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Transporting Your Car with Confidence: Focus Car Transporters FAQ Answers

2023.04.25 05:35 FocusTeam Transporting Your Car with Confidence: Focus Car Transporters FAQ Answers

tl;dr We prioritize your needs, so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Hello everyone, here you will find answers to some common questions and other information that is specific to Focus Car Transporters. Please keep in mind that not all companies offer the same type of service.

I believe that the words of our customers carry considerably more weight than anything we can say. Please take a couple of minutes to read what our customers say about our services after using them here:

If your schedule and plans require a unique solution to a situation or if you have any requests that will make the process easier for you and provide added peace of mind, please don't hesitate to ask. We're always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services. So, if there's anything else that you would like us to do that wasn't touched on here, please let us know. If it can be done, we want to do it right.

We gladly serve everyone and our customers include a diverse range of individuals and organizations, such as college students, Emmy Award winners, NFL players, government agencies, and corporations like CarMax and Chevron
Here's our license information:

Q: How many personal items can be in the car?
A couple of items or boxes at a maximum weight of 120 lbs can be included in the trunk or back area of an SUV at no additional cost.
If you want to include more, please let us know. It may not necessarily cost more.We will ask for a couple of photos showing the items inside the vehicle or at the corner of the room, and after showing them to the driver, we will ask to get your approval for the amount that the driver is asking to receive specifically for the additional personal items (FYI, we never mark up that cost, and it is paid to the driver once he arrives to deliver the vehicle).

Q: What are the payment terms?
The default payment terms are as follows, but if you require modifications, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
A: A 35% payment using debit/credit card or Zelle is due when the vehicle is picked up. The remaining 65% can be paid using cash, Zelle, cashier's check, or money order when the driver arrives to deliver the vehicle. If paying with a cashier's check or money order, please wait until after the vehicle is picked up to confirm the correct name is on the check, which will be the carrier's name that we provide.

Q: Is the price final and guaranteed, or is it possible that it may increase?
A: The price is final and guaranteed. There is no way for the price to ever increase under any circumstances.

Q: Do I need to provide any documents or paperwork for vehicle pickup? A: No, the driver only needs the car keys and the car. No other documents or paperwork are required.

Q: Is the service door-to-door or will you need to meet the driver at a specific location, such as Walmart or Costco?
A: We always try to get the truck as close to the delivery address as possible. However, sometimes the driver may not be able to reach the front door due to limited access caused by the size of the truck and trailer, which can sometimes be up to 86ft in length.

If we can't reach the address, we will suggest a nearby meeting point, such as a big parking lot. If you would rather not meet the driver, please let us know when making your reservation, and we will suggest a couple of options that will ensure the pick-up and/or delivery is door-to-door. In limited access areas, we usually utilize Uber to achieve this.

Q: Can someone else hand over or receive the vehicle on your behalf?
A: Yes, anyone can hand over the car and keys or receive them for you when delivered.
If you have a change of plans at any point, please note that we have terminals available throughout the country that can hold your vehicle for a few days or more at an additional cost (paid directly to the terminal and never marked up).

Q: Who will handle your vehicle's transport? A: The same person you communicated with initially from our company will be involved throughout the transport until the delivery is completed. We intentionally do not share your information with the driver or anyone else to ensure that everything happens as expected down to the smallest detail. We may only share your phone number with the driver for local coordination just before meeting.
You can expect regular updates on your shipment, at a minimum of one day before the scheduled pickup and one day prior to delivery. Additionally, you will receive another update at least 30 minutes before the driver arrives within the agreed-upon time window. If you have different times that you need to receive updates, please let us know, and we will make sure to accommodate your request.

Q: For standard non-time-sensitive reservations, what actions will the company take if there is an issue with pick-up or if the driver experiences any mechanical or other problems on the day of pick-up?
A: We always strive to fulfill our promises and deliver your vehicle on time. When selecting a driver for your vehicle, we take various factors into consideration, including the equipment they use, which is often new or relatively new model trucks and high-quality trailers. In the rare case of a mechanical breakdown, we will arrange for another driver to pick up your vehicle and continue towards the destination. If we fail to deliver your vehicle by the agreed-upon delivery date, we offer two options: you can receive $50 per day reimbursement for a rental car or have $50 deducted from your bill daily for the delay. Please note that for time-sensitive reservations, we need to confirm availability and plan accordingly before making a commitment.

Q: I have a time-sensitive request and need my car to be picked up on a specific day and time and also delivered on a specific day and time. Can you accommodate that?
A: Yes, we can guarantee pick-up dates. Delivery, on the other hand, cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of the road. However, we are able to commit to a specific delivery time and date, and in the extremely rare cases where we miss the delivery time and date, we will deduct the amount that was agreed upon before making the reservation. Please be sure to discuss any time-sensitive transport with us prior to reserving, as these reservations need to be confirmed before we can commit.

We always make sure to check the carrier's Certificate of Insurance (COI). If you need a copy of the policy, we will gladly email it to you upon request.While the vehicle is covered by the carrier's insurance policy, it's important to note that personal items are not covered under their policy. We have never had any issues with loss or theft of personal items, and this hopefully will never change.

