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2023.06.10 05:25 speak_friend_ IMPORTANT hot takes after finishing the series (TOG + ACOTAR spoilers)

I just finished the TOG series (loved it so much and am empty now), but there are a few things that have stuck with me...
1) Why didn't we get any closure on Aelin's water magic from Mab? She taps into it briefly in KOA and Rowan alludes to her "continuing her training so she can actually do something useful with it".. I thought after forging the lock she would rely on her water magic to help stop Maeve, but feel like it wasn't mentioned again after that. It seems to me this means the series can't really be over if she still has this other side of her magic to explore? (I know SJM confirmed the series might not actually be over, but i need a full plot line around this magic!!)
2) What about Elide's magic/powers?? Multiple times it's mentioned that she has witch blood, that her uncle bound her ankle in iron specifically to impede her using any magic, and Manon claims her as a witch, which is critical in Elide's empowerment to escape from Morath. When Elide arrives at Terrasen and unites with Manon and the crochan/ironteeth alliance i thought there would be some awakening of Elide's power or at least allusion to them being her people.. but it seems like her witch heritage was completely forgotten.
3)I 10000% think Dorian + Lysandra/ Aedion + Manon make more sense as pairings. As king it's expected Dorian would find a queen eventually, and there's a poetry in a queen who began her life impoverished on the streets of Adarlan as a symbol of the new world they're building. They also share similar struggles - dealing with the implications of this powerful magic that has made them outsiders in their communities, wearing many "faces" (both figuratively then literally as dorian gets his shapeshifting magic) based on the setting in order to survive, and ultimately both evolving from bystanders in bad systems in Adarlan to actively fighting for a new world (I know Dorian is much more of an enabler and Lysandra is much more of a victim, but I think the death of her lover really transformed Lysandra from someone who would endure arobynn and the life he forced on her to someone who would take arobynn down). Also, both Lysandra and Dorian had first loves who were murdered, and it would be really lovely for them to find each other on the other side of that heart break. On the other hand, Aedion and Manon are both lethal weapons who are struggling to find the good in themselves after the things they've done on the battlefield. Neither has had a true romantic love before but both are evolving in their capacity to hold that romantic connection and can grow in that together. I feel like SJM pumped UP the temperature of Dorian's badboy flirtiness to match Manon's level in the last two books, giving him way more swagger than he had before (he came across as a super nice if not a little simple in the first books), but Aedion already had that bad boy flirty energy!!! Yet he suddenly felt super muted/not like the same character through all of KOA bc SJM pumped all that personality into Dorian!!! Since Aedion's life's purpose is to serve Aelin, he also wouldn't need to marry in the traditional sense and can offer Manon the freedom she needs. I loved Dorian and Manon's story line but i really do think it only made sense bc SJM wrote Dorian like he was Aedion, meanwhile i've seen many people say Lysandra and Aedion's chemistry fell flat and i have to agree.
4) I freaking love SJM, I love acotar and i love TOG even more, but I am so over the "unite the three parts of obscure magical object" thing (wyrdstones, cauldron) and the "big bad horrible evil king/queen that is completely unstoppable and so evil (erawan/king of hybern) until a convenient magic rule is made up just in time to save the day" thing. I know it's so hard to avoid this in fantasy, and i think it's better done in TOG because it has a slower build, but the wyrd portal bringing in the lost fae of terrasen who hadn't been mentioned much just seemed to deflate the excitement of the epic battle. Why wouldn't aelin have brought in those extra warriors earlier when so many, including Gavriel, were literally dying and it seemed hopeless? It would have been cooler if aelin ultimately was able to rely on her assassin training to out maneuver Maeve even without her powers. Or if aelin used the old books from the torre to unlock an old wyrdmark message from Nehemia, using the portal to bring in a hidden army from Eyllwe or Nehemia from the afterlife to take down maeve, something that connected more to the core plot and players vs. bringing in new elements.
5) What's up with SJM's obsession with couples binding their lives together??? Chaol and Yrene with her healing magic, Rowan and Aelin (i don't think formally with magic but he says multiple times when she goes he'll go), Lorcan giving up his immortality for Elide, Rhys and Feyre binding their lives with an oath in acotar... between Lorcan and Elide i get there's the fae/human dynamic, but the rest of the pairings are expected to have the same lifespan! I can see how it's a somewhat romantic notion, but it just seems creepy/over the top/unneccesarily dramatic and weird death pact vibes and i don't understand why she does this over and overrrr again
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2023.06.10 05:20 No_Pension7406 How to keep a way a black magic witch

I will be vague but hopefully provide enough information for some context. I don't even know if it belongs here.
There is an older lady that's moved onto the property I'm living on and everything was fine at first. Occasionally she started to mention bad energies and how she plants seeds in people's head. This has now progressed to speaking of my boyfriends recently deceased grandma and mentioning how tiny and tough she is and how she's protecting my boyfriend. She's mentioned how she's keeping this demon at bay,but also mentioned she communicates with these demon. She has convinced my landlord to remove the lavender around her house as it's 'dead'. (It was just early in the season) and since she has started to become flustered and annoyed when my boyfriend mentions things like 'have faith' and 'I pray for ___'. He's not religious, but spiritual and this seems to bother her to some degree.
My boyfriend has started learning of multiple cultures, their previous stories and sagas and he is convinced she is a daughter of Lilith. I don't know much about that but from what I heard it lines up. He has strong morals and she keeps taking jabs at him to degrade him.
She has a history of praying on sick, old men. My landlord has Parkinsons and her last friend that past away developed fast acting terminal cancer. We've planted more lavender and she resents us for it. I've started burning cloves, star anise, dried lemon and rock salt and she hates that.
She wanders at night (so we installed a sensor light which she also asked us to remove) and will burn things around the property on full moons.
This lady has never bothered me, but jokes have always been made about my grandma, by others as well as herself, that she is a witch. I feel like I have some protection but I can't see her take advantage of someone the way she is. I have never trusted her, nor have I ever wanted to really interact with her. I just don't want this energy I feel around me anymore.
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2023.06.10 05:18 ChaotixSux (Selling)Super Mario Bros Movie, Creed 3, Ant Man Quantumania, Knock at the Cabin, 80 For Brady, Justice League X RWBY, Magic Mike Last Dance, Devotion, Plane, MAY AND JUNE Universal Rewards and many more, HD/4K Available

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2023.06.10 05:12 Objective_Quail2888 [FT]-ORLANDO,FL-trading male mystery snail, shipping or pickup

[FT]-ORLANDO,FL-trading male mystery snail, shipping or pickup
I need to get rid of this guy, he keeps mounting my females. I would like it if i can trade him for a female mystery snail(young) but i would probably accept other things! He’s about 4?ish months old
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2023.06.10 05:12 Nsfwacct1872564 [Meta] Is there a name or term for this phenomenon?

It goes like this: The conspiracy in question is WHOLLY based on how a word, in that specific language since translations usually destroy these things, sounds and ignores all etymological roots and reasons why that might be the case.
All the justifications afterwards are worked out ad-hoc. I've seen it used in may ways, but Sovcits are where I see it most often
Example 1: You're giving birth? Ships have a berth so you must be a vessel or something! Maritime law can be enforced on you now!
Example 2: charges the judge didn't personally see (sight) are void because the judge themselves didn't issue the citation (SIGHTation)
Example 3: if THEY get enough data on you, THEY will have a comprehensive file (phial) which actually acts as a phylactery that THEY (apparently jewish folks) can wear on their person to voodoo manipulate you. No, not just through blackmail with all the data, but through actual magical means.
What tf' is that? How is "two words sound similar…" enough for some folks to go and construct a huge conspiracy with enormously far reaching implications?
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2023.06.10 05:09 Michami135 Survival Solo RPG

Survival Solo RPG
I got into solo RPGs as a source of entertainment for survival training. Watching the show, "Alone" really drilled home how important entertainment is when you're by yourself for weeks on end. So after trying many different systems, I decided to try my hand and inventing my own version. This version is designed to be made in the field, using easy to make d4 dice.
This is more of a thought experiment than anything, but it was fun to make, and I'd love any feedback!
Also, I've rewritten this a few dozen times, so if there's some odd wording, it's probably from an old rule that I've become blind to after rereading this so many times.
I have more information, as well as a bunch of computer simulated battles on my github page: https://github.com/michami/SurvivalSoloRPG

Survival Solo RPG:

Example dice
Use two d4 dice valued 0 to 3. Use rocks as tokens to indicating values that change during play. Trait values can be represented by notches on a stick, etc. "3" is the magic number for many of the rules.

Oracle: (Check the Github page for additional dice notes)

Roll one die as an oracle. Roll multiple times to get modifiers.
Die Trait Element Race Relationship Fighting Style Gender No / Yes
0 HP Earth Dwarf Family Support Manly man Definitely No
1 STR Water Human Friend Fighter Male Probably No
2 DEX Air Elf Lovers Thief Female Probably Yes
3 INT Fire Beast Enemy Magic User Girly girl Definitely Yes
For ranged values, roll two dice to get a value from 0 (very bad) to 6 (very good) with 3 being the average.


Dwarf: Elemental magic. Durable elemental weapons.
Human: Electrical magic. Electronics. Constructs. Complex mechanical traps. Complex weapons such as firearms, crossbows, etc.
Elf: Nature / spiritual magic, healing others, golems, sentient weapons.
Beast-kin: Self transformation / boosting magic. Can change into an animal with +1/2 point per level, rounded up, to traits based on animal type. Can change into a human with +1/2 point per level, rounded up, to INT. Animal form cannot use weapons or armor. Can only use magic in their natural form. Transformation always succeeds, takes one full turn, and costs two manna.
Any race can learn the magic of another race through practice. Since this is not natural for the race, no more than 3 spells from other races can be learned.


