Im not gonna sugarcoat it kazuya


2016.09.19 07:22 borbs

borbs is where you will find the most orb-shaped birbs. Not orb, not borb. Super-floof is good, but you gotta be able to see that orbous profile. Note that parrots and budgies rarely make good borbs, sorry about that. - The SPHERE flair is reserved for borbs that look basically circular. - NO REPOSTS, there's plenty of borbs out there, we want new ones.

2016.04.13 22:39 no_turn_unstoned WELCOME TO THE_PACK


2015.11.08 13:57 Parlayv me_irlgbt: queer shitposting from the heart

me_irlgbt: queer shitposting from the heart

2023.06.05 05:20 MONSTERZXS Stick and body checks

As someone who has only played box where you can hit and check as long as its not in the back or in the head and going into field for the first time, what are the rules of stick and body checks? Im looking to play midfield or long pole.
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2023.06.05 05:19 IlliteratelyYours What mods do you use to fix the game?

It’s so funny, because us Sims 3ers on one hand will be like: “Open world and more gameplay options is so cool! I’m not gonna install a VM to play Sims 1 or 2, and Sims 4 sucks. Have fun playing your inferior sims games”
But then we’re also like: “I already have Error Trap, and that’s the only mod I have. I do not have any gameplay mods. But is there anything else? I have all of the expansion packs, but ever since I got Island Paradise, whenever I set the game to triple-speed (which is most of my game play), it freezes and glitches, and it error traps a lot of characters. The gameplay is just not smooth 90% of the time. Also, sometimes it freezes while I’m trying to go to university or travel, and usually it unfreezes, but sometimes it doesn’t, and it crashes the entire game and I have to start the whole neighborhood over. Any mods to just make it run smoother?”
(Also, I meant this unironically. Actually please help.)
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2023.06.05 05:19 throwaway040323 Losing my entire life 2 months ago

My grandpa raised me because my parents were dogshit. He passed away in April and ever since then, my mom has gone psycho controlling and refusing to help any of us with anything. She's sold the houses he had that we were staying in despite one of them being paid off since 1940. She's refused to even let us go shower at her house.
One of my brothers just up and left. No one's heard from him in days. The other brother has at least stayed in contact and helped a bit but he's in the same spot as me.
We were taking care of our grandpa who was unwell for a long time in exchange for a place to love rent free. This was clearly an oversight since none of us, specifically me, were prepared for the kick in the balls known as adulthood.
I've had 3 close attempts that only my grandpa knew about. It was a dark time in my life and to help me, he got me a dog that's now become my lifeline. It stopped the ideation for a few years but since his passing, it's returned heavier than ever.
I've not had contact with any of my friends. Really only online friends because social anxiety irl hindered my ability to make friends in person. The one good friend I made online and have known since I was in high-school and confided in heavily has joined the army so he gets his phone for like 30 minutes once a week.
Today the realization of the entire situation came down like a hammer. I have no where to go. No one to talk to. Savings ran out from my work that I left a while back. All I have is a car filled with clothes, trinkets of my grandpa, and dog food/water.
I'm just completely lost sitting in the parking lot of a walmart with my dog sitting next to me and I just feel like I'm about to implode
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2023.06.05 05:18 Icy_Employment8903 You can acknowledge that straights, whites, and males face challenges while also discussing the issues that minorities, LGBT, and women face