When your car is being delivered, it is essential to conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle to ensure everything is in order before signing the delivery bill of lading. We also recommend that you take your own photos and videos of the car at pick-up for your records.

The information here is for operable cars and SUVs that are in running condition. For inoperable vehicles or other types of vehicles like boats, trailers, and RVs, some of the information below may change, and should be discussed with us before completing the reservation.

Please note that it is recommended to remove or turn off any toll charging devices, such as E-ZPass, to avoid any potential charges or inconveniences.

We never sell or share our customers' information with anyone outside of our company, and we only share it with carriers or drivers on a need-to-know basis for the purpose of completing the transport service.

We are always here for you and excited to serve you. If there's anything we didn't cover here, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Open 7 days a week805-883-6287 text/call Michael.
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2023.04.21 05:20 FocusTeam A basic guide for selecting a responsible broker to transport your vehicle.

A basic guide for selecting a responsible broker to transport your vehicle.
I came across this comment and wanted to share a basic guide for selecting a responsible broker to transport your vehicle.

To begin, if you're looking for brokers, start by checking the MC USDOT records.

Make sure to verify that the phone numbers provided by the broker match the ones listed in the FMCSA records to ensure their legitimacy.

Keep in mind that people are more likely to leave negative reviews, so start by checking for any negative reviews on platforms such as Reddit, Google, Yelp, TransportReviews, and Facebook.

However, it's also important to read any positive reviews that catch your eye.

Once you've confirmed that the broker is licensed and has no major red flags, reach out to companies you feel comfortable with and ask as many questions as needed.

Your car is important to you and should be just as important to anyone handling it for you.

Common questions to ask include how many personal items can be in the car, payment terms, Is the price final or whether is it possible that it may increase? Preparation for vehicle pick-up, Is the service door-to-door or will you need to meet the driver at a specific location, such as Walmart or Costco, and whether someone else can hand over or receive the vehicle on your behalf.

Another critical question to ask is who will handle your vehicle's transport. Will the broker simply give your contact information to the driver and leave the rest up to luck, or will they be involved until delivery is completed? Be sure to receive clear answers to all your questions.

Please check the carrier's Certificate of Insurance (COI) before the pick-up.

In addition, some customers may have unique circumstances or special questions.For example, they may need the pick-up to occur on a specific day or need to receive the vehicle at the destination by a certain date.

Can the company guarantee those types of services? What actions will they take if, for instance, they don't pick up on time or if the driver has a mechanical or any other issue on the day of pick-up? The answers you receive to these questions should also be crystal clear.

Finally, after you've spoken with the company you choose via phone, text, or email (depending on your preference), make the decision to proceed with the company that you feel will give you the peace of mind you deserve and will focus on your specific needs as much as possible.

To check the MC NumbeUSDOT Number for a broker, you can visit: To understand that page better, you can visit

To search for negative reviews on Google, visit the company's Google listing and sort the reviews by "Lowest."

It May also look like: (Click 'Reviews')

Click 'Sort' and choose 'Lowest rating' from the drop-down menu

On TransportReviews , go to the company's page and click the "Customer Complaints" button.

*Please note that TransportReviews is only displaying reviews from the past two years.

If you're transporting an inoperable vehicle, boat, or trailer, it's important to have a thorough discussion with your transport company. There are some unique considerations, such as access points, that should be discussed specifically.

When your car is being picked up, it's crucial to thoroughly inspect the vehicle and make sure everything is in order before signing the delivery bill of lading. It's also recommended to take your own set of photos and videos for your own records at pick-up.

I hope this guide helps you select a reliable broker for your vehicle transport needs. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact me anytime. I'm always happy to speak with other Redditors and ensure that the service provided by our company meets your expectations.

Side note: To avoid any potential inconveniences or charges, it is recommended that you remove or turn off any toll charging devices, such as E-ZPass.
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2023.04.21 00:09 ceciliagrace YSK Ever almost been run off the road by a tractor-trailer? Best way to report them is FMCSA

YSK... It's a long story of how I got so acquainted with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA). It actually started with a horribly fraudulent long-distance moving broker. Seriously... there is so much I could (and maybe will someday) post about that. But, the simpler thing you should know is something you will encounter much more frequently. Almost being run off the road by a tractor-trailer. Short of calling the police, who will only really pull them over for something you have evidence of or is incredibly egregious, you can always report unsafe driving to the FMCSA. Nice thing it is adds up over the years and if they get a bad enough safety record then consequences will follow. Just get the driver's license plate number and the other number printed on the back of their truck - it's usually in the upper right. I take a picture. Then go to the link below and report the unsafe driving. Why YSK - Here's to safer roads, fewer deaths!
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2023.02.06 18:08 FartlinerGascadia A suggestion & some information from an OTR trucker

