Miami penthouse for rent

making redboxes each have only one movie in them

2013.04.11 07:05 Honkeyass making redboxes each have only one movie in them

move all one movie to one redbox machine. its still developing.

2023.04.02 08:09 Exotic_Blackberry_78 Question about timings

Hi guys, first time cruiser here with another question! We are going ton Freedom of the Seas, heading out of Miami with a stop in Nassau and Cococay.
I know the timings for the stops are listed as 8 AM - 5 PM and 7 AM - 5 PM respectively, but when can we expect to get off the ship at the earliest? And at what time do we have to be back on the ship, at the latest? For both stops?
Would love to hear feedback as I’ve been seeing mixed answers online. Many thanks in advance!
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2023.04.02 08:06 Smooth-Advantage3247 ROLLING LOUD QUESTION

I usually book bnbs for rolling loud Miami but this year I am looking to book a hotel.
Any advice on where do most people that go to rolling loud book their hotels just throw some names out there also if you looking for a roomie pm me !
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2023.04.02 08:05 seancarr181 Miami 2 Italy 2 Tomorrowland

Back story: I’m going to Italy with family (mom, step dad, 14 year old sister, and sisters friend) to celebrate my moms 50th birthday. It’s a 2 week trip and I’m honestly not too excited (would much rather do it with friends.) I’m 27 live alone and absolutely love music festivals. I’ve been to a ton but have Tomorrowland at the top of my bucket list. Today I said fuck it and bought a day pass for Friday. I’m a bit nervous cause I’m doing this trip alone plus I only speak English and Spanish. But as a Miami native this might be the best chance I ever have to make it. So my Reddit friends I’d like your advice and input :)
Plan: i have a 2 week stay planned in Italy and will be in Rome July 26. I bought a flight for Thursday to return Saturday. I’m thinking about booking a hotel as close as possible to the airport to save on transportation costs and avoid some stress. I’m landing in Brussels airport which is roughly 30KM from the festival and plan on booking a hotel that’s walking distance. Is this a good idea? Are there other hotels that provide a shuttle to and from the festival? Is taking a taxi there and back safe? My priority is safety and ease of transportation. Which is why I’d rather not take a bus or train.
I’m super exited and can’t wait to see Hardwell for the millionth time but I wish the techno line up was a bit better that day. I’d appreciate and tips to help make my experience as best as possible :)
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2023.04.02 07:59 ThrowRA040223 My [25M] girlfriend [23F] ended our 8 year relationship

My [25M] girlfriend [23F] ended our 8 year relationship.
TLDR; Girlfriend left me after 8 years suddenly, to find herself
I just want to tell my story for anyone who's in the same boat
I have been with her since I was a senior and her a sophomore in high school. 2014. We prided ourselves on our relationship. We were so in love and treated each other well for so long. We hung out when ever we could, and when she decided to go to college, I decided to go with.
We got a tiny apartment with outrageous rent. It was a very stressful time for us both. I tried school but dropped out, and worked a lot of hours in food service so we can afford to exist. Some problems cropping up in the relationship after living with each other now. I play too many video games. We dont got out enough. I realize I'm not making her happy and change my ways. We start going out and I always made sure to give her at least a couple hours a day to bond with her. Everything is good again.
Fast forward to july last year, we are leaving the apartment now and have gotten a condo with her brother. The bills were less than 1/3 now. We have more space. I see her brother as my own and have for a while at this point. Everything seemed so good. 8 beautiful years really seemed to be working out. We are doing it. We both came from nothing and can't believe what we have.
Now I get a WFH job at a call center. I work a lot less and have more time to be with my love. She gets a job at a food service place and starts working as much as did in college to pay for exoensive bills. I see the same stress in her as I felt. Her questioning the same things. Why did I go to school for this? What am I doing in life? Is this what I want? Am I happy?
I tried to reconnect. I eventually got tired if waiting all day for her to come home to I get in a cycle of sleeping when shes away and I had nothing to do around the house. I nearly quit playing video games and would just sleep till she woke me up and we hung out and I'd go to bed with her and watch tv all night. Then she started coming home really late. Never mentioning it, even panicking her brother a few times. I ask her to just let us know when shes gonna be late so we dont panic. She never did.
One morning she wakes up and I ask her why this time. I said I noticed you've been stressed out and growing distant. Then the flood gates came open. She says I'm not sure I can be happy in a relationship. She wants to find her self. And that was it. She left for work, came home for a few hours where she just told me she doesn't know anything anymore, went to hang out with her co workers in her day off, and shes been gone and next to no contact since.
I was so confused. I had so many questions. Weve worked through things before. All I got were messages on read, and sorrys. I begged for answers.
It's the start of day 5. I've asked her to just let me know why she left if she ever can. I have so many things to say. I left so many things in our house because I couldnt take anything she used without talking about it. I'm left living like a 16 year old again with my mother.
So what did I learn so far?
Some things are completely out of your control.
People change and there's nothing you can do about it.
You'll never have all the answers. Why didnt she talk to anyone but her coworkers about it? Why did she start shaving her body hair again if she explicitly said it isnt about other people? Why did she lie over and over about coming home and talking after the break up? How long have you been feeling this way?
In the end it doesnt matter. You have 1 truth to deal with and that shes gone. You will try everything you can to get her back but you have to stop yourself. You will cause more harm to her and yourself.
Nothing is permanent. Anything you have can be taken away from you at any moment for no reason. Never take anything for granted. Never think something will always be there. Appreciate what you have before its gone.
Well that's it. I thought itd make me feel better but what can I expect, I've slept for like 5 hours since it happened. I still love her more than anything, all still fresh. Feels like a death happened and I know itll take some time to heal fully.
Stay strong out there people. Love what you have while you can.
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2023.04.02 07:57 WhirlwindTobias Confronted my downstairs this morning at 6:45am due to party (Sunday)

