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2023.06.09 16:52 BrainYtje [PC] 'Road to Tankfest' missions don't count towards the tokens for 'Road to Tankfest' in the depot?

[PC] 'Road to Tankfest' missions don't count towards the tokens for 'Road to Tankfest' in the depot?
Anybody noticed this same issue? I completed it one time, I believe... and it's not counting towards the 3 tokens needed for the "Road to Tankfest" redeems.

Road to Tankfest Missions


Road to Tankfest Redeems
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2023.06.09 16:52 StarbornSoldier Earth vs Tungsten Meteors

One day, scientists wake up to discover a massive meteor comprised of 100% Tungsten hurtling towards Earth. Can we divert it in time?
Round One: Meteor is the size of a skyscraper, humanity has a one month warning.
Round Two: There are three 1km meteors in total, humanity gets two weeks. Weirdly, the meteors have tons of pyramids and faces and giant hieroglyphs on them. (Must be an alien prank?)
Round Three: Humanity shares a hivemind and is survivallusted. There are ten 1km meteors approaching from all directions. Two of them are on a collision course for the Moon.
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2023.06.09 16:52 animalover0813 ROCD after traumatic divorce

Hello fellow OCD compatriots,
Disclaimer: I am under the care of a psychologist who specializes in OCD.
Background: I have suffered from OCD since early childhood (going on 30 years). My earliest obsession was fear of my father dying prematurely, which led to rituals like hand-washing until bleeding and various "just right" behaviors. When I was 23, my dad suffered cardiac arrest and was in a coma for three weeks until we took him off life-support--in my mind, a confirmation of my "intuition." A few years later, I married my ex-husband, with the looming fear (obsession?) that he would hurt me, that the marriage had a shelf life. After five years of psychological abuse (and physical abuse of my pets), he divorced me and kept most of our assets, leaving me in a deep trauma-bonded depression--and further "confirming" OCD. Of course, there were objective signs that this would happen (his own mental health issues), but my OCD mind leans always on confirmation bias.
Today: Nine months post-divorce, I met my now-boyfriend, a soldier stationed in Hawaii, but who had been visiting my home state. We took things slowly and didn't commit to a relationship for a few months, flying to see each other regularly (most recently I stayed with him for over a month). Although we have very different educational backgrounds, something drew me to him. I have since learned him to be one of the most supportive and empathetic partners I could have imagined. He is consistent: texts and FaceTimes me every day since we met; uses regular words of affirmation; will hold me while I cry over the obsession du jour (pregnancy fear, contamination fear, etc); his optimism is infectious; he makes me laugh like a kid; we enjoy working out and adventuring together. When I look into his eyes, there is an emotional intimacy and feeling of safety that I love. When I was with my ex-husband, I yearned for someone who just wanted to "find their person," who saw gratitude in everything. This is my boyfriend to a T.
And yet, I get these urges to cut and run. When I departed Hawaii, I sobbed all day for fear that I wasn't "allowed" to ever see him again. That I wasn't "supposed to."
This is not to say that the relationship doesn't have a few objective concerns. Because our educations are different, he is not "academic" in the way that most of my friends are, which I am trying to accept and appreciate, because he has other wonderful qualities (e.g. kindness, calmness, humor and EQ). Also, I have a career in tech and he hasn't started his post-military path, so I also have concerns about the future "balance" of the relationship. I don't care what he chooses, so long as he takes pride in what he does. He is already taking steps to research internships and fellowships for the transition, for which I am proud.
For those who experience ROCD, I'm looking for suggestions on how to make sense of my internal state, how to balance objective relationship concerns with these OCD compulsions to leave. I don't want to leave him, but I feel like I have to so as to avoid another heartbreak.

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2023.06.09 16:52 Lez_The_DemonicAngel One day, the discrimination against LGBTQ+ people will seem as stupid to the world as discrimination against left-handed people

I believe this will happen at one point in the future. It might be a long time, but we are on the road there. I’m pushing for it.
Even if I won’t be around to see it happen, I want this for future generations. I will fight for future generations to have this. Just wanted to share my prediction.
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2023.06.09 16:52 rox0r1 More weird thoughts