Hey y’all. OTR trucker here, a fellow inmate of the road. I wanted to offer a simple observation about parking with a few rationales & tips to buttress the point.
Nothing is more frustrating than pulling into a highway rest area close to the end of your drive clock (11hrs max per FMCSA) and spotting what appears to be an open spot (typically 75’ x 14’) only to find it occupied by a 20’ Sprinter van or some other vanlife rig. We can’t get mad at y’all because truckers don’t own those spaces, but they were certainly designed for full sized truck/trailer combos. I think everyone can agree using a shade over ¼ of that space is a waste.
Now I realize a lot of y’all who live on the road & sleep in rest areas like we do feel safer parked where there are other people. Life comes at you fast when you’re alone in a strange place. What you probably don’t know is that in this country there is ONE truck parking space for every ELEVEN trucks on the road. It’s why you see trucks parked on onramps and in other manufactured, not-always-legal spaces. Our time is highly regulated and, like taking a potty break, when you gotta’ go you gotta’ go. We are forced to rest whether we’re tired or not, and finding parking is for a lot of drivers the #1 source of stress inherent in the lifestyle/job.
To satisfy everyone here are my suggestions. If you want to park near other people to feel safer use your comparatively small size to your advantage. See a bobtail truck (a truck without a trailer) parked in a full size spot? Pull in behind it. Other bobtails regularly double up in full-sized spaces to save the big spots for loaded combos. I guarantee your spot-mate won’t be mad or think it untoward (provided you don’t start blasting ‘Du Hast’ at max volume once you're settled). If there are no bobtails to pair with find a spot off to the side of the truck parking area that does not block the big rigs’ swing space when they’re pulling in or leaving. Best spots for these are at either end of the row of parking. Nobody is going to bother you there and you’re still within shouting distance of a trucker if anything untoward happens. There is a strong mutual aid factor among truckers. We’ll help you with a jump, shelter you in our cab if you’re attacked, chase the offender out of the lot with a tire thumper, get on the radio/phone to vector the highway patrol to your location &c. A lot of you know this already, which is why parking on the truck side instead of the car side is more attractive (it’s certainly not the smell of diesel exhaust and clattering diesel/reefer noises all night you seek for ambiance).
Now that you know how scarce truck parking is I hope you’ll keep that fact in mind when shutting down for the night. Your big smelly teddy bear brothers are happy to share. All we ask is you share smart.
Happy to answer questions but as a driver it might be another day or two before I can get to them. I’m not always parked someplace with wifi or a strong cell signal for my hotspot. I’ll answer any questions when I can though.
I hope y’all take these comments in the spirit of camaraderie and helpfulness in which they are offered. See you on the road!
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2023.02.02 01:08 Mowreader Expediting Terminology

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2023.02.02 00:30 Mowreader Starter Guide [Credit to Jacob Davis]

Q: How do I get started and what will I need ?
This guide will help you get on your feet and start rolling with your cargo van! 📷
📷📷 You can enter this industry with no over head of operational costs and also get the experience you need to learn this industry and become a successful owner operator in the future. Becoming a company driver is a smart option to first inquire especially if you want to see what it’s like on the road before investing thousands of dollars on the road.
There are multiple companies hiring company drivers where you can apply. Company drivers of a cargo van can expect to make $500-$1,500 weekly as a company driver.,IL
📷📷 If you don’t want to follow step 1 and jump into step 2 , you’re going to need a 📷, Vans are not cheap, especially right now. What you will need is good credit, a good co-signer, a hefty down payment or buy in full. (Do not lease! Or rent!)
You’re going to need a cargo van, make sure it’s non dually , meaning you don’t want 4 wheels in the back. Having a dually van can limit you from getting full size pallets. The best van that I can recommend in the market is the ford Transit 250 or Ford transit 350, remember the more longer and higher the van is the more you can fit, now a tall van is not really necessary , as it can on occasion get you high loads, and high loads only happen %5 of the time out of 100 loads on average…but the comfortability it offers is amazing, being able to stand up in your own van is awesome.
📷📷 Once you got a cargo van you’re going to need proper insurance, most brokers/carrier fleet owners require this policy.
1,000,000 auto liability 100k cargo Unlimited radius $1,000 deductible Non-trucking (will get into this discuss later in a separate thread, but you don’t need trucking unless your state requires it, you don’t need this option if you don’t have authority and plan to work under someone else’s MC)
Get a quote from progressive, this type of policy can range anywhere from $400 - $2,000 a month depending on your age, state and previous driving record .
📷📷 You’re going to want to find a carrier who has authority to let you run under. This my friends is one of the hardest parts, as there are many scammers out there, search “owner operator cargo vans” in the previous options I listed in step 1 to have more of a reliable source. Many will search years to find a good company, this is why many don’t tell you there companies name as this industry is cut throat, they wouldn’t want $$$ to come off there plate.
Make sure companies have a clean MC record which you can check on , if the company has a website or reviews even better! Literally this part is all up you, there is no hand outs on this part, so be ready to do your home work.
You can also join Mega Carriers if you want to start rolling asap like V3 Panther Load One Bolt Express XPO
You can also download self bidding apps , as I made a post of all the apps you can use in the featured section of this group.
📷 Lastly, you’re going to need a E-Track system installed in your van or D-Rings hooked into your van walls, you’re going to need about 6-8 straps to secure your freight down, you’re going to need essentials like a bed, water, food. Going to need a carbon monoxide detector, 0 degree sleeping bag , or a gas heating system. Will need a smart phone that has GPS and atleast $1,000 worth of cash to supply you for food and gas to last the week. Most companies only pay once a week.
I will also provide a list soon with reputable carrier companies that you can call and see if they will hire you, working on that.
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2023.01.07 00:15 slipstreamtransport What is a DOT Number: How to use the DOT to lookup complaints

