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2023.05.29 04:07 syrianrufgeinsyria Is there hope it will get better?

Since the elections started and the racial war on yabanci especially syrians is raging. I have been here for almost five years and i lived peacefully and studied in one of the most expensive universities in istanbul and every time i encountered a conversation where they ask where i am from and i say “i am studying at ****” they say wow how did you get the money for it and you should be fighting on the border and others just give me respect because they notice i have some money but all that was manageable . Now from the start of the election it just became a random thing to throw slurs on just because of my nationality for example i went to buy fish from carrefour and an old lady came to me and said if i am yabanci these are not for me, at the gym a guy came up to me and said i am in danger if i stay here any longer. I was buying a fishing kit and the person selling told me that his son is fighting on the border and i am here having fun fishing.
How can they be this racist and expect to ever improve their country? Most of them are brainwashed that everything wrong and corrupt in their country is because of the tourists and immigrants. I am not attacking anyone i just want to know the point of view and an endpoint to this please.
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2023.05.29 04:07 6l1c3 Taking ex roommate to small claims

I need to take my ex best friend/roommate to small claims for owing me months of unpaid rent, since he has been very uncooperative in trying to pay back a single dollar. He's been gaslighting, projecting and deflecting this entire issue back onto me, making me seem like the crazy asshole for asking for MY money back. Apparently, he's Jesus Christ and I'm "crucifying" him for the situation that he put himself in. For example, not having a job or income cause he stopped showing up for work and lying about being "sick", living in his boyfriend's truck cause he has no money and had to dip out on our apartment and abandon the lease, and essentially throwing his whole life away to be with a man. I have every text, email, phone call, etc saved to prove his unwillingness to pay. He told me he doesn't give a fuck, and when I asked him to pay at least $700 out of the $6.2k he owes me by the end of this month, he said I was being UNREASONABLE. The last time he made any payment was in February, so I've given him plenty of time to try to pay me back, but haven't seen a single dollar since. However, he does not have a current address since he's living out of a truck.
I am currently out of the country. Can I file a claim online? How would this work? Any advice would be much appreciated. This is for NYC, btw!
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2023.05.29 04:07 Striyd Diagnosed with sleep apnea, then told I don’t have it… help?

It’s been six plus months since I’ve been seeking treatment for my sleeping issue/study.
My doctor has said that I definitely have sleep apnea after the first homestudy and it has shown positive for about 8/9+ instances per hour that I stopped breathing. (Mild)
I said let’s make sure the home kit wasn’t faulty and do a INLAB study because the home kit kept bugging out, and the INLAB was also showing signs of sleep apnea.
Then when I FINALLY have have call a few days ago, she said you do have sleep apnea and you will get a call from a provider for a CPAP in two weeks. Then she proceeded to call me back 20 minutes later and says I actually have “insomnia” or “other fatigue”…?? Both my mother and father are on CPAP…. Im 23. Also under stress from school.
—> Should I go get evaluated by another doctor? Should I try my parents CPAP? I’m grateful that I don’t have it of course, but still keep waking up at night, I snore, dry mouth, bags under my eyes. I have increased anxiety and almost depression like symptoms and I’m coping to the best of my ability. (Eating healthy, waking up on time, sleeping on time, exercising, sunlight, water, vitamins, reading). Help pls🥹. TIA
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2023.05.29 04:07 rainbowbean5678 feeling depressed because I feel like I won't ever be able to own my own home soon... can anyone convince me otherwise?