I don't know why this whole debate has to be an "either-or" thing.
I'm gay. It's nasty out there for us sometimes. Most LGBT just want to live their lives, get married, adopt a few kids that need adopting, etc. Yet we're still somehow debating whether being gay is some abhorrent mental illness, if gays should be allowed to adopt, etc.
I'm also a man. I have the privilege as a gay dude that I can hang with the girls safely without any pretext, and even that's enough to know that men (particularly straight men) kind of have it rough. Society says that men can't express their feelings or demonstrate weakness; men get beat up with shit jobs. Women routinely, and not entirely politely ask or tell me to "use my man strength" to help lift boxes or do labors at work and elsewhere. I've had my problems dismissed outright. I've been sexually assaulted -- by men sometimes, sure, but also plenty of women -- and I've been laughed at.
Black people have had a rough go of it. Listen to your black friends; they experience their world a little differently, but it's enough to be different sometimes. I've always lived in lower income areas that are predominantly black, and I've been surrounded by that culture. I'm also white. In the above case, I also got shit on for being white. It created the perception of weakness, of "vanilla-ness". I lacked "culture". Casual racism against whites has been normalized in many ways, even if all of us in those neighborhoods were bound by a commonality of being low-income.
The point is, we've all got problems. Focusing on one set of problems does not mean that we don't care about another set of problems. All of us are a part of multiple groups; this is what intersectionality really means. Being in a majority doesn't make anyone's problems less valid, it's just that being in a minority group makes it easier to be discriminated against or mistreated.
Human rights and improvement of our collective lives isn't a zero-sum game. We can address the problems that exist for various groups regardless of whether they are a minority or a majority in society. We can't talk about them all at once, of course; that's why you've got groups that advocate for LGBT rights, groups for Men's Rights and mental health advocacy, Black Lives Matter and similar affiliates, etc.
By recognizing that we've all got problems and we can all help each other improve our conditions by working to fix those issues, we can create a freer and better society.
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2023.06.05 05:18 L00k_2_See Krusty,

Why In the hell are you blaming others for problems in your home that you bought with probably more of your followers money than your own? No I didn’t watch your live, because I was actually working to pay for my bills. You knew before you signed any papers that your money was going to be super tight for this house. You even expressed it a few times on live. Now Im hearing that the inspectors and realtors set you up? Didn’t you hint at something being wrong when it took a decade to get papers notarized/signed for the home? You and Smurf Diddy are the only ones to blame for your poor financial decisions. Absolutely no one else!
You both knew that you couldn’t afford this home and are now trying to bleed your followers and social media “friends” dry. When are you going to put on your big girl panties, get a job, and figure it out for those kids? You shouldn’t of had your followers/moderators push you both into buying that house. You both could hardly keep up with the one you were renting. Y’all are trying to act like you’ve made it, but nothing has changed except you and smurf begging more and more everyday. Wake the fuck up and live in the real world. You’re not famous. Be responsible ass adults! Sorry not sorry… you both are a hell of a lot older than me and I can pay my bills without begging strangers online.
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2023.06.05 05:17 CluckBucketz What do you think of season two's animation?

I think it looks a lot better, there are more creative shots and the characters are drawn off model to highlight jokes more. However, I've seen people say the backgrounds are lazy which I disagree with. It just looks like they're recreating the art style of season one's backgrounds. In fact, I think they're improving the art style for the backgrounds. While there are some backgrounds that look straight out of season one, there are ton with a lot more detail while still sticking with the art style. I'm not saying some of the backgrounds looking like they're from season one is bad. Like I said, I feel like they're just recreating the art style. However, that is why some people are calling the backgrounds lazy, what do you think?
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2023.06.05 05:17 throwRAbasilplant I (30m) think I may be in love with my gf (27f) but she has shown signs of a lack of grace and empathy. How to know when something is a pattern and not one time thing?

I (30m) think I may be in love with my gf (27f) but she has shown signs of a lack of grace and empathy
I'm very conflicted. I genuinely love her and she can be so sweet to me, but I'm noticing a pattern.
Her doing something insensitive and then I have to bring it up.
Example. Me asking her if her family even liked me. She got frustrated at me for asking. She basically wanted me to explain myself and I felt sort of shamed. Several days later I set her down and told her that I did not feel sorry for asking. I did say I knew my attitude was not great and I understand if that was the issue. Her response was okay, but still admitted the question itself bothered her. Not just my attituds. I felt it was a red flag that she behaved that way when I got vulnerable with her. I told her that it was important to me to be able to be vulnerable with a partner without being shamed.
Same week we went out with my brother and her brother. We went to grab drinks. I was excited for us all four to talk. Multiple times her and her brother were having their own conversation on a tv show we didn't want spoiled and weren't caught up on. Also people we didn't know. It felt like we were alienated from the conversation. I also brought this up to her afterwords. I basically told her I really enjoyed time with her brother, but I felt their conversation were creating barriers for inclusive conversation.
A few other things happened this week as well.
Also she seems to get angry quick in the car and I've seen her almost get short with people at Costco.
She also can get frustrated at situations quick lyrics
I've had so many good times with her and love her. She can be so sweet to me.
But even when I've vented to some family they were concerned about her character.
My choice now has been to watch for patterns. If I continue to see a pattern of a lack empathy and grace towards others and myself I may be forced to make a decision.
I don't know what to do. I'm crazy about her. There many things I really like about her.
But I feel like I have to be really self aware. Any advice?
Falling asleep while writing this so may need to fix typos in the morning
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2023.06.05 05:16 Thelibrarian1317 Newborn Hiccups