A USDOT number is a unique identification number assigned to a company by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for the purpose of tracking and regulating the safety of commercial vehicles operating in the United States. It is a critical component of the FMCSA's safety compliance and oversight program, and is required for any company that operates commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 10,001 pounds or more, or transports hazardous materials in a quantity requiring placarding.
So, what exactly is a USDOT number and how can you look up a company by their USDOT number? Here's what you need to know:
What is a USDOT number?
A USDOT number is a unique combination of letters and numbers assigned to a company by the FMCSA. It is used to identify the company and its vehicles in the FMCSA's safety database. The number is typically displayed on the front and rear of the commercial vehicles operated by the company, and is also included on the company's operating authority documents, insurance certificates, and other paperwork related to the operation of the vehicles.
How do I get a USDOT number?
To obtain a USDOT number, a company must first register with the FMCSA by completing the appropriate application forms and providing the required documentation. This includes proof of insurance, a Motor Carrier Identification Report (Form MCS-150), and any other documentation required by the FMCSA.
The process for obtaining a USDOT number can vary depending on the type of business and the nature of the operation, so it's important to carefully review the FMCSA's requirements and follow the instructions provided. In general, the process involves completing and submitting the necessary forms and documentation online or by mail, and paying the required fees.
Once the FMCSA has reviewed and approved the application, the company will be assigned a USDOT number and granted operating authority to operate commercial vehicles in interstate commerce.
How do I look up a company by their USDOT number?
There are several ways to look up a company by their USDOT number and verify the information associated with it. One of the easiest ways is to use the FMCSA's Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) system, which allows you to search for a company by USDOT number or company name.
To look up a company by their USDOT number using the SAFER system, simply go to the FMCSA's website and click on the "SAFER System" link in the top menu. From there, you can select the "Company Snapshot" option and enter the USDOT number in the search field. The system will then display a summary of the company's safety performance, including any violations, crashes, or other incidents reported to the FMCSA.
You can also look up a company by their USDOT number by calling the FMCSA's Safety Violation and Consumer Complaints hotline at 1-888-DOT-SAFT (1-888-368-7238) or by contacting the FMCSA's regional office in your area.
What if I can't find a company by their USDOT number?
If you are unable to find a company by their USDOT number or the information associated with it, it could be because the company is not registered with the FMCSA or is operating illegally. In this case, you should report the company to the FMCSA by calling the Safety Violation and Consumer Complaints hotline or by using the FMCSA's online complaint form.
It's important to remember that operating a commercial vehicle without a USDOT number or operating authority is illegal and can result in fines and other penalties.
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2022.12.15 15:36 lalafied MC01039272, I can't find it on FMCSA

I'm looking into a possible scammer / double broker (I'm fairly certain) but I can't seem to pin them.
They are registered on Loadlink but I can't find their MC01039272 on FMCSA. I'm not sure why or how that's possible.
Company is called National Freight Forwarding Inc but the listed website is and is about some company called Golden Freight Forwarding and Marketing Inc.
On FMCSA National Freight Forwarding Inc shows two companies which are both inactive and I can't see an MC # but one has DOT # 3284973 and the second one has DOT # 3973265.
I am looking to gather enough evidence so I can call loadlink and make a compelling case for getting them kicked off. They probaly don't care just like DAT but I don't have much to do today and I want to make sure no one else gets scammed by them if I can.
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2022.10.25 19:38 rnich2020 Is this a new Double Broker? MC#1398230

1398230 - No Inspections & Violations in the SaferStat or CSA. How new are they and what kind of rating do they have?
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2022.10.07 09:25 VixenNoob Web API

Hello Team. I am wondering how this API can be used in html web.
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2022.09.28 13:46 Logi_Matt Would you use MC-1372519 VVV Transportation?

MCS-150 Form Date: 01/25/2022
2 Units, 2 drivers.
1 inspection.
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2022.09.01 23:25 bossk1988 Lack of Carrier Inspections on SAFER Site

Hi all,
Quick question. How is it that when I look on the FMCSA SAFER site there are carriers that have multiple trucks, sometime have driver well over a million miles in a given year, but have no DOT inspections? Are they just brokers trying to double broker or am I simply paranoid?
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2022.07.25 12:57 Tangerine_30 The Game Changing Benefits of ELD

The Game Changing Benefits of ELD
Electronic Logging device mandate was designed to keep drivers and others on the road safe. All drivers and carriers subject to the rule must use self-certified ELDs that are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Truck drivers have been required to keep an ELD in their cabins to ensure they follow a pre-existing law that limits truckers to driving 11 hours in a 14-hour window. The trucking industry has been recently dominated by a lack of technology, truckers logged their hours with paper logs until the ELD law came into effect. Though ELD is of great help, fleet managers and truck drivers may still be struggling to curb their old ways of manually logging Hours of Service (HOS) or not fully understand the impact these telematics devices can have on their operations. ELDs were primarily introduced for compliance with the FMCSA’s final ELD rule, but with advanced telematic solutions, they are now much more powerful and serve many different purposes.