so I'm in my early twenties and I work in retail, so I'm making about 30k-40k. I have just under 10k in all of my savings.. I don't even live in any big city like New York or California, and all I want to do is own my own place so I can finally have my own privacy and independence from my family, since rent is basically 1000 a month and I'd never, EVER be able to save up for a house throwing away 1000 a month just to "be independent". I've been working on upping my credit score (I have a 710 currently) and planning on using an FHA loan and saving and basically being a broke ass just to save up as much as I can. I want to vacation and buy cool clothes but I can't because I'd rather save up for a house asap. I feel so embarrassed because I drive a shitty used car that I also saved up money for, and it just barely drives and has a cracked windshield and is cluttered from the previous owners, but I just wanted a car.
Anyyway... the cheapest duplex like that, and the only one in my area, is one for 210k and it looks horrible, like a haunted, depilated shack horrible. The decent ones start at 350k and the downpayment for that would be 12k, which doesn't even include closing costs and other stuff, which probably means it's closer to 15k-17k... Regular homes cost around 315k and I see a few for around 275k but they're not a duplex, and I'm not sure if the procedure for "house hacking" is the same as with a duplex. On top of that, I also just worry about being leveraged up and kind of relying on someone else to help pay off my mortgage, and I feel horrible for basically exploiting someone's need to be housed to pay off my mortgage mostly or entirely.
I just don't know, houses feel incredibly expensive, and I see the prices of everything, the state of the homes, and it feels like the only way to afford a home is to force someone else to pay off my mortgage mostly or entirely and saving up for one with an FHA loan requires at least 15k with a 6 month emergency fund, which is probably like another 5k? I just don't know if I'm overblowing things or what I should feel?
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2023.05.29 04:07 PurpleSolitudes Best Cheap Flight

Best Cheap Flight
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  • Consider flying into a smaller airport. Sometimes, you can find cheaper flights if you are willing to fly into a smaller airport that is located further away from your destination.
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  • Sign up for Travelstart's email alerts. This will allow you to be notified of any special deals or promotions that are available.
  • Use Travelstart's price comparison tool. This tool will allow you to compare prices from a variety of airlines and travel agents to find the best deal.
Book Cheap Flights
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2023.05.29 04:07 G1zm08 Kuni Rebalance that adds a unique downside

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2023.05.29 04:06 Confident-Olive-9792 How I fked up my relationship

This whole story starts about a year and a half ago around Christmas of 2022 when I met this girl on Snapchat, I didn't knew her and she didn't knew me either but still we started talking. I guess we were both a little lonely so we started texting like everyday to the point where a few month later I told her that I was in love with her, but knowing she had seen pictures of me and that I honestly am quite ugly I thought she was gonna say "ew" or smtg like that but no, she said she was in love with me too, unfortunately we were quite far away from each other (almost a four hour drive) but we thought it was fine, at first everything was going great, in fact I never felt so good in my life than when I was talking to her, even though I was sixteen a the time, I was already working and because of that I was able to go see her sometimes during my vacations and these were the best moments of my life, I was so in love with her that I thought it was never gonna end until a few month later, I didn't knew why but I started getting bored, I still loved her with all my heart but things just weren't the same, responding to her texts wasn't a priority for me anymore and sometimes I'd even left her on read, even though I knew I was hurting her, I just was not able to stop, I don't know why but I couldn't force myself to do it and that's why after a little more than a year of being together I broke up, I knew it was gonna hurt her but I also knew that she'd be better of without me, better of finding someone else wich wouldn't be a problem for her since she was absolutely gorgeous, at first I didn't realize that I just made a big mistake, I was too concentrated on my work to even proceed any emotions until 2 month later when I realized how lonely and empty I was feeling, at first I tried to just brush it off but I couldn't, for the first time in year I cried myself to sleep and it went on for weeks where I would just cry for hours before finally falling asleep.
I'm still feeling empty and lonely, I have no friends to talk to, my family wouldn't understand but I know that I did that to myself, I know that I deserve all that for how I've made her feel and that's why I can't get over it or even stop thinking about it.
That's why I wanted to tell you guys and girls, if you start to feel bored, don't reject the fault on the other person but instead try to do more things, to force yourself to talk to him/her, don't make the same mistakes as I did, don't let a bad feeling ruin everything between you and the person that makes you happy, don't hurt him/her and don't hurt yourself.
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2023.05.29 04:06 No_Capital7502 Killing ace was lowkey of a dick moove from akainus part

