poetry is my thing. Lmk wyt.......... My life is a tornado I'm crumbling beneath the rebel. My life is a torpedo speeding through the cracks. I'm falling behind running above the rocks, I drag my feet and all their weight. With each step more disregard For the wreck l've caused I drag my feet and all their weight With each step a bigger breath to take Hoping, wishing and praying it all away This tornado isn't going a stray For I will have to pay for the damage I've caused. Soon I will hear the applaud of my accomplishments and be glad this chapter is closed.
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2023.05.29 22:57 nowweseethelight Wind Chimes, why?

A neighbor one house away has added a wind chime to their yard. Now when sitting outside listening to the birds, their songs in a light breeze are competing with this chime. We live in a relatively quiet suburban community with average to small yards, mostly separated by chain link fences. I get that they could sometimes sound pleasant but I could live my whole life without ever hearing the sound of one while sitting peacefully in my backyard. I really can’t think of another unnecessary noise that you would voluntarily add to your own yard. I realize this sounds like a grouchy vent of a post, and yes I’ll live with it. Really, why would people think this is is pleasing enough for them to cause this noise for their neighbors? If you have one, and now your neighbors have to listen to them in their own yards, why?
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2023.05.29 22:56 teebo786 AITAH for setting a boundary with my cousin?

My cousin B who is my age is the only person with whom I (31f) talk from my dad’s side of the family. She is my dad’s sister’s daughter but we grew up like sisters. I used to be quite close with B’s mom (my aunt) too.
My mother, siblings, and I cut off that side of the family after they badmouthed my mother and supported my father after we put him behind bars for sexually abusing my 9 year old cousin. I don’t even know who cut off whom as they took distance themselves when we pressed charges.
My father was the sole breadwinner so the financial impact of that decision obviously impacted my immigrant mother. So while she had tolerated him cheating on her in the past and other BS obviously this type of abuse was a red line. (To us at least. B’s dad said that our 9 year old cousin would simply forget what happened as she grew older ugh.) Anyway this happened over a decade ago. We have been close with B this whole time because she stood up for my cousin and mom even though it pissed off her own parents. She is generally very principled and a caring person.
Fast forward: B was forced to move back home with her wack parents after COVID destroyed her business. While she hates the positions they took and the support they offered my dad, they are her parents and she feels a responsibility to them. And while my last memories of those family members are all of the hurtful and outrageous things they did and said, she has spent twelve years with them and time has sort of moved forward for her.
So now and then, when she talks about her life and shares her experiences with us her parents and other members of my dad’s side of the family will come up. It always makes me angry how they are casually discussed as if they are normal people rather than rape apologists who badmouthed my mom and abandoned my siblings and me. So I often react by making snide comments or rolling my eyes, derailing whatever it is B is trying to actually share for a few seconds. Being silent and just smiling causes me physical discomfort and resentment so I let myself have these brief reactions.
The other day B got mad at me for reacting in such a way because she felt like I was prioritizing my anger towards those family members over listening to her and allowing her emotional space. When she brought up an aunt of mine who cut off me and my family for pressing charges against my father, she wanted me to just listen to her story (rather than mumbling ‘ugh that witch’ as I did). It’s true that the crappy family member she mentioned in passing wasn’t even significant to the story.
In short, B feels torn in between two sides. She says that often. But I don’t see why there are two sides to this. There is a just party and an unjust one (though B feels this binary doesn’t account for the complex way she is situated in all of this). I told B that I want to hear about her life and I care for her, but I would prefer not to hear about these a**holes. She was upset by that and said that it’s frustrating that my sister and I feel so entitled to such boundaries when she spent a decade constantly prioritizing our feelings while she was torn between us and her parents (and other people on my dad’s side). AITA?
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2023.05.29 22:56 Complex-Rutabaga9943 How to keep black bears away from the coop, any advice?

I’m looking to hear from anyone who might have had experience with black bears lurking around, or getting into the coop.
I’m a first time chicken owner and my little ones are about 4.5 weeks old. I plan to keep them in the house for about week and a half to two-ish weeks, weather permitting. In the meantime I’m finishing up work on their coop and run, so far it’s covered on every side, including the bottom, with chicken wire and I will soon be adding 1/2” hardware cloth.
Other than that I have no knowledge on how to protect them. I know the hardware cloth won’t be much use against a bear so I’m hoping someone else has useful, practical advice. I want to do everything I can to make sure they’re as safe as possible.
By way of background, my suburban neighborhood has had black bears roaming around for about 2 years. I think part of the attraction for them are the plentiful garbage bins at all my neighbors houses but today the bear was VERY interested in my yard. I’ve just started to take the chicks outside for short trips so they can get accustomed to outdoor life, and I’m wondering if that’s why it was lingering in my yard today. Every time I see one I report it on the state environmental website but there’s not really much that can be done about it on their end, apparently. Bear hunting isn’t legal where I live.
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