Alright, bear with me.
So you've been taking 10 years almost same dose, drooling, neuropathy all of a suddden. For neuropathy they prescribe gabapentin, phenibut is already stronger than that.
Youre using fine crystals from earlier this year and were using large crystals from the same time that werent working either. Dose stays the same, maybe 10mg less on 6.27. It turned on you but you have to taper slowly. You get feelings on your face, your nerves while your legs burn. Neuropathy supplements dont help, agmatine doesnt do shit even though youve been taking it for years so why not take it. Its quick and easy.
Anyone got anything to say to me or suggest?
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2023.06.09 16:52 izwald88 3D Printing Krieg (GrimGuard)

I'm looking into expanding my AM force and making it a mostly Krieg army. However, given the limited number of Krieg models, it seems like 3d printing is the way to go.
Looking over the GrimGuard models, it looks like they have everything that the Cadians have with a nice Krieg aesthetic.
I'm mostly a painter but I don't want to be seen as "that guy" when I do play from time to time.
Have any of you AM plays used 3d printed models and had any issues?
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2023.06.09 16:52 No-Rent1159 Is there a way to upgrade deluxe edition to ultimate edition?

I got the deluxe edition, but since I am really enjoying the game I was thinking of getting the ultimate edition, even though most of the content it contains doesn't seem to be out yet. But there is some stuff that I am not sure about. Is the ultimate pass the ultimate edition without the base game? Does the ultimate pass include the character pass, which I got already with the deluxe edition? If so, there seems to be no way I can upgrade from the deluxe edition to ultimate edition without paying 2 times for the character pass, is that correct?
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2023.06.09 16:52 el_pharaon710 Need help: blog posts always begin with double paragraphs

Just started a blog and recently find out the introduction paragraphs on each blog post is shown two times. When I try to edit the page, I see it the "right" way. Just one introduction paragraph and no doubles.
Check this article to understand what I mean: https://awadfightworld.com/best-boxing-headgea
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.09 16:51 NWYUPSIO I'm socially anxious in practically every facet of life, but not at work, anyway I can use this to my advantage?

I've noticed that at work I really don't have any or much social anxiety at all. I can interact with all sorts of strangers without the slightest feeling of self-doubt or self-awareness. I can walk up to people and ask them if they need help, etc. etc.. When it comes to anything outside of work I'm super anxious, I tried going to my school gym and walk around it to see what it looked like. However, I felt super anxious the entire time and out of place, then when I left I worried about the fact that I left without doing anything, and then walking back to my car I thought about how weird I must be to the people I'm walking past.
So do you guys know anything I could practice at work that might transition to less social anxiety in other situations?
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2023.06.09 16:51 throwaway5639296 I think I figured out who patient 46 is

So patient 46 is a child obviously but what if it is Vanessa(kind of) I have two options for patient 46 Number 1 is cassie and that's why she is helping Gregory because of what she did(hacked the animatronics and that's why roxy kind of looks taken aback when cassie puts her hand on roxy The second option is Elizabeth in Vanessa's body it makes sense because Elizabeth is a child and the therapist is talking to a child,patient 46 hates the outdoors,the last time Elizabeth went outdoors is when she got scooped by baby,patient 46 likes candy,Elizabeth is a child and usually children like candy This could all be just a coincidence
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2023.06.09 16:51 Druha05 dudes about kyrou

Does anybody still not see that offense is created by defense in the NHL .... If you look at 2019 blues we had Pete bo edmundson colt 44 and probably wat people don't say enough about was hot carl. If I watch the blues exiting there d zone currently u see forwards as low as the dots skating the pucks either backwards or even fowards. 2019 blues d men were making one good pass behind net to other dman or keeping and then skating puck out themselves with all 3 fowards outside the zone... One good pass and we gone... The importance of this ability is wat is wrong with current team. They are not good at it... Pete was mistake #1, he was the best at it, hot Carl probably the second... Hot Carl never had stats but man evrytime he had that puck skating out the zone one good pass right on the money. Boumeester on the money, even edmundson. We fucked up, parakyo is not a number 1... He has talent in skating size but he's just not a leader and without that boumeester to lean on he's absolutely lost on d fence clear example was last night against islanders..like 4 of the 5 goals they scored were these dinky puck deflections around the net. On 2nd or 3rd parayko on 2-1s everytime will fall to the ice stretch out that body try to stop the pass.. everytime that's his one move... Well guess what players are just waiting him out and he either keeps on sliding away or even better takes out our goalie... Lucky we got him for cheap .. you know why we did because he new without Pete Bo and Carl he didn't have wat it takes plain and simple... Know one is that nice and he took the job security in term and now you can see why... He's an excellent compliment to a strong 2nf line leader ... I don't believe him to be a first line damn even.... He's never gonna put up offense he's never had a slapshot that can even hit the net... He will not be able to develope later like a perron shot because size guys don't work like that.... I leave it there for a start but it ain't the blues offense .. kyrou put up great numbers last year he's fast and we didn't pay him to play d so shut the f up about this two way player game it's not Jordan ok... Next article will be me sticking up for bing ding dong who made some incredible saves last night as well... And me ripping nick leddy Torrey krug... Binnington all we ever wanted from him was that couple big time saves to bail us out but our shut down d was the center piece that drove everything in 2019... Wake up all u idiots who can t see the difference watch next game watch the breakout it all starts there .
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2023.06.09 16:51 Splaterpus7 Coming soon from 1240creations / MUW