Let's be real, no one went all out at marineford, garp,aokiji, sengoku, and kizaru could all 1v1 whitebeard if they wanted to, there were multiple instances where sengoku could've straight up murdered ace, the war wasn't even necesary, the execution could've been more private, but the real purpose of ace execution was taking out whitebeard to say that the wg was still standing, and that it was the beggining of a new era where roger legacy dies.
Aokiji didn't attacked ace and barely went out, kizaru likely gave a single fuck, sengoku behind all the appareances of saying "execute ace" didn't really tried to kill ace (because he could've done it himself, and it would've been far more effective this way), and i don't need to explain garp.
But akainu killin ace? that was honestly not just an extremelly stupid and preventable moment from ace pov, but also a dick move from akainu, yes, we know you hate pirates, but this guy is still the grandson of garp, the guy you have behind. Like, had sengoku not been a longtime garp friend, akainu would've not survived marineford.
The worst part isn't the fact that he killed his enemies, but the fact that he sacrificed his allies
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2023.05.29 04:06 circadudexl Problem with electric set up

Problem with electric set up
After cleaning and filling the pool back up I went to switch on the motor for the filter and nothing. After trying a few times and still having no luck I pulled out my adapter and have the two prong adapter to the bigger three prong connection at that is working. Is that safe to run and keeping the filter running that way? I have pictures, sorry I don’t know the proper terms for the prongs and outlets lol
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2023.05.29 04:06 Gumpers08 Any advice for the three final bosses?

I am officially in endgame, with maxed silver and sentient weapons–greatcleaver, scythe, and greatbow, and faelis transformation–but no dragon ring.
My current plan: Drink potion of flight to set up rahovart altar, then go in melee with battle burritos and kill him as fast a possible. Drink potion of flight and set up asmodeus alter, then go in with battle burritos. Then get a full wine setup and set up the amalgalich altar, then range him.
I'm not sure which weapons I should use. I want to use the Scythe on rahovart to passively kill his minions to prevent him from getting power orbs. Then I am not sure whether to use ranged or melee (Scythe for minions) for asmodeus. Then I am not sure whether to use ranged or melee (Greatcleaver) for amalgalich.
Any help would be appreciated, I want to be able to say I fully beat RLCraft–2.9.2 at least.
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2023.05.29 04:06 shadybabynight Where is Kathy in DUTM?

So, I haven’t played Deliver us Mars yet but I have seen from the trailer and synopsis that you play as Kathy, ahi has been training with the WSA and is sent up to Mars at the beginning of the sequel.
This confused me as I’m positive we’re told multiple times that, before the events of the first game, Issac sent for Kathy to be brought up to the Moon to him. He even stabs Sarah so that he can get the Helium back to the Ark before the Arks abandon the moon.
Looking this up on the game’s Wiki, it states: “Motivated to create a better world, Issac left Earth with ARK Vita (one of the three ships that can help create a sustainable space colony). Isaac hoped to bring Kathy and Claire, but Claire disagreed with Isaac's decision. Because Kathy was a young child at the time, Isaac made the decision for her. Unfortunately, on the day when Isaac took Ark Vita into space, Kathy was recovered by Claire and couldn't join Isaac. Because the launching sequence is automatic, Isaac had no choice but to leave his daughter behind as Vita left Earth for good.”
This reads as though Kathy never left earth? But we see that she does? We see logs about her altered growth rate in space and find her drawings in the moon base.
Am I missing something because I’ve not played DUMars? Or is this a retcon/plot hole (I’ve read there are a lot of plot holes and it’s why I haven’t bothered buying the game)?
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2023.05.29 04:06 smolsquash I am “overweight” and my doctor gave me useless advice to lose 10-15 lbs. Any thoughts?