First post. Thought it might motivate someone.
For about a year I've lived with problems on all walls.
Upstairs has children (one just born) and a dog, the parents just let the dog bark, the children run and the baby cry. I've just shrugged it off, but it has lowered my estimation of families in this country.
The adjacent to my room has parties, I saw them leave once and they all looked in their 30's. Sad state of affairs when 30-40 year old adults need to party until 4am. This country is pretty notorious for drinking but typically at 30 you're married and with kids so nip it in the bud. I can't do anything about this apt. because it's another stairwell and the complex has coded doors.
The downstairs though, that I can access. Does he play pop music with the bass turned up? Yes, I got him to reduce the volume by slamming my weight bags on the floor. Does he have parties with music and singing. Yes, last time that happened I slammed my bag and their party ended swiftly. But as you see by the title, slamming my bag was not an option due to sharing with other people and the time. Instead I went to his door, banged on it with my fist and stood ready to confront the guy in the local language (I'm not from this country). He was apologetic, I walked away with a tonne of adrenaline. The noise level reduced, but you know how parties work people get carried away again. At least I managed the direct approach, and I know the response won't be aggressive.
Why do I stay here? The rent is really cheap. Moving to another apartment would likely double my costs. It's doable and I will eventually move in with my GF (I have a flatshare, which has had its own problems with past residents but the current ones are not problematic). My GF is a student and unemployed, I'm trying to save up so paying for two people is off the cards.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.04.02 07:55 Responsible-Good8492 APRIL FOOLS PAY

Made $317 yesterday they took $61 and now I’m fucked on rent week, mind you mom-weds was super slow . Tried to make up for it FRI-SUN and jokes tried on me. And I’m tired of people saying they didn’t steal from us because they did . I average $200 a day no days off and run my own calculator on the side because I knw Uber can’t count as good as me . I got to about 183 and things seemed a lil odd when I jumped to about 194 and I currently had a order in my car and not waiting on big tips so i smelled bs . But I couldn’t stop because I had rent and maybe POSSIBLY some people were being generous, so I took two 2pc orders dropped them in about 1hr-1hr30 and then I’m up to 230s worked about 4 more orders which were averaging about 7-$11 a piece and get home with 317 and got fucked on 61 . So I really so called made $256 . But how tf I spose to knw something wrong and $300 is not farfetch for me ???? Uber full of shit . But it’s cool ! When they deducted there lil $61 tonight I was already at $243 so it dropped me to $180 and I got me some weed and went in the house! So F Uber April fools on them ! Because you can’t stop my hustle and if these people get they’re pocket straight and stop tryna ball on the budget I’ll make $300 AGAIN WITH NO GLITCH! Sorry about this guys will catch our Blessing TRUST &BELIEVE
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2023.04.02 07:52 the-mouse-is-real My special day: Family and guests behaving badly, in so many passive-aggressive ways