My daughter is 9 days old and gets the hiccups once or twice a day. She had them everyday in the womb so I know she's used to them but I feel bad for her. I figured they'd stop when she got here. I'm pretty sure part of the problem is that I haven't figured out burping. I didn't realize how difficult it is! It is at the top of the list of my new motherhood struggles. I never know when I'm done and it's so hard to do when I'm tired. My baby is good at latching so I know it's not always necessary. I hate putting her over my shoulder because her neck is either jerking or she's desperately looking around for my breast to continue feeding. I also hate not being able to see where her nose and mouth are. I like sitting her up and holding her head to burp but my mom hates it so I have to do it in hiding.
She's mentioned twice that in her country hiccuping babies are given water. I told her both times that you can't give a newborn water. Yesterday she bought distilled water "in case I needed it". I exclusively breastfeed and have 10 bottles of ready made formula so I don't need it at all. She's also mentioned the thread method, if you know you know, but we don't have any tattered baby clothes.
Does anyone have any advice before this pushy lady gives my poor hiccuping baby water?
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2023.06.05 05:16 Kitchen-Brilliant-95 Ive heard professors tends to perfer a persistent hard working student even though they have average research experience.

For context my qualifications are as follows: 1. Bachelors in industrial engineer (79.95%) Batch topper and campus topper in 3/8 semesters. 2. Masters in mechanical system engineering (85.5%). Thesis in computational fluid dynamics and HVAC. 3. Work experience of 5 years as a mechanical engineer for the government. 4. Recently gave GRE with 156V and 159Q.
Now, im currently thinking about applying for a Phd progam. But im more interested in topics other than those which were related to my masters, such as 3D printing, material science, aerospace.etc. However while having doubts if professors would find me as a good candidate, many of my colleagues assured me that professors tend to look for hard working, dedicated and curious candidates. They pointed out that while experience does matter, it is more about how well the students are aware of the research processes not exactly always that if the students background aligns with the professors or not. Because porfessors are aware of the fact that they can teach a student about the unknown research fields,however they cannot teach a student to be hard working.
How true is it?
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2023.06.05 05:16 irritableOwl3 How do you know when driving is ok for you?

I'm having issues with auditory hallucinations still and I'm wondering if anyone has problems with driving due to this. If I'm both tired and having the auditory stuff or other medical stuff going on I try not to drive. But I'm wondering how others deal with driving and voices? Are you focused enough while driving? If they are quieter is it easier? Thanks
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2023.06.05 05:16 miahbutlerr 20F tonsil cancer

Hi I’m 20F, 5’9, 132lbs, no health conditions. and I’d say I’ve always had pre big tonsils and this is what they look like rn. A year ago I had mono so it was pre crazy back there. Off and on I always get a roughness back there kinda like a sore throat but not exactly. Sometimes it’s on the right sometimes it’s on the left and rn the right side is more sore. I noticed what I think was a small tonsil stone the other day that I got out as well. I have very bad health anxiety so im scared this is bad….
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2023.06.05 05:16 class800 Ansys Design Modeller Boolean surface name