Visited my endocrinologist this past week. TSH is at 4.0, up from ~2.6. Lowest was 0.9 last Fall.
I mentioned that despite the little amount of food I eat (I never finish meals, rarely snack, don’t drink, rarely have dessert), I do not lose weight.
She took my weight (150 lbs), calculated my BMI. 26.1, slightly overweight. Told me to lose 10-15 lbs, said “low calorie is the way to go and lots of exercise, just sweat out the fat.”
I…already eat fairly low calorie and told her despite my exercise, I haven’t lost weight but this is the advice she gave me.
Just wanted to commiserate and also ask if anyone had success with basic CICO and exercise?
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2023.05.29 04:06 mdv_is_back A southerner's experience in Odisha

So I am from Karnataka, but have a varied family history. Was born and raised in Karnataka. I've traveled a decent bit, but like everybody on this sub says, nobody knows odisha, which wasnt entirely true. we all knew places like Puri, konark, Bhadrak and Bhubaneshnwar. But I didn't travel there at all.
So here is where the story of my relationship with Odisha starts (in fact, it's older than me). About 25 years ago in Karnataka, my family was into the whole isckon and krishna movement. We used to attend satsangs and were part of the modern krishna movement (iskcon and the likes of it). One day, we randomly got in contact with this temple at someone's house. This was a very interesting expierience. This wasnt the regular type of deities we were used to seeing and nothing compared to what the south had. This was different. This was Jagganath. Everthing about him intrigued my family. The family who had the temple set up in their house I think had a 2ft or 3ft tall set of dieties. That family was from Bhadrak and were so sweet, my mom considers one of the ladies to be their second mother. The other people and my family had a bit of a language barrier but the love was so visible, they were such a sweet family.
They showed my family the entire tradition with Jagganath and all their culture as well. But as all good things must come to an end, this family had to move out of the city. But as they moved out, they made a gesture. A gesture that would bring a change in my family's spiritual journey. The matriarch of their family gifted us a small set of Jagganath, baladev and subhadra as a token of all the time we spent together. These deites are older than me lol. So then this sparked a flame in my family, they started doing puja to Jagganath and eventually, when the family grew older and got married and all that, they all went to their own houses and all of them established their own dieties of Jagganath. Now it's at a stage, where about 10-12 people in my family have Jagganath as their "home god" (or primary diety).
We served that deity for over 20 years (I heard that we're supposed to change the diety, but this one held too much sentimental value).
So fast forward to my life, I am working my first job in the core sector and the second I heard that I had to move to Odisha, I was hella skeptical, but the first thing my family said was "Jagganath's land". Now I am not very religious, but I'm cool with my man Jagganath. But even then, the move was a big step, a completely new place, new geogrpahy, new people and new culture. But what comforted me was the sense of being indian and India is all about diversity.
It's been about 8 months since my move, although I stay in western Odisha which isnt as developed. The people have been great, they are very sweet, the temperature is difficult to deal with lol, but this state has so much to offer. It's waayy too underrated. I think it is finally taking its branding seriously and probably on track to being one the best.
Was thinking of writing this long back, but what triggered me was the Darshan Raval concert in Rourkela last week, to think that a concert like that happened in a place that nobody's heard of, that made me write this
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2023.05.29 04:06 Randopulous Mass Effect LE on PC Multiple Computers, non-gaming laptop, cloud saves