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2023.06.09 16:50 kratosputr When are we going to see colonialist countries penalised for their war crimes since pre-independence times?

Recently came to know about Neera Arya (details), a veerangana who was a soldier in Netaji's Jhansi Rani Regiment. She killed her husband (British bootlicker) when he was trying to assassinate Netaji.
Now, this is the part where my blood boils! British, supposedly (I don't find it hard to believe, esp. given verified reports from Cellular Jail) cut her breasts off, while torturing in an attempt to find Netaji's whereabouts. She, as expected, stood her ground.
Two years before independence, UNO (re-branded version of a largely useless organisation) was formed. None of our so-called freedom fighters (ones Nehru thought worthy of the title, funny enough, you probably won't find mention of Smt. Neera Arya in Nehru-controlled history textbooks) took these cases of barbarianism to UN. I know we had other issues (boundary issues with "a peace-loving, economically advanced" Islamic country, which again Congress wonderfully messed up) to deal with.
Now, to the source of my frustration - These are exactly the countries that still carry on these activities on foreign soil, just for their pleasure. Somehow, they think they can lecture India on artificially created minority issues or Russia on the Russia-Ukraine crisis or Israel on their boundary issues.
Ending my rant. Please share your thoughts.
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2023.06.09 16:50 Adorable-Response-10 How to get my unpaid salary and compensation from my ex-employer?

So i got a job offer in a bangalore based startup and within a month of me joining they announced us that they are closing the operations and that i would get my salary for the one month along with compensation amount. They promised to pay before second week of april but its been two months and i havent received a single penny. I came to know from my colleagues that they havent received their salaries since february. Now things are going to get weird. So after repeated calls and texts in the whatsapp group of our company, the ceo decides to release one month salary to half of the employees. The rest of the employees havent received anything and that includes 3 people like me who joined in march and few old employees who have their dues pending from february. The ceo guy has been following a pattern, we ask for money in the group/call him personally, he gives a specific date, say 8th, and promises to pay by that day. He wont pay on that day. Then again we call/text him, he again cooks up some story and again gives us a different date, and we believe them like fools and wait for the salary. He has repeated the pattern 20-25 times. Recently, he has travelled to a foreign destination, trying to resume his company's operations there, and promised to return to india back on 12th, and release the salaries on 13th, which i dont believe he will. So here is what i did, i contacted my lawyer and prepared a legal notice and had it sent to the ceo and the hr's whatsapp and email. I personally texted him warning that refusing to pay my salary and compensation will lead me to take legal action. He hasnt replied to my texts. I have previously warned him 5 days back that im gonna take legal action, and ever since, he has stopped responding to my texts and calls. On the other hand, he has been replying to my coworker's texts and calls and has been telling them that he will do the money transfer on 13th blah blah. Same old shit. Why is he not responding to me?? Is he trying to cheat again?
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2023.06.09 16:50 Fair_Aide_5207 Auto Grant

I received a grant approx 15 years ago from the VA to purchase a vehicle. Under the law in effect then it was only a once in a life time grant. Jan 9th 2023 the Auto For Veterans Act was signed into law which now allows a grant once a decade. I pulled up VA form 21-4502 dated jul 2021 which is the form to request the grant. I do not see a new version of the form dated after the law changed. Does anyone have any more info ?
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2023.06.09 16:50 fred_reedAU The Importance of Learning Human Anatomy and Physiology in Australian First Aid