My special day: Family and guests behaving badly, in so many passive-aggressive ways
I've waited a lonnng time to talk about my wedding. So many things were off about that day! My husband and I were together 34 years until his death in 2018, and we were truly happy. I was not his first wife, but I was his last, and we got it right.
But, the wedding: I had student debt, and we wanted to buy a house as fast as possible, so we kept costs down by making the wedding ourselves, with contributions of help from friends. As we were both adults, we paid for everything ourselves. One friend took photos, another two staffed the kitchen, yet others had joined us in the weeks prior to prepare and freeze refreshments. I made my own wedding cake and did the flower arrangements. No bridal party, no one giving anyone away. Friends holding up the chuppah. We were both pleased with our plans and with the results.
The day of the wedding, I heard my youngest stepdaughter, 16, crying in her room. I went to see what was going on. She sobbed, "I just hope my dad doesn't treat you as bad as he treated his other wives." Soon, guests started to arrive at the house we were renting. Both my aunts and my mother wore white or cream. (See photo. That's me in pink. They didn't know I was going to wear pink.) My mother actually is wearing the dress she wore to marry my stepfather. One of my stepdaughters also wore white. Another wore a gray dress and a hat with a veil. At least four other women guests wore white. The wife of a classmate, who knew I would be wearing pink, wore pink.
We had set up chairs in the living room with an aisle down the middle. People moved chairs so that the aisle pretty much disappeared. I had to thread my way through, murmuring, "Excuse me, excuse me." Turning to look at the bride? Standing to receive her? Ha. Hahahahaha.
My mother had wanted to throw me a shower. I pointed out that relatives aren't supposed to do that. She replied that she had attended so many showers over the years that her friends OWED her. She was really pissed off that I wouldn't go along with this. My husband and I did consent to her giving a reception after we returned from our honeymoon. She apparently liked the spanakopitas we had prepared and frozen, because she asked me if I could stop having them served, so she could bogart them for her reception. (Not her exact words.) I refused. So, she tried to browbeat the friends who were running the kitchen, telling them that no one was eating said spanakopitas and to stop baking them. My friends had heard my stories about her, however, and kept on baking.
My surviving grandmother had some kind of dementia, but there was a weirdly convenient aspect to it. For instance, she claimed not to know who my mother was. This was the only wife of her only child. There is a photo of her grinning hugely as she repeats this. We had asked her live-in care giver to accompany her, but the care giver dropped her off at the door and took off. Then my grandmother claimed not to know where she lived. I understand about dementia. Really, I do. I also saw my grandmother in action for 45 years, and this was exactly her style.
When I read about massive wedding prep, with huge bridal parties, brides trying to dictate every detail of their bridesmaids' and guests' appearance, multiple bachelorette parties, destination weddings, people trying to charge their guests for dinner, people leaning on friends to make ornate preparations for no charge, brides throwing fits because they were thwarted about some detail, I know that we don't live in the same world. Honestly, folks, it's an important event, but it's just one day. And I've never been a princess.
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2023.04.02 07:52 Excellent_Country_40 Public transport in Mexico

Hey lads. There’s been a lot of articles recently in the UK about Americans moving to Mexico City, so its been attracting people’s attention.
Given that, me and some colleagues from the UK are looking into the digital nomad scheme in Mexico City.
It all seems to be a great deal all and all - salaries are on average above £200k a year, and we don’t plan to spend much of it, anyways, as we are all on our 20s. Probably mostly into drinks or food.
We have visited Cancun before and it seems to be a great country for foreigners, lovely people and a lot of Mexicans speak English.
We have been thinking of renting flats around Santa Fe, colonia Centro, Coyoacan, San Angel or the likes (seen Roma or Condesa are mainstream) - there’s like 100 of us interested.
Since some of us, we could potentially live far from work, wanted to know if we need a car or public transport is enough. And if it is the same thing inside the whole country?
Thanks lads, have a nice day.
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2023.04.02 07:51 funkofanatic95 Are there any savings accounts that allow you to access your money only on a specific date?