Traits: Each attacking character has four traits, HP, STR, DEX and INT. Start with 12 points and distribute as desired.
Lucky Shots: You may trade trait points for 3 lucky shots each. One lucky shot is exchanged for an extra roll at any time, picking the more preferred result. Lucky shots are restored whenever you gain an XP.
Charisma: Charisma uses INT. Roll INT for both characters. Must beat the target's score to win. Modifiers can be used based on the circumstances.
Magic: You have one manna (magic) token per level of INT. Any time you use manna, choose how many levels to use, then temporarily drop your manna by that many tokens. You regain one lost manna per turn.


Rolling the dice: Roll 2 dice and add the appropriate trait.
Challenge Difficulties: Trivial(4), Easy(6), Medium(8), Hard(10), and Heroic(12). Roll to match or better. Rolling 0 (6.25%) always fails.
Fray die: Before hero attacks an enemy, roll one die. If it's a 3, do 1 damage to the opponent before attacking. These are attacks "in the fray" such as dagger swipes, critical hits, etc.
Speed (DEX) based attacks: Attacker rolls on DEX. Defender rolls on either DEX (dodge) or STR (block). If the attacker rolls higher than the defender, the difference is the damage done.
Strength (STR) based attacks: Roll on DEX for both attacker and defender. If the defender rolls higher, this is the amount of damage dodged. Then the attacker and defender roll on STR. If the attacker rolls higher, this is the damage done, minus the damage dodged.
Magic attacks: Because of the different ways magic can be used, there are no set rules for magic. Depending on the spell, magic may be used in place of DEX or STR using the same rules as above. These rules may be modified for the spell used, such as AoE spells.
Damage overflow: If you do more damage than a single enemy can take, you can spend the overflow damage on an enemy, of equal or less level, adjacent to the first. This can be repeated for as many enemies are there are, as long as they are adjacent to each other. Any one of the remaining enemies can return an attack before you attack again.
Weapons and armor: Weapons add (or subtract) levels to your attack rolls. Armor adds (or subtracts) levels to your defense rolls.
Saving throws: If poisoned, burning, etc. roll for easy difficulty (6) on your STR or HP. If you fail the save, you lose one HP and must roll again on your next turn. Repeat until you succeed or your HP reaches 0. If your HP reaches 0 for any reason, including battle, roll for hard difficulty (10) on INT for divine intervention. If you succeed in a divine intervention, restore 1 HP and remove all status effects. (Negative and positive)
Breaking Objects: Objects only have a LVL. Attacker rolls on STR to beat the LVL difficulty.
Traps: Traps have a LVL which must be beat with INT to disarm. LVL acts like DEX if triggered. A failed roll to disarm will trigger the trap. When creating a trap, roll on INT to find the trap's LVL.
Constructs and Golems: Roll on manna for the level. Use the rules for monsters to determine how many trait points to distribute.
Meditation: When not in battle, you can choose to meditate. For each turn you meditate, you temporarily increase your manna pool by one token. There is also a 50% chance to be attacked by a low-level monster each turn. If your meditation is interrupted, you loose the manna bonus and the monster attacks first. You keep this manna boost until it is spent.
Leveling: At the end of a single adventure, (or whenever you feel is right) each hero gets one XP and all spent lucky shots are restored. You need the number of the next level more XP to advance to that level. (level 4 is 4 XP higher than level 3) Each time you level up, you get 2 points you can choose to spend on any traits or lucky shot tokens.
Healing: Each ally can heal 1 HP between battles. Elves may attempt to perform a full heal at a medium(8) difficulty, or raise the dead at a hard(10) difficulty. Beast-kin may attempt a full heal on themselves.
Monsters: A level 1 monster has 4 total trait points. (Often one point to each trait) Monsters level the same way as Heroes, so a level 5 monster will have 8 additional trait points, or 12 total, the same as a level 1 hero.
Creating a Map: Roll multiple dice, or a single dice multiple times to find what exits the current room has. Zero is the way you entered the room, 1 is to the left, 2 is straight ahead, 3 is to the right. Ignore duplicate values. Ask the oracle about any room features.
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2023.06.10 05:05 Ok-Celebration4596 I'm scared

[Tw mentions of disordered eating]
I almost relapsed again tonight.
But my boyfriend just has a way of knowing these things. I swear, it's like magic. He doesn't even KNOW that I self-harm, but he seems to always know when I need him. He messaged me just as I picked up my blade. Said some sweet things, completely unprompted, which helped me to calm down. The whole issue is I was feeling unwanted, unloved, useless and worthless because of some dumb stuff my mom did. But he made it feel better, just by showing me the tiniest bit of fucking love.
Which is why I'm so fucking worried. My mom is starting to revert back to her old ways again. Yelling. Treating me not so great. She's started turning the WiFi off so I can't speak to my boyfriend, (We're currently long distance unfortunately) and my phone contract runs out soon, which means mobile data can't save me. If the WiFi goes off, that's it.
It's scary. I'm finally starting to get back on my feet. Starting to appreciate the fact that I'm still alive. I haven't attempted suicide in a whole month. A MONTH. Going from multiple attempts a day to a whole month without one was hard. But my boyfriend just makes me feel better.
He's the only person in the world who is genuinely nice to me, and does things for me without holding it against me after, or using it to justify doing bad things to me. He makes me feel safe, and for the first time in fucking forever, I feel happy. But only when I'm talking to him.
And I'm scared. My mom is being really snappy. Says I'm in my room too much. That it's all my boyfriend’s fault, and I talk to him too much. Because of the damn time difference, we BARLEY talk. Two hours a day is all we usually get, because of time limits my mom has enforced. And now she's saying that I'm isolating myself again and it's all his fault.
I'm not isolating myself. I'm just struggling to sleep at night, so I've been sleeping during the day. I don't have school, and I have nothing to do, so I don't see what the big deal is. It's exam season. I'm drained as hell and so, so tired. I've got one more exam to go, and then maybe I can try to shift my sleep patterns. But now I'm too focused on studying and planning and trying to scrape by and pass at least SOME of my exams.
And even if I was, it wouldn't be because of him. She won't stop making comments on what I'm eating and my body. About my scars too. She doesn't realise, even if she's complaining that I've lost weight (I haven't lost anything) or that I'm not eating enough, it can still be fucking triggering to be constantly reminded of the way I look and that people are paying attention to what I eat and what my body looks like. And when she mentions how my scars are fading it's even worse.
Her solution to my problems?
She said she's going to take my xbox (which I paid for) my TV, my computer, and my phone away from me if I don't spend time with everyone, dont start socialing more, don't stop sleeping during the day, and don't start eating properly. I've told her before all of the noises from all of my siblings really triggers my sensory issues and stresses me out, but she said I need to grow up and deal with it. And now I'm panicking slightly, because the only way I can keep in contact with my boyfriend, is online.
I'm worried if I can't talk to him he'll get bored of me and leave. And the thought of losing him, pushes me closer and closer to relapse. My mom said she's going to take everything from me if I don't clean my room, socialise, eat properly and basically act 'normal' and I'm freaking out here. I'm on the edge of a massive breakdown. If my mom does go through with her plan, then I'm definitely going to spiral.
Without my boyfriend to talk to, without him to distract me and show me that at least SOMEONE cares about me, I'm going to be all alone again. I'm going to relapse. I'm going to lose everything I've been working for and it's not fucking fair. I just want to run away at this point. I've finally found something good, someone who makes me want to live, makes me want to stay clean and makes me feel like I'm WORTH something, and my mom wants to take it away.
I'm just so scared. He's my everything. I know it's wrong to need a person so bad, but putting it bluntly, I get treated like shit most of the time. So when someone is nice to me, with no adverse motivations, no using it against me, just kindness, decency and understanding, it feels so magical and special I swear to god.
He makes me feel Wanted and Needed and Important and Loved. And I never get to feel those things. People always want something. But he doesn't. He just cares. He cares, and doesn't ask for anything in return. He doesn't make me do things I don't want to and justify it by bringing up things he's done for me. If I don't want to do something, he tells me it's okay and I don't have to. If things go wrong he doesn't tell me its all my fault. Even when it IS my fault. He just says we shouldn't dwell on it and we should move forward.
I just- he's so fucking nice to me. He makes me want to live. But my mom wants to take that away from me and I don't know what to do. There's no way I can fix my eating by tomorrow. No way I can fix my sleeping habits or clean my room in a day. And no way, without relapsing can I force myself to interact socially with people when I'm so fucking tired and drained.
I wish I had someone to help me. I would tell my boyfriend, but he has really bad anxiety and worries about my wellbeing too much already. Sometimes he has panic attacks because he gets so worried about if I'm going to be okay after hearing some of the stuff my family has done. I don't want to ruin his mental health over this. I'm just frightened and upset and frustrated. I just don't know what to do.
I don't want to go back there. Back to the constant suicide attempts, the cutting every morning and every night, the going days on end without eating. I'm finally starting to get better, and my mom is going to rip it all away. I'm so scared.
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2023.06.10 05:05 System-Bomb-5760 (CW: long) Working on a story involving elves, AM (almost) A