Understanding human anatomy and physiology is fundamental to providing effective first aid. In Australia, where emergencies can occur anytime, having a solid knowledge of the human body's structure and function is crucial for delivering timely and appropriate assistance. This article explores the significance of learning human anatomy and physiology in the context of Australian first aid.
  1. Recognition of Signs and Symptoms:
A thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology enables first aiders to recognize signs and symptoms of various medical conditions accurately. Knowing the normal functioning of organs and body systems helps identify abnormal signs, such as changes in breathing patterns, skin color, or consciousness levels, which can indicate underlying health issues.
  1. Targeted Approach:
By understanding the body's systems, first aiders can adopt a targeted approach to provide appropriate assistance. For example, knowledge of the cardiovascular system allows for prompt intervention during a heart attack or cardiac arrest, while comprehension of the respiratory system assists in managing respiratory distress or choking incidents effectively.
  1. Enhanced Decision Making:
An understanding of anatomy and physiology empowers first aiders to make informed decisions during emergencies. By knowing how different body systems interact and the potential implications of interventions, they can prioritize actions and provide initial care that maximizes the chances of a positive outcome.
  1. Effective Communication with Healthcare Professionals:
Proficiency in human anatomy and physiology facilitates clear communication between first aiders and healthcare professionals. When providing handover information or assisting in a medical emergency, accurate anatomical terminology and knowledge of body systems enable more precise and effective communication, leading to better continuity of care.
  1. Adaptation to Individual Needs:
Each person's physiology can vary, and recognizing these individual differences is vital for tailoring first aid interventions. Knowledge of anatomy and physiology assists in adapting techniques, such as CPR or bandaging, to suit specific needs or challenges posed by the patient's unique anatomy.
Learning human anatomy and physiology plays a vital role in Australian first aid. By comprehending the intricacies of the human body, first aiders can recognize signs, provide targeted care, make informed decisions, communicate effectively with healthcare professionals, and adapt interventions to individual needs. Developing a solid foundation in anatomy and physiology enhances the ability to provide prompt and effective assistance during emergencies, ultimately saving lives and promoting better outcomes.
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2023.06.09 16:50 mialg Top 10 Penis Enlargement Exercises

Top 10 Penis Enlargement Exercises
When you want a bigger penis, you are going to try a lot of different methods that have given people some huge gains in the past. However, if you are going to stay on top of things and keep up-to-date with the top penis enlargement exercises if you are going to be smart in penis enlargement. There are several ways that you can go about doing this and there are plenty of exercises to choose from. You are going to have to research if you are going to be able to maintain that gain that you have.
Here are ten simple exercises for helping to increase your penis size, and give your main member some extra heft:

10. The Big Stretch

The power stretch is a basic penis growth exercise for increasing your penis size. Simply grasp the penis by the glans (head) and stretch upward. Hold while counting to 10. After, repeat this process by stretching and holding in other directions - up, down, left, and right - for up to 5 minutes per day. This is a surefire way to get longer.

9. Handyman

Most of the penis enlargement exercises in this list involve hands, whether they be your hands or your partner's. There are many hands-free devices available to help you achieve your goals, but taking matters into your own hands is the most surefire way to control the enlargement of your penis.

8. Knuckle-Head

Grasping the head of your penis in one hand, stretch it away from the body. Place the thumb of your free hand near the base of the penis and hold it there while stretching for 10 seconds. Perform this exercise for a maximum of 5 minutes per day, no more than that.

7. Maintenance

Being diligent with your exercises ensures that you increase your penis size and then maintain your final penis size. Much like exercising at the gym, your penis responds to the stimulation of stretching and expanding to grow in size. Once you achieve your desired size, it remains rather than shrinking back to its original size.

6. Pulling In Reverse

Begin by pulling the skin of the shaft back and toward your body with the thumbs. Use the rest of your fingers underneath your shaft for support. Hold this firmly for 10 seconds. Repeat and perform for up to 5 minutes per day.

5. Opposite Day

No, you aren't pushing in this one. You're pulling as always, but this time you pull with one hand on the head, and another hand at the base. Maintaining a grip on the respective parts, pull in opposite directions (left-right, right-left, and so on) for ten seconds. Perform this for no more than 5 minutes per day.

4. Kegels

Classically, Kegels are used by women to help make their nether regions feel tighter. However, men also have the same pelvic floor (PC) muscles that contract during orgasm and halt the flow of urine so Kegels can be useful for men as well. To perform a Kegel, you flex to contract the muscle.
Begin with 20 to 30 repetitions of this contraction throughout the day and work your way up to a higher number. Making this love muscle stronger helps maximize the blood contained in the penis during erection as well as maintain erection quality, which will be important as your penis grows in size.