ELD brings a host of benefits for drivers, dispatchers, and fleet managers. These benefits go beyond mere compliance with the law.

Increased Safety and Compliance

According to an estimate by FMCSA, ELDs will help save 26 lives and prevent 562 injuries every year. Making fleets with ELD safer than fleets without one. Report on driver behavior such as speeding, harsh braking, idling and utilization of the vehicle will allow fleet managers to monitor driving trends increasing the safety of drivers.

Tracking and Route Optimization

ELD allows fleet managers to track and monitor their vehicle and give them real time visibility while improving productivity. Detailed report on fleet location and trip history enables fleet managers and drivers to plan out the shortest route. Better route optimization not only streamlines operations but it also helps fuel saving while increasing the productivity and reducing operational costs.

Vehicle Diagnostics

ELD provides real-time and retrospective reporting on fuel, carbon, odometer, and fault codes. This allows fleet owners to plan the vehicle maintenance plans and helps avoid sudden downtimes due to unforeseen vehicle problems. Details report on fault code detection and real time alerts on vehicle issues keeps you ahead of any vehicle maintenance issues.

IFTA Compliance

According to the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA ) fleets that operate in more than one jurisdiction need to file a quarterly fuel tax report detailing fuel use in each state. ELD simplifies IFTA calculation as it captures the IFTA data, automates the calculation process and creates the reports saving thousands of dollars, time and reduced operational cost. Furthermore, automated IFTA reports with no errors or inconsistencies also reduce audit risk

Identifying Bad Driving Behavior

Identifying bad driving behaviors, such as excess acceleration, hard braking and cornering is one of the major benefits of ELD. When Fleet managers have data on driver’s driving behavior they can help them improve their driving performance. Identifying high-risk drivers reduces the number of potential accidents and liabilities. Without electronic logging devices, it was difficult to efficiently track and gather this information.

A good ELD system goes far beyond just ticking the legislation compliance box for the now regulated ELD mandate. It also identifies other areas in which fleets can become safer and more efficient. ELDs, or electronic logging devices, can help fleets streamline their operations, increase productivity, maximize profits, and explore new business opportunities by getting more efficient as what they do. Additionally, with all the information that ELDs gather, trucking companies can grow at a much faster pace. After all, the right set of data helps you explore growth opportunities.
To know more:

Electronic Logging device
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2022.05.30 23:56 obscuredreality Simplifying Carrier Onboarding

I've been looking at Carrier 411, RMIS, SaferWatch to help with onboarding carriers. They seem expensive and maybe have too much functionality.
Hoping to find something that allows me to send new carriers a digital form that they can submit instead of email and some way for me to easily validate against FMCSA. Anything come to mind?
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2022.05.27 03:28 vonko2001 Is this a scam? "Short term loan needed" (Utah classified ad-post)

Is this a scam?
Found this offer from my local ad's in Utah on in their classified sections under general, here is the link It's them asking for a loan from you for $20,000 and will pay you back with interest for a total of $30,000. I inquired about the ad and in return, they gave me an example of what the agreement will consist of:

Page 1 of the Agreement: The address for Ready Auto Haulers (Main Company) and JP Transporting (Partner Company) lead you to a house in the nearby neighborhood, the main company states this is where their office is, I will be meeting in person next week to learn more.
Page 2 of the Agreement: Here it states that they will be paying me weekly ($1,000) from June 8th, 2022 up through December 28th, 2022 (30 weeks). By this point, I would have been paid back in full $30,000.
Page 3 of the Agreement

Here is a list of websites/links that are defiantly associated with this ad/business
- (Main company)
- (Main company)
- (Main company)
- (Partner company)
- (Partner company)

Please let me know if you have any other questions but in the end, I would like to know if this is legitimate. Thank you.

Picture from ad page
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2022.05.06 18:23 fightmilk19 Not a broker - but what are some good resources online to find carriers?

I’m working in a new role selling fleet telematics software, best candidates for our platform are OTR carriers. I’m curious if there are any resources online besides the FMCSA SaferCheck website to find carriers that would show their fleet size or contact info.
Not sure if this post is allowed here… but would love some help if anyone has advice!
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2021.10.07 02:30 INVICTUZ Brokers do a great job making it hard to work directly with carriers...