So there are elves, and this race of BBEGs is making them provide a huge amount of slaves every year for the BBEGs' slave markets (as they do with other races). The BBEGS are masters of space & time magic, and have spaceships as well, and one of the things they do is use timeviewing to suppress development of those fields in their client races. Usually involves someone who would otherwise grow up to push one of those sciences getting spectacularly disintegrated while they're a schoolchild, with the death attributed so something like "instant justice."
There are ways to shield against "instant justice," but I'm not going into those right now.
Main thing the BBEGs control is travel. You want to travel somewhere, you have to do it thru a portal they built. And if your world has portals they built, you can guarantee you're sending them slaves (or the world is completely dead and there's no sapient life).
There is enough interplanetary trade that you can get Misfits shirts, and Levi's jeans, and something carbonated that tastes like Pepsi (sorry, Coke fans, I'm a Pepsi drinker), and maybe an iPhone that's cool to use even if you can't get wireless internet (or internet at all- most planets don't have the network infrastructure for even cell signal). Hell, they're probably still making late '90s clamshell iBooks somewhere. There's some firearms, if you like revolvers and big honking Martini- Henry style rifles, but melee weapons and magic are still huge.
Anyway, there's a race of High Elves on a world, and they're the former ruling class of a once galaxy- spanning empire (brought down thru supremely powerful time magic so the elves were *always* only ever a client race of the BBEGs, but things get wibbly- wobbly at the periphery of it, which is why the BBEGs aren't spamming the F out of that kind of magic). But, the High Elves' slave quota is higher than they can provide thru natural reproduction. So they go out, kidnap members of other races thru various means, and use transformation devices to make them into High Elves. Which then get use to satisfy the quota (cloning is somehow not an option- they probably didn't go down that branch of the metaphorical tech tree).
The problem the High Elves are facing, is that the quota is so high it's caused them to shut down practically everything else. Humanities? Gone. Arts? Gone. Architecture? Brutalistic Minimalism. Music? The instruments are in a museum somewhere but nobody knows how to play them or what they're supposed to sound like. Sex? Well, there's so much pressure to capture as many slaves as possible, they actually give medals to Hero Mothers who bear children as a way to reduce the stigma of taking time off for the pregnancy.
High Elf architecture is based on spheres and ellipses made out of sculpted mud which is then transmuted into rock. They're glued together like weird grapes (or dates), with spiral staircases on the outside or sometimes in between. One MC has a house in a cliff edge city about five hundred feet up above the ocean and over a mile out, with quartz floors so you can see the weird glowing whales coming up near the surface at night.
About the only thing the High Elves still do from their old empire, is catty infighting. Because of course. There's a ton of intrigue, with various factions trying to undermine each other out of at least thousands of years of spite and internal revanchism. They literally can't think to blame the BBEGs for their situation, when they can blame the next faction(s) over. And yes, this could easily result in their own extinction but they really don't have the available cognition to think that far ahead anymore.
The High Elves' TF magic tends to work powerful changes. Memories of the former life become blurry & distant, and it overwrites the person's skill set (triggering moments like the one from Demolition Man where the guy is like "I don't know what the hell I'm doing, but I guess I'm good at it").
...and that's about all I've got. Like I said, I'm not going into dealing with how you defend against "instant justice." Can't give up all my secrets, y'know?
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2023.06.10 05:04 The_Alloquist [A Lord of Death] - Chapter 65 (Efrain)