3. The Majestic Jelq

Jelq is supposedly where the term “jerk,” as in “jerking off,” originated. It's claimed to be an ancient enlargement method. Essentially the jelq is a “milking” motion of the semi-erect and lubricated penis. Taking one hand in a gentle yet firm grip, make an OK sign with the thumb and forefinger at the base of the penis, then slowly drag the hand up the shaft to the head of the penis. Repeat with the opposite hand. Be gentle and start with a low number of repetitions before working your way up. Jelqing helps to increase the girth of the penis and adds a little bit of length too.

2. Twister

A variation of the basic stretch, except after pulling the penis outward in a stretch, you rotate it clockwise. Hold for 30 seconds, then repeat while rotated counter-clockwise. Repeat this five more times, and perform the whole regimen once per day. This should help increase penis girth over time.

1. Weighting Around

This is a fairly advanced penis enlargement practice and not for the feint of heart. You simply attach a weight of some type to the penis, letting gravity do all of the stretchings for you. In time your penis should increase in length. This particular method was supposedly used by the Chinese and achieved the desired results in most cases.
However, this method can cause great injury if it's not done correctly. For that reason alone it is highly recommended that you perform the previous exercises mentioned in this guide before ever considering the weighted stretching method.


Are you 100% serious about Grow Your Penis SIGNIFICANTLY, longer and thicker with a stronger erection in just weeks? If you are ready to take action and grow 2 full inches Bigger in just less than two months like I did here are the EXACT TECHNIQUES I used to achieve such outstanding results that my girlfriend hasn't stopped thanking me for a whole night.
This awesome 100% guaranteed result program is effective, safe, and permanent and you can download all techniques IMMEDIATELY.
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2023.06.09 16:50 fryguy7 Dish Hopper

We watch very little TV. Only two people in the house. We currently have a VIP 722 receiver that is connected to 3 TVs. The receiver is connected to the main living room TV and the other two TVs can watch something else or display what's on the main TV. You can only watch two programs at a time. Is their anyway to get the new Hopper and have it connected to multiple TVs and watch atleast two programs at once? Really don't want to pay for multiple boxes. Thanks
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2023.06.09 16:50 MessageFar5797 My Thoughts on Multiple Mandela Effects and How They Came To Be

I have only posted here once, but after a comment I left last night, I thought I might finally share some thoughts.
A few things that are relevant: I worked at a video store for 7 years. I was a big Anne Rice fan (interview with the vampire author) And I'm a spelling bee champ, which is partly related to my condition of having OCD and the way that makes my brain work. I'm obsessed with words and spelling.
So first, this might not be a popular stance, but as someone who worked at a video store for 7 years, I have never heard of Shazaam. I also babysat a ton in that Era and watched kids movies all the time.
Also, I worked at the video store when "Sex and the City" was released on DVD and was extremely popular. It was ALWAYS "Sex AND the City." People messed that up from day one, because they sound exactly the same.
Also, it was ALWAYS "Interview with THE Vampire." I read the entire book series. Many people always said it wrong, because once again, they sound almost identical.
And one last one: I studied the history of fairy tales in college. Pretty wild, I know! I will never forget being dismissed early from that class right after 9/11 happened. Anyway, most fairy tales are very old and have different versions from different countries, etc. The whole Snow White "Mirror Mirror" vs "Magic Mirror" is not a legit Mandela effect. Both phrases appear in different versions of the tale. Disney movie says it one way. Growing up I had copy of the vhs of Snow White starring Elizabeth McGovern, and that version says the phrase differently than the Disney version. Both phrases have existed for a long time.
Finally, I'm not a ME denier. The Berenstein Bears one shocked me. As I mentioned in the title, I am a spelling bee champion and obsessed with words and spelling; my English language skills are in the 98th percentile and have been since I was very young. I'm not saying that to brag, I just think it's very relevant here.
The craziest one of all for me is the Mr. Roger's theme song. Like, what?!? It's now, "It's a beautiful day in THIS neighborhood" ?!
Oh yeah, one last thing: as a movie buff, movie previews very frequently have different scenes in them than the actual movie does. They may use a different take of a scene than was used in the final movie, and sometimes have footage that doesn't end up in the final cut of the movie. I think that is the reason for at least some of the movie-line supposed mandela effects.
Just a little more about Shazaam. The SAME year "Kazaam" was released, there was an animated movie released called "Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas." Secondly, Sinbad did a thing in the 90s where he dressed up as a genie and hosted/introduced some movies or shows on TV. So right there is Sinbad as a genie. Finally, there is an old YouTube video about a green genie named Shazaam. I posted the link in a comment here a while ago. Oh yeah, there is also an old cartoon called Shazam!
Just wanted to share my thoughts! :)
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2023.06.09 16:50 JoshuagamingTV101 Help

Every time I try to sign in so I can sign up for a driver I get this message and idea what it is
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2023.06.09 16:50 LiftMe Mortgage options post-divorce - Are NAF Cash/Knock.com a bad idea?