I am terrible with saving & am trying to save for the next 8 months enough to rent a house instead of apartment (so the first & last months rent + deposit).
I have found I usually use my savings if I’m in a bind leaving me with nothing.
Are there any savings accounts that would let me only access the money on let’s say December 5th of this year?
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2023.04.02 07:51 gothicalshadow Need a flatmate for long term

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2023.04.02 07:50 ADKRep37 Adirondack Observation – Republicans are Accelerating Their Demographic Collapse

A new poll out of Florida should send chills down the spines of Republicans everywhere. It doesn't suggest the Sunshine State is returning to its politically swingy roots, or that Ron DeSantis has become any more politically radioactive than he already is. Instead, this polls reveals that one in eight Florida seniors who will attend college plan to do so out of state because of DeSantis' education policies.
The rest of the poll is equally disturbing. 91% of students disapprove of DeSantis' education policy. One in twenty current undergrads plan to transfer to out-of-state universities. The majority of those polled who plan to stay in Florida are "concerned or very concerned" that these policies will negatively affect their education.
Florida is a fascinating state, demographically speaking, because it is a boomtown about to go bust. As of 2012, only thirty-six percent of Florida residents were born there. By now, that number has likely collapsed further, perhaps as low as twenty-five. Moreover, Florida is astonishingly old– 47.62% of its population is forty-five or older. In terms of median age, the state is the fifth oldest, with an average age of 42.2 years.
Florida, given its population boom matched only by Texas, should be one of the youngest states in the Union. The reason it isn't is because its growth is being fueled by retirees, and that's a massive problem for the state. They are pricing out longtime residents and first-time homebuyers, driving them to other locations in the Sunshine Belt, including, ironically, California.
Florida is ranked the absolute lowest in terms of affordability, driven in part by the population explosion which has jacked up the prices of housing, insurance, child and healthcare, and general goods and services. This, in concert with a low minimum wage of $11 per hour, makes trying to have a go at Florida hard. One Florida realtor, speaking to Business Insider, said that roughly half of the people who move to Florida will "quickly" back out of the state.
All of this alone creates a toxic stew. Florida is importing the elderly, who are requiring more and more caretakers and do little to stimulate sustainable economic activity, and it's driving out the young, making it unaffordable to have children and establish roots. Now, the state's politics, which cater to the radical conservatives drawn to it by DeSantis' fire and fury, fuck-the-libs policymaking, is accelerating that process.
One needs only look at Japan to see Florida's future. Our beloved friends across the Pacific are desperately trying to stimulate population growth, as their elderly lack caretakers and the culture around work and education is prohibitive to founding families. Japan's economic miracle has gone stagnant, and its population decline is accelerating rapidly.
All of this, before we factor in the inevitability of climate change. Low-lying Florida, whose highest peak is an adorable 345 feet above sea level, is in for a rough few decades. Hurricanes are increasing in frequency and intensity, and sea levels are rising. Between 2005 and 2016, Miami-Dade County saw $500 million in property losses related to rising sea levels. This will only accelerate.
Frequent and powerful hurricanes will batter the Gulf Coast, devastating the Panhandle and Tampa Bay. Even worse, Atlantic hurricanes will fall on the eastern coast of Florida more frequently, striking Miami, Daytona, and Jacksonville. Miami, in particular, is long overdue for a major hurricane, having not seen one since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.
Hurricanes, sea level rise, and the potential for record-breaking heatwaves will only drive more people out of the state, by which point its population decline will have only been worsened as the elderly there begin to die off in large numbers. My point to all of this doomsaying on Florida's future demography is rather simple. Republicans are only making it worse for themselves, and it isn't just Florida.
The concept of voting with your feet is often used to derisively refer to the migration of the wealthy and conservative out of blue states to more politically friendly pastures. However, it's increasingly appropriate to say the same thing is happening for young liberals. Abortion bans, anti-LGBT legislation, restrictions on freedom of expression and the right to vote are driving young liberals out of red states.
In demographics, this is referred to as clustering or self-sorting, the idea that people with a common cultural, ethnic, or political identity will group together. This rather lopsided phenomenon is tilting the other way now, and as Millennials and Zoomers show no indication of getting more conservative, Republicans are facing a dangerous possibility– Florida's fate may come for their states.
If young people begin to flee red states in large numbers all across the nation, this political self-sorting will create two Americas, one that is much younger, more diverse, and economically vibrant, and another that is beset by economic stagnation and huge challenges to its basic infrastructure due to an elderly population with not enough workers to replace them and care for them in their old age.
The current Republican Party isn't just out of step, it's driving itself headfirst off of a demographic cliff from which there is no coming back from with its own noxious policies.
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2023.04.02 07:49 SilentTranslator6435 Will share bodybuilding tips in exchange for $. Broke. Bored. Just need money to rent a movie.