----rant--- In the past few years i have had ten vehicles shipped from various parts of the US to Seattle.
In all of these interactions issues have occurred; most commonly the carrier does not show up or is days/weeks late without communicating. (often this is the fault of the broker not properly communicating with the carrier).
This time i decided to work directly with a carrier. Why pay 50% of the rate to a middle man when you can do it yourself? Now about four hours deep in my search for a quality carrier i have discovered a few things:
Brokers have flooded every corner of the carrier industry internet space with "we are carriers not brokers" sites. These "we are carriers" dishonest sites do everything they can to make you think they are carriers. Search results return pages of brokers posing as carriers (in various search term combinations the quickest i found a legitimate carrier was three pages into the search results).

When choosing a carrier the bottom line is: you have to research the company using tools like the ones provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
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2021.07.19 23:42 Glarus30 Another proof dedicated freight is a slow death for a carrier

I firmly believe that dedicated freight is horrible business model and every comrade carrier should stay away from it. The only way to be profitable is if you pay your drivers & your staff crappy checks. Feel free to change my mind.I'm not a big fan of Freightwaves, but numbers never lie. Check this out -
Heartland Express (2500-truck carrier) reports LOSS of revenue on this market compared to last year. Why? Cause their job postings offer $55k/year for a "dedicated" driver, while Vlad's Highway Robbery Inc - Elk Grove Village, IL offers almost double from OTR spot freight. That dedicated business model might be still prevalent, but it's slowly dying.
I've been in a company with massive customers (Fedex and the former Conway) and the pattern is always the same: they offer you a few lanes with great rates and you gobble them immediately. A few months later they ask from more trucks, give you more lanes and you take it all - it's all Gucci. You cut staff & dispatchers, streamline the process and you just have 1 person dispatching 40 trucks alone. You order more trucks, hire more drivers, get loans and DEBT! Soon the only way to stay alive & profitable is to grow bigger and get more debt and more trucks.
Then Fedex & Conway start squeezing you down on fuel surcharge. Then they drop the rates. They tell you it's just a slow season, just for a shareholder meeting and what not. Now you are bleeding cash and you don't have the infrastructure to get rid of those leaches, because you already released 80% of your staff. You go bust and Fedex goes to fuck another carrier.
This was my personal experience. NEMF got in bed with Amazon & got fucked. Falcon did it with GM or Ford I think. And God knows how many other small carriers got burned.
Long live the spot market!
Edit: I did some math. Heartland has 2693 trucks registered with DOT My company had about 230 in Q2. Heartland reported $135million revenue in Q2 while my system shows $19.9million for the same period in our company. Conclusion: with 8.5% of their trucks we achieved just under 15% of their revenue or roughly 55% more revenue per truck!!! And I bet my right arm that we did it for higher rate per mile too (more profit). IDK what those big carriers are doing, but they are dinosaurs. I'm pretty sure their shareholders won't be happy to learn that their company is being outperformed as high as 55% by Vlad & co.
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2021.06.10 18:20 genitalrash 11/10 experience with Focus Car Transporters

I just wrapped up a big move which included moving 2 cars from the west coast to the east coast. I went with Focus Car Transporters, according to a review from this subreddit, and found their service throughout the process to be 11/10 outstanding. What follows is hopefully a helpful, overly-detailed account of my experience, because I'm writing what I wish I were able to find on the internet when I was searching for a transport company.
It's worth nothing that I've never had to have cars transported before. Which meant my first destination, like many others, was Google. This was effective at finding good potential candidates to follow up with. I called 5+ transport companies and found that they're all very responsive and helpful. However, the ones I've talked to either 1) cost too much, or 2) provided very long, unclear pickup/delivery windows.
The long, unclear time windows were the part I didn't like. I had a fixed date for pick up, and wanted it delivered ASAP. In response, they would say they're packed for the next ~5 weeks, and that they can only provide a 5-7 week pickup window. This meant that they can call on any day during that window and say that they're coming by to pick up the cars. It was the same thing for delivery, which was 5-7 weeks after pickup.
Feeling mildly anxious about what seemed to be the consensus for all transport companies, I turned to reddit. Literally. I must have searched "car shipping reddit", and found autotransport. I sorted by top, and saw this review for Focus Car Transporters.
The subreddit (autotranport) itself doesn't receive too much activity so I was doubtful about the credibility of the posts. This person's review was glowing. It was almost too positive. So I did more searching for posts related to Focus Car Transporters. There were a handful of other reviews, all glowing, but again I wasn't sure if these were just from employees at the company trying to drum up business.
At that point, I buckled down and did my homework. I checked their name against FMCSA (, and everything checks out. Something I noticed on their profile was that compared to other companies I was talking to, they were a broker instead of a transporter. I was mildly worried because I've had bad experiences about "middle-men" before. I then checked out their website. Everything looked pretty standard for a transport company. The reviews, again, were mildly worrying because it VERY positive.
After that, I went ahead and called the phone number listed on their website. I talked to Michael directly, who patiently answered all of my questions at that time. He provided me with a much more reasonable price compared to the other guys, for what appeared to be the exact same service. And the icing on the cake was that he was very accommodating. He said he could pick it up on the day I originally wanted (which was ~1 week from that call), and have it delivered within 10 days of pickup. This blew my mind. As somebody who's suspicious of everything, this was ringing all the too-good-to-be-true bells.
What Focus Car Transporters was offering was clearly far and above what I was seeing from other companies. At this point, I did my final checks, I exchanged multiple emails (37) with Michael to make sure everything was above board. Michael happily complied and provided me with insurance certificates, and in precise detail explained what the process would look like on pick up and delivery. Lastly, I sent a direct message to one of the folks who've left a review on reddit. They immediately got back with a detailed account of their experience and assured me this is the way to do it. That rested my concerns a good amount, and so I pulled the trigger.
My pet peeve with the service industry is when I'm entrusting somebody with this big task, but they're bad at keeping me updated throughout the process. Anxiety mounts and it's not a great experience. My experience with Michael is the complete opposite. Whenever I'd begin to worry about something, Michael would anticipate it and send me a text that puts me at ease. He expertly coordinated all the pickups, deliveries, payments. There's nothing that could have been more improved upon. As a side note, I have a working theory that Michael is actually an automaton controlled by a group of 20 people — otherwise, how could somebody be that responsive and diligent at all hours of the day?
As for the delivery, Focus Car Transporters over-delivered on their promise of 10 days. Car 1 was delivered in 4 days, Car 2 was delivered in 5 days. This was nearly unbelievable given that the car has to travel from west coast to east coast.
This is all to say that the glowing, positive reviews for Focus Car Transporters are 100% justified. So much so, that I'm taking a substantial amount of time to write this out during my work day, because it really was that incredible. Focus Car Transporters is hands down the best service I've received, bar none, from any service provider regardless of industry I've dealt with in the past. If you're reading this and happen to be in the same position as I was at the beginning of this story, I'd give Michael a call and he'll sort you out. It'll be difficult to find somebody who's even nearly as good as they are!
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2021.04.21 05:54 rdx0712 Hyliion may have retrofitted 14 trucks for NGV Global!!