I recently picked up the MELE through the recent sale on Steam that also included several Dragon Age games for $20. Pretty excited to do play through this series more fully this time, and thought I'd share my setup information since I had to piece alot of things together from different discussions and thought it might be useful for someone.
Primarily I am playing ME1 on my laptop which is an HP 14" with a Ryzen 5500U cpu, AMD Radeon integrated gpu, 16 GB RAM and Win11. It is running ME1 so far pretty smoothly with default graphics settings (everything turned "on").
I'm also occasionally playing it on my older living room PC which has an i5 6402P 2.8GHz cpu, 16GB RAM and Radeon 480 4GB gpu, and Win10.
Even with the newer EA app (not the older Origin app), it is working with cloud saves! The annoying thing about it though is that the EA app seems to not have any settings that you can manually work with. It picks it up "automatically".
First I played it on my desktop. I created a character, played it a while, closed, opened and started the game, then closed it again.
Then I opened it on my laptop, it asked me if I wanted to use local or cloud saved game, and I picked cloud. Then I selected "Start" and then "Resume" and it worked!
Now I am not sure if this setup will be reliable in the long run using the cloud saves through the EA app. Only time will tell, so for now I plan on keeping a backup of my saved games locally just in case. Even though it does get uploaded to the cloud, a copy of the saved games is kept locally at: Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect Legendary Edition\Save\ME1.
Without opening, closing, and opening it again, the saves did not show up on my laptop when I tried it the first time.
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2023.05.29 04:06 swagsoph7 to the one I will marry

as most people know, we have been dating for a while. from the moment I met you, I knew you were someone special. I was scared and I didn’t know how everything would go from that moment. I was defensive, from the beginning, expecting you to get tired and leave. but you didn’t. you stayed, and you fought for me like no one ever had before. I often wondered, growing up, why I was always the only one fighting for my life. having been in an abusive home for most of my life, and had a really bad ex boyfriend right after escaping my home, I was terrified. I was so scared of what vulnerability would bring me, because being vulnerable before had just hurt me.
after a while of being together, I finally let my guard down. and you continued to shower me with all the love in the world. you have spoiled me, loved me and tickled me so much, that I sometimes think the world isn’t so bad after all.
you met my parents, which is a big deal to me. my parents loved you from the start, and loved you even more after spending time with you. and finally now, after so long, my father has given you permission to marry me. my father said that he felt that you love me the same way he loves my mom, and that he wanted us to be able to love each other that way for the rest of our life. he said that it would make him so happy, to see my boyfriend and I build our life together. and I agree. I cannot wait to have your last name. I can’t wait to argue over the dishes, even when you annoyingly leave the weirdest amount.
there were lots of moments where my heart told me; THIS is it. he’s the one. but one of the most important ones were when you came back home from a family event in december. you were a “little” tipsy, and I didn’t go, cause I had anxiety.
I was scared because I had never actually seen you that tipsy/drunk before, because neither of us really drink much.
instead of yelling, name calling or literally screaming at me, like my ex had done every single time he had drank. or actually, every day. bUT ESPECIALLY those days.
you didn’t. you didn’t do any of that, ever. no matter how big of an argument we could’ve been in, or in this case, how much alcohol you could’ve had.
instead of screaming at me or scaring me like I had experienced from others in my past, you just made the night twice as fun. you gave me the biggest and most beautiful kiss. and you held me and told me I didn’t have anything to be scared of anymore. you let me know that you’re gonna be here to protect me and support me no matter the cost or time.
and I believed you.
I love you, thank you for being you.
I would send you this letter, but I don’t wanna sound lame.
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2023.05.29 04:06 Acrobatic_Quarter_11 AITA for ignoring my friend on vacation after a series of incidents caused by her?

My friend (F29) and I (F28) have known each other for two years. We recently went on a trip together, originally planned with her friend and two of mine. Unfortunately, my friends had to cancel, but I decided to go anyway.
The trip started well and I got along very well with her friend. The first incident was when we agreed to split the drive time but I ended up driving the whole day because her knee hurt, but after that she continued to plan activities and excursions. When I asked her about it she simply said I shouldn’t have said yes when she asked if I could drive. I let it go but the whole trip she’s been on us about the itinerary and doing everything she wants to do. The one time we wanted to go to a pub at night she acted miserable and left the pub even though we were having fun. We ended up leaving as well because we didn’t want to let her walk alone at night in a new city. During that incident she wanted to start an argument with me because I confronted her the day before about her lying about her knee to have me drive. I told her I wasn’t going to argue with her at a bar and have been ignoring her, only speaking to her when I needed to. She’s been passive aggressive and doing things like leaving a store without letting us know or slamming her bag or car doors.
I’m not sure if I should speak to her but when I did previously the conversation didn’t go anywhere. I was expecting an apology or even a thank you for walking her home. Neither of those have happened and I can’t pretend to be in good terms with her, AITA for ignoring her?
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2023.05.29 04:06 plantsnspoods462 How to help a very bloated betta