I am in the process of post-divorce mortgage insanity. I currently own a home/mortgage in Texas in both of our names (his mortgage is in both of our names as well) and will receive close to $1m in various investments. I'm moving back to Georgia where my family lives. This is not a great time to buy a house, I know, but I feel both my daughters and I would benefit from the stability of not having to move again. Further, my family will be able to help with home repairs and whatnot.
While trying to research lenders, loans, asset depletion options, etc. I've gotten overwhelmed and would love more real-world info rather than just numbers/articles/ads. I saw the New American Funding Cash loan and Knock.com home swap thing. And while these options seem convenient, I'm worried they are not worth it in the long run due to fees? I will receive child support, but it will take me some time to figure out work as I was managing my ex-husband's companies and don't have the qualifications to continue in the finance/management field unless/until I get additional schooling/certifications. Does anyone have good recommendations or info or good ideas for how to go about this? Is the NAF Cash or Knock.com a bad idea? Is renting a much better idea? I appreciate anything. The overwhelm is real.
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2023.06.09 16:50 MaenadsBloodlust Werewolf, RUN! [Literate Group] [Prohibition] [Appalachian Horror]

🌕 18 + Community!
🌕 Horror + Cryptids
🌕 Appalachian Setting
🌕 Multi Paragraph / Novella Writing Level
🌕 POC and Gender non-conforming characters welcome!
The Virginia/Tennessee border. 1928.
On hot summer nights, Briar Ridge can't sleep - not that it ever does. The cover of night hides plumes of smoke. The quiet rumble of cars cruising down dirt roads can barely be heard over the din of the cicadas. Drunken laughter flies easy and warm across whispering corn fields.
That might be a sound for sore ears.
See, Prohibition is in full swing, and these moonshiners are risking life and limb to put dinner on the table for their families. When you live in a holler as sorry and wild as Briar Ridge, it's either the mines, the fields, or the 'shine. And most folks have chosen the 'shine. Sure, if there's an explosion you might loose a hand, but it's better than coughing up that awful dust in the belly of the earth. S&C Coal can go right to hell in the minds of most folk around here.
With their eyes on their stills, the people of Briar Ridge don't realize they're being watched from the treeline. Or they might'a just gotten used to it. When you grow up in these mountains, everything's watching you. Might be a cougar. Might be a black bear. Might be the swamp monster Farmer Obadiah was praying real hard over at church two Sundays ago. As long as you keep your gun handy and your buddies close, you'll be okay. At least, that's the logic most folks use so they can sleep at dawn.
But most folks ain't ever had to deal with werewolves before. And most folks don't realize their safety in the moonlight is long gone.
.·͙̩̩͙˚̩̥̩̩̩̥ ✩ ̩̩̥˚̩̥̩̩̩͙‧͙ .
Werewolf, RUN! is an adult-only horror roleplay server set in Prohibition-Era Appalachia. We are a tight-knit community with a love for all things cryptid, horror, and nerdy. Our required writing level is multi-paragraph to novella, and the server is loosely based on a card game named Werewolf. Some games similar to it that you may be more familiar with are Heads Up, Seven Up, or Mafia. If you've never played it before, it's quite easy! The premise is simply:
There are werewolves in the town of Briar Ridge, and it's up to the townspeople to catch them before the whole town is infected!
Once a real-time lunar cycle, Werewolf players (who are informed of their role as a werewolf entirely in secret) will tell admins who they wish to attack. The role of Werewolf, Doctor, and Seer are all assigned by dice rolls, and writers are encouraged to keep their role assignment secret!
But there's much more living in these woods than just werewolves! Cryptids are liable to randomly spawn in interactions, so do mind that you always keep a spare tire handy! You never know what's lurking just beyond the treeline!
.·͙̩̩͙˚̩̥̩̩̩̥ ✩ ̩̩̥˚̩̥̩̩̩͙‧͙ .
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