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2023.04.02 07:49 SilentTranslator6435 Will share bodybuilding tips in exchange for $. Broke. Bored. Just need money to rent a movie.

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2023.04.02 07:48 Personal-Level-9732 Free June Rent offered in 1 bed/1 bath lease takeover beginning June 12, 2023 (700 sq ft)

I am looking for someone to take over the remaining ~2 months of my lease at the apartment community Vue Los Feliz - Beginning June 12, 2023 - August 7, 2023.
This 1 bed / 1 bath apartment (700sq ft) will come unfurnished.
I am offering to cover the entire portion June rent out of my own pocket so you will not be required to make any payments until July 1, 2023!
Base rent is $2,591 per month + ~$120 for utilities (water, trash, etc.).
Apartment will be fully transferred to your name during this time and you will have the option to renew the lease thereafter.
The apartment complex has all types of modern amenities (gym, pool, rooftop, etc.) including off-street/secure parking (which is included in rent).
In order to qualify for renting this unit, you must provide proof that you make at least 2.5 times rent on a monthly basis and will likely be subject to a general credit check.
Pets are welcome but for an additional fee per month (set up with the leasing office).
If you are interested in moving forward with taking over the lease, it's actually pretty simple.
The leasing office will need you to fill out a physical application as well as provide us $56.00 in a certified check or money order for your application fee. This fee covers your credit and background check.
After that, the leasing office would need to verify your income by getting your 2 most recent paystubs or your 3 most recent bank statements from the account where income is reflected.
Once the leasing office determines you qualify for the apartment on your own, they would add you to my lease and then you and I would sign a roommate release form for the changeover date and the leasing office could then remove me from the lease.
More photos of actual unit available upon request.
About this location: Located in the heart of LA's foodie district, Vue Los Feliz boasts an unbeatable central location. We are only minutes from the vibrant Barnsdall Art Park, historic Los Feliz Theater, and some of the best small eateries in Los Angeles, CA near Hollywood. Our newly renovated apartment homes feature wood-style flooring and handsome custom cabinetry. Enjoy stunning city views from your private balcony and the rooftop terrace. We offer a host of excellent amenities, including an indoor swimming pool and high-end fitness center. Our spacious one bedroom apartment home for rent in Los Angeles is tailored to your modern lifestyle.
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2023.04.02 07:47 moophthemoomoo No Good Deed Unpunished

I'd gone to this convenience store around the corner for decades but now I want nothing to do with the place.
One night a came in and a new guy was working there. Older fellow. I am one of those freaks that asks people 'How are you?' The guy told me sadly that he wasn't doing too well. His rent had been jacked up so he didn't have great options aside from longass shifts.
So I suggest my complex! We have lower rents and it's been mostly peaceful here. I notice he kind of looks at me funny. I complete the purchase and go on my way.
Next night after work I am making my usual purchases on the way home. I overhear him whispering to someone working the other register.
"Don't take your eyes off of him. He's from up the hill. They're all bad news. All of em'."
Apparently 'up the hill' had extremely bad conations for this guy.
And it didn't end there, sadly. He's been up my butt every time I try and shop there now ala the 'HURRY UP AND BUY!' scene. The last straw was when I rolled in and put in 40 dollars worth of gas only for the guy to ask me if I was gonna come in and buy anything.
TL;DR: Tried to help an old man and got profiled as street trash with sticky fingers
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2023.04.02 07:42 imso1cy Co-signing a condo and not sure