How to help a very bloated betta
My guy has been bloated for a bit but I thought that’s just how he was just a chunky guy when I got him, he’s showing signs of being bloated. Staying at the bottom and only coming up for air or more food. He would always swim and was very curious before now he kind of just hides out. I’m doing a 3/4 tank clean today and took out a couple of the dying plants. I also plan to fast him for at least 2ish days. I’ve been feeding him 4 fluval bug bites and 4 pieces of frozen bloodworm every day since I saw that was a good diet for bettas. He’s a chunk and I wanna make sure nothing is wrong. He also looks like he’s been losing color where he’s chubbiest.
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2023.05.29 04:06 BEASTLY_DA_BULLY Role Play PvP PvE server. US PS QUESTION MARK SERVER CHERNARUS/ you can find us on the first page in playstation communities on DayZ under the name [!?!]

⛔️SERVER NAME: ❗️❓️❗️
Welcome to the question mark prison pvp/rp/pve discord server❗️. You can earn your freedom or simply break out by any means necessary[no glitching]. Outside the prison walls you can build a base, start a faction, join a faction ,pvp or trade at trader. Players have 1 spawnpoint in prison and 10 spawnpoints in an updated kamyshovo. Goodluck and GGs❗️ [only safezone is trader]
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2023.05.29 04:06 Ok-Consideration2672 Why do I keep getting the same fortune from Katrina?

For 4 days straight I’ve gotten the same fortune from Katrina. She talks about now Tom Nook counts his bells one by one late at night, and my luck with money will improve. Cool, but can ya switch it up a little bit? I’m worried there’s a glitch or something, and it’s frustrating me because I’m trying to collect all the special items you can only get from her. Please help 🥺
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2023.05.29 04:06 throwawayyyyststatah My dad got arrested and i couldnt be happier.

this is a follow up to another post i made on this sub, so i wont go back through what i alr said. anyways, my abusive dad was recently arrested. i think someone called the cops on him while he was yelling at me, and throwing shit at me. my brother was with my relative at the time of this. i lost a lot of sleep thinking about him yelling at me so close to my face that i could feel his hot breath violating my skin. anyways, the cops show up and he becomes a mess. he starts crying, saying that hes not a criminal and he shouldnt be arrested. i went to bed after this so my memory is a little fuzzy, sorry that i cant remember the rest. i just know that hes gonna be there for 3 years. i felt bad saying this to others so its just gonna be posted into the void.
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2023.05.29 04:05 thrownawayisnityaayy Do rebounds help you heal quicker?

My GF dumped our 6 year relationship 9 weeks ago because she lost feelings. I was struggling the first month and starting to recover by the second. But still I just had nights and days where I couldn‘t get her out of my head no matter what I tried. I tried going outdoors, meeting up with friends or burying myself in work. Nothing helped much. Yesterday I went on a date with a cute co-worker and everything went fine. We somehow ended up at my place (I wasn‘t planning for that) and spent the night together. For the first time I‘m not feeling empty inside or thinking about my past relationship at all. I didn‘t fall in love with this new girl but I guess I might have finally fallen out of love. What are your experiences?
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2023.05.29 04:05 TH3_BE4R Late shifting high RPM

When I am getting onto the highway, accelerating and getting up to about 100-110 sometimes the car doesn’t shift to the next gear, it will just sit at 3000rpm and be really loud, eventually after sometime it will shift but it takes a while. What could be causing this snd what would cost of fixing be?
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