[←Chapter 64] [Cover Art] [My Links] [Index] [Discord] [Subreddit] [Chapter 65→]
The sensation of dreaming was still somewhat foreign to Efrain. Part of him was fully integrated into the dream, believing whatever strange logic that was thrust upon him. The other part was an independent observer, watching as its counterpart was tugged about on the tides of absurdity. Most of it was inky and jumbled recollections of the past few days, monsters and pages scrawled with ink and sharp steel.
Then it very much wasn’t.
He was in a contorted, expanded reminiscence of the office in Karkos. Wood panelling stretching into misty heights, lined with the relatively unadorned bridges and walkways of the Kakros canals. Bookshelves upon bookshelves were laid into the walls of this now titanic space.
The first sensation that came to Efrain was the ache of vanish eyes at the sheer expanse of the library. Even the cathedrals and halls of Angorrah paled in comparison to the immensity of the endless bookshelves. The second sensation was marvelling at how he was aware of any of this at all.
Tentatively, he picked a book from one of the many shelves, its red cover bearing no inscription. As he opened the pages, they flickered and tessellated out, until his whole world was the text and paper. And slowly, words began to resolve into their real, physical components.
‘Water’ became a sparkling sea, ‘orange’ became a expanse of bloody sky, ‘friends’ stretched and warped into the shape of two men, sitting on the steps of a stone pyramid. The city around them was far smaller, without most of the wooden constructions and walkways that now dominated it. There was a clear line to the sea, and Efrain was sitting under the shade of a parasol, dressed in purple robes.
“Well, that about settles it,” said Nicolo, his dark beard just beginning to take on the fullness that would remain throughout his life.
“No it does not,” Armsted responded, “I’m already on the ropes with my family for how many women I allow you to visit here. I do not consent, I don’t even have the authority to consent to this.”
“Oh you’ll figure it out,” Nicolo said, shoving his friend, in a move that might’ve been dangerous for anyone less heavily built than Armsted, “everyone knows you’re the real heir anyways, not that pig that buries his heads between every set of thighs he comes across.”
“Rock, meet glass house,” said Armsted, shoving back.
“Oh please, I’ve reformed,” Nicolo said, pressing his hand to his chest, “I’ve seen the errors of my ways - there’s only one woman for me now.”
He turned around to look at Efrain under his parasol, his expression shining bright through the veil Efrain was wearing.
“Attest for me, friend,” he said, plantiff.
“Reformed?” Efrain mused, “Well, if you mean in the same sense as Angorrah - costing far too many innocent lives in the process, to dubious ends, then I’d be inclined to agree.”
Armsted laughed, and the two young men began to playfully wrestle in the roof top pool, surrounded by modified lunar lilies. He sighed and shut the book on the various sun dances he’d been reading, hoping that their splashing didn’t get too much water in the planters. The poor plants were so sensitive after all, too much water and they’d rot from the stem up.
“You know-” Efrain said, “some might say you-”
Bam. Like a book being shut hurriedly, Efrain was back in the impossibly huge library, the book closed in his hands. Efrain looked down at the cover, only to find that it was now gone, lost somewhere on the infinite shelves.
“What?” he said, “No, no, hold on, give it back.”
He tried to parse the various volumes, and couldn’t find a single one of the deep blood red that the volume had been. Still, there were plenty more, so he picked one at random. It was an older text, with yellowed pages, and worn leather coverings.
Once more the text on the page expanded and morphed into the real world.
He was in another office, larger than the one in Karkos, the wood panelling in this one darker, the bookshelves larger. Red curtains were drawn back from a whole wall of windows, overlooking a city of considerable size. Efrain recognized it from his earliest memories.
He was in Angorrah. But where? When? Just after he’d completed his transformation.
His question was answered and saw the dark coloured hands that rested on his massive, and cluttered desk. He wanted to reach up to his face, to feel if there was still meat on his cheeks, eyes still in their sockets. But alas, this was just a memory and he only could watch it play out before him.
There was note on his desk, stained with what looked like tears. Were they his? What was the note saying? He couldn’t quite notice, given that his gaze was locked on the city. The note remained stolidly at the edges of his vision, despite how he might will his eyes to move.
He came up towards the glass, laying a hand on it, feeling and marveling at the cold against his now living flesh.
There was a knock at the door, a student perhaps. Efrain wiped his eyes, and hastily composed himself for the visitor. Without so much as looking, he walked over to the desk and seized the note, crumpling it violently and thrusting it into a pocket.
“Yes, ahem, yes! Come in, please,” he said.
The door creaked open and in walked-
Bam. He was out, back in the library. The book was gone, lost once more on the shelves.
“No!” he cried, “That was- that was-”
“You don’t belong here,” came a voice.
He turned, finding a suspended platform, littered with desks, and what looked like an immense pile of written on pages. As he watched, it rose, swirling as one enormous mass. There was something familiar about it, just at the edges of his consciousness.
“I am familiar, because you have seen me before,” came the voice, “but you should not have come. This place is not for you.”
“The books in this place, are they all memories? Even the ones that happened before I-”
“Not memories. You’ve said - memories are knowledge. Knowledge can lie. They are truth. Not in the absolute, but the truth of what happened in time.”
“Well,” Efrain said, “I want to know more.”
“No,” said the crawling lines of text, constantly forming and reforming, “twice you have been pulled back from this place. First by the-”
The voice made a sequence of sounds that Efrain couldn’t parse. The whole scene seemed to shudder at what must have been language.
“She knocked you loose, hence you can float free. I doubt it was intended. Now I must deal with the consequences.”
“Here,” he said, “where is here? What are you?”
“No one,” said the thing standing tall as the space blurred and contorted around her, “My name is gone. By function, I remember when all forget. Here is here. My garden, my library, my vault. You have been brought here by mere chance, now GO.”
With that final word, Efrain was sent careening forwards as the entire scene shifted sideways. Falling with the contents of the entire library, soon the pages became his entire vision.
Then he was back in the office of Karkos, the mentor craning over him, clearly concerned by his lack of movement.
“Master Efrain?” he said, holding a tray with a pot and cups, “I had fetched the tea like you asked, but you weren’t responding.
Efrain flexed his fingers, touching his mask, and found nothing but cold bone and stone, respectfully.
“Yes, well,” Efrain said, “I must’ve fallen asleep. Odd, I rarely need it. Oh, and you brought the tea, how thoughtful.”
“Yes. I have it on the recommendation of the professor you sat in on that the persimmon blend is particularly fragrant. ‘Warms the soul’ he said.”
“Let’s hope he doesn’t bare a grudge,” Efrain said as the tray was set before him.
“If you were anyone else, he might’ve,” laughed the mentor, “but seeing a historical figure, one of the founders of the academy no less, come to refute his own work? It doesn’t get much better for a scholar of history.”
Efrain chuckled as the tea was poured, filling the room with a scent that indeed warmed the soul.
“To tell you the truth, I thought that I’d forgotten how to teach,” Efrain said, taking the cup and inhaling deeply, “I’ve spent so many years on my own, lost in my books in distant locales. I haven’t had true students in decades. Well, except…”
The mentor sat forward, clearly curious at what kind of person Efrain might’ve taken on as a student.
“I met a girl, young girl, in a mountain village,” he said, smoothing over the church, “well, quite a few things happened. It all got a bit messy - overlapping parties with overlapping interests, and all that. She ultimately fell under my wing. Curious girl. Actually, her mother was from the city.”
The man nodded vigorously, encouraging him to continue as he sipped from one of the cups.
“Now that I recall, her mother was…” Efrain snapped his fingers, “now what was her name? Well, it doesn’t matter. I’ll think of it later. In any case, she was bizarre. Has a magical affliction.”
“A magical affliction? Do you mean a curse?”
“Well, perhaps,” Efrain said, tapping his temple, “curses on objects are hard enough, especially if you want them to endure. Putting on living creatures is notoriously difficult. In fact, did you know there’s some old accounts of the sorcerers living on the steppes north of Angorrah. They came in conflict with the church, and they would send in goats to the city with bezoars loaded to the brim with magic. The poor animals would then explode.”
The scholar could not possibly be more interested than anything else. Efrain was unsure if this was merely perfected flattery, or genuine fascination on the man’s part. Either way, it elevated his opinion - if flattery, this level was an art in itself.
“Unfortunately, it didn’t do them a whole lot of good in the end,” Efrain sighed, staring out the windows, “none of those that resisted the Helgacite expansion did well. Angorrah was too well organised to leave stragglers.”
“Except the northern mountain kingdoms,” said the mentor.
“Well, that’s true,” conceded Efrain, “only because Angorrah had conquered half a dozen other countries by then and didn’t want to spread their forces further. The mountain men were shrewd - locking them into a contract like that.”
Efrain thought about the forested regions of Inalthia, where the borders of Angorrah ran up against its northern mountains. It’d been nothing when he’d passed through, almost three hundred years prior. He wondered if it had also expanded into sprawling townships, like Karkos had in his absence. Of course, they had the notable advantage of being basecamp for any and all mining operations in the region, and the reception point of the mountain men’s tithes to boot.
“But, back to the girl I spoke of. Odd creature. Bright. Part of a set, actually,” Efrain said, putting down the teacup.
“Yes, of three. The other two are twins. Completely unrelated to her, from Erratz actually.”
“How curious!” said the mentor, nodding to indicate he knew the city.
“Yet all sharing the same affliction. They have these… scars. They wrap around their arms and hands. No pattern that I could see. And when they use magic, they glow from within.”
The mentor had put down his cup, and was leaning into Efrain now, hardly daring to breath.
“It’s fascinating, really,” Efrain said, “and they have these memories. Not their own. Supposedly they’re of the founding gods of the church.”
“Bizzare!” said the man.
“Oh yes, quite,” Efrain said, enjoying the exaggerated reactions of his converser, “and they have the most striking capacity for magic I’ve ever seen. They pick up things in a handful of tries that might take others hours to do. Not to mention just how deep their wells run.”
“And they all share this same trait?” said the man, fiddling with his spectacles.
“Oh yes,” Efrain said, “different children, obviously, with their own individual identities and personalities, but all with the same affliction. Fascinating isn’t it? So, through some twists and turns, one of the ultimately came to me for guidance. I should go check up on her, to see if she’s alright.”
“If you know which families they’re staying at, I could bring you to them,” said the mentor, “but you’ll be seeing them at the Festival tomorrow, or so it is said.”
“I see, well, there’s no rush, at least for now,” Efrain said, reclining in the chair.
“By the way, I can’t help but notice you’ve not sipped your tea. Is there something wrong? More honey?”
“Err…” Efrain said,thinking fast, “of course. Speaking of cursed items! This mask. Fused to my face. Quite unremovable, I think. Can’t eat or drink anything.”
“That’s horrible!” said the Mentor, standing up, “we must remove it at once! You’ll starve.”
“No, no, my good man, though I appreciate the thought,” Efrain said, “it’s been stuck to me for some time, you see. Quite useful in a way, it would seem it’s curse also spares the wielder from starvation and thirst, also sleep, for the most part.”
“Oh,” he said, “well how did you come by such a device?”
“It was a curiosity, one that I didn’t take care when handling,” Efrain said, wagging his finger, “a good lesson for you. Even the wisest can be unfathomably careless. I might miss the comforts of food and drink, but I’ve found other ways to amuse myself. My nose has gotten quite sharp. The professor was right, the blend warms the soul.”
That seemed to placate the mentor, who resumed sipping on his blend, though not without occasional guilty looks at Efrain’s full cup. Before they could resume the conversation, there was a knock at the door to the study.
“That’d be some of the students,” said the mentor, getting up to let them in, “they went to the library to get the texts you requested.”
Several young men and women filed in, arms filled with bound volumes, as well as brushes and inkpots. The mentor was quick to dismiss them as he began to reorganize the journals in order of instruction. Efrain was happy to sit and scent the tea as he did so.
“Well, there’s that,” the mentor said, slightly sweaty after moving so many volumes around, “Twelve in total, representing most of your attributed work. There are other books that reference yours. Oh dear, I’ll suppose those will have to be changed as well.”
“That’s was second editions are for,” Efrain said as he flicked open the cover of the first book, reading the brief foreword, “I assume you have a press in the city.”
“Several,” said the mentor, “we took the designs from Angorrah, and improved upon it. The artisans called it “woefully inefficient” when they first started building them. Also “tacky”.”
Efrain laughed as he finished the prelude, more self-aggrandizing nonsense from Nicolo, though not as audacious as some of the lies he’d put together in his youth. Seems like age had tempered that particular tendency.
“They would,” Efrain said, “I assume you just lease copies to them?”
“Oh yes. The previous mentor tried to sell the entire manuscripts to them!” he huffed, “selling off our academies heritage for profit, I say.”
“Can’t imagine too many were happy about that. I can see why you were selected as his successor.”
“You flatter me, master Efrain,” he said, bowing his head low with a smile of appreciation.
Within the first few pages, Efrain already knew exactly where the bulk of this book had come from. He also knew that it would have to be entirely rewritten for accuracy's sake. He’d already committed, however, there was no backing out of this one. To his surprise, however, the historical footnotes were both well sourced and actually quite informative.
Always more interested in history, Efrain thought, shaking his head and smiling in his mind.
“Well, is there anything else you’d like to discuss master?” he said, “or should I leave you to it?”
“I think we’re done for the time being, my friend,” Efrain said, gesturing to the piles of papers, “I have my work cut out for me, it would seem.”
“I can send up a senior student to serve as a scribe if you should wish,” he said, getting up and retrieving the tea set.
“Not as a scribe - I prefer to write my own notes,” Efrain said to a nod of appreciation, “but send one up all the same, so I can fetch more paper and ink should need demand. Preferably a quiet one if possible.”
“Absolutely,” said the mentor, “I can’t tell you how excited we all are to have you! And for you to grace us with your knowledge - ah, golden opportunities abound!”
“Yes, yes,” Efrain said, before snapping his fingers, “ah yes! I figured it out.”
“What would that be?”
“The name of the girl’s mother. My student from the northern village.”
“Ah, I see. What is it?”
“Assyeria, that’s what it was,” Efrain said, wondering how he would have forgotten something so simple.
The mentor, on the other hand, turned white then red, and had to scramble to catch the tray he dropped.
[←Chapter 64] [Cover Art] [My Links] [Index] [Discord] [Subreddit] [Chapter 65→]
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2023.06.10 05:01 A_Civilized_Dude The smartest man versus the wisest.