My fiancé would like me to co-sign for a condo as our lease for our apartment together is almost up. We currently live together and split rent but I’m not on the lease. She and her mom have a lot of capital to put down however, I don’t have much saved up but make a decent amount monthly. She assured me that she would pay the a majority as the monthly cost would be a lot higher than now. We are both in Uni and I graduate next year and will have debt. I also want to start a business within the next 2 years with my dad and am not sure how this co-sign will look when it comes to those financials if I need a loan or anything. I will definitely get advise from my parents and others however, how would you guys advice? What should I know about co-signing? Currently 23 and don’t want to make a decision that could stop me from my goals.
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2023.04.02 07:41 CanOBeans01 Has anyone left a super conservative area to move to a safer more trans friendly area? how did it work out for you?

Hey everyone, so I live in Tennessee with my partner right now, for financial reasons we are living with my parents and have steady jobs however we buy our own groceries and gas, etc like most adults do, just minus the rent so we kind of scrape by on our paychecks together.
I'm sure alot of you are aware of the political climate of this country right now and it's left both me and my partner scared (he is a cis man but understands the gravity of this for me). Tennessee was already pretty unsafe for trans people alone but with the recent shooting and all the laws that have been passed we are seriously debating moving in with his family in Colorado however I'm pretty nervous as we are both pretty young (fresh into our twenties) and I've never really left my small town for long periods of time but at this point it's either take this jump or I may lose access to my testosterone or even be killed if I run into the wrong kind of person.
His family has been excited for us to move out there for a while now and have been pretty scared for us living out here and we plan to do our part to contribute to the household, especially if it means some day we can live a better, more sustainable and happy life, not fearing for our safety or our rights being taken.
Have any of you left the deep south or somewhere equally far right for a blue state? How did it improve your quality of life? Would you say it's worth it?
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2023.04.02 07:41 doritobimbo Just found out, don’t know what to do

22f I live with my partner in CA. First prenatal is already scheduled.
We cannot afford this baby, but I don’t want to give it up in any way if it’s not absolutely necessary. I don’t understand the few true resource sites I keep finding and the other 90% of google is adoption related.
we both work and make decent money but live in a very small apartment and have no room for a baby nor can we afford a bigger place as the COL is high and a bigger place would have us at nearly 100% income to rent.
Am I stupid for thinking maybe we can figure it out? What the hell is TANF, please explain like im a woman in shock because I am.
I’m scared and excited but mostly heart broken because … why now? Why couldn’t it have been in a few years when we have more money?
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2023.04.02 07:39 Specific_Fox4489 AITA for breaking a promise with my parents HELP

I (18) female soon Turing 19 graduated high school in 2021. I enrolled into uni for the following year start of 2022 because of pressures from my parents and high school. I ended up dropping uni a couple weeks later not telling my parents and also incurring uni debts. I knew uni wasn’t for me and that I never wanted to go back again. I really wanted to travel as I was debt free and could easily save enough to go backpacking. I ended up telling my parents and they were highly disappointed even trying to get the university to take me back. I told them to give me a year and I promised them I would do well work purchase a house even but they said if I didn’t I’d have to go back to uni the following year .I did end up saving a deposit after becoming a slave to work but I did save enough for a house deposit but never went through with purchasing the house as being 18 and paying off a mortgage felt like even more of a trap than uni. So instead I used the money and spend it on family and failed businesses as well as putting some of it towards my family mortgage as they were behind in payments. I ended up thinking about starting a business incurred debt after debt trying to start a jestski rental business and now I’m in 17K debt and back in uni 2023.
I’ve got a decision to make either finish 7 years worth of uni unhappy to become a doctor as I failed the first time at trying to do it right and be independent OR drop out of uni get kicked out of my family home and pay rent, bills, food and my debt by myself and once paid off go travelling but my have any financial or family support.
(I know I can easily pay off the debt if I weren’t in uni as I’ve saved high amounts before within a couple months and have a savings plan to pay it off if I were working full time.)
I’m stuck in the middle and don’t know whether to choose being miserable or being unhappy for a period of time and then happy once I get to travel.
Backpacking has always been my dream I planned my travel itinerary in year 10 for SE ASIA but have always been scared of disappointing my parents and being disowned and thrown out.
AITAH for following what I want to do in life and putting myself first instead of a family financial aid for there bills and issues.
I have until April 1st 2023 to drop all my classes defer my degree drop uni all that so I don’t incur fees and debt.
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2023.04.02 07:37 ccs77 Selling a HDB flat while relocating