NGV Global Group Inc. recently tweeted a picture of their retrofitted Hyliion truck. From that I was able to get the USDOT number (visible in the picture). After doing some research I found the following website:
Where you can enter the USDOT number as: 2836161
Which gives the following information: Texas Gas Transport (TGT) owns 14 trucks (all of which may have been retrofitted)
This information has been updated as of 04/19/2021.
And yes, TGT is a subsidiary of NGV Global (mentioned on their home page)
So, it's possible that all 14 trucks were retrofitted with Hyliion hybrid solution and this might be mentioned in the next earnings call.
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2021.03.20 19:14 Imahunk454 Verify Your Mover

Why verifying your mover is important? To verify your mover is important because if there is an accident regarding the move you want the moving company to be properly licensed and insured. Cool Springs Relocation is a Federally Licensed moving company in Brentwood, TN.
In today’s environment, anyone can make a website and verify it through google and yelp that why it’s important to do your research and verify your mover. Below are three steps to verify your mover.
  1. Verify your mover through the Department of Transportation website.
    Verify your mover by check the department of transportation's website for the DOT Number. The website will let you know if the company is registered with the dot. Click the search by name and the company should pull up. Check that the company is still active and that the authorization class states for Hire.
    Under Carrier Operation: it needs to say interstate. If it says interstate that means that the carrier can is licensed to move your items locally and out of state. Verify your Mover can move Household Goods.
    Household Goods must be marked. No exception. I have seen a lot of companies lately to save money register under General Freight to save on insurance. General Freight is not the correct insurance to move Household Goods.
    1. Verify your mover through the state of Tennessee Business Services Online Business Services Online > Find and Update a Business Record
Simply enter the company’s name and hit search. If the company pulls up open the document to make sure the business identity is still active.
  1. Verify your mover through checking the company’s reviews and complaint history with the Better Business Bureau.
    I hope these three methods help you verify that the moving company you’re thinking of hiring is licensed and insured.
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2021.02.18 20:55 spycx $NGAC - XOS Trucks RUMORED AMAZON PARTNERSHIP (DD #1 Extension)