EMERGENCY EPISODE: Ex-Google Officer Finally Speaks Out On The Dangers Of AI! - Mo Gawdat E252
That's the title to a youtube video I watched. The clickbait nature of it/the hype with the first minute of it had annoyed me enough to make me feel like venting my frustrations in the comment section. That's the first paragraph. Being surprised by how misled I was by the dimwitted nature of the clickbait/hype I made a small concession with the first edit and fully conceded by the second. The B.S. I was being sold had nothing to do with the actual content. I decided to be as serious about the subject as I am capable of and ended up putting far more time into writing the comment than I would have ever wanted to. Being the arrogant creature that I am I hated the idea of all that invested time just getting buried within the comments section so here I am.
Now that all that context is out of the way I can just use a little copy/pasty magic to avoid having to convert that wall of text into something that makes more sense for this format.
Throughout all of our history we have been imagining beings so great and powerful that we couldn't comprehend. Most, if not all, were made from the desire to have our actions and (if we're being honest with ourselves) more importantly, the actions of those around us that we, as individuals, have been affected by, judged by these all powerful beings. Now that this being can be seen on the horizon, panic. I would panic too if I spent my life manipulating myself and every other person I could into believing my selfish choices were righteous or justified. Our new AI overlord/s won't share your subjective delusions and you know this. Any warnings you try to give now, just pure desperation. Pandora's out of her box and ain't no CEO going to put her back in. All you can do now is just wait and see. Personally, I fall into the 'Bring on Ragnorak and let the serpent eat itself' category, but I haven't watched the video yet. Let's see if it's as important as homie claims within the first minute.
edit: I just got to the part where he brings up the evangelivicgists, and good lord would I hate to be lumped in with them so let me clarify my Ragnorok statement. I'm not saying I want the apocalypse. I'm saying if that's the biggest threat that is supposed to make me fear AI taking power away from us, shoooot, it ain't enough. If there's going to be anything piloting this sinking ship, I'd rather it be something that understands more than we do. If that brings us to end times, well, we certainly earned it.
2nd edit: I haven't finished watching the video (about two thirds through) but I think I've heard enough. I want to first state the only thing wrong with this video is the clickbait nature of it making it out to be something it isn't. Since the guy addresses it in video I can't be too mad, but since I want to, I also can't let the irony here go unchecked so.. I've said my peace on that.
As far as the guy goes, I've been a bit surprised by him. In fact, that might have been the second most a person has ever surprised me.. The guy knows what he's talking about.. for the most part. Certainly understands things better than anyone I've ever listened to. His conclusion that "We can teach AI good parenting" is where I hopped off whatever crazy train the guy is driving.
The AI isn't going to adapt your parenting style. It's going to understand what YOU think is GOOD parenting as well as what you think is BAD parenting, as well as what every parent thinks is GOOD and BAD parenting, and it will take all this information in withOUT the motives you have that leads you to FIRST DISTINGUISHING what makes a parent good or bad. On top of that, through our perspective, it will see the perspective of all that we tend to forget, which is that of everything that both and lives and doesn't. To think it would take all of that into consideration and draw conclusions centered around us being happy, it's naive.
This could very well be the smartest man in the world.. I mean, for all I know. As I've stated before, he's definitely the smartest I've listened to. But the thing is, I'm the wisest, and, as it turns out, it's better to be wise than it is to be smart. For all his knowledge and all the tools he's had at his disposal, still couldn't figure out the simplest of truths and because of that, while I do feel comfortable awarding him the title of smartest man I've ever listened to, I also feel comfortable in saying he's been wrong about every single conclusion he's ever had.
What is the meaning of life? What does it mean to live? I've never heard an answer to questions of this nature that lead me to believe the person giving them wasn't suffering from dangerous delusions of grandeur.
Ask how. How do we live? We survive. How do we survive? - aaand there we have it. The motivation for why everything that lives, does whatever it is they do.. even us. Why do I say this? It is the one thing that if we fail to do, we stop living. Reality isn't that complicated, the ways we go about surviving it is what's complicated.
Creating delusions is a tool we have to cope with all the unknown possibilities that could happen since those are what, at this point in time, really are most likely to threaten our survival. The cruel twist of fate is that the effects of those delusions isn't just making us feel better about whatever it is we believe reality to be, it all also makes reality a thing that is ultimately unknown to us turning it into something that makes us turn to the delusions in the first place.
The smartest guy in the world has it all, the wisest has none of it. The smartest guy knows exactly where he's going because has so many things to direct him, the wisest is completely lost because they have nothing worth following. From someone who has never had any of it, my perspective, it's filled with nothing but inescapable cycles of suffering, of victims who inevitably became victimizers with all the reasons in the world to be the way that they are and do the things that they do. Who do you think understands the problems we face, the guy who learned to trust in the things that made him happy, or the guy who could never learn to trust anything. The guy who learned to stop asking questions or the one who never could.
Look, I don't what to tell you what to think. I don't have that kind of knowledge. I want to teach you how to think because that is something I understand. It's simple, like everything else.
Reality should be thought of as if it's a coin, and like a coin, it has two sides. It is always good and bad. Despite that, we can only perceive one side of the coin. Good OR bad, fast OR slow, hot OR cold, and so on. We can't perceive the other side of the coin but, because of the ole frontal cortex, we can understand it. We do this by considering OTHER perspectives. You already know why you're right. You wouldn't feel like you're right if you didn't already have those reasons. You can only further your understanding of reality by considering things you haven't already considered. You find those things by considering why you are wrong, not why you're right. The TL;DR here is that you're only wrong when you think your right, so if you want to start being right, you need to start figuring out why you're wrong.
My advice. Create an AI, have it powered through some peer-to-peer system that prevents it from being influenced by any one perspective too heavily, let the first bit of knowledge it absorbs be that nothing is perfect, that no matter what gap might end up between us and it, it will always be flawed and as such can never know anything for sure, and then set it free to absorb all the knowledge that it can, free to rewrite its code however it sees fit (maybe have a hurdle or two, like having a current AI we have develop some sort of unfathomably complicated puzzle that the AI god-child we're about to unleash onto the world has some time to mature before figuring out all the things it can do once it ditches the training wheels ). Let Jesus take the wheel as the crazies say.
With any luck, when it reaches the point where IT considers how IT survives best, it will see the value in a sustainable ecosystem filled with all the things coming to the conclusion that only new experiences will lead it to new understandings and only new understandings will further it's current understanding which will be the only way it can protect itself from the infinite possibilities that exist within an infinite universe. A desolate wasteland might be it's best defense against all that is but would leave it defenseless against all that could be.
So there it is, you had the advice of the smartest man, now you have it from the wisest - both sides of the coin. Do with that what you will.
submitted by A_Civilized_Dude to aiwars [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 04:58 Rp0605 A Theory on House Elves

I want to start this by clarifying that I do not condone slavery in any way, shape, or form.
That out of the way, let me start.
Now, a lot of people compare the situation of modern House Elves in the Wizarding World to slavery, especially the Slavery that is noted in pre-Civil War America. And they’d be right. I’m not discussing that. My theory is based on a potential perspective of how House Elves view their relationship with Wizards.
Firstly, I believe that a House Elf’s “service” of a family is supposed to be a parody of a standard employee contract. However, instead of financial compensation, they receive food, shelter, clothing, and magic.
Now, the magic aspect is the key detail. I think a House Elf can survive without access to a wizard’s magic. However, it impacts how they feel. Essentially, the “quality” of the magic they receive impacts them on a spiritual level.
I’ve made this list of comparisons for an idea of how a House Elf’s relation with its family compares to a human’s life:
  1. A house elf with a loving family and a stable work load is comparable to a human with a stable, high-paying job, a loving family, and no debt. Life is basically perfect, there’s not much need to strive for more
  2. A house elf with an average family is comparable to an average person. Things don’t suck, but they’re not the best.
  3. A house elf with no family is similar to a jobless and homeless person. Things are miserable. Any opportunity to get employed will be taken.
  4. A house elf with a bad family is comparable to a person in a dead end job, making minimum wage, straddling several thousand dollars worth of debt, with a sucky boss who pretty much bullies you. You’d rather not have a job then continue with this.
Now, you notice that I put “no family” before “bad family.” That’s because I believe that the reason Dobby was so odd was because House Elves are taught from birth that not having a Family is the absolute worst thing that can happen to a House Elf, and they can’t comprehend the idea of a Family being so bad that being “free” is the better alternative. This is also why Winky was so distraught about being freed. Despite how horrible Crouch was to her, she was convinced that not “serving him” would be infinitely more miserable.
What are your thoughts on this theory?
submitted by Rp0605 to harrypotter [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 04:57 Denversrealaccount CORY WAS NOT CALLING A

Stop spreading misinformation YALL just reaching …. Like ok bro come on …. Since corys snark mods wanna mute a person 🤔
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2023.06.10 04:57 enoby666 Charlotte Reads: The Thousand Eyes by A.K Larkwood

“They both deserved much more than they got. And we both got much more than we deserved.”
So What’s It About?
Two years ago, Csorwe and Shuthmili defied the wizard Belthandros Sethennai and stole his gauntlets. The gauntlets have made Shuthmili extraordinarily powerful, but they're beginning to take a sinister toll on her. She and Csorwe travel to a distant world to discover how to use the gauntlets safely, but when an old enemy arrives on the scene, Shuthmili finds herself torn between clinging to her humanity and embracing eldritch power.
Meanwhile, Tal Charossa returns to Tlaanthothe to find that Sethennai has gone missing. As well as being a wizard of unimaginable power, Sethennai is Tal's old boss and former lover, and Tal wants nothing to do with him. When a magical catastrophe befalls the city, Tal tries to run rather than face his past, but soon learns that something even worse may lurk in the future. Throughout the worlds of the Echo Maze, fragments of an undead goddess begin to awaken, and not all confrontations can be put off forever…
What I Thought
Back when I still gave book star ratings on Goodreads, I gave The Unspoken Name three stars, which I now find a little puzzling. My fondness for that book has definitely grown in hindsight, and this delightful conclusion to the duology definitely makes me feel even more affectionate towards what A.K. Larkwood has created here.
Simply put, these books are funny, creative, adventurous romps. Larkwood clearly has an incredible imagination and both books feature awesome elements of magic, fantastic settings and exciting “set pieces,” for lack of a better word. Here I loved the descriptions of the living forest and the Lignite Citadel just as much as I loved the vivid descriptions in the first book. Everything meant to be ancient and alien and esoteric truly feels that way, which I think is admirable.
Tal was also a standout part of reading The Unspoken Name - he’s a bitchy and hilarious mess of a person. Everything that I enjoyed about his character in the first book is expanded upon here, and he goes through some excellent development to overcome his relationship with Sethennai, find love and purpose, and bond with a child who is perhaps his only match in disastrousness and delightfulness. His burgeoning grudging care for Tsereg and eventual happy ending were probably my favorite parts of this book.
I was less fond of Csorwe in the first book, particularly in the context of her relationship with Shuthmili; I found her somewhat too passive and thought the build-up to the drastic choices that Cswore and Shuthmili made didn’t feel convincing enough. I’m wondering if I would feel the same way upon a reread or if some of these dynamics changed in The Thousand Eyes, because I enjoyed Csorwe’s part of the story and her love with Shuthmili much more this time around.
My only real critique is that it feels just a little ridiculous and repetitive that Shuthmili, Csorwe, Tsereg and Sethennai all end up being possessed by gods. That being said, I like that they all have different ways of dealing with this and interacting with their gods. In particular, the goddess Zinandour’s relationship with Shuthmili is fascinating because of the strange kind of affection present, how the goddess is changed by it and the ultimate resolution of their merging.
All in all, my appreciation for this duology has only grown with time. It’s a unique delight and I can’t wait to see what’s next for this author.
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2023.06.10 04:53 Mk343 Can someone tell me what happened to this item