Afernoon all
Is there a way to preserve bodies' surfaces when performing a boolean subtract operation to create the fluid domain? I have an object made from several different CAD solids that I selected individually to create separate boolean subtract operations, thinking I would then be able to go back and select each body's surfaces created by the boolean operation for use in meshing. This was not the case however and I find myself having to go and select every individual surface separately after the boolean operation which is not viable. How can I tell it to keep the surfaces linked or select a single boolean operation's surfaces to make a named selection etc?
Basically what I'm trying to achieve is being able to select one or more of these bodies to be able to apply a surface mesh sizing to all its surfaces, but with about 100 surfaces it's not ideal to select every surface manually, having to hide other surfaces to see them etc

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2023.06.05 05:16 invisible_ring Snap Office Locations

Fortunately, I'm expecting an offer to join Snap as a SWE new grad. At the beginning, they had told me I could choose between 4 offices - LA (I assume this is the Santa Monica HQ?), Palo Alto, Seattle and New York.
What are each of these like, in case you (the reader :)) work there? What kind of projects go on? Are there any pros/cons career-wise?
My initial instinct was to choose Palo Alto, if nothing else than to be in the heart of Silicon Valley. But I haven't been able to find any reviews or info about it except that it's a small building. Is it not that bustling? Is the work slow?
Seattle would be my last choice simply because of the weather. I need the sun.
Between LA and NY, I'm more inclined towards LA since it's the HQ. Is it safe to assume it would be the best place for growth?
Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.05 05:15 Engine-Holiday I have a question im buying a new gpu tomorrow its a EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra Gaming, 10GB i am wondering if I need to have x3 connectors plugged in or can I get away with only using 2 8 pin plugged in

I have a question im buying a new gpu tomorrow its a EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra Gaming, 10GB i am wondering if I need to have x3 8pin connectors plugged into the gpu or if I can just plug 2 of them in and get away with that or do I need to have all 3 plugged in ?. My psu only x2 8pin not x3 should I get a psu woth the right amount?
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2023.06.05 05:14 Infamousblood010 Should I message this seller?

I recently bought a pretty expensive (or at least expensive to me) item on Etsy from a seller I've never bought from before.
I purchased the item about a week and a half ago. When I first bought it, the order note from the seller clearly said "your order will be shipping out tomorrow." And the estimated shipping time reflected a 1-3 day processing time. So obviously I assumed... it would be shipping out the next day.
Fast forward to now, 10 days later, and there are still no order updates and a shipping label hasn't even been created. My estimated arrival date is in 4 days and at this point I'm pretty much certain I won't be getting the order by then since the seller hasn't even brought it to the post office yet.
I haven't gotten any messages from the seller explaining why there is a delay or giving me a new estimate of what to expect.
I understand Etsy is individual sellers and they're not Amazon and I'm okay waiting for something for a little bit. Being a few days off the Etsy estimated arrival is definitely reasonable. But I'm just confused since what's happening doesn't match up to what was claimed when I bought it.
It was meant as a gift for someone so it does kind of matter when it gets here, I mean I have a month before their birthday but I still want to know it'll be here by then for sure. It's part of the reason I chose this seller, who was more expensive than everyone else, because their processing was fast.
Should I message the seller and ask what's going on? Would that come across as rude? What should I say to them?
Do I just need to be patient or am I justified in being a little frustrated?
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2023.06.05 05:14 Healthy-Lecture-9413 How crowded is Golden Ears backcountry camping (Half Moon beach)

Curious how packed Half Moon Beach gets for camping on summer weekends? I'm picturing an outdoor party with music, drinking and lots of tents - but maybe it's not? Would like to have the proper expectation before hiking in.
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2023.06.05 05:14 BadHigBear Old people on the road

So I'm curious if anybody else has this problem. It almost feels like Old people are out to kill me. I'm talking about these 70-90 year old fossils who are constantly flying through red lights, not noticing traffic signs, nearly drifting into me on the highway. My gf works in pulmonary and they have this problem in the parking lot, old patients regularly dinging up cars and nearly running people over. Had one old fart nearly back right into my parked car waiting to pick her up, if I didn't start laying into the horn this jackass would've smashed right into me. When I was young I thought the country Kitchen Buffet episode of South Park was just humor. No man, these seniors are out for real and they're out for blood!!
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2023.06.05 05:14 steakmilk23 Locked out