Original NGAC/Xos Juice with full, comprehensive, cited, due diligence for those out of the loop:
I drank all the juice(11:13PM EST) HUGE UPDATE: When I ran the plate number earlier I overlooked that the 2021 XOS SV01 Amazon Step van was assembled at a nondescript assembly plant in TENNESSEE. Upon further investigation the only prominent Step-Van assembly plant in Tennessee is Morgan Olson. According to an article I found on the manufacturing process for the Loomis and UPS Xos trucks: " XOS partners with Utilimaster and Morgan Olson to provide the van bodies for the UPS and Loomis EVs." This prompted me to dig EVEN further and I found an OFFICIAL Morgan Olson Amazon Parts Catalog made specifically for Xos Trucks, logo included, dating back to OCTOBER. That about does it for me, this official van schematic even includes the extra window on the curbside that I spotted on the vans in Michigan. The only difference, since I assume this wasn't meant to be publicly published, is the lack of the Xos branded hood design like the picture of the truck spotted on January 31st. This matches everything up for me. I'll do some more digging in the morning but this ties it all together.
Direct link to PDF of Morgan Olson Xos Trucks Amazon Step Van Catalog
Important DD from the same article: " XOS manufactures its batteries in its North Hollywood facility and assembles the truck chasses in Tennessee, where the completed vehicles roll off the line for delivery. The company plans to expand the Tennessee facility and may co-locate its battery manufacturing there. "
Also I made a Twitter for live update notifications.
Last glass of juice for the night most likely (9:10 PM EST Fixed 9:39 PM): Two more potential Xos step vans in MICHIGAN possibly confirmed from a month ago. There are at least two confirmed now so this isn't a one-off thing. . Looking even better. I found the image on an Amazon driver subreddit, here's the album and a comment from the OP (blurred) indicating that this is in Michigan. At first it looks like one van, but it's there's actually another parked behind the front one. Look at the design of the hood and compare to other pictures and the vimeo video I linked earlier, it's the same truck. on second thought, it may not be the same truck and I can't tell without a view of the logo and some features from the original truck are different, like the extra window on the door, or the absence of the overhanging top lip above the window from the original California van. I maybe off base here, these may be from an entirely different company. Definitely not Rivian though

(11:29 PM Update on this update) Check this and the new update, these Michigan vans definitely aren't Rivian and the hood and window issue I discussed is deciphered in the parts Catalog from Xos' official manufacturer. These are likely Xos Amazon vans in Michigan as well.
Juice courtesy of glorillainvesting (6:32 PM EST)(Fixed 7:15 PM, mistake on my end, sorry): Amit Shekar, a partner of multiple Amazon DSPs (Delivery Service Partners) DSZ (Delivering Shipment Zero) for fleet management commented over six months ago on an Xos LinkedIn post stating "You make 'em, I'll sell em!"
This is significant because the Amazon Xos van coincidentally has "Delivering Shipment Zero" decaled on to the side of it. Delivering Shipment Zero is part of the initiative that purchased 100K vehicles from Rivian in 2019. Big.
Amit Shekar's bio says he works with several Amazon DSPs which is "Delivery Service Partner" not the same initiative from Amazon that bought the 100k Rivian trucks(corrected from above), which is called DSZ, "Delivering Shipment Zero." My apologies. This is still a significant interaction regardless.
FRESHLY SQUEEZED JUICE(5:13 PM EST): Compare the picture of the Amazon Xos van to the CAD model Xos shows off in this video at 4:45. Nearly identical. This is the most damning proof so far for me, paired with the plate matches from earlier. This van is also really close/identical to the UPS Xos vans that they've been testing since early 2020 which you can see later in the same video. I am digging DEEP right now.
Side by side comparison
BIG JUICIER-EST UPDATE (4:33 PM EST): I ran the USDOT number on the van, "2881058" and the Legal Name and owner is "Amazon Logistics Inc" which pretty much confirms that Amazon is at least TESTING Xos' technology and has working wheels on the ground already.
BIG JUICY UPDATE (4:30 PM EST): I was able to make the plate number out in the picture and when I ran it through a plate checker it popped up as a "2021 XOS SV01- Step Van" this looks more and more legit the more research I do. Plate number is "71833C3" and it's in California if you want to look it up yourself.
EVEN JUICIER(Useful, but old information. Check updates above):
A picture of an XOS Powered AMAZON VAN was posted on Tesla forums on Janurary 31st, 9 days PRIOR to official rumor publications of a potential NGAC/Xos merger via Reuters. The user who posted has been relatively active on these forums since November 2020 if you look at his profile under "postings," but nothing that raised any red flags for me in terms of intentions to pump. There weren't any official posted rumors of the merger when this took place, so there wasn't anything to pump in the first place. Could still somehow be a hoax though, so be careful.
If Xos announces a deal with UPS, Amazon, and/or TFi International in the next month or two the deal could be a lot more valuable than previously thought and further justify the $2B valuation if rumored plans to go public via a merger with NextGen Acq. go through
Here's my response as to why I don't think this is an attempt at a pump, commented in response to another comment below:
"That instantly crossed my mind too but this was posted 9 days prior to the first publication of rumors that Xos and NGAC intended to merge. The poster has been active on TeslaMotorsClub forums since November 2020 and nothing on his profile under "postings" raised any other red flags for me he just seems like a dude who owns a Tesla and posted about random issues here and there until he posted this"
Shout out to tonoocala for giving me a heads up on this entire scenario in the original DD thread
Disclosure & Disclaimer: I own 40 commons of NGAC at $13.20 average (I'm a 20 year old Finance student with big ideas and no money) I'm new to the market and this is the first time I've done any real market speculation or due diligence. I'm not a financial advisor. My recommendations and updates aren't confirmation of anything or guaranteed to make you any money and a DA is never guaranteed but from what I've read and gathered, the outlook of a SPAC merger between XOS/NGAC is looking really good and XOS is going to be a huge player in the EV market going forward. It's a relatively small company compared to competitors but it's arguably done way more with way less so far and the team has incredible grit. I just wish I had more of my own liquid capital so I could take a larger position right now.
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