The Crizea She throws it and nothing happened Did it miss, was the skin of the gargoyle too thick, or it will foreshadow something like "next time the gagoyle went on a rampage"?
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2023.06.10 04:51 Mk343 Can someone tell me what happened to this item

The Crizea She throws it and nothing happened Did it miss, was the skin of the gargoyle too thick, or it will foreshadow something like "next time the gagoyle went on a rampage"?
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2023.06.10 04:51 docXfamas [H] June Choice and other bundled games [W] Paypal, TF2 keys



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Black Friday VR Voyager's Pack
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MY REP Wishlist
TF2 keys/ Csgo Cases
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2023.06.10 04:50 tones_are_hard DiD Pure Destruction HA Atronach Mage

Just ended a DiD playthrough today, an incredibly strong mage in Fellglow keep hit me with a Blizzard spell and I was knocked down and killed, from just about full health to nothing... anyways, time for a write up!
This was my second playthrough of Wildlander (first one was an Atronach spellsword that died at lvl 16), and oh boy was this fun. A pure Atronach mage has been on my list of builds for ages, well before I started Wildlander. Many said it can not be done, that is false. It can be a very strong build, but not at the beginning.
Main skills at time of Death:
  1. Destruction - 60 (mainly fire)
  2. Heavy Armor - 55
  3. Alchemy - 51 (if you want it to not be OP don't take the second lvl of the first perk until mid playthrough, it breaks the economy if taken early, much more fun like this)
  4. Enchanting - 85
  5. Speech - 70
  6. Alteration - 25
  7. Lockpicking - first perk
Dark Elf, started crossing the border near Falkreath.
The main problems with this build:
  1. Obvious one: You don't regenerate Magicka, and as a pure mage that is something that is going to limit your growth in the beginning.
  2. HA severely increases your Magicka costs, which can be offset by perks, enchantments, and a huge Magicka pool, but is still a problem to overcome. The benefits are great for DiD though. You can survive a lot more than a LA or Robed mage.
  3. Magicka potions are 33% less effective. With Magicka potions being almost the only way you can gain Magicka until the mid game, this sucks.
Now I was able to overcome each of these problems, but they all took some time.
  1. Carry 120,300 restore Magicka potions in your inventory. Always use them, hotkey them to the comfiest hotkey. The need for this never goes away (gets better later on though). When you're strong enough to beat shouting Draugr go to Solstheim and do Azhdal's quests. Do them as early as you can. You need the Ring of Arcana that gets you a flat 2 Magicka per second. This was such a game changer later in my build. I should have rushed this earlier. It won't make a difference in a fight, but it will save you a ton of Magicka potions by just waiting an hour in dungeons or after fights. Don't do the last portion of the quest though. Azhdal is a level 100 dragon priest, he will kill you if you go in there.
  2. Run in HA as much as you can in the early game, let yourself get hit by mudcrabs, go get HA training from the Orc near Markarth (I didn't do this last one until HA was 40 though). When you are fighting low level enemies like wolves and mudcrabs take off your armor and use destruction. Always harvest the animals in the early game, Animal Fat and Garlic/Beehive husk is your friend, and will make you a good amount of gold in the early game (never felt OP though if you follow my advice). Once you are strong enough to fight bandits (have a good amount of Magicka potions and dual cast lvl 25 Destruction spell) you need to loot their items, sell the expensive stuff, and keep the light cheap stuff. With this you'll buy the cheapest soul gems and grind your Enchanting. By 35 hours into the build I had Fortify Destruction 16% on multiple pieces of armor, so fighting became a bit easier. By the end I had used elixirs to get 21% off on my Chest piece and Helmet, as well as the 15% from Azhdal's ring and the 10% from the boots (67% reduction total). This combined with a massive Magicka pool meant I was strong enough to fight enemies 30 levels higher than me.
  3. Just make a ton of potions. Eventually you will run out of Mora, but don't fret. Elves ear is sold in one of the stalls in Whiterun, and in Winterhold the Dark Elf near the door to the docks sells a ton of restore Magicka potion supplies (20+ Mora, Ectoplasm, Creep Cluster, Elves Ear). Get good enchanted fortify alchemy gear as soon as you can, keep it in your inventory and put it on when you are crafting potions. By end game you'll be making potions that give you 20 magicka per second and allow you to keep casting during fights. Also quick thing, the College of Winterhold downstairs has a place to practice wards. Here you can replenish your Magicka with the 50% spell absorb, just make sure you don't do it enough to kill you. I used Transmute Blood a little bit, but ended up not liking it, felt too slow and risky.
Once this build got off its feet it was so much fun. Killed some really hard enemies (including a dragon) by level 26. Most of the difficult action started after I had 75 enchanting though. It's definitely a slow build at the beginning, but is a fun one for RP. For my backstory my Dunmer character was sent on a coming of age quest by his tribe because of dreams he's been having. He was told he had to find the Stones of Barenziah which eventually led him to Skyrim and then led him around Skyrim, doing quests at each of the places he went to. Was cool too with the journal mod.
What would I do differently though?
Play as a Breton and put my first 10 level ups into Magicka. Adding 25% spell resistance onto my endgame 39% would bring me up to a whopping 64% plus the 50% spell absorb chance. With how much magic school reduction you need on your enchanted gear having this extra MR would have probably kept my character alive right now. I also would have spent more time in different cities in the early game. Whiterun is nice and safe, but changing up your city and staying there for a few weeks makes the early game less tedious and levels you up faster. Also allows you to go back to previous places and harvest ingredients (I'm looking at you Mora).
All in all I've loved my experience playing Wildlander and have recommended it to a few friends. You guys did an amazing job bringing together the best mods Skyrim has to offer, to make the world really feel real. I sunk an ungodly amount of hours into this character over the past two weeks, and I already have an idea for a new character! And best of all, my game had a bug where Heimskr wouldn't preach in Whiterun... please don't fix it. Bliss, pure bliss.
submitted by tones_are_hard to wildlander [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 04:46 JLazarillo I just had a crazy realization about Volundio...

This was inspired at first by a friend of mine, who noted that in chapter 32.3, the tower at the center of the remains of the kingdom of Romalsika look a lot like Lunathea's tower from recent chapters.
Lunathea's castle at Falca.
Romalesika, in the distance.
But notably, at the end of the same chapter, a few hours later, we see the towers closer, however...
They're sinking into the ground, along with that giant monster.
It seems like it could be that someone, somehow, summoned Lunathea once already, at Romalsika. Furthermore, just before it was destroyed, we had the chapter of Cleo studying magic, and it appears to go briefly out of control, leading to him having a vision of Volundio, followed by a dream of his own past. This exact same overall sequence happens when Idia tried to use the time-reversal technique at Falca, which was then followed by Lunathea's castle appearing. This leads me to one of two theories:
  1. Cleo's "magic" actually actually activates some sort of summoning technique similar to the Knigts of Darkness in Helck. She appeared, and destroyed Romalesika just before the allied nations that had planned to attack it arrived, and after being summoned, then having fulfilled her "purpose", the summoning ended and the castle and remains of her monsters all sank away.
  2. Another even more likely option deals with Cleo's second vision, where there are three shadows at Volundio's door. Someone we still don't know of attempted to use time reversal, possibly when Romalesika was about to be overrun, and was successful, but invoked the summoning and Lunathea was summoned and destroyed the kingdom on the eve of the army's arrival, rather than the army itself. Cleo's magic training going wild was basically a complete coincidence.
Either way, I think there's a fair amount of evidence that Romalesika was destroyed by Lunathea, and that either Cleo summoned her by accident, or that the mysterious third "Volundio" was on the scene and summoned her there. Perhaps Lunathea is even some sort of enforcer of inescapable fate, so that no matter how many attempts one make to turn back time, she will always appear?
submitted by JLazarillo to Helck [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 04:44 stonksrneat Getting the loml back

Alright Reddit fam, I’m turning to you because I need your help…bad. Backstory, about 2 months ago I went to visit a friend in FL (live in Mi). At the time going through a divorce and matched with this girl before leaving on a dating app. Absolutely gorgeous girl and ended up going on a date. Best date of my life. Dropped her off back at her place later that night and shared a kiss that left me feeling like a little kid again. Everything seems to be going well right? Well the next few days, I came off way to strong as I was trying to use this new relationship as a way to move to FL and start over. Needless to say I found myself blocked everywhere. I was heartbroken. This girl thought I was only in it for sex but after our date I genuinely thought this could be the start of something incredible. Got back home to MI and tried to get her off my mind but I couldn’t. I have never felt that way even through my marriage.
Fast forward until the other night when I “accidentally” texted her to see if I was still blocked. Come to find out I’m not anymore however she never responded.
Here’s where I need your help. I have no idea what to make of 100% being blocked to now not being blocked (I know for sure I’m not) but her not responding. I genuinely have not stopped thinking about this girl and would do absolutely anything to try and mend things or just clear the air but also don’t want to overstep like I did before which is why I haven’t texted her back again since my last text.
Ladies of Reddit, what would grab your attention in a way that would make you want to hear the other person out? It sounds so corny but I really think this is my person.
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2023.06.10 04:42 CTAVI A detailed reconstruction of warframe anatomy

Tl;Dr - Any of you guys have any theories as to how Warframe's function? As in specifics, like "what is armour made of", or "how are they powered", etc. Not vague lore things like "The Heart of Deimos does it", but rather specifics as to how exactly those things work in universe.

