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For beautiful images and videos of Elden Ring gameplay

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This is the subreddit for the Elden Ring gaming community. Elden Ring is an action RPG which takes place in the Lands Between, sometime after the Shattering of the titular Elden Ring. Players must explore and fight their way through the vast open-world to unite all the shards, restore the Elden Ring, and become Elden Lord. Elden Ring was directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki and made in collaboration with George R. R. Martin. It was developed by FromSoft and published by Bandai Namco.

2012.06.23 13:34 The True Challenge Begins Here.

The subreddit for SL1 players to grow, get help, assist, and analyze strategies with one another. There are no strict rules to a SL1/BL4/Base Vit run other than not leveling past the lowest possible level of each respective game. Adding more challenges is just part of the fun!

2023.06.08 10:29 DuckPicMaster Those of you who are defending Diablo IV’s microtransactions, I’m assuming you were angry that Elden Ring didn’t have any?

Because if Diablo IV microtransactions are a good thing, then surely you must have been angry that Elden Ring didn’t have any?
If you weren’t- it seems you’re just trying to justify a series you like.
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2023.06.08 10:11 etrulzz Elden Ring Bestiary: a resourceful guide to the different animals of Elden Ring

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2023.06.08 10:10 etrulzz Elden Ring Bestiary: a resourceful guide to the different animals of Elden Ring

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2023.06.08 10:09 OkAssistant8995 Why Elden Ring

Why Elden Ring
😭😭😭😭 My 150k stuck in the abyss 😅 It's in such a weird spot that I get there but not even with horse I can get out, this is what I get for reckless parkour
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2023.06.08 10:04 Hot-Reveal5700 why?????

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2023.06.08 09:33 albertchessaofficial One Last Summer Game Fest 2023 season (all of June) Predictions and Hopes List! (Very Exhaustive) 190 Games

IO's 007 game
A Quiet Place Game
Alien: Isolation 2
Alter Echo
Ark II
Armored Core: Fires of Rubicon
ASOIAF: House of the Dragon
Banjo 3
Banner Saga
Bend Studio
Beyond Good and Evil 2
Bioshock 4
Black Myth: Wukong
Blood Lines 2
Bloodborne 2
BluePoint's new game
BlueTwelve's new game
Bo Burnham game
Brutal Legend 2
Castlevania [Project Zirion]
Cats [RPG]
Conker 2
Cyberpunk 2 [Orion]
Dark Souls 4
DC: Batman RPG
DC: Superman RPG
DC: Wonder Woman RPG
Death Stranding 2
Destiny 3
Destiny 3rd person RPG
Devil May Cry 6
Diddy Kong Racing 2
Dino Crisis
Dishonored 3
Doctor Who
Double Fine
Dragon Age: Dreadwolf
Dragonball Z: Roshi
Dragon's Dogma 2
Dune: Awakening
Ecumene Aztec
Elden Ring 2
Ember Labs
Fable 4
Fallout 5
Final Fantasy IX remake
From Software
Gears of War 6
GenDesign new game
Ghibli: Howl's Moving Castle RPG
Ghibli: Princess Mononoke RPG
Ghibli: Spirited Away RPG
Ghost of a Tale 2
Ghost of Tsushima 2
Ghouls and Ghosts
God of War 5
Gorburger game
Half-Life 3
Halo 7
Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions
Hellblade 2
Hellboy: Web of Wyrd
His Dark Materials RPG
Hollow Knight: Silksong
Horizon 3
Housemarque new game
Indigenous African RPG
Indigenous American RPG
Indigenous Australian RPG
Jade Empire 2
Jet Force Gemini 2
John Wick
John Wick RPG
Jurassic FPS
Jurassic RPG
Kingdom Hearts 4
Legacy of Kain
Logan's Run [FPS]
LOTR: Weta's game
Mad Max RPG
Mario Odyssey sequel
Marvel: Hennig
Marvel: Nightcrawler
Marvel: Wolverine
Mass Effect 5
Mat Hoffman's BMX 3
MediEvil 3
Mega64 [FMV]
Metal Gear
Metal Gear 3: Delta
Metro 4
Metroid 4
Mighty Boosh RPG
Monster Hunter World 2
Monsterverse RPG
Monsterverse fighting game
Monty Python RPG
Mortal Kombat RPG
Naughty Dog
Ni No Kuni III
Oddworld 3
Pacific Rim RPG
Pandemonium Remake
Perfect Dark
Pern RPG
Pirates [RPG]
Planet of the Apes RPG
Playdead new game
Portal 3
Power Rangers
Prince of Persia
Project Midnight
Red Dead Redemption 3
Resident Evil 9
Santa Monica
Sekiro 2
Seuss (RPG)
Silent Hill 9
Siphon Filter
Sleep: Dragonaut Rising (stoner band RPG)
Soul Calibur 7
Splinter Cell
Stalker 2
Star Wars: Eclipse
Star Wars: Explorer
Star Wars: FPS
Star Wars: Hennig
Star Wars: KOTOR Remake
Star Wars: Racer
Star Wars: RPG [Project Helix]
Star Wars: RTS
Staten's new game [Netflix]
Stoic Studio
Stranger Things [RPG]
Street Sharks
Striking Distance
Sword of the Sea (release date)
Tekken 8
Tenchu 5
The Borrowers
The Elder Scrolls 6
The Fifth Element
The Last of Us: Online
The Last of Us: Part III
The Legend of Ochi
The Matrix RPG
The Neverending Story
The Order [prequel]
The Order: 1887
The Sword: Warp Riders
The Time Machine
The Witcher [Polaris]
Tim Burton
Tim Burton Wednesday RPG
TMNT: The Last Ronin
Tomb Raider
Tony Hawk 3/4 Remake
Tony Hawk 6
Towers of Aghasba (release date)
Tsushima 2
Uncharted 5
Unholy Wars
Vagrant Story 2
Vampire: The Masquerade 2
Vikings on Trampolines
Watch Dogs 4
Wayne's World game
Wes Borland RPG
Wild (back from the dead)
Wipeout remake
Wizarding: Auror
Wolfenstein 3
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2023.06.08 09:16 twc22 How do I know if I would enjoy PS5 games?