Hello Let me explain I'm basically locked out of my account because of steams stupid amount of security.
I tried to reset my password I removed the authenticator and put in the codes they sent me through email and mobile.. fine.. until it logged me out asking ke to sign in.. which I can't do because I forgot my password which is why I was resetting it in the first place.
I then tried going online but funny that the CAPTCHA constantly tells me I'm wrong now I have exceeded the number of tries for CAPTCHA.
I tried going and making a support ticket ahh but funny that you jeed to sign in to do that and since I can't remember my password I can't even make a support ticket.
I tired using the support email address but of course they do not monitor that email anymore.
So I'm locked out, unable to contact anyone or do anything. This is ridiculous all because I tried changing my password. What a joke.
Now all I can do is wait for the CAPTCHA timer and hope it works. In other words my account recovery lies in the hands of a robot software.
I'm going insane at whoevers idiotic idea It was to remove the email outside of the steam support ticket creation section. Or that it requires you to log in. So bizzare.
If anyone has any clue of what I can do by all means comment because I don't see a way.
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2023.06.05 05:13 redskinsguy Do the last few years of the Buffyverse feel kind of petulant to you?

I'm talking season 7 of Buffy and seasons 4 and 5 of Angel. This is partly based on rumors so take the opinions with a grain of salt but there is a possibility
So, it's different shows but still the same universe, in season 6 of Buffy Willow's evil arc was supposed to last longer than it did and not be a magic addiction thing at all. So considering how it did go and that Tara's death was supposed to still be a catalyst I have to figure she's going to be a well intentioned extremist.
Well, Hannigan doesn't want to be a villain, they don't want to write out Amber Benson, it just gets pushed back and back so they say so we end up with three episodes of actual Dark Willow.
But in the next season on Angel we get Cordelia and the Jasmine arc. Rumors have it that had Charisma not gotten pregnant she would have been the big bad in place of Gina Torres as jasmine, with it actually being her choices based on some vision in the higher plane she was on about humanity destroying itself. The same whole trying to do to much good will corrupt you thing
Then in season 5 of Angel he just makes the whole plot about that, so it can't be avoided
And of course he killed off Cordelia when he told Charisma he wouldn't.
Then there's so many other things. The fans are so furious about Tara's death he has to make a claim about wanting to bring Tara back, despite it being totally out of line with normal Buffyverse storytelling. And the fact the person he claims would do it was traumatized by her resurrection.
Well, getting Willow into a relationship makes sense given what she represents, but he proceeds to tap into past bad ideas and goes for the Anti-Tara despite the utter failure of Buffy/Riley when Riley was designed as the anti-Angel
In season 6 people disliked Buffy working fast food and have to worry about the house and bills.
So in season 7 he sticks her in a job she's unqualified for, wrecks the house constantly and just has Xander patch it up, and suddenly has her providing for dozens of girls
It's like "fine, you don't like my ideas, we'll just pretend those sorts of problems don't even exist"
On a bigger note, I also feel like with the consequences of resurrecting Buffy and Willow's over use of magic in season 6 of Buffy, and Jasmine's existence in season 4 of Angel kind of have a "don't play god" message to them
But then in Buffy season 7 you have the heroes altering the Slayer line forever, and in Angel you have the heroes messing with people's lives, letting an Old One exist in the world and triggering an apocalypse themselves. So, kind of playing god, you know
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2023.06.05 05:13 RedsAndrei 21[M4A] Online tropa or Hangouts sa Weekend