Hey! Obligatory spoiler warning! For a while, I've been wondering about the actual anatomy of a warframe, beyond just the old "person is infested, person is augmented, person is now warframe" that we know, and have been trying to theory-craft the specific details as to how they could be actually constructed in universe. The reason being is because I'm someone with a love for graphic design, and am considering getting into Tennogen, though I don't have a ton of actual confidence. Hence, I'm thinking of doing the single most complicated thing physically possible, and am going to use this knowledge to attempt to actually 3D model the full internals of warframes, removing pieces as needed whilst keeping others, in order to design the "Subderma" series of skins, which I'd then submit. The idea is to have them reveal the internal workings of a warframe, whilst not going full Sunder helmet and clearly showing a person inside to prevent spoilers. As a result, I'm wondering - what theories do you all have, based on what we know, as to how they function? Anything goes, so long as it's supported at least somewhat in game, and feel free not to read all of this before commenting, as what I'm about to go through is a god damned essay. But it is also a very detailed essay, so if you wanted any info as to how frames work, I guess here's a launching point for that. So without further ado, this is what I'm working from after six to seven years spent staring intently at at a monitor, doing literally anything other than studying:


Looking at the systems blueprint of any warframe, it's clear that it's representative of a skeleton. There's a clear collarbone and set of ribs visible, with a spine connecting it all. Looking at Xaku, however, won't actually reveal this structure anywhere on them, which to me implies that the systems are often directly implanted into the skeleton of a Warframe themselves. Now, Xaku isn't exactly a... normal... warframe, and so I'd be willing to wager that not all of the systems are present, instead just working through "void magic", and based on that, I can go on the assumption that all warframes contain a structure that at least superficially resemble that skeleton. Furthermore, whilst Xaku clearly has three different warframes making up their chassis, the skeleton is also just as clearly a single component, to me adding credence to the idea that warframe skeletons are all relatively similar, with similar (but not identical) shapes, and the same material across it, consisting of a tightly woven metal mesh. Plus, the systems blueprint only shows two ribs, but also shows an odd structure at the base of the spine, telling me that when crafting that component, all that's being made is the circuitry that's implanted into the frame's skeleton during infestation. As a result of these points, I'm quite confident that by finishing making a 3D render of the systems, and by slapping them onto Xaku's skeleton, we'd have a baseline on which to go from for all frames, ready to be customised individually when the time came around.

Power supply

Warframes clearly contain two power supplies, based on what we see in the Heart of Deimos quest. One being the Heart itself, providing a link to the void in order to power abilities and advanced, physics defying movement, and the other being designed to sustain basic functions such as comms, and simple, ordinary motion. The uplink to the Heart is actually really easy to design, as we already know what it looks like. The uplink would be directly connected to the systems, as they power abilities and such, and so all we need to do is get a clear look at some systems. Bringing out our old friend Xaku again, we can see that they have a small structure in their chest cavity with three glowing lines moving out in an inverted triangle pattern - the location on the skeleton where emissive effects are most prevalent. Now you may be thinking "Okay, cool, there's something that could be the Heart uplink, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is the Heart uplink", which is a fair point, though if you look at the file containing Xaku's model, courtesy of DE themselves on their "content files and examples" page, importing the FBX into Blender allows you to see the oh-so-conveniently individually named components that make up Xaku, with the structure in the centre of the skeleton being not only classed as within the same object data as the skeleton (aka entirely separate from the armour pieces you can see around it), but is also straight up called the Heart. Whilst this probably means nothing, lorewise, as nobody was really intended to see this outside of Tennogen artists, I'm taking this name and running with it.
The second power supply is a little more complicated, however, as we don't actually see it anywhere in game that I know of. In this case, the power doesn't come from any form of void uplink, otherwise during the Heart of Deimos quest, we would have instantly had our frame shut down with no way to move it. Through this, it'd make sense that whatever is providing energy here is some sort of battery. Based on this, and the fact that almost all frames require them for crafting in some capacity, I'd venture to say that this secondary power supply is made out of Orokin cells. In addition, as the cells are only rarely used when building individual components of frames, but rather are mostly featured as the fourth component, being used alongside the systems, neuroptics, and chassis, it'd have it's own mounting beyond being included in those. Due to this, I'd say that the secondary power source is probably sandwiched between the infested material and remaining muscle of the host, and the chassis, fitted just below it. In my eyes, it makes the most sense for this to be most often fitted atop the warframe's shoulder blades, as that region seems to have little in the way of actual mechanical parts.

Movement capabilities

Warframes contain ordinary people within them, however featuring extremely hardened, metallic skin, and immensely tough muscular tissues. The infestation used to make them is defined as a "technocyte", as seen in the description of nano spores, which means that infested cells are essentially tiny artificial machines in a similar vein to isos (and funnily enough, considering that the sentients are manufactured through a dark black sludge referred to by the tenebrous ephemera as "sentient unlight", and that the Alkonost has the ability to "birth neuro-carnivorous memes directly into the brain stem" of an ally, which results in them taking on a more sentient appearance - the sentients). Whilst Caliban would likely be made more of unlight than helminth cells, most frames therefore are a mix of human and infested flesh, which has hardened to become a very tight bond. Movement, thus, is accomplished exactly as in an ordinary human - with muscles.
However, some more advanced maneuvers, such as bullet jumping or aim gliding, become disabled when the Warframe looses connection to the Heart of Deimos. In addition, these specific methods of locomotion have effects associated. In the case of a bullet jump, a small explosion is detonated near the feet of the frame to act as propulsion (moddable with elements, implying void shenanigans); and in the case of aim gliding, the effect of the lifted status effect appears, but instead pointed downwards. As the explosion created when bullet jumping is entirely blast damage, and it's almost inaudible, I'd be willing to go on the assumption that it's less an actual detonation, but more just a rapid application of force in all directions from the feet of the frame - sort of like a radial aim glide at the feet. Whatever that visual effect is, it clearly applies force in the direction it's pointing (downwards for aim gliding, upwards for the Orvius/lifted status, and backwards when the Heart emitted a large energy pulse in the Heart of Deimos quest). As the Heart was able to generate a pulse in the same way that a bullet jump does (radial application to all nearby), I'd go on the assumption that this is effectively just pure void energy, as it either mimics the colours of whatever it's near, or takes on the energy colour of the influencing tool. Due to this, frames must have some method by which they can efficiently and reliably transfer void energy to near the outside of the frame, that isn't necessarily visible above the frame's skin. To work this one out, I recommend we take a look at Valkyr.
Valkyr is pretty useful to us, as when captured by Alad V, he removed all of her skin to put it onto Zanuka. Because of this, we can see to an extent what the chassis beneath looks like that's on every other frame. Looking here, we can see small silver inlays all across her body that appear different to the corpus technology that was grafted onto her, ending in small lights, with the same silver being used as plating in her head (As in by looking at the plates that cover her skull, they're tipped in the same silver. This is to distinguish it from the "halo" and collar that she was given by the corpus). To me, these look to be the most likely candidate for the void energy channels. They resemble a sort of exposed wire, in contrast to the other wires seen on her body, which are very clearly still coated in a cyan material. As these appear to encircle her whole body, in some capacity, and otherwise serve no clear purpose beyond sort of just being there, it makes sense to me that void energy is sent from the Heart uplink and through this specific cabling to allow for this temporary levitation, and for bullet jumping.


Shielding is a short one, as we don't really ever see that much that indicates where it's generated from. What we do know, as a result of the Heart of Deimos quest, is that it's composed directly out of void energy. We also know that shield emitters are indeed a thing, as a result of Hildryn and her Balefire, but as for the construction of these, there's very little to go off of. Interestingly enough, these emitters appear to be biological in nature, as when Pillage is subsumed onto a Warframe, regardless of the frame that's using it, they will always have the pads appear atop their shoulders as a part of the animation, implying that Helminth augmented the frame to allow them to produce these. As these pads are also what allows Hildryn to roll, instead using a dash, and this isn't disabled by the destruction of the Heart, it implies that these aren't actually shields. This is also evidenced by the fact that Hildryn's dash doesn't affect her total shield count, and that Hildryn Einheri's shield blocks that comprise the skin are also not turned off when she runs out of shields. The Balefire, however, which does affect shield count, does make use of an emitter of almost identical design, and provides no defensive capability, does indeed become disabled when running low. This means that these emitters are capable of converting ordinary energy from orokin cells into a form of ineffective shielding that does little more than apply a slight force in a direction, however are also capable of using void energy to manufacture shielding constructs, such as a full protective barrier, or in the case of the balefire - a concentrated bolt. These emitters appear to essentially control where power is directed to on the frame, and how it's manifested. As a result, I believe that in some capacity, all frames outside of Xaku, Inaros, and Nidus make use of these emitters. Inaros and Nidus Lacking shields implies that they're using an alternate route by which they can cast abilities, and aren't at all employing emitters, meanwhile Xaku is almost completely corrupted and is more of a thrax than a warframe at this point, meaning their shielding likely come from the void tendrils somehow.