Basically as titled. This is a half rant half question. My first gaming console ever was a switch. Had a windows laptop for the last three years but switched back to Mac recently.
I have been interested in a PS5 for the exclusives and more demanding games but I am nervous about actually purchasing one. I have never played a PS exclusive. I don't have any gamer friends with a PS. I play pretty much exclusively Nintendo games, which I think are a pretty different style than PS games (please correct me if I'm wrong!)
Games I'm most interested in (in order): Horizon, Ghost of Tsushima, Final Fantasy (particularly the mmo one), Elden Ring, TLOU, Stray
While I am really interested in these games, they also look way darker and scarier. I am honestly so easily spooked. This makes me wonder if I would actually enjoy these games.
Some games I've loved are ACNH, BOTW/TOTK, FE:3H, Undertale, and Splatoon. I've always loved reading and a good story but haven't really played any story-heavy games. I gave up on Witcher 3 because I wasn't really having fun but that could be because of crappy performance on the switch and my non-gaming laptop so idk. Also didn't get far in Skyrim at all.
I know I'm missing out on a lot of great titles being switch only, which is another reason why I want a more powerful console. Not really interested in PC or Xbox or Linux Handhelds. I can afford it but given the low resell value of PS games I'm a little hesitant to just get it and potentially leaving it to gather dust. Also needing to buy more storage (?) is wild.
If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it. Or just any thoughts. Thank you all!

TL;DR: How can I find out (or at least have a good idea on) if I would enjoy PS5 games if I have only ever played on a switch without dropping 600USD?
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2023.06.08 09:04 Brambarian Does anyone know a place where i can find animated wallpapers for my phone?

Been looking for good animated elden ring wallpapers for my phone, no luck so far. Anyone know a good site or app?
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2023.06.08 09:04 GB_xilian 20 [M4F] Italy/Online. Let's chat and see what happens.

So, a bit about myself... I'm 20, Italian, 175cm (5'7"), brown hair and eyes. (Here's a couple of pics: https://imgur.com/a/9RVBwr5 , https://imgur.com/a/5zk0sLf)
I study Computer Engineering in Florence, and my main hobbies are gaming (mainly Apex Legends and Souls games Elden Ring, Bloodborne, etc...), listening to heavy/power metal and hard rock music (even though I don't have the stereotypical dark edgy look associated with metalheads lol) but I don't mind pther genres as long as I find a song interesting I'm probably gonna listen to it, also I like to listen to true crime podcasts like "The Casual Criminalist", playing chess, watching lots of youtube vids and laughing at dumb memes on the internet, I love dark humor, something on the lines of Ricky Gervais or Dave Chappelle, but I don't mind other types of humor like George Carlin's social critic type comedy.
I read some books and mangas every now and then but I wouldn't consider my self a big reader (currently I'm reading H.P. Lovecraft's “Cthulu” and Masaaki Ninomiya's “Gannibal”). Also I don't really now if this really matter but my clothing style is casual, you know a shirt/hoodie a pair of jeans and training shoes (very minimalistic basically).
I'm a bit goofy and I often joke around with the people I connect, and I get clingy fairly quickly 😅.
I love animals, I have 2 dogs and a cat, so if you like animals too that's gonna be a plus.
I'm looking for someone with similar interests, I don't really care about how you look as long as we are kindred spirits it can work for me, the only deal breakers for me are far right political ideas.
Finally, distance... I of course would prefer someone that lives near me but I wouldn't necessarily exclude a LDR as long as we can "click" together.
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2023.06.08 08:46 nexusultra Ultrawide options except QDLED ones.