Hello, good day to everyone! Sana maganda araw ninyo and magiging week.
I got solid circle of friends, kumbaga kaagapay in everything and sinasalo ka. Maayos sila kasama, kausap and parehas sa kalokohan. I am grateful I have them. Some of them have interests, hobbies and perspective like mine. Pero still feels diff. I don't know, I am weird- sometimes they say I am. Di ako picky sa friends pero I would like someone na kasing baliw ko and with the same soul. Talk tayo online or hangout if di tayo same, so what you got a new friend di ba?
I got discord, tg and ig. Di ako marunung gumamit pangsend ko sila ng reels, vids, pics, voice chat and random stuff na nasa loob ng phone ko na ubos na storage.
btw my name is Andrei, nagwowork na po; graveyard shift. Around Paranaque lang and natamabay din Alabang, oh and if kayang magmeetup or pumunta sainyo why not?
I will list the things about me so you can judge me:
love ko din cats pero natatakot na dahil nakagat twice.
• Gymrat: dati akong athlete and paghupa ng pandemic nag gym ako. Fav workout: Bulgarian squat and lateral raise. •Sports: marunung ng basketball, football, table tennis, billiards. mahilig sa chess and manood ng mma. pero di ako violent ah, I'm like "no enemies, stoic shit type of guy." •Movie Nerd- kung ikaw din di tayo mauubusan ng paguusapan. Fav movies I can think of rn: Interstellar; Night Crawler; A team. 
I'm down if you are for Cinema hangouts, netflix, and also got disney and amazon. Balikan natin mga series like breaking bad or stranger things. Tapusin din natin yung mga franchise ng Marvel, Starwars, Lotr or magbinge ng the office.
 •Anime addict din. nagbabasa ng manga, mas mabilis kase. My top: Vinland, Vagabond, Berserk. •Nagbabasa din ng books like self improvement, philo and history. •Mahilig magluto. •Music? listening to random recommendations. 
pero may playlist ako puro chill music eh, pag gym phonk and rap. Lss sakin ngayon, The weeknd, post malone, travis scott. pero dude/girl di ako maarte sa music. I vibe into anything as long as it sounds good.
•Gaming? minsan na lang eh, wildrift aftershift game? turuan mo ko mag ml, lalaruin ko. if csgo dota or league available ako weekend tas if valo laro mo sige teach me tara. 
Im thinking of things kung bakit tingin nila weird ako -nagtatanong ako ng direksiyon even na alam ko yung daan. -sasakay transpo, bababa sa random place na di ko alam. -kinakausap sarili sa salamin, nasayaw ng random
-fries + kanin (weird daw yun?)
-chill ako with headphones sa rooftop. Tsaa, kape or beer. umaga man o gabi.
-like walks (like why would that be weird, it's peaceful nga eh)
Also, if interested ka or need someone to talk to, I am all ears. Usap tayo, no judgement if kausap mo ko. if you need advise or just someone to vent it out I'm here.
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2023.06.05 05:13 Killerj2001 URGENT MESSAGE: Anyone dealing with disc and has a resurfacer

Clean the disc once ur done for the love of god I just scratched the shit out of a disc getting the dried paint like solution off with a fiber cloth I just got a resurfacer a day ago so I’m gonna see if I can fix it tomorrow but if I didn’t have one I’d be SoL. I’m not a seller I bought one for if I eventually if I do become 1 and to fix a couple of my personals as a kid. It tells u in the instructions to clean it off… save urself and others headaches
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2023.06.05 05:12 NotBorris Conundrum

"Be not solitary, be not idle." I've been trying to figure out a way to travel a world in hopes that something out there will kill me and believe that I can manage at least something, so explore what I can while in Search of Lost Time. If I find all those books, or if my money runs out, I'll book it to Antarctica and freeze. But then my body wont be found in time for my organs to be harvested and potentially save a life and all my money will be gone and I can't give any of it to my brother. I don't like him but he could use all the help he can get so I wrote it down that he will get the money. But I'm too much of a coward to pick a day to do it here and even then I doubt that I will do it where I wont survive and my organs will be taken out. I want to suffocate on helium in the woods btu I don't know if that will work so maybe just drive off a bridge in a river and drown but again, my organs will be too fucked to be a use to anyone. But at least my brother will get more money out of me. But everything seems to suggest that I should take the world on on my own, "He who conquers the Earth will win the stars" but if I do that then I will have nothing left to offer the people that need something.
Rant of a self obsessed coward.
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