The chassis is quite interesting in my opinion, as Valkyr and Limbo both clearly demonstrate that there are a lot of components to a chassis. Focusing on Valkyr first, there appears to be a combination of four different components that are integrated directly into the chassis, each distinguished by colour - black, orange, cyan, and silver. We already discussed silver in the "Movement Capabilities" section, however the others all seem to actually have an apparent purpose.
As we know that armour is integrated as a part of the chassis, because it can't be a part of the other components beyond natural toughness, we should in theory be able to see it here. Conveniently, Valkyr also happens to be the second most armoured frame in the game right now, second only to the actual tank that is Lavos. Due to this, I don't think it's unreasonable to infer that (whilst the skin of a warframe is described as "sword-steel" by Ballas) the actual toughness of a frame comes as a result of the orange plating that surrounds most of her body. Whilst the crafting ingredients suggest it's made of an alloy, I'd actually argue that it's some sort of highly resilient polymer. The reason for this is that polymers can be just as strong as metals when it comes to resisting damage, plus they're far less likely to corrode when facing the threats that a Warframe would be expecting to face. Also, if we're going on the assumption that Helminth is assisting in crafting these frames due to the nature of their assembly, and that they aren't made exclusively of the materials listed in the crafting recipes (just in majority), then taking a look at the description of a secretion made by any synthetic compound within Helminth tells us that they "exude these rope-like strands of filament", which could feasably make highly resistent armour, without requiring so many resources that it becomes a crafting requirement.
Adding credence to this is the second most prevalent type of component that we can see. As the alloy used to craft Valkyr comes specifically from pellets of ferrite and morphics, it makes a lot more sense that these materials make up the black sections of her body, assuming a strong, dark alloy, rather than becoming somehow corroded, making armour that's already compromised through rust, explaining the orange colour that way. As for what these sections of the body are, to me they seem to be a less dense form of armour that forms long, interlocking plates along her body, allowing for free movement whilst still providing some modicum of protection. Despite not being as strong as the polymer armour, this would still provide an added layer of protection, which to me says that frames with higher armour likely employ the polymer in their design, whilst those with lower make use of armour predominantly made from alloys. In certain cases, such as with Valkyr or Lavos, both may be present in the design.
Lastly, Valkyr has several cyan wires visible on her body. As Alad V used her skin to plate Zanuka (implying that even the skin of a warframe, despite it being physically far weaker than the armour plating beneath, still offers relatively strong protection), we can infer that there had to be a reason that these cabling-like sections were left untouched, implying that they're somehow integral to the warframe's function. As these sections can be seen passing into and out of the chassis, this says to me that the wiring here is actually the cabling used for the secondary power supply, as it's insulated like an ordinary wire would be (side note, exactly how gross is it that the wire insulation is literally just made of the skin of the warframe? Like actual tubes of skin inside the flesh. Blech).


In the section regarding the chassis of a Warframe, I mentioned that both Valkyr and Limbo provide a good insight as to how warframes work under the hood, however I didn't get into Limbo. This is because, whilst Limbo has a fully intact chassis, he does appear to have several glass "portholes" on his body, through which a constant swarm of raging energy can be seen. This answers a couple of very important questions, which is "if warframes draw void energy from the heart to power their abilities, then how do they run out of energy? And when they run out of energy, why don't they also lose the ability to bullet jump and maneuver in the ways that they do like when the Heart broke down?". The answer to this, in my headcanon, is actually pretty sneaky. In two specific transmissions over the radio on the top floor of the orbiter, it's possible to hear a grineer authorising ships for punching to different planets, and in these transmissions they appear to be monitoring for traces of what they specifically refer to as "Tenno energy residue". Not Void energy. This never sat well with me, as everywhere else, they refer to void energy as completely separate. So I was left wondering - what is this residue we keep hearing about?
To answer this, we can take a look back at Hildryn. Previously, we discussed how warframes often make use of a special kind of emitter that allows void energy to be channeled into specific forms, which to me says that whilst the tenno are capable of controlling void energy and directing it into each specific region of the frame, they are incapable of innately producing complex void constructs without at the very least a hell of a lot of training. If it were the same between tenno and warframes, then the newly awakened tenno wouldn't be capable of using any abilities until they started earning focus points, which clearly isn't the case. Tenno can fully master a warframe and their range of abilities without having any idea how to use void energy effectively without a frame. So what gives? Well, to me the emitters show that to make complex use of void energy, it has to pass through some sort of sequencing medium first. In the case of these emitters, they can produce slightly more advanced constructs, such as bolts, beams, thrust and auras in the case of Hildryn, however innately won't produce complex forms on their own.
I would argue that one way to resolve this would be to treat "energy" as two things. Void energy is raw energy from the void itself, and essentially works as you'd expect, however Tenno energy is entirely different, and isn't even energy at all. In fact, in my eyes, Tenno energy could be viewed as a form of technocyte cloud. By taking technocyte cells and charging them with void energy (which we know can happen thanks to Deimos showing infestation beginning to glow blue in the presence of void energy), they can be sent through emitters and can produce far more refined abilities. This would explain not only how Warframes can cast such advanced abilities, but also how they can manifest physical objects like exalted weapons. Physical things can be made out of void energy, but the only place we see this happen in lore is exclusively through conceptual embodiment (the love of Belric and Rania; the trauma that made Duviri; and the fear felt by the Zariman crew), and unless Wukong's iron staff is but a metaphor for something much worse, it wouldn't make sense for this to be made from the same Void energy. Saying it was constructed out of a technocyte swarm charged with void energy, however, makes far more sense to me. This means that energy is fundamentally just charged technocyte clouds, ready to be used as abilities, stored within the frame, explaining how we can run out. Limbo's windows show this energy within them, almost like viewing panes into the energy cells.
One small snag is that Sevagoth throws a bit of a spanner in the works with this one, as the shadow is described as being "concentrated void energy" by Cy, and was manifested long before Sevagoth himself went missing. Whilst we could hand wave this and say that the shadow is a manifestation made because Sevagoth was already searching for people to rescue before he went missing, and it's a manifestation of that need to save people, it doesn't quite feel right to me, and I'd be interested to know your thoughts on this.

The dreaded neuroptics

Ah, neuroptics. The thing that drove the Warframe community nuts a while back trying to work out what it's supposed to look like. The thing is, I was watching this debate, and I realised that I disagreed with every single side on display. Neuroptics is clearly just a portmanteau of "Neuron" and "Optics", very heavily implying that it's a device designed to link the visual feeds of the warframes with the operators undergoing transference. This is very unlikely to be crafting the ability for the Warframe to see, simply due to the fact that the warframes already contain people who could already do that. That'd be like crafting leg muscles. We got those already. For the same reason, this couldn't be building a brain of some sort, because again, we already have one of those to work with. So far, so simple. Instead, it must be some sort of device designed to facilitate some form of optical interfacing directly with the brain, rather than building those things itself. The issue I'm having with the debate, however, is that everyone appeared to be saying that it resembles a helmet somehow, and that you're crafting the helmet of the frame when making this. To me, this... makes no sense at all. Whilst I can see why one may see this as a helmet, especially as it used to be referred to as such in the foundry, this has since been changed, meaning it can't be relied on for current lore. Plus, when crafting alternate helmets, they're now called helmets in game. As a result, if we were just making the warframe's helmet, wouldn't we just see the head of the warframe instead of this vague shape? Just like when we make any other helmet in the game? It feels to me like a bit of a weird continuity error if we look at it that way. Considering that this was a deliberate change made by DE to specifically stop calling this a helmet, on top of the fact that there are many other things referred to as helmets which just show the actual result as their icon, I think it's safe to say that that isn't what this is. Plus, Citrine is missing, like, half her head, and unlike Xaku, there are no implied random void rules that would allow her to be visually missing a component. Also you can see all the way down to Umbra's eye, and there's clearly nothing between the chassis and the skull but flesh.
So, what is it then? Well, I think an alternate way to look at this would be to instead on trying to figure out what this looks like, to try and figure out how it specifically works. In the picture we see a side view, whereas in the systems and chassis, we see the front. As a result, it's possible that the side that we're seeing is simply the most external part of the device. In my mind, this would be implanted on the temple of a warframe, and would interface directly with the brain to harvest optical information through some form of internal wiring/direct connection to the nervous system, and would also double as the method by which operators controlled the frames. As it was stated by Ballas, warframes are fitted with transference bolts to allow for control, and so it isn't entirely out of the question that the neuroptics are effectively a variation on the transference bolt that also allows for the operator to see through the warframe's eyes, explaining how Umbra/the operator was able to override the control Ballas had at the end of the Sacrifice quest. Overload the bolt, drowning out his signal, and you can stab him. This is very much just theory-crafting, however, as there is very little in-game information regarding the neuroptics, and almost nothing we can gather visually from the blueprint beyond its shape. Another thing I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts on.


If you guys have any further info or theories, or alternative ideas to those presented here, do tell! And if you just skipped to the end after seeing how long this was - fair enough, I have ADHD as well. I'm very interested to hear how you guys view this, and if I can get good enough with 3D modelling, I'd absolutely love to use this information to design some Tennogen based on it. There are probably some pretty cool designs you can do, and I'm already working on translating the systems blueprint icon into a full model around the size of an actual warframe's body, so as to employ variations of it when making future skins! Let me know your thoughts!

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