Hi guys!
In the market for a new Ultrawide monitor. I come from a dark matter by Monoprice 34, which has a qd filter making it slightly better looking than other usual ones (I guess?).
After a lot of thinking I've decided not to go with the qdoled monitors due to being too lazy to babysit one, worrying about burn in and having to deal with the whole return process every once in 6 months or a year.
I'm spoiled with VA with its deeper blacks and no glow and bleed. Might consider IPS if only it has good blacks. Ghosting is something I can get used to.
Currently eyeing the following:
Asus PG34VQ - one of the best ultrawide few years ago and I hear this can still hold up its reputation. Have one offer for $800.
LG 49GR85DC - Latest 49 inch 240hz monitor from LG, looks pretty promising with good features. Little over my budget but I can cough in if it's worth it.
Dell AW3821DW - IPS 38 inch from Dell aliensware. I hear everyone loved the transition from 34 to 38, having more real estate for work or games.
Or anything you suggest! I'm trying to get the best experience I can have with gaming. My go to game is League of Legends (lots of static ui so no qdoled huh) and I've been saving up a lot of single player games to play on my soon to be mine monitor. Cyberpunk, dead space, God of War, Elden Ring, etc.
My system is 4090 with 5800x3d so even 49 with near 4k should be fine. The only thing I'm concerned is the impact towards league as I don't hear anything positive.
Anything helps!
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2023.06.08 08:10 Reft-58 Anybody got an extra Elden Ring voucher code they don’t plan on using? Or sell it for 25$ PSN Gift Card

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2023.06.08 08:04 JustGitGud69 Am I the only one who isn't exploring enough?

I posted a question asking what level people were and how many hours they had in Elden Ring, I mostly got answers that told of people exploring every single nook and cranny of the lands between, hundreds of hours and levels before facing the Elden Beast.
Was it a mistake to decide to explore after beating the game. Im level 98 with 31 hours at Godfrey
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2023.06.08 07:31 Hawxrox New Matthew Shezman Elden Ring vid

We need to get Asmon to react to this on stream. It's incredible
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2023.06.08 07:25 Small_Aside_6057 I Need Help For My Pc Build

I need a PC build thats good for gaming and streaming.My Budget is 30k including a monitor, Im Willing to buy a use gpu for the build. The games I play are Valorant, Fortnite, Gta V, Roblox, Modded Minecraft.
The heavy games I really want to play are God of war, Call of duty, Rdr2, elden ring, battlefield 2042, hogwarts legacy and spider man miles morales all at high to med settings if possible.
Monitor is included in the 30k budget.
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2023.06.08 07:13 No-Tax-209 Underwhelmed.

I’m enjoying D4 (have been playing Diablo games since D2) but it is just not hitting with me the same way.
I truly blame Elden Ring as that is the best game I have experienced since Elder Scrolls Skyrim. (Console gamer here)
I understand they are different types of games, but the overall experience of ER compared to D4 is vast.
D4 is a great game, but it just can’t get the same level as ER.
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2023.06.08 07:09 tiredgoose0 Rick and Morty uses the same sound effect as Elden Ring

(Season 5, Episode 8)
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2023.06.08 07:07 Reft-58 [USA][H] 25$ PSN Gift Card [W] Elden Ring PS5 Digital Code

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2023.06.08 07:05 Ballefranzen Need help with ideas for a «wild one» roleplay build! See description

So she is basically raised in the wilds of the lands between, which means she uses her innate arcane to connect with nature and everything around her. So my question is this:
What kinds of spells, items, weapons or armors would fit a shaman like character connected to nature and the lands of Elden Ring?
Currently she is wielding a thorn whip for the plant aesthetic, using scarlet rot breath and antspur rapier for the «nature aspect» of the disease. Kind of like the cycle of life type shit, you die, you rot and then youre reborn.
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2023.06.08 07:01 rClipsBot [aus] pride is a devil? the price of ingratitude elden ring 100% run later? !discord !tts !yt

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2023.06.08 06:59 SnooRadishes7109 [TOMT][MUSIC][2000s] Song from Ludwig's Elden Ring youtube video from 28:21 to 28:34, super familiar but ihni where it's from. Used Shazam and nothing comes up ;-;

https://youtu.be/NvVdU2PZXMg?t=1701 from 28:21 to 28:34
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2023.06.08 06:53 Successful_Flan_9826 Made a Bloody-Nine toon in Elden Ring…

I think it’s pretty good, but you have to be realistic about these things. What d’ya think?
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2023.06.08 06:52 rClipsBot HELLUVA BOSS VTUBER DRAMA REACTION SEASONAL ANIME ONE PIECE ELDEN RING 3000 subs and I rank every episode of One Piece !discord !gfuel

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