Hello! I am recently (~half a year ago) informed by my company of my relocation overseas and i started selling my hdb flat. However, as I'm afraid I won't be able to sell it in time, I put my house on sale way in advance and will now require 1-2 months of extension of stay before I officially move.
My question is, under temporary extension of stay as a seller I have to include details of my next property, but I clearly won't have 1 since I am moving. So anyone knows what is the procedure for situations where seller doesn't intend to buy a new property? Can I rent the flat from the buyer, but as I know that will be minimum 6months.
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2023.04.02 07:32 Excellent_Country_40 How reliable is public transport in Mexico City?

Hey lads. There’s been a lot of articles recently in the UK about Americans moving to Mexico City, so its been attracting people’s attention.
Given that, me and some colleagues from the UK are looking into the digital nomad scheme in Mexico City.
It all seems to be a great deal all and all - salaries are on average above £200k a year, and we don’t plan to spend much of it, anyways, as we are all on our 20s. Probably mostly into drinks or food.
We have visited Cancun before and it seems to be a great country for foreigners, lovely people and a lot of Mexicans speak English.
We have been thinking of renting flats around Santa Fe, colonia Centro, Coyoacan, San Angel or the likes (seen Roma or Condesa are mainstream) - there’s like 100 of us interested.
Since some of us, we could potentially live far from work, wanted to know if we need a car or public transport is enough.
Thanks lads, have a nice day.
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2023.04.02 07:32 snowy--plover Pool cleaner dumped water out of our pool for multiple days with the auto fill on (in a home we are renting) and we had to pay an extremely high water bill. Our landlord will not help with a reimbursement.

Seeking legal advice or suggestions on next steps for us - feeling frustrated and helpless. We have been renting this home in Arizona for about a 1.5 years and our lease is up soon. There is a pool on the property that we don’t really use, and in the lease it is up to the landlord / homeowner to take care of it. They hired a pool person to check on it once a week. Last summer we got a notification for extremely large water usage and immediately notified our landlord that we weren’t sure where it was coming from (they were made aware that it was many many gallons a day). Our landlord didn’t take it as an emergency even though we were immediately worried about the water bill, so there was no rush on them checking on the issue. Days passed and we were told the pool person came to check on things with no answer (it was assumed it was the pool since there was nothing leaking that we could see and it was so much water). One day the water usage stopped and we never got any explanation from our landlord other than it was likely a running toilet (which we didn’t have) or anything about how they would help with the water bill since this was not caused by us (there were issues we found with the auto fill constantly running and the pool wasn’t overflowing so we knew there was a problem but couldn’t pinpoint why and the landlord was refusing to help with finding an explanation). We ended up getting our water bill and it was $800 over the normal monthly bill (equating to about 7+ entire pools filled with water). The landlord was notified about the bill but we were ignored and had to pay the bill because it was in our name. Fast forward to this past month, we received another notification with extremely high usage similar to the past year. I discovered large pools of water in our alleyway this time and immediately notified our landlord. It took someone a day or two to come out, but eventually they looked at things. We knew for sure it was the same thing as last time and the pool company and plumber realized that when the pool person came out they opened the valve to release some water from the pool and forgot about it when they left, leading to the pool being drained and auto filled for multiple days. The pool person admitted to this over text. The landlord never addressed it, even after we have asked multiple times. Today I finally received a phone call from the landlord and they claimed that I am wrong or lying about it being the pool person leaving the valve open and that they will not reimburse us. Is there anything I can do? Is this only an issue we can address with the pool company even though we didn’t hire them? We are pretty positive last summer was the same problem, the pool cleaner leaving the valve open on accident for a whole week before they came back and turned it off without mentioning anything. There is no other explanation for that amount of water that I can think of?
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